Going, going, going ....... gone

Going, going, going ....... gone

DESPITE the fact that DNA has rubbished the speculation that Malik would be replaced, the rumours about axing him from the captaincy are getting stronger by the hour. Nasim Ashraf said, the Board has appointed Malik for a two-year term and will continue backing him.

But, a senior PCB official confided to The News correspondent that all such reports are being carefully monitored by the Board. “We believe in continuity but not if it comes at the expense of the (national) team’s cause,” said the official. “The Board is considering other options and you may see a change in case a consensus develops over the captaincy issue,” he added.

Apart from the home series defeat against SA and the pathetic show in India, in which Pakistan lost both test and ODI series for the first time in 26 years. And now Pakistan’s Asia Cup defeat is yet another disappointment that has come under Malik’s tenure as captain.

The News added that, “more than the results, it is Malik’s failure to inspire his teammates that has put a question mark over his credentials as a leader. Senior players have been unhappy with his attitude while some of the younger ones have privately complained that Malik can be quite un-supportive at times.” Which means the younger players are opening up as they have seen him on and off-the field. On the field he is a weak, meek character and off the field he is an arrogant schemer.

The News also reported that, “the Board has also received complaints that Malik has a tendency of backing “players who are close to him” rather than picking teammates on the basis of their utility.” This information surfaced quite a few times when Malik wanted to play his friends and ouster Shahid Afridi. One of the senior officials of the PCB was quoted as saying: “Pakistan need a more imaginative and inspiring captain than Shoaib Malik, if they are to win major international titles.”

Therefore, Malik’s captaincy days are almost over and it is very likely that the PCB may not appoint him as a captain for the Champions Trophy. It is one of the reasons that the list of provisional probables for CT tournament was delayed and shall be announced tomorrow. It is very likely that once a consensus is reached Malik will be replaced by Misbah ul Haq. Even if that doesn’t happen tomorrow, it may happen before the CT begins.

Choosing Misbah over Afridi as a captain is another mistake

Choosing Misbah over Afridi as a captain is another mistake

The problem with the Pakistani selectors is, they judge a player’s capability from one or two performances and also on the basis of the majority opinion. The majority opinion, not only in Pakistan but, in India as well is; to worship the rising Sun. And Misbah’s solo win against India is enough justification for them to make him the captain.

Shahid Afridi is the ideal choice for the captaincy role, he is a captain’s material and an astute candidate for that role. The problem with him is his current batting form, which makes people skeptical in choosing him as a captain of the national side.

It is one of the worst times in Shahid Afridi’s career that when he could have easily taken over this role of captaincy his batting has let him down and thats even casting shadows of doubts over his inclusion in the team. Whereas, his bowling has been at his best and even today he is the leading wicket taker in the year 2008, yet that achievement is ignored or considered as insignificant or not enough justification in making him the captain of the Pakistan national side.

The other important news is the inclusion of the two druggies in the provisional squad of 30 players. The chief selector, Salahuddin Sallu said: “We will include both Shoaib and Asif in the preliminary squad for the Champions Trophy,” he told ‘The News’ on Wednesday. “Both of them are very important players and there is certainly space for them in the bowling line,” he pointed out.

Sala mai tou Saheb bun gaya; soot mera dekho; boot mera dekho

Sala mai tou Saheb bun gaya; soot mera dekho; boot mera dekho

I just sniffed that stuff

I just sniffed that stuff

It means like always you cannot trust what the PCB says, the ban for Shoaib Akhtar was initially for 5 years reduced to 3 and then 18 months and now he is in. The junior druggie was kept in the dungeon without any sentence so that if need be he could be brought into the team, and thats what they did. Apart from the charges laid on them, they are under inquiry and no one knows whether they will face penalties or not but, the truth is they are in the team despite the fact that both have suffered injuries and have fitness problems, yet they are “the chosen ones.” What a shame and what a disgrace for the nation.

Like India, Pakistan is also announcing a list of 30 provisional squad and then they will have to choose only half of them. The poor young ones who will be in the provisional squad will only be tasting “hope” and then they will go into oblivion. It is for you to say and decide:

Whether Malik be axed?

Whether Misbah or Afridi to lead?

Whether these two druggies be given another chance or not?

  1. #1 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 10, 2008 - 2:06 AM

    Sorry for the Indian supporters here, this new thread is on LS Pakistan, the breaking news cannot be ignored, hence a new thread has been created to highlight the situation in Pakistan’s team selection. However, those who wish to write about Indian team may continue writing your comments on the Dhoni thread which is under LS India and that will also be updated simultaneously.

    The latest news about Shoaib Malik’s captaincy is something good for the Pakistani cricket supporters who want the team Pakistan to win and not just to see a jingoistic Sialkhotian Mule-ick to prosper at the expense of the national side. There is also a rumour that if that happens, irrespective of Misbah or Afridi whoever take-over the captaincy role from Malak, people will be distributing sweets for free on the streets. T-shirts with a message, “Good Riddance” are already under print.

    On the news that Shoaib Akhtar and Asif being included in the provisional squad of 30 for the CT is really pathetic. How long and how far they can stretch these two? And, what is more important, the image of the country or the personal likes and dislikes to bring back the two junkies and druggies?

  2. #2 by Amit. P on July 10, 2008 - 5:33 AM

    Let alone morality issue now and talk abt legality …. shoiab akhtar has been freed by court and can play cricket now on … but what abt asif ? … he is still under trail … and they choose him in 30 probables ! What they are trying to show to the world ? … that its all setting …. they will release asif in coming months so no harm in selecting him in probables. Foolish act.
    Ab’t captaincy …. they have got choices in younis, misbah and afridi, if they want to ….. and my preferences are in the same order …. but we all know younis not going to take this job and probably pcb wont offer him this time now … so if they think making afridi captain can solve their problems .. then make him for CT .. but i m sure they will realize their mistake … afridi is no long-term solution … his approach toward game is anything but sensible. For me misbah is the rite option … looks like strict to me .. and if necessary, he can take some hard actions like dropping or making someone sit on bench.
    But are they looking for new captain ?

  3. #3 by Q on July 10, 2008 - 5:36 AM

    Even though I am one of Afridi’s biggest supporters, and have seen him captain Karachi and Sindh with great vigour in the domestic scene, I don’t think the selectors will ever make him captain, and I think the problem is more than his batting form.

    Pakistan has always been against separate captains for test and ODI sides and they’ve been right – 2 different captains can never work in Pakistan and we all know why. Afridi doesn’t command a place in the test team, and this is the main issue behind him being the captain.

    Malik may be axed of the captaincy, but not from the team. Well not the ODI side at least.

    From what I hear as of now it is DNA vs the other senior PCB officials so it all depends on whether the senior officials are able to convince DNA or not.

    As for the drug lords. Pakistan need them more now than ever – there are no bowlers in the country!

  4. #4 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 10, 2008 - 8:57 AM

    Amit.P & Q

    What the PCB will do or, whatever they have done so far it is their decisions whether right or wrong they don’t care. First they go by their own whims and wishes and when that backfires they go by the public opinion i.e., when the media hits them hard. We express our opinions here at a very minuscule level and it seldom has any affect on the selectors in their decision making. These blogs are meant for venting out our own feelings and sharing it with others.

    Amit, about Akhtar and Asif, in my opinion its more of a moral issue than legal. Because in Pakistan even the judiciary is like a political party, they want their clout, they want recognition, in the name of justice they march on the streets and in their support we see agitation and processions and innocent lives are lost. I have never seen or heard that anywhere in the world the judiciary is marching on the streets like a political party. I have no respect for the CJ or any of the judges. There is nothing consistent there, the only thing that is consistent is – confusion.

    From the moral aspect, there is no justification to include Asif in the provisional squad, in other words you are encouraging him to do what he has done recently and, you are also setting a bad precedent for the juniors that no matter what you do, if you are a star we will not dump you, in fact we will protect you and rescue you.


    Like I said, we all have the right to express our views also to agree or disagree with others. To me the bottom line of your comments appear very patriotic in other words you are saying that, if the soldiers are weak in defending the country then open the jails and get the prisoners out to fight against the enemy? Thats the last resort but, you see that kinda action only in the movies. This is cricket and for the sake of false pride and vanity can we ignore and override the laws of the country? Which world are we living in?

    Regarding the captaincy issue, we all know very well that, neither Younus Khan nor Shahid Afridi would be given that role. Younus for rejecting it twice and his stance is still the same so, he will not accept even if they ask him, but they wont offer him. Afridi, even if he had performed well with the bat there is a big lobby against him and they would never offer him to lead.

    As regards his place in the test team, actually his performance and his average in test matches, both in bowling and batting is better than his own ODI averages and better than most of the specialist batsmen. In terms of bowling and fielding, he is better than any specialist leg spinner and on top of that, his batting – which is not clicking at the moment – is far better than any of the recognized leg spinner or off-spinner. Name any if you have in mind.

    Simply to form an opinion that the team must have a specialist spinner is an old, orthodox approach. Its like sticking with the notion of keeping mainframe computers or Big Iron, as opposed to the small PC based technology. The former became redundant, if not extinct like the dinosaur mainly because its creator (mainly IBM) wants to protect its image and have vigorously tried to modify it and packaged it to look more attractive, because earlier they were housed in enormous, room-sized metal boxes or frames. Now they have the smaller improved version, I am referring to the IBM z9.

    The point is how to utilize the resources and how to maximize your achievements from the given assets is not restricted to the shorter version of the game but, its the same for test cricket also. Today, there are very few test matches which ends in a tame draw. Because, the impact of ODI and T20 have changed the test cricket as well.

    In my previous comments on this blog and even on PakSpin, I have mentioned the examples of basketball and volleyball game and how the technique has changed over the years and how every single player needs to be as good as the other in every department. There will be a time in the game of cricket where everyone will be an all-rounder. It will be a prerequisite, a must condition and not an optional matter.

  5. #5 by Amit. P on July 10, 2008 - 5:32 PM

    Itna sannata kyon hai bhai ??
    Where are khansaab, Awas, Theossa, Mh. Munir, Pawan and all ?

    Recent news is pietersen just hit is first hundred against SA on his very first encounter against them in test. This guy loves his homeland for sure 😉

  6. #6 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 10, 2008 - 6:02 PM

    I think they are all busy with something or the other. Munir is planning a vacation and his significant other must be sending him on errands to do this, that or buy something etc. Whereas, theossa is lazyfying with his Natalie.

    Yeah Pietersen really loves to play at Lords against SA and its good the current partnership between him and Bell has put SA on the defensive now.

    During the 2008 Asia Cup 13 centuries were scored in 13 matches and three by Sangakara, two by Raina and two by Jayasuriya. Jayasuriya has always played well in the Asia Cup and his strike rate and the number of sixes are the highest in this tournament also. What a comeback for this 39 year old who announced his retirement after having a bad series against Pakistan a few years ago, went to England and reborn again.

