In the ABN AMRO T20 Cup of 2006, Sialkot beat Karachi in Karachi and Imran Nazir, who captained the Sialkot Stallions at that time, remarked in the end that, “The way Karachi crowd supported us was brilliant and they were supporting us more than their home team”.

In the RBS T20 Cup of 2010, I saw a different Karachi crowd. Sialkot and Karachi squared off again today in the RBS Cup 2nd semi final and after watching the crowd behaviour and biased commentary from the majority-Karachiite commentary team, I wanted Sialkot to win. So shocked was I at this behaviour from the crowd and the commentary team that I felt like writing this thread.

National Stadium Karachi- a ground that deserves a better crowd
National Stadium Karachi- a ground that deserves a better crowd

Shahid Afridi is revered in Karachi and one can expect this because it is his home city. The crowd chants his name as he comes into bat. However it was disappointing to see how after Afridi’s dismissal, something was thrown at a Sialkot fielder who complained to the umpire and play was held up for a few minutes. It seemed as though the commentators ignored this incident. Adoring Shahid Afridi does not mean other players should be victimised. Afridi seemed to enjoy the attention and in the end when the prizes were given for best fielder, most 4 hitter and most 6 hitter, Afridi won the latter prize. Yet, the Karachiite presenter only called Afridi on the stage to exchange a few words and did not have the courtesy to invite Imran Nazir and Shahid Yousaf for a brief interview. Why this discrimination? Afridi rubbed salt on the wounds by stating, “This is my home ground so I play more aggressively in front of my home crowd”.

Why did the Karachi crowd have to victimise the Sialkot players if they love Afridi?

The Sialkot players looked uncomfortable, especially due to the unpleasant incident after Afridi’s dismissal. In fact from memory the Karachi crowd has been controversial. I recall as a kid my family never allowed me to attend the National Stadium to watch matches because of the pathetic crowd that was expected. Mohammad Asif appeared bitter when he came onto the stage to discuss the match when he was pronounced Man of the Match.

Asif appeared uncomfortable and bitter in the post-match ceremony

Pakistan is going through its most turbulent phase since its creation and this kind of one-sided crowd behaviour and favoritism is not going to unify the countrymen. A spade has to be called a spade and unlike other blogs, Legslip criticises everyone and gives everyone their due, regardless of their ethnic or provincial background. That is why Legslip is a unique cricket blog. You will not find this unbiased reporting on any other Pakistani cricket blog.

Is Karachi going forwards or backwards?

Karachi, Pakistan’s biggest city, is considered to have the lion’s share of the country’s ethnic Urdu Speakers. It is also considered to have more Punjabis than Lahore and more Pathans than Peshawar. Yet, this crowd today did not seem to represent Pakistan. It represented a biased mindset, disorder, hostility- everything that is dangerous to the peace and prosperity of the city and the country, too.

The people of Karachi

Karachi is the most developed city in Pakistan and its people are most sophisticated and educated. They need to remain this way because their behaviour today left a bad taste in the mouth. It seemed almost that the Sialkot players were not playing in Pakistan, but in India. I was pleased with the match result in the end as Sialkot won, although as always I was in awe of a fantastic and near match winning effort by Fawad Alam. From the Karachi team I like Afridi, Alam, Sohail Khan and Shahzaib Hasan, yet from the Sialkot team I only like Imran Nazir. However halfway during the match I was backing Sialkot to win, and now I hope they beat Faisalabad tomorrow and become the champions yet again. Go Sialkot.

Legslip is backing Sialkot to win the RBS T20 Cup

  1. #1 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 8:28 AM

    Waqar to get Rs 650,000 monthly salary

    Staff Report

    LAHORE: The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has confirmed the appointment of former fast bowler Waqar Younis as Pakistan coach, replacing Intikhab Alam. Waqar has been offered a contract till December 2011 and comes to the helm after a disastrous tour of Australia, which Pakistan finished without a win. Former Pakistan batsman Ijaz Ahmed, who was in charge of the national Under-19 team which reached the final of the World Cup in New Zealand, will be the batting and fielding coach. PCB chairman Ijaz Butt said Saturday the board had also considered Waqar’s new-ball bowling partner in the 90s Wasim Akram for the post. “We had a choice between Younis and Wasim Akram but since Akram was busy with his commitments in the media we decided to appoint Younis as the new coach, he added Waqar will get a monthly salary of Rs 650,000. His first challenge will be to prepare the team for the defense of their World Twenty20 crown in the Caribbean in a couple of months.

