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The IPL tournament started a couple of weeks ago, as it is progressing it needs some introspection from the organizers point of view and debate from the spectators, viewers and bloggers point of view. Not just about the cheerleaders but, also about the other incidents that are taking place and getting more attention from the public. You as bloggers need to say how you feel about its progress, you are the analyzers of this tournament even halfway though this tournament you can make your own predictions and pass verdicts.Someone on this blog said IPL is creating jingoism and regionalism. That was obvious when Sehwag was demanding from the crowd to clap and applaud for his 50 and no one clapped, there was dead silence. Because, he was playing against the home team. Someone else responded that city vs. city or province vs. province rivalry is common and it happens even in domestic cricket. Yes, thats true but now there is a mix of national and international players in this league. Also, there is something called sporting spirit which is lacking among the Indian spectators.
And look at what happened to personal rivalry between the players? Harbhajan slapped Sreesanth and got a 11 match ban. The picture we have used above is an indication of how friends can become foes. Is it the money, fame, or the spur of the moment of madness that makes it happen?

Hotheadedness and madness may have a place in other games like, ice hockey, rugby and even to some extent in soccer but not in cricket. Sledging and rude behaviour is often punished whereas, slapping another player on his face is way out of the decorum and conduct of the game. Hence severe action needs to be taken and not just one person but, the so called victim needs to be admonished and we all know that Sreesanth is not SaintSanth. As the name implies Sree or Saheb or Mr. and the meaning of Santh is Guru or a teacher of the highest esteem. But, Shanta Kumara Sreesanth is not a teacher or an innocent bloke, he provokes, abuses and instigates his opponents and that is his first nature. This time he mistook and underestimated his opponent Harbhajan Singh. “Bhajan” means spiritual song. “Singh” means a lion. A lion who recites a spiritual song of “Har.” That is the literary meaning of his name. But, he too is a headstrong character and responded instantly without thinking.

After the ban Sreesanth is claiming that it was a “friendly” altercation between two “brothers.” Now, they can say whatever they feel like. The irony is this incident did not happen in the dressing room but somewhere in the dugout or wherever but, they have a video evidence and good enough for the match referee to impose a ban.

The question that is being posed on you is: Does Harbhajan deserve this ban? In that case he loses his millions. And, don’t you think that Shanta (peaceful) Kumara Sreesanth (Saint or Sainyee) also deserve some punishment? In Zidane’s case he was first banned but then he became a hero. Do you think the same will happen to Harbhajan? It is for you to decide. And below is something for you to cheer up as someone is definitely being lifted up and cheered.

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  1. #1 by khansahab on April 28, 2008 - 8:46 PM

    Very good thread.

    We don’t know how serious Sreesanth’s apparent “provocation” was that led to Harbhajan slapping him. What we do know is that Sree was slapped and as I stated in the previous thread I believe that act was unnecessary and disproportionate.
    Sreesanth is a “livewire” but he is a different type of offender to Harbhajan completely. Harbhajan is more bullyish, impulsive and aggressive, much like how Inzamam used to become when he lost his temper. I don’t think Sreesanth and Harbhajan should be thought of in the same light because I believe there are fundamental differences in their personalities.

    Slapping a fellow team mate in front of the world is a shameful act- Harbhajan should have just told Sree to “F off” or threatened to complain to the team management for Sree’s misbehaviour.

    This ugly incident has shed a dark cloud over the IPL.

  2. #2 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 28, 2008 - 10:30 PM


    Whether it is a dark cloud or one with silver lining in it as long as it rains money everyone would be dancing and splitting their legs on its tune. Well this is the lighter side of the situation, on more serious note, I guess people will start digging old graves now.

    Like, Miandad tried to hit Lillee with his bat. No one talks about Dennis the Mennis first blocked Miandad’s way while he was running, elbowed him in his ribs and when Miandad yelled, he kicked Miandad on his thigh. It was then Miandad raised his bat, but he didn’t hit him. Afridi, raised his bat at one of the spectators but, he didn’t hit him. Inzamam romped into the crowd with a bat to hit a spectator but he didn’t hit him. Like, Shoaib hit Asif with the bat, Afridi and YK had a brawl in Caribbean that happened inside the dressing rooms there is no video evidence like this one.

    In 1981 West Indies player Sylvester Clarke knocks of a spectator with a brick and the guy almost died. But, no one remembers or talks about it, everyone talks about Inzamam romping into the stands to hit the spectator.

    Anyways, back to the IPL incident, it takes two to tango or whatever other expressions that are there to describe it, I am not blaming Harbhajan alone in this case. I guess Zidane was cleared by FIFA on the grounds of zero tolerance against racism. So, was there a racial slur that was hurled at Harbhajan? This needs to be clarified before he is penalized.

    Zidane’s butt head was referred as “Zidane butted Matarezi” what would one say if someone butt head Salman Butt? So and so, butted Salman Butt with a head butt, but according to Butt his butt is not sore and may be Butt will play in the next game.

    I would like to know who is against sledging in cricket and who favours it? Please raise your hands. 😉

  3. #3 by Sledger on April 28, 2008 - 11:41 PM

    Yo guys!

    This blog rocks, I am for sledging and I think it should be allowed in cricket, enough of gentlemanly game of the last century. People like to have some fun. I am quoting the TEN BEST SLEDGING COMMENTS IN THE HISTORY OF CRICKET.

    1) Rodney Marsh (Australia) and Ian Botham (England)

    Rodney Marsh to Ian Botham in an Ashes match: “So how’s your wife and my kids?” Ian Botham’s reply – “The wife’s fine. The kids are retarded !”

    2) Javed Miandad (Pakistan) and Merv Hughes (Australia)

    Javed Miandad called Hughes a fat bus conductor during a match. A few balls later, Hughes dismissed Miandad. “Tickets please,” said Huges, as he ran past the departing batsman.

    3) Glenn McGrath (Ausrtralia) and Ramnaresh Sarwan (West Indies)

    McGrath to Ramnaresh Sarwan: “So what does Brian Lara’s di*k taste like?”Sarwan: “I don’t know. Ask your wife.

    McGrath (lost his cool): “If you ever F**king mention my wife again, I’ll F**king rip your F**ing throat out.”

    4) Douglas Jardine (England) and Bill Woodfull (Australia)

    England player Jardine complained that one of the Australian players called him a bastard. Australian captain Bill Woodfull turns to his team, points to Jardine and asked “Which one of you bastards called this bastard a bastard?”

    5) Mark Waugh (Australia) and Adam Parore (New Zealand)

    Mark Waugh standing at second slip, Adam Parore played & missed the first ball. Mark – “Ohh, I remember you from a couple years ago in Australia. You were shit then, you’re ••••••• useless now”. Parore- (Turning around) “Yeah, that’s me & when I was there you were going out with that old, ugly slut & now I hear you’ve married her. You dumb ••••”.

    6) Steve Waugh (Australia) and Parthiv Patel (India)

    When Steve came (Steve’s last test match) to bat, Parthiv said, “Come on, just one more of the famous slog-sweeps before you finish” Steve-”Respect Me…for when i made my test debut You were still in your nappies”.

    7) Glen McGrath (Australia) and Eddo Brandes (Zimbabwe)

    Aussie paceman Glenn McGrath was bowling to Zimbabwe number 11 Eddo Brandes – who was just missing each ball. McGrath, frustrated, went to him and inquired: “Why are you so fat?” Quick as a flash, Brandes replied, “Because every time I make love to your wife, she gives me a biscuit.”

    8) Ravi Shastri (India) and Mike Whitney (Australia)

    Shastri hits the ball towards Mike Whitney (the 12th man in the game) and looked for a single. Whitney said, “If you leave the crease i’ll break your f***ing head”. Without battling an eyelid, Shastri retorted, “If you could bat as well as you can talk you wouldn’t be the f***ing 12th man”.

    9) Sunil Gavaskar (India) and Viv Richards (West Indies)

    To ease the pressure on himself, Sunil Gavaskar had decided to come lower down the order and bat at No 4 for that particular match. But, Malcolm Marshall fired out Anshuman Gaekwad and Dilip Vengsarkar for ducks, setting the stage for Gavaskar to walk in at 0/2. Viv Richards said “Man, it don’t matter where you come in to bat, the score is still zero.”

    10) Viv Richards (West Indies) and Merv Hughes (Australia)

    Viv Richards hit Merv Hughes for four consecutive boundaries in one over. Merv stops halfway down the pitch, farted loudly, and said to Viv: “let’s see you hit that to the boundary!” Viv was dumb-founded.

  4. #4 by Awas on April 29, 2008 - 8:00 AM

    If she can do Splits like that in that picture, she is definitely capable of some amazing performances.


