Aggressive Arrogant Aamer Sohail. Extremely rude and disrespectful to seniors and wants to be the new Chairman of the PCB

Aggressive Arrogant Aamer Sohail. Extremely rude and disrespectful to seniors and wants to be the new Chairman of the PCB

Too much flak for the PCB Chairman DNA

Too much flak for the PCB Chairman DNA

Majid Khan former Chairman of the PCB, known for his hot tempers and hot headedness

Majid Khan former Chairman of the PCB, known for his hot tempers and hot headedness

The current debate in Pakistan and the big hoopla created by the ex-cricketers of Pakistan that, the bureaucrats should be replaced by technocrats at the PCB hierarchy because, according to them the technocrats are more competent and capable in understanding the game better than the bureaucrats! The way they are hammering it over the head of the Chairman and the Selectors of the PCB is exactly like the proverbial expression, ‘strike when the iron is hot’ because at the moment the team is not performing well and going through so many crisis. So this is the best time to unleash everything against the PCB Chairman and the selectors and take advantage of the situation and grab the bull by its horns.

There are two aspects to it, all that glistens is not gold and, all is not that bad when it ends bad. Generally there is this notion that, ‘all is well that ends well.’ But, I am using it in the negative sense to prove that if something bad happens that is not the end of the world. At the moment, the PCB Chairman and the selectors are appearing to be in a dire straight but, its not a total disaster or the end of the world. Besides, they are not the only culprits to be blamed for these disasters, the players themselves, the coach and the captain are equally and in a way more responsible for these disasters.

Most ex-cricketers of Pakistan are claiming that the CEO of the PCB should be an ex-cricketer. In their own view they consider themselves as “The Technocrats” and they call them ” The Bureaucrats.” And, they believe that those have played cricket at international level are best suited for these jobs. To understand as to who would be better for the future of Pakistan cricket, one needs do some research and spend sometime in facts finding and then let people think, evaluate and decide as to who is right and who is wrong? And who would be better suited for this post?

A lot has already been, said, talked and written about the PCB Chairman that he is incompetent and blah, blah. Whereas, his credentials proves him to be a very competent person for the job and also the fact that people have not viewed his achievements in a realistic manner, instead they have tried to ridicule him by citing or relating to non-cricketing affairs and tragic issues that have happened during his tenure and which are gripping at the moment.

A week or so ago it was highlighted on this blog by khansahab that non-cricketing issues such as the death of Bob Woolmer or, Shoaib and Asif’s drug issues or, Asif Dubai arrest or, his current drugs ordeal and his addiction to drugs or, prior to DNA’s taking up the office Younus Khan’s refusal to accept the role of captaincy or, Daryl Hair’s conspiracy at the Oval or, a few other instances has no relevance to cricket and got anything to do with the competence of DNA. These things may also have happened whether a technocrat or a bureaucrat heading the organization. And khansahab’s point is very valid and needs to be viewed pragmatically and judiciously but, not emotionally and narrow mindedly before coming to the conclusion that everything that went wrong is because of the Chairman and he is to be blamed for it. No, that is wrong. Why should a single person be blamed for every single fiasco? Especially since it is not related to game, but due to the player’s own personal problems.

Therefore, for some people to quote or to say that all this embarrassing incidents happened during the tenure of DNA and he has brought a lot of shame and disgrace to the country is very easy. What has he done? And what can he do? Like it has been said on this blog before “you cannot put a leash 24/7 on your players to control them.” These players are not only responsible adults but, they are also the ambassadors of the country and they should know how to behave especially in public. It is not the PCB or the Selectors are at total fault but, the players themselves who are involved in this are wrong. They know that they have the backing from very senior government Ministers and Senators and they think that they are “above the law” and they have the license to do anything and they can get away after doing anything. And it has been proved that the Ministers and the Senators have supported them openly through the media. Lets not get into that detail again, as it has already been covered to a great extent in the previous thread.

The focal point of this thread is to see whether our so-called ex-great cricketers are that competent and capable of running a multi-million dollar organization? Do they have the credentials to justify with their academic qualifications as well as professional background to substantiate their claim that they are good? One also needs to see how many ex-cricketers around the world are heading their cricket boards and selection committees. Also, one needs to compare their personal profiles with that of Pakistani ex-cricketer’s profiles purely on professional basis and not for name sake like, Sunil Gavaskar of India for example. One needs to compare apples with apples. Gavaskar cannot be compared with Aamer Sohail, it will be an insult to Gavaskar. Besides, Gavaskar is not the CEO of the BCCI. But, Aamer wants to be. Wasim Akram was a great bowler, but does he qualify for that job? Certainly not, and neither Waqar Younus who is another great bowler.

Once you start comparing the profiles of the Pakistani players with any of the players from other countries who are involved in some sort of process or in the selection committee or in the board of cricket of their country, you will find their academic qualifications, their professionalism and their credentials are much better than any of the Pakistani ex-players barring Imran Khan. This repeated requests from different segments in different blogs that Imran Khan should be made the Chairman of the PCB is only a dream. Because, Imran in his career is way above this position. He can only be the patron in chief of cricket once he becomes the Prime Minister of Pakistan and thats a big IF and a separate issue altogether and must be left for discussion for some other time.

Back to the opportunists who are trying to ‘strike when the iron is hot’ only to take advantage of the public sentiments and gain public support and grab an opportunity to mint some more money by claiming that the bureaucrats are ruining the game in the country hence they should be replaced by ex-players because, they are the ones who are most suitable for this job. I think it is time for us to make these players realize that we have already seen a few ex-cricketers who have ruined the PCB before and are again aiming high by riding on public sentiments. They should be shaken up and made to realize that their role is not in the PCB, they are needed in the academies at the grass root level, to train the youngsters and not the national side. Nor to come near the coffers of the PCB to smell the dollars and put the future of Pakistan cricket at stake or at the anvil of risk and gambling with their sinister motives, evil desires and bad intentions.

Why do they have to come and train an adult who cannot shorten up his run up. Or, who cannot change his bowling action now. Or, who cannot improve his footwork now. Or, the one who cannot correct his stance behind the wickets and drop catches frequently and misses stumping chances. They must go and teach the young ones at the National Cricket Academy where the under 14 to 19 are desperately in need of them. They should teach them and correct them at that impressionable age where they are willing to change. Those kids would love to see their heroes coaching them in real, whom they idolize but, never get to see them in real life. This is the best thing that could happen if they really want to be respected and do something good for the country rather than trying to get into the helm of the world of money and fame.

Why is that only Aaqib Javed after his retirement from international cricket has taken the trouble of training young kids at his academy in Sheikhupura? Why are people laughing and making fun of Shahid Afridi when he talked on Nadia Khan show that when he retires, he wants to open a similar academy in Karachi, what is wrong with that? He is not aiming for a bureaucratic post under the disguise or pseudonym of the word technocrat. I think this is exactly what they all need to do – coach the under 14 -17- 19 whatever and that is where a technocrat is needed not in managing one of the richest organization of the country.

Without a university degree in finance or business administration and, with poor and pathetic communication skills, with such dud looks and dimwit expressions combined with arrogance they think they are the most suited people for that job? They don’t even deserve the job of a clerk. Therefore, people like Salim Altaf should consider themselves as extremely lucky to be one of the directors of the PCB.

First, they grabbed this opportunity to become a TV commentator and the way they talk is pathetic and disgraceful. Initially all these ex-players were invited as guests and expert commentators to express their views, somehow we were able to bear and digest their crap, but now they have become the main commentators and their chronic persistent verbal diarrhea combined with their bad English and senseless blabbering is unbearable.

If you look at the past, most of the good commentators were not ex-greats. From Pakistan people like, Omer Kureshi, Jamshed Marker, Iftikhar Ahmad, Chisti Mujahid etc., and from England Christopher Martin-Jenkins, Brian Johnston are a few examples. After Richie Benaud, the trend has changed, the ex-cricketers started to takeover this job from the non-cricketers. As long as the standard of commentary is good it is acceptable. But, the Pakistani commentators are pathetic. In Pakistan, who is the culprit who encouraged sub-standard TV / radio commentary? It was Majid Khan when he was heading the PCB and when he was The Controller of Sports of Pakistan Television (PTV) he was known to be rude, arrogant and even threatening to almost everyone.

Here is a quote from Daily Dawn which appeared after the ugly incident of Mohammad Ilyas another rude ex-cricketer, father-in-law of Imran Farhat, shouting and yelling and throwing tantrums in public at Shahida Shoaib a senior PTV producer over a petty matter whereas she was trying to be extremely polite but, Ilayas was at his best in demonstrating his cheapness in public. Like a few months ago he did the same when Farhat was not selected. Here, is the quote which confirms Majid’s stubbornness, his biases and his narrow minded approach: “During his time as The Controller of Sports, despite severe criticism on the standard of commentary and expert comments made by some of these players on the PTV team, Majid has stubbornly refused to change his policy even if it means that viewers are being deprived of a chance to listen to seasoned cricket commentators like; Omer Kureshi, Chishty Mujahid, Hasan Jalil etc.”

Majid couldn’t survive long enough to represent the PCB or as the Controller of Sports of Pakistan Television PTV. Neither Aamer Sohail the once chief selector and both of them are now eying for the post once again, seemingly they are more arrogant now and their ultimate motive is to make more money and promote regionalism, jingoism, nepotism, favouritism as Majid’s vested interest is in getting a berth for his failure son Bazid Khan into the national side as a permanent fixture in the team, whether he scores or not is another matter.

The conclusion is: “None of the ex-cricket players are capable of handling the job of a CEO or the Chairman of the PCB, their role is in the cricket academies at the grass root level, they should go and train them at the various regional level and the PCB should allocate a certain amount of fund and not just a fast bowlers club fund but, for the over all improvement of cricketing facilities and in providing the basic infrastructure with adequate cricket grounds and proper training staff and if these players are paid, they should be accountable to the PCB and they must report the progress rather than pushing their candidate for selection. The selection committee should be independent and whatever 15-16 players are chosen, then the captain and the coach should decide about the playing XI.”

It is up to you to agree or disagree with these views but your views will be published uncensored provided they are presented in a civilized and appropriate way.

  1. #1 by Amit. P on July 19, 2008 - 6:37 PM

    I completely agree with u man ! …. In sub-continent people always desperate to find their “heroes” … and after finding them they try to put them in every possible shoe … mass hysteria works something like this

    “a good player shud be a good captain … a good captain shud be a good selector …. a good selector shud be a great board president … now if a player is a star then he shud be in “filums” … if he doesnt click there lets put him in politics … and then he shud be our CM or PM or whatever”

    and the list goes on …. this is the way of thinking of our “passionate” junta. I dont blame Amer sohail or wasim or masid for that matter .. they are only blabbering on the account of their passionate supporters who “actually” think these guys shud run the multi-million running board. Once u become a famous guy (in any field) in the sub-continent, u r free to ride on public sentiment and can sail wherever u want.

    I strongly believe that board shud be run by a combination of management guys and ex-cricketers …. all the executive posts shud be awarded on the basis of management skills, whether they are cricketers or not, and the technical aspects shud be covered by ex-players .. like selection committee, heads of the baord running academies and all. It is the “ability to do certain job” that is worth, not mere being famous or living in that “corridor” all ur life.

  2. #2 by khansahab on July 19, 2008 - 7:35 PM

    Excellent thread and good comments by Amit P.

    Actually, Rashid Latif also runs a famous academy in Karachi. This academy has produced some high profile names such as Danish Kaneria, Younis Khan, Mohammad Sami, Sohail Khan, Sarfraz Ahmed etc. Latif has always been very proactive in coaching youngsters. I saw Mushtaq Ahmed’s interview once where he was giving his opinion about famous Pakistani cricketers. He was asked about Rashid Latif and the latter’s conflicts with almost all players in the Pakistan team (especially regarding match fixing). Mushtaq replied that although he had his differences with Rashid, Rashid was an honest and decent guy whose outstanding quality was that he went out of his way to help juniors. Mushtaq recalled that once a convoy of cricketers was going to a training camp in Karachi but some junior cricketers also wanted to attend who were not on the list of trainees in the camp. There was nothing stopping them from attending, apart from the obvious fact that PCB would not pay for their accommodation and living expenses, as they were not chosen to attend the camp. Some of these youngsters were really poor and some had never visited a big city before. Mushtaq said Rashid was very thoughtful and kind- all the youngsters stayed in Rashid’s house at Rashid’s expense, even when he didn’t know any of them personally.

    About technocrats vs bureaucrats, I also don’t like this notion that an ex cricketer can run a Board better than a person with management experience. Again it’s a question of good leadership and the Board chairman should have the same qualities as a cricket captain. Let us analyse DNA’s qualities:

    Merit: Yes, definitely since he has vast experience managing projects and organisations. He has also played some cricket for Peshawar, so he is not exactly unqualified from that perspective either.

    Leadership ability: Definitely again, he has led many projects and organisations to some success

    Charisma: I would say yes. He speaks good English and Urdu, and does seem to be an inspiring figure, having travelled extensively around the world as well as within Pakistan

    “Making things happen”: It is hard to judge DNA as to this because so much during his tenure has happened which has been out of his control, especially with the Oval Test fiasco and Shoaib Akhtar and Asif’s drug abuse

    So I think he has the credentials to succeed in this role. However his manic support for Malik and also unprofessional attitude towards Waqar Younis (although I think Waqar was also at some fault, again it’s a question of egos here) make him seem like a weak Chairman. He pledged to remove corruption from the PCB and he has also said that he wants to eradicate regionalism. But somewhere along the line, something is not working out.

    About the Selection Committee, the only thing I will say about them is that I liked Salahuddin’s comments when this new committee was formed. He said one of the objectives of this committee is to recruit talent from places that have tradionally been neglected such as NWFP and interior Sindh. He particularly said that the committee’s focus would be to look around areas in rural NWFP and rural Sindh.

  3. #3 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 19, 2008 - 9:49 PM

    Amit & khansahab

    The way you see this thread and the way you have understood and expressed your views, you guys stand head & shoulders above the masses of the sub-continent. Unfortunately the masses over there are blinded by the glitz and glamour and they almost worship and idolize their heroes and it has become more of a culture than a norm. It is good to see that you guys have a clear perception about the game and the management of these sports organizations.

    Ideally a board must have one or two technocrats in the committee to have some technical input. Knowing the capabilities of our ex-cricket players barring one or two, financial matters, man-management, administration etc., is not their cup of tea, especially since some of them are rude, arrogant, unwilling to learn and throw tantrums on every little thing and on top of that they only want to boss around because there were ‘once’ a celebrity. They like to be adored, idolized, worshiped and appreciated all their life even when they don’t deserve. No sir; this is not possible and it is not acceptable anywhere in the world.


    As regards DNA’s weakness or his manic support for Malik or unprofessional attitude towards Waqar. Following are very obvious reasons to it:

    1. Malik, as we all know has a backing from his rear and theossa has confirmed that one of his uncles is a senator. Apart from that there is one more obvious reason which need not be spelled here, because it is very obvious. So, DNA cannot do much in Malik’s case. Things would have been different if they had lost the Kitply Cup in Bangladesh and also lost the last match they played against India in Asia Cup. But, all is well that ends well, that changed the situation otherwise, we would have seen Misbah leading the team in CT.

    2. In case of Waqar, DNA had to go by the procedure and it is not DNA’s fault it was Saleem Altaf’s fault who filed the case against him because he was whole heartedly supporting Inzamam. And Inzi wanted to take Mushy along with him as the coach instead of Waqar. Plus there was Bob Woolmer’s blessing for Mushy as he was the coordinator between Bob & Boyz mainly because of his pathetic English and he was like, “Andhaon may Kaana Raja.”

    Waqar’s fault was he reacted very strongly and emotionally. I am sure you guys must have seen that debate between Altaf and Waqar on you tube? If not, then you must see.

    I suggest you should also see on you tube the interviews of DNA, Shoaib Malik and Shahid Afridi on Nadia Khan Show, see and judge for yourself and decide who looks dimwit, uneducated and paindoo even when the whole discussion was in Urdu. The first link below is for DNA, the second one is Shoaib Malik’s and the third one is Shahid Afridi’s.

    (when you are there on that site, after seeing part 1, see part 2 )

    (on the site there are part 1, 2 and 3)

    I would like to clarify here, that I have never seen any of these interviews before or in other words, other than post match speeches I have never heard Malik, Afridi or DNA speaking.

    My conclusion is Afridi appears more eloquent, more articulate, more confident and relaxed and he talked so much sense as compared to Malik who was half sleepy and sounded like a dimwit dolt and was replying to Nadia like a 14 year old kid narrating his stories of baji nay maara aur ammi nay daanta and abbu nay daraya! Mind you this interview is after he became captain and he was talking like a school boy. Au contraire, Afridi never allowed Nadia Khan to dominate, which she normally does in her shows because she has control over her show.

    For those who have not seen these interviews before, its worth seeing but make sure you have time to sit back and relax for a couple of hours to listen to all these interviews in full. It is in this Show Afridi expressed the desire to open a cricket academy in Karachi.

    khansahab, I heard of Rashid Latif’s academy but not much in detail. As regards Wasim Akram, he behaves like a God Father and anyone who comes to him especially a left arm fast bowler by calling him Wasim Bhai then he would pay some attention and will talk about him through the media that so and so is “vary tay-len-ted.” He gave some tips to Irfan Pathan when he was in Australia a few years ago, only to show-off and get media attention and also some sponsors from India and he succeded in that. Because, every single TV channel and every single newspaper carried that news and that was what he wanted. Once he demanded that a “Fast Bowlers Fund” be created and he should be made in-charge of that. He wants to do things only when he smell dollars otherwise he has no time.

  4. #4 by khansahab on July 20, 2008 - 12:11 AM

    Javed A Khan

    I was slightly disturbed when I went on Rashid Latif’s academy’s website. It said that in order for the Academy to train cricketers, they would have to be settled in Karachi because they don’t have the facilities to provide accommodation for players outside Karachi. At the same time it says the criterion for selection is merit only.

    It shouldn’t be a matter of who is from Karachi and who is not- a talented player must seek the services of this Academy. Indeed, Younis and Sohail Khan came from NWFP and got settled in Karachi in order to join this Academy.

    I recall how Younis claimed Rashid Latif helped him immensely, not just by training him but also helping him financially. Younis said in an interview that Rashid Latif bought him his first car (or maybe it was a motorcycle, I can’t remember what). In any event, Rashid’s commitment to assist youngsters must be admired even if he has a slight Karachi bias.

    About the point on DNA vs Malik, I understand better now after your explanation. I also understand the scenario between Salim Altaf and Waqar.

    About the interviews between Nadia Khan and Malik and Afridi, I agree with you. In fact I have seen some of Afridi’s interviews after he spoke to Nadia and he seems to get much more mature with every passing day. That is because there is a lot more responsibility on him and he knows he deserves captaincy. The “flow of the wind” is veering in his direction speaking metaphorically, because Malik is getting weaker by the day and Afridi is becoming a more refined and mature person.

    There are two important points about Afridi’s development as an Individual that will explain in more depth what I am asserting:

    1) Afridi since the past year has started acknowledging his batting is a problem. At the same time, he appears to be a more stressed person because his bowling has improved, he has become a more developed human being and there is a huge lobby against him that wants him out, let alone wants him to succeed Malik as captain. But he has started acknowledging his weakness which is a great quality and a must for all good leaders. A willingness to seek out faults within yourself means that you don’t have an inflated ego and that you care about your development. As I have said earlier, a captain needs to have this quality because weak captains like Malik don’t want to admit there is a problem because they are too obsessed with the tag of being captain. Acknowledging you have made a mistake also reeks of bravery and courage, which is also necessary for a good captain and which ties in with charisma and leadership skills.

    2) Anwar Maqsood who has very liberal social views like us on Legslip, interviewed Afridi sometime last year. Maqsood is a fan of Afridi and Afridi is a fan of Maqsood (for those Indians who don’t know Anwar Maqsood, he is a famous poet/writer/TV celebrity of Pakistan). Maqsood was telling about when he attended an event somewhere 13-14 years ago and one of the organisers said to him, “Anwar Bhai ek larka yahan aaya hai, aapka bohot bara fan hai aur aap key saath photo khichwana chahta hai”. So Maqsood went to this boy, who seemed quite handsome looking, and asked him, “Acha beta kya naam hai aapka?” And the boy said, “Mohammad Shahid Khan Afridi”. And the photo was taken.
    A few years later the news spread in the whole world that a 16 year old boy from Karachi has made the fastest century ever playing his first innings. Anwar Maqsood immediately recognised this young man as the one who wanted to have his photo taken with Maqsood. Maqsood was overwhelmed with joy for this talented youngster. When Afridi returned to Karachi Airport from Kenya where that event took place, Anwar Maqsood greeted him the same way. He asked one of the PCB officials, tell Shahid Afridi that this man in the lobby wants to have his photo taken with him, because he is a great Afridi fan. When Afridi went to see who it was, he was pleasantly surprised to see it was Anwar Bhai.
    Anyway in this interview, Anwar Maqsood asked Afridi how he finds playing in India. Afridi said, “I enjoy playing in India because the crowd is against Pakistan, so I enjoy hitting the Indian bowlers.” Maqsood was not happy with this answer so he said, “No you shouldn’t say this about them. So many of them respect you and admire you, you have a global fan base.”
    What I am trying to say here is, that Afridi is willing to learn and adapt. After this interview whenever he has played in India he has appeared more humble and friendly. I recall shortly after this interview India beat Pakistan and Ravi Shastri interviewed Afridi and Afridi said, “I offer my hearty congratulations to all Indians around the world for this great victory” and he also called Shastri, “Ravi Bhai”. I have never seen Afridi speak like that to a non Pakistani, let alone an Indian. This demonstrates he is willing to adapt and change. This is also a necessary quality for a mature and developed person.

    This interview with Anwar Maqsood was a very emotional one because they have known each other for over a decade and Afridi respects Maqsood like a father. I remember Mr Maqsood concluding the interview with something like, “Shahid jis tareekay ki aapki batting hai, risks leni parti hain aur logon ko aapki batting samaj mai nahi aati, woh aapko overall as a cricketer nahi dekhtay. aap key baaray mey kya kahoon, itni kaamyaabi, Allah ney aap ko itna diya hai……is sey bari kisi insaan key liye baath nahi ho sakti key jab shahid afridi maidaan mai aata hai toh sab…………bachay, bhoorey, aurtain, sab kaam chor kar TV par chupak jaatey hain aur jab afridi jaata hai, toh sab waapas apnay kaam ko lag jaatey hain………………is sey bara ek cricketer key liye koi aizaaz nahi ho sakta……..key karachi ka har bacha shahid afridi ban na chahta hai…………”

    I will always remember these words of Anwar Maqsood, because this is what Afridi is about and these accolades cannot be showered on someone like, Shoaib Malik who is captain, Misbah who is vice captain, Yousuf and Younis who are the premier batsmen, or anyone else. There is something about Afridi that his fans feel and only his fans know, a kind of feeling that can’t be described in words, a type of greatness that does not show in figures and statistics. There must be a greatness in a player who is loved so blindly by millions despite not being a very consistent performer, especially with the bat?

  5. #5 by Zain on July 20, 2008 - 2:50 AM

    Good topic and that too at the right time, also good supporting views from the bloggers amit, khansahab and Javed Khan. Since you have raised the subject of Karachi and I am from Karachi, I would like to tell you about Rashid Latif’s academy and the prerequisites mentioned on the website, perhaps its a matter of explaining it in English. Perhaps what they intend to mean by saying, “settled in Karachi,” is not like taking a domicile certificate or buying property or establishing business but, those who come from outside Karachi and ask for accommodation. Obviously it is not possible for Rashid Latif to provide accommodation to everyone because it is not a government funded academy. Even Eidhi cannot provide accommodation to everyone.

