Khansahab analyses India’s record victory against the Aussies…..


Did we see it coming? Many would say, not. Yet India did seemed to do the unthinkable by beating the Aussies by a margin of 320 runs, which is India’s biggest ever margin of victory in terms of runs.

The noticable aspect of this victory was that we saw a rare team effort from India which completely demoralised the Australian pscyhe. Dhoni’s captaincy deserves special mention, but not for the first time.

Dhoni....the swashbuckling batsman, the brilliant strategist, the consistent performer.....India's shining knight

Dhoni....the swashbuckling batsman, the brilliant strategist, the consistent performer.....India's shining knight

Mahinder SIngh Dhoni has provided India with a fresh and delicious change which Indian cricket had been finding for more than a decade. Dhoni’s calmness, commitment, professionalism and above all, motivational skills took India to victory against the strongest team in the world. One had to observe and almost celebrate the look of resignation and submission on the face of Ricky Ponting, whose visage was nothing like the usual confidence and brashness it usually exudes.

Never in the past two decades has this question been more appropriately asked- “Is this the end of Australian domination in world cricket?” And never have we felt so compelled to answer in the affirmative.

Amit Mishra exceeded all expectations and bamboozled the Aussies. Mishra seemed to be the essential replacement for Anil Kumble, whose captaincy has come under the scanner and whose bowling seems to have lost its potency. There have been subdued calls for Kumble to quit for over a year, but now it would be the right time for the spinning legend to call it a day.

Kumble needs some serious thinking to do about his future

Kumble needs to do some serious thinking about his future

Mishra has a long way to go for India

Mishra has a long way to go for India

In fact, Mishra is not the only competitor for Kumble. Ojha is another spinner who has been knocking the doors of selection for some time and has lost out due to Kumble’s presence. India’s recent successes have been most attributable to the injection of youth; why should the spin department be bereft of talented youngsters? There are already calls to keep Dhoni as captain for the remainder of the series and Kumble is definitely feeling the heat.

Gambhir was effective and showed his good form with a commanding century in the 2nd innings. However, Sachin Tendulkar’s 88 was very special, not because it helped set the momentum of the Indian innings and was scored at an impressive strike rate of almost 80, but because he broke Lara’s record and became the leading run scorer in Tests. Tendulkar’s record breaking seemed to convey a mystical effect to the Indian pysche- it was a feeling of domination, a feeling of conviction and a feeling of genius almost, which actually has epitomised Tendulkar’s batting over the years, but much more so when he was at his enviable peak.

Sachin Tendulkar- a triumph of innate talent, belief, and pure genius

Sachin Tendulkar- a triumph of innate talent, belief, and pure genius

No batsman has played Australia better than Tendulkar has and even though Tendulkar is often criticised for lacking pressure handling skills, it takes a lot of guts and determination to raise your game level against the best in the business. Tendulkar has verily been Australia’s nemesis. For various reasons, Tendulkar is commonly perceived to be the most accomplished batsman in the history of cricket and this fact in itself has helped the Indian team to raise their confidence and feel pride in themselves.

Other than Tendulkar, Ganguly’s superb century also deserves to be applauded. Mishra has already been praised but Harbhajan also deserves mention for his 5 wickets in the test. Indian commentators have always spoken about the need for the whole team to contribute, and this test is a testament to that suggestion. There are many positives to take from this test- where does one begin? The opening was solid, the middle order of Tendulkar, Ganguly and Dhoni clicked and the bowling was penetrative and consistent. It goes without saying that the pair of Zaheer and Ishant complement each other very well and both have a lot of firepower within them, able to rattle any batting line up.

Australia got thumped......

Australia got thumped......

To conclude, this was a memorable test in many respects, not least because of Tendulkar reaching a milestone and the margin of victory. The cricket world is coming to terms with India’s resurgence and Australia’s vulnerability. Every tide has an ebb, and this is surely Australia’s ebb. Australia has been pushed to the ground, but because of the aggressive nature of the Australian psyche and mental strength, the remaining two tests are likely to be competitive.

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  1. #1 by abdul on October 23, 2008 - 4:04 PM

    A fantastic thread which deserves to be given credit. The way u dedicated prases to Tendulkur’s milestone was superb and the way you described the emergence of Mishra and the superb combination in the bowling attack was superb as India claimed 20 wickets which all the bowlers taking there fair share and contributing to an empahtic victory.

    I agree with u that it’s almost perfect time for Kumble to call it a day and would be the wise thing to allow him to captain for the remainder of the series. He has got enterprisng tatics which Kumble lacks and is a positive leader who makes wise choices and instrumental and inspirational talesman.

    Nazir is smacking the ball around the park 444,6,6 . Why is this formidable talent being neglected by Pakistan ? Unbleivanle another 6 and 30 of the over. What a player and what a talent. Badhads 39-0 after 2 overs and Nazir was destroying a former Australian fine bowler .

    And now Farhat is joining the party 4,66.4 got to go. This is invincible batting.

  2. #2 by abdul on October 23, 2008 - 4:05 PM

    What a competetion and electrifying atmosphere the IPL is. It’s a great advert for cricket and the boards shoould show more faith towards it.

  3. #3 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 23, 2008 - 5:35 PM

    What India learnt from the previous Mohali experience (in which Kamran Akmal and Abdul Razzaq denied India from winning) is they didn’t let the Australians settle for a draw. Victory for Australia was a certain impossibility but, a few thought draw is possible. But, that didn’t happen and India won by a huge margin.

    At hindsight most people might agree with Dhoni’s decision to bat in the second innings instead of imposing a follow-on, I agree to what Pawan explained to me earlier in the previous thread that considering the conditions (heat and exhaustion) it was not possible for their bowlers to bowl them out again. And, fortunately Gambhir and Sehwag gave India a flying start and Dhoni once again in the second innings batted well also, at a good run rate and that added a lot of pressure on the Australians. To sum it up it was a very good team effort from India and a well deserved victory, congratulations once again.

    A very good thread from khansahab he has covered all the aspects of the match and his analysis are on the dot. Btw, where is Varun Suri? I have a nice poem for him and I am sure he will like it. Pls. say hello !


    Since abdul has talked about the ICL match (although he mentioned IPL and Badhas) I would like to add here that in my previous T20 team selection, I have included Imran Nazir as an opener with Shahid Afridi. Thats because I reckon Nazir is a perfect T20 player, today he won the match singlehandedly by smashing 9 sixes and 5 fours in his 38 balls 83 n.o.

    I also think that Inzamam made a hasty decision in announcing his retirement soon after the WC. The way he plays and has been playing, he could have easily continued for Pakistan for a couple of years more.

    But, in Pakistan whenever there is a fiasco especially at the WC level, there are massive changes and Inzi thought it would be better to resign than getting axed. Although the public sentiments changed he came back to play his last test but could not achieve his objective.

    Like the board has lifted a ban on Salim Malik at the age of 45 which has no bearing on his cricket career – which is over in any case, they should lift the bans on all the ICL players and they should allow them to play for the country. With Nazir and Razzaq coming back in the T20 squad (if the ban is lifted) then, the others would be fighting hard to retain their place in the team, the sense of complacency is killing them.

