The past 2 or 3 years have been cherishable for the Indian cricket fans. There have been many positives that India has achieved during this time. A young captain has emerged as a formidable strategist who is not only good at motivating his team mates but is also a very skilled batsman. Youngsters like Rohit Sharma and Robin Uthappa have cemented their place in the side. On the bowling front the pacers have developed consistency and have shown remarkable form and fitness levels. India has benefited from the return of Pathan, the consistency of RP Singh and the pace and youthful exuberance of Ishant Sharma. Further Harbhajan Singh when playing has been effective as ever and Piyush Chawla has impressed, whatever little we have seen of him. There are also a few other talented spinners waiting for an opportunity to shine.

The IPL revealed many competent Indian cricketers, many of whom were unheard of until the event took place. But the Indian perspective cannot be properly analysed without saying that, for all the talent and positives seen from the IPL, ODI cricket is a different ball game. It is India’s position in ODI’s currently and in particular this Asia Cup that this article explores.

Most would assert India is going with the strongest batting line up. It has been mentioned earlier on this blog that India is blessed with 5 excellent batsmen; namely, Sehwag, Gambhir, Yuvraj, R Sharma and Dhoni. Although Rohit Sharma is out of form and although we have not seen him a lot, whatever we have seen is very encouraging. He has a good temperament, class and very good batting sense. Although there are good batsmen playing for Pakistan and Sri Lanka as well, it does not take a genius to realise that in terms of form and consistency the Indian batsmen beat their Pakistani and Sri Lankan counterparts by a mile.

Although India’s bowling is weaker than its batting (and almost always has been) it seems it is still a formidable bowling unit. Irfan Pathan, Praveen, RP Singh and Ishant Sharma are all in good form. The other main bowlers in the squad are Gony, Piyush Chawla and Ojha. Gony was very good in IPL and Chawla has a good head on his shoulders so there are huge expectations from him.

One major advantage for India, and which can be utilised by Dhoni as a trump card, is the number of all rounders in the squad. Traditionally India has lacked solid all rounders who deliver consistent performances with ball and bat. In this squad Dhoni has Piyush Chawla, Praveen Kumar, Irfan Pathan and Yusuf Pathan. There are also of course Yuvraj and Sehwag who can bowl if need be.

India will have no problem with the pitches and weather conditions in Pakistan, as the conditions would be more or less identical as India. We have shared opinions about whether the home advantage counts or not. It seems the consensus has been, that what is more important than home advantage is the form and confidence of a side. Recently India have performed well In Pakistan against Pakistan. 5 or 10 years ago they could not perform as remarkably. So the overall quality of a side matters more than where it is playing. Even if there is such a thing as “home advantage” it is likely to be nullified in the face of a confident and competent side, where the batsmen make plenty of runs and bowlers take wickets and keep runs down.

In terms of opposition, it would perhaps be fair to say that both Pakistan and Sri Lanka present an equal threat to India, although most of us have already agreed India is the strongest team in the series. Sri Lanka are expected to demonstrate more application and consistency than Pakistan. Whereas India will be wary of Pakistan’s ability to surprise as they clearly did in the Kitply Cup final. It is this “surprise element” Pakistan carries that makes it equally competent to Sri Lanka, when considered objectively as an opposition to India.

So India cannot afford to take Pakistan lightly in Thursday’s game. Maybe Pakistan is going with a slight psychological advantage having won the last game the two sides played and also because the Indians may have felt they needed some rest after Wednesday’s game against Hong Kong. Having said that, the way Hong Kong was thrashed made them seem like mere cannon fodder and India may have had the requisite match practice it needs to counter Pakistan with all guns blazing.

What happened in the Kitply Cup final from Pakistan’s perspective may have seemed a fluke, but from India’s perspective it proves that despite India’s recent infallible status the Indian side is still vulernable to a surprise attack from the opposition. Hence a competitive Asia Cup is expected and it remains to be seen whether Dhoni’s invigorated boys will rise to the occasion and win the Asia Cup for their country for the 5th time.   




  1. #1 by Hanumanth Rao on June 26, 2008 - 1:22 AM

    Very good thread indeed, I am impressed by the way this thread has been written keeping in view of the Indian perspective about the Asia Cup. We Indians tend to throw caution to the air when playing against Pakistan and keep our fingers and our toes crossed, because on numerous occasions when we thought we are a strong team and we will win, Pakistan has surprised us. The stats prove that we have lost more than we have won. The point is Indian batting line up has always been very formidable starting from the time of Gavaskar and Srikanth to Tendulkar and Ganguly and Dravid. The only difference between those sides and this current Indian side is almost all the players including the captain is young. So one can safely say that it is a youthful team and that is why there is always an exuberance of youthful display especially in terms of batting. The current Indian side is also one of the best India has produced in terms of fielding with Yuvraj, Rohit, Raina. Having said all that I am still perplexed and not so confident about India winning the cup. Once again the Asia Cup stats are in India’s favour but records are meant to be broken, stats are always dynamic and changing. Being an Indian I would like India to win it is not like the IPL final that whoever wins it is still one of the Indian sides and that is the beauty of the international competitions that emotions run high, feelings are firing and BP is soring high and for both teams a win is a must as the fans don’t want to see their side losing. I will be lying if I say that I was not upset when India lost to Pakistan in the recent tri-series Kitply Cup. Hence I did not write on the blog for sometime. Anyways tomorrow’s match will not eliminate either of the team but it will give them the comfort of playing against the number two team of the other group which is Bangladesh. So I am also waiting to see the match live on TV which is scheduled to start in the afternoon today.

  2. #2 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 2:06 AM


    I quite agree with you about the timing of this thread and also the contents as well as your views. You have very rightly pointed out the finer points of this young Indian side which the avatar of the thread has also mentioned in detail, especially about Dhoni’s role and his planning and strategies as well as his control over the team and handling tough situations by keeping his cool etc., these are the basis of this team’s success and it has been winning more under his captaincy not just against minnows but, against stronger opposition like Australia and Pakistan.

    Pakistan’s win at the final of Kitply cup is a fluke, its one of those days when they play well and are unbeatable by any team in the world. But, on most occasions they are pretty mediocre and lacking in consistency. The first match they played against Hong Kong is an example of poor show. Luckily Tanvir and Fawad Alam saved them from the blemishes otherwise the seniors have done their job like they did at the Caribbean WC.

    Pakistan’s bowling is also not so good as it used to be in the past. Even with the Actor and Asif (once upon a time when they both were fully fit and playing without getting injured or without the help of inhalers and steroids – which is hard to remember when?) and with Umar Gul to support them, the bowling had some pace and depth then. Right now if Gul and Tanvir cannot take a wicket in their first spell they get very cranky and loose their focus and bowl wides and allow the opposition to score and that adds to their frustration. There is no backup bowling to match them. Rao Iftikhar can be good one day and expensive the other, Wahab Riaz is very immature and you cannot even think of expecting anything from him. Whether he will play tomorrow or not is a big question mark, it all depends on Malik.

    So far, the pitch has proved that spinners can contain runs and also get wickets, Nadeem Ahmad, Piyush Chawla, Afridi, Sehwag all got wickets. Chawla and Nadeem were the most successful bowlers with 4 wickets each. So, I reckon for Pakistan it would be better to retain the same team as Fawad Alam can also bowl besides his batting and to play Mansoor Amjad only for the satisfaction that he is a specialist bowler is not worth. You would be throwing him in the deep end on his debut and that too against India who are good at playing against spinners. Definitely it is not a good idea to play him now. Malik should be more brave and bowl more frequently rather than skipping his responsibilities as a bowler.

    In the previous thread I have mentioned that it would not be possible for Dhoni and Raina to score a century within 24 hours and that doesn’t mean they will not score tomorrow against Pakistan. But, I have a feeling that Gambhir and Yuvraj could be more destructive tomorrow. Gambhir will play the anchor role and he is more consistent than Sehwag against Pakistan and Yuvraj always play good against Pakistan and he is due for a big score. He might score a quick 60 – 70 and thats good enough to change the course of the game. And Yousuf Pathan, like Sakhti said, is riding on his luck so I am not banking on him, whatever he scores would be a bonus. Irfan Pathan will be playing tomorrow and he is pretty consistent against Pakistan both in bowling and batting. He uses good slower deliveries and bowls intelligently. Its a shame that RP and Goni did not bowl much today so the chances are tomorrow one of them would be replaced by Ishant Sharma.

    To say that India will win the Asia cup for the 5th time with authority is easier said than done, the bouyont Sri Lanka is not a piece of cake either. So it would be hard to predict who will lift the cup? A good diplomat will think twice before saying nothing and a good mathematician like theossa would say between India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka there is a 33.33% winning chance. So whoever will get that 0.001% will be the actual winner of the cup. See you have to be a theoenstien to work out all the probabilities to arrive at a solution. 🙂

  3. #3 by Amit. P on June 26, 2008 - 6:54 AM

    Many different range of thoughts have been put here … me too would like to contribute to some of them .. but first with the schedule …. i am confused by this statement of javed
    .. but this time they are playing to retain the number one spot in their group so that they can play against Bangladesh and walk through the semis into the final.
    Isn’t this indo-pak match useless in terms of affecting further result .. since we dont have semis in asia cup and all four teams will play against each other in second round ?

    Now on captaincy
    I believe that a good captain should be shrewd and not arrogant in “thinking” ( not in appearance or in behaviour ) …. he got to accept many minor defeats in the field to achieve the major goal that is winning the match. Say for example … if some field setting or particular strategy is not working for him although he has given full thought to this … he shud be able to cope with this kinda minor defeat and shud promptly take appropriate action. We have seen lots of arrogant captains in the past or even in present … who say after defeat that “our bowler didnt bowl well or our batters didn’t perform” … this is rediculus as far as captaincy is concerned … this is captain’s job to get good performance out of every individual, he cant mock on his own job. Many people may disagree me on this .. but if captain has to say something to his players .. best place is the dressing room. For me the best captain was Cronjye (in my life time) … he made his team looked like unbeatable (atleast in odis) and was very adaptable. i dont know if steve waugh accepts this or not …. but he learned a lot from Cronjye … atleast the adaptability part as i percieved, far from them on tv. Having said many captains enjoyed their arrogance like captaincy with good wining record … constraint was u got to have a bunch of good players. In sub-continent we have produced lots of good players but alas! .. very few good captains. Ranatunga was one of those “few good captains”.

    About India’s fielding
    They are still missing kaif undoubtedly on the field (not on the pitch). He was the best fielder india has produced … more importantly he inspires others. Take the example of raina … he was very good in kaif time but we are not seeing the same raina on the field. I am not blaming him to not put 100% .. he always does .. but the result is far different now. Yuvraj is not the same fielder he was once upon a time …. he is still a good catcher … but his ground fielding dipped a quite low. I wud like to see sehwag on point and send yuvraj to midoff(like he was in IPL) …. train gambhir as a slip fielder .. this way fielding will hit the right combination. I dont agree with sakthi’s comment on sharma’s fielding .. he is far better than Y pathan in the field.

    About dhoni’s shots
    I agree with javed that he plays dangerous shots that can cause many strains in his body as we often see. Although he has cut down many of those air born offside lofts over cover but still he has many shots that can potentially shorten his cricketing life. In aus he played one pull shot and pulled his side strain … there are many such instances. But u cant transform a dhoni to a rohit sharma , since i believe that shamra is one of few beautiful players we have in international cricket. Its another matter that he is struggling for runs now a days.

    About India’s playing 11
    After seeing some of the portions of yesterday match … its high time for dhoni to five new ball to irfan .. praveen kumar is not doing wonders on karachi pitch … irfan off the late is just in the team for the “balance” like afridi in team for “bowling” … his primary job is to take wickets and he can only with the new ball in odis. Rest praveen … and play irfan, rp and ishant along with chawla. Rohit sharma is going complacent now a days as many told him that his place is fixed as no 3 …. change his oder and promote raina at no 3 … at 4 yuvraj .. 5 dhoni .. 6 sharma and 7 Y pathan … though yusuf order shud be floter.

    I never did reverse psychology … always want and put my money on indian team. Though i like to see opposition giving decent fight to indian team accept aus.

  4. #4 by Sakthi on June 26, 2008 - 7:33 AM

    Your analysis is spot on. All the three giants have equal chance of winning the cup.


    There is no reverse psychology in what I wrote about the Indian team. Being an Indian I always want my team to win but the Indian team does have many loop-holes and one of them is their bowling. That is the truth.

    India has one of the strongest batting line-ups in the contemporary cricket but at the same time their bowling is very mediocre. Everyone knows about it. To be unbeatable, you need to be good in all departments. Fielding has improved after IPL saga but still not at top-notch. India can win matches here and there, but not always, that too with this bowling line-up. FULL STOP.

  5. #5 by Kunal Sabherwal on June 26, 2008 - 8:50 AM

    timely thread on the Indian team. i think this thread raises many imporant issues about india. its quite comprehensive so let me discuss the points it does not bring out:

    i dont know why people are saying today’s match is unimportant? a pakistan vs india match is always important, it doesnt matter if its a final. hoping pakistan and india to play in the final of a major series every time is too idealistic a demand in my opinion. i still feel this match is imporant and i will watch it simply because the winning side will gain confidence and momentum will be with them. although i obviously want India to win, if pakistan win the confidence they gather will be really help them because it will be “two wins in a row”.

    also, i agree with Sakthi and i feel most people on this blog tend to over-rate the indian team. being young can be good but also bad. see now India doesnt have sourav, sachin or dravid or laxman. they can only rely on the experience of sehwag, yuvraj and 1 or 2 others. so in a pressure situation youth can cock up. if you think about how uthappa and rohit sharma are not in brilliant form you can see the situation does not look too bright for india.

    also, one of the bloggers “Theossa” has often said (and very correctly too) that if sehwag and gambhir can be dismissed cheaply the indian team is likely to lose. i get the feeling pakistan will win today if sehwag and gambhir get out for less than 25 each.
    but lets see what happens

  6. #6 by Sakthi on June 26, 2008 - 9:57 AM

    Pakistan won the toss and elected to bat. India have made a big mistake by playing only 4 regular bowlers. Let us wait and see how it works.

  7. #7 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 10:08 AM

    Amit P. Over all you have made very good analysis.

    First of all my apologies for the misunderstanding or the assumption that I made about the tournament i.e., without seeing the tournament fixture, I assumed that after this it will be a knock-out programme, hence I thought that they will play for the number one spot. In fact in the previous thread I did mention that India and Pakistan will play against each other for at least two or may be three times. Then corrected it to only two because of this wrong assumption. Although Asia Cup has always been like this, but the recent Kitply Cup tri-series is the reason for me to think on those lines. Anyways, thanks for correcting me and it forced me to check out the tournament fixture.

    Now, on the captaincy issue and other points. Before we talk about the aspects of captaincy which makes him stand out as a leader, I would like to say that everyone has a different view and reasons to choose, appreciate and admire a captain for his qualities. To me the name of Hansie Cronje or Azharuddin does not click as good captains is because their image was tarnished by those betting scandals, as they say all is well that ends well. Their career ended very badly especially Cronje’s in fact his untimely death is still a mystery. And for me the best captain ever is Imran Khan – there was a touch of arrogance in him but, that is a much needed tonic for the Pakistanis.

    For my older cousins they consider Mansour Ali Khan Pataudi as the best captain India has ever produced. I don’t know much about that but I reckon Ganguly as a very shrewed captain. And the most shrewed of all is Ricky Ponting. I agree that a captain must be shrewed and not arrogant in behaviour especially on the field. As a Pakistani if I criticize any Indian player purely on the basis of sports, it is often misunderstood or considered as sour grapes and got a lot of criticism and flak from Indian supporters, whereas my intention was not to condemn them but only to highlight certain strengths and weaknesses in them. When I do that to Pakistani players its not that serious because they assume that we have the right to criticize our own players. But, sometimes it is considered as a regional bias, we can’t help it. Because, then it comes to the level of personal bias. There is no ending.

    Anyways, It was Gavaskar and later Tendulkar who were and are world’s best batsmen but, whatever reasons their priorities were more for themselves than for the team. Tendulkar refused captaincy after realizing that he cannot concentrate on batting, Gavaskar played politics with Kapil. Lets not get bogged down into this subject on this thread. I know a lot of Indians don’t like Ganguly because of the politics he played but he was not a chicken, his captaincy did not effect his batting. Dravid is a real gentleman and I have always admired him as a player, captain and as an individual and have a lot of respect for him. He was like this from the beginning, very humble and a team player, always gave credit to his players and never criticized his player’s weakness, that we lost because of so and so’s bad performance.

    Coming to Dhoni, I have been watching him since he came into the limelight i.e., when he scored his first century (148 was it? ) against Pakistan at Jamshedpur. Prior to that I had read about him and his scores at the under-19 in Kenya etc. and knew that he is a hard hitter. Since he became the captain of the Indian side, he has changed, he has changed for better. Perhaps his much talked about image manager is helping him in correcting his image. He got a shorter hair cut, despite the fact that President Musharraf appreciated his long hair or his hairstyle. He stopped squeaking “Ayeeee” from behind the stumps on every ball. Stopped appealing unnecessary on every ball. Stopped making weired comments from behind the stumps, in short he has improved a lot.

    His body language has changed completely. His pre and post match speeches are well thought about and well presented or delivered. He seems to be more balanced now. As regards his game he plays with a lot of responsibility now, it is his awkward, unpleasing and hideous style of batting that bothers me. Thats why I suggested he should play golf. They teach you how to keep your body under control when you take a swing. Some people are natural like Lara and Rohit Sharma but, its an art that can be acquired and Dhoni must learn this not only for us as viewers but, for his own body’s sake which shakes and takes so many jolts that he could get side strains, did anyone notice he played and missed two consecutive balls in the last over against HK yesterday? Then, he was seen rubbing his side muscles. So, it does have an impact when he plays and misses the shot.

    On your batting order, I think you are absolutely right in shuffling the batting order, that may be good for the team and not for the individual. Its often seen that when a player is pushed down and the team performs well, he seldom gets an opportunity to play and if that happens for a few times, then the player who was not performing at the top is not getting opportunity to play and then not only his bad patch continues, his focus and faith in himself starts to diminish. It happened with so many players, like Afridi, Irfan Pathan, Mohammad Hafeez, Kamran Akmal, Shoaib Malik etc., and if they do it with Rohit and Yousuf Pathan the result would be the same. The player starts wondering where and how can he fit into the team?

    I won’t hesitate in admitting that Australia despite all their whining they have maintained a policy that once they recognize the strength of a player they keep on providing him ample opportunities without yo-yo-ing him up and down the batting order. Thats because Ponting himself believe that he has to play at number 3 and even if he fails a few times he comes back very strongly and thats why he is so good. In a few cases India and Pakistan both have done the same for e.g., Sehwag, they knew that he cannot play at number 6 or 7 that would be a total waste, so they gave him enough chances and finally dropped him, that helped him seeing himself as others see him, meaning he watched his own videos several times, corrected his follies and came back strongly. It was the Australians who spotted his weakness in playing a cut shot over the point. They placed a fielder in the deep and on a large ground its not easy to hit a six over the point. Anyways, I hope you understand my point.

    Regarding reverse psychology it was just a light hearted comment as most people are superstitious and like to jinx so neither you nor Sakhti should take my comment that seriously. One of my cousins in the USA, he is an ardent fan of New York Rangers and he has started to believe that whenever he sees the match live, the NY Rangers don’t win. So, he records every single game his team plays and then when he finds out that NY Rangers has won, he watches the game otherwise, he simply delete that match. Weirdo! But, thats him.

    The match has just started and I am off to the TV. Pakistan team is unchanged, Malik as usual commited himself to open with Butt. India are without Irfan, RP is in and he is bowling with fire against Malik. Good that Rohit Sharma will play at number 3. They should not change him, he can fight back, he is a cool customer.

  8. #8 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 10:14 AM

    LS visitors, your comments will be updated almost immediately today during this Pakistan vs India match.

    Malik is struggling against RP Singh at the moment. It’s not a good sign!

  9. #9 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 10:20 AM

    Oye well played hook shot Malk Saab!

  10. #10 by Mohammed Munir on June 26, 2008 - 10:49 AM

    Pakistan is 27 in 11th over 😦

    Wah what a fcuking start on a ‘bone-dry’ / ‘Takhtaa’ wicket by Malak Da Butt.

  11. #11 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 10:55 AM

    Karachi’s crowd is looking quite paindoo

  12. #12 by Awas on June 26, 2008 - 11:09 AM

    So no nice gals at the terraces?…what a shame…Butta…how is the match going!!!

    It looks like if not King Kong today then they seem to be facing the bowling from Goliaths!!!

  13. #13 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 11:18 AM

    Some aspects of Malik’s knock today remind me of how he used to play before he became captain. I hope he is regaining his touch. If he starts playing like that again he will be an asset for Pakistan.


    Some of the girls are nice there, but I bet they are originally from Punjab 🙂 The match has just started to be exciting for Pakistan because Malik and Butt have started being aggressive now. For the first 10 overs or so they were very quiet.

    Looks like Pakistan can post a respectable total provided wickets are in hand.

  14. #14 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 11:26 AM

    Javed A Khan

    Sir can we have some analysis from you please?

  15. #15 by Sakthi on June 26, 2008 - 11:30 AM

    Mailk and Butt are slowly accelerating the run rate. I think they are just waiting for the spinners to come on as both of them are very good against spin bowling. Remember India is playing one bowler short.

    Score of around 280-300 is on the card.

  16. #16 by Rohit on June 26, 2008 - 11:41 AM

    dhoni became defensive and did not introduce spin until the 20th over. this is concerning because spinners have taken plenty of wickets so far in this Asia cup.
    i would have introduced piyush around the 14-15th over. but dhoni didnt see the situation so well.

  17. #17 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 11:54 AM

    Butt could have played that shot anywhere but he played straight into the fielder’s hands. All over this has been a disappointing knock because of the strike rate of just under 55.

  18. #18 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 12:08 PM

    This heroic innings from Malik vs India means that he will stay in the side for a long, long time.

    Salman Butt’s generally consistent performances against India also mean that he will stay in the team for a long time.

  19. #19 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 12:14 PM

    Dhoni will definitely feel he is missing his fifth specialist bowler now. I have long maintained that India needs to go in with 5 specialists, not 4 because the Indian batting is so strong that it won’t be a weak batting attack if one less batsman plays. It is nice to know such views are echoed by Rohit and Sakthi on LS.

  20. #20 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 12:34 PM

    Malik is playing a gem of an inning and Younis is just torturing spinners with his reverse sweeps. If Pak keeps wickets for the last ten overs, then they can score 300+. As we all know Indians are good chasers so this one will be a close contest. I don’t know why players from both teams perform a bit extra when play eachother, rivalry I suppose.

    I’m on computer so can’t see the “Lahori Chicks” as Awas chuckled it but I’m sure all the Pathans in the satdium are gazing and enjoying the pretty looks of Malik and Dhoni (that inlcudes Javed but from a TV screen -:)

    Javed, I’ll predict a final between India and Pakistan. Sri Lanka always underperforms against Pakistan and I don’t see them beating India. Pak needs Asia Cup more than any other team to prove a point whereas India wants vengence. Whole Indian team is in good spirists but Kunal made a good point that young players are susceptible to lose their nerves under pressure. So it will be interesting to see how they’ll reposnse to an adverse situation. Right now game on.

  21. #21 by Mohammed Munir on June 26, 2008 - 12:38 PM

    Forget about India and Pakistan match guys 😉

    See what UAE is doing to mighty Sri Lankans. They are 190 for 6 wickets.

    And my brother, Mohammed Touqir just finished with fantastic figures of 10-0-44-2. He got a catch also 😉

  22. #22 by Awas on June 26, 2008 - 12:42 PM

    Shall we say…Malk Saab zind-a-baad…Butta, but chawal maar giya against Chawla.

    At the end, it doesn’t matter who the person is as long as one does well for Pakistan…that’s mainly what matters. So, as Theossa says quite aptly:

    “hell if a donkey scores centuries and win us matches I’m for it”…were you referring to our papoo faced Inzi, by the way??? Just you remember, someone from the crowd once called him “Alloo” and the guy nearly ended up in hospital…so, you better watch out…

    Anyways, as Malk Saab seems to have come back into form, I hope so does Afridi with his batting too. No matter what we say that his batting is like his ‘side business’…like ‘moon lighting’ but deep down most of us still yearn for his devastating batting which he is surly capable of.


    This is why I wished India to win the last final to hasten Malk Saab’s ouster along with Butter Fingered keeper which I thought was on his way out anyway after that leak. He (Malk saab) is not so bad though to have him as a player.

  23. #23 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 12:52 PM

    Younis is such a good player- if only he was more consistent! His class can be seen by the fact that he takes less time to settle down and start playing his shots compared to Yousuf and Misbah. If I remember correctly even Inzamam used to take more time to get settled down.

  24. #24 by Awas on June 26, 2008 - 1:02 PM

    Afridi should be sent next when and IF someone gets out. He does better when Pakistan are at a position of strength. In the match against King Kongs, when he came out Pakistan were in a very precarious situation.

  25. #25 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 1:10 PM

    Why the hell has Yousuf come out to bat now? It should have been Afridi.

  26. #26 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 1:14 PM

    Malik Time! I’m glad he found his form back and that too with a bang. You go Malik, I hope he is just exhausted and nothing serious.

    At the end of his career Younis will be named among the likes of Minadad, Zaheer Abbas, Majid Khan, Inzamam, and Yousuf. He is simply a world class player, like Late Bob Woolmer praised him as the most enthusiastic and the hardest working player he had seen. He needs to adapt to ODI quick. He is not bad in Twenty20 though.

    I would never call Inzi a donkey. Did you know he belongs to a “peer” family? I won’t dare to mess with Saints’ offspring as you know I respect those good fellas. Also, Multan is a very special place for me (99 saints). I literally meant a donkey, like the one in Shrek movie.

  27. #27 by Awas on June 26, 2008 - 1:21 PM


    Our Javed is a true enthusiast…glued to his TV for India/Pak match. Until the innings is over he won’t be wasting his time writing.

    Misbah and Yousuf were both wrong type to send out at this stage. It should have been Afridi and then Tanvir at this stage. India has slowed down the scoring. The idiot Malk never learns…he shouldn’t be so rigid.

  28. #28 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 1:24 PM


    I have been watching the match on TV not on the computer so I was lazy to get up from my couch and type out something. BUTTTT, now I have to say something after YK is out.

    Malik must be happy to have scored 125 retired hurt ‘coz of his nazuki or nazakat but the initial loss of 40 – 50 runs in the first 15 overs along with Salman Butt will prove very costly. Because right now the total is 230 for 2 and only 8 overs left and both new batsmen have to settle in and play big shots later had those initial overs were capitalized the score would have been 270 – 280 for 2 and things would have been different.

    Now it is up to Yousuf and Misbah to propel the score taking chances otherwise they will be scoring under 300 which is not a defendable total against the formidable Indian batting side. You will see how Sehwag and Gambhir will start. Yousuf Pathan was unlucky as Chawla and Gambhir both dropped sitters in the same over, even a run out chance was missed in the same over.

  29. #29 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 1:25 PM


    Let us excuse Malik for all his idiocies today. He played a king’s knock today from every point of view. He was positive, timed it brilliantly, played in the gaps, and did not let anyone dominate him. It was Malik at his best and as I have said before, it reminded me of 2005/2006 and the early part of 2007 when he was my favourite player in the team. (sob)

  30. #30 by Sakthi on June 26, 2008 - 1:28 PM

    M Yousuf should not have come in at this stage. Pakistan is going to fall short by at least 20 runs if he stays till the end.

  31. #31 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 1:28 PM

    LOL Awas

    tum nay pukara aur hum chalay aye

    Yeah, I will write more later. I was also watching the girls and khansahab you have no idea about who is from where, so you should not talk on the subject which is not your domain 😉 Most of them are chitki pitkis especially those asking Malik to marry her (them) but there was a glimpse of a tall Goddess dressed in white. I have to rewind it later. Take care.

  32. #32 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 2:02 PM

    The 299 score is a good 25 runs short but I’ll take it, thanks to more than a few drop catches by Indian fielders. They look out of gas playing back to back games on consecutive days.


    Congrates on your brother’s performance. We are proud of you Mohammad Tauqir.

  33. #33 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 2:04 PM

    Had Afridi, Alam and Tanvir been sent before Yousuf and Misbah, Pakistan would have crossed 320. I am confident of that.

    But as I said earlier we should excuse Malik for all “Malak” behaviour and decisions today.

    (“Malak”- common pronunciation of “Malik” by many Pakistanis, is also commonly pronounced as “Malk”. “Saab” often comes after “Malak”)

    That little tidbit for those Indian bloggers who don’t understand why we use Malik, Malak and Malk. 🙂

  34. #34 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 2:15 PM

    Pakistan are 30 – 40 runs short on a flat track which is good for batting. By the end of the second power play India bowled 3 maiden overs, two of them by RP Singh. If Pakistan wins everything will appear as fine, planned, well orchestrated and based on the same strategy that won them the Kitply Cup. And, if they don’t then this slow scoring in the beginning will come under fire still there will be a lot of people who will defend this strategy because Malik has scored a hundred. I am not being critical towards Malik per se, but this is what I see. I will be very happy if Pakistan wins but, its not gonna be easy for them unless their bowlers deliver the right kinda goods.

    Looking at the pitch its not easy to get a wicket and Pakistan has lost only 4 wickets, if India plays sensibly they won’t loose too many wickets either. The only hope as I have said is, if and only IF the fast bowlers take a couple of early wickets. In Karachi the new ball swings especially during the evening. But, they seems to have certainly lost one option and that is Shoaib Malik’s bowling. I doubt whether he will play and even if he does after recuperating from dehydration and fatigue he may not bowl, he has a good excuse now. So, Fawad Alam will have to bowl his full quota of 10 overs.

    Watching Chawla and other spinners struggling, I doubt even Shahid Afridi would be effective on this track. He charges aggressively and attacks through out his spell ONLY when he gets a wicket in his first one or two overs. By the time he comes in to bowl if the fast bowlers have not done the initial damage, conservatively speaking India might score 70-80 runs very comfortably in 15 overs or even more. Whereas, Pakistan struggled to score only 26 in 10 and 42 in 15 overs. Thats why I feel that Pakistan are atleast 30-40 runs short here. Lets see what happens, right now its innings break.

  35. #35 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 2:45 PM

    Sensational catch from Misbah the acting captain. LOL little Fawad climed on Misbah after that catch. The match has become alive.

  36. #36 by Mohammed Munir on June 26, 2008 - 2:46 PM

    So much is being said on India Pakistan game that I am almost out of words here 😉

    While on the other hand, UAE is taking Sri Lanka to task.

    The game is on 😉 I guess 😉

    theossa … thanks for your well wishes, yes he bowled well today 🙂

    I agree we are a bit short on total, firstly due to slow start by Butt and Malak, then Misbah also missing, and finally Afridi not clicking (for the Millionth time) 😉

  37. #37 by Mohammed Munir on June 26, 2008 - 2:50 PM

    Sarfraz is doing a fare job, behind the wickets.

    His ‘chirpy’ style reminds me of Moin Khan.

  38. #38 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 2:51 PM

    Munir Sahab,

    Congrats to Tauqir Bhai for a fine bowling performance. I hope he continues the same way and gathers a lot of plaudits and recognition inshallah.

    All the best to him and UAE!

  39. #39 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 2:53 PM

    I said, Pakistan has lost one bowling option in Malik and now they have lost two with Umar Gul out of the game after bowling only 8 balls and WHAT A STUNNING CATCH FROM MISBAH? I think it is so far the best of the tournament. Like we say in Urdu, “hath may chipak gayee” thats exactly what happened and that too in the wrong hand, his left and reaction time was only 0.253 seconds. But, this one catch may not win the match for Pakistan because they have crisis on hand.

    I must appreciate the decision from Dhoni, instead of sending Rohit Sharma he sent another left hander Raina. Sehwag’s role has changed after Gambhir’s departure and he will play cautiously now. But, he cannot be contained for long, as long as he stays he is always a threat to any opposition.

    India’s fielding (stopping the ball) was good but they dropped 4 catches, Chawla, Gambhir, Raina and Ishant whereas, Pakistan’s ground fielding is sloppy and throws are wild, the only chance they got from Gambhir they grabbed it. Pakistan scored 26 in 10 and India has just scored 26 in 5 overs. That will be the difference.

  40. #40 by Mohammed Munir on June 26, 2008 - 2:56 PM

    UAE is on its way, so far 😉

    They are 53 for 1 at the end of 8 overs, while they require 238 in 42 overs @ 5.66 with 9 wickets in hand 🙂

  41. #41 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 2:58 PM

    It is even stevens at the moment because Pakistan have lost their strike bowler Umar Gul and if Malik would have been able to bowl it would have been a bonus. Meanwhile India has lost their strike batsman Gambhir but Sehwag is still there.

  42. #42 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 3:01 PM

    The difference between Dhoni and Malik is that when Gambhir was dismissed early on Dhoni sent Raina. Why? Because India still have a left/right hand batting combination PLUS Raina is in top form and confidence having scored a quick century in the last game.

    This is how youngsters should be treated.

  43. #43 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 3:04 PM

    Not only do I believe Waqar was a better bowler than Wasim, I also think he is a better commentator.

  44. #44 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 3:32 PM


    Waqar is definitely an amusing commentator but not better. Wasim though has acquired a fake accent over the years but both of them are lacking in basics.

    There you go, I said b4 that Afridi won’t be effective on this track, already two sixes in his over.

    Malik is sitting topless besides his coach instead, he should wear his top and get on to the field because Misbah is not taking up the role of captaincy.


    I will take back my words about Raina, I said expecting another 100 from him within 24 hours is asking too much, but the way he is playing now he is already 47 in 33 balls, its possible that he will make a back to back century because Pakistan’s bowling is in tatters right now.

    While Pakistan made 47 in 15 overs India has made 100 in 14 overs.

  45. #45 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 3:39 PM

    Looks like India is going to win this match. Hats off to Sehwag and Raina. Even though Pakistan’s bowling in indeed “in tatters” as Javed A Khan says, it takes a special effort to rattle a complete bowling attack. There is so much talent in Indian batting.

    I am disturbed at Rao who has shown a bit of attitude today to the Indian batsmen. Usually he keeps to himself and that quality distinguishes him from the other Pakistani bowlers.

  46. #46 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 3:41 PM

    It’s about time Javed utter some words and jinx Raina and Sehwag otherwise they’ll keep molesting Pak attack. India should win it comfortably now, bowling seams harmless and Pak has no clue how to contain these batsmen. Khansahb it’s time we find an escape goat for this match, how about a slow innings from Butt? “Damn it Butt you cost us the match”!

  47. #47 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 3:44 PM


    Yes Butt has to be blamed certainly. I don’t understand why they are not trying Fawad Alam now. They should give him a few overs. All other bowlers have been tried and Tanvir has been brought back into the attack.

    They have nothing to lose because the Indian batting is looking very comfortable already. So it’s time to hand the ball over to Fawad.

  48. #48 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 3:47 PM


    Good fight back by U.A.E. Amjad ali is showing some heart but needs a partnership. I hope they pull a upset here but will be a daunting task.

  49. #49 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 3:49 PM


    “I am agree”, Fawad should be coming soon but if I was Malik I would try Younis Khan, experiment with him and see if he takes the wicket in power play.

  50. #50 by Awas on June 26, 2008 - 3:49 PM

    Yeah…Butta…its rain from Raina…

  51. #51 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 3:58 PM

    It has been a triumph of improvisation and intellect. Dhoni sent in Raina for these reasons:

    1) he wants the youngster to build on his confidence
    2) left hander complementing a right hander at the crease
    3) good form and quickfire century in previous match

    and how has this worked! He is slaughtering every Pakistani bowler and looks like he will be India’s Man of the Match.

    Meanwhile someone is hellbent on deteriorating whatever little confidence Fawad Alam has. He has still not been introduced into the attack.

  52. #52 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 4:11 PM

    So finally Mr Alam comes on when India has already reached half the target. So it did not surprise me the well settled batsmen went after him. He should have been tried just after when Afridi was first brought on. It doesn’t matter now because it’s already too late.

  53. #53 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 4:14 PM


    are you willing to trade off Natalie for a jinx? Sochlo aur phir bolo.
    khansahab, no bowler from this current team can take wickets at the moment, the equilibrium is disturbed after Umar Gul’s departure.

    I won’t blame Butt alone, because the captain was there with him throughout the time they both scored slowly only to cement their place. Like Awas says, Raina is Raining Sixes and fours. I think India will finish off this match under 40 overs and that will be some relief for the Pakistani, players, spectators and us viewers.

  54. #54 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 4:19 PM

    Let’s call it “The karachi massacre”. Both karachi bowlers were targeted too, Afridi and Fawad.

    Javed, screw this match man, I wanna keep my Natalie. Matches come and go but Natalie is forever.

  55. #55 by Awas on June 26, 2008 - 4:25 PM

    Thoessa, come again…screw who ;)-

  56. #56 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 4:27 PM

    I suggest all of you should visit your chicks after today’s game to relieve some stress. Abdul go to Karina, Javed go to Zinta, Khansahab visit Emmanuelle, Awas visit the Queen, Munir stay the f*uck where you are or else bhabhi will kick your ass back to Peshawar.

  57. #57 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 4:35 PM

    Pakistani bowlers got raped, tortured, molested.

    Yes the psychological advantage went to India when Umar Gul left the field. But I doubt Pakistanis could have been able to stop the sheer flow of runs even if Gul was bowling.

    Sehwag and Raina have toyed with the bowling and the surprising thing is, it’s not Tendulkar or Ganguly who are playing like this, it is Sehwag and Raina.

    What happened to Gul and was he not match fit? Again the inconsistency and lack of quality of Pakistan has been exposed. The two most talented bowlers Asif and Akhtar are drug addicts unfortunately and lack the character and temperament to stay in the side for whatever goddamned reason.

    It is situations like these where you feel like saying, sack the whole team and make a new team with youngsters from the domestic circuit. Start from scratch, give way to a new beginning.

  58. #58 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 4:40 PM


    I thought you will agree to trade-off hence I jinxed him. But, you are not a fair person you wanted to have a free lunch. Never mind, I will take care of that little Portman later. Dhoni has sent another left hander in Yuvraj.

    Amit. P

    Sorry about that, but Raina played very well, he deserved a hundred but what a way to go? Sehwag got his and should be happy.

    Commentators are saying 10 more minutes and Malik can bowl. Do you guys think he will bowl? I doubt, because he has seen Afridi, Fawad Alam and Butt got thrashed and may be, may be, he will bowl if there are two new batsmen at the crease. Because, Afridi got all his thrashing in the first 4 overs 36 runs and then in the next 3 he gave 17 and thats because he is giving more flight to the ball. Anyways, the interest in this match is only a formality now because Pakistan has not only virtually, but actually lost this game.

  59. #59 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 4:41 PM

    I suggest all of you should visit your chicks after today’s game to relieve some stress. Abdul go to Karina, Javed go to Zinta, Khansahab visit Emmanuelle, Awas visit the Queen, Munir stay the f*uck where you are or else bhabhi will kick your ass back to Peshawar.

    Here we go, Khansahab is pissed. Khansahab this team is composed of some the best the domestic system has to offer. I don’t know who’ll take their place. Today is India’s day and you can also predict the winner of Asia Cup, India all the way. Btw Sehwag and Raina are far more aggressive than Tendu and Gangu. Like I said go visit Emmanuelle my man and feel good.

  60. #60 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 4:48 PM

    The Karachi crowd stayed silent generally but some of them gave a standing ovation to Sehwag on this century. It was a good sight to see. Of course I support Pakistan and want them to win, but a player with such talent and greatness should receive no less than a standing ovation.

  61. #61 by Awas on June 26, 2008 - 4:58 PM


    As you have distracted me from all that good cricket…this “come again” reminds me of this:

    The new Pope was having a shower. Although he is very strict about the celibacy rules, he occasionally felt the need to exercise the right wrist, and this was one of these occasions.

    Just as he reached the Papal climax he saw a photographer taking a picture of the holy seed flying through the air. “Hold on a minute” said the Pope. “You can’t do that. You’ll destroy the reputation of the Catholic Church.”.

    “This picture is my lottery win” said the photographer. “I’ll be financially secure for life.”

    So, the Pope offered to buy the camera off the photographer, and after lots of negotiation, they eventually arrived at a figure of two million quid. The Pope then dried himself off, and headed off with his new camera. He met his housekeeper, who spotted the camera.

    “That looks like a really good camera,” she said, “how much did it cost you?” “Two million quid” replied the Pope. “TWO MILLION QUID!” said the housekeeper…”They must have seen you coming!”

  62. #62 by Hanumanth Rao on June 26, 2008 - 5:09 PM

    Good to see so many comments coming in one day. I was browsing on cricinfo and saw PakSpin deserted even with the new thread there are only 4 comments and one of them is of Javed A. Khan’s which is something to keep Mr. Kamran Abbassi quiet. First his thread is way out of interest because people are more keen to discuss Asia Cup and not some moral and racial issues related to Zimbabwe. Therefore, I give you guys the due to come up with yet another new thread on Asia Cup with an Indian perspective and you got attention from a lot of Indian bloggers. I would suggest you guys to upload a visit meter or whatever to show how many hits you got in a day or so far, because not all people who visit the blog write or comment, but they definitely read, like I used to read before I started to write.

    Since there is no interest in this match right now as India is winning it very comfortably its too late for me to stay on-line and comment more, I will perhaps read your comments later tomorrow and until India plays against either Sri Lanka or Pakistan I would like to say good bye and thanks to you all for keeping this wonderful blog so alive.

  63. #63 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 5:13 PM

    Hanumanth Rao

    Thanks for your support. We really appreciate it!

  64. #64 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 5:34 PM

    Good joke on priest Awas, it seemed politically incorrect though, lol. Here is one from me. A biologist girl was on a field survey in a jungle and she ran into Tarzan. The six packs of Tarzan’s abdominals and the romantic atmosphere of jungle made her horny. She asked the Tarzan, “Since there is no woman in the jungle how do you relieve yourself?” Tarzan replied, “Oh, I just visit a young tree, find a hole, and stick it in”. The girl got excited; she took off her clothes, lay on the ground, pointed at her sweet spot and asked Tarzan, “Just think of it as a hole in the young tree and stick it in”. In reply Tarzan kicked her at the sweet spot; she screamed with pain, “Why did you do that?” Tarzan replied, “Checking for the bees”.

  65. #65 by Mohammed Munir on June 26, 2008 - 5:38 PM

    theossa …

    LOL @ scape-goat and chicks.

    Nothing for moi ? Poor me 😦

    I am also sad about Pakistan’s defeat Yaar, and more for UAE too, so I should get not one but two ‘chicks’ 😉

    Understand my ‘dookhraa’ too.

    Anyways, if nothing else, at least I can offer my expert opinions to Khan Sahab about how to ‘take care’ of Emmanuelle 😉

  66. #66 by theossa on June 26, 2008 - 5:55 PM

    LOL Gemini Munir, I bet you can teach us all not just Khansahab. Well, at this age Awas won’t function, a couple of Viagra might do the trick for him or he should also carry “Majoon” in his wallet like Asif did, lol.

  67. #67 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 26, 2008 - 9:29 PM

    Well the match is over, as expected Pakistan team has confirmed that their win over India in the Kitply Cup final was a fluke. Earlier in the same tri-series they lost the round match to India by 140 runs, the biggest margin ever. Today, they were outplayed by the Indian batting line up and they scored 301/4 in 42 overs. And there was no contest, it was a one sided match.

    It goes to prove that even if Pakistan had scored those 30-40 extra runs they would have still lost because, they gave up as soon as Umar Gul walked out of the field after bowling total 8 balls. Earlier, it was the Captain Malak who demoralized the team by sitting inside with the coach and came out later to lead only upon hearing some ‘laanat malaamat,’ from the commentators.

    Never mind his mediocre bowling, he could have at least been on the field to take control of the side, when he came out the damage was already done. He should have immediately come at Umar Gul’s departure. This weak meek attitude of Malik combined with his uncanny arrogance can be seen from the excerpt that I am quoting below from the post-match press conference. When asked about Pakistan’s recent performances and whether morale is down? He replied bizarrely: “Are you sitting in my heart? The Pakistan team is famous for comebacks. My form, if it wasn’t good, at least I am still the best all-rounder as far as I know.”” WOW, what arrogance!

    Osman Samiuddin in his latest article on cricinfo which he wrote after the press conference highlighted Malik’s attitude after that remark he made at the press conference, he wrote: “Board officials and Malik himself insist that he is in the team as an all-rounder. Yet against the teams that matter – South Africa, India and Sri Lanka – Malik has bowled just 49 overs in 16 matches. If three overs per match is the criteria, then Virender Sehwag is a bona fide all-rounder.”

    Even Imran Khan has finally spoken about Malik’s attitude and he wrote in today’s Hindustan Times: “A captain can only earn respect if he is doing his bit as a player, Shoaib Malik is a good cricketer and seems to have a sensible head. However, the question is, does he automatically select himself as a batsman? Unfortunately, the answer is no, and till he changes that he cannot lead with authority.”

    Malik not only considers himself as the best all-rounder of Pakistan but, he assumes that he is also the best captain who have won 13 matches in a row – he gulps the sentence without chewing that, those wins were against Bangladesh and Zimbabwe – and he is very proud of his own performance.

    Jab top pay ullu baitha hai anjaam-e-gulistaan kya hoga?


    you have been extremely generous in praising Malik simply because you saw that achievement in bits and not as a whole picture. I blame him for the slow start and I also blame him for sitting back and deploring rather than coming out – which he eventually did – and for NOT leading from the front. And I also see him as a dimwit dolt to blab such words at the post match press conference. I have nothing personal against him, I am seeing him as a player, as a captain and as an ambassador and once again, he failed today despite scoring a 125 retired hurt! The word hurt should be removed and he must simply retire from Captaincy because that is not his forte. P.E.R.I.O.D.

