Pakistan's promising bowler Mohammad Aamir

GOOD FIELDING lifts the team morale and bad fielding does exactly the opposite. Catches win matches is the old expression it exists since the inception of the game and still holds good because, that is the truth. By taking wickets you slow down the run rate, by taking wickets the bowler’s tails are up. Good fielding is contagious, if one player takes an extraordinary catch the other tries to do better than his colleague and that is the spirit of the game.  We have seen so many matches where a big partnership is ended by an extraordinary effort such as a brilliant catch or, a superb run-out and the momentum is shifted in favour of the fielding team. In case of Pakistan cricket team the fielding is the weakest department and catches are dropped like bird droppings from a fruit tree, easy run outs are missed as if it is a routine business.

The current team is playing without any strategy or even a proper planning. In a proper planning you have backup plans or, plan B.  The T20 is such a short game that the situation changes in no time, if the plan A backfires you need to go for plan B or even plan C. That is not just the job of one man, the man on the spot is the captain but, the coach and manager are there to draft and forge that plan and keep reminding or sending messages to the captain to stick to the plan or to shift to the next plan. All the teams do this, they even send D/L update sheets to their batsmen on ground to keep them aware of how many runs are needed in this over or the next few overs to stay ahead of the target. But, in case of Pakistan you never see anyone carrying messages on to the field.  The coach & co. are often shown sitting in the dugout with long, glum faces. Their body language is so negative that even the spectators and TV viewers get bad vibes.  So, how can the players pull up themselves from a losing situation to a winning situation?

To add more pressure on the players, the PCB Chairman imposes himself almost everywhere at official expense and not only him there is a minister and a few of his chamchas and a few family members also arrive at official expense to have a party at the Caribbean. What is the need for Mr. Ijaz Butt to come and witness the tournament? How many Chairmen of other country cricket boards do we see in these tournaments or wherever their team is playing? I don’t reckon a single one. But, this is the curse that the country has to face that Ijaz Butt pokes his nose everywhere and the irony is no one can stop him. So far Ijaz Butt is the worst and yet the most powerful dictator chairman of the PCB under his reign Pakistan has gone from bad to worst. And, all because of his stubborn attitude combined with his uncouth, uncivilized and unprofessional approach.

We have seen that whenever the team loses a series or a tournament there are changes in the team, the first to go is the captain, lately a new trend has been established by the PCB to impose heavy fines on the players, such huge amounts that they cannot pay and then these fines, penalties and bans are waived and lifted to make a mockery of the nation. In other countries when there is a disaster or a failure happens the ministers or the top officials take the responsibility and resign immediately, but in Pakistan the minister of sports or the chairman of the PCB open their big mouth and butts against the captain, coach, manager and the players and penalize them.  They consider themselves above the law. It is such a shame that the so called powerful media of Pakistan could do nothing to ouster Ijaz Butt.

Before the tournament there was almost a 5 week camp at Lahore, reportedly the team was going through rigorous physical training and fielding practice.  The result of that excessive and strenuous training turned out to be negative for the team. It resulted in injuries to about 5 players and the T20 ace bowler Umar Gul was injured so badly during the training that he could not make it to the WC. There was absolutely no need for a burnout for players who have never done such rigorous training stretched over for such a long period of time. Five weeks is not a long time but, the timing of the program was wrong i.e., just before the big event you are taking such big risks for players who are lazy and lethargic and whose eating habits are way out of this world. If you look at Misbah ul Haq, Abdul Razzaq, Saeed Ajmal, Salman Butt and a few others in the past like Mohammad Yousuf, Inzamam, Danish Kaneria etc., used to walk, it gives the impression that there is no energy, no spark and no desire to move fast.  So, can you turn such people into Jonty Rhodes in 5 weeks?

Among the good fielders like, Fawad Alam, Shahid Afridi, Shoaib Malik the youngster who seems to have a lot of energy and desire to excel is Mohammad Aamir. His body language is very positive and he seems to be very enthusiastic and is self motivated. He has taken some very good wickets right from the beginning of his short career, and his last over against Australia where he created a world record of 5 wickets in  his maiden over. I wish if it was Australia batting second and they had a target to achieve and these 5 wickets in his over would have made a world of difference. However, it is still a great achievement. In yesterday’s match against England he bowled a great bouncer at Kevin Pietersen on the penultimate ball of his last over. It was such a good bouncer that shook KP completely because, at that stage only 2 runs were needed in 8 balls and the commentator (David Lloyd) said, start your car engines…… but, Aamir had not given up hope he bowled a fearsome bouncer at a well set batsman who was at 69* after the bouncer KP looked at the square leg umpire Billy Bowden, who is unique and a class character, generally doesn’t smile but makes others smile, he couldn’t  help laughing at KP who was asking for mercy.

