Consistency is the key

Presently there isn’t much cricket going around in the world except for India vs SA the third test to be played at Kanpur. And on the western front, SL vs WI after having won a test match each their third test would be interesting. In India, the ICL and IPL matches are sidekicks except for some die hard Indian fans not many would be following these matches.

Pakistan on the other hand is desperate to do something and, amid chaos and crisis they have invited Bangladesh to tour Pakistan and play 5 ODI’s. The Bangladesh team has no doubt made a major upset in the world cup but, their consistency is not so consistent except against Pakistan where they are very consistent i.e., having lost 18 ODI’s and won only one.

But, the current Pakistan team is no better than Bangladesh or Zimbabwe. Their fast bowling is no more a fearsome force, in fact they have mediocre medium pacers in the team right now. With Khalifa gone with the wind, Asif rewinding and unwinding and yawning in the dressing room. No one knows when he will be fit to play.

Gul is reportedly fit but one never knows whether he is 100% fit or he is just fit? He is another injury prone player like the Skipper who has skipped all the major matches in the domestic tournaments and he is ready to play against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh.

There are a couple of rookie fast bowlers in the team and one of them is Sohail Khan. No one knows how he will perform at the International level. The proof of the pudding is in eating, lets see when he plays. The main problem in Pakistan is their bowling attack and the other old nagging and chronic persistent problem is the opening batsmen conundrum.

A few people thought that with Nasir Jamshed in the side they have got a very good opening batsman. But, his problem is again the same and i.e., consistency. Against Zimbabwe the more he played, the more he disappointed the selectors and his fans. One good innings does not make a player – a reliable, dependable player. So, this Bangladesh series is his career decider.

Unfortunately Pakistan does not have any dependable player in the team like Inzamam ul Haq or Javed Miandad. To a certain extent one could say Yes to the two Y’s are dependable. But, for ODI’s I don’t consider them as really dependable players. Because, when they stay longer the run rate gets slower – they are good test players but not good for limited overs game.

Neither I would consider Misbah-ul-Haq a real dependable player. Because, Misbah has missed a couple of golden opportunities and he is not a finisher like Miandad and Inzamam. In the past few games he played at domestic level he did not score much. Is he out of form?

Bangladesh team is full of youth and exuberance, if they are taken lightly they can easily upset Pakistan. Although Ashraful himself is not in good form these days and if I am not mistaken, perhaps this is his first visit to Pakistan and that too he is leading the team. So, the pressure to perform is on. But, he is a good player, apart from him Bangladesh has Junaid, Tameem, Aftab are very good stroke players and Masrafe Murtaza is a good all-rounder and on their day they can upset even a team like Australia. So, Pakistan should not even think of experimenting and taking them lightly. I don’t know how long Bazid Khan would be given a chance to prove his mettle.

Wo Bazid hain kay khailengay!
Laikin international level per score na keraingay

Bangladesh have been beaten by SA and NZ recently and on the ICC rankings table they are placed 9th and Pakistan is 5th. So, Bangladesh has nothing to loose whereas, Pakistan has everything to worry about.

  1. #1 by Awas on April 7, 2008 - 9:25 AM

    Pandit Surya Prakash Diwakar Tripathi

    Padit Jee I loved your comment on the previous thread. Chalo haar jeet to khail mei hoti hee hei. We will be covering SA/India as well as Pak/Bangla series in this thread.

    My Hindi is not so good so I will say this:

    Shoaib’s comments anger Inzamam and Moin

    This is the latest headline on Cricinfo where he claims that both Inzi and Moin offered him money to under perform which he refused. LOL at this nonsense allegation. Why did Shoaib not say that at the time when it happened, if it was true?

    Both ex-captains are considering suing him and rightly so. First accusing the chairman and now this. Is there an end to this Tamasha from this joker? Another Sarfraz Nawaz in the making no doubt once he is out of cricket.

    A little sympathy that I had for Shoaib for somewhat harsher punishment has completely disappeared now. He himself is now making PCB’s actions look justified.

  2. #2 by freeweb on April 7, 2008 - 12:32 PM

    The bangladesh series is a golden opportuntity to experiment in the abundance of talent and youth Pakistan has in the domestic circuit. I would like to see lots of new faces given the chance as they did aginst Zimbabwe and should not be satisfied anything other than a whitewash.

  3. #3 by Rohit on April 7, 2008 - 8:40 PM

    really gutted india lost in this fashion! yep they didnt have any gameplan or strategy, they got overwhelmed by the pace and agression.

    a fit and in form steyn is a superb bowler, as good as shoaib or lee.

    nice to see the unique comment of Pandit jee in the previous thread! ive never seen a comment like that on a thread.

    speaking of pakistan, good analysis by the writer (cant tell which one it is- why cant you write your names so we can see who has written the article?). i personally think the key players for pakistan in this series are afridi, misbah and sohail tanveer. i have said before i dont follow pakistan cricket very closely but tanveer was in good domestic form. i think misbah provides the middle order with some stability when yousuf and younis get out cheaply.
    but i think this will be easy for pakistan, a result of 5-0 in favor of pakistan is expected.

  4. #4 by Awas on April 7, 2008 - 9:32 PM

    Peter Willey, chairman of England’s umpires’ association couldn’t ’zip it up’ and has instead dangled it out in praise of Darryl Hair that how good and virtuous he is.

    “He’s a strong umpire and some people just didn’t like that.” He said in his praise.

    Surly that’s a joke or he is conveniently forgetting the racism issue altogether and forgetting that it wasn’t the Australians or the English who suffered because of that, it was the Asian teams.

  5. #5 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 8, 2008 - 4:26 AM

    Sunil Gavaskar is blaming IPL for distracting the Indian team from focusing on the South Africa / India test match. According to him India lost because they seems to be distracted by its glamour.

    I would concur his views because no matter what a player may say that when he is playing for his country his focus is 100% on his performance, but the truth is at the back of your mind when there is a lot of money and glamour involved anything before or after looses its charm and attraction. Although, ICP and IPL are mere sidekicks for cricket lovers across the globe, but for Indians it means a lot. They are all focusing on the money and the Bollywood glamour and to keep focus on a 5 day game especially after the first match ended in a tame draw, it was almost impossible for them and they lost the match in 3 days. I don’t reckon India has ever lost a test match within 3 days? Can anyone enlighten me on this matter, please!