    Good of you to comment.

    If this is what sledging is like then I am all for it ;)-

  5. #5 by theossa on April 29, 2008 - 1:10 PM

    First of all, IPL is not to be blamed for Sreesanth-Harbhajan incident. This could have happened in the Indian domestic cricket as the author pointed out correctly that Harbhajan is bullish while Sreesanth is no saint either. I doubt that Harbhajan just slapped him for no apparent reason. He was punished because this happened on field, lots of people witnessed it, and India felt embarrassed because they took a stand on Harbhajan in Australia. This incident made their stand questionable while Australia is rejoiced. I can only speculate but senior-junior culture in subcontinent could be the culprit. We do not train our players in regards to how to act in public, dos and don’ts, and media dealing. I wonder how many incidents like this taking place in dressing room are not made public. Could be a big number?

    As I said before, I don’t see anything wrong with regionalism in cricket. It’s only natural that just like nations; cities also take pride in their teams. Sportsmanship of fans is another issue but quite honestly, when your side, regardless of national or regional, getting clobbered like some of the teams in IPL did, you must have some stomach to applaud the opposition. How many of you turned off the TV or changed the channel when your team was getting mauled? I thought so.

    One of the top reasons for IPL success is top international players playing along side with Indian players. It just makes the whole event more interesting and reaches audience beyond India.

    Sledger has posted some interesting sledging. I had read these before but it’s still fun. I think Sri Lanka’s Sangakara is the most intelligent and decent sledger around.

    Javed, Montreal Canadiens are down 2-1 and that too by a Pennsylvania team. Any bets?

    Awas, I have bad news for you. You’ve been sued in the court of law for copy right violation. It’s the homeless guy in downtown Pittsburgh claiming you’ve been using his picture without his authorization. Seriously who is this guy with such a stylish beard?

  6. #6 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2008 - 2:16 PM

    Bhai, Bhai aur panga like foes and after the ban – “hum dono phir say Bhai,” WTF? You are right about this theossa, it is the junior – senior culture thats ruining the game.

    During the early days of PakSpin, I mentioned about this Bhai culture in cricket, a few people agreed with me but, most of them attacked me like a swamp of bees.

    I have worked at a Multi National Corporation where the corporate culture or the ethos of the organization was to respect your superiors. Thats fine.

    But, the thing that I noticed among the desis and non-desis working attitude was, the desis used to call another desi who is superior or senior to them as “Bhai.” Whereas, the desis senior in terms of job description used to call their junior desis – despite the fact that they are older than them in age – by their names or the maximum they would do is, add the prefix or suffix of Mr. and saheb. Whereas, the non-desi, irrespective of junior senior used to address each other by their first name.

    In the Middle East all the desis give too much respect to any lalloo, panjoo, Arab by addressing him as “Arbab” which means master. If he is a Sheikh or even his dum chulla, they give more respect by saying; “Taal-Umrak” or “Taweel-ul-Umar” in every sentence. It literally means “May you live longer” once again WTF? Why do we have to bend backwards or lick their asses?

    Whereas, any gora would call the same old “bad-doo” by his first name even when addressing to the Sheikhs they use their first name, but lately the gora’s have also started licking and address them as Sheikh so and so. I am sure Mohammad Munir from Sharjah will agree with me on this point.

    I had elaborated this point about senior – junior culture in the subcontinent which you raised, unfortunately it has crept into cricket as well and sometimes we take pride in saying that we show so much respect towards our elders and superiors, yes we do, but this has nothing to do with age.

    I will give you an example. Kamran Akmal from behind the stumps squeaks Shahid Bhai, Yousuf Bhai, Younus Bhai etc. whereas, Misbah is older than these three and he calls him Misbah, Misbah… because, Misbah is junior to Kamran Akmal. This is exactly what I was trying to say that in the corporate jungle too its just the junior – senior tussle and nothing to do with respect according to age.

    Sreesanth when he was playing for team India against any other team and whenever he misbehaved with Symonds, ABCD Villiers whatever players did Harbhajan ask Sree to stop that nonsense? No, similarly none of the Indian players stopped Harbhajan when he gets out of control.

    When such incidents happen on the ground the junior players giggle like school girls and there is a huge support from the crowd. So, the culprit thinks he is doing great and feels encouraged. Now when the chickens have come home to roost the consequences of the earlier actions are felt and regretted. Therefore, it is better to give a nip in the bud instead of crying over the split milk.

    Yes, I saw last night’s match, the Canadiens have lost again and they are down 2-1 against Penn. Still, 4 more games to be played and I have a feeling that they will drag it till the 7th like they did against Boston. They played very good in the 3rd period to score 2 goals, had they played like that in the other two periods they didn’t have to pay a price for getting out Price.

    Back to cricket, in a while Kolkata night riders would be playing against langree, loolee, Mumbai Indians. The Mumbai Indians is the most expensive franchise (111 million dollars) haven’t won a single match. Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh will not get any match fees for obvious reasons. I guess Kolkata should win here, it was more like Ganguly vs. Tendulkar but not anymore. Tendulkar has problems with his groin now, earlier it was tendonitis and God knows what next?

  7. #7 by theossa on April 29, 2008 - 2:50 PM

    Javed, very good points indeed, you are a Pushtoon so you know how young address elders in our society. I’ll be damned if I call an elder in our family with only their name and not adding “Lala” or “Bhijaan” or appropriate word. Similarly most other Pakistanis from good families use “Bhi” or similar adjectives with the names of their elders. This Bhi culture is cricket is definitely superficial and is added for wrong reasons. I have cousins owning gas stations in New York City and they call the elder workers on similar respectful lines. I have to pick this as one of the good traditions of our society. Well, this Arab culture is something new for me. Here in U.S. some traditional country folks call their elders “Sir” or “Maim” which sounds good on ears while the city folks are more casual.

    Looks like Kolkata will have to fight for this one. I thought it would be an easy run for them. Let’s see if someone charge and fire cannons.

  8. #8 by Awas on April 29, 2008 - 3:20 PM


    I liked what you said. Basically, Bhajji and Sree both behave like Bandders with their antics.

    I once asked: hands up who doesn’t recognise my picture. No one responded. I am disappointed you haven’t recognised it either ;(-

    It’s the grandfather of cricket – the one and only W G Grace. Although I have never had a beard but it was the striking beard that made me do it. Now be honest, who else didn’t recognise?

    I will have to ask my technical department to change it to the one with a bat in his hands. That looks like a very tiny bat perhaps because of his height.

    Javed A Khan

    I think you made some good observations about bhai bhai attitude. And agreeing here with Theossa, I personally think it’s nevertheless nice if a younger person calls an elder one a Bhai. As you know amongst relatives it’s very common and I don’t mean just amongst immediate blood brothers. It’s common amongst not so immediate relatives as well. As a matter of fact, it’s considered rude if the elder relative is not called Bhai. Similarly, elder female relative is often addressed as Bajji or Aunty. It is a very much Asian culture thing. By the way, Misbah Bhai doesn’t rhyme very well either.

  9. #9 by theossa on April 29, 2008 - 3:52 PM

    Yeah Awas, a picture of W G Grace with bat would be nice, this one has balls on his face :))))

  10. #10 by abdul on April 29, 2008 - 4:07 PM

    You may have been wondering why I was unable not commenting on this blog for a long time . Well the answer is that this is a very busy time of the year me and that made me unavailable to comment on this formidbale rocking blog with this exciting new photography feature of hot gals and cars sounds good !!!!!!!

    There have been many positives from the IPl so far, a tragic slapping incident and from my perspective a few negatives as well. The Ipl has attracted a large crowd at almost each venue which was suprising and an excited audience around the world. The cricket has been of extremely good quality and the competetion has been high in almost every match.

    As far at the cheer leaders go I don’t have any problemb with them and admire there talents and like to have them on the stage despite some distracted quotations from players like Afridi. Commenting on the incident it’s like a similar sceanrio to the Shakespare play The tempest I’m currently reading where the actor Caliban is a mistreated victim of a magical wizard Prospero. Javed A Khan u have a keen intrest in poetry and reading and I wonder if u have read the play. Sresnath seemend veryb upsett and Bhajji is a cruel bully whoose punishment i think was fair.

    Finally an improvement I suggest to the IPl is shorten the lenght of the tornmament to a maximum of 3 weeks. Otherwise , it will be like the world cup which was just dragging on and on and eventually people began to lose intest. Never the less the cricket has been highly competetive,entertaining and exciting. I like to watch all the Mohali , Jaipur and Kolkota the most as some of favourite players are featuring in thoose line ups and if I at this very stage had to predict a winners I would hold myself with KOLKOTA NIGHT RIDERS and Shane Warne’s Jaipur not far behind.

