From the dreams of stealing a historic victory to the jaws of a deplorable defeat

Has Pakistan team learnt anything here after this agonizing defeat?  The answer is a big NO.   The reason is, there is no professionalism in the team, there is this “Bhai Culture” that supersede the professionalism. You respect your seniors and remain their yes man, you are pardoned, forgiven and sometimes even rewarded for being a “chota bhai”.

The two captains who are poles apart

The two captains who are poles apart

Mohammad Yousuf may be a good Muslim, he can forgive someone even for a heinous crime but, taking over the blame on himself for a crime that Kamran Akmal has committed is not something you expect from a professional. Yousuf’s captaincy is questionable and reportedly he is a very, very weak and unimaginative captain. Somehow in the Sydney test he wasn’t doing that bad initially when his bowlers were exploiting the wicket conditions to their favour. Then getting a first innings lead of 206 wasn’t great, but not that bad either.

Danish Kaneria can actually fly if there was no Kamran Akmal

Danish Kaneria can actually fly if there was no Kamran Akmal

The real test of Yousuf’s captaincy came in the second innings when he was supposed to be attacking the Aussies, he was on the defensive. The pitch conditions were not assisting his pace bowlers, his lone and only spinner was toiling hard to scalp some wickets and his old time foe who almost ruined his career by dropping dozens of his catches was at his best on the 3rd day, he dropped Mike Hussey three times which is criminal and Mohammad Yousuf wants to show to the rest of the world that he is a Messiah who forgives and forgets the sins and crimes of those who hurt him or his countrymen.

Yousuf has backed Kamran Akmal publicly by saying: “Things like this happen in cricket, Kamran is always trying his best. You tell me, how can we afford to give him a rest? He is such a good batsman. He scored well in New Zealand and we need him here.” It is like that Persian expression, “My father was a Sultan – but, I am a pauper.” The fact is Kamran Akmal needs a break. You cannot carry on a drag on the basis of his past glories and performances. Same should be the case with Misbah, he needs retirement.

Kamran Akmal dropped Hussey 4 times in the same innings

Kamran Akmal dropped Hussey 4 times in the same innings

The irony is, Mohammad Yousuf not only supports Kamran Akmal but his citing of the example of Ricky Ponting and comparing his action with that of Ricky’s form and his decision to opt for batting after winning the toss is a matter of utter naivety and ignorance. The bottom line is: Whatever decision Ricky Ponting took or whether he delivered or not, he as a captain of the Australian team not only won the test match and the series, but also pulled a victory from the jaws of a certain defeat.

The PCB selectors and administrators are notoriously famous for nepotism, favourtism, undue patronage and above all promoting regionalism to the extent of being labeled as jingoists are determined to ruin the game of cricket in Pakistan. The country which has so much talent and the youth is so full of exuberance and skill and are so motivated and eager to play for their country but, they are discarded, rejected or ignored because of the trivial politics. From the political situation that exists in the country, this continuous negative tactics by the PCB may not be ending in the near future. Because, the whole system is cancerous and needs to be overhauled right from the top to the bottom. Until and unless this is done, there cannot be fair team selection and not only the players, but the fans and supporters for the promotion of cricket in Pakistan shall be mourning the untimely death of cricket in Pakistan.

Our blog has been extremely fair and unbiased in commenting, criticizing the players, officials and their decisions. Once again I would like to request the bloggers to express out their true and fair feelings about the future team selection of a Pakistan XI and not a Punjab XI.

  1. #1 by newguy on January 6, 2010 - 10:57 PM

    Hi Guys,

    This was unbelievable. When I went to sleep Pakistan was 51/3 and with Yousuf/Akmal at the crease I thought Pakistan will still manage it. I watched in total surprise how the match unfolded until then.

    It was a total blunder from Yousuf, what was he thinking? letting a team tottering at 80/8 virtually and just two tail end wickets to grab, what did he do, spread the field around, let them take ones and settle in. Siddle was under no pressure in the morning. If I were captain I would have put 4 or 5 fielders around the bat and have either Asif or Gul go from one end and have Kaneria come from other end. One of them would have got the wicket after 4 or 5 overs. They will be likely a few boundaries scored when you attack, but this is a good sign, typically when tail end batsmen start attacking they will end up losing wicket pretty soon.

    Amazing Yousuf did not have the wisdom to think about this, or was he thinking of some other cunning plan. Whatever it is he let them get almost another 100 runs to overnight score. This was terrible, terrible, atrocious.

    They lost the match in the first hour in the morning in my view.

    They could have still won by chasing 176, but at that point Australia came back to game with a chance, where as at 80/8 they were out of the match.

    There were many mistakes made in the chase, first Butt and Farhat were very dour in the 1st innings, and it paid off for them, why did they had to attack with a flurry of fours, at one point they were 45/0 and going at 6 an over. Did they want to finish the game quickly and show how they dominated Australia, it was a big mistake. Never underestimate Australians, even a side this weak, you give them an opening they will drive a big Mack truck through it.

    They should have taken time to settle down and play slowly, with plenty of time left in the match they did not need to win the match at end of day 4. They could have been 120 for 2 or so on Day 4 and then come back and get the remaining runs on Day 5. Instead they wanted to finish the game yesterday itself and they got their wish, but not the result they wanted.

    Rest of the batsmen had a horror show except Umar Akmal, but you cannot depend on him to take the match to finish, he plays a risky game.

    Overall, it was unbelievable how they lost a game that could have been lost only by throwing away the match. I am sure Aussies could not believe their luck.

  2. #2 by Ali Ahad on January 7, 2010 - 12:05 AM

    Well I didn’t see the match live but did watch the highlights. It was sad to see that Pakistan lost the match. After reading the comments from this blog I would blame the defeat to the batsman, their mental toughness and that son of a gun Khutmal. I won’t blame a captain, that his team cannot chase 176 runs, doesn’t matter how agressive you are as a captain or how defensive captain you are 176 was chasable it has nothing to do with the tactics of the captain. If people are blaming his tactics in the second innings then we should blame his tactics in the first innings too aussie were reeling on 62 for 7 and they manage 127.

    Just as MOYO acknowledge that he didn’t perform well as a player he should also acknowledge that khutmal is worst wicket keeper in the world. Both Misbah and khutmal should have given the return ticket to Lahore and should be ban from entering the PCB acadamey.

    Asim Kamal should be given a chance in place of Misbah and either Adnan Akmal or Sarfaraz Ahmed should be called in. Bring the moody khan to its one down position and fire the big belly Alam from the coaching position. That old man is good for nothing. Any club team can manage that. We have a day and half to play and over 100 overs to bowl all they need is one run per over and they can chase it down easily.

  3. #3 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 12:08 AM


    Do you remember what I wrote in the previous thread, if Australia takes a lead of 180-200 that’s it and Pakistan will lose the match it is as simple as that. That’s exactly what happened. Not that I don’t like Pakistan winning matches, I certainly do and support them whole-heartedly but, I also know them very well. Gone are the days when Imran, Wasim and Waqar used to pull a match from the jaws of defeat. I remember during the early nineties and late eighties once Sri Lanka were 180 for 3 and had to score 204 and they were all out on 196 or something. Imran Khan was the sole destroyer. In South Africa when Pakistan was playing with W&W, not just once but, twice they pulled out a match from a certain defeat and in the last 10 overs – it was a low scoring ODI – something like 160 to win and SA were 140 for 4 and they were all out within 15 odd runs. This team does not have the killer instinct.

    When Kamran Akmal dropped the second catch of Hussey, Mohammad Yousuf should have gone and talked to him and asked him if he is seeing the ball well or should he arrange a substitute wicketkeeper – could be Imran Farhat, Butt or Faisal Iqbal – I am sure if Younus Khan was there he would have padded up and relieved Kamran Akmal. Au Contraire, Mohammad Younus is publicly backing Kamran Akmal and asking for forgiveness like a missionary Father or a Mullah.

  4. #4 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 12:11 AM

    About Umar Akmal

    He is a very exciting player to watch but, he should realize that he is not Sehwag to hit a six or a four each time he reaches a 50 or a 100. Twice he was out on 49 in this match and each time trying to play a big shot. I don’t want him to curb his natural style of aggressive stroke play but, he should see that there is no hurry in getting past a fifty or a hundred, especially when the situation was so demanding and fragile, he should have been more responsible when there was no one but the tail.

  5. #5 by newguy on January 7, 2010 - 12:28 AM

    Javed Khan,

    Yes, I remeber you saying that, and 176 was a tricky score given the Pakistan batsman’s tendency to lose focus of the situation. You have to wonder whether they really are focused or just going out there and playing their individual games. Anyhow, 176 was reached because Yousuf did not attack and watched doing nothing for all of morning session.

    I did not say anything about Umar Akmal because he is the only one with a half decent score again, but he did play a T20/ODI shot to get out, trying to hit over the top of the fielders. But at that point, they had lost the game 75%.

    I wonder if they realize how much of a rare opportunity they lost. They could have come back with 1-1 from NZ and 1-1 from Aus and it would have been a very good experience for this team.

    As of now, they are a set of individuals without focused, very talented, but no leadership or focus.

    Afridi may be able to unite the team, but only if he gets young blood in the team, and kick out some of the senior guys.