  7. #7 by Amit. P on July 10, 2008 - 7:25 PM

    Jayasurya is one of those guys who is born to play cricket …… when u think he is gone he comes up with inning like he played in asia cup final …. after being pushed in the team by his president, that man played one hell of inning where SL were chasing 300+ against england and they finished it off in 35 overs courtesy jayasurya’s brilliant hundred plus harmison’s erratic bowling. But i reckon he is now vulnerable to pace … his reflexes got slower … in CB series he was constantly been beaten by pace since the surface were hard there. But still u cant bowl short and wide to him … no chance for get away.

    I have seen some glimpses of england inning today … and i tell u SA’ bowling where rubish … too short and wide .. no body was trying to get swing out of that condition … back of the length bowling like they bowl in aus or SA. Though Steyn produced a beauty to get rid of vaughan ….. full in length, swinging delivery, pitched on middle and leg then cutting the line toward off. But after arrival of pietersen they again forgot how to bowl there … too much short stuff .. even one was hit on his helmet .. now SA must cursing steyn for hitting him on his helmet.

    Hmm “marketing-sharketing” for Munir saab … dont know whether he loves it or being “forced” to do so (LOL).
    Sudhar jao theossa .. kya rakha hai natalie mein jo karachi ya lahore ki babe mein nahi.

  8. #8 by theossa on July 10, 2008 - 7:56 PM

    If removing Malik from captaincy news is true, it’s great news for Pak Cricket but I doubt it is and you know why? Malik reportedly is nephew of a senator. So until someone in PCB, DNA or Slahuddin is taking a stand it’s unlikely it will happen. I never disliked him as an allrounder but “I am totally agree” with the author that he never was a captain material. Similarly, inclusion of Asif and Akhtar in the 30 men squad is totally political and is backed by representative from their respective areas. Mark my words they’ll make the final eleven and what a shame that will be. I would give Rauf and Sohail Khan more chances. I don’t think Slahuddin or DNA wanted them in the team but they succumbed to the pressure. The only guy in my opinion that will make a great captain is Younis Khan but he won’t accept it because he does not want to be a bitch of PCB and Afridi will not be elected for the same reasons. I’ll try Misbah, at least he gets along with seniors and he is no Malik. Want to write more but it is quitting time and I’ll catch you guys later.

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 10, 2008 - 8:28 PM

    LOL Amit

    perhaps theossa did not read the last line of your comment about Natalie warna jazbaat may beh jaata aur kuch na kuch kehta.

    You are right about Jayasuriya that you cannot bowl him short and also like Waqar says “you cannot give him A room, otherwise he will murder you.” I think if you give him “A” room he will make it a A hall. (Urdu wala haal). You cannot bowl him on his pads either, his flicks are superb and on a smaller ground they end up as a six.

    The SA / England match was on this morning but, I had no time to sit down and watch the slow proceedings. India Pakistan ki phir bhee baat aur hai, one can still find time for that. Btw, Munir has no choice, he cannot refuse doing chores. Don’t you remember his previous comments about how he is treated if he refuses to do chores? 🙂


    So who is Malak’s Khaloo Senator? No wonder why that meesna behaves so arrogantly off the field. On the field he is a bheegi billi. Yeah, lets see how Misbah plays his captaincy cards and whether he ends up choosing girayeens or genuine, deserving candidates? “I am agree” both the druggies and junkies will make it to the final 11 and the big junkie will bowl only 4 overs and then he will sit on the sidelines huffing and puffing inhalers. The other druggie will have a contraption on his forearm and another one elsewhere and a Salajeet capsule somewhere else.

  10. #10 by Jahenzeb Khan Niazi on July 10, 2008 - 10:39 PM

    If the news about Malik’s replacement as a captain is true then, obviously we all know they will make Misbah ul Haq Khan Niazi the captain. He is a distant cousin of mine and we all know him for his orthodox batting. From the beginning he is as cool as a cucumber especially in crisis. But he has this tendency to indulge in something extravagant and all of a sudden he plays a rash shot and he did the same in the T20 world cup in South Africa and that has cost him very dearly and people have labeled him as, a good player but not a finisher of the game.

    His performance in India was good and that earned him the central contract in category A. Also, they made him the vice captain and now he seems to be the obvious choice or obvious replacement of Shoaib Malik. Misbah himself cannot believe how circumstances changed in his favour with in the last 10 months or so when he was not even in the T20 squad and how he’s got a chance because of Inzamam’s early retirement and Mohammad Yousuf’s involvement in ICL and then he was selected over Yousuf that created so much fuss everywhere.

    Although I have very good feelings for Misbah but, I think he is also a very docile captain like Malik, may be a degree better than Malik. By nature he is not an aggressor and his body language does not say much about his personality. But, he can be very unpredictable. He may be a short term solution to captaincy but he is certainly not a suitable candidate for a long term race. Pakistan needs a much younger captain and much more aggressive and imaginative than Malik and even Misbah.

    Therefore, I agree with the comments in the thread that it could be a mistake in making Misbah a captain. What the PCB needs is to find a long term captain who could take the team through to the 2011 WC and beyond. The question is who is the most suitable candidate for the job? Right now it is a dilemma.

  11. #11 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 11, 2008 - 4:09 AM

    Dear Bloggers;

    For those of you who may not have noticed that we have created a new page on Wasim Akram on top right corner. It contains the latest interview of Wasim with Sidharth Monga, which appeared a few minutes ago we want you to not only read but, leave your comments there. The interview is not just about his past glories and achievements but also his views and opinions about the current Pakistani team, players and their performances and a few suggestions.

  12. #12 by Mohammed Munir on July 11, 2008 - 8:15 AM

    Thanks for remembering Amit and Javed.

    I am on Black-Berry, so can’t go in all details.But I am keeping my eyes on all comments.

    Something turned up and I am now in Geneva, yes Switzerland and minus my family, more like a short business trip.

    Nice new thread and good comments all around.

  13. #13 by Rehan Khan on July 11, 2008 - 11:19 AM

    This makes me laugh. We cant do with Shoaib and Asif and we cant do without them either.
    Make Afridi captain and let Misbah remain his deputy!

    Malik on merit does not deserve a place in the team. He is too weak in his mind, too busy playing politics. A captain has to be fearless and must see his country before everything.
    I dont know why the “regionalism” issue comes up so much in cricket. I live in Karachi, it is very simple to understand Afridi has captained Karachi for many years with so much success. Why the team management and PCB managers cant understand this is beyond me. I dont think they have treated Afridi right because in domestic cricket he is a good batsman and has always been, they should analyze the situation, make him captain. Let him get settled as captain and I am sure the problems we are noticing with Malik will be eradicated.

  14. #14 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 12, 2008 - 12:42 AM

    Seems like most people are commenting on Wasim Akram’s page and this thread as well as Dhoni’s is being ignored. Those bloggers who don’t see latest comments, please click on Wasim ………. top right and see the latest comments, don’t just see, feel free to comment and give us your views.

  15. #15 by Pawan on July 12, 2008 - 3:41 AM

    Whether Malik be axed?

    Whether Misbah or Afridi to lead?

    Whether these two druggies be given another chance or not?

    Lots of questions and confusion, as usual. Malik’s case is unique and very interesting. I would also love to spend my two cents, but I hope someone is listening. I have certainly come to a conclusion on this conundrum, but I would like to lead the reader into it, rather than spill the beans straightaway.

    Malik is not a great captain and there have been grave mistakes committed by him in lots of different areas such as team selection, decesion making, team policy, strategies, etc. I would not like to go into these details, but I believe that everyone must be knowing about this. But I would like to understand why these happened.

    First, after Pakistan’s embarassing exit from last ODI world cup, PCB decided that enough is enough and that we need a change. Change should start at the helm. Inzamam had quit by then. Younis had refused to take over PCB’s captaincy offer. Choice was between Afridi and Malik. At that time, and even now Afridi is considered very irresponsible and strictly ” a non-imitable” senior in the side. Agreed he has the flair and can win matches on his day and is a genious and also could turn out to be an unexpectedly excellent captain. But on the other side of the balance was this young man Malik, who was the eye-candy of the Late Bob. Malik at that time was a very adjustable and useful person in the side. He could do whatever the team asked for and successfully. Misbah, of course was not in picture at that time. So, considering all these situations, it was imperative that PCB would choose Malik to captain Pakistan. PCB also ignored Yousuf on the basis of his age. They wanted a young captain. That is how Malik came into the picture. I agree that here PCB did a good job, but they could have done better… How? read on…

    Okay, so now Malik becomes captain and Lawson joins his services as Pakistan team coach. Malik begins to recognize the power of a captain. But to go with it he also confronted the pressures of winning for Pakistan. The junta of Pakistan, like India, like SL, like BD are known to be mercurial. They will love you like no one ever loved you if you win, but if you fail, be prepared to die. Apart from the T20 success, Pakistan team has not perfomed exceptionally well in any series. Part of the problem is the team environment. Lets not get into it and continue our story. So Pakistan kept losing and people got impatient, and started questioning Malik and DNA’s decesion.

    Now Malik is a very defensive person by nature. I do not know why this is. But normally any person’s personality is developed at a young age. Malik seems to me a very insecure person. Look at the way he adjusted from being an off-spinner to an opening batsmen. He wanted to remain in the team anyhow. He entered the team by copying Saqlain’s off spin and the adjusted to become an opener. He could literally bat at any position or do any job assigned to him. His insecure attitude (possibly developed at a young age) is evident from his captaincy as well. Look at the way he just avoids big matches. He calls himself “the best all-rounder” in the side and that was purely because the journalist must have asked him a nasty question and he got defensive. A clear case of an insecure person.

    Okay, so now that we have analyzed Malik to some extent, let us see what Malik can do best. He can be a good servant or a soldier in the team. He has proved it already. He can be a good team-man (his reason for doing so can be his insecurity, but neverthless…). The big question is can be the captain? I think he can, if people support him. Notice that he is a very defensive person by nature, so for such people, a word of encouragement is very essential. Imran Khan and Wasim Akram (knowingly/unknowingly) criticizing Malik in public is very detrimental to Malik’s attitude. He is going to grow more defensive and will stop using his brain and will panic.

    Malik needs support from public, seniors, retired cricketers, PCB, DNA…. You name it. He needs support badly. But at the same time, he should not get secure. The problem with such personalities is that once they get secure, they stop working. They get lazy and do nothing. Malik didn’t do much when he was on probation period, because his job was secure. So now this is a very tricky situation. How to encourage someone and also not make him feel completely secure?

    One of the solutions could be to remove him from the test captaincy position. This is a very good solution, because it will bring in a fresh aspect in captaincy. Undoubtedly Malik will feel the kick in his ass, but still won’t feel the pain. Making Yousuf the captain of the test team will be the best thing that could happen to Pakistan cricket at this time. Test cricket is serious cricket and a senior like Yousuf leading the side is apt because he knows how to keep his and the team’s concentration on the game for the five days. Malik is still young and learning. This situation will not only help him learn a few aspects about captaincy from the experienced Yousuf, but also keep him on his toes. It will also help Yousuf develop some interest and confidence in his game. Yousuf right now looks like a little lost on field. But making him the captain will help him and the side immensely. It will also keep the ‘nasty elements’ such as Asif and Akhtar on their toes. It will also release some pressure off Malik, which for now he cannot handle. But I would suggest to keep Malik the T20 and ODI captain.