    Bangladesh has already announced a tri-series involving India and Pakistan at their home country in Bangladesh starting in the second week of June 2008. It will be immediately after the IPL matches and no one knows what will be the level of participation in that series – too much cricket? In any case it is always good to see India and Pakistan pitching against each other. The chances are they might play it twice in that series, but one never knows what the host team can do to upset the guests. They may be hospitable off the ground but not on the ground. But, lets see what happens tomorrow rather, today!

    Experts are pinning hopes on Nasir Jamshed from Pakistan and Shahriyar Nafees from Bangladesh to perform. Pakistan’s bowling attack is very mediocre. Gul after a lapse of several months and recovering from injury could end up like R. P. Singh who has been dropped from the third test after bowling below average in the first two tests. So, Gul should better focus on his line and length the only difference between his performance and RP Singh’s is the later played the test series and had to bowl a marathon session whereas, Gul has to bowl only 10 overs per match. So, he really needs to focus on his line and length.

  6. #6 by Pandit Surya Prakash Diwakar Tripathi on April 8, 2008 - 1:13 PM

    Javed Bhaiyya {or baaki Anujs (younger bir-durs)and Agrajs (Older bir-durs)}

    Shayad aapki baaton mein kuch vazan hai lekin aisa pehli baar nahi hua , IPL to kal parson ki baat hai . Main ne kuch din pehle Jaan Riot (X Bharatiya Koch) kee kitaab pari thi “Indian Summers” . Johnny babu ne us me saaf saaf likha tha ke Bharat ke pilyar ek tooor achha khelne ke baad kuch zyaada hi kum-fart-able ho jaate hain . Duniya bhar ke funk-shun , fitness pe koi dhyan nahi , practise kum ho jaati hai , sab log enaam dena shuroo kar dete hain , pehle jahan in ko larkiyan dekhte hi ultiyaan shuroo karti thi ab vohi larkiyan anti-emetics kha ke in ki bahon me jhoom barabar jhoom sharaabi karti hain. Varald Cup 2003 ke baad bhi yahi hua tha . Is dafa IPL ka dis-track-shun bhi hai to aur mush-kill ho gayee. Vaise bhi zyadatar taap ke ballebaz to Geriatrics ward me jaane ke layak hai (Australia ki poori team pehle se vahaan maujood hai). Ganguli ko baal ke peeche bhaagte hue dekha hai , meri brisk walk us se tez hoti hai , dar lagta hai ke kahin Ganguli ke kulhe ki haddi nahi khisak jaaye . Mere Khyaal se Bharat or Australia ko ab Physiotherapist ki kum Geritrician ki zaroorat zyaada hai.

  7. #7 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 8, 2008 - 1:58 PM

    Pandit ji

    Mai tou aadat say majboor hoon issi liye aksar karwi baatain bhee ker jaata hoon aur yehi vaja hai kay:

    Apnay bhee khafa mujh say hain bay-gaanay bhee na khush
    Mai zahr-e-hila-hil ko kabhee keh na saka qand

    (zahr-e-hila-hil = bitter poison or potassium cyanide; qand = sugar)

    laikin aap ki baataon may swaad hai aap madura pilaye jain apnay pi-lay-ron ko. Shayed iss say Ganguly ki chaal chalan theek ho jai.

    I agree with you that these players needs a geriatrician but, Shoaib Akhtar needs a mortician.

    Pakistan is currently playing against Bangladesh and by the end of their innings they have scored 322/5, whereas they could have easily posted a total of 360 plus. But, thanks to the Big Butt of Salman who plays a test innings in a 50 over or a 20 over match. I don’t understand how long this Malik and Butt Affair will continue?

    Nasir Jamshed has once again failed, scoring 20 odd runs is not what is expected from an opener. So, the opening conundrum continues……….

    Let us see what the bowlers have got to do now.

  8. #8 by theossa on April 8, 2008 - 3:26 PM

    First of all I have to say that Mr. Pandit brought a new twist to comment writing. I can’t understand all of it but it does sound funny.
    On the Pak/BD series, unless we try some new faces, this series will only benefit Bangladesh. I can foresee many useless fifties and hundreds on batting friendly pitches against weak bowling attacks of both sides. Pakistan could benefit more by playing road games against good teams. For a bitter but fertile compromise, Pakistan should have swapped their series with Australia with Pak touring Pakistan this time around and Australia touring Pakistan in 2009.
    The author made good comments about opening problem. I think Nasir and some other openers try to imitate Afridi batting style too much while forgetting that Afridi is one of the top all rounder around; I think his bowling is good enough to keep him in the side. Hopefully with more exposure and coaching the new openers will work on their technique. Butt on the other side has no place in twenty20 and ODIs. Even the dumbest cricket enthusiastic knows that. Butt and Kamran Akmal have no place in the squad but of course Malik wants them there so there we are.
    Misbah to me is not proven yet; I would like to see him bat on bowler friendly pitches. I like Gul, his misfortunes are his fitness and dead pitches of Pakistan.he could be lethal on sporting wickets. I rate him a better ODI bowler than Asif. The later is a classic test bowler. Sohail Tanvir is a good ODI find also. I have yet to see Sohail Khan and heard he is quick but needs polishing.
    I’ll tell you guys a true story about the skill of international players and that of regional players. We had a very fast bowler in Clifton, Karachi area back in the Wasim Akram days. Since he was nephew of a powerful government person, he was given a chance to prove his skills to Wasim Akram. He bowled off and on for two hours to Wasim Akram and not a single time he troubled him, I mean he seemed totally harmless against Akram. When we would watch him locally, batsmen would get off the pitch to avoid his pace and bouncers. Mushtaq Ahmed, after bowling a few deliveries will tell the batsman on the non striker end that how he is going to get the batsman out on the next delivery. He was one cocky fella. In Pakistan Chowk, Karachi, Afridi would hit a six on demand and would win money just for that particular delivery. On the similar note, Tufeeq Ahmed after retirement, the spinner of Imran era, would smack the local Karachi bowlers to all part of the Karachi Gymkhana. So folks, when people complain about their local heroes being ignored, they have no idea what is required to play at international level.
    To finish on good note, watch out for the youngster Mohammad Amir, a future allrounder, he might be the magic we are waiting for.

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 8, 2008 - 6:51 PM

    Apart from Tanvir who took all three top order wickets, Gul, was not seen in his usual bubble, he bowled only 5 overs and remained wicket less. Rao’s only victim was Ashraful but that was a prized wicket. Afridi, as usual bowled within himself and got 3 wickets in the end but, he was a little bit expensive. Although Pakistan won the match comfortably but, I am not impressed by the bowling attack.