  68. #68 by khansahab on June 26, 2008 - 10:43 PM

    Javed A Khan,

    I understand what you are saying but I was praising Malik’s batting today in general, I was not praising his captaincy or his all over role in the team as an all rounder. His innings today was as good as any batsman’s would be.

    We all know that he is a poor captain and even poorer ambassador for the country- no doubt about that.

    For some reason I feel Misbah’s place in the team has caused more problems than there were before he became an automatic selection. Younis, Yousuf and Malik were automatic selections before Misbah came. Having 4 primarily middle orders players as an automatic selection is risky business because that prevents the inclusion of more bowlers and all rounders further down the order.

    Akmal is Pakistan’s first choice keeper. His batting as an opener is worse than his batting in the lower order. He can definitely be used as an opener in order to faciliate a Fawad Alam or Mansoor Amjad or Abdur Rehman lower down, but then this placement would need to have some element of permanence. Otherwise he should be used in the lower order and someone else should be discovered to open.

    I used to rant on Pakspin all the time that Malik needs to bat in the top 3. I remember saying so many times, when Malik can average 40 odd at no 3 and Younis only averages 32, why can’t Malik be used at no 3 and Younis at no 4? Today someone revealed an interesting statistic- Malik in the top 4 in the line up averages 44. Whereas his normal average is about 34, so you can see the difference here. So Malik should either open, or take Younis’s place, or he should assume the role of someone like Yousuf, as a very responsible batsman playing at no 4. So there are 3 scenarios and there are problems with each:

    1) Malik as opener: According to my judgement, this will be a good move. That is because despite not being a sound opener Malik has still done a better job as opener than Pakistan’s specialist openers. The problem is he will be prone to inconsistency and will probably not perform against good teams. But that is the same for other openers too. So that should not be a disqualification. What prevents Malik from opening is that now he is a captain and usually captains unless they are exceptionally skilled like Dravid or Ponting, want to bat around no 4-6 because they feel they should be responsible for the middle order and look after the batting in case there is an earlier collapse.

    2) Malik at no 3: This is the position Malik has been most consistent in. The problem is that if he starts batting there, what will happen to Younis? In this analysis I am making the (very likely) assumption that the big 4 of Pakistan’s line up (Younis, Yousuf, Misbah and Malik) will stay as automatic selections for some time to come. However Malik will have to take responsibility in this role and he will be unwilling to do so because the no 3 batsman should be the best batsman in the team and has the role of the backbone of the batting line up.

    3) Malik at no 4: Again, we have to ask what will happen to Yousuf? He can either go at no 3 (a position he averages 55 in by the way) or he can go further down but such a move will not do justice to his talent. Also if Younis starts batting at no 6 because the no 3, 4 and 5 positions are occupied by Malik, Yousuf and Misbah, that won’t do justice to Younis’s talent and he might as well not be in the team.

    So all this is a huge dilemma. My question to everyone is- Has Misbah’s inclusion really helped the Pakisteam team? Please don’t assume that I am saying Misbah is not a good player. He is a good player, he is educated and has a good inspiring personality. He is a good candidate for captaincy and will also be a good ambassador for the country but I just feel his position is wasted because by the time he comes into bat the main batsmen have been dismissed anyway or he finds he does not have many balls left to build his innings, so has to resort to slogging which again does not do justice to his talent. Unless Pakistan is playing Australia, England or South Africa (and that too outside Pakistan) and there is a situation where Pakistan are like 100/5 and Misbah begins a rescue mission, I don’t think Misbah is needed in the team.

    Today Malik agreed that more specialist bowlers would be needed. That is exactly what I said- if Fawad is to be dropped against India, Wahab should be picked. Any spinner would have taken a beating, we saw how expensive Piyush Chawla was and how expensive Afridi was early on. Again if Malik drops Fawad now and uses 4 specialist pacers, if there is a situation where too many batsmen have been dismissed too quickly critics will start complaining again that an extra batsman should be played. Whenever Fawad is out of the playing XI people say an extra batsman is needed. When he does play people say an extra bowler is needed. So it seems it’s a no win situation.

    I am beginning to seriously consider that one of Pakistan’s big 4 should be omitted. The choice seems to lie between Misbah and Younis, going off the premise that Malik is captain and has an immovable position in the team and Yousuf is the team’s most consistent batsman. In fact MIsbah is the vice captain and he will also not be replaced any time soon. Hence Younis is the one who should be the sacrificial lamb, even though he is a good batsman and good team man. That is simply because his average of 32/33 in ODI’s PLAYING AT NO 3 is just not good enough. It reeks of inconsistency and failure to understand what the no 3 role for a batsman, is about.

  69. #69 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 27, 2008 - 4:59 AM


    me2, I also understand your point of view and I also agree with you there is a dilemma in team selection. There cannot be a perfect team for every match and every situation. The important thing is consistency from the batsmen and the bowlers, only then you can say the team is balanced. Otherwise, after every defeat there will be a big question mark of whether to play with 5 specialist bowlers and 6 specialist batsmen or we have to have 2 all-rounders in the team or what?

    In the bottom line of your analysis you have axed Younus Khan to find an easy solution. Anyone would have agreed with you if Younus Khan had failed recently. In fact in the Kitply Cup final he scored a century and in the first match against HK he scored 67, today he scored 59 so he has been very consistent. Although you have voiced against Misbah but, because he carries a VC tag, you cannot drop him?

    I think the exclusion of Kamran Akmal has created a void in the team, his average in ODI’s is not that great, just about 25 and he has 4 centuries to his name. Whereas, Butt has a better average of almost 40 and 7 centuries to his name but, his strike rate is only 77 which makes his case weaker. And Akmal as you have said and as the selectors have also said that he is the “first choice wicketkeeper.” Therefore, his selection should be on the basis of his over all performance and utility and not just a lopsided view about his keeping. Like most Pakistanis, whenever he dropped a catch, I have also felt bad and criticized him, I was even sarcastic in saying “Thank God Akmal is not in the Asia Cup squad.”

    It would be too early to compare the two keepers, still we need to see the facts. How many catches has Sarfaraz Ahmad held in these two matches in Asia Cup? Zero. How many runs has he scored so far in Asia Cup? Only 7. And one can debate about his skills but, I am not impressed by his keeping. I believe a player must be judged in totality and not in parts. Akmal in totality is a better player than Sarfaraz, there is no Karachi or Lahore issue here. Its purely a professional opinion as I see it. I think its unfair on part of Akmal if we ignore his recent performance.

    In the Kitply Cup in three matches Akmal took 6 catches and scored a total of 78 runs or an average of 26 runs. In fact, in that match which Pakistan lost by 140 runs, Akmal’s contribution with the bat was second highest after Malik (53 in 67 balls) Akmal scored 38 in 35 balls with 4 fours and 2 sixes.

    The reason he was dropped was because Talat Ali Malak wanted to save his skin and also of Shoaib Malik. In his match report he asked for axing Akmal for claiming a bogus catch, and that was because DNA was very unhappy with the 140 runs defeat and sent an email to the team manager. I don’t want to make a big issue out it but, that was a lame excuse to drop him.

    If you want my honest opinion about that dropped catch of Sehwag, using my PVR, I replayed that catch several times on the big screen and I saw it frame by frame and trust me, when Akmal dived, the ball actually popped out from his catching hand but, it rolled over from the top of the glove from one hand to the other and he held it, there is no clear cut evidence that the catch was grassed, may be it looked like that to the third umpire, but when you freeze it frame by frame you can see he did not grass it.

    Besides, his intention cannot be judged as malign as Talat Ali claimed that he knew he grassed it and yet he claimed a bogus catch. No his eyes were not on the ball and he did not see it, but, he must have felt that the ball rolled over from the top of the glove and landed in the other hand and thats exactly what happened and thats why he claimed it as a catch. I remember in the WC in SA Ganguly claimed a catch in the gully region and appealed very loudly, on the big screen when they showed the ball landed a few inches before him and there was a puff of dust, Ganguly winked and was giggling after that. India had won that match and no one talked about it later.

    Anyways, Akmal is not my favourite player but his punishment was just an excuse, a face saving device for the team manager. Had Pakistan lost the Kitply Cup final, Shoaib Malik and Talat Ali Malik both would have been out along with Akmal.

    Anyways, whats done cannot be undone, but Akmal’s absence has created some serious problems which we are calling it a dilemma and its true. Its very common that in Pakistan and even in India when someone attains a star status he becomes indispensable and thats what happened to Misbah, they even made him the VC after that T20 WC for what, and why? During the IPL when Misbah did not perform he was sent to the dugout.

    Therefore, I would like to come to the conclusion using your own sentence “Misbah’s place in the team has caused more problems than there were before he became an automatic selection.” And what I don’t understand is after beating around the bush you still did not say in two words, “drop Misbah,” I would say that if you can’t. Drop Misbah, so what if he is the VC? Wasn’t Salman Butt dropped for not performing when he was the VC?

    Or, the easy solution is, drop Afridi because he is not performing with his bat, so what if he is bowling well? Even if he is the top wicket taker in the world during the year 2008, so what? The majority of his haters believe that he is no good. So, why are the selectors keeping him in the team? Get Mansoor Amjad.

  70. #70 by Amit. P on June 27, 2008 - 8:11 AM

    Interesting comments by khansaab and javed ab’t balance in pak team. I want to know who will be picked if u drop misbah … he is doing fine job at no 5. For me the most balanced line-up for pak is the same they came up in the last match. If akmal comes into the picture again then use him at no 6 .. he will give misbah much solid partnership in the end. If u guys insist on playing akmal at top then drop butt .. but dont push malik down the order …. he will be useless at no 5 or 6. Pak batting is not bad if u ask me …. they just need to push an extra bit in their approach. Hope malik identifies himself as a top order batsman rather a “finisher”.

    Yesterday match was over as soon as gul departs after bowling just 8 balls. Though pak have created nervous moment for india after dismissing gambhir .. but i must say raina played brilliantly … cool and calm .. thats what u need from ur top order batsmen to calm down the proceeding. Hope he continues his form and let rohit sharma fight for the no 3 spot. This wud be interesting tussle.

    Agreed that evaluation of a captain is very subjective kinda thing .. differs from person to person … there is no such formula to prove a point. Even judging a player is easier task than judging a captain. i havent seen pataudi or kapil or gavaskar captaincy .. but my dad praises pataudi, wadekar and kapil as a good captains. Though his idea is totally simpleton … whoever win matches for india he admires them.
    I totally disagree u on the point that tendulkar gives less priority to the team. What do u want from him … captaining india and loosing on consistent basis ? Remember in toronto when he was captain and won the series against pak with 4-1.. he was more than happy to continue as a captain though his personal performance was totally dismissal. Had india continued winning under his captaincy, he wud never let this job to go to neone. Whenever he refused captaincy it was good for the team.
    Now on changing order and all …… This indian team is in making and nobody except openers, dhoni, yuvraj have cemented their place in the team. Ponting has played lots of cricket before cementing his place at no 3 … even he batted at no 4 and 5 when he was young. Indian team is now chunk of 20 odd players (mostly new even in domestic cricket) and these players can adapt according to circumstances. Rohit sharma was pushed down the order in the same way raina was kicked out of the team. And Y pathan is not the top order batsman …. he can float in top 4 only in extra-ordinary situation. This all is competition …they got to earn their places rather being gifted.

    And yeah i appreciate ur light hearted comment abt reverse psychology …. when i was a kid i used to bet (of rupees 5 only 😉 ) against india to have win win situation.
    “jeet bhi meri aur haar bhi”

  71. #71 by khansahab on June 27, 2008 - 8:31 AM

    Javed A Khan,

    Good analysis there but unfortunately I will disagree more than agree.

    On the point of Afridi, first dropping him is not really a question. I know you have reluctantly raised that point because Afridi’s haters are saying that should happen and Amjad should be used in his position. As long as Afridi’s bowling is consistent there is no problem, or there shouldn’t be.

    What I was trying to say in my analysis is, that Misbah should not even be in the team but now that he is the vice captain, Younis should get the axe because the PCB looks at Misbah as a possible captaincy candidate in case Malik does not impress by the end of this year. I am pretty sure Misbah will be handed the reins by the start of next year because Malik’s contract as captain runs until December 08. This is of course unless there is a miracle and Malik becomes an Imran Khan. So the PCB is not going to drop Misbah because they feel it is too big a risk whereas dropping Younis will be an easier option.

    As far as Kamran Akmal goes my opinion of him has changed drastically since 2007. Before that I even saw him as a possible candidate for captaincy. My disagreement over the Akmal issue is, I think he is an average batsman and only scores runs by fluke. It doesn’t matter which part of Pakistan Akmal is from. Even if he was from Mardan or Karachi or Khyber Agency, he was a huge reason why Pakistan had a forgettable 2007. You mentioned “dropping catches”- I’ve forgotten how many catches he dropped in 2007 and not just dropped them, he also dropped them on important occasions which hurt the team more.

    Isn’t it a bit too early to give judgement on the Sarfraz Ahmed issue? You say how many catches he has taken and how many runs he has scored. How many chances has he had to prove both those points and how many catches has he actually dropped? Unlike Akmal who has batted in numerous batting positions including opener and spills about one catch every match he plays. If a batsman has not edged or nicked a ball for Sarfraz to collect then I don’t think it is fair to blame him for that. Again, the fact that he is from Karachi has nothing to do with my opinion, except that the consensus on this blog is that generally some sort of discrimination does tend to occur against non Punjabi players in the team, especially Karachi players. “Opinions” are just something we are trading with each other here, and opinions of course are always more subjective than objective. I remember in the early part of this year when Akmal was playing in a series and some foreign commentator was shocked and said, “I still can’t believe he is still in the team”. So I think that tells you the story. In domestic cricket Sarfraz averages 45 in first class and 21 in List A cricket whereas Akmal averages 32 in first class and 28 in List A. So I don’t think it is reasonable to say Akmal is a better batsman until and unless Sarfraz gets a decent run to showcase his batting.

    Yes Younis has been consistent the last 3 innings he has played. But 2 of those innings have been against India, against whom he suddenly appears as a different player for some strange reason and 1 of those innings has been against Hong Kong. Against India and minnows many Pakistani batsmen show “consistent consistency”. If 25% of Pakistan’s international schedule consists of playing India and minnows and if Younis is consistent for only 25% of the schedule, then he cannot be called a consistent batsman. Otherwise why would his ODI average be only 33 after 167 innings? The strange equation with Younis is that, a few Sri Lankan players also average in the early 30’s but they are much more consistent than him. We say Malik is a bad player etc but if Malik can average more than Younis, then something is definitely wrong with Younis who talent wise and class wise, is one of the best the country has ever seen.

  72. #72 by khansahab on June 27, 2008 - 9:15 AM

    Also about Akmal’s catch- I do understand Javed A Khan’s view in that he saw video replays of the incident and gathered Akmal could not know if he had spilled it. However my gut instinct was that the ball lobbed from his glove to the ground, in fact it didn’t even fit properly in his glove (if he never really gripped it properly in the front place that raises the presumption he might have felt he has dropped it). It just wasn’t a clean take. Having said that if Akmal had a foul intention the media would have made a lot of noise which it didn’t, which might suggest what Javed A Khan is saying is right.

    But was it not a dropped catch? It most certainly was. It perhaps wasn’t the easiest of chances but still should have been taken.

  73. #73 by Sakthi on June 27, 2008 - 11:14 AM

    Yesterday’s match was very one-sided. The pitch was very flat. The slow start costed Pakistan dearly. There was nothing much any opposition captain could do when Sehwag is in such murderous form.

    This was how Pakistan played in the Kitply cup final and won the cup. They followed the same strategy this time but couldn’t succeed. I think Gul’s collapse at the start of the match turned the coin in India’s favour. If he could have played and bowled his full quota of overs, who knows what could have happened. Pakistan will be under tremendous pressure when they play India next time as they don’t know the best total to defend.

    Regarding India run chase, I am very impressed by the way Sehwag and Raina chased that mammoth total. They didn’t show any signs of pressure and played strokes as if they were chasing 100 runs. The biggest pressure they would have faced was from IPL franchisee owners. If you don’t play well for India, you will still get chances but it is not the same case with IPL. The franchisee owners will question you because they have invested on you. I could see that pressure on poor Dravid’s face in IPL. Chasing 300 is not that difficult than answering to franchisee’s owners’ questions! Indian players are maturing and have started to use their brains with controlled aggression! Another good thing above all is that they are enjoying their work.

    I won’t blame any Pak bowlers for this defeat. Pakistan miscalculated the pitch by scoring slowly at the beginning and paid the price for it.

  74. #74 by theossa on June 27, 2008 - 11:53 AM

    Kamran Akmal’s core job was wicket keeping, in which he cost Pak more matches than he won by his batting. I would even say it was the worst wicket keeping I’ve seen in last three years by any wicket keeper. India won because of a very simple fact; they are superior team than Pak in batting, bowling, fielding, wicket keeping, and also have a far superior captain than Pakistan. There is no contest there, period. Pak win sometime because of some brilliant individual performances. People say all kind of stuff but good players win matches for you and a good captain motivates team to perform and fight to their potential. I’m glad Sarfaraz has replaced Akmal, good riddance. Akmal needs a break and should concentrate on his glove work. Sarfaraz is just a rookie, he has a lot to prove but where did he disappoint? Wasn’t Akmal part of the team which had the worst defeat against India?

    There is no need to make changes after a loss, no knee jerk action is necessary. Misbah and Younis are great players, name two who will replace them? Like I have been saying all along “Bowling will win us matches”, no good bowlers not too many wins. Imagine India had to chase 299 against the likes of Waqar, Wasim, and Shoaib? People were talking about need of replacing all the players with new ones? Who will be the new ones btw? Fawad is the best allrounder available from domestic cricket; similarly Srafaraz is the best wicket keeper available. Young players need confidence and chances, we need to build a team with whatever talent is available, remember Rajasthan Royals?

  75. #75 by Awas on June 27, 2008 - 1:21 PM


    I don’t have much time due to work but all I would say is that I totally agree to what you have said above. Perhaps Javed had forgotten how bad KA was as a keeper ;)-

    As khansahab said if there was no catch to collect for Sarfraz Ahmed then that’s not his fault. Lets give the new kid a chance to prove himself and encourage him…a decent run needs to be given to him.

  76. #76 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 27, 2008 - 2:47 PM


    LOL, no I haven’t forgotten KA, but don’t you remember in the later part of the IPL he played better? But, whatever I have expressed about his replacement, its my opinion like you all have your views and opinions.


    my observation on your comment about Misbah was or still is that you are airing the views of the PCB and I was suggesting that you should have been expressing your views and not what the PCB thinks because he is a VC hence he is indispensable. And on dropping Afridi, my suggestion was a mere sarcasm to make someone happy.


    I do agree with you that bowlers win matches, but its not always true, in one of the WC matches in SA, when Wasim, Waqar and Shoaib played for Pakistan they still lost to India and it was again the opening pair of Sehwag and Tendulkar that gave India a flying start.

    If you look at the stats of most matches, whenever the openers have given a flying start or one individual has scored 60-70 in 30 balls or so, the match was won on the basis of that quick fire runs. When the openers did not score fast they made the middle order struggle. Mind you there is no Javed Miandad or Inzamam in Pakistan’s team to play that match winning roles anymore. Neither Yousuf, Younus nor Misbah are capbale of taking that kinda responsible role. In fact Misbah is not a finisher at all and we ALL know this.

    Yes, I have also seen those stats on TV yesterday where they showed Malik’s averages from number 1 to 10 (when he started his career as an off-spinner he played at number 10) and the commentators were saying that Malik should know at which position he is good at? The problem with Malik was because of his mediocre bowling he wanted to cement his place on the strength of his batting which he was improving with time and accepted to play at any position only to be a part of the team.

    Now, that he is the captain he can dictate his choice and stick with that. Since he has averaged more as an opener, he should play as an opener. The reason I was saying he should not open is because he is a slow starter and with Butt who is even worst, they will play extremely slow and thats exactly what happened.

    Therefore, in my opinion he should not play avec Butt and choose a partner who can score fast. Thats why I said that Kamran Akmal’s exclusion has created a void. Because, neither Malik nor the selectors would be willing to gamble with Afridi opening avec Malik. Although it doesn’t matter if he gets out early but when he doesn’t you win a match. Currently he is out of form and one quick 50 – 60 will bring him back into his rhythm.

    If playing with Afridi as an opener is a crime then, let Tanvir open the innings with Malik. One day you have to replace someone else like, Akmal has been replaced by Sarfaraz so why not try Tanvir and see if it works? Butt can bat at any other number? In ODI’s and T20 playing with a double negative will not make it a positive. But, playing with double positive will result in positive, look at Gambhir and Sehwag they are equally explosive and score fast. Like, Saeed Anwar and Amir Sohail.

    Besides, khansahab (even me, I have said a few times) says that Butt is not a T20 or an ODI player, all his hundreds have come against India and that too at a slower pace so whats wrong in experimenting someone who can score fast? This is not a test match, even a player like Younus Khan whom we have been criticizing so much that he is only a test player has changed his style and started playing aggressively in ODI’s. So, why not Butt? Is it more important to score a hundred and loose the match or is it more important to score less and still win a match? Malik as a captain must choose between the two. Because, he cannot be Inzamam, whenever Inzi scored a century, Pakistan had won 19 out of 21 times.

  77. #77 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 27, 2008 - 4:39 PM


    I wanted to reply to your points but my previous comment was getting too long, so I thought I should write you separately on that Indian perspective of yours which you have so rightly expressed.

    First, its not Pakistan who miscalculated the pitch, it was the captain Shoaib Malik. But, from his post match press conference it appears that he is not bothered about it and he does not consider it as a mistake, because he scored a century and absolved himself from the responsibilities, that is the irony of a shortsighted captain who can only see his contribution as a positive input and not bothered about the team result.

    Secondly, like you’ve said, Arun Lal was also raving and ranting that Pakistan cannot apply the same theory or the principle that they applied during the Kitply Cup final. First, that win was a fluke, second the opposition can always counter that plan once they see that its the same technique that is being used against them, and they did counter them successfully by attacking from the word go.

    On your comment about the IPL, I would say that playing for your country for honour and pride is something and, for some people money is everything and for some, money is important and it is not everything. The franchiser can be snooty like Dravid’s franchiser was snooty. Whereas, Tendulkar’s was not, in fact he was very supportive and thats why they came back so strongly in the later part of the tournament. So, it also depends from franchiser to franchiser and his attitude towards his franchisee. But taking out your frustration on the franchisee is not gonna help in getting the best out of him/them.

    Finally, regarding Umar Gul, even if he had not taken any wicket his presence would have kept the pressure on Indian batsmen and also the morale of the Pakistan team may not gave gone down that fast. The moment they saw Umar Gul leaving the field, they resigned and surrendered, although the first ball of Rao yielded in a wicket, but that was the only thing that happened, thereafter it was a gloomy picture in the Pakistani camp. Unless they change their technique and their strategy it would be very hard for them to beat this Indian team especially since Umar Gul is ‘reportedly’ out of the tournament, Wahab Riaz is not that confident and there is no other fast bowler in the team now.

  78. #78 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 27, 2008 - 4:56 PM

    Those bloggers who may have not noticed the cricinfo link on the top right side of our website, titled, “Malik opens door to selections tussles” here is the link:
    And here is the full article:

    Asia Cup 2008

    Malik opens door to selection tussles
    Osman Samiuddin
    June 27, 2008

    Shoaib Malik re-ignited a simmering selectorial tussle when he appeared to blame the selection committee in the aftermath of Pakistan’s emphatic six-wicket loss to India in the Asia Cup. Though he subsequently tried to play down his own comments, little doubt was left that the relationship between Pakistan’s captain and selectors is far from a healthy one.

    During an often tense press conference in Karachi, Malik, responding to a journalist’s question on the composition of the team, snapped back, “When captains are given the 11 players, then you ask this question of the selectors.” Reporters immediately latched on to the implication, repeatedly probing Malik about whether there was friction within the management.

    Malik backtracked in spirit if not in word, testily explaining then that his thoughts and suggestions were also taken into account. “In Pakistan, selectors give the final XI,” Malik said. “The captain and coach give their inputs but the selectors put down the XI. We all work together on this. Is that clear enough?”

    Though the dispute has history, it is believed that the latest tiff arose from Malik’s reluctance to open the innings against India, preferring to recall Nasir Jamshed. That would mean dropping Fawad Alam, who had scored a maiden fifty in the previous game against Hong Kong, an idea the selectors did not ultimately agree to. There is also reportedly disagreement over whether or not Pakistan should play a specialist offspinner, Malik, in favour of giving Saeed Ajmal a debut ….. (at whose expense?)

    The selection committee also played down speculation about a rift. “There can be differences of opinion between selectors and the coach and captain,” Salahuddin Ahmed, the Pakistan board’s chief selector, told Cricinfo. “But that doesn’t mean there is a rift. We always select the best XI for any game. The squad of 15 we chose for the Asia Cup was, however, approved by everyone, including the captain.”

    Though in isolation the development is more molehill than mountain, it is actually part of a history of unease between selectors, captain and coach in this tenure. Over time, the selection committee is thought to have become increasingly unimpressed with Malik’s reluctance to bowl and his push for players such as the non-performing Kamran Akmal. During the series against Zimbabwe and Bangladesh also, there were a number of heated disagreements between Geoff Lawson and the selection committee; their relationship is also a tense one.

    At least in part, the friction stems from a recent board policy which gives the selection of the final XI, for home series, fully to the selectors. This policy, in turn, was a result of the disenchantment with the autocratic powers Malik’s predecessor, Inzamam-ul-Haq, enjoyed during his tenure, when the final XI was unequivocally the captain’s choice.

    Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo

  79. #79 by theossa on June 27, 2008 - 5:45 PM

    Thanks Javed for including the Osaman’s article in your post as I did not read it on Cricinfo and it further confirms my suspicion that there is a rift between Malik and Slahuddin. One should ask Malik what is the role of selection committee? He just has to look at the name of the committee. I’ve been saying this along that all the 15 players should be selected by Selection Committee and coach and captain should have a say in the final eleven. So here is what I learned so far, Malik does not want Afridi, Sarfaraz, and fawad in the team. The inclusion of Fawad was on the basis of an allrounder while Nasir Jamshed is a specialist batsman so that don’t make any sense and similarly Ajmal for Afridi? Are you kidding me? The wickets that are prepared neither support pace nor spin so why introduce a youngster and butcher him by the likes of Sehwag, Gambhir, Raina, Dhoni, Jayasuria, Sangakara. We should not forget Wahab and unless he is mentally tough he must be lacking confidence, come on I mean these batsmen are just savage. If wickets were grassy I’m sure both India and Pakistan are capable of bundling up within a score of 150 against the likes of Kumar and Wahab. Someone said here earlier that for the matches against Hong Kong, Bangladesh some of the senior players should be rested and young one should be given the chance and that’s spot on. Coach btw should shut his face and do what he is supposed to do and that is coach the young players and prepare a winning strategy and not ganging up with Malik to play politics.
    Is that confirmed Gul is out of the tournament? That would be a big blow and will further reduce their chances of even reaching the finals.

  80. #80 by Pawan on June 27, 2008 - 6:18 PM

    Hello everyone,

    This is a nice blog you have put together not just because of excellent views provided by experts and cricket enthusiasts, but because people actually read this blog and reply to each other quite eagerly.

    I am an non resident-Indian and would like to comment on the Indian perspective in Asia Cup. To start with let us all accept that there are three strong teams in running for the winnign the Asia cup — Pakistan, SriLanka and India. This is what most of the people in this blog will agree I suppose. But from here on I prefer to take a different route in guessing who is a better team and most likely to win the Asia Cup. First of all I do not think this Indian team deserves the Asia cup. Let us get this straight, none of the teams are even close to being called “Professionals”. The definition of “Professional” according to me is the one who carries out his duties regularly and consistently. It is the job of a professional to do his job!

    I changed the paragraph, not because I want to change the idea, but because it was getting too big 🙂 Anyway getting back to being professional, does any of the three teams understand what it means? Take for example India — they dropped 4 catches in Thursday’s match against Pakistan and in post-match presentation Dhoni was like — chalta hain yaar… I mean wtf? What if the Indian cricket team was owned by Dhoni and he wanted to run it as a professional business and say a few of his mates ruin 4 deals, this would definitely get Dhoni mad and he would not have this “chalta hain” attitude. There are so many instances I can quote in this match which showed non-professional attitude by the Indian team.

    1. Dhoni’s stupid non-professional attitude after 4 catches went down. This I have already talked about.
    2. Sehwag’s non-chalant attitude once he reached 70-80 odd runs. I mean, I understand that team needs a quick start and he has povided it, but what after that? His job is non finished until the team wins. He should know this clearly. The expressions on his face after reaching 70-80 odd runs are like, I am done dude, now its upto others to win the match. I mean, he is paid for winning the match for India and not just making 70-80 odd runs, taking a wicket here and there. I hate this kind of attitude because he is a senior in the team and he should understand the responsibilities of a senior. He just looses concentration after those 70-80 runs. Some might argue that it becomes really tiresome after playing so many overs and even Malik retired hurt because of cramps and fatigue, but my point is, isn’t this the lack of fitness then? Is this professionalism? You are expected to be fit throughout the 100-overs. If you are not fit, then please do not play. I agree that I might be getting too harsh here, but guys this is where one has the chance to improve. Right now Sehwag and his mates must be pretty satisfied with his batting, but sorry I am not. He has to improve…
    3. Yuvraj Singh — what was he thinking when he hit the shot by which he got out? He was acting as if he was walking in the park! Throughout his innings, there was no seriousness at all. Commentators were commenting that this is a good match practise for Yuvraj, who is out of form. But let me ask this — why is he out of form? This is utter rubbish. He has to change his attitude — rather we have to change our attitude towards cricketers. Don’t we do a professional job at our workplace? If my boss keeps on telling me you are “out-of-form” and you need practice, so don’t do that difficult job, just do some simple jobs, what will I think? That my boss had gone mad and is sure to loose his job soon. Everyone, right from begger to Prime Minister/President does his job professionaly, then why not cricketers? Why do we become so merciful for them?
    4. I can name all the cricketers in the current Indian team, but I don’t have time and patience for finding their mistakes and unprofessional attitude. But believe me guys this Indian team is not great.

    Yes, the Indian team has potential and talent, but they are utterly unprofessional.

    I am ending my first comment with these thoughts. Please do reply and tell me what you think.

  81. #81 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 27, 2008 - 8:31 PM

    Sawan ka maheena
    Pawan karay sore!

    Dear Pawan you are welcome to join us and express your views. Its nice to hear an Indian perspective. Yes, we do blab and chirp a bit here and most of the time we are bashing our own team because, if we do that to India, people might say: “Apni galee may whatever bhee Sher hota hai.” Therefore, its nice to see you doing that job for some of the bloggers like, Amit.P, Sakhti, Rao etc., who are also contributing their views and venting their feelings in a very open manner. I dunno what happened to our old dudes like phirwohi, pandit jee, Mabsoos Bhaiya, Salman Khan and Praveen from India, anyways whatever you have said is true to some extent and thats why we proudly say: “we are like this won-lee.”


    yes, its confirmed that Umar Gul is out of the Asia Cup and the doctor has advised him two weeks rest. Sohail Khan has not yet recovered from “Macchhar Kata” so you have to deal with Wahab Riaz and they are talking about bringing in a new chap called Rauf. No clue who he is and what he has done b4. But, its a fact that Gul is out and the future of that ‘Charsi’ is also not known. Its a shame that, Pakistan team with all the potential of the best fast bowlers in the world is struggling to find a pace bowling attack. Since the departure of W&W there is no stability in the fast bowling department.

    Do you know why Pakistan is struggling to groom bowlers like W&W? Because, both of them retired early, or their career ended abruptly, had there been a smooth transition, things would have been different. Akhtar’s arrogance, Sami’s indifference, Asif’s ignorance, Rana’s Nai-ism all combined together created this void in the pace bowling department. Waqar could have played for a few more years, but he decided to quit because of maltreatment. Wasim’s case is dubious lets not talk about it. Even Imran Khan retired abruptly but most people who knew him closely were aware that after the 1992 WC he will retire and he will work on his hospital project.

    If a talented senior bowler stays in the team, a junior who joins him and bowls alongside learns a lot about handling pressure rather than you try to teach him from outside, its not the same effect and same result. I feel that its not just the players fault that they retired early or whatever, it is the PCB who are more responsible in handling them.

    I agree that the captain must have a say in choosing the playing XI like it happened in the past during the time from Imran Khan’s captaincy to Inzi’s. But, Malik himself is such a weak person and his attitude is very negative so the PCB doesn’t trust his judgment and thats why they want to poke their nose in choosing the playing XI as well. And, thats what they want and thats why they appointed Malik, they know that neither Younus nor Afridi will listen to them.

    Also, it is not the captains who get the pitches tailor made according to their choice, its the PCB officials who have a say and they ask the curator to make the pitch according to the way they want and then they choose a team which can do nothing on those tracks. They don’t know what is the meaning of home team advantage or having the pitches made that suits them. They are just bunch of idiots who have no idea about what they are doing.

  82. #82 by khansahab on June 27, 2008 - 8:53 PM

    Javed A Khan,

    Thanks for this eye opening article which confirms my worst fears.
    Remember a while ago I pasted an article that said, Malik wants a different playing XI to the selectors? In that article I put blame on those people who say that the selectors choose the final XI because that time Malik and Lawson were choosing the playing XI, not the selectors. That was the team with no Fawad Alam, no Sarfraz Ahmed and it was that series where the rumours circulated for the first time that Malik wants Afridi to be out.

    I forget which series it was, but it was this year. Anyhow this article is saying that now the selectors are choosing the final XI which means, there is no Mansoor Amjad or Saeed Ajmal in the team and Fawad and Afridi are in. Akmal is out so however Malik wants he won’t be able to replace Sarfraz this series.

    So if the rift grows the captain will have his say and Fawad will definitely be out, maybe even for the rest of the tournament. The question of Afridi is a difficult one because Malik has so far not been sucessful in ousting him, since Afridi’s bowling has been exemplary and he is a well settled player. He has been for 12 years now.

    Malik wants Nasir Jamshed, Kamran Akmal and Mansoor Amjad in the team at the expense of Fawad Alam, Sarfraz and Afridi. If Nasir plays then Malik won’t have to open and won’t be under a risk to get out cheaply which is very likely due to his poor form since he accepted captaincy. But he has not done a great job in the middle order as well. What is his plan- and does he even have one? What is he going to do about his batting? Will he ever bowl consistently? What the hell is wrong with him, does he have fitness issues?

    Has anyone ever wondered why Malik has no problem with Younis? That is because Younis has thoroughly approved of Malik as captain. Younis is not a threat to Malik in any way. Fawad can replace Malik on merit. Sarfraz can replace Akmal who is Malik’s best friend along with Abdur Rehman. And Afridi can (should) replace Malik as captain.
    Once there was some disagreement between Malik and Afridi which resulted in only Umar Gul taking Afridi’s side whereas all of Butt, Misbah, Younis, Asif etc were on Malik’s side. That series Malik told Gul to fly back home. It is the only time in Gul’s career that he was absent in the middle of a series for a reason other than injury. First someone told me of this news and I didn’t believe it thinking it is just a conspiracy theory. But after a few weeks I read an article about it. So it seemed convincing. So Malik is a vindictive and scheming type of a person who will always take disproportionate actions if he feels someone has wronged him.

  83. #83 by Pawan on June 27, 2008 - 9:24 PM

    Hello Javed,

    Thanks for your post. Actually you have raised an excellent point about you guys not talking about India because Indians might think that you are being biased. But I don’t think so. I think there should be freedom of speech — sahi mayeeney mein. Active and healthy debate and constructive criticism is the only way forward for everyone. Now that you are abstaining from commenting on Indian cricket (especially constructive criticism type comments), I understand that I should reciprocate as well.

    Although I would have loved to critically comment and discuss about Pakistan, SriLankan and Asian cricket in general, but I do not want to spoil the fun over here, if that is what you think. I understand this is exclusively a Pakistan Cricket Blog and if I am the only guy commenting on Indian cricket, then I might as well find some other blog where I can maintain my love-hate relationship with Asian and in particular Indian cricket in general.

  84. #84 by khansahab on June 27, 2008 - 9:36 PM


    Welcome to LS. Some Indians have alienated us here (temporarily we hope, like phirwohi/Pandit Jee etc etc) but we seem to be getting “new stock” very frequently which is great! 😉

    You are very right. Our hearts need to be clean and biases should be removed. Only then can we debate cleanly and constructively.

    I have a friend who is from India originally. He is a doctor and a very humble and decent person and he is completely unbiased. He told me recently, “Pakistan team ki problem yeh hai, key team mai sab gadhay hain. Aur Malik sab sey bara ghada hai”. I liked what he said, because I know he is unbiased and he made a fair comment without any feeling of ill will.

  85. #85 by khansahab on June 27, 2008 - 9:42 PM

    By the way Pawan,

    I think the Indian team has had a great patch over the past few years. Going to the top of the world rankings, beating Australia in Australia etc etc.

    So I don’t think there has been much to criticise. Maybe the odd random piece of criticism but nothing major. Plus Indian cricket is going in the right direction. We see the youngsters coming in and impressing like Rohit Sharma, Praveen Kumar. Ishant Sharma etc.

    The same cannot be said of Pakistan who have gone from average to below average over the past 2 years or so.

  86. #86 by Pawan on June 27, 2008 - 10:19 PM

    Hello KHANSAHAB,

    Thanks for your comments. And I really appreciate this kind of blogging where everyone is coming out clean. I will try to continue blogging here, as I am a cricket fanatic and I love to read and express views about cricket. I must say that I am in no way an expert critic, but just speaking out of turn may be.

    About yout views of Indian cricket — I tell you this is just a phase in which everyone is feeling great, but its fake. Let me give you a few examples. You were talking about Ishant Sharma, but, have you seen how he has fallen apart in Kitply and Asia cup? He is the same Ishant who sent shivers down the “spinal cord” of Ricky Ponting, the captian, best batsman of Australia, in Australia. But what after that? He was mercilessly taken apart in IPL and in Kitply and Asia Cups. Agreed that the wickets are not great for fast bowling, in fact, the wickets are very flat, but that does not absolve him from his bad bowling “form”. He has not been pitching it right and we can see that. The line-length has gone awry. I think success has gone to the head of this 19 yr old kid, which happens to most Indians.

    The other so called success stories you mentioned in Indian cricket is Praveen Kumar. I think he is a completely useless bowler right now. Agreed he has talent, but he has to come a long way in becoming the next Kapil or Imran of swing bowling. He is regularly irregular in his line-length and that talks a lot about his work ethics.

    This is the problem with Indian cricket “stars” — once they hog the limelight, they think they are celebrity and just forget about the work ethics that got them here. In that aspect I really look upto Dravid or Tendulkar for their humble and diligence towards cricket.

    Remember KHANSAHAB, there is no limit to improvement. One must never ever stop improving, otherwise we decay and become stale. I am a Marathi (a Maharashtrian) and in Marathi, we have a saying “jo thambla toh sampla”, translated, it means “the one who stops is out forever”.

    Rahi baat Rohit Sharma ki… well you can see for yourself, how success of IPL has gone to his head. He has simply gone from hero to zero in no time, because he has lost his work ethics. He has to regain that hunger and that will only come back when he will sit out for a few games.

    The only good thing happening in Indian cricket right now is competition. Every player has been pushed by some other player sitting on the fringes. That makes for every player to know that one or two failures and you are almost ready to warm the benches and become drinks carriers or messengers.

    Enuf for today 🙂

  87. #87 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 27, 2008 - 10:24 PM

    LOL Pawan

    That was just nice of me to say that. I dunno if you have been reading cricinfo blogs especially PakSpin where most of us used to write there and our comments were very straightforward and unbiased and sometimes biased too. The reason we started a new blog here is because of their silly rules of 1000 character limit and no off-topic discussion and they have also started to censor or delete comments which were critical towards the Indian bloggers, I mean even without any profanity, vulgarity etc., simple straightforward comments were deleted. That prompted us to start here. And we do have Indian participation like Pandit Jee and Salman Khan from Australia. Phirwohi from Mumbai, Sakhti from Chennai, Praveen from Hyd. India, Rao from dunno where and you are from somewhere near Boston? And quite a few others who keep on writing from time to time.

    We do believe in healthy criticism and if you don’t abuse with profanity, I can guarantee that your comments will always get published even if you digress from the topic or write a book or disagree with us as much as you like. I have always been saying that too much agreement kills the chat (conversation) and there are those dummies on PakSpin who used to write just this, “Excellent thread, I am agree.” Hence we do have that joke of “I am agree” which our former PM Nawaz Shareef said on TV a couple of times.


    The day I saw Malik’s comments on TV when he threw that domestic match deliberately and the way he responded to Ramiz Raja with those snooty comments, my perception about Malik changed, because that was the first time I heard him speaking. Then, the way he treated his in-laws by denying that he did not marry that Indian girl and lied about all that, was enough to get an impression about his nature. Prior to when he was not the captain, he used to be very pally with Shahid Afridi and after a while he started to feel threatened and tried to get rid of him. It is obvious now and it came into the press that in the Kitply and Asia Cup squad he did not want Afridi but include Mansoor Amjad. Like theossa said, “are you kidding me?”

    Remember I have been saying all along that he is a “meesna” thats the apt word to describe him. Sorry for those who don’t know what meesna means. I am not sure about what is the equal for meesna in English? The closer to meesna in Urdu is “Ghunna” like a blithering sinister character who is apparently a very innocent looking dude but always scheming and backstabbing you like Brutus. And khansahab please don’t remind me of Abdul Rahman, he is not worth to be in a local club team. He is such a mediocre player but Malik brought him only because he is from Sialkot, his girayeen. I am so pleased that he is out.

  88. #88 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 27, 2008 - 10:45 PM


    You are right about instant success getting into the head of these young players who are making a lot of money – the amount of money they may have never dream in their weirdest dream. Mohammad Asif is one such case from Pakistan. Shoaib Akhtar not for money but because of fame he became so arrogant.

    I dunno if you have read all my comments, I wrote sometime back that Ishant Sharma has become very arrogant after he got a handsome offer from his franchiser in the IPL and started thinking too much about his performance in Australia where he literally shook Ponting’s confidence. Look what happened to Harbhajan? That thappar cost him 850,000 dollars. Irfan Pathan too lost his touch with his bowling and was dropped in the Caribbean WC and then he started to focus. There was a brief lean patch on Dhoni’s performance when he was doing too much modeling and Dipika was behind him. Rich or not, famous or not Yuvraj by nature is arrogant and his father is at fault. Robin Uthappa was bowing in front of the crowd after every catch.

    Raina when he scored 80 odd runs against Pakistan 3 years ago, they started talking about him very high and I read somewhere they said, “Raina is budding Tendulkar.” It took almost 3 years for that guy to recover and cement his place. There are numerous examples and Sreesanth is one incomparable character.

    I do agree with you about Tendulkar and Dravid’s humble approach. I am most impressed by Dravid, to me he is the best. About Rohit Sharma, he did not say anything bad or arrogant, the media, commentators started to praise him during the IPL, but that chap is still humble and does not talk much. He is going through a lean patch, its a phase and he will get over with it soon. Chawla is an intelligent bowler and I hope they don’t ruin him by praising too much.

    Regarding Praveen Kumar and Joginder Sharma’s bowling, Amit.P and I have discussed it here on this blog a few weeks ago, in my opinion both are very ordinary but Jogi Sharma became a hero after the T20 WC and people used to make jokes by calling him Dhoni’s joker or triumph card. Praveen too is a very ordinary bowler and he is lucky that he got a few wickets because some players wanted to hit him out and mistimed and misjudged him. There is nothing exceptional in his bowling. RP Singh improved a lot in the last 2 years, like Zaheer Khan, but Zaheer Khan is in and out due to his injuries, he is one of those Khans who love gourmet food and cannot watch his weight or control his calories.

    Tanvir in the Kitply Cup was seen yelling at Fawad Alam for no reason, but he has somehow controlled his emotions in this Asia Cup. The reason for all this is money and fame.

  89. #89 by Pawan on June 27, 2008 - 11:21 PM

    Hello Javed,

    Yes I used to follow Cricinfo blogs a lot, but somehow I lost touch, but now I am back. I am sorry to hear that PakSpin, one of the most commented blogs in CricInfo has put a limit of 1000 characters. That must be been a big blow and consequently huge motivation for you guys to start this blog. I wish you people good luck in your mission of blogging, and will try to make it interesting over here. By the way, yes, I live 35 miles of Boston.

    About being argumentative and carrying out a conversation, I have no problem in being blatant about truth. It must come out. Honest opinion can only improve you, never harm you. Funny thing is people take this to heart and start personalizing things.

    So about money and fame going to the heads of young ones, I completely agree with you. As we say, money is kind of a nasha, which once gets to you, just destroys your life. Even drugs and other bad habits can be treated, but paisey ka nasha is hard to treat, kyunki? paisa bolta hain boss. As we have seen in recent surveys, that present day crickets would prefer to play in IPL rather than their own country.

