Islamabad Marriott Hotel was the first terrorist target

Islamabad Marriott Hotel was the first terrorist target

TERROR, chaos, mayhem gripped Mumbai Metropolis as a handful of terrorist cowardly took the lives of innocent and helpless people who have nothing to do with them, yet they have been targeted by these cowards. I don’t understand what they achieve by doing this and what is the purpose of such killings? Those who lost their lives have gone, but their near and dear ones will be missing them for the rest of their lives, wondering why they were targeted?

The tourists and foreigners who were staying in the hotels came to enjoy life see the city and the country. They never thought that they are exposed to dangers and they will be blown in to pieces by the bombs or killed by the assault rifles. And, the terrorists who have done this, act like hyenas and they live a proverbial “dog’s life’ because they too get killed and die like one or may be worst. Because, a dog is remembered whereas they are not.

No religion preaches terrorism and extremism and those who practice terrorism and take lives of others on their own earn are neither Muslims, nor Hindus, Christians or Jews because none of these religions tolerate terrorism and they all condemn terrorism or taking lives of others such monsters do not earn any respect or support from the society.

During the IPL three bombs rocked the city of Jaipur. Two months months ago it was in Islamabad, the Marriott Hotel was rocked scores of people died. Almost a month ago three bombs rocked New Delhi more than 20 people died today it is Taj and Oberoi Hotels in Mumbai and several other locations like train station in Mumbai was targeted and the purpose is to disturb peace and create chaos. More than 80 people died and 250 injured. The numbers of dead and injured is reportedly increasing and in the hospitals its a war like situation.

Mumbai Metroplis Rocked

Mumbai Metroplis Rocked

The Marriott Hotel in Islamabad, is only a kilometer away from my family house and when the blast took place, all the glass doors and windows of our house were shattered. A few years ago I have stayed in both these hotels, Taj and Oberoi in Mumbai. I still remember the reception area, the lobby, the rooms, the poolside area. When I think of all that I feel very disturbed about how these people who were staying in the hotels, the staff that was working must have been running for their lives when the bombs exploded and when these hyenas were chasing them, attacking them and killing them for no reason. What a shame, what a black day in the history of mankind, that man is the worst enemy of mankind.

On behalf of LS management I extended my deepest condolences not only to all the Indian bloggers, but also to the people of India, especially for those, whose loved ones have lost their lives and, for the likes of the chief of Anti Terrorist Squad Hemant Karkare and two senior police officials who gave their lives in the pursuit of rescuing the hostages and many others who lost their lives, may God bless them and give their families to bear the irreparable loss.

And, I would ask you ALL to pray and, myself I’ll pray for the safety and wellbeing for the 200 odd hostages that are being held by these hyenas that they are released from them unharmed. Ameen.

  1. #1 by Mohamed Anfaaal on November 27, 2008 - 12:44 PM

    There are no adjectives to describe this I cannot think of any just feel that hollow empty feeling a feeling of helplessness.

    I reached my pad just in time catch the last hour of the fifth ODI and just as it concluded switched channels to catch some daily dose of news and that’s where life as stuck since then.

    For nine and a half years I worked in a building just behind the photograph put up on the blog. My home is 20 minutes ride on my bike which I used to commute to work,
    Hung around café Leopold and enjoyed kebabs and barbeque at “Bade Miyan” and “Baghdadi”

    Don’t know what else to say but that hollow empty feeling a feeling of helplessness sitting here far away….

  2. #2 by khansahab on November 27, 2008 - 1:04 PM

    Dravid under scrutiny in India

    Thursday, 27 Nov, 2008

    MUMBAI: Rahul Dravid’s test future looks uncertain as a wind of change sweeps through Indian cricket, stirring up debate over the batsman’s form and age ahead of next month’s planned two home tests against England.
    Dravid has been the key to India’s batting for more than a decade but at 35 the player, who has looked tentative since he gave up the captaincy last year to focus on his batting, is under scrutiny after faring poorly in his last seven tests.
    Dravid, one of the greats of his generation, managed just 268 runs in 13 completed innings spread over two series against Sri Lanka and Australia, prompting questions about whether it was time for him to make way for someone younger.
    One of four batsmen in the world to score more than 10,000 runs in test and one-day cricket, Dravid looked in particularly woeful form against Australia, scoring just 120 runs in four tests, even as India won the series 2-0.
    ‘If he was 29 and he had gone through this kind of bad patch, you would persist with him, wouldn’t you?’ former India opener Sunil Gavaskar told CNN-IBN news channel during the final Australia test.
    ‘With his record you would say that, yes, he is allowed a few failures and you would pick him.
    ‘But he is not 29. He is now 35-36, and it is the time when a tough call has to be made,’ added the former test captain, the first batsman in test cricket to reach 10,000 runs.
    ‘My feeling is that he will not be picked for the England series simply because there are a couple of young players waiting in the wings.’
    Possible successors
    The talented Rohit Sharma from the successful one-day set-up and Cheteshwar Pujara, who scored back-to-back triple centuries in the premier national competition, are spoken of as possible successors.
    India are due to host England in Ahmedabad from Dec. 11 and in Mumbai from Dec. 19 but the future of the two-test series was being considered following Wednesday’s militant attacks in Mumbai which prompted cricket officials to call off the last two one-day games between the two sides.
    Dravid, along with four other veterans, came under increasing pressure following their poor performance in the 2-1 test series defeat in Sri Lanka in July and August.
    A board official said last month that Anil Kumble, Saurav Ganguly, Dravid, Vangipurappu Laxman and Sachin Tendulkar, all well into their 30s, had been told to plan their retirements by December.
    Ganguly and Kumble announced their retirements during the Australia series.
    Ganguly ended his colourful career in a blaze of glory, scoring a century and a fifty as India recorded a 2-0 victory in the four-test series, after announcing at the start of the series that it would be his last.
    Poor run
    Yuvraj Singh, who scored back-to-back hundreds in the first two one-dayers against touring England, is expected to take Ganguly’s No. 6 test spot.
    Laxman and Tendulkar scored 381 and 396 runs respectively in the Australia series to dismiss suggestions that they were past their sell-by date.
    Dravid’s continued poor run has left him open to criticism, however.
    In 17 tests since he gave up the captaincy following the tour of England last year, the No. 3 batsman has averaged 30.13, compared to his career average of 52.61, and scored one century.
    Dravid lost his place in the one-day side last year when the selectors decided to pick younger players following India’s first-round exit at the World Cup in the Caribbean.
    He has, however, scored 83 for Karnataka in a domestic competition this week, giving the national selectors food for thought.

  3. #3 by ABC on November 27, 2008 - 1:35 PM

    Ah really it shud end ? and if it shud then may be after wiping out your country which is breeding yard for terrorists all round world……

    go figure who are behind the terror attacks in Mumbai — bloody fuckin Pakistanis……They are menace and deserve iron fists…….

    Unless Pakies are wiped out, your country is potential threat to world…….shame on you guys, what you get out of killing innocent ppl ? and u guys r facing ur own seeds…….what goes comes back!!! remember this you fake sympathiser.


