“Ana Asaf” = I am sorry ! Too late buddy.

To say \

Ana Asaf in Arabic is ” I am sorry ” but, it is too late now. The breaking news that Mohammad Asif is held in Dubai for the possession of contraband drugs in his wallet has once again brought disgrace to the nation. He may try to prove a point that he is innocent or claim it to be a “Jewish Conspiracy” against him. That is so typical of our people to put a blame on someone else. And once bitten twice shy is for normal people. But, here the motto is, once bitten twice bold and be proud.

The question is why was the PCB trying to hide this news? The moment Asif was detained they knew about it, a senior PCB official is already in Dubai since Sunday June 01, 2008 i.e., to handle his case, the team for tri-series was announced on Monday June 02, 2008. So, why on earth have they included his name in the team for the tri-series? Sohail Khan was the most deserving candidate to be in the team, but the PCB officials not only wanted an injured player in the team, but the one who is about to serve a few years in Dubai prisons for possession of Hashish or Opium.

It is not that the Dubai Drug Enforcement Authorities are not aware of what Hashish or Opium looks like, because they deal with such substances almost every day with the drug traffickers, they know exactly what it is. Because, Asif is a high profile case and Mian Sahab Nawaz Shareef Zaday will try to poke his not so bald head in this matter, the authorities in Dubai have sent the substance to the labs for confirmation.

Once it is confirmed that it is Hashish or Opium, then Mian Sahab or Zardari Sahab can do anything in getting him out of there. In that case Asif is a gonner. But, what a shame he has once again brought disgrace to the nation and what is the point of him playing innocent now? Reportedly he is keeping that stuff in his wallet since months? God knows why they do this, but its really a shame if he will be sentenced. Forget about his cricketing career, it is the disgrace and the ill-repute that he has brought once again which is bad enough for Pakistanis to deal with.

Chor ka Bhai Girah-cut

First it was with his Big Brother that he was tested positive for Nandrolone and now this. A few weeks ago the Big Brother was carrying needles in his bag. And he was the only one at the IPL who had to go through a dope test, what a shame. But, this is a very serious matter, in any case Asif should be banned from playing cricket for Pakistan or for any international or even at domestic level. Also, those PCB officials who were trying to protect him should immediately be sacked. What have you got to say? Feel free to comment, we don’t censor your comments.

  1. #1 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 3, 2008 - 10:57 AM

    It is really very shocking indeed. What a way to promote your country’s name? Perhaps Asif has not heard of “Crow Flight,” what on earth was he doing in Dubai? From Delhi, Lahore is at stone throw distance or from Mumbai to Karachi, it is also the same. But, this idiot has gone to Dubai from India to come back to Pakistan. Hopefully his journey will end up in “Kala-Pani.”

    First his selection in the team for the tri-nation is shocking and I wrote above that I don’t understand his dramay baazi and now this! Absolute Shocker.

    The team selection is also a farcical move. The team’s coach is supposed to be an integral part of team selection committee and Lawson was sitting in Sydney till the last minute. They said, he got delayed due to flight connections. If he is paid for this job, shouldn’t he be there before time? Shouldn’t he know that it is important, I mean WTF was there for him to get delayed and miss the meeting? Or, was it a deliberate ruse from the selectors to keep him at bay?

    Apart from Shoaib Malik the other Malik Talat Ali should also be shown the doors of retirement. He is such an unimpressive nincompoop who sits there with a pair of dark glasses tight lipped, poker face a$$hole who is playing politics in the dressing room. He is good for nothing idiot. What a laughing stock the team has become. Jiyeh Malak, Jiyeh Asaf, Jiyeh Showaib, Jiyeh Pind.

  2. #2 by khansahab on June 3, 2008 - 11:50 AM

    The PCB should take strict notice of this incident and replace Asif with Sohail Khan.

    But I guess we will see some ferocious and militant lobbying by PML Nawaz who will blame Musharraf, Karachi, India, Israel or America for this incident. So maybe the Punjab government can rescue Asif now. I am only saying this in light of the disproportionate actions taken by PML Nawaz when Shoaib Akhtar was banned.

  3. #3 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 3, 2008 - 12:25 PM

    Baat ki baat, Khurafaat ki khurafaat; meaning there is something you say but then there is an element of suspicion, mystery and doubt in it. Look at this “teep ka bandh,” which Asif has to utter: Quoting from cricinfo:

    Asif, said that he had been implicated after getting into a drunken brawl with security officers at the airport. Does this mean he was drunk? This is like that famous proverbial pious person who doesn’t eat onions, he eat onions only when he eat Kebabs, he eat Kebabs only when he drinks, he drinks only when there is a Mujra and in that Mujra he gets intoxicated and gets implicated in a drunken brawl.

    The senior PCB officials say: “This is all just speculation. We cannot hide stuff like this and remember there is no chargesheet yet. I have been told that what was found was some medicine given to him by a local Pakistani Hakeem.”

    LOL at Hakeemi Majoon! Was it “Khameera Gao Zuban, Muffare Marwarid or what? And where did he get from? Farzana Dawakhana, Askari Dawakhana or Tayyebi Dawakhana? This is worst than Shane Warne’s grandmother who gave him that diuretic pill.

  4. #4 by theossa on June 3, 2008 - 12:27 PM

    Come on guys take it easy. I’ll save my judgment on Asif until he is proven guilty. There is lot we don’t know about the case yet. I don’t know what kind of drugs one will carry in his wallet for months and not smoke it? It must be some shitty stuff. LOL. Awas, tell the rookies here that “Ganja” should be smoked the first chance you get and preferably in “Hooka”. When he was coming back to Pak anyway, the POT haven of the World, why bother Dubai?

  5. #5 by Amit. P on June 3, 2008 - 12:46 PM

    Strange !! … when i saw Asif bowling in IPL semi, he looked like on “gaanja”. I along with my frnds were cracking joke during the semi …. and his behaviour was also not so normal … came to bowl with hand strap, as if he was in practice session, that billy forced him to remove. I reckon this “gaanjebazi” doesn’t improve the performance of any sportsperson … prime example is Maradona …. whole world have seen his journey from a great player to a maniac.

    Well, I have somewhat strange opinion on this issue ….. when someone takes this charas, hashish or ne other form of opium, it should not be considered as a cheating in sports (i used to have sympathies over these guys). It is different from anabolic steroid and its variants that results in extra edge over other sportspersons, so it is cheating. Shoaib’s charge was more serious and he paid almost nothing for that …. got away quite easily.

    When Asif came to internation scene, he appeared as a thinking cricketer … but in the injury period (almost a year or so) he got frustrated and came close to all these bullshits. Now this guy is paying price just for not handling his frustrated period well …. quite a sad thing.

    Can anyone tell me the kind of punishment he is upto now .. if found guilty (almost sure) for possessing opium or hashish ?

  6. #6 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 3, 2008 - 12:55 PM


    we don’t know if it was really there in the wallet for so many months or was it there in his bags? Because every time there is something new that comes out of that bag. You may save your judgment on Asif but, the point is he has already done the damage, he has created a very unpleasant situation and so has the PCB buffoons.

    They all keep on lying for God knows what reasons. Perhaps its their way that they think by hiding the truth till the end may keep the situation under control. But, when the truth comes out the whole thing stinks. They look like idiots. There is no smoke without fire my dear. And why would the Dubai immigration or custom walas would implicate him and for what? Wohi baat kay Yahoodiyoun ki saazish hai.

    Man, jokes aside about Ganja and pot, we know there is a whole world out there who smoke ganja and pot but, we are talking about its legal implications and we are not talking about a Tom, Dick or Harry Potter here, we are talking about a guy who represents your country in the sports arena.

    He was found positive for Nandrolone and on PakSpin blog I kept on arguing with people who were accusing him and Show-Actor for taking this illegal substance. And from my research studies, I tried to share it by saying that Nandrolone can also be produced endogenously i.e., by and within our own bodies. The thing is when they were acquitted from those charges, they thought its OK now, they have got a license to smoke or consume whatever they want.

    For your information most of the Hakeems these days use steroids and cortisone in their products and they don’t tell you or there is no labeling of the drugs, no literature, nothing. The famous drink Rooh-Afza was banned in the UK until they change the labeling that it is made from fresh fruit juices. Because, thats a pack of lies there is no fresh fruit juice in it. Just the essence and sugar syrup.

    So, who are they fooling man? Actually they are fooling themselves and ruining the image of the country. I repeat, it is a disgrace to commit such an act and that too openly and blatantly and then call it a mistake or a conspiracy against them.