    The reason I have opted for this solution is solely dependent upon my assumption that there is no one else appropriate other than Malik to lead the side in ODIs. Misbah is a cool customer, but his age is a big problem. There are a few other problems with Misbah such as lack of experience of facing international sides in other countries such as England, Australia, West Indies, etc, but his age is a big problem. This age is not the right grroming age because by the time Misbah learns a good deal about captaincy, it will be time to hand his boots. Younis Khan could be a great captain, but he seems to me the type of person who wants to enjoy life and stay clear of any tensions or responsibilities. Also it is not right for PCB to go begging to someone who has refused them twice. In these circumstances, I would say handling Malik would be the best option Pakistan has.

    Give Yousuf the test captaincy and keep Malik as the ODI and T20 captain and see what happens.

  16. #16 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 12, 2008 - 5:04 AM


    Very good psychoanalysis of the P brain of Malak, even Sigmund Freud would have been proud of you for this psychoanalytical and psychotherapy that you have recommended. You have made attempts to explain mental or behavioral phenomena of why he is so defensive? You have highlighted his nature and the tendency that he does not want to be aware of the environment and the circumstances, and takes active steps to avoid being aware of them, that is why he wants to be so flexible when he finds himself in a tight situation and when he feels secured he is relaxed.

    In my opinion a fundamental hypothesis of psychoanalysis is that because a mental entity is dynamically unconscious it has the causal power to produce the phenomena that are of interest to psychoanalysis. You have mentioned that he may have a history reaching back to childhood. I do not wish to go into that detail, but I quite agree with you that there is definitely some personality traits that makes him appear so weak and meek.

    But, I certainly do not agree with you that he can be a good captain. So far he has proved that he is not a good captain, if he was then all this hoopla wouldn’t have taken place, no one would have talked about axing him. Like most people and Inzamam himself you also believe that after the WC Inzamam had to go? Actually Inzi made a big mistake by announcing his retirement, had Bob Woolmer not died, things would have been different, Inzi may have stayed. But, he took that initiative knowing the mentality of the people who would have asked for axing both Inzi and Bob. After all Dhoni’s house was ransacked, wasn’t it?

    I am loosing my focus here, because I am very, very sleepy, it is also 1:00 a.m. so I better continue on this tomorrow. Right now its time to hit the sack. I think its a good idea ……. Javed. 🙂

  17. #17 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 12, 2008 - 3:43 PM

    OK Pawan;

    I’ll start from where I had left last night. I don’t think anyone is expecting Shoaib Malik to be totally out of the team, its just the captaincy issue and it is very likely that it will happen and Misbah will lead Pak in CT. The PCB is the only organization who always delay announcing their squad till the last moment. In fact the deadline imposed by the ICC was Friday July 11th and now the ICC has reportedly extended it up to July 15th because, DNA is out of the country and they have a nagging problem at hand. And who is that? Yeah, no one but the Show-Actor. Once again he is in the limelight, he has to pay the fine of Rs. 7 million that has been imposed on him. Will he pay? Forget it. Here is the story in today’s newspaper “The News.”

    You will see the kinda games that are being played outside the cricket ground and this is exactly what some people who have a conscience hate such things. Why the effff do they have to include these two junkies in the team? Is it more important to choose a team by ignoring the moral and ethical aspects? If that is an affirmative response, then its a real shame. May be for most paindoos it doesn’t matter because for them winning and making personal gains is the only thing that is important in their life.

    I will leave this point for others to say what they have to say, but what is happening out there is “disgustipatingly” pathetic.

    On your suggestion of two captains and MOYO to be the test captain. In India it works but, in Pakistan it doesn’t. We were one country 61 years ago, but we are a different culture now. First of all MOYO doesn’t have that captaincy flair in his personality, you are right that he seems to be lost while he is fielding and, that added responsibility might wake him up a bit, but can’t make him more creative and cannot instill more energy, enthusiasm and most importantly he cannot be imaginative and bold enough to take decisions.

    Once again you don’t need a captain who cannot take a decision and who is weak. If one weak captain is replaced by another weak captain by dividing the domain and responsibilities, its not going to work. A chicken cannot become a hawk overnight or a lamb cannot transform itself into a tiger.

    There are those who believe in joint management and committee decisions to avoid being targeted in case of a failure. I call them chickens and cowards, because they are the insecure types who want to protect their a$$ by saying it wasn’t my decision, it was a joint decision. One of the CEO’s I have worked with in my bank, apparently was very bold and a real blabber mouth but in reality he was a chicken, because he always used to call for a committee decision. The end result was too many failures owing to too many poor minds taking poor and unimaginative decisions.

    Its just like too many cooks spoil the broth. Why do you think Socialism and Communism failed? The politburo of the USSR was a bunch of headstrong idiots. The group of Maoists were also the same. A leader has to lead from the front and not hide behind the backs of his a$$-is-tents. The examples I have given above are based on the fact that when a captain is weak he will easily be influenced by other strong forces in the team. Until and unless the team plays like a harmonious whole rather than showing individual sporadic brilliance it is not possible to gel and play like one unit with one goal and one objective, it is not possible to win consistently. For that you need a leader, who has imagination, courage, initiative and drive and is not afraid in taking bold decisions on the spot.

    Therefore, I don’t agree with the idea that you inject more cortisone and steroids to pump up the muscles, there is no brain left only muscles. 🙂 I am not disagreeing here for the sake of disagreement or to see Malik out, but this is my assessment and my opinion. I have supported Malik for one full year, instead of improving he has become a slimy, blithering schemer whose intentions are not clean from the outset and it is not good for Pakistan cricket. If he is so keen to lead, he should go back to his club team Sialkhotian and do that job for them. Spare the national side, please.

    Remember these golden words: “A yes man can be a good subordinate but, he can never be a good leader.”

  18. #18 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 12, 2008 - 4:47 PM

    Aamer Churail– Must he speak to come into the limelight?

    Here is another one of today’s best, read what this Churail had to say.

    When Hanif Mohammad said, ” Yuvraj Singh reminds me of Sir Garry Sobers” read it from the link below:

    I have some respect for Hanif Mohammad for what he was and what he says now. Although Yuvraj Singh is hated by so many for his arrogance and attitude but, the little master Hanif Mohammad gave him the due for his six sixes and also compared him with one of the greatest ever, Sir Garry Sobers.

    This guy Aamer Churail, when he used to play, he showed no morals, no ethics and no respect for others and now he is seen sitting in the commentator’s box making expert comments with a holier than COW attitude and talking in his phony accent like a ‘slow motion story teller’ who has got a frog in his throat. More than anything he tries to copy and use the same words and phrases which are used by other commentators.

    He gives lectures and sermons to the whole world by assuming he is a great “Macedonian Orator” who can change the world through his sermons. And now he is telling Musharaf to do, assuming Musharaf may not have dreamt about this great idea i.e., to talk to the concerned countries and persuade them to come and play for the CT in Pakistan.

    Do you think Andrew Symonds & Co., will change their mind? Neither Mush, nor Bush nor Ban-ki-Moon can do anything in this respect. The only thing Pakistan should hope and not only hope but, pursue the matter very strongly and i.e., to get the compensation from the ICC for the financial loss. C’est ca.

    As regards, Aamer Churail’s arrogance, there is not one but many incidents:

    1. 1992 WC what he said to Ian Botham when he got out? (I don’t mind that, because Botham is a real PITA)
    2. 1996 WC at Bangalore, after hitting a four at Venkatesh Prasad, he asked him to go and fetch the ball from the boundary and the next ball he was clean bowled.
    3. After losing that match against India in 1996, he talked against Wasim Akram that Pakistan lost the match because Wasim Akram took bribe to step down from the crucial match just 15 minutes before the start of the game and he accused him and condemned him for years.
    4. In 1999 after the WC loss he almost waged a war against Wasim Akram and gave statements to the media that he has ample proof to substantiate his claims that Wasim Akram once again took bribe and fixed the match against Bangladesh and lost it deliberately.
    5. When the time came to give his statement officially in front of Justice Qayyum, he denied any knowledge of any Pakistani player taking any bribe or involved in any match fixing or gambling scandal. (what a loser)
    6. Reportedly he was thrown out of a bar in Dubai (Al-Nasr Leisure land club) at 3:00 a.m. in the morning when he got into a fight after getting drunk like a skunk. The irony is, 6 hours later he was supposed to play a match against India at 9:00 a.m.
    7. Reportedly, a Pakistani businessman slapped on his face when Aamer asked him if he is arranging for girls and booze in his party in which the businessman was inviting the Pakistani team for dinner.

    There is an expression in Urdu:

    Soop bolay, bolay
    Channi kya bolay?

    Soop = a kind of tray made from cane shreds in which the traditional Indian farmers “phatko” or toss the grain to separate grain from husk, dust and stones.

    Channi = A utensil of wire mesh or closely perforated metal, used for straining, sifting, ricing which we also call “sieve.”

    The analogy between the two is, the soop holds the grain i.e. there is some substance that remains, whereas in case of the sieve everything goes through it, there is no substance or contents that remains.

    Its difficult to translate the exact meaning but, thats the best I could do.

  19. #19 by Jehanzeb Khan Niazi on July 13, 2008 - 2:53 PM

    Seems like everyone is sleeping over the blog the PCB are going to announce the list of 30 players on Monday apparently the delay is because of Shoaib Akhtar’s inclusion and officially or legally he cannot play until and unless he pays the fine and seven million rupees is not a small amount, therefore they are waiting for a decision to be taken on Monday by DNA and the committee. The chances are he would be in the team and they will waive the charges and he will not pay. This brings to the case of Asif, since his case is still under investigation including him in the squad was a very surprise move. But, in Pakistan strange things happen. After reading the news I am able to understand that they hope to resolve his case before the CT starts hence is name is there. If his name is not in the provisional squad then his later inclusion becomes more difficult. Therefore, his name in the team means one potential young fast bowler has to be the escape goat.

  20. #20 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 13, 2008 - 3:06 PM

    Jehanzeb usually people take very easy on week-ends and today is Sunday a day to lazify. About the delay in announcing the provisional squad there is some more news on cricinfo the old man who has lost his senses and his job earlier has regained his job but sense he will never regain. I am talking about Saleem Altaf and his comments.

    You are right about Show-Actor, the way his sentence has been reduced from 5 years to 3 and then 18 months and there is all the possibility that he will play and he will not pay the fine. Is there any news about him paying the earlier $53,000 fine that was imposed on him before he was cleared to play for the IPL? Or is it now Rs 7 million? Whatever it is, it is ad nauseam!