    We are publishing this comment from one of the Indian bloggers who has expressed his hate against Pakistan. His email address abc@gmail.com is fake but he is from Pune, India, using RELIANCE COMMUNICATION as his Internet Service Provider. Its a shame that he is one of those people who are found on both sides of the border who spit venom against the whole nation or the country whereas, the truth is we all know that these people are on both sides of the border and religion has no bearing on them.

  4. #4 by Awas on November 27, 2008 - 1:43 PM

    This despicable act of cowardice by the terrorists, killing innocent people, is utterly condemnable in India and indeed anywhere in the world. I hope the culprits get caught, if not killed yet.

    Although this terrorist incident is somewhat different in mode to the earlier ones in Mumbai, I am still surprised at pretty lax security at top hotels such as these.

  5. #5 by JAVED A. KHAN on November 27, 2008 - 2:42 PM

    ITS a shame that the remaining 2 ODI’s to be played between India and England have been canceled because of yesterday’s incident and even the two tests are in doubt. Although the BCCI officials have not yet confirmed about the test matches, as one of the test matches was to be played in Mumbai. That will definitely be shifted to another venue, if it is played. But, I doubt the tour will continue because, the ECB has said they are reviewing the situation and it is very likely that they will call back their team.

    Its also a shame that now the India / Pakistan series will be effected by this incident and once again the neutral venues will be considered. There are millions of fans on both sides of the border who want their teams to play in their countries and a handful of terrorist are winning their objective, what a shame!


    talking about the serious laps in security at these hotels, I agree with you. Anywhere you travel and stay at big hotels business is usual. Whereas, the last time I went to Pakistan after many years and one of the things that struck me as ‘alien’ was the security system at 5 star hotels.

    There was a security gate at the entrance, followed by a second one at the car park.
    Then, you reach the hotel lobby, you have to pass through a security door just like the airports and any metal detector would make a beep.

    Women coming in to attend marriages and other functions with lots of jewelery are keeps the female security officers extremely busy thereby slowing down the whole process of getting inside. For getting in to the lobby, there is a queue and, once again at the banquet hall there are people who check the invitation cards or people who know each other are allowed to go inside.

    What I have narrated above may appear as exaggerated but, its a fact. It may not be applicable in all marriages and functions but, a few of them I have attended in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad were like this, perhaps some of the invitees were VIP’s – excluding me. 🙂 Jokes aside, this is a very serious issue and life is becoming too complicated and very tedious.

  6. #6 by Mohamed Anfaaal on November 27, 2008 - 3:56 PM

    The test series is still on with the Mumbai test being shifted to a different venue

  7. #7 by JAVED A. KHAN on November 27, 2008 - 4:02 PM

    Mohammad Anfaaal

    I have read the comment of Modi, but at the same time the ECB is holding their decision. So, lets wait and see what comes out next?

    In fact a 5 day test match could be more at risk than a one day international. Still, the security at the cricket grounds is much more safer than other places, it is the hotels they are worried about most.

  8. #8 by Abdul on November 27, 2008 - 4:48 PM

    I would like to wish my condolences of the families of thoose people who have lost there loved ones in this most awful act of terrorism. Of course terrorism has to come to an end in the Sucontinent. India and Pakistan are both suffering nations now were security is a major issue due to suicide attacks.

    Lets just pray to Allah that thoose suffering will be able to be guided with help and lets all pray for an end to this ongoing attacks. Amen.

  9. #9 by Abdul on November 27, 2008 - 4:55 PM

    Sencible decisions have been taken by ECB and ICL to cancel all sheducles and enable the country and people to regain strength because after events last night it’s not suitable for cricket matches to go ahead.

  10. #10 by Awas on November 27, 2008 - 5:34 PM


    No matter how you hide your face behind a fake email address but we know you are the same guy from Pakspin days from Puna, India who spits venom and spreads hatred amongst different people.

    It was a very spontaneous and good act of Javed A Khan when he wrote this new thread in sympathy with our Indian friends and neighbours. Instead of rallying together to share grief and sorrow amongst us all, your despicable comments are utterly shameful. No doubt your own countrymen would be embarrassed by you.

    You are no different to the terrorists who have been brainwashed. Shame on you!

  11. #11 by JAVED A. KHAN on November 27, 2008 - 5:56 PM

    ENGLAND IS FLYING HOME, the remaining of the ODI’s have been canceled and reportedly they will come back to play the two test matches, will they?

    I think they will have a second thought about going back. Although Lalit Modi is pretty confident that the test matches will take place as per schedule except for the Mumbai test at Brabourne Stadium will be shifted to some other venue in the South of India.

    If that takes place, then India must also honour their commitment of playing the series in Pakistan. I am not saying they are obliged to, but its a matter of common sense and in all fairness they must play in Pakistan.

    If you go by the stats then more bombs have exploded in India than in Pakistan during the past few months and more people have died in India as a result of terrorist bombings and killings than in Pakistan. As opposed to Jaipur, Delhi and now Mumbai there have been one major bombing in Islamabad and that venue is already out of the schedule and so is Peshawar.

    Therefore, they can play the rest of the matches in Punjab and Karachi. And, it will be a victory for the game of cricket and a defeat on part of the terrorists.


    You are one of those creepy, slimy, venomous, nameless and faceless character who can only spread hatred and animosity by splattering filth and abuse. We have posted your comment unedited to show your real face to our bloggers that you are no different than the brainwashed terrorists. Shame on you.

  12. #12 by khansahab on November 27, 2008 - 6:52 PM

    Hatred breeds hatred but the job of the wise and judicious is to not take an aggressor’s acts as indicative of the the acts of everyone who subscribes to that aggressor’s religion, nationality or community.

    Javed A Khan is one such wise, judicious and accomplished person who will not consider ABC’s comments to be indicative of the mindset of Indians or Hindus.

    Similarly, Indians and Hindus should not consider the actions of a handful of Muslims as the actions of the entire Muslim community or the Pakistani nation.

    I find it disturbing that some Indians are still aggrieved by Javed A Khan’s comments on Pakspin. He only used those comments and representations in retaliation. I think the embittered Indians should move on and seriously, grow up and look to the future rather than dwell on the past.

    Javed A Khan has travelled across the world and met with people of all backgrounds. Other than that he is an exceptionally well-read and judicious individual. This thread was created solely out of sympathy to Indians and to comfort them that we in the LS management share their pain. Yet this is how we were appreciated?

    What a coward this ABC is, using his fake email.

    I hope the learned Varun, Amit P, Samy and Pawan (and all other Indians) respond to this ABC coward and show him the light.

    I am extremely concerned at the Islamophobic attitude of the Western media. Top newspapers are reporting this incident as “Islamic terrorism” and “Islamic extremism”. These terms are oxymorons because Islam has nothing to do with terrorism or extremism. This is just a ploy to spread hatred against Muslims and marginalise them. Similarly I find it sickening the way Pakistan is being demonised when the whole of Pakistan is feeling for Indians across the border and praying for them.