  11. #11 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2008 - 4:40 PM


    You were “badly” missed by all of us and its good that you are back. I am sure you must have enjoyed reading Tempest. Yes, I know the character of Tempest the Duke of Milan and his deformed monster, I mean Caliban the slave of Prospero who sounds more like Taliban. But, I am not a fan of Shakespeare’s plays. I have read it only from academic point of view. Been to Stratford Upon Avon and been to Anne Hathaway’s cottage too. Nothing great, nothing exciting.

    Back to cricket, I thought Ganguly would play Holy tonight but he played hooky and it seems to be Jayasuriya’s night against the knight riders. He bowled well, fielded well and now he is batting well. The biggest disappointment among the Knight Riders is Ricky Punter. He scored 20, 0, 0 and tonight 19 in 31 balls. He is not looking like Ricky Ponting at all.

    Shahrukh Khan is looking like an idiot wearing that collarless black vest, and tonight in Kolkata they aren’t showing too much of the cheerleaders dances I think it is due to the protest that was lodged after that 41 year old man dropped from the balcony to take a good peep at the cheerleaders cleavage.


    The picture of William Gilbert Grace is so tiny on this blog that it is difficult to recognize him. I thought may be its him but the cap is looking more like a Sindhi cap so I thought its someone from the Moghul Dynasty or the Slave Dynasty rulers. About the beard theossa has said something very apt.

    About respect for elders I am all for that and I know what theossa said how we respect our elders. Awas, I agree that Misbah is girlish name thats why Bhai doesn’t go with his name. May be Misbah Lala would be fine.

    Wow, as I was writing about Misbah, I just saw a 4 from Jayasuriya and the next ball Ishant clean bowled him and his leg stump went cartwheeling for a few paces. That was some bowling. IF the Mumbians lose then they are to be blamed for this. Now, everything rests on Robin Uthappa.

    Robin (a bird) Uthappa is a South Indian dish, rather a bread that people eat with butter. Its not like Dosa, but its more like Makai ki roti but made from wheat flour and some veges innit. While I was in Dubai, I used to eat Dosa, Uthappa, Idli etc. Shucks………..Pande’s middle stump knocked off. Now, it seems difficult for the Mumbians, Tendulkar must be sulking. Chris Gayle and Tendulkar both having groin injuries must be comrades in misery.

    Umar Gul and Butt have arrived for Knight Riders, I think in the next match they will rest Mohammad Hafeez and play Umar Gul. theossa have you ever been to Pir Pai?

  12. #12 by theossa on April 29, 2008 - 5:10 PM

    This match might go to wire. Good inroads by Kolkata bowlers but Uthapa and Bravo are showing resilience.

    Javed, No, I never been to Pir Pai, why? I’ve been to Nowshehra and Pabb. My mother is a strong believer of mystical sofis and she used to get us “holy water” from Pabb. I don’t want to get in details but that worked wonders with my elder brother. One of our uncles had posting in Nowshehra so we would visit him every now and then.

  13. #13 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2008 - 6:04 PM

    Bravo and Uthappa did the rest for Mumbai Indians. Finally, they too have won a match, its interesting to cut some points from those who were running away from initial victories, that will make the competition more open for those who lost early.


    I do believe in water therapy and it is not just mystic sufism alone but, there is scientific work by a Japanese scientist called Masaru Emoto, says that if human speech or thoughts are directed at water droplets before they are frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the words or thoughts were positive or negative this, he claims can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water. Take a look at the website and see how beautiful the water crystals are and read about him. Its very mystical and interesting.


  14. #14 by Awas on April 29, 2008 - 8:48 PM

    Country kee mashoori kay-liay Shoaib Akhtar has apologised…here is his statement.

    “I would like to apologise from the bottom of my heart for any grief or embarrassment that may have been caused to the nation, particularly to the PCB chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf. I have resolved to alter my habits to refrain from such incidents in future and I will obey the PCB rules and regulations”.

    No doubt events are unravelling fast. The force is behind him again. This aint over yet.

  15. #15 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2008 - 9:04 PM


    Sub kuch lutaa kay hosh may aye tou kya kiya
    Din may agar chiraagh jalaye tou kya kiya

  16. #16 by Awas on April 29, 2008 - 9:29 PM

    Wah-wah…wah wah…kooch aur urz keejee-a

    With Bhajji/Sree thngi going on, we didn’t want to be left behind…

    Over there BCCI are making conciliatory noises and over here the ‘establishment’ perhaps has other ideas.

  17. #17 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 30, 2008 - 1:14 PM


    Those verses are meant for Shoaib Akhtar on his being apologetic towards the PCB chairman and the nation in general. The appellate tribunal, has temporarily upheld his punishment until June 2008 that means he is gone. Actor’s main concern was not the ban to play for Pakistan but, to join the IPL and get his $425,000. He was desperate to get that first and sort out everything else later. Laikin uskay armano pay ose par gayee! Although I am against a 5 years ban, but he deserves what he got. Like I am against Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth but, he too deserves that may be a couple more.

    Delhi vs. Bangalore Prediction:

    Although Delhi are favourites I will bet my 2 cents on Bangalore.

    On their home ground Sehwag and Gambhir must feel very comfortable and Sehwag must have planned to attack Dale Steyn like he did in the Chennai test a month ago. So, for Bangalore, the key is to get Sehwag and Gambhir first and restrict them from scoring a big opening partnership.

    AB Devilliers is back and the chances are Malak Saab would be removed from Rashtrapati Bhavan to Delhi Gate, meaning he would be moved out from the center to the periphery – to sit in the dug out and watch like a sapak-traitor.

    Delhi’s bowling attack is also very formidable in the likes of McGrath, Asif and Vittori. In the previous match McGrath and Asif were subdued against the Punjab XI, but that may not happen again, as both are accurate bowlers.

    Bangalore, who nearly won their last match are themselves to be blamed for losing it. Having Jaffer in their side is like carrying a drag, despite the fact that he scored 50 doesn’t mean anything to me, because he was dropped twice when on 7 and 18, only after that he scored faster otherwise he was playing like its a test match. He can’t be lucky in every match to get lives like he did. Ross Taylor is in good nick and he plays some very powerful shots, if he can attack McGrath and Asif straightaway then Misbah can handle the 4 overs of Daniel Vittori who is probably playing his last match today.

    Mark Boucher is totally off colour and he is skying every ball he plays and thats not good he should learn from his mistakes. I have a feeling that Rahul Dravid might play well today. Like Ponting he too has scored a couple of ducks on first ball. If he plays sensibly he can score big. Praveen Kumar their bowler is a big hitter and so far he holds the longest six in IPL 124 meters. He should be promoted higher up i.e., above Chipli and Kohli. Because, if he gets going the ball would be flying and if he doesn’t it doesn’t matter. In T20 one is not worried about losing the wicket of a slogger in the middle order.

  18. #18 by Awas on April 30, 2008 - 1:18 PM

    Shoaib’s five-year ban upheld

    That apology hasn’t worked either. As Javed A Khan said, he was probably trying it on for IPL. This is what one Board official commented after the decision:

    “We have seen Shoaib’s track record and believe that he has not learnt any lesson. He flouted discipline of the board; he harmed the chairman of the board and fellow cricketers and above all sentiments of the nation,”

    On this occasion, I am totally with the decision. Shoaib kept making different statements accusing players and the chairman of bribery, not forgetting several other disciplinary violations in the past. The moron never understood that at the age of 32 and chronic fitness problems for a long time now, he is no longer indispensable. So, instead of watching his behaviour and not to put his foot in his mouth, he continued in the same vein.

    The Board has set a good example here and as I have said before on this occasion only, I am with the Doctor.

    What will really hurt him is that not only he is finished with Pakistan but IPL too. So no big money for him. Not only that, ICL is not showing an interest either. Guess why? Inzi especially and his boyz knowing full well how he is like have probably warned the organisers – either him or us.

  19. #19 by theossa on April 30, 2008 - 1:33 PM

    Shoaib spits first and then lick it, what a character. If he had put that all that negative energy into something positive, things could have been different for him. For now good bye and please never come back.

    Javed, that’s an interesting theory. I don’t even wanna see the crystal I would create. I bet they’ll be ugly like hell. I’m an ignorant when it comes to poetry and literature but I read a few, Mirza Gahalib and Nasir Kazmi impressed me but I adore the poetry and philosophy of Ghani Khan. This guy exploits humans like no others and questions God in ways that none would dare to ask. And things get really crazy when Haroon Bacha sings on Ghani Khan’s lyrics.

  20. #20 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 30, 2008 - 1:47 PM


    If you are with the Doctor, I pity you for being a patient unless, you mean to say like Kamran Abbassi said, I am with Malcolm.