    The tournament that will be played in Toronto, Canada between August 13-16 has 4 teams, Pakistan, West Indies, Bangladesh and Canada. Another tournament where the minnows galore and another chance for Malak Saab to bag a few victories under his belt and add a few feathers on his cap.

    Canada team is the weakest. In 2003 WC, the Canadian batsman Davison hit 100 runs in a world cup match against West Indies with 67 balls breaking the world record. Except for that the Canadians have done nothing, there is another record they hold is perhaps when they got all out on 26 runs in another WC match.

  21. #21 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 13, 2008 - 5:41 PM


    Something for Pawan and Amit to comment on this incident of the Karachi Beach Party that affected the player’s performance in the final of the Asia Cup. Please check out the link below from today’s Daily “Dawn” published from Karachi:

    Its a co-incident that I have quoted something similar about Amir Sohail’s incident in Dubai where he was in the bar till 3:00 a.m.

    Remember Andrew Flintoff was drunk like a skunk and almost got sunk in the sea during the previous Caribbean WC and that cost him his captaincy. I don’t understand why players don’t respect the game? When you go on official tours you should not forget that you are representing the country and you are on official duty and not on a private vacation trip.

    ANYWAYS, HERE IS THE NEWS (just in case the above link doesn’t open)

    No probe into Karachi beach party, says BCCI: India’s defeat in Asia Cup final.

    NEW DELHI, July 12: The Board of Control for Cricket (BCCI) on Friday dismissed media reports claiming that it was obtaining details about the beach party attended by Indian cricketers Yuvraj Singh, Suresh Raina and Rohit Sharma on the night before the Asia Cup final which they eventually lost to Sri Lanka.

    BCCI Vice-president Rajiv Shukla said that there was nothing to probe into the matter. “We are not probing anything about the party. There is nothing to probe since the team management did not lodge any complaint about any player,” Shukla said.

    Earlier, some local newspapers had claimed that BCCI was getting details about the party attended by the three players at Karachi’s famous French beach with a couple of their local friends.

    The report, quoting sources, said Yuvraj, Rohit and Raina had gone to the beach with their friends immediately after attending the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) awards ceremony at the Mohatta Palace the night before the final.

    “Their friends had arranged a big party for them at the beach which is a hot-spot for elite Karachiites. The three players returned to their hotel early morning from the beach to play the crucial match later in the afternoon,” said the reports.

    Incidentally, all three failed to score runs in the final. Yuvraj was bowled for a second ball duck by Ajantha Mendis, while Raina (16) and Rohit (3) too fell to the Sri Lankan spinner who took six for 13 to guide Sri Lanka to a thumping 100-run win.—Agencies …………………….. Unquote.

  22. #22 by khansahab on July 13, 2008 - 6:40 PM

    Who failed drug test during the IPL?

    Press Trust Of India
    New Delhi, July 13, 2008

    The hugely successful Indian Premier League (IPL) was on Sunday night hit by allegation of a doping scandal with reports that a sub-continental paceman had tested positive in a random dope test, but the ICC refused to confirm or deny the report.

    In a late night report, a cricket website ‘cricketnirvana.Com’ said that World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has said a player had indeed failed the test during the IPL and it has sent a letter about the reported test to the ICC, BCCI and IPL.

    The report led to speculation of that Pakistan’s Mohammed Asif, who was detained for 19 days at Dubai airport for carrying contraband drugs, could be the player. However, there was nothing to substantiate.

    When contacted an ICC spokesman said that “we can not confirm or deny the report at this stage. IPL commissioner Lalit Modi did not answer calls nor was any BCCI official was available to comment on the report.

    “It is reliably learnt that IPL — in its maiden season — has had its first tryst with doping. The WADA official and the ICC confirmed to cricketnirvana.Com that one sample indeed tested positive, but the identity of the player is unclear,” the website report said.

    The website also quoted IPL CEO Sundar Raman, saying that they had not received any such report “We should get it (results) very shortly,” Raman said.

    Reacting to Raman’s reply, the website said, “This is surprising because usually the results of the tests conducted by the WADA are obtained within a week to a fortnight and it’s already been more than six weeks since the IPL ended.”

    During the IPL tournament, two players from each team after a match were randomly picked through a draw by the rival team managers and were asked to appear for dope tests.

  23. #23 by khansahab on July 13, 2008 - 6:47 PM

    Cricinfo has also now reported of this drug sample that was tested as positive in the IPL.

    Is Mohammad Asif in trouble again and if yes what will his excuse be?

    Or is it Shoaib Akhtar?

  24. #24 by Pawan on July 14, 2008 - 1:39 AM


    Thanks a lot for your words of encouragement. I really didn’t knew Sigmund, but I also did not try to psychoanalyze Malik (even though I might have stumbled doing so).

    About making MOYO the captain you said that,

    “First of all MOYO doesn’t have that captaincy flair in his personality, you are right that he seems to be lost while he is fielding and, that added responsibility might wake him up a bit, but can’t make him more creative and cannot instill more energy, enthusiasm and most importantly he cannot be imaginative and bold enough to take decisions”

    Well, if you are talking about captaincy flair, then let me tell you, I have seen a number of good and successful captains who when were given the captaincy did not had that captaincy flair or the capability of taking bold decesions, etc. accroding to everyone, including me. But after they started captaining their side successfully, even I thought how come this guy can do such a good job. To top it all they even did their primary job of batting/balling very well. To give you a Pakistani example – Inzamam-ul-haq. Honestly how many people thought Inzi bhai would do the captaincy job so well? But he did it. It was only after the Oval fiasco that he actually started faltering. I remember he was so out of form in the 2003 world cup that they were questioning his presence in the team. But due to so many retirements (forced/unforced) after the loss to India in 2003 world cup, Inzi bhai was given the job and he did exceedingly well above everyone’s expectations. Micheal Vaughn is another example. Vaughn was like MOYO, the prolific run scorer in the England team before he was made the test captain. He wasn’t by any angle a captaincy material, but still look at the way he won the ashes for England. Mahela Jayawardene is another lazy middle order batsman like MOYO who was never even thought of being the captain by the SL public, but look at the way he has sheperded the talented SL’s and also improved his batting along the way.

    No one has seen the future and anything can happen with MOYO’s captaincy, but I think he really deserves a chance. He has scored so many runs for Pakistan and has been there for Pakistan for so many years. He definitely deserves at least one go at captaincy. If he fails, then fine. But what if he succeeds?

    I also believe in what you say about joint management. But I think nowadays test team is becoming more different than the ODI or T20 team. As you said in one of your posts, that there will be need for all-rounders in the team rather than specialists, but that will be in ODI or T20. Not in test cricket. Test cricket is the place for specialists. It needs those specialists batsmen like Laxman, MOYO, Alaister Cook, Samarweera, Ashwell Prince, etc. who can stay at the wicket and do the job or those specialist bowlers like Kaneria, Kumble, Panesar, Paul Harris, etc. who can grind the batsmen rather than blow hot or cold. So my point is that test team is going to need different kind of strategizing than the ODI or even T20 team, which means they can afford and in fact they necessitate a different leader, who can only think about test cricket and not be involved so much in ODI or T20.

    Frankly speaking I don’t see any of the Pakistani players being capable of handling the load of captaining the side in ODI, test and T20 teams at the same time. Someone is better in ODI or T20 while some are good in test cricket. Then why not go for different captains?

    About Malik’s captaincy stint, even I am not happy and I am not advocating his case because he has done well as the captain. No. I also think that he has done really badly as the captain. I am advocating his case based on my assumption that no other player can take his job right now. In other words I am not sure if PCB can or will opt for Misbah. Afridi and Younis are of course out of question right now. But the race could be between Misbah and Malik.

    I think here are two issues being discusses. No. 1> Who do you think should captain Pakistan and No. 2> Who do you think PCB would prefer to captain Pakistan in CT? These are completely different issues as far as PCB is concerned because as you said PCB is not know to make right decesions in first place. So the bloggers should rather give their choice of captain and what they think PCB would opt for as captain.

    Please note that I do not have any problem with Misbah instead of Malik, but those who choose Misbah should also answer what they think about his age. Isn’t that is why PCB avoided MOYO for when they first selected Shoaib? What is the use of making Misbah the captain when you know he might not even feature in the next world cup? This will also be like passing the buck, like Pakistan played when Wasim Akram was the captain, by making Waqar Younis the captain. It will definitely have an effect on the team environment. Imagine what effect it will have n Afridi, MOYO and Younis, who will think that Misbah, who was not even in the picture b4 last world cup has suddenly been elevated to captaincy position…

    Its a tricky issue bhai.

  25. #25 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 14, 2008 - 2:51 AM


    I have read that Lalit Modi’s statement on cricinfo this morning about the dope test and no name has been mentioned in it. Even if they do all the follow up procedures by verifying and cross checking those random dope tests and come with a name even then they have to ask for another test. Whether Asif or whoever that person is, the question is will the PCB be willing to do that?

    The Dubai test on Asif reportedly came negative on drugs and no one knows the authenticity of that test because the whole thing was a hush hush and they covered up everything to get him out of Dubai. So, let the cat come out of the bag till then it could be any body’s guess that it is Asif or is it the Show-Actor? I can bet there wouldn’t be any other person.


    Meray Bhai you have yourself negated your own statement in this recent comment of yours above. Let me highlight it. Sometimes you don’t see it from inside and someone else who is outside can spot those errors and anomalies. The idea is not to prove you wrong but to show the inconsistencies in your own statement 🙂

    1. You are saying age is against Misbah and you are saying give Yousuf a chance he deserves that. As if Yousuf is a 19 year old? He is same age as Misbah. So what is good for Yousuf is bad for Misbah, isn’t it vice versa?

    2. You gave examples of so many names like Jayawardene and Michael Vaughn etc., my dear bro, Vaughn was less than 30 years of age when he was made captain of England. And Jayawardene was 27 when he was made the captain of SL team. If Moyo was any younger I would have said OKAY give him a chance. But, not now. Its not a matter of status symbol. Its a matter of leading the team through i.e., till the 2011 WC and beyond.

    3. Inzamam was made captain on the basis of his seniority because there was no one senior than him after those forced retirements. His appearance is such (poker face, baby face) but if you have ever heard him talking in Urdu you would have never said he is so dheela, that guy is pretty firm in his views and he has an amazing sense of humour, ask Ramiz Raja or his close associates.

    Inzi’s poor English and his Puppoo looks made him look so unassuming or someone might say deceptive. His poker face or lack of display of emotions on the ground especially while batting was a great asset. Right from day one he assumed the role of captaincy, he was in total control. He not only had the BOYZ under control but, also BOB Woolmer and the selectors. Like I said, if you have seen him in real life and talked to him, you wouldn’t have said: “Honestly how many people thought Inzi bhai would do the captaincy job so well?”

    4. For Misbah and Moyo you are saying you must give them a chance and they might prove to be very good captains. You are saying the proverbial “A bird in the hand is NOT better than the two in the bush.” Hence you want the two good players who have not experienced captaincy should be burdened with the role. The point is the guy (Afridi) who has captained the Karachi team for so many years and has a proven track of winning so many matches and local championships, you don’t trust him. By you I don’t mean YOU and I know that the PCB won’t make him the captain for various obvious reasons.