  4. #4 by khansahab on October 23, 2008 - 6:21 PM

    Yes I saw Imran Nazir’s barrage of 6’s- what a one sided match. Nazir made a pulp out of the Mumbai bowling attack.

    Nazir should definitely open with Afridi in T20 cricket.

    Did anyone see the post match presentation when Inzamam called Imran Nazir, “Shahid Afridi”? Inzi has made many blunders like these in the past. He said something like, “Ya the Shahid Afridi and Imran Farhat play well”.

    It was nice to see the Ahmedabad crowd supporting Lahore and it was equally nice to see Azhar Mahmood thanking the crowd at the end. I particularly liked the way the crowd roared when Inzi said “Bismillah” at the start of his little speech.

  5. #5 by Rohit on October 23, 2008 - 7:19 PM

    I will look at this thread with some skepticism. i dont think Australia will be intimidated by this Indian aggression. Dont forget India is very prone to being complacent which is our biggest enemy actually.

  6. #6 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 23, 2008 - 9:46 PM


    This is what he wrote in his autobio:

    First Published : 23 Oct 2008 12:27:00 AM IST
    Last Updated : 24 Oct 2008 12:59:58 AM IST

    SYDNEY: Former Australian vice-captain and wicket keeper Adam Gilchrist has taken a dig at Sachin Tendulkar in his autobiography “True Colours My Life”, being released next week, and questioned the Indian maestro’s honesty in supporting Harbhajan Singh during the controversial Sydney Test marred by an alleged racial slur.

    The retired wicketkeeper in his book has written that the biggest difference between Australia and India was that his former teammates left hostilities on the field while many of their antagonists, including Tendulkar and Harbhajan Singh, often snubbed their opponents.

    Gilchrist surprisingly hinted at tensions with Tendulkar, revealing he was “hard to find for a changing room handshake after we have beaten India”. He also attacks off spinner Singh, who was accused of racism, and criticised both the Indian and Australian boards for their handling of the scandal, which he said drove “a stake through the entire summer”.

    On the dramatic final moments of the Sydney Test when the last two batsmen, Anil Kumble and Ishant Sharma, walked off without any Australians offering a handshake, Gilchrist said: “We went into the Indian changing room and shook hands. Not all their players could be found, which points to another subtle cultural difference.”

    He went on to add: “In the Australian mentality, we play it hard and are then quick to shake hands and leave it all on the field. Some of our opponents don’t do it that way. Sachin Tendulkar, for instance, can be hard to find for a changing room handshake after we have beaten India. Harbhajan can also be hard to find.”

    “I guess it’s a case of different strokes for different folks. But the criticism of us for not immediately shaking hands with Kumble and Sharma was unfair, and typified a moment when everything we did was wrong.”

    Recalling the events of the day at Sydney which strained the relationship between the two cricketing teams, Gilchrist said: “The next thing I saw, Symonds said to Harbhajan something like, ‘Don’t touch him, you’ve got no friends out here.”‘

    “The Indians got him off the hook when they, of all people, should have been treating the matter of racial vilification with the utmost seriousness.”

    Gilchrist, who is considered one of the fairer players in the aggressive Australia side, firmly believes that Harbhajan was guilty and said that India’s threat to abandon the tour mid-way was “a disgraceful act, holding the game to ransom unless they got their way”.

    The book also reveals Gilchrist’s feelings about the malicious rumour about his private life during Australia’s 2002 tour of South Africa. He wrote how he received a telephone call from his manager telling him to turn on his laptop and check his emails. One of them linked to a website that featured an anonymous email saying his recently born son Harry had been fathered by his former teammate Michael Slater.

    “At first I thought it was a prank, and had a chuckle,” Gilchrist wrote. But as he read further he “got a sick feeling in my stomach”. He immediately called his wife, Mel, back in Australia, who was extremely agitated and had to be “calmed down”.

    Before taking the field in the first Test in Johannesburg, he spotted a huge banner reading: “Baby Gilly, who’s your daddy?” Next to it, another sign read: “Slater, Slater.”

    “This was a disgusting thing to do,” Gilchrist writes. “But my initial feeling wasn’t outrage. It was more a vicious stab of paranoia. It set me thinking: ‘Is the whole world talking about it behind my back? Are my teammates talking about it?’ ”

    When he went out to bat in Johannesberg , Gilchrist was “in a terrible state” but he went on to score an unbeaten 204 not out, racking up the fastest Test double century in history. “This was the first time I cried on a cricket field,” he said.

  7. #7 by kaleem on October 23, 2008 - 9:58 PM


    “What a competetion and electrifying atmosphere the IPL is.”

    R u talking about Indian premier league or indian cricket league man because indian cricket league is ICL….

    or am i getting confused??? sorry man.

  8. #8 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 23, 2008 - 10:15 PM

    Now, I would like to add my comments on that silly remark of Gilly.

    First of all Tendulkar is not the type of a person who would get into an argument with anyone. Even when the acting captain Dravid declared the innings at the Multan test (because of the touring captain Ganguly’s backseat mothering) Tendulkar did not show any dissent at the field although he was very upset because he was nearing his double century and that declaration was just like Imran Khan’s decision when Miandad was about to make his triple hundred in a test match against India.

    Anyways, Tendulkar went off the field and he did not talk to his teammates because he was upset. Anyone in his place would be upset, they should have told him that we are planning declaration so please hurry up. But, to surprise a player like him who has contributed so much for India (even then he was a superstar at that time) is like you don’t recognize his contribution and you don’t care about him. So, for Gilly to pass that silly comment is totally unnecessary and uncalled for that Tendulkar often snubs. Well, good for him he snubs and if he doesn’t now he must.

    All these Australians, South Africans, English and New Zealand players are chips of the same block, as we say in Urdu, “Jiss Thaali may khaatay ussi may Chaidh kertay.” Means, “bite the hand that feeds.” That MF is taking a million dollar from the IPL and he has been made captain of the Deccan Charges and he is still biased against India? WTF? Why and how can the Indians tolerate this? If I am in place of Lalit Modi, I will ask Gilly to say good bye to the IPL.

    First of all that “Monkey” comment which Symonds thought was a racial abuse, which millions of people said, he must have said, ” O’ Teri Maa(n)Key” which Tendulkar also clarified and for those who don’t know the meaning of “O’ Teri Maa(n)Key” its like, ” O’ your Mothers……. ” in fact when you stop after that it means anything but its not a bad word, although the intentions were to abuse his mother, but it is such a common expression in India and Pakistan that a lot of people say…. Teri Maa(n)Key and apply brakes.

    They even say in general, for e.g., if the bowler bowls a normal delivery and it turns a lot and misses the stumps he says, O’ teri maa(n)key and here he is saying this to the ball or the wicket which gave the additional spin or bounce, in short anything that happens more than you expect, its an expression you use when you get surprised. Its also used if you bowl a very good ball and you expect to get a wicket on it, instead it is smashed for a four, he would say, O’ teri maa(n)key….

    If Mr. Gilly is talking about the difference in culture, then he should know what is the meaning of that word and how close it sounds like a Monkey. Its strange that in Australia or anywhere else in the West people can say the F word and get away with it, but take the Monkey word to heart. Whereas in India, Pakistan people get physical if someone use an F word against them and laugh at them if someone calls them “Oie Bandar” or, a monkey!