    You have raised an interesting case of Ishant Sharma being arrogant. I think kids such as Ishant must be made shant by coaches. Gary Kirsten is hired not just to fart in the aram chairs. He has to payback in deed. Upton is his ass-sis-tant and I believe he has done some good work with Sehwag. Coz Sehwag keeps on talking about Upton, and how Upton helped him to improve his mental strength. Notice that Sehwags performance in World Cup 2003 was also improved after they hired Sandy as a team psychologist. That says a lot about Sehwags batting. But going back to Ishant Sharma, I think he needs good stick because he has done aboslutely nothing yet and success is going to his head. Prasad (so called “bawling couch”) has helped Ishant a lot to get the success to his head by commenting openly that Ishant looks like young Srinath to him. Well, Srinath was himself a mediocre bolwer at best and Ishant, if is following Srinath then God save the Indian team. I don’t have anything to say about Ishant anymore. The bottom line is he has to improve otherwise his bottom will be on the line.

    I do have a certain faith in Praveen Kumar’s bowling though. He swings the ball both ways and personally I have found it difficult to handle balls swinging both ways, but then I am not even a good club cricketer. But I somehow have fascination towards swing bowlers. Just that he has to come a long way. He is still a bachha and the reason I get incensed is that he is acting like an expert. Have you seen his reactions when someone drops a catch off his bowling/misfields off his bowling? I have seen and I simply was stunned to see his jalwa. He has a long long way to go.

    The bowler I hate most is Piyush Chawla. He is the worst bowler in the team right now. He has absolutely no plans for his line-length. If Praveen is a bachha, then Chawla is in the womb still! Chawla has got that googly through which he has dismantled the furniture of Tendulkar, KP, etc, but still his stock balls are terrible. He was raped feverishly during IPL and he himself admitted at a post-match presentation interview that “people sometimes bang you”!!! I think he should be out. He is not qualified to be in the team. I think when Harbhajan is back, Chawla should be sent back to domestic circuit to get banged.

    I am going to save my scating remarks about Dhoni and co. for some other day Javed. But hey thank you and KHANSAHAB for welcoming me here. I wish all bloggers of LG good luck and keep blogging.

  90. #90 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 5:18 AM


    Before I write something else, I must correct you about your comment on Ishant Sharma, you wrote: “The bottom line is he (Ishant) has to improve otherwise his bottom will be on the line.” I think the bottom line is, Ishant has NO BOTTOM. Like one of my Pathan friends commented “Ishant Sharma has body and he has legs, no bottom.” Check it out next time you see him on TV and its true.

    This also reminds me of a joke on Twiggy which I saw in one of the old BBC TV shows recently. Twiggy was a TV person in the UK sometime in the seventies and she was absolutely flat busted, hence the joke was in the form of a question. “What did one tit of twiggy said to the other?” The answer was “Lets leave her flat and go somewhere else.” Can you match something like that with Ishant’s bottom? 🙂

    Well, I thought Chawla is an intelligent bowler but I do agree with you that he is still a “Puppoo” especially with his baby looks and that dimple smile. Yes, at times he could be banged, in fact in the last two matches against Pakistan he was expensive but thats expected from leg spinners. In the previous match he saw Afridi jumping out of his crease and he changed the line and length and Dhoni did the rest. He has done that before with a few other players.

    On your comment about Jagaval Srinath I agree with you and to me he is just as good as Pakistan’s Rao Iftikhar – mediocre, nothing special. On the ATN / CBN TV channel that I have when they don’t show live cricket they show old matches 24/7 and I remember seeing one of the old games of Srinath and also one of Pakistan’s Sikandar Bakht and now Rao Iftikhar, they look very similar, especially Srinath was very, very slim in his early days and so also Sikandar Bakht and when I saw them bowling, it appeared to me that one of the nut bolts would get loose and the arm would go off flying from the shoulder. Just like that cartoon character Pinocchio or that Robaxacet pain killer wooden muppet.

    Talking of fast bowlers, did you read that comment from our “Arrogant Show-Actor”? He thinks that after him there will be no more fast bowlers in the country. Here is his quote: “How many diamonds can you retrieve from one single mine; there has to be an end somewhere. I don’t see any natural fast bowler after me.” He is such a self centered bastard who can only think about I, me and myself. His whole world is revolving around his own inflated ego.

  91. #91 by Sakthi on June 28, 2008 - 9:40 AM

    One of the reasons I like this blog very much is the way you present your thoughts. Simply amazing! I need to learn plenty of things from you guys.

  92. #92 by Pawan on June 28, 2008 - 10:31 AM

    Javed Bhai,

    The bottomless pit is indeed playing today against Bangladesh. Hopefully he does not become a black-hole.

    Mr. Shoaib Akhtar no doubt has rankled you it seems, but he is/was an uneasy customer, I tell you, for Indian team. I still remember Sachin’s middle stump uprooted in front of Eden Gardens in a test match due to the menace called Akhtar. It was enthralling sight, no bowler has ever been so arrogant to Sachin’s bails, leave alone middle stump. No wonder he developed attitude after that. But it’s like this Javed, if you have it, flaunt it! He had the pace and he had to have that attitude to go with it. Do you expect Rao Iftikhars attitude in Shoaib Akhtar? If thats the case, then even Rao will hit 100 mph regularly.

    I still remember VVS Laxmans stumps being taken for a ride in Pakistan by this speedsters balls. It didn’t happen just once, it was regular. Infact Shoaib is responsible for ending VVS’s one-day career. I also remember the New-zealand batsmen literally shaken off their confidence by Shaoib alone. I don’t really remember this match, but he was all over NZ.

    He could have been utilized by Pakistan to an unimaginable extent actually, but mismanagement of led to his downfall. There are some people in this world who needs the attention and want to be the life of the party, so give them what they want, if you want to get work done from them. While there are a few who should be left alone, then don’t mingle with them. This was not udnerstood by the Captain/Coach/Think-tank of Pakistan when Shoaib played. Man-management is a huge issue and I dont need to dwell on it as you must definitely be knowing it very well.

  93. #93 by Pawan on June 28, 2008 - 10:58 AM

    Dear Bloggers,

    Today I have the privilege of watching this (in)consequential match between Bangladesh and India. It’s been 10 overs and India has bowled rubbish. Okay, now I am an arm-chair critic, but still I am a critic and if you don’t have critics, no one is going to improve. So please Indian supporters try not to read my posts for the fear of getting rankled, but I do expect a lot from Indian cricket team and that is my birth-right.

    Gony has found out that life is tough after honeymoon (IPL). He has been consistent in straying down or giving width. Let me tell you this, he is not an express fast type of bowler, so for these types, they have to to have their line-length spot on. Life seems terrible to him today and as expected he is being taken for around the park by Tamim and Ash. I am sorry to say, but this is not the Gony I was looking for. Just growing beard does not grow brains.

    RP Singh started all the fun for Bangladesh. As always he is mercurial producing great deliveries with crappy ones. For once he has to decide on which side he is.

    Ishant is also playing and getting frustrated as well. Two fours in his first over were the gifts he gave to the batsmen. Its payback time for Ishant surely after the CB series and he knows he won’t loose his place to anyone if he does not perform in this series and hence there is no pressure on him. He is just jogging and throwing in some balls, fantasizing that they might fetch him wickets.

    Tamim and Ash are going well and I am waiting for a huge score from Bangladesh, so that the Indian team really wakes up. Today they dont have the experience of Sehwag, so Uthappa will perform the rituals for them. I will keep on updating whenever I get the chance.

  94. #94 by Awas on June 28, 2008 - 12:09 PM


    A warm welcome to you.

    I like your thoughts and frequent updates…you make very interesting reading and very thoughtful too.

    Earlier you said “healthy debate and constructive criticism is the only way forward for everyone”. I totally agree with you here and you are completely free to criticise (or otherwise) Pakistan, India, us or whoever you feel like as long as it’s not personal to the extreme or too filthy. We have a very relaxed tolerance level as you may have noticed.

    On your mention of Shoaib Actor, most of what you say is quite right. When he first came on the scene, he impressed a lot of people in the world and made his nation proud but then his disruptive attitude went too far and fitness level deteriorated fast. He is his own enemy; PCB did all they could for him. He was previous PCB chairman Tauqir Zia’s Chaheeta beyta!!!

    Can I tell you something…you know how you guys admire some of our greats like Imran, Wasim or Inzi…we too have similar sentiments towards some like Tendulkar, Dravid etc…they are awesome.

    Basically, we are people from the same land divided by an artificial line.

  95. #95 by Pawan on June 28, 2008 - 12:11 PM

    After 25 overs, the situation looks better for India, with customary Bangladesh strategy of losing wickets at regular intervals. 124-4 is the score and Raqibul has departed on a brilliant ball from Ojha. Nothing much to rant about Indian bowling. Ishant has been his dissapointing self. Almost on the verge of crying everytime he has been hit for four. Tamim and Rqibul were going strong and it looekd like Bangladesh might just make the Indians toil for thr run-chase. But since both have fallen apart, life is getting terrible for Banladeshis.

    Tamim made a good fifty, thanks to Gauti for missing his catch when on 11. Raqibul has really impressed me, but he has to develop match temparament. He still struggles with lapses in concentration.

    Ojha has also impressed me with his arm ball and the one that leaves the right hander. He can spin the ball well and has taken excellent wicket of Rqibul.

    Mushfiqur and Kapali are looking strong. I reckon a good score is on target.

  96. #96 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 12:19 PM


    Carry on with your comments and they will get updated. Yeah, you are right that this match is inconsequential and thats why BD, especially Tamim and Ashraful started fluently, right now both gone back there is nothing much BD can do now. I have seen them scoring big whenever Ashraful scores big. Tamim is only a 50 bat, he usually threw away his wicket after his 50 and today was the 8th time I guess.

    About that party animal Show-Actor, I agree that he had speed but that was also temporary perhaps that Asian Championship test match in Kolkata when he took Tendulkar and Dravid’s wicket on successive balls and a few more on the sub-continent wickets like you’ve mentioned about V V S, I think he showed sporadic brilliance but no consistency. More than taking wickets he has shown arrogance more often. He was never in any kinda under control by the PCB and they could do nothing, in fact they spoiled him with too many slaps on the wrist, instead of a punch on his face. As far as his personal life is I don’t give a sh*t about it, he can do whatever he like, but he talks too much about himself which I don’t like. He should have started talking and criticizing others after taking 400 wickets not halfway through.

    About your comment on Goni’s “Just growing beard does not mean growing brains”, whats your view on Mohammad Yousuf? His batting is unaffected but he seems a bit off-balance when he is running to field the ball, especially when he starts running parallel to the ball instead of cutting it with a dive. The day he will dive to field a ball would be like the Day of Judgment for him.

    I wish we had some good commentators instead of, Amir Churail and Wasim Chakram as we call them along with Arun Lal are very annoying. Wasim’s jaali accent can only impress his girayeens and Amir’s croaking with a frog in his throat in slow motion gives the impression that he is not commenting a cricket match but describing the moves of break dancers according to their moves, or telling stories to children.

    Just now there was a run out chance missed by Yuvraj Singh / Mushrif ur Rahim, and YV broke the stumps with his hands before collecting the ball although the batsman was a yard behind but a not out decision goes in his favour. This reminds me of an incident a couple of years ago in Malaysia, India was playing against Australia and Haddin was the batsman who was almost half the way on the ptich and similar thing happened and it was Harbhajan Singh who broke the stumps before collecting the ball and there was enough time for him to gather the ball and pull up the stumps (thats the rule in case you break the stumps or the bails are dislodged) so he had the ball in his hand and in order to pull the stumps off the ground, unintentionally or whatever, he dropped the ball from his hand and pulled the wicket with both hands. LOL … it was so funny because he was appealing very seriously and very loudly and Haddin was given not out, although he thought he was out because he was still behind the line. Good that the umpire noticed Harbhajan’s sardar wali harkat and the replay confirmed and made Singh look like a joker. Today’s news is he is ready to play for India and join the SL tour but he confirmed that he will still play with controlled passion. 🙂

  97. #97 by Pawan on June 28, 2008 - 1:20 PM

    Thanks Awas. I appreciate your encouraging and kind words. Right now I am miles away from that thin line of border you were talking about and may be that has made me closer to Asian people. Strange, but thats how it is.

    About the match, I am Impressed by this guy Kapali. He has the temparament of big scores (only on flat subcontinental wickets though). The wicket is so flat and lifeless that it is hard to make out if it is made up of cement. Subcontinental groundsmen needs to rewarded for such flat pitches. It must be taking them tremendous amount of time and energy to produce such flat wickets cause no where else in the world we see such flat wickets.

    As I write this, Gony is getting hammered like a ram-rod. 4-6-6… He is bowling length balls when he should concentrate on yorkers. Ishant is following suit and now there is tough competition between RP-Ishant-Gony. They are all trying to score as many runs as possible.

    I believe Dhoni should have more faith in Yusuf’s bowling. Somehow he seems to keep a very defensive field to Yusuf.

    290-300 is on the cards and it is not going to be an easy match for Dhoni and Co.

    About commentators, Javed, I am so irritated by Arun Lal that I seriously turn the volume mute when he comes on and this is not just today, whichever match he is commenting and am watching. We share that kind of bond.

    Harbhajan has very simple policy actually — pehle desh ko bechunga, phir apne saathi and fir khud ko. He says he gets so passionate that he does not understand whats going on when he gets on pitch, no doubt he ends up helping the opposition more than his team. It is not his fault though — he is devoid of that something we have inside our skulls.

  98. #98 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 1:47 PM

    Alok Kapali made the difference, he was playing like a world class batsman scored 115 with 10 fours and 5 sixes, what an innings and mind you 284 to achieve is a tall order if the Indian guns misfire.

    Goni when he was hit 4-6-6 total 15 in that over, Arun Lal was saying should someone put in his mind that he should be putting the ball in the block hole? I thought it was like taking out something from the black hole to put the ball in the block hole.

    Today, Indian fielding was, as it used to be in the good old days. I don’t know what happened to Gauti? He dropped Tamim and then he dropped a sitter of Kapali. In Pakistan’s match too he dropped a similar one, like Ramiz Raja said, too much of pre-match frisby ! The way Goni came running fast to take a catch in the deep and as he was about to catch it, he slowed down and the ball landed a few inches from his hand. Then, another chance given away as a boundary by the 19 year old, tall, lanky, young cricketer Ishant Sharma, I wonder why they keep repeating his age and height that often? And once again Ramiz Raja put it very rightly its not Ishant’s fault but its because of his long legs, the ball went through it! I wonder whatelse can go through it?

    And I also wonder, why Arun Lal and Athar Ali Khan are wearing pink shirts which is only meant for Reese Witherspoon of Legally Blonde. Are they both trying to be legally blonde? This reminds me of the Sri Lankan Legally Blonde Peroxide Boy Malinga Salinga who will be missed tomorrow.

  99. #99 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 2:19 PM

    For those blogges who have not read this news on THE NEWS, here is some news for them.

    Ganguly is Asia’s cricketer of the year
    Saturday, June 28, 2008
    By our correspondent

    KARACHI: Karachi hosted the first ever Asian Cricket Awards instituted by Castrol to honour and recognise the best of Asian cricket performances in batting, bowling and fielding. The ceremony was held here on Friday morning.

    The legendary Hanif Mohammad was felicitated with the Pakistan Lifetime Achievement Award while Sourav Ganguly capped a memorable comeback by becoming the first recipient of the Asian Cricketer of the Year Award.

    The Pakistan Awards for Cricketing Excellence for performances by Pakistan cricketers were also given away. Shoaib Malik was declared the Pakistan Cricketer of the Year** whilst Ahmed Shahzad was declared the Pakistan Junior Cricketer of the Year. ** WHAT A JOKE.

    Ganguly has had a series of successful innings since his return to the Indian cricket team during the South African tour of 2006-07. The Prince of Kolkata put together some outstanding batting performances during the last year — his best innings being the 239 against Pakistan at Bangalore in December.

    For his outstanding batting performance during the year, Ganguly also received the overall Asian Batsman of the Year Award.

    The overall Asian Bowler of the Year Award was won by Mutthiah Muralitharan who also entered the record book in 2007, becoming the highest wicket-taker in Test matches. The Asian Wicket-keeper/Fielder of the Year award was surprisingly won by Pakistan’s Kamran Akmal. ANOTHER JOKE.

    The Asian Awards are based on the Castrol Performance Index — a comprehensive points system which takes into consideration batting, bowling and fielding performances of each player against all teams in all international matches, in all three formats — Test, ODIs and T20, during a calendar year.

    The inaugural Asian Cricket Awards ceremony was hosted by former Pakistan cricketer Rameez Raja and was attended by cricketers from several Asian countries participating in the ongoing Asia Cup. The awards were given away by legendary Asian cricketers like Wasim Akram, Sanath Jayasuriya, Wasim Bari, Asif Iqbal and Zaheer Abbas.

    Beside the overall category, the Awards were also given away for the Best Asian Batsman and Bowler in Test cricket — Kumar Sangakkara and Muttiah Muralitharan; Asian Batsman and Bowler in ODIs — Sachin Tendulkar and Farveez Maharoof and Asian Batsman and Bowler in T20 Internationals — Gautam Gambhir and Umar Gul.

    A special award was also given away to Yuvraj Singh for his world record of six sixes in an over in a Twenty20 International. A feather in the Cap of Arrogance

    Happy Ending for Yuvi 😉 (in terms of Massotherapy)

  100. #100 by Awas on June 28, 2008 - 2:27 PM


    The only good Asian commentators I find are Sanjay Manjrekar and Ramiz…in that order. Gavaskar is not too bad either. By the way, where is Manjrekar these days.

    On a flat track though it may be but it was a good hundred by Alok Kapali nevertheless. But I guess his effort is gonna go the same way as it did in the case of Malk Saab in the last match.

    Fielding and catching was poor no doubt but you have to take account of the intense heat factor as well.

  101. #101 by Awas on June 28, 2008 - 2:32 PM


    “Shoaib Malik was declared the Pakistan Cricketer of the Year**”

    “The Asian Wicket-keeper/Fielder of the Year award was surprisingly won by Pakistan’s Kamran Akmal”

    Did you really have to make distasteful jokes like that??? You “CANNOT BE SERIOUS”.

  102. #102 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 2:43 PM


    You are right about Sanjay Manjreker and Ramiz Raja, the reason Ramiz is more fluent and more eloquent and he does not make silly mistakes is because of the fact that he reads a lot. Besides he is an MBA and comes from a good educated background. Manjreker I guess is doing more interviews than cricket commentary.

    Shouldn’t someone tell Wasim Chakram that you don’t add “The” in front of names. He goes on and on, The Gambhir, The Sehwag and just now when the replay of Robin Uthappa was shown on TV he said, here is The Uthappa…. got out by Shahadat Hossien. LOL at Mike Atherton “UthaaPattak his name when he said, “UthaPatta.” Robin Uthappa is totally lost in his own world these days probably he is looking for his partner Batman.

    So, India’s proceedings have slowed down right now, can “The” Gambhir carry on the momentum and take India out of the woods? Lets see plenty of game left, only 29/1 in 6 overs.

    And Awas, did I make a distasteful joke or the Asian Cricket Council? And why should I be serious? Am I Yuvraj? 🙂

  103. #103 by Pawan on June 28, 2008 - 2:47 PM

    About the Jokes that Javed is telling, “I am agree” with Awas. You gotto be kidding dude, KA is way behind Sanga and MS.

    Awas, I like Gavaskars and Rameez Rajas commentry. They do make some interesting points. Wasim talks technically correct when it comes to seam and swing bowling — but then he is the Sultan of Swing. Others according to me are just fillers.

    About India’s fieldong today, it was like 11 zombies rather than 11 players on the field (exception – Ojha)

    Uthapa has left for the Pavilion. His technique is exposed and he could not even score on a flat pitch. Rest assured he must practice carrying the drinks from here on cause he is not going to get a chance henceforth.

    Rohit Sharma is finding it difficult in the middle. and Gauti is simply out of strike.

    Interesting match on hands…

    If Bangladesh wins, then India will have to win against Pakistan and Srilanka to book their finals spot. This will make the life of Pakistan and SriLanka more difficult, not only of the Indians.

    Is there a twist in this tale?

    Hail Asia Cup!

  104. #104 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 2:53 PM

    Awas & Pawan

    Here is another joke for you guys, latest from Zaman Park Lahore, the home of Imran Khan and his cousin Majid Khan and his not so famous and not so fortunate son Bazid Khan. Majid himself is known for sheer arrogance, even today he is an “Angry Old Man” and I don’t know how long his frustration will continue just because his son has not been selected. Read the news below from THE NEWS.

    Majid Khan demands removal of PCB chief
    Saturday, June 28, 2008
    From Asif Sohail ….. THE NEWS.

    LAHORE: Cricket icon Majid Khan has demanded of the Patron of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) President Pervez Musharraf to remove Dr Nasim Ashraf for his financial irregularities in the Board and the manner in which he sacked former Test cricketer Saleem Altaf.

    Addressing a crowded press conference at his Zaman Park residence here on Friday, Majid called upon the Patron to appoint such a person as chairman of the Board who knew and understood cricket and responded to a question that if he was asked to do the job he would accept the challenge.

    “The present Board had turned this institution as an employment exchange. When I was the chief executive of the PCB we had 20 to 30 employees but today this number has increased to 700 plus,” Majid said.

    He added that there was no discipline in the Board and personal likes and dislikes had made the players more powerful than the Board.

    “Inzamam-ul-Haq refused to play the Oval Test match but wasn’t sacked from the captaincy. Younis Khan refused to lead the team saying ‘I don’t want to become a dummy captain’ and declined to play in the match against Bangladesh early this year but escaped punishment.

    “The player who confessed before millions of people watching him throw a match was made captain of the team,” Majid recalled.

    The former captain of Pakistan cricket team said that non-technocrats were damaging the game of cricket. “We cricketers are deeply concerned about the financial indiscipline in the PCB and demand that the misuse of public money should be audited by the Public Accounts Committee of the government of Pakistan,” demanded Majid.

    Majid was highly critical of the treatment meted out to his former Test colleague Saleem Altaf and called upon Nasim Ashraf that if he had left a little bit of decency in him he should quit after the just decision of the Lahore High Court’s Judge Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi in restoring Saleem on his job.

    Btw, why do you guys think that these are jokes? Do they sound like jokes? Come on man I am serious 🙂

  105. #105 by Pawan on June 28, 2008 - 3:05 PM

    Javed Bhai

    Am afraid but the reaction by Majid Khan is a typical desi mentality. The BCCI secretary Mr. Niranjan Shah actually got his son selected for India A team and he is the captain of the India A team. Sifarish is a big word in Asia still and this is ruining these countries.

    Talk about ruins — Mr. Rohit Sharma has found out the true meaning of it. Luck seems to have deserted him, as he found the only fielder at short leg, but the real thing is, he is out of sync and needs to practice more. He joins Uthapa.

    Sending Raina in is a bad decesion. Yusuf Pathan would have been a good choice as it also would have maintained right-left batting combinition

  106. #106 by Awas on June 28, 2008 - 3:12 PM


    Perhaps Asian Cricket Council is the joke of the year then!!!

    Sacking of Saleem Altaf was the right thing anyway. He was good for nothing and I reailised that ever since I saw his one-to-one with Waqar Younus.

    Butta…enough of those jokes…can’t take it anymore ;)-


    I was looking at the crowds to see how they were like but the ground is almost empty. The camera did focus once on two kali kloti gals…must be Bangla Walis’s….going by their features. The one that Javed mentioned, in her whites last time, really looked like a star when I caught a glimpse of her in the highlights.

  107. #107 by Awas on June 28, 2008 - 3:14 PM


    Don’t you worry…India will still win easily.

  108. #108 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 4:09 PM

    The match is progressing so slowly, there seems to be no interest now and India is cruising towards the target very easily. The only team that may give India some fight in this tournament is perhaps Sri Lanka. Because, Pakistan has no bowling attack now after Umar Gul and their batting is just a fluke, may be they will or may be they will not click.


    I know Sifarish is common in India and Pakistan but you may not be knowing how many chances Bazid Khan got just because of Majid pushing him again and again. Because Bazid has scored only in domestic circuit and that too without any consistency. Like Faisal Iqbal is Miandad’s nephew he too has pushed him a lot and that fellow apart from scoring a hundred against India has not done anything significant.


    Yeah, I have also seen that Saleem Altaf vs Waqqa debate on you tube in three parts, besides, I have seen Altaf in person and heard him talking all BS its a shame that the weak judiciary of Pakistan which has nothing else to do can reinstate people like Saleem Altaf, and that is only to gain some cheap popularity. Because, anything that you do against Musharaf’s government or his appointed officials (DNA) is considered as an achievement.

    I have no respect for that CJ Chaudhry Iftikhar or any other judges who walk on the street with some political and personal ambitions. Of course I have no respect for those two clowns who were exiled in Dubai and Saudi Arabia and they are holding the reigns of leadership, just imagine what kinda future the country has in the hands of chor, uchakay and lutayray! So, lets concentrate on cricket only.

    Q. Why do wicketkeepers like Akmal, Sarfaraz, Mushrif ur Rahim (even Dhoni when he was not a skipper) chirp a lot? At times they are so annoying that I wish someone should stuff a dirty pair of socks not only in their mouth but in their posterior ends as well.

  109. #109 by khansahab on June 28, 2008 - 4:49 PM

    LOL @ Malik and Akmal getting awards.

    Afridi, Yousuf, Tanvir, Butt deserved the Pakistan Cricketer of the Year award more than Malik.

    On what basis has the award been given to Malik? Thumping Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Hong Kong?

  110. #110 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 5:51 PM


    there is an expression in Urdu:

    “Andhaa baatay raywree wo bhee apnay apnaon ko.” or
    The blind distributes sweets to the blind. Thats it.

    The other day I was comparing Kamran Akmal with Sarfrarz Ahmad and I said I am not impressed by Sarfarz, but when you compare Kamran Akmal with Dhoni and or, Sangakara both of them are miles ahead of Akmal and more deserving than Akmal.

    In terms of batting Gambhir deserves more than Malik, the later made runs only against the minnows and for the emerging bowler especially when you take into account T20 and 50 overs performances then, both Afridi and Tanvir are more deserving than Murali. Murali in his own class as a test bowler is in a different league but to ignore these young bowlers is not fair.

    Anyways, these things should not take away the motivation and enthusiasm from them and they should continue to bowl and perform irrespective of who gets a token award.

  111. #111 by Amit. P on June 28, 2008 - 6:59 PM

    Well guys …. india finally came out of embarrassing situation …. first gave away too many runs and then some 50 for 2 ….. One thing is sure these bowlers dont know how to ball on dull pitches .. they need to learn quickly … even bangladeshis were quite consistent in line, length and angles … and what abt their fielding? .. they were patchy in all 3 games they played in this series …. hope some rest will do good for them as the next match is shceduled 3 days later.
    Btw Pawan seems to be quite angry with this indian outfit :D.

  112. #112 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 28, 2008 - 10:50 PM


    pawan seems to be a very angry young man from your country and he is very much a perfectionist hence his expectations are high and when the performance is below par like most perfectionists he too get mad at them. I do the same and sometimes khansahab does that so in a way we all do that.

    btw Raina is in tremendous form he has already scored 300 runs in this tournament and twice out so his average is 150 now if he continues to play like this he will be the player of the tournament unless they decide to give the award to Malak Saab. 😉 According to him, he is the best all-rounder in the country!

  113. #113 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 5:32 AM

    Hello guys,

    I am sorry that I could not carry on my work of updating you, as I got busy with something else. Indeed India stamped their victory over poor Bangladesh. The result was inevitable for Bangladesh from the outset because of the poor form their team is in nowadays. I believe they have been on the international scene way too long and they are not posing any sort of test to the other teams. I know this might hurt Bangladeshi supporters, but their team is below mediocre standards. Peroid.

    Regarding today’s match, Bangladesh played with a lot of enthusiasm, especially their chirpy keeper was at his talkative best. I am not sure how batsmen are supposed to concentrate in such “chahal-pehal”. Dropping two catches — one of Gambhir and the other of Raina was a huge let off to the Indian team and that is simply unacceptable. Farhad Reza should be highly dissapointed as his was a catch which he should have taken even in sleep. There could be no reason he can give for dropping that catch and he dropped it at a time when his team needed that wicket badly. Many people may go out of their way and say that Bangladesh did pose a tough fight tonight, but I don’t think so. This has been happening with Bangladesh team for way too long I think and I am seriously doubting their credentials as an international team now. The only thing positive for them was Alok Kapali’s innings, which was simply stunning. But apart from that, their effort was largely of domestic cricket standard. Its been way too long for them to mature now and I am losing patience in the BD team now. Even SriLankans were minnows b4 1996 world cup, but look how far they have come. Why can’t the BD come out of their minnows tag? What is the problem? Someone has to ask this question in the team management. BD has been highly dissapointing. When you have a score of 280+, then you MUST win, especially when you know you don’t make 280+ in every match. It’s just like KP getting pissed with his team mates today for not carrying on to get big scores after getting starts of 20+. I mean he is right. Once you are settled on the crease and know the pitch, why the hell do you wanna gift your wicket? Similarly when you know that you don’t make 280+ regularly, why the hell can’t you ensure that you win? The conditions were much better for bowlers (especially fast/medium fast bowlers) in the evening. They should have won. I am sorry to say that this is a big big dissapointment for them now. They will keep on feeling that if we can’t defend 280+ then what can we defend?

  114. #114 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on June 29, 2008 - 5:46 AM

    In addition to the report in the NEWS, the DAWN has more input about Majid Khan’s “patriotic” concern about well-being of Pakistan cricket.

    He was flanked by another “victim” of PCB, Mohammed Ilyas!! Those of the new bloggers who may not know who this guy is, let me narrate his exploits.

    He is one of several also-ran horses of Pakistan along with all the present members of selection commitee and manager of the team.

    Beside, his son-in-law, Imran Farhat was a highly talented and promising left-handed opening batsman and occassional leg-break bowler. He was selected and given ample opportunity but as usual, he could not handle success and became too arrogant for his size.

    Due to his indifferent form, he was in and out of team lately and was not selected for the T20 WC. He was so upset that he stormed into the office of Chief Selector and confronted him and had verbal “exchanges.”

    Not satisfied with it, his father-in-law, Mohammed Ilyas also confronted his “buddy” of many years, Salahuddin Ahmed “Sallu” and threatened him with consequenses openly.

    When Mian Sallu filed a report with Police and ran away to Karachi, Ilyas started a new drama by staging a sit-in and fast unto death on the pattern of Mahatma Gandhi in front of Parliament House in Islamabad. And you know what? Sarfarz Nawaz, yes, the greatest actor/charactor (Shoaib Akhtar is still miles behind) supported him, others came and garlanded him, brought foods, fruits and drinks to break his fast.

    This is the same Majid Khan who told Hanif Mohammad, the greatest batsman Pakistan has produced so far, that he will finish his career and did so since he had the influence and connections and he is the same guy who also ousted not ony the most succesful captain in the history of Pakistan but the first to instill confidence and belief in the team that Pakistan could beat the best in the world by beating both Australia and West Indies in their own backyard, Mushtaq Mohammad.

    Had there been neutral and honest umpiring, Pakistan would have won both series. It was Mushtaq who gelled and inspired the team and banded such diverse characters as Sarfaraz Nawaz, Wasim Raja and Asif Iqbal etc. and turned raw talents of Imran Khan and Javed Miandad into world class super heroes.

    It was also Majid Khan who insisted that he be allowed to overtake the then record of highest Test runs scored by Hanif Mohammad, 3915, and took few more Test to do that at the expense of giving way to a deserving youngster just like Inzi did last year.

  115. #115 by Q on June 29, 2008 - 6:30 AM

    Honestly I didn’t understand why Malik got the award and for what. Seriously, cricket of the year? Did they just give it to him to give him some confidence?

  116. #116 by Amit. P on June 29, 2008 - 6:58 AM


    U can find many such “passionate” supporters in sub-continent …. that says a lot ab’t the way cricket is being played here …. its far different from aussies or english cricket. And i am not complaining 😉
    Ab’t raina .. i am very happy to see hunger within him … he had unnecessarily taken the wrath of inidian media and public in general after wc debacle … that certainly made him a strong character .. thats why i wanted him in playing 11 in thre CB series … test of character and technique against strongest opposition … but dhoni didnt have confidence in him at that time. I still rank rohit sharma a little notch higher than raina …. but playing along with laxman in IPL did really harm him … his whole legside strokes are now resemblance of laxman’s stroke, while laxman can cope with his lazy elegance (by using excessive wrist work), he cannot in this period of his career. He shud better watch his own innings that he played in aus or rather consult laxman. It is due to the fault in his technique that he is struggling …. not the name, fame or money.

  117. #117 by Mohammed Munir on June 29, 2008 - 9:34 AM

    Wow, we can see ‘Pawan’ all over the place.

    Pawan Aagaya Tay Pawan Chhaagaya 😉

    I have been reading some ‘heavy’ comments on our most recent ‘loss’ to India.

    Good detailed insights from Javed Khan and Khan Sahab, as usual.

    Awas and theossa have had some valuable contributions too in their own short and sweet styles.

    Joke of the day …

    After her first wedding night, Bill Gate’s wife woke up in the morning and told Bill, “Now I understand why you named your company as Micro-Soft” 😉

  118. #118 by Awas on June 29, 2008 - 9:48 AM

    Bringing Mansoor Amjad for Fawad Alam seems like nonsense to me. With the weak batting that we have continuing with the all rounder would have been a better option. Plus Fwad Alam did nothing wrong thus far to get replaced.

    And why did Malik choose to bowl first on a pancake wicket?

  119. #119 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 9:59 AM


    Malik is such a schemer- he has got his preferred playing XI now except that Saeed Ajmal isn’t playing in place of Afridi.
    Malik was insisting Saeed Ajmal be played even before this series started. Why has then Mansoor Amjad been slotted instead of Ajmal, even though a specialist leg spinner (Afridi) is in the team? That is because at the back of his head Malik knows Mansoor can bat a bit, and he knows removing Fawad may weaken the batting line up.

    He also knows if Pakistan bowl second and Amjad gets smacked eyebrows will be raised as to why Fawad was dropped. I would have preferred to see Ajmal playing in Fawad’s place instead of Amjad. That is because you already have an in form legspinner (Afridi) in the team.

  120. #120 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 11:11 AM

    Sri Lanka have gone on the defensive since Jayasuria’s dismissal. It was a lazy shot by Jayasuria, I think he was unsure about how to play Tanvir’s inswinger. Most left handers love width and have a weakness against the inswinging ball. Having said that Jayasuria is a master of that square leg/fine leg flick that goes for four and sometimes even for six, that shot of course can be played on this inswinging ball.

    Mostly both Jayawardene and Sangakarra have punished the bad balls and defended the good balls. The bowling change has worked and Jayawardene is out. Pakistan may win this game.

  121. #121 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 11:42 AM


    In Pakistan the scheming of things for personal gains be it cricket or politics has been going on for decades and, Mr. M. Y. Kasim has highlighted some very interesting facts about Majid Arrogant Khan, who started his career as Majid Jehangir Khan and only as a bowler. Then, he dropped his middle name but kept his arrogance with him even today. In fact he is more frustrated, arrogant and more angry now than he was before. And Malik’s scheming is different from Majid, he does it in a very sinister manner, the difference is due to family background and education. But, his Brutus style meesna pun is more dangerous than Majid’s open assaults.


    I don’t buy that comment about Rohit Sharma influenced by playing under Laxman in the IPL. Do you remember how many matches Laxman has played in the IPL? Hardly any and I don’t think a good batsman who played all his life the way he wanted to can suddenly copy and switch to something he sees in V V S Laxman, as if he has not seen Laxman play before those wristy leg shots? I still believe that Rohit Sharma’s bad phase is continuing and everyone goes through that. I still rate him as a more stylish player than Raina is. His cover drives, pulls and straight sixes are very elegant. Besides, he shows very little emotions and thats a very good quality that I see only in great players like Lara, Tendulkar and Inzamam.


    Why did Malak saab choose to field first? “Becaazu”, he saw India won twice batting second. He is such a chimpanzee to ape, I won’t insult a chimpanzee because even he has more brains than Malik. Everyone knows that in Karachi the ball swings more in the evening than during the day, well Tanvir got rid of Jayasuria very early and also Jayawardene a while ago but that doesn’t mean batting second would be better, India is a better side in this tournament and they will win if when they will bat first. So, aping India is not gonna work, you have to see what you have in your bag.

    As regards the two leg spinners I don’t know if it is good to have the same type of spinners or you must have a variety? Malak himself who bowls off spin doesn’t bowl much in fact he tries his best not to bowl. If he goes for over 7 runs per over he removes himself. Today Awas’s favourite commentator Andddaaa, Butttaaa Waqqaaa is back and he almost blabbed something against Malik (without mentioning his name) by saying there is some selfish batting up the order when Pakistan wasted those 15 -20 overs especially when they didn’t loose any wicket earlier on.

    Then he compensated his blunt comment by saying that “the late middle order is not clicking so that must be the pressure on the openers.” Doesn’t make sense to me he said that only to compensate the word selfish he used. The funniest bit was when he wanted to comment something about Jayasuriya he said, Mohammad Jayasuriya. I wonder whether Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Yousuf or who was in his mind that he suddenly blabbed Mohammad Jayasuriay! Waqqaaa is an entertainer, at least he amuses you especially when there is a lull in the game.

    Has anyone seen Mansoor Amjad playing? Waqqa was saying that if Shahid Khan Afridi and Mansoor Amjad can bowl, Murali and Mendis can bowl better than them. But, first we need to see how the wicket will help the spinners? KapuraGurda has just disposed off Rao Ifti with an effortless six. So, the pitch is slow in nature when Rao ifti can be pulled over the midwicket for a six, it would be wise if the spinners don’t try to bowl faster ones (Afridi) instead they must give more flight and bowl a bit slower than usual.

  122. #122 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 12:12 PM

    LOL at Waqar Younas! This is what he said to describe Sangakkara reaching his 50 by scoring a 4 off Afridi. Waqar was trying to say “Shahid Afridi”, this is how he said it:

    “Shoaib Akh……er


    I beg your pardon……….Shahid Afridi”.

    “SHOAIB AKH”??? Shoaib Akhtar is not even playing in this series!

    Jeez Waqar, sort your speech out!!!!!!

  123. #123 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 12:15 PM

    Javed A Khan,

    I didn’t know Jayasuria has converted to Islam- “Mohammad Jayasuria”!!!

    LOL, this “Mohamad Jayasuria” blooper by Waqar is a classic.

  124. #124 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 12:35 PM

    Mansoor Amjad is a talented player. He is of course no Warne at this stage in his career but with encouragement and support of “Malk” he can become a regular fixture in the squad. He also looks like an energetic fielder. He can bat too, if he picks up a few wickets here and there he deserves to be considered ahead of Fawad Alam in the upcoming matches.

  125. #125 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 12:35 PM


    Did you notice that Waqqa is constantly referring Sangakara as SangRakara? Its like someone calling him WaRqar. Arun Lal has been very modest in teaching him by repeating Sangakara’s name correctly but Waqqa’s P. brain is not catching it. But, Arun Lal himself like most Bengalis is calling Mansoor Amjad as Manzoor Amjad, thanks that he is not saying Amzad.

    Yes, I noticed that Shoaib Akh…. wala blooper. Also, THE Pakistan did not bowl and I have never seen such a weak bowling attach ever.

    Have you noticed how Malak Saab knocked off the bails at the bowler’s end with his bowling hand before delivering the ball and got punished? Two times in two consecutive overs and got his nazuk finger hurt.

    LOL … Waqar just said, “Kerachi is so faymus far reverse swing and I always enjayed my Kay-rear (career – which they always say kay rear or carrier) hear playing.” Where is Awas? Enjaa-ing a lazy Sunday?

  126. #126 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 12:49 PM

    When Wahab Riaz played his first 1 or 2 matches I thought he is a good bowler because he bowled in line. He is appearing average in this match. I don’t know what his problem is, he has bowled so many balls well outside Sangakkara’s off stump. He has generated no swing and ordinary pace. If he keeps performing like this he will be out, because in Pakistan fast bowlers are kicked out relatively quickly as opposed to batsmen if they don’t perform consistently.

  127. #127 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 2:53 PM

    Talking about commentators bloopers, yesterday Danny Morisson and Wasim Akram were constantly calling Gambhir as Raina, Raina as Gambhir/Yuvraj. And this was not just once or twice. I suggest Danny to get some spectacles.

    One more “funny” thing by our funny commentators — Ramiz Raja introducing Danny Morrison as Danny Danzopa Morison!!! Obviously Danny didn’t understand a word, but Aamir Sohail did and also told Danny that its a “huge” compliment.

    Wasim Akram’s commentry has been really lazy and he keeps on saying” …and…its a four…good shot….bad ball…actually it has gone all the way… its a six”. He definitely needs to tidy up there.

    Yesterday Aamir Sohail and Danny Morrison were discussing the “grunt” which a bowler makes when he bowls a ball and Aamir was shown looking at Danny and smiling and saying “ has to relase pressure, same thing in tennis and everywhere…its a nice medium..” 😉

    Among the commentators present in Asia cup, I like Ramiz Raja’s commentry the most.

  128. #128 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 3:57 PM


    Wahab Riaz is a mediocre bowler you don’t have to be Einstein to to know that. Now, what is Malak Saab doing? Once again playing a very slow innings and showing signs of fatigue and exhaustion on his baby face. Has he not seen how Sangakara played? He was there for full 47 overs during the day and scored a good 112 at an strike rate of 104 and he is now behind the stumps doing a great job. Look at Malik 28 from 47 balls a strike rate of 59. He gives you a feeling that he is going to drop dead on the ground any time. If a captain is playing with such body language how can others score?

    Younus Khan was unconcerned and played his own game, but got bogged down in that over with a few dot balls and threw away his wicket after playing so well. I have doubts that this team with this attitude will win this match, Asia Cup is too far away from their grasp.

    So what has Mansoor Amjad done so far in place of Fawad Alam? A lucky wicket at 5.50 av., thats all. He has to prove his worth with the bat to justify his place and if Pakistan looses Malik is going to get a lot of flak for his decision to drop Alam and include Amjad as his replacement.

    Mohammad Jayasuriya just missed a difficult chance of Sanath Yousuf. 🙂

  129. #129 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 4:10 PM

    Javed, you are right in saying that Malik is indeed getting bogged down and has no real plan for Murali it seems. Malik needs to rotate the strike, but he is building pressure on himself and on the team. I was thinking that Mo. Yousuf would be the one to break the momentum, but Mo. Yousuf has been refreshing in this tournament and he has carried on in similar fashion against SriLanka.

    Dropping Alam indeed looks more like a political decesion rather than technical. Jayasurya has really got old now and should immediately retire instead of waiting for the next world cup. He has dropped a second sitter today. He completely misjudeged the catch today.

    Mendis is on…

  130. #130 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 4:17 PM


    You just steal the words I was going to write and I saw your comments and read them before writing mine and Malik is definitely putting pressure on his team by scoring slow and see Mohammad Yousuf has just gone owing to that pressure. He is there as an opener and still not managed to settle down after 20 overs so when is he going to score and at what pace? Certainly he is struggling to set pace and he is least bothered about his team, all he is concerned about is his personal score. Thats why its a BIG mistake making him a captain.

    DNA & Co., should not wait for December 31, 2008 to close the books on Malik they should immediately sack him, in fact he should have been sacked after the Kitply Cup irrespective of the result of the final, which was only a fluke and mainly because of Younus Khan they won the cup. So, what has he done? Playing petty politics and ruining the whole team’s performance.

    Lets see what the C and VC (who are on the field) will do now.

  131. #131 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 4:35 PM

    WHAT A STUPID shot to end his innings, he was lucky to have been dropped by Silva off Murali earlier on and finally Mendis amended it by deceiving Malik and Sangakara did the rest. In any case it is not possible to score 170 odd runs in 18 overs left now. Malik has created a lot of pressure for the remaining batsmen BUT, he will be happy because he scored a FIFTY.

    What a Ch2 So4 captain he is that he always plays very selfishly. If someone argues he is not selfish then he is a simpleton who does not need to captain the Pakistan side.

  132. #132 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 4:36 PM

    I am highly impressed by Mendis. The buggle should be ringing in the Indian camp now. Their victory bubble is about to burst. I simply cannot see any of the new kids reading Murali or Mendis. They have to strategize in such a way that they do not need to score more than 4 an over in those middle overs. After seeing Pakistan struggling to score even 3 an over when M & M are bowling, the shivers down the spine of Dhoni and Co. should be sent. Okay you have played what 34 hours of cricket Mr. Dhoni in the last 48 hours, but can you tell us how much you are getting paid for it? If you and your team is finding it difficult then please tell so to the board, we will gladly find one spare team for us. But then you will have to share that wealth and that will hurt you.

    Misbah has just hit a six, the baby Malik should learn from him. Malik is finally out, could not pick the leg cutter from Mendis and finally the torture is over for Pakistan.

  133. #133 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 4:38 PM

    Afridi has done another HUGGA he has done what he has been doing. Now, Malik has all the material and the reasons to drop him.

  134. #134 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 4:49 PM

    What stupid shot from Afridi?? Is it because of the pressure built up due to slow Malik? There is absolutely no planning from Pakistan batsmen. Okay, so everyone knows that partnerships are core in cricket and without partnerships no team is going to chase 300+. I would want to ask Malik and Co. what was the plan when they came out to score 300+? You know that every team is scoring 300+ in the first innings (except Bangladesh, even they got to 280+), then isn’t it your duty to plan how your team can get those 300+ if you bat second? Were Malik and Co. thinking that they are never going to bat second? I am also stunned at Malik’s decesion to bat seond after winning toss! There is absolutely no planning going on behind the scenes and I am going to lay a huge amount of blame on Geoff Lawson. A coach should think out his strategies and how HIS team can win matches before even the first ball is bowled.

    I am sorry to see such poor cricket.