  2. #2 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 8:32 AM

    Confused PCB chief says he referred to Malik and Rehman not Kamran and Naved

    Staff Report

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) confused chairman Ijaz Butt told the National Assembly Standing Committee on Sports here Saturday that that he was talking about former captain Salim Malik and fast bowler Ataur Rehman when he mentioned two national team members being involved in match-fixing recently. Ijaz’s statement, made at a press conference, about the two players caused a furore as he gave the impression that he was talking about two current Pakistan cricketers.

    “I referred to these two players, who were already banned for life on the recommendation of the Justice Malik Qayyum committee 10 years ago,” Ijaz added. He also denied that he had said that the International Cricket Council (ICC) had recently sent a report about two Pakistan players having links with bookmakers to the PCB. “The ICC has sent no such report and the ICC has its own mechanism to deal with players it suspects of being involved in any sort of corruption,” he said.

    The PCB chief said it was unfortunate that the names of Kamran Akmal and Rana Navedul Hasan were mentioned by the media in match-fixing scandal when there was no such thing. “Match-fixing and indiscipline are two different issues, the media has mixed up both the issues,” he added.

    The Justice Qayyum judicial commission after an 18-month inquiry recommended life ban on Malik for his involvement in match-fixing and the same on pacer Rehman for committing perjury during the inquiry. While Malik’s appeal against the ban is still pending in the court, Rehman’s life ban has been removed on appeal. Ijaz also said that the inquiry committee formed to probe into the national team’s poor performance in Australia would submit its final report on March 8. “We have got a preliminary report but it is confidential and I can’t share its contents publicly at this time. But I can assure you when the final report is with us we will send it confidentially to the committee and will also take the disciplinary action recommended against any player by the committee,” Ijaz said.

    To another question, the committee was informed that the State Bank had carried out a report on the total assets of the board at present and declared that the PCB’s net worth at the moment was Rs 700 million. The PCB has complained about financial problems due to the refusal of foreign teams to tour Pakistan because of the security situation in the country. Ijaz also told the committee that the board had signed a contract with former captain Waqar Younis and he will be paid a monthly salary of Rs 650,000 as the Pakistan coach. “This is the amount or more demanded by the coaches these days, even foreign coaches want to be paid around $70,000-80,000 annually,” he said.

  3. #3 by amir on March 7, 2010 - 12:05 PM

    Hafeez scored first hundred of the tournament vital innings which helped faisalabad to reach final. I think he will play a major part in pakistan’s defence of thier t20 world cup title if included and which he should be. Cause by watching windies and zim last night the wickets there are very helpful to spiners and hafeez with his off spin can b very effective and also he is much better fielder also. He must be included in place of malik.

  4. #4 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 12:49 PM


    You are echoing my views there. I would rather have Hafeez than Malik in T20.

    He is better in all departments than Malik. Malik the so called consolidator is a useless player. He will take 35 balls and score 40 runs at best.

    He can’t score a 50 in T20, he will not slog because he is too afraid to get out, and we know he is not a pressure player/fighter either. So, I don’t see the point of playing him.

    Hafeez will attack and if he scores 25+ he will have done his job. In bowling he can spin the ball more than Malik and he can exercise more control. In fielding he is better too.

    I Nazir
    Shahzaib Hasan
    K Akmal
    U Akmal
    F Alam

    This is a much better team than having Malik/Misbah.

    Look at the quantity of good fielders in this line up, too. Hafeez/Nazir/Afridi/Alam- it is almost like playing 4 specialist fielders.

  5. #5 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 12:54 PM

    Munir sahab

    I agree with your views. Maybe the figures have been messed up by Ijaz Butt, who seems to mess up everything 🙂

  6. #6 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 12:56 PM

    One thing that has struck me is that plenty of biased Punjabis seem to think we have a grudge against Shoaib Malik because he is from Punjab.

    I have just read my comment once again- I am actually saying one Punjabi player (Hafeez) should replace another.

    I must have done this hundreds of times without realising this- favouring one Punjabi over another which negates the element of regional bias. Yet, the biased people form their biased opinions. The problem is obviously with them, not me.