    Has anyone seen the on-field altercation between Ponting and Lee? I missed that but, someone told me that its worth watching them fighting on the field i.e., when Ponting did not give Lee a chance to bowl. I think thats been talked a lot in the Australian newspapers.

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 24, 2008 - 2:59 AM

    Dear All

    We have created a new page called “V-TALK” see above in the menu bar. Please visit that page and, add whatever you feel like.

    Thank You.

  10. #10 by Varun Suri on October 24, 2008 - 9:45 AM

    Hello everyone,

    I have been unable to comment regularly in the past few days due to increase in work and also as i am a bit busy planning for my wedding next year!! “parantu, jab dost ne kari pukaar to hazri lagane to aana hi padega”?
    (thanks to daintydude,khansahab and Javed)!!

    My thoughts on the Mohali test:

    It was one of the rare team efforts by the Indian Team where 9 out of 11 players contributed in someway or the other, this reminded me of the time in 90’s and beginning of 2000, when i used to fantasize/dream on of a match in which Ten,Gang,Drav all score a century and as far as i remember it only happened once. One cannot single out even one performance which really changed the course of the game, infact to me the Gambhir/Sehwag jodi were equal contenders for MOM, as we all know if instead of giving a brisk start to the 2nd Innings there was an early breakthrough then i am sure Dravid would have been sent in and then the would have spent the best part of 4th day in setting a un-reachable target only!! Anyhow, i have no complaints with Dhoni so that’s that.

    As far the issue of Fab 4 or 5 goes, it is best to leave them alone and let them decide when theyw ant to go ,the kind of personalities these 4 are i don’t think that they will hesitate to call it a day, the day they think there replacements are ready, I won’t be surprised if Kumble performs good in Kotla( his adopted home ground) and then announces his retirement by the end of the series as he must have seen Mishra performing and also there is Chawla and Ojha waiting on the sidelines.

    After Ganguly and Kumble i think it will be Laxman who should call it a day, or maybe they can keep him only when we play Australia. I am not a very big fan of him but certainly he has some special affinity with the Aussie Bowlers. If Dravid can be a WALL again, even if he’s not scoring at a fast pace, he is essential to this Indian Team so that players like Gambhir, Sehwag, Dhoni and others can play their aggressive natural game when they can trust him to hold one of the ends. Also he is a very good slip catcher and soon he should break the record for most no. of catches, the leader of which Mark Waugh is only 5 catches ahead of Dravid .

    Victories like this one are a thing of joy forever for all Sub-Continent fans, in this case the Indians, being an Indian who’s grown up watching bowlers like Srinath,Prasad,Kuruvilla,Mohanty e.t.c it is a very pleasing sight watching Zaheer and Ishant are bowling and striking the timber with such regularity.I think the last Indian bowler who had a penchant for bowling yorkers and aiming for the stumps was Manoj Prabhakar who eventually bowled off-spin in his last match as his 2 overs of fast bowling costed around 33 runs.

    Finally, a word on DADA or Ganguly who for some reason will always hold a special place in my Cricketing Memoirs. The reasons for which are almost the same as most of the authors have expressed on Cricinfo (except Suresh Menon), but i have one more reason..

    If y’all read about the medical paper by Kamran Abbasi where he has tried to analyse the effects of
    The Miandad Six!!

    I sincerely believe that the Ghosts of that Six were finally exorcised by Ganguly when he became the Captain of the Indian Team, never before one had seen the kind of Spark and Desire to beat your opponent as I saw in him and it was only when he became the Leader the Indian Team started doing the un-thinkable ( e.g. one of the first 300 chases, In the dustbowl of Dhaka against Pakistan when Kanitkar hit a four off Saqlain in the last over to chase 327 i think, Ganguly hit a century in that one). Those were the days, when you knew that whenever he stepped out of the crease the ball’s going for a Six. Everyone enjoyed watching Sachin bat, but i also waited for Ganguly to step out and i think apart from Captiancy, in this department also he did better than Sachin!!!

    More Laterss..


  11. #11 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 24, 2008 - 1:04 PM



    Butt is gyrating his kunati in full swing. Read the news of Lawson’s firing on BBC and Cricinfo, he has been paid 3 months salary and sacked.

    The hunt for a new foreign coach is on.

  12. #12 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 24, 2008 - 2:01 PM


    Thanks for the response and I can see the twinkle in your eye in narrating India’s victory over Australia. I am sure, every Indian must be proud of this and they will definitely be more happy when they win the series.

    Regarding that BMJ article, I have not only read, I used to write then. About Ganguly’s role in breaking that jinx I am not sure about that Dhakka match, it was certainly the Karachi match when India toured Pakistan in March 2004 after a big gap. Their opening encounter was at Lahore in which they played against Pakistan A and scored 334 runs and Pakistan won that match, I think Imran Nazir scored a whirlwind innings and still in the first ODI played in Karachi he was not in the team and neither was Shahid Afridi in the team. But, Malik was included in place of Afridi for his once in a lifetime performance against SA in Karachi and he scored only 7 runs and in bowling department he gave away 50 runs for 0 wicket.

    In that Karachi match India scored 349 a last ball six was required for to win but, Pak lost the match by 5 runs. Inzi scored a defiant 122 the match was lost because of Shoaib Malik and Moin Khan. In the next match at Rawalpindi Afridi was included and opened the innings, he scored 80 in 50 odd balls and won the match for Pak which was again a 327 run chase……

  13. #13 by khansahab on October 24, 2008 - 2:38 PM

    Sachin gave cricket charm and charisma

    Oct 17, 2008 | Shoaib Akhtar

    Congratulations to Sachin for breaking Brian Lara’s Test record. We are all lucky to have seen him play and some of us even more fortunate to have actually played against him.

    I got him out a few times (three times in nine Tests and five times in 19 ODIs) and those moments were always pleasurable and are occasions that I really treasure because you always have to earn his wicket.

    I wouldn’t say he is the hardest batsman to get out because when he comes to the wicket he carries so much expectation of all the passionate Indian people and is under so much pressure to score runs that he may then be nervous early on. I couldn’t sleep the night I bowled him first ball in Kolkata (in 1999)! Those are once in a career moments.

    But equally, when he gets in and is seeing the ball well, then it is the bowler who is in trouble because once set he is extremely tough to remove. Then it gets very difficult and is probably the greatest challenge you can face as a bowler.

    Cricket would not be the same if Sachin was not playing or had not been a part of it. He is the most humble person and greatest example of a gentleman in the game. With all the records he has and the talent he has, you would never know because he always remains so quiet, modest and humble. He is a man and a half.

    Sachin brought charisma and charm into cricket. I cannot say enough of how much of a gentleman he is. We all have to be thankful to him that he is playing this game and making our sport so much the better for his being there. I believe he will carry on scoring Test runs for at least another two years.

    I doubt that this latest record or any of them will ever be bettered, though Ricky Ponting would probably have a chance because he is a bit younger than Sachin, is still a great player and is very fit. But for now, it is time to just say ‘well done’ to Sachin, a true champion.