    As regards khansahab’s comments on Afridi and his maturity. In real life, he is definitely a more matured person and he also knows how to talk and present himself as opposed to Malik who looks such a dumb and confused person. However, what Afridi really needs now is to concentrate on his batting as well, he cannot say all the time that he was a bowler and his strength is bowling, yes he is a good leg spinner and he is a good fielder but at the same time he needs to improve his batting average.

    On that TV show that you guys are talking about he said that after 25 years of age its not possible to change. After 25 years of age, if you can sound and behave like a matured adult that means you have changed from a Baccha Khan to a Badshah Khan. So it means, you can also change your batting style, if not completely, may be partially. All he needs to do is play a little bit more cautiously and restrict his shots to ground shots for the first 5-6 overs till such time he settles down, but he wants to hit as many sixes in as many balls he plays and thats how the public likes and thats how he likes to play. But, you cannot play like that in every match and succeed.

    The only way he can play well is if he opens the innings and make use of the field restrictions and he should be assured that despite whatever the result is, his place in the team is guaranteed and that can only happen when he is the captain of the side. In the domestic matches in which he leads Karachi team, his performance is outstanding as a captain, 8 out of 8 wins and that too against Punjab and Sialkot and he has also won two local tournaments. In domestic games he plays freely and scored a few quick 60-80 runs, but what is more important is his batting performance at the international level which should improve and improve on a consistent basis.

  6. #6 by Jehanzeb Khan Niazi on July 20, 2008 - 3:05 AM

    If the ex-players who call themselves as technocrats and are calling the PCB officials as bureaucrats and assuming that they will be better suited for the job, then they are wrong because they are professional cricketers and not business managers, finance managers, accountants, administrators or human resource managers. Their expertise is in not in the office buildings but on the ground, training the young players, showing them video of great players and explaining to them about the strength and weaknesses of these players and correcting them on the spot. They should be involved in training facilities and not managing the finances or matters related to administration.

    Misbah is an example from our Lahore and Mianwali sector if hew as provided ample guidance by any of these ex-great players he would have succeeded in the international arena long ago when he got the first chance, but because of lack of coaching and guidance during the initial stages, he succumbed to the pressure and politics.

    In Pakistan whoever comes with a BIG BANG on his debut, he becomes a celebrity and Misbah exploded only during the T20 WC before that he was a meteorite or a shooting star which went unnoticed into the oblivion. I am sure like most of us who know him personally, he never thought or dream about the success that he is achieving now was waiting for him before the T20 WC.
    “Izzo mantasha wa tou zillo mantasha. “He blesses with His mercies to whomsoever He likes and, He brings disgrace to whomsoever He likes.

  7. #7 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 20, 2008 - 3:51 AM

    Seems like this thread is really very much in time and on the dot.

    Here is a news item from Karachi’s Daily DAWN.

    PCB starts personality Development programme for youth

    By S.M. Ibrahim Farooqi

    KARACHI, July 19: Former Pakistan batsman Moin-ul-Atiq has been appointed by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) recently for carrying out the personality development task for the budding talent across the country.

    Moin, 43, was seen thoroughly engaged with around 30 Under-19 players at the ground when this scribe reached the Regional Cricket Academy at the National Stadium, Karachi on Friday.

    The theme of this programme, as he describes, revolves around character building besides inserting the power of positive thinking into young minds.

    While informing about the purpose of his task which is paramount for every human being, Moin feels a majority of young lads in the country, primarily sports-related, have no clear-cut aim about their profession.

    “There is a huge lack of understanding among the present lot of youngsters [cricketers] as to what their abilities and pluses are,” he said, adding: “My programme focuses on enhancement of human character regarding his profession.”

    Moin, who conducted the very first PCB assignment about three months ago on Pakistan’s under-15 squad before they left for the West Indies to feature in a limited-overs tournament, in Muridke, was engaged again by the board for its under-19 players at different regional academies across the country.

    Starting from Hyderabad on July 2, Moin, who represented Pakistan in five One-day Internationals in 1988 and 1989, has so far given motivating lectures to young cricket aspirants on personality development at the regional academy centres of Quetta, Multan and Karachi. And now he is set to continue the work at Faisalabad, Sialkot and Lahore centres.

    Moin, who completed his masters in Sports Management from the University of Central Lancashire, England in 2005, had already done his MBA in marketing from Hamdard University, Karachi in 2003.

    As we have witnessed the various cases of indiscipline from some of our top cricketers in recent years, one strongly hopes Moin’s strenuous work with the coming promising players will pay dividends to Pakistan cricket in the future.

    I don’t remember hearing this name Moin ul Atiq before, but his qualifications and his job assignment is in conformity to what we have been talking about. Whether anyone reads our blog or not is not important, the good thing is there are people like us who are thinking on these positive lines and hopefully the future of Pakistan cricket will not be as bleak as some people think.

  8. #8 by ahmed11 on July 20, 2008 - 4:11 PM

    hi folks

    very interesting news and views, as usual. waiting to hear from other LS regulars like theossa & mohammad munir from sharjah.

    has anyone seen what Kaneria is saying in the news? i think its a shame he is saying that he is being neglected by the selectors. his performance has been lacking over last 2 years. i dont think he should blame anyone for that. he was never an ODI bowler IMO. in ODI’s i think afridi and 1 other spinner will do fine, maybe saeed ajmal will take kaneria’s position.

    we have seen hardly any test cricket from pakistan lately, so its hard to judge kaneria’s form. in county even average players can pick wickets.


  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 20, 2008 - 4:42 PM


    even in test cricket if Kaneria is included in the team, he eats up the slot of an all-rounder and if you look at his stats, he has not done anything great as compared to Shahid Afridi, his test stats are much better than his own ODI averages. So, why play a specialist bowler who is not in good form and not taking any wickets and giving away 200 runs in test matches? He is not Monty Panesar or Murlitharan or Anil Kumble. He is taking wickets at the county level just like Moulvi Mushi. So, you are right that any average player can pick up wickets at county level because those young cricketers do not have enough experience against spin bowling.

    Selection should be on merit basis and not on quota basis or any other reason.

  10. #10 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston Tx. on July 20, 2008 - 6:07 PM

    I can not agree more with Mr. Niazi, what a short and to the point analysis.

    Re; Kaneria, I dont think he is such a bad bowler as his statistics shows. It has more to do by the bad job behind the stumps by Kamran Akmal than anything else.

    Ask any real cricketer worth his salt and he will testify that once couple of simple catches or stumpings are missed, he will lose his confidence, whereas any catches taken or stumpings effected will boost his confidence and he will become un-playable.

    Had Kaneria and in reality, Pakistan been blessed with another wicket-keeper like Wasim Bari or Rashid Latif, Kaneria had been a match-winner by now. Had Kamran Akmal been wicket-keeper to Wasim-Waqar, God Forbid how many wickets they would have taken?


  11. #11 by Amit. P on July 20, 2008 - 6:09 PM


    It is the height of indiscipline on kaneria’s part … he is almost threatening PCB in his latest outburst. Last time too he blabbered similar kinda remark, and i think he was fined for that act. I think arrival of Ajmal has hit on his nerves … and definitely he is no longer an automatic choice in test squad, forget ab’t odis.

    In pakistan, board is weak so many players are going freak …. but what ab’t BCCI btw ? They are ordering their players like slaves … they warned kumble, in not so humble way, to not talk abt selection process in the media .. earlier they warned (rather mocked) dhoni to not talk ab’t scheduling and all …. well there is no harm in warning … but my point is “there is always a subtle way of saying things”.

  12. #12 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 20, 2008 - 9:26 PM

    Mr. M. Y. Kasim

    It is great to see you back on the blog. I hope you are fine and well by the grace of God now? We ALL have prayed for your speedy recovery and extended best wishes for your health while you were away for the new treatment.

    For those of our bloggers and readers who do not know Mr. Kasim, I would like to say a few words. He is about 73 years young and unfortunately he is a cancer patient. Originally from Pakistan and living in Houston, Texas. He is an ardent cricket fan and possess rich experience and not only writes about the past, but his observation and analysis about the new players, their game, technique etc., is also excellent. On behalf of LS management and everyone else, I welcome you to the blog and request you to keep enlightening us through your comments.


    indiscipline among the senior players is much higher than the junior ones, the only person in the Indian team whom I admire as a humble person is Rahul Dravid. Tendulkar doesn’t speak when he gets upset, but the whole team starts worrying when he is upset. I remember Ganguly using Dravid and forced him to declare the innings when Tendulkar was 196 n.o. in Multan and the signs of anguish, frustration and helplessness on Tendulkar’s face told everything. Reportedly when he packed his bags in the dressing room and went towards the bus, the younger players were reported to be murmuring “Sachin Bhai Ghussa hai, Sachin Bhai upset hai.” And no one went near him.

    I think that is fine, anyone would be upset with that kinda untimely declaration. Like, Miandad would never forget Imran Khan’s declaration when he was 280 n.o. against India. Miandad in his autobio said, if Imran wanted to declare the innings he should have informed him and he would have played faster.


    Whats going on in Sri Lanka? Indian team with all its test greats performed very badly against a very weak SL team with no big guns in it. Amit whats happening? Are they still trying to acclimatize or what?

  13. #13 by khansahab on July 20, 2008 - 10:31 PM


    Sir, I am extremely happy to see you are feeling better.

    May Allah bless you and give you strength, and take away all your pains.

    I am also happy to see Javed A Khan being happy with Mr Kasim’s return!

  14. #14 by khansahab on July 20, 2008 - 11:31 PM


    Sir, I think you are once again very right in saying that Akmal is a huge reason why Kaneria’s form has dipped. For a few years I was very unsupportive of Mohammad Sami but right at the end of his international career when he finally seemed to be regaining his pace and general bowling form, Akmal dropped a few catches off Sami and that shattered the latter’s confidence.

    That is why I don’t think PCB has done enough to penalise Akmal- he has not only dropped many important catches in the past 2 years or so, he is also responsible (to a considerable extent) for ruining Kaneria’s and Sami’s career.


    Nice to see you back after a long time. About Kaneria, I don’t think he should be making such statements to the media. I will agree with Amit P that this is the height of indiscipline. Kaneria is a good person at heart, very kind and supportive of his team mates and this sort of attitude does not suit his personality. His fielding is weak and he is not a reliable batsman, but he was once a very good bowler- you can say a match winning bowler. However it is true as I have earlier commented that Akmal has played a huge part in Kaneria’s downfall.

    I think Sarfraz Ahmed should be given a few more chances. His keeping wasn’t fantastic but it wasn’t substandard either. PCB should give him confidence and promote him to see his real potential. I am not convinced he is a bad batsman because of his excellent average of 45 in domestic first class cricket.

  15. #15 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 21, 2008 - 4:48 PM

    There is nothing much to write home about, except England is on the verge of an innings defeat against SA. Kevin Pietersen and Bell made big hundreds and failed to impress in the next match. Flintoff wasn’t that bad, Vaughn is not doing any good in building Freddy’s morale, he needs support, he bowled his heart out, the most economical bowler and to bowl like that after a big gap is commendable.

    Indian greats haven’t done anything good to prove that they can handle Murali and Mendis. Laxman and Dravid did nothing much, neither Sehwag, but Sehwag doesn’t have a good record against Sri Lanka in Sri Lanka. Gambhir showed some brilliance in the second innings but much more is needed and not just from him but from the rest of the lot from whom a lot is expected. I dunno what Amit has to say on this. India should not play for draws, if they go defensive then that will be the end of it, in their own backyard the SL spinners are always on the top.

  16. #16 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 21, 2008 - 6:13 PM

    Fate of the CT to be announced in 72 hours from now. Pakistan’s chances are 50-50 to remain as hosts. What a drama and what a farce, wonder why they have to spend so much time in deciding. After all England, South Africa, India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe have played in Pakistan within the last one year or so. The whole dramay baazi is because of Australia.

    Pakistani players tested for dope test, Shoaib in the limelight and had to wait for ten days to see the results. Younus Khan on Umrah and three other players are in the UK one of them is Ba-ziddy-Khan.

    England finally lost – not by an innings – but by 10 wickets, thanks to Stuart Broad who once again proved worthy with his bat remained 67 n.o. in 60 balls with 11 fours. In the previous drawn match also he scored 70 plus runs better than most recognized batsmen.

  17. #17 by Amit. P on July 21, 2008 - 7:40 PM


    Only positive was that they have taken 15 wickets … zahir in particular looks fresh and injury free …. May be they took batting a bit lightly. My only worry ab’t batting line-up is no. 3 spot. Dravid shud dig big time in this series, specially because selectors now a days are restless.

    I firmly support dravid decision of declaring inning when sachin was at 196 …. though pak lost that match pretty convincingly in the end but u never know in advance. Sachin was in terrible form in those time … his 241against auss and 196 against pak was pretty painful to watch. He hardly played any cover or square drives in those inning simply because he was constantly getting out behind the stump while playing those shots. Infact from 2003 to 2006 he was very different player …. time to time he showed his class but on an average he was pretty ordinary and far below his standard. He never spoke his mind ab’t his approach at those time .. but i m sure he will write in his auto-biography. He has many things to say ab’t btw.

    England lost after flintoff return .. LOL …. and i think it is their first loss at home in the last 18 months. I am not surprised btw … their performance always go up and down and i wont surprise if they level this series by winning the next test. But for that sidebottom must be in squad .. this pattinson guy is pretty ordinary. Btw flintoff bowled 40 odd overs … this must be a good sign for england in the next test.

  18. #18 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 21, 2008 - 9:15 PM

    Amit the problem in Dravid dig-in theory is, he gets so bogged down by the very fact that he is not scoring and if he doesn’t have a decent score tag behind him then the selector’s axe is behind him. I think he should play his normal game put on 50 – 60 and then he should try to concentrate to stay for a longer innings.

    About Tendulkar’s patchy period “I am agree” that time I used to write about his slow batting and defensive technique on PakSpin and got a lot of flak and immense hate comments back from some of his fans. Not only in tests, in ODI’s he started playing slow and his unlucky 42nd ODI century in which he fall short by a run i.e., in Kaula Lampur last year, he took 95 deliveries to score his first 50 runs which by today’s standards is slow even for a test innings.

    Prior to that in Bangladesh his two test centuries were extremely slow, painful and pathetic and the critics attacked him for slow batting and defensive technique. In one of the matches he came into bat at 281 for zero as one of the batsmen retired hurt, he scored 122 n.o. in 226 balls against the hapless Bangladesh. Well, I shouldn’t call hapless but Mashrafe Mortaza kept coming at him with a lot of short-pitched deliveries, because he saw Tendulkar was not comfortable handling it. Mortaza bowled 9 overs and Tendulkar scored only 19 runs from them.

    And that happened against England’s fast bowlers as well when they were pitching short pitched deliveries. Whereas, if one reckons his maiden test century at Old Trafford when he saved the match with a 119 was a totally different innings. So, I am also anxious to see what he writes about all those patchy innings in his auto-bio.

    There is a news that NZ who will play 3 ODI’s in Pakistan prior to the commencement of CT will not be sending their full strength team because of the security concerns and Jacob Oram is at the top of the list like Andrew Symonds from Australia. Although Vittorri is OK and he has confirmed that during the previous tour ample security was provided by Pakistan.

    Shouldn’t the ICC take serious action if any of the players drop out on security concerns? Either the tournament should not be held in Pakistan altogether or, the players be penalized in case they drop out. I guess its also a matter of their respective boards to decide but, the ICC should advise them to take firm action. Since every country has already disclosed their provisional list of 30 they will have to choose from them only 16 or whatever.

  19. #19 by khansahab on July 22, 2008 - 10:05 AM

    Amit P

    I agree that between 2003-2006 Tendulkar was not at his best. He does have his weaknesses and limitations and I have argued that before that since he is not a God (or that is how I believe), we cannot accept him to be perfect in every match and in all passages of his glorious career.

    The saying is form is temporary but class is permanent. This is true but a player who is in form most of the times or through most of the passages of his career is a better player than someone who suffers from inconsistent form. That is why I rate Tendulkar higher than most of his contemporaries. Plus there was also a passage where he suffered from the “nervous 90s” jinx and this was a particularly difficult time for him because the media was launching scathing attacks on him citing that he is a selfish player who cares more about personal achievements.

    It is often said about Indian batsmen that they care more about personal achievements. This might be true but I don’t think it’s such a big issue. As long as a batsman is scoring consistently and profusely his total will add to the team’s total. This issue of “selfish” batting may decide the fate of a match maybe in 1 in 10 matches but otherwise someone who scores lots of runs is a huge bonus to the team.

    In the mid to late 1990s Tendulkar in my opinion was the only reason why India was not considered a minnow team and could perform better than teams like England and New Zealand. I think what we have seen about Tendulkar shows he is more strong mentally as opposed to weak. I think the most relevant and potent indication of this assertion is the fabulous century he scored in a match just after a day or so his father died.

    The reason why I like Dravid more as a batsman and why Dravid is one of my favourite all time players, is because he has a very solid technique and technically he is a better batsman than Tendulkar. There is never a set way to dismiss Dravid, if you can get him out early you should consider it a bonus. That is why bowling attacks don’t even bother making plans about him because they know he has virtually no technical weakness. The same cannot be said about other greats such as Sehwag, Tendulkar and Ganguly because all of them have had some major weaknesses. Sehwag is prone to getting out when he is cramped for space (which is why he is lethal when you give him “a room” as Waqar Younis would say), Tendulkar has a weakness against late inswinging bowling and also when he doesn’t have enough room to open his arms (or when he can’t make “a room” for himself) and we all know about Ganguly’s weakness against the short ball (he is also a very good player if someone gives him “a room” to free his arms and he has always been a very handy “a keep” in the team).

  20. #20 by KungFuShus on July 22, 2008 - 2:18 PM

    It’s nice to see Mr. Kasim back in the business. I hope he recovers soon.

    Since I’m a Bureaucrat I’ll just side my kind. Actually I’m a Technocrat also but it’s nice to boss people around -;)

    Khansahab, I need to see your birth certificate to make sure you are from this planet. How come you have so much knowledge about Indian players? Yes, “I am Agree” with your analysis of Tendu, Gangu, and Dravid. I think Dravid is sort of Chanderpaul type player who is very consistent and is hard to get out but never get much credit from media. In my opinion, Dravid and Kallis have top defense in the World. The three Indians mentioned here are also the top players against spin so it will be interesting to see how Mendis and Murali bowl them. I predict these batsmen will win the spin battle, they are just too good.

    It is very important for cricket in Pakistan that they host CT. If Australians and some other players chicken out that should not change the venue as Javed pointed out all the teams except Australia has recently visited Pakistan.

    Enough of Cricket, time to say Hi to Natalie.

  21. #21 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 22, 2008 - 3:20 PM


    birth certificate say kaam nahee chalay ga, you need to do that bone density test, uss say pata chalay ga that he is not 21 but 31 😉

    Although the Indian test team is in form for the last few years but they have a big challenge before them over the next three weeks i.e., facing the same guy Mendis who mesmerized them in Karachi at the Asia Cup final. SL are a formidable team at home, since India’s last tour in 2001, they have won 12 out of 15 series, losing only to Australia and Pakistan, and drawing a two match series against New Zealand. That is a huge achievement in terms of percentages.

    Actually when Pakistan won the series in SL, it was mainly because of Asif’s bowling and a defiant knock by Shoaib Malik. Over all the team played very well under Inzi’s leadership. They tied up Jayasuriya so much who failed to score against Pakistan and he finally announced his retirement, but later he reconsidered and came back with a big bang against England in England.

    So, India is playing a test series after nearly 7 years, their batting still evolves around Sachin Tendulkar and he is the key man in the middle order and he is within touching distance of becoming the highest run-scorer in Test cricket by beating Brian Lara’s record.

    Sri Lankan openers are new and perhaps weak? But, at home, Sri Lanka’s successes are built around the simple and basic strategy of steady run accumulation especially their middle order, the likes of Sangakara, Jayawardene and Dilshan, especially Dilshan who is so unassuming and by the time you notice he has already built up an innings with singles and two’s. They have their relentless bowlers in Vaas and Murali and Murali will be ably assisted by Ajantha Mendis who possess a touch of mystery to their spin attack. Fernando Dilhara will be missed because on his day he is a match winner. But, I guess Tushara will help Vaas. But, somehow on paper Sri Lanka appears to be a weaker team to me as compared to India.

    India has an established opening pair in Gambhir and Sehwag, and their middle order with Dravid, Tendulkar, Ganguly and Laxman followed by Karthik who is in good nick, appears like the Great Wall of China. And in the bowling department, its good to see Zahir Khan back in form to help Ishant Sharma.

    As for spin bowling, who could be a better bowler than the captain himself? Anil Kumble and Harbhajan are both very experienced, the only thing that is questionable is Harbhajan’s absence from the international side for a long time. But, for a spin bowler it should not be a worry in a test match and, more so when a dangerous Jayasuriya is not there in the team.

    Therefore, I guess if India plays a test match like a test match, unlike the Pakistanis who play a test match like a twenty/twenty game then, there is no reason why they cannot win this test match and the series? All they need to do is frustrate the spinners and play shots on merit basis.

    If Sehwag and Gambhir can pull a flying start for India and in 15 overs if they can make 90 – 100 runs then they can cruise after that and that would be a great help for the middle order to continue that momentum. Whatever it is, I think it would be an interesting competition. The little maestro playing against the bowling maestro – a sight which most people would be eager to watch.

  22. #22 by Amit. P on July 22, 2008 - 3:31 PM


    Buddy who plays “late in-swing” to perfection …. if a bowler bowls these deliveries consistently then its easy for a batsman to pick it up .. it only works when it is disguised and pitched at “sucking” length. You bowl 10 deliveries and i bet u will get any batsman out 8 times.
    Opponent team targets only those players who can be a decider for that series. It doesnt matter how good or bad u are. They just want to see his back. Dravid just slipped in form at the time of being targeted …. if he continued his form for one more year then u wud have heard him being targeted. No body was targeting sachin during his low … because they know he wud give his wicket otherwise … they used to bowl just normal deliveries.
    When people say dravid has got better technique than sachin, they used to compare dravid in peak and sachin in low.
    Btw, what was the aus plan to dravid this time.?


    This time dravid can dig .. because its not aussies attack …. aussies are known for bogging down opponent’s best batsmen. Remember sanjay manjerekar …. he was hero in pakistan in test series (89) and when everybody was expecting him to provide those innings in auss, he was bogged down exactly the same way as dravid was. He didnt find difficulty in surviving there, but found very hard to score … his innings were like 30 odd runs in 100 balls.
    Except for aussies, every team feed u scoring deliveries, for that u can wait .. and dravid shud do the same thing. He rose to fame in test cricket via this tried and tested route.
    Btw i liked sachin’s inning in eng … different in approach but was not pathetic to watch …. he didn’t cut down his any shots, just waited for the rite time to play.

  23. #23 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 22, 2008 - 4:32 PM


    After writing those comments above, I realized that I forgot to mention the most important player of the series and that is, THE WEATHER MAN or should I say; THE RAIN GOD?

    The weather report from July 23rd to 27th says that all 5 days there will be “scattered thunder showers.” So, there you go cricket lovers, pull up your Brolly or Mary Poppins flying umbrella and get ready to fly. The ups and downs of an umbrella or the spreading of covers on the ground is the most annoying thing during a cricket match.