  7. #7 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 1:02 PM

    Munir sahab

    Pakistanis should come to the ground to enjoy cricket, not harass or demoralise other Pakistanis.

    In the 2006 T20 Cup the same Karachi crowd was very supportive of Sialkot. Obviously something has happened since then. Since the departure of Musharraf, ethnic tensions have increased in Karachi. In fact the divide between Punjab and NWFP and Punjab and Sindh has also exacerbated.

    I cannot agree that the crowd behaved reasonably, especially the way they threw things at the Sialkot players. And the Urdu commentary and match presentation was biased too.

  8. #8 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 4:39 PM

    Waqar Younis to get $7,650 per month as Pakistan coach

    Talking to media persons here, PCB chairman Ijaz Butt said Younis has been given a contract till December 2011.

    Butt said names of former left-arm fast bowler Wasim Akram along with some foreigners were also in consideration for the coach’s job but the board zeroed in on Younis.

    “We had a choice between Younis and Wasim Akram, but since Akram was busy with his commitments in media, we decided to appoint Younis as the new coach” The Dawn quoted Butt, as saying.

    “Foreign coaches were demanding big money and were willing to work with our team only when its touring some other country. This was not acceptable to us,” he added.

    Younis will be replacing Intikhab Alam, who has been appointed the director cricket academies.

    Butt said Alam, a former test spinner, will groom youngsters in cricket academies at Lahore and Karachi.

    “Soon, we will have two more academies in Multan and Islamabad and Alam’s services will be utilized in all these four academies,” he added.

  9. #9 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 4:39 PM

    PCB has rewarded Inti Alam for his pathetic coaching by making him Director of cricket academies.

    What a load of BS.

  10. #10 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 4:56 PM


    It’s a good team but I would play Akmal over Sarfraz Ahmed in T20. The keeper’s role is diminished in T20 so it’s helpful to have a batsman who can keep rather than a keeper who can bat.

    The reason I would use Razzaq lower down as opposed to say, Hafeez or U Akmal is that Razzaq is a good pressure player.

    Otherwise I would generally agree. How would you formulate a team for Tests?

    I would go for:

    Salman Butt/K Manzoor
    Fawad Alam
    Mohammad Yousuf
    Younis Khan
    Umer Akmal
    Shahid Afridi
    Sarfraz Ahmed
    Umar Gul
    Mohammad Aamer
    Mohammad Asif
    Dinesh Kaneria/Saeed Ajmal

    Kaneria is a better bowler than Ajmal but if Kaneria is not in form, Ajmal can be tried. Gul, Aamer and Asif are probably the best fast bowlers in the country. The removal of Malik and Misbah means solid batsmen can be played like Alam, Younis, Yousuf and U Akmal. Afridi provides reliable bowling, and hopefully some sensible batting. Provided the batsmen can do their bit this should be a competent team. At least the bowling is strong and the non-existence of Malik and Misbah is very welcome.

  11. #11 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 5:02 PM


    What you are describing there is how a professional and astute Chairman would take decisions. You should realise Butt runs the PCB like a grocery shop. There is no “performance related pay” in a grocery shop (according to the Parliament’s Standing Committee)- it is just “ek kilo aaloo chaali rupey teh pachchee paisay”


  12. #12 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 5:16 PM


    Points noted. However I don’t think a keeper gets so many chances to get catches in T20- maybe 1 or 2 each match. Akmal is a good slogger. He is capable of scoring 30 in 15 balls, for example, which adds value to his place in the team.

    Sarfraz Ahmed can not do that.

    I can guarantee you that even if Akmal is removed from all international squads, one poor batting series for Sarfraz will mean that Akmal will be back in business.

    Realistically speaking there is absolutely no way they will let Sarfraz play T20 over Akmal.

  13. #13 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 7:17 PM


    I apologise- I did not notice Akmal’s name in your line up.

  14. #14 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 7:19 PM


    This lady is so hot

  15. #15 by amir on March 7, 2010 - 7:38 PM

    i think pakistan should move beyond akmal and sarfraz now and give chance to some one else. Our u19 wicket keeper i dnt remember his name was quite good in both departments so why not give him a chance instead of these tried and tested people. In t20 they can give akmal chance but in test they have to find some new guy cause dnt think sarfraz is good enough either. And hey u guys saw brad haddin’s catch of mccullem in last odi what a catch and what a keeper i think he is over 30 years but his reflexes are as good as anybody our keepers need to learn from him.