  14. #14 by Varun Suri on October 24, 2008 - 4:45 PM


    I was referring to the following game, it was rare in the 90’s before 2000 to have successful 300 chases and this one was surely the first time ever Indians chased a above 300 score.

    The March 2004 series between India-Pak was one in which 4 out of 5 were very high scoring games and by that time 300 was not considered to be a safe total on Sub-Continental Pitches. It was an excitig series with both Test Matches and One-Days going right down to th wire.

    As the Dhaka Chase was at that time the World record for chasing the largest total to win in an ODI, I will always remember that game on 18th January, more so for Ganguly’s contribution. It was the beginning of the end for Azharuddin and in June 2000 he played his last One-Day for India and paved the way for a new Indian Team under Ganguly free from all their previous Jinx’s and such-like.

  15. #15 by Varun Suri on October 24, 2008 - 6:44 PM

    Oh yes i forgot to add…about the IPL …i was following it at Cricinfo and had to press F5 quite a few times when Imran was battering the halwa of Kasprowich or whatever!!!!

    It was nice to see my “sasural”s crowd supporting Inzi and the Badshah’s, in the current atmosphere in India i don’t think anyone öther than “Marathi Manus” will support Mumbai!!!

    and Yes about Gilly, when i read the article about what he said about Bhagwan Sri Sachinanda i could only utter these words….”Teri ma ki…”

  16. #16 by Abdul on October 24, 2008 - 7:04 PM

    Sorry we all make mistakes and I was giving my personal opinions on the brilliance on the ICL tournament. Kahnshab, yes I agree with you that Nazir should be back in the Pakistan team but also Imran Farhat should get recognisation. I did see Inzy’s after match presentation and it’s probably just reality that English isn’t his first lanaguage and is probably in a habit of clling superb performances to boom boom Afridi. But Nazir heroics are admiarble and it’s rather brainless to neglect such a talent from Sialkot.
    And by the way that commentary on the last post was live and believ me it was consecutive. Absolutely astonishing cricket which Tony Greig said he had never seen ruthlessness batting before in his long lusty broadcasting career.

  17. #17 by abdul on October 25, 2008 - 12:49 PM

    legslip alert message: Lwason has been immediately sacked as Pakistan coach and Leg spin sensation Mushtaq Ahmed aka Mushy has been appointed as England’s spin bowling coach.

  18. #18 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 25, 2008 - 3:57 PM


    if you read my post number 11, we did mention yesterday that Lawson has been sacked. And good for Mushy if he got the job as England’s spin bowling coach. He will be a ‘spin doctor’ for them.

  19. #19 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 25, 2008 - 4:05 PM

    WoW the legal matters in paying off Lawson’s dues are getting complicated now……….. thats according to the media report!

    If you hire an idiot like SALEEM ALTAF this is what is going to happen. These OLD men need to stay at home watching cricket only on TV otherwise they will screw everything.

    Appointing 72 year old Ijaz Butt was a mistake, reappointing 65 year old Saleem Altaf is a blunder. He already created a big mess before he was fired during DNA time. Now he is back to create chaos. May God help Pakistan and Pakistan Cricket.

  20. #20 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 25, 2008 - 6:42 PM

    Unofficially, Intikhab Alam has been appointed as Pakistan’s new coach to replace the sacked coach Lawson.

    In Pakistan’s history of cricket except for Bob Woolmer who died, every single coach, at least in the last 10 years have either been sacked or replaced before he has completing his tenure. Even Intikhab Alam was replaced by Miandad when the team lost against Sri Lanka in the home series.

    Here is a brief history of the events.

    Pakistan’s coaches in the last 10 years (source cricinfo)


    Sept 1998: Javed Miandad takes over from Haroon Rasheed.

    April 1999: Miandad resigns after falling out with senior players and is replaced by Mushtaq Mohammad for the 1999 World Cup.

    Aug 1999: Mushtaq is sacked after the World Cup. Wasim Raja steps in.

    Nov 1999: English-born Richard Pybus becomes Pakistan’s first foreign coach.

    Dec 1999: Intikhab Alam takes over after Pybus is axed following Pakistan’s 3-0 rout in a Test series in Australia.

    March 2000: Miandad replaces Alam after Pakistan lose the home series to Sri Lanka.

    April 2001: Miandad is replaced by Pybus after Pakistan’s tour of New Zealand (Pybus was sacked and reappointed)

    Sept 2001: Pybus refuses to come to Pakistan for security reasons after 9/11. Mudassar Nazar takes over.

    Sept 2002: Nazar summoned home midway through ICC Champions Trophy in Sri Lanka and Pybus returns for a third stint. (Pybus was not afraid, he is back, wow.)

    March 2003: Pybus says he does not want to stay on after Pakistan were knocked out in the first round of the World Cup. Miandad returns as coach. (Miandad was sacked earlier and is back again.)

    June 2004: Miandad sacked after Pakistan lose the one-day and Test series against India at home.

    July 2004: Bob Woolmer takes over.

    March 2007: Woolmer is found dead in his Jamaica hotel room hours after Pakistan crash out in the first round of the World Cup in the West Indies. (Good for him he died)

    July 2007: Geoff Lawson is appointed as coach.

    Oct 2008: Lawson two-year tenure is cut short; Alam appointed for ODI series against West Indies to be played in Abu Dhabi.


    I think the problem is not with ALL the coaches, the problem is with the system. This re-appointing business of coaches, managers, chief of selection committee, or the directors of the PCB must end.

    In my opinion Intikhab Alam is not suitable for the job, “bakaouz.”

    1. He is too old to be a coach now.

    2. He is a very emotional person and the way he handled Shoaib Actor’s case while he was in the three member investigating committee is deplorable. He passed very personal, rude and unwanted comments against the Actor.

    We as bloggers can do, because we are from the public, and we have the right to criticize this is the only way we can raise our voice. But, Alam was in that committee which was official and in that capacity he should not have used those words which he blabbed. Besides, his own personality and his character is a very dubious and his loyalties have more been with money rather than for the country.

    3. His attitude towards the local players is different from that of others especially when he was on a coaching assignment in East Punjab India, he spoke against the Pakistani players that their attitude is not good etc., and he feels more motivated in coaching Indian players etc., basically “Paisa bolta hai.”

    4. In Pakistan he creates jingoism, regionalism and tension between the players. He has done that in the past and he will do it again. Therefore, I am not in favour of him as a coach. Its not a matter of Punjabi, Pathan, Sindhi or Mohajir but in all fairness the team needs a better coach than Alam.

    5. Ijaz Butt is going to ruin the game of cricket in Pakistan with his gutsy decisions. Some paindoos are proud of him for his blabbing against Lawson even before he was fired and they were saying: at least Butt has the guts! Definitely he has, imagine a gutless Butt would be splattering shyte everywhere.

  21. #21 by abdul on October 26, 2008 - 9:51 AM

    Lahore Badshads are taking on the Delhi Giants today in the ICL. 3 O CLOCK MATCH STARTS and Mushtaq Ahmed is set to play which will add an extra dimension to the Lahore Badshads bowling attack. The pitch is set to spin and I would like to see both Spin wizards playing which will be mouthwatering to say the least.

    The key agian holds in the agressive opening partenership which in my opinion with out a doubt in the most destructive in the ICL. Nazir was simply outstanding in the last game and is simply made for the ICL not to forget Imran Farhat who can really get the momentum going.