  135. #135 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 4:59 PM


    No matter how much one may argue on Malik’s stupidities, idiosyncrasies and his serendipities for electing to bowl first after winning the toss and also for scoring so slow, the axe will be on Afridi for that first ball duck. Seventh time in his career he has done that. He did not take any wicket today so he might be sitting on the thinking chair for a while, which means a rest.

    Butt also scored a first ball duck but he won’t be axed because he is a girayeen and another girayeen the much talked and hyped about all-rounder cum leg spinner Mansoor Amjad Chaudhry did nothing significant with the bat either. Five runs in ten balls, nothing to write home about. Btw, his home is Sialkot the land of Sials, Khotian and sheepish stallions called Mule-icks.

    (Sials = jackal or cunning sly fox; khotian = Ass or donkey and the Mules are considered as Stallions but they are so sheepish and nazuk that they cannot stand an innings in the heat in their own backyard.)


    You can see that only Pawan is not harsh on his team but we are also like dis won-lee 🙂

  136. #136 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 5:08 PM

    I don’t think anyone expected Afridi to make 100 and win the match for Pakistan. But it is really sad to see him out on the first ball. The crowd has already started going home because many of them only came to watch Afridi bat. Afridi should not be blamed because he could not have struck a 100 in 50 balls and won the match for Pakistan- especially when he wasn’t opening.

    Malik should be removed immediately- it does not matter if he batted well in this tournament but under his leadership the team is going downhill. Many people blame President Musharraf for everything bad that happens in Pakistan. So why don’t people blame Malik for the team’s poor performances? How embarrassing Pakistan lost so badly against both India and Sri Lanka, on Pakistani soil and that too at Karachi, where traditionally their record is brilliant.

    There is no point in playing Test cricket now at this stage of the match where they need 11 runs per over to win.

    Mansoor Amjad has just been dismissed- what poor technique he has shown! One thing is certain, he definitely is not a better batsman than Fawad Alam however unreasonable that may sound to Malik and Malik’s supporters. Mansoor took a chance wicket today, the way his victim got out, any bowler could have dismissed him. So I would not give Mansoor credit for this wicket. His economy rate of 5.5 also did not impress much. So I won’t call it a dream debut exactly.

    Remember I said, when Fawad Alam is out that creates problems with the batting? This shows removing Fawad Alam is not the answer to solving the current crisis in Pakistan cricket. In fact by promoting players like Fawad Pakistan is likely to find a solution for this current problem.

    Javed A Khan,

    You were spot on when you said Misbah is definitely not a finisher. He will also not be able to successfully finish off the game for Pakistan today. He is playing a Test match currently and just delaying the inevitable.

  137. #137 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 5:25 PM

    Another feather to add on Malak’s Saab’s pagree is his decision to send Sarfaraz before Tanvir, we all know that Tanvir can hit a bit and this is what is needed. Misbah has hit 4 sixes so far but that is not enough. Even if he remains not out he wont be able to finish, so khansahab the question of whether he is a finisher or not is of no significance in this match.

  138. #138 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 5:29 PM

    Ramiz Raja is now saying, “Misbah has done really well….it’s not his fault he has no one at the other end to support him”.

    Misbah should have started attacking earlier on. People will blame Afridi for this defeat but why should he be expected to take the blame when Butt and Yousuf could not do their job?

  139. #139 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 5:32 PM

    Javed A Khan,

    Just like how they will blame Afridi for this loss, they will also blame Sarfraz and use this match to justify bringing back Akmal. Sarfraz has got his second chance to bat in ODI cricket and is facing the likes of Muralitharan in an impossible situation.

  140. #140 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 5:38 PM

    Misbah finished the way he usually finishes i.e., he leaves Pakistan loose the match. What I don’t understand is, why Misbah tries out weird shots in the end of the innings like that famous paddle shots he played in T20 and just a ball before getting bowled by Mendis he played a reverse sweep for the third time in this innings, this one didn’t yield any run and the previous two got run a piece and Arun Lal said, too much effort for too little result, true.

    To sum up this match it was a PATHETIC PERFORMANCE and Malik should himself step down from the captaincy because he is not captaincy material.

    PLEASE MALAK SAAB FOR THE SAKE OF PAKASTAN KRIKIT, step down. I concur khansahab’s analogy where people want Musharraf to go by putting every single blame on him so why can’t the same be applied on Malik?

  141. #141 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 5:44 PM

    So Misbah has been dismissed. A good batsman but definitely not a finisher. And as Javed A Khan says, he would not have been able to finish it off anyway in such a situation.

    I think the commentators now discussing that Pakistan will have to beat both India and Bangladesh by huge margins to move forward. They won’t be able to beat India by a sizable margin. So all over for Pakistan.

    So apart from minnows the main teams Malik’s Pakistan has played against have been India, South Africa and Sri Lanka. And Malik has failed as captain and Pakistan has failed as a team. What happened in the Kitply Cup was a fluke and now PCB must make serious decisions.

    I get a little feeling we will see Misbah as captain of the team soon.

  142. #142 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 5:52 PM

    I think Pakistan lost the match before even the first ball was bowled. They started with a negative mindset after knowing that they cannot play Gul in this match. Malik and Lawson seems to have some problems with the selectors and are rigid to play with the players alloted to them. Agreed Malik has been pathetic, but equally bas is Lawson.

    As I have already said, there is no planning going on, and if there is planning going on, I cannot see any execution. Pakistan were like, simply going through their motions. These are pathetic scenes for Pakistan cricket. I would say sack Lawson and get some real good coach.

    Javed and Khansahab, I know you guys are really incensed with Malik for his captaincy and batting, but I think the fault also lies with Lawson and I would give Malik a few more chances, none to Lawson. Look Malik played slow, but then they did not have any batting plan and after losing Younus it was really difficult for Malik as he had to accelerate and also stay at the wicket. I think if they had planned better as to how and who is to tackle M & M, then it would have been a different picture. So the blame should go to Lawson. Agreed Malik is no Imran Khan or Wasim Akram who could win matches on their own flair, but he is a not a good executer of plans.

  143. #143 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 5:57 PM

    64 runs defeat at the hands of Sri Lanka what a shame. Mind you the record at Karachi for Pakistan against Sri Lanka before this match was 4 wins out of 5 matches and Malak is good at creating records against Pakistan when playing against good strong teams and also very happy and content by creating winning records against the minnows.

    Well, Khansahab your feelings about appointing Misbah are not so unique, I guess everyone would be thinking on those lines, the only question is WHEN? I think it will depend on how badly Pakistan plays against India and Bangladesh now. There is no way this team can beat India by a big margin for sure. In fact, it would be other way round. It is also possible that Bangladesh might give them a shock. So, in that case they might change the captain during the ICC Champions Trophy and not wait till December 31, 2008.

  144. #144 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 29, 2008 - 6:02 PM


    if you go by looks, Inzamam by looks never looked shrewed like Imran Khan or Wasim Akram, in fact Wasim did not win too many matches under his belt as a captain, but Inzamam certainly has won more if you take out the average of wins. So, the point is if Malik looks smarter than Inzamam why is he such a weak captain? Therefore, its not the looks that matters, its the gut feeling that a captain needs to possess in winning for his team and in Malik’s case there is none. He resigned and got himself disconnected from the very outset.

    OK forget about all this, here is a trivia.

    Whats common between:

    Salman Butt
    Kula Sekara
    Side Bottom?

  145. #145 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 6:05 PM


    Yes you are right because Lawson has been a terrible coach. What is the test of a good coach? Simply one: a consistent and performing team.
    If there is no performance or consistency then obviously there is something wrong. But Pawan, the way PCB works and the way Pakistani players are, a coach has never really influenced the team in a positive way. Woolmer technically was one of the best coaches the world has ever seen and look at how the team performed in the World Cup 1999. That was due to poor captaincy, lack of consistency from seniors, politics and mismanagement. Politics and poor management or administration is something PCB has been suffering from for ages. What has really changed now is the attitude of the players.

    Woolmer’s achievements are very few and far between. He helped Malik improve his batting, in fact I think this is the only serious achievement of Woolmer in Pakistan cricket where a specialist offspinner batting as a tailender eventually became one of the top batsmen.

    In 1992 when Imran Khan won the World Cup, he was the captain, selection committee and coach. During Wasim Akram’s time when Pakistan was almost as good as Australia, the attitude of players was very different. They were more committed.

  146. #146 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 6:06 PM

    Javed and Khansahab

    I think what happened is that Pakistan think-tank tried to answer two questions after their loss to India and for the match against SriLanka:

    One> We lost to India even after scoring 300 and lost quite easily. How can we now figure out a way to defend 300? These are ominous signs for us since the loss was a huge one and India did score the runs quite easily.

    Two> Gul is absent and how to get a good bowling attack in.

    So what they decided is that okay, we dont have Gul and consequently a weak bowling attack, but batting is going strong. Malik had suddenly grown in batting confidence with 125 rt hurt against India and the picthes looked good. Lets bowl first and get them to less than 300 and then just chase those 300 or less. The risk factor would have been what if they got hammered for a 330 and above. But then they had to take some risk and they knew that their fragile bowling line up would not be able to take pressure of Sanga, Mahela and Jaya.

    But what they did not plan is how to score 300? They got to have specific plans for every bowler and how each batsmen is going to play at what stage in order to get to 300+.

    Lawson is to be blamed for this loss according to me.

  147. #147 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 6:08 PM

    Malik is “indisposed”?

    What the ****?

  148. #148 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 6:10 PM

    Why didn’t he speak in the Presentation?

    What kind of paindoo behaviour is this?

  149. #149 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 6:11 PM

    Salman Kulasekara and Sidebottom have their b’days on same day I am guessing…

  150. #150 by Jehanzeb Khan Niazi on June 29, 2008 - 6:15 PM

    What a pathetic performance from the Pakistan team, being a Pakistani I feel ashamed to see or even discuss about their performance, hence I won’t comment much.

    Javed Khan, my urdu is not that good but the one thing that I see common between these players names is ch**tur or bottom whatever.

  151. #151 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 6:15 PM

    Please let me know if someone has found out why Malik did not speak in the Presentation Ceremony?

  152. #152 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 6:19 PM

    I don’t know Khasahab why Malik did not appear at presentation. I guess we will find that out at the press conference. Also don’t miss the piece by Osman Samiauddin @ Cricinfo. He is sure to write the post-match analysis.

  153. #153 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 6:24 PM


    Malik is such a piece of slime. He is too shy or embarrassed because he had a tussle with the selection committee, went in with his friend Mansoor Amjad who had a lacklustre debut and the team lost badly. If Fawad Alam had not been dropped there was a chance he could have rescued Pakistan along with Misbah.

    Or maybe Malik is too angry at everything. Anyhow this just shows you his character. He has no shame, no sense of morals and he is competely thick. He may already be the worst captain Pakistan has ever had to endure.

  154. #154 by Amit. P on June 29, 2008 - 6:28 PM

    First it was dreadful decision to bat second on this pitch and taking unnecessary pressure while chasing, specially when batting doesnt look convincing … may be malik was trying to protect inexperience bowling attack in nervous situation while defending. I haven’t seen the first inning .. but can say giving 300 is ok on this pitch. It was the responsibility of top 4 to build good platform or even finish it off …. only younus was playing with that responsibility while malik took over-responsibility and was digging there and waiting for turn of fortune. Though i must say srilankan bowled in the right area with right field placement … hope indian team management takes some clue out of this match.
    Defeat here means pakistan is virtually out of asia cup since their net runrate is also not good compared to Sl or india.
    Now coming to this new kid mendis … he has the capability to destroy middle order …. on this pitch where u can afford to play murli on backfoot, this kid is more dangerous since he is quicker in air and got virtually every variations. Indians (yuvraj in particular) shud start practicing sweep shots, but i reckon nobody in the team is good in sweeping .. in fact indians dont like sweeping.

  155. #155 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 6:41 PM

    Legslip receives on average about 250-300 hits everyday from around the world (sometimes we have even gone in excess of 500 hits in one day which is unheard of in the scenario of a cricket blog). Today in front of this grand audience I say the following from the bottom of my heart:

    Although it is not my fault, I apologise to all non Pakistanis who feel disgusted at the behaviour of our captain Shoaib Malik. I am also sorry for the spineless and unprofessional display the Pakistani team demonstrates to the cricket fans all around the world.

    I am sorry for the state of our team and for the fact that Shoaib Malik is our captain.

  156. #156 by Awas on June 29, 2008 - 6:52 PM

    Butta…whatever Waqqa’s bloopers…he is amusing nevertheless ;)-

    Good little efforts by Younus and Misbah but as Pawan says there was no planning how to chase the target. As I said earlier, it was inexplicable not to bat after winning the toss and as Javed says it was plain silly to imitate India…our batting is very weak.

    Whether Misbah is a finisher or not is more relevant when a target is in sight with a run rate of 6 or 7 to chase but when its 12-13 it becomes irrelevant in an ODI with a large total still to chase.

    Similarly, it is definitely not Afridi’s fault either when all others had failed before him. The fault lies fairly and squarely on Malk Saab…his slow scoring was one and apart from many others, dropping Fawad was another. Javed I don’t think he is gonna do the honourable thing and go…no one goes in Pakistan…you have to be sacked. He is the worst captain Pakistan has ever seen. If Pakistan had not won that single match against India, he would have been ousted earlier.

    Aamir Sohail made an interesting observation earlier about Afridi. Did anyone notice that? He said:

    “Afridi’s batting is such that it’s heavily reliant on his excellent hand-eye coordination which is missing completely of late. This may be because he is not that young anymore. His bowling on the other hand has been good with subtle variations and is effective in ODI’s. In tests however there is a need for a bowler who can be relied upon to run trough a side”.

    My take on this is that, like many pundits who have not been making Afridi’s case as an obvious choice for a captain or even indeed a regular for tests, there may be some sense in what Aamir Sohail says. But Afridi is still an essential cog in Pakistan’s set up. It will not be so difficult for him to get back into batting groove once he gets a chance to knock a good innings. When Afridi was played in tests in India by Inzi, it was mainly because of his batting and for that to happen again, I believe he needs to get his batting form quickly.

    Bowling wise, he is definitely very good but to consider him a Warne or Murli to run through a side is unfair. Even a 5 for type bowler like we see in Daniel Vittori or Panesar is expecting too much. But then again who is in Pakistan that kind of a bowler at the moment? That is why it’s doubly important for him to get back into batting groove.

    Khansahab, I don’t think Misbah should or would be made a captain. His age is one reason and batting is well ok but not that great anyway. Importantly, in the last match he captained, he was very unimpressive. I do prefer Younus Khan as replacement and I won’t be surprised if the Board compromises for him not being a dummy and Younus starts perceiving too that there is no threat to his family.

  157. #157 by Awas on June 29, 2008 - 6:57 PM


    My heart is touched…I accept your apology ;)-

    Seriously, that was quite embarrassing what you described as happened…there is no excuse now for that Malk.

  158. #158 by Pawan on June 29, 2008 - 7:19 PM

    Hey Khansahab, you don;t need to apologize and all! Come on, it could be anything, poor Malik might have gone to the loo or something. Come on man, its ok.

  159. #159 by khansahab on June 29, 2008 - 7:54 PM


    You were waiting for Osman Samiuddin’s opinion. And here it is:

    Journalists storm out of Lawson conference

    Osman Samiuddin

    June 29, 2008

    Journalists stormed out of Geoff Lawson’s press conference as tempers frayed after Pakistan’s 64-run loss to Sri Lanka, which pushed the hosts to the brink of elimination.

    A visibly irate Lawson, Pakistan’s coach, attended in place of captain Shoaib Malik and immediately set down some ground rules. “Couple of rules before we start. Don’t make statements, ask questions. If someone asks a question twice, I won’t answer it. Make questions sensible, otherwise I won’t answer it.”

    A senior journalist then asked him whether he was dictating to the media several times, prompting Lawson to tell him to “improve his English.” Lawson then pointed his finger at another reporter’s face and told him, “If you are rude I’ll have to leave.”

    He then made to walk off, decided against it and walked back in. At this point, another senior local journalist led a boycott and the entire multinational media contingent walked out, an indicator of the poor relationship Lawson has had with the local media.

    Lawson, who was appointed in August 2007, has had a troubled time in Pakistan. After Pakistan lost to South Africa in Karachi, in his first Test as coach, he attended a fractious post-match conference. Since then, his interactions with the media have been mostly cool, often tense.

    To add to his troubles, Pakistan’s on-field performances since he took over have been poor. The Pakistan board, and a number of players privately have been unimpressed by his contributions. A couple of officials told Cricinfo during the Kitply Cup that Lawson’s position, as well as that of the captain, were under the scanner and performances in the Asia Cup would be instrumental in deciding his future.

    He has also had a difficult time with the selection committee since his arrival, with several documented run-ins over selection. In an interview to an Australian radio station, he criticised the ad-hoc manner in which selectors operate in Pakistan. The committee, in turn, is less than impressed with his contributions till now.

    With Pakistan almost out of the tournament – they need to beat India and Bangladesh and hope for other results to go their way – it is almost certain Lawson’s position will come under review after the tournament, if not over the next few days.

    Osman Samiuddin is Pakistan editor of Cricinfo


    So Malik has refused to speak to the media.

  160. #160 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 30, 2008 - 2:49 AM

    Its about 10:00 p.m., here in Canada and I just came home to read your comments, as I left immediately after the match, but I saw the presentation ceremony and read the post match press conference note by Osman Samiuddin on cricinfo which khansahab has reproduced it here. After all this, I don’t know what to say. I don’t know whether to blame Lawson, Malik or the whole PCB and selection committee TUBBAR.

    First, I do agree with khansahab and some of you who have said that Malik is a chicken and he chickened out, he left it for Misbah to face the music with Raja and then Lawson to deal with the media. It is extremely rude of Lawson to behave like that with the journalists and he has thrown so much tantrum for nothing. Its like throwing a stone at the beehive and the swarm of bees won’t let him go without giving him a sting or two. It might even go to the extent that he might leave for good on a one way ticket to Melbourne.

    Secondly, I do agree with Awas that making Misbah the captain only on the basis of his English or he has been in the limelight for the last 10 months is not enough justification and it won’t be fair on part of the seniors. Especially since his age is against him, they need another captain for the 2011 WC. Same is the case with Yousuf age wise and for sure he is not captaincy material, whatever days of cricket is left in him, he should be focusing on his batting and a wee bit on his fielding BUT not captaincy.

    Younus Khan declined the offer twice, offering him the job on a silver platter is like doing him a big favour like we say in Urdu, “Uski Lullo Chuppo Kerna” there is no need for it. And I don’t think he would mind that, if he can play under the selfish, spineless, gutless Meesna Malak, then he can play under any captain. He is a very selfless cricketer and today, once again he was playing a selfless innings as opposed to his selfish captain who is reportedly ‘indisposed,’ mai pour quoi? Shouldn’t he be disposed for ever?

    Sure, Afridi played a stupid shot and got out on a first ball duck. Thats him, he has done that before, but what happened to Butt? Mohammad Yousuf? They also played poor shots and got out. Everyone is talking about the pathetic decision to bowl first after winning the toss and then you cannot repeat the same mistake of scoring a 50 in 79 balls and wasting your first 20 overs. When is he going to learn?

    All he does is cover his A$$ with a fifty and then calls himself as the best all-rounder in the country! Shouldn’t someone tell him Malak its because of your Ufcking slow run rate the morale of the team went down. It was because of his Kufcing decision to include Mansoor Amjad in lieu of Fawad Alam there was no depth in the depleted bowling attack or the batting line up.

    He would never see things from that perspective because he is not a captain material, he is only focused on his personal achievements and by hook or by crook he has got this position and showing us how incompetent and weak he is as a captain. They should also not think of Tanvir for captaincy at this stage, it would be a big disaster, he needs to focus on his bowling. Butt was made VC before and lost his touch with that little burden on his head. So, the right choice would be Afridi, he has the personality to motivate the team and in the domestic circuit he has an excellent record of winning matches for his team.

    Pakistan is definitely out of the Asia Cup contention and there is no need to pin up hopes on beating India or even Bangladesh with a BIG margin and then keep hoping, rather day dreaming that India also loose against Sri Lanaka and then we get in to win another fluke cup? They say that, fools don’t have horns on their head and they are identified by their behaviour. Today, Malik and Lawson’s behaviour was one such and it must be deplored, in fact they should be questioned by the PCB.

    Remember when in India last year Malik preferred to play soccer before cricket and put his foot in his mouth and Younus Khan was made the captain and when the team won, he promptly came to the press conference to take the credit. Has he or any of his admirers and worshipers forgotten this? So, he is up there to take the credit even when he is not playing and run away from the scene when this defeat was his sole responsibility. He doesn’t have the guts to be a MAN, leave aside being a captain. Shame on you Malik.

  161. #161 by Sakthi on June 30, 2008 - 5:09 AM

    Bangladesh’s bowling and fielding is much better than Pakistan’s and India’s. They are bowling in right areas and not experimenting too much. If at all they have good batsmen in their line-up then they can give 3 Asian giants a run for money.

    Talking about commentators present in Asia, I think Rameez Raja and Ravi Shastri are good. Arun Lal and Sivarama Krishnan are the worst.

  162. #162 by Sakthi on June 30, 2008 - 5:13 AM

    Also, add Sunil Gavaskar in the worst commentators list please.

  163. #163 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 30, 2008 - 7:59 AM

    By a Staff Reporter Daily News, Karachi.
    June 30, 2008

    The Pakistani cricket team Captain Shoaib Malik, after the 64 run defeat against Sri Lanka locked himself inside the dressing room toilet, thats why Ramiz Raja said: “Malik is indisposed” which means mildly ill. The other day against India he was dehydrated on the ground but, yesterday after the Sri Lanka match he was seen having cramps and was reportedly suffering from gastrointestinal distress. His coach confirmed that Malik is a chronic case of hyperdefecation which is also known as pseudo diarrhea, a common ailment among the pseudointellectuals. He was then taken from the National Stadium Karachi to Agha Khan General Hospital for treatment. Malik is reportedly recovering from dehydration and defecation and was demanding the press conference to be arranged in the hospital ward.



    how come you don’t like your own native Laxman Siva Rama Khrishnan? I find him amusing with his cuckoo style singing commentary and his suit, jacket, tie in the sultry Abu Dhabi heat 42C and standing in the sun like a crow stuck in the afternoon sand, ooops not crow but cuckoo 🙂 I can say that despite whatever shortcomings he may have in his personality he is still better than Amir Sohail and Ranjit Fernando.

    For those who may have missed my comments a few months ago on Waqar Younus, I am repeating what he said about Tillakaratne Dilshan, Waqar said:

    “This man, The Tillakaratne Dilshan is not a good bowler and he is not a good batsman, the only reason he is the team’s keep is because of his fielding.”

  164. #164 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 30, 2008 - 8:55 AM

    Malik vs selectors, Lawson vs seniors: Pakistan house divided
    29 Jun, 2008 1646hrs IST, PTI

    KARACHI: The intrigue-ridden Pakistan team looks like a house divided and despite best of efforts from cricket board chief Nasim Ashraf, captain Shoaib Malik remains at loggerheads with the selectors while senior players in the side are not getting along with coach Geoff Lawson.

    Ashraf had to interact individually with members of the national team but despite his bid to bring Malik and the selectors together seemed to have gone down the drain.

    And to make matters worse, Lawson is not getting along with some of the senior players with reports of exchange of words between some cricketers with the coach.

    As expected, Ashraf denied there were any problems in the Pakistan team or between the management and selectors. He also defended his presence at the net session of the team at National bank complex last evening.

    “Why not? My job is to motivate and encourage the players. That is why I am here,” he said.

    “Look, we have a system of selection and which is very clear. The selectors are authorised to select the final eleven at home and the team management does it abroad. In both cases the final authority takes input from the other party,” Ashraf said.

    “Obviously there are difference of opinion between the selectors and captain and coach which is healthy but you cannot say this means there are serious problems within the team,” Ashraf said.

    But while the PCB Chairman insisted nothing was wrong, Malik, talking to reporters after the match against India, made it clear that the playing eleven was picked by the selectors, something he was not very happy about.

    According to insiders, Shahid Afridi’s presence in the side despite his poor form has also added to the tension.

    Meanwhile, a miffed Lawson on Saturday complained to Ashraf that some of the senior players were not getting along with him. The PCB chief, however, advised Lawson to handle those issues himself, rather than expecting the board to intervene in every matter.

    Ashraf later spoke separately to Younis Khan, Afridi, Malik and Misbah-ul-Haq.

    In one related incident, Malik even confronted a senior journalist at the Asia Cup awards ceremony over a story he had given the same day in his newspaper about the differences between the selectors and the captain.

  165. #165 by khansahab on June 30, 2008 - 9:33 AM

    Lawson’s problem with the seniors is that Afridi is not performing with the bat, Younis is not as consistent as he would want him to be and Yousuf is not very fit.

    Younis has batted very well in the last few matches and has returned to form. But basically Lawson wants Afridi and Yousuf to be out. And Malik wants Afridi to be out more than anything so there is a sword hanging over Afridi’s head.

    Malik’s problem with the selectors is very simple: he wants Kamran Akmal to play and he does not want Fawad Alam, Sarfraz Ahmed and Shahid Afridi to play.

    Afridi is the type of person who does not get influenced by anyone else. Initially he was happy with Lawson because he thought Lawson would be another Woolmer who would be non interventionist and would not mess about with Afridi’s style of batting. But now there are reports of rifts within the team because in Woolmer’s time Inzamam was (relatively more) supportive of Afridi whereas now we have a captain who is totally opposed to him. It is only because of Salahuddin Ahmed that Afridi is playing in this Asia Cup.

  166. #166 by khansahab on June 30, 2008 - 9:57 AM

    Javed A Khan,

    I think the “indisposed” Ramiz Raja was using is the one which means “unwilling” or “uncooperative”.

    I don’t think Malik would have sudden need to defecate following this defeat. He just didn’t want to face the flak because there is a huge responsibility on his shoulders.

  167. #167 by Pawan on June 30, 2008 - 2:23 PM

    Great analysis by Javed, Khansahab, Awas, Amit, Sakthi. That shows how passionate we are about cricket in Asia. Hopefully the players read some of this stuff and understand our passion and become the top teams in the world.

  168. #168 by Pawan on June 30, 2008 - 3:14 PM

    I have these small tit-bits about the current 14 members that currently compose the Indian cricket team.

    Dhoni — Supposed to be the Indian answer to Adam Gilchrist, but does lack the flair of Gilchrist. As javed pointed out in one of his posts, his technique is “wierd” and should play golf to get the proper body position while playing a shot otherwise an injury will be always round the corner, especially when he reaches the 30 figure mark of his life. His temparament is his pro. One word: Kaptan

    Yuvraj — Burnt by the fact that he is VC and not C. Complacency and arrogance are also some of his virtues. “Success going to the head” goes with him perfectly. More interested in Deepika, Kim Sharma, Riya Sen, Preeti Zinta, not in any particular order (forgive me for the order, but even Yuvi must have forgotten it). Hot-headed and hence lands into trouble, but also induces the flair element in his batting. One word: Self-Destructuve

    Sehwag — Nawab ji does not have any sort of foot-movement and consequently is a flat-wicket bully. Gets bored too easily and lapses in concentration have been his trademark ever since he married. Always one ball away from throwing it up. Technique? whats that? One word: Fear-less

    Gambhir — Mr. Serious is the angry young man of this line-up, but seriously the fact is, he is riding his luck these days. So-called Mr. Consistent slashes hard at every out-going delivery and hence would be a piece of cake for “professional” sides like Australia of 2000-2007, West Indies of 1975-1980, etc. One word: Pseudo-consistent.

    Rohit Sharma: Posseses big match temparament, but is lazy lass and needs to
    keep working on his batting. Looks like he has forgotten his work-ethics. “Form” is terrible since success and money going to his head. Can he be the comeback man? One word: Mysterious.

    Uthapa: Uthapa, who? Robin Uthapa, in case you forgot him. Building muscles like Hayden does not make you Hayden. Instead of Haydens structure, if Robin would have copies Haydens big match temparament, workaholic-ness, bull-dog determination, he would have been much better in “Cricket”. One-word: Perrinial-failure.

    Ishant Sharma: Favorite whipping boy of oppositions. Single-handedly posseses the ability to win or lose matches for India (and am not sure when he won any ODI). The 19 year old, bowling prodigy has prodiguously wasted his talent. Flat-wicket is wicked for him. One word: Mr. Embarassing.

    Praveen Kumar: Swinger, consitently lacks line-length and bolwing temparament. Specializes in giving width to the batsmen and getting opposition off to good starts. One word: Power(less)-play.

    Rudra Pratap Singh: Partner in crime of Ishant and Praveen. When operating in power-plays, he ensures opposition is never disheartened. His jump after getting a wicket is much higher than when is needed (to take a catch). It seems he has never bowled yorkers in his life. One-word: Delicate

    Piyush Chawla: Cry-baby would rather suck thumb in craddle than play with men. Severely banged by batsMEN. Only weapon-googly, which is rapidly getting picked and rarely fetching wickets. Needs to grow up. One-word: Parthiv-ish

    Pragyan Ojha: Behaves like he is playing cricket for the first time. Consults Dhoni even for going to bathroom. Only positive – catching. One word: confidence-less

    Irfan Pathan: From hero to zero. Supposedly medium-fast, but I call him medium-slow. Suits 12th man job perfectly. Batting is a joke. One-word: Misplaced-identity

    Yusuf Pathan: Needs Shane Warne to fire. The IPL fluke isn’t going to work unless you work on your work. One-word: IPL-slogger.

    Gony: Actually I forgot about him, seriously. The guy without brains. Repeating mistakes comes naturally. Needs humungous work to be done on his bowling. One-word: Gony-Phony.

    Hope you guys enjoyed 🙂

  169. #169 by Pawan on June 30, 2008 - 3:19 PM

    I had actually typed in my praise for Raina as well. But got deleted somehow. Please read below:

    Suresh Raina: Mr.Asia Cup (after Sanga, of course), is going to fail big time pretty soon. Has “secured” his place for the next series due to fluke performances in Asia Cup. Lacks match temparament, technique, phew whats left? Age on his side, can improve a lot. One-word: Pseudo-Sachin.

  170. #170 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 30, 2008 - 3:29 PM

    OK khansahab

    lets put it this way that he was unwilling because he knew that he would have defecated in front of Ramiz Raja when asked about his decision to bowl when he was supposed to bat. Also he may not have responded to the question about the omission of Fawad Alam and including Mansoor Amjad? Because that question would have worked like immodium extra strength and could have made him constipated. So, he was not sure whether to splatter or hold on, so thats why he locked himself in the dressing room toilet. 🙂

    Now, did you watch the Sri Lanka innings? I didn’t because I slept late and slept through the entire morning and missed their batting, when I woke up BD were 26 for 1 and now they are 76 for 2. But, looking at the score card Jayasuriya the birthday boy is 39 today and what an innings he played and what a birthday gift he has given to himself. A 55 ball hundred with 6 more sixes added to his tally of sixes and is leaving Afridi behind, who will have a lot of catching to do and with Afridi’s current form and the axe dangling over him its an uphill task for him.

    This 332 runs by Sri Lanka will be another nail on Malik’s back and everyone would be telling see, if you had batted first you could have put up 300 plus on the board. Its a matter of common sense when your bowling is weak, go and put up a big total. But, this sheepish stallion of sialkot had no brains to think. Now whatever was left in his skull must have been drained down in the toilet and he is regretting flushing it. Reportedly the services of Ichara ka choora has been summoned by Malik to see if he can retrieve something from the sewage? Uphill task for that bhangi. 😉

  171. #171 by khansahab on June 30, 2008 - 4:18 PM

    Javed A. Khan

    Sir; I have asked you a question through email but you haven’t responded it or missed it out point completely, I am repeating it. ‘Have you recently commented anything on well pitched under anonymous name?’ Reading those comments I have a strong feeling that its not you. But someone is assuming that its you. Its not important to know but, could you please clarify for me. Thanks.

  172. #172 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 30, 2008 - 4:59 PM


    I must have missed that question in your email which had other more important issues related to cricket, sorry for the oversight. For your information the reply to your question is: aNO, I have NOT written any comment on any other blog except here or, you can read my solo comment on PakSpin’s latest thread on Zimbabwe, thats it.

    Its pathetic to see Kamran Abbasi writing a thread on the uninteresting subject on Zimbabwe’s race issues whereas the whole of Asian Block is busy watching and commenting on Asia Cup. I responded to that thread with my views and I knew no one will respond to that tread and I was right.

    In almost one week since that thread is up there, hardly 3 other comments appeared. Then suddenly a “top Paki” appeared with his splattering and blabbering he wrote 4 comments one after the other, and they are totally out of topic and yet they had to publish them because no one is writing there. I feel sorry for Kamran Abbassi that he has no control over his blog now which is under the control of cricinfo mafia. And, this so called top paki bhangi as usual changed his name like a girgit from Goa and now asking me to respond to his sh*t, he can eat it like a humble pie and take no burp and stay where he is.

    So, back to you question again, I do remember you asked me a few months ago that you have exchanged a few emails with the owner of this cricket blog who wants to reciprocate his URL with LS and then you will write sometimes on his blog and he responds vice versa. BUTTTAAA, I have not been there at all and I have no desire to write elsewhere other than LS.

    I was a regular blogger on Pakspin but, after the change in their policy and censorship, we started this blog and now I write only one comment per thread at PakSpin, just for Kamran Abbasi and that too when it is new thread and I stay on the topic. I have decided not to respond to those bhangees sh*t anymore. Because, I don’t want to stoop at their level.

    Your asking this question means that icharaa ka choora is still being haunted by my thoughts, I am sure he must be getting nightmares and sh*tting bricks like Malik. LOL… he is Malik’s devotee so he must follow him in his footsteps and sh*t brick for a brick, that way they can build a Bhangee Mahal in Ichara, Lahore.

    Sri Lanka has won this match I wasn’t even watching it because its one sided and BD lost by 158 runs, Murali took 5/31 inching towards Wasim Akram’s ODI record of 502 wickets he has 473 now.

    I am off to the Montreal Intl. Jazz Festival, its a long week-end here and, tomorrow July 1st, is Canada Day and great fireworks and the ten day non-stop Jazz Fest started on Thursday 26th will last till July 6th. Take care have fun. See you guys on 2nd to witness the India Pakistan meaningless match.



    interesting comments, thoroughly enjoyed, will respond in detail later. Keep on writing, all of you. Thanks

  173. #173 by Pawan on June 30, 2008 - 7:04 PM

    Work ethics are the most important thing in any profession. Cricket is a blatant example of this and people fail recognize the work ethics that go beyond any talent. Talent is a myth that must be broken and it’s place must be taken by the magical words “work ethics”.

    Here a few examples will be quoted which will dispell the myth of talent and rejoice the heros who have understood that there is no short cut to success. Starting with the Pakistan team, a few individuals, so called talented bunch will be analysed critically and myopic view of a number of people will be exposed.

    Let me start with Sohail Tanveer and Misbah-ul-Haq, the two individuals who have taken Pakistani cricket to new and exciting levels ever since their arrival on the international scene. It is not but a mere coincidence that these two individuals posses the mantra of work ethics. These two are arguably the hardest workers in Pakistan team and it shows in their performance.

    Sohail Tanveer has come a long way from being unspottable due to his wrong-footed action, to becoming the wrecker-in-chief to Shane’s royal army of Rajasthan. Shane, no doubt provided him with clear goals and directions, but it was upto Sohail to follow suit and carry out the particular plans and strategies discussed in the team meetings. It requires tremendous amount of discipline on the part of an individual to carry out any plan which has been discussed earlier. The purple cap was just an indication of what happens to an individual who does not involve himself in any petty matters, but just goes about doing his job professionally.

    Compare Sohail to Shoaib Akhtar or Mohammed Asif for that matter and the difference is noticeable where good and sound work-ethics can take a person. Tanveer is easily the first choice new ball bowler right now for Pakistan, who came in for injured Shoiab Akhtar and grabbed the opportunity not with both hands, but with work-ethics. A mere comparison of speed with Akhtar will show that Tanveer is not even near what pace Akhtar can generate, but the end results are in front of us. Asif, supposedly the most cunning bowler of his generation and schemer of the highest order, fell apart due to his indulgance in the wrong things, which clearly highlights wrong work ethics. So, it all boils down to work ethics in the end. Sooner or later the person with the right attitude and work ethic is bound to win.

    Misbah-ul_haq is another motivating example of excellent work-ethics. At 32 getting selected for playing international cricket and virtually starting your career is not an adventerous thing. It must have taken tremendous amount of internal strength and energy for Misbah to make the most of his opportunity, which knocked his door when he was about to shut it forever. But his work ethics are bearing fruition and he is easily the most confident and sought-after batsmen in Pakistani line-up today.

    Mohammed Yousuf and Younus Khan are possible comparisons that could be made with Misbah. The idiosyncrasies of Younus does not provide the Pakistani team fans much confidence in him, and to go with it the inconsistencies and seriousness shown by Younus just makes him a weaker candidate as compared to Misbah. Mohammed Yousuf is another glaring example of what happens to a person when he starts expecting and stops working on his game. Mohammed Yousuf was perhaps shattered when he could not get the PCB’s confidence to captain his side and he went into a shell of sorts. Without work-ethics, no person can survive. Reputation and luck will work, but how long?

    Suggesting that Misbah and Tanveer will become the greatest batsmen or bowlers that Pakistan has ever produced will be nothing but foolish. But these guys have given a great chance to themselves and have enjoyed their journey along the way. They surely have come a long way and their guru is their unthwarting dedication towards they God (read as work). There is no secret for success and the word talent is perhaps the most abused word in English. If in future Tanveer and/or Misbah fail to achieve what they set out for, then it will be because they stopped doing what brought them success – practicing the right work-ethics.

    Afridi, Malik, Butt, Sarfaraz, Akmal, Rao, Riaz and all have to come a long way. The road is long and hard for them, but not impossible to travel and the journey itself will bring in the fun and enjoyment they might be missing in their life now.

  174. #174 by Awas on June 30, 2008 - 8:49 PM


    This is really excellent how you have put your good knowledge into words. I really enjoyed reading your last two posts. Thoroughly entertaining and very aptly put. Wonderful!

    You were however too critical about your own team put in an entertaining way and generously praiseworthy to some of the Pak players. I did say you are free to be critical to Pakistan team too ;)-

    The way the team is playing and disintegrating right now, in my view, they don’t deserve any praise.

  175. #175 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 30, 2008 - 10:32 PM


    Like Awas has said that you have put those words nicely in praising the Pakistan team and also in criticizing your own Indian team. This is a normal behaviour like, parents often tend to be very critical towards their children and want to see them perfect, which is an impossible feat to achieve, as perfection only belongs to God or its only a Godly quality.

    I did mention in my previous comment that your analysis (of Indian players) are funny and interesting and to go back and discuss it again will ruin the fun that you have summed up nicely and the way they have been crystallized should remain like that.

    About your analysis on Tanvir and Misbah, I would like to add something which you may have missed out or not touched them owing to or, assuming it would be sensitive. There is nothing wrong in calling spade a spade.

    Misbah as we all know is not a finisher and the reason in my opinion is, he tries to experiment some silly shots when he is all settled or when there is no need to take or play risky shots. In T20 he did that twice and lost against India. In the IPL he did it a few times, even in the Kitply and Asia Cup he tried risky shots. In the last match against Sri Lanka he played the reverse sweep three times, twice resulting in singles (Arun Lal said, too much effort too little result) and the third time no run and the next ball he was clean bowled. So, when is he going to learn?

    When you try to experiment risky shots especially when you are settled for a big score, especially when you are chasing you cannot afford to take risk, then you end up like this, hence Mishab is not a finisher.

    Remember Inzamam, for instance that Ahmadabad ODI 3- 4 years ago, only a single to be taken in the last over and tendulkar bowled a few dot balls but he did not loose his composure, he stayed there very determined with his poker face, no foot movement, no dodging or giving indications to the bowler what he is going to do and then the last ball, all the fielders are in the inner circle to defend that single and he late cuts the ball for a four. Thats the beauty of a finisher.

    Miandad’s six
    in 1986 on the last ball in Sharjah, that doomed Chetan Sharma’s career. Miandad had to hit a four to win and he waited motionless and Sharma bowled a full toss and he smashed it into the crowd for a six. Whereas, Misbah made Joginder Sharma Dhoni’s triumph card. So, the point is Misbah is not a kid, he is 32 going on 33 and he has a few years of cricket left in him he should behave more like a matured player. Unless he is Jayasuriya and age does not effect his youth and health, he may continue or else he will retire soon.

    I dunno, where I read, but someone either here or somewhere else wrote yesterday that Jayasuriya must retire now, see what he did on his 39th birthday today. I think this must be a record to score a century on 39th birthday! He is much fitter than most players younger than him. Jayasuriya should give some of his energy to our baby Malik. Malik is such a “Dhaan Paan” and such a “Nazuk Naher, fartay Zahr” character.

    Waqar was saying at 27 Shahid Khan Afridi’s hand eye coordination is not that good now, well Waqar must have brains to spot that anomoly. All these commentators forget about their past bloopers and blunders. Wasim pulled his chest muscle reportedly for 1 crore 40 lakh rupees in the WC Bangalore quarter-final against India and Waqar in the same match bowled two beamers at Jadeja and was withdrawn in that crucial match, reportedly another booky offer. And do you remember when Amir Churail asked Venkatesh Prasad to go and fetch the ball from the boundary and was clean bowled the next ball?

    Ramiz Raja was a well known “Khadda fielder” and a poor runner and now he can laugh at Mohammad Yousuf’s run outs and fielding.

    Talking of Afridi’s poor eye sight, a few months ago he has scored fifty plus a few times in the domestic 20/20 matches, and was seen hitting sixes at ease, suddenly his eye sight is weak now? Its only a matter of regaining form. Rohit Sharma has suddenly lost his touch doesn’t mean his eyesight has become weaker. He is only 21, its a matter of regaining form.

    When Sehwag was not scoring and getting out cheaply, Dravid gave him more than 20 chances and people were calling him with names such as “mowtoo” and “Ganjaa” and were saying ‘since he got married he has lost his touch.’ So, people love to talk all sorts of stuff. Now, Sehwag has regained his form no one talks about that phase and calls him a great player. Same was being talked about Jayasuriya he even retired and then came back with a big bang, scored heavily in England. So, people love to comment whatever they feel like.

    Now, about Tanvir. NO doubt he is good but we should not praise him too much, and by we I mean fans, media, selectors everyone, because he too is young and when you praise too much see what happened to that Sheikhupura McGrath. Tanvir really bowled very well in the IPL if he had played all the matches he could have easily got 30 plus wickets. He must have learnt a lot from Shane Warne although both are different type of bowlers but a bowler like Shane Warne can always guide a youngster be it a fast bowler or a spinner to bowl in certain areas and to keep a certain line and length etc. The proof of the pudding is in eating and Tanvir was the best bowler in the IPL and apart from giving him the credit that he learnt fast, I would like to give credit to Shane Warne too. As opposed to him Lawson did nothing.

    In fact, LAWSON is a negative impact on the team and he should be FIRED WITH IMMEDIATE EFFECT.
    If I was in DNA’s place I wouldn’t have wasted a minute in firing him. He was a bad choice, that other coach I am forgetting his name who coached Sri Lanka and Bangladesh who was also a contender was not taken by the PCB because he is not submissive like Lawson and Malik. The PCB wants to control the team through the coach and the captain and to know this you don’t have to be a rocket scientist or Albert Einstein.

    Suggestion to the PCB, pay SHANE WARNE twice the amount you have paid to Lawson and hire him as Pakistan’s coach and see that they will win the 2011 World Cup.
    And, then give him a challenge, a WC winning bonus of $1,000,000 and he won’t reject the offer.

  176. #176 by Pawan on June 30, 2008 - 10:56 PM


    Thanks. The harsh analysis of the Indian team was indeed meant to be funny, interesting and for people to sit up and take notice, although the critic in me wants to scream that all of that is true to the last detail…

    About the Pakistani team, I believe it has huge potential and I have just mentioned a few good points about work ethics that Tanveer and Misbah follow and everyone can learn from them. I am also critical of Pakistan team — read my earlier post about Afridi getting out on first ball. The critic in me has not spared Bangladesh and SriLanka as well.

  177. #177 by Pawan on June 30, 2008 - 11:10 PM

    Javed Bhai,

    Indeed the critic in me gets out of hand sometimes when it comes to the Indian team. But thats how it is and I have absolutely no regrets. In fact I should come up with a warning template I believe for all the India supporters that heart patients and passionate supports please do not read or something like that may be.

    But I am also critical of Pakistan, Bangladesh and SriLankan team. Although I am not as critical as the Indian team, because there are so many Pakistan fans over here that I don’t need to dwell in detail. But I will try my best next time to critic a non-Indian team.

    You have touched a very interesting point, or say phenomena – Shane Warne. The more you say or think about him, the more it gets intriguing and fascinating. But you are right there, if he becomes the coach of Pakistan team, then 2011 world cup is going to stay in Islamabad. Law(less)son has already faced my wrath even before he did the blunders in the press conferences, so I do not want to dwell on him more. I solely consider him as the ONLY responsible person for Pakistans condition right now in cricket world and I am ready to defend my word ONLY.

    Misbah, no doubt has made a few mistakes but in your own words, you are being harsh on him because he is from Pakistan. The thing I like about Misbah is his work-ethics and that has been evident from his form after he returned to cricket @ 32. Agreed he made a few mistakes and he is not the finisher you are looking for, but he is the best you have right now and better than Afridi, Mohammed Yousuf, Younus Khan @ his position. Misbah is no Inzimam or Miandad, but with right coaching he can become as deadly as anyone.