  16. #16 by amir on March 7, 2010 - 7:54 PM

    My team to play t20 is NAZIR, HAFEEZ, KAMRAN AKMAL, AFRIDI, UMER AKMAL, FAWAD ALAM, MALIK/SHAHZAIB, RAZZAQ, AAMIR, GUL, AJMAL. I dnt want to include malik in my team but we all knw that they wil never leave out malik from team so have to see him playing till some other malik decides to play cricket.

  17. #17 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 8:05 PM


    Sarfraz is a good keeper. Won’t you keep him for ODI and Tests?

  18. #18 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 8:21 PM


    Very nice. She looks a little like Rachel Weisz doesn’t she?

  19. #19 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 8:29 PM

  20. #20 by amir on March 7, 2010 - 9:45 PM

    KHANSAHAB Sarfraz is a good keeper and i dnt dislike him but he lacks that x factor in him i dnt see him as a match winner he is gud enough though if we cnt find a genuine match winner lyk rashid latif or salim yousaf than we can play him but we have to look for a new keeper.

  21. #21 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 9:56 PM


    I agree that Sarfraz is no Rashid Latif. But, from what I have seen of other keepers like Mohammad Salman (Faisalabad) or Zulqernain (Lahore) my observation is that Sarfraz is much better.

    Plus, Sarfraz has been coached by Rashid himself.

    I am fairly convinced in terms of technique Sarfraz is the best keeper in the country.

  22. #22 by khansahab on March 7, 2010 - 9:58 PM


    Yes, Javed A Khan Afridi is busy due to personal commitments so I am looking after the blog today 🙂 I hope you liked my work today especially regarding coverage of hot girls 🙂

  23. #23 by amir on March 8, 2010 - 6:20 AM

    KHANSAHAB I agree with u that in domestic cricket right now sarfraz is best keeper i m also nt impressed with the performances of other keepers but what about that u19 wicket keeper who played world cup he was quite good they had to groom him for future. Karachi crowd was again very disruptive and abusive in the final as wel. Play have to stoped for severel times cause of crowd behavior. But the shameful thing was that all karachi comentaters were praising the crowd behavior. Any way sialkot beat faisalabad to win the cup. Congragulations to them. Its fifth time in row so they are true champion team.

  24. #24 by Mohammed Munir on March 8, 2010 - 11:25 AM

    This is what Saeed Anwar himself had to say about the man who broke his record …

    “Nobody else does deserve to get there. It’s only Sachin who deserves to scale that peak. 200 is a big score in one-day cricket. It’s not easy to get there. It took him 20 long years to get there. He has come a long way. It’s Sachin’s greatness. Records are meant to be broken. I heard somebody [Charles Coventry] equalled my record sometime ago. But I did not know him. It’s great that my friend from Mumbai Sachin broke it. I am very happy for him.”

    Saeed Anwar may have been pushed down the special list, but he’s full of praise for the incumbent.

  25. #25 by khansahab on March 8, 2010 - 7:04 PM

    Australia debacle: Malik, Naveed may face ban
    Updated at: 2010 PST, Monday, March 08, 2010
    LAHORE: Inquiry Committee has completed its investigations on Pakistan cricket team’s defeat in Australia and recommended ban on former captain Shoaib Malik and pace bowler Rana Naveed-ul-Hasan.

    The committee, headed by PCB chief operating officer Wasim Bari, was investigating the Pakistan team’s defeat in Australia.

    It has handed over its report to chairman Pakistan Cricket Board Ijaz Butt.

    The committee also recommended action against Shahid Afridi on ball tampering and suggested action against Kamran Akmal and his brother Umar Akmal for violation of discipline and giving statements to media.

  26. #26 by khansahab on March 8, 2010 - 7:09 PM

    It has been reported by one news agency that Misbah or Razzaq will captain Pakistan in T20 WC.

    Why is Misbah’s name even mentioned?

  27. #27 by khansahab on March 8, 2010 - 7:53 PM

    According to Cricinfo Afridi is not going to captain in the T20 WC. So it is confirmed now.

  28. #28 by khansahab on March 8, 2010 - 9:09 PM

    The news has been confirmed that Malik and Rana Naved are found guilty of not cooperating with the team management.