    Yes, “I am agree” with you that the big bully has been a PITA and deserves the punishment. These players are making a mockery of themselves for their stupid behaviour. All those players who throw tantrums for no reason are now getting the flak from every corner.

    The Australians call Sreesanth a “Shocker” and they must be laughing and even dancing on the streets of Sydney and Melbourne after reading the headlines of “Herald Sun” which says: “Singh Slaps Shocker” what an alliteration wah, wah, wah.

    Generally the one who gets a slap gets sympathies but, Faroukh Engineer the match referee admonished Sreesanth and asked him to behave. One of the Australian newspapers gave a headline “What a Slapper.” Salman Khan and Pandit ji from Australia must also contribute something about this.

    Awas, what is the reaction of the British Tabloids in London? They must be selling this story like hot cross buns! I am sure this must be their front page story with pictures of Sreesanth sobbing and a few rain drops on the streets of London must have propelled the readers to crack jokes that these are Sreesanth’s tears that soaked the newspapers!


    don’t you check your emails?

  21. #21 by theossa on April 30, 2008 - 2:16 PM

    Javed, I do check my emails but there is nothing from you. If I knew your email address I would send one to you so you could get my address right. Khansahab has sent me a couple of emails.

  22. #22 by abdul on April 30, 2008 - 3:58 PM

    Javed A khan , in the past i’ve sent plenty of emails to u and u haven’t replied to any of them . I’m sure I’ve got the right adress which is the one on the page contact us. Please start replying u know my adress.

  23. #23 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 30, 2008 - 4:35 PM

    Like I said, controlling Sehwag and Gambhir would be the key, but they both started the onslaught and gave a good start to the DareDevils, especially Gambhir played a good innings. But, the way Gambhir behaved on the ground is not a good thing, he abused Jacques Kallis who reported the matter to the umpire and I am sure Gambhir would be questioned by the match referee.

    The way Malak Saab played the shot and got out his chances for the next match are very bleak, AB De Villiers would certainly replace him. One might argue that it was a very good ball that Styen bowled him, yes it was but the shot he was try to play – a late cut – was the most stupid thing to do at the bowling of Styen who bowls at an average speed of 140 kph. Besides, that ball wasn’t bowled outside the off-stump it was heading straight.

    I wonder why Misbah is not included in this match, he is reportedly the second highest run getter in the T20 format. Anyways, Dravid has to play the role of David to stop Goliath from advancing on the rankings table.

    Let us see how the Banglorians will play. Taylor is once again the key player and a treat to watch if he gets going.

  24. #24 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 30, 2008 - 5:57 PM

    The favourites won. I lost my 2 cents.

    Dravid perhaps read my comments and promoted Praveen Kumar but, thats not what I asked for he should have opened the innings himself with Taylor or Jaffar and Praveen Kumar should have played at no. 4 or 5. He couldn’t stand against the wile and experienced McGrath. So, poor judgment on part of Dravid.

    Gambhir despite making 86 may not be a contender for MoM, I would award it to Glen McGrath for taking 4 wickets, especially the first two to stop the Bangalore Challengers. Boucher’s onslaught came too late, Vittori bowled magnificently to contain the batsmen, no wonder he is such a class bowler in this format of the game.

    Lets see what the Deccan Challengers have to do tomorrow against Punjab XI but before that it is Rajhastan vs. Kolkata Night Riders. The later should bounce back with Umar Gul in the squad.

  25. #25 by theossa on April 30, 2008 - 6:06 PM

    I think blame goes to Kallis for making only 54 runs off 44 balls. He played almost 8 overs and his average is a little over 7 runs/over. That’s not a winning strike rate. I hope my slow starters take the crown prediction comes true and Deccans take charge tomorrow.

  26. #26 by Awas on May 1, 2008 - 7:43 AM

    It should be a good contest today between Deccans and Punjab X1. We need to see some fireworks from Afridi.

  27. #27 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on May 1, 2008 - 8:18 AM

    It’s a great new thread…… good points made 🙂

    Have the ‘font size’ on this blog been reduced / shrunk ?? Or is something wrong with my eyes 😉

    Sledger …… Great article about sledging, it was pure pleasure to read.

    About the ‘famous’ Cheergirl’s picture….. have someone noticed that the colour of their body differs from the colour of their legs ……….. Which means they are wearing ‘tights’ 😦

    Finally, yes Harbajan was wrong …………. He should have not stoped after slapping Sreeshanth only once 😉

  28. #28 by theossa on May 1, 2008 - 12:17 PM

    Rajasthan put a defendable total on the board. Asnodkar and Pathan played good innings. Umar Gul made a very impressive entry into IPL by taking four wickets including the important wickets of Asnodkar, Watson, Pathan, and Warne, and also conceded just 5 from last over. In my opinion he is the most under-rated bowler in the tournament and a steal for just $150000. He is just brilliant in Twenty20. He might get higher price than Asif next year. Let’s see how Kolkata replies to Rajasthan.

    Javed, Montreal Canadiens lost another one; they’re trailing 1-3 now. I watched that live last night and except for a brief period of 37 seconds in which they scored 2 goals, they seemed dull and clueless against Philly defense. It’s amazing that there are two teams in the Stanley Cup playoffs from my state of Pennsylvania i.e. Pittsburgh and Philadelphia. I’m for Pittsburgh but I wouldn’t mind Philadelphia either. What has changed for Canadian hockey teams since 1994? Before that they won 51 events and none since then. Canadian folks must be very frustrated.

  29. #29 by theossa on May 1, 2008 - 12:21 PM

    My bad, Warne was run out.

  30. #30 by theossa on May 1, 2008 - 2:16 PM

    Kolkata is undone by Trivedi and Tanvir. 196 by Rajasthan at the end proved too much. Ganguly and Hussey provided some resistance but were unable to score freely. Deccans vs Kings XI is next and I predict a win for Deccans.

  31. #31 by Awas on May 1, 2008 - 2:16 PM

    Its funny the cheapest team (bidding wise) is doing wonderfully well. And don’t forget this team doesn’t have a coach either. Shane Warne doesn’t believe in coaches.

  32. #32 by theossa on May 1, 2008 - 2:24 PM

    Awas, I wouldn’t be surprised if Warne is hired as a coach by one of the international teams, ironic it may sound as he himself does not believe in coaches. He is doing a superb job as a captain.

  33. #33 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 1, 2008 - 2:26 PM

    WINNING Four in a trot for Warne’s inexperienced blokes, that is some achievement. This team is playing so well. Btw, Umar Gul took 3 wickets not 4. The only bowler so far who took 4 is McGrath. Afridi was unlucky when he took 3 wickets in that match two simple catches on his bowling were dropped. Anyways, lets see how the next match between Deccan Chargers and Punjab XI goes.


    I did not watch last night match, I had some important work. Actually, I am not a hockey fan but I do follow only Montreal Canadiens. On Umar Gul being a better bowler than Asif in this 20/20 format, “I am agree” with you he is a wicket taking bowler unlike Asif who is accurate but, at times when he bowls length balls he is smashed for sixes, whereas, Gul bowls deadly in-swinging yorkers. Ganguly is such a spoil sport, he would never go until and unless he is kicked out by the umpire. He keeps on waiting and waiting and today he forced the field umpire to refer the decision to the third umpire. And this is not the first time Ganguly has done this. He is a Row-too player.

    Oh, btw that actress Riya Sen whose picture is in the hot gals and cool cars section was also there. She was wearing sunglasses almost around sunset time and some of the people from behind were asking her to take off her sunglasses. Don’t understand why these celebrities wear sunglasses especially when no cameraman was flashing lights on them.

    Right now Siva The Cuckoo is giving on-line pitch report for the Deccan Chargers vs. Punjab match and he is suggesting the cheerleaders to dance on the pitch because it is hard, what an analogy? And yesterday Gavaskar said something funny when the umpire declared a front foot no-ball signal by waiving his hand above his head, Gavaskar said: “Now he is signaling Zoom BaroBar Zoom Sarabi signal” it took me a while to understand that he is referring to that song ” Jhoom barabar Jhoom Sharabi”

    Punjab has won the toss and elected to bowl, lets get back into our seats and watch the explosive match that is about to start.

  34. #34 by theossa on May 1, 2008 - 4:22 PM

    Gym of an innings by Sharma while the big guns missed fired yet again. Afridi’s misery with batting continues. When you are out of form, usually you are out of luck too. I think the Deccans score is 25, 30 runs short but let’s see if they can pull this one with good bowling.