    Great players whose batting averages have gone down after they were made captain and Tendulkar’s name is on the top of the list but there are a few here for your reckoning:

    Ricky Ponting: 62.00 as captain; 55.97 not as captain
    Brian Lara: 57.83 as captain; 50.12 not as captain
    Rahul Dravid: 44.51 as captain; 57.66 not as captain
    Michael Vaughan: 37.71 as captain; 50.98 not as captain
    Only Inzi’s average increased the other way! Thats amazing isn’t it?

    5. About Malik, I don’t care if he doesn’t score or doesn’t get a wicket, I want him as a captain to win against decent teams not just minnows. Also, I want him to choose the team on merit and not on the basis of his friendship and girayeen bandi. ( girayeen bandi = the guys from his Pind)

    There isn’t any captain like Mike Brearley of England who made captaincy into a science, combining his analytical brain and understanding of psychology to get the best out of his players. His reconstruction of the hero in Ian Botham remains perhaps the greatest example of mind over matter in cricket history.

    Without Brearley’s inspirational man-management, Botham would never have been the hero today or Sir Ian Bothom. Brearley not only discovered Botham’s raw talent but he actually honed his skills and made him a hero by giving him the confidence that he needed then. Do you expect this from Paindoo Malik? He cannot represent himself in a decent way, how can he transform others into a hero?

    Malik wants to get rid of the best all-rounder of Pakistan by constantly making him sit out after every one or two bad performances, and calls himself as the best all-rounder of Pakistan. If Malik is a real captain, even 1/100th of Mike Brearley he should have never dropped Afridi, he drops him only because he feels insecure and thought Afridi is the only threat now Misbah is actually the threat, the only reason he will accept Misbah is because Misbah is his friend and he will still be in the team.

    Michael Vaughn may be considered as England’s greatest captain in terms of wins and stats, but his relationship with Flintoff (the current Bothom of this generation) desires a lot of introspection from Vaughn and it is just the Brearley quality that Vaughan might need to restore in his strained relationship with Flintoff and get the best all-rounder England back to his best i.e., when he recovers from his injured ankle. But, right now it is Pietersen in the limelight, can he do that job?

    Anways, I do not wish to digress from the subject, I have only tried to give you an example of Mike Brearly. If you talk about leadership qualities that are to be seen or desired in a captain, then neither, Malik nor Moyo has that quality in them. Misbah’s one win against India has become an automatic selection thingi for him, he may win a few more matches but, like you say, age is against him. So it is for MOYO too. And Malik is a baby who needs to go back to high school to learn the basics of captaincy.

  26. #26 by Pawan on July 14, 2008 - 5:20 AM


    I was rooting for MoYo to be captain only for the test side, never for the ODI side. By the time he retires, say in 3-4 years, he would have taught the skills of captaincy to someone hopeful. (may be Malik?)

    I would still think that PCB has no other option than to keep Malik as the ODI captain. Afridi might have lead domestic sides to victory, but if he cannot prove his batting mettle on Pakistan pitches (his complete failure in Asia Cup), then he leaves no reason for PCB to choose him as the captain. Like we say in hindi, usey kis moo say kaptan karenge?

    Misbah, although an interesting prospect, will be highly unlikely to be in PCB’s list of captains for ODI’s because of his age and so is MoYo, for ODI.

    Misbah as captain for test is also an interesting prospect, but then there is inexperience factor for him in tests.

    I gave examples of Vaughn and Mahela not to compare their age factor when they became captains, but to compare their captaincy potential before they became captains. I understand that MoYo is way beyond the right age for captaincy, even in tests, but then who would you pick for test captain? Malik is hopeless as a test captain right now and there is no one else. Misbah as I said earlier is also of the same age as MoYo and has very little experience in tests.

    About Inzi bhai, well I never saw him personally, but I had my doubts about him being the captain since he is dull and quite lethargic in field. I am not sure about others, but I was quite surprised to see Inzi as captain. Of course those doubts were dispelled at once after he started winning those games. I could see he had that control you were mentioning and was an excellent captain.

    Again to repeat myself, my choices, considering the current situation in the team, would be:

    Mailk for ODI and T20 captaincy
    MoYo for test captaincy

  27. #27 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 14, 2008 - 8:07 AM


    I know that you are and you were, “rooting for MoYo to be captain only for the test side, never for the ODI side.” You’ve also missed my point above in my previous comment, I said, “when you talk about two captains, it works in India but not in Pakistan. We were one country 61 years ago, but we are a different culture now.”

    Two captains? Impossible. I know these are different form of games (longer and shorter version) still its more like, “Ek meyaan ma 2 talwar.” Be it cricket, business or politics, see what Nawaz Sherif and Zardari are doing? Total mess, total chaos. The PCB’s dual policy or double standards have always hurt some of the players career in a big way.

    Before appointing Malik as captain of the team they should have thought of the repercussions in case of his failure, because Ramiz Raja when he was the CEO of the PCB had commented that Malik’s temperament is very detrimental and unsuitable for the post of captaincy. It was considered as a very premature statement DNA and the selectors ignored it completely. Later when Malik threw away the domestic match on purpose, it was again Ramiz Raja who interviewed him and it is on you tube, you can see and hear that interview. Raja at the time he interviewed said, the fiasco could have a lasting impact on Malik’s career, especially his chances of gaining captaincy in the future. And Malik responded in a very arrogant manner.

    Though Raja’s fears failed to materialize when Malik emerged as an obvious contender for the job after Inzamam’s exit, because Inzi hanged his boots too early and the young man’s impassioned temperament, that has more than once led him to say (T20 WC speech) or do things he later regrets, has resurfaced again. And, you cannot continue to live or carry-on on the heaps of your own failure and defeats.

    On one hand you say, give him a chance, give that one a chance and see how he performs? But you ignore the obvious ones who have proven records and great potential. If you say you make Yousuf the test side captain he will wake up, there are those who say you make Afridi the captain and see he becomes more responsible (in batting) its like “mohallay kay ghunday ko thanedar bana dou tou sab theek ho jaata wali baat hai.” That is just an expression or analogy. But the fact is, every single player when selected in the national side is judged on the basis of his domestic performance – why restrict this performance business to batting and bowling only? – why not extend it to the role of captaincy as well? Isn’t this a very valid point?

  28. #28 by khansahab on July 14, 2008 - 9:47 AM

    Aamir demands removal of Dr Nasim as PCB chief

    By Our Sports Reporter

    LAHORE, July 13: While criticising the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) policies, former Test captain Aamir Sohail has demanded of President Pervez Musharraf, the Board’s patron, to replace current chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf with an honest and knowledgeable man in order to save the game of cricket from further damage.

    While talking to reporters here on Sunday, Aamir said that the massive damage brought to the game and all the new controversies that you see associated with it these days is all due to the wrong policies of the current chief.

    “PCB’s new chairman should be a good combination of cricket and administrative knowledge, which are essential to run the affairs of the game,” he said.

    Aamir, a former chief selector, was of the view that the cricket circles were waiting eagerly for President Musharraf to take action against the PCB chairman. He also felt that it is about time the patron realised he is losing credibility in the cricket circles because of his apparent support to Dr Nasim Ashraf.

    “The responsibility also lies with the president, who as Patron appointed Dr Nasim Ashraf as the PCB chairman. The whole cricketing nation is burning with curiosity as to what action he takes against the man’s reckless decisions about Shoaib Akhtar and director cricket operations for World Cup 2011 Saleem Altaf, particularly after the courts gave a decision in the two cases against the board,” he said.

    Also critical of the tapping/bugging incidents in the board’s headquarters, Aamir said that the ones responsible for the unlawful act should themselves quit before the law takes course.

    Aamir argued that the PCB belongs to the cricketers and the public and it is not the property of doctors and bureaucrats.

    “There is no big secret about why you are doing these illegal things. It is because you feel threatened by the true professionals. Is sacking an honest technocrat just so he is unsupportive of the wrongdoings corporate culture?

    “It shows your mindset, that you can only work with incompetent officials who just dance on your tune,” Aamir remarked.

    He said the patron should select the PCB chairman through an advisory board comprising former Test cricketers and experts and the post should also be advertised.

    About the imposition of tax on cricket, Aamir proposed that the money gathered through it should be spent for the betterment of other sports.

    He regretted that the unprofessional handling of Shoaib’s case has made Pakistan a laughing stock in the world of cricket. The case, he said, could have been handled by giving the bowler a chance to prove his fitness in the field.

    Aamir was also critical of the National Cricket Academy (NCA). He said that unfortunately coaching at the academy was being provided by ordinary form cricketers, who only concentrate on changing the bowling action and batting stance of the cricketers.

    “The NCA coaches emphasise more on theory rather than encouraging natural talent to flow,” he added.

  29. #29 by khansahab on July 14, 2008 - 10:05 AM

    Why is Aamir Sohail taking Salim Altaf’s side? Everyone knows Altaf is a poor administrator and he was one of the biggest reasons why Waqar Younis was removed as bowling coach when the team was doing reasonably well.
    Altaf has been associated with the PCB even longer than Nasim Ashraf and what exactly has Altaf done to improve the state of the PCB?

    Aamir says Dr Ashraf is dishonest, corrupt, lacks knowledge about cricket and Aamir has also blamed Musharraf for not taking action against Ashraf. Who is honest and who is an angel depends on our subjective interpretations of virtues and morals, it also depends on our natural biases.

    I don’t know what type of person Dr Ashraf is and Aamir probably has a better idea but I do know Dr Ashraf has had to go through a lot so far. He has always made decisions we have not agreed with, but everyone has a long term aim and the reason why his resignation was rejected by the President is because the President trusts him and wants to give him time.

    I think the players need to be blamed much more than the Board. Dr Ashraf has had to contend with the Oval Test fiasco, the unacceptable show in WC 2007, Woolmer’s death, the refusal of Younis Khan to accept captaincy, tremendous friction with other PCB officials, scathing media criticism where people have said he only got the job because he is the President’s friend, the ridiculous behaviour of Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif and now, the lacklustre and spineless captaincy of Shoaib Malik. Plus we all know about the groupings and factions in the team, the lobby against Afridi, the lobby against Malik and now some seniors and juniors have criticised Malik saying he has a poor and unsupportive attitude.