    This can potentially cover everything, from playing politics, to nurturing factionalism, to refusing to bat on certain batting positions.

    However it proves that what Legslip has been saying about Shoaib Malik since 2007 is true. It has taken 3 years for a body with some official capacity to realise this- the PCB’s inquiry committee.

    It is up to Ijaz Butt to do what he wants with Shoaib Malik. However the Legslip management stands vindicated.

    Afridi is being punished twice for the same offence. Akmal was dropped for the Dubai T20’s but he did not receive official sanction. Afridi was banned by the ICC and he served his ban. Therefore there was no need to re-punish him. The Akmal brothers should have been punished.

    We know why they want to punish Afridi along with the Akmal brothers, Rana and Malik. There is only one name missing from here- Misbah. If he was part of the team he would probably have been punished too for politics/indiscipline.

  29. #29 by khansahab on March 8, 2010 - 9:15 PM

    Zardari 2nd richest person

    President Asif Ali Zardari is the second most richest person in Pakistan after Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha with 40 Companies on Board.
    It has been disclose in a list released in the Internet, which has shorlisted Pakistan’s Most Influential Business Tycoons who have made their presence felt for a better part of country’s history.
    Mian Muhammad Mansha Yaha is ranked as No 1 with $2.5 billion thus one of the richest Pakistanis around with 40 Companies on Board. He owns Muslim Commercial Bank while setting up a 17m Paper Mill.
    President Asif Ali Zardari is Ranked 2 with total assets worth &1.8 billion. Zardari has huge stakes in Sugar Mills all over Pakistan while also has huge Business Ventures in the Middle East running into hundreds of Million if not Billion Mark.
    Anwar Pervaiz is ranked third with$ 1.5 billion and is the Chairman of Best Way Group that started in 1976 with its first Best way Cash and Carry warehouse opened in UK.
    Sharif Brothers Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif are fourth on the list of most Richest persons in Pakistan with total assets ($ 1.4 billion).
    Saddaruddin Hashwani, Chairman of Hashoo Group who is known for his dominance in Hotel Industry is ranked 5th with (1.1 billion dollars).
    While on the other hand, Nasir Schon, Abdul Razaak Yakoub, Tariq Saigol, Dewan Yousaf Farooqui complete the list of Pakistan’s Most Richest Persons.
    The list has been prepared very carefully in consultation with leading Real Estate Barons, Stock Moguls, Business Leaders of Virtue and Senior Bureaucrats.

  30. #30 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 8, 2010 - 11:06 PM

    Guys, I was out of town for the week-end hence could not participate here. I am really surprised to see Misbah ul Haq’s name for captaincy. He should not be in the team, captaincy tou bahot door ki baat hai. But, I have a feeling that Butt is not going to ban Malik and Rana and those fines on Akmals and Afridi will not be heavy either, you’ll see what happens next.

  31. #31 by Mohammed Munir on March 9, 2010 - 4:03 AM

    Afridi seems to be made a scapegoat here, because Wasim Bari (a Karachi-wala) doesn’t have balls to punish several of the Punjab players and none from Karachi. Therefore, Wasim (sissy) wants to show that he is totally impartial and unbiased toward any one sector and so he included Afridi’s name in his list of culprits. Whereas it is being explained several times now that Afridi is already punished by the ICC for his ball-biting drama and no can be, legally, penalized twice for the same mistake.

    One the other hand, Misbah should never be in the T20 team let alone considering him for the captainship. If Afridi and Malik are kept out of the squad, then Razzaq should be made the captain. Although, seeing Razzaq’s rather docile and subservient character, I am not a big fan of him being made a captain, but he is 100 times better then Misbah, who doesnot even deserve a place on merit.

  32. #32 by Zag on March 9, 2010 - 6:39 AM

    Um really??? Just because one A-Hole threw a bottle at a Sialkot player the entire Karachi crowd becomes pathetic??? Did you not see the final when a packed National Stadium supported both Faisalabad and Sialkot teams??? If by what you are saying is correct then no one should have come to watch the final because their home team wasn’t even playing in it!! How come you were so quick to post about the “Pathetic” crowd in the semi final but still haven’t been able to post something about the crowd that supported good cricket in the final? Maybe they left you speechless, so to speak?