  35. #35 by Awas on May 1, 2008 - 4:44 PM


    I agree with you. It’s a real shame Afridi’s batting woes continue and it seems like such a long time since he played a good knock. Sooner he finds his touch the better. Hope he can do better with his bowling though. Sharma (like Misbah) was such a discovery in the T20 cup and he continues in the same vein.

  36. #36 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 1, 2008 - 5:45 PM

    I agree with both of you that Afridi’s batting woes continue also the point made by theossa, “when you are out of form you are out of luck too.” It was also obvious from the way he got out, the ball popped out of Yuvraj’s hand 3 times before he finally held it while lying flat on the ground.

    Talking of bad form, who is in good form? I mean with the exception of a few like, Mathew Hayden, Mike Hussey, Rohit Sharma (who again played gem of an innings) no one is consistent.

    Look at Ricky Ponting 39 runs in 4 innings with 2 ducks on first ball. Gilchrist apart from that brilliant century has not passed more than 20 in 5 matches. Yuvraj Singh, Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal, Salman Butt, JayaSuriya, Dravid, Jaffar, Laxman who else? Twenty20 is not a format where you can talk about consistency, its purely a matter of luck.

    Deccan Chargers definitely can’t win this game especially bowling second in dew is not easy to defend a meager total like this. Seems like Shaun Marsh is a good find. He hasn’t gone for any big hitting but, he kept the momentum going and thats what is needed. Today, Laxman did show that he can play wristy shots and score but he didn’t last long.

    In my opinion 3 teams will definitely make it to the semis viz., Chennai, Rajhastan and Delhi DareDevils and the rest will fight against each other to get into the semis.

    Kolkata Night Riders showed no interest in DNA’s call to Modi asking the later to include Akhtar in the IPL matches. Now, after today’s defeat may be Ganguly & Co., might think of having him in the team. It would be a formidable fast bowling attack with Actor, Gul and Ishant in the team. He might say Bye Bye Butt …. welcome Actor. Ganguly is a shrewed captain and a businessman. So, lets see his next move.

  37. #37 by khansahab on May 1, 2008 - 10:08 PM

    Interesting comments by everyone.


    Yes I have sent you and e-mail or two, but you have not replied!

    Javed A Khan,

    I would agree with you that the T20 format is more about luck than about talent. It is a format where unknowns such as Shaun Marsh can play thumping knocks and steal the glory away from seasoned cricketers like Shahid Afridi. That is the reason why analysts are now adopting the viewpoint that T20 is not real cricket but mere “entertainment”.

    T20 cricket will lose its charm and appeal because we are currently experiencing an overdose of it. It is a bit like, the move from typical old fashioned family movies of the 1980’s to action movies in Bollywood in the early and mid 90’s. I am not a movie expert but Bollywood then kept on producing too many action movies too often and eventually people were sick and tired of it, and the genre died. This led to the decline in popularity of heroes like Akshay Kumar, Sunjay Dutt and Suniel Shetty.

    Anyone heard of the new PPL (Pakistan Premier League) being planned by the PCB for next year? It will be quite interesting to see what they come up with, reportedly there are talks to “buy” players from other countries too to play in this league. Twenty20 cricket is becoming popular in Pakistan now and regardless of whether international players play in the league or not, I do think that the tournament will be a success.

    Umar Gul indeed is a better bowler than Asif in T20 because he is quicker and he can bowl yorkers. Whatever format Asif is playing in, the moment he loses control of line and length or the ball stops swinging, he becomes too expensive because he does not have pace and if you ball in the corridor of uncertainty with no pace and no swing either, you will definitely be hit for a few. Having said that Asif is one of the most lethal new ball bowlers in the world.

    Experience is so vital and can assist you when age and fitness is not on your side. Shane Warne is probably the best captain of this T20 tournament so far, not least because his team is topping the league despite not having many internationally recognised players. Similarly Inzi was helped tremendously by experience towards the end of his career when age was not on his side and we all know he was not the fittest guy around. The same goes for players like Dravid and Ganguly.

  38. #38 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on May 2, 2008 - 9:50 AM

    Unmerited as it may sound but it is unfortunately true that none of the well paid Pakistani players have given any match-winning performance in the IPL, so far, and with the class they have showed, I doubt they will.

    In bowling department, Asif, Gul and Afridi have bowled a few good spells, but bowlers will not win you match in this T20 format. It will be the batsmen who can turn the tables your way, and seeing Hafeez, Malik, Butt, the future is well … not too bright 😦

    Younis Khan have shown his true colour by leaving his side half-way through (though, they are doing better without him 😉 ), while Misbah have been sidelined for reasons unknown.

    Vijay Malaya (the owner of Royal Challenger Bangalore), should force his captain Rahul Dravid to keep the wickets and justify his place in the team, while this will give them an additional chance to have one more specialist batsman/ bowler in the team. As it is, Rahul is neither succeeding at batting nor captaining, and currently he is most suitable as a 12th man in this format of the game. In my opinion, Rahul can easily keep the wickets and than bat at number 3, 4 or 5, in a T20 format, as it is much shorter version of the game. This way, they can use their resources well and can play one extra player.

    Deccan Chargers (VVS Luxman), may try an option of opening the innings with Shahid Afridi where he can take advantage of the fielding restrictions. Moreover, Afridi knows only one style pf batting, which is more suitable at ‘pressure-free’ opening slot rather than later in the inning. Imagine Afridi and Gilly opening the innings for Deccan, it will be devastating, to say the least 😉

    My heart goes for the Shah Rukh Khan’s Kolkata Knight Riders, where Chris Gyle is injured, Shoaib Actor is banned, Rickey Ponting has left for the Caribbean tour (plus he had been totally out-of-form in all IPL games), Brendon McCullum has also left for New Zealand’s series against England. I guess the DON is DAMNED.

    Finally, why are the coaches in cricket so dull and numb during their games and not participative like other coaches in Basketball, Volleyball, Football, etc.

  39. #39 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 2, 2008 - 10:22 AM


    I agree to all what you have said except for one thing that bowlers can’t win matches only batsmen can. In the first or second match Delhi played McGrath, Asif and Maharoof bowled so well and won the match for them, in the last match of Delhi DareDevils, again McGrath took 4 wickets MoM and won the match. Yes, batsmen also play a very important role, Gilly played a brilliant knock and won the match. Whereas, Symonds played a brilliant match but DC lost the match.

    In my opinion there should be more all-rounders in T20 format. Because, this game is so fast and once a batsman fails with the bat he should be able to prove his worth with his bowling and fielding.

    The game of Volleyball has changed since the last 25 years or so. In the early sixties they had three smashers or hitters and three defenders. In that format it was obvious who was going to hit the ball, hence easy to block and easy to defend. From the eighties the trend changed and they are all-rounders.

    Traditionally, the tall guys were hitters and short or medium height guys were defenders or boosters. But, now ALL six of them are very tall and its very difficult to predict who will hit the ball, because all the front line players jump and one hits the ball all of a sudden. That made the game more interesting and fast.

    Even the women volleyball game has changed and they play in the same aggressive way. The current women world champions are Russia. As former USSR they have won the gold medal 6 times, strangely enough the women from the Communist and Socialistic countries have dominated this game namely, Russia, China and Cuba sharing major gold medals. In the last 54 years besides the above three countries the two other countries who have won the women gold are Japan twice and Italy only once. I can bet these women teams can beat India / Pakistan’s men’s team.

  40. #40 by theossa on May 2, 2008 - 2:48 PM


    I agree with you regarding sending Afridi to open the innings with Gilchrist. Laxman can bat at No. 3. If the Deccans Chargers had done it already, their story could have been different than 1-4 standings. I also did not like bowling shuffling of Laxman. I understand the point being not getting used to one particular bowler but it’s just 20 over game. Marsh played a good knock but lot of the bowlers did not bowl him before so eventually he’ll get exposed.


    I promptly your emails; I don’t know why you did not get it? You can take my new email address from Javed.

    You made a good point that too much of something are just bad enough. Twenty20 and cricket in general is played a lot these days. It’s good to have some anticipation otherwise the charm is lost.


    Thanks for the fish recipe and it looks like a king recipe. The drawback is I have to make it myself especially the seasoning part because my wife, even though she tries very hard, cannot cook desi food well. It’s just not her candy. You know locals are more into quick meals, marinate, grill, bake, and serve. Some of our food takes like a good couple of hours, Biryani for example. I had a discussion with a student from Turkey, according to him, most desi food, pacifically speaking Muslim food, is inspired from Turkish, Uzbek, Afghan, and Iranian food. I tried Afghani food here in Virginia and Washington DC, and boy it’s one of the best I ever had. Turkish food was so so. Afghani and desi food is popular in U.S. In local food, I like food of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee states. It’s more of Cajun style and spicy.