    Following are the awards that have been granted to Dr Ashraf:

    * Conferred Sitara-i-Imtiaz by President of Pakistan in 2006 for 30 years of distinguished public service.
    * UNESCO INTERNATIONAL AWARD for Literacy in 2006.
    * Awarded Gold Medal for the Most Outstanding Graduate of Khyber Medical College 1956-2004 on occasion of KMC’s Golden Jubilee.
    * Lifetime Achievement Award by Khyber Medical College Alumni Association of North America. 2004.
    * Gold Medal Award by Sohni Dharti 2004
    * Star Man of the Year Award by South Asia Publications (SAP) – 2003
    * Recipient of American College of Physicians Linda Rosenthal Award 2002
    * Richard and Hinda Rosenthal Foundation Award given by the American College of Physicians, 2002
    * Special Award from Fairfax County, Virginia, USA for promoting Asian American Harmony. 2000
    * Institute of Overseas Pakistani’s, Gold Medal Award, 1996
    * WHO’S WHO IN AMERICA, 1994
    * APPNA Gold Medal Award, 1993
    * APPNA Presidential Award, 1986
    * Khyber Medical College Dean’s Award for Service to Alma Mater, 1998
    * South Douglas County Chamber of Commerce Outstanding Citizen Award, 1992
    * Best Student of the School, St. Mary’s Cambridge School, Peshawar, 1965
    * Merit Scholarship Recipient, Peshawar Board of Education, Pakistan, 1967
    * Graduated with Honors Final M.B.B.S, 1972 (Fourth position in Class)

  30. #30 by khansahab on July 14, 2008 - 10:14 AM


    I am really impressed with your knowledge about Pakistan cricket and overall enthusiasm for cricket.

    Javed A Khan/Pawan

    Since the golden era when Wasim Akram was captain, a lot of what has happened in Pakistan cricket has happened because of desperation. Javed A Khan is right in saying that, Inzamam is not really the fool his looks and behaviour make him seem to be. He does command respect, he does have some leadership ability and he does say sensible things. But despite this he was a poor captain because he is also lazy and a reactive person at the same time.

    Malik was also made captain because of a desperate situation. Afridi’s bowling was not as consistent as it is now, Younis refused captaincy, Yousuf was meek and weak and Shoaib Akhtar was as unreliable as ever. No matter what the PCB say, Malik was never the “ideal” candidate for captaincy. In fact Zakir Khan, a senior offical of the PCB also said once that, “Malik is captain only because there is no one else.”

  31. #31 by theossa on July 14, 2008 - 2:01 PM

    Ahhh, Asif not again….Now another ridiculous drama, crazy and out of this world excuses, and mindless 80 IQ caliber handling of the situation by PCB is brewing. Selection committee never wanted Asif and Shoaib in the 30 men squad and rightly so but political pressure could have persuaded them but not anymore. Asif, how many times you want to embarrass us? Come on dowg, mercy. Players like Asif and Shoaib must be treated stiff because the message you want to convey to the juniors is; no BS will be tolerated but the message goes like this; if you have a strong political back, your pile of shit will be ignored. It’s another sad for Pak, Asif found positive again for drugs.

  32. #32 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 14, 2008 - 2:23 PM

    Asif tested positive during IPL

    Now the name has been mentioned that the sample belongs to ASAF, the substance name has not been announced. But, ASAF says he is shocked !
    BUT, We are not. Because, we all know what he is capable of. And, a druggie is a druggie, is a druggie.

    He said, “I am shocked and surprised because I was extra cautious and never used any banned substances … and thats why I had kept Salajit in my wallet.”

    According to the news :”Asif now has the right to request that his ‘B’ sample [supplied at the same time as the one that tested positive] be sent for analysis. If the ‘B’ sample also tests positive, the matter will be taken up by the IPL’s drugs tribunal in accordance with the ICC’s anti-doping code. ”

    So Asif is a goner too? Come Champions Trophy, Come September and you see Asif and Show-Actor are declared Champions.


    Aamer Churail has nothing to do thats why he is blabbing so much, perhaps he is interested in DNA’s post? He wants to cook something with Saleem Altaf. Do you remember during the Asia Cup, in one of the post match ceremonies, Raja while introducing the presentation committee after mentioning Wasim Akram’s name said, “he is the VIP guest of the PCB.” I don’t know how many of you have seen that. The point is, Wasim after a long absence from the Pakistani TV media has resurfaced again. His intentions are always materialistic he is definitely eying for a big position in the PCB or do something to make some money. There is no such thing as free lunch, but Wasim has never paid for any, in fact he expects to get paid (under the table.)

    A couple of years ago Wasim was asking for creating a Fast Bowlers Fund and he be made in-charge of it. He doesn’t want to take any initiative on his own, he first wants to create a Fund and then see how many millions are available then he would like to take over the role of the CEO of that operation. The request didn’t get any further and Wasim didn’t do anything either. In fact he packed his bag and went across the border to make a fortune. If you do that, then you have no right to talk about the team, players or their performances. You are simply exploiting your status and also by creating controversies you are called in TV Shows where you are paid, am I right?

    With Wasim Akram’s betting, bribery and match fixing allegations against him, he should be kept away from taking any position. In fact, there is a clause in the Justice Qayyum report which bars him from taking any responsible position at the government or semi-government organization. I am not sure for how many years he is barred from that but, in financial organizations it is for life. Its only in Pakistan’s cricket and politics that if one government or one administration applies a ban, the other removes it. There is no respect for the constitution of the country and there is constitution in the PCB.

  33. #33 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 14, 2008 - 2:32 PM


    As long as you brew paindoo-ism in a pot, there will be more Asaf and Show-aibs in the culture. The irony is there is no shame, no remorse, no apology, no nothing. They act like “Dheets” and consider everyone else as ignorant. You are being very modest in rating him with an IQ of 80 put the zero on the other side man.

    It is so “disgustipatingly” pathetic and appalling to see that on so many occasions Pakistan’s name has been ruined. People talk about deposing DNA why not DNA kick out these rogues? Thats because his hands are tied up? These rogues have backing from sinister ministers and “snayters” I must say that they are really MF’ers.

  34. #34 by theossa on July 14, 2008 - 3:26 PM

    Damn right Javed, MF’ers, RuleF’ers, FanF’ers, and Country’s ImageF’ers. My both middle fingers to them and also to the People of PakF’ers in the Parliament, Senate, and Military. I need time to cool down.

  35. #35 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 14, 2008 - 3:37 PM

    So to cool down are you heading to Natalie?

  36. #36 by theossa on July 14, 2008 - 3:49 PM

    You bet ya javed, See you guys after I make out with Natalie.

  37. #37 by Pawan on July 14, 2008 - 5:38 PM

    Wow, so much has happened since I last commented…

    First.. Javed, so you are against splitting the captaincy domain for tests and ODIs. But then who do you think would be your choice of captain for both the test and ODI team considering the current situation in the team?

    Khansahab, Thanks for your appreciation. I really enjoy blogging here because of the intellectual reponses I get and that is what stimulates the human brain I guess.

    Khansahab, I will comment on Aamir Sohail after my work today. Its lunch time here and I just checked LS and news and found extremely dissapointing news of Asif being the one who was using drugs in IPL.

    Asif is such a talented bowler. Why does he have to use such performance enhancing material? I really don’t understand who has influenced his mind. Well, recreational drugs is one thing, but performance enhancing drugs is so unfair. Don’t you have confidence in your ability that you have resorted to such an avenue and stopped so low that your country and your fans from all over the world haveto hid their face in embarassment? Frankly Asif, not you, but everyone over at LS is shocked at this terrible terrible incident. The fact that this is getting a common thing for Asif, should be a cause for concern for PCB. They should ban him for life, otherwise he will spil everyone else in the team.

    I am still at loss to figure out who it would have been to have influenzed Asif’s mind in order to be such an addict? Is the real cultprit Mr. Shoaib Akhtar? This is a sad day for Pakistan fans not only in Pakistan but all over the world.

    Another news has surface now. MoYo has opted out of the CT because it is the Ramadin month. This has created a place for Mo. Hafeez to get into the side. He is an exciting young player who also played for Kolkata NR. Let us see what he does in the CT.

  38. #38 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 14, 2008 - 6:32 PM


    honestly speaking yesterday when I read the news – Lalit Modi’s statement in which no name was disclosed – speculations were it must be Asif, so obviously there is no shock. None whatsoever for me.

    To answer your question why he is involved in drugs?

    1. Lack of education
    2. Rustic background
    3. Too much money and too much fame in short time.
    4. Never seen glitz and glamour in his entire life and when he got into wrong hands, wrong company, he got hooked.
    5. Why blame anyone if you are mentally weak?

    The thing is there are many people who are from remote villages and not educated, they do not have the finesse, but their family background stops them from indulging into bad habits. Asif and Akhtar both have weak minds and thats the reason they get easily hooked to banned substances such as these, especially when they are told by so called Hakeems and quacks that it is organic, natural, herbal, whatever and not harmful or banned and it will enhance your performance physical and sexual, they fall for it. And thats why Asif used Salajit, he admitted that it was Salajit and later denied. Thats his nature to admit, confess and then deny. He has no mind of his own, whatever they tell him to say he does. Its a shame, thats all I can say and I agree with you that both of them should be banned for life.

    The news that Yousuf will not be in the CT because of Ramadan. Wait and see how many will join him? Last Ramadan, Afridi pulled out of the test series against SA due to Ramadan. But, may be this is one day international and may be its a D/N event so he may not. But, their performance before Iftaar will definitely be affected. I mean those who fast during the Ramadan days will have real hard time coping with the heat and exhaustion.

    Apart from Afridi, Younus Khan and Gul are definitely the ones who would fast, like Inzamam used to. But, Malik for sure cannot stand for 5 minutes on the ground if he fasts. Anyways, this is a different subject. But, the fact is even today the provisional squad of 30 names which was supposed to be announced has been delayed further because of ASAF’s case. What a pain in the whatever he is.


    Pawan – what is your opinion about the other cricket blogs? What do they stimulate? 😉 Anyways, I am glad to hear this comment from you because, its not only the topic or the threads that are written in high quality and with professionalism, it is the quality of the bloggers like you, amit, awas et ALL that make the difference and make the discussions so interesting and of high quality.

  39. #39 by khansahab on July 14, 2008 - 8:45 PM

    Javed A Khan

    A thought recently came into my head.

    We say a lot of Pakistani players come from villages and this is the reason why they are unable to control fame and glamour. Many people justify Asif’s behaviour saying he is from a village, so uneducated, and that seems to add a layer of “defence” to his actions.

    That is a possibility. But a lot of Indian players also come from villages. Dhoni, Munaf, Praveen Kumar- they are all from small towns and villages. A huge proportion of Bangladesh’s players are from villages. Quite a few Sri Lankans are from villages as well.

    Why don’t they behave like this though? You can say Munaf Patel has become arrogant, which I will agree is true. But how come you don’t hear about drinking abuse, drug abuse, unruly behaviour, “being seen in a nightclub with a girl at 3am” sort of stories with these players, ESPECIALLY ON CRICKET TOURS?

    A few years ago I read on Crininfo that Naved Latif, Yassar Arafat, Taufeeq Umar and one of two of their friends were seen speeding on a road in Sharjah. When the police caught them, they were found to be drunk as well. They were detained for a night and of course PCB had to intervene. What is wrong with them, behaving like this in the UAE?

  40. #40 by khansahab on July 14, 2008 - 8:54 PM

    By the way let us remind ourselves, according to Senator Zafar Iqbal Choudhary, Asif is “superstar of Pakistan”.

