IPL Buzz, Glitz, Glamour & Cricket

Whether to call IPL a real cricket feast, glitz, glamour or, a multi-million dollar business or an extended Bollywood Showbiz? This is a question that needs to be answered by the readers. Because, Bollywood is taking over the IPL in more ways than one. Apart from Shahrukh Khan owning the Night Riders team along with Preity Zinta, Padukone aur na janay kone kone, more new faces are constantly appearing on the cricket screen. Bollywood director Sanjay Gupta was shooting in Bangalore doing the promo reels and Shahrukh Khan is promoting himself along with Zinta and whatnot are they really doing it for the promotion of cricket?.

The business tycoons like Ambanis, the Mallyas and the Modis are trying to maximize their profits and working on the ROI and also speculating about how much more should they invest to get a bigger slice of the pie? The way the owners picked up the players was not so appealing to a normal cricket fan. They lined up all the players on a stage and then there was bidding and auction just like a cattle farm and a bawdy house. Cricket players are very often referred by commentators as “good hookers” of the ball, but not in real terms. But, asking them to line up or parade on a stage just like models displaying their clothes and cleavage and, then sold to the highest bidder is something very degrading and humiliating for a player. After all these international players are known to everyone and their stats on cricinfo is like their CV’s, so whats the point of parading them like hoochie mamas? But, the irony is the players themselves have allowed this to happen, they have accepted it gleefully for the sake of money.

Now, the IPL inaugural ceremony has kick started the glamour, the cheer girls have come all the way from the USA to add some more colour, glamour and glitz into the stadiums to add attraction as well as distraction. For an average Indian who wants to enjoy his evening, the least he could do was spend three hours in aMmultiplex or a Cineplex, for him IPL is even better, this is live entertainment combined with cricket. So, cricket in fact is a side-kick here. If IPL is glitzy why not add more glitter to it?

Some people may not agree with this view that cricket is not in the forefront of IPL’s agenda but it is a fact. Although on paper and in reality it is a cricket match, but it has more to do with business, glamour and entertainment. Yes, cricket is an entertainment, that is true but, cricket when it is played between national teams bring out a lot of passion and emotions are is missing here. So far we have witnessed that IPL is creating regionalism and jingoism. People in the same country do not applaud at the achievements of their national heroes because, they are not from their city or province. Come on, if you consider it as entertainment then applaud on every occasion and be sporty or admit that it is not cricket. It could be like that wrestling competitions well known as WWW a couple of decades ago, which we call it as “noora kushti” which was very popular until the Internet exploited its abbreviation www or worldwide web and people have forgotten about that fad of World Wide Wrestling, because it was a fad.

A lot of people say that the IPL &r ICL is not a fad, in fact they are changing the face of cricket. Actually the face of cricket is changing ever since it started, if one needs to read about it in detail, below is a very good link from cricinfo which highlights the time line and the way cricket has changed.


So, the other question that comes to mind is whether IPL & ICL is here to stay or is this another fad which is here to damage test cricket? Once again some people may not agree but, here is an example of how the New Zealand players reacted: “Look, if we are playing in the official Twenty20 league, we really don’t want to join the New Zealand team in the warm-up matches before the Test series with England in May, because if we stay an extra three weeks in India, we can earn far more money than by just playing in the warm-up matches for New Zealand.” And who are these olayers? Their skipper Daniel Vittori, their ace player Jacob Oram and their charismatic wicket keeper Brendon McCullum. There are a lot of players like them who are saying: “Hey, this can make me a millionaire, a multi-millionaire. This can seal my future, so to hell with Test cricket.” So, the answer is obvious these leagues will definitely hurt the test cricket.

It will also hurt the young Indian cricketers too, because some of them playing for ICL may never get a chance to play for India due to obvious reasons and even those rookies and uncapped players who are playing for the IPL may be ending their career in similar fashion. The difference between today’s egg and tomorrow’s chicken is like a lay person and a visionary. The businessman is certainly a visionary but, he is not a promoter of cricket which is played with a different passion. He is a businessman and he will make money and the same goes for those actors and actresses they are getting more publicity and money, thats what they want. The players too are getting more money but, at whose expense?

If cricket was just an insect hopping and chirping around and not a game then, I would have said, let it go down the gutters. But it is the game of cricket that WG Grace played in style and Don Bradman took it to the zenith followed by the Laras, Tendulkars and Inzamams and we are allowing these business tycoons, the actors and actresses to ruin this game in the name of entertainment, then cricket is the loser and we are all losers. It is up to you to decide where you stand, what are your loses and what have you lost?

  1. #1 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 23, 2008 - 2:34 PM

    Mohammad Munir

    It seems like you have some kinda telepathic form of communication with us, the thread and your email came about the same time. As long as it is not a pathetic form of communication its fine. I am agree avec vous for the names of the players that you have mentioned who don’t gel well with T20 games. Unfortunately they are icons and skippers and they will not be dropped until and unless they get injured. So how about a self inflicted injury in the best interest of the game?

    It was nice to see Glen McGrath in action and as usual he is very accurate and effective. Although Asif took a couple of wickets but he was thrashed for sixes a few times. I am glad that the biggest Actor is not in the team and is serving a 5 year RI, which he so rightly deserves now. I was against it that 5 years is too much, but the way he reacted and the way he dragged the names of Miandad and others who supported him, I think he deserves that ban.

    So, I was right about the Cheer Leaders that they are attraction as well as distraction and now you have to come back again and comment on the pictures that are here on this thread.

  2. #2 by abdul on April 23, 2008 - 4:12 PM

    Due to some personal reasons I was unable to comment on the site but now I’m back and ready to reagian my authority and express my views on the game we all love . Unfortunately I haven’t got the IPl subscription package and haven’t been following the series. I agree or as you say I am agree with majority of what you have said in this article.

    Khanshab made some very intresting views and observations from the previous thread. I’m also impressed and excited my emergance of Mansoor Amjad and see him as an exciting future prospect but time will tell on if he’s good enough.

  3. #3 by theossa on April 23, 2008 - 4:53 PM

    There was a similar blog on Pakspin “ICL, IPL what the hell”. I’ll just copy and paste some of my views and opinions. In the world of capitalism I think IPL is a smart business move, the success of which is yet to be seen. All sports are based on national or regional pride and they cash in on that, so when there was no IPL and ICL, ICC was still making money of you and me. To put it simple, it’s just supply and demand; there was a void and business opportunity and was filled and taken accordingly. Let’s take a reality check, in countries like U.S. there is no place for ODIs and test cricket and only Twenty20 may have a shot. Similarly, in future if fans prefer Twenty20 over ODIs, tests then that are generation X choosing what they like. If you have time to watch all five days of a test match then you are either unemployed, retiree, on sick leaves, or just nuts about cricket that you are using your vacation watching cricket. You could also be one of the camera men, staff, commentators, or you must be Khansahab, I’m not sure about Javed and Awas.