  33. #33 by amir on March 9, 2010 - 7:12 AM

    Ijaz butt has to decide now what he want to do. I think this is his last chance to save pakistan cricket from all these politicians in team and make a example of them and show these players that they are nt bigger than pakistan cricket. If they take out these guys whats going to happen we göna loose? But we are loosing already may b by banning some of them we can find some new better players who will feel pride in represnting pakistan. But i doubt that mr.butt is going to take any bold steps as usual he will find some middle way to solve this situation.

  34. #34 by amir on March 9, 2010 - 7:21 AM

    Rameez Raja has backed Shahid Afridi to captain pakistan. Talking to the news he said that pcb should talk him out of test retirement and make him captain for all three formats. Totally agree with rameez he is the best candidate for the job and he deserves to be captain of pakistan cricket team. Dnt knw why are they even mentioning misbah?

  35. #35 by Mohammed Munir on March 9, 2010 - 10:25 AM

    Ramiz Raja Batting For Shahid Afridi

    Stick with Afridi as T20 captain: Ramiz

    Tuesday, March 09, 2010

    KARACHI: Former Pakistan captain Ramiz Raja wants the country’s cricket chiefs to stop looking beyond Shahid Afridi as their skipper for the ICC World Twenty20, saying that the experienced allrounder is the best man to lead the national team’s title campaign in the Caribbean.

    Ramiz told ‘The News’ in an interview on Monday that Afridi has the credentials to be a successful captain, adding that he can in fact be installed as Pakistan’s skipper for all three formats.

    “I’ll go with Afridi as captain,” said Ramiz, who played 57 Tests for Pakistan, scoring 2883 runs besides piling up 5841 runs from 198 One-day Internationals. “In fact, I’ll recommend Afridi for all three formats.

    “They should talk him out of (Test) retirement and make him the captain because he is the one man capable of being a successful captain.” There have been reports in recent times that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is reluctant to stick with Afridi as the Twenty20 captain after the allrounder was punished for ball-tampering in the final One-day International against Australia earlier this year. Afridi was caught by TV cameras biting the ball and was later banned for two Twenty20 Internationals by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

    “If that’s the reason to overlook him (Afridi) as captain then I don’t agree with it,” said Ramiz. “He has been punished already. In any case, I think ball-tampering is no big deal. It’s only that Afridi did it in a silly manner, probably in the pressure of the moment.”

    Pakistan have been considering to give the captaincy to Shoaib Malik or senior allrounder Abdul Razzaq but Ramiz believes it won’t be a wise move. “Afridi remains our best choice. He has proved himself as an aggressive captain. He is also an ideal Twenty20 player. He should be retained as captain.”

    Ramiz, 47, said that Pakistan shouldn’t revert to Malik, who was sacked as captain early last year. “I personally believe that Its Afridi’s chance. It’s his time. He can handle the pressure. He was the best player of the World Twenty20 final last year. The only thing that he needs is to relax as captain. Once he does that, I’m sure he can get the best out of our team.”

    Pakistan are to defend their World Twenty20 title in the West Indies where the ICC World Twenty championship will explode into action from April 30. Ijaz Butt, the PCB chairman, had described Afridi as the “automatic choice” to lead Pakistan in the tournament last month.

    However, he has recently changed his mind and made it clear that the allrounder is no more seen by him as an automatic choice to captain Pakistan in the Caribbean. A decision on the team’s captaincy is expected to be taken within the next few days.

    Source : Dawn Newspaper

  36. #36 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 9, 2010 - 1:26 PM

    I haven’t seen the match under reference at Karachi stadium, hence I cannot comment on the crowd behaviour. Generally Karachi crowd is very good and non partisan hence I agree with Zag that one person’s act cannot make the entire Karachi crowd pathetic. It sounds more like labeling at random basis. To my knowledge, knowing khansahab a little bit more than you guys, himself he is from Karachi and he expects very high from them, an exemplary behaviour, perfect, best and nothing less than that. Just like parents want their kids to be the best or the kids like to see their parents as perfect and anything less than that is not acceptable. 😀

    khansahab take it EZ this object throwing business happens everywhere, in Sharjah the police brings German Shepard dogs to control the crowd, even there they throw water bottles and slippers. In Australia, that guy jumped over Khalid Latif, if you dig out information on these incidents, you will find that its done in every single country one time or the other.