    He is the “clown prince of pind of Pakistan”, in my opinion.

  41. #41 by khansahab on July 14, 2008 - 9:07 PM


    Thanks for your comments. I feel sorry for you and other Indians here on LS because you must be confused thinking, why is there so much paindooism amongst Pakistani players?

    Does anyone want to comment on the favourite commentators that were voted recently on ESPN? Bhogle, Shastri and Rameez Raja are amongst the winners. I am not surprised Zaheer Abbas, Aamir Sohail, Wasim and Waqar are not in this list.

    If Waqar was in this list he would say, “I am a good a-keep in this list”.

  42. #42 by Awas on July 14, 2008 - 9:08 PM


    It’s interesting to see an outsider’s point of view about Pakistan and most of what you said you have analysed from quite a fair perspective. Khansahab has summed it up by quoting one official. “Malik is captain only because there is no one else.”

    After Younus’ refusal, as I have been saying, there was no automatic choice as captain. All others have had one thing or other going against them. Either too young inexperienced, too old or whatever.

    As a stop gap choice to remove Malik, MoYo may not be an ‘indecent proposal’ but why not look ahead to future and give it a go at Afridi, if Younus still refuses? There are some ifs and buts with Afridi’s choice. He is very good bowler, not outstanding but who is? Even for India after Kumble, Chawala looks a good prospect but has yet to prove himself. Captaincy wise Afridi has a good track record. Batting wise, he lets himself down as well as us all but who has not had a bad patch in batting?

    Misbah will be a bad choice; one because he has yet to prove his mettle in tests and two; it could quite easily create factions with seniors feeling they have been overlooked.

    As Javed mentions, most important thing for a captain is to win and win consistently. I too have mentioned before, Mike Brearley was an amazing one at that…an exceptional person. You would be lucky to see him scoring at all but can rely on him winning a match. In this day and age though, it would be unthinkable to afford the luxury of having a player who can’t bat can’t bowl. Anyway, in Pakistan there are no psychologist genius cricketers like that. Nowadays, you need captains like Shane Warne type, who are match winners in their own right and are outstanding at captaincy too.


    It’s very interesting to read numerous awards that DNA has won. I don’t agree with Aamir Sohail’s verbose at him. A chairman doesn’t need to be an ex-cricketer. You need a competent administrator to ensure all matters are run smoothly without interfering in pure cricketing matters such as who should be in the squad and who shouldn’t. Sharad Power is not a cricketing brain either but is the president of BCCI. Many ECB chairmen have been non-cricketing personalities.

    I have liked DNA’s tough stance on miscreants. Previous chairmen have always been lenient with the likes of Shoaib Akhtar. When Shoaib made accusations that DNA had been involved in bribery and DNA filed a defamation lawsuit in court, I supported that stance of DNA on Pakspin at the time. He may not necessarily have done everything right but as Khansahab mentions he has been through difficult times.

    Saleem Altaf’s reinstatement was on technical grounds as the courts ruled that he could only have been removed by the President. So, I don’t think courts were at fault as such, it was more a case of PCB advisors bungling it by not following the correct procedure. Saleem Altaf now slamming PCB for alleged leaking of probables list seems to me a case of vindictiveness and of feeling smug for his reinstatement.

    On Asif

    He deserves a severe punishment and I think PCB would treat him harshly too otherwise original 5 years punishment given to Shoaib would look rather silly.

    On MoYo

    I respect his decision to prefer fasting to playing cricket. A player would be doing a disservice to himself and cricket if deciding to play. It is difficult to be out all day playing on a cool day, on a hot day in September it is near impossible. You cannot give your 100% as lethargy and dehydration creeps in. All players should choose…either fast or play cricket, not both.

    By the way, Pawan, Hafeez is a mediocre player. He wouldn’t and shouldn’t get picked at the end…he is just in the prabables right now. Other newcomers have impressed much more.

  43. #43 by Pawan on July 14, 2008 - 11:00 PM

    Well, Khansahab, It is not ONLY the Pakistani players who act “paindoos”. I can ennumerate infinite examples of Indian players acting “paindoos” over here. Just to go back to the Asia Cup final, Yuvraj, Rohit and a few other “paindoos” went to a late night party BEFORE the day of final match against SL. So it is not quite uncommon, this “paindooism”. Duniya mein Chu**yon ki kami nahi mere dost, ek dhoondo hazar milten hain.

    I feel really sorry for Asif though, because I was banking in him to become one of the greatest fast bowlers Pakistan can produce. So it is definitely heart wrenching. I really liked one of the interviews he gave to Osman Samiuddin on Cricinfo where he described how he set up Sangakarra for a wicket and it was truly amazing that he could think in that way. But this drug thing had completely spoilt his career. I cannot see him come up from this. Its a shame that such a talent is wasted, due to improper guidance I should say. As Javed highlights all the reasons for his behavior, which are indeed true, one can only wonder why someone did not intervene in his case when they saw the first signs of him being a druggist. A proper guidance is needed for every individual in this world and everyone is susceptible to fall for the wrong things in life, but if you have that God-send mentor or guide, then things just fall in place. I don’t know why PCB did not see this coming. They could have easily guided this young talent into the domains of stardom. But alas, we people from sub-continent, who are so talented, always waste it. Another talented Pakistani bowler bites the dust. I dunno how many sacrifices will have to be made after which PCB will wake up.

    Guys, am also okay with people with fasting and not playing. I do agree that relegion is a faith instilled in an individual which acts as a foundation. Cricket is just a game, so losing faith for a game is indeed unadvisable. Awas, I thought Hafeez was a very talented all-rounder. He is not in good form nowadays, but he did well for a few matches that Pakistan tried him. he is a great fielder, a good spinner and can even open the batting. I dunno how his relations are with Malik though. coz it seems whoever gets in the playing 11 nowadays should have good “recommendations”.

    Making Afridi the test captain would be a dangerous ploy, but it can definitely succeed. If you guys have seen him guide a domestic side to success and improving his batting form along the way, then I would say give him a chance. But it just creates so many complications. Malik, MoYo, Misbah and Younis will definitely feel dissatisfied and what about the youngsters? Why would they respond to such an irresponsible person? They will definitely revolt. Anyway, Pakistan cricket is truly going through a grave crises right now. So many problems…

    1. Who will captain the side in ODI/T20/test matches?
    2. Will ICC allow CT to be held in Pakistan?
    3. Asif’s new fiasco.
    4. Akhtar? Should he play in the CT?
    5. Majid Khan and Aamir Sohail revolting openly against DNA. Should he quit?
    6. Team composition for ODI/T20/test matches?
    7. Which test nation apart from any from Asia is willing to go to Pakistan for playing matches? If you think of it, feels so strange that Australia has not toured Pakistan for 10 years now… That is simply unbelievable. PCB should take a strong stand about this. This simply cannot work.

  44. #44 by Pawan on July 14, 2008 - 11:05 PM


    I saved this comment for a new post because I wanted to tell you, Khansahab and Awas that I do not comment on any of the other blogs. There are various reasons for that. I do not want to comment on why I don’t comment. I used to read a lot of Pakspin though, but not the bulshit blue brothers. I didn’t agree with Mukul’s views. He was terribly partial towards Laxman and most of the times his blogs were for Laxman. Agreed, VVS is a gerat player, but dude, the blos is about Indian TEAM, not just VVS. It would be a pleasure though if Kamran Abbasi Sir starts commenting on LS. I guess that would be something like a dream come true for you guys. Kamran’s comments were quite well thought about and written. No doubt Pakspin became so popular in so less time.

  45. #45 by Pawan on July 14, 2008 - 11:26 PM


    Bhogle getting the best commentator tag is total crap. I am sorry to be harsh, but thats the reality. He is not insightful like Chappel or innovative like Sidhu or intelligent like Gavaskar. I see him as quite a normal commentator. He does write excellent stuff in Indian Express, an Indian daily newspaper. If you get a chance then do read that, although its more about Indian cricket, but he has got good views about ICC and other stuff like that. You can normally find his articles in Cricinfo surfer blog.

    Shastri is another Bhogle. Just normal. There is nothing different or exciting about him when he comments. Frankly am bored with his doldrums and ramblings. And the Shaz – Waz fiasco was total stupidity. Shastri is more interested in wooing girls/women. That was okay a few years ago, but now that he is getting old, he should not be so outspoken about girls in front of the camera. I am least bothered about his private life. But in front of camera you should behave. I have heard a few very nasty comments from him about girls, which he thinks were very smart comments.

    Michael Holding is the cool dude. Watch the video on you tube where he says I like those two cherries (was referring to the balls being changed or something during a match, but the camera’s suddenly focused on a hot lady!).

    Boycott and Chappel are classic commentators, just like Benaud. Man, Benaud was the baap of everyone in commentry.

    Among Pakistani commentators, only Ramiz Raja can make the cut and truly so. Waqar is funny unknowingly. While I haven’t heard Mushy/Abbas speaking in English, but heard they were as good as Waqar.

    Sri-Lankan commentators have nothing much to offer also. They peculiarly say the word wicket as “vikaat” and so many other things which look funny.

    But guys the funnies of all commentators — Athar Ali! Man, this guy rocks… He is the “intermittent man”. Stops and starts his commentery suddenly, without any warning. I am truly at loss of words to describe his talent!

  46. #46 by Pawan on July 14, 2008 - 11:31 PM

    Well, more news from Asif case:

    “I am shocked and surprised because I was extra cautious and never used any
    banned substances,” Asif told AFP.

    What does he mean by extra cautious? Does it mean, he used those banned substances before sometime??

    “It was also checked if Asif had applied for and was granted a Therapeutic Use Exemption (TUE),” according to an IPL release.

    So he can now cross off the TUE excuse from his list. What else is remaining in the excuses list now?

  47. #47 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 15, 2008 - 1:30 AM

    You guys have already written so much and covered so many points which most people cannot even think of.

    Pawan on your question about why they didn’t guide Asif? khansahab has answered your question by reminding how the Senator Zafar Iqbal Chaudhry commented by saying “Asaf is a superstar of Pakastan and our salaybrity. ” Sarhad kay iss paar bhee kamee nahee hai Pawan, ek dhoondo 10,000 miltay hain.

    About players revolting against captains, it doesn’t happen if the board stays totally and fully behind the captain. As long as the PCB was firm in supporting Malik’s case no one talked about him. Its not that he was any good performance wise but, no one opened his mouth or talked openly. Once the cat was out of the bag when the big old names like Wasim Akram, Raja etc., started talking about Malik and the anonymous PCB officials also giving statements to the media, that the younger players started to chirp. No one dared to talk against Imran Khan or Inzamam. Although there were rumours about Inzi’s tableegh that he was forcing players to pray, but then he was already at the fag end of his career.