  6. #6 by Shoaib on January 7, 2010 - 1:04 AM

    I think we should stop pointing out Punjabi or Sindhi or Pathan’s assortment in cricket. Yesterday I was watching news and our president sahib was saying the same stuff like ‘’I am sindhi president’’ although we all know he probably is a ‘’Swiss president’’ or ‘’Surrey President’’

    I remember there is another loony who loves to use Sindh card, none other than Mr Altaf Hussain ‘’UK Waley’’ Perhaps he lived more in UK than Sindh but still he is a proud ‘’Sindhi’’ but undesirably not a proud Pakistani. These things happen; its life and we meet so many loonies along the road.

    lol@ Khansahab comments……Khanshab’s new Avatar is a bit angry looking but I am almost certain that it cannot be Khansahib’s picture but anyway just mentioned it as ‘’Azrah-e-Teffennun’’

    I hope some big fish’’es’’ in Pakistan team would be in nuisance after their recent defeat, Fish like Salmon Butt, Farhat e jaan Rooh Afza, Shark kay moo walaa Kamran khetmal, Misbah ul Haq hogsukcer, Faisal Iqbal the Jack Dempsey and last but not least Defensive Beard Fish 😀
    In the end aik shaer yaad aa gia merey hensney per:

    Paerr ko Deemek leg jaye yaa Ademzaad ko Ghem
    Dono ko hee hum ney Shoaib bachtey dekha Kem
    Hens Per-rta hey buhat ziada ghum mey bhi insaan
    Buhat khushi mey bhi to ankhey ho jaati hey Nem

    I am regretful that I mentioned my name in second verse out of four, i know it’s from Amjad Islam Amjad but that reminds me one incident in my teen age. Once i merged my name in above mentioned verses and declared in front of my family that these are my first verses ever written by myself being a Poet 😀 well…. reaction wasa bit of a shock , no one liked this ‘’Shaer’’ and my father who was a big fan of poetry asked me if i could stop writing uneven verses otherwise he would be really annoyed 😀

    That reminds me of another story……well… after tragic statement from my father I still couldn’t stop saying Shaer. I wrote 300+ ghazels, i wanted to publish my effort and for that reason I called my school teacher for his help. May be someone can identify my teacher, not by his name though…. his famous Ghazal was sung by Pankaj-ud Daas ‘Deevaro sey milker batey kerna acha lagta hey….hum bhi pagal ho jaye gey aisaa lagta hey…..’’ He checked my few ghazals and decided that I could only be the worst Poet of the century which I discarded his claim. He told me that my ghazals are imbalanced. So i decided to test my teacher’s honesty, I gave him a verse of Saeed Rahi from India which was:

    Mey ney yuu hee mazak mey us ko kaha thaa Chaand
    Aaina baar baar koi dekhta raha

    I asked him if he could check above mentioned verse, i told him that its written by me, he looked at 2 lines and told me that how disappointed he is from such unbalanced 2 verses 😀 after that I stopped writing and got married 😀

  7. #7 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 1:58 AM


    You mean to say that every unsuccessful poet is a husband? Or, is it necessary to get married when you can’t even write a few good verses? In either case you are not going to achieve anything unless you produce a dozen children like a Mullah and consider yourself as a man without realizing how much of a burden you are creating on the state which is failing in implementing family planning and population growth control. In India, the 370 million homeless population has nothing to do so, their only hobby is to produce babies, their belief is India is a big country and the state can accommodate their children. In Pakistan, the Mullahs have no time to groom their bushy beards but they have a lot of time to eat Halwa and then, there has to be some outlet and, if one is not enough, they go for 4. Their belief is Allah will take care of every life, hence there is no need for family planning and their job is to eat Halwa, give Fatwa and mass produce babies.

  8. #8 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 2:13 AM


    I did not say that you said anything about Umar Akmal. That kid is very talented and an exciting player to watch. In the second innings when he came to bat, Mohammad Yousuf went to him and talked for about 2 minutes and he kept nodding his head, probably he was asking him to curb his natural instinct of hitting from the moment he gets in. That is the reason he started slow. But, Mohammad Yousuf himself played very irresponsibly and that shot was not from the book. Javed Miandad said it many times that never try to hit back straight to a spinner. And, I heard this as a quote from so many commentators. But, when you are playing no one actually bothers to remember such things and go according to their impulse and their instincts. Umar Akmal did the same thing when he was on 49. He was out in the first innings in a similar fashion trying to play a big shot across the line off the bowling of Bollinger and missed it completely and was lbw. That is because he was in a hurry to complete his 50. He could have easily played that shot elsewhere for a single or blocked it. He did the same thing in the second innings.

    You may say the match was 75% lost but, if you look at the way Hussey played with Siddle, Umar Akmal could have also played it with the tail-enders however, this is the difference between Australian and Pakistani players. IMO, the match was 100% lost when the Aussies took a lead of 176.

    Ideally I would like to see Umar Akmal playing his natural game and people like Mohammad Yousuf should not advise him on how to bat
    . There are other players who need this advise like Imran Farhat, Faisal Iqbal, Butt and Misbah. Umar Akmal is a gifted stroke maker if his natural talent is curb before he matures it would be a disaster but, he should be a little more sensible and responsible and for that he must watch his own video and analyze rather than getting on-field advise and Fatway from Moulana Yousuf Mahir Ballay Baaz.

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 2:24 AM

    I am quoting below a news excerpt from today’s Daily DAWN and I am sure khansahab would love this:

    “Meanwhile, the spokesman for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) was of the view: “There are good days and bad days on the field including both wins and losses, which are after all part of sports.” The team played well on the first three days but failed to cash in on an opportunity on the fourth.”

  10. #10 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 2:32 AM

    Thu, 07 Jan, 2010
    Pakistan debacle in Sydney criticised
    By Mohammad Yaqoob
    Thursday, 07 Jan, 2010

    Had I been the board’s chairman or chief selector, I would have resigned from my post after such pathetic performance by the national team: Dr Nasim Ashraf.

    LAHORE: While strongly condemning Pakistan’s 36-run defeat at the hands of Australia in the second Test in Sydney, former chief selector Abdul Qadir, captain Inzamam-ul-Haq and PCB chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf have all demanded the removal of the team management and captain. Voicing his disgust at the team’s poor show, Abdul Qadir went on to say: “Had I been the board’s chairman or chief selector, I would have resigned from my post after such pathetic performance by the national team. “I demand the same of PCB’s chairman, Chief Selector Iqbal Qasim as well as the team management, now,” he added.

    “How does one even defend the performance of a team which has an upper hand during the first three days, with a 200-run lead in the first innings, to lose like this in the end?” He asked. Former PCB chairman Dr Nasim Ashraf, while talking to Dawn, said: “What happened today was so embarrassing. It made a complete mockery of Pakistan cricket and the entire team management. The captain should be fired for it!” For according to Dr Ashraf, it was captain Yousuf who, with his non-attacking stance, failed to prove himself as a wise leader on the field.

    “But if Yousuf was not right in his actions, there was also the team management led by Coach Intikhab Alam, which could have guided him into changing his strategy,” he said. He said that although Kamran Akmal, who dropped several catches behind the stumps, had a major role in the team’s defeat, he was not the lone reason for the debacle as there was no game plan of going for the kill even after dismissing Australia for a meagre score in the first innings. And making a game plan was the coach and captain’s responsibility, he added.

    “But what is required of us now is to look forward instead of glancing back. We better start planning for the 2011-World Cup right now by picking the best people in the team management and best players to meet the challenges of tomorrow,” he suggested. Dr Nasim warned that if the same kind of performance was allowed to continue, it would lead Pakistan cricket to a situation worse than our hockey where Pakistan may even lose its Test status.

    Meanwhile, Inzamam said that had Pakistan not dropped so many catches during the match, we could have easily defeated Australia and that, too, by a big margin. Holding both Pakistan’s batting and fielding responsible for the defeat, he said that you can’t even win one Test by dropping so many catches, what to talk of a series. Inzamam also said that Pakistan’s fielding had always remained unimpressive. But, he added, that it was still far better when compared to their current performance. He observed that the batsmen, too, seemed to lack confidence due to the lack of planning.

  11. #11 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 2:42 AM

    This is a very good article by Shoaib Alvi in Dawn of Jan. 7th if you have time read it, I do not want to copy paste it because it is a bit long and will fill up unnecessary space. Here is the link:–bi-04

  12. #12 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:31 AM


    Moin Khan has told a private TV channel that players from Karachi are discriminated against.

    He gave examples of Fawad Alam, and also said that Misbah should have played at no 3 instead of Faisal Iqbal.

    Moin Khan, a Punjabi who grew up in Karachi, has surprised me by making this statement because he was always very friendly with Punjab based players and he also had this stiff rivalry with Rashid Latif. In fact, Mushtaq Ahmed in an interview commented that Inzamam, Waqar, Wasim and other Punjabi players became good friends with Moin after Moin had learned to speak fluent Punjabi which was difficult growing up in Karachi.

  13. #13 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:33 AM


    Rashid Latif has given 2 interviews in the aftermath of the defeat in Sydney:

    1) He said that he had recommended to the PCB to rest Akmal for 6 months, but the PCB did not listen.

    2) He said that Malik, Misbah and Akmal has creating politics and disunity in the team.

  14. #14 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:35 AM

    Yousuf shuts the door on Afridi Comeback

    SYDNEY: Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf on Wednesday shut the door on an expected return of Shahid Afridi for the third Test against Australia in Hobart, saying that the all-rounder will find it tough to switch to the longest format of the game after playing extensive Twenty20 cricket.

    There have been reports that Afridi is willing to make his Test return and that the country’s cricket authorities might consider him for the final Test which begins from January 14. However, Yousuf said that it was highly unlikely.

    “First of all, I’m not sure whether he (Afridi) is really serious about playing Test cricket,” he said after Pakistan lost their second Test against Australia by 36 runs here at the Sydney Cricket Ground on Wednesday. “He seems to be confused. Sometimes he says I don’t want to play (Tests) and sometimes he says I want to play. I’m not too sure about him.”

    Yousuf said that even if Afridi was considered for the final Test, there were no guarantees whether he will be able to click in the dead rubber.

    “He (Afridi) has mostly been playing Twenty20 cricket and will find it very hard to switch to the Test mode,” he said.

  15. #15 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:38 AM

    A private TV channel has reported that Afridi, Razzaq and Rana have been recalled for the 3rd Test.

    However at the same time the press is reporting Yousuf does not want Afridi to play in the 3rd Test.

  16. #16 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:47 AM

    On 5th January Afridi said once more that he is available to play in the 3rd Test. But on 6th January, Yousuf is saying that he does not know if Afridi wants to play or not?

  17. #17 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:50 AM

    ‘Poor wicketkeeping main cause of Pakistan’s defeat’

    ISLAMABAD—Former Captain Rashid Latif has suggested to replace wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal with Sarfarz Ahmad saying, “Kamran’s poor wicketkeeping is the main cause of Pakistan’s defeat against Australia in the second Test at Sydney.“Kamran dropped plenty of catches only in one innings which cost dearly to the team. If you keep on playing with a wicketkeeper like him, the chances to win will always be very little,” he said commenting upon Pakistan’s defeat against Aussies. He said that technically Kamran was not fit for keeping as he was overweight. “Weight of a keeper plays an important role in his activeness. Kamran at present is 78kg, while he should not be over 65kg,” he said.
    Rashid Latif, who was a member of Pakistan outfit which defeated Australia last time in 1995 in a Test at Sydney, said that he had been backing Kamran for the last two years mainly because he was scoring runs for the team. “But his recent performance as a wicketkeeper has made it clear that he is not fit for the task,” he added. He said that he was unable to understand that why Sarfaraz and Fawad Alam were called back from Australia tour and demanded to hold an inquiry in this regard. Rashid was also critical of Shoaib Malik and Misba-ul-Haq and said that these two players should also not be part of the team. “Their exclusion will not only end politics in the team but will also enhance its performance,” he claimed.