    I can’t say that if IPL will hurt cricket or benefit cricket, only time will tell but I understand why IPL and ICL feel overwhelming because every change does.

    I was expecting a blog on who takes the crown in IPL. My bets are on Chennai, Kolkata, and Hyderabad. Hyderabad is a giant if awakens in time will murder other teams or else will keep snoring.

  4. #4 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 23, 2008 - 5:16 PM


    I agree that 5 days test match is boring most of the time when it ends into a tame draw. But, sometimes when there is a result it is indeed very good. Compared to the test matches of 3-4 decades ago, the test matches of these days are bearing results, except in India and Pakistan where the wicket is flat like Faisalabad and Lahore or Chennai etc., obviously there is no fun.

    But, 50 overs ODI’s are great they provide enough opportunities to players and the teams to show their muscles whereas the results of T20 games are based purely luck. The Hyderabad and Delhi match was one such occasion where we saw all the big guns failed. The problem in this tournament is the time they have chosen to attract people i.e., after 8:00 p.m., so that even on a working day people should be able to come to the stadiums and watch, it is fine from that perspective but there is so much dew that bowling is a big time problem.

    As regards favourites, like I said its purely a matter of luck but, based on my “un-educated” guess, I do agree that if the big guns get going there is no ending. However, I am not sure if you are aware of the fact that some of the Australian and New Zealand players will not be playing the later part of this tournaments due to commitments at home, they have their matches against West Indies and whoever. I am sure Mathew Hayden and Jacob Oram playing in today’s match in Chennai will not be available and it is confirmed. So, I guess same applies for Symonds, Vettori, Brendon McCullum, Dwayne Bravo, Chris Gayle etc.

    If that happens its hard to predict who will win. Because, I am not aware of the Indian local Indian players who have not played international cricket.

    LOL @ making comments on commentators, cameraman and khansahab. Actually khansahab is a very busy young man, a law student who also works part time. So, he has no time during the day and at night time and on week-ends he takes out time for writing on this blog as cricket is a passion and he loves it so much that he cannot live without it. And Awas is a partner in a chartered accountant firm so you can imagine his commitments. Moi, me being my own boss, sometimes I have a lot of time at my disposal but there are times that I don’t watch TV for weeks and other than checking my business emails I have no time for the computer either. It all depends on the business and work situation.

    And, I do have this ability to perform multi-tasking jobs and still manage to take care of my hobbies and adventures. I am sure you do the same, besides your own family life.


    welcome back to the blog and you are welcome to stamp your comments with authority and we would love to read them. I think you can answer some of the questions posed by Theossa.

  5. #5 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 23, 2008 - 6:59 PM

    Today’s match between Chennai and Mumbai was so far the best in terms of excitement and entertainment as, it went down to the wire. I doubt Tendulkar if he had played, could have done any good in a T20 game. The only positive thing that he may have done was asked Harbhajan Singh to bowl his full quota of 4 overs.

    Harbhajan did what Malik has done in the past. As a captain he did not want to give away too many runs. He must not forget that in T20 any bowler can be punished and end up giving too many runs. Murali was an example in this same match, his captain used him to the maximum although he was hit for a couple of sixes yet he got the crucial wickets at the right time. Had Harbhajan bowled the remaining two overs instead of giving it to inexperienced fast bowlers things would have been different.

  6. #6 by theossa on April 23, 2008 - 7:15 PM

    Good assessment there Javed. Harbhajan did seem chickened out and that probably cost the game. Match was no doubt the most exciting one so far. What an effort by Nayyar. Credit also goes to Joginder for fighting back after giving 9 runs for first two balls of the last over. Let’s see if demons of Hyderabad do any damage tomorrow or get bottled again.

  7. #7 by Awas on April 23, 2008 - 10:20 PM

    This new thread is great, timely and excellent.

    I didn’t get the chance to see today’s match highlights at all but understand it was a good one. Theossa, unless one is Chacha Kirkit, it is difficult to find time to see cricket all the time for any of us as there is so much of it around these days. For starters, other family members usually hate it and prefer anything but cricket.

    Its good to see this Tamasha especially from an onlooker’s point of view and it is difficult to muster allegiance for any team. All this razzmatazz is working well for the parched fans many of whom still have no loyalty to the newly created city teams. Your local club loyalty cannot be ingrained overnight; it takes generations to develop such sentiments.

    Not only entertainers but many of the players on the field are imported too which makes the loyalty even more difficult to muster. In fact the only strong Indian presence appears to be the ubiquitous Shah Rukh Khan, who is seen everywhere and anywhere these days.

    In this quest for offering entertainment to woo crowds, the dividing line between Bollywood entertainment and cricket is becoming precariously thin as very few are actually watching the game at all as they are more interested in watching Bollywood stars or Nangi dancers. A spectator leapt off an upper tier stand during a cricket game in Eden Gardens. He survived the fall with broken bones. The middle-aged man did not fly off his seat because he was carried away by the game. He simply wanted to have a closer peek at Shah Rukh Khan. A travesty indeed.

    I concur with Javed, test cricket is supreme and is here to stay mainly because ICC and countries would not let go of it. The second and third tests between India and SA were far more interesting but this T20 is different kind of entertainment no doubt.

  8. #8 by khansahab on April 23, 2008 - 10:27 PM

    Dear LS visitors,

    Please see the “LS Announcements” section of the site for news of the latest section of LS called “Hot Cars & Gals!”

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 23, 2008 - 10:38 PM


    It was more of Abhishek Nayar’s inexperienced and mistake than Joginder’s effort in fighting back. When he bowled that no-ball, Nayar should not have run and Nehra gave away the opportunity by wasting 2 balls – One dot and one run on the second – Joginder is really lucky twice. Once Misbah’s stupid shot and today Nayar’s run that made him a hero. Yeah Nayar really played a superb innings and he needs to be promoted up the batting order.

    Lets see what Shoaib Malik’s father-in-law will do tomorrow (he was known as Hyderabad ka Damaad) hence Deccan Chargers or Hyderabad team. Anyways, lets see if Laxman fails again he should seriously think of taking a rest, he has no leadership experience and he doesn’t bowl, purely on the basis of batting and that too like a test player he is a square peg in the round hole.

    Rajhastan Royals are no push overs they are a bunch of unassuming achievers. Under Shane Warne’s captaincy they should not be taken lightly they have already defeated Yuvraj’s team. With Graeme Smth, Sohail Tanvir, and Younus Khan reinforcing the team, they should be a very strong team. I don’t know when Dimitri Mascarenhas and Morne Morkel would be joining Rajhastan Royals?