    The Skipper should focus on his leading skills more than his own personal batting, he should have promoted Afridi and should have sent him before Misbah. Had he got a few more overs he would have proved lethal, still he managed to end the last over with 2 sixes.


    I agree with your views about Nasir Jamshed, in fact I have been saying this since a long time that this young man is trying to emulate Afridi and Imran Nazir and if he continues to do this and fail a few more times then he is out. The only reason Afridi stays in the team is because of his all-round performance. Imran Nazir is out for good and this fella will disappear into oblivion if he doesn’t perform.

    Butt, should be dropped the only reason he is not dropped is perhaps he is gyrating his Butt in front of Malik and the selectors and they will keep him in the team.

    As regards Mushtaq Ahmad, that moulvi has never impressed me with his bowling, I don’t know how he used to get wickets at the county level. But, his international stats are below par, in fact Saqlain Mushtaq is a million times better than Mushtaq Ahmad. Even as a commentator he is such a nut case, especially when he joins in with Zaheer Abbass they are simply Laurel and Hardy.

  10. #10 by Awas on April 8, 2008 - 8:46 PM

    Pandit Jee

    Very interesting and funny reading again. Gangly, geriatric or not but definitely good to have for India at least in tests for a while yet. Some face saving effort at least from him, you can say. As far as shrinks are concerned Pakistan and India both still need them to put some sense in their heads when they perform the way India did in the first innings.


    I liked that Karachi Gymkhana experience you shared with us…an interesting reality check. Butt, definitely has no place in the shorter versions of the game. LOL at Javed A Khan’s gyrating Butt…and Mushy/Abbas comical act. Butta, in Waqar Younis speak he can at least claim himself to be much better than the comical duo.

    In today’s match our last four batters all had a strike rate of over 100 and good scores by them too. Its one thing to look at match critically but a good win nevertheless. Butta, Butt definitely did his best to apply the brakes early in the innings.

    On that note, a silly little Punjabi leg pulling comes to mind from school days that our Pathan friends may not understand. Here it goes: “Butt kunalli chutt, piala taur tey muchaan wutt”. It will be difficult to translate this. It rhymes in such a way in Punjabi that it would loose its rhythm by translating.

  11. #11 by khansahab on April 8, 2008 - 9:29 PM

    Excellent views by the learned theossa, Javed A Khan and Awas.

    Theossa, I would concur in totality regarding your views on the openers and Misbah. In my opinion it is a futile exercise to keep hoping either of Butt, Nasir or any other opener for that matter would eventually learn to handle lively pitches. For a subcontinental player to thrive in lively conditions, an excellent temperament and maturity is a must which none of these openers possess.

    Misbah has so far succeeded in all those series that have been played with mediocre bowling teams. He failed miserably against South Africa which shows that he has difficulty handling good bowling attacks. I like Misbah’s batting but a player of his temperament and experience (domestic experience that is) should really perform against good bowling attacks.

    It is a mystery why Butt and Akmal are still playing for Pakistan. We should all know by now that they can only bat on flat pitches. Any astute Pakistan cricket observer would have noticed the fact that Kamran Akmal was a huge factor behind Pakistan’s dismal 2007 performance. Not only did he bat poorly, let the team morale down and drop catches on IMPORTANT OCCASIONS, he is also the reason why Mohammad Sami is out for good and why Kaneria has been relegated.

    This series won’t prove anything from Pakistan’s perspective. We all know Pakistani players can handle weak teams on flat pitches.

  12. #12 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 9, 2008 - 2:55 AM

    After this first ODI win, I was reading comments on a desi cricket blog where someone commented about the Pakistani Kirkat team: Saadi team bachaon noo apni gully bulaanday tay fir match jeet kay Sheran day puttar bandday! It sounds true that they have played well only against weaker teams like, Zimbabwe and Bangladesh so far and feel great after winning. Earlier they have lost against South Africa and India.

    Awas, its good that you have reminded us of Waqar’s Butta, Thata, Anda, Whatta but he is still a better commentator than Zaheer Abbass and Mushtaq Ahmad. khansahab don’t forget that Kamran Akmal and Salman Butt have La’hore passports.

  13. #13 by Pandit Surya Prakash Diwakar Tripathi on April 9, 2008 - 4:55 AM

    Hi guys,

    I don’t think that my comment has much to do with the topic of the blog but I will comment anyway.

    I am not a fast typer and typing hindi/urdu in english alphabets was proving to be particularly tedious. So I am back to writing in Angrezi. Just as a brief introduction to my other fellow bloggers . I am interested in all sports but especially cricket and more specificaly Indian and Pak cricket . My interest in Pak cricket o can be explained by the following 3 reasons.
    1.Imran Khan , who was the most charismatic cricketer of his time ( bar Viv perhaps) and possibly of all times. An alpha male if ever there was one.
    2.The twists and turns of Pak cricket (on and off the field) will put a jalebi to shame.
    3.My ancestors migrated in 1947 from Pakistan. So I have a soft corner.

    Obviously India will always be my favourite team even if they are shot out for a paltry 78. Bhala ho chahe bura ho , lekin hai to apna ! But whenever India is not involved , I could be termed a Pakistani Pandit .

    Unfortunately the Pak-Bangla series is unavailable on Fox Sports so I cannot comment on the new recruits .But I have seen a a fair few in the recent past. Many posts talk about the numerous talented young cricketers of Pakistan . I have seen many over the last couple of years but I must say( and there is probably a bit of bias here) that I have not seen many ( if any ) in the same category of Gambhir , Rohit Sharma or even Uthappa. As usual there have been many talented bowlers but their fitness (or lack of it) is such a chronic problem that it is unusual to see the top bowlers fit and playing together . Contrast this with the number of matches played by Wasim and Waqar together and add Aaqib into the mix as well. No wonder Pakistan was the second best world team for many years.

    As of The Pak -Bangla series , Pakistan is in not really in a good situation because if they win even all the 5 matches comprehensively , there standing in world cricket will not rise but if they lose even one they will look really bad. This is a good time to blood youngsters though.

    That’s it . See you again soon.

  14. #14 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 9, 2008 - 12:47 PM

    Pandit ji

    Aap nay apna pareechaye poori terha nahee keraya, kuch tou aur bataain kay kya aap geriatrician hain ya mortician hain aur hain kahan? Anyways, thats up to you, no one is forcing you but, it would be nice to know a little more about you.