  18. #18 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:52 AM

    Kaneria is first Pak spinner with 250 Test scalps

    Pakistan leg-spinner Danish Kaneria, who claimed five wickets in the second innings of the Sydney Test against Australia, has become the first Pakistan spinner to reach the milestone of 250 wickets in Test cricket.

    Kaneria, who has continued the tradition of great Pakistani leg-spin bowlers and possesses a very well disguised googly, performed the feat of taking five wickets in an innings for the 15th time, while he has taken ten wickets in a match twice in his 57-Test career, The Daily Times reports.

    The 30-year-old is now Pakistan’s highest wicket-taking spinner followed by former leg-spinner Abdul Qadir, who took 236 wickets in 67 Tests.

    He had made his international debut in 2000 against England at Faisalabad, and is fourth on the list of most Test wickets over all, only behind the greats Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Imran Khan.

  19. #19 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:56 AM

    According to the latest, it is expected Malik will replace either Iqbal or Misbah in the 3rd Test.

    PCB wants to keep at least 2 of Malik, Misbah and Akmal in the playing XI at one time.

  20. #20 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:57 AM

    Misbah and Faisal Iqbal must be sent back to Pakistan because they should never have played Test cricket in the first place. It is an insult to the pioneers of Test cricket and players like Ponting, Yousuf, Lara, Tendulkar, Dravid, Sehwag etc that this pathetic duo of Misbah and Faisal is playing Test cricket. These players are incapable of playing long innings, incapable of attacking, incapable of creating shots on good balls, they are incapable of doing anything what a good Test batsman is meant to do, so one must wonder why they are in the team? One can understand that Miandad is a respected figure and hence Faisal benefits from nepotism, but who the hell is Misbah to have survived for so long in the team? Or is it a different kind of “ism” i.e “regionalism”, that guarantees Misbah’s place in the team?

  21. #21 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:58 AM

    Yousuf’s defensive captaincy and reintroduction of Tableegh in the team is a curse on Pakistan cricket. 2 years ago, Afridi’s critics would have laughed at the thought of him becoming captain of the Test team. Now that seems like a possibility in the near future. Afridi can replace Iqbal, Misbah, Malik and any opener in the Test team, easily.

    This captivity of negativity is destroying Pakistan cricket, but Pakistanis can be freed from this captivity by compromising on some cultural norms. Firstly, players like Yousuf who cannot place winning and aggression as their top priorities must never be promoted to captain in the first place. Secondly, emotional and biased decisions such as playing Iqbal (nepotism) and playing Akmal, Malik and Misbah (regionalism) only hurt the country and the team and must not be tolerated. Thirdly, if there is one lesson that Pakistanis should learn from this defeat, it is that a keeper must never be in the team for his batting ability, unless he can bat like Gilchrist, Sangakkara or Dhoni, which Akmal cannot.

  22. #22 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:58 AM

    What is the reason for this curse, that even when Pakistan show sparks of skill and aggression in Tests, they run out of steam on the 4th and 5th days? Why is there some kind of mental block that prevents them from being aggressive and positive on all 5 days? In Yousuf, Pakistan has found another sluggish and defensive captain like Inzamam, who would rely more on divine intervention than motivating players or setting aggressive field placements. Plus, the way Yousuf was defending Akmal after the defeat shows that he is not a proactive and sharp captain who would take action against non-performers.

  23. #23 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:59 AM

    A keeper should NEVER be in the team on the basis of his batting skills. I have been advocating for Sarfraz Ahmed’s inclusion in the team since 2007, citing that no matter how many good innings Akmal plays, he will still drop catches and lose Pakistan matches singlehandedly. This is not the only match Akmal has helped Pakistan lose. The fact that Akmal has survived in the team until 2010 shows that he is a benefactor of politics. The reason Akmal still drops easy catches is because he knows it would be very difficult for him to be removed from the team for a significant amount of time. However, now he must be anxious of his place because dropping so many catches in one Test is criminal and even some of his staunch fans are calling for some kind of penalty for Akmal.

  24. #24 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 11:03 AM

    Yousuf blames Twenty20 for Sydney debacle

    Karachi, Jan 7 (PTI) Continuing his tirade against Twenty20, embattled Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf today blamed the proliferation of this format for his team’s bizarre defeat in the Sydney Test against Australia.

    Chasing 176 for a win, Pakistan imploded in their second innings for just 139 and Yousuf had no doubt that some of the players are interested only in Twenty20 and lacked the Test match temperament.

    “We had a golden chance to finally beat Australia in Australia and we let it go ourselves due to poor batting. I think the target of 176 runs was perfectly gettable on the Sydney pitch on the fourth day of the Test,” Yousuf told a television channel.

    “I get a feeling that most of the players are more interested in playing Twenty20 cricket.

  25. #25 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 11:25 AM


    A very good analysis, but do you understand that the Senate Committee said that Ijaz Butt runs the PCB like a grocery shop?

    Do you think this man who the Senate thinks never attended college, would be able to understand what you have written?

    Javed A Khan

    I don’t understand how a non-partisan, educated diplomat like Nasim Ashraf, who made decisions in the national interest and who has received so many medals for serving Pakistan, can be a worse Chairman than Ijaz Butt?

  26. #26 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 11:39 AM


    If you want Altaf to return to Pakastan, give him some kind of NRO amnesty that was given to Zardari & Co so that he cannot be tried for the cases against him.

    Or if Karachi had 65% of the country’s population, Altaf would not have needed to flee to the UK in the first place. In fact there would have been no MQM, but PKM- Punjab Komi Move-Mant 🙂

  27. #27 by Mohammed Munir on January 7, 2010 - 11:40 AM

    Yousuf calls for Pakistan to appoint a batting coach

    Is Yousuf hinting towards Inzimam here ??

  28. #28 by Mohammed Munir on January 7, 2010 - 11:42 AM

    Khansahab …

    Not Move-Mant … but “Moo-Munt” 😉

  29. #29 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 1:31 PM


    You have quoted Yousuf’s complaint about too much T20 cricket and he said, that is the main reason for his team’s defeat in Sydney. If that is the case then, the team should have played the test match’s second innings like a twenty20 game. Because the score was only 176 and for the T20 world champions it shouldn’t have been a problem. They shouldn’t have lost the 2nd test against Sri Lanka when they were chasing a target of 168 and were all out for 117.

    Actually they weren’t playing any game, neither twenty20, nor ODI nor, test match. They were simply out there humiliating and making fun of the nation, disappointing the fans and supporters and they are there because of the trivial politics that is being played by the PCB selectors and administrators who chose the wrong players on the basis of nepotism and regionalism that is also a big factor in demoralizing others.

    I have read Osman Samiuddin’s latest on cricinfo “Yousuf’s inquisition begins…” he has narrated how the four journalists who talked to him in Urdu grilled him. It is very strange that Yousuf is taking all the blame on himself to protect Kamran Akmal and Misbah, whereas he is negatively exposing Shahid Afridi by saying sometimes he says he wants to play test cricket and sometimes he doesn’t. Also, he is passing a verdict even before the case is open by saying “even if Afridi was considered for the final Test, there were no guarantees whether he will be able to click in the dead rubber. “He (Afridi) has mostly been playing Twenty20 cricket and will find it very hard to switch to the Test mode.”

    How easily Yousuf has forgotten what others thought about him and what he said when he was not selected for the first T20 WC in SA and Misbah ul Haq was selected in his place. As a resentment he went and joined the rebel league ICL. And, DNA had to dish out millions of rupees in compensation to bring him back.

    The reason Yousuf is scared to include Afridi in the team is because his captaincy (which is not going to last long in any case) would end up abruptly. His fear is the same as Mohammad Ilyass has that his son in law Imran Farhat’s place in the team would be in jeopardy. Same as Ijaz Butt has that Salman Butt’s career would be over, same as Malik and Misbah. Because, one man in the other man goes out. Even Javed Miandad said nothing about Afridi’s absence or inclusion in the team, because Faisal Iqbal would be dropped. So, no one is thinking positively and collectively, they are all thinking negatively and each one of them have individual motives and desires which we call, Nafsaa Nafsee.

  30. #30 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 1:55 PM

    ” Even if selected, there is no guarantee that Afridi will click in the dead rubber……….He (Afridi) has mostly been playing Twenty20 cricket and will find it very hard to switch to the Test mode.” Moulana Mohammad Yousuf Ibne-batuta, Mahir Balle Baaz, Hakim-uss-Siyaasat-e-Tableegh, Peer-e-Haal-e-Mustaqbill kay jaan baaz, previously known as Nostradamus Youhana, look alike of Rajesh Khana.

    1. There is no guarantee that Afridi will click in any match.
    2. There is no guarantee that ANY PAKISTANI PLAYER including Moulana can score big and win a match.
    3. If there is no guarantee for Afridi, what is the guarantee of Misbah scoring?

    If they replace Kamran Akmal with Sarfaraz and Misbah with Afridi and drop Faisal Iqbal to accommodate the 4th seamer in the team i.e., Aamer plus the three who played in the second test, then there will be 4 seamers and two spinners, Afridi and Kaneria. The bowling department would be very, very strong and one might argue that it is the batting that is letting Pakistan down, but look at these facts. In 4 test matches Mohammad Aamer scored jiust 20 runs less than Misbah. And, how many wickets he took? So, do they need a player like Misbah?

    Faisal Iqbal’s test average is 26 whereas Shahid Afridi’s test average is 37 and don’t forget his bowling. Afridi’s inclusion will be like a “load sharing” with Kaneria who keeps bowling a marathon sessions combined with the fact that Akmal drops his catches and out of frustration he bowls 4 good balls and 2 very bad balls and that is the reason he is very expensive.