  13. #13 by Kunal Sabherwal on November 27, 2008 - 7:19 PM


    Ive many commitments, so really had no time recently to visit Legslip.

    I honestly feel ashamed as an Indian, at the comment of Abc. I think he should grow up and I hope Javed Khan sahab will not take any notice of this comment. “Khansahab”, I agree with you that Abc’s views should not be taken as every Indian’s view.

    We have to work together to stop this menace of extremism.

  14. #14 by Mohamed Anfaal on November 27, 2008 - 7:32 PM


    The biggest significance you can confer on a person is to discuss him so I suggest we leave this person alone and do not dwell on him or his utterances because that’s what he and his utterances are insignificant.

    For arguments sake even if a link is established which I don’t for a moment suggest exist, that the perpetrators have across the border that in no way suggest that the Pakistani people or the Pakistan government is involved its utter stupidity we have seen ourselves in recent memory that Pakistan itself is the victim here.

    A handful of animals can come from whichever country but that’s what they are animals

    As far as associating Islam with terrorism is concerned I have said what I had to say on Politics page quite a while ago.

    IRA has been carrying on its activity in England for I can’t remember how many years but they are not Christian terrorist.

    LTTE is having a ball in Sri Lanka since when but they are not Hindu terrorist.

    Naxalites have been causing havoc in the Central and Eastern India but they are not Hindu Terrorist.

    Maoists have terrorized North East since dog’s years and to such an extent that the England team did not want to play the ODI at Guwhati but they are not Hindu terrorist.

    Brother an assassin has no religion he is just an assassin.

    The fixation/ulterior motives of the western media on associating Islam with terrorism can be discussed on another page another time.

  15. #15 by Sana on November 27, 2008 - 8:14 PM

    Eh he he, i was waiting for the fingers to point to Pakistan and Muslims…hehehehe, lol. Classic moves to isolate pakistan even further. Predictable.

  16. #16 by khansahab on November 27, 2008 - 8:20 PM


    I’m sure you read a broadsheet newspaper regularly, if not daily?

    Are you not put off by the Islamophobic insinuations of the British press?

  17. #17 by Sana on November 27, 2008 - 8:46 PM

    I scan the broadsheets online kid, but i’m more than happy to complete the suduko in the metro…only i didnt get round to the difficult one today – shame!

    I usually listen to Radio 4 and Radio 5 Live, and yes i’ve picked up on the British stance re. Mumbai bombings. In particular, i have picked up on the british backing and sending of Met Police to the region…wondering if this is the scale of the reaction to such disasters by the Brit government to all bombings the world over. Something tells me it’s not (!)

    Anyway, why aren’t you watching the Bill?! 😉

  18. #18 by Sana on November 27, 2008 - 8:48 PM

    >>The biggest significance you can confer on a person is to discuss him

    Well said Mohammed Anfal.

  19. #19 by Pawan on November 27, 2008 - 11:23 PM

    I am sure every soul would get troubled after such an attack on innocent people, no matter what relegion, Indian or otherwise. People respond to grief in different ways – depression, anger, hatred, panic to name a few. It is very important although difficult, to have a mature perspective over such a sensitive issue, like most of the bloggers over here. I am not sure if abc has been affected personally due to this heinous act, but would like to advice abc to show maturity. My sincere apologies to all those hurt by abc’s response, but it is not unusual for humans to have such responses – anger and hatred – after such an incidence. I am sure after a few days, when the dust settles down, abc will feel differently. I hope we all will be mature and understanding enough to let people get over this grief and give them time.
    I would like to thank Mr. Khan for starting this new thread and his views along with the LS management, Awas and Khansahab are very mataure and I am proud of such people who act as role models for other people to act and follow.
    My heartfelt condolences to the loved ones of those dead in this incidence. It is they who will bear the scar, may be forever. Pray they get the courage to fight this dark hour. I salute the cops who died on duty. They were the people who went to help out other people, but lost their lives in the process and hence they will remain amar. It is such people who inspire generations. Whenever in future we remember this painful incidence, the valor of these cops will always be looked upon. They are truly immortal. Mumbai Police were out on streets when the first pang of news erupted with their “lathis”. They had no second thoughts at that time. The enemy had AK47s, no match to “lathis”. It was funny in a sad way, but it signifies the spirit of Mumbai Police, which fought for the righteousness, a true “Jihad”. So as opposed to the general view, I think the Mumbai Police were the true “Jihadis” instead of the coward Terrorists.
    No amount of words will ever be enough to fill the gap left in by those dead in the hearst of the loved ones. So I rest my case here and request The Merciful to help the affected people out of this. Thanks.

  20. #20 by farrah, k.raja on November 28, 2008 - 2:12 AM

    Since 9/11 in USA and July seven bombings in London ,whenever I hear such news,the fear engulfs me and I start praying,it is not linked to Pakistan.
    We the Pakistanis are victim of terrorism and even worst we are fighting USA as well.
    India and Paksitan both cannot deny that even after the divide,both countries have tried to get rid of fundamentalists and hardliners but somehow ,both countries have failed.
    ISlamabad Marriot was attacked in the same manner.Targets were foreigners.
    In both countries there is high ratio of people who feel deprived and poor and thus have deep resentment against the people who have access to money and splash the cash.
    India and Pakistan both have many ethnic and religious problems which are needed to be addressed.
    Invasion of Golden Temple,Murders of Indira Gandhi , Rajiv Gandhi and plane crash of Sunjay were not plotted by Pakistanis or neither by muslims.
    FROM Babri Masjid,Bombay,Dehli,train balsts and to the mass murders and public massacres,of Christians and muslims in recent months are not linked to International Terrorism.These are India’s internal problems.
    Untill India addresses the grievences of its diverse religious population and the Jhumpar Patti poverty ,India will face such reaction which is breeding within its own masses.
    This Terrorism act was not linked to Alqaeda either,as Alqaeda recruits believe in commiting suicide ,instead of using guns and taking hostages .
    Pakistan never had better relations with India.Mr.Zardari has agreed to open Pakistan borders, has agreed to provide access to India to use its roads from WAHGA TO THE HIGHEST PEAKS IN KASHMIR and upto Afghanistan.What more can Pakistan government do to please India?
    If these are not good relations what else would be?
    Kashmir provides an easy excuse for both governments to blame it on the opposite and shutup the civilians who loose their loved ones.
    If the recent incidents in India and Pakistan spells out anything that is people in both countries are deprived,are poor,lack resources and have deep resentment against their respective governments.
    A positive step would be if INDIA AND PAKISTAN governemnts condemn these attacks together.Co-operate with eachother in tracking down the culprits and accept each other as independent neighbours.
    Unless India and Pakistan join hands this extremism in both countries will prevail.Also both countries need to nurture,tolerance,peace and unity amongst their respective masses.

  21. #21 by farrah, k.raja on November 28, 2008 - 2:23 AM



  22. #22 by Amit. P on November 28, 2008 - 6:08 AM

    Evacuation process is so slow, considering the safety of the hostages. It is still far from over. Hopefully the rescue operation ends before the dusk settle.