  37. #37 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 9, 2010 - 1:38 PM


    Ramiz Raja’s initial reaction on Afridi’s ball biting was very different from what it is now. Perhaps he is following Imran Khan they both said the same thing initially and changed their views after that.

    Last night when I was watching the 3rd ODI between NZ and Aus., the commentators Allan Border and Ian Smith (former NZ wicketkeeper) for no reason brought up the subject of Afridi biting the ball and were saying “Mr. Afridi ate the ball, I wonder how the leather tastes like?” In response, Smith said, “I never heard something like that before.”

    If Allan Border is so keen to know and if he were to ask Afridi, how it tastes like? Then Afridi might say, it will be my pleasure if you like to taste it. How would you like it plain or with French Leather? And, Ian Smith can be very naive or extremely stupid to say that, because Manoj Prabhakar has done that in his own backyard 20 years ago and Smith is still unaware of that even when the video is up on the internet and more than 2 million viewers have seen it.

  38. #38 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 9, 2010 - 1:56 PM

    I agree with the notion that Abdul Razzaq should not captain the side, he doesn’t have a clue about captaincy, just because he is a senior player like Yousuf is in they made him captain for the test side and ODI and we all have seen what happened there? Abdul Razzaq got MoM award in the domestic tournament final for his 24 runs and 2 wickets haul in a very low scoring match, but the point to note is, he gave away 37 runs in 2 overs against the kids. His bowling has deteriorated since a long time and once in a while he takes wickets at international level hence his bowling should not be considered as something that you expect from a regular fast bowler. And definitely he is NOT CAPTAINS MATERIAL.

    Sleeping Misbah ul Haq should not be in the team.
    That will be the worst thing to happen as it will demotivate the players. If they want to penalize Afridi then don’t select him for the World cup. As it is they want to penalize 4 others besides him and if they keep the 2 Akmals out of the team along with Afridi and Malik, then this team would be out after the first round and finish at the bottom just like their field hockey team in the current hockey world cup.

  39. #39 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 9, 2010 - 2:18 PM

    In the first ODI of this Chappel – Hadlee series, Scot Styris and Mitchell Johnson had an on field row, Johnson was the aggressor and he started it with an elbow, then Styris took the second pick after hitting him for a 4 he elbowed Johnson and Johnson was very stupid to come at Styris and gave him a head-butt. He should thank his stars for not getting his own nose bleed and also for getting away with a slap on the wrist with only a small fine of 60% match fees.

    Imagine, if this was Shahid Afridi (either one, Styris or Johnson) with any other player. They would have banned Afridi for 4 matches may be more and this incident would have been highly publicized that Mr. Afridi has done it again! Not, just Afridi, any Pakistani player would have been there, this would have been the headlines in all the newspapers in the world and not just a petty incident reported in the Aus and NZ newspapers and later they were quoting that everything was done in good spirit of the game, WTF? Good spirit my foot. They were clearly angry and upset, especially Johnson was mad, Haddin had to mediate and eased off the tension.

    Remember Denis the Menace Lillee the Big Bully kicked Javed Miandad on his thigh after elbowing him in his rib cage? And it was only then Miandad raised his bat to warn him. They have conveniently forgotten who the aggressor was and how much he was fined (Aus$27) for that elbowing and the kick. I wonder when they will allow the Australian players to beat the opposition like the hockey players on the field?

    In ice hockey the players are allowed to hit each other and then the referee decides to intervene after a while and separate them, sometimes its a group fight and sometimes you see nose bleed owing to blows and headbutting.

  40. #40 by khansahab on March 9, 2010 - 8:35 PM


    I did not see the final between Sialkot and Faisalabad so I can’t comment. What I saw in the semi final was someone throwing something at Mansoor Amjad after Afridi was out (Amjad took the catch I think) and then some of the match presentation from the Karachi commentary team was biased.

    There are more serious allegations that have been espoused by people on other blogs, mostly Punjabis who are saying this was a fixed competition, that the MQM government was involved, that this was to humiliate Punjab etc, but that is all rubbish obviously.

    So in a nutshell, I did not see the final and therefore I made no comment about the crowd behaviour.

    By the way, Amir agrees with me that the crowd was unruly.