    Under the circumstances and the available resources that Afridi is already in Australia, Sarfaraz is on his way, therefore the team for the 3rd test should be:

    1. Imran Farhat
    2. Salman Butt / Shoaib Malik
    3. Mohammad Yousuf
    4. Umar Akmal
    5. Shahid Afridi
    6. Sarfaraz Ahmad
    7. Mohammad Sami
    8. Mohammad Aamer
    9 Mohammad Asif
    10. Umar Gul
    11. Danish Kaneria

    12th man Misbah ul Haq.

  31. #31 by amir on January 7, 2010 - 3:18 PM

    hi guys kamran misbah and faisal must go for good and afridi must replace moulvi maher bale baaz sahib i was there when afridi captained first time in odi at wanderers and the way he was setting fields and was controling the game was just very refreshing even yunis khan is not that active in field as afridi is and right now we need a captain who is agressive and bold in taking his decesiöns and only think about team rather then individuals.talking about moulana’s captaincy he was not even sure of winning when aussies were 80 for 8 effectively this is all about winning mantelity which our skipper dnt have because our record as test team is not great today i was trying to recal any major test series victory in last ten years and i didnt come up with many and also how can pcb can choose a captain who is more interested in tableegh and wanted to make other captains and players muslim then beating them on cricket field he must choose his priorities pcb selected him to play cricket not for tableegh. Kamran and misbah are i think very expert and talented in what they say choli chuck and tat… chuck and all the time they are just carrying them otherwise i dnt knw why they are in team they dnt even desereve to be in touring party u wil see now in last match all these players will suddenly come into form and will score runs to seccure thier places for odi’s

  32. #32 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 3:47 PM

    England and South Africa 3rd test is at a very crucial juncture, England trying to draw the match are cornered by SA bowlers there are 3 overs remaining and Ian Bell along with Graeme Swan is there and as I was writing this sentence Ian Bell is gone too….. so the last pair of England needs to play 17 balls for a draw, which is highly unlikely because of Morkel and Styen’s deadly bowling……….. but, then it is not impossible besides they are not Pakistani players.

    India is well on its way to win this match against Bangladesh who played well and posted a total of 296 for 6 in 50 overs and India are 244 for 4 in 40.6 overs with Dhoni on 82 and Raina on 17 and it is very likely that India will win the match without any problem.

  33. #33 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 7, 2010 - 4:04 PM

    Pearls of Onions and Grand Swann saves the match for England. The draw means England still holds an upper hand in the series. If a test match goes down to the wire and till the last ball bowled you are biting your nails to know which way the match shifts, then it is indeed a great test match. If it ends in this fashion, even a drawn test match is as exciting as a T20 or an ODI.

    In the other match India needs 25 runs in 31 balls with Dhoni to complete is his much deserved 100, he is on 95 now.

  34. #34 by Shoaib on January 7, 2010 - 4:27 PM

    You mean to say that every unsuccessful poet is a husband…….

    Javed, Nahi bhai mera matlab yeh tha kay aadmi shaadi kay baad poet nahi rehta 😀

    khansahab, Munir sahab tried to fix the Move-munt but couldnt dare to write much incase MQM ”Jaanbaaz Sippaahii” would attack on him or his family. I too am scared as i have got wife to feed 😀 well let me try to rectify it further… its Mutheda Qomi Moot-Ment. ”Poori Qom kay moo per Mootaro” 😀 anyway it was just a joke but Khansahab if you are from MQM then let me say that i am not against MQM or didnt mean to hurt your feelings but i am not in ”Altaf Bhai’s” favour

    Have you seen the film ”Altaf bhai in India” against Pakistan, its worth to watch!
    You cannot miss Altaf Bhai’s picture where he is holding british passport and showing to the camera with great delight, i guess not even a ghareeb Pakistani with 5 unmarried sisters and widow mother would be as happy as he was 😀

    Again people can disagree and i dont mind as every one has their own idea to perceive things, nowadays Pakistan is a democratic country and the best revenge is the democracy. 😀 and also Pakistan Kheppay……Allah behter janey kidher Kheppa rahey hey yeh Pakistan ko .

    I am agree and kind regards to khansahab

  35. #35 by amir on January 7, 2010 - 7:53 PM

    what a match sa vs eng that is the quality u want to see in a test team england just managed to draw with last wicket pair on crease even sa never bowled badly just luck was not on thier side and dyrell cullinen summed it up very well that even it is a draw but cricket wins in end the way collingwood and ian bell batted it is a big lesson and shame for our pakistan players if they had any shame left in them.the wicket was not much different from melbourne and sydney and sa’s bowling was also much better then aussies but england batsman aplied themselves they had the mentle strength and best of all they were focused on cricket not ön politics ball was turning but england’s batsman never gifted thier wickets to paul harris like our so called best players of spin bowlling gifted to nathin hauritz moulana mahir bale baaz and co. need to learn a lot from these other teams he cnt just keep blaming 20twenty cause in last 4 months pakistan had played 8 test matches and only 3 twenty20 matches and most of batsman playing in the team were not even in those twenty20 teams and if these players wanted to play twenty20 or were influenced by that type of cricket why he never as captain of team send all the players back and asked pcb for players who got test cricket mentality. in my opinion best team for hobart is 1. imran farhat 2.salman butt i dont like both of them but after sohail and anwer this is the first pair which has done well in 4 tests consistantly there job was to take shine of new ball which they did but failed to play big innings 3 yunis khan/ shoaib malik if yunis arrives in time good otherwise i think malik will b a better option then faisal 4 muhammed yusef must forget about umer and tableegh and concentrate on his own batting 5 umer akmal just need better shot selection and patience 6 shahid afridi must take responsibility 7 sarfraz ahmed have to keep well 8 muhammed aamir hard luck sami 9 umer gul 10 muhammed asif 11 danish kaneria last 3 players performances speak for themselves 12 man kamran akmal to make him appriciate how lucky he was for being in playing 11

  36. #36 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 9:56 PM

    I have just seen a programme where Sarfraz Nawaz, Inzamam, Aamer Sohail and Mohsan Khan were sharing their views re Pakastan’s defeat. This is what they all said:


    There was match fixing. Akmal deliberately missed the run out chance and Yousuf deliberately captained negatively.

    The whole selection process is done on the basis of nepotism.

    Ijaz Butt does not know much about cricket. All the top administrators and selectors are his friends or relatives.

    Ijaz Butt spends more time running his business than managing the PCB.

    The nepotism and politics can be seen by the sending back of Fawad Alam, and the selection of Abdur Rauf whose inclusion was decided by Mian Munir of PML Nawaz, who is a member of the PCB’s governing board.

    Inzamam was fined under the Qayyum Report findings for match fixing. Then, an unnamed player from the ICL team Lahore Badshahs was fined by the ICL organisers for match fixing. On a TV channel a tape was played which contained a phone conversation between Saleem Altaf and Mohd Ilyas and they were talking about match fixing in the ICL, done by Lahore Badshahs. (Basically Sarfraz was trying to say that Inzamam is not an angel)

    Mohsan Khan:

    What Pakistan lacked was a solid gameplan- this is the responsibility of the captain and the team management.

    We need to have back ups for senior batsmen.

    Aamer Sohail:

    Pakastan needs more rotation in selection- we need to see more youngsters playing.

    Kamran Akmal was not dropped before because of his batting.


    Inzamam spoke a load of Mullah nonsense, nothing interesting.

  37. #37 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:13 PM

    Razzaq has injured his finger in a domestic match and will not play the ODI series in Australia.

  38. #38 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:31 PM

    Mohsan Khan made this crucial point about having back ups in the team for senior batsmen.

    The problem is, when are Malik, Misbah, Yousuf ever dropped for there to be back ups in the first place?

    You need to give your youngsters more exposure to international cricket so that they can stand as back ups to senior batsmen. But, in Pakistan player power is so strong that all the major batsmen cannot be dropped. When chances are created, like in this series when Afridi and Younis are not playing, people like Faisal Iqbal are played because of sources.

    So how the hell do you expect to create back ups?

    When Fawad Alam was given a chance, it was always on the basis that if he would make one mistake, he would be dropped. And then after 2 or 3 mistakes he was dropped. This happened in those matches when most batsmen failed, too. But, the team management didn’t take these matters into consideration.

    Due to player power and controversial selections of players like Malik and Misbah, Pakistan finds itself in this situation where there are no good back ups. Hence, unless some prodigious talent like Umer Akmal appears on the scene, Pakistan will well and truly only match teams like Bangladesh and Zimbabwe.

  39. #39 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 10:36 PM


    Do you agree this is the best Test team for Pakistan?

    Butt/Farhat/Ahmed Shahzad/any opener
    Fawad Alam
    Mohammad Yousaf
    Younas Khan
    Umer Akmal
    Shahid Afridi
    Sarfraz Ahmed

    Razzaq, Ajmal, Sohail Khan, one opener, another fast bowler etc

  40. #40 by khansahab on January 7, 2010 - 11:19 PM


    I am quite sure that Umer AKmal will not be as brilliant when playing against the new ball. He is not Sehwag, that he will be able to rip the opposition apart. Even Viv Richards used to bat in the middle order?

    I am not saying Umer will definitely fail, but Pakistan has always sacrificed players like Younis Khan and Fawad Alam to bat above their natural positions. Younis survived batting at no 3, in fact for most of his career he has batted like a makeshift opener.

    Yousuf, Malik, Misbah- these guys don’t want to bat any position higher than no 4, because they don’t want to play the moving ball.

  41. #41 by Shoaib on January 8, 2010 - 12:17 AM

    This is interesting situation, every one is announcing their own final 11 like selectors butttt end if the day butt will approve it and again we will see batting line up from salmon butt to shark faced na-kamran khetmel,Ive stopped watching cricket and now I only watch wwe 🙂

  42. #42 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 8, 2010 - 12:20 AM


    To celebrate Tiger Woods’ successful career, Pfizer has decided to launch the 2nd phase of its ED medicine under the name Tiagara with the slogan good for 18 holes. 😀

    Where are all the good guys who used to write jokes and laugh about?

  43. #43 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 8, 2010 - 5:12 AM

    According to a strongly worded directive from the PCB Sarfaraz Ahmad will definitely play in the Hobart test match, but it is not clear whether Kamran Akmal will play as a specialist batsman or will he be dropped?