    I dont want to fool myself to say that terrorists are handful in numbers. In my view there are millions of potential muslim as well as hindu terrorists living in our society. All they need is couple of months of crash course in handling grenades and fire weapons .. and u will get a WMD. Those guys who go on and kill people after yelling “har har mahadev” or “allah-o-akbar” cant be outsider. They all are breaded in our own religion. So saying things like “Hindu community is very tolerant so cant breed terrorists” or “Islam means peace” is all farcical. If we cant remove these scums so easily in our own community then make and enforce laws that will prevent these horrors. And yeah, fuck with Human rights and all .. these scums dont deserve sophisticated things. I will here like to point out one particular thing. Before this horror, Anti Terror Squad (ATS) were busy investigating Malegaon blast, supposedly done by Hindutwa wing … and that sadhvi pragya thakur was going thru all horror and getting sentiments from Hindu community … ATS was blamed as pro-muslim wing running by pro-muslim Maharashtra gov. Now that ATS chief died fighting these terrorists, people started praising his bravery and all. This sick mind frame disturbs me. What if he had died in fighting Hindu terrorists … he might be reckoned as a devil. I sincerely hope that this incident may become defining moment as well as eye-opener for many things that country is facing now. Terrorism shud not take protection in religious camps and laws shud be supersede these religious boundaries.

  23. #23 by Amit. P on November 28, 2008 - 7:05 AM


    I wud like to see ur view on Malegaon blast and Hindu fuckers. And off course ur deadly solution. Wud u like to nuke out whole of Mahrashtra were u live … since this is the place RSS has got stong hold along with MP.

  24. #24 by Varun Suri on November 28, 2008 - 10:43 AM

    Well, I thought I would wait for this Drama to end to share my views but now it seems like never ending and before we move on to the next Blog Entry, I would also like to express my views…

    It was really nice for Javed to come up with this Thread soon after what transpired in BOMBay. I would like to thank the Legslip management for taking the initiative to create a platform for anyone to express his or her views on what happened 2 days back.

    I am sick of offering condolences or saying things like “ the city has an unlimited spirit of resilience and would be on it’s feet in no time” so I would not go on in this direction.

    What I am concerned now is the aftermath of these events, it is certainly the equivalent of 9/11 in India no matter how used to Terror Attacks we maybe in the past. It’s the first time exclusively Western tourists and mainly the English speaking population who were targeted.

    What utterly dismays me is the level of co-ordination and planning these devils had done before carrying out their mission. They had already set up control rooms in the 2 big hotels and knew the map/layout of those places better than the NSG Commandos who stormed inside to douse the situation.

    For the last 2 days I am completely helpless and clueless as to what I could have done to help them? It was the same when Tsunami happened and then the Earthquake in Kashmir and other disasters. We browse through all the newspapers are glued on to the TV sets for long and soon we will have enough of it and “the city would be back on it’s feet…as usual”.

    I worry for the consequences of this event as already people have started pointing fingers at each other and unless both the Governments work together the feeling of distrust will ensue in the common people.

    At this point it is easy to jump to conclusions but I for one truly believe that all this decoy of Indian/Deccan Mujhaideen is just to mislead the Intelligence and in essence they are all one group of brainwashed people related to each other in some way or the other. It was funny to see that it took CNN one day to put an “N” at the end of Decca to make it Deccan. What is also funny the way they said that those 2 people whose pictures are being shown with Guns and Rug sacks could be Undercover Policemen!! Although they do not fail to say at any moment that Indians are no strangers to terror attacks but they have also not acknowledged that if it was an attack only meant towards Indians then they would not have been bothered so much as to send an FBI team or a Team of Metropolitan Police to help us Indians.

    Nobody clearly knows the identity of these people yet and everyone is making speculations but one thing is for sure that either all or some of them came via the sea-route off the coast of Bombay now whether they were related to the Somalian ship which was sunk by the Indian Navy a few days back or from Karachi or Middle-East nobody knows. The Security forces found a boat of one Gujju Fisherman who was also beheaded in the same boat.

    As per one of the comments of an enraged and embittered Indian, I am not surprised to see his views because one only has to go on the streets of India to find out what a common man thinks or feels about any terror attack. It is unfortunate that there are some stereo-typical views but I am sure it is the same across the Border as well and people like us who are out of the Sub-Continent should consider themselves lucky enough to broaden our horizon and be able to think more partially and logically. A part of this reason is because we have been able to meet each other outside our country and as long as there is no people to people contact this feeling of distrust, contempt or enmity will be here to stay and these kind of incidents will further add fuel to the already existing Fire.

    One of the biggest losses in this incident has been the loss of Karkare, Salaskar and Kamte
    All of them were encounter specialists and what really is shocking to see that they showed Hemant karkare wearing that bulletproof jacket (my winter jacket appeared more thick than that one!!) and even then he died with 3 bullets in the Chest.

    I do not know how to close my comment as words cannot describe accurately what I am feeling right now and it is more a feeling of helplessness or dejection which prompted me more to write something here.

  25. #25 by Varun Suri on November 28, 2008 - 11:02 AM


    I have one simple question for you. How would someone believe in the evidence if at all there is any and presented in front of the public? We would only get to know about it through the Media and thesedays Media is so selective that one has to be really careful in finding out the real truth.What do you think of the following:

    1. One Turkish couple was let off simply because they were Muslims, several British and American were rounded up just because of their Nationality:- This proves that whoever was behind it was targetting Non-Muslims.

    2.” Mumbai: Three suspected terrorists, including a Pakistani national, were arrested by the security forces from the Taj hotel on Thursday night.Ajmal Amir Kamal, a resident of Faridkot, Multan in Pakistan and two others were arrested from the hotel, official sources said.Kamal told the investigators that they had come in a merchant vessel, which dropped them at 10 nautical miles ahead of Indian waters.From there, they took a dingy fibre glass boat to enter the Indian waters, he said. There were 12 people on the boat, he said.The arrested militants belong to Lashkar-e-Taiba, officials said. Earlier, the police had arrested a man named Ismail, believed to be a Lashkar-e-Taiba operative, in connection with the attack.However, the big concern and where questions would be focused in the next couple of days is loopholes in India’s maritime security.

    source:- ibnlive.in.com

  26. #26 by Awas on November 28, 2008 - 1:40 PM

    Varun Suri (comment 34)

    You have made some very intelligent, pertinent and excellent comments and have summed up the situation very well. All very agreeable.

    These brainwashed terrorists were exactly my point made earlier. These people know no boundaries. If they can reach New York, London, Barcelona etc then no other place is safe either. This menace is no longer a country specific. The whole world needs to take notice and take action. Now we got to look at the solutions instead of the blame game. Pakistan cannot destroy such elements with a magic wand and neither could India safeguard itself from this. Despite West’s all out efforts even the ace enemy Bin Laden is still at large.

    Like others, I too was all agog looking at BBC and CNN etc and at what was happening. As you say, it was a feeling of sheer despair and helplessness.