  178. #178 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 30, 2008 - 11:10 PM


    Most of the time our comments are sarcastic and there is always some humour in it, the point is some people do not understand the dark humour (talking about mine) for example the BREAKING NEWS on Malik was just a joke and its not a serious one that he is defecating etc. etc., but someone thought its a NEWS.

    Here is another BREAKING NEWS but this is REAL.

    Since we have started this blog this thread has received most comments 170 so far and will continue to grow because we will not change the thread till such time the Asia Cup is over. Also, for the past one week or so the number of hits have doubled and we are constantly getting more than 500 hits a day (the admin hits are not counted by the blog meter) Its Jayasuriya’s 39th birthday and today the number of hits have reached a record high. So, on behalf of LS management I would like to THANK YOU ALL for your kind support.

    Look at the cricinfo blogs, there was a time when ALL THREE of us used to write regularly, we created so much interest among the bloggers that the comments always reached in hundreds and today after 5 days its pathetic 16.

  179. #179 by khansahab on June 30, 2008 - 11:36 PM

    Javed A Khan

    You are right. Today is indeed a day to celebrate. We have no sponsors, no “I scratch your back and you scratch mine” advertisements, no clout or support from any authoritative body, yet the success of this site is remarkable. And we are not making a penny from our visitors unlike most other widely read cricket sites.

    Every visitor must be thanked and congratulated.

    I am not saying this to shoot praises for LS, but after the LS formation many sites took inspiration from LS. I saw many sites changed their header image to a cricket ball on grass, similar to the LS header (which was a totally original idea and not copied from anyone). Many sites have also started adding features similar to the ones on LS. This does not frustrate or irk me, if someone is copying our ideas. Instead it makes me feel proud of what we have achieved and makes prominent the fact that this site has been a resounding success and may already be the most visited cricket blog in the world.

  180. #180 by Pawan on July 1, 2008 - 1:05 AM

    Congratulations to you guys on this enviable feat that you have achieved. May you reach super heights in the worlds bloggosphere and become the no.1 blog in cricket, that is, if you are not already one.

    The difference between your site and other is the educated reponses you provide to your bloggers. your treatment of indifference to every visitor is obviously one of the main virtues to get you to this height.

    Honest effort always pays and if you love your work, then nothing like it. But I do have a suggestion to you guys — why don’t you sponsor some advertisements and make some money as well. It is not a wrong thing to do so. But then this is just a suggestion, if you do have some of your reasons for not jumping the bandwagon, then so be it.

    Anyway, all the best for your future.

  181. #181 by Pawan on July 1, 2008 - 1:21 AM

    I do have two more suggestions to you Khansahab, Javed and Awas:

    1. Have you guys ever visited the black google website? If not then here is a link:
    This website claims that it saves energy by haing the background black and everything else in contrast, so that is not a bad concept. I believe if you can do something similar to that, then it would also save a lot of energy. Right now the background is white and turning it to black would really save a lot of energy. But then this is just a suggestion…

    2. It will be nice idea to have a tab that says “suggestion box”. Rather than randomely asking for suggestions, if someone suddenly comes up with a new and innovative idea then he/she can suggest that to you and then you can implement it depending on the feasibility of the idea.

  182. #182 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 1, 2008 - 3:11 AM

    Thanks for your good wishes and your suggestions Pawan. On your suggestion ‘the suggestion box’ has been added straightaway along with the FAQ’s on the top header and khansahab will do the rest about formating so people can leave suggestions there.

    We have space problem on the header and cannot add so many features all at the same time. This Shane Warne title is only temporary it will last as long as it gets but then we will replace with something more important. We are very flexible and we will try our best to keep updating people with information and will also encourage them to write freely. In fact we do have some very well educated people not just in the management but our bloggers for e.g., Salman Khan and Pandit jee are in Australia and they are related to the field of medicine and have keen interest in cricket and follow very closely. They have written quite a few comments but these days they seems to be a bit busy.

    We have phirwohi from Mumbai, energetic, enthusiastic like Sakhti and yourself and write a lot on Indian perspective, phirwohi has taken a sabbatical these days, dunno where he disappeared, but he will be back for sure. Amit.P is one regular who contributes with open heart and mind and expresses his thoughts with absolute clarity, just like you do. And we have Rao, Rohit, Mabsoos also from India. Mabsoos is from Pakspin times.

    Also, Niazi and theossa, pakistanis settled in the USA, then from time to time people contribute and sometimes they are busy like abdul……. i think he has gone in search of Rani Mukerjee. The ever enthusiastic Munir from Sharjah also a Pakspin colleague. Not so regular but again from Pakspin is Osman Ali Khairi from Isb but now in London. Of course I cannot forget the name of the senior most contributor to our website Mr. M. Y. Kasim from Houston Texas.

    Not to mention we have Natalie Portman, Aishwariya Rai, Preity Zinta, Kareena – Karishma Kapoors, Katrina Kaif and the whole shebang ……. who is your favourite? Like Natalie Portman is theossa’s sweetheart so you can also mention your favourite actress name or send us a photo link we will update her photo in the hot gals section. Fortunately or unfortunately it was “hot gals and cool cars” section and now the cars are few the girls are plenty.

    I dunno if you have read the profiles of LS management or not? If not you can read and find out a bit more about us. Somehow khansahab has removed the tag of lawyer from his profile, he is not a lawyer yet but a law student and is doing internship in Manchester UK.

  183. #183 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 1, 2008 - 3:39 AM

    Here is a latest link from the Daily Dawn of Karachi:

    It confirms:

    KARACHI, June 30: Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik was given first aid after he faced trouble due to dehydration soon after losing the Asia Cup Super Four stage match against Sri Lanka here on Sunday.

    Pakistan team manager Talat Ali Malik said the captain had two drips and also visited hospital, therefore, he could not come for the post-match media conference. However, he said Malik would play Pakistan’s next match against India on Wednesday.
    Now, I would ask Malik a few questions: Is Karachi any Alien country where the weather and temperature is new to him? If he gets dehydrated that easily then why should he play? The simple solution is when you are not fit, don’t play.

  184. #184 by Sakthi on July 1, 2008 - 5:19 AM

    Congratulations! guys for achieving this rare feat which the others cricket related blogs not able to achieve!!

    I believe you can make this blog grow even bigger, bigger than anybody can imagine. My best wishes.

    Let us eat cricket, drink cricket and sleep cricket.

  185. #185 by Awas on July 1, 2008 - 1:31 PM


    Again very thoughtful and intelligent points you keep making so regularly and how you are analysing Pakistani problems is also very impressive.

    Most Indians that I meet usually at work or elsewhere like here such as you, Sakhti, Phirwohi, Pandit Jee, Salman Khan and our old regular Amit P etc, always impress me. But then there have been odd ones from Indo/Pak (on both sides) silly type on Pakspin who come out with some small minded jingoistic remarks, quite unnecessarily just to provoke people. Anyway, there are all type everywhere.

    Tell us a little more about yourself…what you do for living, how long you have been in US of A, etc etc.

    I think you had been quite reasonable in your assessment of Misbah. I agree with Javed that Misbah is not a finisher but how he gets a finisher tag as soon as he starts playing (from IPL) is not justifiable. In fairness, you have to grow into the game to be called one. Inzi/Miandad didn’t become finishers as soon as they started their international careers. Even Tendulkar wasn’t able to live up to a finisher reputation. How Inzi’s hundreds turned into wins for Pakistan and how he became a finisher, Tendulkar could not always emulate that, even though Tendulkar is the best of all. There aren’t many in the world of cricket that we can call “finishers”. Dhoni is perhaps the only one exception right now as he is definitely showing that quality.

    Misbah’s and Younus’ (my favourite) efforts were the only notable ones in a pathetic show. A score of 76 with a strike rate of 108 is not to groan about in the context of an overall performance. If Afridi had done the same we would have been admiring him and rightly so as an effort like that is praiseworthy from anyone indeed. If only 4-5 batters had batted like that and more than one performed with the ball, it would have been a different game. Cricket is after all a team game.


    It was, by the way, Aamir Sohail who was moaning about Afridi’s loss of hand-eye coordination. Afridi is undoubtedly capable of scoring runs but he needs to use his pea brain which doesn’t seem to work somehow when he comes to bat. Otherwise he is giving unnecessary but avoidable ammunition to commentators, experts, fans and selectors alike. The other point that Aamir Sohail made was he is not a type of bowler that can run through a batting line up. In my view it’s true to an extent but he is a crucial partnership breaker and there isn’t a world class bowler in Pakistan right now in any case. Hence it’s doubly important for him to shine in batting too.

    On that coach’s name that you forgot, here is a clue:

    ‘What more do we want’!!!


    Thanks but it’s due to efforts of all you guys!

  186. #186 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 1, 2008 - 2:55 PM

    Pawan & Awas

    before I leave home for a brunch party at my friend’s house on this beautiful bright and sunny day, which is also Canada Day today. There is lots of action in town like the Canada Day parade, which I already missed, but the Jazz Fest in downtown on the streets is for free and all day, all night and fireworks at night the atmosphere is like a festival here. I would like to quickly reply to you guys but very briefly.

    Pawan remember I wrote those lyrics after seeing your first comment here? Sawan ka maheena ….Pawan keray sore….. Pawan karay shore….. shore nahee sore, 🙂 I am really glad to see you taking so much interest in the game and not only that you are writing it with a lot of passion like some of us. Your analysis are fair and good. So, carry-on (cow-boy).

    You are absolutely right that on a dead pitch like this you don’t need so many middle order batsmen in fact you should try to get a good bowler who can at least contain runs if not take wickets. Good teams like, India and Sri Lanka have not lost wickets, even Pakistan when they played their first match against HK and batted first did not loose more than 4 wickets. So, it means that good batsmen when they come to play first or even second they don’t give their wickets easily on a wicket like this, in other words they don’t throw away their wickets like Pakistanis did. So, Warne wouldn’t have played one of the middle order big guns, instead may have opted for an aggressive opener or an extra bowler in an all-rounder.


    no one (at least not me) is taking away the credit from Misbah, he is a good player and its a shame that he had to wait or prove his worth for so long and its a bit late in his career, in fact he was given ample chances in the past but the old lady luck has recently started smiling at him, perhaps she likes his matured looks. But, the point is about finishing that was under criticism, Inzi became a better finisher because when he entered the international arena he scored well and finished well, and lucky for him that the team – when he played well – had players like, Imran, Miandad and Wasim in it and they won the WC. Thereafter, this quality (of finishing) got imbued in his psyche and thats why he has more wins under his belt than any other captain or player in Pakistan i.e., whenever he scored well, the team won.

    Miandad, Zaheer Abbass, they came with a bang and stayed in the playing XI as long as they played. Misbah too will stay since his T20 stint but we expect him to finish the match without taking risks and without paddling shots or reverse sweeping the pitch. I like his work ethics and his straight powerful sixes in the long on and long off region that he plays with so much ease. So, please don’t get me wrong that I criticize him even when he scored 76 runs at a strike rate of 108. I would like to see him playing at number 4. So, that he does not run out of partners in the end and start taking risks.

    I do agree with you Awas that Dhoni is a better finisher than Tendulkar because you have seen how many times Tendulkar got out on 99 and how long he struggled on that number to score just one run! For him personal mile stones are more important, I am still not taking away the unique qualities that he possess, but some people are like that, Sehwag is totally opposite of Tendulkar he can hit a six when he is on 94 or even when on 294.

    About that comment on hand eye coordination, apart from Amir Sohail, it was Waqar too who used similar words and not just in this match against SL but also in the previous match. Like Pawan said, Afridi is giving a lot of ammunition to the commentators and the critics to talk against him by playing silly shots. And thanks for the hint and what more should I expect from you? 🙂

    Sakhti, would you please pull a cricket Masala Dosa or bowl a fried Idli (googly)? if I find it tasty I might ask for a doosra. Or may be Uthappa for a change, is there a Rasam in cricket that when you get out on a duck you eat Basundi? Never mind this silly food order, I am missing real crispy dosas and wada sambar, I have to make some myself soon and its been a long time I made. Here, in a few restaurants those who make good crispy dosa don’t make good potato filling or when they make a good wada or idli the sambar is not authentic. They seldom add that vege called “drum sticks” in the sambar, whereas, whenever I see that vege in the desi grocery stores, I buy it to make some sambar or even in our regular daal, it has an amazing taste. It is imported from India or Pakistan.

    Oh, I better go for the brunch party now, I am hungry and no wonder I am talking about food. Continue writing I will be back soon to respond before I hit downtown for the Jazz Fest and fireworks later at night. The good news is this is just the beginning of the day and we already have more than 300 hits on the blog.


    Another example of winning the toss and then opting to field. Today Ireland won the toss and opted to field and New Zealand butchered the Irish Lambs, both openers scored a hundred and Taylor too joined the run fest by scoring 59 in 24 and together they made 402 runs, another country to join that 400 club. Malik is lucky that Jayasuriya got out cheaply otherwise the 400 was on the cards. They would have scored 400 twice.

  187. #187 by Pawan on July 1, 2008 - 4:41 PM


    I would like to thank you, Javed and Khasahab for providing a platform for people like me to write on and express their emotions. Your encouragement is motivation for me to write. I hope I keep entertaining you and help you make this blog one of the best and most read. I am also glad to hear that you have found a lot of Indian and Pakistani friends while living outside of Pakistan, which is a must for any desi. Some desi’s I agree are realy nasty, but then it might be due to certain circumstances in their life, or their state of mind at that time. But most importantly for me is to forgive and move on. If we make a mistake, then accept it and move on. About myself, I have been in US for a long time now, but mentally am still a desi and passionate cricketer who never made it to the big stage. With due respect to the management of Legslip and all the bloggers, I would not like to reveal my real identity and the name I have assumed is also an alias name. Rest assured that I am a completely normal young desi like any of you.

    About Misbah, I would like to mention here that I like his work ethic and never-give-up-attitude. I do not know if he can make it big at international stage in future or become one of the best finishers in the game, not just Pakistan cricket. I believe that every person is different and comparison of Misbah with Inzimam or Miandad or Dhoni is not fair for Misbah or vice-versa. All I can say is that Misbah can still improve a lot and be the finisher Pakistan is looking for. I do however agree with Javed that at the moment he is not ‘the’ finisher that Pakistan has been looking for.

  188. #188 by theossa on July 1, 2008 - 4:49 PM

    I have been and will be really busy for a week or so I’ll try to stop by time to time but really the Asia Cup Indian Perspective (Asia Cup Indian Property to say it right) has just exploded like a mushroom, can’t even read all the comments. I was just stopping by to say hi and to peek at my Natalie. Oh, Malak’s pics should have been posted in the HOT Gals section. Gotta eat my Roast Beef sandwich so catch you guys later.

  189. #189 by theossa on July 1, 2008 - 4:52 PM

    Oh, I forgot to say, Welcome Pawan -:)

  190. #190 by Pawan on July 1, 2008 - 4:57 PM


    Enjoy your brunch and have some for me as well. Lunch time here as well, but really bored to eat in the office cafeteria (after all a desi is a desi will be a desi forever). Jazz is simply cool, I have been at a few Jazz events in downtown and they have been simply stunning. Happy Canada Day by the way. We have ours on 4th of July. About your lyrical welcome to me, well, I would love to make shore, but that make people bore. I hope I don’t over-comment. As you saw, I love to analyze and am a passionate cricket-crazy fan and woul love to continue blogging here because I see more people like me over here and get real good responses.

  191. #191 by Pawan on July 1, 2008 - 4:57 PM

    Thanks Theossa!

  192. #192 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 1, 2008 - 8:15 PM


    It was the usual desi brunch with lotsa, lotsa desi food and the end result is nothing but, gluttony. Among us Pakistanis, if there is no Nihari at brunches then its not a brunch party. So, other than that the usual home made parathas and stuff the new item from New York is the tandoori naans from Deep, which are a hit here and these days you will find a few packets in everyone’s freezer.

    Montreal Intl. Jazz Festival is very famous not only the indoor, paid ones but there is free Jazz on the streets in downtown and very famous Jazz singers and groups come here every year, like N.Y.’s Harlem Gospel Singers etc., Many years ago, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan came but he did not perform in open air free wala but in one of the Churches in downtown which was packed. His famous performance was in Central Park New York, I heard from people that even the cops who were there to control the mob were dancing on his famous number “Laal Meri Patt Rakhio…. Duma Dum Mast Qalander…”

    I was reading Osman Samiuddin’s latest review on cricinfo about tomorrow’s Pakistan India match and reportedly the drip drop captain was seen with a glucose drip to add drama to his Nazakat and he confirmed that he will play tomorrow. Afridi is reportedly being given a chance and according to Samiuddin he has a gut feeling that tomorrow he will do something. India will play Irfan Pathan. But, there is a toss between Uthappa and Rohit Sharma and the flip of the coin will decide who will play?

    The thing that Afridi needs to know is, every bowler has understood his weakness and they try to deceive him with slower balls, so he should not try to hit hard and in the air, instead he should play the ball on its merit. Laikin he is an Akhroat he won’t think he will simply go after every ball. If he needs to play cricket at international level he has to score runs besides taking wickets. He is not the captain, so he is not the automatic choice unless he proves his worth with the bat as well he cannot be in the playing XI.

    According to Samiuddin, even Shoaib Malik’s most ardent supporters are said to be running out of patience and a defeat would also put him out of the captaincy post and likely out of the team as well. I have repeatedly said, “the interest of the Shepherd and that of the sheep must be the same,” but Malik thinks he is a stallion whereas he acts like a sheep and in no way he could be a Shepherd who leads. Therefore, we see so many disasters and bloopers.

    Traditionally the Pakistanis bounce back when they are cornered like injured tigers, the point is when there are tigers in the team they behave like tigers, expecting the sheep to behave like a tiger is asking too much. They are out there to be slaughtered once again, because the team is not playing like one unit, they are totally unsettled, lacks confidence and cannot gel like a team. Therefore, I have no hopes from them winning this inconsequential match and day dreaming that this will happen and that will happen and then we will be in the final and then we will beat so and so and blady blah. Its nothing more than Sheikh Chilly’s day dreaming.

    Finally, the last paragraph of Osman Samiuddin’s article says a lot about Misbah, he wrote: “Cute kidology it may be, but even Misbah knows that a loss on Wednesday could conceivably push him in to the hot seat currently occupied by Malik.”

  193. #193 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 1, 2008 - 8:25 PM

    By the grace of God, everyday is a record breaking day in terms of number of hits, today we still have 5 more hours left for the cut off time or to start a new day, and we have already received the highest number of hits today. So, this is yet another big day in terms of hits and readership. Once again, THANK YOU TO YOU ALL.

  194. #194 by Pawan on July 1, 2008 - 9:09 PM


    The Deep parathas you are talking about is old news here and we as bachelors are deeply indebted to Deep already. But it has been very boring for the last few months eating the same stuff. Also they have huge contribution in increasing the cholestrol level, so I have been easy with them right from the beginning. Regarding the open Jazz festival you mentioned, well to tell you the truth, I found it a lot idiotic to have such Jazz and rock festivals until last summer. Incidently I attended a big event called MartRock in Belgium last summer, and that changed all my perceptions about Jazz and rock events. Anyway, I am big fan of them nowadays. Just a side thought, cause you mentioned Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – there is nothing like sufi singers and my favorite of Nusrat Sahab is the “sanu ek pal”, which is heavenly.

    Osman Samiuddin has replace Trevor Chesterfield as my best cricket writer. I used to read Trevor’s articles in Indian Express, an Indian newspaper earlier and they were the best. But Osman has quickly replaced as my favorite now. His sarcasms are the best, so subtle, yet so evident!

    He is indeed true about tomorrow though, that Pakistan team is perhaps the best when their backs are to the wall. I have no doubt in my mind that Pakistan team is going to give Indian team a great fight tomorrow. Perhaps Younus or Yousuf will come up with a gem of an innings tomorrow. Salman Butt (read Pain-in-the-Butt) is also a likely contender for showing heroics in tommorws match.

    I have no doubt whatsoever in my mind that tomorrows match is going to be a thriller and Pakistan team is most probably going to win that match. Same thing happened in Kitply Cup and has been happening for so many occasions. I have folowing logical reasons for saying so:

    1. Ultimately we are desis and you know the joke about desis right that, “jab tak g**d mein bass nahi hota tab tak desi kaam nahi karta”, so going by this tried and tested truth/fact, Pakistan team is already having a huge bass inside, so they are ready to act, while Indian team still has a chance against SriLanka and hence there is no bass as yet and hence no action. This is a proven fact and I am sure no desi can refute this.

    2. Law of Averages — I am sure everyone must’ve heard this sentence over and over and over again. Going by the Law of Averages, it is imperative that Pakistan team is gonna win tommorow since they lost their last two games.

    3. Pakistani team spirit has been challenged by everyone and this is the time when Pakistan team plays at its best. While Indians are dormant and probably thinking that they are up against a very weak side.

  195. #195 by Awas on July 1, 2008 - 11:05 PM

    Yes, when their back is against the wall, Pakistanis behave better. But surly this cannot continue always. I was looking at the Ireland Newzeland result earlier and the Kiwis beat them with the biggest margin in the history of ODI’s. I was wondering that if at this current state Pakistan were playing Ireland, the Irish surly would have fancied Malk Saab’s team;)- Its funny the openers Marshall and McCullum both got out at 160 odd but could have bettered Saeed Anwar’s 194 world record. The old record still remains intact but the way IPL is moulding batsmen, it won’t be long.


    I agree Osman Samiuddin is a very good writer and has a very nice subtle sense of humour.


    Yep, you have almost conveyed my thoughts on what Afridi needs to do. I have mentioned in the past too that most bowlers have sussed out his weakness. Only Afridi can overcome that weakness himself. That’s why I said only when it comes to batting, he seems to be using his pea brain. Otherwise, he behaves sensibly in other disciplines of the game. There is no denying, as you say, “If he needs to play cricket at international level he has to score runs besides taking wickets”.

    There is nothing better or more entertaining than the sight of Afridi bashing bowlers like Sehwag or Symonds and my wishes are always with him to do exactly that. He is still my number two choice for a captain should Younus refuse again.

    Malik’s days are numbered and this series may well be his last…watch my words. Even though Malik was named captain for perpetuity (seemingly), nothing is impossible in Pakistan. Likewise, Younus’ two refusals are not set in stone either. Remember, its Pakistan. By the way, one other good thing about Younus that I forgot to mention before is that like Afridi, his effervescent presence on the field is often very evident and perhaps even more than Afridi. Such trait is a plus for both. The good thing is they are both team players.

    By the way, Osman Samiuddin’s idea that Misbah might get a crack at the captaincy is a bad idea. In the other match apart from taking a brilliant catch he was very uninspiring as a captain. He should just concentrate on his batting…and catching ;)-

  196. #196 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 1, 2008 - 11:25 PM


    Read my comment again, I wrote home made parathas and Deep Tandoori Naan. According to my desi grocery wala, the tandoori naan’s from Deep is a new item. They are small in size and five heart shaped naans for $2.99. Definitely they are new (since a year) because I never saw them before, Shana Parathas from Rubicon are available since ages and they ALL are greasy and made from puff pastry dough. Being a food critic, I never like such heavy stuff, the home made parathas are made in wholewheat or brown wheat mixed with white flour and not just “maida” or aata. Back home we always eat wholewheat paratha at breakfast, the regular bakery bread is given with milk only when you are sick.

    Take a look at the above link, today owing to Canada Day there will be at least 300,000 people on that spot you see in the picture called “Place des Arts” on Ste. Catherine Street. On every July 1st and 4th and every week-end night during the festival, people go crazy all night. The good thing about Montreal is, not only that it is a very vibrant and colourful city, its a very, very safe city as well. At anytime in the night you can walk on the main streets without the fear of getting mugged or robbed and you will see the main streets are never deserted.

    Since you are hardly 5 hours of drive away from Montreal, you should visit this week-end say come on Friday afternoon and go back Sunday night or early Monday. Or try to come some other time but, spend Friday and Saturday nights here.

    If you ever get a chance to listen to Farid Ayaz and Abu Mohammad, you should not miss that opportunity, they are the best Sufi mystic singers in the world today. I can let you know when they will be in New York next or here in Montreal again, they were in April this year and last year too. Their best one for me Chaapp Tilak Sab Cheeni Ray Mo Say Nainaa Milaiye Kay.

    Like you most people are assuming that Pakistan will play good tomorrow or they will win tomorrow. At the brunch party the main discussion was about tomorrow’s game and what has happened so far. I don’t believe in law of averages and I also don’t believe in this theory that when you are pushed to the wall you have no way to go and then you attack.

    What will happen if Pakistan looses the toss and Dhoni bats first and put up a daunting total of 330 – 340 runs on the board? Do you think they will start with a bang? Do you think they will send Afridi to open the innings? Even if he is sent, do you think he will play an innings of his life? Especially since he knows this the last match for him to perform with the bat or he is gone for many months or years or whatever.

    This is very tricky, no one can perform under pressure, Misbah, Yousuf, Tanvir have nothing to loose, they will definitely stay irrespective of whatever the result of tomorrow’s match is. Even Younus Khan will stay irrespective of his performance tomorrow. The win means Malik stays for the ICC champions trophy, a defeat means he is gone as a captain, but he might stay in the team as a batsman. A quick fire fifty plus 2 – 3 wickets for Afridi means he stays too. Salman Butt if he scores 30 – 40 at the same pace of 50 or 60 balls means he is out for the champions trophy. To guarantee his place he needs to score run a ball and score 60 to 70.

    Kamran Akmal will definitely be back for Champions Trophy because Sarfaraz is not that impressive. His batting was more like a school boy type, swinging the bat in the air and wasting too many opportunities. He scored only 19 in the last match and you cannot say he didn’t get enough time or opportunities. And he too floored two catches in the last match. Punjab or Karachi or Mohajir and Punjabi nothing of that sort, if I am the captain or the selector and if I have to choose between the two, I will opt for Akmal.

    Pakistan’s bowling at the moment is very mediocre, in fact it is very weak, or perhaps it is the weakest ever, and on a flat track like this, their only hope to win is, if they bat first, they should score 350 plus and field well thats the only way they can put pressure on India and force them to make mistakes. They cannot afford dropping catches or giving away extras runs and field badly and expect to win. So, in my opinion whoever bats first have more chances of winning, especially if they put on a big total.

  197. #197 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 4:17 AM

    There are some interesting stats and observations here. Sometimes when they are presented with authority, those stats could be very misleading and can work either way in portraying the picture of that individual. I was reading somewhere on the Internet yesterday that Afridi has not scored a single fifty in 43 innings! Hence his position in the team is doubtful.

    It is so obvious from his recent batting performances that he is not batting well and everyone including myself believed those stats and that statement. But, then I remember his last blitz was against Zimbabwe in February 2008, in the 3rd ODI he scored 85 in 50 odd balls with 6 sixes and won the match single handedly and was MoM. It was then he equaled Jayasuriya’s world record of sixes but now he is behind again. So, those stats are not correct.

    Against Zim he played only 4 matches or 3 innings and was not out twice, so his batting performance in that series against Zim was not bad, in fact on paper his average remains the highest i.e., 130 which is much above Yousuf, Younus and Malik. On top of that he also took 5 wickets in 4 innings. Whereas against Bangladesh his batting average is pathetic, only 22 BUT, he took 12 wickets in 5 innings, which is highest. It was in the IPL that he did not perform with the bat but bowled pretty decent, but in the IPL which Pakistani player other than Tanvir performed well?

    In Kitply Cup he bowled very well, other than the last ODI against SL he bowled better than other bowlers and was at par with Tanvir, who took 5 in the last match to become the second highest wicket taker 8 avec Murali and Mendis has 11 wickets. While the whole world is talking about Mendis’ bowling and left no stone unturned from “Ajanta to Elora” in praising him and, are rating him above Murali. Because, he has a very unusual finger grip and deceit in his flight. Before I make any comment, I would like to wait and see how he performs against better teams like India, (Australia, SA and even against Pakistan) when they play a full series.

    Since Afridi enjoys the celebrity status he is and will always remain under the microscope and he will be focused more than others – others who are not so noticeable, when they perform below average, they still get a pass because of one reason or the other and no one notices that. One example is of Butt, the other was of Kamran Akmal they kept playing without being criticized but Akmal’s case went beyond the point of no return, after that catch of Sehwag and Talat Ali Malak made a mountain out of a mole to save his own skin. As regards Rao Iftikhar, he is a mediocre bowler but he keeps getting a nod because there is no good bowler in the team now.

    In these shorter version games a player’s performance should be viewed or judged in totality and not in parts. Butt, if he doesn’t scores in a match his role is over, Rao if he doesn’t take a wicket his role is over, same is the case with any other specialist batsman or specialist bowler thats why it is important to have a few all-rounders in the team in ODI and more so in T20.

    There was a time when Abdul Razzaq and Shahid Afridi and even baby Malik were considered as a threat to every opposition, because they were a potent force and genuine all-rounders. Malik stopped bowling, Afridi stopped scoring and Abdul Razzaq became a victim of circumstances and joined the ICL either due to his own ignorance or because of getting under the influence of some ignorant people.

    While most people prefer the traditional or conservative way in team selection and batting order, I see it in a very different and dynamic way because of the way the game of cricket is changing very fast after the T20 format. I believe in aggressive openers rather than defensive and slow openers. Sehwag / Gambhir combo is the result of a dynamic partnership thats been cultivated and culminated after giving Sehwag numerous chances. Because, unlike the PCB selectors, the BCCI selectors knew his potential that he is a very good player, his form was lacking and not his class, most experts often say, “form is temporary and class is permanent.” No matter what Afridi haters have to say against him, he is a class player and he will come back very strongly to silence his critics and mostly his haters and creeper jeepers.

  198. #198 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 4:18 AM

    Tandoori naan have also been available, but I am not sure about Deep’s naans. But I am going to take the word of your desi store wala, because obviously he must’ve had much more experience than me. Also I am not as big a food connosuir as you Javed. I read your profile in one of the websites where you were describing how to cook a particular dish. I like only whole wheat or multigrain bread, but nothing like desi roti!

    I would love to show up at Montreal, in fact last week we were planning to go there, but somehow it got cancelled. But unfortunately I have lost my vacation period for this summer and I have my next two long weekends booked. I have been to Vancour in last fall and were planning to continue till Montreal, but then again it got shelved. I hope I make it to Montreal and I will definitely take your advice when I make it there. Also I am not big into sufi music, but I got introduced to it through Late Nusrat Sahab. I would defintely like to attend any live event as I come from a music family and I know how satisfying it is to go for live concerts!

    Enjoy the festival, it looks really cool on the website and I am sure it will be great fun.

    About the Indo Pak game… coming up next

  199. #199 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 4:24 AM


    I just came back from the Jazz Fest and wrote something only to find you up and about at 12:20 a.m. just like I am, but I want to grab some sleep to be up early for the match which starts at 6:30 a.m.

    You are welcome to visit Montreal, just let me know in advance, will put you up in a nice place in downtown, be my guest. Until the game starts, au revoir.

  200. #200 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 4:34 AM

    Let me start with Afridi, look, I don’t think Afridi has done a bad job with the ball and on the basis of his bowling alone, he should be in the team. I read somewhere that Afridi is the highest wicket take in ODI for Pakistan, so it makes a lot of sense to have him in the team despite his batting failures. And I am pretty sure that is how the team managgement is viewing this conundrum. javed you mention that “Afridi has not scored a single fifty in 43 innings!”, agreed, but let me ask you this, in how many innings has Afridi got the chance to actually build an innings? Agreed he is not the sort of player to have patience and you know build an innings, but let me ask you this, out of those 43 innings how many time has Afridi been sent at No.3? I doubt if any. Look, nowadays Afridi is being used as a lower order batsmen by Malik and then his batting average is bound to suffer.

    Javed, you are also true about Afridi being under the microscope since he became a celebrity. Same thing happened with Sehwag. He was out of form for so long. You can’t imagine the number of chances given to Sehwag. He was then dropped for a long time as well because he was not an all rounder like Afridi. But that helped Sehwag. He became the old run hungry Sehwag. He lost lots of weight and is back on track now. I think one way might be to get old Afridi back is drop him for a series or two, let him play domestic/county cricket and get the old vantage Afridi back. It is upto the selectors and the team management and DNA. But I think players like Afridi and Sehwag are hard to keep out of any game and they will bounce back. These players have that winning attitude which I hate to say, but is not found in captain Malik.

    Next… Malik and Lawson

  201. #201 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 5:05 AM

    Bonne nuit Monsuir. Read and comment on my posts tomorrow.

    Malik is an interesting case to study. Outwardly he looks meek and submissive, but seems like he is scheming from inside. All in all I would not recommend Malik to be ousted from team or compromising his captaincy position. He is not even close to natural leaders like Imran or Wasim or Miandad for that matter, but I still believe he is the best you can get for now. I remember Sachin and Azhar’s batting got terrible after they were made captain, but Dhoni has taken captaincy as fish to water and has improved tremendously in all aspects of his game. Same thing could be said about Ganguly. So different players take captaincy differently. It is a difficult proposition to captain a Pakistan side than an Indian side or even an Australian side. I believe right now being captain of Pakistan is a thankless job. Malik must have gone through lot of beating of his confidence already in his short span as a captain. Given the conditions and players and board officials and stupid coach, I don’t think Malik has done a bad job. Agreed its not the greatest of captaincy on display, but its not the worst if the whole picture is taken into consideration. Considering all this, I would not want Malik to loose his job at the end of the Asia Cup. And that is what I percieve, if i have read DNA right. Mind you, I am not a die hard fan or supporter of Malik, but I don;t see anyone better than him to take up this thankless job right now.

    Mr. Lawson’s case is different. He was expected to guide Malik and build a team over his tenure as coach of Pakistan team. Instead what has he done? He has brought together a bunch who are unsure of their position in side and hence cannot play as a team. They are mostly playing for themselves or are busy showing their own performace to the selectors, coach and DNA, rather than looking at the bigger interest of the team.

    I lay all the blame for Pakistan cricket teams debacle on Mr. Lawson. He is a hot-headed retired fast bowler who has absolutely wasted the time of Pakistan. Let me ask all of you this question — How would the situation had been if Mr. Miandad was the coach of this team? I cannot imagine the team being so timid if Miandad was their coach. Please note that Miandad is just an example, you can consider any home grown coach like Moin Khan, Rashid Latif, Aquib Javed, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and the list goes on…

    But my point is, Pakistan has simply lost the attitude right now because of Lawson and if they win today then it will be inspite of Lawson and not because of Lawson.

    The bottom line is Lawson is mediocre and Malik is average. If you ass mediocre to average, the best you can get is average. Right now Pakistan needs an excellent coach, so then the final equation would look much better. Dave Whatmore was not a bad choice, but he is already the coach of India A side. To fill a gap, I would suggest hire a home grown coach, like India did, when they lost the world cup and hired Ravi Shastri for the Bangladesh tour. Temporary or whatever, at least PCB will get time to find someone good and I bet anyone will be better than cheap Law(less) son.

  202. #202 by Amit. P on July 2, 2008 - 6:03 AM

    Let me add something to this topic ….. dropping a player from any side shud be on mutual basis .. board shud pin point the reason why somebody is getting dropped and what board is going to expect from him on his return … at the same time player shud understand this with no hard feelings (though its tough to be out of team). In case of sehwag, selectors got frustrated as well as junta, though it was clear for sehwag to get his shot selection rite … i dont find ne technical enhancement in his game .. he is still the same guy but with cautious approach and this is good for the team. If u look at sehwag’s bad patch and of afridi u can find many similarities …. sehwag hit the bottom when his stature was going great and was considered as the next captain after dravid … afridi is now in the same league and tauted as malik’s replacement. Now what will pcb do .. its a secret question … will they follow the same path of bcci by dropping him and making someone else captain (e.g misbah) or they will give him captaincy job hoping that responsibility will bring his form back.
    Btw its 200 + 1 hits !!

  203. #203 by Mohammed Munir on July 2, 2008 - 9:03 AM

    For the first time ever and for ‘political reasons’ only, I am praying for Pakistan’s defeat against India in today’s game 😦

    That too with a big margin and in a fully humiliating manner. I believe, it will prove to be last ‘keela’ (or rather lost ‘Kaila’) in the Malak and Lawson’s Aaaa ……. Oops, coffins 😉

    PCB’s chief urologist DNA, is finding it too hard to ‘swallow’ his words and remove Malak from captaincy, and almost the same goes for Lawson. A doctor can explain you in details that if a patient can not ‘swallow’, what other options are left for in-take of medicines. (One way is to administer it through patient’s ‘Tashreef’) 😉

    I had mentioned some time back at another bolg, that Dav Whatmore was the best choice to be Pakistan’s captain. Since he had seen the cricket mafia, senior’s political issue, and team problems various other ‘typical Asian culture’ syndromes in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, so he would have settled well in Pakistan. Plus he was used to Tamil Tigers, so any political unrest (bombs) would not have bothered him enough to leave. Moreover, he is an Australian, but was born in Sri Lanka, and lastly, after BCCI’s refusal to take him as a coach for their National Team, Dav was ‘dying’ to come to Pakistan. (Because he settled for second best choice to coach India’s junior team).

    I guess after this ‘forthcoming’ defeat at India’s hand in Karachi ‘AGAIN’, would do the job, that we are all wishing for.

    “WHATMORE”, are we waiting ?? 😉

  204. #204 by khansahab on July 2, 2008 - 9:44 AM

    Munir sahab,

    I was one of the very few people on Pakspin campaigning for Whatmore’s appointment as coach for Pakistan but I also knew it would be quite unlikely. Whatmore might have been greedy, but I believe he was the best person to coach the team because he has worked extensively with Asian cricketerers- Indians, Bangladeshis and Sri Lankans so he understands the conditions in the Subcontinent well and he also understands the psyche of the Asian cricketer.

    He also has this Australian connection which means he also understands the Australian psyche well.

    The reason Lawson was appointed is because the senior players Afridi, Younis, Yousuf, Malik etc wanted someone who is not a hard taskmaster like Whatmore and someone who would be non interventionist. Afridi in particular was very pleased with Woolmer because he adopted a “hands free” approach to Afridi’s batting. But Afridi was in much better batting form during Woolmer’s time and was also decent with the ball. Now he is great with the ball but very unreliable as a batsman.

    As I predicted Lawson’s appointment has not helped Pakistan cricket at all. In my opinion if someone like Lawson who is fairly alien to the Subcontinent culture is coaching Pakistan, then the PCB also needs to work like an Australian Cricket Board or English Cricket Board. So we are in a situation where there is a gigantic organisation, where the employers/managers/administrators are corrupt, selfish and inept and that culture is dumbed down to the players and coach.

    This explans why the Board is at fault. I believe the answer to the question as to why Pakistan is not producing Wasim’s, Waqar’s, Anwar’s and Imran Khan’s is because, the Board has INCREASINGLY WORSENED and its culture of sheer mismanagement, lack of motivation and general low morale is affecting the team’s morale and psyche. Here I am in no way attempting to square the blame on Nasim Ashraf. I believe his appointment was made in good intention and I do believe he is an honest man who is concerned about the well being of Pakistan cricket, much like how the person who appointed him is concerned about the well being of Pakistan even though his vision is not shared by the majority of Pakistan’s public.

    Plus some of the players have caused the Board a great deal of embarrassment and stress such as Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif. The players should be blamed too. Most people agreed that even Inzamam was wrong in refusing to play in that Oval Test. Whereas he was right in theory, as Darrel Hair is a racist, what he did in practice was wrong. It was only because of Inzamam that Pakistan refused to take the field. The PCB Chairman, team management and Woolmer wanted Inzamam to play straightaway, but complain officially only after the conclusion of the match.

  205. #205 by khansahab on July 2, 2008 - 9:50 AM

    Breaking News

    In a big blow to Pakistan their captain Shoaib Malik has been ruled out after he collapsed during a fitness test here. Malik was just six minutes into the test at National stadium before collapsing from exhaustion. Misbah-ul-Haq will lead the side.


  206. #206 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 10:33 AM

    With Malik you expect the unexpected, from inside he knew that he is not fit but the Meesna was never admitting that he is not fit and kept saying that he is fully fit and will play. Yesterday he did not join the practice session, instead came with a drip attached. Today, he failed to pass the fitness test, leaving everything in suspense till the last moment. What a trashy person he is, that he always see everything from his own personal perspective and his own interest. His fitness has always been a problem and on so many occasions he has avoided playing for Pakistan at a crucial juncture.

    Now, Misbah is leading and the team has already resigned and detached after he has lost the toss. Especially Tanvir is bowling so badly, his first over he gave 10 runs and the second one he gave away 18 and allowed the Indian openers to take control of the game. With this kinda start they should expect a not less than 350 total on the board. Every ball is being dispatched to the fence and 50 is up in 6 overs.

  207. #207 by Mohammed Munir on July 2, 2008 - 10:44 AM

    The Massacre is ON 😦

    I guess it was the time of “Qalubiat-e-Duaa” (Acceptance of Prayers).

    This Dramay-Bazi will not save the Meesna Malak, everytime around.

  208. #208 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 10:46 AM

    This is a massacre of Pakistan bowling…who said “cornered tigers”…more like Bakri being dragged to the altar…

  209. #209 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 10:58 AM

    Its an all India affair today, also its Sehwag’s day the lady luck is smiling at him as he got away twice in Rao’s over. First it was umpire Ian Gould who misjudged a clean LBW and two balls later Sohail Tanvir goofed up a simple catch. Take another century from Sehwag now. He is already close to his fifty. 86/0 in ten overs, what a start, they are constantly maintaining 8 an over which can take them to 400 easily.

    The new bowler in the side, Saeed Ajmal means Happy Camel, he may not be too happy to be in the side today after seeing his colleagues being hammered by Sehwag and Gambhir.

    Misbah is making a mistake by taking the 2nd power play at this stage, I would have avoided it to put a halt in their proceedings, but like most captains he must be in a hurry to get rid of all the power plays.

  210. #210 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 10:59 AM

    What a catch by Shahid Afridi in dismissing Gambhir.

  211. #211 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 11:12 AM

    Did I jinx Sehwag? theossa might think like that but the fact is I didn’t he played a poor shot without any foot work and was cramped, edged it and the question was whether the catch was taken cleanly or not and it was.

    Afridi made that catch look easy, but the ball was going away from him at a high speed and he took it neatly and that changed the course of the game and now after taking Sehwag’s wicket, Rauf is bowling with some enthusiasm and cramping the inform Raina.

    LOL at Waqar he said, Raina is scoring well these days he is in good knock. Perhaps he wanted to say nick or form and said knock. Another wicket for Pakistan 88 for no loss and 91 for 3 with Raina gone, like I said he is bowling with some enthusiasm.

  212. #212 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 11:50 AM

    This is the first catch from wicketkeeper Sarfaraz Ahmad that has impressed me for the first time i.e., when he took a diving catch to his left to dismiss the dangerous looking Yuvraj Singh.

    Today is not Tanvir’s day not only Sehwag and Gambhir but Yuvraj also smashed him effortlessly, Rauf was unlucky because Misbah was not attacking Yuvraj and that edge through the slips could have easily been taken, anyways since Yuvi is gone, both Ajmal and Afridi must be relieved ……… but Dhoni and Yusuf Pathan are still there, but b4 them it is Rohit Sharma they have to deal with.

    Btw, I am also impressed by some of the chics on the ground today.

  213. #213 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 12:27 PM

    I just checked the score again on Cricinfo…there seems to be a bit of a turn around after some hurricane innings from the two openers. So, what happened there?

    How is that new Camel bowling?

  214. #214 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 12:29 PM

    180-4 in 30 overs. Dhoni and Sharma are playing test cricket. The Pathan brothers are unlikely to do anything with the bat because none of them has had any semblence of batting match practice before this. A couple of wickets now and India with their ever-submissive bowling line up may well be defending 220-240.

  215. #215 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 1:09 PM


    Thats a pessimistic view to assume that India will score 230-240 actually I can see a 320 minimum. Because, both these players, Dhoni and Sharma are capable of hitting big in the last 8-10 overs with 6 wickets in hand.


    What happened there is mentioned in some of the comments, its Abdur Rauf’s two in a over and Rao’s second wicket stopped the massacre, but they are slowly and gradually rebuilding the innings with Dhoni and Rohit Sharma both scoring a fifty each. Just as I was typing this, Rao missed a chance of his own bowling and Sharma would have been walking back.

    Both W&W are commentating one with his Anddaaa, Buttttaaa, Undddaaaa (under) and the other with his nasal mutterings. Wasim needs a DNS surgery (displaced nasal sinuses) a few minutes ago he said, “the good aspect for Pakistan is the “seemiers are chippling” wickets.” I know what he meant, but never heard seemiers and chippling.

    The not so young (30 yrs old) Camel seems to be happy and content with his bowling as he has not given away too many runs. But, there is something definitely wrong with Tanvir today, he is totally out of sorts.

    They also showed on TV today how the Nazuk Baby Malik was running in circles to pass a fitness test and then he was declared unfit as he fell on the ground and was “haanping & Kaanping” short of breath and lacking in strength and stamina. Had that fitness test not conducted, he would have insisted on playing and ruining the match. Even Wasim pointed out, whats the point of running so slowly in circles, he should declare himself unfit.

    Rao just got his third wicket to get rid of Sharma who is back in form with a good 58, Abdur Rauf made the catch look very simple but it was not so easy. Now its the big Pathan brother who is in and he has a point to prove that he is not just good for T20 but in the ODI’s too he is good but his average in ODI is really very poor, in 7 matches its only 28 runs. The danger man Dhoni is still there and the possibility of 300 will remain achievable as long as he is there.

  216. #216 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 1:24 PM

    Yousuf Pathan will perhaps never be able to succeed in the ODI’s he is out for a duck. Saeed Ajmal dropped him on his own bowling, a caught and bowl chance was floored and the next ball he bowled a doosra and got his first ODI wicket on his debut. Yousuf was unable to read the doosra and skied it and Nasir Jamshed not only took the simple catch but banged it on the floor with some arrogance after catching it.