    Game is on between Delhi and Chennai. I won’t predict anything because nothing I predicted came true.

  41. #41 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 2, 2008 - 4:23 PM

    A target of 170 to win is not very easy for the Delhi DareDevils especially if the top order fails. It is not likely that Gambhir would score in every single innings or Sehwag would smash every ball for a six or a four. However, AB Devillier’s could prove to be the Devil’s Advocate. Lets see.

    Yomahesh over was a weird one when he got Fleming clean bowled on his first ball which happen to be a no-ball and then a four and another no-ball and another four and then he clean bowled Fleming again. That over created a lot of fun and excitement.

    I am not sure how N’tini is going to bowl, he has not proved himself as a worthy bowler in the sub-continent and Sehwag can tore him into pieces as he gives a lot of width. Apart from Muralidharan there is hardly any bowler in the Chennai team who could trouble or contain the DareDevils. STILL, I would bet my 2 and a half cents on Delhi. Also, according to the law of averages, Chennai should lose this match. They already have won 4 out of 4. Without Hayden and Hussey they are not the same team now.

    theossa I will write you separately about food, some other time. Lets watch the DareDevils innings now.

  42. #42 by Awas on May 2, 2008 - 5:00 PM

    Dilli Waley are racing towards their target…that Sehwag again!!!…these openers are showing good consistency.

    Theossa, LOL @ predictions coming wrong. We have all suffered from it in this competion. It’s very difficult to predict in T20.

    On length of the competition, I also made a comment yesterday on Blues Brothers new thread….its too long like the last World Cup. There is a game every day and a couple at weekends and continues for the whole of this month….a bit over the top no doubt.

  43. #43 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 2, 2008 - 5:21 PM

    This seems to be a one sided match with DareDevils racing to win and pocket it from the outset. Sehwag smashed and Gambhir too. Hence the law of averages is right and me winning 2 and a half cents for the first time 😉


    if our predictions are right then we all would have been “Gogs” Thank God we aren’t.

    Awas you are right its like a drug over dose – meaning – its killing the game of cricket. I better go now, match is still on but there is no interest since there is no competition here.

  44. #44 by abdul on May 2, 2008 - 5:57 PM

    That’s more like it the font size returns to our vision.Awas,Javed A khan and Khanshab please reply to my latest email I sent.

    Finally concluding my verdict with a very debatable topic started by Muhammed Munir over coaches. Yes, I agree or as u say I am agree that coaches are dull and not parcipitaive in cricket. It’s the captains who take complete conrtol of procedings and priorities lie firmly with them. Captains are the ones which have to be enterprising and mindful and employ all what’s go on while coaches just are just regarded as technical monitors. It’s specialised coaches that work and mangers. But captaincy in cricket is more important than any other sport while coaches hardly make an impact. After all India showed last year you don’t need a coach. Do u need a coach at international level ? I don’t think think so . What are your views on this debatable topic.

    Gtg know but let me quickly congratualate Sewhag and his confederates on there victory.

  45. #45 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on May 3, 2008 - 8:37 AM

    Javed A. Khan …

    Good explanations on the changing face of volleyball over the years. So it’s not only about cricket then, it is about all games 😉

    As you mentioned the transformation of volleyball over the years, I guess this T20 is totally a different ballgame comparing to the Test and ODI cricket and so the players/ coaches shall adopt to this sooner rather than later.

    In tests as well as ODIs, the coaches have enough time to consult their players one-on-one and they can reverse their wrong-doings, but in T20 a mistake shall be addressed then and there because in a matter of 1/ 2 overs it can be too late for the couch to preach.

    theossa …

    It’s never too late for Luxman to switch Afridi to opening slot and he still has enough games left to use this combination. They have fourteen games in the league stage before the semis. Let’s see how it goes…..

    On your other comments, being a bit of a food-buff myself, I liked your article on desi-foods. ‘I am agree’ that most of our desi foods have its roots from Turkish, Afghan, and Iranian cuisines besides some influences of Middle eastern foods too. However, I think all these foods do not have the spice/ ‘mirchi’ part in them, which makes our desi cuisines the best and most attractive. I believe, we picked the spice up from our association with India, which have a lot of spices 😉

    I always say that our desi food is the best in the world when it comes to taste and flavors, but one of the worst when seen from the health side. Doctor Javed A. Khan can shed some light on the health characteristics of our desi cuisines 😉

    Khan Sahab …

    Bhai Sahab, overtime the number of ‘hot-gals’ is increasing (which is good), but we don’t see much new items in the ‘cool-cars’ sections.

    One reason could be that there are more ‘models’ in gals than in cars 😉

  46. #46 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 3, 2008 - 1:44 PM

    Two more overs to go but, the writing is on the wall loud and clear, the Deccan Chargers are themselves to be blamed for yet another poor show. They almost had the game in their pocket and it seems that they have thrown it away under the pressure of the home crowd and some lackluster batting performance.

    Katrina Kaif seems to be more than pleased to see the Royal Challengers controlling the last 4 overs of the game.

  47. #47 by Awas on May 3, 2008 - 2:44 PM

    The all star Deccans cast disappointed again. Laxman and Sharma were going so well then lost it all. Anyways, it was nice to see Katrina Kaif jumping up and down with joy. I wonder if she does that so well any other time ;)-

    On the new picture, I have always liked Subaru. It wins a lot of rallies. Subaru-imprezza-wrx-sti is one hell of a performance vehicle.

  48. #48 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 3, 2008 - 3:28 PM


    You mean “interesting times?” Actually there is a Chinese proverb, “may you live in interesting times” it sounds like you are wishing something good when you tell someone, may you live in interesting times. But according to the Chinese it’s kinda curse and a derogatory comment which actually means: “It’s better to be a dog in a peaceful time than be a man in a chaotic period.”

    About the cool cars, Subaru imprezza WRX sti is way ahead of all the cars in its range, it accelerates from 0 – 100 kmph in just 4.6 seconds. The Japs advertise this car with some Europeans car manufacturers test driving it and in the end they say, “its a Japanese cars wish the Germans have designed it.” It will be my next car if I have the money. Its not that expensive like any other German or Italian car yet its acceleration thrills you.

    My Volvo S60R T5 trim, which has a turbocharged five-cylinder making 300 horsepower is also no slouch, its fairly speedy and roars @ 100 kmph in just 5.6 seconds. Take a look at the two tone “Imola” leather seats in light gray and dark navy blue colours in the cool cars section above. Its fully loaded with heated seats, sunroof and 13 Harmon Kardom speakers is a luxury combined with 4 door sports sedan.

    Deccan Chargers lost the match but the second one between Punjab XI and Kolkata Riders is on and Punjab is playing very good cricket. I bet my 2 cents on Priety Zinta. Umar Gul is on the rise once again for the night riders.

  49. #49 by Awas on May 3, 2008 - 3:45 PM

    Javed A Khan

    Interesting comment you made about the cars and you got one hell of a car indeed. Mine is not a slouch either. It’s a BMW baby, 130M sport with a 3.0 litre 6 cylinder engine which produces 265bhp with 0-60mph in just 6 seconds and a real driver’s car and fun to drive. The only problem I have with sporty cars is very firm ride and with British roads not so good with speed breakers and whatnot, it’s a drawback here.

    I have begun to admire Shane Warne’s team which started as underdogs. Theossa earlier commented he will make a good coach for a foreign team. I quite agree.

  50. #50 by khansahab on May 3, 2008 - 5:14 PM

    Afridi needs to bat higher up the order. The reason why Laxman is not allowing this is because for quite some time Malik has not allowed Afridi to open or to come at no 3 despite knowing Afridi is completely out of form. I don’t think Laxman is captaincy material and he seems to lack initiative as well which is why he will not let Afridi who usually bats at no 7 for Pakistan, open for Deccan.

    The beautiful Preity Zinta’s team has experienced a revival of fortune and form. Punjab which seemed like a weak team at the outset now are a formidable force in this competition. Meanwhile the much hyped Kolkota team is going downhill.

    I only turned my computer on to watch the Kolkata team because I wanted to see how Mohammad Hafeez performs. But he disappointed me with a terrible shot that led to his dismissal. Irfan Pathan is such a good bowler, once he gets his line and length he can be unplayable.


    Very balanced and wise comments yet again. Speaking of the ridiculously beautiful Katrina Kaif, I hope she jumps very well with joy, relief, excitement and pleasure at other times too. 🙂

    Mohammad Munir,

    Sir, Javed A Khan has added some “cool car” pics for you already, I observe. I will keep updating the “hot gals”, I can assure you 🙂

    Javed A Khan & Awas,

    My mum has a Nissan Micra, a car that was manufactured in 1996. It is a 998CC car that can go up to 30 mph in 6 seconds. It can not go over 50mph. 🙂

  51. #51 by khansahab on May 3, 2008 - 5:28 PM

    This match has become really boring now because the Knight Riders are in a dire position and just cannot win.