    In any case, its nice to see your honest comments and feelings about India / Pakistan. Personally, I have the same feelings and I think most Pakistanis would say the same i.e., when it comes to India / Pakistan we are behind Pakistan.

    As regards Imran Khan and his charismatic personality (which is not proving to be so charismatic in the political arena or in his marital life, and that is for very obvious reasons) he used his strengths very well and that is mainly due to eduction, family background and upbringing. There are a very few players like Imran who have studied well and also played for the country and performed well. The new breed of players complain that they do not get a chance to study beyond high school or continue their education due to too much competition.

    It may be true to a certain extent but, there is something called will, determination and desire, they don’t have that and they want to remain a paindoo through out their life. Education not only brings the best out of you but it harnesses, refines and hone your other skills and abilities too. Some are educated but there is no finesse in them. And, those are the ignorant blokes who are called proud, pathetic paindoos.

    I don’t mean to say that every player should get a Ph. D in literature and philosophy but, he should be sufficiently educated to be able to communicate, understand, express his feelings and make use of his education in planning and executing those plans because cricket is not just a game, it is more than that and you have to have strategies, plans and backup plans.

    On numerous occasions I’ve tried to express my feelings about these players (who represent the country and are like social ambassadors of the country) that they should be educated, people in general have tried to ridicule my views and even attacked me personally with abusive words and cited the example of Javed Miandad who is not so educated and yet he is a tactician and a great player, who is often referred as a street fighter.

    Fine, Javed Miandad is a genius, a rare breed of players, but imagine if he too was an Oxford graduate and was able to articulate his thoughts like an orator then, even today he would have been considered among the top respectable commentators or critics of the game. But, simply because of his lack of education and poor communication skills people don’t pay him the respect he deserves. Also, people are biased about the looks. And this is not just us, the whole world is like this. They are either biased, racist or sexist.

    About the Pak Bangla series this is not international cricket this is bhai bandoo cricket and bara bhai is slapping and punching chota bhai and feeling good.

    We will talk about the new players and their talent some other time, until then Au Revoir et Bientot.

  15. #15 by praveen on April 9, 2008 - 3:39 PM

    one thing i’m not understanding, why pakistan is playing with only 3 frontline bowlers on flat pitches? Against bangladesh u can win with this team combination…but against quality oppositions this team will suffer…i think here pakistan is missing razzaq/azhar. with 3 front line bowlers+medium pace allrounder+afridi + malik pakistan can compete against quality oppositions.
    i think salman butt is a talented young player..pakistan have to give more chances……..this team is having so many big hitters,so there is need for him to play aggressively…this series is very good oppurtunity for him to score hundreds and to increase his confidence…

  16. #16 by khansahab on April 9, 2008 - 9:01 PM

    Pandit Sahab,

    Nice to see your views and we appreciate your straightforwardness.

    I agree with you that Pakistan has not produced any quality players recently. The problem is that the middle order of the Pakistan line up is still a strong one with Younis, Yousuf, Misbah and Malik. The only experimentation that can be done with is with the openers and bowlers. Afridi is an automatic selection by virtue of his bowling and fielding whereas the team management is obsessed with keeping Salman Butt in the team.

    This leaves very few people to experiment and gamble with because the places of 5-6 players are automatically guaranteed. In my opinion Malik’s problem with being unavailable when playing against good sides and the fact that his batting has become very inconsistent since his promotion to captaincy, means that he should be removed from captaincy as soon as possible and preferably Shahid Afridi should be made captain. I am not saying Afridi is the most consistent or productive player but he has shown excellent motivational and leadership skills when he has captained Karachi (for many years now, may I add). I think Malik does deserve a place in the team but not as the captain. My second choice would be Misbah ul Haq for captaincy but we don’t know yet whether Misbah is reliable against good teams. At least we know that if Afridi fails in batting he is more than capable of compensating for his failure with his bowling and fielding. A captain of the team doesn’t have to be the most productive or consistent player. He needs to be someone who can utilise whatever available resources there are to their maximum capability. I can give examples of players like Nasser Hussein and Sourav Ganguly. Both of them were brilliant captains but none of them was amongst the most precious 2 or 3 players in the team. Nasser was never as consistent or classy as Graham Thorpe or Marcus Trescothick, or as useful as Harmison, Hoggard, or Darren Gough. In the same way, Ganguly was never as important for the team as Tendulkar or Dravid, or even Kumble or Zaheer Khan. In the same way Afridi is not as reliable as someone like Mohammad Yousuf or Shoaib Akhtar (when he is fit and in form, and not banned!) but I do believe the team’s performance will improve if he is the captain.

    Javed A Khan,

    I agree with your comment. A player doesn’t need to have a degree but he needs to have some sort of finesse and he needs to be educated enough to generally know about what the consequences of his actions will be in any given situation. The arrogance and lack of refinement of players like Shoaib Akhtar, Mohammad Asif, Abdul Razzaq and Shoaib Malik have played a huge part in the debacles and controversies of their careers. Education also helps you to keep your feet on the ground and not get carried away with international fame and glamour.

  17. #17 by Awas on April 9, 2008 - 9:43 PM

    Pandit jee, aapki baatein bohat aachi laagin. Barra wazan hei aapki cricket assessment mein and on top of that aap hein Pandit. Tau meiray dill mein aapki ijjat jiada ho gai. Enough of my Gulabi Hindi/Urdu.

    The way you mentioned some of the legend Pak names like Imran, Wasim Akram, Waqar etc being popular amongst Pakistanis as well as Indians, we have similar sentiments and esteem towards the likes of Tendulkar and Dravid. Not only are they brilliant cricketers but are also very decent and good role models.

    Viv, by the way, is also on top of my all time favourites and if I am not mistaken Javed A Khan’s as well. On your and Javed’s mention of Imran’s hero status, it reminds me of this. Once Sanjay Majrekar was presenting a programme on cricket legends and after mentioning some of Imran’s attributes including his exploits with fair sex kind, he ended the programme by saying “if I could wish to be another person after-life, it would be Imran Khan”. That ‘son of a gun’ lived an enviable life. Shame that he in getting in bed with the Mullahs now-a-days. I wonder if Jemima found out before she left him ;)-

    I recently mentioned that India now-a-days is definitely what Pakistan were in the 80’s and 90’s. In ‘them’ days Pakistan was the only country other than perhaps Australia who was able to give WI run for their money. My assessment is looking better after India’s defeat within 3 days, as ‘inconsistency’ was also Pakistan’s 2nd name ;)-

    Khansahab aka Don Corleone

    The best example of a useless player, good captain was undoubtedly Mike Brearly.