Tomorrow’s (Saturday)match between Pakistan and New Zealand is very crucial for both teams and Pakistan if they want to prove that they are late bloomers this is the last chance to fight back and defeat NZ convincingly so that they move ahead, if they lose then the match against South Africa would be like climbing the K-2 from the rear side, if they fail they have to face the wrath of Ijaz Butt.

The important question:
Will Pakistan play the same team against New Zealand? Asif’s form is a big question mark.  Sami bowled one bad over and there is a reason to it whereas, Asif bowled all his balls very badly. Jesse Ryder, McCullum, Guptil and Taylor will be pleased to see Asif bowling at them, it will be a suicide for Pakistan to play Asif with this kinda form especially on these tracks where there is no swing and no movement.  Misbah cannot justify his place in the team with his gimmicks, antics and his sloppy fielding.

In my opinion Hammad Azam should replace Misbah and Sami to replace Asif. What is your opinion?

  1. #1 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2010 - 3:08 PM

    Australia started well like they did against Pakistan but failed to capitalize the momentum in the last 4-5 overs. Against Pakistan they were 191/5 in the 19th over and all out for 191 in the 20th over. Today, the moment Warner was out the momentum shifted in India’s favour and when David Hussey was out and two new batsmen were on the field the fate was sealed that Australia cannot surpass the magical 200.

    If Yuvraj Singh had not taken the wicket of David Warner on the last ball of his first over in which two sixes were hit, MS Dhoni would have ran out of options and may have looked up towards Raina or Sharma for another spinner attack. Luckily Yuvraj got that wicket and his confidence grew and in the next over he got another wicket. After that the Indians dominated.

    Yesterday in the previous thread I mentioned that Dhoni should start with Harbhajan and Nehra but, he started with Jadeja who is neither a spinner nor a medium pacer but something in between and he ruined the game for India, first by bowling so badly in his two overs 6 sixes were hit also he dropped a catch, things would have been very different had he held that catch and had Dhoni not given him bowling. The damage has been done but, India should not worry too much BECAUSE, INDIA HAS AN OUTSIDE CHANCE TO WIN this game.

    India has more depth in batting than Australia and are more experienced than Australians in this form of game but, they have to play sensibly. Australian fast bowling on paper is very good but, Mitchel Johnson and Shaun Tait both can go into their shell if Indian openers attack them and hit them for sixes and fours. After that they lose their line and length. It happened to Johnson a few times and it happened to Tait twice very recently when Dilshan scooped him for a couple of sixes behind the keeper.

    Gambhir, Raina, Yuvraj, Dhoni and Pathan must all attack Tait and Johnson to upset their rhythm and their line and length. Only Nannes bowls a nagging line and length consistently so they must play him with caution. The spinner Smith is no threat and neither is David Hussey or MJ Clarke. This target is achievable by India and they should win this match.

    The better half of the match is about to start. So, all the best to India and to newguy, 420, Varun and others.

  2. #2 by Varun Suri on May 7, 2010 - 4:00 PM

    Hey Everyone,

    It’s nice to see everybody following 20-20 World Cup with great interest as for me I am currently involved in tracking the World Chess Championship match which has been going on for a week and will go on for few more days.

    It’s great to take a break from Cricket and also I keep checking but following Chess is a bit too time consuming so I have not been writing as much as I’d like to do…

    Looks like India got it’s ass kicked yet again by Aussies in a World Cup match the hammering Zaheer Khan got must have reminded of 2003 WCfinal.

    More laterss..

    More laterss..

  3. #3 by newguy on May 7, 2010 - 4:06 PM

    One sided contest between Ind and Aus are virtually all over for Indians, although technicality calls for completing their overs or getting all out. Looks like they will be all out.

    Only question at this point is will they get 100 runs or will get lose by 100 runs?

    This is a pathetic showing for Indians, even by their sometimes pathetic standards against some quality and disciplined bowling and fielding.