    Being a Banker this umbrella thingi reminds me of an incident. I was conducting a seminar on corporate lending which was attended by a few senior bankers from other banks as well. For the opening ceremony our bank’s CEO was the chief guest to say a few words of encouragement to instill the so-called CE & CE (corporate energy & corporate ethos) which I refer it as CBS (corporate bullshit), before inviting him to the podium, in the opening sentence of my speech, I quoted Robert Frosts famous phrase: “A bank is a place where they lend you an umbrella in fair weather and ask for it back when it begins to rain.”

    By quoting Robert Frost, I shocked everyone including my own bank’s CEO. Thank God that I had mentioned the name of Robert Frosts otherwise he would have fired me. Still, some seniors raised their eyebrows yet they couldn’t do much. Because, the CEO, smiled while responding to my comments and he said, “the reason the bank want the umbrella back is to ensure the three R’s are in place and lend it back again.” He was referring to the three R’s of lending, Relationship, Regulation and Reliability to Repay.

  24. #24 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 22, 2008 - 4:51 PM


    You have a point on Sachin’s low and Dravid’s high ….. in medical terms it sounds like we are talking about a bipolar patient’s manic depressive state of mind, or we are suggesting how his lithium management should be applied?

    The reason OZ’s are the best in containing a good batsman from scoring runs is because they study video tapes and they observe the strength and weaknesses of such players and then they forge a plan to tie him up if not get him out. They did the same against Sehwag.

    They realized that if you give Sehwag room to free his arms he plays over the point and on small grounds it is often a six. But, in Australia especially at MCG and other big grounds its not easy to score a six over the point, hence they deployed a fielder in the deep point and gully region to take care of that weakness of Sehwag and succeeded very well. The bowler has to bowl according to the plan unlike a few who set a field for the off-side and keep bowling on the on-side.

    It is for this reason it is important for every player to be that much mentally alert if not educated “to think” about the game they play which they consider it as only physical – cricket is more of a mental game than physical. They should not be depending too much on the coach to tell them or show them the weakness of every player. Javed Miandad is not a very well educated person but, he has a great cricketing brain and he used it better than Imran Khan and Imran himself has acknowledged it several times that he sought Miandad’s advise in field placement and in making bowling changes and each time he got favourable results.

  25. #25 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 22, 2008 - 4:57 PM


    Umpire review system – A leap of faith in technology

    CRICINFO – July 22, 2008

    The umpire review system:

    * What? It allows players to seek reviews, by the third umpire, of decisions by the on-field umpires on whether or not a batsman has been dismissed.

    * When? A player can request a review of any decision by the on-field officials concerning whether or not a batsman is dismissed, with the exception of “timed out”. No other umpiring decisions are eligible for review. Each team can make three unsuccessful requests per innings, which must be made within a few seconds of the ball becoming dead; once made, the requests cannot be withdrawn.

    * Who? Only the batsman involved in a dismissal can ask for a review of an “out” decision; in a “not out”, only the captain or acting captain of the fielding team. In both cases players can consult on-field teammates but signals from off the field are not permitted.

    * How? A review request can be made by the player with a ‘T’ sign; the umpire will consult the TV umpire, who will review TV coverage of the incident before relaying back fact-based information. The field umpire can then either reverse his decision or stand by it; he indicates “out” with a raised finger and “not out” by crossing his hands in a horizontal position side to side in front and above his waist three times.

    * Technology – The TV umpire can use slow-motion, ultra-motion and super-slow replays, the mat, sound from the stump mics and “approved ball tracking technology”. Snicko and Hot Spot are not to be used.

    Cricket is about to take a leap of faith in technology with the trial of a system that allows players to challenge the decision of the on-field umpires in the Test series between Sri Lanka and India. The umpire’s word will no longer be final.

    The system has been tried, somewhat unsuccessfully, and in the relatively obscure environment of county cricket. But,after a shelved proposal to use it in the current England-South Africa series, millions of television viewers now await the sight of the first-ever referral to be made in an international contest. The jury is out on whether the move is designed to undermine the umpires or to assist them, but the acceptance of the system will depend by the decisions it produces.

    At one level, the referral process is likely to eliminate obvious umpiring errors, such as the reprieve of Andrew Symonds in the Sydney Test last year that led to India threatening to call off their Australian tour, but there are also apprehensions about the exactitude of technology, particularly in the area of catches close to the ground and in the case of faint edges. In light of the Sydney controversy, it was inevitable, however, that the referral system would be trialled in international cricket. The sooner the better.

    There will be 22 cameras at work at the SSC to help eliminate doubt from the decision-making process and for first time Hawk-Eye will be used for line decisions in judging lbws. Even though the predictive aspect of Hawk-Eye will not be used, the third umpire will still have visual evidence of the pitch of the ball and the point of impact. Technologies such as Snickometer and Hotspot have been kept out of the pale. Even the broadcast companies that use these aids to enhance television viewing are unable to vouch of their infallibility.

    Following the tradition set by tennis, the first spectator sport of use technology in decision-making, each team will be allowed three unsuccessful referrals per innings, and men who will be making the decisions in the match have welcomed the move.

    The trial has received positive responses from the captains of the two teams that will use it over the next few weeks. Mahela Jayawardene, Sri Lanka’s captain, gave it an enthusiastic endorsement. “I am all for it,” he said. “I think it’s a very good system, what we are trying to eradicate is the obvious mistakes that happen on the field. We [the captains and umpires] had a chat yesterday and I think the umpires are in favour of this as well.”

    Anil Kumble, India’s captain, pointed out that umpires must understand that the technology is there to assist them. “I don’t think we’re trying to say that umpires are redundant,” he said. “They are an integral part of the system and it is very difficult for them in the heat of the moment; it is just assisting them. It is not a question of taking something away from them. It is a mode of assistance.”

    There are cons, however. Ian Chappell, who has for long been against the use of technology, was terse in his assessment of the situation: “If three referrals are deemed fruitless, under the recommendations of the proposal a team would then have no further opportunity to ask for assistance from the third umpire. Consequently, the biggest howler ever perpetrated could then enter the scorebook unhindered. This would be classic “justice for some but not for all”.”

    Indeed the technology is not foolproof. For instance, catches taken close to the ground can still be judged. One only needs to look back at the Headingley Test this week, where AB de Villiers and Michael Vaughan were involved in controversial moments. Andrew Strauss himself called for the third umpire when de Villiers appeared unsure of catch, and Hashim Amla was sent back from almost from the pavilion by his coach, Mickey Arthur. Such incidents sour the game.

    Kumble’s assessment sums it up in a way. Asked whether it would cope with the traditions of the game, Kumble said cricket needed to evolve. “Traditions are important but you need to keep changing. Everybody respects that now. Now millions of people watch the game on television and it is accepted. In tennis line decisions are accepted now, it is a part of every game. In cricket we have already accepted the third umpire ruling on run-outs and stumpings. It’s moving forward, and we shouldn’t just look at the history of cricket here.”

  26. #26 by Zain on July 22, 2008 - 5:12 PM

    I think it is a good move to use technology against dubious doubtful decisions by the umpires, sometimes the umpires do make mistakes but some are biased like Darrel Hair, and I remember Mark Ramprakash said this:

    “You’re messing with my career, Darrell”

    Mark Ramprakash said this to Darrell Hair after being given out lbw against South Africa at Lord’s in 1998.

    With the use of TV replays and technology at its best the umpire’s decision is no more the final and umpires like Darrel Hair and may be a few more who are biased at times will have to face humiliation when the third umpire rules the decision against him and allows the batsman to stay or, the fielders to rejoice in case they have appealed for a catch which was turned down by the umpire.

    The age old philosophy and the belief system that was imbued in the psyche of the cricket players that the umpire is always right, just like the commercial giants calls the customer is always right made the customer an arrogant King and the rule made the umpire an arrogant decision maker is now coming to an end.

    Let us see how many more of you agree with me.

  27. #27 by KungFuShus on July 22, 2008 - 5:24 PM

    Javed, in my opinion the addition of Tendulkar, Ganguly, and Dravid makes the Indian team much stronger than Sri Lanka. Like you wrote in your posts the in SL’s win in England, Jayasuria played the vital role and similarly they lost against Pakistan because Pak contained Jayasuria. So if India can get him out cheaply and put him under pressure throughout the series they should win comfortably. In the subcontinent’s hot and humid conditions the performance of batting wicket keeper is affected i.e. if he stays at the wicket for a long time, he’ll lose energy to keep well. That’s just my opinion, no statistical proof to it. So Sanga may not be that crucial. If weather permits we’ll see but isn’t this time for a new thread on India-SL series?

    Zain, this challenge rule is very successful in American Football and I see no reason other than some umpires whining why it won’t be a huge success. I stressed on this idea on Pak Spin a long time ago. It will only save controversies.

  28. #28 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 22, 2008 - 5:27 PM


    You didn’t read my comments well, Jayasuriya is NOT in the team this time. I said their openers are weak because of his absence.

  29. #29 by KungFuShus on July 22, 2008 - 6:56 PM

    Then SL is Doooomed.

  30. #30 by Awas on July 22, 2008 - 10:50 PM

    On technocrats and bureaucrats, my thoughts have been no different to what you guys have said. A chief executive needs to have completely different attributes than, say, a selector or a captain of a team. As I said before Sharad Power is no cricketer. Neither have been most ex-PCB chiefs. Tauqeer Zia and Shahryar Khan are recent examples. The later, who was sacrificed for Ovalgate unnecessarily, was perhaps one of the best, a career diplomat and son of a princess who no doubt oozed class. Lord MacLaurin the ex ECB chief, for example, had been a British businessman who once was a chairman of Vodafone and chairman and CEO of Tesco. Anyway, the point is such examples are everywhere. The ones who are making different noises either have no clue or are jostling for their own positions but are just morons.

    On forthcoming test series, spotlight seems to be on Mendis at the moment but don’t forget Murli. I reckon he will come out better whilst the attention is off him. He will no doubt do his best to serenade with his Banseri.

    Khansahab is right to a large extent that Dravid’s defences are somewhat better than Tendulkar’s. Why would Dravid be tagged ‘A Wall’ otherwise? No matter what, there is very little to choose between them as they both average around 55 in tests which is brilliant. From a sheer entertainment point of view though, Tendulkar has been a treat to watch in comparison as he is a class act and rightly revered.

    Although the tempo of scoring faster in test innings is becoming a norm after Aussies showed the world the way but in the context of the game, it is still possible to score slow and win the match. The two SA centurions in the recently concluded test match scored at strike rates of 52 and 46 respectively and SA still won the match comprehensively with a day to spare.

  31. #31 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 23, 2008 - 3:13 AM

    Bureaucrats vs. Technocrats

    But behind their Big BUTT is the Political Crap i.e., the Chaudharys and Wadhera Mafia.

    The latest example is their defecation in public by inducting Show Actor in the Toronto Bound 16 member squad playing 4 nation T20 tournament from August 14-17 and that too as a NON PLAYING MEMBER ??????????????

    This is the latest news from Pakistan that Shoaib Akhtar needs to be inducted as a non playing member in the Toronto bound team, for what? Just to make him comfortable in the dressing room because he has been away from the dressing room since a long time. This time he wants to break someone’s leg with a cricket bat or punch the coach in his face or inject some more Nandrolone in his own a$$?

    One of the PCB officials was quoted as saying: “We believe that Shoaib should be included in the Pakistan team as a non-playing 16th member.” The official
    point out that, “Shoaib — who doesn’t enjoy very good relationship with some of his colleagues — should make a return to the Pakistan dressing room much before the start of the Champions Trophy.” What a crap! Why the EFF should he be in the team as a non-playing member?

    On one hand they are demanding from him the 7 million rupees in fine that he owes to the Board, and on the other hand they are sending him on a PREPAID VACATION to enjoy at company expense. Just imagine 10 days from now if his dope test comes out as positive. Then are they going to kick his a$$ ?

    Why do they have to take such silly decisions and make a mockery of the situation and make the whole world laugh at them? The PCB should kick off the stilts and stand up on their own feet and tell the Senators and Chaudhrys to mind their own effing business and stop poking their nose in every single thing.

    DNA should learn to say NO to such nonsense otherwise he would be called a spineless, impotent CEO just like the spineless, impotent CAPTAIN. In Urdu the equivalent of that word is, “Khassee.”

  32. #32 by khansahab on July 23, 2008 - 5:26 AM


    Do you know any Kungfu?

    My age and identity (eg which planet I am from) will remain a mystery until you come to Manchester to meet me or I come to the US to meet you. I know you are desperate to meet me, I am such a celebrity 🙂 I am “superstar of the UK” much like how Senator Zafar Choudhary said Asif is “superstar of Pakistan” 🙂

    I charge a nominal fee of $10 per person to show my birth certificate 🙂 By the way I use to live in Pakistan before so there is always the possibility my birth certificate is a forgery 🙂

    On a more serious note, the reason I know so much about Indian players is because I started taking a lot of interest in Indian cricket when I started writing about cricket. I also admire the likes of Dravid and Tendulkar because I feel they are legendary batsmen- there are so many reasons to account for their greatness. I also feel Pakistan has never produced batsmen like these two, in the same way India has never produced bowlers like Wasim and Waqar.

  33. #33 by kaleem on July 23, 2008 - 9:43 AM

    why doesnt abdul post on here anymore?

    and what happened to salman khan, pandit jee and other regulars?

  34. #34 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 23, 2008 - 10:36 AM


    b4 asking that question from abdul, salman khan and panditjee, tell me where have you been all this time? Haven’t seen you writing on the blog since a long time. abdul has gone in search of Rani Mukerjee and panditjee is doing TAPASIYA and is in hibernation, Salman Khan is on a Kangaroo hunting trip.

    Currently the “Rain Gods” are having ball of a time in Colombo. They just didn’t let anyone play during the first two sessions of the day and only during the third session play is possible. Earlier the outfield was in ankle deep water near the boundary line. The chances are there will be a lot of swing, early wickets are possible i.e., while the ball is new and hard, hence fast bowlers should be able to do some damage. After that I doubt because the ball would be soaked in water and once the shine is gone it will absorb more moisture. Then its not possible to swing.

    As I was typing this, Ishant Sharma on the last ball of his second over proved me right Vandort is, OUT it was short of length and wide outside off and it moved away from Vandort and he chased it in a typical sub-continent style with bat away from the body, no foot-work. Edge and gone, Dinesh Kartikh did well to move to his left to grab it. So there is movement as well as bounce in the wicket. How many more wickets can India take now?

    There is not much interest in the game because so many overs have already been lost and more rain is expected in the next 4 days the chances of any result is not likely unless, “Marry-Kills” happen and prevents a draw. You have to call the Asian Bradman Zaheer Abbass to do the commentary with Ranjit Fernando.

  35. #35 by theossa on July 23, 2008 - 12:23 PM

    First of all enough of the KungFuShus nick name, my chick Natalie didn’t like it. She said it sounds like a KungFu master compared to the CHARMING and SEXY theossa and I think she has a good point. She also said she wanna remain as theossa’s girl. So screw KungFuShus.

    Khansahab, we can reach a compromise, send me a dated picture of yours via email or come visit me in Pittsburgh. I’ll take you to the Pittsburgh Steelers game and will also take you to this bar for college kids where girls will be all over you just like the HOSTEL movie. I guarantee you’ll get a Threes*me. So what you say?

    India/SL game is halted. I heard Javed muttering some words about weather yesterday and I knew right away we are going nowhere. Thanks you Javed.

    Awas, good points there, I guess adaptability to the situation is an important trait of a good players. Btw it’s time you trim your beard.

    Some good news for Pak hosting the CT. Our good neighbor India has shown their support to Pakistan. On the behalf of cricket fans of Pakistan, I say “Thank You India”.

  36. #36 by Awas on July 23, 2008 - 12:46 PM

    Only 22 overs were possible on the first day of today’s first test match. According to the report there has been consistent rain over the last 12 days. On this basis we know where the match is heading unless conditions improve drastically over the next four days.

    I don’t know whether it’s a normal monsoon season in SL these days or something unusual is going on with the weather. If monsoon then it’s a very stupid schedule. Just like when they make schedules for matches to be played in the middle of subcontinent heat. And then they complain why the crowds are dwindling.

    Yep, good support from India.

  37. #37 by Amit. P on July 23, 2008 - 2:03 PM

    Somebody told me that july-aug is the season for mansoon in SL …. and they say 20-20 is killing test cricket. Test cricket is receiving this kinda hostility from schedule maker. Its pathetic.

  38. #38 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 23, 2008 - 2:21 PM

    Amit P.

    Since you are an Indian you must be knowing that from June to September it rains in India and it rains heavily in some areas. Sri Lanka is not far from India and it rains there heavily too. In fact they have a very long Mansoon Season starting from June to September and then again in some parts of the country it rains a lot between October and January. Hence I agree with you that the schedule makers are pathetic and their decisions are pathetic too.

    Like I said, if the fast bowlers could take some quick wickets early they can dent the opposition but after the ball is soaked in water its not possible to swing it. And I doubt even spinners can do much either, saw one over of Harbhajan and there was hardly any turn. I still believe that India is a fast bowler short, especially in overcast weather conditions it would have been better to have 3 seamers. Zaheer bowled well and cramped Warnapura a few times but couldn’t succeed in getting him but got the prized wicket of Sangakara. Ganguly is neither a medium pacer nor a spinner and he should only be considered as a batsman, thats all. The only hope would be no rain in the next 4 days and thats like asking them to bring stars from the sky.

    Yeah, its indeed good to see the BCCI supporting the PCB and if players like Andrew Symonds and Jacob Oram wants to stay back they should penalize them. Their lust for money was obvious when they played for the IPL.

  39. #39 by khansahab on July 23, 2008 - 2:23 PM

    The India team looks miles stronger than this Sri Lankan team. Apart from Sangakkara and Jayawardene Sri Lanka don’t have any established batsmen. Whereas the strength of the Indian batting line up is amazing- Sehwag, Gambhir, Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman.

    Sri Lanka have the home advantage. We have discussed before the home advantage matters very less in the Subcontinent but I feel Sri Lanka are quite strong at home. In the bowling I feel both sides are equal. Sri Lanka have Vaas and India have Zaheer. SL have the relatively inexperienced Kulasekara whereas India have the inexperienced Ishant Sharma. India have the established pair of Harbhajan and Kumble but SL have Murali and Mendis, the next best thing. I feel if the Indian top order clicks Mendis might be under pressure which will affect his bowling.

  40. #40 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 23, 2008 - 2:35 PM


    thats what I wrote yesterday if Gambhir and Sehwag gives them a flying start in the first 15-20 overs and put on a 100 on the board it will give a lot of comfort for the Indian middle order to keep the momentum going and that will put a lot of pressure on Mendis and Murali. Because, this is a test match and they can play slow and frustrate them. Tendulkar, Dravid, Ganguly and Laxman all capable of playing spin bowling better than any other batsman in the world.

    The home advantage does make a difference and look at Warna he doesn’t look like a new player he looks purana player. He already got a test hundred to his name.

  41. #41 by Amit. P on July 23, 2008 - 3:09 PM

    This is not a simple question to answer if u ask me on behalf of kumble.
    As i said before during aus series that indian team will always find it difficult to choose best test 11 unless they got a genuine allrounder to fit at no 7 and bowl fast medium. This problem will become more severe if the pitch is of dual nature .. i.e. having something for both fast and slow bowlers. You are absolutely right that in this condition they are short of one fast bowler. No team play two front line spinners in their line-up except india … this cramp the opportunity to play third seamer. At the same time they dont want to change usual batting orders. If they choose to play 5 bowlers, then one middle order batsman has to move up and open the inning …… now u can guess the prob … the question is who is willing to sacrifice his career?

    Having said that, this time they can hit the right balance by dropping gambhir and pushing karthik to open, then including munaf in the line-up. I am sure Kumble must be thinking on this line … but for that gambhir has to play badly in this match 😀

    Other option is to drop bhajji ….. that i cant suggest in the sub-continent …. Sooner or later this pitch is going to play slow, where third seamer will become redundant.

    Last option is captain drops himslef .. 🙂 and make way for munaf or rp .
    Btw how many guys agree with the last suggestion ??

  42. #42 by Amit. P on July 23, 2008 - 3:27 PM


    Home advantage in test cricket ! … It is the very first and major factor that comes into play. Right example given by javed abt that warna guy. Its all ab’t knowing the pitch well (more importantly the bounce) and deciding which delivery is potential wicket taking (so that u can negotiate) and which to score.

  43. #43 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 23, 2008 - 3:52 PM


    I agree with your last suggestion that Kumble should be Humble enough to drop himself in favour of RP or Munna Bhai Patel. But, tell me how many captains have dropped themselves on this basis? NONE, I guess.

    They will drop Harbhajan especially if he is not effective. India has spin bowling options in the likes of Sehwag and Tendulkar so why worry so much unless Harbhajan is at his unplayable best and taking 5-6 wickets, he shouldn’t be dropped in that case and that doesn’t look like here. Zaheer gave too many runs but he bowled well.

    Dropping Gambhir is another option because Karthik has opened for India on many occasions and played well. We are making all these ifs and buts assumptions but there is no “if and but” about run which is frustrating not only the players but millions of fans and supporters.

    Amit not only the pitch will slow down, it always does in SL due to humidity but under these rainy conditions the ball will become slightly heavier and that will compound the effect and seamers will struggle, even the batsmen will struggle to make runs.

    Btw, does anyone remember when SL scored the record 7, 8 or 9 hundred runs against SA i.e., when Jayawardene scored his triple century with Sangakara, which month of the year it was and under what conditions?

  44. #44 by khansahab on July 23, 2008 - 4:14 PM

    Amit P

    I think Kumble is a very intelligent bowler and I would always drop Harbhajan before Kumble. I think Kumble has greater variety and he reads the mind of the batsman really well. If you look at Kumble’s record he has been consistent even on those pitches where the conditions don’t favour spin greatly.

    I think what the Indian management (and also Sri Lankan management) thought was that it would perhaps not rain on all the days and perhaps the pitch would form some cracks on the 4th and 5th days, so that some turn for the spinners would be effected.

  45. #45 by Amit. P on July 23, 2008 - 4:21 PM


    Point noted sir ….. it was the same gloomy weather when jayawardhane scored almost 400 … even one century can change the face of this rain affected game. Your wet ball analysis is also rite …. but i think wet ball seams more than swing or spin … so here we go to conclusion … drop bhajji and include munaf (not rp .. since he is not a seamer). Hope kumble realize this sooner.

  46. #46 by Amit. P on July 23, 2008 - 4:40 PM


    “I am agree” with your both statements. 😀

    Can u guys throw some light which kinda delivery kumble is trying to bowl in this pic ?

    Doing Mendis/Iverson/Gleeson ?
    But he can be easily picked by batsmen if he is doing so …. courtesy his index finger. When kumble first started bowling googly, his baby finger used to point in the sky like this … later he rectified it.

  47. #47 by khansahab on July 23, 2008 - 4:57 PM

    Amit P

    I don’t know that much about spin bowling but it seems to be that quicker one that “swings out”- it’s kinda a hybrid between swing and spin. I am saying this because of the position of his index finger.

    If I wanted to bowl the conventional leg spinner or googly I would make sure all fingers are affixed to the ball even during the run up. From this pic it’s hard to say really, if they had shown the grip just before the ball was released we could have opined better. I think if he was bowling a googly, his index finger should definitely have been on the ball. Because the googly comes out of the back of the hand and I think it would be very difficult to ball if the index finger wasn’t gripping the ball firmly.

    Kumble probably has dozens of grips in his repertoire.

  48. #48 by khansahab on July 23, 2008 - 8:53 PM

    I just read this news on Hindustantimes. An Indian who takes a lot of interest in Pakistan has a blog called “Pakistan Paindabad” which in English means “Long live Pakistan”.