  18. #18 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on April 10, 2008 - 6:44 AM

    There is nothing much interesting in this series and I think Shoaib Malik was wrong when he said this is not a ‘time-pass’ series. However, having said that, for the vivid Pakistani cricket fans this still generates some attraction ……… “Peenain Waloun Ko Peenain Ka Bahanaan Chahiay” 🙂

    Its absolutely correct that Bangladesh, being on no. 9 in ICC ranking, has nothing to loose and Pakistan has everything to worry. This is what happens when you are playing with the “minnows”, I guess we can still call them minnows, they have worked hard to earn that ‘title’ 😉 I hope the ‘Bangoos’ will do slightly better in the forth coming matches and put our players to some test.

    Nasir Jamshed was ok with his quick-fire 20, but more importantly, and as expected, Omar Gul and Younis Khan did not perform. Unfortunately, Pakistan is rarely winning matches with collective team efforts from all players, and we tend to have one or two good individual performances, which was the case this time too. Mohammed Yousuf, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik, and Tanvir Sohail were all impressive.

    Javed A. KHAN’s comments on Salman’s BUTT, are BUT natural 😉

  19. #19 by Pandit Surya Prakash Diwakar Tripathi on April 10, 2008 - 8:44 AM

    Dear Khan Sahab, Awas,Theossa and Rohit.

    Many thanks for your comments. I think that the animosity between the Indians and Pakistanis is much less (if at all) when they meet each other in foreign lands.We can relate to each other more easily, our customs are similar , our sense of humour is similar , our food is similar , our language is similar and we even look similar. My Pakistani friends enjoy Bollywood movies more than I do and my wife is a big fan of Pakistani serials. I cannot stop laughing at Omar Sharif’s comedy especially Bakra Kishton Pe and my wife watches Pak TV serials on DVD like Dhoop Kinare and another serial where the main character is called ShahZeb and he dies in the end (can’t remember the serial’s name as I personally found it to be a tear jerker and therefore boring). Of course there are areas where the opinions might differ but that’s normal and one can easily work around them.

    Coming back to cricket , Afridi in my opinion is going to be a good captain, if appointed . I actually think that captaincy could result in a symbiotic relationship between him and the team . The team can feed on his dynamism & aggression and he can feed on the added responsibility of being a captain i.e reign himself when needed.

    Javed Sahab,

    I live in a small Australian town called Queanbeyan , I am in my early 30s and I am a health professional . In response to your previous blog I would say that I agree with most of what you have said . The importance of education for a cricketer or any other sportsman , or , for that matter , anyone, is absolutely vital . Good education gives you the attributes to put forth your point in a succinct and confident manner . It also enables one to be better at analysing situations . I am not for a moment suggesting that it is a pre-requisite to being a good sportsman and you have expressed similar sentiments as well. However , I do think that one can look quite foolish if one is unable to articulate one’s strategy. Language plays an important part here and not uncommonly subcontinental players sound really foolish especially when they are talking in post match conferences or interviews . I have always been a supporter of speaking in your own mother tongue and in post match presentation interviews one of your team mates can be an interpreter . Salman Butt speaks good English and he can do this job , this could be his best servcie for the team since his batting is not firing at the moment. Dhoni , I believe , agreed to be Praveen Kumar’s interpreter when he went to take his MOM award after the recent Triangular series final but unfortunately Mark Taylor did not interview Praveen .

    Talking about Butt , I must admit that whenever I have seen him batting he has come across as a reasonable batsman to me , someone who could be a very good batsman in the future . He has fallen short of expectations because of lack of consistency and weakness against high quality fast bowling especially around his off stump , this has been the Achilles heal of many a great batsman so Butt is not alone in that regard .I do think though that he is a slow player . Now it is not too bad to be slow if you have Yousuf’s consistency because if Yousuf scores 5 runs in the first 15 balls by the time he is out he would usually score 70 – 75 in 100 balls which is not too bad at all especially as others are able to play around him with more freedom , however , the equation changes if you score 5 in the first 15 balls and then get out on a score of 10 in 25 balls. Then you have wasted 25 balls and not stayed long enough to provide an anchor to the batting lineup.

  20. #20 by Salman Khan on April 10, 2008 - 10:51 AM

    Javed Sahab,

    Pardon my ignorance , but what is a Paindoo???

  21. #21 by abdul on April 10, 2008 - 12:39 PM

    Nice to see Pakistan win the other day but as Khanshab said we will never be able to test our ability against minos like Bangladesh. The openers really need to get a grip. NAZIR OR FARHAT KO WAPIS LIKI AUH.

  22. #22 by theossa on April 10, 2008 - 2:04 PM

    “Butt gyrating his Butt”, very funny Javed. I have a very good Butt friend in Lahore, and they have all kind of jokes on themselves. I’ll steal your quote to tease him. Awas, I know what you are talking about, my favorite phrase of Punjabi is, “Jitthe de khoti, utthe aan khaloti”. Punjabi is such a twisted language. My Punjabi friends would just use pause, sequence of words, and tone to create some sick meanings of very harmless sentence. Javed, Saqlain was indeed an excellent bowler, perhaps one of the top off spinners of all time but when his “Doosra” action was exposed by Australians, he struggled and become an easy prey. I disagree with you on Mushtaq Ahmed, he was above average leg spinner, and he was especially effective early in his career and had some match winning performances against England and New Zealand. I would always take him over Kaneria.

    Khansahab, I like Younis as captain but he acts immaturely at times. He is not consistent in ODIs but as you pointed out a captain is not necessarily the most consistent player in the team. I think he is a clever fella, I saw him leading a couple of times and I liked his field placing. The draw back of Younis is his over optimism or over confidence. My second choice would be Afridi, he is enthusiastic and always seem to bring spark to the game. If I can name one player, who is consistently mistreated throughout his career is Afridi. Only Wasim Akram and Bob Woolmer gave him the respect he deserves. Btw I didn’t know you were Sicilian, how can I upload my picture?

    My all time favorite players have to be Brian Lara and Adam Gilchrist. Brian Lara was one elegant player and Gilchrist was demon.