    Javed Khan did a very good analysis on Australian batting and Indian bowling, nothing to add for me, as I would have said the same thing. Only thing JAK left out is that Zaheer Khan was equally pathetic though may be not like Jadeja. But being the front line and senior bowler he should have done at least as good as Nehra if not better. He and Jadeja made that Australians got momentum. It seems like Australians had their game plan to leave Harbhajan alone and attack others, and it worked out. For them Harbhajan was the danger man and they did not want to lose wickets against him, because once you lose wickets at top order then spinners would have been all over them, particularly Bhajji. So they played him with extreme caution.

    India should have done same with Dirk Nannes and not lost two wickets to him in 3rd over. That started their collapse and they are playing worser than Afghanistan did against South Africa.

    If people expected a good contest between these two teams then they will be disappointed. I am disappointed with the meek fashion they played. Australia had their game plans and executed it well, Indians may have had theirs but nothing came out for them.

    Based on this performance it is clear that only one of these two teams have a chance of getting to the finals let alone winning the cup, and it is not India.

    At this point the formality would have been finished and I am going to focus on SL vs. WI game.

  4. #4 by newguy on May 7, 2010 - 4:16 PM

    One funny comment someone sent to CricInfo commentary team. I am paraphrasing below:

    Ok, I get it now, the names of two stands at each end, Malcom Marshal and Joel Garner, are making Indian knees shiver, they should keep the names covered to make Indian feel more comfortable 🙂

    LOL .. this is a very good joke knowing Indian weakness against quality pace, but in reality Tait, Johnson, Watson, and even Nannes is not in same league as messers Marshal and Garner. BTW, both of whom I have personally seen in plain clothes while on the streets of Barbados when I was on an extended stay back in late 90’s. They were both very gentle and jolly folks outside, but very mean with ball in hand.

    Looks like India is competing to finish the match by losing for 100 runs.

  5. #5 by khansahab on May 7, 2010 - 5:11 PM

    Pak Players are ‘mentally retarded’: Intikhab Alam

    LAHORE: DawnNews on Friday received the PCB inquiry committee report from its sources which confirmed that the alleged players openly accused each other on different issues.

    Among the accusations were, former PCB coach Intikhab Alam’s comments stating that some of the players in the team were ‘mentally retarded’.

    Faisal Hayat, the team’s medical doctor said that Umar Akmal pretended to have a back problem, especially since the tests did not prove his pain. He also said that Shoaib Malik and Salman Butt pretended to have injuries before a match in New Zealand.

    On the other hand, Kamran Akmal defended his brother by saying that if Umar Akmal had no back injury why would he have been given an injection. Umer Akmal said he received the injury during a practice match in Hobart.

    Younis Khan in his statement suggested that Umer Akmal should be fined for faking his injury.

    The much criticized former captain Mohammad Yousuf also said that Umar Akmal faked the injury. Moreover, he told the tribunal that five players should be taken out of the team: Shoaib Malik and Umer Akmal for discipline and Fawad, Umer Gul and Kamran Akmal for poor performance.

    Intikhab Alam also said that Rana Naveed’s integrity was 80 per cent doubtful, adding that Shoaib Malik was responsible for creating intrigues in the team.

    Meanwhile, Shahid Afridi said that his father’s tears were enough punishment for the ball tampering saga.

    The team manager Mohammad Raqeeb criticized the captaincy of Mohammad Yousuf, while Shahid Afridi said that Yousuf never took responsibility for his decisions and rather shifted the blame on others.

  6. #6 by khansahab on May 7, 2010 - 5:28 PM

    Afridi has started garnering criticism from many foreign players and fans who are blaming his poor performance and poor leadership.

    Although Pakistan’s batting nor bowling have been at par, it is their fielding that has created this uncertain situation. Saeed Ajmal, Misbah and Butt have been the main culprits in this regard. Not only have they missed catches, they have done this when they needed to grasp those catches the most.

    I think it is too early to blame Afridi. At the moment apart from a few youngsters no one is playing better than Afridi. Some people want Malik back in the team, as captain. It must be remembered that Malik is neither a good batsman, bowler or fielder and he will never be able to be a good captain. He is good at NOTHING.

    Fawad Alam is also being criticised by some former players who say he is not a T20 player. The height of stupidity is that he has barely batted in this tournament and people do not have patience with him yet they have patience with match losers like Malik and Misbah. In the warm up matches people were satisfied with his performance but all of a sudden he is batting at no 8, which is showing in the stats. It is incredibly stupid for commentators to kill merit in this way and to not recognise this. And then they ask why the cricket system is not producing good players?