    The two things that made me wonder were, firstly, lax security especially at top hotels (it is different situation for other places targeted) knowing that Mumbai had been a target before. And secondly, as you say, the bullet proof chest shield; and for me also many security personnel had either no head gear or it looked inadequate. The chest shield did look pretty flimsy on TV at least. It makes you wonder though that despite the fact that the wealthiest steal magnates hail from India, they still cannot provide gears made out of pure stuff for their homeland. When it comes to getting ‘Khalis & Asli’ stuff (impure), we look abroad, be it ‘Asli Aatta’ or whatever.

  27. #27 by farrah, k.raja on November 28, 2008 - 1:49 PM

    The way you are feeling that is exactly how I felt at the time of 7/7 in London and at the assesination of Benazir.
    It is alright to feel shock,sad ,hurt ,pain and anger.
    Do express yourself,discuss it with your friends,speak to your family,and keep going to work.Do take a break from news and TV screen.
    We have to live until our time comes and we have to put the best foot forward.
    I know my words would be sounding crap to you maybe ,just want to say do not let this terror to take over you,this is what the terrorists want.
    One of my colleague has lost his best mate in Taj,twenty two years only,he was called in to cover for a shift,Terrorism and its impact is again beyond any discrimination.Another of his friend is missing .I have the same sinking feeling because I work in hospitality industry as well.
    July seven I felt what if the bomb had blown in the carriage I was travelling.
    Surprisingly when Marriot happened ,I did not felt the way I am feeling now.
    This time it is TWO Major Hotels and the idea has been picked up from Marriot Blast ,you can imagine working in heart of London in same industry I cannot shrug the idea as if it would not happen here.
    But I cannot let Terrorists win by letting this fear overtake me.
    We all have to be brave.Answers or no answers ,I know one thing ,in Spain bombing it was working people like me,in Twin Towers it was people like me,in July seven it was people like me and again it is people like me.

  28. #28 by Amit. P on November 28, 2008 - 2:24 PM


    These guys were well trained and have executed a master plan. No doubt ab’t that. They came with one notion … kill one in such a way that thousand get frightened. Thats why we see public indiscriminate shooting.

    One Turkish couple was let off simply because they were Muslims ….

    I got a small burst of laugh even in this numb situation. It is nothing but selective sanity of insane people, trying to find a shelter in their own community after doing sins like this. Dont these fuckers know that muslim too live in india and those at these guys were firing might be muslims. Have a look at the list of causalities and deaths
    I went on and count the number of muslims in this list and out of 345 injured and dead, some 55 are muslims. Around 15% .. represent very much our country’s demography.

  29. #29 by Sweetie on November 28, 2008 - 3:00 PM

    I was watchin CNN live & it makes me wonder, so far what ever terrorist attacks have taken place, ive never heard of them holding ne hostages. They either kill or die killing. May be im wrong…

  30. #30 by JAVED A. KHAN on November 28, 2008 - 3:02 PM

    Amit & Varun

    You guys have done a good job by expressing your feelings here on the blog in a very realistic and matured manner rather than sugarcoating it or by expressing it with a touch of bias. This is what is expected from people like you and from the poeple of the sub-continent i.e., to be more educated and unbiased and be able to see and analyze things rationally and correctly.

    Like Awas has said, Pakistan does not have a magic wand nor India can safeguard itself …. Like, I have said by concurring Omer’s views that India / Pakistan relations have improved a lot over the past few years and right now Pakistan’s foreign minister who is in New Delhi has said: “we should join hands to defeat the enemy.”

    This statement must be taken seriously. He is vowing to join hands to defeat the enemy and here the enemy is “The Terrorists.” The Pakistan government has also sent its ISI chief to India to help in whatever manner he can. If the two governments work together seriously and sincerely in “eliminating terrorism,” they can definitely achieve this goal, because this is the objective to protect the innocent lives and to bring about peace in our world.


    You have touched the Malegaon incident and briefly summed up the story. Myself, I was thinking to quote that, but the purpose of this thread here is not only to condemn the horrific acts of Mumbai but, also to offer condolence to the people. Therefore, it is not apt for me to bring that subject into discussion (may be we can discuss it on the politics page later) but, whatever you have said is what I have also read and I quite agree with you that, on both sides we have extremists and fundoz and they need to be dealt with in eliminating terrorism.

    The so called “Lashkar-e-Toiaba” is what? Lashkar means army and the word Toiaba or Taiyaba is often referred to our Prophet and for the “Kalima Taiyaba” which means “There is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger”. Now, one should ask these idiots why the word Lashkar or army is attached to the word Taiyaba?

    Whatever misdeeds and evil things this Lashkar does by killing innocent people, does it reflect what the Prophet was like? Or, what the “Kalima Taiyaba” conveys a meaning through that? Absolutely not. Then, shame on them for using such a name and the meaning of the Kalima, they are a disgrace to the Muslims and the religion Islam.

    I would like to write more on this subject, but later as I have to go to work now and TGIF.

  31. #31 by Abdul on November 28, 2008 - 4:45 PM

    I am attending a secondary school now were many uneducated and probably less academic students are discriminating asians and blacks as evil people. They feel majority of terrorists are from are foreigners and feel they are violent and abusive people.
    They feel all people of a particular race act in a specific way which they feel is there nature and the way they behave whcih is exactually prejudice and discriminations. They believe England is being taken over with communities like South Hall and therefore show extreme hatred towards foreigners especially those living in Britain.

    They haven’t realised that for one so called idiot to carry out such a violent act doesn’t relfect on the character of another person from that particular race.
    This is a complete misunderstanding for those growing up in this society.

    The are seeing the headlines and having hatred towards the muslims.

    This is what an impact terrorism is having and thus look how misleading people have become about our character.

    Terrorism is unforgivable but races can never be discrinated for acts shuch as suicide attacks is the message I’m trying to get across.

  32. #32 by Varun Suri on November 28, 2008 - 5:39 PM

    Omer and others,

    Just to make myself a bit more clear, I am not accusing the Pakistani Government for all this neither i am ready to accept that all this was planned in Pakistani Territory but the point i am trying to make is that there IS a Pakistani who was one of them and that is what most of the 1.2 Billion People in India will read and hear and accordingly form their impressions.

    If you think BBC and CNN are immune to any sensationalism and bias then you are highly mistaken, infact BBC has got such specific instructions to not use certain words as “Terrorist” or ” Militant” in certain cases…

    Apart from a Pakistani there were some people with Mauritian idenitities involved as well.


  33. #33 by khansahab on November 28, 2008 - 7:26 PM

    ICL players will stay banned: PCB

    The Pakistan Cricket Board on Friday made it clear that it would never recognise the unofficial Indian Cricket League or lift ban on its players until the ICC and the Indian board changed their policy on the league.

    PCB chairman Ejaz Butt said Pakistan was only following the policy laid down by the BCCI and International Cricket Council.

    “We would like to see this issue resolved as many of our players are in the ICL. We would like to consider them again for Pakistan if the ICL becomes legal,” Butt said.

    He said since the Indian board didn’t give permission to the ICL, the ICC also refused to recognise the tournament.