    The caption should have been HOT GALS & CARS btw there is one car called Riya and the other one is numbered …. I mean the girls …. could you please care to explain or write a caption and her name about who she is etc. etc. ?

  10. #10 by khansahab on April 23, 2008 - 11:07 PM

    Javed A Khan,

    I have done as you have asked.

    Thanks for the heads-up.

  11. #11 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on April 24, 2008 - 11:15 AM

    Shahid Afridi have complained about the CheerGirls being a distraction to the batsmen.

    This one is for obvious reasons 😉

  12. #12 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on April 24, 2008 - 11:22 AM

    Hot Gals, Cool Cars, Sensible Cricket Comments … Wow this site ROX !!

    This is what we get when we have a dash of young blood mixedup with Cricket !!

    No offence, but I have alomst stopped going back to pak-spin 🙂

  13. #13 by theossa on April 24, 2008 - 4:26 PM

    Symond raped the Rajasthan. It will be tough for royals to come back in this game. The Giant is awakened.

  14. #14 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 24, 2008 - 4:45 PM

    Mohammad Munir

    No, no you should not stop writing on PakSpin, you must continue to write there as well. Also you must pull-up the legs of some of the pseudo intellectual Chaudharays and avengers who are there to ruin Kamran’s blog.

    Regarding Afridi, you know being a Pathan he can easily get distracted when the cameraman zooms in to the deep fine leg area and on the big screen its larger than life size images. You must have also heard the news about the 41 year old man fell off from the first tier of the Eden Garden stadium in Kolkata and broke his ribs and is in critical condition, the media has reported that he was trying to take a good look at his hero Shahrukh Khan. Whereas, the rumours are, reportedly he was trying to take a good peep at the cleavage of one of the cheer leaders, I don’t know the truth and cannot verify it. But, rumours go from mouth to mouth and they even have wings and on the internet they fly faster than the speed of light.

    Despite the fact that Deccan Chargers have made 214 and Symonds played a cracking innings it will be hard for them to defend the total owing to the due factor. And Rajhastan have some good hitters in Yousuf Pathan and Graeme Smith. So, lets see how the events will unfold in the next innings.

  15. #15 by theossa on April 24, 2008 - 4:53 PM

    Pathan is on Fire! Playing some monster innings for Royals.

  16. #16 by Awas on April 24, 2008 - 4:54 PM

    As I mentioned in the previous thread, none of the Deccans big three gunners Gilchrist, Symonds and Afridi fired in the previous match and even if one does it would be a different story altogether.

    Theossa, this should also bring a smile to Deccans investors who splashed huge sums in the auction.

    Afridi has now seen two good innings one from Sehwag and now this one. I just wish their streak rubs on him and he learns a little.

    This Pathan (another one) guy could just about spoil everything for the Deccans. It ain’t over yet!!!

  17. #17 by theossa on April 24, 2008 - 4:59 PM

    A wicket may be two can save this match for Deccans, non stop action from Royals.

  18. #18 by theossa on April 24, 2008 - 5:00 PM

    Gotta get back to work so catch you guys in another break.

  19. #19 by Awas on April 24, 2008 - 5:09 PM

    Good to see Javed back as well. By the way that ‘peeping-tom’ story I have already mentioned in my first comment above ;)- Perhaps you didn’t see my comment.

    Pathan gone so lets see now!!!

  20. #20 by Awas on April 24, 2008 - 5:34 PM

    Good on you Afridi…taken another wicket…keep up the good work.

    Symonds one over did a lot of damage again!!!

  21. #21 by Awas on April 24, 2008 - 6:01 PM

    After getting mauled earlier why did they give the death over to Symonds? Inexplicable! That MF lost the match basically and wasted his innings of 100.

    What a star Afridi though…he nearly won the match basically, 3 wickets and a dropped catch as well. His batting keeps failing but his bowling is an asset. That was basically how he won the man of the series award in the T20 cup. What an asset! As I keep saying, if he applies just a little more sense in his batting, he can be wonderful.

    MaCullum in his amazing knock of 158 didn’t score a single run in first 6 balls and look how he ended up in that innings. That’s what you need, be a bit careful, in the first few deliveries to get set and then go.

  22. #22 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 24, 2008 - 6:08 PM

    As I said, bowling second to defend 214 was not enough unless you score 230 – 240. Yousuf Pathan hammered Vaas and others and played a great innings along with Graeme Smith, I knew these two would do the damage and they did. and Y. Pathan certainly deserved the man of the match award for laying a strong foundation for RR and he scored the fastest 50 in IPL so far also because of him RR also scored the fastest 100 in the IPL so far. Poor older brother cannot speak English same as his younger brother.

    Mohammad Kaif and later Shane Warne sealed the fate despite some great bowling by Shahid Afridi who was deadly today. In his first over RP Singh dropped Graeme Smith near the boundary and not only that the ball popped out of his hands and fell on the other side of the fence making it a six. Later in Afridi’s last over he took two wickets and the third was almost there when one of the local lads dropped a sitter. Things would have changed then as Afridi was attacking Shane Warne and did not allow him to score, there were some heated words exchanged between him and Warne. And that is good to see emotions are being displayed.

    Emotions and aggression was missing in IPL, if you remember Shane Watson was another Andre Nel when playing for Australia, he used to stare the batsmen and sometimes used to rub his nose against the batsmen, but here in India he looks like a bheegi billi and same is the case with Andrew Symonds. Its a shame that Hyderabad lost their 3rd match. But, now that they know they have nothing to worry about they will probably play better and hopefully Gilchrist and Afridi will show some batting prowess in the next games.

    Once again I would like to remind Harbhajan Singh to learn something from Shane Warne, he bowled all his 4 overs very bravely also he batted the last over so well and won the match for his team. Fortune favours the Brave! Munaf Patel is totally off-colour I think Rajhastan should play Sohail Tanvir in their next match.

  23. #23 by Rehan Khan on April 24, 2008 - 6:13 PM

    You cant predict a result in Twenty cricket. Look how Warne massacred Symonds in the last over. Isnt it amazing that Deccan Chargers a team of specialist Twenty20 campaigners like Afridi, Symonds, Gilchrist and Rohit Sharma is bottom of the league? Twenty20 is all about how you perform on the day and I guess luck is a lot to do with it as well.

  24. #24 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 25, 2008 - 1:39 PM


    Just a minute ago there is a news flash which hasn’t appeared on this blog yet and it is about MALCOM SPEED. He has been ousted.

    He is on paid leave till July 2008. A new move due to disagreements between the ICC officials and Speed.