  7. #7 by Awas on June 3, 2008 - 1:12 PM

    It is not unusual for Desis to blame all those external forces that khansahab mentioned. But before we do that I have two questions. Come on who gave him that puri in India??? Why has phirwohi gone into hiding? ;)-

    Now seriously, this is a very disturbing development but my views at this stage are similar to that of Mr Sensible (Theossa). Lets see what comes out before we ‘hang ‘em high’.

    What Cricinfo says what a “local TV channel Express News” mentioned about Asif “claiming” to get implicated was further refuted by mentioning that “this was denied to Cricinfo by Akram, as well as Naghmi during the press conference”.

    So guys hold your horses for now…more will be revealed later no doubt.

    If however he got this puri from a Neem Hakeem then basically the moron has learned nothing from the previous episode and for that reason alone I will sentence him to ‘hanging’.

    Theossa, I am not going to admit here in public…”I have done this, done that, been there” type of thing…LOL

  8. #8 by Hanumanth Rao on June 3, 2008 - 1:18 PM

    Its a shame that one or two people can ruin the image of a country. I couldn’t believe that Asif would be using such contraband substances. Dubai has very strict laws and Asif if found guilty of possession will have to serve several years in prison. That would be a shameful ending to his cricket career. But, I am not sure if he will serve a sentence. The laws are only made for ordinary people, in Asif’s case I guess the governments will get involved to get him out of the woods.

    It is funny that a few weeks ago I was discussing with my friends about Lalit Modi the Commissioner for the IPL who was not only charged for possession of drugs, kidnapping but he was also sentenced for 2 years jail term but, he remained on parole for 2 years. Generally people with such background are not allowed to take up any important post offered at the government or national level, yet he was made Commissioner for IPL.

    I saw the comment from our fellow blogger phirwohi on another blog where he was ridiculing Modi for taking credit on IPL as the product of his brainchild he said, during the time Modi was studying in the USA, i.e., 20 years ago there was no concept of twenty twenty matches so how can he claim it to be his idea? His ideas may have been in his own brain when he was smoking pot and ganja and kidnapped someone and then got a 2 years prison term converted into a parole.

  9. #9 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on June 3, 2008 - 9:56 PM

    I really admired Shoaib Malik’s frankness that Shahid Afridi should not be included in the the team since he is off-color. I would have been more impressed if he in the same breath, had said that he too is out of form and as such, be dropped from the team.( !!! ).

    To include Naumanullah at 33, is a joke. Knowing Shoaib Malik as we all do, it is unlikely that he will be given a chance, even if he gets one, it will be at the death overs with only a few balls to face.

    Not to include Sohail Khan or Yasser Arafat and persist with mediocres like Rao Iftikhar Anjum also makes no sense. Now with Asif gone for who knows how long, you have no choice but to make amends. Dont mess around again.

    Another folly is that “Mad Cow Desease” again. We just got rid of Imran Nazir, and look, another one is on the horizon!! Nasir Jamshed. This “DHOOKKA-BAAZ” wants to score a century in 25 balls!! Somebody, Please, Somebody put some sense into his thick head that hitting every ball for fours and sixes is not cricket. There is a way and method to play.

    Selecting Bazid Khan also shows the weakness of Selectors. They dont want to annoy the next Chairman-to-be. No doubt, the young man is highly talented, but like Younus Khan, he is ideal for Test match tempramental-wise and should not be spoiled in limited overs matches. Same is the case with Karachi’s opener, Khurram Manzoor, who, mercifully was not selected.

    These are the things a selector should know and identify in a player and have the guts and courage to say while selecting or not selecting a particular player to remove any misgivings.

    Javed A. Khan, I just recieved a copy of “The Cutting Edge”, Thanks.

    Other bloggers, Thank you all for caring,

    It really feels like that we all have something in common and I also miss you all when I dont feel like writing, although I read each and every word on this site.

    Just for the sake of record, I am being infused intra-venously four different drugs:

    1. Benadryl …..for Allergy

    2. Anzemet …….for Nausea

    3. Erbitux …….] To destry
    ] white cells
    4. CPT 11 …….] in blood

    It takes 4 hours and 40 minutes of drippings to last and I have to endure it every Wednesday.

    The last two, Erbitux and CPT 11 are very dangerous, it destrys not only canceros cells but healthy ones as well, since it has no way of knowing the difference. Science is still trying to develop whereby it can produce some drug which can cure/ destroy cancreros cell in human body without harming healthy cells or organs.

    I am writing this only for your information and to forgive me when I make some in-coherent mistakes in spelling or phrases since it has affacted my mental ability as well.

    I am not taking this treatment so that it will lengthen my life, but because it may cure the desease and lessen the pain. As a Muslim, it is my firm belief that when my time is up, nobody can stop it. As also it is the Hadith to seek the best available treatment. And I am fortunate that I am in a country and in a City that pride itself as among the best in Heart, Eye and Cancer Treatment in the world.

    And that too without a penny out of my pocket, which I could not have afforded!!

    I forgot to mention that five years ago, I was diagnosed for rectal-colon cancer and went through whole regime of treatment and surgery and was cured!

    Since then, I was under regular observesance and monitoring and early last year was again diagnosed for lung cancer. Since then this process of Pet-Scan, Cat-Scan, Body-Scan, C.T-scan, Bronscopy etc etc and finally Chemo-therapy.

    My Oncologist says I am cured 70% “Oos ke moon mein ghee sakkar”

    P.S. Please check the spelling mistakes, Thanks.

  10. #10 by Awas on June 3, 2008 - 10:32 PM

    M Y Kasim Sahib

    First of all it’s always a pleasure to read your intelligent and passionate comments. Secondly, I admire you to be able to spare some time to write something that we all love as it must be difficult sometimes for you to do what you like to do. I guess being active and keeping your mind busy is something good for you.

    We all wish you very best and a speedy recovery!

  11. #11 by khansahab on June 3, 2008 - 11:50 PM

    Hanumanth Rao/Amit P/Kunal Sabherwal/Salman Khan/Pandit Jee/Phirwohi/Samy

    Thanks to all of you for supporting us on LS. Legslip is many ways is a pathbreaking site in terms of cricket content. We have our own way of doing things. For example we are very liberal and allow content that you would not be able to post on any other site but at the same time we are sensitive to not hurt the feelings of any caste, creed, religion or nationality.
    In the same way we want to make example of the fact that, Pakistanis and Indians on one platform can discuss issues in harmony without resorting to animosity. That is what Legslip is about and one of the intentions of LS managers is to bridge the gap between Indian and Pakistani fans, rather than create differences.

    Legslip caters to all types of people but it especially appeals to those people who are mature and tolerant and don’t mind calling a spade, a spade.

  12. #12 by khansahab on June 4, 2008 - 12:03 AM


    Sir, it is always a pleasure to read your posts. I hope you regain good health very soon and I am sure all decent people here on LS pray for you.

    Mohammad Munir/Theossa

    I am really sorry for not being around too much. When both of you address me and make comments I of course read them and enjoy them, but often I don’t have time to respond. Please accept my apologies.

    Munir sahab, you asked Javed A Khan and myself about Punjabi players a while ago, asking whether we think they are quality players? The answer would probably be a careful “yes”. Some of it is due to genetic and racial traits, such as perhaps aggression in batting (which assists profoundly in Twenty20 cricket) and good stamina, fitter bodies and tall heights which assist in pace bowling. We have discussed this before on numerous occasions on Pakspin.

    However I don’t think the differences matter so much these days because, there are some good bowlers in NWFP and Karachi and similarly there are good attacking batsmen as well. Across the border India’s leading pacers Sreesanth and Pathan are not Punjabi, although RP Singh and Nehra are.

    Punjab has always produced good players in Pakistan and Punjabi teams tend to dominate the domestic rankings. However that could be just a result of greater numbers of Punjabis and greater teams within Punjab which are competing against much lesser Karachi and NWFP teams. Plus we all know, cricket is not just about aggression, stamina or height. In the recent past Karachi has done remarkably well under Afridi’s captaincy, whether it is first class or LIST A cricket. So other factors also count such as, good captaincy, player temperament, how mature the players are etc etc

  13. #13 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 4, 2008 - 12:17 AM

    Mr. M. Y. Kasim

    Your comments are always very intelligent and unbiased and hats off to you for keeping yourself so busy and involved despite going through all what you have described above. “Afreen” on you!