    “Subsequently member boards of the ICC also follow the same policy that the ICL is an illegal tournament,” he said.

    Asked why Pakistan had imposed blanket bans on its players for signing up with the ICL, while other countries like England and Sri Lanka had a softer stance, Butt said Pakistan wanted to see an early resolution of the issue.

    “In England the counties are playing the ICL players because of court cases,” he said.

    Asked if the Board would change its stance if the Pakistani players went to court to challenge their bans, Butt said the Board was bound to follow court directives.

    The director general of the PCB, former Test captain Javed Miandad and even Butt have recently given out indications that they are not happy with having to impose blanket bans on their players for playing in the ICL.

    Pakistan has nearly 18 players appearing in the ICL many of whom can still play for the national team. But Butt maintained Pakistan couldn’t have an independent policy for the ICL and its players and had to follow the ICC policy.

  34. #34 by Sana on November 28, 2008 - 9:32 PM

    Please…dont shatter my dreams about the BBC 😦

  35. #35 by 420 on November 28, 2008 - 10:57 PM

    According to the BBC, following is the statistics of bombings in India during this year 2008.


    30 October: Explosions kill at least 64 in north-eastern Assam

    30 September: Blasts in western India kill at least seven

    27 September: Bomb blasts kills one in Delhi

    13 September: Five bomb blasts kill 18 in Delhi

    26 July: At least 22 small bombs kill 49 in Ahmedabad

    25 July: Seven bombs go off in Bangalore killing two people

    13 May: Seven bombs hit markets and crowded streets in Jaipur killing 63 people.

    I would ask my Pakistani friends here to provide similar stats of bombing in Pakistan during 2008.

  36. #36 by Pawan on November 29, 2008 - 3:20 AM

    Arrested terrorist says gang hoped to get away

    DELHI: The gang of terrorists who wreaked mayhem in Mumbai for three days were made to believe by their Lashkar bosses that they were not being
    sent on a suicide mission and that they would be coming back alive.

    In a sensational disclosure made by Ajmal, the jihadi nabbed alive by Mumbai cops, the group had planned to sail out on Thursday. Their recruiters had even charted out the return route for them and stored it on the GPS device which they had used to navigate their way to the Mumbai shoreline.

    This suggests that the terrorists were willing to undertake a mission which they knew would be very risky, but not necessarily suicidal.

    Sources said that the bait of safe return must have been used by the recruiters to convince the wavering among the group to join the audacious plot against Mumbai.

    Ajmal made another important disclosure: that all terrorists were trained in marine warfare along with the special course Daura-e-Shifa conducted by the Lashkar-e-Taiba in what at once transforms the nature of the planning from a routine terror strike and into a specialized raid by commandos.

    Battle-hardened ATS officials are surprised by the details of the training the terrorists were put through before being despatched for the macabre mission. This was very different from a terrorist attack, and amounted to an offensive from the seam, said a source.

    Ajmal has revealed the name of his fellow jihadis all Pakistani citizens as Abu Ali, Fahad, Omar, Shoaib, Umer, Abu Akasha, Ismail, Abdul Rahman (Bara) and Abdul Rahman (Chhota).

    The account of Ajmal also strengthens the doubt of the complicity of powerful elements in the Pakistani establishment. According to him, the group set off on November 21 from an isolated creek near Karachi without the deadly cargo of arms and ammunition they were to use against the innocents in Mumbai. The group received arms and ammunition on board a large Pakistani vessel which picked them up the following day. The vessel, whose ownership is now the subject of an international probe, had four Pakistanis apart from the crew.

    A day later, they came across an Indian-owned trawler, Kuber, which was promptly commandeered on the seas. Four of the fishermen who were on the trawler were killed, but its skipper, or tandel in fishermen lingo, Amarjit Singh, was forced to proceed towards India. Amarjit was killed the next day, and Ismail the terrorist who was killed at Girgaum Chowpaty took the wheel.

    A trained sailor, Ismail used the GPS to reach Mumbai coast on November 26. The group, however, slowed down its advance as they had reached during the day time while the landing was planned after dusk. The group shifted to inflatable boats, before disembarking at Badhwar Park in Cuffe Parade.

    From there, they mandated to kill indiscriminately, particularly white foreign tourists, and spare Muslims split up into five batches. Two of them Ismail and Ajmal took a taxi to Victoria Terminus. Three other batches of two each headed for Oberoi Hotel, Cafe Leopold and Nariman House. The remaining four went to Taj Hotel.

    He may have been motivated enough to kill innocents indiscriminately. In police custody, Ajmal Amir Kasab, the terrorist who was caught alive by
    the Mumbai police at Girgaum Chowpatty, has been forthcoming with details about the attack on Mumbai and his accomplices, all suspected Lashkar operatives from Pakistan.

    Kasab, who sustained minor injuries in the police firing that killed his partner Abu Ismail (25) on Wednesday night, was produced before the Esplanade Metropolitan Magistrate on Friday. The magistrate remanded him to police custody till December 8. Incidentally, Kasab and Ismail were the two who gunned down ATS chief Hemant Karkare, additional CP Ashok Kamthe and encounter specialist Vijay Salaskar.

    Kasab told the police that he and 9 others got off a vessel about 10 nautical miles from Mumbai and shifted to two boats hijacked from fishermen.

    One source in ATS familiar with the details of the interrogation quoted him saying that in all 16 fidayeens came to Mumbai on Wednesday. A native of Faridkot in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), 21-year-old Kasab told police they had done a reccee of Mumbai few months ago. He said he had come along with eight of the operatives to Mumbai as students and lived in a rented room at Colaba market, a stone’s throw away from Nariman House.

    Source: Times of India

  37. #37 by JAVED A. KHAN on November 29, 2008 - 4:48 AM


    This seems like a movie script tailor-made by the media with some juicy bits in it. I am not saying this is all fake or cooked up stories for the masses. But, there are too many glitches in it, too many loopholes and mysteries shrouding to unveil the truth.

    All that launch, navigational skills using GPS etc., can be put aside but, there are a few questions that come to my mind:

    1. The first question is: How did the manage to get into the luxury hotels so easily? Was there no security at all?

    2. Reportedly, these terrorists came earlier as students and stayed in an apartment in Cuffe Parade and Colaba market, which I know is very near to Taj Hotel. But the question is did they get a blue print of the hotel to make such detailed planning and move so swiftly inside the hotel as to which room or rooms are safer for them when they were holding the hostages for two days?

    2. We all know that they fought for 2 days and reportedly they were firing indiscriminately hundreds may be thousands of rounds by using AK-47 assault rifles, grenades and bombs. So how did they manage to carry so much load of arms and ammunition on them and, by-passing the hotel security system?

    3. If they had stormed into the hotels then how is it possible for to carry that much load of ammunition with them on their shoulders? Because, the amount of guns, bullets, grenades and bombs they used are not light like rose petals, its very hard to carry that much ammunition in person, unless they had backup and supplies or, the ammunition was stored in advance by their operatives and accomplices. How and when did that arrive?