  41. #41 by khansahab on March 10, 2010 - 12:55 AM

    PCB to announce penalties in 24 hours: Butt

    Chairman PCB has said the penalties against the cricketers on recommendation of the inquiry committee will be announced within 24 hours. The probe committee, formed to look into the national team’s disastrous performance Down Under, has proposed hefty fine of Rs 3 million each on wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal and all-rounder Shahid Afridi for violating the player’s code of conduct during the winless tour. The inquiry committee, headed by PCB chief operating officer Wasim Bari, has also recommended one-year ban on former captain Shoaib Malik and pace bowler Rana Naveedul Hasan and Rs 2 million fine over batsman Umar Akmal. Chairman PCB said that all contents of the report would not be made public but the penalties under recommendations of the committee will be announced within next 24 hours.

  42. #42 by khansahab on March 10, 2010 - 1:02 AM

    I think these should be the following penalties:

    Rana: We don’t know what exactly he is being penalised for. If match fixing, then 3 year ban.

    Malik: At least 1 year ban, just for undermining the team management on the crucial Australian tour

    K Akmal: Should be dropped for 1 ODI and 1 Test series, and fined hefty amount

    U Akmal: Umar should be fined a hefty amount because this is the start of his career and he should be hit where it hurts so he behaves in the future. We now know that there is very little doubt he faked his “injury”, which is a very serious offence.

    Afridi: has already served a 2 match ban.

  43. #43 by khansahab on March 10, 2010 - 1:07 AM

    More nonsense coming from the PCB:

    It is being said that the troublemakers would be penalised but the inquiry committee and the Chairman overlooked the crucial fact that the players’ central contracts expired on 31 December 2009.

    What a joke. Now they will have to offer new contracts and then penalise players.

    They can’t delay offering contracts to all of these players because they have to select the 15 man World T20 squad shortly.

  44. #44 by khansahab on March 10, 2010 - 1:10 AM

    Rana Naved MUST have been involved in some kind of match fixing or betting. No news agency reported that he was involved in creating factionalism or challenging the captain or team management, so what is he being penalised for?

    Has anyone given this a thought? Since 2006-2007 Malik’s name is being mentioned in all controversies, however Rana has largely steered clear of major controversies. So, PCB must have discovered his involvement in something that was covert, yet very serious.

  45. #45 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 10, 2010 - 4:48 AM

    I dunno which side of the BUTT Ijaz will sit? We have to wait and see till he farts and whether it is a skunk’s or his usual? Only, Wasim Bari would be able to tell the difference because he is not only so close and attached to him but he was also heading the committee inquiry meeting with Pakistan’s Greatest Gambler, match fixer, the most unfaithful national of Pakistan who has no loyalty with the country and yet Butt & Co., love to lick his rear side and he is no other than once upon a time, the well known left arm fast bowler Wasim Akram.

    Anyways, the point is this committee report itself is very illegal and meaningless because Wasim Akram is banned by the judicial commission headed by Justice Qayyum not only from Pakistan team but, from any assignment. Number two this person has no idea what happened in Australia neither in official capacity nor in personal and he was not even there. He was also not present in the first two meetings but, he came and gave his verdict, created a controversy by giving an interview to the media, before leaving for his home country – India.

    Shouldn’t they kick his butt and keep him away from all cricketing assignments? WTF is this? Why did they allow him to investigate? He is one of the most biased and corrupt person to be in the inquiry committee.

    Inzamamul Haq says that Pakistan should forget and move ahead. In all practicality it is a good decision, otherwise these grudges and vindictiveness and animosities will continue between Punjab and Karachi. The only decision they need to take is STICK WITH AFRIDI AS THE CAPTAIN and proceed.

  46. #46 by amir on March 10, 2010 - 10:23 AM

    Strict punishments for all players who were involed in infighting and disipilinary problems. But what shocked everyone was life ban on yousaf and younis. Akmal brothers are fined 2 million and 3 million rupees. Malik and rana are banned for 1 year and 2 million each. Afridi is fined 3 million. I think these are good decisions by pcb to make example of these guys. Now if these punishments are going to b implemented its going to b a good lesson for future generation of cricketers to behave themselves. Good step by pcb pakistan cricket needed that.

  47. #47 by Mohammed Munir on March 10, 2010 - 10:26 AM

    Breaking News …

    Rana, Malik get one-year bans, Younis and Yousuf axed from teams.

  48. #48 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 10, 2010 - 1:31 PM

    Munir et Al

    We have posted a new thread on this subject. So, please write your comments on the new thread to discuss this issue. Thanks.

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