    Your assessment about the opening conundrum in Pakistan team and the reason for its failure is absolutely on the dot, that dolt called Nasir Jamshed wants to emulate Shahid Afridi and wants to break his record thats why he wants to hit out every ball out of the ground. If he wish to hit then he must play ground shots rather than choosing the aerial route.

    When it comes to batting Shahid Afridi, Imran Nazir, Nasir Jamshed they are the chips of the same block. Only difference is Afridi has scored fast centuries twice, Imran Nazir got the opportunity to make a 200 during the Caribbean WC and lost it. Nasir Jamshed got several opportunities to score as an opener and instead of scoring more, he started scoring less and less in every match he played. And you have rightly said so that you don’t have to hit every ball you face. Afridi is currently in the team because of his bowling. Nasir Jamshed should know that he is not a bowler at all, so he will disappear in thin air like Imran Nazir.

    I can’t agree more on Rao Ifti’s mediocrities also that of the un-swung hero of Kamran – Shahid Nazeer. They ought to give a chance to Sohail Khan mainly because of his sheer speed. Pakistan is famous for fast bowlers and if we don’t encourage a young fast bowler like him then we are doomed to get mediocre medium pacers and they would only be mules and not the horses that win matches.

    Now, Asif’s case is a real pain in the whatever, the reason there is a black out on news is due to the fact that they want to hush, hush the whole thing and get him out from Dubai ASAP. That way they would be able to tell another story to the world. This is exactly what they are doing now, trying to cover up.

    Currently the UAE is mourning the untimely death of Shaikh Nasir Bin Zayed Al Nahyan who died in a helicopter crash. This will add more agony to the waiting time that Asif has to deal with. The courts are closed due to mourning and the Dubai Tribunal Court will decide if that contraband drug is illegal and whether he should be charged as guilty or whatever, but that is not going to happen for the next few days. Then they have a Friday, which is a holiday. In any case Asif if charged guilty, will immediately be banned by the PCB and ICC will follow the pursuit and it is likely that he will have to serve the sentence in the UAE and that could be for a few years! Shouldn’t that idiot have thought before accepting a Hakeemi medication? Like I have said, most hakeemi medications have no labeling no literature and they add whatever they get hands on like, cortisone and steroids in the name of Majoons.

  14. #14 by Jehanzeb Khan Niazi on June 4, 2008 - 3:37 AM

    Its a shameful act by Asif he did not think for a moment that carrying such substances with you especially when you are traveling could be very dangerous. Most Pakistanis are ashamed of his irresponsible behaviour. Time and again Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif have created such instances that has really lead to disgrace the whole nation. Nandrolone, then dressing room brawl and now this. Whether he will be served a jail sentence or not is another issue he should be banned permanently along with Shoaib Akhtar. There is no need to be lenient.

  15. #15 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 4, 2008 - 4:17 AM

    Same old story. Yesterday, after reading the Khaleej Times and Gulf News which are carrying the headlines about the helicopter crash in which Sheikh Zayed’s son Sheikh Nasir bin Zayed died, I knew that the whole of the UAE would be in mourning till Friday and all government offices, courts etc., would remain closed.

    “The (Daily) News” of Jang Group are now carrying the same story that the government offices in the UAE are closed due to that incident. And, on top of that they are also echoing the lamenting made by the PCB officials who are complaining that their own Ambassador in the UAE is unwilling to help them in getting Asif released.

    These PCB officials are so stupid that they don’t understand the gravity of the situation in that country. The Ruler’s brother had died in an accident, the whole country is in mourning, what can the Ambassador of Pakistan do in such a situation? He goes and asks one of the Sheikhs to release the Pakistani druggie? What will be their response? They will say; Mr. Ambassador is this the only job you have? Go fly a kite.

    Even during the normal time, the Ambassador or the embassy staff is not treated well by those people and at this juncture when they are mourning the death of a Sheikh, you expect them to open their courts and call for an emergency hearing? Or, is the PCB expecting Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed to provide them a Chartered Royal Flight for His Drugginess Asaf and fly him back to his Pind?

    Asif is such a dimwit dolt, now he is making up stories that he had a brawl with some immigration clerk and he was “a little bit drunk.” Ziyada nahee bus thori see pee thee. And that too, khudd nahee PIA tha balkay Pilayee Gayee thee….. Mujhay Duniya Walo Sharabee na samjho, mai PITA nahee hoon, Pilayee Gayee hai.

    Finally, they have called Sohail Khan as Asif’s replacement, aati hai aqal purr dheeray dheeray and that too after getting a kick on the rear.

  16. #16 by Rehan Khan on June 4, 2008 - 9:43 AM

    Very interesting twist to Asif’s tale. Has anyone heard of the drug charges being dropped against the druggie? I read in the news that this was due to a misunderstanding.

    What misunderstanding! either he was carrying drugs or he was not. There is a lot of drugs trade and smuggling in UAE, the UAE officials would definitely know if someone has such material on him. I think it is because of diplomatic intervention the charges have been dropped. Maybe Pervez Musharraf himself was involved in this as he is the Patron. He instructed the tribunal to drop charges against Shoaib Akhtar too when his ban was overturned.

    Asif’s reputation and the country’s reputation has a black spot over it because of the behaviour of these players. Other players who “play clean” like Yousuf, Younus or Afridi, why don’t they ever get caught with needles or similar substances?

  17. #17 by Salman Khan on June 4, 2008 - 10:25 AM

    Javed , you have outdone yourself here. Extremely hilarious comments so far!!

    On a more serious note , does anyone thnk that Asif imbibed this “aib” from “Show-Aib”. What I have seen of Asif , he comes across as a country bumpkin who would’nt be able to tell the difference between “Majoon” or “Morpheen” , hence the suspicion .

  18. #18 by Awas on June 4, 2008 - 1:13 PM

    Osman Samiuddin has written a wonderful article on Cricinfo on this issue and the guy has a good sense of humour too…here is an extract that I liked and worth noting.

    “In England a number of county cricketers have had problems big and small. One legend enjoyed the green and it didn’t prevent him from having a knighthood conferred upon him. New Zealand and South Africa have also dealt with cricketers who, unlike Bill Clinton, inhaled. The former even made one of them captain, in fact their best and one of the best from the modern age”.

    For the ones not sharp enough (that excludes Abdul, as he is a cricketer, so he would know) which knight he is referring to, it’s Botham who was known to be a pot smoker. Any guesses for the Kiwi captain?

  19. #19 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 4, 2008 - 3:48 PM

    Salman Khan

    Talking of imbibing or swigging reminds me of how Henry David Thoreau has mentioned about it in Walden, Solitude chapter 5. “When the whole body is one sense, and imbibes delight through every pore…..” But in Asif’s case it is a misery that pours pain and no gain. As regards the “Show-Actor,” he says, there isn’t any sin or even any “aib” in it, if there is any “show” me. Reportedly he is one of those who swigs and believes in that FAT Aziz Mian Qawwaal’s ideology, “Hota Nashaa Sharaab May Tou Naachti Bottle.” Aur bin piye tou punjaban bhee nahee nucch dee … I mean in a “moderate” way.

    Osman Samiuddin in his latest article on cricinfo wrote, “If his (Asif’s) bowling is anything to go by, he has an alert cricketing brain and Pakistan can ill afford to lose that. I would say if he had any sense, he wouldn’t have kept his brains in his wallet.

    That nincompoop was shocked after his arrest and to cover up the bigger crime which could mean several years of imprisonment, he blabbed about a lesser crime and completely forgotten how the Mullah’s in his own country would react to that comment. For them drugs means medication, but DARU is DARU. It will be enough for them to issue a FATWA on him. Although he might be pleading to them that he only touched it, which is like, “I only wet my whistle” but, that is enough for them to crucify him.

    If Asif gets out of the frying pan (Dubai Jail) and lands into the fire (Pakistani Mullahs) then he should quote the famous Egyptian cleric Sheikh Yusuf Al Qaradawi’s recent fatwa that 0.5% level of alcohol is permissible in Islam. I am sure Qaradawi nay bhee thori see pee hogi when he issued that fatwa. His level at that time must be per gallon instead of per mil.

    IF Asif is that smart or, “Get Smart” and be able to spark a new debate to shift the focus of the Pakistani Mullah’s from his own crime to Qaradawi’s fatwa is like asking: “Mujh ko Chaand la kay dou, Mujh ko Taray la kay dou, Mujh ko saaray la kay dou.” Wali baat.