  22. #22 by khansahab on October 26, 2008 - 12:11 PM

    I saw an article in the Hindustan Times supporting the 15 year old Pakistani boy Nasir Sultan who walked across the border and was detailed by the Indian Forces.

    Nasir has been in detention for more than 40 days and comes from a village in the Dir district of NWFP. He went to India to take part in a singing contest and meet his hero Shah Rukh Khan.

    I have been very touched by the way the Indian media and public is supporting him and persuading the government to release him. Nasir is said to be an innocent boy who has no animosity or feeling of ill will towards India.

    I hope he is released as soon as possible. I also wonder if SRK will do anything about a fellow Pathan in trouble 🙂 Although I think he will stay silent because he doesn’t like to discuss much about his family (that is in Peshawar) and religion.

  23. #23 by khansahab on October 26, 2008 - 12:18 PM

    Intikhab Alam has made a very dull statement following his appointment as coach, saying, “A full strength Pakistan team can beat India”. He also supported Asif to return to the Pakistani squad.

    My question is, a full strength squad being the return of Akhtar and Asif- how will we be able to see them back at their best? Akhtar will have to lose weight and Asif last played an international match in April; he will be totally out of match practice.

    Pakistan can beat India if Akhtar and Asif are in form but to expect these players to return to form is too big an ask. The sooner PCB starts looking at bowlers like Sohail Khan the better.

  24. #24 by khansahab on October 26, 2008 - 12:19 PM

    Gambling links put Mushtaq Ahmed’s England bowling job on the line

    The International Cricket Council revealed yesterday that they would write to the England and Wales Cricket Board as a matter of urgency this week to question the appointment of the 38-year-old former Pakistan and Sussex leg-spinner.

    The ICC letter, to be written by chief executive Haroon Lorgat in consultation with their Anti-Corruption and Security Unit, will demand to know if the ECB were aware of Mushtaq’s tainted background and took it into account when they made the appointment, which was announced last Thursday.

    The same question will be asked of the ECB over their simultaneous appointment of Waqar Younis, the former Pakistan pace man, as a bowling coach to work with England’s high performance squad in India next month.

    Both Mushtaq and Waqar were censured and fined by the Qayyum Commission in Pakistan, who published their report into match-fixing in 2000. Justice Qayyum said of Mushtaq at the time: “He has brought the name of the Pakistan team into disrepute with, inter alia, associating with gamblers.”

    Mushtaq received the heavier censure and fine, 300,000 rupees (£2,370) to Waqar’s 100,000 rupees (£790). The commission recommended that Mushtaq should also be “kept under close watch and be not given any office of responsibility (selection or captaincy) in the team or on the board”, while Waqar “should be kept under observation and investigated”.

    Since the reports by Justice Qayyum and India’s Central Bureau of Investigation into match-fixing, the ICC have believed there is an onus on member countries not to employ any players implicated in those reports. According to an ICC spokesman yesterday: “There is no official, written ban because it might not stand up in a court of law, but there is a moral responsibility on member countries not to employ anyone who has been implicated in such wrongdoing in any position with any international team at any level.”

    When the Pakistan Cricket Board employed Mushtaq Ahmed as Pakistan’s assistant coach two years ago, the ICC chief executive at the time, Malcolm Speed, wrote to the PCB to remind them of their responsibilities. Mushtaq was removed from his post hours before the team’s departure for the ICC Champions Trophy in India.

    He was, however, reappointed for the 2007 World Cup on the recommendation of Pakistan captain, Imzamam-ul-Haq, who himself had been fined by the Qayyum Commission. Mushtaq stood down immediately after the tournament.

    However reformed a character Mushtaq may be, however brilliant his leg-spin bowling for Sussex has been, and however valuable his advice to the England spinner Monty Panesar might be when he goes to India next month, his past could always catch up with him.

    As an ICC source said yesterday: “The underworld guys never leave you if you have some weak point they can exploit.”

    An ECB spokesman said last night: “If the ICC do write to us, we will consider their letter when it arrives.”

  25. #25 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 27, 2008 - 2:17 AM

    The moment the news appeared that Intikhab Alam has been appointed as the new coach for Pakistan team, I wrote that its a bad move and I gave my reasons for that and the first and foremost was his age and then his capabilities and skills, his attitude and his past record.

    Now, PakSpin has opened a debate on this subject and talking about the same thing exactly. One of the bloggers called Inti a septuagenarian but, he spelled it very wrongly. Sept in French means seven and septuagenarian means a person who is 70 or between the age of 70-80 so is Ijaz Butt and so is Saleem Altaf may be 68 but he has no brains.

    The funny thing is in government organization they retire a person at the age of 60 or 65 but the PCB is a place for oldie goldies like Saleem Altaf, Ijaz Butt, Intikhab Alam, Talat Ali Malak, what a collection of gems? They think the PCB is an old home for senior citizens or a Nursery Home for these mentally challenged people.

    DNA was much better than this gutless Butt head because Butt takes his decisions from the bottom of his Butt and after reading the news the way he treated Lawson is really pathetic. I am not in favour of Lawson, in fact I was never in favour of his appointment but, when you hired him treat him with respect. Here is a quote from cricinfo.

    “Lawson spoke of how he heard of the news. “I eventually had a meeting with Mr Butt on Friday after lunch and we discussed ways forward for Pakistan cricket, what my plans were, and a lot of issues,” said Lawson. “He said he would discuss everything with the board and get back to me on Monday. I was later watching television in my room at about 4.30 and found out I had been sacked.”

    Lawson attempted to call Butt but had no luck. He then text-messaged Butt. “He called back but obviously didn’t know who it was from,” said Lawson. “When I said this is Geoff Lawson, do you have anything to tell me, he said ‘no, not really’ and hung up. He hasn’t called me back since.”

    After being treated like this Lawson is saying he is not bitter, either he is very gentle and very modest or he is very cunning and very shrewd that he is waiting for the financial settlement to be over and when he goes back he will speak against BUTT and or, against the whole system.

    If he does, I won’t be surprised because Butt made a fool of himself and in doing so he has created a very bad image of the country and the people of Pakistan. The only thing that looks positive to me is the players behaviour. Lawson said, “I received several “touching” messages of support from the players.” That is so nice.

    Shukar hai the players are not like the dumb management of the PCB. How can Butt do this? How can he sit there, talk to him and discuss future plans then that guy hears on TV that he is fired and when he calls him he treats him like a piece of shit.

  26. #26 by Abdul on October 27, 2008 - 9:22 AM

    Azhar Mahmood’s innings was in vain as Delhi Giant beat comprehensively beat the Badhads. The pressure is really on for the Badshads and it was a poor decision to bat first from Inzi with the due factor coming into play.Mahmood and Latif played a valid hand with the bat to get Pakistan to something respectable but the middle order failed again. I really feel that they will require the magic of Mushy in forthcoming matches if they are going to progress to the semi finals. The running between the wickets was atrocious and also poor undertstanding of the technology from Pakistan.

    Anyaway did anyone see INZI BOWL? hilarious to say the least and how foolish to get out to him. Does anyone feel he is a “chucker”.