    This is quite a surprise as this Indian chap seems to love Pakistan and feels very strongly about it. I visited his blog and I was amazed. It is excellent he has no biases and he is trying hard for both countries to become friends.

    Come to think of it, Legslip is similar. One day Inshallah the name of Legslip will resonate around the world and everyone will remember that this only happened because we wanted cricket lovers to express their feelings openly, without any fear of ridiculous censorship or character/word limits. Long live Legslip!

    Mayank Soofi’s (the blogger in question) blog can be accessed at:

  49. #49 by theossa on July 24, 2008 - 2:30 PM

    With the help of Indian support Pakistan has secured the CT in the country. This is indeed great news for cricket in general and especially cricket in Pakistan. Now the organizer should take strong measures at making the event secure, successful, and entertaining. The future of cricket in Pakistan depends on this tournament. I, above all, want one of the subcontinent teams win the tournament. India and SL have a chance to make it to the finals. I have expectations from players like Sehwag, Gambhir, Tendulkar, Ganguly, Jayasuria, Sanga, Mendis, Murali, Yousuf, Younis, Tanvir, and Gul to give some hell to other teams. With Shoaib Malik still the captain I’ll keep my expectations low for a Pak win while there is always a possibility of a drama somewhere during the tournament.

    The India/SL match is a dull contest destined to be a draw, thanks to the weather and a very flat pitch. Hope the next game is livelier.

  50. #50 by Amit. P on July 24, 2008 - 2:52 PM

    Well .. SL is well poised to score 500+ runs …. and this match is fast slipping from the hands of indians … indian win is looking far distant considering all the factors. Nothing to write ab’t indian bowling and fielding …. specially behind the wicket catching. Karthik …. huh! … last time he kept in longer version and made history for giving away most byes …. cant remember was it practice match in eng or test match. This time too he is showing how lethal can he be for his own team. After Warna and jayavardhane , its samarveera time … the way he is playing expect big hundred from him.

    Haven’t finished surfing Mayank soofi’s blog … but looks interesting guy … he shud be invited in the ongoing peace-process 🙂

  51. #51 by Awas on July 24, 2008 - 3:07 PM


    After being in meeting all day, I have just read your comment that ICC has finally given the go ahead for CT to stay in Pakistan. Phew…relief!!!

    The only thing is some scaredy cat players will stay put in their own countries. Let them if that is the price we have to pay to hold an international tournament.

    After all those sacrifices Pakistan has given for West’s “war on terror”, we deserve more support than keeping us all on the edge by having international meetings all year round to decide “to be or not to be”.

  52. #52 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 24, 2008 - 3:22 PM


    If three Sri Lankan batsmen can score centuries then 5 Indians can also achieve that feat, it was a sunny day in Colombo as always the forecast was wrong. The way the Indian bowlers were bowling is obvious from the number of wickets they took today, just two. Samaraveera has already scored a century its time for Dilshan to join the club. I watched the match live on TV for about an hour or so and it was pretty boring. Zaheer Khan bowled a few no-balls and gave too many runs. Neither Kumble nor Harbhajan were effective. If there is no rain tomorrow then SL might declare after 500 or after Dilshan’s century i.e., if he scores of Samaraweera if he converts his 100 into a double hundred. They cannot loose this match, whereas India if they play badly would be under pressure if they have to bat again with a follow-on.


    yeah it is good to see that CT has been retained in Pakistan. On Pakspin there is this Miksa Mocha Loocha Lafanga who hates Pakistan and wrote something very nasty and they love to publish ……… whatever is against Pakistan. I don’t write there anymore and I know some of them, rather most of them come to our blog to read, so here is something for him.

    “Hey Mikso Mocha Micske Mikula Mikola Mocha Mácsa Mochar Mocsár Mochay Mocsaj Moche why the efffk you are so bitter against Pakistan? Has anyone miscalculated and mismatched your Mocha Miska? Stop your drivel against Pakistan and take a hike go fly a kite.”

  53. #53 by Amit. P on July 24, 2008 - 3:26 PM

    This is indeed a good news for pakistan. Now malik will feel more pressure … being watched by countrymen against top teams …. here is another opportunity for him to gain some sort of respect. If pakistan thrown out early in this tournament (as india were in the last edition that significantly dipped the on-field and off-field viewer ship) then it will be embarrassing situation for the organizers. So much is on stake here for malik and company.

  54. #54 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 24, 2008 - 3:42 PM


    Malik is one ignorant bloke who is not bothered by these things. Even when the team is defeated he is more concerned about his own individual performance. The way he brushed the journalists by saying “As far as I know I am the best all-rounder in the country” speaks a lot about his mentality.

    Now that the decision has been taken, I hope peace prevails in the country and no more bombings and disturbances should take place at least till such time the tournament is over. I was keeping my fingers crossed during this time when the ICC was meeting in Dubai because in Karachi, Asif Zardari’s chief security guard was killed and I thought may be some retaliation will take place but, nothing happened.

    As regards moving it to Sri Lanka, I don’t see any different situation over there, their Tamil Tigers are exploding bombs right, left and center every second day.

    If this CT tournament is successfully completed without any hitch or hiccup then, Pakistan must distribute 50,000 T-shirts for FREE among the spectators on the ground with a message THANK YOU INDIA for supporting us.

  55. #55 by Mohammed Munir on July 25, 2008 - 11:02 AM

    Wow… Some great analysis and good sensible comments all arond. I am reading most of the comments but I must confess that I have been too busy to read them all in details, anyway, this new name KungFu Panda… it reallay was worth forgetting 😉 I think theossa is more like it.

    I am still in Turkey, Istanbul and having a family vacations (for those who did not knew already) 😉

    Life here is great and Javed, yes I been to Marmara Hotel and had some of their foods too. Though I am staying at Hilton near Taksim Square.I been to Sultan Ahmed (Blue) Mosque, Aaya Sofia Meuseum, Dolmabashe Palace, Princess Islands, Bursa City, Yalova, and offcourse a few Shopping Centers.

    This is my third trip to Turkey (first with family) and I consider Turkey the most developed and modern Muslim Country and also with the richest and most glorious Islamic historey. The part for me is that my kids are feeling so proud of their grand past.

    On the other hand, currently, I am at the Hilton’s Pool where kid are swimming and playing, while I am ‘watching’, the kids offcourse 😉

    Temprature here is 25’C, which for me is heaven (in Dubai it is touching almost 50’C, yes 50’C) 😦

    Finally, I am happy for the CT being finalised in Pakistan, with a little help from India.

    Love to all at LS !!

  56. #56 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 25, 2008 - 11:37 AM

    Haroon Lorgat, the ICC chief executive, said in Colombo that: “players opting to pull out would not be penalised, nor would their boards.” Thats something for the Australians, New Zealanders and the South Africans to take advantage and they will either pull out completely or send their B team. Its a shame that the ICC cannot put pressure on their boards.

    There is still a lot of time left for the boards to decide but, I am not hopeful from what what the situation appears to be. If one tiny fire cracker goes on during the month of Shabaan thats it, they will say move the venue and the CT (whistle) would be blown off.


    The way Tendulkar and Dravid were clean bowled by m&m is unpardonable. Especially Dravid who is known as the WALL was done by Mendis’s middle finger. He was in total shock and dismay after his wickets were rattled. With two more days to left more than 466 runs left to score and 16 wickets to fall and India would be facing a humiliating innings defeat. Come on Rain Gods where are you?

    Munir its good to see that you are snooping around in Istanbul. Chor chori say jai haira phairy say na jai……. you are having a 3 in 1 fun. Take care have fun, 4 din ki chandni phir andheri raat hai wohi Sharjah ki galiyoun may Al-Wahda to Al-Arooba kerna hai. 🙂

  57. #57 by Awas on July 25, 2008 - 1:21 PM

    As I said earlier, as the focus is on Mendis right now, Murali could be bigger threat and indeed he is proving to be. He is helping SL towards making India bat again for follow-on..

  58. #58 by abdul on July 25, 2008 - 4:02 PM

    Hello everyone . This iste is looking really good with the new fature of the icons of the world cricket having a page dedicted to them with all the interviews and views ofv thoose experts posted. Meanwhile, due to some personal reasons and busy times I haven’t been able to access this excellent online platform were us bloggers can express our views without any limitations on a wide variety of topics with cricket as our main focus. Javed, Khanshab and Awas u are doing a great job.

    Tommorow is 20/20 fianls day which is a big event in the county and cricketing calender.It is bigger than usual because the wiining county will get the opportunity to play with the Standford t20 champions and also an opportunity to bag plebty of money for the developments of their county.

    Essex vs Kent 1st semi- Kent who are ovcourse the defending champions have the valid allround experience of Azhar Mahamood and Yaisr Arafat who are both gifted players for this format of the game. Meanwhile Essex are an emerging unit with the powerhouse Napier who has been instrumental in the successs of Essex this season and Kaneria who will be the key with ball with his leg spin.

    Durham vs Middlsex 2nd semi- Durham have an outstanding team which includes stars like Pollock,Chanderpaul, Harmison , Plunkett and Collingwood . Middlsex have Owais Shah, Shaun Udal and allrounder Tim Murtagh. On papper Durham look the stronger side but u never know in t20 cricket.

    It shall be a great day full of entertainment and excitement . I back Essex to win.

    Spinner, Mendis has really emerged and looks like an interesting prospect for the futrure of Srilanka. Outstanding bolwer and looks tricky to pick and has already dismissed some top players.

  59. #59 by Amit. P on July 25, 2008 - 4:04 PM

    Now only rain god can save indians …. on 4th and 5th day, they are bound to spun around murli. Time for rigorous introspection and planning.

  60. #60 by theossa on July 25, 2008 - 5:03 PM

    Holy Shit! Abdul is back and he is everywhere!

  61. #61 by Awas on July 25, 2008 - 5:08 PM

    Amit P

    “Rain God”…I think you got that right…

    In the 1st test at Lords, England scored nearly 600 too, SA were then bowled out for a low score of 247 in the 1st innings and then followed on. In the 2nd innings they then held out to a draw by scoring 393 for 3. I thought that was an excellent effort by SA, snatching draw from the jaws of defeat. Can India do the same? That is the question. They certainly have the batting clout to do so…so let’s see…

    Javed A Khan

    Interesting point about that fire cracker at Shabaan…I hope good sense prevails. It doesn’t matter if some countries send a B team. It’s their loss. It is less disappointing than not having a tournament at all. When Aussies sent their A team to Pakistan not too long ago, nothing happened. Are the lesser players more dispensable or is it just a question of duplicity involved from Western countries?


    Good to hear from you…Enjoy!!! Don’t forget to keep watching the kids from the corner of your eyes too ;)-


    Yeah, I see Abdul…Abdul…everywhere like he has never been away…a long holiday, was it?

  62. #62 by theossa on July 25, 2008 - 5:15 PM

    Munir Kahana muze oka! De Tukey jinako aw the khokule halakano nazare kawa.

  63. #63 by Pawan on July 25, 2008 - 9:19 PM

    Hey guys,

    Am back from my long sanyas. Itching to write and critisize! Thanks to the Indian team, I have a lot of work on my hands now (of crtitisizing), but the task is really simple.

    To the Indian team the song am listening to right now fits well…

    “Na jaane qab sey… ummmiday quch baaqi hai…
    ab toh AADAT si hain muzqou aisey jeenay main…”

    I doubt if any of the Indian team players read good blogs like LS, but my suggestion to the team would be to keep digging, out, not in.

    “There can be no miracle without any big adversity/dissapointment”

    I didn’t watch the match, due to my over-extended chutti, but I did see the wickets on youtube. Sachin and Sourav were picking Mendis and that is a good sign to me. Sachin got out unfortunately, but then all is fair in love and cricket. Dravid’s wicket was a stunner and also shows his dip in form. After he gave up captaincy, Dravid has been poor, not just scratchy. It might be a miracle to ask him to improve in the second innings. The classic suggestion would be “to get your act together”. Well, we are not acting here, are we?

    Gambhir is not serious in test cricket yet and is basking in the glory of T20 and ODI. So he obviously is a gimme in second innings. Sehwag is hard to predict and as we call in technical terms, is a non-linear function. More than white noise, he looks to me like a pink noise. He will need a Hanning window on him to improve his response otherwise he is going to leak data and would give bad coherance. If anyone understood the gibberish about Sehwag then we are in same profession, otherwise just ignore it. All I want to tell is that I cannot analyze/predict what Sehwag can do in second innings after follow-on.

    Frankly speaking I am counting on Sachin to stand-up in second innings. He likes challenges and Mendis is one big challenge for Indians right now. Analyzing him is hard from the previous footages as Kirsten pointed out, it is a super-slow motion and in actual life you have to tackle him at real speed, which must be tough.

    Mukul Kesavan’s favorite VVS Laxman must play hard cricket now. He has Mr.Test Captain cum fast-swing-bowler at his disposal. VVS’s problem is his lazy attitude and his lapses of concentration from time to time. Although his method of hitting the ball from the center of percussion (sweet spot) of his bat is excellent and that is his skill, but time is ripe for him to show that his average of 49.25 is indeed not just a mere number.

    Ganguly is also an interesting phenomena of Indian cricket. He thrives on gaali’s and brick-bats. He succeeds when he wants to prove people wrong. So this is the right time for him to prove Dhoni wrong that he is not an able batsmen for ODI side.

    Dinesh Karthick or Kaarthick or thick-headed or whatever tried to defend himself through Kirsten’s aid, but he was completely wrong in his technique. Classical question would be “What was he doing there???” He, of all the felllas has had a forgettable match. He came out guns blazing trying to prove that he is also a youngster and capable of playing in T20 and ODI team. Strange how people show their emotions! But he should have listened to Mr.Boycott and should have played according to the situation rather than his “natural game”. Lord, if this is his “natural game”, then he should never play naturally, or he will be naturally out of the team soon and bachha Patel will be cucooing in Murali’s lap.

    All-in-all it looked like the Indian batsmen were woken up from the lullaby sleep where SL pillaged the village attack of Indian bowl-ers. I should not be so critical but the Indian bowl-ers look like “bheek-mangay” in front of SL bowlers. They bowled as if they were begging for a wicket in front of SL batsmen. Ek viket dede baba…

    Well guys, my drubbing of the Indian batsmen and more will continue brake-k-baad.

  64. #64 by Awas on July 25, 2008 - 10:26 PM

    Aaah…its Pawan…good to have you back…we were wondering what you’ve been up to?

    Very critical and entertaining analysis again of the Indian team, as expected ;)-

    When you have a total like 600 on your mind to chase, it’s a big burden. Very few teams overcome a hurdle like that with ease. SA in my example above were an exception but it shows it can be done.

    But as Amit P said rain is more likely to be a saviour.

    I bet you though, if India had won the toss and chosen to bat, they would as well have batted better than what they have so far.

  65. #65 by khansahab on July 25, 2008 - 10:53 PM

    Good to have all of Pawan, Abdul and Mohammad Munir back.

    India have been very disappointing with this batting display. I think it is a mixture of being under pressure after a gigantic SL total, the fear of Murali and Mendis and also the fact that the seniors Dravid, Ganguly and Tendulkar have stayed out of the picture for some time. Now the psychological advantage rests with Sri Lanka and it will be interesting to see how the Indians cope.

  66. #66 by khansahab on July 25, 2008 - 10:56 PM

    This isn’t the first time Sehwag has been very aggressive but has ended up losing his wicket and putting the team under great pressure. When the formula clicks we call shower praises on him but when it doesn’t, he gets called a reckless player.

  67. #67 by M. Y. Kasim. Houston. Tx. on July 25, 2008 - 11:16 PM

    Javed A. Khan,

    I do remember this Mikso Mocha guy who started a tirade against me when I corrected Mr. Kamaran Abbasi that Hanif Mohammad was the one who, in my opinion, invented the reverse sweep and Javed Miandad perfected it.

    When I replied with Indian original documentary proof as to who Hanif Mohammad is and what his achievements were, it was ignored by the mafia who manages “Cricinfo” or atleast “Pakspin”, it was never published.

    Since then, I have never written or contributed on “Pakspin” as I am pretty sure Mr. Abbasi does not seem to have any control over it.

  68. #68 by Pawan on July 25, 2008 - 11:45 PM

    Awas and Khansahab,

    Frankly, I missed writing on LS a lot and feels good to be back and blabber out over here. After looking at the threads and posts I missed, it looks like there has been a lot of good debating and discussions going on especially by you guys, Javed, theossa, Amit P. It is also good to have Kasim sir back. This thread started by Javed is also very interesting — technocrats v/s bureaucrats. Although most of you have opined in favor of bureaucrats, I would prefer to cater to technos since I am a techno. Now thats very sell-fish of me. Ha! Ha! Some of you have also opined to have a mix of technos and bureaus in the management, which also looks to be quite a potent solution.

    Awas, yes, I feel comfortable critiquing with humor. And you along with Amit have made important deductions relying on rain to save the test for India. But it won’t be much fun if the rain plays “spoil” sport. Coz only failure can teach you how to succeed and I want to see the character of this team. The so-famed batting line-up have lined up in the Pavillion right now, but I wanna see if they can handle this pressure. This test match is almost too good for the purists and has all the elements — Rain, M&M, SRT, SCG, VVS, RD, Kumble, Bhajji, Sanga, Mahela, Viru, Vassy, now the 3rd Umpire. Too good to miss the match man.

    Khansahab, Seh-WAG has been progressively regressive rather than aggressive and starts the rot for India every time. A batsman who is set should carry on and not give his wicket, its wicked. This is common sense and even Boycotts mum could have understood this. Bhaad mein gaya tumhara natural game. What does the team need now? For you to stay on the wicket and ensure a 100+ partnership. There is no set formula for any problem in life, leave alone cricket. One has to use different formulas and/or formulae every time to solve a problem, and that is where Sehwag lacks. I am beginning to believe in senile Boycotts proposition of Sehwag being brainless.

    I think you are right about the pressure Khansahab, but being such a famed batting line-up, they should have stood up to their billing. Agar aap test cricket mein bhi nahi khelogey toh kya karogey? Specialist test players my foot!

    I also think that India missed Dhoni today, especially his maturity and match temparament. Dinesh was nowhere near Dhoni’s standard.

    Awas, now that you have mentioned SA, I will say that yes, they have set a great example and India should follow it. But they must not forget that English bowlers were piddu in front of SA, while the SL Lions are really roaring. I didn’t see that SA-wala match, but I don’t rate English bowlers very highly, not as high as SL bowlers. India ke bheek-mangay bowlers are at the bottom of the pack of bowlers of all test teams (except may be BD).

  69. #69 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2008 - 10:02 AM

    Hi guys! I have been very busy during the day and a lot has been said and written on the blog. I may not be able to touch each and every point but it is good to see people coming back.

    Its 5:00 a.m. and in Sri Lanka it is tea time on day 4 I saw 4 of the Indian wickets falling in the second innings and I couldn’t believe the way it happened. Tendulkar, Gambhir, Ganguly and Dravid all went cheaply, earlier Sehwag and Laxman but I didn’t see that. The last wicket was that of Dravid and when umpire Mark Benson gave Dravid not out, the Sri Lankans asked for the second review and the replay confirmed there was an edge and Dravid was given out. Although 2 balls before the fall of Dravid the Sri Lankans had asked for the first review against Karthik at the bowling of Mendis but that went in favour of the batsman. But, this time they were very, very sure and immediately went appealing for a review. So, the induction of the new rule with the help of technology is gonna stay. Which otherwise used to change the course of the game. Now the players will feel that there is fair play.

    Whatever it is, the writing is on the wall, loud and clear and defeat is staring in the eyes of the Indian team and that too a humiliating one. I still don’t understand how mediocre and impotent the Indian bowling attack was that they gave away 600 runs and took only 6 wickets. How come players other than Jayawardene can score a century? And not just one player but three players and that too, unrecognized and not so famous ones.

    Although Mendis and Murali have taken all the wickets that have fallen so far, I am still unable to reconcile with Murali’s doosra and his dubiuos bowling action. People may not like my comment, but to me it doesn’t look like a legal delivery. No matter what the bio-mechanics experts say no matter how much the technology can progress, the game is about visual. It is the human eye that matters and technology cannot take over the entire game. If we go by the human eye, to me at least thats not a genuine delivery.

    As regards Mendis and his two finger grip, he needs the likes of Gilchrist, Symonds, McCullum, Oram, Chris Gayle, Afridi etc., to shatter his confidence and trust me sooner or later, it is bound to happen. Right now the Indians are playing against him under fear and on both occasions (in Asia Cup and here) Sri Lanka was and is in a very strong position and he is capitalizing that situation by attacking them. These days the captains are too smart they remove their key bowlers immediately when they are taken for a ride to protect them from the bashing and the shattering of their confidence.

    But, I have a very strong feeling that Mendis cannot last long terrorizing batsmen. In my opinion he is an OK bowler but not that great as Warne or even Qadir. I won’t use the name of Murali because of what I have said above. I am very much in agreement with what Bhishen Singh Bedi says about Murali.

  70. #70 by Awas on July 26, 2008 - 12:43 PM

    MY Kasim

    Mr. Abbasi does not seem to have any control over his blog…You got that right.

    Pakspin is not the same as it used to be. We have all had our even very decent comments deleted by people other than Mr Abbasi. Such policies only discourage you from writing.

  71. #71 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2008 - 2:54 PM

    Since it was too early for me to be up on a week-end, after writing those comments I thought of dozing off once again and I thought, I won’t be able to stay up to see the sad ending of Indian team, but it happened so fast that even before I hit the sack again they were all out. Innings and 239 runs, a big defeat.


    Welcome back “babu” where were u and what have u been doing all this time? Your harshness at Indian bowling and their batting brashness came at the same time. Ek wicket ka sawal hai baba……. LOL at bheek mungging. I really don’t understand the way Gambhir threw away his wicket in the second innings after scoring 40 odd runs and looked well settled, it was like that Shahid Afridi style rush of blood and he was gone!

    I think the reasons India lost this match badly is because:

    1. They took the threat of Mendis and Murali very seriously.
    2. The seniors were playing after a big gap and needed time to get it or dig in and that didn’t happen because of point no.1
    3. The weather confused them like hell. Initial reports on weather forecast was very different, it said, it will rain throughout, but it didn’t except for the first day. Hence the reliance on Rain God left them high and dry.
    4. Indians were not hoping that play was possible on all 4 days and were taking it lightly and SL batsmen even the Lullo Punjooz scored a century and Indian bowlers were begging without a KAHSHKOL (the pot in which they collect money or receive grains in alms) I mean to say they were not looking serious and hungry in any department.
    5. By the time 4 centuries were scored and 600 runs on the board it was too late and they gave up even before they started to bat.
    6. Then depending on second innings i.e., to make-up for the first innings debacle and, chasing a deficit of 400 with 2 days remaining is extremely foolish if they had thought of a draw, its is like day dreaming and praying for rain. Whatever they had on their mind they should have translated it in the first innings itself. The second innings is always very difficult and this Indian 2nd innings was a mere cameo role, a score, that was – worst than a T20 performance.

    I hope they bounce back in the second test and play up to their reputation otherwise, if they loose 3-0, you will not see the faces of Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly again and thats for sure. Lets see how they cover their faces and retain their spots. Also, a series defeat may end Kumble’s humble cricket career. Dhoni who is basking on the pool deck with his Dhoniyans must be smiling at his luck. And considering himself as Raja Inder. 🙂

  72. #72 by Pawan on July 26, 2008 - 4:27 PM


    This is the MOST dissapointing defeat that the Indians have EVER faced. Every Indian cricket fan is dissapointed like you, believe me, its MAATAM time for Indian Test team. ARTHIS of Ganguly, DRAVID, VVS and Sehwag should be ready in test cricket. Already Ganguly, Dravid and VVS are out of the ODI and T20 teams. Now its time they hang their boots in all forms of games. Ganguly should go back to his restaurent business, Dravid should sit in an arm chair and talk about his hey days, while Laxman can now finally start his retired family life – dropping off children to school, picking them up from school, sabzi, groceries, shopping and if possible cooking.