    This new fatwa has already created a lot of controversy and Yusuf Qaradawi is not allowed to visit Britain for the fear of sparking violence. They say that he was inspired by Munni Begum’s “Jhoom bara bar Jhoom …….. Qaradawi.”

  20. #20 by Hanumanth Rao on June 4, 2008 - 4:55 PM

    Awas wasn’t it Stephen Fleming? In 1995 he survived controversy when he was caught and admitted to smoking marijuana with teammates Matthew Hart and Dion Nash while on tour at their hotel. Am I right?

    Last time I wrote about Lalit Modi as well but no one seems to have responded to that. Although in India there was a lot of debate on Modi’s appointment as the Commissioner for the IPL tournament. On the Surfer that chap, instead of talking about Modi’s 2 years sentence on drugs and kidnapping wrote something about his “laundry” i.e., how he could keep his shirts so clean? He was speculating whether he is buying a new shirt every time or how come he can get a clean shirt for every match. Perhaps that person has never traveled and stayed in 5 star hotels. These days they do your shirt in one hour. If I am not mistaken Bothom acknowledged smoking cannabis, pot, weed whatever it is but in 1985 when England lost to West Indies, Bothom was blamed for not only having an affair with Lindy Field, a former Miss Barbados, that she snorted cocaine with Botham and made love so passionately that the bed broke. Upon knowing this, his wife Kathy Bothom replied to the media, “So far as I know there has never been a St Ian.” Its not a joke, its all there on the Internet.

  21. #21 by theossa on June 4, 2008 - 5:14 PM

    M. Y. Kasim

    It’s pleasing to know that you are recovering and I wish that you get back to 100%. I grew up in Karachi so during nineties when things were not so easy in Karachi, Kharadar restaurants (Malbari and Pathan) by M.A. Jinnah Road was the only place close to us (Clifton) that would be open all night and safe. I and friends would go to there late night to have Kadhai, Boti Kababs, Qeema, with Parathas and we would flush food with Doodh Patti Chai. I’m sure living in Houston you won’t miss anything but Pittsburgh suburbs are not that diverse. Where I live it’s like 97% whites so it’s hard to find desi food here. I sometime drive to Pittsburgh to get desi food but I usually avoid city because of traffic. Living in suburbs made me laid back.

    Your assessment of the openers is spot on. I said this before that only good bowling attack can win us matches and we have been and will remain mediocre in batting. In my opinion, chief selector Slahuddin is a good guy but he is not given a free hand to what he is supposed to do that is selection based on merit and not on recommendation and domicile. I guess Pakistan cricket is ill-fated just like our country and this “Chukker” is keep resurrecting asshole leaders. Good news here is Obama won the majority of delegates so I say, “Yes we can”.

  22. #22 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 4, 2008 - 6:10 PM


    On your mentioning a few names of Karachi hideouts I reckon there are quite a few good places to eat out. But, its all changing so fast, everything is getting so commercialized and there is no personal touch in it. Like, BBQ 2 nite has ISO 9000 rating and they take pride in their fast service and good quality food. Yes, its true the service is fast and good and some of their items are good too.

    There are places like Lal Qilla restaurant and a few more famous ones. But, the good old Saabri ki Nihari, the Burns Road ki Rubree, that Patel Paray ka Karai Gosht, Bahadurabad’s Bihari Kebabs and Nazimabad chowrangi’s gola kabab and that Spinzar’s kata-kat are all time classic places to go and enjoy the fervor and the taste of authentic recipes – never liked Bundoo Khan for the deep fried oily puris which the call it as parathas.

    I have recently been to the food streets of Lahore but the quality of food is not the same as it is in Karachi, except for the Cuckoo’s Den roof top where the ambiance in winter is nice especially dinner time and their TAWA chicken and Handiya Daal along with garma garam Naan is good. The rest is all mediocre, even that Gawal Mandi ki Macchi or fish is not something to talk about, in fact Munir would concur with my views that Chachay di Maamay di Macchi in Sharjah is better than Lahore’s fish.

    In about 4 days time the tri-series is going to start and we should soon be discussing about that. Indians are the favourites, and the Pakistanis are underdogs. For them its better to be UD’s and play cricket rather than thinking or talking about the recent performances.

  23. #23 by theossa on June 4, 2008 - 6:38 PM

    Javed, Have you lived in Karachi? Or just visited? The places you mentioned are the cream of Karachi and I wonder unless you lived there or visited a Karachi veteran you won’t know those treasure places. I also like “Village” in Karachi. “I am agree” with you that food of Lahore is not that good compared to Karachi but that could be due to different taste of the cities. A Lahore resident may not like food of Karachi. I least liked the Lahori Fish, too salty for me. The famous “Phujje de Paaye” is the gem of Lahori food. They also have “Village” and “Wind Mill”, good places to eat out.

    I’ll also pick India as the winners (batting will prove too much for Pak) but I’ll take Pakistan as runner up and that’s because Sri Lanka is not participating in the Tri-Series. Bangladesh will finish last and boy what a free fall they are having after a courageous WC, probably missing the coach now.

  24. #24 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 4, 2008 - 7:03 PM


    I did mention b4 that I’ve lived in Karachi and also in Dubai, hence I know these places well. Apart from that I was there last year so I went to these restaurants in Dubai, Karachi, Lahore and even in Isloo. The Village is also nice, I said, there are a few good places and thats one of them.

    In Peshawar, I can’t remember the name of that restaurant in Qissa Khawani Bazaar because I was young, but I do remember the Chapli Kebabs and Puthay Tikkay. In Dubai there is a truck driver’s eatery called “Pathan Restaurant” and the owner is Bhunair Khan, they make excellent Chapli Kababs, Karai gosh and namkeen gosh.

    Time for lunch for me now so i better stop talking about food. I know Sri Lanka is not playing in tri-series, i got mixed up with the Asia Cup that is to start next month.

  25. #25 by khansahab on June 4, 2008 - 9:07 PM

    I was too young when I left Karachi to enjoy the nightlife.
    Generally speaking about food I like the Punjab cuisine much better than Karachi cuisine.

    But there are some unforgettable eating places. I remember Kublai Khan’s club sandwiches, Silver Spoon’s Tikka Boti Roll and Chicken Sashlik, Kings and Queens’ Chicken Submarine, Javed ki Nihari (Javed A Khan, not YOURS but some other Javed :)], Student Biryani, Chicken Tikka Pizza of Pizza Hut, Mr Burger’s burgers, grilled food of Barbeque Tonight, Nacho Nana’s……these places are all classics. Unforgettable!

    I can’t also forget the shaadi food of Karachi, greasy chicken korma and chicken biryani, and all the paindoos who used to jump on food as soon as the lids/covers came off the dishes. They were like animals. These MF ****ers only went to shaadis to eat the food. We were always last in the queue because we used to be disgusted at their greediness.

    I can’t get food like that here in Manchester, even though it’s famous for its Curry Mile.

  26. #26 by khansahab on June 4, 2008 - 9:14 PM

    By the way I forget, in Tariq Road there was “Raju’s Icecream” and somewhere in PECHS there was “kaybees” or something like that. It was very good.

    There was also a Zafar Chat on Tariq Road. It is the only chat I could eat in Pakistan. Their Faloodas were so tasty. Although some times we had tummy upset after eating their food.

    They also did Ganney ka rass (said as “ganney daa rass” by the Punjabi workers) which was more hygienic than what you could get off the roads.

    I also remember Nagori di Lassi and Nagori da doodh (yummy cream milk in a chilled bottle with nuts). I used to love that.

    Theossa and Javed Khan, you have invoked very fond foody memories of Karachi. Thanks! I still maintain you just cannot get food like that anywhere in the world.

    That’s why they say, if you have lots of money Karachi is the best place to live.

  27. #27 by khansahab on June 4, 2008 - 9:16 PM


    I don’t know about Lahori fish, but I do love Lahori “birds”.


  28. #28 by Awas on June 5, 2008 - 1:31 PM

    When you talk about desi food, it brings back wonderful memories of our home towns. Our resident blogger Javed is such a good food connoisseur that I wouldn’t disagree with him that Karachi food is better but there are definitely very good eateries in Lahore too. I have only been to Karachi as visitor and found that food really good too.

    Mr T (the sensible) surmised it well by saying “food of Lahore is not that good compared to Karachi but that could be due to different taste of the cities”. The indigenous residents of each place know what and where is the best available. Many delegates and bollywood personalities when they visit Lahore can’t help admiring the food as well as hospitality of Lahoris.