    Mr. Pandit, this Pakistani, Indian stuff means nothing when you are abroad. Your racial, national, and religious views are completely altered. You have a broader perspective of the issues. I have good Indian friends and majority of the Indians I met are actually very civil and humble folks. This might sound funny but I had and I still have a big crush on Indian actress Kajol. What an actress. Sometime I and my wife, who is white American, watch Indian movies together, she really likes romantic chick flicks but she always ask me this question and I don’t have any answer for it, why are these actors wearing base ball hats, T shirts, and jeans with American flags? Aren’t they Indian? It’s embarrassing. I like Sehwag, Irfan Pathan, and Singh in Indian team. I do think India has its core players intact but when the likes of Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid, and Kumble retire, India will go through the same transition as Pak is going at the moment.

  23. #23 by khansahab on April 10, 2008 - 4:40 PM

    Theossa and Pandit Sahab,

    I have a slightly different account to present as to the relations between Indians and Pakistanis outside of the Subcontinent. In the UK both communities are still largely segregated and there is still considerable friction between them. It is quite sad to see this as the case for ethnic minorities enjoying a better standing of living can become stronger if both communities start respecting and supporting each other.

    I am aware the situation is different in countries like USA, Canada and Australia. I think the reason why this is, is because the majority of the people who have migrated to such countries have gone on the basis of their educational qualifications. The opposite can be said of Asians who have migrated to the UK- most came here as “slave labour”. Hence the vast majority of Pakistanis, centred around Lancashire and Yorkshire and the vast majority of Indians living in Leicestershire and around London, have low education levels. And we have already discussed to some extent how important education is for an individual- low education means low tolerance levels and higher chance of having a bigoted mentality.

    Something I am concerned about is Malik’s reluctance to try more youngsters out. He feels that Pakistan risks a chance to lose if he will give chances to players like Fawad Alam and Sarfraz Ahmed. Recently he said in an interview that he will only try youngsters when Pakistan has won the series, which means that the current starts of the domestic circuit won’t get a chance to show their skills until the 4th and the 5th matches. If Malik feels playing these players is a risk, he should take that risk because no pain means no gain. Malik is not thinking about these deserving players who will become very underconfident because they are being treated shabbily. He should give these players enough confidence and he should indicate to them that they can win the series for Pakistan.

  24. #24 by abdul on April 10, 2008 - 5:57 PM

    Imran Nazir and Abdul Razzaq blasted ICL pakistan to a comprehensive 9 wicket triumph over ICL world. Yesterday we saw the left hand opening patnership falter. Butt and Jamsheed haven’t got what it takes and are inconsistant. Iran Nazir is a ruthless attacking batsmen who is very talented,has a wide variety of shots and can take the game to the cleaners. He can occupy the wicket and dominate the opposition and that’s exactually what Pakistan need up front. Shorly Imran Nazir and either Farhat or Razzaq should be the openers for the national side.

    Meanwhile today was also the opening day of 2008 cricket season in the Uk with the typical curtain raiser of MCC VS reataining chamionship winners Sussex who I’m sure with Mushy returing will have another successful season.

  25. #25 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on April 11, 2008 - 7:26 AM

    Watched the full repeat of ICL game of Pakistan Vs World eleven on TEN Sports, with my Friday ‘naashata’ of Paratha and Karri………… Wow man, it was just yummy. (the match ofcourse) 😉

    Pakistanis winning by 9 wickets, while Imran Nazir and Razzak (both of them my personal favourites) played just GREAT. Imran Nazir is just a treat to watch and as a commentator was saying ………. ‘he can play every shot in the book’ and he is just ‘pleasing to the eyes’, and ‘specially made for the 20/20 game format’. Same goes for Razzak too.

    If Imran Nazir would have waited a bit before joining ICL, he would have for
    sure been picked-up by the IPL for handsome amount.

    What a waist of talent for Pakistan 😦

    If Rana and Saqlain can play for English County after playing ICL, why not some of the Pakistani player play for PCB. Or is it that PCB is …….to gutless
    and scared of the ICC, or rather BCCI.

    I say, kick Naseem and Co. out of the PCB, and bring back the ICL guys.

  26. #26 by abdul on April 11, 2008 - 10:50 AM

    U called it Muhammed Munir ” kick Naseem and Co. out of the PCB, and bring back the ICL guys”. I’m totally with you on this one how possibly can you neglect the talent of Imran Nazir,Imran Farhat and co they are a treat to watch and need to be utilised by Pakistan. Yet agin it’s brainless magement skills from the PCB.

    India have been bowling poorly so far on the day of the final test. As Bruce Yardley said they are all out of sorts.

  27. #27 by M. Y. Kasim, Houston Tx. on April 12, 2008 - 12:05 AM

    Salman Khan,

    I could not resist replying to your querry as to what is a Pindoo.

    A Pindoo is a guy who has never set a foot in a “SAKOOLL” during his lifetime and can’t read or write but still thinks he the most “HASHAYAR” (smart one) in the the whole Universe while the rest, including the University Graduates are “FUDDOOS” (idiots, stupids and/or fools).

    Let me tell you a story about their mindsets.

    There was big flood in a river and everything was being washed away. A scorpion approached a cow and begged her to ferry it to some higher ground. The simpleton cow, out of pity agreed on the condition that it will not bite her. The scorpion agreed and the cow took it on the other side of the river on a higher ground.

    The moment they reached the safety, the scorpion bit the cow. The poor cow pleaded, why did you do that? and the reply was, it is my nature, I can’t help it.

    The moral of the story.

    You guys draw your own conclusions.

  28. #28 by Awas on April 12, 2008 - 10:38 PM

    This third test between SA/India is turning out to be the best match of the series so far. SA was lucky to win the toss and that might just about tip the scale in their favour. This Gangly looking guy played a wonderful knock to help his side gain a psychological lead. As I mentioned to Pandit Jee previously, he shouldn’t be condemned to the geriatric ward yet as he is definitely good to have for India at least in tests for a while yet.

    It would be interesting to see how Indian spinners bowl on the wearing third day pitch and restrict SA. SA is proving they have the most potent pace attack in the world at the moment. To do what they have done on Indian pitches is a remarkable feat which not many sides have done before.

    Other than the main event above, a busy day for cricket with Pak/Bangla ODI and another one between Pak eleven and India eleven in the ICL.

    WI is doing wonderfully well in the ODI series against Lankans. Once again Chanderpaul has been amazing. In the first ODI his 10 runs, scored in the last two balls, will go down in the annals of history as a great feat. A four on the penultimate ball then the 6 on the last. Sheer brilliance. This is perhaps one better than what Miandad did to score 6 on the last ball to win a match against India some years ago.