    I am excluding Sachin from the ARTHIS list because in both innings I don’t think he got out with a rash shot or was foxed by Mendis/Murali. In first innings he got out to doosra from Murali, but he picked it and got hit on pad and then it deflected to stumps. Some dumb commentator was commenting that he got foxed by Murali’s doosra. But that’s nto the case or else why would he leave that delivery? In second innings the ball barely kissed his thumb, and the third umpire after several replays gave him out. In fact he played Mendis so well that Mendis was looking an extremely ordinary bowler in fron of Sachin. People should watch Sachin’s technique in order to play Mendis well. I commend Sachin for his batting display, although he did not get runs, but he was VERY convincing when he was at crease and that is why is the finest batsmen of all times. Salute to you my champ!

    Okay, back to my brashing of all other famous batsmen, its time they chose a different proefssion.

    Dinesh Karthick – Instead of wicket-keeper, he should now become a Gate-keeper, like we have in India at the cinema halls where they tear the movie tickets and show the people their seats with battery torches.

    Virender Sehwag – Risheywala. Time to chage profession dude. His confident approach is most suitable for becoming a riksheywala back in India. He will be able to take you to any place you want and confidently. His non-chalant approach is exteremely ridiculous and laughable. I am amazed how he stupidly gets out inspite of being such an experienced campaigner in the team now. He is the height of stupidity and he CANNOT play according to the situation.

    Rahul Dravid – His confidence is so low at the moment that he is spreading his negativity in the team also. Even a Ranji player can get him out I bet. I dunno what issues he is having, may be some family issue or some personal issue or mental issue. But that thing is distracting him from concentrating at the crease. Sorry to say that the old Dravid is not back and this new Dravid is as good as Chetan Sharma! Oops I almost forgot to mention his new Profession – Teacher in a girls college.

    Ganguly – Kisney ki hain ungli, kaun hain apne beech Ganguli! This humorous verse suits Sourav. He should become a Professional Waiter, as he can smile even when people abuse him. There is nothing I expected from him and that is what he has delivered. Immediate sacking of such sadey huen aam is necessary.

    Laxman – Mukul’s eye-candy. His new profession will be a house-husband, as I mentioned previously, he will do all the household chores. He was so casual in his approach as if he is not batting for the COUNTRY, but taking a stroll in the park. Such dormant, sluggish buffalows should be kicked out of the team, so that they will understand how tough a chance is to play in the test team from India.

    I do not know what reasons were responsible for India’s defeat and the reasons given by Javed look very much likely and logical, but I am too shell-shocked to even think of any reason. There can never be any excuse for such a big loss. This is the biggest dissapointment that this team has faced since the 2007 world cup early exit. I repeat this is the biggest dissapointment! and some hard decesions is the need of the hour now. Enough of relying on STARS. Form and merit should be the basis of getting into the team and not reputation. Today Sachin again proved why he is still in the team and why anyone cannot even think of removing him from the ODI team.

    More comments to come… after initial shock is dampened

  73. #73 by khansahab on July 26, 2008 - 5:23 PM


    I agree with much of what you say and it is always a pleasure to see your passion and commitment to cricket. This is a shocking and spineless display by India. What shocks me is how they fell before the spin attack when they are considered as the best players of spin in the world. India will have to bounce back now, otherwise people will start asking questions about the role of Dravid, Ganguly and Tendulkar in the team (Javed A Khan and Pawan both have spoken about this same point too).

    I wonder if Dravid is past his prime because of his current form. For about a year now he has looked underconfident and threatened almost by the success of youngsters like Rohit Sharma, Uthappa and Raina. This might well be Dravid’s last straw. I am of opinion that if he fails this series, he will definitely be dropped for life and he will have to seek retirement to avoid disgrace. It is really a pity because he is one of the best batsmen of all time.

    I wouldn’t blame Ganguly so much because he was very good in 2007 both in ODI’s and Tests. The only reason he isn’t in the ODI team is because the Indian selectors want to plan ahead and give chances to youngsters. In fact I think the selectors have been unfair to Ganguly. Ever since his return to international cricket he has looked so consistent, but alas age is not on his side. Either way he will still be remembered as one of the best ODI batsmen of all time and a pretty good Test batsman, a bit like Saeed Anwar.

    About Tendulkar, there was not a lot he could do when wickets were falling line Dominoes. He plays Murali very well generally, in fact I remember Murani saying in an interview that no one plays him better than Tendulkar. But Tendulkar should have shown more resilience and mental strength. He is the most experienced player and you can say his technique was better than other players, but he should have scored a lot more. The type of batsman he is, he is very quick to find the weakness of a bowler and I don’t think Murali will be as successful against him in the coming matches. Having said that Murali has won round 1 in the battle against Tendulkar.

  74. #74 by Amit. P on July 26, 2008 - 7:14 PM


    Hilarious !! …. Ur post is the only relief in last 4 days i had …. seriously thats the way to release out.

    Nothing more to write ab’t this disappointing affair … already said … but the point is how they are going to cope with M&M in next 2 tests. One easy possibility for indians is to win toss and go to bat first …. then they can pull up everything and we might see a big score around 500 … then putting pressure back on SL. But SL wont loose their wickets as indians did .. coz no Murli and Mendis in this team …. seriously i have very little hope on indian spin department. They are gone and left with no tricks …. easy picking even for club level batsmen. Now what if SL win the toss in the second match too … hmmm …. more humiliation ?? Only little hope i have in bowling department is from our much abused fast bowlers with the new ball .. if they able to snatch 4 wickets in around 25 overs then our “great” spinners can bring life into this series. Whatever be the case .. its ab’t winning the session and indians till now lost each and every session they played in this match.

    Now ab’t our batting …. chote mein kya seekha tha …. jab spin nahi samjh mein aye then play as late and commit urself as less as possible. They all seem to forget that basic lesson. Its not dead indian pitch or hard auss pitch where u put all ur lesson in the bag and show ur stroke-making against spinners. Kya yaar .. hug** ka bhi limit hota hai.

  75. #75 by Pawan on July 26, 2008 - 7:31 PM


    mentions the following reasons for India’s defeat (massacre, to be fair) —

    1. They took the threat of Mendis and Murali very seriously.

    True… Mendis is just another spinner, play the ball not the bowler. Human psyche is very interesting and the mental dominance of m&m proved detrimental to Indian batting. The fact that Mendis has never been played before by the Indians should also be considered, especially when Mahela and Sanga have openly confessed that they themselves struggle to pick Mendis in the nets. But then this could also be the hype which Mahela wants to build around Mendis. If Indians have found it too hot to handle, I wonder what other teams like England, Aus, SA, NZ will find – blazing butcher?

    2. The seniors were playing after a big gap and needed time to get it or dig in and that didn’t happen because of point no.1

    True again… It was a big gap and someone in the commentry box was mentioning the same thing, may be Ian Bishop. But then Ranjit Fernando was quick to add to it that even SriLankans have not played test cricket as long as Indians. So that factor should have evened out. But then one should also note that fact that the Indians had to go through a much rigorous and rampaging bowling attack like m&m while SriLankans literally smothered the Indian bheek-mangay bowlers. Hint – Kumble should seriously introspect his bowling. Bhajji is also becoming redundant.

    3. The weather confused them like hell. Initial reports on weather forecast was very different, it said, it will rain throughout, but it didn’t except for the first day. Hence the reliance on Rain God left them high and dry.

    Professional crickets should not bother about weather.

    4. Indians were not hoping that play was possible on all 4 days and were taking it lightly and SL batsmen even the Lullo Punjooz scored a century and Indian bowlers were begging without a KAHSHKOL (the pot in which they collect money or receive grains in alms) I mean to say they were not looking serious and hungry in any department.

    Indian bowlers were seriously out-of-depth. It is so dissapointing to watch Indian bowlers. Seriously why does India not produce good bowlers? The MRF academy has been in place for so long now. It is disgusting to watch the Indian bowlers get attacked even by newcomers and scoring runs freely.

    5. By the time 4 centuries were scored and 600 runs on the board it was too late and they gave up even before they started to bat.


    6. Then depending on second innings i.e., to make-up for the first innings debacle and, chasing a deficit of 400 with 2 days remaining is extremely foolish if they had thought of a draw, its is like day dreaming and praying for rain. Whatever they had on their mind they should have translated it in the first innings itself. The second innings is always very difficult and this Indian 2nd innings was a mere cameo role, a score, that was – worst than a T20 performance.

    Kirsten and Kumble have been stressing the fact that they were very well prepared for this match and had their strategies in place. But I doubt it. I did not see a single game plan from any of the players against Mendis. What was your strategy? What kind of preparation? I bet these guys had kept saying to themselves that they will handle Mendis when they see him. Kirsten even convinced us by commenting that the analysis of Mendis could be done in super-slow motion, but in real time, it is quiet different. What this means is that you do not have any sort of strategy in place and you just go out there and play to the best of yoru potential and get your “natural game” out. This is terrible coaching and captainship. Notice Tendulkar had a plan for Mendis. He was mostly going forward and playing Mendis on the front foot. This was because he had seen Mendis taking wickets and Raina and Yuvraj in Asia cup final where they tried to play him on the back foot. Anyway, what I want to convey is that every batsmen should have played Mendis according to a plan and that was not seen at all. Sehwag was in such a hurry that he did not face Mendis or Murali. I dunno why he was in such a hurry. Who does he think he is? Sir Viv Richards?

  76. #76 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2008 - 7:32 PM


    in my analysis on the defeat after what I have seen and observed, I wrote: “you will not see the faces of Dravid, Laxman and Ganguly again and thats for sure.” I did not mention the name of Tendulkar.

    Although the reasoning behind your justification in defending Tendulkar is not good enough, because on both occasions it was Murali who got him. Once if it happens you can say he made a mistake but second time in the same match he got him and you try to defend him with whatever reasoing is not acceptable or should I say, not good enough? Yet, Tendulkar is such a good player that he will correct his mistakes in the second match (I hope so, otherwise you will say vo bhee budda ho gaya he should also run his restaurant.)

    Its strange that neither you, khansahab or Awas picked up the point, rather my views about Murali’s doosra and his dubious action. Never mind, I rest my case here because there is nothing anyone can do about it they all have to live with Muralai and now with Mendis. The later has no such problem with action but they all are over-reacting to his bowling. He is simply being viewed as Gabbar Singh.

    On your being a technocrat and defending the technos, I would like to clarify here something more. The following is just a hypothetical example, I don’t mean to say you are in that situation.

    If you are in a bank or a financial institution for e.g., the technocrats are people from the Treasury Department, Money Market, FOREX dealers, stock market dealers, Business Analysts, Credit Analysts, Chartered Accountants, IT managers etc., all these people are technocrats working in a bank. Whereas, the CEO, COO, Managing Director or General Manager may not necessarily be from any of the above departments. Usually they are from General Banking, meaning those who have been Branch Managers, Area or Regional Managers etc., and then they become the COO and CEO. But, they are not bureaucrats from government departments, they do have banking experience, in fact they have better and more diversified experience than the technocrats have, who have specialized only in their own field.

    Here we were talking about an organization which is not a financial institution, it is a semi-government organization and it is for the benefit of cricket and cricket players, both current and future players. The running, managing and administration part of it cannot be handled by former players unless that player has those qualifications and credentials like a Masters in Business Administration or Finance or HR etc. etc. Therefore, it is important to have someone who is qualified for that post and just for the heck of it that a former cricket player no matter how Paindoo and dimwit he may be or how arrogant and rude he may be should run this organization because it is for cricket players or for the benefit of cricket in the country and must be managed by the former cricket players only. This is not a Kingdom of ex players.

    There is a clear distinction between the technocrats of a financial organization, bank or a high tech organization like Microsoft, Apple, IBM etc. Engineers, Designers, Programmers, System Analysts, Architects etc.,they all have a very important role to play in progressing the organization but they cannot be good in finance, administration, management, HR etc. Therefore, it is imperative for the PCB to have qualified people for those posts and and not duds like Saleem Altaf, Waqar Younus, Wasim Akram, Amir Sohail, Moulvi Mushtaq or even people like Inzamamul Haq to become the CEO of the PCB. Instead of going bankrupt tomorrow it will go bankrupt today.

    I think I have made myself very clear on job description and roles to be played by these individuals. If these players want to be a part of the PCB they should be in the training and coaching programme and not even in the selection process. Tomorrow the physio might say, I want to be a member of the management or selection committee because I know the fitness level of these players. That will be the day in cricket when, chooray and malishyae would be in the selection committee!

  77. #77 by khansahab on July 26, 2008 - 7:40 PM

    LOL, this song comes on B4U:

    Dil ka Pawan karay pukar,
    pyar ka raag suno, pyaar ka raag suno rey

    I dedicate this song to Pawan…….

  78. #78 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2008 - 7:50 PM

    Pawan & Amit

    Talking about “Plan” yeah there was no plan but lip service. Obviously when you do that the result is in front of you.

    Like Amit says, win the toss and put up a big score 500 plus and then put them under pressure. What if you loose the toss ……. again you loose by an innings and 239 runs? There must be a plan B to counter these measure.

    The first and foremost thing is to break the shackles that are built around your “KHOPREE” that Mendis and Murali are unplayable. These are game tactics and Maleeha & Co played it well.

    The only player in the current Indian team who can change the game is Sehwag. If he stays longer and if he plays with determination to stay long, then everyone else will get a relief and it will boost their confidence. And Sehwag if he stays long, can also thrash Mendis and once he has provided a decent start, he should then go all out against Mendis. Because, you cannot be aggressive against Mendis or Murali when they place an attacking field, if you initially start milking runs against them, Maleeha will be forced to set up a defensive field and then you should attack. But, not aimlessly like Gambhir did today, don’t jump out of the crease and get stumped on a wide ball.

    I have a feeling that Sehwag will realize that pulling a Rickshaw would be more difficult than pulling Mendis and Murali.
    Bansuri bajai jaa…. runs banai jaa.

  79. #79 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2008 - 7:58 PM

    LOL khansahab

    It is not dil ka pawan keray pukaar
    it is dil ka BHANWAR keray pukaar

    Pawan means wind or Hawaa, Vo hawa jo ooncha urrati hai. Talking of that Hawaa jo ooncha urati hai reminds me of Iqbal ka ek sher.

    Tundi-e-baad-e-mukhalif say na ghabra aye Oqaab
    Yae tou chalti hai tujhay oonchaa urra nay kay liyeh.

    Tundi means Tez or fast
    Baad-e- Mukhalif means from opposite direction
    ghabra means afraid, na ghabra don’t be afraid.
    Oqaab = Hawk or Falcon

    Iqbal is asking people who are like Falcons and Hawks not to get bogged down by the opposition, the more strong the opposition is, the much higher you should fly.

    If you remember when I as in a tiff with Pra Ashaq @ PakSpin about why the Punjaban is so keen on dancing all night? I used the first verse of this poem and added something else on my own only to piss him off. I wrote:

    Tundi-e-baad-e-mukhalif say na ghabra Aye Oqaab
    Menu Khota Kali Kerado, Mai nucchaan Sareee Raat.

  80. #80 by Amit. P on July 26, 2008 - 7:59 PM

    We have to find ways to tackle Murali, Mendis: Kumble

    Let me help u uncle. Bring bachha patel in place of karthik …. and maintain left right combination … be a dhoni …. if sehwag gets out send dravid, if ghambhir gets out send ganguly, and tell everybody to score runs not in boundaries only, but in ones and twos …. do something unconventional … atleast send the message to opposition that u got something. Your boys are not up against a great bowling line-up .. but against two individuals. And plzzz tell ur boys to interact on the pitch … all were lost in own’s paradise. Show eagerness to score runs .. to steal runs .. throw pressure back on the bowling. These are the most basic tricks to counter something, that u r not used to …. plzzzzzzzz dont waste time and energy on reading those doosras and googlies …… ur boys have faced these deliveries in last two innings … it will indeed counter ur preparation …. no negative thoughts and feelings …. and yeah try to remember those days when u used to take wickets in heap …. thats the most important preparation u got to do.

  81. #81 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2008 - 8:03 PM


    You have said what I have said but in totally different words – the important thing is to steal singles and two’s first and when the field is set as defensive then play attacking cricket. Anyways, in short whatever you have said, “I am agree.” 🙂

  82. #82 by Pawan on July 26, 2008 - 8:20 PM


    Thanks dude. I am sure I am speaking the mind of all the Indian cricket fans in this Universe. I have an answer to your question “how they are going to cope with M&M in next 2 tests ” — simple, come back to India. Enough of carrom championship. Get back to your new professions, at least they will start acting as professionals then. BCCI should request the SL board that they will call their team back to India as they are not competent enough to play with SL team. There is no hope in this team Amit. This is utter rubbish and one or two players with good performances do not make a team. So get back to your work and unsubscribe zee cinema.

    Khansahab wonders — “I wonder if Dravid is past his prime because of his current form…” Yes you are wonderfully right sir. He is indeed past his prime. I would think that Paddy Upton would be the person to help him as he looks exteremly confidenceless. But for that to happen, Dravid should open up and should stop carrying the celebrity baggage with him. Open your eyes and understand that you have been hammered psychologically after you left the leadership of India, which can happen to anyone in this world. A leader will always go through such symtoms when he is no more the leader. Only Upton can save the wall now.

    Also thank you for dedicating the Dev saab song to me. The movie incidently, Tere Ghar ke Saamne, is my all-time favorite!


    I do have strong views about Murali’s bowling action, but we are no one to really take a decesion on this issue. The issue is that he gets momentarily handicapped while bowling the doosra and hence violates the rule of 15 degree bend. So now the ICC should take up this issue and do something about it. Either modify the rule or ask Murali to stop bowling doosra.

    I agree completely with your views of having a trained person for managing the PCB and not just a technocrat. My point in earlier post was just a light-hearted joke. I do agree with someone’s suggestion, I think it was Amit, that technocrats and bureaucrats should work in tandem to get a good system in place for PCB.

    About Sehwag, honestly Javed, it is soo soo dissapointing that he does not get runs when needed. He is like Afridi, but a little bit more consistent than Afridi. But they needed him today and he blew it up. So disgusting.

    Bansuri-wale ne toh unki aaj baja di. I don’t remember which movie it was, but I saw a Bollywood movie in which a gangster plays bansuri before killing people. It seemed imbecile then, but now it all makes sense…

  83. #83 by Pawan on July 26, 2008 - 8:28 PM


    The plans you and Javed are talking about, i.e., taking singles and twos whenever possible should have been in place from the first test itself. That was the question I had raised earlier. What kind of preparation or strategic planning did ganja Kirsten and mumbo-jumbo did? I did not see any planning, in batting or bowling.

    Just imagine if Kumble was not the captain, would he had retained his place in the side? Bhajji is giving tough competition to Kumble for staying out of the side, infact all of the players are in a hurry to get out of the side.

    Murali will gobble up the baby Patel. It’s hard to imagine dude from where will the next win come and who will be the hero for India. That is frankly the most disheartening thing. What next?

  84. #84 by Amit. P on July 26, 2008 - 8:32 PM


    you havent seen indian batting in this test, i think….. but u r intelligent enough to understand what they did on the pitch just by looking score cards …. same intelligence i want to see in kumble … its called common sense .. players dont go with supercomputer hanging on the their back with hawk-eye …. googly was invented some 60 yrs before … which kind of processor or camera those guys had used to save test matches …. it was brain and eyes .. nothing more than that. Here indian team is trying to find some magic formula …. Ganguly was there to either defend or hit a boundary …. dravid was looking for that magic delivery that wud give him pass to leave the field, even he tried his best to help M&M to produce that delivery. Gambhir was ok until he got out .. same with sachin. Apart from these two no body was applying themselves.

  85. #85 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2008 - 10:49 PM


    The satellite package that I have includes ATN and CBN and I do get all these matches live. But, the problem is it starts at 1:00 a.m. and I have seen the match live but only in bits and bobs but, I don’t have the stamina or the time to stay all night awake to see a test match. Except for Sehwag and Laxman’s wicket in the second innings, I have seen all the other wickets falling, rather tumbling and it is indeed a shame to see the way they were playing. My only question was, is it not the same pitch on which Warnapurna, Jayawardene, Samraweera and Dilshan scored centuries?


    That comment of yours “momentarily handicapped” is applicable in psychiatric wards where people are momentarily insane. I think he should be asked NOT to bowl his doosra and if he does, it should be called as a no ball, because there is a big, clear, obvious jerk in his wrist when he is bowling a doosra. Its like Shoaib Akhtar’s express delivery where he bends his wrist more than his arm. Occasionally Afridi and Harbhajan also jerks their wrists but I am not at all happy with Salinga Malinga’s underarm action.

    I agree with you guys that Kumble if he is not the captain cannot justify his place in the playing XI just like Shoaib Malik cannot justify his place.

  86. #86 by khansahab on July 26, 2008 - 11:42 PM

    Javed A Khan

    I don’t know why I heard “Pawan” instead of “Bhanwar”. I am sure I have heard this word “Pawan” in a song, I’ve got it mixed up with this Bhanwar song.

    About Murali’s doosra, I have never supported Murali’s or Malinga’s actions and I think Murali generates so much spin because of the jerk in his action which somehow is permissible according to the ICC’s controversial laws. I say controversial because some “bending” is allowed. Many people say the arm should be totally straight, however that also is an impossibility as some sort of bending of the arm will always take place, even if inconspicuous.

    When i used to play cricket I was always medium pace and could never bowl at an express pace. Some of my friends bowled with this jerk action in their arms and a few of them were aware they had controversial actions. But this meant they could bowl faster than me, although I could swing the ball both ways and bowl yorkers which they couldn’t do. I always preferred to have a clean action. So from personal experience I can say a jerk can facilitate pace.

    I think Malinga’s action is ridiculous. He literally throws the ball like as if he is throwing a frisbee. I can’t believe the ICC lets him get away with murder.

    I remember on Pakspin there was a debate about Malinga’s action and I was severly condemning it. So some people challenged me saying, is Shoaib Akhtar’s action not controversial. I had to confess it was and I think I also said that whichever players exploit an unfair advantage by bending or jerking their arms, they should be banned. However, as I stated earlier, it wouldn’t be possible for most fast bowlers to not bend their arms to some degree or the other. This is where the question comes in, where do you draw the line? What is the legal limit. And this legal limit has been set to 15 degrees or 45 degrees or whatever the rule is.

    Wasim Akram has said in interviews many times that ICC should stop thinking about this “degrees rule” and there should be a clearer system whereby any bowler who exercises an unfair advantage by bending his arm should face some sort of punishment. I don’t think this is a sensible comment because who bends and who does not bend is a personal opinion that lies in the eyes of the beholder or observer. If there is suspicion about someone’s action, it should be analysed scientifically and they should work out what the extent of the actual bend is. This to me is the only fair and appropriate way of assessing bowling actions in international cricket. And then they can justify as they have done in Shoaib Akhtar’s case saying he bends it within the limit.

    I don’t know what the definition of “throwing” is in the ICC’s rule book but it seems to me a delivery where the bend is excessive insofar a severe and conspicious jerk is produced. That is why I say Malinga is a chucker. I am also surprised that the ICC has ruled his action as legal even though it has been reported. Perhaps this does suggest that we should leave this arguments to the experts rather than give our own judgements.