    So, the point is if Afridi is made captain, why would MoYo revolt? He has already accepted a mule to lead. And so has Younus, because he already declined that job twice, he cannot lament or revolt against a senior player. Who remains? Misbah – If he wasn’t told that you will be the vice captain and now you are in the making of a captain, he would have never really bothered because he knows that he is relatively new in the national side. Even after knowing that they are considering him to lead, and if they decide against, he won’t mind. Because, for him it is important to play whatever few years are left in him. As regards bachoongras like Butt or anyone else, they would be more keen to butter the Butt side of the bread rather than revolting. “Jiski laathi uski bhains.”

    About, the Karachi Beach party Raina was the third name Pawan. And khansahab those drunken drivers were also hushed hushed like Asaf. There is some kinda pact with the UAE because they also visit on mutual hunting grounds, you know what I mean? Rahim Yar Khan may masjid, hospital, roads and hunting Buster (Tilore in Urdu, and Habara in Arabic) they also love desi Murghis from Brilliant Market. So, you scratch my back, I scratch yours. Or should I say SuckRatch? 🙂

    Pawan, on Majid Khan and Aamer Churail campaigning against DNA, Majid has always been a crackpot and hotheaded person. There is a very slight difference between him and Sarfaraz Nawaz. I used to respect Majid a lot, but when he was the CEO of the PCB, he did nothing. Now, he is crying over the split milk because his son Bazid Khan is not in the team. How many more chances should he get? He is a mediocre player who is OK for domestic matches only.

    About Mohammad Hafiz, Awas is right he too is a mediocre player. He has thrown away his wicket on so many occasions and put a lot of pressure on the team. You may check his stats, there is nothing to write home about.

    About Kamran Abbassi writing here? Forget it man. First he has to kill his inflated ego before even thinking about writing here. His blog became famous because of ME. 🙂 Well, you may be knowing this or ask anyone or read the archives, there are so many guys who love to hate me and they used to spit venom against me and I have never disappointed them with my retorts. Will tell you more later. Take care.

  48. #48 by Amit. P on July 15, 2008 - 7:45 AM

    You guys have already written ab’t Asif and i dont have anything more to write ab’t him. Now he has proved himself as a “pakka druggie”. One reporter from karachi has written in TOI that long before in 2006 on SL tour, inzy caught him smoking hashish, and warned him to stay away from these things. Now he must be cursing himself for not learning that lesson. Its time for payback dude.

    On commentators

    For me Bhogle-chappell combination is ultimate, though i never witnessed Benaud’s live commentary …. heard from many guys that he indeed is “baap of all commentators”. Bhogle is at his best when comes along with fine reader of the game, and chappell shows his understanding of the game when pitted along with “curious” commentator … so both complement each other. I dont like Bhogle-Shashtri or chappell-gavaskar combination …. these pairs, specially the later one, will bore u to death. Shashtri falls in the category of Tony greig or Ramiz raja …. all are good in sensationalizing commentary … full of humor, wit, style and all. I wud like to see Shashtri-Ramiz combination on any channel … this pair must be the most entertaining( rocking 😉 ) .. specially in a T20, but strict no no for test commentary . Gavaskar is anything but a live commentator for me, he is good in pre or post-match analysis or commenting on particular issue .. but he hams bigtime in live commentary …. can easily get stuck to one particular event or issue throughout the session. So its pair that works for me.

    On MoYo

    All i can say is “i am agree” with theossa. 🙂

  49. #49 by Awas on July 15, 2008 - 7:46 AM

    As I said earlier Pakistan will now take a tough stance on Asif. Here is the latet from The News:

    Pakistan on Monday expressed fears that their disgraced pacer Mohammad Asif is caught in serious trouble after failing a dope test but made it clear that the player is “now on his own”.

    A Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official told ‘The News’ that the Board will not assist Asif in any legal matters that would arise following a confirmation from the Indian Premier League (IPL) organisers that the fast bowler tested positive for a banned substance.

    “Our policy about dope offenders is very clear,” said Shafqat Naghmi, PCB’s Chief Operating Officer. “The Board will not provide any kind of help to Asif and he will have to fight his case himself,” he added.

    Asif, who tested positive for banned anabolic steroid nandrolone during the 2006 Champions Trophy in India, could face a life ban if anti-doping authorities are convinced that this is his second offence.

    “The player seems to be in a lot of trouble,” agreed Naghmi. “A second drug offence means a life ban,” he pointed out. In the past, the PCB has been generously helping out Asif to get away with his misadventures unscathed.

    But not this time. Naghmi said that the Board has decided to distance itself from the latest controversy to hit Pakistan cricket. Unlike the past, the PCB will not provide any help to Asif in case his positive dope test conducted during the inaugural IPL season results in a ban.

  50. #50 by khansahab on July 15, 2008 - 8:42 AM

    Pawan/Amit P

    Interesting comments about commentators. I like most Indian commentators. Pawan, you have once again made a very intelligent point that Bhogle is not innovative or insightful which is true, but he does have a sense of humour. About Shastri, I think he is a very good commentator. You are spot on again saying that there is nothing exceptional about his commentary that distinguishes him from others, but I think he does have lots of style (“Tashan” hai) and I think he is pretty articulate. Actually I don’t like Gavaskar’s commentary a lot- I think sometimes he gets too hyped up unnecessarily. Rameez Raja is good, he learns and adapts very well which is why he is improving everyday. He is also well spoken, insightful and does have a keen sense of humour. I have heard him speaking English during the early part of his commentary career and whereas he didn’t make bloopers like Wasim and Waqar, his English was nothing special. I don’t have a problem with Arun Lal, I don’t think he is as bad as most people say. Maybe not in the league of Shastri, Bhogle, Sidhu, but certainly not in the same league as Athar Ali Khan, Sri Lankans or most Pakistanis. There is this Pakistani commentator called “Sikandar Bakht” whose English is better than everyone’s (except Rameez Raja’s) but we don’t see him a lot for some reason.

    Holding, Boycott, Benaud (wise old man, but sometimes boring), Chappel, they are classic commentators. I am in two minds about Tony Creig because, I don’t find his analysis very insightful or unique but the way he reacts to a boundary or six, or fall of a wicket, he makes it sound very exciting.

  51. #51 by khansahab on July 15, 2008 - 8:55 AM

    By the way Pawan,

    I agree there are paindoos in the Indian cricket team too, like Yuvraj and Harbhajan Singh. This beach party incident is regrettable, but still not at par with drug abuse and unruly and lawless behaviour like that demonstrated by Pakistani paindoo players.

  52. #52 by theossa on July 15, 2008 - 12:07 PM

    Hold your horses folks, Asif might be lucky yet again. An IPL blunder can save his behind. Here is what Cricinfo wrote, “The World Anti-Doping Code Article 7.2 gives the player the right to ask for his ‘B’ sample to be analysed while Article 14.2 says the player’s name can be publicly disclosed no earlier than the completion of the administrative review described in Articles 7.1 and 7.2. This deviation from the WADA regulation can now help Asif win his case in appeal if his medical and legal representative fought his case well”.
    In my opinion even if Asif somehow gets away with all this sh*t, PCB should penalize him stiffly. Also, PCB should keep drama kings like Akhter out of the team.
    The problem with the players is very simple; they are just taking advantage of a weak board which lacks teeth. They do it because they know they can get away. The problem with the board is a double header; they need to save their ass*s and they take abuse from good players so they stay in the team. The other problem with the board is political, it seems some time PCB takes a stiff action but soon backs off because of media and political pressure. Then there are vultures like Aamir Sohail and Majid Khan who do not offer anything productive but wait for an opportunity to take on PCB no matter what, to forward their agenda of becoming the board chairman.
    Here is a hint to PCB official, in a quote by the great philosopher theossa-;) “The power of the powerful lies in the weakness of the weak” How was that?

  53. #53 by Awas on July 15, 2008 - 12:48 PM

    “The Great Philosopher”

    That’s a good one…sounds a lot like what Confucius would have said. When you become history like him, people would be quoting that a lot…;)-

    It is right what you say about Aamir Sohail and Majid Khan. One is itching to become an arrogant selector again perhaps and the other a useless chairman. Both are a bit of a joke now a days.

    Majid Khan as a player was a wonderful batsman though. I do remember one innings of his especially…that I heard a lot about when I was young. It was a century he scored against Australia in Australia before lunch. It remained a record for a long time I think but I don’t know how many more have done that. He was like a Jayasuria of his days.

  54. #54 by theossa on July 15, 2008 - 1:23 PM


    I never saw Majid Khan bat but I liked the courageous but sometimes arrogant batting of Aamir Sohail.

    Since you puffed me up by mentioning Confucius, here is another quote, which Khansahab, Amit P, Pawan, and Abdul should consider. This one is not very philosophical but true to most extent:

    “The chicks we dig, rarely pay attention to us and the chicks that dig us, we rarely pay attention to them”.

  55. #55 by theossa on July 15, 2008 - 1:30 PM

    Since I’m sincere but a cunning person, I’ll tell all my rookie players the rule number one of the game:

    “Never approach a girl who does not make eye contact, no matter how attractive she is”.

    That means save your pride and time. Did I mention I charge $50 for Rule# 2?

  56. #56 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 15, 2008 - 2:37 PM

    Hey guys do we still need to discuss that dolt who is high on pot? As the saying goes, ‘he who stands in toilet is, high on pot.’ but first LOL @ “The Ossa Confucius” means the Doosra Confucius and his quotes.

    The reason Asaf stood high on pot is because he hated prunes. They say, he who eats too many prunes sits on potty too many moons. 🙂 hence he loved Salajit so much that he kept it upfront in his ……. wallet.

    Pakspin, as expected suddenly woke up in Asif’s sympathy and blaming the PCB for spoiling him and not guiding him properly. I wrote something over there just now and I am not sure if it gets published. Lets leave that jerk aside for sometime and talk about what “TheOssa KungFuShus” says.

    theossa on your comments about chicks and the girl who doesn’t make an eye contact. You are right because a girl, if she says “NO” she mean “Perhaps” and when she says “Perhaps” she mean “Yes” but when she say “Yes”, she not a girl….. could be a sharmoota or a slutskaya.

    Finally; I must say that, people who make Confucius joke speak bad English.

  57. #57 by Awas on July 15, 2008 - 2:40 PM

    Mr T

    Some of these guys you mentioned above will have no hesitation in stumping up that kind of money…these rules are worth its money.

  58. #58 by theossa on July 15, 2008 - 3:26 PM

    Thanks Awas, yeah they should buy shares of my “An Idiots Guide to the Game”, LOL.

    Javed, I liked the Bad English Speaking “TheOssa KungFuShus”. Since you don’t have copy rights and you won’t mind me stealing this name, I’ll probably adopt it.

    The Free Rule# 16 of the Game, “Hommee, don’t try to act like a nice guy in a relationship because nice guys finish last and often in the divorce courts”. So in the Game being Bad Ass helps-;)

  59. #59 by Mohammed Munir on July 15, 2008 - 10:28 PM

    So much is happening in Pakistani cricket these days that I must confess it is not possible to keep a hold of the news.

    Bad 😦

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