    This is T20 cricket and the next time both these teams meet (IF that happens) the result might be completely opposite.

  52. #52 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on May 3, 2008 - 7:13 PM

    Talking of Katrina, we can not miss the KHAN … no not our own Javed A. Khan, but Sallu Bhai … the Salman Khan, who would have seen her jumping many a times 😉

    Another Khan is the great chhotay nawab, Saif Ali Khan who is to Kareena Kapoor, what Salman Khan was to Katrina.

    Two hot gals, two cool Khans … same jumping times 😉

    Seeing these Khan … it makes the other Khan clan proud too !!

  53. #53 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 4, 2008 - 2:45 PM

    Mohammad Munir you said:

    “Seeing these Khan … it makes the other Khan clan proud too !!”

    NO, not really, besides in Pakistan these Bollywood Khans are referred as “Naatay Khans & Paatay Khans.” You know what it means? Naatay is for short. Anyways, there is no “Pathaniyet” in them or what you may call “Pathanism.” They are “showbiz boyz,” just like the cheerleaders. Leave aside making us proud, for me personally, I have never been impressed by any one of them. I am sure theossa will agree with me.

    There is some manliness in Pathans which is not at all there in these boys. Although some of them try to show-off by taking off their shirts and twitching their skimpy muscles and that is the Bollywood trend. I am waiting for this trend to reverse and see the girls follow their suit or join them in similar fashion.

    As I was typing this comment, the RR and Chennai match started and Sohail Tanvir had a dream start, took two wickets in his first over and Chennai are 2 down for one. But, “Hawk-Eye” confirms both deliveries were missing the stumps. On most occasions we have heard that hawk eye is mere guidance and umpire’s decision is final. Btw, two of the IPL umpires, one of them is Begum Amish Sahiba and there is another Indian umpire who have been suspended by the authorities.

    Amish Saheba for his silly comments in the media on Sreesanth & Harbhajan row. And, the other umpire for calling the third umpire when Ganguly coerced him to approach the third umpire to clarify and decide whether Graeme Smith took the catch neatly or not? Actually Ganguly should also be fined for that. And this is not the first time he did this. RR is dominating right now if they continue to mount this pressure they will win. Oh, Sohail Tanvir took his third wicket. First time a Pakistani is performing so well in the IPL, he is on a roll. I better watch the match. Chennai are 11 for 3.

  54. #54 by khansahab on May 4, 2008 - 3:52 PM

    Javed A Khan,

    The Jaali Pathans of India may not have the stereotypical Pathan touch, but they ARE Pathan and nothing can take that away. If you ask them what their race/caste is, they will not be able to say “Dar”, “Gujjar”, “Siddiqui”,”Syed”, “Moghul”, “Butt”, “Jatt” or even “Bhatt” for that matter, because they will be Pathan. Most probably belonging to the Yusufzai, Kamalzai, Afridi, Lodhi or similar clan.

    What is different about Shahrukh Khan from the other Khans is that his immediate family is still in Peshawar and parents’ mother tongue was Pashtu.

    I am agree with you however that these Khans don’t display any Pathanism, simply because they are only Pathans by race now and nothing else.

    I am also agree with you that Theossa is likely to agree with you over this point 🙂

  55. #55 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 4, 2008 - 4:25 PM

    Tanvir, Tanvir, Tanvir and nothing but TANVIR all over the scored board and what a spell it is. The best figures taken by anyone in this 20/20 format at domestic or international level. He finished his 4 overs with 14 runs and 6 wickets, at one stage he had 3 overs 2 runs and 5 wickets, until Ntini smashed 12 runs in his last over, still excellent figures. And he took two catches whatever the result of this game may be TANVIR is the man of the match.


    You got my point about the Khan name being exploited and you’ve explained it yourself in the last 2 paragraphs of your comments. My point is not related to race/caste but the exploitation of this name. You should know that Dilip Kumar or Muhammad Yousuf Khan is also a Pathan and was born in Qissa Khwani Bazaar Peshawar in a Pushtoon family of 12 children. At that time when he came to the Indian film industry and started his career in acting, he did not want to be known that he is a Pathan. Things have changed in Bombay or Mumbai, but Qissa Khwani Bazaar is pretty much the same and people still think the same way.

  56. #56 by Awas on May 4, 2008 - 4:27 PM

    What a stellar performance by Sohail Tanvir. 6 wickets in 4 overs is an enviable record and may be difficult to beat for a long time unless Mrs Sehba helps a bowler out with his own contribution. As I said before, I have begun to admire Shane Warne’s team which started as underdogs.

    As khansahab said earlier “Shane Warne is probably the best captain of this T20 tournament so far” – and quite right. Aussies often say he is the best captain Australia never had. That is mainly because of his off-field performances over women and drug taking issues.

    Interesting comments by the two Khans on being Khans but the fact of the matter is being of certain race/caste can only do so much in formulating a personality. To a larger extent you are also a product of your own environment. Show business environment is very different and as the man said “there is no business like show business”.

  57. #57 by khansahab on May 4, 2008 - 5:15 PM

    Very interesting mini discussion about Pukhtoonism.

    Javed A Khan,

    I do agree with you over what you have said- people can change according to their circumstances and now I understand your point was not related to caste, but how a name or description such as “Pathan” can be used. For the record I doubt any of Amir Khan or Saif Ali Khan are bothered whether we call them Pathan, Urdu Speaking, or any other description as they probably do not even understand what the stereotypical manifestations of these descriptions are.


    Very apt point regarding, “Man is the product of his environment”. I am reminded of the brilliant quote from the movie, “The Departed”, which goes like: “Man is the product of his environment. I want my environment to be a product of me.”

    Absolutely superb performance by Sohail Tanvir. This is one guy who has impressed everyone and finally a Pakistani makes his presence felt in the IPL, and that too with flying colours. What is noteworthy is that this player is not an experienced player or senior like Malik, Afridi or Gul; he is a youngster and he has a lot of fire in his belly. The only way we will be able to gauge the ability of these youngsters is to try them out when it mattes most. Rohit Sharma is only 20 something but he is classy and brilliant and possibly an automatic selection in the ODI and Twenty20 squads of India, in the forseeable future. Hence when these 20 somethings can be handed over the ball to commence the bowling attack, or (in Sharma’s case) be promoted to no 4 to assess their batting acumen and pressure handling skills, why can’t we see the domestic superstar Fawad Alam being promoted up the batting order, or being handed the ball more regularly?

    Man is the product of his environment, and sometimes the difference between an achiever and a non achiever is the people within the environment around the man, who have considerable control over his destiny.

  58. #58 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 4, 2008 - 5:43 PM

    It was Tanvir’s day with 6 wickets and 2 catches, I would have sent him to open the innings with Graeme Smith and he might have tossed the ball a few times over the ropes with his flicks and wrist shots.

    Shane Warne is no doubt the best captain in the IPL tournament so far and the way he is communicating with his players is commendable he has inspired, motivated and gelled the young team so well that they are on the top of the table at the moment and on a roll.

    Dhoni, who has so far been hailed as one of the most successful captains is suddenly being referred by the commentators as a mediocre captain especially after his recent performances since the last 2 matches Chennai has lost under his captaincy. It also goes to prove that how the absence of a few good players could change the tempo of the game and the team’s performance. Without Hayden, Hussey and Jacob Oram their team is pretty ordinary now. So also the Kolkotians.

    The funny thing that I noticed at the Kingfisher’s ranking table which gives points for good sportsmen spirit, Ganguly’s team is at the bottom and Dravid’s at the top.

  59. #59 by abdul on May 4, 2008 - 6:47 PM

    WOW what a bowling perofmrnace from the left armer Tanvir he was all over the opposition and the IPL is all the talk at the moment and as they say it’s all to play for in the multi millioanaire league.

    I feel sory for Sahrukh Khan’s side as they are losing mnay key players players in the next week or so and even though I was previously backing them I’m afraid to say they might now struggle to make it to the final 4. Majority of the encounters at the Ipl have gone down to the wire and that’s what makes 20/20 cricket such a thriller to watch.

    Khanshab ,u don’t seem to reply to my emails and if you don’t mind I request like u to upload some pics of merces,Honsda’s and Lambagini and Rani Mukurjee,Preity Zinta and Kareena Kapoor. Who are u all so supporting in the IPL and why ?