  87. #87 by Salman Khan on July 27, 2008 - 5:16 AM

    Dear Javed, Khan Sahab and other regulars,

    I did go on a hunting trip but not in Australia. I was on a month’s vacation in Rampur. In retrospect, I should have brought back a Rampuri Chaku , so that I could cut my Jugulars as well as Carotids (which means a substantially deeper cut) after the pathetic performance of the so called best players of spin bowling in the world. I did not see the match and it was probably for the best. What a thumping it was!!!!!! I do not care about the bowling actions of Sri Lankans , well….. actually I do , nevertheless , the defeat was shameful.

    If I may correct Khan Sahab, Murali has always maintained that Lara played him heaps better than Sachin. This tour is probably the last chance for Sachin to prove Murali wrong but it is probably unlikely to happen.

    There was a comment about Kirsten’s planning (or the lack of it). When will the BCCI understand that a great player need not be a great coach. With the money BCCI have at their disposal , they could have had any one. But they continue to go for big name players such as Chappell , Kirsten etc. Wright was reasonably successful but I am not sure if it was due to his coaching acumen. I am possibly being a bit harsh as Kirsten has just started ….. we will see. After Kirsten they will probably go for Steve Waugh or even Shane Warne , having said that , Warne may turn out to be a good choice. In BCCI’s defence though, they did go for Ford initially who has a much stronger coaching pedigree.

    As far as actions go (and this is at the coast of sounding like a sore loser), I do believe that bending / twirling the arm in any way gives the bowler an advantage . At least that’s what my experience was when I was playing cricket. Murali is indeed a great bowler but most non-Lankans will rate him second best to Warne , including yours truly. And many of them do so because they are not convinced about the validity of Murali’s action.

    Can’t comment on Mendis cos have not seen him bowl.

    As regards Slinga , his action is a bit like Thomson’s . The difference is that Thomson’s bowling-arm angle at the point of delivery was between 90-120 degrees whereas Slinga’s angle is at times almost 180 degree. Very unusual but I do not think it is illegal. however, I am not fully familiar as to what the rules say so I might be wrong.

    On a lighter note, I notice a discussion about “Bhanwar” and “Pawan”. BTW what happened to the Pakistani singer who sang the song “Hawa Hawa , ai hawa Khushboo luta de”. I remember as a teenager attending my cousin’s marriage in Moradabad and every “Chhappan Tikli” of Moradabad had this song on his lips.It was catchy , I must admit.

  88. #88 by Salman Khan on July 27, 2008 - 6:16 AM

    For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “Chhappan Tikli” , I apologise for the use of jargon. Following is a rather long definition of this complex term, the etymology of which remains unclear.

    “Chhappan Tikli” is a term used to describe a male homosapien specimen , which is omnipresent in India but especially common in the North . He could be anywhere from 16-30 years of age, usually woke up at noon, has a characterstic way of dressing i.e. tight pants, a gaudy shirt unbuttoned down to the middle revealing a hairy chest , a multi coloured scarf around the neck, a belt with a big metallic buckle and leather slippers. He usually had an asymmetrical face secondary to a bulge on one of the cheeks which was due to a “Paan” . The “Paan”” will usually contain “Tulsi” and “Zarda” number 64 or 300 , as a result of which they were unable to swallow the “peek” which meant they would have to spit the “Peek”every couple of minutes and would usually speak with the neck extended backwards and the mandible (lower jaw) tilted further upwards. This posture was meant to prevent dribbling of the “peek” floating in their mouths , however , it was not always a successful manoevure and not uncommonly you would see a red streak down the chin. Their gait had an intentional scoliosis (side wards bent of the trunk) with one arm swinging more than the other. They would usually be seen in packs of 4-5 especially at the gates of numerous “Government Girls Inter Colleges” and had plenty of comments directed at the poor girls going back home in Rickshaws. Their communication to each other would be liberally peppered with expletives such as “Behan-ch*d” and “Madar-ch*d”, the latter is an alternative version of the expletive which Bhajji says he directed towards Simmo (“Teri Maaki”). Their choice of transport is usually a 2 wheeler ,either a scooter or a motorcycle. And they were always short of money , you never gave a loan to a Chappan Tikli cos you can be sure that the money will never be repaid.

    If any of you have seen the movie “Hyderabadi Nawab”, the character of “Saleem Pheku” is a typical Chhappan Tikli.

  89. #89 by abdul on July 27, 2008 - 10:20 AM

    Theossa, what the hell are u saying? Have u got a problem with me commenting on this website as I’ve never seemed to harm u. What is your problem ?

    Meanwhile suprisingly it was Middlesex who were the champions of the t20 cup. What a game and what a day of cricket. Owais Shah and Henderson were magnificent for the winners.

  90. #90 by Awas on July 27, 2008 - 12:16 PM

    Salman Khan

    Good to have you back. In the last couple of days so many contributors have returned which is nice. “Chhappan Tikli” that was fun reading ;)-

    Javed A Khan

    On your question of whether it was the same pitch on the first two days of the match. According to the debate between Manjrekar, Boycott and Jayasuria that I was listening to after the match about the match analysis, the pitch indeed was different for the first two days. Jayasuria said the pitch at this ground always becomes more spinner friendly after two days. Had India batted first they would have scored better.

    There have been some interesting all round views on Murali’s and Salinga’s actions and I do think too that they look suspect. Salinga’s action is what they call in Pakistan a Watta ball.

    In any case my views are more radical and perhaps controversial here. I think ICC interferes far too much with bowlers and their action. An underarm ball I can understand is a complete no no but as long as a bowler is bowling with an over arm action why have this degree of bending rules. Whether it’s a 5% limit, 10%, 15% or whatever why make life miserable for the bowlers only. Who makes them the judge of the level of bending? It’s not something that can be measured mechanically instantly during the match. How does a bowler realise he has exceeded the set limit by one or two degrees in a live match? A silly and a very subjective limit in my view. A batsman is never restricted to play any kind of shot he likes, why so many rules for the bowler only.

    When WI battery of fast bowlers were winning almost every match against Australia and England, these two countries conspired to bring one bouncer per over rule. Commercialisation of cricket is now ensuring that wickets are flat enough for the batsmen for the match to last at least 4-5 days. Characters of wickets at Perth and Wanderers have changed so much so that Indian medium pacers are doing better than Aussi and SA quickies.

    I like to see killer bowlers who can run through a side as much as entertaining batters like Sir Richards, Lara, Tendukar, Miandad type. Let’s face it India and Pakistan do not produce bowlers like Parsanna, Chandrasekhar or Bedi and Imran, Wasim, Waqar type, anymore.


    Don’t take it personally man. Theossa was just being humorous in his typical style after suddenly seeing your three posts in a row after your long absence. I think he likes you.

  91. #91 by khansahab on July 27, 2008 - 12:21 PM

    I would agree with Awas. Abdul don’t take things like this personally. Theossa was not saying anything against you, he was expressing his surprise to see you return and post in your same passionate and effective style as we have become accustomed to over the months. You have to admit, you were gone for a very long time because we are used to seeing to post almost everyday which is what we want and which is what we appreciate.

    Theossa really has nothing against you and he has never made any negative statement about you. Why would he?

  92. #92 by Awas on July 27, 2008 - 12:35 PM

    I have heard Chandrasekhar was very lethal too with his polio affected arm. Perhaps MY Kasim can shed more light here.

  93. #93 by khansahab on July 27, 2008 - 1:13 PM

    Salman Khan sahab,

    Where in Rampur are you from?
    My mother’s family is in Peela Talaab in Ghair Janas Khan whereas my Khala lives in Katkuyya. Rampur has some really weird names for localities.

    I have been to these areas as well as Civil Lines. I think there’s also a park called “Ambedkar Park”?

    One of my uncles lives in Moradabad.

    Shahid Afridi is expected not to play in the Quadrangular series in Canada. This is a big blow because he would have been a key player. Meanwhile Malik has disgraced himself yet again by recently saying Pakistan beat India in the Asia Cup because Malik decided the playing XI, and that Misbah should not be given credit for that. Malik is such a loser, he will stab his friends in the back for the sake of preserving his own position in the team. However as of now there is no real indication of his removal as captain.

  94. #94 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 27, 2008 - 1:39 PM

    Salman Khan

    it is good to see you back in action and your detailed description of Chhappan Tikli is hilarious. No, I have never heard the two together and never heard the song either. In Dubai there is a sweet shop called “Chhappan Bhog” and in Karachi they make bun-kebabs and the kebab is often referred as Tikli. Aloo ki tikli.

    This Chhappan Tikli character reminds me of one of Zia Mohiuddin’s CD’s I have, in which he reads prose in his deep voice and I must admit that those are among the best “Khutoots” (letters) Afsaanay (short stories) that I have ever heard and one of them is of a character called “Baanka” i.e., how he dresses and how he carries himself with a “Maqmalee Rampuri Kali Topi” and a laal reshmi rumaal tied around his neck, Aankhaon may soorma aur moo may paan ki baree see giloree aur peek dripping from both the sides of his lips aur “Aatar (perfume) may dip kiya howa roiyee ka phaaya (cotton bud) stuck in the upper curve of his ear ….. I think I need to rummage my CD collection and hear it again to be able to describe it more in detail, it is hilarious.

    There is one called “Basooday ki Mariyam” and there is another called Saikal (bicycle) I got those CD’s taped when he (Zia Mohiuddin) was here for a show. Although he is trained at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, a learned in the lore of either tongue, but somehow to me his English accent appears to be a wee bit phony as he keeps flaunting a bit. But, his command over Urdu language is amazing and he delivers it very well.

    One thing I want Salman to clarify is the 180 degree angle. I am unable to comprehend this and wondering where the axis is? From what I understand is 90 degrees is the right angle and it is a quarter of the circle and 180 degrees is a half circle. No one can bowl at 180 degrees because they would be rubbing their ear with their biceps each time. I guess you mean to say Malinga bowls almost at 90 degrees? Because his arm never goes above his shoulder level. And I have seen Thompson’s videos many times and compared it with Malinga and posted those links on Pakspin for viewers to see both actions on you tube. Because his action and that of Murali’s have been under discussion many times. Although the ICC has approved but this doesn’t mean they are right.

    With that action, I can throw a ball or a stone much further than I can throw it in a bowling action i.e., when my arm comes closer to my head. That swing of the arm that Malinga bowls with, has a lot of body weight behind it. In that action I used to throw a lot of flat stones in the lake to watch the ripple effect in the water when the flat stone or a “theekra” bounces over the surface of the water a few times before sinking. If you throw the same stone or a theekra in regular or normal bowling action, first it won’t go that far and secondly, it will go “Bharrakh” in the lake and would never pop up. That is because of the high angle.

  95. #95 by Chaudhary Asaf Raza on July 27, 2008 - 4:39 PM

    i want to make lot of points. first why are you blaming punjabi for this mess? i will agreeing with Imran because Punjab province always produced best bowlers for Pakistan. Also batsman like Inzimam ul Haq, Zaheer Abbas and Salim Malik. Apart from Miandad which world class player come from Karachi? Which world class player come from NWFP? So my request is stop the criticism. I dont think you guys read Imran’s post properly. Shoaib Malik is a good player, give him time and he will become great captain. at the moment no one senior players supporting him- why afridi, younus and misbah ul haq not supporting him? because they want the captain job themself. even Inzamam captaincy was not good in first or second year in his tenure. and i am sorry to say i think Punjab XI can beat any world class team but i dont think so karachi XI can beat. who else agrees with me? Can someone tell me why PCB is corrupt? Why Nasim Ashraf, aka Musharraf’s puppet, want so much power. First thing our nation need is removal of Nasim Ashraf followed by removal of Musharraf. it is this pervez who creates all this chaos in country and the PCB. And then they need to remove these player like Afridi and Younus who are only creating mess in the team. these players have big mouth, no performance, just talk talk and criticize. i also want to discuss the selection issues. why selection committee is choosing players. let captain and coach decide. selection committee does not knows which players are real talent. they dropped kamran akmal and brought sarfraz. what a stupid to do, i mean this sarfraz is average player. they want to try fawad alam, he has no place in team. who will they drop for fawad? misbah or yousuf? the defeating indian team shows Saeed ajmal and Mansoor Ajmal are youngster the team needs. i am angry with your views on this site. PCb need to work properly and remove people like nasim ashraf who has only come to destroy cricket in pakistan. why the Board not realize this?

    so i think all of you should read my massage 5 times. i like this site but dont agree with views, i dont understand why site people just want to criticize punjabi.

  96. #96 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 27, 2008 - 4:57 PM

    Chaudhary Asaf

    Yae tusi bowl raye O ya
    yae – ek charras di sirgit da kamaal hai?

    Ghalib agar Punjabi honda tou A kainda:

    Raat Bung Pee tay Subaa charas di sirgit pee
    Naam Aasaf Razaa tay Pugree Chaudharee dee
    Tay naal ……………… Angraizi ich pip-pee kee

    wah wah, key gull kitti Shaik Saab, mai ka Chaudhary saab
    tusi sir ich puggar pao
    tay PCB day Chairman Bun jao.

    WTF? Punjab XI has lost on many occasions against Shahid Afridi’s Karachi XI and you are in your Chaudhary dreamland to say that they can beat World XI.

    I think you must have been dreaming, then you fell from your bed, aur aankh khull gayee and you started blabbering here, rightO or WrongO ? DussO ?

    I don’t want to make fun of anyone or ridicule anyone for no reason but when you leave your pyjama behind you need to be exposed.
    Good luck Chaudhary Saab.

    Khudi ko kurr buland itna kay har taqdeer say pehlay
    Khudaa bunday say ye poochay,
    Bata Oye Chaudhary Asaf Razaa kahan hai?

  97. #97 by Zain on July 27, 2008 - 5:17 PM

    LOL @ Javed A. Khan at Chaudhary Asaf Raza’s comments.

  98. #98 by Rehan Khan on July 27, 2008 - 6:04 PM

    Choudhary Saab

    I think you should be thankful to this site’s management that has allowed your jingoistic comment.

    I dont have time to respond to your comment except that it is total jinogistic bullsh*t.

    What a befitting response by Javed. Well done Javed.

  99. #99 by khansahab on July 27, 2008 - 6:25 PM

    Choudhary Asaf Raza

    The whole point of having a cricket blog is that people with different opinions can share views in peace and harmony. There is no need to get angry or to accuse us of propaganda. We provide our views and justify them, just like how our visitors and supporters do.

    We could have ignored your comment but we feel it is necessary to be as liberal as possible. Thanks for pouring your heart out; however, for the sake of peaceful discussion on this blog I would plead you to not be so “angry” in the future as your comments will inevitably attract scathing criticism from a few of our regular visitors.

    Just for the sake of debate I would like to point out some flaws in your statements:

    1) You accuse Nasim Ashraf of destroying Pakistan cricket and you seem to think Shoaib Malik can be a good captain for Pakistan. It is only because of Dr Ashraf that Malik is still the captain of the team.

    2) You are right in saying that Miandad was a world class player from Karachi, but there have been others. Hanif Mohammad was such a player. Same goes for Shahid Afridi. Whereas I will agree Afridi was never a consistent batsman, he will be remembered as one of the most reputable all rounders ODI cricket has ever seen, scoring in excess of 5000 runs and taking in excess of 200 wickets, a feat achieved only by a handful of other players in the world. In Test cricket Younis Khan is considered as a world class batsman. He is from NWFP.

    3) While there is no denying Punjab has produced most of Pakistan’s world class players, Punjabis have always accounted for 70-80% of the team composition, or more. So if there are more Punjabi players playing, obviously there will be more talented players who will go on to become international successes.

    4) Kamran Akmal was a terrible keeper in 2007 and almost every commentator in international cricket was puzzled as to his continuous selection. Unless Sarfraz Ahmed has played a few matches and has been given opportunities to perform we will never be able to judge how good or how bad he is. So let us avoid premature judgements.

  100. #100 by Salman Khan on July 27, 2008 - 6:54 PM

    Just a quick clarification for Javed.

    I reckon both of us mean the same thing albeit using different geometrical parameters . The way I look at it is , if one is standing with arms widespread in a horizontal lane (i.e. the arms lying at a mid point between the head and the hips and pointing in opposite directions) , the left arm would be at 0 degree and the right arm at 180 degrees which makes an absolutely vertical arm (i.e pointing at the sky) a 90 degrees or a right angle.

  101. #101 by Pawan on July 27, 2008 - 10:00 PM

    The next test match (2nd out of three) between SL and India in India’s tour of SL 2008, starts three days from today. After the drubbing India has received in the first test between the two of the three top Asia teams, facing the music of Murali is not going to be a pleasure to the Indian batsmen’s ears. Apart from batting failure, the Indian bowling lead by captain Kumble has been largely dissapointing. Fielding also constituted of basic errors and crucial catches were dropped. The question on every Indian cricket fan’s mind is how can India possibly turn-around this dismal performance into a huge learning experience and emerge not just as fierce competitors, but winners in the 2nd test match versus the colossus Asian giants, SL.

    The seeds of every success story can be sowed only by a very dissapointing failure. Indian test team have the choice to be negative, panic and go to the second test with fear of Murali and Mendis or to be positive, learn from this failure and face the SL spinners with such confidence as never seen before. According to Henry Ford, Obstacles are things you see when you take your eyes off the goal and rightly so. The goal of the Indian cricket team is to win the second test match and the obstacles are the fear of Murali and Mendis.

    Anil Kumble has taken heart from the fact that during India’s last tour of the magical Island, similar scenario was in place. India had lost the first test match, but came back in Galle to win the second test match and square the series. Kumble can take refuge in history, but more importantly he ought to sort out his own bowling. The fact that apart from the two M’s none of the other bowlers were even remotely impressive on either side does tell a story. Nineteen wickets were shared between Murali (11) and Mendis (8), which means that Vass and Kulasekara were also unimpressive. Singh and Kumble have to take the blame to them rather than transfering it to the batsmen because their counterparts have performed exceptionally well on the same wicket.

    Indian batsmen have been blameworthy for their shot selection rather than their technical inability to handle spin bowling as Manjrekar wrongly pointed out. Javed has correctly indicated the psychological pressure to be the major cultprit behind Indian batting collapse. Another point noteworthy is that the Indian batsmen were facing the two M’s together in such a situation for the first time, and so they never had a good game plan going, or even of they had their plans, they were so psyched out of the game that none of them were able to carry out the plans.

    An important thing that people are missing in their analysis of Indian batting failure is the inexperience of this Indian line up to face “mass exodus” situation. Indian batting has never let them down in such a manner as the first test and there was a kind of inexperience shown by the batsmen in handling such a situation. Apart from India’s last tour of New Zealand in 2003, there are no such complete batting failures reported, which says a lot about the famed batting line up and also their inexperience in handling a crises situation.

    Winning in any battle is highly dependent upon the psychology of the team. As Javed points out rightly, the first day was almost washed out and the Indians (may be also the Sri Lankans) had at the back of their minds that the test match is most probably going to be a draw. Second day brings to the crease a determined Mahela trying to build a new team, a team without the great Jayasurya or Marvan Attapatu to some extent. Mahela also was determined to score big and get into form early in the test series. He had been side-lined by Sangakarra for too long now as the best batsmen in the side and had a point to prove. Mahela along with the incumbent Warnapura sets up a good platform for Dilshan (another person trying to save his place from Chamara Silva and Kapugedara) and Samarweera. The India bowlers find the going tough as has any orthodox bower in this test match and a 600 on the board firmly engraves in the mind of Indian’s that the match is going to be a dud. In comes Mendis and changes the whole senario. The two M’s unorthodoxy literally had the Indian’s by the scruff of the neck. No way out and they are sucked into the black hole. A delirium of sorts is created which will have to be broken in the next test. The Indian batsmen must prevail in the second test match starting on Thursday, 31st August, 2008, for the sake of Indian test cricket, Asian test cricket, World test cricket, history of test cricket. Just hope that the virtual eye this time brings in good luck for the Indians.

  102. #102 by khansahab on July 27, 2008 - 10:17 PM

    Ranatunga has recently blasted the Indian batsmen saying that the Twenty20 approach has really hurt the psyche of Indian players. This is a very important comment made by Ranatunga because it tells us the negative consequences of the proliferation of T20.

    After the T20 World Cup which India won, India has played so much T20 cricket not just at international level but also at domestic level. People complain already that too much cricket is being played and if too much of everything is being played the players are bound to get confused about how to control themselves. It is very difficult for most cricketers to be outstanding in all formats of international cricket.

    I don’t think it’s an easy question to answer to say whether T20 will lead to a decline of ODI or Test cricket or whether over time people will get sick of T20 cricket which will result in the balance shifting in favour of Test and ODI cricket again. We have spoken about how ODI cricket may face the stick because Test cricket tests the cricketers severely and separates the real achievers from the pseudo achievers. If T20 cricket is going to become the most played form of cricket then teams not should worry too much because in a few years all that may matter is how well you can slog.

    The arguments for increasing popularity of T20 are overwhelming:

    1) People are getting busier and only a few people now have time to watch a whole ODI match. This is especially true of the Subcontinent where socio economic conditions are undergoing transformation.

    2) The other form of cricket, Test cricket, is even more unpopular in the Subcontinent now. I emphasise the Subcontinent here because currently the bloc of BCCI, PCB, BCB and Sri Lanka Cricket Board is the strongest bloc in the world, thanks largely to the BCCI. People simply don’t have the patience to follow a match for 5 consecutive days.

    3) The attitudes of the cricket audiences are changing. People now want to see more aggression, more sixes, more diving catches, more excitement generally. This ties in with the fact that people around the world have become more demanding generally as economies are expanding and technology and living standards have improved.

    4) The T20 game is much more marketable to non cricket playing nations such as the USA. People from countries like USA, Mexico, Brazil and Russia that are huge markets, feel cricket is boring and they also feel cricket is difficult to understand. T20 can be explained to them relatively easily as opposed to longer versions of the game.

    5) Because of all the above factors (and more) T20 cricket is in high demand and it is making the cricket boards richer. Money talks, the format is in high demand, so the supply will be met. It is a good way for the cricket boards to make money, for the players to make money, and for the public to have their dose of excitement.

    Despite all these factors I don’t like T20 cricket and I believe it should be played very infrequently. Test cricket is real cricket and how cricket is meant to be played and ODI cricket is also OK, it can get boring at times, but over time T20 will also get boring on occasions.

  103. #103 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 27, 2008 - 11:40 PM


    please read my comments that I made a couple of days ago when I wrote the second innings score by India is one of the worst performance of a T20 game.

    Thats what I meant that the psyche of the Indian players has been affected by the excess of shorter version games, just like the Pakistani players who want to finish off a 50 over game in 20 overs.

    Pawan et all, I will reply to your comments later, I am in a hurry g2g.

  104. #104 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 28, 2008 - 4:25 AM

    I hope our blogger Mohammad Munir and his family are OK in Istanbul.

    A few hours ago there were two deadly bomb blasts in Istanbul and 15 people were killed and 154 injured.

    The areas that are named in the news, especially the first one is not where he was staying but, the second one was in a crowded public place. Lets pray and keep our fingers crossed that he and his family are fine, safe and well.

    A day ago there were a few more blasts in Ahmadabad India and I hope peace prevails in that country because such incidents give rise to communal riots and thats the worst thing to happen.

    People are talking about bomb blasts and terrorist attacks in Pakistan and the Champions Trophy in September is in question. I don’t know if someone has the stats for the total incidents that took place in a few countries where the number of deaths are higher than Pakistan but, Pakistan is the focal point of media and their propaganda.

    I sincerely and honestly pray that peace prevails everywhere in the world, after all every human life is precious, it is the loved ones who miss their people when they become innocent victims of terrorism which is so irrelevant, insignificant and unnecessary as opposed to any human life which is a gift from God to mankind.