    Former Australian wicketkeeper Ian Healy has offered his services to help Kamran Akmal regain his confidence. He said, he has worked with Kamran during the Boxing Day Test in Melbourne but, could not provide an immediate fix in Sydney because of his commitments with Channel Nine. He said he could meet him again in Hobart and was under the impression that his difficulties standing up to the stumps could be resolved. According to him sSometimes the left-handed batsman gets quite difficult with the back lift high under his eyes and Kaneria probably threatens to spin it more than he actually spins it. So he is worrying is it going to spin or bounce or go straight on,’’ Healy said. “I think we can fix it easily enough and he probably needs to spend some time in the nets with Kaneria.’’

    I don’t think it is that easy and I am very sure that Kaneria was NOT spinning it too much or the ball was bouncing very high. The three catches of Hussey he dropped none of them were difficult. In fact the second one was a dolly or a bunny as the Australians call it. Secondly, what about the catches he dropped from the fast bowlers? Those are simple regulation catches which he floored so many times. If one calculates Kamran Akmal’s dropped catches I am sure he must have made a century of dropped catches.

    Rashid Latif says, Kamran needs to be dropped. According to him Kamran is not only fumbling with the ball but, he is over weight for his height and wearing a big helmet is keeping him off-balanced.–bi-02

    As a spectator and from whatever little experience I have, I can see that Kamran’s posture is not correct i.e., when he sitting on his haunches he is not on his toes but he appears to be flat footed or his weight is not distributed towards the front and, that makes him a little more stiff and jerky when he is collecting the ball. He needs to be more easy and relaxed. Like batsmen practice a shot in the air, he too must keep on practicing to continue the backward momentum of his hands like he is collecting the ball with smooth and soft hands rather than stopping them when he collects the ball or, take them forward towards the stumps. The ball needs to be collected in the same momentum i.e., his hands should be going backwards. The stumping is a reflex action it comes automatically when you collect the ball cleanly. If you are very tense and anxious then holding the ball will always be a problem. Like Ian Chappel said, “Someone please remove the brick from his gloves.”

    I don’t know how many of you have observed that sometimes, when Hauritz is bowling, Brad Haddin collects the ball a few inches ahead of the stumps, which is a NO-BALL. I have seen this in the Melbourne test. In the Sydney test the commentators pointed out this error by showing it from the sides that his gloves were ahead of the stumps before the ball is collected. Ian Chappel said, that is a no-ball. to call it a no-ball. If Haddin takes a catch or stumps cleanly and if t his error goes unnoticed then it is not fair. Therefore, it is the job of the square leg umpire to keep a sharp eye on this just like the other umpire keeps his eye on the line no-ball.

  44. #44 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 8, 2010 - 5:53 AM

    When we used to play cricket at school level, I remember the wicketkeepers used to wear cotton inner gloves inside the big leather gloves and most of the time the cotton gloves were soaked in cold water.

    I know that Gray-Nicolls and a few other branded names sell inner padded chamois palm gloves. But, generally they don’t damp them in water. In Pakistan Sialkot is famous for manufacturing sports goods likewise, in India Bihari Lal, Dipak and Mahajan etc., from Kanpur and Chennai are selling in bulk but, the quality is not that great. The leather is not of very high quality. Like the good and expensive cars have perforated leather seats that allows the leather to breathe easier, likewise, the wicketkeeping gloves can also be of very high quality leather and perforated so at the time of impact *(catching)* the air puffs out and the ball lands safely into the palms.

    1. We used to play in hot conditions so the cold water soaked inner gloves used to help in keeping the hands comfortable at normal temperatures.
    2. The extra layer of cotton lining used to absorb the bounce and the shock at the time of impact and the ball used to remain in the gloves and not jump out.
    3. The leather gloves were not very smooth and shiny but more like suede texture but pure leather. I see some of the wicketkeeping leather gloves these days are very shiny in the palm area. Which I think is not a very good idea unless they are perforated.

    If Adam Gilchrist is to be believed for the secret behind his blistering 149-run knock in the World Cup final against Sri Lanka is an innocuous squash ball in his batting glove, then using cotton inner gloves soaked in water should also help wicketkeepers in catching the ball more comfortably.

  45. #45 by amir on January 8, 2010 - 6:26 AM

    aussies want kamran akmal to play in hobart as well cause they want him to give more chances to thier batsman thats the reason ian healy is giving hope to pak manegement that problems of kamran can be sorted out but all these problems are with kamran from time he started playing his cricket and r matured with him now so its not easy to get rid of them rashid latif was 110% right that he is needed to be dropped. You guys had noticed how aussie comentators were praising faisal iqbal and were comparing his bating style with miandad as he is pakistan’s next big thing even umer and moulana didnt get that much praises they definately want him to play in all three matches

  46. #46 by amir on January 8, 2010 - 2:14 PM

    intikhab alam had said that keneria lacks what it take to be a great. Talking to THE NEWS he said that even he had taken 250 wickets he dnt knw where to bowl to a batsman and leaks too many runs he also said that kamran akmal needs rest and his bad performance was because of playing a lot of cricket. I think inti got a short term memory he is criticising a player who was highest wicket taker in second innings and on who’s bowling kamran dropped three vital catches even if had taken one of them aussies are never going to make even 80 runs lead kaneria leak runs out of frustration cause he tries to get wickets without the help of fielders and bowl too straight and thus leak runs

  47. #47 by khansahab on January 8, 2010 - 2:34 PM


    I am surprised by this pathetic statement from Inti. I have criticised Kaneria myself in the past, but at the moment Kaneria needs sympathy because of the effect Akmal’s keeping has had on his form and career.

    In fact, Kaneria became a less potent bowler ever since Akmal became Pakistan’s full time keeper.

    Inti is there to protect Akmal, Malik and Misbah and play politics so that is precisely what he is doing. Shame on you Inti Alam. A fat, senile and ineffective coach, only there because of politics.

    Pakistan won the T20 World Cup because of Younis, Afridi and Gul and they won the 1992 World Cup because of Imran Khan’s leadership mainly and good individual efforts by Miandad and Wasim Akram. Inti is very lucky he was the coach on both occasions but now the PCB must sack him because he is no good.

    You will not see this anywhere else in the world, that a coach is criticising the team’s premier strike bowler like this on a tour especially after the keeper dropped 4 catches off his bowling. Shame on you Inti.

  48. #48 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 8, 2010 - 4:03 PM

    khansahab & amir

    exactly this is what I felt after reading Inti Alam’s negative comments on Kaneria. That senile MF coach should have realized that there is a 3rd test to be played and the guy who took most wickets and most catches were dropped of his bowling in that match he is criticizing him and not Kamran Akmal? What a ch2So4 he is?

    Intikhab Alam, you don’t deserve to be the coach, manager or even a peon of the PCB, you deserve a kick on your ass, go get lost you MF bastard, you are a negative influence on the players and you are a trivial politician who is retarted. And, btw you were never a good player in your life. The best thing you can do is go to Haryana and lick the balls of their cricket association and be their coach. You don’t deserve to be called a Pakistani. Shame on you.

  49. #49 by khansahab on January 8, 2010 - 6:16 PM

    Jamshed Dasti, the MNA who accused Younis Khan of match fixing and who has previously spoken out against Ijaz Butt, said yesterday that Ijaz Butt should go to jail and the entire PCB management should be sacked.

    There were some doubts about Dasti’s sincerity when he criticised Younis Khan, as some people thought Dasti is a Pathan and is creating this drama to create sympathy for Younis. However, Dasti is not a Pathan, but a Punjabi and these rumours were therefore baseless.

    Although Dasti might have been uncouth or biased, or whatever, I totally support his outbursts against Ijaz Butt. The only problem is that the Sports Ministry and the President’s office are not taking any notice of his concerns.

    How come Pakistanis had zero patience with Nasim Ashraf, but don’t seem to mind Ijaz Butt?

  50. #50 by Maza786 on January 8, 2010 - 6:50 PM

    Imran Tahir has been called up 🙂

  51. #51 by Maza786 on January 8, 2010 - 6:52 PM

    still can’t seem to get over the daunting and devastating defeat. The fact that they dominated the scene for 3 days but yet ended up on the losing side says something about their capability to collapse like no other sporting unit. We are now strongly facing the possibility of another Australian whitewash just like we did 5 years back. What an embarrassment that will undoubtedly be. But with the series more or less over and the final match being a dead rubber the PCB should make some drastic alterations for the better. We can’t accept results of such depression and hurt and further. As Kamran Abbasi says on pakspin, Pak cric is going through the most crucial period in its unpredictable history of ups and downs currently. Following years of unpredictability and international isolation it is a time of literally “make” or “break” for the cricketing passionate but starved nation. Hence, key planning and wise decisions from the authorities are essential. Lets hope our corrupt nepotistic board can turn a corner and use some wisdom at long last.

    This is what I would do had I been in the authorities position:

    1) Drop tinny butter fingers Kami. His flaws have proved so costly.

    2) Sack the MoYo and appoint Shahid Afridi or even Salman Butt. Trust me Salman strikes as “captaincy material” in test cricket at least.

    3) Drop Faisal and Misbah Ul Huq . Bring in Imran Nazir. Such a gifted counter attack player who could and will be an asset in the middle order for test cricket. He is an opener by trade but I can identify a talent and personal strength.

    4)Play an all rounder. The team balance has been affected without. Rana, Razzaq or Yasir Arafat who could bat at no8 and of course bowl. The batting has lacked depth for sure which has come as a part downfall in both 4th innings chases. Instead the tail batted as if they hadn’t lifted the piece of willow before.

  52. #52 by Maza786 on January 8, 2010 - 6:54 PM

    What an inspirational article from Kamran Abbasi ! He is 100% right. Cricket hai Pakistan ki jaan…
    Without the nation would be incomplete big time. It is more than just a game. It is a forefront economical and social activity which also influences the political front.

    Therefore, we as citizens and passionate dedicated supporters must keep it alive. We must campaign and maintain supportiveness and passionate. After all we can’t let our country collapse. We care for the future.Especially at this crucial period of time.

    President Zadari and PCB management get a grip !