    Misbah has no experience of captaincy and he is trying to play safe by being defensive, he should have kept a slip for his fast bowlers as quite a few edges went past flying the slips area.


    With Dhoni and Irfan and 7 more overs to go the score is 254/6 they may still score 300 easily. So, lets see. Ramiz Raja is saying that Nasir Jamshed playing in place of Shoaib Malik might open the innings, then he went a little over board by saying may be Shahid Afridi might open the innings! I don’t expect Misbah taking any chances. The umpire Ian Gould once again missed a plumb LBW when Ajmal bowled his doosra again to Irfan Pathan this time who was beaten and was plumb LBW.

  217. #217 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 1:57 PM

    What a gem of an innings by Dhoni…good captain…good keeper…good batsman and a finisher. A “finisher” should be someone who consistently proves to finish like that.

    Pakistan will again find the task monumental.

  218. #218 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 1:59 PM

    Well, India has not disappointed its fans and supporters, they eventually managed to cross the magical figure of 300, thanks to Irfan Pathan in the end with an unbeaten 38 in 25 balls made it look so easy.

    Now, Pakistan is clearly under pressure from the outset they have to score 6 runs per over and that is possibly only if their openers start aggressively and to do that, are the sending in Afridi and Nasir Jamshed or one of them with Butt? We will see that soon.

    Tanvir’s worst performance ever and the second worst by any Pakistani bowler 87 in 10 overs jointly a record holder with Ata ur Rahman, whereas, Wahab Riaz have those honours of giving away 88 in 9.2 overs recently against India in the Kitply Cup in Dhaka.

    Btw, Pawan, Afridi’s 27 wickets in 2008 is not just the highest among Pakistanis but, by any other bowler in the world. Bad luck for him that he didn’t get a wicket today but under the circumstances he bowled pretty decent. Saeed Ajmal too bowled well, considering he is a debutant he bowled his last 4 overs in the death overs, which is very good for an off-spinner.

    Akram and Arun Lal, are talking about Afridi and Ajmal’s bowling that they both bowled well. But, Akram is comparing Ajmal with Saqlain and Murali, at the same time he is too critical about Afridi not opening for Pakistan in batting. He wants Afridi to open today. But, it is not likely that he will open, it is more likely that it will be Butt and Nasir Jamshed.

  219. #219 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 2:02 PM

    309 is an completely achievable target and with Pakistan going for strong regular openers, who can provide great starts, I think that 309 is within reach on such a flat pitch.

    I will not say anything more about the chase, nahi toh meri nazar lag jayegi! Let us see how the chase unfolds.

  220. #220 by theossa on July 2, 2008 - 2:25 PM

    Once again the India showed their bating might while Pakistan showed inconsistency in bowling. I have to applaud Ajmal and Rauf (Chief Selector Slahuddin’s Picks) for thier performance and showing some promise in the circumstances that were never in the favor of rookie bowlers i.e. pressure for being dropped if do not perform, flat pitches tailor made to make the crowds and batsmen happy, the bowler molesters of India, and clumsy fielding. Now this wicket has plenty of runs in it, batsmen only have to watch for the odd ball bouncing sharply at occasions. Javed, I think Akram is right, Afridi should stop being pussy and start open the innings. What he has to loose? He just needs a little luck, a couple of dropped catches, some missed fields, and if he gets his eyes in, he could get his Mojo back. I don’t buy the Aamir Sohail’s assertion that he lost the “eye and hand coordination” due to aging. Come on Jayasuria is almost forty and he beats the young in doing that. Afridi is out of form, out of confidence. and completely out of luck. Someone jinxed him and I don’t know who? Javed might have an answer -;)

    One more note, Pak has been facing the problem of not being able to utilize their full bowling strength for a while now and that might be a major factor in their downfall along with Kamran Akmal’s glove work. Gul and Asif are injury prone and the later is also an idiot. Iftikhar needs to become an allrounder to be in demand. Rauf, Wahab, and Sohail Khan are rookies and need a lot of grooming. The only fit bowler we have is Tanvir and he looks out of sorts at time, I’m not even sure of his test effectiveness. He needs more experience in that area.

    P.S. I wouldn’t mind an aggressive opener like Nasir Jamshed. Pak innings has started and it’s Butt and Jamshed to open.

  221. #221 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 3:05 PM

    I was going to say, ” lagda aye aaj Butt Saab Lussi ich Bhang paya see….. ” and before that he got run out, earlier it was Nasir Jamshed who was missed by Rohit Sharma and in the same over Butt got out after playing well.

    Nasir Jamshed needs to stay for long otherwise they will be i nthe same situation as India after a good start and mind you there is no Dhoni in Pakistan team to pull them out of the woods.


    achievable tou hai laikin the Pakistani players need to play like they used to play before, with a morale like this it would be a “Merry Kill” in Zaheer Abbass’s words.


    I agree with you that Afridi should not act like Malik he should go out and open the innings as he has nothing to loose. He is only avoiding to bat so that he stays in the side only on the basis of his bowling, but like I said b4, he enjoys a celebrity status and will remain in focus and can be challenged if someone else plays well and takes his spot. Anyways, still there is a lot of time and too many overs to go, so lets see what happens next.

  222. #222 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 3:16 PM

    I wonder what Butt ate for breakfast this morning as the slow coach started really well today. Buttaaa, that’s the problem with him when he looks in good touch and well set, he either gets run out or throws away his wicket…


    Don’t hold your breath, your team is still likely to win…

  223. #223 by theossa on July 2, 2008 - 3:22 PM

    Javed, quoting from you “I was going to say, lagda aye aaj Butt Saab Lussi ich Bhang paya see….. and before that he got run out”. Needless to say you jinxed him, LOL.

  224. #224 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 3:57 PM

    Dhoni is being smart…he has not used his part-time bowlers yet!!!

  225. #225 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 4:06 PM

    Another one from Wasim Ch.akram:

    “This Younus Khan is one of the TOPPEST player in the world cricket.”

    I think if someone is Chaudhary Akram he can also be referred as Ch.akram?

    Anyways, Nasir Jamshed is another fitness related problem, after playing so well he is following the footsteps of Malak Saab. Nice Chick, I am referring to the one in the stadium.


    just be careful when talking to me, ‘imagine what will happen to you if I jinx your Natalie?’

  226. #226 by theossa on July 2, 2008 - 4:11 PM

    What a courageous innings by Jamshed and what a crafty innings by Younis. Younis is the key and he keeps showing his middle finger to his critics by playing innings after innings. Salute to Sullu Bhi also for being upbeat, giving young ones chances when captain and coach disagreed. I hope Pak wins this just to prove we can do it without Malik, Asif, and Gul.

  227. #227 by theossa on July 2, 2008 - 4:21 PM

    Javed, if you jinx Natlie, I, Khansahab, Awas, and another million will die of heartbreak. You care about the humanity, don’t you?

    Ahh, you cursed Yousuf!

  228. #228 by theossa on July 2, 2008 - 4:33 PM

    Wicket has started to assist turn now. If Younis goes Pak will be in hot waters.

  229. #229 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 5:14 PM


    LOL @ your funny but sensible comments. Yeah Sallu has done a Salauddin-Ayubi ;)- Good man!

    Javed, yeah I don’t understand how these weaklings keep falling over like ninepins due to dehydration!!! Don’t they know pani peeo…pani…

    Anyways, the match has taken an interesting turn. This is what it is, as I said before, even if 4-5 batters score 60-70 runs each, the game suddenly becomes interesting. The contest is on. I still wouldn’t say we are home and dry yet.

    Theossa, Younus once again has impressed us…a wonderful guy.

  230. #230 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 5:26 PM

    Nice to see Misbah reaching his fifty with successive 4’s and didn’t go into a shell.

    What a masterful 100 by YK!!!

  231. #231 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 5:37 PM

    That was a good taunt from Younus Khan @ Nazuk Malik, I thought he was going to prostate (sajda) after his hundred instead he did TWO PUSHUPs and poor Malak must be SHARAM SAY PAANI PAANI…. But, he is a dheet kinda Meesna.

    Awas lol at “paani peeo paani,” the one who needs to drink water must be cursing at you 😉


    You have said, what I wrote in that MALAK page about Sallu’s comment that how come Lawson and Malik can make a 180 degrees turn in supporting Afridi? He just used their names to create a good atmosphere in the team and for the fans that there is no jingoism against Afridi.

    And to strengthen your statement that by winning they can show that they can win without Asif, Gul and Malik. They have won so many times without Malik, remember in India those 2 ODI’s were won under Younus Khan’s captaincy and GREEDY Malik was limping otherwise, but he quickly to jumped to take control at the POST MATCH PRESS CONFERENCE and when he lost he ran away like a chicken.

    Btw, can anyone tell me the name of the song which is being repeatedly played in the background at the Karachi stadium, to me the beat is very familiar from an English song, I can’t even remember the name of that short guy who sang it at a live concert…..its about rail road or what?

  232. #232 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 5:40 PM

    I think now I can safely say Pakistan is nearly home and dry.

    Sorry…Pawan, Amit and Sakhti…basically (and luckily) Pak batting clicked on a flatbed…whereas all bowlers on both sides got hammered.

    Whether it was back against the wall or a Danda…it worked.

    Javed…yeah…”paani peeo paani”…it was a hint on what you were hinting too…sorry guys a private harmless joke…

  233. #233 by theossa on July 2, 2008 - 5:50 PM

    Hats off to Younis and his murderous reverse sweeps. He mocked Malik by doing push ups after his hundred and Misbah seemed to enjoyed it. It’s all good. Misbah you showed Malik, THAT’S HOW YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO PERFORM AND CAPTAIN THE SIDE.

  234. #234 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 5:51 PM

    It’s good that Afridi didn’t have to come at this late stage to annoy Munir and Theossa again with his 1st ball duck ;)-

  235. #235 by theossa on July 2, 2008 - 6:04 PM

    Awas, Afridi must have a 2 MHz processor trying to run Windows Vista when it comes to bat, LOL.

  236. #236 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 2, 2008 - 6:12 PM


    Pakistan under Misbah’s captaincy has come home and dry but baby malak must be wet in his nappy, thats not a good news for him.

    well, tomorrow’s match is very crucial not only for India but for Pakistan also, if Sri Lanka wins then Pakistan has to really go ALL OUT against Bangladesh and win that with big margin to improve their run rate.

    Waqqaa is very hopeful BUTTTAAAAA I am not. Because, India will play better tomorrow and the match between Pakistan and Bangladesh would be a mere formality. They will then make some changes and experiments, otherwise they MUST play the same team that played today. Until then au revoir.

  237. #237 by Awas on July 2, 2008 - 6:12 PM

    Yeah…LOL…Vista…does anybody really use that or am I too backward…

    I think Javed must be taking a kip now…he has worked hard by updating us since wee hours of the morning ;)-

  238. #238 by theossa on July 2, 2008 - 6:24 PM

    Awas, here is how Afridi’s processor instruct when he faces the first ball,

    IF((Ball=Bad Ball, Swing Bat, Swing Bat) OR (Still Swing))

  239. #239 by Amit. P on July 2, 2008 - 6:43 PM

    Pak will keep winning if they apply themselves … as they did today … u can only loose on this wicket when u get panicked or extra comfortable …. later happened to indian side … top 4 were batting like they do in the nets … only sehwag was not manufacturing extra-ordinary shots but succumbed to get his fifty and that too after gambhir departure. Bowling … what can u say ab’t .. i dont think 300+ would be get able against Sl … not because they got extra-ordinary bowling line-up but because their bowlers know their job unlike indian attack …. its reminder of javagal srinath kinda bowling …. field is set for offside and he kept drifting every delivery down legside. Anyway .. u guys enjoy this victory and hope misbah gets the hot seat 😉
    Btw where was this ajmal guy before ?

  240. #240 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 7:01 PM


    This is thrilling cricket played by the Pakistan team. I am very much happy for Pakistan team and I have been telling in my earlier posts to pick Jamshed and start with regular openers. On flat beds like the one they played today, you need regular openers, who can go after the bowling, rather than make-shift openers such as Malik or Akmal, because the make-shit openers have other responsibilities and they know they can avoid to fail or not play up to that level. While regular openers know that they are in the team to open and have to get good starts. Jamshed looks compact in technqiue, but is yet to be tested on wickets other than flat beds. He should have been in the team right away and even in the Kitply cup.

    Younus Khan has always been the in-form player for Pakistan in Asia Cup as well as in Kitply cup, so not much surprise to me that he just carried on his good work. The point I am trying to make is that Younus is a great middle order batsmen and if you use non-regular openers, then he is virtually there in the first 5-10 overs when the power plays are so very important especially on flat beds. Also today Younus looked a hell lot determined! That is simply cool. If he can maintain that tempo then he is sure to move up in the ladder of top players in world cricket. For the first time I saw a “serious” and determined Younus, rather than “funny” and smiling one.

    Yousuf lacked committment and the tempo that Younus showed. If he is short of motivation, then he does not need to look any further than Younus. But Yousuf is also a class act, just that he needs to get his class-act together. It is also a matter of getting opportunities. I still believe that playing Younus, Misbah, Yousuf and Malik is kind of repeating yoruself a lot. So if in the next match Malik gets match fit then they should drop Yousuf and play Malik. Please do not remove Jamshed.

    300 – 310 is completely achievable target on this kind of wicket and had Pakistan used Jamshed as an opener in the game against Sri-Lanka then they could have won that game easily.

    Has anyone noticed, how important the power plays are? The strategy in power plays is what wins a match for a team. For today’s match —

    India batting power play: India blazed off and were looking awesome, but lost wickets at regular intervals. At the end of the third power play they had lost too many wickets and were in no position to accelerate or play freely. Had they not lost so many wickets, Dhoni and Co. could have consolidated with much more freedom and set up a 330 + score.

    Pakistan batting powe play: Pakistan too blazed off thanks to wonderful batting display by the new Aamir Sohail (Jamshed) and Saeed Anwar (Salman Butt). And that did the trick for them. They made sure that they do not loose to many wickets. If they had lost wickets in power plays, Younus would not have been able to play as freely as he did today.

    So what is a good strategy in powerplays — Blaze off! If you loos 2 wickets, then stop. Consolidate till 40th over and then in the last ten overs again blaze off! India did not follow it and lost. Fortunately it came off for Pakistan today and they did not had to go for Plan B. This is where Malik and Lawson were going wrong. Malik was consolidating in the power plays even before they loose a single wicket and that used to slow the run rate. Well, consolidation as an opener is not bad when you are batting first, like he did when he played 125 rt against India, but consolidation when you are batting second and chasing 300 is suicidal and will just add to the pressure.

    The use of power plays (from batting and bowling perspective) is exteremly important. Half the battle is won in the power plays especially in todays fast paced cricket.

  241. #241 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 9:06 PM

    Straight from Cricinfo:

    The possible scenarios

    1. If India win against Sri Lanka, they go through to the finals, and the Pakistan-Bangladesh match becomes inconsequential.

    2. If India lose, and Pakistan beat Bangladesh, Pakistan go through. This scenario will have both India and Pakistan tied at four points, but Pakistan would head into the final by virtue of more wins in the Super Four stage.

    3. If India lose, and Pakistan lose to Bangladesh, India’s higher points tally will see them through.

    4. If either of the India-Sri Lanka or Pakistan-Bangladesh games is tied or has a no-result, then Pakistan won’t be able to catch up with India on points, and will be out of the final.

  242. #242 by khansahab on July 2, 2008 - 10:08 PM

    I was unable to watch this match because I was at work. From what I have read it was a brilliant innings by Younis. He is a top quality player who talent wise is one of the best Pakistan has ever had. I just wish he was slightly more consistent.

    Somehow the batting attack performed magnificently without Malik.

  243. #243 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 10:19 PM

    To the Indian team, I would want them to read this quote and move on:

    “Sever the ignorant doubt in your heart with the sword of self-knowledge. Observe your discipline. Arise. ”

    I can sit here and critique the performance of the Indian team to the hilt, but there is no point in going into the next match with a negative mindset. Although I doubt if any of the Indian players of team management or BCCI officers would even care to read a blog leave alone LS. But I would hold back on my acerbic remarks until they lose to SriLanka and miss the finals.

    Today’s game goes to show how a team with a burning desire to win has no other way, but just to win. Pakistan went in todays game as the underdogs and desperately in search of a win. It will be cruel to the Pakistani fans and local public if Pakistan does not reach the finals.

    The purpose of this post is understand how can India, or any team in such a position as India, can come out on top and win against a strong opponent as SriLanka. First of all tomorrows game underdogs is the Indian team. SriLanka has beaten Pakistan and Pakistan has beaten India, so that shows SriLanka are superior to this Indian team. But cricket being funny can have its own story to tell.

    The openers…

    Viru and Gauti V/s Sanath and Sanga
    Explosion and Massacre are two words that come to my mind when I see such names. Viru and Gauti have to deal with the experienced campaigner Vassy but Sanag and Sanath have none whatsoever worry about the sad Indian bowling pins. Watch out for Vassy’s slower off cutters, they are lethal and have been known to take the wind out of Sachin and Sourav. Viru is tradionally known for his cunning batting display against Vassy and I would back Viru to start the innings with a bang again. Viru has been troubled by bouncers mainly and I don’t see the cunning Vassy to have bouncers in his armory as a main weapon. Gauti has to improve his leg side play. Initially Gauti gets a bit bogged down on the leg side, but he is very strong on the off side. Both Viru and Gauti have to watch out for those LBW balls Vassy bowls. They also should watch earlier matches where Vassy got hammered and gain confidence from there. Over the years Vassy has grown slower naturally, so coming down the track to Vassy shouldn’t be a bad strategy.

    Indian bowlers are in sorry state and SriLanka should not find it hard to get away with them. But remember the law of averages? Sanga has hit 3 centuries and is due for a low score! Jaya has celebrated his b’day, now how about some b’day bumps! Raina purely on law of averages succummed to Pakistanis today. Sanga beware… Whatever people think, I am a big fan of law of averages, because it is more of a psychological rather than magical thing. It does make a person that wee bit lazy after psoting 3 big scores. Sangakarra is a tremendous competitor and to get him out, Indian team will have to hunt in pack. No individual brilliance will be able to get him out. Sanga is known to edge in slips early on in his innings. Whoever plays tomorrow, do overpitch the bowl to Sanga early in his innings, do not offer short and wide deliveries early on. Good length balls are the best way to get the edge and that should be the strategy of Indian bowlers. Just outside the offstump… Movement or no movement, Sanga is a flirt and would kiss the ball. Get him early boys, otherwise you are in for a sticky customer. He can bat through the innings and will make the baby Chawla cry big time. More than Sanga, it is important to strategize on how to get the Matar Mauler out. This 39 yr young Mumbai Indian is a big wicket. Pace, bounce, seam and swing are some of the conditions that do not assist him. But flat wicket is his bread and butter. There is no way he is going to give it easy tomorrow. Irfan Pathan/ R P Singh should look to get his wicket. Left hand bowler with slow off cutter can fox him, but there is a big CAN here. The line-length is the key. Width cannot be afforded. Bowl Sanath full and outside the off stump, but not width and if you get even closer to middle stump, the next thing you will see is your bowl out of the ground.

  244. #244 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 10:42 PM

    The No. 3…
    Mahela v/s Raina
    Raina has to get the is agressive self back and just get on with the game. If he is on the wicket early, then he needs to watch out for Vassy. Kulasekara is another wily customer especially for Raina because he tends to skid the ball and Raina tends to get out with skidders. Raina should nto bother about the match situation if he comes at No.3. He should rather continue his agressive batting and hammer the bowlers. His responsibility is that India gets big runs before Murali and mendis appears because then it will be very tough job to score heavily.

    Mahela is known to raise his game depending upon the situation and opposition. He has every weapon on his armory and can match sword for sword. He is not going to get bogged down by a few maiden overs (unlike Jayasura). He does faces lapses in concentration and that is when they have to catch him red-handed. Wicket-to-wicket bowling is the key to get him out. Irfan Pathan/Gony whoever plays should make him target.

  245. #245 by Pawan on July 2, 2008 - 11:15 PM

    The middle order…
    I confess that I do not know much about the SriLankan middle order and would be unfair to comment on them. Some names I know that can use the long handle well – Kapugedara and LPC Silva. Chawla/Ojha whoever plays tomorrow should target them, but not get bogged down by a six or two, because considering their experience and match situation, both these agressive players should not persist long, if Chalwa or Ojha persist long with their line and length. Chawla was terrible today in his line and length when he bowled over the wicket. He was one the main reasons for the loss. Once he has Yousuf, he should have gone for the kill. But as Dhoni said, inexperience is a big factor. I was just imagining Shane Warne another leg spinner in place of Chawla and how he wouldve behaved after getting Yousuf. Shine wouldve been all over the Pakistani batsmen. He wouldn’t have given an inch. Chawla has to learn this. His job is not over until he gets the last batsmen. A leg spinner is an agressive bowler and he should has set agressive fields once he has Yousuf, instead he waited for Misbah to make a mistake. The attitude of a bowler plays a significant role on a flat pitch. If you get bogged down, then you are going to leak runs and eventually blast.

    Indian middle order is filled with starlwarts, but only on paper. Paper teams are won in book cricket. Yuvraj Singh has to come out of his coma. He looks completely in different league. Is his mind over in Pakistan or in Preeti’s heart? He did not come forward to bowl a single over today. He has to improve a lot. His main strategy should be not to throw his wicket. He has to ensure that he will be there till the 40th over, no matter what. Then on he has liscence to blast, but not before that.

    Dhoni has played well considering the situation, but the truth is the pressure got better of him today and he could not play freely. That pressure was carried on throughout India’s bowling. Dhoni has to improvise when he sees such a flat pitch. He has to let his instincts take over him. He could’ve opened the bowling with Yusuf Pathan or sent Irfan Pathan at No.3. There are lots of things he can try to unsettle the opposition but he is succumbing to pressure and then when in pressure, no one can play his best.

    Rohit Sharma can play agressively but only when he is given the liscence to do so. If you have wickets in hand one can accelerate after 40th over. And that should be the strategy. Indian middle order will be crucial considering they are up against the two best in-form spinners – Murali and Mendis. Start watching videos of Mendis and reading his deliveries. They could not pick the doosra of the off-spinner in todays match, so I imagine they have a lot of work to do and very less time. In such a situation, one has to be smart. Try not to let your team more than 4 an over when M & M are bowling. Smash others all over the park, but be extra careful for M & M. Note that other than Vassy, M & M, no other SL bowler is a real threat. So you have like 20 overs at least to get the job done. Make sure you utilize every bit of it.

    About Murali, one thing to be noticed is that he gets somehow bogged down when someone hits him six. Yusuf Pathan picked two sixes of Murali in IPL final and he should remember that. After that Murali got excited and tried all sort of things, but only to his own downfall. You have to make Murali panic in order to get runs from him.

    Mendis is a new guy and imagine how much pressure he must be facing. Keep that in mind. If you utilize the power plays to the best (both while bowling and batting) then you don’t need to take much risks against Mendis. If at all you need to take risks, try Murali first. Mendis should be dealt technically. Correct technique can only make Mendis to try and be even more unconventional and the induce some mistakes.

  246. #246 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 3, 2008 - 12:03 AM

    You guys have made some detailed and in-depth analysis of the game and the teams, especially Pawan. Pawan tou har samaye Gagan may rehta hai…. or whats that song…. Pawan chalay purwaii…. Btw, the cricinfo info you copy pasted is from Sidharth Mongia’s article, my question is why is he always moaning about the pitch and the sultry conditions or the bad timing of the Asia Cup? Its the same for everyone, like the BCCI official and later the ICC also clarified that the schedule should not come as a surprise to anyone.

    Remember no one complained about the 57 matches they played during the IPL and had to fly from Mohali to Chennai and from Jaipur to Kolkata and no one said a word, kion? PAISA, bolta hai, right?

    Pawan yeah your point is well taken and thats what Waqqaa was also talking about the same that, you have to play with regular, established openers. Whenever the team performs well, we talk like that otherwise we talk about IFs and Butts. Thats because we have Rao Iftikhar and Salman Butt in the team. Anyways, the point is whats wrong with the fitness of these people?

    Malik is the worst of the lot in terms of fitness and today Nasir Jamshed could not survive after making his 50, earlier Butt could not continue after his 100 and just look at Younus Khan and his two pushups after his 100. Look at Dhoni who was tired but came back to keep the wickets for 50 overs. Look at Sangakara who made a 100 and came back to keep the wickets for 50 overs. But, our Dhaan Paan Malik, his buddy BUTT and this new kid Nasir Jamshed and previously our Show-Actor after 4 overs he needed inhalers and used to huff puff and never bowled his full quota of overs in any match, may be ONCE UPON A TIME and I don’t remember that. So, how can you improve their fitness level? Even MOTA Inzi ALOO never used to retire, in fact he used to stay till the very end and that was his quality.

  247. #247 by Sakthi on July 3, 2008 - 5:49 AM

    Hats off to Younis Khan. That innings was simply outstanding. Both Abdur Rauf and Saeed Ajmal look absolutely brilliant. Where were these guys for these many days? Let us see if Pakistan sustains this winning streak. Pakistan have a better chance to sustain this winning streak than India because they have a very good bowling line up. Misbah seems to be handling things well. Sack Malik and make Misbah or Afridi as captain.

    As I said earlier, India can win matches here and there but not always with this mediocre bowling line up. India should search for a good replacement for Yusuf Pathan. He is a very very ordinary player. He can be given more chances but at what cost?

    Looking at the way Sohail Tanvir and Yusuf Pathan performed today, I think Shane Warne is a genius.

    I feel very sorry for Dhoni. He tried his level best but even that best is not enough with this bowling and fielding.

  248. #248 by Awas on July 3, 2008 - 7:58 AM

    It will be interesting to see how Indians perform today in a back to back game in energy sapping conditions. Will it affect them? But then again Lankans have nothing to loose whereas for India it’s almost a must win situation. So anything is possible.

    On Sakhti and Pawan’s mention of “weak” Indian bowling, it is not so much a question of weak bowling. They are pretty good as they have given teams like Aussies and SA run for their money. The problem is India’s persistence with using 4 regular bowlers only in ODI’s. Sharing a job of a 5th bowler between Sehwag, Tendulkar, Yuvraj & Co works sometimes and that too on helpful pitches but on dead pitches, it’s difficult.

  249. #249 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 8:56 AM


    I agree with you, I also feel sorry for Dhoni. He is such a good player, and a very humble person too. There have been other occasions where he has played a great knock only to see his team lose. But luckily most of these great knocks from him have resulted in India winning which is why he is such a valuable player.


    Yes it is anyone’s game today. If it wasn’t such a high pressure situation I would say India is going to win. But as you correctly state it is a must win situation for India and they will be under pressure to perform. Having said that we might see some complacency from Sri Lanka because they know they are already through to the final. I wonder if Sri Lanka would prefer to face Pakistan or India in the final? Pakistan’s record against Sri Lanka in the past few years has been good. However India is stronger on paper. If I recall correct even India’s record against Sri Lanka in the past few years has been fairly good.

  250. #250 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 9:02 AM

    Again we come to this dilemma about 4 specialist bowlers vs 5 specialist bowlers. On a dead track even 5 specialist bowlers can go for runs. However I still feel India should almost always opt for 5 specialist bowlers because it is a good batting side and if the batting clicks which it does most of the times they don’t need the extra no 6 or no 7 batsman in the line up.

    If Sri Lanka do beat India today Pakistan will feel much more confident and will come at Bangladesh with all guns blazing.


    Agreed about Yusuf Pathan. I think he is a good Twenty20 player, but his bowling is average and batting is much more suited to Twenty20 format. I think India could do with playing a specialist bowler in his position.

  251. #251 by Sakthi on July 3, 2008 - 9:51 AM

    If a team that wins most number of matches in the Super Four goes to the final then why did they introduce the logic of carry over points from previous round? It just does not make any sense.

    Dhoni might have read your comments. He has done a sensible thing by bringing an additional bowler in the place of Y Pathan.

  252. #252 by Sakthi on July 3, 2008 - 9:58 AM

    Jayawardene is hiding Ajantha Mendis.

  253. #253 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 10:26 AM

    Ishant has dismissed Sangakkara, the inform batsman. Sri Lanka have started slowly and now under pressure.

  254. #254 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 10:56 AM

    Jayasuria has started flaying the Indian attack now. Unless he is dismissed soon Sri Lanka can put a formidable target.

  255. #255 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 11:49 AM

    Sri Lanka will surely be aiming around 300. The question is, India has the batting to chase 300 very easily if Sehwag and Gambhir get going. Can they chase 300 successfully in such a high pressure game? As always India will be relying on Sehwag and Gambhir heavily in order to win this one.

  256. #256 by Awas on July 3, 2008 - 12:17 PM

    Yeah looks like a 300 type of score if the Lankans keep batting sensibly.

    But Khansahab as you say India has the fire power to match that total. Their batting is even better than Pakistan’s at the moment. In fact it’s looking like the strongest batting of all Asian teams as they have many inform batsmen.

    This match could be an interesting contest as its not gonna be a one sided match.

  257. #257 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 3, 2008 - 12:32 PM

    Its not good news for Dhoni’s boys to field first after fielding last yesterday but they have no choice when he has lost the toss. Getting Sangakara early was a good thing and even Jayasuriya before he could do some real damage went off and same thing happened with Jayawardene. But, Sri Lanka is not in any kind of danger at the moment, in fact they are cruising easily and have plenty of unassuming batsmen who can chip in useful contributions like, this guy Chamara Kapugadera has just scored his 50. Another Chamara i.e., D’ Silva is also a similar character like Dilshan they can collect runs unnoticed.

    Therefore, the pressure will remain on India especially if they take this total of 167/3 in 30 overs. And it doesn’t look like they will have any difficulty if they keep their wickets intact. Ishant Sharma bowled very poorly yesterday against Pakistan with 3 no balls and also his bowling was not so effective as compared to today. He was perhaps trying too hard like Tanvir yesterday, which was the worst day of his life in terms of bowling.

    I have no hopes of Pakistan sneaking into the final from the back door through “Merry Kills” based on their yo-yo performance. One day they are the best team in the world, the next day they are the worst. The word consistency does not exist in Pakistan’s team dictionary.


    Like Pawan and Amit, after seeing one performance you too are asking the same question, “where were you guys hiding Saeed Ajmal and Abdur Rauf ?” Or, praising Ajantha Mendis on a couple of occasions. I would raise the same point again “consistency” which is the key. Its too early to say they are the only players Pakistan or Sri Lanka were looking for.

    Waqar Younus was comparing Ajmal’s doosra with Saqlain and Murali and said, he bowls better than both of them. This is nothing but euphoria, when the team wins you start showering undue praise and accolades and start comparing this new comers with superstars. Which is very wrong. In Pakistan the best example of turning a reasonably good bowler into a brat could be seen in none other than the Show-Actor.

    The moment he bowled Tendulkar and Dravid in his two successful deliveries in Kolkata at the Asia Test, the news was: ” A Star is Born” The star soon turned into a villain and same thing happened to that Paindoo McGrath of Sheikhupura. So, I am very cautious in comparing players based on one single performance or a few good performance.

    Both Tanvir and Yousuf Pathan are no doubt good players but they cannot be good in every single match, too much praise make players complacent and they tend to become lethargic and take it for granted. Every great player be it Tendulkar, Lara, Inzamam, Dravid, Sehwag had gone through a lean patch and you can refer that as a lean patch because they had earlier proved their worth not in one or two or a few matches but on a regular basis. But, a new player needs to establish and cement his place first.

    Today, we listen to Waqar and Wasim’s blabbing, because they have taken 400 500 plus wickets each. Had Shoaib Akhtar achieved those results and talked or boasted about his performance I would have said, yes he has the right to talk boast but not with 170 wickets to his name and that too everyone knows how many controversies and under what circumstances. Greats like Lara and Tendulkar they don’t boast, in fact they are very humble, and their records and performance speaks louder than words.

  258. #258 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 12:44 PM

    SL have crossed the 200 mark and 300+ is definitely their aim. I am surprised at the number of all rounders in Sri Lanka’s team. Even when it was the no 1 team under Ranatunga’s captaincy, it had quite a few all rounders.

  259. #259 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 3, 2008 - 12:53 PM

    The two Chamaras like I said are so unassuming and in no time they have put on 66 runs in 60 balls and the last five overs yielded 42 runs and 300 runs on the cards seems to be easy, but thats not enough. Yesterday Pakistan scored that in 45 overs earlier India scored that in 42 overs, both batting second. So, if SL wants to secure their position they should aim for 330 – 340.

    My bad, I jinxed Chamara Kapugadera and he is OUT now. LBW Praveen Kumar for 75 a good knock. Now comes Dilshan another unassuming player who can score runs in no time without any big hits. I was going to highlight Pawan’s point which he made yesterday about the power of powerplays. Sri Lanka today scored 21 boundaries in their 20 overs which is not so great, yet good enough to put up a fight but they lost 2 wickets during that period.

    In my previous post I mentioned about Ishant Sharma’s poor bowling yesterday he gave 3 front line no balls which means FREE hit but yesterday his fielding was absolutely pathetic, at least 3 or 4 times he gave away a boundary which could have been saved by any player and the excuse made by commentators was he is a tall man and bending is not easy! Even when he dived he kept his legs so apart, to which Amir Sohail said, his legs were wide open like “India Gate” thats true. He reminded me of Rana Naveed who used to dive on every ball and never once I saw him saving a boundary and then he used to make pathetic faces. There is no need for these cosmetic dives, just save the runs.

    Today, India played 4 medium pacers and a specialist off-spinner in Ohja and despite that Dhoni used 7 bowlers. Ohja gave 55 runs in 10 overs the only justification may be he gave less runs than Chawla but, Chawla sometimes takes more wickets so from my point of view there isn’t enough justification in replacing him. The only consolation from bowler’s point of view is, he got the wicket of Jayawardene.

    So, was it important for India to have an extra batsman or an extra bowler? On a flat track like this I would have kept my bowling attack more potent than my batting. I would have gambled Rohit Sharma’s place in lieu of Chawla. With Chawla and Ohja from two ends they could have created the same affect in containing runs like Ajmal and Afridi did for Pakistan yesterday. Its good that RP played today he bowled well today (so far) unlucky not to get a wicket but in 7 overs one maiden and only 24 runs is a very good performance.

  260. #260 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 1:06 PM

    From India’s point of view they need 1 or 2 quick wickets because this Sri Lanka side does lack depth in batting because Vaas is not playing. If they can get 2 batsmen out in the space of 2 or 3 overs SL may not reach 300.

    From SL’s point of view they need to keep taking singles and doubles up until the 46-47th over and then go full blast, only then can they convincingly go past 300.

  261. #261 by Awas on July 3, 2008 - 1:46 PM

    Now that is quite amazing….India has ended up chasing exactly 309 like Pakistan did against India.

    It’s a good score but not a big score to chase on this track. So let’s see how it goes…

  262. #262 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 1:53 PM

    All of Aamir Sohail, Waqar Younis and Wasim Akram make mistakes with their English during commentary. I don’t want to insult any of them, because if I was doing commentary in Urdu I would probably make some mistakes too and would probably sound like I don’t know what I am saying. On the other hand though, the job description is “commentator in English” so shouldn’t that be done by someone who is fluent and confident in English?

    Aamir Sohail- speaks very slowly, sometimes whispers and sounds very bored. Also sounds like a Choudhary, has a very arrogant tone and manner of speech. Picks up what others are saying and uses the same words and phrases against them.

    Waqar Younis- Does not sound confident, makes many bloopers like, “Mohammad Jayasuria” or calling Shahid Afridi, “Shoaib Akh”.

    Wasim Akram- Sounds confident, also the surprising factor with him is that he does not sound arrogant. In fact sounds quite humble and kind when commentating. Although he sounds confident he also makes plenty of mistakes, especially with his tense and singulars/plurals.

    Is it Wasim or Waqar who says “The batmen” instead of “the batSmen”?

  263. #263 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 3, 2008 - 2:49 PM


    it was Waqar Younus who said, “This Robin is a good Batman, but he is out of form these days.” Waqar will never learn or improve his English because of his background and more than that owing to his sense of complacency. Although he is married to some Australian girl but, thats not something that will do any good to improve his English or his accent. He keeps repeating the same mistakes like, “If you give Sehwag a room, he will murder you.” Last time Ramiz corrected him in a very subtle way by repeating the same sentence, “yeah Waqar you cannot afford to give him room to play his shots.” Instead of taking a hint he repeated, “yes the bowlers give Sehwag a room and anytime you give a room he will kill you.” Who should and how should one tell Waqar that its not “a room.” When he is supposed to say “a few loose deliveries” he says, he bowled “few loose deliveries.”

    The other day, I met a real paindoo at the brunch party and he was saying, “O jee saday Waqar, Waseem tou waddi changi cammentree kerday, England ich khail, khail day dono di English waddi zabrDast ho gayee!” I am sure there must be a lot of such P. admirers around them who must have been telling them “tusi great ho.” Well, I am referring to the English commentators Waqar and Wasim and not the bowlers, who were great bowlers of their time. And khansahab is right in demanding that they should at least make an effort to improve their basics.

    LOL at the latest blooper of Waqar, he said, “Sri Lanka must be Missith Malinga here, a great bowler he is,” then he corrected and said; “Missing Lisith Milinga.” Still couldn’t get his name right. Waqar is a joker and an entertainer. Wasim with his nasal comments, certainly needs a DNS surgery and you are right he doesn’t sound arrogant like Amir Churail but he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

    So, far the best is Ramiz Raja from Pakistan’s side and Sanjay Manjreker, Ravi Shastri from India. Nasir Hussain and Boycott from England and among all the Australians, Dean Jones is the best, unfortunately he is banned because of that comment against Hashim Amla.

    The game is on and India is off on a flying start and Gambhir has provided the impetus. Btw, Pawan, did you notice the catch Gambhir held in dismissing Weeraratne? He dived for no reason and fell on his knees and then his elbows hit the ground, luckily the ball didn’t pop out like the last two times against Pakistan. I don’t understand this unnecessary diving business. You can spot the dive as a phony also when its natural and that happens at the spur of the moment. Like, Rohit Sharma’s catch in Kitply Cup when he dismissed Butt, or Misbah when he got Gambhir in the first match here.

    India are 51 for no loss in 7 overs, its a good going like always but I hope they don’t repeat the same performance as they did yesterday against Pakistan from 88 for no loss to 93 for 3. Three wickets in the space of 10 balls, that caused them the match.

  264. #264 by Awas on July 3, 2008 - 3:08 PM

    “a room.” reminds me of:

    Ham tuM ik kamray maein bund Houn
    Aur Chaabee kho Jai

    Buttaaa, can you guys leave Waqqa alone please!!!
    Just you guys look at his record first…the number of times he has been able to run through a side with an amazing strike rate in both tests and ODI’s is still unmatched.

    Yes, the job description is “commentator in English” but if that is all available then so be it. Anyway, what would you prefer…Maulvi Mushy and Zaheer or W&W?

  265. #265 by khansahab on July 3, 2008 - 4:38 PM


    Mushy and Zaheer Abbas are horrible, they are out of the equation. The differentiating factor is that Mushy and Zaheer are ANNOYING because they are so pathetic, they get on my nerves. Whereas W&W and Aamir Sohail are just funny.
    I heard Sikandar Bakht speaking English the other day. He seems to be okay according to Pakistani standards, I would say as competent as Aamir Sohail. But we don’t get to hear much of his commentary, I wonder why? Possibly because he isn’t as high profile as these players.

  266. #266 by Awas on July 3, 2008 - 4:52 PM

    Yep…I quite agree those two are simply “ANNOYING “. I never heard SB though…

  267. #267 by Pawan on July 3, 2008 - 5:00 PM


    I haven’t been watch match, but checking scores on cricinfo, so I really cannot comment.

    But about commentators, I ve head Zaheer Abbas commenting in Hindi for a post match analysis on Hindi News Channel of India and he was quite good actually. I have also heard of the story of a girl kissing ZA when he was batting in England. That is quite stunning.

    I find that BUTTAA real funny. Let me tell you this, especially when Awas uses that BUTTAA, it is REALLY funny. At first I didn’t knew what BUTTSS was, but after hearing to Waqaaa, it stuck me. Yes I also agree that Waqqa is extremely funny! Thanks to Javed for quoating Waqaa!

  268. #268 by Rehan Khan on July 3, 2008 - 5:59 PM

    Congratulations to indians for this great victory over Sri lanka. now india and sri lanka storm into finals and pakistan and bangladesh match is inconsequential.

    Now expect a super performance form Pakistan tomorrow because once again they will have a point to prove and are pushed to the corner. pakistan will rout bangladesh and Malik (if playing) will be hailed as a good captain.
    The ASIA cup has proved as failure for Pakistan. Time to make some very overdue changes.

  269. #269 by Pawan on July 3, 2008 - 6:16 PM

    I was just reading the bulletin in Cricinfo and got the great news that India’s fielding had been pathetic today. It also said that India’s fielding has been poor right throught the Asia Cup. Also as Javed pointed out, Ishant and Gambhir have been leading the pack of poor fielding today. Now here is the big question:

    WTF is ROBIN SINGH doing? In case any of you forgot, Robin is the FIELDING coach of India. If after having a fielding coach, you have such a pathetic performance in the field, then the truth is in front of you — Robin Singh is useless as fielding coach and fire him right away.

    I have heard the good news that Kirsten is going to get a new fielding coach soon. So anywhow Robin’s efforts will be spared.

    I am in loss of words for the tremendous amount of work and effort Prasad as a fielding coach has put in the bowlers. He is ensuring that they get the same treatment as he used to get. Life was hard for Prasad as a bowler and he is making others go through it.

  270. #270 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 3, 2008 - 6:27 PM

    Hey guys!

    Congratulations to India for showing Pakistan “Truck ki Batti” a glimmer of hope and then zooming away, leaving them behind in the dark. Thats what Malik’s team deserve. Now, he will play against BD, because he is the best all-rounder in Pakistan.

    According to him, he has solved the opening conundrum because, Nasir Jamshed scored a 50 and Butt fired on his 5 1/2 cylinders, the .05% misfired thats why he got run out. Middle order is playing well, so Fawad Alam ki zaroorat nahee. The new off-spinner Happy Camel or Saeed Ajmal has bowled well and now Malik can ask for Afridi’s ouster and he has his panchoe unglian ghee may, sir karai may aur gaaf Pathano kay qabzay may.

  271. #271 by Awas on July 3, 2008 - 6:28 PM

    A deserved victory for India…very well played. The prize is now a place in the final for them.

    Malk Saab ub doog-doogi bajain-gey…

    Tomorrow against Bangla just the youngsters should play without Malik and perhaps MoYo too.

  272. #272 by Pawan on July 3, 2008 - 7:25 PM

    Watch out for these performers in tomorrow’s match:

    1. Atahar Ali (Bangladeshi commentator)– He has been very very wierd in his commentery. I am short of words on how to describe his tone and throw of words. But he is VERY funny. It looks as if someone has grabbed him by the neck and is suffocating him, while he speaks.

    2. Waqqa — BUTTAAA

    3. Lal — The beauty of Mr. Red is he speaks same sentences over and over again. There is absolutely no analysis in his talk. He just speaks what we see.

  273. #273 by Pawan on July 3, 2008 - 7:42 PM

    Jiyo Javed Khan!

    This is what you had to say about Waqqaa and I really cannot stop laughing over it still.

    I quote:

    “it was Waqar Younus who said, “This Robin is a good Batman, but he is out of form these days.” Waqar will never learn or improve his English because of his background and more than that owing to his sense of complacency. Although he is married to some Australian girl but, thats not something that will do any good to improve his English or his accent. He keeps repeating the same mistakes like, “If you give Sehwag a room, he will murder you.” Last time Ramiz corrected him in a very subtle way by repeating the same sentence, “yeah Waqar you cannot afford to give him room to play his shots.” Instead of taking a hint he repeated, “yes the bowlers give Sehwag a room and anytime you give a room he will kill you.” Who should and how should one tell Waqar that its not “a room.” ”

    Sorry Waqqa…
    I do respect you a lot for your bowling!

  274. #274 by Awas on July 3, 2008 - 10:10 PM

    Sidharth Monga has written Karachi diaries on Cricinfo. I thought this bit was quite funny:

    The press box at the stadium and the commentary box are next to each other. The commentators pay a visit at least once a day to the press box. And they all have funny stories to tell. The best of the lot comes from Ramiz Raja.
    Once on a square turner, as Viv Richards faced the last over before tea, Saleem Yousuf kept appealing every ball without a reason. “I was fielding at short-leg,” Ramiz recalls, “and when we were walking off for tea, an irritated Viv asked me the Urdu word for chicken, and I told him.
    “So Viv rushed off towards Saleem, and when in his earshot, started shouting, ‘Murgi, murgi, murgi’.”

  275. #275 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 3, 2008 - 10:51 PM


    I have read his tour diaries and I find him a bit biased and way too critical hence I assume the letter “G” in his name is silent, Sidhart Moania. He moans for no reason, we know we are not perfect, even in India not all the journalists and media people get VIP facilities. In fact, they are treated like any other ordinary Pakistani is treated. During the last India Pakistan series, when some Pakistani players were called to India to join the team to play for the test match, they were detained at the Delhi Airport for long hours, despite the embassy officials telling the authorities that they are team members joining late, they did not allow them to go out. So why is Sidhart Moaning? I am not referring to the Murgi story he narrated, but previously he was complaining about, weather, schedule, facilities etc., and to me it appeared like moaning.