    Lets see what kinda implications that will take place in ICC’s decision making. Dave Richardson will now be taking his place till July 2008

  25. #25 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 25, 2008 - 10:45 PM

    Seems like everyone is in a holiday mood and saying TGIF. The match between Punjab and Mumbai ended in Punjab’s favour as expected. Once again poor captaincy from Harbhajan Singh. The team never looked inspired under his captaincy, despite the fact that Punjab got all out for 182, the target was achievable but, Mumbai batsmen looked very subdued once their openers fell cheaply. Once again Luke Ronchi got run out for the second time, I hope its not a curse. We heard so much about this young cricketer who is set to take Haddin’s place. So, we need how he plays.

    None of the big names or big guns like Gilchrist, Afridi, Jayasuriya, Yuvraj etc., have scored heavily except for Symonds who scored an unbeaten 117 but, he is mainly and solely responsible for the Deccan Chargers defeat with his pathetic bowling. The other day Sehwag hammered him for 30 runs in one over and so far in 6.1 overs Symonds gave away 102 runs. That is really pathetic. Even Sehwag’s 94 n.o. is not a maiden or a chance less innings he got 3 lives. So, T20 is such a game where you cannot predict any big name to score big runs.

    Yousuf Pathan really impressed me with his big hitting and so far he holds the record of the longest sixer in IPL (112 meters.) He is indeed a powerful hitter. When he went to collect the man of the match award from the 6′-4″ tall Ian Bishop, he was looking into Bishop’s eyes whereas, for all other players Bishop had to “look down upon them.”

    The names of the teams are so similar that it is hard to remember who is NOT King and who is NOT a Royal? I wonder why the Indians choose Kings and Royals? Why not Peer, Fakirs and beggars? 🙂 Just a joke, but why Kings and Royals? Tomorrow the Rajhastan Royals play Bangalore Royals and Kolkata Night Riders will ride on Chennai Super Kings whatever. I am not sure if I am going to be up that early for the first match which starts very early morning my time.

    On the subject of HOT gals:

    khansahab – in the photo Neha2 she looks very much like Gennifer Garner take a look of her picture by clicking the links below:


    If you want to see ALL her 236 photos, here is another link


  26. #26 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 26, 2008 - 12:05 PM

    Why blame Afridi’s comments on the cheerleaders dressed indecently? He was only asked by the Indian media what he thinks about them and he expressed his personal views that cricket and those girls don’t gel and blend in a cricket stadium. And his supporting statement was ‘people come here with families.’ A few people think that for them its a tad embarrassing to watch these girls displaying so much meat and the way the cameramen zooms inside their mini skirts and you see a larger than life size A$$ on the giant TV screen.

    Shahrukh Khan responded to that comment by saying: “What’s wrong with cheerleaders? I am also a family person, I do not see anything negative in it.” Shatrughan Sinha a former actor and BJP leader said: “the cheerleaders were making a “mockery” of the game.”

    During a private discussion someone said, if Shahrukh Khan thinks there is nothing wrong with the cheerleaders in the cricket stadium then he should send his wife, daughter or sister to do that job. Then someone responded: if you give him the amount of money he would demand then he would send even his mother, because as an actor he takes it as a job or a means to earn, moralities don’t matter to him.

    However, the cheerleaders presence is being criticized by a lot of Indians and they are saying it should be banned its called “aping the westerners,” here is a link from BBC, take a look at it:


    I think, once this trend is set and accepted, India will make it a regular feature i.e., bringing in cheerleaders at the stadium, but not from the USA, they will save foreign exchange and some of the Bollywood’s own, the likes of Manisha Cowrilla, Madhuri Big Sheep, Catwariya Rai etc., would take their place. I mean not really them but, someone very young, attractive, energetic because, these aunties are somewhere in the category of midwives now and perhaps going through that mid-age crisis.

    Kolkata Night Riders are performing like Under Achievers so far and I have my doubts that they would be able to defend this total. But, cricket is a funny game anything can happen. I think Joginder Sharma is really a lucky bowler and I dunno how anyone can get out on his mediocre bowling. Btw, where is Pandit jee these days?

  27. #27 by khansahab on April 26, 2008 - 2:28 PM

    Mohammad Munir,

    Thanks for all your praises and support.

    As far as Afridi’s comment goes, I think the media has misinterpreted what he has said. Someone hailing from a Pakistani background will obviously find some discomfort being around such attractive females who jump and make themselves noticed after every other ball. Obviously if this was Pakistan something like this would not happen. Perhaps Afridi has been slightly insensitive as well making this comment because this is an international event and he is not playing in Pakistan.

    I have read somewhere that there is a 4 overseas player limit in every team which is why Misbah is not playing for Bangalore today. In my opinion Misbah should be playing instead of Ross Taylor. Misbah is one of the best Twenty20 batsmen in the world.

  28. #28 by khansahab on April 26, 2008 - 2:55 PM

    Bangalore should not have opened with Dravid and Chanderpaul because in T20 cricket there is no point for defensive batsmen to open IF the strategy is to go out and attack from the first ball.

    Sohail Tanveer is being hammered at the moment by Ross Taylor. He is trying too hard because all of his balls are either too short or too full and Taylor is banking on these poor length deliveries. I am somewhat disappointed by the performance of Pakistanis so far in IPL with the exception of Asif. Hopefully Afridi will provide some entertainment in the Chargers’ next game.

  29. #29 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 26, 2008 - 4:55 PM


    Ross Taylor was out in making an attempt to score the fastest 50 in IPL matches, I doubt Misbah would have played that good. Misbah usually starts very slow and as the game progresses he scores, he has scored good since the last T20 WC but he is not a finisher. Yeah, there is a limit of 4 overseas player per team. It should have been 5 and not 4.

    As for Deccan Chargers, Symonds will be gone after a few matches and so will Hayden and all the WI players too. But Deccan after loosing 3 matches in a row will find it hard to make a comeback from behind. Andrew Symonds batting and fielding will be missed but not his bowling, so far he is the most expensive bowler in these IPL matches. In fact his 117 n.o. was good for his own personal records but it was his bowling that cost the match in RR’s favour. What a waste of an innings.

    Chennai hammered Ganguly’s night riders and won convincingly and in my opinion Chennai and Delhi are favourites. Delhi has three very good accurate bowlers. McGrath, Maharoof and Asif. Although Asif takes wickets but he is generally very expensive in T20 matches.

    Bangalore will definitely be the losers here as the total to defend is not so good, unless, unless, someone bowls extremely well and take 3 or 4 wickets in a couple of overs and put the RR’s in extreme pressure. But, that is only a fishful thinking.

    Amir Sohail is such lousy commentator and a big ape. Ian Bishop used the word “scorcher” for a hard boundary that Mathew Hayden smashed and Amir Sohail did not waste an opportunity to ape that phrase and blabbed it with a frog in his throat. Just the same way our blog jester at PakSpin does, he not only uses my phrases that I use, he even copy paste the proverbs and even the whole sentences that I use on the very same blog. The funny thing is they are generally out of context, I pity that poor choora from ichara. On his blog he is the judge, jury, adjudicator, defendant and the victim. But, he is as happy as Mr. Bean is.