  105. #105 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 28, 2008 - 4:53 AM

    There is another news on the BBC today:

    Streakers hit Charles polo match ……… Prince Charles was watching when 3 streakers entered the ground, according to the report “It brings a bit of humour in and the crowd seem to enjoy it.”

    I remember in the eighties and nineties female streakers used to invade cricket, Rughby and Tennis grounds especially at Lords and Wimbledon. I wonder why they don’t do it anymore. I would certainly don’t mind that, like the news says, it brings humour and vigour in to the crowd.

    Let me see if I can pull up a few links on that ……… BINGO. I got some interesting ones, in fact one of the pictures is familiar I do remember watching that match live. Here is the link.

    Guys hold your horses and see how much fun it used to be in good old days cricket? 🙂 But, here is a soccer game Black Female Streaker, she is having fun.

    Recently there was a male streaker in Australia who invaded the pitch while Andrew Symonds was batting against India in Brisbane and Symonds knocked him down, LOL that was so weird. I am not sure if Symonds was fined for manhandling the male streaker.

    Brain Lara raised his bat against a female streaker but then decided not to hit her.

    Krishnamachari SriKanth was at the non-strikers end at MCG and Gavaskar wa batting when a female streaker ran up to SriKanth and stood in front of her, Srikanth didn’t know which way to look and he was not looking at the naked girl, but he was out very soon after she was taken off the ground.

  106. #106 by Awas on July 28, 2008 - 7:50 AM

    This was in The News today. I belive Board needs to be very strict with such miscreants.

    KARACHI: Pakistan’s fast-rising pacer Sohail Tanvir is on a “disaster course” because of poor conduct, a Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) official warned on Sunday.

    The senior Board official told ‘The News’ on the condition of anonymity that PCB has been receiving reports that Sohail is a “law-breaker” and could end up in neck-deep trouble like his compatriots Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif.

    “It seems quite clear that Sohail Tanvir is on a disaster course,” said the official. “According to our information he has breached discipline on several occasions in the past and could land himself in serious trouble,” said the official without going into details of Sohailís misadventures.

    But this correspondent has learnt that Sohail has been a headache for the team management since last year’s tour of India. His success in the inaugural season of the Indian Premier League (IPL) early this summer has only spoilt him further and according to insiders in the Pakistan team, he (Sohail) doesn’t even listen to his captain Shoaib Malik or team officials Talat Ali (manager) and Geoff Lawson (coach).

    Sohail, 23, has a knack for breaking night-time curfews and at times even shows lack of commitment in training sessions, said the insider.

    So far Sohail has escaped any punishment because his poor conduct is overshadowed by bigger scandals in Pakistan cricket involving dope-tainted pacers Shoaib and Asif.

    But with Shoaib and Asif out of the national team, there are indications that the Board might zero in on Sohail if he fails to improve his conduct.

    “Yes, we have been receiving reports about Sohail’s lack of discipline and we are concerned,” said the PCB official.

    When asked why the Board is yet to take any action against Sohail, the official said that the PCB expects the team management to “do its job first”.

    “It’s the team management’s job to give an erring player a dressing down, that’s the standard procedure,” said the official. “If the player doesn’t improve then they should report him for further disciplinary action,” he said.

    The team management is yet to report Sohail’s antics to the Board in black and white though skipper Malik did raise the issue at a meeting of the PCB International Cricket Committee in Lahore last week.

    The official said that at the meeting, Malik and Talat Ali were told that they needed to be stricter with players breaching discipline.

    “As far as the PCB is concerned, there is no compromise on discipline,” said the official. “That is why the captain and manager have been told to take measures to maintain discipline in the national team.”

  107. #107 by khansahab on July 28, 2008 - 9:36 AM


    This is not to blow my own trumpet, perhaps you will remember a few months ago I said Sohail Tanvir is behaving a bit too aggressive and immature. Now my worst fears have been confirmed. If the PCB does not take action now regarding Sohail Tanvir, he will go on to become another Mohammad Asif or Shoaib Akhtar.

    This whole disciplinary procedure talk is rubbish because what happens in this talk, is that some officials with a rubber stamp sit with the player on a table, inform him that they are unhappy with his behaviour and that he needs to get his act together. This is not the way to punish a player- it should be a straightforward penalty of dropping that player for a match or two on accounts of bad behaviour.

    We don’t want a situation where the Board takes a lenient approach now, giving him confidence to further misbehave. If he goes on to become a key bowler like Akhtar or Asif and then starts misbehaving, we don’t want to see a situation in the future where the Board takes disproportionate action like banning him just for making a controversial statement to the media, like what they did with Akhtar recently.

    This is really sad news, but somehow I am not surprised.

  108. #108 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 28, 2008 - 12:09 PM

    This is not a popeyez (surprise) for me. Here on this blog during the Kitply Cup we have discussed Sohail Tanvir’s attitude problem. He was seen yelling F words at little Fawad Alam for no reason. I pointed out that and asked how many people have seen that? Then later on he has apparently corrected his behaviour at least, in front of the camera, but his body language was no good. He never appeared to have gelled with the team after wearing that purple cap. That must have tainted his brain and made it purple too!

    The reason for this attitude is very obvious, too much publicity in too little time and too many praises and accolades from the ex-players who are commentators, media showering praises like hell, public calling him a hero, Asif and Akhtar’s absence, Gul’s injury is making him irreplaceable in the team and he knows that he is the best fast bowler.

    Owing to the weak and schlub captaincy there was even a talk among people that Tanvir should be made captain of the team! Thank God this news is out in the public now and not only the PCB but even the general public should know what a disaster it would have been if that rumour was seriously considered and implemented and he was made the captain of Pakistan team!

    We have bred and groomed this kinda culture since the late fifties and historically if you look at it i.e., since the time of Fazal Mahmood, fast bowlers have been praised like celebrities and even today they are considered as one. Asif’s case is a perfect example of what can happen to a new player when he gets out of his “Changa Manga.”

    Although Akhtar was and is a trouble maker since the day he took Tendulkar and Dravid’s wicket at the Eden Gardens but, he was under some control because there were too many seniors in the team then. Especially, his predecessors W&W and later Pir Inzamamul Haq. But, he is too volatile and explosive and he infected Asif and now Tanvir.

    “Spare the rod and spoil the child,”
    is a very apt expression for Pakistani players in particular and they definitely need ‘a nip in the bud’ right when they do such things and the punishment should not be ‘a slap on the wrist’ but, a real kick in the Butt and that too, a good strong one. Or else, they will be out of control in no time, if they take a few wickets then definitely and more so when the team is losing and others are not performing, they think they are indispensable superheroes. Cricket is a team game and its not ping pong or tennis where you can say “I am the Champion.”

  109. #109 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 28, 2008 - 2:23 PM


    Here is a Sri Lankan view on the Indian drubbing:

    After being ripped apart, bruised and battered Indian team for their below par show in the first Test, the Sri Lankan media said: “The visitors did not look a side fit to play Tests cricket. They did not look a side fit to play at this level of the game.”

    The Indian batsmen looked dazed and brazed as they stayed manacled to the crease and refused to attack the spin of m&m. They say that, “had the Indian top order done that, such a disgraceful defeat would not have been slapped on them,” Thats a quote from the state-run newspaper Daily News.

    Now, it would definitely require a cricketing miracle for the Indians to show their resolve and resilience to come good and least show they are a better team not just on paper but in reality too. The big names are not just paper tigers but cornered and injured tigers.

    Once again, to quote the newspaper report it says: “it is wondered how the Indians who taught the world how to play spin could be so disgraceful and “spin shelled and shocked”. “For the Indians, who taught the world to win matches with spin, this batting display was an utter disgrace. No one expected the Indians to capitulate in this poor fashion.’’

    The report added further that, “In name they had some of the best batsmen going in the game. But the meek manner in which they surrendered was a shame and brought their game down to the depths,”

    The paper felt spin wonder Mendis deserved the man-of-the-match award for his scintillating 8/132 on debut ahead of his senior Muralitharan. “No one would have faulted the Test adjudicator had he awarded the man-of-the match award to spin sensation Ajantha Mendis,” the paper was quoted as saying. “Muralitharan (who was declared the man-of-the-match) had won this award several times before. Mendis was making his debut. His figures for a debutant were sensational,” added the report.

    Possibly no other debutant, in Sri Lanka or any other Test playing country, made such a “telling” debut that also earned his side a massive victory, it said in a back page spread article.

    NOW, this is the problem with the media. A couple of good performances and they start worshiping the player and that instant success combined with arrogance and pride goes into their head faster than the speed of light and damages their P-brains faster than the effects of Hashish, Coke, Crack, Marijuana or whatever.

    It will take some time for Mendis to react but one such idiot in Pakistan called Sohail Tanvir is already a victim of this “Tareefaan-da-Pull” which is a disaster recipe for his career.

  110. #110 by theossa on July 28, 2008 - 3:14 PM

    Easy my Indian friends, we fans over-react after a defeat like that. I would fault the Indian bowlers more than the Indian batsmen because they were in for a losing battle and SL could afford an aggressive strategy. On wickets like these batting first always provide an advantage as the team batting last faces the odd ball turning significantly. But this defeat is overblown and I would expect an Indian come back. The next game would be sort of personal for Indian team and SL might be overconfident right now. I would respectfully disagree with viewers that Dravid, Ganguly, and Laxman need axed because who’ll fill their void? The team that was foxed by Mendis in Asia Cup final? I guess the more they’ll play Mendis the more he’ll become predictable. He is good coz there is sort of mystery about him but how long his action will remain deceptive? I believe India will find an answer to his bowling and just a couple of the big names have to stay on the wicket.

    Boy, Pawan and Amit P know Indian team inside out along with the Alien Species Khansahab. Sehwag, I believe is the sort of unorthodox batsman I would wanna keep in the team because he is a genuine match winner. Sehwag show the SL your wild side in the next game. I agree with Javed on Murali’s action being questionable no matter what excuses are given. This also goes for Shoaib Akhter and Malinga. Khansahab wrote some thoughtful comments on bowling actions and elbow angles that might help a bowler bowl quicker.

    Abdul, I was excited to see you and you kicked me in the gut, LOL. I share the thoughts which Awas and Khansahab presented in clarifying my post. I would be more careful next time to use my crude sense of humor when writing something about you. Alright?

  111. #111 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 28, 2008 - 3:54 PM

    Hold your horses theossa, don’t get too excited. 😉

    I do agree with you that now, the Indian team will play with a personal vendetta. I also agree with you that Mendis will not be so effective after the aura of his mystery has faded.

    I have to go now, so take care I will come back later to respond to your views in detail.

  112. #112 by Awas on July 28, 2008 - 6:12 PM

    As khansahab said, Ranatunga made a very interesting observation that T20 is affecting Indian Psyche and I think that is the case too. A little more of that later.

    As I said earlier, Jayasuria was discussing the match afterwards and he made a good observation about the nature of that wicket that it always plays better for the first two days. If India had batted first, this match could have been different.

    I think the toss will once again be important in the rest of the matches. SL would make wickets to suit their two excellent spinners and why shouldn’t they? They are playing at home. Well, India has got two good spinners too. But as Javed pointed out from some excerpts from SL press “The visitors did not look a side fit to play Tests cricket“. Again this is something bad that has emerged from a Tamasha called IPL or T20.

    Yes, Murali’s action looks dodgy but I believe how much kink a bowler should or shouldn’t have is all very subjective and rather illogical for the reasons I mentioned above. I think, too much thought is given in batsmen’s favour only.

    On Tanvir

    Khansahab, yes I do remember you and Javed watching that incident and mentioning it here 😉

    As I said, Board needs to be very strict with such miscreants and Javed said it quite succinctly that it should be nipped in the bud and I would add…right away.

    The thing is one cannot stop people praising the likes of Tanvir or Mendis excessively. This is something neither here nor there as this has happened before, happens now and will always happen. People say many things but only paindoos will take it to their heads for their own detriment; just like Asif and Tanvir.

    The examples of then teenagers like Tendulkar, Miandad are here before us. They came into the limelight at a very tender age and were in fact revered almost straight away but they had enough character not to let it go to their heads and that is admirable. Whereas, the two paindoos were much maturer when they started but their acts are becoming shameful.

    The reason it is affecting the likes of these two is once again IPL indirectly and oodles of money directly. They have seen so much money so quickly and from such humble beginnings that it’s changing them for the worse. So much money has come into cricket and players that its mind boggling. Just a decade or so ago it was never like that. Many ex-players of Pakistan find it difficult to get by. I remember PCB creating a benevolent fund just some time ago to help some ageing players survive.

    They say you have to earn money to appreciate it. For many it’s a matter of lifetime to accumulate enough for their retirements. Not many people in the world with humble beginnings can handle sudden money that well and I think that’s the heart of the problem. There are many examples of lotto winners who have blown it all away within a matter of months. For some cricketers tournaments like IPL have become a lottery. Some can handle not all. It’s just a matter of too much too soon.

  113. #113 by Pawan on July 28, 2008 - 11:07 PM


    The sri-Lankan paper comments quoted by you are true to the last word and I completely believe them. Agreed the Indian batsmen played terrible cricket, but the SL press wants to mar the Indian team psychologically and trying the Australian policy of shooting at opposition through press. They have made comments like “The visitors did not look a side fit to play Tests cricket. They did not look a side fit to play at this level of the game.” But I would like to ask them how many of the batsmen in the SL team would have been able to play Murali and Mendis in such a situation? I am not supporting the Indian batsmen or defending them for that matter, as you know I am the harshest critique of the Indian batsmen, but my point is the SL press should understand that “jinke ghar sheeshay ke hotey hai woh logo ke gharo par patthar nahi mara karte”. Instead of throwing such degrading remarks at the Indian batsmen, they should concentrate on praising their own bowlers. Leave the job of critisizing the Indian batsmen to bloggers and fans like you, me and all. Mano-ya-na-mano, in current situation in test cricket, the Indian batting line-up in the world is the only one which can handle Murali and Mendis. May be Pakistan can as well boast of handling M&M because of spin specialists like Yousuf and Younis, but I challenege, none of the other team has batsmen who can counter these two in their current team. M&M would have even Australian batsmen on their plate right now if they play on Sri-Lankan wickets. South-Africans are not known to be great exponents of spin bowling already. Which team is now remaining? England? NZ? WI? BD? even SL??

    Khansahab and Awas

    The fact that Ranatunga, the CEO of the SL board is worried about the Indian batting line-up says a lot of things that are happening in test cricket or cricket in general right now in the world. It says how strong the BCCI has got and how important India has become to cricket due to revenue generated by it. Else why would CEO of SL team talk about opposition performance so vehemently? He would be over the moon with unearthing of the biggest spin sensation of this generation, but instead he is taking pot-shots at the India batting line-up. May be Javed’s argument that technocrats should not hold a CEO position makes sense here because whatever the reason, it does not look good if you fire such salvos at the opposition team. Would Sharad Pawar or DNA produce such comments of SL batsmen fail to win? Think about it.

    The question for me is not whether what he has said is right or wrong, the question for me is that whether it is appropriate for a CEO to make such comments about the opposition team.

  114. #114 by Pawan on July 28, 2008 - 11:12 PM


    Boss we have to be on our toes to comment otherwise how would our team play well, right? They need someone to push them continously. But if we hate them so much for their loss, they must also remember that we also love them a lot after they win. This is but-natural.


    On the bombings going on right now in this world due to some sick people, is indeed very loathsome. The only thing is, howmuch ever they want us to break, we will still stand up and be together. These bombings have generated a sense of togetherness within our World which is a very good sign.

  115. #115 by khansahab on July 29, 2008 - 12:03 AM

    Aamir Sohail’s latest interview. I have highlighted the bits I consider important:

    ‘Reverse-swing has hampered Pakistan cricket’

    I was not a serious cricketer before college. Once, I was playing a house tournament in college and the captain saw me play. I had scored quite a few runs and had a few wickets. He asked why I was not playing for them. I said, “I am doing my pre-engineering and I don’t have the time. I have to take practicals and everything.” He literally followed me around, insisting I play. So I played one tournament, and then I went for the Lahore Under-19 trials and was picked. That’s when I thought, “If I got picked, there must be something good about my cricket.”

    The name of the game is the same. Even in Twenty20, if you are a technically correct batsman you have more opportunities to manoeuvre the bowling rather than if you play expansive shots. Twenty20 teams are realising that it’s not just wham-bam. There has to be thinking involved. You might succeed without it in one or two games, but eventually you will get figured out.

    The attitude and aggression I used to use in my cricket, are the two things I miss the most. I can’t use them anymore.

    Wasim Raja was my captain at Lahore and he asked me to open. When I hesitated, he said, “Do it. Pakistan won’t be needing middle-order batsmen in the next four or five years. There is Saleem Malik, there is Javed Miandad; it will be hard for you to get in. Start opening the innings, you will play for Pakistan.”

    There is nothing wrong with the religiosity in the Pakistan team; that’s their personal choice. As long as they are delivering 100% on the ground, they can do whatever they want to.

    I was very lucky to have Saeed Anwar and Ramiz Raja as opening partners. We developed a good understanding because we became good friends.

    Ultimately reverse-swing hasn’t helped Pakistan cricket at all. How many new-ball bowlers have you seen who are very good? Reverse-swing has helped Pakistan achieve things temporarily, but when you look at it in the long term, it has actually hampered Pakistan cricket. You are not getting good new-ball bowlers. If you are not getting good new-ball bowlers in your first-class structure or club cricket or at the top level, how do you actually think of getting good openers?

    Courtney Walsh and Glenn McGrath were the most difficult bowlers to open against. They were fantastic. They had that immaculate line and length, and at the same time they could bowl at pace and do something with the ball. Playing against them you always had to be concentrating hard, you had to show good technique. Otherwise it was difficult to survive against them.

    If you have a solid defence and an awareness of where your off stump is, you can always work on improving as an opener.

    Saeed and I used to spend a lot of time together. We had this passion for buying music systems. We used to buy the latest stuff in the market, enjoy music together; train together, play squash together. That friendship off the field was a great help, and that relationship is still there.

    From Wasim Raja I learned how to deal with youngsters: how to actually sit down and talk to them, how to instill confidence in them. From him I learned that it is an obligation for a cricketer to pass on what he has learned.

    Prior to the World Cup in 1992, 18 or 19 probables went to Australia. For three weeks I never got a hit, even in the nets. I was tagging along. One day I came back to the dressing room after a workout and I was told I was playing the next day in place of Saleem Malik, who had got injured. I played that game and made a few runs. I was batting along with Imran [Khan], hitting the ball nicely towards the covers, and he said to me: “It seems like you have been playing in Australia for a long time.” That gave me a lot of confidence. Finally, after the warm-up matches, I was at the hotel reception one day when Imran came and said, “You are playing the World Cup.” Just like that. “The way you have been batting, I will play you in all ten games, and if you score nine ducks, I will still play you in the final.” I can’t forget that.

    As an opener, you also had to consider the mindset of the players to follow. If Nos. 3 and 4 were in good form, we would attack from the beginning; if they were struggling, we tried to be cautious. At times, if we thought the rest of the batsmen were nervous and the pitch difficult, just to ease the pressure we deliberately used to take the attack to the bowlers. Different mindsets had to come out for different games.

    My favourite innings came in Perth in the World Cup. We had not been getting the right results in the tournament, and it was a crunch game, against Australia. Imran said, “I’m banking on you. Not many batsmen have been successful playing at Perth – not only Pakistani batsmen but from all over. But I think you have the talent.” I got 76 runs, and when I got out he was the next man in. He waited for me to cross the boundary and he patted me on the back and then entered the ground. I really enjoyed that.

    My opening partners and I, we used to discuss cricket, we used to discuss oppositions, and we were open and honest about it. ” I might struggle against this bowler. Can you face him for some time?” We used to look at the other batsman for technical deficiencies. After the innings, or sometimes during an innings, we used to say: “Okay, you are not moving this foot well and you have to be careful.”

    I was never a temperamental person. I just played my cricket with passion and aggression – people may have taken it wrongly. Everybody loses his temper once in a while; it’s the same with me.

    Imran, Miandad and Malik really knew their cricket, and they were exceptional captains. I didn’t play a lot of cricket with Imran but he was the sort of person who knew how to manage people, how to get the best out of them. Miandad was a great help technically, and tactically it was Miandad who used to really help Imran. But the guy I really enjoyed playing under was Malik.

    I was not surprised when Saeed started to drift away from cricket and towards religion. He always had that element in him; it was just a matter of time. Whatever it is, he was a great servant of Pakistan. He was the most talented opener I had ever seen. Some strokes he used to play used to mesmerise me.

    This game has given me so much, and I respect it. If there is something wrong going on with it, you have to make your point. At times you can’t be politically correct; if you try, you won’t be able to make sense. At times you need to be vocal, and I was.

    Navjot Singh Sidhu and Venkatesh Prasad are still good friends.

    It was disappointing to read in Ian Botham’s book that he said wouldn’t even send his mother-in-law to Pakistan. A person like Ian Botham should realise what we were going through. When they came over in 1978, martial law was on, there were security problems, and England had a completely different culture. When I met him in 1996, I went up to him and said, “Sorry, if you take offence, but after reading the book I felt hurt. I really didn’t like that coming from a person like you.” He shook my hand and said, “I have something to tell you as well. Okay, fine, I respect the difference in culture. We have a culture where we go to pubs, we have the night life, this and that… We respect that is not on in Pakistan, but cricket should not be dull. The pitches should be sporting, we should at least have fun somewhere.” That point was taken, and I think that that was a fair point and should be heard.

  116. #116 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 29, 2008 - 12:40 AM


    1. You have very well picked up the point and said it between the lines on how Ranatunga is commenting and whether Pawar or DNA would have done the same? aNO, thats the difference between a real administrator and the one who is filling in a place because he is a famous ex-cricket player. Thank you for proving my point.

    2. You are right that Tanatunga is trying to play mind games through the media and the SL media is also trying to ape the Australian media by criticizing the Indians rather than praising their bowlers. That is not the right approach, but people think that you should not only knock your opponent down, but also kick him hard when he is lying on the floor, so that he cannot get up again. Indians should know that this is not a kick boxing game, its cricket and they can come back strongly, they too need to play mind games. Sehwag should say that he will target Mendis and if he does that with a couple of sixes and fours, wo line aur length bhool jai ga.

    3. As regards tackling spinners, that was just the first test match the second one will be a totally different one, mark my words and see the results.

    4. Your quotation: “jinke ghar sheeshay ke hotey hai woh logo ke gharo par patthar nahi mara karte.” First of all you say, “Sheeshay kay gharon may rehnay walay doosraon kay gharon par pattharr nahee maraa kertay.” Or people living in glass houses do not throw stones on others. This is an old way of thinking or expressing. The one I usually say is: ” People living in glass houses ……………. should not change while the lights are on.” 😉

    Go ahead keep bucking up your team, they do need encouragement, booing and criticizing on a couple of failures will demoralize them further. I am sure they will come back very strongly.

    I will reply to khansahab’s comments in a new comment box 😉

  117. #117 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 29, 2008 - 12:58 AM


    Thanks for the Aamir Churail interview, he has spoken some sense this time. Probably his voice and his style of commenting is more irritating and phony. But, these comments have some sense in it. Like they say, give the devil his due, I wanna give the Churail a broom.

    I think he should tell this to Shoaib Malik how Imran and Miandad inspired him, especially Imran’s assurance to him in the 1992 WC that he will play in all 10 matches even if he scores zero in 9. That is some confidence that you can place in your players and it works like a Turbo Booster. That is exactly what they need to tell Shahid Afridi. And the reason why Shahid Afridi needs to be backed up for captaincy is then he knows that one or two repeated failures in batting will not make any difference to his place in the team.

