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Aao Dubai Chalo, haan haan Dubai Chalo, ho-ho Dubai chalo

Aao Dubai Chalo, haan haan Dubai Chalo, ho-ho Dubai chalo

Finally the PCB Chaudharys have decided to go to Dubai. They raised the decades old slogan “Dubai Chalo” after being bullied by the ICC and the SNPC’s (super nations playing cricket ).

In the past too they had to move the games to neutral venues to accommodate Australians and played against them in Sharjah. But, since then they have more options and Abu Dhabi Cricket Stadium has already hosted a few ODI’s but, the state of the art Dubai Sports City has built a 25,000 seating capacity most modern cricket stadium in the world. They can play night cricket in Dubai.

I am not sure how many of you remember my comments on Pakspin when Kamran wrote that thread “ICL – IPL What the Hell?” I wrote that very soon you will be seeing “Arabian Nights Cricket in the UAE.” The Dubai government has now announced that the Sports City will be ready in early 2009 and already hosting an international hockey tournament. But, the most important news is about the PCB signing a three 3 year agreement with Dubai to host their ODI and twenty20 Internationals.

Here is the latest news right from the horses mouth. It has not even appeared on cricinfo yet.


The Pakistan Cricket Board has signed a three-year agreement to play its home one-day internationals and Twenty20 matches at the new Dubai Sports City.

The move comes with teams remaining reluctant to tour Pakistan because of concerns over terrorist attacks.

Pakistan, who have not played any Tests or ODIs against major teams this year have also invited West Indies to play two Test matches in Abu Dhabi.

Is it Abu Dhabi or Abu Dubai?

Is it Abu Dhabi or Abu Dubai?

The Emirate will also host three ODIs against the Windies in November.

Only minnows Zimbabwe and Bangladesh have played in Pakistan in 2008, while their last home Test series was against South Africa in October 2007.

The PCB has lost millions of dollars in revenue from the cancellation of matches and believe it is vital for cricket’s financial well-being to make use of the facilities in the Emirates.

Shafqat Naghmi, chief operating officer of the PCB, said the new £4.8m deal with Dubai Sports City “gives us the option of playing international cricket and also improves our financial health.”

The new 25,000 stadium in Dubai will initially host a series involving Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh next April and a series of Twenty20 matches against various teams.

The deal comes after failed attempts by Pakistan to convince teams to tour the country after a spate of bombings in recent months.

Pakistan had sought new opponents after the postponement of a Test tour by Australia and the ICC Champions Trophy, both because of security concerns, but had no takers.

Reuters news agency quoted “informed sources” who suggested the PCB will be paid £800,000 for each event in Dubai, as well as a £53,000 appearance fee to each player for every tournament played. ” Unquote.

Has the PCB done any good for the future of Pakistan cricket or not is a question that we all need to discuss here. So, please go ahead and write your comments.

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ICC’s Dual Standards – Cricket in Toronto?

The dual standards in cricket by the ICC and the SNPC’s (super nations playing cricket ) has dominated the game of cricket which is more like the board game – Monopoly. The ICC board of directors must have mastered this art in their boardroom meetings and the Australians are the champions of monopolizing, whining and in creating a lot of fuss in every matter, be it sledging or in implementing dual standards.

That famous row between Harbhajan Singh and Roy Symonds, the so-called racial abuse story hit the headlines in every single newspaper in Australia and was also the top story on every TV channel. Harbhajan was declared the villain for calling a spade, a spade or a monkey, a monkey! Eventually, when the Indians put down their foot and threatened to call-off the tour the Australians came back to their senses and they realized it would be a big financial loss not only from the tour but, also the amount of money their players would have lost in the IPL tournament, which was due to take place immediately after that tour. Hence they decided to settle it by exonerating Singh.

But, the big bully boy continued his antics on and off the field and he is another Show Actor. His fishing expeditions almost got his cricket career over. Some of the Australian players and officials bend over backwards in getting him back and finally we will see his backside once again. And, what more? He will be back to India facing Harbhajan Singh and Sreesanth.

The recent bombings in New Delhi is not going to deter the Australians like, the Jaipur bombings during the IPL did not deter them from playing in Jaipur, they will be coming to India which is a much safer country than Pakistan. Definitely there is more political stability in India as compared to Pakistan but, they are not far behind Pakistan in terms bombings, killings and explosions which in a big country and such things happen! But, the Ostrich can bury its head under the Bollywood sand.

While the big nations are busy playing against each other, the hungry Malik cricket team is acting like desperadoes and now the Toronto event is something for them to look forward, its like a ray of hope to play some cricket be it with minnows it doesn’t matter. Its a shame that the West Indies team is not in the tournament taking place in Toronto next month. I wonder what the expectations are? Beating Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and poor Canada will inflate baby Malak’s ego even more. But, the question is have they thought about the weather in Toronto? Its a very bad time of the year to play cricket in this part of the world, even in the Skydome of Toronto. It may protect the rain but, there is no climate control inside.

As it is, the weather at this moment is getting very cold. The lows are as low as 6C and good enough for players from warm countries to freeze and by the time the tournament starts – a full month is ahead from now – the temperatures would be even low. Playing in the open grounds would be next to impossible even if it doesn’t rain. If it rains they might not even play Gilli Dunda. It has been raining throughout this summer, which according to Canadians is not a summer at all. So, cricket fans in Canada are aware of these facts but, those who are in Bangladesh, Pakistan or Zimbabwe may not be aware of the weather here and might be disappointed if the matches are called off due to bad or unsuitable weather.

Once again, the question arises whether it is a good decision by the fatherless motherless PCB to play in Toronto or they should have thought of playing in Abu Dhabi? And, for some reason Sharjah has been declared as a Sin City now.

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