    Now, according to the preview by Kanishkaa Balachandran on cricinfo

    The team for Pakistan will be more or less the same that played against India, only possible change is, IF Malik decides to play then, Nasir Jamshed the less important and less injured player will bow out. It is true that yesterday, Malik failed the fitness test and he actually collapsed. First I thought it was a bit of an exaggeration but, on the TV they showed him taking the test and then they showed him on the ground, but they did not show him collapsing. Now, through the above link you can see that Balachandran has confirmed that Malik indeed collapsed on the ground.

    Haiiiiiiii bicharraa Nazuk Sa Sharmila sa, Masoom sa Bhola Bhaalaa saa, rehta hai wo yaheen kaheen, ata pata maloom naheee …… Any one knows whats next?

    The match is very inconsequential and purely a formality or one should say its a matter of pride, because Pakistan cannot afford to loose this match to stay at the bottom of the table. It will be another opportunity for Younus Khan to make another century. I would have given Mohammad Yousuf some rest and given Nasir Jamshed a chance if Malik comes in. Or, may be fawad Alam another opportunity to prove his worth. Because, Mohammad Younus is a different player and he is an automatic selection in the test matches and against stronger opposition.

  276. #276 by Pawan on July 4, 2008 - 12:11 AM


    I think Malik is a strange case. On one side as you say, he is weak bunny who is easily frightened by defeat. I remember the last ODI series in India, where he got scared in a similar situation, backed out of an important match and got back in the team for a dead rubber and inconsequential match only to be the Man of the Match and win it for Pakistan. But winning dead matches is not the sign of a brave captain. A captain should be like Imran Khan or M.S. Dhoni, to name a few, who throw themselves in tough sitautions, who face the music before their team mates, are true leaders.

    But remember it was Malik who took up the job of captaining Pakistan after it lost the last world cup even without entering the second round. Younis Khan openly admitted in Nadia Khan Show that he was scared to take up this job and hence refused. Malik was not the first choice of PCB, but he did not have any ego problem. He accepted it for the country’s pride.

    You are also right in saying that some people are captaincy material, while some are not and those who are not should leave the coveted job ASAP. But Malik has brought in some good faces in this Pakistan team. Consider Misbah. Malik was a great supporter of Misbah and used him effectively to almost win the T20 worldcup. After that Misbah has of course grown in stature and is secretly knocking on PCB’s door to get captaincy.

    I am not really sure if Misbah is the right choice. Even though he won the match against India, he was not all that good against Sri Lanka, when he was the stand-in captain. Well, we would not know how good a captain he is if we don’t give him a chance. But arn’t we at the same point where we strated? Pakistan needed young captain and hence found that in Malik. While the PCB ignored Mohammed Yousuf precisely for that reason. Now making Misbah the captain will be like playing “pass on the ball” game. It will rub many people on the wrong side especially, Malik, Yousuf, Afridi, Younis.

    Malik has won the kitply cup for Pakistan, which looked like a dream after 140 run defeat against India. Malik has made Pakistan a tough and fighting opponent ever since he took up the captaincy job. I am not supporting Malik in any way, but my question is, whether it is right to fire a captain based on just one series?

    Tell me, what kind of players is Malik playing with? There is no comparison between the past teams and this Pakistan team. This team is completely in its infant stage. When in such a position, it is absolutely wrong to expect the team to win against stronger oppositions consistently. Look at Australia, they lost Warney, Pidge, Gilly and finding it immensly tough. They lost CB series against India, found it hard in test series against West Indies, which supposedly should have been a cake-walk for them. But then Australia are not complaining. They know it is going to be hard. They expect it.

    I think the problem is with us. We expect a lot from Pakistan, while they are in the stage of rebuilding a team. Agreed Malik has not done exceptionally well, but then he is average and there is no one else better than him at this stage in Pakistan cricket.

    Malik’s behavior in thie series has been nothing but shameful. I did not see him carried off the ground when he was out and then he becomes “indisposed” during the Presentation ceremony! That is utter cowerdness. But I would think at this stage that rather than disposing the indisposed Malik, a stern rebuke and a pledge of no nonsense behavior would suffice.

  277. #277 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 4, 2008 - 1:06 AM


    I don’t want to start my comments with that funny “I am agree” tag which we so often use it here to make fun of Mian Nawaz Sherif’s Paindooness. But, I have to admit first that you are right and now I would like you to go and rummage in the archives of Pakspin, where I have repeated several times that Malik is a good choice, he is young, he is a good all-rounder and he is athletic and the PCB has chosen a good young captain.

    Very soon he lost respect from his supporters who wanted to ouster him and I was throughout supporting him by saying that, “you cannot and must not remove Malik, because those who are opposing him will consider themselves as strong and they will use the same clout in removing anyone they don’t like personally.” Therefore, in the interest of the Pakistan team, he should be retained as the captain of the team. Like, you cannot replace the President or the Prime Minister of a country every now and then, the captain of the team must also deserve the same treatment and Malik must stay!

    But, in 2007 when the PCB announced his confirmation to retain him as the captain of Pakistan team till December 2008, it was after that he started playing petty politics and he was promoting jingoism. Not only supported his existing friends like Kamran Akmal and Butt, its not a secret at all he also brought in Abdul Rehman, a below par player in the team and pushed him hard at the expense of the team. On Nadia Khan Show also he said something about being a Punjabi and Punjabi blood, imo he shouldn’t have blab such comments, whether intentional or unintentional it only gives air to spread jingoism. He then started a campaign against non-punjabi players be it Karachi-walas or the Pushtoons.

    Misbah’s inclusion in the WC T20 was not upon his insistence but it was due to the vacuum created by the so-called ICL rebels and Mohammad Yousuf was in a kinda situation which we say in Urdu ” Saanp kay moo may Chachoonder” (mole). Let me explain this to those who don’t know the background. The snake catches it assuming it as rodent or a rat but then realizes its a mole can’t eat it for whatever reasons and, won’t let it go, because of its nature.

    Anyways, there was a big hue and cry over Misbah’s inclusion but, that was not the first time Misbah was included in the national side, he was given a few chances but, he could not grab a place as he failed on those occasions. Sometimes the lady luck smiles on matured people instead of babies 😉 hence Misbah came into limelight since then. And we all know after that. But, Malik ka uss may koi hath nahee thaa, except that he wouldn’t mind his inclusion or even Bazid Khan’s inclusion because that prevented a Karachi or Peshawar player in the side. Its known to everyone that his attitude was and still is to keep the non-punjabis away.

    Because of his own pathetic performance as a captain he was under fire and he thought that Afridi is the only threat who could replace him. So, he wanted to get rid of him. He dropped him in the ODI against India and sent him back home and did not include him in the test squad. Then it became more public. Now, everyone knows that he has done that only to save his own a$$.

    Being a Pathan, I have spoken against Younus Khan and even before the Kitply Cup I have said that YK is a good test player and not an ODI or T20 player. I was not against him per se, my opinion was based on his performance in the T20 WC and back home and in the IPL too. Until recently his solo hundred in ODI was against Hong Kong in 2004 Asia Cup. He has suddenly picked up great form and Malik has nothing to do with it, he is playing well, because he is playing well.

    No player wants to play bad because he knows that he will be out after a few bad performances. Some idiots think that he used to play bad deliberately and intentionally to ouster Malik. If he wanted to, he would have accepted the role of captaincy, he refused twice, because he is not a weak, meek person like Malik, he said clearly that he doesn’t like to be a dummy captain.

    A player’s respect is based on his performance. If a player performs well and say nothing, talk nothing, he is respected. Yousuf is one such case, Misbah is another. Inzi was respected because he always performed and whenever he performed the team had won. So, respect is earned from scoring runs or taking wickets and not by talking or playing politics. Like, Malik does, you scratch my back, I scratch yours.

    Now, the issue of captaincy. Judging Misbah as a good captain by just one win is like living in a fools paradise, the other day when Malik got dehydrated and sat in the gallery with his coach, Misbah was leading the side, apart from taking that splendid catch of Gambhir, he did nothing. He did not even move his Butt to go and talk to the bowlers and ask them if they need any help in setting the field or whatever. I dunno if you’ve noticed, during the first few overs Afridi was doing that job, the moment Gul went off the field, Afridi was asked to field in a different region and not the midwicket region. Then, Tanvir, Wahab Riaz (substitute for Malik) and Rao were holding conferences.

    Even in the domestic circuit Misbah has no experience of leading his side, he is by nature a quiet, calm and composed person, he won this match because once again Younus Played a great knock and he too continued his innings along with Younus and, why? Because, Younus must have been telling him to play till the end and be a finisher rather than take silly chances and get out unnecessarily. This was the first time Misbah played till the end like a finisher. So, you cannot judge his ability as a captain based on match result. With India or against India, Pakistan always wins one and loses one. So, even by those stats or averages, this win was expected.

    More…. on Captaincy to come…..

  278. #278 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 4, 2008 - 2:04 AM

    Recently there is a news circulating about Afridi that, he cried or wept in the dressing room after he was out for a duck on the first ball against Sri Lanka.

    Reportedly the Times of India, NDTV and a few other Indian newspapers have published the story. According to a source of, The Times of India, “Afridi was so frustrated and upset with his failure again with the bat that he sat down and shed a few tears with his face covered in a towel. He then told the management, they should drop him for the remaining games as he was not performing well.”

    First of all this is a news from the Indian media only and not a single Pakistani newspaper reported this incident. I dunno how come the Indian media has access to the Pakistani dressing room? The story was further fabricated that he is reportedly seeing a “holy man” and some people are taunting at him that, “Men don’t cry.” And, “what kinda Pathan he is that he cries?” Even if the story is real or true, even if it is proved that Afridi cried, whats the big deal?

    Every human being on this planet has entered this world crying, but then you might say ‘infants,’ those are infants and, real men don’t cry. In the Eastern culture, it is thought that it is un-manly of men to cry in public. If they want to cry they should cry in the privacy of their own home. Some people like the British idea of a stiff upper lip. If you must cry do it in private away from public view. The question is, if u can do it privately, what stops you from doing it publicly? The notion of real men do not cry is hypocritical and unreal. People who are honest and sincere and work hard and if they fail to achieve what they want to achieve, they feel sad, depressed and shed a few tears.

    I have seen pictures and TV documentaries in which so many men were crying in Palestine, Iraq, Kuwait, Yugoslavia, Bosnia etc. Generally if a man cry, he is seen as someone with a weak nature and vulnerable. So in order to be more macho, manly and strong, a man cannot cry in public. This is all Bull Shit. Its all cultural and the way people see others and believe it in their culture they think it is correct.

    I believe that it is all right for men to cry. I don’t think there is anything wrong with that. I don’t think it makes a man a lesser man, or a man of weak nature if he sheds a few tears but, in fact shows that men have an emotional side to them as well and, are not cold and heartless people. I think crying is a natural reaction for a body to release its tension. If it is acceptable for men to laugh in public, why not cry? Besides, that man Afridi, sat down in the dressing room and reportedly shed a few tears but, he covered his face with a towel so who actually saw him crying?

    Does anyone remember Inzamam’s crying? The whole world saw him crying on TV. He was actually weeping during the WC while mourning at Bob Woolmer’s death. Recently, I saw on TV an old match between India and Pakistan at Nagpur, in which Krishnama Srikanth was hit on his eyebrow by a bouncer from Wasim Akram and there was a big cut and he was bleeding profusely, the camera was focusing on his face and he was crying, you could easily hear the word, Amma, Amma, Amma…. some people were laughing but, there is nothing wrong in it, that didn’t make Kris Srikanth a lesser man.

    Seeing a holy man, is it bad? Does anyone remember Tendulkar going and seeing Sai Baba? Has anyone noticed Irfan Pathan wearing a Tawiz around his neck? (Tawiz or Taawidh is a kinda locket stitched in a piece of black cloth in which there are some prayers inscribed on a piece of paper are tucked inside – a superstitious belief to jinx, whatever) Mohammad Azharuddin used to wear a black arm band called “Imam Zamin” so a lot of people when they are not performing or under pressure and those who are not so strong willed, at times they go to some religious people and seek some solace.

    Not only the Muslims, but a lot of Hindu people also go to Ajmer Sherif and other Mazaars (shrines) like Data Darbar in Lahore etc., and pray, ask for their wishes and desires to be fulfilled or, something or anything or whatever they want. So, why is it so important to talk about Afridi seeing some holy man and asking him to pray for him or help him.

    I think this is cheap tabloid journalism because, Afridi is a celebrity and people will read their newspaper or talk about their newspaper or TV programme and they are only using this story to promote themselves.

  279. #279 by khansahab on July 4, 2008 - 9:36 AM

    Men don’t cry? This is like saying, men don’t think about naked women! Of course men cry. More emotional and sensitive men cry more.
    In fact you hear of these scientific reports that men actually shed more tears than women but don’t display their “soft side” because of stereotypical perceptions of “manliness” and “machoism”.

    The reason I believe this story about Afridi crying is because I know how committed he is to play for Pakistan and how hard he tries. He has come of age, as I said now he is a mature person. Up to about 2006-2007 I used to sometimes doubt his commitment but now I understand his psyche. You have you give him credit for acknowledging his batting form. Despite the conspiracies against him by Malik & Co, which have unnerved him slightly, he still blames himself for his form. A few months ago he also said something like, “If the selectors drop me I will not blame them because my batting is not clicking.”

    I think it is sad how some people have tried to sensationalise this incident. Some Pakistanis have also been somewhat insensitive in questioning why Afridi was crying. Here in Manchester I see lots of Pakistani guys with the Choudhary type Paindoo psyche, they try and act very macho and often they will come up to you and try and pick a fight. But I know once someone treats them the same way they’ll be the ones who get scared and weep, as the saying goes bullies are generally cowards. Same goes for people like Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif who are just bullies. Afridi is said to have a very firm handshake, if he slaps Shoaib Akhtar I bet all of Shoaib’s intimidation and bullying attitude would poop out.

  280. #280 by khansahab on July 4, 2008 - 10:12 AM

    Surprise Surprise!

    Afridi dropped and Malik playing in the inconsequential match against minnows. Pakistan will rout Bangladesh and Malik will be hailed as a great captain.

    Well said Rehan Khan above!

  281. #281 by Awas on July 4, 2008 - 11:32 AM

    Where has this Rauf chap been before….?

    Pakistan keeps coming up with some good finds time and again. Before Tanvir and now this guy…I bet Waqqa is saying he is definitely “a keep” for the future ;)- Kiown Pawan???

  282. #282 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 4, 2008 - 12:35 PM


    The question about Abdur Rauf was asked by Arun Lal and this is how Wasim Ch.Akram replied:


    Yes Arun you look at this Rauf chap he is such a good bowler he is a tall man six two, six and a half and hes been with the circuit for 1999, 400 A class wickats to his name 26 a piece played once “agaist Zimbabay” took 3 wikats got dropped after that i cannat digest this. I cannot and dont “understad” or digest how u take “a 14 players” to a country and 2 players “dote” play and when they come back they are chopped off? I am talking about Naumanullah and Basit Khan Arun. I cannot “understad” who these selectors are and what they are doing i cannat digest this. Unquote.

    (Who is Basit Khan? May be he is referring to Sohail Khan)

    After Ashraful hit a six on Abdur Rauf’s bowling and next ball he was out, Wasim Akram said, “you have to bowl straight and bring the ball into the batsman its as simble as that “Bangladay shody” eight for 3 now.”

    Pawan will like this one:

    “Arun, once in “a” blue moon u have to vary your length to surprise the batman by extra “bouce” like Rauf did jus now to raqibul and he “didi’t” give A room to the batman, good ball taking wicket “Bangladay shody” nine for 4 now.

    Wasim definitely needs a surgery to correct his Displaced Nasal Sinuses or may be he has a lot of gunk in his nose. When someone’s nose is blocked, in Urdu he would say “meri daak budd hai” trying saying “meri naak band hai” without using your nasals. 🙂

    Wasim was very blunt against the selection committee and I think the PCB will take action against him for taking advantage and using the privilege that being a commentator he criticized them openly and blatantly. That is wrong of Wasim Akram, a commentator’s job is not to criticize the selectors while he is commentating. His primary job is to talk about the game, give expert views on bowling, batting or fielding but not to criticize selectors about why they didn’t select so and so or why they do this or that? He can write in his syndicated column or a specific TV show where he is asked to comment about.

    Bangladesh are now 100/8 and Pakistan team are ecstatic and jubilant as if they are winning the world cup final.


    yesterday I wrote that Malik will play against BD and Afridi will be dropped, you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to read Meesna Malak’s mind.

  283. #283 by khansahab on July 4, 2008 - 12:44 PM


    Rauf is a very reputable bowler at domestic level. It’s a mystery it has taken so long for him to be selected. I would say it’s more due to injuries and maybe lack of “sifarish”.

    Sifarish is a funny thing. Once some TV presenter was questioning this sifarish culture and challenging Haroon Rashid about this. For those who don’t know, Haroon has been a Test selector and has also worked as coach for Sindh or Karachi, or one of the Karachi teams.

    Haroon said that this sifrarish culture is deep rooted in Pakistani society and it is unfortunate, but he said that sifarish has also produced some great players. He gave the example that, once he was in a meeting somewhere and one of his clerks came to him and said, “This young man is standing outside to meet you, one of your friends has sent him.” Haroon had been told by his friend that he would send some cricketer from Lahore to him, and if he could meet him and test his skills. But he didn’t know anything more than that. So he made this young man wait outside for a while. After he was done he went out and asked him casually, “OK show me what you got, what type of cricketer are you?” The young man said, “Sir I am an offspinner and it’s my dream to play for Pakistan”. So Haroon said, “OK, what was your name again?”

    The young man said, “Sir mera naam Saqlain Mushtaq hai”.

    And we all know about the inventor of the Doosra who broke quite a few international records, including reaching the milestone of 150 ODI wickets faster than anyone else. And he was a spinner mind you, not a Shoaib Akhtar, Waqar Younis or Brett Lee.

  284. #284 by Awas on July 4, 2008 - 1:11 PM

    Bangla-Walley are all out for 115….come on guys Pakistan are the best team here as no other team could do that ;)-

  285. #285 by khansahab on July 4, 2008 - 1:52 PM

    Lawson to remain Pakistan coach, says PCB chief: ‘Team showing improvement under Aussie pacer’

    KARACHI, July 3: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf on Thursday denied all rumours regarding the removal of Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson after the ongoing Asia Cup in Karachi.

    Talking to Dawn, the chairman said there was no question about replacing Lawson since the team was improving under the Aussie coach.

    “There is absolutely no truth in the rumours that Geoff Lawson will be removed after the Asia Cup,” the chairman categorically stated. ”No such matter is under discussion.”

    Lawson’s recent row with the media during the Asia Cup and the news about his constantly strained relations with the selectors have feulled speculations that the former Aussie pacer might be on his way out after the on-going Asia Cup, which will be much before his two-year contract expires in August 2009.

    Meanwhile, the chairman, who returned from Dubai on Thursday after attending a series of ICC meetings there, said the change in the status of the Oval Test by the ICC — from forfeited to draw — was a big achievement of the PCB.

    “But I would like to specially thank the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) for not resisting PCB’s proposal to change the status of the Test,” he said. “In fact, the ECB was also not too convinced about declaring the Oval Test as a win in their record through an umpire’s decision, which was indeed debatable,” he said.

    “Since day one, it has been our stance that the Test should be declared a draw since the Pakistan team was ready to take the field and play after the short boycott,” he said. In August 2006, Pakistan were declared losers at the Oval Test after umpire Daryl Hair forfeited the Test in England’s favour following the walkout of Inzamamul Haq’s men in protest to a five-run penalty imposed for alleged ‘ball-tampering’ charge.

    Though later on , Pakistan was willing to o resume play, the two umpires decided to remove the bails and declared the Test ‘forfeited’.

    The PCB chairman also disclosed on Thursday that many countries had supported Pakistan as hosts of the next ICC Champions Trophy in September, and hopefully the event would be held as scheduled.

    The chairman added that Pakistan had been organizing the Asia Cup in a successful manner and many foreign delegates, including the ECB officials, would be coming to Pakistan to see the final with their families as well as take part in the ACC Silver Jubilee celebrations to be held here on Saturday.

  286. #286 by Pawan on July 4, 2008 - 2:28 PM

    LOL @ Awas and Javed’s comments about Waqqa. BUTTA I have breaking news to give to LS:


  287. #287 by Awas on July 4, 2008 - 3:31 PM

    Yep…after such a good thrashing, Malk Saab should be capitaan for life…and Shoaib Actor, the wrestler, team’s malshia, now that he has been given all clear…

  288. #288 by Amit. P on July 4, 2008 - 3:48 PM

    Here is another news … “ICC changed the status of controversial Oval test to a draw”. Though it was always on card since pcb challenged that decision this year and had ample support on this issue. Now the question is …. is this a case of changing history after gaining some political power ?
    my simple take on this issue is …. “at times double negatives result in a positive”.
    More on this later …
    btw shoiab akhtar is once again unleashed !! only time will tell whether he gets another chance to harm pakistan cricket. Expecting good out of him is far from imagination now a days.

  289. #289 by Pawan on July 4, 2008 - 4:57 PM


    Imagine the quartret of Akhtar, Asif, Gul and Tanveer bowling in tandem! wow! I am looking forward to that. It is the best Pakistan bowling line up ever

  290. #290 by Pawan on July 4, 2008 - 11:45 PM

    I would like to ask three questions to all the active bloggers @ LS.

    No. 1>> What according to you are top ten reasons for Pakistan’s inability to reach final?

    No. 2>> What do you think would be the Indian and/or Sri Lankan team composition for the Final? Can anyone read Dhoni’s and/or Mahela’s mind?

    No. 3>> Which team would win the Asia Cup? and your top 5 reasons for the answer.

  291. #291 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 5, 2008 - 1:18 AM


    Most Pakistanis don’t see it the way you, me or a few others see that the Show Actor’s presence is a negative impact on the team. They see his achievements in bits and pieces and not only think, but they believe and try to persuade others that he is a great bowler and a positive role player in the team.

    Lets see how he behaved and what was the impact of his behavior on the team. Like, 2 years ago, he was left behind but DNA sent him to SA, he took 4 wickets and Pakistan won the only test. But, he bowled only 12 overs and was sent back after being declared unfit and after having a big Phadda with Bob Woolmer. The phadda was so loud in the dressing room balcony that the cameramen picked up not only pictures but the conversation too. Which was very, very embarrassing.

    What was the impact of that? The team would have won that test match in any case just because he took 4 wickets in one innings and that was not the only thing for the win. There were others who performed well but his was a negative impact which most people are unable to see or recognize it.

    He created a void and a bad atmosphere in the team, the morale went down thereafter. Even when Gul got injured last week, it effected the team’s morale in that game, but Gul’s intention was not like Actor’s its a genuine injury case and the impact was only on that match. But, the team regrouped and won the next match.

    What happened in the IPL, he went and took 4 wickets in his first match, but then he was not fit after that, Kolkata players never recovered after that. What happened 2 years ago when he went to India for the Champions Trophy and was called back for testing positive for Nandrolone? The team morale was down again, they were not expecting their key bowlers Asif and Actor would be sent back on drug related charges hence, they lost badly in Champions Trophy that year.

    What happened just before the T20 WC in SA? He fought with Asif and was sent back, luckily in the shorter version of the game his absence wasn’t felt that much and the team pulled out because of Afridi and Gul’s bowling.

    Asif is another negative force and the two negatives in physics can become positive but in real life two bad men cannot become good unless they do something really good. Both have very bad habits, Asif has become and alcoholic and drug abuser and the Actor……… there is a long list. So, its not likely that there will be any positive impact on the team i.e., if they are selected again. Like always he might do his best and take a few wickets but then, he is done and dusted.


    You can imagine the potent force if Actor, Asif, Gul and Tanvir bowling in tandem or “quatrandum”, imagination can run wild and wild imaginations may aur Vision may farq hai mere dost.

    I will answer your 5 good reasons and 10 good reasons and who will win Asia Cup etc. etc. later because I just got back from work. And I am very tired.


    About the Oval test, like they say half an apple is better than no apple, they should be happy with that. The fact is the Oval test was in Pakistan’s pocket and they would have easily won that match, had it progressed in the normal course. So, whatever happened has happened if by declaring the match as a draw can satisfy the ego of a few idiots then they can be happy in their own fools paradise.


    Actor’s case will keep on cropping if the team under Malik will continue to loose against good teams. Malak must be the happiest man in his CHAK Number PanchwinJay after winning the ASSia Cup in his dreams.

  292. #292 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 5, 2008 - 3:03 AM


    No. 1>> What according to you are top ten reasons for Pakistan’s inability to reach final?

    Do you want me to write Malik’s name ten times? Thats his inability and his Meesna Pun has cost them a defeat in the earlier matches and the team lost mainly because of his selfish motives and his jingoistic attitude. Unfortunately a win against India (he should kiss Younus Khan’s ass for that) and now the final straw in the Camel’s back i.e., a win against the minnows has saved his and Lawson’s ass from being fired. DNA has rubbished it as a rumour. Obviously thats what he has to say. He cannot say, yes we were considering to fire them but not now. A few things are better understood when not spoken.

    No. 2>> What do you think would be the Indian and/or Sri Lankan team composition for the Final? Can anyone read Dhoni’s and/or Mahela’s mind?

    In India’s team, I want to drop Ohja and include Chawla, the rest is fine. YP is not doing well and neither PK is doing any well. In any case RP must play he is a good bowler.

    No. 3>> Which team would win the Asia Cup? and your top 5 reasons for the answer.

    In my opinion India should win and I think they will win. Although Vaas and Mendis will play but thats not going to make any difference, Indian batsmen will tackle Murali and Mendis both very well.

    The way Gambhir and Sehwag are playing, whether Vaas or Kulasekara it doesn’t matter. Only the spinners will slow them down but thats only two of them. If India scores another 300 plus batting first, SL will not manage and if SL wins the toss, India will still manage a 300 plus like they did in the previous match, they scored 310 in 46.5 overs. There were no 100’s everyone chipped in well and in the end Yuvraj and Rohit carried through till the end in style and I am positive they will do it again.

    Ishant Sharma and RP should open the bowling and not Praveen. Ishant should be very careful and not give away front foot no-balls to Jayasuriya. Also he should not give him the width to play his cut shots nor should he bowl him near his pads to play his flick shots, if you contain him for a while like Tanvir does, he will throw away his wicket. Otherwise he could be very dangerous and if he scores a 100 the whole team gets charged up. RP being a lefty can keep Jaya under control like Tanvir and he should not focus on variety but, only on nagging line and length. RP in my opinion is more matured and more experienced than Tanvir. Tanvir in the past few matches has showed his nerves and has not been able to recover after that 87 runs in 10 overs.

    After Jayasuriya they only have Sangakara and Jayawardene who are reliable. OK, Kapugadera, Silva and Dilshan are their middle order but not as good as Raina, Dhoni, Rohit, Yuvraj and Irfan. Irfan is currently down with his bowling form, but he is a good batsman and imo he is very good when others fail and play some very good shots and his contribution with the bat is very useful.

    India has won Asia Cup more times than any other team and the last time winners were Sri Lanka under Atapattu’s leadership but, this time Dhoni is a better captain than Jayawardene. In the previous match, I did not see Jayawardene charged up or bucking up his team mates, he was more like an observer instead of being an aggressive captain. If he plays with the same passive attitude against India once again, then he is definitely not going to win the Cup. Some one commented that he was saving his energies for the final like he was saving Murali and Mendis. Thats a very stupid notion and only Waqqaa or Chakram can think of that as a great idea. Like Malak was saving his energies against India and played the last match against BanglaDesh to prove me right.

  293. #293 by Mohammed Munir on July 5, 2008 - 8:45 AM


    We are close to our “maiden triple centry”.

    Some nice comments all round.

    I am on ‘Read-Only’ mode 😉

  294. #294 by Pawan on July 5, 2008 - 11:29 AM

    Thanks Javed. Good analysis. I agree that Malik’s attitude has been detrimental to teams health. Here are my answers.

    No.1>> Top 10 reasons for Pakistan’s failure to reach finals —

    10. Unavailability of a star bowler in the line up, such as Asif, Akhtar or Kaneria.
    9. Team not jelling together well. Why? I dunno. But some problems evident.
    8. Out of sorts Sohail Tanvir in last few games.
    7. Mohammed Yousuf being redundant at No. 5 position.
    6. Keeper Sarfaraz is no comparison with the bat to Sanga or Dhoni.
    5. Afridi at his worst. Even his bowling suffered owing to pressure and flat pitch.
    4. Rauf, Ajmal, should have been in the team from first match.
    3. No solid opening pair — Jamshed should have been there from first match.
    2. Malik’s disastrous captaincy and overall attitude.
    1. Law(less)son’s inability to strategize and plan to win.

    No.2>>About India’s line up, I have a slightly different view here that yours Javed. I would not like to see Chawla in finals because:
    a. He is a wicket-taker no doubt, but not on flat picthes. There is no turn for him and he just gets hammered like an anvil.
    b. He ups the ante for the opposition by giving boundary bowls and that happens too many times in his one over.
    c. His line and length have been awful. The only time he looked good was when he came round the wicket to right handers.

    I think Dhoni would go with the following:

    1. Sehwag
    2. Gambhir
    3. Raina
    4. Dhoni
    5. Yuvraj
    6. Rohit
    7. Yusuf
    8. Irfan
    9. RP
    10. Ishant
    11. Ojha

    Sri Lankan line up is pretty predictable

    1. Jayasurya
    2. Sangakarra
    3. Mahela
    4. Kapugedara
    5. Silva
    6. Dilshan
    7. Vass
    8. Mirando
    9. Kulasekara
    10. Murali
    11. Mendis

    No.3>>You have done excellent analysis for stating your case that India will win the Asia cup. Inshallah that will happen. Although I beg to differ that Dhoni is better captain than Mahela. I think both should be given same points when it comes to captaincy. Mahela was sluggish in last match, but I am sure he will be at his best in the finals.

    Here are my little 5 reasons for both sides:

    Why Sri-Lanka could win?
    1. Murali might have his day.
    2. Mendis could be too hot to handle. Indian’s could not read Ajmal’s doosra.
    3. India’s pathetic bowling performance.
    4. Law of averages does not help any batsman in India’s line-up.
    5. Jayasurya could have his day.

    Why India could win?
    1. Strong batting line up fires.
    2. Bowling and fielding works.
    3. One of the bowlers has his day.
    4. One of the batters has his day.
    5. Mahela, Sanga and Jaya, all fail and hence they fail to post a big total.

  295. #295 by Awas on July 5, 2008 - 11:41 AM

    On the subject of Afridi crying. Well firstly, for a man to cry sometimes it’s a sign of humility as well. If Afridi shed a few tears then that was simply because he feels he couldn’t give his best for Pakistan when batting and is conscious of his failures. If he feels he is letting the team down and cries then that shows his humbleness and dedication for the game and only enhances my appreciation of him even further.

    Then it comes down to what actually made you cry. If that Bandar started crying in IPL in front of the whole world because he was slapped then it’s quite different to other types of crying. Whether that was due to pain or emotions or both its difficult to say but what I can say is that had it been Afridi, he wouldn’t have cried but broken the hand that slapped him.

    Then people cry with the loss of their loved ones which is natural. Since my adulthood, the only time I remember crying was when my father passed away just over a couple of years ago. If not with tears in my eyes, my heart still cries every time I think of my beloved father. It becomes difficult to hold tears though.

    Then it comes to the matter of frequency of crying and what makes you cry. As Khansahab says some emotional men do cry more than others. Also some cry just to get sympathy and attention. Certain politicians, men and women both have done that. When it worked for the first time, Hillary Clinton shed some tears again for the show to increase her popularity.

    The dropping of Afridi in this last match may not necessarily be because the others have conspired against him. He is such a person that he may well have asked to be dropped. He is the one person I know who does sometimes apologise after a bad series. It just shows you the type of person he is. It’s just because of that mentality that I rate him highly and support him as a second choice for captain after Younus as Younus has similar selfless traits. Plus Younus is more of “a keep” comparatively in both versions of the game.

    It’s been made clear that it’s the selectors who are choosing the team these days for a home series not Malik. So, I don’t think Malik had a hand in Afridi’s ouster in the last match. Isn’t that why Malik is meek and submissive to his employers? And isn’t that why Malik showed his outburst in a recent press conference when asked why did the team loose the match and he said ask the selectors who choose the team? A silly answer but it shows he isn’t always having his way.

    I suspect it was only because of the selectors that the youngsters were blooded in whereas Malik would have continued with the status quo. With Rauf, Ajmal, Nassar Jamshed, Sarfraz and not forgetting Fawad, the prospects are suddenly looking bright for Pakistan but that can only happen if Malik gets the chop or changes his mindset.

    As Misbah has shown and now Younus with his form, they seem to be getting better with age. The maturity level comes late amongst Asians and that is definitely so as far as Pakistanis are concerned.

    On the point that Pawan raised about Malik, I agree to some of the things that Pawan mentioned about Malik but Javed has responded well to most of the issues and some of us have common views here about Malik’s inadequacies as captain. I do think Malik might be useful as a player in the team but not captain. I have already mentioned my preferences for a captain. As far as Misbah is concerned, as Javed mentioned which I mentioned earlier as well that apart from taking that splendid catch of Gambhir, he did not impress as a captain.

    However, if on Nadia Khan Show Malik “said something about being a Punjabi and Punjabi blood”, I see nothing wrong with that. He may be guilty of other indiscretions but there is nothing wrong in being proud of your roots or heritage as I have mentioned this before as well.

    Whether someone is Sindhi, Balochi, Pathan Punjabi, Bengali whatever, he is what he is and should be proud. This is entirely different to having regional prejudices. When playing for Pakistan you are just Pakistani. Imran often mentioned his Pathan blood and so he should but when he played, he just played for Pakistan and represented Pakistan. Ganguly, for example, may be very proud of his Bengali roots but when he plays for India he represents India. Even in the new world of America people who have settled there cannot forget their origins and relate themselves as either Irish Americans, Latino Americans, Sicilians or other Europeans etc but all are Americans nevertheless.

    We all highlight someone’s attributes by making statements like “he is a tough Pathan…a strong or a tall Punjabi…or a pretty Punjaban” or something to that effect. Even amongst ourselves, we say “I am like this because I am Pathan, Mamon, Punjabi, whatever. I don’t see it as a regionalism thing at all.


    In his recent statement on Cricinfo this is what he said that was noticeable:

    “Give me the same players who were part of the team in the 90s such as Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis, Saeed Anwar, Aamir Sohail and others and see the result. We don’t have the same talent that we had in the 80s and 90s and we have to accept that as a reality.”

    “I can tell you that after we lost to Sri Lanka I went to the Pakistan dressing room and saw Shahid Afridi crying and wanting to be dropped from the team because he had not performed well. I saw Malik on a stretcher on drips and with cold packs on his body yet he went out and played in that match.
    “I feel sorry when some people in such circumstances question the commitment of some players. I have told them to give 100% and even if they lose that is alright but they must give 100% effort.”

    The Final

    I would rather if the match is played at the same ground where the last match between Pak v Bangla was played as there was some help for the bowlers too. I don’t like where the batsmen get unfair advantage by getting tailor made wickets for them only and the bowlers have to toil hard. This is very unfair to the bowlers. In the current series a score of 300 in every match is rather becoming monotonous. In the aforementioned match, it was good to see batsmen facing some tricky rising deliveries and I enjoyed the contest between bat and ball.

    On a wicket like that, I think India will have the upper hand with Ishant Sharma and RP Singh in their side. Whereas, Lankans only have Chaminda Vaas as a good pacer whilst Malinga the Salinga is not around.

    Another Final

    I will be keeping one finger on my remote control as there is a Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal as well. It should be a classic. Luckily most of that action will be during the dinner break.

  296. #296 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 5, 2008 - 2:09 PM


    LOL at that comment, that ‘Afridi would have broken that hand that slapped.’ I completely forgot the crying of that bander, good that you have reminded us of that slapgate incident and his rona, dhona and naak surrakna, he was hoping that Zinta would have offered her shoulder to him to rub his nose over it!

    Over all, a very good detailed assessment of the situation, team, players, captain and you have summed it up very well.

    On that comment about being a Punjabi or a Pathan there is nothing wrong in telling people about your roots or cultural background. The way that Meesna talked about on TV was very sinister, perhaps you’ven’t seen that. Also, the way he talked to Ramiz Raja after throwing that domestic match deliberately and then talked with so much arrogance and attitude made him look a very different person than what he normally appears.

    And telling people about your roots, culture and background, It depends on how you represent yourself and how you say and how you look at others. If you say it with arrogance and consider others as inferior to you then its a differnt story. There is nothing wrong in saying, I am a white male Caucasian but the way Hitler tried to present the white male Caucasian race to the world by considering others as inferior is different from being just white or simply Caucasian. That was hatred towards others and a racist issue.

    There is nothing wrong in saying so and so is black, if you are using it as a derogatory comment to ridicule and humiliate someone then its bad. The word negro comes from Latin which means black and even today in Spanish and Portuguese they use it instead of black. It became a taboo because the black African race was seen as uncouth, uncivilized and uncultured and whenever it is used in a derogatory way its bad.

    Punjabis and Pathans may be proud for being what they are, but why do the Punjabis takes the word Paindoo so seriously at heart? The irony is the word came from the Punjabi language itself, when they themselves call someone a Paindoo they don’t mind, if someone else calls them a paindoo they get very offended.

    The Pathans too, they take so much pride in their simplicity, bravery and hospitality and often call themselves an Akhroat, but if you call him an Akhroat he will get hold of your nuts. So, it depends on how you use that word. If you say I have Punjabi or Pushtoon blood only to prove that you are better than others then you are implying that others are inferior than you. Like you have said, most people forget that they are Pakistanis first and Punjabis and Pathans later. If everyone thinks on those lines then there are no issues.

    Btw, Imran Khan when he talked about Pathan blood in him he wasn’t making it a racial comment, not only in that book Warrior Race or, All Round View, but also in various interviews with so many journalists, he has tried to clarify to them about his family roots when questioned about his tribe Niazi and how they got settled in Lahore? He explained that originally they are from Afghanistan and the Niazi part of their name has Persian roots. But now it is referred as Shermankhel tribe of Mianwali, Pakistan. But, his close family is settled in Zaman Park, Lahore.

    One of his interviews starts like this:


    My generation grew up at a time when colonial hang up was at its peak. Our older generation had been slaves and had a huge inferiority complex of the British. The school I went to was similar to all elite schools in Pakistan. Despite gaining independent, they were, and still are, producing replicas of public schoolboys rather than Pakistanis. I read Shakespeare, which was fine, but no Allama Iqbal – the national poet of Pakistan ……… ”


    Its a long interview but quite interesting. I have a copy if anyone is interested please feel free to ask me, I will email you.


    I will reply to your analysis and assessment later. 🙂

  297. #297 by Pawan on July 5, 2008 - 3:05 PM

    Awas and Javed

    Comparing Sree-santh with Afridi is like comparing dumb-ass with a stud. Afridi is a stud boss! The day he gets his act together, Pakistan does not need 11 players, he alone will be enough. He always has been trying his best and Inshallah he will be the top all-rounder one day. I just wanna tell him that he has huge fan following and that is why people love and hate him with so much agression.

    Remember we expect things only from people we love so much. There is no hatred without love. The more you hate a person, the more you have loved him sometime in your life. I think Pakistan should never ever give up on Afridi and Afridi should never ever give up on himself. Such talents do not arrive in cricket everyday. He is possibly in his last phase of cricket now and these are possibly last world cup for him. He must make it big, give his all. He has to win it for Pakistan at all costs!

    Sree-santh is the height of dekhawa or show. He is so phony. He can be a great bowler, but he has to improve his attitude. He wants to become the hero and the center of attraction, but he fails to recognize that real hero is the one who doesn’t bother about such accolades, just goes on doing his bit for the team. His antics is what is stopping him from becoming big.

    Crying, as Javed mentioned is something which we are born with folks! No one ever can say that he never cries. And as both of you have mentioned, our heart goes out to someone who cries genuinely, but phony and made up cries suck. I am truly sorry to hear about your loss Awas. Life just moves on, but the memories just never die, may be the memories are God’s tribute to that person.

    About professing our roots, I completely agree with you guys. I am proud to be Marathi and would be till I live. But I do respect every other community and exteremly interested in other communities as well. If you observe how any community follows its customs and everything, you really start respecting human kind and start loving others. I didn’t knew much about Pakistani communities, obviously, even though I have a few Pakistani friends over here, but we hardly speak regarding this issue. So I have learnt quite a bit on this blog from you guys.

    Keep blogging!

  298. #298 by khansahab on July 5, 2008 - 3:57 PM


    Very wise and mature comments from you. Yes, as the saying goes in Urdu, “nafrat ki inteha mohabbat hoti hai”. We love these stupid cricketers so much which is why we get hyped up and criticise them so severely.

  299. #299 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on July 5, 2008 - 7:33 PM

    I was hoping and praying that the thrashing Pakistan got in the Asia Cup would result in changes in the set-up of the game. The Dhaka e-mail was just a hoax. Now the whole status quo will remian intact. The entire mafia will roam, loot and plunder as usual.

    The Gora Law(less)son will blabber and insult and abuse not only mediamen but the junior players as well.

    Malak Saab will dictat whom to select and, if selected, at what number to send him to bat and whether to have him bowl at all.

    No new players will be encouraged or given a chance since Shoaib Akhtar has been cleared and Mohammed Asif has been exonerated.

    Untill and unless the following steps are not taken, Pakistan will remain at number sixth position in world ranking:

    1. Make all the pitches, especially, the National Stadium Karachi, true and fast upto International standard.

    2. Introduce young fast bowlers in every matcth and give an extenteded run to mature him.

    3. Discard and drop each and every out of form player, irrespective of how big or famous he is, and replace him with deserving youngster.

    There are no dearth of of talents. Anwar Ali, one of the succes story of the u-19 W/c is a classic fast bowler. He has never been called to the camp even!! REASON. He is from Karachi. I am not a Punjabi, Pathan, or so-called Mohajir or now not even a Pakistani!! I am now an American, and proud to be.

    It pains me to see that this trend has become very evident lately not only in the political but every day life of Pakistan.

  300. #300 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 5, 2008 - 7:51 PM

    Pawan & khansahab

    On love and hate, Ghalib has said something more meaningful:

    Ishq mujh ko nahee wehshat hee sahee
    Meri wehshat teri shohrat hee sahee

    And the point that hits the nerve is:

    Qataa Kijiyeh na Talluq hum say
    Kuch nahee hai tou Adawat hee sahee

    Adawat = Dushmani.
    Wehshat = Gambhir qism ki parayshani
    Shohrat = fame.

    There is one more from Parveen Shakir or is it Nida Fazli? I am not sure.

    Baat kam kijiyeh Zehanat ko Chipaa tay rehiyeh
    Ajnabi Shaher hai yae, dost bana tay rehiyeh

    Dushmani laakh sahee, qatam na kijiyeh talluq hum say
    Dil milay ya na milay haath mila tay rehiyeh

    wah, wah, wah, kya baat hai 🙂


    I am sure that, neither Awas nor I were comparing Afridi with Sreesanth, its that; “baat nikli tou har ek baat pay rona ayaa” wali baat thee thats all.

    Iss kay ronay pay uss ka rona yaad aya.
    Kabhee khudd pay kabhee haalaat pay rona aya….
    baat nikli tou har ek baat pay rona aya!

    And you are right about him and his talents but, there are certain elements among the Pakistanis who love to hate him for the sake of hating him only. I don’t think he will ever give up, if he was such a weak person he would have cared to listen to others in changing his batting style.

    He is a typical Pieces and being number 4, he is like that. According to numerology which is a science of numbers, the number 4 represents Sun, which represents aggression in personality but him being a Pieces belongs to the triangle of water hence he is detrimental to Mercury and Mercury represents versatility.

    There is always a period of fall in every house of zodiac or planets that represent the zodiacs. Hence, every planet in fall is uncomfortable and weak, having much less power to assert its own identity. A planet’s fall is the sign that seems to resist the planet’s nature the most, resulting in impasse and failure. Fall is a form of debilitated essential dignity which is among the most ancient of all astrological concepts still in use. Some people believe in it and some don’t.

    A Mullah or a conservative person might say that its haraam to discuss or predict future. We are not talking about or predicting future by way of palm reading (palmistry or astrology) which is something else. But in the science of occult, astronomy and numerology is as good as mathematics and physics. To silence some of the Mullahs, I can quote from the holy Qur’an that Allah has laid a lot of importance on numbers and in Qur’an He says:

    “Ana Ah saie kullo shai-in wa addad-in” means “WE have numbered everything in numbers.” There is also a verse in Surah Al Muddathir “Alai ha tissa ta Ashr” means “Over it is nineteen” (74:30).

    I don’t want to go into that detail because thats a very long discussion. The point I am trying to make is numbers are important, they do have power in them. Zero and One, the binary language is based on 01010101. Anyways, based on numerology Afridi should change his shirt number from number 10 to 4 or 13, 22, 31 or 40.

    The question is does it happen? I mean do numbers actually effect someone’s performance? The answer is yes they do. On a lucky day you are winning and on a bad day no matter what you do, you loose. But, that doesn’t mean you depend entirely and purely on luck. You have to make an effort first. There is a saying: “Trust in God but tie your camel.”

    Finally, about communities, Pawan there are good and bad people in every religion, every community and society. Sometimes, just one bad person can ruin the image of a community or society and it might take 100 or even 1000 others to repair that damage caused by one person and vice versa. You might encounter a hundred paindoos and assume that all Punjabis are like that, but you meet Awas who is also a Punjabi and he proves you wrong, because he creates a very good image of the community he represents. He will make you believe that all Punjabis are like him, nice, refined, educated, well mannered, good sense of humour, jovial, tolerant, broadminded etc., etc.