    The other reason Imran must have told Aamer that he will not remove him from the team is because, Saeed Anwar was not in the team and so was Waqar Younus, both had injuries. So, Imran knew that whatever resources he has among them is a raw talent in Inzamam and he needs to use his tested and proven players to the maximum. Besides, his bold decision to bat at number 3 in the final when he and Miandad pulled out the team from the woods was initially puzzling everyone that they are batting slow, but by not losing wickets they were able to score 249. Then, the two great balls from Wasim Akram changed the complexion of the game, when Allan Lamb and Chris Lewis were clean bowled in successive deliveries. Those were Wasim’s best.

    Anyways, the point raised by Aamer about reverse swing is also right because now a days in ODI’s you cannot reverse swing the ball, by the time the ball is ready for reverse swing it is changed in the 34th over. Those bowlers who have been practicing reverse swing and unable to bowl it, get pretty frustrated and then they end up giving away a lot of runs. Wahab Riaz is one example.

    And the shorter version of the game has ruined the temperament of all the players be it Pakistan or India and it is not easy to switch gears just like that. There are just a few players who could do that, one was Inzi and the other is Abdul Razzaq. One has retired the other is no more in the Pakistan team. Pakistan need more of such players who can adapt themselves to situations i.e., big hitting and also defend and stay at the crease for long time. Patience, patience and more patience is the name of test cricket.

  118. #118 by Pawan on July 29, 2008 - 5:35 AM

    Thanks Javed.

    Now this is scary…

    Galle: The Indian team, on Monday afternoon, had its first practice session after the mauling at the Sinhalese Sports Club (SSC). While the cricketers were doing their best to stay upbeat in the humid conditions at the Galle International Stadium, the curator made a dark pronouncement.

    “Basically it’s a four-day pitch, and we have a spare day for rain,” said Jayananda Warnaweera, who played 10 Tests for Sri Lanka as an off-spinner between 1986 and the early 1994. “If Sri Lanka win the toss, it’s over for India.”

  119. #119 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 29, 2008 - 12:49 PM


    remember a few days ago, you, amit and I, we discussed about planning? We asked what is the plan B i.e., in case of India losing the toss once again? There you go the curator has solved the problem. 😉

    Here is some interesting reading for you to get prepared for the second test.

    A defeat difficult to digest: That in a nutshell was what the abject surrender of the Indians in the first Test at Colombo can best be described.

    How can a side bristling with the most lustrous batting line-up in the world fall in a heap twice in a little over a day and having scored just 361 runs in about 118 overs? And this on a pitch on which the opponents rattled up 600 for six declared! The whole non-show was a throwback to the hideous days of the fifties when India once lost a Test match to the West Indies by an innings and 336 runs in about 3-1/2 days.

    Or to the equally nightmarish `Summer of 42’ when the Indians went down to England by an innings and 285 runs in just over three days at Lord’s in 1974. The rout at the SSC constitutes India’s third biggest defeat in Test history and it should not be forgotten that all was over in a little over three days.

    The reputation of the Indian batsmen as the best players of spin bowling in the world took a severe dent. It was pathetic to see three experienced players – who have between them almost 80 hundreds and nearly 30,000 Test runs – groping against a rookie playing his first Test. When Ajantha Mendis finished with that mesmeric spell of six for 13 in the Asia Cup final earlier in the month at Karachi, many people shrugged it off because in their view it was a young and inexperienced side facing him for the first time.

    Anil Kumble, in fact, expressed confidence more than once that the menace of Mendis would be sorted out in the Test matches, and Indian cricket fans took comfort from the fact that the ‘Fab Four’ with tons of experience would take on the spin sensation, the mystery bowler in the first Test. And yet three of them failed twice, and to that list could be added the name of Virender Sehwag, who also enjoys exalted status with two triple hundreds against his name as also a career average of fifty plus. Only VVS Laxman got a half-century in the two innings, and truth be told even he was struggling to pick Mendis.

    `If Lillee don’t get you, Thommo must,’’ was the well-known saying by which the England batsmen were ambushed by Lillee and Thomson `Down Under’ in 1974-75. Now it looks like the saying is that: if Mendis doesn’t get you, Murali will. The unusually talented rookie and the ageing magician spun webs around the Indian batsmen and were rewarded with 19 wickets between them. And on this same surface the Indian bowlers took just six wickets, with only two of them falling to spinners. If the series was billed as a battle between Murali and Mendis on the one hand and Harbhajan and Kumble on the other, at Colombo it was a no-contest.

    It must rank as one of Kumble’s worst spells in his long career and it is not just the figures – 0 for 121 off 37 overs – that will confirm it. Harbhajan was hardly better and it is about time the experienced duo was reminded of the presence of Pragyan Ojha, Piyush Chawla and Amit Mishra. Their recent figures – especially outside India – do not augur well for Harbhajan and Kumble, and it is time they are put on notice and told to perform or make way.

    While the Indians had one half-century to show in two innings the Lankans had four centuries in one innings, and this statistic best underlines the overwhelming superiority of the home team which saw them register their biggest Test victory against a team apart from Zimbabwe. This, in fact, is the most humiliating aspect of the hopelessly one-sided events in the first Test. It’s not that the Indians have not suffered defeats in the past even with the current line-up of superstars; but this time the sheer lack of will to fight in all departments of the game – yes, the Lankans were much the better fielding side and were more ably led by a captain who gets shrewder all the time – made it an ignominious defeat.

    How the team management is going to turn things around in the two remaining Tests remains to be seen. But a drastic denouement requires drastic action and it is hoped that they will wield the axe without fear. Non-performers should be shown the door, whatever their past credentials. This is not to advocate the pressing of panic buttons; all the same a thorough overhaul of the team’s strategy and tactical thinking is urgently required. Otherwise, we could well have a repeat of Colombo in the second Test at Galle.

  120. #120 by Amit. P on July 29, 2008 - 4:33 PM


    Actually thats a good news for indians in my view … if they prepared a 4 day pitch then it will counter most of the threats posed by M&M … u ask why ? … coz in that case SL wont score 600 runs or even 400 runs considering the bad luck of kumble in winning toss. So what if india loose the toss …. here is the answer .. dont get frustrated and believe in the new ball bowlers … first session will be crucial … and post tea session on the first day … since the pitch will start turning as said by curator. If they somehow manage to wrap SL under 350 then a great test match will be in our hand … but more than 400 runs in first inning will almost spoil the indian chance.

    Now what if India win the toss … well then it will be again a 4 day match … and this time SL will have to suffer.

    Btw, curators used to blabber things like that … its all part and parcel of the opposition’s strategy 😉 … You got to see the first day of the match to guess the nature of the pitch.

  121. #121 by Amit. P on July 29, 2008 - 4:57 PM

    Pawan ,

    Bombing … whatever u say but its a mockery ab’t india’s internal security and says a lot ab’t how well we are fighting against this terrorism…. india have been suffering terrorism from last 20 yrs or so … and which kind of planning or strategy we have been employing as a state ? … nothing, absolutely nothing …. security guys cant go at each and every site where bomb has been planned, to defuse it. State got to curb this at the grass root lavel.

  122. #122 by Awas on July 29, 2008 - 10:37 PM

    Pawan & Amit

    Pawan…LOL @ the way you said “a dark pronouncement”. As I said SL would play to their strength…it’s a home advantage but making it a spinners’ paradise can be a double edged sword as well. Remember how Michael Clark once won the match for Australia in India on a sinners’ paradise? Just before the 1st match I said watch out for Murali whilst the spotlight is on Mendis. Likewise, I believe Kumble would come into his own in this match after his poor showing in the previous. I am not called WG Grace for no reason 😉

    Amit, you said it right if India win the toss then “SL will have to suffer”. This is what I have been saying the first match was a toss game and so will be the rest of them.

    Pawan, what you said about bombings is also so very true. I do share your sentiments wholeheartedly. Well said. No one really likes terrorism except for a tiny minority of twisted minds.

    You are so right about Ranatunga taking pot-shots at the India batting line-up. It is ‘conduct unbecoming’ for a CEO to say something like that. But you know what…when I commented on his statement earlier, I completely forgot that he was a CEO. What he said as an ex-player, as such players often do, there was nothing wrong. It is admirable though to see how ex-players as well as SL press want to mar the Indian team out of patriotism. Hospitality is quite different to playing psychological games with the opposition.

    But yes I do agree that a CEO should conduct himself differently. I agree with many things DNA has done, such as on disciplinary matters but just as you did, I similarly thought it was wrong of a CEO to criticise the team in the manner he did in that leaked email particularly his mention of not being happy with Kamran Akmal as a keeper. I agree with the end result of Akmal but not the way it came about. It is alright for him to put some questions to the selectors but without interfering with selection process in principle. After that leak, I did say that’s the last of Akmal we would see.

    The other matter that I don’t agree with DNA is his unwavering support for Malik despite voices of disapproval of Malik from various cricketing pundits that are emanating now a days. Initially, appointment of Malik did indeed look the right idea after Younus’ refusal, a preference for a younger person and after khansahab quoting as one PCB official saying that basically there was no one else. The thing is we all make mistakes, admitting and rectifying them soon as possible is what really matters.

    Similarly, what happened in the Asia Cup after DNA said “I can tell you that after we lost to Sri Lanka I went to the Pakistan dressing room and saw Shahid Afridi crying and wanting to be dropped from the team because he had not performed well”. Again this should be something well left for selectors to ponder not a CEO matter to agree or disagree with Afridi.

    On that note, however deserving that we may see Afridi as a captain (I see only two…Younus and Afridi), he is not shouting out to be named a captain with his form of late. I just hope that this little break away from cricket that he is going to have due to his wrist injury would do him world of good as it often happens and they come back successfully with renewed vigour and hunger.

    Unless and until the so called journalists and pundits like Imran, Miandad, Ramiz Raja, Mushtaq Mohammed, Rashid Latif and Aamirs of this world start talking about Afridi’s case nothing is going to happen. Although most voices now seem to be in harmony in criticising Malik and getting disappointed but no one is really in harmony for a replacement choice. Ramiz Raja is perhaps the lone voice for Misbah but that makes no sense to me at all for (a) his age and (b) he is yet to prove himself as a test regular let alone captain. Until an obvious alternative comes up who is literally shouting at you for a captain the status quo will continue with Malik with official notion that there is no one else.

    Most of these so-called pundits were the ones calling for Kamran Akmal’s complete ouster or giving him a long rest which means the same but putting it diplomatically. Only when such people keep badgering the PCB that they take action. In a way Moin Khan and Rashid Latif’s rivalry really worked. They were both good but the later was naturally gifted and undoubtedly better whereas Moin’s work ethics and never say die attitude was what worked from him. Perhaps same should happen again.

    Very interesting interview of Aamir Sohail and I agree with Javed that he said some very sensible things. In fact all of it was sensible as I find nothing disagreeable here. The best was not only what Imran said to Aamir that “The way you have been batting, I will play you in all ten games, and if you score nine ducks, I will still play you in the final” but also how Imran waited until Aamir crossed the boundary rope and patted him.

    The qualities like that in a captain of Imran’s calibre and the tactical mind that Miandad had are very rare traits indeed. I don’t think anyone possesses such abilities in the current lot that we have.

    Also what he said about Saeed Anwar’s strokes as how they used to mesmerise him is also very true. Anwar was such an elegant stroke maker and joy to watch. David Gower is only other that comes to mind in elegance personified.

    His going to Botham and questioning him about mother-in-law remark was also I think an act of bravery. However weird Aamir’s commentary may sound, I still find it better than some of the Asians I have mentioned before and even better than that arrogant git Botham’s, as he only uses one word sentences in his irritating voice, such as “shot”, “out”, “four”, “hammered”, “bowled”, “gone” as though he discovered something that none of us knew. He can’t even construct sentences beyond 2-3 words; I wonder who wrote the book for him.

    The best of what Aamir said that he put very philosophically, was actually this: “At times you can’t be politically correct; if you try, you won’t be able to make sense. At times you need to be vocal, and I was”.

  123. #123 by Pawan on July 30, 2008 - 3:05 AM

    For every blogger out there, this one is for you!

    A full analysis of Indian wickets in first test between India and SL —


    1. V Sehwag c Warnapura b Kulasekara 25
    A nothing shot really and threw away his wicket. This is the reason why everyone says Sehwag is irresponsible. Kulasekara bowls a dibly dobly innocent bouncer and Sehwag pulls it from outside off stump to square leg. Conclusion — Unnecessary wicket.

    2. G Gambhir c Samaraweera b Muralitharan 39
    Not exactly the shot you wanna play when you are a wicket down, but cannot really blame Gambhir for this shot. At that time, the crises had not really set-in and one must remember he was coming off a very good series, that is, Asia Cup so he the confidence with him. I would not call this wicket unnecessary wicket, but definitely avoidable.

    3. R Dravid b Mendis 14
    This one is a ripper. Out of this world guys! I bet, not many batsmen would have played that. You name your best player who can play such a brute of a delivery. Landing on middle stump and kissing the off-stume taking bails off on its way. No point in blaming Dravid and his sulkign form. Even Dravid at his best would not have been able to counter that. Not unavoidable, or unncessary or irresponsible, simply inevitable.

    4. SR Tendulkar b Muralitharan 27
    Murali’s Doosra picked quite late by Sachin, hits batm but could not get his bat out of the way and the ball hits bat first before deflecting to the stumps. That ball could have gone anywhere, but it was not Sachin’s or India’s day and hence the wicket to Muralidharan. Unlucky.

    5. SC Ganguly c Kulasekara b Muralitharan 23
    Swept and caught. People say its irresponsible, but not quite so. if it would have come off, it would have been runs, perhaps a boundry. But the question is whether such a shot was necessary in such circumstances? The answer is debatable. Sweep is not the safest shot, but quite effective in cricket and spinners do get irritated by sweep shots. Debatable.

    6. KD Karthik c & b Muralitharan 9
    Silly and irresponsible shot. Previously I had commented that had Dhoni been in instead of KD Karthik, the scenario would have been different. This shot was definitely uncalled for. Trying to hit Murali out of the park, when you have just come in and you know you are not Pietersen. Top edge and Murali does the rest. Irresponsible.

    7. A Kumble lbw b Mendis 1
    Nothing much to expect from this man with the bat, but he definitely dissapointed with the ball and he agrees. But LBW to Mendis is quite okay considering the fact that Kumble is not a recognized batsman. Tired to get forward and block the delivery. Obviously does not pick it and gets out evetually. Inevitable.

    8. Harbhajan Singh c Warnapura b Muralitharan 9
    Tailender and nothing much to expect. If biggies fail, then bhajji is not a superman, although he might think so, haha. Simple wicket for Murali with a doosra. Bhajji plays at it tentatively and the catchers around him are happy.

    9. Z Khan lbw b Mendis 5
    Tailenders wickets are really not respectable and hence even if Zaheer’s LBW was kinda doubtful, he was given out and not a huge hue or cry was raised. Had it been Tendulkar, it would have been a big issue.

    10. VVS Laxman b Mendis 56
    Running out of partners could have been a good excuse, but no, Laxman was comprehensively beaten and clean bowled by a magical delivery from Mendis. The big surprise was that he played for the right turn, but missed the flight. Missing the line of the ball is a big failure for any batsmen and indicates lack of concentration which might be due to the fact that he was left with Sharma, the last jawan in. Outplayed, literally.


    1. V Sehwag lbw b Muralitharan 13
    Tremendous delivery from Murali. Sehwag played for the off-spinner, but was beaten comprehensively by the doosra. He sure needs some spin bowling coaching if he needs to survive Murali henceforth. The shot was a shocker and clearly shows the skill or whatever you call of the bowler. Outfoxed.

    2. VVS Laxman lbw b Mendis 21
    The hero of the first innings departs cheaply and can you believe it, the delivery that got him in the second innings was the same as first innings off-spinner. The so-called spin guru got out in both innings with one delivery, which means there has got to be something about the delivery and will be talked about for ages, at least Laxman won’t forget it. This time though he goes back and tries to play on the back foot as opposed to the front foot, only managing to expose the gateway of India between his bat and pad and gets bowled compreshensively. Shocker!

    3. SR Tendulkar c Dilshan b Muralitharan 12
    Needn’t need to play this shot. The paddle sweep, which gives Sachin so much pleasure, let him down this time and hence the country which depended on him to stay on the wicket. Khansahab is right, he has lost the battle against Murali in first test match, but let us see who wins the War. Paddle sweep ending in thumb-kiss caught by Dilshan. Unlucky and uncalled for!

    4. G Gambhir st HAPW Jayawardene b Muralitharan 43
    The kid departs playing a rash shot. Been critisized for comign out of the crease and playing for the doosra and rightly so. Even though you are a new-comer at test level, your head won’t be spared, life is not easy if you play from India. Loads of expectations. About the shot – Rash.

    5. SC Ganguly c Dilshan b Muralitharan 4
    Dissapointing and sad. The man who was termed by many as the conquerer of Murali and he was in the last series played here between the two titans, collapsed completely. Perhaps he needs that out of the crease huge sixes that he hits to get going. But merit the ball, the golden arm spitted out. Why would anyone use a doosra if he can ball those rippers? He literally RIPped Ganguly out. R.I.P.ped.

    6. R Dravid c Warnapura b Mendis 10
    Even more sad. Once the wall that bowlers would rather try to jump over rather than break, now is getting holed out by new kid on the bloc. This dismissal is the breaking point, believe me, for Dravid’s career. If he fails another couple of times, he is gonna give up, I bet. Pray he makes a hundred in the next couple of innings, otherwise the nightmare would come true — soon Siddhart Vaidyanathan would be writing a career timeline for this great. Out!

    7. KD Karthik c DPMD Jayawardene b Muralitharan 0
    Lucky, no time for love? This is what happens when you waste a chance like he did in the first innings. Third day wicket dude and he finds out life is not as easy as stroll in the park with Delhi Daredevils. again R.I.P.ed, but by the dubious doosra. Spun-out!

    8. A Kumble b Muralitharan 12
    9. Harbhajan Singh b Mendis 15
    10. Z Khan b Mendis 3


    Let me summarize whatever analysis is done above.

    Basically there are three type of wickets — One in which bowlers brilliance gives him a wicket, second is where the batsmen gets himself out due to his stupidity, third is divine intervention (unlucky for batsmen)

    The following summary is for the top seven batsmen, as they are considered responsible for getting the runs on board. Any runs from bowlers are bonus (at least for the Indian team).

    Bowler’s brilliance (Murali or Mendis) —

    1st Innings = Dravid, Laxman.
    2nd Innings = Sehwag, Laxman, Ganguly, Dravid, Karthik.

    Batsman’s ir(responsibility) —

    1st Innings = Sehwag, Gambhir, Ganguly, Karthik.
    2nd Innings = Gambhir.

    Divine Intervention (unlucky) —

    1st Innings = Sachin.
    2nd Innings = Sachin.

    Note that bolwer’s brilliance fetched SL 2 + 5 = 7 wickets in the match. Rather than saying only bowlers brilliance, some credit must also go to the third/fourth day pitch.

    Batsman’s foolish shots fetched SL 4 + 1 = 5 wickets total in the match.

    Another thing to be noted is that batsmen have their chances on such wickets in the first innings and should make most of it. Look, out of the seven crucial wickets the four wickets fell due to batsmens foolishness and hence India could not even reach 250. While in the second innings, the bowlers did not give any sort of chance to settle down. Apart from Gambhir all wickets were taken due to bowlers brilliance, which tells a story. Fourth day wicket combined with M&M’s brilliance won’t give you chance at all. So forget about fourth innings guys, if you at all have planned anything. The bowlers were so good and also the pitch was so condusive to their bowling that the batsmen did not get a chance to make errors in the second innings! That says a lot. If you are planning for a test match on such wickets, make sure you make the most of your first innings, IRRESPECTIVE of winning or losing the toss.

    One argument that could be made is very interesting regarding the flow of match and wickets pattern — The first day gets washed out mostly and second day is very condusive to batting, so the batsmen makes the most. The third day, last session brings in fresh spinners and combined with tired bats, they create history, wickets tumble by buckets and suddenly panic sets in. Insulting for the “famed” batting line-up, wrong mind-set to go into the second innings, fourth day pitch with bowlers brilliance hands in India their third worst loss in the history of their cricket, even before Partition.

    Blame the batsmen? Phew now it’s upto the reader to decide!

  124. #124 by Amit. P on July 30, 2008 - 5:57 AM

    Awas ,

    Slight correction here … M. Clark never did so in india …. his 6 wickets haul for 9 runs infact was in loosing cause, since india won that match by a narrow margin (13 runs) .. thanks to bhajji and murli karthik. But yeah u r rite …. the Mumbai pitch almost worked against indian.

    Ranatunga is “larger than life” hero in sub-continent .. and its birth rite for these guys to blabber what they think …. infact later i became a huge “fan” of this guy …. i still remember how he used to compare sehwag with kaluwitharna. He still feels that kumble is the best leg spinner ever …. and “far ahead of warne”. I think board politics made him “sensible” now …. so we are witnessing less humorous statements by him. This time around he talked sense as an ex-cricketer, but as a board chairman he again crossed his limit.

  125. #125 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 30, 2008 - 6:10 AM


    you are right in making that slight correction that MJ Clarke’s 6 wickets were for a loosing cause. A little more correction or addition here, it was not just the bowling of Bhajji and Murali Karthick, but the partnership of Laxman and Tendulkar made the difference. Later the Australians complained that the pitch was made for Gulli Danda and Polly Umrigar agreed with that notion because he was responsible for the pitch.


    Wow man you almost wrote a book of analysis, I hope that helps the Indian cause i.e., IF and only IF they read your comments 🙂

  126. #126 by Amit. P on July 30, 2008 - 6:54 AM


    Yup, agreed …that was crucial partnership.
    Atleast it was better than most of those sub-continental pitches where we used to see tame draws. When india play in auss, they show them baseball cricket .. then why not indian shud show them another version of this game … called gilly danda cricket 😉

  127. #127 by khansahab on July 30, 2008 - 10:52 AM


    Absolutely amazing analysis there.

    Man you should take a job with Cricinfo!

  128. #128 by Mohammed Munir on July 30, 2008 - 11:51 AM

    Dear Javed Khan,

    Thanks for your concerns and well wishes. I and my family are all safe in Istanbul, Turkey.

    Yes, there were two major bomb blasts and they were not very far from our hotel, but thanks God we are all fine.

    We are enjoying last few days of our trip, and so have been even busier.

    I am not much aware of the latest cricket happenings, so it is best to avoid them 😉

  129. #129 by Pawan on July 30, 2008 - 11:41 PM

    Thanks, Javed and Khansahab.

    It is great to hear about your safety Munir! Welcome back.

  130. #130 by Pawan on July 30, 2008 - 11:44 PM


    I hope your words come true dude. Kumble and India despartely need a win and Kumble needs to perform.

    About Ranatunga, I think everyone agrees that he indeed crossed the line.


    Am just keeping my fingers corssed for the toss. Kumble, please win it! Practice the toss, if not your bowling! Chit tu hara, patt main jeeta!

  131. #131 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 30, 2008 - 11:50 PM


    It seems like Kumble has not played “Chitt – Putt” when he was young. Aur waisay bhee Chitt Putt budhaon kay kaam ki cheez nahee. 🙂

    On the new thread I have highlighted a few points about Galle’s pitch and the number of wickets taken by seamers and spinners so lets go there and wait for the Chitt Putt show and the Madhu Galle and Madhu Balle turns and curves.

  132. #132 by khansahab on July 30, 2008 - 11:51 PM

    Yeah, Pawan, write on the new thread yaar that’s been done exclusively on India vs Sri Lanka…………


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