  53. #53 by Maza786 on January 8, 2010 - 6:58 PM

    That may sound unrealistic now people but that may well be an eventuality if we are not cautious or the authorities are not cautious shall I say. We all know how badly the nations image has been affected during the “noughties” decade. Cricket or other arts along with international help and hope can only rescue us and ensure this decade doesn’t bring much of the same. Therefore, we must raise awareness over the sports significance before it’s too late. Over emotional or not Kamran has shown his passion and patriotism towards Pakistan. What a wonderful individual he is. In my opinion his campaigning and raising of concerns for the games survival in his and our beloved nation is necessary for the foreseeable future.

  54. #54 by khansahab on January 8, 2010 - 8:42 PM

    Basit Ali has told GEO TV that the reason for the team’s recent bad performances are 3 players and once they’re removed, the performances will be fine. The three players are:

    1) Shoaib Malik
    2) Kamran Akmal
    3) Misbah ul Haq

    Rashid Latif also mentioned these 3 players recently and said that they are creating politics in the team.

    Legslip has been campaigning against these 3 players for over a year.

  55. #55 by amir on January 8, 2010 - 8:49 PM

    south africa has called imran tahir who was a former pakistan A representative to play in final test at wanderers against england.imran tahir had also represented middlesex, yorkshire, and hampshire in the county championship.he has taken a lot of wickets for Easterns in the amateur competition this year hope he will play and will bowl well good luck imran

  56. #56 by amir on January 8, 2010 - 9:27 PM

    khansahib and u can write for next five more years but still cant get rid of these ba….ds these guys at pcb are such dumb fuck a..ho..s they dont have any vision education or morality they dnt care about millions of pakistani supporters the only thing they think is money and ways of bringing thier relatives in the team it is because of them that whole nation is getting embaraced i had learned that jeff lawson former pakistan coach was there in sydney on forth day wearing a pakistan cricket blazer and anticipating a pak victory i dnt knw how mr.butthead had felt about it cause he is the one who kicked him out and how much embarced mr.lawsom had been in front of his own country man aparently he was only voice in aussie media which was sympathatic to pak team b4 and during the match

  57. #57 by Arshad Khan on January 8, 2010 - 10:02 PM

    As long as we have politics in the team Pakistan team will never succeed. the only way Pakistan team can come back strong is 1st they need to end the politics and 2nd they need to have pride for their country and play for the respect of their country like South Africa, Australia, and India. They are strong team because they want to lighten up their country name and they work hard as a team to perform well. The thing i don’t i understand the most is ANY OF YOU NOTICE OUR OPENERS AVERAGE. Example Salman Butt whose average is only 29 and Imran Fahat is only 34 how should we expect anything from these opener when both batsmen average added up is lower than Australian 5th Batsmen. WE need stronger opener with strong Averages to score some runs in the beginning so the team spirit is lifted and the rest of the batsmen don’t feel to much pressure. But to really improve our team PCB needs to change the team from the roots and only leave Afridi and the bowlers in the team and bring fresh batsmen. Our biggest problem is our batsmen line up because you can’t complain from the bowler since Pakistan has the best of the best bowler and they are doing their job.

  58. #58 by khansahab on January 8, 2010 - 10:36 PM

    Either Akbal Kassam, the Chief Selector, has gone senile like Antakhab Alam, or he is following someone else’s directions. Previously Kassam was saying that Younas needs to show form in domestic matches before he is sent to Australia, and recently he has changed his statement and said that Younas will definitely be sent to Australia notwithstanding his domestic form.

    Meanwhile, a lot of people are speculating that Rashad Latif has made this anti-Malik/Misbah/Akmal statement on behalf of Younas Khan.

  59. #59 by khansahab on January 8, 2010 - 10:55 PM

    Comments from Salahuddin Sallu’s interview to Geo:

    Player indiscipline is the biggest problem in Pakistan cricket.

    Ijaz Butt has appointed his relatives in important PCB positions.

    Wasim Bari is a yes-man and an incompetent administrator.

    Being a former cricketer does not mean one will also be a good cricket administrator.

    The selection policy is not fair.

  60. #60 by khansahab on January 9, 2010 - 9:56 AM

    Mohammad Yousuf: “I’m not saying don’t criticize us but maybe it should be more constructive and focus on the positives too

    What kind of BS is that?

    Why do you want constructive criticism and focus on the positives when your negative captaincy has lost Pakistan the match?

    He is still not there to win. He has premeditated that his side will lose. And despite that he played Misbah and now he wants to play Malik. Despite that he refused to play Afridi, Fawad Alam.

    What the F is wrong with these people that they go to a foreign tour thinking they will definitely be defeated and then they want credit for one or two good sessions? What kind of captain and team management goes to tour with this mindset that they will be beaten and criticism should be constructive?

  61. #61 by khansahab on January 9, 2010 - 12:19 PM


    What you are saying is right, but they need good leadership for all that to happen. For example, this senior player culture needs to end. Selection should be done on the basis of form and not seniority. Iqbal Qasim admitted in a recent TV interview that Shoaib Malik keeps getting selected because he is a “senior” player. What kind of senior player is Malik, when he can’t even play Test cricket?

    You have spoken about the need to have Umer Akmals and Afridis in the team and how Sehwag is important to the Indian team. In my opinion players like Malik and Misbah have caused players like Afridi to be ignored in Test cricket. That is because, there is a risk factor with players like Afridi and for an Afridi, you need a player like Yousuf who can help stabilise proceedings. But in Pakistan, the nothing players Malik and Misbah created his greater risk, as in Test cricket they can never perform outstandingly, and due to their scores of 20 and 30 they are never bad enough to warrant the selectors ignoring them completely- although mediocre players must never play Test cricket, per se.

    So, playing Afridi along with players like Malik and Misbah means a weak batting order, because if Afridi fails, Malik and Misbah are likely to fail or extremely unlikely to score more than 35.

    I was reading on a different blog and I agree with this, that when Malik is “in form” in ODI’s he scores 35 odd and on that basis he is selected for a subsequent ODI series. When he is not in form, he finds it hard to score past 10. In the last 2 years this is what has happened with him in Tests too- being in the team on the basis of scoring 30, which is just not a good enough score for a specialist middle order batsman to make.

    That is exactly why I have been more anti-Malik since he became captain and started batting in the middle order. If you are batting as opener or at no 3 and you make 30, that is more pardonable than if you are batting at no 5 or 6 and you make 30. Of course, one of the reasons for this is because it is difficult for a Pakistani batsman to score when the ball is moving. Hence I used to give Malik credit when he was batting at no 3 in ODI’s, or when he batted as opener for a while.

  62. #62 by khansahab on January 9, 2010 - 12:33 PM


    Do you remember when I said Faisal Iqbal is a better Test batsman than Shoaib Malik? This is what I was alluding to:

    Both of them average 24 in Australia.

    Iqbal averages 39 in NZ, Malik averages 12.

    Malik averages more in Sri Lanka, where pitches are flatter. Iqbal averages more in Pakistan.

    Apart from that there are no other valid comparables that I can use to compare the 2 as far as performance on different pitches are concerned. For example, Malik has not played a Test in England, but Faisal has.

    But this is the biggest indicator- in the matches Pakistan has won, Iqbal averages 40 and averages 19 in the matches Pakistan has lost when he has been in the team. Now, Malik averages 30 in those matches Pakistan has won when Malik has been playing, and he averages 28 in those matches Pakistan has lost.

    So there is a difference of only 2 there.

    Plus, Iqbal’s average is 27 in Tests, but he averages a respectable 40 in those matches Pakistan has won, whereas Malik’s average is 36, but he averages only 30 (less than career average) in those matches Pakistan has won when he has been playing.

    Hence I find it reasonable to say that Iqbal is a better Test batsman. At least Iqbal’s performances have helped Pakistan win more than Malik’s? There is not a lot of difference in fielding between the 2, and Malik is a useless bowler anyway.

  63. #63 by khansahab on January 9, 2010 - 12:42 PM

    Pak selectors to make major changes for ODI series Down Under

    Lahore, Jan 9: Pakistan selection committee has reportedly made some major changes in the squad for the ODI series against Australia, starting from January 22.

    According to reports, the selectors have also decided to give chance to youngsters after the teams pathetic performance in the Test series.

    It is believed that six players including former captain Younis Khan are set to make the squad along with Shahid Afridi, Fawad Alam, Rao Iftikhar, Khalid Latif and Naved Yasin, while Misbah-ul-Haq, Faisal Iqbal, Danish Kaneria, Mohammad Sami and Khurram Manzoor will return from Australia, The Dawn reports.

    Earlier, Pakistan chief selector Iqbal Qasim had said that the selectors will consider Younis for the ODI series.

    We believe that Younus has a definite role in Pakistan team and we would like to see him join the team for the five one-day internationals. We want him to regain his batting confidence, Qasim had said.

    Skipper Mohammad Yousuf has also made desperate calls to send the experienced batsman to Australia to bolster the batting line-up, which has failed so far in the tour.

  64. #64 by khansahab on January 9, 2010 - 1:01 PM


    Totally agree. My point was never that Iqbal should be in the team, it was just that I would not drop him to accommodate Malik.

  65. #65 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 9, 2010 - 1:54 PM

    Rao Iftikhar, Khalid Latif in ODI? And who is this Naved Yasin? Why not Shahzaib Hasan Khan the opener who scored well earlier where is he? Rao Iftikhar bowls very erratically, one day he is fine the other day he is smashed all over the park. He is another Rana Nayee. Since Abdul Razzaq is injured they are filling the spots and sending Sami back is not a good idea, especially when they have not seen him bowling in the third test. Unless they plan to drop him in the third test after his fine spell at the SCG. He is the one who set the trend and wiped off the top order and Australia went into their shell and Asif exploited. The pitch was flat after that and no fast bowler was able to get any wickets. In my opinion Sami is any time better than Rao and he must stay with the team.

    What will be the ODI team like? Any comments?

  66. #66 by khansahab on January 9, 2010 - 2:33 PM

    Javed A Khan

    Neither Shahzaib Hasan Khan, nor fellow Karachiite Asad Shafiq have been considered. Instead the Multan based Yasin is being sent.

    Yasin is being sent on the pretext of being the 2nd highest scorer in some recent domestic tournament, however Shafiq scored more than him (so was the leading scorer).

    Khalid Latif might do a better job than Farhat in ODI’s, let’s see.

    I think the first choice team would definitely be:

    Umer Akmal
    K Akmal

    I guess if Malik scores more than 30 in the Hobart Test, he will open with either Butt or Farhat.