  27. #27 by Ali Ahad on October 27, 2008 - 10:12 AM

    I was supposed to watch the highlights of the T20 matches but didn’t get a chance. I will try to give my opinion based on what I read at Cricinfo, Dawn and BBC. I just read that Intikhab Alam has become the new coach for Pakistan team which I believe will take the team to no where. I have all the respect for Inti as a player and as a person but I don’t think he is the coaching material for a national team. If PCB just made the decision based on the fact that he was manager-cum-coach in 1992 than they are wrong. I think we all know that it was Imran Khan ‘Never say Die’ approach and believe in your self mentality that led them to 1992 glory. I think Miandad was successful because he tried to instill the Imran approach and he had good captain in the form of Akram (who was in the team not because he was the captain but he was one of the finest bowler). It always helps a coach if the team has a good captain who justifies his position in the team not as a captain but as a player first.

    Lot’s of people have talked about Nazir as an opener. No doubt he is a talented player but the only problem with him is that he is not consistent. He played ICL last year too but I couldn’t see him playing like that last year. If out of 8 innings a player only fire in just one innings, than I am not agree 🙂 I think in order to be consistent you have to have a good temperament and that is what missing in players like him. My opener’s choice will be pairing Nasir Jamshed with Yasir Hameed, Lala or chota ‘Butt’. The middle order is strong with YK, MoYo, and Misbah. Take that ‘Khutmal’ out of the wicket keeping gloves and bring in somebody who doesn’t lick the butt of the captain. All-rounder go with Arafat or Alam or both. For bowling ‘Actor’, Rao, Ajmal and that druggy who only used Hakim Prescribed drugs instead of what available on the counter. Now regarding the captain I still feel MoYo is the best choice of the lot with Lala as his deputy.

    As far as coach is concerned I would still say a gora can do a better job. Again, a gora with decent credentials no Aaira gaira nutho khaira. Some one like Bruce Yardley or John Dyson who can really shape up the team. Now regarding the India’s win no doubt a great team effort as it is always hard to trash the Australians with that margin but at the same time the Indian have to remember that the series is not over as yet and the Australians will come back hard.

  28. #28 by khansahab on October 27, 2008 - 10:30 AM

    A soft target, an old hand

    Geoff Lawson was a convenient whipping boy, but it just may be that Intikhab Alam is the right choice for Pakistan at the moment

    October 27, 2008

    Though the manner of it should not have pleased anyone, the sacking of Geoff Lawson, it is safe to say, has done just that. An easier target hasn’t been seen round this way since Pervez Musharraf stepped down earlier this year. As all the country’s ills were thrown onto Musharraf’s shoulders, so too all the cricketing ones have been on Lawson’s.

    He made a convenient scapegoat, did Lawson. Spiky, aloof, without a laptop, picking fights with the media: what did he even do? Results weren’t great on the field, but Pakistan was also hardly on the field during his tenure.

    Five Tests he helmed in 15 months, in none of which was remotely the strongest XI available to him. There were a few more ODIs, 28 of them, but 13 were against the might of Zimbabwe, Bangladesh and Hong Kong; Pakistan may be weak right now but not that weak.

    So there were no Test wins and nine losses in 15 ODIs against established teams, but really, how much time was he given? Barely had he started than he finished.

    And why stop at just the coach? Has Shoaib Malik played no role in this decline? His time might be coming too. He is contracted to lead till the end of this year, when a review will take place. If it is an honest review, only one outcome should emerge.

    Many will point to Lawson’s example as final proof, were it needed, that foreign coaches just don’t work in Pakistan. Is there really something to this? This country is going through a strange disorientation currently, where it doesn’t really feel part of a global community. Travel across borders has never been greater around the world, except in Pakistan: not many come here and not many from here are readily or easily welcomed around the world.

    US forces fiddling in Pakistan territory (and they have historically acted as if they run it); an impending bailout by that poster child for foreign interference, the IMF; the xenophobia that floats to some degree in most countries – all this perhaps has implications for how Pakistan views and interacts with foreigners. At best there is awkwardness with them; at worst hostility, as there was with Lawson and Bob Woolmer just before he passed away.

    If the whole country feels it, why won’t the cricketers? They are supposed to be worldlier, these cricketers, from all their travels, but if there is one thing that recent Pakistan sides haven’t been, it is particularly worldly. Perhaps it is just simpler to conclude that the three foreigners Pakistan has tried so far didn’t work. Still, you can’t help wonder what Dav Whatmore, who lives within the faultlines of culture and nationality, would have done.

    Maybe the appointment of a local, in this environment, isn’t the worst thing. An increasing number of people in Pakistan will welcome Intikhab Alam first because he is local.

    In cricket’s narrower world, however, Intikhab is an intriguing choice because he’s not really a coach. Rather, he isn’t what cricket in 2008 identifies as a coach. He is more a manager in the old style, more Barrington than Buchanan; a calm, cheery man more adept at handling men and their egos and organising practices. Fancy fielding drills, video analysis and strategies, in or out of the box, might not be so forthcoming.

    In 1992, he was the coach-manager of Pakistan’s World Cup-winning side. If it detracts from him that that was a different time, it should be happily recalled that he kept men as different as Imran Khan and Javed Miandad together on the same page. His modern experience is mixed: a short stint with Pakistan in 1999-00 ended, ironically, because it was thought a “proper” coach was needed. Of his two seasons with Punjab in the Ranji Trophy halfway through this decade, one at least was a success.

    Who’s to say that he isn’t what Pakistan needs? More and more people are sensing that he is (even if Javed Miandad was reportedly the board’s first choice). Pakistan, after all, knows a thing or two about the breed. Since 1998, by which time the concept of a cricket coach was well established everywhere, Pakistan have tried seven of most kinds and colours. None have been outstanding successes, some have been outright failures. Many conclusions can be drawn from that about Pakistan cricket. One not often drawn is that maybe, just maybe, Pakistan can do without a modern-day coach. Maybe the concept just doesn’t click with Pakistan players.

    Certainly, senior PCB officials have kept this conclusion in mind while making the choice. Just because it hasn’t been attempted lately doesn’t mean it is a flawed idea. It might work, it might not; though it shouldn’t be forgotten in all the fuss about coaching that having a decent captain and team might help too.

  29. #29 by khansahab on October 27, 2008 - 10:34 AM


    I am agree Inzi is a chucker. I am not so bothered about his wrong decision of electing to bat first, but the whole team looked very underprepared and underconfident. You could see they didn’t have any plan or strategy and Imran Nazir and Farhat looked very fidgety. It was crucial that they give Pakistan a good start.

    Apart from Mahmood everyone batted irresponsibly. The running between the wickets, the stroke making, footwork, everything was substandard. Even Inzamam looked disinterested and played a very careless shot when he got out.

    And then in the bowling department hardly anyone bowled the right line; too many bowls were bowled way outside off stump.

  30. #30 by khansahab on October 27, 2008 - 10:43 AM

    So even Osman Samiuddin is now repeating what I said a few weeks ago, that Lawson has been made a scapegoat but what about Shoaib Malik?

    I welcome the decision to sack Lawson but is has been done in the most unprofessional and improper manner. I expected nothing else from Ijaz Butt. Butt should have sacked Malik as captain too, but he has a soft spot for him just like he has a soft spot for Akhtar.