    Just another point on what Theossa and khansahab were discussing earlier. There is no doubt a lot more goodwill exists between Indians and Pakistanis when they are abroad but in their own countries too a lot more goodwill exists than is made out to be by the politicians. A good example is on the resumption of cricket series between the two countries, when India first came over, there were lot of stories how Pakistanis welcomed Indian spectators with open arms. Many shop owners wouldn’t take money from them and treated then as their guests. The Indians were really impressed with the hospitality on offer. On Pakistan’s return visit to India, although the visitors were not offered any freebies but were generally treated warmly. No wonder Indian economy is doing so well ;)-

  29. #29 by khansahab on April 12, 2008 - 11:16 PM

    Abdul and Mohammad Munir,

    I beg to differ on the points regarding the Lahore Badshahs. Firstly in T20 cricket the result is very unpredictable. This is why in last year’s T20 Cup the finalists were India and Pakistan, not Australia and South Africa. A lot depends on luck and risk in T20 cricket; also, you often tend to see the side batting first win because of the psychological advantage over the team that bats second.

    What I am trying to say here is that, these Badshahs with the exception of Inzamam would be mediocre players in ODI or Test cricket. How many chances were given to Abdul Razzaq despite his declining form since 2006? Imran Farhat was continuously played for 12 months during the early part of Inzamam’s tenure as captain but he failed so miserably that the PCB never considered him seriously for any series thereafter. As far Imran Nazir, his average of 20 something in ODI’s tells the story. That average for an opener is simply not enough. I have always considered Imran to be a T20 player anyway- he doesn’t have the brains to succeed at any other level.

    I agree with Awas regarding the current India-South Africa match which is more interesting than the previous two matches. Ganguly played a wonderful knock and in my opinion the most important aspect of that knock was his strike rate which was over 70. Since his return to international cricket his consistency has been unstoppable. Although he can’t reach the heights Tendulkar and Dravid have reached, he will definitely be considered amongst the Indian greats when he retires. In fact I think currently he is in the best Test form of his life?

    I refer to Dravid quite frequently because he is one of my favourite players. Dravid in my view is past his prime and may actually announce his retirement from international cricket soon. He didn’t have a brilliant 2007 and has so far appeared lacklustre his year. At his age (35) hardly any players have seen their performance rise drastically leading to a resurrection of form. He scored a century in the first test, but it was an easy track to bat on. Dravid’s record on lively pitches is actually better than his record on flat surfaces, but lately he hasn’t been scoring a lot of runs and certainly has not appeared to be the Indian team’s “wall” or backbone this year. I wonder if anyone else agrees his retirement decision will emerge soon enough?

    Across the border Younis Khan has omitted himself from the next 3 matches. This means Bazid Khan is most likely to play. In my opinion Younis was upset the PCB allowed his interrogation by the ICC Anti Corruption Unit. What other “personal reason” could there be for his omission? His form hasn’t been great this series so just as well he isn’t playing, in fact maybe he was worried he might be dropped which would cause considerable embarrassment to him on accounts of him being a senior player.

  30. #30 by abdul on April 13, 2008 - 2:02 PM


    You have made a valid point which I partly agree with. But do you really think that this current Pakistan team can become world champions ? Do u really thnk that Salman Butt and Nasir Jamshed are a good opening combination ? Despite making 70 odd the other day Butt is inconsistant and has a big weakness around the off stump corridor where higher ranked oppositions can exploit and as far as it goes for Nasir Jamshed he is just a slogger who has been brought up on flat tracks and is looking to imitate the role of Nazir or Afridi. Nazir is a customed player who can dominate and occupy the wicket and believe me along with a stabled opener this will be a match winning combination.

    The current bowling attack lacks firepower and is harldy threatening or rapid. So we are demandingly require Sohail Khan and co. And one thing we are certainly missing is a quality specialist spinner like Mushtaq or Saqlian.

    Javed A khan,

    How can u not be impressed by the record of Mushtaq Ahmed . He is a matchwinning magican. He is the greatest spinner Pakistan has produced and we need someone like the calibure of him in this Pakistan line up.

  31. #31 by Tauqeer Malik on April 13, 2008 - 2:11 PM

    after long break i am making return to this blog. i like the improvement to this site and i think is easier to post.
    superb knocks by kamran akmal and salman butt today, they were the stars of pakistan’s line up today. other people are speaking about flat pitches and dry conditions, but everywhere in the world you find batting pitches and home conditions. i like giving credit when its due, today both knocks were brilliant.

    pakistan will win this series, i think it will help pakistan’s confidence and its a good learning process for bangladeshi players and also pakistani players.

  32. #32 by khansahab on April 13, 2008 - 8:40 PM


    Whereas I agree with you that the current team is not “champion” material I don’t think the answer is to replace the current team with these rejected players in ICL. Most of these players are past their prime, Razzaq, Mushtaq, Azhar Mahmood being obvious examples.
    I don’t like Salman Butt and I want him out of the team but even I admit he is one of the best players to play against minnow teams on flat tracks. The problem with Imran Nazir and Imran Farhat is that they are too unpredictable which in my view causes problems. Another huge advantage of having Butt in the side is that he is effective against India, he has that advantage over Nazir and Farhat, that he can perform effectively against a good international side.

    I will actually disagree with you on the point of Mushtaq and Saqlain. Although both saw their careers end prematurely, they did feature sporadically in some international matches and failed to impress. Mushtaq was played in the team some time during Inzi’s captaincy and came out with very mediocre stats- Kaneria seemed like a much more favourable proposition to utilise. As far as Saqlain is concerned I saw him recently in one of the ICL matches and he also appeared lacklustre. This is understandable because both Mushtaq and Saqlain have been out of international cricket for so long. But something I definitely agree with is that both these bowlers were amazing in their prime. Saqlain I feel was the better of the two, more innovative and better at reading the batsman’s mind. Mushtaq in his prime was never as good as Warne or Kumble in their prime, but was still a very good bowler who bamboozled many batsmen with his unplayable googlies and flippers.