    I would use this team:

    Sarfraz Ahmed
    Umer Akmal
    F Alam

  67. #67 by Maza786 on January 9, 2010 - 4:14 PM

    Top win for PakU19. Shahzad and Qadir stealing the headlines.

  68. #68 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 9, 2010 - 7:37 PM


    Your team is good. But, they will not play those players and you are probably right Kamran Akmal will still play in OD’s. It all depends on Hobart test because the PCB wants Sarfaraz to replace Kamran, so they will not play Kamran in the 3rd test. If Sarfarz keeps the wickets well, takes catches instead of dropping them and also scores good runs, then Kamran is out from the ODI. Unless they play him as an opener in place of Butt or Farhat.

  69. #69 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 9, 2010 - 7:41 PM

    Abdul Maza, no wonder why the NZ police is after Shahzad and Qadir.

  70. #70 by amir on January 9, 2010 - 8:45 PM

    hey guys any1 read the story about kamran akmal in THE NEWS according to it he was baby sitting his child the whole night before third days play according to the news his wife went to sleep early and many people saw kamran walking whole night in the hotel loby trying to make the child calm. I dnt mind it at all cause i dnt think he can catch the ball any way whether he is sleeping or not but what a big embaracement and another shame for team manegement specialy inti and moulana they dnt even knw what thier players are doing during such an important test match. just having another thought that why mr.khatmal never gave this baby sitting job to this waile nakhattu inkhaab alam e panh he is not doing anything with the team and he cant coach so may be he can do baby sitting well for his best wicketkeeper batsman

  71. #71 by khansahab on January 10, 2010 - 12:16 AM


    It seems like drama to me. They have contrived this to protect Akmal and show that it is an isolated incident because he was up all night.

    Whatever the case, his wife should be aware enough to know that her husband needs his 8 hours of sleep, on an important foreign tour. If this news story is true, then the Akmal household is totally dumb. In fact if Akmal is so dumb he should not be playing international cricket anyway.

  72. #72 by khansahab on January 10, 2010 - 10:13 AM

    I will play the third Test: Kamran Akmal

    His place in the team is uncertain after the dismay performance in Sydney, but Pakistan stumper Kamran Akmal claims he has the support of his team-mates and is confident of playing in the third Test against Australia in Hobart starting on Thursday.

    Akmal said he is expecting to take part in the final Test as a specialist glovesman, despite the Pakistan Cricket Board rushing Sarfraz Ahmed as his replacement for the game.

    “I was very successful with my batting and wicketkeeping on the New Zealand tour and before the New Zealand tour. So I was very happy. But I think the third day of the Sydney Test match was not good for me – this happens,” he was quoted as saying by the Australian Associated Press.

    “I’m very keen. My confidence is very high. Inshallah, definitely, for this upcoming Test match … I will perform very well.

    “The management is very confident for me. Coaches Intikhab Alam, Waqar Younis, Aqib Javed, and my teammates are all confident. I will play the third Test match and more matches for my country,” he said.

    Akmal dropped as many as four catches and missed a run out chance during the third day of the second Test, which played a crucial part in Pakistan’s devastating 36-run loss at the hands of Australia in Sydney.

    But the 27-year-old wicket-keeper batsman said it was just an off-day for him which any cricketer has to face in his or her career.

    “I’ve been picked for the Pakistan team for the past ten years and for the last eight years I’ve been playing as wicketkeeper/batsman.

    “I know the people are very disappointed for this performance in the Sydney Test match – definitely back home the situation is very crazy. My feeling is also very bad after the Sydney Test match because I think four dropped catches is enough,” Akmal said.

    “I’m concentrating on calming down and performing well in the next Test match. It was a bad day, the third day of the Sydney Test, I think it was my worst day.

    “But it is equal for any cricketer. Ricky Ponting is one of the best batsman but he’s not getting too many runs at the moment,” he added.

  73. #73 by khansahab on January 10, 2010 - 10:21 AM

    If Akmal plays in the 3rd Test then what more confirmation do we need that there is politics in the team based on regionalism?

    Why are they destroying Sarfraz Ahmed’s career like this when Akmal made criminal errors in the Sydney Test?

    Akmal should know that the margin of error for a wicketkeeper is very low. This is a stupid comment that Ponting is also going through a bad patch because Ponting is a captain, a world class batsman and the margin of error for him is greater. He can get back into form anytime but Akmal has been dropping catches like these for many years now.

    I didn’t know that regionalism was so deep rooted in the Pakistani psyche that after so much has happened, Akmal’s career still has a chance to be salvaged.

  74. #74 by khansahab on January 10, 2010 - 10:53 AM


    The following are some statements from an interview given by a PCB source to a media agency:

    PCB did not even consult the team management when they decided to send Sarfraz Ahmed to Australia.

    Akmal is not as innocent as he looks as he has been playing politics for too long.

    The same group of players who are now supporting Akmal to remain in the team are the ones who formed a group against Younis Khan, which led Younis to resign.

  75. #75 by amir on January 10, 2010 - 1:17 PM

    khatmal says that he thinks four chances are enough but who gives a f what he thinks. he can also think in future that four chances are not enough like he thought through whole last 8 10 years he also thinks that he had a succesful career but its better for him that instead of thinking he should ask kaneria and sami that what the f they think of his successful career his coments about ponting are just as pathetic as pathetic player he is if he is going to play in hobart i m not gonna have any confidence left in pakistan cricket it is beyond imagination

  76. #76 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 10, 2010 - 3:23 PM

    Since when Rana nayee has been labeled as an “all-rounder”? Dawn has quoted: “All-rounder Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, who along with Afridi is already in Australia playing Twenty20 cricket there is also likely to get a place in the team.”

    Kamran Akmal’s dhuttayee and bayghairati represents the culture and the background he comes from as well as the upbringing and grooming that he received. Instead of insisting that I will play in third test, he should have said, ” I am ashamed of my performance, and I need a break.” But, he is like those thick skinned politicians who somehow manage to stick to power and then they don’t leave until they are kicked out.

    Because of these off the cuff management and wayward decision making the PCB is dishing out more money than normal e.g., the amount of money they had to spend on Fawad Alam and Sarfaraz’s air ticket would be much more expensive than if they had stayed with the team in Australia. Secondly, the psyche of a player is affected when you play yo-yo with his career, and they jolly well know about this, for this reason they have not sent back Malik and Misbah. They also know that Misbah if sent back his career will be over.

    Interestingly Malik was asked by the tour team management if he would like to play the second test at Sydney? Malik, after seeing grass on the pitch realized that it would be difficult to play on a seaming wicket made an excuse this he has a sore shoulder. He is very clever (he is pukka, pukka meesna) realized that he won’t be able to score on a seaming wicket and if he fails again, there is no chance of his return. Now there is a strong rumour that he will play in the 3rd test in place of Misbah, but the rumour is also around that Kamran Akmal will play as a specialist batsman. Umar Akmal, in support for his Baray Bhai jaan has hurt his back and wants to sacrifice his place for his bhaijaan.

  77. #77 by Arshad Khan on January 10, 2010 - 4:52 PM

    As you all read the article on Kamran Akmal on He is talking like he owns Pakistan, PCB and the cricket team. They way his voice tone is like he is the boss and he gets to decide if stays in the team or take a brake and nobody else can tell him anything. What frustrates me the most is that after this Horrible performance he still comes out and talk and say that people needs to look at his past performance and judge him by that but the problem is, if you look at his career since he joined Pakistan team he always struggle behind the stump dropping catches. Another thing he is saying he is a good batsmen and Yousuf is backing him also saying he is a strong batsmen and we cannot let him go. I haven’t seen him in any game that he perform well the only place he got lucky was in NZ test game but that don’t make him a good batsmen. Yousuf and Akmal are talking like Akmal is the best batsmen in the World and we don’t have no talent in Pakistan that can replace him. The way akmal is talking he knows that he is not loosing his place because 5-6 senior players are backing him up including our Unprofessional Captain. Kamran Akmal needs to admit he is the worst wicket Keeper in the WORLD or in his case UNIVERSE. He needs to leave international Cricket and if you wants to play for Pakistan he should work hard and get in form then come back to the side and show he is worthy of his spot. I don’t care how bad or good pakistan teams gets they always produced BEST OF BEST Wicket Keeper that made HISTORY IN CRICKET, For example Rashid Latif and MOIN Khan. I don’t know where they picked up this CLOWN HE SHOULD BE IN CIRCUS PERFORMING WITH ANIMALS. NOW to the captain, Mohammad Yousuf Needs to admit he is the worst captain the History of Cricket has ever seen and he don’t have the SKILLS of a LEADER and he needs to Retire. PCB and our cricket Team needs to ADMIT that YOUNIS KHAN was an EXCELLENT CAPTAIN and that they made a MISTAKE letting him GO, At least he won the Country a World Cup.

  78. #78 by amir on January 10, 2010 - 8:48 PM

    moulana azeem kaptaan had said that people are only criticising the team they must see the positives also he said that team played wel for 3 days and only had 1 bad day he said that team is going to play wel in hobart he also said that I AM NOT SAYING THAT WE ARE GOING TO WIN IN HOBART BUT WE WILL TRY TO PLAY GOOD CRICKET what is good cricket if u r playing to win dnt knw from where pcb got this ch…a captain he needs to knw that he is not playing his mohala cricket he is representing pakistan nation even if zimbabwe wil b playing aussies thier captain wil never say that he is not sure of winning especialy in press can any one tel this f….ng as…le that he is destroying the winning mantality of young cricketers who are representing pakistan at junior level infect he is destroying the whole future of pakistan cricket by his negitive statments aussie cricket is strong cause u wil never hear like that from ponting whether pakistan wins in hobart which i realy doubt he needed to be sacked and forcefuly retiered for his negetivity

  79. #79 by khansahab on January 10, 2010 - 10:57 PM


    Do you not think that the cricketers are so intelligent that they know that a few players don’t speak Punjabi and have different cultures?

    You can say that when a raw player emerges onto the international scene he will know very little of the world around him, but guys like Malik, Akmal etc have visited so many cities, given so many media interviews, met so many non Punjabis- you pick things up and realise that this is not Punjab, but Pakistan you are dealing with here.

    Plus, I bet someone like Umer Akmal can probably speak better Urdu than Punjabi. That is just how Pakistan is changing as there is more awareness amongst people and the young generation is more comfortable with Urdu than their own mother tongues, unless they are living in a village.