    Other than desi eateries, the trend there is also now of foreign food these days. A lot of Chinese and Italian and other restaurants have opened up with a variety of sea food and stakes available. People love to go there but every time I visit I stick to desi stuff mainly that I miss most.

    Our family and relatives are so good and renowned at making the best and better than what is available outside that most of the daawats are held within homes. Nothing beats good sumptuous gourmet hygienic and tasty home cooking. My Dad for example had such a good eye for picking good fruit and veg and meat that he sometimes used to tell my mum this meat you can just cook on smoke today than the fire, hinting that he is got such a lean tender meat today. Unlike here in the West, you can easily get quality stuff in supermarkets or wherever but over there, there is a lot of rubbish that is sold with good stuff as well.

  29. #29 by theossa on June 5, 2008 - 3:09 PM

    Good posts on food guys. Since there is no cricket going on, it’s not bad to talk about food. Khansahab you totally swept the rest of the best of Karachi. Awas, of course nothing is better than home made traditional food and that’s why I miss des. Are you sure your dad does not have some Pathan blood? They are supposed to be the meat experts, LOL. Ok, let me take this topic to some other direction and i.e. who make the best food. “I” think Urdu Speaking folks are number one, they beat everyone in variety. Their best are Biryani, Behari Kabab, Shami Kabab, Korma, Tikka, Nehari, Haleem, Maghaz Masala, Dahi Bahlay, Pakode, Samosa, and Achar Gosht. Punjab comes second with some rich food like Bong, Paye, Murgh Cholay, Seekh kabab, Churgha, Gurde Kapore, Roast and Kulfi for desert. Interesting point here is Karachians prefer eating rice dishes with Salad and Raita while in Punjab Shorba nd Gravy is preferred. Also, Karachi food has more curry and spice compared to kind of dry food in Lahore. Peshawar comes third with best Parathas in the World, Kadhai, Chapli Kabab, Kabuli Palow, Lamb Rice, Lamb Roast, BBQ Tikka, Trout Fish, Black Pepper Meat cooked in fat. Pathans love meat and they tend to avoid veggies and call it goat/rabbit food. Here is a true story and it is kindda hilarious, one of my aunt asked my uncle, “What should I put in the meat?” and he replied, “Put more meat in the meat”, LOL. I did not get a chance to try many Sindhi and Balochi dishes but I liked Sindhi dish ChamRee (Daal served with dried Mangoes) and Balochi Mutton Sujji.

  30. #30 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 5, 2008 - 3:44 PM

    In Asif’s case, you’ll see more twists and turns as the case progresses the statements made by the PCB officials will change and they will negate their own statements. According to them at first, the Dubai officials were saying that the substance which was found was either Hasish or Opium.

    Then according to Asif, it was some Hakimi Majoon. NO, before that he said, “yae unki saazish hai” because he had a brawl with one of the “immigra guys.” Now, the blood and urine results are back “reportedly” they are negative, which means he was not consuming that substance or any drugs. BUT, what about the alcohol level? He said he was a “lee-tul bitt drrrunk.” Goya Chaudry Saab day Pyjamay da hunn koi Zikr nayeee?

    The change in tone continues and the statements they issue are self negating just look at this, earlier they said that the Pakistani Ambassador in Abu Dhabi or the Consul General in Dubai are “unwilling” to help. Now, they are saying, “no Pakistani government official has yet become involved in the matter and the PCB is still working through diplomatic channels to have the case resolved as soon as possible. ” What does this mean?

    Firstly, is the PCB is a semi-government organization, isn’t it? Since the Patron in Chief is the President of Pakistan and there is no private funding in it so in a way it is not just a semi but, totally government owned organization where the Chairman is directly appointed by the President of Pakistan. So, when their officials like Naghmi, Shaghmi, Akram, Chakram are involved in his case, are they not government officials?

    Secondly, since when the Ambassador or the Consul General are NOT a part of the government?

    Thirdly, any government when they are trying to negotiate something or dealing with another country’s officials it is considered as “diplomatic effort through diplomatic channel.” By emphasizing that they are “still” working through diplomatic channels is weird. Are they implying here that if this diplomatic efforts or channels fail to resolve this matter, then they (the Pakistan government) would think of opening another channel? Btw what is that other channel? I think I should leave this matter and let the dust in Dubai settle on its own pace.

  31. #31 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 5, 2008 - 4:47 PM

    Like I said, I will leave this matter (Asif’s case) for a while, I would like to join the gourmet food discussion, which of course is my forte. I do write on some food blogs as “Bavarchi Khan” and that too with some vengeance to counter that Vancouver’s chef Yan, whose cooking programs were aired on his TV show “Yan Can Cook.” I used to say, if Yan Can Cook, then “Khan Can Cook” even better. 😉

    A few years ago my cooking was discussed on the local French TV channel by some famous gourmet food critics and they also showed some of the items I prepared. Also, a few reviews appeared in both English and French Daily news papers. I must admit that I am eluding myself by reassuring no one, but myself that, I am writing a book on gourmet cooking. Well I have so far succeeded only in bits and bobs and it will be a big day when I will compile it. Also, the task of taking pictures or making videos is not an easy one, photography is one of my hobbies but time is the biggest issue. Its much easier to hit a few keys on the keyboard but to organize food and photography at the same time is very tedious.

    theossa to add to the list of Urdu Food ( sorry for digressing but I must tell you this. My 3 years old nephew, who lived in Karachi earlier and when he was new in this country, while playing on his front lawn, saw a desi couple wearing Shalwar Kameez, he approached them and asked “aunty aap log Urdu hain?” And dragged them into his house to meet his parents – One more thing, the Hawaii Chappals which are popular in India and Pakistan, he used to call them Urdu Chappal.)

    Ooops what was that I had to add to the list? It is, Pasanday, Koftay and Nargisi Koftay too, DuPiazza, Rampuri Seekh Kebabs (which melt in your mouth.) Apart from Biriyani that is cooked in different varieties like the Hyderabadi’s make “Kucchi Biryani” i.e., the meat is not cooked separately its marinated and tenderized then cooked under the rice, there is Lucknow ki Ukhni Pulao & Zarda and, there is Tehri (poor mans pulao or everyday vegi pulao) which has its own charm when served with its “Lawazmaat.”

    Btw, this “Butter Chicken” which has become so famous in the west is a dish that has been created in the west to cater to the needs of “gora saabs” a mild curry which never existed in India / Pakistan before, but it is now being seen in some posh restaurants for the “burger families” and their spoiled brats say ” Batta Chicka” they even call a Shami Kebab as burger. (Is there a pillar here to bang my head on it?)

    Btw, I am a sucker of good food be it “Urdu food” or Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi, Baluchi food whatever, if it is cooked nicely I luv it. I am also a great fan of South Indian dishes like the Dosa, Idli, Wada – Sambar, Upma, Uthappa, Basundi etc. I make Dosas at home (only sometimes) and I have a huge, very thick aluminum but, non-stick TAWA to make crispy dosas. Also, make ten different type of samosas (the Arabs call it SamBooSa) The Arabic and Iranian food is mild and at times bland when compared to our spicy food. But, once in a while I do eat Iranian Chilloo Kebabs, Khormay Sabzi.

    I have often said this and only to tease the Mexicans that their food is a bad version of our desi food. I have never acquired a taste for it. French is too sophisticated but in every damn recipe there is either red wine or white wine and most of the meat items are partially cooked. I am also not a great fan of Italian food, other than pizza and that too thin crust and in the list of pastas only lasagna and Cannelloni but, that too when I make it with Halal ingredients.

    The Japanese Tempura, sushi, sashimi with wasabi and not to mention their portable Hibachi grill food in the NY restaurants and also the teriyaki, teppanyaki is great. The Chinese Food that is prepared in Karachi restaurants, you won’t find them in Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong or anywhere. Its simply the best. Too much food talk? Lets leave the dessert for some other time. theossa we are not talking about that “Portable Water Cooler” which you consider as your dessert.

  32. #32 by Awas on June 5, 2008 - 5:56 PM

    Theossa, I didn’t know whether Khan’s are such crazy ‘gosht khorey’ as well but Punjabis (or certain type may be) are too. Perhaps this explains some similarities amongst Pathans and Punjabis. Us particular lot are very much meat people. In a daawat, for example, if a daal or vegetable is made even as an extra dish, it’s considered as disrespect to the guests.

    I agree Urdu speaking folks do make very chat pattey khaney…I love their dishes.