    The selectors have been told to be more patient with Shoaib Akhtar. Akhtar has hardly bowled any overs in the Pentangular Cup match and already there are reports saying he is lacking stamina. But, we are expected to keep patience with him for some reason.

  31. #31 by khansahab on October 27, 2008 - 10:51 AM

    Butt’s unprofessionalism can be discerned from the fact that even NOW we don’t know what term Alam has been appointed for as Pakistan’s coach. First we learned it was for the Abu Dhabi series, then we learned it was for 2 years and that it has been formally announced and today, there is news that again, Alam has only been appointed for this Abu Dhabi series.

    PCB can’t make its mind up. They will probably keep Alam on for as long as they can because it is pointless appointing someone as coach for one series and then dismissing him.

  32. #32 by Abdul on October 27, 2008 - 11:27 AM

    Now it’s time to relect more on the depature of a “one year wonderer” coach in Geoff Lawason. As I mentioned on Kamran Abassi’s Pak Spin I knew right from his appointment a year ago that Lawason wasn’t going to be able to curethe problems in Pakistan cricket. I knew that communication wasn’t going to be a problem. I also didn’t like his rather realexed and sit back motivation and wasn’t really bothered on careless defeats. I don’t feel he helped the Pakistan fast bolwers development and also other young players and couldn’t exprestise and excel his experienced skills. I also feel thathe didn’t come up with the right winning combinations.

    Even though his sacking came as a right suprise to many of us as nothing major happened we all could see and knew the reality that Geoff wasn’t the man for the job and also an outside coach was never really going to help Pakistan cricket. I personally would like to see Javed Mianadad to take over as he knows exactually the state of Pakistan cricket.

    Anyway Geoff was really bothered about his sacking and simply said that it was a great expereince and adventure for him which emphasises on his laid back motivation as a coach.

  33. #33 by Abdul on October 27, 2008 - 11:29 AM

    I watched the free view movie Cheni Kum yesterday. It was great acting from the award winning Amitab Bachan to say the least.

  34. #34 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 27, 2008 - 11:55 AM


    that article by Osman Samiuddin which you have quoted here from cricinfo in which he has expressed the same views as most of us have written here that, Lawson has been made the escape goat and he also mentioned about Shoaib Malik’s case which will be reviewed by the end of this year and he said: “If it is an honest review, only one outcome should emerge.” How true.

    They will pile up the stats to prove us that he is the most successful captain of Pakistan, which Malik also very proudly brags that he has won more matches during his tenure than any other captain and you will see him sticking around as the captain for another 2 years. Or may be one, or on a adhoc basis for an indefinite period, like you said, the PCB needs to make up their mind (by applying lipstick on their forehead?) In Malik’s case, once again the same question, will there be an honest review? I doubt so.

    Ali Ahad,

    Intikhab Alam’s appointment doesn’t surprise me at all, if people like Ijaz Butt will lead the PCB along with a Sathyaya howa Budda, Saleem Altaf then they will pick and choose the same kind of people as them to give them the much needed company in that senior citizen’s lounge called the PCB.

    Therefore, imo the first selection of Wadee Butt is the wrong choice, Tubber Ka Tubber he Ulta hai, imagine Saleem Jaffar is the Chief Selector now? What does he know? As the Urdu expression goes, “Andha Baantay Raywree wo bhee apnay apnaon ko.” Or, the blind distribute sweets to the blind is very obvious here. Thats what they are doing, first they want to do the clean up by removing all those people appointed by the previous regime and appoint their own blind men. This is a process that goes on in Pakistan in every department, in every field.

    They are doing the same in hockey. Qasim Zia has been appointed and Hassan Sardar who vehemently opposed the idea of a coach has suddenly changed his mind because he is in the regime now. So, whosoever used to oppose and whoever has the big voice to threaten them, they include him and keep him silent, thats their policy.

    India was without a coach for sometime and they won more matches than the time when Greg Chappel was their coach. Chappel’s tenure was very controversial and some Indians firmly believe that it was a deliberate attempt from the Aussies to get him there as a coach to ruin the Indian team. To some extent he succeeded by getting Ganguly and also created a rift between the players, some of the senior players were speaking against his decisions he adopted the policy of divide and ruin the team. Harbhajan Singh, Yuvraj Singh were making open statements in the press. So, was Ganguly and there was chaos and mayhem in the selection process, luckily this was realized and Guru had to leave. But, their new coach Garry Kirsten seems to be another Lawson, hardly ever there with the team or may be I am wrong, Varun, Pawan, Amit et all need to give their input here.

    Unfortunately in Pakistan from among the local players, there is really no one who can be considered as a coach who not only has the ability to deliver the goods but also command respect from the team. So, this langree, looly team will have to struggle with people like Intikhab Alam and you have rightly pointed out that he may have been the coach-cum-manager of the team but only as a figure head, sirf khana puri ko he was there, and actual control was under Imran and Miandad and they both played a key role in winning the 1992 WC and Intikhab gets a feather in his cap for doing nothing.

  35. #35 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 27, 2008 - 12:07 PM


    don’t lay the entire blame on Lawson, because he can’t play for the team. The captain is the man on the spot and he did nothing other than creating rift among the players by playing politics.

    And the reason Lawson is not reacting is because he is still in Pakistan and he needs to settle his end of service benefits which the PCB is still holding owing to their own duddoo officials who cannot do basic accounting to pay his dues. May be when he goes back to Australia he will speak then.

    Reportedly Miandad has been offered to be a member of the Governing Body of the PCB, which is not clear and, there is no official verdict yet. The problem is Miandad is a good tactician and a good technician but, he is not a good orator who can sit there in the committee meetings and take control of the Governing Body or make an impact there. He can’t do that because he lacks the communication skills that are needed there. Therefore, I doubt about his effectiveness there.

    I think Mohsin Hassan Khan could have been a better choice than Intikhab Alam, over the years Mohsin has matured as a critic and his observation is good and he is reasonably good in expressing his views. I have seen him commenting as an expert a few times on ARY during the recently concluded Toronto T20 tournament. Once he was with Asif Iqbal and they both were making sense while making comments. Or, at least Mohsin should have been in place of Saleem Jaffar, who is nothing more than a name.

  36. #36 by khansahab on October 27, 2008 - 5:02 PM

    Lawson settles pay dispute, backs Shoaib Malik

    Monday, 27 Oct, 2008

    LAHORE: Sacked Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson said he had settled his pay settlement dispute with the Pakistan Cricket Board. Former Australia test bowler Lawson was sacked on Friday although he had around nine months remaining on his two-year contract, AP reported.
    ‘All financial matters with the PCB have been sorted out now and I will be leaving soon,’ Lawson told reporters in Lahore.
    Fired Pakistan coach Geoff Lawson gave his conditional backing to Shoaib Malik as captain of the national team.
    If he (Malik) gets some experience, he could prove to be a good captain,’ Lawson told reporters in the eastern city of Lahore on Monday.
    Malik was appointed captain after Pakistan made a first round exit from the World Cup in the West Indies last year.
    Ijaz Butt, the Pakistan Cricket Board’s newly appointed chairman, has said that the captain’s performance will be reviewed before the home series against India in January.
    Lawson, 50, met with Salim Altaf, the newly appointed Director General of the PCB, on Friday.
    The PCB fired Lawson last week and replaced him with former test captain Intikhab Alam.
    Lawson was hired as coach on a two-year contract by the previous head of the PCB, Nasim Ashraf. However, the PCB terminated his contract nine months early after Butt took over as PCB chairman earlier this month.
    ‘It was an honor for me to coach the Pakistan team,’ Lawson said. ‘I wish to come again to Pakistan on a leisure trip, not as a coach,’ he continued.