  7. #7 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2010 - 5:53 PM

    Varun, newguy good to see you guys commenting on India’s game. I AM EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED BY INDIA’S POOR PERFORMANCE.

    I thought may be they will compensate the bad bowling (except Harbhajan) with some good batting but, the batting except for Rohit Sharma (whose good batting efforts were not acknowledged by Dhoni, in fact when Ravi Shastri asked him to comment on Rohit’s batting he dodged that question and did not say a word on his fine batting).

    Dhoni’s batting as well as captaincy was pretty mediocre.
    He is very headstrong in team selection, it was good to choose Rohit over Chawla but, Ravindra Jadeja and Murali Vijay? I don’t think they should have been in the squad. I would have played Chawla in place of Jadeja. Both Vijay and Jadeja are very immature and are product of the IPL, which doesn’t qualify them as reliable international players. Murali Vijay scored one innings and then he was out on a duck and today he scored two. Even that two is the result of a mistimed shot and he was lucky that the ball went slightly beyond the inner circle otherwise he would have been out on a duck again.

    In the absence of Praveen Kumar and out of form Zaheer Khan the fast bowling department is almost impotent. Even Nehra bowled his first two overs very badly and gave away twenty runs. If India continues to play like this, they will be disappointing their fans, like the Pakistani fans are already very very disappointed and lost their faith in their team.

  8. #8 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2010 - 5:58 PM

    Sanath Jayasuriya must hang up his boots and say good bye to cricket. Dilshan’s poor form gave him a chance to open the innings but, he played very poorly and got out cheaply. CATCHES WIN MATCHES, West Indies dropped two catches, the first one was of Jayasuriya by K. Pollard and that’s not a big loss, but Chris Gayle dropped Sangakara’s catch in the slips and that is going to cost them a lot. I am surprised that Murali is playing today, earlier it was announced that he is out of the tournament due to injury and will also announce his retirement from test cricket. Why, what happened now?

    Sri Lanka are batting well now and both Jayawardene and Sangakara have stabilized the innings after Jayasuriya’s departure and 47 for 1 in six overs is not a bad score. Jayawardene is in great form and if he stays there will be another big total for Sri Lanka.

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2010 - 6:19 PM


    A retard calling others are retarded is nothing new. Intikhab Alam is 72 now he got retarded 12 years ago. But, it took him 12 years to realize that. 😀

    Judging Afridi’s captaincy and calling it bad after two defeats is a very predictable thing. It always happen that when a team loses the first thing people do is focus on the captaincy and start making judgments. Like, Dhoni is being heavily criticized by many Indian fans today for giving Jadeja the second over especially after seeing him hit for three sixes, he was hit for three more all in all 38 runs in 2 overs. Also, the bowling changes he made and batting order is all being criticized. He took my advise by opening the bowling attack with Harbhajan but I never said anything about Jadeja, why did he use him? 😀

    The way Ajmal, Misbah and Salman Butt dropped 6 catches between them has created rumours that it was a deliberate effort. I fail to understand how Ajmal can throw away the first catch of Kieswetter’s first catch after holding it and then dropping it with a throw action? The second one went through his fingers and the third one was a sitter that he tried to dramatize by rolling and in the process he lost the ball whether it was deliberate or an error it was definitely stupid.

    I don’t agree with your comment on Shoaib Malik that he is good for NOTHING he is good at lying, creating intrigues, disunity, mutiny and in ruining the spirit of the game and the lives of other people (Ayesha).

  10. #10 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2010 - 7:01 PM

    The Century that Jayawardene did not score. I feel sorry for Jayawardene getting stuck on the wrong end. Had there been any Indian or Pakistani player in his place, he wouldn’t have taken that single on the first ball of the last over that he took. Perhaps he thought that Kapuragedra will rotate the strike and he will get a chance to score 2 runs, but that did not happen. Sri Lanka has posted the highest total of the tournament 195 for 3 and they have recorded the biggest partnership 166 runs between Jayawardene and Sangakara.

    Let us see what the home team is going to do now? The Gayle factor is very important if he gets going and post a good opening stand then the others might be able to follow the pursuit otherwise there will be the usual cave in.