    Javed, the Iranian Chilloo Kebabs that you mentioned are called Jalloo Kebabs here. These guys also make Makhsoos and Kobi Daan another varieties of kebabs, tasty but bland but the kids love it. Japanese food that you mentioned is one of my favourites but very pricey too.

  33. #33 by Mohammed Munir on June 5, 2008 - 6:05 PM

    First and foremost, I regret my inability to contribute lately, however, like many other bloggers around, I could not stop myself from ‘peeking’ in on the LS site and reading all the interesting comments.

    This site have grown like a ‘KHAN-daan’, and we all its family members, with Mr. ‘MY’ Kasim as one of the senior most persons while Abdul (self proclaimed youngest bloke on the site) as the ‘baby’ of LS. Though one of the LS Managers is also fairly young (only age-wise) and may like to compete with Abdul 😉

    Today, I shall write about a few topics which have been on my mind for sometime and I could not write them due to time constraints. But before all this, let me start with my most sincere and genuine prayers and best for a speedy and full recovery of our fellow bolgger Mr. Kasim. Kasim Sahab, you are one brave guy, and I hold a high regard for the way you are facing your medical problems. Allah give you courage and determination to fight-off this condition very soon Inshallah.

    One reason for me not writing on LS was that lately, I was not able to open LS website from my office as my IT department have blocked my access to the LS sight without any explanations. Anyways, I thought, it must be something to do with the name ‘Leg Slip’, I mean frankly speaking, where the hell can one find a name like this. For someone who is not blessed enough to know much about cricket, the Leg Slip literally means a “Phisalnee Taang”, or “Chickney Taang” or “Chickney Raan” in Urdu, or one may think that this name have to do something with ‘Slipping a Leg’, or may be ‘Slipping something between the Legs’ 😉

    So I would not blame my bank, you see.

    LS Management had written a nice article “CHANGE WE CAN BELIEVE IN ….?” on 01.06.2008 about the IPL and the changes it brought about in the cricketing arenas. However, due to personal ‘achievements’ of our national hero, Mohammed Asif in Dubai, LS guys came up with another timely thread about him and we all got distracted from IPL to “Liwuna Asaf”.

    Anyways, Mohammed Asif is our ‘Mehmaan’ in United Arab Emirates (UAE) these days, or more accurately, he is ‘Sarkaary Mehmaan’ in Dubai. I am sure this ‘meesna’ looking guys will reach more heights than Shoaib Actor, no not in cricket, but in publicity or rather notoriousness. I mean, look at his performance so far, what Actor have achieved in decades he is catching-up with in years. It’s a shame for our entire nation, and it’s such a pity that these guys hold the whole country and its peoples on ransom with such derogatory behaviors.

    Here in UAE, we Pakistanis have to face a lot of music from other guys, including the locals, because of this A$$…… It’s like when they ask us about him, our “Sar Sharam Sey Jhuk Jata Hai” 😦

    About our previous thread on the recently concluded, IPL, yes it was an immensely successful and highly profitable venture for all involved.

    Some interesting facts about the IPL are that, each single run that MS Dhoni scored have cost Chennai team owners an amount of approx. IRS: 1.5 Lakhs. Whereas Ishant Sharma have taken one wicket at the cost of US$: 135,714/-, while our own Younis Khan’s each run have set RR back by US$: 75,000/- (US$: 225,000/- and scored 3 runs in only game played). Last but not the least, Chris Gayle have been paid a sum of US$: 800,000/- by the Kala-Kata Night Riders just in ‘charity’, as he could not play even a single match due to his injuries.

    Similarly, we can derive the productivity of each individual player and the cost paid to them.

    Now imagine if you were the owners of these teams, what would you have had been going through with this situation. (yes, I am a banker, thank you very much).

    On the Food Front, wow … I mean living most of my life here in UAE, I guess I am missing the ‘world’. Some places mentioned by Javed Khan, Awas, theossa and Khan Sahab are unheard of for me. Nevertheless, I been to Food Street in Lahore (had as much food as I could followed by a Kashmiri tea in winters) and I agree with Javed Khan that the Lahori Fish ‘Sardar Di Machhli’ with some ‘Ajwaain Masala’ at Gawal Mundi was not really out of this world, and I found the Mamay Ki Machhli in Sharjah more appealing to my taste buds.

    Javed, now a days, there are a few ‘Chapli Kabab’ joints in Sharjah and Dubai, specially the one in Dubai Al Aweer area is really nice with authentic taste, as it was initially opened by a Pathan for Pathan truck drivers in Al Aweer.

    With the increasing number of Pakistanis, lately a large number of Desi Shops have opened-up in UAE. These shops sell authentic Pakistani products, specially the seasonal fruits and vegetables brought in directly by the PIA flight. Moreover, they also take special orders and bring any items we wish by airway shipments. I have received Chaati Ka Makhon, Desi Ghees, Home made Achaar, Lal Khoo Ki Burfi, Gourmay and Farhat Bakery products. While in vegetables have got some raw vegetables like ‘Kachnaar’, ‘Suhanjana’, ‘Bhay (Kanwal Ki roots), ‘Choongain’, etc. etc. and since I am lucky enough to live with my parents, my Wife and Mother are both cooking splendidly and they are spoiling me for choice. (Yes of course I am over-weight, who would not be in this situation) 😉

    In winter months, these Pakistani shops also bring the Qeemay Kay Parathay, Rubbris, Khoya, Moong-Phhaly, Chal-Go-Zay, Mayway Wala Gur, and any other items from Pakistan as it does not get spoiled quickly due to colder weather. These days, I have been drinking water in my special ‘Mati Da Peeyaala’, which gives be the ‘Mati Ki Soondi Khushboo’.

    Anyways, it is start of summer months, and I am thoroughly enjoying the ‘Faalsay’ and ‘Jamuns’ along with ‘Faalsay Kay Juices’ and some Desi Mangoes along with ‘Satoo and Gur Ki Shaker’. But the mangoes are not in full swing yet, so its only Sindhri, Almaas and a few other unknow ‘brands’, as we are anxiously waiting for the king of mangoes “Chonsa – Samer Baahisht” and the evergreen Fajri.

    Between Karachi and Lahore, I would vote for Karachi foods. I know Lahori food is good too, but in Karachi they cook their food with special care and much passion and hard work. While on the other hand, in NWFP we do not go much in details and depend largely on “MEAT” of any type and almost any animal 😉 (I mean Gaaay, Bhains, Bakri, Dumba, Katra, Bachhra, etc. etc.) even the uncooked (Kachaa) meat is also ok at times, yes I am serious, we make thin strips of raw meat and mix salt and red chilly powder in it. Then we sun-dry it and once it is fully dried, we grind it into ‘choora’ and fry it in Desi Ghee. At times, we also cook these dried meat strips with Aaloos and Chanay Ki Daal …… Mmmmmm.

    I guess in NWFP, we Pathans have only one motto when it comes to meat, “BRING IT ON” …..

    Seeing everyone talking about foods with so much passion, I suggest that LS Management should also include a “Hot Recipe” or “Desi Cooking” section on this site. This way we may also attract some “Dosheezaain” on our Rukha Sukha blog 😉

    On a totally other front though, I do not know how many of us have noticed that this “KHAN-daan” thing is having some real roots within our LS family. I mean just look around and we have Javed KHAN, KHAN Sahab, Jehanzeb KHAN, Rehan KHAN, Salman KHAN, etc. etc., so is it a KHAN Clan or what?
    I think me, Awas, Kasim Sahab and theossa should also start putting KHAN in front of their names to show close proximity to other site members 😉

    PS: I just love this site, because there is no 1,000 words limit as well as not topic restriction …. SO FAR 😉

  34. #34 by theossa on June 5, 2008 - 6:12 PM

    Javed, LOL at calling Kulfi “The Portable Water Cooler”, it’s a delicious cooler anyway. Btw you sound like a “Maha Cook”. When you publish your book, I’ll sure get a copy for my spouse. I don’t really like Japanese food and I hate Italian food including Pizza. Chinese food is just ok here (Orange and Bourbon) but I like Thai food. It is kick ass spicy and I especially like the “Sticky Rice with Ice Cream” dessert. Greek lamb Gyros are also good here. I think U.S. is way advanced than Desi countries when it comes to desserts. They have an amazing variety and tastes really good too (that’s why 40% of the population is obese). How does a warm and fresh Krispy Kreme donut or a Pumpkin Pie taste? The Desi deserts I like are Kher, Kulfi, Gajar Ka Halwa, Russ Malai but all of them are too sweet. Oh, I like this Egyptian dessert called something like “Boosbosa”. Now here’s a question no one will dare to answer (Prumpara matters), sweets taste best after smoking what?