  37. #37 by Abdul on October 28, 2008 - 10:34 AM

    Who has heard the story that multi millionaire Alan Stanford appologises to KP and Matt Prior for disturbing images as he had Matt priors wife on his lap during a team photograph.

  38. #38 by khansahab on October 28, 2008 - 10:56 PM

    Former players inducted into constituent committee

    Tuesday, 28 Oct, 2008

    ISLAMABAD: Former test cricketers Javed Miandad, Saleem Malik, Rameez Raja and Wasim Akram have also been inducted as members of the constituent committee formed by the Federal Sports Ministry to consider various amendments required in the constitution of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB).

    A cricket board member on condition of anonymity told Dawn on Tuesday from Lahore: ‘The constituent committee is scheduled to meet on November 4 under the chairmanship of Federal Law Minister Farooq H Naek.’

    ‘The test cricketers are invited by the Ministry on special invitation’ he said when asked about the new addition of test players.

    Test cricketer Shoaib Malik and Misbah ul Haq are already in the constituent committee members list.

    Regarding the agenda of the meeting the board member said: ‘It will include restructuring the domestic cricket system and to consider the amendments required in PCB’s constitution.’

    The Federal Sports Ministry had earlier formed a fifteen-member committee to review and amend PCB’s constitution formed in 2007. It invited suggestions from all stakeholders to finalize the constitution and restructure domestic cricket.

    The committee met under the chairmanship of Federal Sports Minister Najamuddin Khan on September 27.

    The committee also received an eleven page document comparing the constitutions Pakistani, Indian, Australian, and South African cricket boards.

    ‘The document also has information about the 11 regions and 71 districts which currently hold the playing rights under the PCB domestic cricket structure’ he said.

    The Federal Sports Minister, Najamuddin Khan, has said that he was unaware of this new development.

    ‘I am not aware about the expansion of our recommended constituent committee list.’ He asserted ‘I believe it still has the name of fifteen members.’

    The list also includes the names of newly appointed chairman PCB Ijaz Butt and D.G. PCB Saleem Altaf.

  39. #39 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 29, 2008 - 12:11 AM


    ref. my comment #35 I had mentioned that reportedly Javed Miandad’s name is the PCB Governing Body and now this new development which says “constituent committee,” whatever it is, what I find strange is:

    1. Saleem Malik’s name has been cleared a week ago and straightaway he is in the constituent committee, it goes to prove that the new regime under Ijaz Butt wants all the Maliks in the committees, governing bodies, whatever, in short everywhere.

    2. Wasim Akram’s name was cleared at that time but, he was banned from taking any jobs at the government or semi-government level. Even, according to the law i.e., as far as I know if anyone who has been charged criminally i.e., financial embezzlement, misappropriation of funds, involved in betting, or drugs whatever, if it is illegal and if it is proved then, even after the person has served the sentence or the ban, he is still not qualified to take up any government job.

    However, one would argue that people like Zardari and Nawaz Sharif can not only walk free but one of them is holding the top position in the country. Thats because the inadequate justice system cannot punish them and they walk free. When will there be any justice in this country?

    3. Its funny that Shoaib Malik being a captain is in the constituent committee, waisay bhee uska hona aur na hona ek hee baat hai, he will be a pawn, or an impotent figure in that committee, the functions of which are not known to anyone yet. But, Misbah ul Haq, on what grounds is he there?

    4. The Federal Sports Minister is not aware of anything yet? So, who is more important here, the PCB Chairman who is a gutless septuagenarian Butt, the DG of the PCB that half mad dog Saleem Altaf or another septuagenarian “Mad Hatter – Inti da coach?

    The latest news is West Indies have decided not to play the two test matches they initially proposed to play against Pakistan in Abu Dhabi. So, this year Pakistan has not yet and will not play any test match. Shouldn’t they call Kenya to Pakistan or ask the UAE team to play 2 test matches so that Shoaib Malik’s case can be improved. BAKAOUZ, if he fails against West Indies, he is out. If he wins, then he stays. Its so simple.

  40. #40 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 29, 2008 - 12:32 AM


    The match will start at Feroze Shah Kotla ground in New Dilli, in about 3-4 hours from now. A lot of predictions have been made by experts, a lot of previews have been written all over India in their newspapers, even in Australia. I would like to give my opinion and see whether our Indian friends here, Amit, Varun, Pawan agree with me or not. I want you guys to write something about how you feel. And, I am writing from the Indian perspective and not the Australian.

    1. If I had to select the team, first of all I wouldn’t have selected Kumble and kept the same winning combination.

    2. Just because Feroze Shah Kotla ground is considered as India’s fortress and Kumble’s hunting ground doesn’t mean the winning combination is disturbed.

    3. Kumble has taken 10 wickets against Pakistan in one innings and he took 7 wickets in the test match last year, but Kumble’s effectiveness is wearing off, he hasn’t taken any wicket on his home ground in front of his home crowd.

    4. Mishra on the other hand did well and Delhi is also his home ground and he is expected to bowl well, I guess he is not being dropped instead Harbhajan Singh is the escape goat (injured?) just to include Kumble.

    5. Kumble’s inclusion means, Dhoni is on the sidelines again, because Kumble is the captain. Kumble’s decision making is based on his defensive tactics and that resulted in so many draws in his short career.

    6. Reportedly, (one of my Indian friend told me that he has been observing Dhoni since the last one year) Dhoni will not perform well under Kumble. He did not score in Bangalore in both innings, he did not do much in Australia, he did not go to Sri Lanka. But, he did well in Mohali because he was the captain, so is there something more than what meets the eye?

    7. Considering its just an assumption and there is no reality, I think the Indian think tank must have asked Kumble to hang his boots and call it a day from here rather than letting the rumours spreading around, which is not good for the game.

    Now, there won’t be any change in the team other than Bhajji exiting with a cooked injury to give Mishra a chance. I would have preferred to axe Laxman and play with 3 specialist spinners instead of 7 batsmen, since Laxman is the weak link he is out of form and once again this same old notion or assumption that he is good against the Australians, how long are you going to try the same logic?

    India needs more bowlers to bowl out Australia than batsmen, their batsmen are enough, with Sehwag and Gambhir in good form, Tendulkar, Ganguly, Dravid and Dhoni are enough as batsmen and Kumble as well as Harbhajan has proved that they can stick there to stretch the tail and frustrate the Aussies.

    So, guys what do you think about inclusion of Laxman and dropping of Bhajji? Do you think its OK? Lets see the match and in the next 4-5 days we will know who was right? May be I am wrong, but thats the way I see it. Thats the way I would have selected the team.

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