    On the other hand if you have met one hundred Pathans and they may have created a very good image about their community then, you meet me, I’ll certainly ruin that image. You will say what an Akhroat! Are they all like that? Therefore, if we are open minded we can see the picture in totality and not in parts. All of us have biases and prejudices, but the more we open up the more we give up on our biases and start accepting others and become more inclusive rather than being exclusive and narrow minded. Its not just you who are learning from us, we are also learning from you, amit and a few others.

  301. #301 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on July 5, 2008 - 9:19 PM

    During the tour of India by Pakistan, I was consistanyly calling for the inclusion of Abdur Rauf when Mohammed Asif was ruled out, Umar Gul flew back home and Shoaib Akhtar was half fit, the team management and the Chief Selector asked specifically for Abdur Rauf but the PCB top brass sent Rao Iftikhar Anjum and Yasir Arafat was awarded his Test debut. Had Abdur Rauf been given a chance then, he would have been an accomplished player by now. Similarly, I was calling for another speedster, Mohammed Irshad, who was bowling at around 95 mph, though a little wayward. Had he been sent also, these two would have solved much of our fast bowling problems. They were inexperienced, YES, one was a little wayaward, YES. Name one fast bowler who was born ACCURATE. May be your GREAT COACH. Did you hire him to “Gajar mooli katne kay leeye” and to play politics with Malak saab?

    I was not saying these things on mere wishful thinking but on careful observation and firsthand and inside information from my friends. There are also several young talents like Ali Asad, the Wicket-keeper, Mohammad Ammar, Aadil Raza and few other fast bowlers and Abdul Qadir’s son, Hafiz Usman Qadir, who is fast becoming better than his father. (For more detail, read an article in Cricinfo).

    We should invest in them and absolutely forbid joy-rides to the top brass of the PCB and their cronies.

  302. #302 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on July 5, 2008 - 9:26 PM

    Javed A. Khan,

    I would appreciate if you will e-mail the interview of Imran Khan to me.

    I am sure you know my e-mail address.


  303. #303 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 12:13 AM

    Mr. Kasim

    The interview has already been emailed to you. First I thought of putting it up here on the blog, but its a bit long so hence, I decided to email it to you as per your request. Its quite a frank and open sort of interview. He has expressed a lot of things very openly. I find it quite interesting, still my offer is open, anyone else want to read, please let me know.

    On your comments about youngsters, I quite agree with you in fact the induction of youngster should be slow and gradual and not abrupt and sudden. Had Rauf been introduced in lieu of Rao Iftikhar in the test matches against India, he would have gained more confidence by now. The problem with our people is whenever a new comer or a youngster performs good in one or two matches, we leave no stone unturned in comparing him with stars and moon and thats very wrong.

    Saeed Ajmal against India took the solo wicket of the out of form Yousuf Pathan at 10/47 and then he took 2 wickets against the minnows Bangladesh in a low scoring match and even those two wickets are of the tail-enders. We need to see more of him to make a judgment or comparison. But, the way Waqar Younus, Wasim Akram, Amir Sohai were comparing him, and saying he is a great bowler and his doosra is better than Murali and Saqlain it a bit too much.

    I don’t want to take away the credit from Saqlain, he was a good bowler who used to bowl in the death overs in ODI and for an off-spinner its a big thing. But, Saqlain’s later part of his career wasn’t that good, in fact it was very patchy and the way he ended his career was also very pathetic. In the 2004 historic Multan Test when Sehwag scored a triple century, Saqlain was the most expensive bowler, he gave away 204 runs.

    Therefore, it is not right for these big mouth blabbers to compare Saeed Ajmal with him or with Murali. Waqar when he was reading the bowling analysis of Rao Iftikhar he was emphasizing 10 overs SIX MAIDENS 20 runs 2 wickets. Whereas, in the previous three matches that Pakistan played against India and Sri Lanka, Rao gave away more than 60 runs and at that time he didn’t say that he was expensive. In a low scoring match if someone bowls six maidens I am not surprised. Like, Shahid Afridi took 5 wickets for 11 runs against Zimbabwe, I would have been more impressed if he had taken it against any other regular test playing nation and not just the minnows.

    Qadir’s son or the real wrong foot bowler Rashid Khan who got Sir Vivian Richard’s wicket on a first ball duck, his 18 year old son who according to him bowls exactly like him, they all need to be seen and observed for sometime before throwing them into the deep end.

  304. #304 by Jehanzeb Khan Niazi on July 6, 2008 - 1:54 AM

    The final of Asia Cup between India and Sri Lanka will start in the afternoon and what a shame that Pakistan is out of the tournament along with the other minnows. I may not be watching this match not because Pakistan is not there but I have work. I must congratulate you guys for covering the Asia Cup with so much passion and so much commitment that even cricinfo couldn’t match your threads or the comments. Pakspin is almost dead, the blue brothers are going though Monday morning blues syndrome, after Mukul I never really liked that blog although that guy tries to represent Indian view, but this thread, “Asia Cup The Indian Perspective” is truly an Indian Perspective and better than any other thread that I have read so far or seen on any other cricket blog. I read on some blogs but I don’t feel like writing because of the way people thrash each others views and recently I was reading khansahab’s comments and the banter that was there for no reason because of some confusion and also on the issue of Afridi bashing. I don’t see need of going into the personal details purely on the basis of speculation as there is no authenticity of the news which is more like a rumour and even if there is some truth in it, its a very unrelated cricket issue.

    Javed Khan being a Niazi myself I would be interested in reading that interview, is it new or old? Why don’t you publish it here? I just noticed that you have mentioned its too long. May be you can create a page or a leaf for such items like you guys have for gals, cars, cooking etc. Its just a suggestion. The thing that I liked about this blog is the continuity of the thread throughout the Asia Cup as opposed to the daily bulletin style blogs. In my opinion thats not a blog because the owner feels like writing something irrespective of what the responses are from its bloggers and he writes a new subject everyday or sometimes twice a day. I am very impressed by Mr. MY Kasim’s experienced comments and his knowledge about the game but some of the Indian bloggers here Pawan, Amit and a few others have really amazed me with their knowledge and interest in the game and the way they have expressed their feelings. Like I said I may not be watching the final on TV but I might check the scores and I am supporting India and I want them to win because they deserve to win. All the best once again to Indian bloggers.

  305. #305 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 2:15 AM


    Thank you for the nice words, praise and accolades that you have showered upon us, in fact on behalf of LS, I would like to thank you and ALL others who have supported us by way of contributing your thoughts, feelings, emotions and expert views with so much commitment and dedication. It only goes to prove that when you are honest, sincere and dedicated the results are always in your favour.

    Throughout Asia Cup, every single day the number of hits were 500 plus it goes to prove that people are interested in reading our comments and it is also obvious from the number of comments that have appeared so far on the blog in the two threads on Asia Cup. Once again, we don’t want to brag about it, but thank you ALL for that.

    I would like to give the credit of this success solely and entirely to khansahab for being so committed and dedicated, despite his busy schedule he has to study, work and also deal with so many other issues which he knows and some of us close to him know that. And yet his passion for cricket is so strong and so intense that he is up there with his comments every day, hence he really deserves all the praise. The success of this blog is mainly because of him.

    Of course, Awas is another factor in keeping his cool and delighting us with his sense of humour and his occasional jokes. I don’t want to start the drill again by writing the names of our bloggers, but certainly at the end of this thread i.e., after the Asia Cup we shall be distributing medals to our bloggers 🙂 may be asking our bloggers to choose and name the “Man of the Thread.” Members of the LS management are NOT eligible to participate in this contest. 😉

    It would be nice if a questionnaire is drafted, I don’t want to place the burden on the young shoulders of khansahab. Therefore, anyone of you can come up with that questionairre so that we ask our bloggers to give the ratings accordingly. Am I hinting at Pawan ?? :p

  306. #306 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 2:40 AM


    This has reference to your email about Afridi and also something we have written above on the subject of “Afridi crying, Afridi seeing a spiritual man, Afridi under spell etc.” I have mentioned that the news has appeared in the Indian media only and even if there is any truth in it, so what?

    Now, after your sending me that email, I saw this news on one of the Indian popular cricket site called and here is the link about the story:

    Take a look at the comments below, except for one, most of the comments are from Indian cricket fans and look at the way they have supported Shahid Afridi and look at the way some of the Pakistanis have tried to air that news in a very derogatory way only to ridicule him.
    Below the last comment of Ameenur Rahman, there is one reply, please click on that too and read what that girl has written about Afridi.

  307. #307 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 4:00 AM


    Thanks for your comments. I was just being truthful and stating the facts 🙂

  308. #308 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 4:06 AM

    Kasim Sir,

    You seem to be really knowing the Pakistan cricket in and out. Thats simply great. About your comments on Law(less)son becoming Bawarchi, I think Gary Kirsten is also not far behind. But he looks more of a gardner type to me 🙂
    Jokes apart, I cannot see any significant change in the team with the advent of the two foreign coaches. At least Gary can hide behind the excuse of saying that he has just taken over the reins of Indian team, but Lawson according to me has completely wasted the time of Pakistan team until now coz its been 1 year now and still DNA is building the team. Arrey itne mein toh 8 pack abs bhi build ho jaate hain.

  309. #309 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 4:14 AM


    Excellent post of sher-o-shayari. Another benefit of being cricket crazy — am learning Urdu! Anyway, I got a few questions on those shers that you posted. I did not understand the meaning of zehanat and does talluq means relations?

    Also I used to undermine the numerology, but it now seems I should take a look at it. By the way, how did you know Afirid is number 4? has it got to do something with he being Pisces? cuz am also Pisces am wondering if I am also 4.

    Nice informative post. Trust in God, but tie your Camel… true.

  310. #310 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 4:17 AM


    The reasons you mentioned why you like the LS, were exactly put down by me when I started blogging here. I assure you that you will not be let down over here. Javed, Awas and Khansahab (in no particular order 🙂 always repond to posts.

    Also thank you for your kind comments about Indian bloggers. We hope to see you more over here.

  311. #311 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 4:39 AM

    Huzoor ka hukum sar aankhon par…

    Here are a few suggestion questions for the questionairre for choosing the “Man of the Thread” :– (Each question is worth one point)

    Q1> Who according to you gave the best match preview? (any match)

    Q2> Who according to you gave the best post match analysis? (any match)

    Q3> Who according to you consistently provided sensible and to the point views?

    Q4> Who according to you wrote the best post?

    Q5> Who according to you had the most informative post in general?

    Q6> Which post you read maximum number of times, just because you liked it? and it was written by whom?

    Q7> Who according to you wrote the funniest post?

    Alright guys, time to sleep. Tomorrow we have the final of this grand Asia Cup! Lets see what happens…

  312. #312 by Mohammed Munir on July 6, 2008 - 4:57 AM

    This is no more just a blog !!

    This site have transformed into a full fledged “Interactive” Web Site, where the management is open, liberal, tolerant, approachable, friendly, knowledgeable, receptive, broadminded, organized, proactive, laissez-faire, organized, logical, mature, caring, respectful and on top of all this “Cricket Crazy”.

    So, what do you guys think, did I qualify for any award yet ? 😉

  313. #313 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 8:07 AM


    Array …. Ek saans may itna lamba sentence? Bhai, you already got a special award for making people smile on this blog so we are sending the Thurkie to Turkey, its a fully paid trip. 🙂


    I know you wouldn’t have disappointed me or anyone, yeah good questions but you already know the winner. Remember no LS management person will qualify for that.

    Yes, talluq means relation, connection etc., and Zehanat means intelligence. I thought our Urdu teacher, singer Ghulam Ali has already educated most of the non-Urdu speaking people with his P. Poetry and explanation after every verse. Have you heard about him? He is a Pakistani Ghazal Singer who cannot say Talluq but says “Tall-luck” and once on Moin Akhtar’s show Anwar Maqsood said, this is not fair that the people in India pelted stones at Ghulam Ali during the time he was singing at a show in Mumbai. Moin replied, “yae tou hoga, if you repeat the same “Gajjal” in every ‘sow’, pathrao tou hoga.” (pathrao = pelting stones)

    Regarding number 4, I saw his DOB on cricinfo and worked out the numbers, “sim-pal” 🙂 However, even after reading so much about numb3rs in various books, its importance in science and more importantly its been mentioned in the Quran yet, I don’t know how it affects one’s life to reveal the person’s true nature and prospects? To be very honest, I studied it out of curiosity and interest and mainly to impress girls 😉 they are susceptible and I used to simply blab just for fun. But, I never believed in it, so please don’t believe me on that numerology issue. I simply wanted to see some reaction and criticism and that didn’t happen. 🙂

    The use of numb3rs to interpret a person’s character or divine the future is strictly forbidden in Islam. Because, fortune telling or using numbers for personal benefit such as gambling (which is forcefully forbidden) would encourage speculation and gambling and harm people than doing any good. It is based on the assertion by Pythagoras that all things can be expressed in numerical terms because they are ultimately reducible to numb3rs.

    About magic, as a child, I used to think that magic is only seen in movies and shows but, it is also mentioned in the Quran that magic or witchcraft does exist and in various places its been mentioned. There is a complete verse devoted on it, which we all know but most people hardly pay attention to its meaning and that is, Surah Al-Falaq or The Daybreak #113

    I am quoting the translation below:

    Say I seek refuge in the in the Lord of daybreak
    From the evil of that which he created;
    From the evil of the darkness when it is intense,
    And from the evil of malignant witchcraft,
    And from the evil of the envious when he envies.

    Therefore, those who think that magic does not exist are naive and ignorant. But in reality we don’t see people being harmed by some sort of magic, when people start talking about it, we say its either a case of delusion or they are suffering from some kinda paranoia or psychotic disorder etc.

  314. #314 by Awas on July 6, 2008 - 9:06 AM


    I read that link re Afridi. I have no idea how much truth there is about Afridi believing in black magic but may well be hearsay as I have not read that anywhere else.

    It was though heart warming to read that Indian rimsha’s post on that link. It shows you Afridi’s total dedication and divesting ability to turn the match around with batting and bowling is appreciated everywhere.

  315. #315 by Mohammed Munir on July 6, 2008 - 9:38 AM

    LOL @ Thurkie to Turkey.

    I am going with entire family, so no real ‘Thurrak’, you see 😉

    Anyways, this is specially for Awas, Theossa, and any other Indian guys who are, UNFORTUNATELY, at their offices and may miss a bit of match. So, if they have access to web, they can ‘watch’ the final on following sites.

    For me, frankly speaking, I have too much work at office and I may not see the game today 😉

    Good luck India … really I mean it 😉

  316. #316 by Awas on July 6, 2008 - 10:09 AM

    India’s policy of using 4 bowlers may backfire again…

  317. #317 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 11:36 AM

    Massacre going on at Karachi National Stadium and the criminal is the Matara Maular! Get him boys, otherwise you will be chasing something well over 400.

  318. #318 by khansahab on July 6, 2008 - 1:21 PM

    Jayasuria always performs his best against India. Some of that is due to the fact that Indian bowling is not strong against left handers. Lara, Saeed Anwar, Hayden, Jayasuria, Smith, all perform exceptionally well against India.

    Ishant was great today, his form seems to be returning.

    I am also amazed at the discipline in bowling. Just one wide conceded in up to the 45th over! Amazing.

  319. #319 by khansahab on July 6, 2008 - 1:47 PM


    If the awards don’t take into account the management, then here is how I envisage the award winners:

    Best match preview- You, it would be hard to say for which match

    Best post match analysis- again, that would be you

    Sensible and to the point- you would be a contender, but I think this could go to anyone of Amt P, Theossa, Mohd Munir

    Best post- I would say Kasim Sahab’s posts are unique and very interesting

    Most informative post- this would probably go to you again

    Posts read maximum number of times- Apart from Javed A Khan’s and Awas’s posts which are generally well imbued with humour I tend not to read posts more than once, unless I need to check something

    Funniest post- Again if Javed A Khan and Awas can’t get this one, it would be you or Munir Sahab, Munir Sahab also has a good sense of humour

    BUTTAA……if Javed A Khan could win any awards he would have taken most of them today.

  320. #320 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 1:58 PM

    Like theossa would say: “Javed has jinxed the SL middle order” pawan might be happy with it, I wrote yesterday that if Jayasuriya scores a 100 the whole team gets charged up and they have to contain him early. Unfortunately for him and SL and good for India, the big 4 middle order batsmen scored only 20 runs between them. Had Sangakara and Jayawardene not gone early then Pawan’s prediction could have come true 400 was certainly on the cards. Instead of saying Sri Lanka lost wickets at the wrong time, I would say that India got wickets at the right time to contain them. Now, they have to play sensibly to win this match from here. If their top and middle order crumble then there will be panic in Karachi.

    Awas yeah, thats what I meant about the comments in Indian newspapers and how the general public reacted to that story and it is amazing to see how they supported him, especially that rimsha’s comment and the bottom line must be read by Afridi. I remember that Kanpur match, I saw it live while Afridi romped to 67 after hitting Balaji 21 runs, Kumble 23 runs and Power 22 runs in those three consecutive overs, there was a girl in the stands and she quickly wrote a message and displayed it on a play card which had this message: “Afridi please spare us, Dosti ki khaatir.”

    Btw, Munir its a Sunday here for both, Awas and theossa but Awas hinted that he may have to go out whereas theossa gives full time to his Nathalie on week-ends. Since its innings break, I need a breakfast now. pawan must also be doing the same after biting off his nails. 🙂

  321. #321 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 2:00 PM


    awards and lottery meri kismet may nahee, but AKS I am lucky in many ways.

  322. #322 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 2:45 PM


    I am thrilled and honored at your shower of awards on me, but I truly believe the real Men of Thread are you, Javed and Awas!

    Javed, I am not so happy with 274 to chase and Gambhir as already booked his seat in the dressing room. The cunning Vass foxed him…

  323. #323 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 3:00 PM


    yeah, Gauty played a poor shot and paid the price. But, don’t get so nervous Indian batting line up has depth even in the end there is Utha Patak to score. Sehwag has just raced to his 50 in 26 balls. As long as he is there he will do the honours for India.

    Looking at his batting, I dunno how long he can continue playing like this without any footwork, just hand and eye coordination and he keeps smashing the ball. He is now on 60 in 34 balls. There will be a time when one of the two either his eyes or his reflexes would slow down. Therefore, he needs to correct his technique and improve his footwork.

    Chalo 76 already made in no time ab baki kya reha? 200 this match will end in less than 40 overs.

  324. #324 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 3:06 PM

    Sehwag departs… Mendis on fire

  325. #325 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 3:13 PM

    Mendis is unplayable… Man of the match , man of the series, find of the tournament for sri lanka… and as Aamir Churail says – he has changed the complexion of the game altogether

  326. #326 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 3:14 PM

    My bad. Did I say the match would be over in 40 overs? The moment I posted those comments and wanted to concentrate on the match and see how the Ajantha cave man would mend the SL innings? The second ball he got Sehwag and on the 4th ball he got the Arrogant Singh with a beauty.

    Still, nothing is lost, the impetus Sehwag gave India is similar to that of Jayasuriya and India are playing with 7 batsmen and they can put up a good show. Dhoni is an experienced campaigner and someone needs to stick with him he is a finisher and it all revolves around him.

  327. #327 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 3:18 PM

    Dhoni should have sent Rohit Sharma instead of the arrogant bull. Rohit is from Mumbai and can play spin well. But alas… Singh is exposed and he needs to work on it now. He should understand that being a middle order batsmen and not able to read spinners is asking for trouble. And how dare he asks for a place in test cricket!

  328. #328 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 3:23 PM

    Mendis has India on plate here. He seems not have skipped dinner? That is why the big three are needed — Rahul Dravid, with immaculate technique… Sachin Tendulkar the best…. and Saurav Ganguly actually reads the spinners twice – first when the ball is released by the spinner and second time when it is revolving in air…

    Young Indian brigade is inexperienced… but no excuses… you gotto get up and fight…

  329. #329 by khansahab on July 6, 2008 - 3:29 PM

    India in tatters and Mendis on his way to become Man of the Match.

    Once again the weaknesses of India have been exposed. Lack of gameplan and mental strength in big games.

    Pawan, you’re right Yuvraj should not have been sent because of his weakness against spinners. But if you think about it, Sri Lanka also has Murali and Dilshan to come later and Dhoni probably thought Yuvraj could attack if any fast bowlers are in operation.

    It is difficult to make such decisions in big games, and also when you’re playing a side with three spinners.

  330. #330 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 3:30 PM

    “Andddaaa, Butttaaaaa that brinks a drink on the ground”
    Who else can say this Butttaa Waqqaaa when Raina was clean bowled by Mendis.

    Either the boys are too eager to play their shots and scare him or he has scared them already and bowling so well. In either case there is Panic in Karachi. Lets see what Rohit Sharma can do with Dhoni? India from 76 for 1 to 93 for 4 and Rohit nearly made a mess of the situation, lucky to survive. Earlier Raina was plumb LBW but he was lucky and not for long. Two balls later he was clean bowled.

  331. #331 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 3:32 PM

    India has lost the match… I have no hope whatsoever… hope they learn from this… the bubble has burst

  332. #332 by khansahab on July 6, 2008 - 3:37 PM

    Looks like Mendis is MOM and jayasuria MOS or Man of the Tournament, whatever.

    Jayasuria is probably the top candidate for that award because of the most runs in the tournament as well as a few wickets.

  333. #333 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 3:42 PM

    Javed was right, the match is probably not gonna last 40 overs.

    Khansahab, I think Mendis should be MOM and MOS because he has maximum wickets in the tournament and getting wickets on such flat tracks is not at all easy. Imagine what a potent force he will be on a track which provides some assistance, either spin or bounce. Man, this guy has got great future. Sri Lanka has unfurled another gem.

  334. #334 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 3:46 PM

    Yes pawan, with rohit sharma gone there is little hope for the Indian team to fight back. It seems that hiding Mendis in the Ajantha cave in the previous match must be a big Elora for the Lankans.

    BEG YOUR PRONO trust me I am not exaggerating if anyone has a PVR he can replay and hear what Waqar said just now. After seeing the Indian batting line up on the screen i.e., after Rohit Sharma got out Waqar read the names of the Indian batting line up like this: after Rohit Uthappa, Irfan Pathan can bat a bit and then you have Ohja, RP Singh, Roh Ish Sharma BEG YOUR PRONO Ishant Sharma. Thank you Waqqqaaaa for the entertainment otherwise the match is not so entertaining.

  335. #335 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 3:53 PM


    “i am agree” with you and my predictions in one way or the other are coming true. Also, you are on dot that Mendis should be MoM and MoS because on a flat track like this its hard to get a wicket and he got 4 in no time, besides he is the leading wicket taker of this tournament.

    your favourite commentator Athar Ali Khan is having ball of a time with Ramiz Raja and you are right that most of the time he is blabbing to himself. Imagine when Athar and Akram are commentating together, one is blabbing, muttering and the other is squeaking under his nose.

    WoW @ a poster in the stand……… WE LOVE MUSHARAFF .

  336. #336 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 4:06 PM

    You are absolutely right Javed, the commentators have been there for us to provide fun in every match. I wonder hoe boring this tournament would be without the commentry team.

    By the way, I am surprised why Mahela has taken Mendis off the attack? When you have opposition reeling like they had, why the heck would you take chances? Why do you want to give a chance to India to recover?

    I had already warned about M & M in my earlier posts and I am really surprised that they did not study Mendis. I mean picking a bowler should be elementary for a batsmen, at least the bolwers stock balls. Agreed, you don’t know this guy and has never played against him, but guys you have videos to help you out. What the hell is the video analyst and Gary Kirsten doing? You know Mendis is going to ruin your party, then why not prepare for him? Look at the wickets, it is clearly evident that none of the batsmen even put in an hour’s work to study Mendis beforehand. This is astonishing.

    By the way Maleha seems to be a sadist…

  337. #337 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on July 6, 2008 - 5:52 PM

    Javed A. Khan,

    I just cheched my e-mail and could only get one page, I dont know why other seven pages would’nt print.

    I wish you would publish the whole interview on the LS as somebody suggested so that all of us could gain an insight on the thinking of one of Pakistan’s greatest cricketer and possibly a future leader(?)

    PS. SL and in particular Mendis prevailed over India!!

  338. #338 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 6:01 PM

    So the Indians finished the match within 40 overs but ended up losing. At least something that I said came true 🙂 Anyways, the m&m factor blew India apart and Dhoni admitted that.

    Pawan it wasn’t just you, but many people questioned that decision of Jayawardene when he removed Mendis after 6 overs. Anyways, still one of the best ODI figures by any bowler, 8 overs 13 runs 6 wickets what a performance. Last time I said, I need to see him more against a better opposition and also in different locations. Now, can he repeat his performance back home when India will go to Sri Lanka?

    The mystery that remains unsolved is how come on a dead pitch 20 wickets fell today? Whereas on the same track both teams put together couldn’t take 6 wickets in a couple of matches. So, did they change the track and laid a new one overnight? Or was there some black magic? Or simply it was Mendis the Bendis? (Wasim Akram when he says Mendis sounds like Bendis)

    It was nice of Pervez Musharraf to come and meet the players and talk to them personally on a one to one basis. He certainly boost the morale of the visiting teams. The way he was talking to Dhoni was a reminiscent of the past when he praised his long hair and said, the hair style suits him. I don’t think any other head of the state takes so much interest in the game of cricket. The way he taunted Pakistan team in a very subtle way by saying “Pakistan team showed true hospitality by allowing the two foreign teams to play the final in their country.”

    Dhoni gave a befitting reply to Ramiz Raja when he mentioned about the Asia Cup stats and inquired Dhoni how he feels about the defeat which is 18th in the 21 or 22 finals? Dhoni said, playing in the final is still an achievement because “some teams” did not even qualify for the finals. The some teams he was referring to was Malak Saabs.

    Anyways guys (both Indians and Pakistanis) better luck next time. The better team won today and the deserved to win, especially with that start Jayasuriya gave them and the way Mendis bowled made them the ASIAN CHAMPIONS.

  339. #339 by Awas on July 6, 2008 - 6:30 PM

    I have just got home after a day out with kids. I am not totally surprised at what has happened as SL is a very good team too.

    But that Mendis guy…what a revelation!!! It is usually Pakistanis habit to give loads of wickets to some spinners not Indians. So this guy must be very good.

    The world teams have suffered a lot from the hands of Murali and would have been happy to see the back of him one day but now it looks like there is gonna be no respite from world beater Lankan spinners…

  340. #340 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 6, 2008 - 6:38 PM

    Mr. Kasim

    Sir- Your wish is my command. On the top right hand corner of your screen you will see IMRAN KHAN. We have created a page for Imran Khan the great and that interview in question is there for you and for the other readers. Please read it and enjoy it. You can also leave a comment on that page by scrolling down and writing whatever you have to say in that context or about Imran Khan in general. Happy reading.

  341. #341 by Amit. P on July 6, 2008 - 7:46 PM

    This mendis guy ruined my weekend … seriously…. did my all stuff yesterday just to “enjoy” this 6 hours. How he provided that !! … flicking (or whatever) every batsmen as he does in ListA cricket. His stock delivery today was his wrong ones … hardly seen any offbreaks …. as i said earlier indians need to practice sweep shots to counter his variation .. but sadly nobody in this team can sweep the ball around except gambhir who does a little bit. 18 odd loss in 23 finals ……. this is depressing …. i am afraid to say but it became a habit … even dhoni (the X factor) couldn’t counter it.
    Really depressing afair for indian cricket …..
    Btw coming test series against Sl is heating up …. and the 4 legends must be feeling a bit hotter.

  342. #342 by khansahab on July 6, 2008 - 9:53 PM

    Amit P

    I’ve given Mendis the name of “Mendis the Menace” after “Dennis the Menace”.

    Yes, India’s problem with losing in the finals is a serious one which needs to be addressed. India would have a higher standing in world cricket if it would win more finals. This is a pretty serious issue because, in major tournaments especially where many teams take place that can have a greater bearing on rankings, winning the final is so important.

    This win in the Asia Cup would drastically ameliorate Sri Lanka’s standing in ODI cricket.

    The BCCI has done a lot of good work which is showing in the Indian team’s consistency. I feel what needs to be addressed is this issue of how to prolong one’s mental strength, you just feel this feeling of being calm and raging the fighting spirit lasts for a very short time with Indian youngsters.

    I think Pawan correctly states that having seniors like Dravid and Tendulkar would have helped here, not least because they would have been able to read Mendis much better. I also feel the BCCI should work to improve Yuvraj’s technique against spinners, he has never appeared a strong player against spin and this is really concerning since he is the VC and a senior player.

    When the team is in such a fix as India were today, it is the job of the seniors to guide youngsters into taking control of proceedings and generally, devising strategy. I have this little feeling that Dhoni and Yuvraj don’t do enough to guide the juniors, but this is perhaps due to the relative inexperience of these players themselves, as opposed to Dravid, Tendulkar or Ganguly.

  343. #343 by khansahab on July 6, 2008 - 10:00 PM

    The team that won the Twenty20 World Cup and CB Series in Australia was very similar to this team. I think the Indian team management needs to ponder what was so different in those series- how were the Indians able to keep their cool and outperform the opposition in those finals?

    I remember what Dhoni said in the final of the T20 Cup which I think is a very intelligent tactic. He said something like, “I just told the team that, I don’t really care for the result because we have done so well to reach the final. I just want you guys to try your best and the most important thing is, I want you to enjoy yourself”.

    That is a good thing to say because he is trying to remove the pressure from his team by saying he doesn’t care for the result and that they should enjoy themselves but at the same time he is motivating them to give it their best.

  344. #344 by khansahab on July 6, 2008 - 10:06 PM

    I remember when Karachi Dolphins were able to beat one of the strong teams in the ABN AMRO Cup of 2006, Afridi the captain was asked how Karachi were able to beat this team (I think it was Rawalpindi or Faislabad, one of those). He said, “I just told the boys to be positive in whatever they do, batting, bowling, fielding, body language- just go out and play positive cricket.”

    And sure as hell there was a lot of positivity shown by Karachi in that tournament, in particular Fawad Alam who was by far the best batsman as well as the best bowler in that tournament, as well as Player of the Final and Player of the Tournament.

  345. #345 by Pawan on July 6, 2008 - 10:59 PM

    Hello Guys,

    I hope this rape by the Menacing spinner does not happen to any team. All Indian fans are in serious depression right now. It would have been good if we would not have come to the final itself.

    Mendis was picking up wickets by buckets and at his will. His name ringed a bell in my ear the first time I heard it, not because I thought he would become this great, but because his first name is very very close to me. Let me be frank, I haven’t dared to even open up Cricinfo after the loss of Rohit Sharma’s wicket. I know that Monga must be feasting on this collapse and must have written a scathing and insulting post-match analysis. As I gather from my friends, all but Dhoni, gave up against Mendis.

    Technique is one thing and temperament is another. If you don’t have the technique to face Mendis, why the hell can’t you just stay at the wicket like Dhoni did with his 50 odd? I know people will blame the inexperience and fatigue as criteria for defeat, but let me ask this, isn’t Mendis more inexperienced than all those dumb fools? How can a lad hardly into international cricket lap you up like a lollipop? He simply scared the shit out of the batsmen. More than his balls, the batsmen were out because of fear. Even before the balls were bowled, they had this unknown fear of getting out. The Sri-lankans have no doubt hyped up Mendis’s talent and now batsmen fear this guy more than anything. The Indian batsmen today tried to hit him out without even thinking what sort of delivery he is bowling. Notice the wickets of all the batsmen, they were trying to hit Mendis out of the park. Why? What do you want to prove?

    Sehwag — Started the decay, well decay is a very slow failure, so I’ll say, crash. You have just scored 17 runs of the last over, why do you think you need to take on Mendis on his second delivery? Have you read the bowler yet? I know Sehwag wants to dominate the bolwer right from the outset, but this is not what the situation demanded at this time. Try to play for team sometimes rather than remaining aloof and staying calm and calmly throwing your wicket like a school kid. Hello? Are you there? Mr. Sehwag, Mr. Sehwag, back to Earth, back to Earth!

    Yuvraj — You have been in cricket for more than, say at least, 8 years. I am talking about international cricket. You cannot figure out spin bowling? I am amazed at this guy’s attitude. First thing to do is that you have to admit you did wrong and that you cannot play spin. Identifying the problem is very important. Although every kid on the block knows you cannot play spin, but admitting that to yourself takes courage. Face it, work on it and solve it.

    Raina — beeti jaye. You are kidding me dude. You cannot play that silly shot to get out to Mendis! You did not read any of his deliveries and still you try to hit him out of the park. I know you are just 21 years and some days old in this world, and that you have scored more, much more runs than your aukaat, but you gotto have some sense in your head. Look at the captain at the other end, he is not even as talented as you. He is just determined not to throw his wicket. He knows that he can go after other bowlers. There is nothing wrong with the pitch or with the bowler, its your temperament. If you like the praise and enjoy the applause when you score big, the be ready to get ripped off when you shit.

    Rohit Sharma — has really embarassed all the Mumbaikars. I am sure all of Mumbai must be ashamed that you cannot handle a spinner. You are from a place which has produced two of the greatest batsmen of spin bowling in world cricket – Gavaskar and Tendulkar. I am sorry to say that you are not even close to their shadow right now. Better shift to Hyderabad. Apart from your technique for spinners, your temperament is also a big question mark “?”

    These were the four pillars of Indian batting line up and they have crumbled like a pack of cards. They don’t need any Mendis to get out henceforth, all they need is someone to whisper the name “Mendis” in their ears and they will leave the field without their trousers.

  346. #346 by Sakthi on July 7, 2008 - 6:09 AM

    Only one word to describe India’s batting in the final – PATHATIC.

    Most of the Indian batsmen might not have seen Mendis, alright, but if none of them is able to read him, then something is absolutely wrong with these so-called great batsmen.

    Giving away six wickets in 8 overs is definitely a crime – you can as well commit suicide instead of playing like this.

  347. #347 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 7, 2008 - 6:18 AM

    LOL pawan

    you have spoken like a true Indian, I can understand your frustration. Because, losing the match is one thing and throwing it away is another. Your analysis of the batting of the top 4 batsmen from an Indian perspective combined with your sarcasm is not only interesting but, funny.

    The moment Yuvraj was out, I knew that India cannot win, because Sehwag had already contributed his share and Yuvraj’s ZERO bhaari paray ga aur wohi hoa, he added extra pressure. And imo, Gambhir went a bit early trying to play that cut shot of Vassy which he deceived him with a slower one. Ramiz Raja said, he bamboozled him with a slower one (whereas Wasim Chakram says, Bambooed him. Koi iss ullu kay pathay ko batai, bamboozled means deceived and this Chakram thinks its the Urdu wala …….. Bamboo kerna)

    Raina … beeti jai, Shyaam na aye …. nindiyaa na aye … good one. Yes, he should have waited instead of getting impatient like Sehwag. Then the sab say baray arrogant baap ka arrogang beta, Maharaj Yuvraj, had no clue, he played like a school boy couldn’t move his feet or his bat and was clean bowled for a duck…. he must have said, “Choro inn bay kar ki shaataon may kaheen beat na jai Raina …… wohi hoa, uskay baad Raina beat hoa. Aur Sharma told Raina, tu chull mai aya. Apart from Sehwag and Dhoni kisi nay kuch nai kiya.

    About Rohit don’t send him to Hyderabad keep him in Mumbai and baptize him and name him Rohit SharmaKar, then he will be at par with Tendulkar and Gavaskar. Au contraire, Ishant Ghabrakar bowled well to take 3 wickets.

    273 runs were not enough to defend, but Jayawardene said, for a final they were enough runs to defend and we were confident of Mendis and Murali hence we were not worried. At hindsight everything is fine, had he lost he would have said, we were 30 – 40 runs short.

    My only concern about India is when they go to Sri Lanka soon for the test and ODI series, the wicket over there is not flat like Karachi’s and it will certainly help the spinners a lot and how will they play against m&m? They have to include the big 4, Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman for the test matches otherwise, this “Bachoongraas” as we use this word for kids, would be in a big hurry to go to McDonalds to eat big mac and French fries. I think Harbhajan will be back with Kumble so they too are a potent force to counter the spin attack, but Mendis is super charged up now after this superb bowling performance.

    What I noticed was, there wasn’t any spin or any big turn in Mendis’s bowling, he used the right length and the bounce, it was hard for them to play while staying in the crease. Sehwag noticed that problem from the first ball he played and on the second ball, he decided to jump out to win the battle of nerves and lost, he was a fraction early in making his intentions clear to Mendis who deceived him in line and length and Sangakara did the rest.

    Yuvraj’s body language explained that he wanted to go forward and decided to play at the back foot and the end result was ZERO, he stayed motionless and got bowled through the gate. The ball that Raina got out was similar to the one on which Yuvraj got out, the only difference was Raina wanted to hit him out of the park and missed the line. And Rohit Sharma didn’t know which way the ball would turn and misjudged it completely.


    Sakhti, you too must be having the same kinda feelings as pawan, amit and others must be feeling.

  348. #348 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 7, 2008 - 6:35 AM

    Strange co-incidence happened yesterday (not exact, but very similar)

    India lost to Sri Lanka in 39.3 overs and scored 173 runs

    West Indies lost to Australia in 39.5 overs and scored 172 runs

    For India, Sehwag and Dhoni are the only two players who contributed.
    For the West Indies, Chanderpaul and a new guy Findlay are the only two players who scored.

    Both teams, India and West Indies suffered defeats of 100 and plus 100 runs.

  349. #349 by Amit. P on July 7, 2008 - 6:58 AM

    The most outrageous shot award goes to raina no doubt and the critic award for the same category goes to sehwag. Raina chosen for popular award bcoz he got out in mendis’ 3rd over and seen enough of his deliveries … still chose to pull his length delivery … if he really wanted to hammer him better option was to come down the track and hit …. not like sehwag who was already there before ball was delivered. I dont feel anything for yuvraj … when ball does the trick(swing or spin doesnt matter) he looks messy …. “technically” he is lower middle order batsman. All his grace and power and whatever can be seen against “no-brain” bowlers. And rohit sharma … as i said already before in this thread he is a combination of mumbaikar and hyderabadi …. offside strokes through cover reminiscent of tendulkar, manjrekar etc but his stance and everything else is of laxman, azhar etc. I dont have problem with this kinda mix .. but u got to be overly talented when it comes to play virtually every delivery across the line …. apart from lbw, he is highly prone of getting C&B against slow bowlers.
    In aus this year …. laxman had the same prob against hoggy … he was not picking his wrong ones but he countered him with sensible batting (though he too was victim of hoggy on more than one occasion )… reaching the pitch of the delivery and then flicking it away or playing good length delivery as late as possible.
    Anyway … as u said its not always technique …. more than often its temperament that leads to success in international cricket.

  350. #350 by Mohammed Munir on July 7, 2008 - 7:09 AM

    Seeing this second Indian defeat in finals after kitplay, within a short span, it seems Indian still very much needs it seniors.

    Dhoni may be good, but ‘Honi’ Ko Koun Taal Sakta Hai ? 😉

    Dhoni Dhoni Kehti Ayee, Aur Yeh Boli Sohni
    Iss Sey Kuchh Nahin Hona Yaaro, Haar Likhi Thee Honi

    (my own “Fil-Badee” Shair) 😉

  351. #351 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 7, 2008 - 4:43 PM

    Cricket fever is bound to come down after the Asia Cup. Two cup losses with a span for a few weeks, especially the loss of the “Second Cup” which was well withing their grasp and suddenly slipped away or should I say thrown away into the lap of the Sri Lankans. Indian fans and critics may not like it. The team has all the ingredients to play well during the tournament but, in the end they are lacking the finish that is needed in the end. This is something they might have acquired from Misbah ul Haq. Whereas, he seems to be kicking off that bad old habit and moving ahead.

    Dhoni alone cannot change the attitude of all the players, he along with the paraphernalia of Gary & Co., must sit down and analyze the whole situation. At least they must review the two finals, Kitply and Asia Cup and see what went wrong?

    Sidhart Monga hasn’t written anything different from what we have seen on the TV, he has repeated the words of Dhoni who said, “We never had a reply for Mendis.” Take a look at his article, (for those who have not read):

    Jayawardene took a bold step in introducing Mendis before the end of the first power play because, according to him he had no option as Sehwag was on a song and his move to bring in Mendis paid him with rewards on the second ball of his over and not to mention the over was so successful that he got Yuvraj too.

    But, how long can we moan and whine about this defeat? The only way to learn from the past mistakes is to review, review the replays and correct your anomalies and this is not just for the Indian players who played but also for those who didn’t like, Tendulkar, Dravid etc., who are going to Sri Lanka.

    I haven’t read or heard of the Indian squad for Sri Lanka and my question is will they make Kumble the test captain like they did before? Or, Dhoni will continue? I would like Dhoni to continue, you have to make him believe that as a captain, he is not just good for one day or T20 but for all forms of the game. If you need to increase his confidence, since he is the future captain of test as well then, you have to make him believe that he is good for test too. I am not saying Kumble should be dropped, if he can earn a place in the test side, he should play. But, Dhoni is definitely irreplaceable at the moment. There is no better wicketkeeper and there is no better batsman in the Indian team who can take his place.

    Osman Samiuddin too has written an interesting article on Mendis and its very strange and intriguing that he is referring the unknown Nadeem Moosa who had spun the ball like that, but he never got a chance to play other than domestic cricket. I am sure Mohammad Munir of Sharjah must be knowing Nadeem Moosa.

  352. #352 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 7, 2008 - 5:09 PM


    Natalie kay churnao say utho aur idher mardanay may aao 🙂

    wah, wah, wah kya sher tha about that Bakri.
    wo sher phir say sunao Malak wala, uss ka “d” dheela thaa aur ulat gaya!

    The way Malik plays petty politics I would like to call him “Malik Saboteur” it is a French word (Saboteur) derived from Sabotage. Thats what he does all the time.

  353. #353 by theossa on July 7, 2008 - 5:31 PM

    Javed writes, “Malik Saboteur”. Now I can’t be blunt like Javed and to be politically correct I’ll call him “Malik Gaxdoo”.

    Now the shaer Javed wanted me to “urz” again will irritate some folk big time but what da hell, life is short and I don’t want to die without pissing some people. So theossa proudly presents:

    Phool to bohut hain Gulab jaisa koi nahin
    Ladkian to bohut hain Natalie jaisa koi nahin
    Khoobro to bohut hain, Afridi jaisa koi nahin
    Gaxdoo to bohut hien, Malik jaisa koi nahin

    You know what pissed me the most? In a useless match against BD, he participated himself, and I can’t believe other youngsters were not given chances. That’s a shame.

    Pawan, Sakhti, and Amit:
    Don’t worry guys, the best player of spin in the World i.e. Tendulkar will take revenge for the Asia Cup Final loss and will make “Mendis”, scratch his head like a “Mantis”.

  354. #354 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 7, 2008 - 6:51 PM

    wah wah wah wah, theossa, theossa. Kya baat hai tumharee.

    Guys, Friends…….. on a more serious note, I request you ALL (like we say in Arabic, “Ana Urjook ya sadiqui…. I beg you my friend) to pray for our senior most blogger MR. M. Y. KASIM, tomorrow he shall be admitted into the hospital for a few days to undergo a new treatment for his cancer.

    He did not ask me to write here, he only informed me that he will be away for a few days for the treatment and asked me to pray for him. I thought if we ALL pray for him, it would be more beneficial and more powerful than me gunahgaar saying my prayers alone.

    Please pray to God for his speedy recovery and good health. Ameen.

  355. #355 by Mohammed Munir on July 7, 2008 - 7:31 PM

    With all our hearts and souls, we pray for Kasim Sahab.

    Kasim Sahab is a brave man and God willing he will sail through this one smoothly.

    This small gathering on LS is developing like a family and it works as part of our ‘support system’.

  356. #356 by Pawan on July 7, 2008 - 9:46 PM

    I have prayed for Mr. Kasim and will continue praying. Hope he comes out of this unscathed and discusses every mistake made by PCB and Malak!

  357. #357 by Awas on July 7, 2008 - 10:23 PM

    Get well soon…Kasim Sahab

    We look forward to reading your wise comments soon. I think Osman Samiuddin must have read your earlier comment to mention Nadeem Moosa in his article. Tell us more about it.

    God Speed!

  358. #358 by khansahab on July 7, 2008 - 10:35 PM

    I pray Kasim Sahab is well soon and we see him swiftly on Legslip. As Mohammad Munir says, we are one big family and Kasim Sahab is a vital member. All the best to Kasim sahab.

  359. #359 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 8, 2008 - 12:11 AM


    Its so good to read the last 4-5 comments. Whoever else can say or pray for Mr. Kasim should be doing a lot of good deeds for himself.


    its strange that he mentioned about Nadeem Moosa a few days ago and Osman Samiuddin mentioned his name. The reason I mentioned Mohammad Munir’s name is because, Munir’s brother plays for the UAE and Nadeem Moosa was also in the UAE and Munir is a banker and so was Moosa. Perhaps they know each other? But, Munir has not mentioned anything so may be he doesn’t know him.

  360. #360 by Mohamed Anfaal on July 8, 2008 - 5:52 AM

    Just read about the plea for Mr. M Y Kasim, and the responses, I just cannot articulate how I feel now without ever envisaging or implying to feel what Kasim sahib is going through, can certainly relate to those who are closest to him, May ALLAH (SWT) grant him and his family the strength and patience and ordains for him what is best for him. We all pray for his speedy and complete recovery

  361. #361 by Amit. P on July 8, 2008 - 4:21 PM

    My good wishes with kasim saab … and hope he will overcome this hurdle smoothly. We are waiting for ur informative comments Sir.

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