  35. #35 by Awas on June 5, 2008 - 6:16 PM

    Munir nay kassar nikaal dee…he has written a book now ;)-

  36. #36 by theossa on June 5, 2008 - 6:33 PM

    Munir, you finally showed up and showed up with a big basket of food. Come on Gemini, was it necessary to make me more depressed by mentioning what variety of food is available to you? Remember “nazar lug jaige” aor “gharib ke aah lage ge”.

    From “Depriving in Pittsburgh”

  37. #37 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 5, 2008 - 6:41 PM


    tum nay tou kitaab likh daali. Its like “Jo hum nay daastaan apni sunaiyee, aap kion royae?” Array Bhai, I did mention above in my previous comment about that Pathan Restaurant in Al- Aweer, Dubai which was mainly for truck drivers and one of my chatora friends explored it long time ago and then we were regulars, I even mentioned the name of the owner “Bhunair Khan” so who are you telling man? 🙂 I even asked you about Al Afadhel Restaurant which started from that humble abode, in the rear of Bank Square area in a very humble way. I used to eat only their crispy paratha and the Lucknow kebabs that he used to make on hot plate and nothing else. Because, everything else taste very mediocre, sometimes he used to bring that very fine “saonf” anise seed from “Nucklow” thats how he used to say Lucknow.


    My Egyptian friend’s mother makes the best Basboosa, its amazingly delicious I never had such Basboosa anywhere in the UAE and even Baklawa was just an ordinary dessert for me until I ate it here. There is a Turkish lady here and she prepares at home and sells it to the desi/afghani stores and they retail it. This baklawa is out of the world.

    Among the list of foods that I like, I forgot to mention Turkish Food. I have been to Turkey 4 times, twice on business and twice for “Plai-yer” (thats the way “pleasure” is pronounced in Punjabi 🙂 excuse me for making pun here) and the food in Turkey, especially in Istanbul in the Sultan Ahmet area i.e., behind the Sulemani Mosque and Haggia Sophia is full of restaurants. I like their Dolmas and Imam Bayaldi – the famous egg plant dish – jis ko soongh ker Imam bay hosh ho gaya thaa … may be his name was Bayal-deen? 🙂

    theossa I think Asif has the answer to your question. In order to get your answer correct, you have to get him out of Dubai aur ab yae tumharee param-para tumharee mariyaada aur tumharee ijjat ka saval hai.

    Rang bhurr day chunnar wali Rang bhurr day……

  38. #38 by Mohammed Munir on June 5, 2008 - 7:36 PM

    theossa KHAN …..

    LOL @ From “Depriving in Pittsburgh”.

    My brother, my man, my dear Gemini-mate…… my heart really goes out to you, and I never thought of hurting you by mentioning about all these desi foods.

    But I assure you a ‘Food-tastic’ time if you even came to UAE.

    Javed KHAN …

    I been to Turkey twice and both times it was on pure pleasure, and that too with a few male school friends.

    The food as well as … ahm ahm … all was just great in Turkey.

    First time stayed at Takseem square in Istanbul, while the second time, I stayed on a yatch of a friend for 3 days, we cruised along the Turkish/ Greece coasts with a lot of sea activities and ‘fishes’. It was out of this world experience.

    Besides fully exploring Istanbul, I have also been to their cities Bursa and Yalova.

    When I went with friends, it was like ‘Thurkey’ in Turkey 😉

    Next month, July, I am again going to Turkey along with family (wife & kids).

  39. #39 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 5, 2008 - 8:24 PM


    Etap Marmara is the hotel on Taksim Square where I always stay. I have been to Ankara, Izmir and Mersin too, but Ankara is very dull and boring, the best place to be in Turkey is Istanbul.

    I suggest you to go to Pamukkale and enjoy the hot thermal spring water flowing from the top of the limestone sculptures formation its an amazing sight, besides for Thurkies like you from Sharjah you can have value for your money’s a trip really worth that you won’t see anywhere. Take a look at this link and you’ll get an idea


    enlarge those 4 pictures below and see. I guess the reason your bank banned you from LS is due to the hot gals, may be one of your IT baddoos may have peeped in and said, “haram-alaik ya bateeq, shoe savak antay?” Shooftek hareem Hindi aur wo bhee “nuss nuss libaas may” tum kya kerta Muneer?

    I got to go now take care guys.

  40. #40 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on June 5, 2008 - 11:26 PM

    Thank you all for your kind words and good wishes.

    I have already written my comments on Asif’s case under Mr. Osman Samiuddin’s article and dont want to repeat here.

    You guys have rekindled my memories and I wish to add a few words here. Back then, we used to organise a cricket match at Karachi’s Jahangir Park, the most beautiful and greenest cricket field at Saddar every week, either on Saturday or Sunday, depending on when Master Abdul Aziz could get us a match with one of the other schools.

    After the match, we would walk over to Tram Junction (thats what it was called then) to enjoy Peshawari Ice Cream or Chowdhry Farzand Ali’s Kulfa acros the street. They were fierce rivals. It was called Tram Junction since all the Trams started and ended there, like to and from Boulton Market, Cantt. Station, Soldier Bazaar, Lee Market etc. etc.

    The Raju Ice cream was/is a sad imitation of Peshawari Ice Cream. I have never tasted a better Ice Cream in my life. It is, of course my personal opinion. I always brought Peshawari Ice Cream home and my whole family were hooked on it. When I went to Karachi some 14 years back, I went to the same spot and to my surprise, the owner immediately recognised me and we had a long chat. He already owns that four-storey building and has several branches without compromising the ingredients or the taste.

    As far as Road-side eating houses are concerned, it is an age old tradition. Since Karachi is a Port, the workers, labors and other staff work continuasly at different hours from long distances and at the end of their job need nourishment.

    My experience is that, the Bohri community makes the most tastiest food. And then the “Punjabi Soudagaran-e-Delhi”
    Trust me, I made many of them friends only for the sake of getting invited to their parties!! I tease them when they say they themselves are guest by telling “dont you have enough influence to say that you brought along a freind?” Itni bhi nahee chalti? Same with Bohris.

    As far as Punjab is concerned, have you ever tried Gujranwala? Go and see whats cookin at Sialkoti Gate.

  41. #41 by Salman Khan on June 6, 2008 - 11:04 AM

    This gastronomic discussion is beyond my reach . I have not had the pleasure of experiencing as many dishes as you guys have. I am a simpleton who is happy with my Ammi’s home cooked daal-gosht & Roti. All I will say is that Rampuri Seekh Kabaabs pale in comparison to Moradabadi Seekh Kabaabs which are crispier and exceptionally tasty with raw onion rings and dhaniya ki chatni. When my brother got married we got a Moradabadi Kabaab-maker although the marriage was in Rampur. It did’nt go down well with many locals but that did not stop them from hogging on the Kabaabs.

  42. #42 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 6, 2008 - 12:47 PM

    Salman Khan

    Seekh Kebabs have to be crispier from outside and tender from inside, it is then they are succulent and truly scrumptious. I don’t like a Seekh Kebab which is spongy and appear like a sausage that you can literally wave it in your hand. And LOL at “locals hogging on the Kebabs.” Whether they are Rampuri or Peshawari, Pathans are Pathans when it comes to eating Kebabs.

    Now, here we have something more interesting from our Pind de Chaudhry Asaf Malak Saab, he keeps changing his statements everyday unlike his own pyjama. First click on this link below and read the last paragraph of the news item and the condition is you must not laugh or ridicule His Paindooness:


    The simpleton said, the Hakeemi Majoon is neither Muffare Marwarid nor Khamira Gao Zaban but it is Salajeet. Hence the PCB official had to deny on his behalf that it wasn’t Salajeet. Still a mystery substance. You must read my comments on PakSpin because, like Mr. M. Y. Kasim said, I hate repeating them. Besides, over there you’ll find my admirers and worshipers on that blog who cannot survive without idolizing me.

    MY Kasim Sahab your nostalgia about Karachi must be really painful but please don’t say:

    Yaad-e-Maazi Azaab hai ya Rabb
    Cheen lay mujh say hafza mera

    Chaudhry Asaf if he is 50% unlucky then, in the Dubai Sadar Jail he would be sitting in his cell and reciting this verse in Punjabi:

    Yaad-e-Maazi Azaab hai ya Rabb
    Cheen lay mujh say Pyjama mera

  43. #43 by Mohammed Munir on June 6, 2008 - 7:33 PM

    Javed Khan …

    Thanks for the tips on Turkey.