    I am not a CSI or a detective to go into that much detail, but as a common man these were the questions that came to my mind after reading the Times of India article that you have posted. Its simply not possible to carry that much load on your shoulders and also to move that swiftly.

    Another thing is, don’t you think its a bit too early for the Times of India to point the fingers at Pakistan? It could be possible that these people may be from Kashmir? That is, within India?

    I have said this before on this blog that Pakistan government’s stance on Kashmir, Palestine and the radical public support for Saddam and Osama bin Laden has cost them a lot. In doing so Pakistan has alienated itself from the rest of the world and created animosity from the West for no reason or benefit for them.

    If they do not wish to accept Israel its OK, just be diplomatic and don’t go out of the way in condemning them and supporting the Arabs. Because the Arabs have never supported Pakistan except for giving a few million dollars here and there and that too we all know for what reason they give.

    Anyways, thats another issue but right now I would still like to wait and see the facts coming out about who is responsible for it. And because the terrorists are reported to be Muslims, they could be from Kashmir, they might be able to prove their link to Pakistan. But, I don’t think the Pakistan government is to blamed for those hyenas act. Pakistan can never do this especially since the relations between the two countries have improved a lot in the recent past. People should not be blaming the government for this incident.

    Just an example: Out of the 19 terrorist involved in 9/11 not a single one was from Pakistan or Afghanistan, they were all Arabs from Saudi Arabia, Egypt and the UAE and since then, the war on terror is being fought in Afghanistan.

    Initially these people were armed and funded by the US and then the Saudis. The USA, UK and all other countries have good relations with Saudia Arabia, Egypt and the UAE despite the fact that ALL those terrorists involved in 9/11 were the NATIONALS of these countries.

    Is it fair? I don’t blame Pakistan for this act, but I do hold them responsible for having such a poor foreign policy in the past i.e., prior to Musharaf’s era.

    Right now the only hope that I see in the current government is they have a sensible young man, a very well educated and balanced person, I am talking about the foreign minister of Pakistan, Shah Mahmood Qureshi and the way he is handling the situation by being there in New Delhi right now during the crisis – if not commendable – it is something worth talking about as a gesture to cooperate with India and he said: “we should join hands to defeat the enemy”.

  38. #38 by Arif on November 29, 2008 - 10:46 AM


    Its hard to believe that those trained terrorists thought that after carrying out such a huge attack they would be able to find their way to the port and a ship would still be waiting for them at the dock and they would safely navigate to a safe haven without the Indian Navy chasing them.

    “Ajmal has revealed the name of his fellow jihadis all Pakistani……..

    At first only one of the terrorist was of Pakistani origin, later on they found another one who is dead now but his identity along with his domicile has been revealed, you are mentioning 9 other names who were supposedly Pakistanis,the script is being re written every day.

    All the newspapers have reported conflicting stories, some say most of them were of Mauritian origin, two were British nationals, several newspapers wrote that the authorities found Pakistani driving license on one of the terrorist they also found Mauritian IDS.

    What kind of trained terrorists were they who were carrying their IDs with them during the operation, why would somebody need a Pakistani driving license while he was on a suicide mission in India. Was he planning to drive back home or Was it a planted evidence to implicate Pakistan.

    “The account of Ajmal also strengthens the doubt of the complicity of powerful elements in the Pakistani establishment. According to him…………

    Somebody witnessed them land on Indian shores and still these guys managed to check into top hotels along with all the heavy ammunition.

    According to the latest statement by Indian PM the weapons were supplied to the terrorists in the hotel,the statements keep on changing by the hour.

    Those guys were mobile and they split into six different groups and wreaked havoc in the city where did they got the vehicles from? If ISI had to slip in somebody into India they have million other safe ways to do it, they don’t have to use such a risky plan, what if the merchant ship was caught? What if the boats were caught? It was a sloppy plan and a few of those terrorists were bound to be caught and that’s exactly what the planners wanted.Professional organizations like RAW and ISI do not conduct their operations like this.

    Two Pakistani guys managed to check into the hotel on 21st and according to one leading newspaper they made several phone calls to Karachi to receive instructions from their bosses. We all know all outgoing calls from India to Pakistan and Pakistan to India are monitored.If the authorities knew that they made calls to Karachi then they should also have known what they were planning.Its all a bluffing game.

    It’s also not sure how those two guys entered India, it’s also not sure how the remaining six entered India but yet all of them are positively identified. The number of accomplices reported in different newspapers vary from 10 to 18.

    “A native of Faridkot in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK)……..

    He came with eight operatives to Mumbai as students, which means he came legally and had proper travel documents and if he and his accomplices were of Pakistani origin then they should have been under surveillance and it should have been a must for them to report to the nearest police station.If the story is true then how come they managed to carry out their plan successfully.

    10 to 12 came on the ship, Six were already there, nobody knows how and when they came to India.

    Were they locals?

    Why their Identities are being concealed.

    According to western intelligence sources most terrorists have been positively identified as local Indians, but the media is only projecting the one Pakistani. WHY?

    These mercenaries have not stopped from blowing up Marriott Hotel in the month of Ramadan they have killed thousands of Pakistani muslims in different terrorist attacks why would they spare Indian or other muslims? Either the Marriott hotel was not blown up by these people and was the work of somebody else or this group was deliberately trying to project itself as anti westerners and through Kashmir issue trying to establish a link with Pakistan.

    What I want to prove is that these guys are mercenaries and they have nothing to do with Kashmir or Islam, their attacks have objectives and those objectives are different in India and Pakistan.

    In Pakistan since they target locals as a reaction people have started hating religious organizations and now do not raise their eyebrows when American missiles kill Pakistanis in tribal areas.

    In India whenever these terrorist acts occur they are always orchestrated in such a manner that always initially Pakistan gets implicated and it adds fuel to the already existing fire.

    It was a very sloppy plan, In my humble view ISI or Pakistan Government was not involved, it looks like a joint venture of Al Qaeda, LET and some local Indian organization.