  30. #30 by Awas on April 26, 2008 - 6:43 PM

    I can see Javed’s point of view that it’s “tad embarrassing” to see half-nangi kudis and that Afridi’s comment was taken out of context. But Khansahab also makes a good point that “Perhaps Afridi has been slightly insensitive as well making this comment because this is an international event and he is not playing in Pakistan”.

    The fact of the matter is that T20 is not serious cricket and the concept when first came in England (like many sports) was that to mix it with a bit of razzmatazz with dance and music thrown in to attract different audiences to the ones that come out to watch test and ODI cricket. So ‘fun and game’ was the idea when it first started and its going in the same vein with Bollywood mixed in as well. I have been to a couple of T20 matches at Lords myself and have seen cheerleaders and all but never tried to lean over the balcony ;)-.

    So, Afridi having played in England as well and seen flesh of cheerleaders as well as of spectators in Bikinis (also in Aus, SA, and WI etc) was indeed a bit “insensitive”. Many other players like Rahul Dravid and Shane Warne have made comments about the dancers too but more so in a light hearted way. Afridi should know, when you go to a foreign country you have to accept and respect their culture and custom. This is not to suggest that nudity is Indian culture but let the locals discuss this issue.

    As far as bringing families and so on is concerned, in this day and age all families if they own a TV set have seen women in bikinis. A lot more is now indeed seen in Indian movies too.

    Conclusion: Either a bit of Akhroat after all or Inzi’s religiosity rubbing in or perhaps a bit of both.

  31. #31 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 27, 2008 - 4:44 AM

    The point that I was making is its not just Afridi but half of India is against it. If the media has not approached Afridi like they didn’t ask Malak Tut for instance then this may not have been associated with his name. Personally speaking I don’t give a shit if they take out all their clothes and dance. There was a time in England and Australia especially during the 70’s and 80’s that in every single match there used to be a stark naked female stalker running from long on to deep fine leg and finally somersaulting and showing all the contours of her body. Its the tight security these days that prevents the stalkers from running across the cricket field. I guess there wasn’t live telecast during that time?

    Never mind the razzmatazz, the glitz and glamour. All that glistens is not gold either. I pity those thurki spectators who are leering at them and dropping from the balcony breaking their ribs. I think thats a more serious and more interesting thing for them than watching cricket. Its just like Vilayti Johnny Walker in Bombay Bars aur ek nahee kayee, kayee.

    So, anyone here to predict tomorrow’s results? The first one is Delhi vs. Punjab or Sehwag vs. Yuvraj and the second one is DC vs. Mumbians.
    In my opinion Delhi is a better team and they are favourites.

    Despite the fact that Harbhjan has to sit on the sidelines for slapping Sreesanth, there will be a very close contest between Mumbai and Deccan Chargers. I guess Shaun Pollock will lead the team. On paper DC are much stronger and in the absence of Harbhajan, Symonds might be able to free his arms more freely. But, he may not be able to repeat his performance with another century. But Laxman should not give him any bowling. Gilchrist and Afridi have to score big. Its a shame that most of the big names have not been able to click except for one or two. So, lets see how the second match goes. I may not be able to get up so early for the first match especially on a lazy Sunday.

  32. #32 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 27, 2008 - 4:50 AM

    I just noticed that even cricinfo is aping Leg Slip.com by adding a few pictures of the cheerleaders. Take a look at this link.



    You must copy that picture and save it in your hot chicks and cool cars section.

  33. #33 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on April 27, 2008 - 9:21 AM

    Good news first …… ICC has finally “ousted” their CEO and sent him on a forced leave till his retirement dates.

    What a shameful end to the so called CEO 😦

    Secondly, Harbajan Singh, the-nut-that-he-is, have slapped Sreesanth.

    A Sardar is a Sardar is a Sardar…….. after the Mumbai Indians’ another humiliating defeat on the hands of King XI Punjab, Harbajan Singh has slapped Sreesanth in the face at the play ground itself. Now Harbajan is temporary suspended and Mumbai Indians’ future is further darkened with him excluded in additional to Sachin who is already sick. My heart goes for “poor” Ambani 😉

    Though, frankly speaking, Sreesanth deserved more than just one slap, we all saw it coming one way or another, however, its better Harbajan slapped him because if Symonds or Hayden would have slapped him, Sreesanth would have missed the rest of IPL or even more 😉

    Khan Sahab …….. Thanks for the updated pictures 🙂

    I guess the Car’s pictures are for girls only, and the Gal’s photos are for Guys only 😉

  34. #34 by Salman Khan on April 27, 2008 - 9:28 AM

    You should avoid too many posts from the creators of this blog . The conversation between Awas and Javed in the last Blog lasted for too long , was totally irrelevant to the topic and was completely boring. They can have a gastronomical discussion via e-mail communication , no need to torture the Cricket bloggers. Having said that , I must admit that the blog is doing reasonably well at this stage.

    Additionally , It would make good business sense to have a blogger with an Indian point of view rather than having Pakistani Bloggers only.

  35. #35 by Salman Khan on April 27, 2008 - 9:38 AM

    I beg your pardon Awas. The unwanted discussion was between Javed and Theossa . You are good cricket bloggers guys , just keep yourself out of undesirable stuff.

  36. #36 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 27, 2008 - 10:29 AM

    Salman Khan

    Have you lost your BUTT or what? I mean your brains. Theossa and I discussed a few things about catching Salmon, rather salmon fishing then, we talked about its taste and you find it offensive? In fact, if you bother to scroll back and rummage through my comments you will see that I’ve told Theossa that, I will email him a recipe. In the opening para of that comment, I told him that I hope we don’t bore the rest of the people with our fishing expeditions!

    Whats wrong in discussing something other than the subject? I don’t consider this blog is like a high school where you have to focus only on the subject and discuss nothing else. Do you think cheerleaders on cricket ground is related to cricket? The hot chicks and cool cars are they related to cricket? Stupid politics that is discussed on cricket blogs is that related to cricket? Come on man relax, we don’t impose silly rules like other blogs, we don’t treat adults like school boys and ask them to restrict their comments to 1000 characters only.

    We have people like Pandit Ji from Australia on this blog who wrote some hilarious comments in Roman Hindi which we all enjoyed and thought it would be fine to have a change on this blog. We have people like Munir who loves and appreciate hot gals. We keep here an open mind and do not restrict people to express their minds and feelings. Obviously we don’t allow profanity even from the regulars,

    You must know that when young minds meet they talk about many things, but, theossa and I weren’t talking anything filthy or crap here. Yes, we both are Pathans Butt we weren’t talking about you, so why are you getting so sensitive about Salmon fishing? Is it because it sounds closer to your name or what?

