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Shane Warne Shouldn’t have retired

The Legend of Leg Spin Bowling

The way Shane Warne is leading the Rajhastan Royals has impressed a lot of people and this thread is about him. To quote what our fellow bloggers have said earlier about him: “Shane Warne is probably the best captain of this T20 tournament so far” – and quite right. Aussies often say he is the best captain Australia never had” is absolutely true.

He is not only a world class spinner who threw the towel a tad too early or as people call it a premature decision to retire, is being proved right after seeing him play so well and most importantly leading a young, inexperienced side so well. Mahender Singh Dhoni never played Shane Warne before and it was the first time when he faced the first delivery from him was a shocker for Dhoni, it pitched on the leg stump and zoomed away from Dhoni’s bat and the keeper collected it slightly outside the off-stump. That was some bowling and watching him play like that most people who knew Shane Warne’s ability – especially those who saw his famous “Ball of the Century” which cleaned bowled Mike Gatting must have said, Dhoni would be out the second ball. They were wrong, he was out on the third ball. The much talked about batting genius in Dhoni looked like a novice in front of the maestro of spin bowling.

Warne has inspired, motivated, gelled the team and kept telling the world not to write off their team and today he proved that by defeating the so far best team of the tournament “Chennai Super Kings.” There was no contest whatsoever, it could be due to the superb bowling of Sohail Tanvir who took 6 for 14 in 4 overs but, it was Shane Warne’s leadership who used his bowlers so well.

Going back in the times when Shane Warne was so destructive as a test bowler and what made him quit so early, there is intention of being inquisitive in his private life but, it is the main reason that he wanted to get away from the media focus and wanted to enjoy some privacy. But, its a shame that when you are a celebrity there is no privacy and no private life. You are always under the microscope and telescopes. There is a link below which shows what he wanted to do in his private life for which he had to pay heavily in terms of losing his wife, daughter and ruined his family life.

Whatever he wanted to do in his private life should not be anyone’s concern as long as he is not hitting someone with a bat or not slapping someone on his face it is fine. Although he had some drug related scandals or issues for which, once again he paid a price and was banned for one year. For cricket lovers its a sad thing to see a player being banned especially when he is at his prime. But, seeing him play at the IPL tournament could anyone disagree that he is not at his prime now? I wish him all the best and wish him good luck and success, its up to the bloggers to decide whether they agree with this notion or not.

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