  60. #60 by anoyn on May 4, 2008 - 6:59 PM

    good site..i think the delhi devils will be the eventual winners..
    as for the discussion of pathans..theres hardly any in india..and the bollywood khans..they just apply a khan as the last name..which has now become popular.but some like dilip kumar are real pathans..and so are the kapoors / saigals from peshwar..

  61. #61 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on May 4, 2008 - 7:18 PM

    There is an article in Cricinfo by Ian Chapple titled “The Best Captain Australia Never Had”

    It supports the argument many on this site are advocating for the appointment of Shahid Afridi as the Captain of Pakistan.

    I wrote another blog in continuation of my funny remarks about Shoaib Malik on Pak Spin but I guess Mr. Kamran Abbasi too is a “Siayalkotiya Moondiya” hence did not publish it!!

    I am reproducing it in the next blog and see if you guys would publish it!!!

  62. #62 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on May 4, 2008 - 7:35 PM

    One of my “Moondiya Siayalkotiyaa” friend corrected me that the said song was not sung in the earlier fifties but when Shoaib Malik was born and his AQIQA or KHATNA (he is not sure what was the ocassion, and he dont remember the date, month or the year either) you can’t blame him, after all, he too is a “Moondia Sialkotiyaa” that Madame Noor Jahan came and saw the “Kala Kala Til” and immedietely knew that this “Moondia Sialkotiyaa” would one day break and establish a new world record of 11 consecutive wins.

    She sang this Blockbuster song:

    Tere Mukhre Pe Kala Kala Til We….

    O’ Moondia Sialkotiaaa…. O’ Moondia Sialko..tia….

  63. #63 by Awas on May 4, 2008 - 8:13 PM

    Other than the established players, there were definitely three rising stars from the last T20 cup. Rohit Sharma, Misbah and Sohail Tanvir and their success story continues. Although, strangely we have not seen much of Misbah in India. Rohit Sharma tops the batting averages but unfortunately his team is at the bottom of the league. Some of the captains such as Laxman, Dravid etc have been misfits in this form of the game. If they were not captains they would find it hard to keep their place. Laxman though has batted reasonably well in the last couple of games.

    Once again an amazing feat by Sohail Tanvir. His quirky quick arm action is very effective and reminiscent of great Wasim Akram. As Khansahab mentions the test of these players would be when they come to play proper cricket.

    I didn’t see the ending of that match. Was that bike they were showing for that man of the match award?

    Javed A Khan gives a good comparison of mediocre captain Dhoni and a shrewd captain Warne. It would be good to have Warne as Pakistan’s coach.

    Abdul – Good comments. Sorry for not replying to your emails but its better to comment here than too many personal emails.

  64. #64 by Awas on May 4, 2008 - 9:27 PM


    You are right Delhi Daredevils have got some good stars. Sehwag, Gambhir, De Villiers and McGrath are quite formidable names but personally I like Shane Warne’s underdogs the best…perhaps not underdogs anymore.

    Mind you, it’s difficult to predict in T20. No one gave India any chance in the T20 world competition and look what happened. Rajasthan Royals can be like that too.

    By the way, good of you to comment here. How did you find us? Tell us more about you.

  65. #65 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on May 5, 2008 - 6:34 AM

    Javed A. KHAN …

    A Pathan is a Pathan is a Pathan …… No matter where he comes from.

    ‘I am agree’, totally and unconditionally, that living in different places affects our outlook and our outer-look, but the core of the matter remains unchanged, or so I think. Living in Canada, UK, Indian or even Dubai for that matter have its pros and cons, and I think it dilutes the ‘Pathani Khoon’ in some small way. ‘I am also agree’ that Pathans are still more courageous, brave, simple and honest when compared to so many other races, but you will be surprises to know that our Pathan ancestors still living in NWFP and Afghanistan may not see us in same light, and may call us ‘Gora Pathans’ 🙂

    I know many Pathan families here in Dubai whose kids do not speak Pushto. Similarly, the Pathans living in India are also heavily influenced by the culture and environment of their so called new home. I feel for them 😦

    However, on the lighter side, I see a lot of manliness in a man who has dated the likes of Ashwariya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Bruna, etc. etc. etc. there must be ‘something’ special about the KHAN 😉

    All said and done, I am agree with you that there sure is a charismatic feel to the name “KHAN” and thus it is being exploited the world over for one’s own gains. I believe that there is something ‘Manly/ Macho/ Hunky-feel’ to the name KHAN and this is why it is more attractive to ‘sanf-e-nazok’.

    It could be due to Imran Khan, Salman Khan, Hasnaat Khan, Irfan Pathan or even Javed A. Khan 😉

    Tanveer was just superb in his bowling and if Shane had allowed him to bowl in the middle overs, Chennai would not have crossed 100 runs.

  66. #66 by theossa on May 5, 2008 - 1:14 PM

    I had a busy weekend so could not follow any game. I missed a master performance by Tanvir. It’s scary, he is still learning and who knows he might have a few more of these in his basket. I suspect this record will stay for a while. We are proud of you Tanvir.

    There was this interesting discussion about Khans. I agree with bits and pieces of everyone. Here is the truth; when you live abroad, in a different culture, the first generation keeps their language and traditions. The second generation loses some language and traditions, and the third one completely becomes like the local folks in that country. One can argue that people can still keep their traditions generation after generation but I think it’s a wishful thinking. So when you choose to live abroad, that’s the price to pay. Awas made some good points on this issue and I agree with what Javed and Khansahab are saying, the Bollywood Khans are not traditional Pathans we see in Pak. They’re short and small in statue. They’re in movies because they’re good looking and fair skinned. I’m 6’-1” and 180 lbs and have a long nose like most Pathans. I’m Khattak so you have to tie me if there is good Pushto music playing. I like the acting of Amir Khan. Awas, to further compliment your points; according to a Lahore based writer Ashfaq Ahmed three things can change a person, Parents, company, and love. In my case it was company because I lived most of life in boarding schools and hostels. So I’m a reflection of a bunch of my friends.

    I agree with your point that there is something being a Khan that girls are attracted to. Indian girls love Pathans. Back in the Sate University of New York at Buffalo, I and another friend of mine Javed Khan Khattak had like 3 Indian girls each. It will sound like boosting but believe it that while in Karachi I can count 22 girl friends I had. In U.S., I had like a dozen before I got engaged, including whites, blacks, Spanish, but no Asian. I hope my wife doesn’t read this. I’m not saying I’m any handsome, I think of myself an average but I had the courage and guts to approach, talk, and speak my mind. Being Gemini was also helpful. Ahhh those free spirited days.

    I played cricket this Sunday with 3 friends in a Tennis Court which was fenced so we did not need many fielders. Problem was, I’m strong at mid wicket region and shape of the Tennis Court would just allow you to play straight shots so I sucked. This guy from Ka Ka Sahib, NWFP was fast with good Yorkers so I could not get anything going. It was a Tennis ball with electric tape on it and 2 overs each. So you would pretty much swing your bat at every ball. The good thing is no one else bat well either. Let’s see what happens next week.

    Punjab vs Bangalore is next and I’ll be back at lunch time to throw my two cents.

  67. #67 by Mohammed Munir - Sharjah, UAE. on May 5, 2008 - 3:03 PM

    theossa …

    Good reading your comments man … keep writing.

    I found common grounds with you, so now its Food, Khanism and being a Gemini, Wow that is a bit too much of similarities, though, I wish I was that lucky with the girls too. But with girls, I guess my luck was like Javed Khan 😉 I think being in Muslim/ Arab/ conservtive (it used to be conservative) country would have somthing to do with this, otherwise I was not so bad looking myself.

    So you are Khattak then … yes we joke with our Khattak friends here in Sharjah that we have to tie them to stop them from dancing … and beleive me its not so untrue.

    So what is this blog ……… Khan’s Attack? I mean I see so many of them around 😉

  68. #68 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on May 6, 2008 - 6:58 PM

    Just read in Cricinfo that Pakistan lost to West Indies in the Calico Under 15s World cup final.

    I was following with keen interest the whole tournament as far as the Pakistan team was concerned as it included Usman Qadir, son of one of my favorites, Abdul Qadir.

    Not only a very good article entitled “Qadir in his blood” appeared in Cricinfo a few month ago but saw an excellent interview/documentary on Star Plus TV channel about him, his children and his training academy.

    I was amazed to see some of the bloggers suggesting Shane Warne be appointed Pakistan coach. I am not criticising anybody, everybody has a right to their opinion. What I am stressing is, we have done wrong to our heroes once, do we have to do it all over again?

    People like him, Waqar Younis, Rashid Latif and several others are there whom must we turn to train our budding talents in their specialized fields.

    I am sorry I am going off the topic. There were several other young kids who impressed immensely. I request the LS management and readers to express their opinions/comments.

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