    We also post a lot of comments about the game and if I start talking like the ex-players turned into painful commentators like, Zaheer Abbass, Moulvi Mushtaq Ahmad, Amir Churail, Ranjit Fernando, Siva Rama Krishna etc., on this blog, then you will be dead bored.

    I don’t want to get personal with you, I am only trying to explain this to you that, ‘no spice, no life’ take this with a pinch of salt and its not that gastronomical. And you are welcome to join the fishing expedition lets go on a Blue Marlin fishing expedition in the ‘hot waters of Florida’ you stay on the shore “Bay Watching” while we go trolling. Take care buddy cheers. 🙂

    can’t beat ’em, join ’em. 😉

  37. #37 by Awas on April 27, 2008 - 11:08 AM

    Salman Khan

    Its good to have your comments and doesn’t matter if they are different, we appreciate them nevertheless. What Javed A Khan is trying to say is that we can talk about anything here.

  38. #38 by khansahab on April 27, 2008 - 12:49 PM

    Mohammad Munir,

    Thanks for the praise, but this update of the cheerleaders’ photo has been done by Javed A Khan, not me so he is the person to thank if you like that girl whom the rest of the cheerleaders have lifted 🙂

    About Harbhajan, it is really a sad day for cricket when yet another “controversial” player has slapped or beaten someone. This reminds me of the violent and disproportionate acts committed by Shoaib Akhtar and Inzamam- Akhtar should not have slapped Woolmer or hit Asif no matter whatever the disagreement was and no matter how insulting that man was in Canada to Inzamam, there was no need to charge at him with the bat. Saying something stupid like “I can’t think clearly when I lose my temper” is no good because the test of a person’s character is how he reacts in a situation of adversity and tension. If someone swears at me or verbally abuses me on the road and I run after him with a weapon, I am a worse person than him.

    Javed A Khan,

    Interesting observation regarding Joginder Sharma’s bowling. I also agree that he appears to be a very ordinary bowler but that is precisely his trump card. Remember when I spoke about Fawad Alam on Pakspin and many Chaudhary’s started criticising me? This is exactly what I was trying to put across; in limited overs’ cricket Fawad or Joginder appear as very ordinary and batsmen want to take risks on their bowling. If you examine Fawad’s statistics a high proportion of his dismissals are caught on the boundary or stumped because most batsmen want to have a go on his bowling. I was trying to explain to Fawad’s haters that in T20 cricket especially, someone who can vary his line, length, pace, angle, trajectory etc despite having an ordinary action and despite not being a huge turner of the ball, can become a very successful bowler. Why else was Fawad awarded the Man of the Match and Bowler of the Tournament award in the ABN AMRO Twenty20 Cup of 2006 (he was also awarded Batsman of the Tournament by the way)?

    Younis Khan has once again disappointed me with his decision to not play in the IPL. Some players think of themselves above the cricket board or above the game of cricket itself. It is a strange situation with Younis because he is not really like the other controversial players such as Shoaib Akhtar, Shoaib Malik or Abdul Razzaq. Firstly Younis is the only player who does not play for money- this has been confirmed by the Chairman of the PCB himself. Secondly Younis is a team man and gets along well with everyone; he has never had a history of any altercation with anyone save Afridi on one occasion, which was resolved very quickly. He is not an educated person like most Pakistani players but he is different to them in that he is not arrogant or disrespectful like Shoaib Akhtar, Shoaib Malik, Abdul Razzaq, Imran Farhat or Mohammad Asif are.

    On the point of regionalism I have been disappointed with the local crowds in IPL not supporting the team of the other city/region. This is something not commonly associated with India, however international events like the IPL can bring issues like these to light. However in the international team there seems to be little or no regionalism because all different regions whether it is the North with U.P/Delhi (Piyush Chawla, Suresh Raina, Sehwag, Gambhir), West with Punjab and Gujarat (Harbhajan, Yuvraj, Munaf) East with Bihar/Bengal (Ganguly, Dhoni) or South with Kumble, Dravid, Karthik etc seem to be equally represented more or less. Also the Indian team does not appear to feature factions based on regionalism, something that has been a sad feature of Pakistan cricket, whether it was in the time of Asif Iqbal, Imran Khan, Miandad, Wasim Akram, Rashid Latif, Inzamam or even Shoaib Malik.
    Malik has been captain for only a year but his alliance with Butt, Misbah, Akmal and unstable relationship with Afridi and the Karachi-centred Selection Committee is a cause for worry.

  39. #39 by khansahab on April 27, 2008 - 12:58 PM

    Brilliant catch by Malik to get rid of Jayawerdene.

  40. #40 by Awas on April 27, 2008 - 1:09 PM

    Yeah, it was a stunning catch no doubt but I guess they would still loose.

  41. #41 by khansahab on April 27, 2008 - 1:51 PM

    Preity’s beautiful face was looking tense, but in the end a comfortable victory for Punjab.

  42. #42 by Awas on April 27, 2008 - 4:23 PM

    I found it quite inexplicable why Afridi was not given 2-3 overs in a trot when he was bowling really well. When a bowler is bowling well, you keep him on. No wonder Laxman keeps loosing every game, he doesn’t have a clue about captaincy.

  43. #43 by Awas on April 27, 2008 - 5:46 PM

    What an onslaught from Gilly! After a very long time I have seen such an entertaining knock. Gilly’s innings and not putting the ball in Symonds hands is what actually won the match for Deccans. Symonds last innings of 117 should have also won them that match but then he lost it himself due to his bowling.

    On paper it’s such a formidable team with Gilly, Afridi, Symonds, Sharma and Gibbs still on the sidelines that I have grown into liking them. As I said before, if one of them fires they would win and today they did it in style with many overs to spare and without losing a wicket.

  44. #44 by khansahab on April 27, 2008 - 6:13 PM


    I agree that Laxman’s captaincy is very uninspiring but he kept changing his bowlers so that batsmen don’t get used to one particular bowler over time. At first I was thinking along the exact same lines as you but then one of the commentators mentioned Laxman’s tactic. Having said that I don’t think changing the bowlers like this made any difference because whereas batsmen do get disturbed when bowling changes occur rapidly, bowlers also lose rhythm when they are repeatedly taken on and off the attack.

    Excellent win by Deccan Chargers- I am supporting Rajasthan Royals, Deccan Chargers and Delhi Daredevils because renowned Pakistani players are playing in those teams. Brilliant knock by Gilchrist and hopefully he will keep up this form in the following games.

  45. #45 by Awas on April 27, 2008 - 6:51 PM


    Astute observation but as you quite rightly say changing bowler after every over is not so good either. After Afridi’s a wicket each in his first two overs there was a new batsman on the crease anyway so no question of batsmen getting used to there. One good bit I liked about Laxman was when he was batting. By taking singles, he ensured that Gilly got most of the strike as he was in such good touch.