  39. #39 by khansahab on November 29, 2008 - 11:28 AM

    Malik lacks Dhoni-style leadership qualities: Yousuf

    Saturday, 29 Nov, 2008

    AHMEDABAD: Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s out-of-the-box thinking has earned him another admirer in banned batsman Mohammad Yousuf who feels Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik lacks the leadership qualities of the Indian skipper.
    Disappointed with the shabby treatment meted to him by Pakistan Cricket Board and especially by skipper Malik, Yousuf, one of the finest middle-order batsmen, rejoined the ICL earlier this month.
    Although he still nurtures the desire of donning the national colours, Yousuf said he was left with no option but to join the ICL by the PCB and Malik.
    ‘There is no point in playing for a team when your captain is not supportive and doesn’t want you. A captain has to lead by example with his performance like Dhoni.’
    ‘He should have man-management skills while dealing with seniors, but Malik lacks those qualities,’ Yousuf said.
    The 2007 Wisden Cricketer of the Year also held former Chairman Nasim Ashraf-led PCB regime responsible for the slump of the game in Pakistan. ‘The earlier PCB regime did little for the development of the game in the country, but the new set up is desperate to bring about a change.’
    Yousuf, who has made 6,770 Test and 9,242 ODI runs till date, also lambasted the previous selection committee and cried foul over all-rounder Abdul Razzaq and his exclusion from the national side.
    ‘There are a few players in the ICL Pakistan team like Imran Nazir, Imran Farhat, Abdul Razzaq and myself who can represent the national side at any time. I was shocked by Razzaq’s exclusion from the Twenty20 side.’
    ‘He has great potential. To add to that, even after a series of good performance, the selectors dropped me from the team and that was not acceptable to me,’ he said.
    He also lauded the new PCB regime under Ijaz Butt for appointing former Test captain Javed Miandad as director general of the board.
    ‘Javed bhai was a great batsman and he is the perfect person for the job. Only he can bring Pakistan team back on track.’
    The prolific run-machine was in full praise for his present employer, ICL.
    ‘It is not fair to ban ICL players from playing for their national team. The league is only helping youngsters hone their skills and prepare themselves for the bigger platform,’ Yousuf said.

  40. #40 by Amit. P on November 29, 2008 - 12:54 PM


    It is sort of chaos as far as information is concerned … because government have not declared anything ab’t how this attack happened … all the news and views media is getting by the ‘sources’. Every news channel has got their own theory based upon half cooked information. We have to wait for the final draft that the government is preparing rite now. I am not sure whether this information is going to be public in near future. But they have to prove their claim in front of the concerned nations.

    Ab’t ISI and pak army involvement …. do u think every plan from A to Z used to governed by single entity? They generally dont … thats why gov. says “involvement”. Take 1993 mumbai blast as an example … terrorists were trained by army personals somewhere in pak territory … ISI was involved in shipping these terrorists from mumbai to dubai to whatever place in pak .. and then they used Dawood’s network to ship RDX and all ammunition on indian coast .. and finally those local trained boys did the job. But those were the time when terrorist org were few in numbers and hardly any concerned with India. Now a days i dont think pak army is directly doing these businesses, they dont need to.

    My concerned is what if Indian gov got the proof of any link of ISI? Pak army will take over this democratic gov … and once again war like situation as it was after parliament attack in 2001. Then once again we are heading toward nowhere. Dead end.

  41. #41 by Sweetie on November 29, 2008 - 2:00 PM

    Guys, who really gives a rat’s ass to what we have to think & say? Only the stupid & ignorant believe the media.

    I am not into politics at all ( i don’t even read the news of ‘the evil’, so im tryin to figure out what is ISI & others u guys’ve mentioned ..

  42. #42 by JAVED A. KHAN on November 29, 2008 - 3:53 PM

    The Mumbai Siege is over. We have created a new thread on the main page, so please post you comments over there. If anyone wants to continue discussing the subject, please post your comments on the POLITICS PAGE. Thank you.

  43. #43 by Arif on November 29, 2008 - 5:20 PM


    Whenever an incident happens in India within one hour Pakistan is accused, I can give you many past examples where Indian government faced International embarrassment over false accusations.

    I do not agree with your account of Mumbai blasts.The reality is not that simple.We all know who benefited the most from the resulting communal riots, it’s a different story I don’t want to go in details.

    The attack on Samjhotha Express in which 80 Pakistani’s died, immediately after that attack A Pakistani was arrested, his confession was published,and now we are finding out it was an Indian army colonel who masterminded the attack and it was an extremist Hindu organization which ordered the attacks.

    There are people in Pakistan too who blame every single terrorist attack on Raw, people think that the 27 consulates all along Pakistan border and heavy presence of Indian army and Raw personnel is unusual for consular offices.

    The Swati Taliban Militia came to surface in just one year, they are openly hiring and advertising for new recruitment in areas under their control, new recruits are being offered Rs 16,000/m and guaranteed food supplies to their families you can see their wall chalked ads every where in Swat.

    Which leads an ordinary Pakistani to think who is bank rolling this huge militia who has sustained a full scale war with Pakistan army during the last 2 years?

    Who is providing them with sophisticated weaponry and most advanced communication devices?

    How come their leaders move back and forth so easily in Afghanistan?

    All of the above are not possible without the help of a state.

    But Pakistan’s governments have been very cautious in pointing fingers at neighbors as they do not want to derail the peace process.It shows how sincere they are with the process, they had nothing to gain from this incident.

    We also have the BNP dissidents who have found again a safe haven in Afghanistan where they get money training weapons, and they continue to cross borders so freely and attack key public utilities and Government installations.

    Who is providing them with training and money?

    I can feel the pain, agony and out rage of all the Indians as we have been feeling the same during the last five years.

    The attacks which are happening in Pakistan have nothing to do with Jihad as they are targeting innocent Pakistanis and an attempt to destabilize Pakistan.

    If the hatred against westerners was the main reason for the acts of these radicals then why they didn’t targeted Dubai or any other gulf state where there are huge number of westerners and large western business presence. Why Pakistan?
    There are hardly any Westerners coming to Pakistan since 9/11 they literally have no business presence so why us?
    How in the world by killing innocent Pakistanis the western countries can be hurt? It is beyond my comprehension.

    Again my answer is the same the mercenaries have nothing to do with Islam or Pakistan they have an agenda to destabilize Pakistan and to derail Pak India peace process.

    There are people in the establishments of both countries whose actions are not inline with the stated foreign policies of their respective country, we need to accept that such acts will continue to occur on both sides but we will have to stay sincere with the peace process and should make joint efforts to identify and remove such persons.

    These terrorist organizations are being handsomely paid money is there only motivation.

    The objective of a terrorist is to create a reaction in the general population, they play with the most common sentiments and just by executing one simple act of terrorism they have fractured the policy of reconciliation and derailed the Indo-Pak peace process.

    The general Public will have to become more mature in their reactions its no longer only an India-Pak War too many other parties are involved and every one has their own interest,any party can hire operatives from any where and strike a blow against any country.

    The only way we can survive if we stay committed and sincere to the peace plan and instead of accusing each other work together to vipe out extremism from our region.

  44. #44 by Amit. P on November 29, 2008 - 9:00 PM


    I do partially agree with ur statement. Blame game is usually done by media …. but u dont see prime minister blaming other country without evidence. And media blaming is nothing to do with anti-pakistan or hatred toward ur nation. Its sheer incapability of many news agencies to thoroughly investigate then come to conclusion. Now after Malegaon revelation things have changed .. and u will see in near future that media will point finger toward Hindu outfits too.

    Its news to me that in Samjhauta express some confessions were made. As far as i know, some pakistani people got interrogated and police came to dead end like many other blast cases. Thanks to ATS that these cases get a new beginning.

    Ab’t 93 blast …. its not my hypothesis .. those were the accounts of over 100 people convicted in that case. If u go by the theory of “who gained most” like in Arthur conan doyle novels then recent bombing wud be masterminded by BJP and Shiv sainikis.

    For ur reamianing questions ab’t RAW and terror in pakistan i will try to ans u tomorrow.

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