    I know Marmara Hotel, its right at the Taksim square, great place. Actually, I tried to book our stay at Marmara few weeks back, but it is peak season over there and specially a lot of visitor go from Middle East and GCC, so they are fully booked/ houseful 😉

    So I have made bookings at Hilton at Taksim, not the Hilton Park SA which is a bit far away from Taksim Square.

    I went to thermal springs and also took ‘mud-bath’ followed by a wash away at the sulfur water springs.

    However, this time, being with family, I want to make my trip a bit less adventurous. The main reason for me taking kids to Turkey is to make them aware of our glorious Muslim history. These days, we are not left with much to be proud of, but my own trip to Turkey was an eye-opener. I mean the history there makes you proud to be a Muslim. I know many will argue that it’s a ‘socialist’ place today, but the early history is what I want my kids to see and feel. I believe that besides your daily prayers and Quranic readings, your kids should also know a lot more about their Muslim history and be PROUD of it.

    Wish me luck, I will be there from 19 July till around 7 August … Inshallah.

  44. #44 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 7, 2008 - 12:40 AM


    You want my Ashirwaad? Babul ki dua-ain layta jaa, jaa tujh ko dukhi sansaar milay 😉 Anyways jokes apni jaga, wish you all the best but 19th is too far away from here. You will be going there during the cherry season.

    Accha there is something more interesting on Chaudhary ASAF:

    “You have the right to remain silent” – Perhaps no one has ever read this right to Asif. Its also possible that he has never heard of it and thats why he keeps changing his statements every day. First, it was a Jewish conspiracy against him, they wanted to implicate him in it. That didn’t work because:

    His girayeens from the PCB who arrived at the scene, advised him, this is a very common phrase and it won’t work, he scratched his head, opened his wallet to see if he still has some brains left in it? As usual the chamber was empty. Hence no thinking was needed and without realizing how the Mullah’s in his country would react, he blabbed out that he was under the influence of “daru” or may be” vilayti thurra” hence he had a brawl with “la immigra” and they planted something in his head, I mean wallet. And thats the reason he is in deep sh*t.

    Now, the PCB officials are trying to clarify to the Mullahs that Asaf is not an alcoholic, he drinks occasionally i.e., when there is a time to celebrate. Its possible that when his plane was landing at the Dubai airport, he saw a small cloud in the sky and he said, Oh, come on this is a rare “occai-yen” in Dubai, and a time to celebrate.

    Check out this link from the Daily “The News” of today but DON’T laugh when you read the last paragraph:


    Poor Asif is so injured, (it was also obvious from the IPL matches he played) that he needed a strap to keep his elbow erected in a firm position so that he could keep his balls in the right place i.e., to be effective in maintaining line and length. He is such a gifted and talented player but its a pity that, he is injury prone and, he always needs a strap or a contraption to perform.

    No wonder the Hakeem gave him some Majoon which Asaf confirmed that it is “Salajeet” (aphrodisiac). At this nazuk (tender) age of 25, this pathetic bachelor needs “salajeet & kushtay” i.e., to keep up with his bowling run ups otherwise, like his mentor, idol, big brother the show-actor he would also be out of steam after one over.

    So, his case with the Mullah’s is even more stronger, Daru and before marriage consumption of Salajeet mais pour quoi? Mullah tou 4 shadi aur 2 darjan bachaon kay baad 60 saal ki omar kay baad sochta hai kay halwa pehlay khaon ya kushta pehlay khaon? This poor chap needs Salajeet at 25?

    Salman Khan, Pandit jee, array bhai yae Asif ka koi ilaaj nahee ho sakta apkay Dawakhanay may? Koi Kangaroo ka ya Ostrich ka kull purza nikaal ker uska koi kushta shusta bana ker bhejo isko. Phirwohi yae sab tum logon ki saazish hai Asif ko tum logon nay Salajeet dilaya wo bhi Himalaya wali. Now in Dubai he must be singing, “Dost dost na raha, pyaar pyaar na raha.”

  45. #45 by Awas on June 7, 2008 - 9:34 AM

    Javed, LOL @ Aachi’s “Salajeet” excuse at his young age. Perhaps he needed it for a double act one after the other, as this reminds me of the following joke!!!

    Asif met Sharon in a nightclub.

    They enjoyed each other’s company very much and at the end of the
    evening Sharon invited Asif to her place, where they quickly got
    involved in a very passionate and energetic session in bed together.
    Finally, tired and satisfied, they both lay back in the bed and
    snuggled up close to each other.
    After a short while, Sharon began tenderly stroking Asif’s manhood.
    Surprised but appreciative, Asif comments, “Surely you can’t be
    ready for more already”?
    Sharon replies, “No, but every now and then I get a bit nostalgic,
    and I miss the days when I had mine.”

  46. #46 by abdul on June 7, 2008 - 11:39 AM

    Hi guys poor old asif as the controversial discipline falls again . GTG see u soon

    All the best – abdul

  47. #47 by abdul on June 7, 2008 - 11:40 AM

    Jimmy Anderson and outswing king could get all 10 wickets with Engkand firmly in command of the match and indeed series.

  48. #48 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 7, 2008 - 1:39 PM

    Awas – contrary to Sharon, Asif must have been thinking exactly the opposite. Asif is a dreamer and very soon he will have a lot of time at his disposal to dream about and count the stars – stars that he has always been dreaming about.

    The focus from this nincompoop must shift to the game that is on tomorrow and i.e., between Bangladesh and Pakistan and its not in the floodlights but on a flooded ground and a wet pitch. Once again, I have to quote Ramiz Raja who once said, (when Asif took 17 wickets in Sri Lanka) “Asif loves to bowl on a wet pitch as he is deadly accurate with his line and length and his “short” run up as opposed to Shoaib’s long one which often is not on the target.”

    The weather in Bangladesh is good for a vacation but not for cricket, its Monsoon Season there and I wonder why the organizers have decided to hold a series during this time of the year? After reading the weather report I have lost my interest in the much awaited India Pakistan clash. It says it will rain for 3 days and for the next 2 days 50% chances of rain. And for us here its been raining off and on for the last one month and this time, it seems like summer is a million miles away from Montreal. The Formula-1 Grand Prix Race that is starting from today is also on a wet and slippery track.

    Watching Shoaib Malik’s interviews is just like watching a TV program here called “Just for Laughs” he is so explicitly paindoo that no one but a real paindoo can imitate him. Meaning either you have to be an extremely good actor or a real paindoo to imitate him. He has once again blabbed out that, “under any circumstances we will win. ” (i.e., with or without Asif and he was praising Sohail Khan’s inclusion in the team. (initially he was the one who opposed his and Afridi’s inclusion in the team for the tri-series) Thats so typical of him to act like a meesna, when he has the authority. And he agrees to anything when he is asked to do something without leaving any choice for him, then he is the most obedient servant and act like, His Master’s Voice.

    I remember during Inzamam’s captaincy when they had a dilemma in team selection and Malik was chosen in the team to open the innings, he said: “I am happy to play anywhere, if Inzi Bhai wants me to play down, I play down, if Inzi Bhai wants me to open – I am ready to open my trousers for him – I have no problem in opening. I can play anywhere, where my team wants me to play.” Such an accommodating person he is that he can do whatever you want him to do. Coach Lawson says: “Good Boy, Roll Over” he would flip his a$$ within in a second. theossa, do you remember that photograph I had sent to you? The one in which he is rolling on the ground.

    I was glad to see that this time a majority of the bloggers on PakSpin were condemning Shoaib Malik’s captaincy and his “meesnaism and silent mafia-gardi.” Himself he is very pleased with his own achievements that he has got 11 straight wins and the 12th one is in his pocket if rain permits. And he has conveniently forgotten how he remained in the dugout during the IPL. Thats his true worth.


    Broad and Sidebottom crashed Anderson’s hope to be a Kumble.

    For all:

    Is there anyone here who wants a new thread on tri-series? To me, the picture is not looking so good due to the weather. I think “a litt-tull bitt” of Asaf and a little bit on tri-series should be fine, unless khansahab comes out with a brilliant idea of adding a new dimension to this blog. Munir would be too pleased with the hot gals section and theossa has discovered a cozy corner in that section.

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