  46. #46 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 27, 2008 - 9:48 PM

    I agree with both of you partially. Bowling change after every over is generally done when the bowlers are thrashed all over the park and not when they take wickets. As the expression goes, strike when the iron is hot is true when bowlers are taking wickets keep adding the pressure. I think Laxman should have used Afridi for 3 overs and then kept him for the last.

    Likewise, Laxman’s singles and tuk-tuk at hindsight appears as a good strategy when Gilly was going sixes and nines. Imagine if Gilly had gotten out cheaply and the wickets were tumbling from the other end and, the top order had gone with the wind then, Laxman with this tuk tuk may have become a bigger liability because it creates a negative impact on the scoring rate. ALL is well that ends well.

    Now, we can say agar aisay hota tou youn hota….. The only good thing that came to light in today’s match was Gilly’s form and confidence. Although he missed two simple run out chances and was fumbling with the gloves, laikin uss nay talafi ker dee with 10 sixes and nine fours. Actually he murdered all the Mumbai bowlers.

    Harbhajan must be happy for slapping Sreesanth. Because, if he had captained today this punishment which poor Pollock had to take it would have been on Harbhajan’s Turban. So, its a kinda blessing in disguise.

    Like Mohammad Munir said, “Though, frankly speaking, Sreesanth deserved more than just one slap.” I am agree 🙂

    khansahab your support for DD, RR and DC is not “beghair matlab kay.”

    Salman Khan

    If I may have hurt your feelings by writing what I have written in my previous comment, I sincerely apologize for that. You can hit me as hard as you can and I will take it like a punching bag. But, I will appreciate if you too, like others say something about yourself so that we get to know our bloggers unlike other blogs where we don’t know who is who and who is where? In my case I made the name of my city and country very clear from the outset and got a lot of flak from people. And you know that I have more haters than supporters. I say things but I don’t mean them.

    Apnay bhee khafaa mujh say hain bay ganay bhee naa khush
    Mai zahr-e-hila hill ko kabhee keh na saka qand.

    This is Dr. Mohammad Iqbal’s verse and for those jinki Urdu is ghareeb (poor) lemme make an attempt to translate it, but I know for sure that there is no equivalent to his poetry if we translate it in any other language. Anyways, it means:

    Apnay = own countrymen
    bay ganay = he referred to the Englishmen during British Raj.
    zahr-e-hila hill = deadly bitter poison like potassium cyanide
    qand = sugar

    He says: Neither my own people nor the goras are happy with me, because I have never said that the bitter poison is sweet. In other words he never hesitated in calling a spade, a spade.

  47. #47 by Rohit on April 27, 2008 - 10:52 PM

    very good thread and some interesting discussion. if i express my feelings i will be repeating much of what has been said already. but i want to leave one question to the bloggers-

    the only way in the long term IPL will not hurt test or ODI cricket is if the “junta” becomes bored of this format. does anyone think a)they will be bored by this and b)how long will it take for people to be bored by this?

    im happy to see the full crowds in the stadiums. its going well and it is fun, whether IPL is good for test cricket only time will tell but its definitely a treat to watch!

  48. #48 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 28, 2008 - 10:55 AM


    To answer those questions you have asked, its hard to give a reply that is acceptable by all. Because, everyone has a different view and it all depends from individual to individual. Some die-hard cricket fans never get bored, they even watch domestic cricket at club level and enjoy it.

    But, as the expression goes: Excess of everything is bad, is true. To be honest and straightforward in expressing my views, I won’t hesitate in saying that IPL is turning out to be better than my expectations (even some players have openly admitted that and one of them is Andrew Symonds after yesterday’s win by DC against Mumbai Indians, he too said the same thing) because there are more international players in it and because we have seen some explosive batting from a few. Also, the people are enjoying, the matches are being played in good spirit except for Harbhajan and Sreesanth’s antics which confirms that these two are always in the forefront of any brawl. They both got what they wanted. A slap on the face AND a slap of 10 match ban.

    As regards IPL doing any harm to test matches? I still hold my view on that, (test cricket will become extinct like dinosaur – just like PC did to mainframe and laptops did to desktops) in fact for some kids after watching the IPL T20 matches, they may not be get enough Adrenaline in their brains if they watch a 50 over ODI. So, the face of cricket is definitely changing. To quote Dr. Edward de Bono, “A mind can only see what it is prepared to see.” How true.

    Allen Stanford & Co., are talking about creating a parallel IPL like organizations. But, I doubt that will be as glamourous and as glittering as IPL because, money is not everything, its about people, passion and population. India is a huge country with a huge population as compared to the West Indies. The recent Caribbean WC failure is an example. Aping is not always good. The imitation jeweler from La horê must take a hint here.

  49. #49 by Awas on April 28, 2008 - 11:34 AM

    Bhajji has been handed an 11-match ban in the IPL after being found guilty of slapping SreeSanth. This effectively means an end of his involvement in the competition. BCCI may also take a separate action.

    What a moron he has turned out to be, disregarding sporting etiquettes. No wonder Hayden described him as “an obnoxious little weed”.

    I quite agree with Javed A Khan’s views that “IPL is turning out to be better than my expectations”. There have been some massive crowds. Entertainment starved population has found another avenue where they can have fun, see cricket and Bollywood stars all wrapped up in one big showcase. A live Indian movie! Only time will tell how it pans out.

  50. #50 by theossa on April 28, 2008 - 2:57 PM

    Ok Salman we get your point that you don’t like fish or fishing but Salman we can’t help it, we are so obsseessed with fishing that we think of the world as a big aquarium full of all kind of fish. In fact, I’m eating fish salad for lunch today; fish is baked with Southwest style spicy seasoning. Now, your next question would be what kind of fish is that? It’s Tilapia. Yes, you guessed it right; it’s not a catch and is bought from a local store. I’m hoping after sharing this with you, you’ll scratch and dispose your entire grudge against fish and will start eating if not the real fish at least the Swedish fish.

    Speaking further of fish, Javed where is your fish recipe. It’s fishy man. Are you planning to charge me for that? If that is the case there are other fish in the pool too. In case you are one of the good fish.

    Ok enough of the fish. Let’s talk about cricket. I’m glad Hyderabad finally got a win. I think the slow starters prevail while fast starters fade away. Looks like it is Afridi’s turn now to kick some ass. He’s been wonderful with bowling, very clever fella. Hyderabad all the way.