    My observations with today’s match were thus:

    1) Pakistan appeared lax in the field and didn’t really seem interested in beating Bangladesh emphatically
    2) Bangladesh are a very ordinary side. They have a reasonable spin attack but their pace bowling leaves much to be desired. Their pacers have hardly any pace, and struggle with line and length frequently. Butt played a great knock today but a lot of that was just about nudging leg stump balls towards midwicket and driving full length balls outside off stump, both of which were plenty. Bangladesh’s fielding was pathetic- they didn’t seem interested in diving on the field or concentrating on not letting go of the ball.
    3) Sohail Khan has a lot of work to do to succeed at international level. He is not very fit, he comes across as a body builder like Shoaib Akhtar as opposed to a consistent quick like Lee who is more slender. He bowled better than Tanvir or Rao today but he still wasn’t impressive.
    4) Sohail Tanvir is a good bowler and one of the top domestic bowlers currently. However he needs to check his line and length against left handers. This has been spoken about before; he has a natural angle when he bowls to right handers but nearly always loses the plot when bowling to left handers. The fact that he hasn’t got a natural outswinger to the left hander, compounds the predicament.
    5) Fawad Alam is a mainly a good batsman, then a good fielder and then a handy bowler. Allover he is a very useful cricketer but Malik really needs to promote him up the order at some point because batting his Fawad’s main strength. I know this means sending Fawad in ahead of Misbah, Afridi or even Malik himself, but I feel the decision would be well worth it. Otherwise why would Fawad average 49 in first class and 46 in LIST A cricket? His bowling isn’t as good as his batting or fielding, but it can still prove handy in difficult situations. Afridi used him very well in the ABN AMRO T20 Cup when Karachi reached the final which was played against Sialkot (which Sialkot ended up winning). Fawad ended up taking the award for best bowler of the competition, best batsman of the competition as well as man of the match.
    6) I feel Yousuf looks very bored in ODI’s. His fitness is worrying and it has emerged recently that Lawson does not want him in the ODI side. Today he had another miserable day on the field, and at some stage he even left the field puzzling many people. He is a very good player but he might be pressurised to retire from ODI’s. Does anyone feel he will retire from limited overs’ cricket soon?

  33. #33 by Awas on April 13, 2008 - 9:27 PM


    You are right Mushy and Saqlain were both very good in their hay days but drifted unimpressively later on. Saqlain after his long injury lost his potency. At one time he was the best off-spinner in one-dayers and was very effective in death overs, which says something about his class.

    And very good analyses of the third ODI. It was a lacklustre performance by Pakistan other than the two openers. I got the feeling Afridi promoted himself up the order which was not a good move. He must have got over confident after his good innings in the last match when he came in the death overs and was bursting to go from the first ball in this match. If he uses a little more discretion (or sense in his case), he can be devastating and it’s utterly disappointing for the fans that he doesn’t change. Akhrot! And it goes without saying Younis is another one. I am sure the reason he left the team is he is getting moody again.

    Kasim Sahab, here we don’t have a problem in calling an Akhrot an Akhrot and a Paindoo a Paindoo.

    Fawad Alam definitely needs better chances up the order.

    It will be a graceful thing to do for MoYo to call it a day for ODI’s but I doubt that he would. If he is forced to then he would threaten to rejoin ICL. Remember what happened when he was not picked for the T20 tournament? In a way, I can understand his predicament as there is so little test cricket for Pakistan currently that he wouldn’t want to be out of action.

  34. #34 by Awas on April 13, 2008 - 10:15 PM

    A thumping defeat to all star retirees and rejects of Pakistan X1 by India X1 in today’s ICL match. India is now already in the final and Pakistan’s fate hangs on their tomorrows match with the world X1. Pakistan’s bowling led by Sami and Rana was hammered. The duo gave away 65 runs in just 6 overs they bowled with one wicket between them.

  35. #35 by Pandit Surya Prakash Diwakar Tripathi on April 14, 2008 - 6:07 AM

    First of all many many mubarakbads to my indian as well as Pakistani friends for the respective victories .

    First about India . On this kind of pitch SA will never be able to win a test match against an opposition with a good quality batting line up. Despite SA’s consistent performances since. . . . . . forever , I will never consider SA in the same league as the great teams of an era. They have never ever had a good spinner in their side . Paul Adams was good to watch for his action , not his bowling . Harris is OK but will not trouble too may sunbcontinetal batsmen. Now, having a good spinner is not a pre-requisite for a great team if you have 4 pace bowlers in the same category as Roberts ,Garner , Croft , Marshall , Clarke , Holding , Patterson , Ambrose , Walsh etc etc.

    I dunno . . . . there is something lacking in SA which prevents me from thinking of them as a team to be feared. No doubt they are a very good unit which never gives up and on a normal day will beat most of the teams other than Australia , however , when the other team is having a good day they some how fall short of answers . There have been exceptions of course, and the world record ODI chase was one of them.

    In this Test they were lucky that Kumble was injured otherwise they would have really struggled . Kumble’s bowling is unpredictable even on good pitches and on an unpredictable pitch it is usually unplayable. On a fair note though it must be said that SA’s batsmen have significantly improved their batting against spin since their Warnophobia days.

    Khan Saab , come on , Abdur Razzaq not good enough!!! I saw him when Pakistan toured NZ when he really hammered the bowlers and I have watched him on TV numerous times .The way he came 1 or 2 down and defended when needed to defend and attacked when needed to attack was nothing short of genius in my book . His method of getting the front leg out of the way giving him freedom to smack any where from third man to mid wicket (a la Klusener) is some thing not many batsmen can implement . At one point in international cricket he was the only true all rounder part from and Kallis(when Kallis used to bowl seriously) . He bowled wicket to wicket and did manage reasonable swing and seam . Andrew Symonds mentioned in his autobiography that he found Razzak one of the trickiest bowler to face first up.

    Having said all that , I think you mentioned about his form Post 2006 and I cannot talk much about that because I have not seen him play in the last couple of years.You may be right about his recent form.

    Sorry guys , something has come up so I have to go , but will write again soon.

  36. #36 by abdul on April 14, 2008 - 5:10 PM

    Khanshab I like your excellent observations you have made from the odne day international and I think out different views have come to an overall conclusion that this Pakistan team isn’t chamion and something needs to be done. At the moment there isn’t much quality in the pace department and something needs to be done to find the new Wasim’s and Waqar’s. I don’t mind the spin duo of Malik and Afridi but may need a specialist spinner like Muhstaq ,Saqlain or Kaneria. Do u personally feel that we need a specialist spinner for odi cricket?

    Lastly u haven’t been replying to my emails lately and if u don’t mind me asking do u play cricket. If so batsmen.bolwer ?

    Please answer Khanshab and awas.

  37. #37 by theossa on April 14, 2008 - 6:20 PM

    Awas, that’s one stylish beard you have! Remind me of Moguls, Sikh Gurus, and also a homeless person in downtown Pittsburgh.

  38. #38 by Awas on April 14, 2008 - 7:50 PM


    LOL @ what it reminds you off but I hope you have rightly guessed who it is? Hands up who doesn’t know?

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