    I know to a Karachiite, Lahore would kinda seem like a village no matter how many Model Towns are built in Lahore, but the fact is that 90% of these Punjabi cricketers live in Lahore, and Lahore is not a village per se. So, you will see people speaking in English, Urdu, and other languages.

    For these reasons I disagree that these cricketers just feel more comfortable around others who speak Punjabi or behave the same way as them- there is something more than that, something sinister and political. If they want to play like a team and be like one, they need to abandon Punjabi and gel in with everyone. But this will never happen because it is contrary to the culture.

    You are asking the impossible by suggesting they should speak Urdu. Even when Punjabi people know there is a non-Punjabi speaker sitting in their midst, they still speak Punjabi. Educated Punjabis do that, and you are expecting these cricketers to rise above that? In an ideal world they would, but as I said it is something very deep rooted in Punjabi culture and cannot be removed. The only way I see this happening is more urbanised, younger generation players like Umer Akmal coming into the picture.

  80. #80 by amir on January 11, 2010 - 9:39 AM

    omer i also think that a keeper should b in team for his wicket keeping only cause its a specialist job ok if he can score now and then some runs but that should not b the criteria to select a keeper batting should always b a plus rather then selection base for a wicket keeper problem with kamran is he is nor good batsman or keeper otherwise they can play him as batsman like they did with moin khan and rashid latif and on top of all his political agenda’s are realy hurting the team he is a fluker who’s flukes can come on only once in a while so he should go for good what we need is a player who can keep wel and dnt drop catches after that even if he makes 20 runs per innings its fine cause our bowling is that good that if we dnt drop catches ön them we dnt need keepers batting

  81. #81 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 11, 2010 - 10:49 AM

    My bad, what I wrote above jokingly yesterday seems to be true, I wrote: Umar Akmal, in support for his Baray Bhai jaan has hurt his back and wants to sacrifice his place for his bhaijaan….. today The News (jang group) has highlighted it with headlines saying Akmal brothers using pressure tactics, check out the link:

    I can’t believe that there is so much politics going on at a time when they are supposed to be united they are divided and making groups within the team to support Kamran Akmal. Sources in Hobart said that Umar’s back problem which came out of the blue is linked to Kamran’s possible axing from the Hobart Test. Earlier, he showed no signs of any fitness problems but, suddenly complained of a back injury after a couple of practice sessions here at the Bellerive Oval. Which is very suspicious and to most people it is very obvious as to why he is doing this?

    This is serious as it is very negative and negativity is contagious. It is not like dropping a catch and then saying koi baat nai koi baat nai. What Kamran Akmal is not realizing here is, he is not only ruining his career but also of his younger brother. If he thinks he is holding a trump card in Umar Akmal to bargain for his place in the team, then he is sadly mistaken. Because, if the board asks for an inquiry and find out that Umar Akmal is faking an injury then his flying start could turn out into a bumpy landing. He might be penalized financially and also dropped from the series or banned from a few matches. It will hurt his reputation and even if he comes back, then his concentration will lapse and the momentum will be gone. Neither of the Akmal’s should consider using this option to destroy the national spirit in support of brotherhood this will challenge their loyalties and integrity for the country.

    It is also very dangerous to see that at this stage when Umar Akmal is just taking off from the ground and before reaching a high altitude, if he possess these kinds of germs, imagine what kinda damage he can do when he is in authority such as a captain or, as one of the most senior players. I know that no one is indispensable but, it will not only be a disaster for the national team to have players with this kinda mentality but, he would be setting a precedent for the youngsters to follow him or his traits. It is better to give a nip in the bud before it becomes a bigger problem or turn out to be a cancer.

  82. #82 by Maza786 on January 11, 2010 - 1:40 PM

    Omer, this is why Afridi is better than kaneria:

    1) Kaneria was a mammoth failure in ODI. True good bowlers or matchwinners can perform in any format or should be able to.
    2) Afridi has more variety. He can bowl the leg break, flipper, googly, off break and quicker one. Kaneria hasn’t mastered the full repertoire like Warne or Qadir. But moreover, he doesn’t use his variation effectively and wisely whereas Afridi does. That’s why his change up/ variation is much more lethal.
    3) Afridi is a lot harder to get hold of and hit for boundaries whereas Kaneria is much easier. Top order players have encountered difficulty when facing Shahid and tail enders have been clueless but with Kaneria tail enders can hit him for boundaries and read him well too often. Kaneria hasn’t got the ability to be ruthless against the tail.
    4)Afridi can capture astonishing set of figures like that 6-38 vs Aus in UAE 1st ODI last year. Also, he has produced many matchwinning spells in T20. I can’t imagine Kaneria getting anywhere near that level of brilliance with his marathon spells in test matches.

    Nevertheless, in despite on that Kaneria SR and average in tests are up there with the best. He has been labelled as a threat. He has got ambition so he can aspire to climb. He has got the skills and has dismissed some top players. He is also a hard working country committed player. But, surely he has to actually win more matches in order to be labelled as only one of Pak’s finest in TESTS ONLY. No way was he better than Mushy or Qadir as they were dominating and genuine matchwinning bowlers who played an instrumental role in many Pakistani victories. Stats can be deceptive one has to remember as they don’t reveal the whole picture of one’s ability which is the case in Danish’s position. He is above average, nothing above that. As for my opinion, I feel he is overrated.

  83. #83 by Maza786 on January 11, 2010 - 1:42 PM

    I agree on Umar’s pathetic injury fake to help out his elder sibling. The disgrace is of shocking magnitude. Brotherly love. Umar should stay away from this otherwise his reputation, as an individual will be damaged. Just stick to the playing Umar and refrain from the political events. If Kamran isn’t dropped for the Hobart test many will be infuriated and raising serious concerns over what’s been going on in this gloomy week of question for Pak cric.

    We need to find out the culprits in this result of team dividing and give them a serious warning. What a foolish way to act when you have been chosen to be an ambassador of your nation. Neither of the other test playing nations has got this problem but Pak have got a history of it. I can’t stress how much of a disgrace this is especially at a time and age when the nation is in a state of ruins. Our concentration of problems are enough, we don’t need any more thank you. I feel the management is at the centre of responsibility for this outcome. They accept nuisance and don’t act responsively to a situation of such.

  84. #84 by Shoaib on January 11, 2010 - 3:01 PM

    Javed Sahab……do u mean that Akmal had kept in his mind that those above mentioned bowlers are from Karachi, so his primary duty is to drop catches so bowlers from Sindh/Karachi will have no future. Are we not spicing it up a bit more?

    Kamran Akmal is a disgraceful person and a wicketkeeper but is it necessary that we should bring regionalism to create distances among us? Just to remind people we lost Bangal, became BanglaDesh and we shouldnt poisoning people’s heart again. Kindly, NO to regionalism!

  85. #85 by amir on January 11, 2010 - 3:08 PM

    excellent javed pcb should make example of these two bara bhai aur chota bhai.most worring thing is that umer is only 19 and had played only 5 tests and he is trying to dictate his own terms what about when what about when he is going to b 29 and 90 test experience so its time now for the board to stop him even if they had to drop him cause there are so many youngsters who are very talented just what they need is proper opertuneties this politics in team is going to kill pakistan cricket

  86. #86 by JAVED A. KHAN on January 11, 2010 - 4:53 PM


    That is what the stats say that Akmal has dropped the most number of catches off the bowling of Danish Kaneria, Mohammad Sami and Shahid Afridi, check out for yourself instead of asking me. And, it is a fact that all these three players are from Karachi. This is one way of looking at it, the fact is Shahid Afridi is a pushto speaking Pathan but, his family has settled in Karachi and he grew up in Karachi. Poor Danish Kaneria at times must have been thinking that, may be Kamran Akmal is dropping my catches not just because I am from Karachi, Sindh but may be it is also because I am a Hindu? People may not admit such things openly but, these are the thoughts that come to people’s mind. There was a time when Mohammad Yousuf could have been given the mantle to lead the team but, he wasn’t and Younus Khan was appointed as the captain, many people said, that is because he was Yousuf Youhana then.

    When every single person was expecting Shahid Afridi to be appointed as the captain of the team, they appointed Shoaib Malik. Once again when everyone was expecting Shahid Afridi would be appointed as captain of the Pakistan ODI team for this PK- Aus series starting within 2 weeks from now, they have appointed Mohammad Yousuf to continue to lead, even though the selectors know very well that Yousuf is not a captain material, and he shall be playing the ODI but, not the T20, where Shahid Afridi is captaining the side, still they have appointed Yousuf as captain of the ODI team, why? It is simply the exploitation of one region over the other.

    Salman Butt, Mohammad Asif, Kamran Akmal and even Misbah ul Haq they all have been appointed as vice captain of Pakistan team when they don’t deserve to be even in the playing XI, and never any player from Karachi, why? (I am not talking about Mohammad Mushtaq and Javed Miandad, even they were appointed there was a rebel group within the team and they refused to play under their captaincy.) In form players who have been top scoring in the domestic matches like Fawad Alam and Asim Kamal have been rejected and discarded. Asim Kamal’s career was ruined by these people and now they are after Fawad Alam.

    We are not poisoning people’s minds here, those who are in power they are exploiting the power and they are corrupt and they are the one who are promoting regionalism and nepotism. And, Bangladesh was created because, this is how the Bengalis were treated by the Punjabis and Sindhis. ZA Bhutto was the biggest culprit who wanted to rule the country by hook or by crook and he was the one who lead the country to disaster, he was the biggest dictator of Pakistan ever, no wonder why Wali Khan called him Adolph Bhutto and Raja Dahir. Instead of telling us NO regionalism, you must say this to Ijaz Butt & Co.

  87. #87 by amir on January 11, 2010 - 9:13 PM

    i dnt understand why it is so dificult to drop khatmal from pakistan team although he is performing badly. is he bigger than whole lagacy of pakistan cricket? and if they are not going to drop him that means he is.i dnt know how many times i promised myself to not support and watch pakistan cricket because of these political fuckers but cant do it. as of his dropping catches of kaneria lot of my southafrican friends also says that he does that often cause kaneria is a hindu and also that he is not as respected as others because of his religion otherwise with all these hickups still his stats speaks volumes of his ability

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