    Bob Woolmer described Younis as the most hard working and passionate of Pak team. I know he had hiccups with the fans and board in the past but he is not to be blamed entirely. I don’t need to explain the tactics of current board, which, with the exception of Slahuddin is a bunch of forked tongued vermin. The current captain and his poodles are shady personalities. After the last WC, Younis refused to accept the captaincy and people condemned him for refuting that “honor”. Just to give you my perception; in Pushtoon culture, you don’t mess with someone’s family by calling and harassing them. That’s a big no. I would lash out at fans too, and who are we talking about? Majority just elected the same tried and evaluated cons.

  51. #51 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 28, 2008 - 4:52 PM


    I think Salman Khan never really meant what he said, I guess it was a deliberate ruse to see if we can reply to him like a retort. I think he is sporty enough to handle a tit for tat game. Some serious cricket lovers don’t like any other discussion when they are talking about cricket. Like, some don’t like to see cheerleaders on the ground. Its a shame that after the falling incident of an spectator and increased pressure from some conservative critics, some of the gori cheerleaders are seen wearing trousers and long sleeves whereas, some of the local brown ones are displaying their lean mean mutton. This is hypocrisy and dual standards.

    Anyways, right now the Chennai vs. Bangalore match is on and Dhoni did a very good job in accelerating the total at a good pace. My favourite player in the Bangalore Royal Challengers is Ross Taylor, he is a treat to watch unlike Jaffer, Dravid, Laxman etc., he plays cricketing shots as well as big hits. As long as he stays on the crease he will accelerate the run rate at a great pace. Jaffar is one lucky bloke to be dropped on by Dhoni when he was on 7 and again at the boundary line by Goni.

    So far Marc Boucher has not done much and it is time for him to match his strength with Gilchrist by playing a big explosive innings. I have said this b4 that Chennai are favourites, but in case they lose this match it will put them alongside with Delhi and Kolkata night riders.

  52. #52 by theossa on April 28, 2008 - 5:04 PM

    Well, Javed, I was just cheering Salman Khan up by being sarcastic. He seems a nice fella and I guess he went chasing another Bollywood dolly. Yes the game is on and Taylor and Jaffer are making a mashed potato of Chennai bowling. Looks like Bangalore will win comfortably.

  53. #53 by theossa on April 28, 2008 - 5:09 PM

    Regarding your comments about cheerleaders, people need to chill. I have watched some Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows, and they were the worst. You guys made good points that they shouldn’t be in the cricket matches, but since they are there, how they can cheer you up without showing some skin? People need to understand that in their culture it’s every day dress in summer. You know what I’m talking about, summer in Montreal is HOT.

  54. #54 by Awas on April 28, 2008 - 5:14 PM


    I just had fish and chips today, a Haddock, nothing very exciting, a staple English dish.

    It’s very honourable what you mentioned about Younis indeed when it comes to family. He has refused the captaincy twice though. I like him as well when he decides to play as he has made number three position his own and has impressed us with his batting a lot of times. What is also admirable is that he is not so money minded. Now he is coming in and out at of team at whim for some reasons or the other and that is strange. My view is playing for Pakistan representing your country and being offered captaincy should be considered even a bigger honour.

    I know many of us agreed with the notion that he refused to be a dummy captain but to me “dummy captain” is a myth. We all thought Malik would be a dummy captain but he is definitely not behaving like one as has never given any youngster a real chance no matter how hard the selectors try to dictate their will. When we blame Malik deservingly for many things, dumminess is not now one of those. Furthermore, when we did have dictatorial captains like Imran Khan and Inzi we criticised them a lot as well. So basically, we just keep going round in circles with different ideas and not getting anywhere.

    Like many, I always believed Younis was the best choice for a captain and surly he would have had his way one way or the other just like Malik is doing right now. Afridi, for example, has expressed his willingness to be a captain. He wouldn’t have done that if he thought he would be a dummy.

  55. #55 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 28, 2008 - 5:26 PM


    It is funny that you are the third person today talking about the summer in Montreal. I have explained to them how people measure the temperature here, the miniskirts are like barometers, the higher the temperature the higher the miniskirt goes. Being an ardent lover of food I hope you are not confusing this with the beef thermometers. 😉

    They will win as long as Ross Taylor is there, if he goes then it would be difficult for them as Boucher has not yet proved his form.

  56. #56 by theossa on April 28, 2008 - 5:39 PM

    You made some good observations about Malik. He once forced his selection by the help of Talat against the will of selection committee, which reinforces your point. I’m all for a strong captain but his ways are shady.
    Looks like Chennai will take the game to the wire. Good come back.
    Last night, I saw the recording of Pak-BD Twenty20. I first saw Wahab Riaz. I’m impressed by his rhythmic run up and quick arm action. He could be very deceptive by varying his pace. Also, he seems to give the ball a good lift from good length. Remind of Wasim Akram. Need grooming but a good find. At least Slahuddin is doing a decent job. I wish we had Waqar Younis as bowling coach. What an asset he is and how disgracefully he was treated. Shame on PCB.
    Tell me about it. Even married folks like me get twitching.

  57. #57 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 28, 2008 - 5:58 PM

    Dhoni’s Chennai pulled a victory from the jaws of defeat. I told you that if Ross Taylor goes early then they have had it, ‘coz there is no one dependable in that team. Dravid was unlucky from the outset and today was no different, his LBW decision was not fair, but c’est la vie you have to live with the umpire’s decision.

    Talking of umpires, its another sad day to know that Hair will be officiating at Old Trafford in a test match between England and New Zealand. What a shame this racist moron is back again and what a bunch of hypocrites the ICC management is, they have brought back the guy who blackmailed them and brought ill-repute to the game of cricket.

  58. #58 by theossa on April 28, 2008 - 6:30 PM

    It’s a good day for Hair but bad Hair days are coming. Hair will be gone in a year or so, for now Hair stand firm on the scalp of cricket. Hair will carry the lice of racism and disgrace with him. No Rogaine for him.

  59. #59 by Nick on January 30, 2009 - 10:59 PM

    Use your own women for your own cheerleaders.
    Have some pride you ba***rd Indians.
    Having white girls for your cheerleaders shows you guys have COMPLEX.

    I know I know you will just try and defend it to try and prove you don’t have a complex and its not why you have white cheerleaders but use your own if you want to prove it. Actions speak louder than words.
    Or admit that whites are prettier and you guys have the ugliest women in the world.

    Don’t be a typical indian and give me examples of a handful of actresses and models.. I am talking general population of your country that is indigenious hindu specifically!

    From bollywood movies to cricket you know we are superior so you use the white race!
    You guys are all Ugly!!! you just proved it!

  60. #60 by Awas on January 31, 2009 - 12:13 AM


    Why don’t you go tell your cheerleaders stop making that money instead and why are you looking at archives just to utter some rubbish out of your filthy racist mouth?

    Don’t worry; we are not going to Nick something out of you. May be you have had some bad experience. Did an Indian snatch your sweetheart out of you? Such a pity!

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