  11. #11 by khansahab on May 7, 2010 - 8:00 PM

    Ijaz Butt – The chicane face of Pakistan cricket

    By Dr Nauman Niaz

    The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has taken shape of a graveyard where cynicism is one of the most striking of all the Hellenistic philosophies. Its product development plans and the merchandise itself has triggered people to plausibly avail an opportunity to seek happiness and freedom from suffering in an age of uncertainty. The PCB has its own cynic doctrine, and seemingly, as it was seen in the first two Twenty20 World Cup matches, a flimsy 21-run win versus Bangladesh and a humiliating 40 plus run defeat against Australia were true depictions of how PCB chief Mr Ijaz Butt has governed cricket since October 2008.

    This suffering has been caused by false judgments of value, which caused negative impact and vicious results. Pakistan could still turn it around and defend their title, for that, rationally all the other participating teams should go blind and adhere to cynic doctrine. Why couldn’t the PCB invest and infest country’s cricket with scientific product development and methodology? Simply self-sufficiency is achieved by living a life of virtue and the road to virtue is to free oneself from any influence such as self-denial, affectation, circumvention, cozenage, false representation of facts, improper basis, intentional untruths, improper motive, masquerade, mendacity and misinformation; that’s what has been relevant or referred to Mr Ijaz’s government.

    An altruistic review of Mr Ijaz’s tenure delineates the following:

    1: Nepotism: appointments of Yawar Saeed, Mohammad Naeem and Intikhab Alam, some out of context and others outdated, outmoded and superfluous.

    2: Sacking of Shoaib Malik and appointment of Younus Khan as team’s captain.

    3: Appointment of Abdul Qadir as chief selector and then his ‘forced’ resignation, re-designation of Salim Altaf and his unceremonious removal and Aamir Sohail’s appointment by choice and virtually coerced into resigning plus Iqbal Qasim resigning taking the blame of Pakistan’s loss in Australia.

    4: Resignation of Yawar Saeed and his reincarnation

    5: Sacking of Intikhab Alam being a ‘failed’ coach and his elevation as director of state of the art scientifically modelled National Cricket Academy.

    6: Appointment and sacking of Abdur Raqib, resignation of Younus Khan and appointment of Mohammad Yousaf as team’s captain and then his removal.

    7: Disciplinary action taken against Younus Khan, Mohammad Yousaf, Shahid Afridi, Kamran Akmal, Umar Akmal, Shoaib Malik and Rana Navedul Hassan and the appointment of Shahid Afridi while he was still in the process of refuting the penalization.

    8: Afridi twice caught cheating and rewarded with country’s captaincy, all cheats should be given the leadership roles?

    9: Shoaib Malik given Twenty20 captaincy in Australia after having been removed, charged of dissension and also contrary to the recommendations of Senate’s Standing Committee and then reminded of how ineligible he was in a letter justifying a heavy penalty and ban on him via incongruously drafted letter.

    10: The PCB chief reveals that two players were allegedly involved in match-fixing and then he retracts his ‘sayings’ three minutes later.

    11: Younus Khan and Mohammad Yousaf banned for life and retrospectively, seeing the repercussions the PCB denied banning them for life and terms it as ‘dropped for indefinite’ period.

    12: The PCB bans Shoaib Malik and he with his newlywed wife Sania Mirza made state guests in Islamabad.

    13: Mohammad Irfan picked as Umar Gul’s replacement and then vetoed by Mr Ijaz on a flimsy pretext that he wasn’t in the fray, not being part of the thirty players announced earlier.

    14: The PCB general manager finance reprimanded for implementing PCB chairman’s orders and then posted to the virtually defunct audit department of the board.

    15: No sackings, inquiry or reprimands to the administrative players for negligence as Sri Lanka team was attacked by the terrorists on March 3, 2009.

    16: A handful of affectedness, assumed basis, bogus purpose, chicanery, circumvention of truth, designed misinterpretations, duplicity, dissimulation, falsity, misstatements regarding the World Cup 2011 shifting of matches from Pakistan to the other three host countries.

    Selling of television rights of important ‘home’ series on a neutral venue based on false pretences, larceny and trumped up reasons are just a handful recollections of Mr Ijaz’s regime. And he still intends to continue and evidently, as it seems, he would. The PCB is just a circus of myths, retractions, rebuttals and incessant denials; and the sorry state of the Pakistan game continues; Mr Ijaz isn’t only the chairman of the PCB, but a perfect recipe for disaster. If Abdul Qadir, Aamir Sohail and Iqbal Qasim resign, why couldn’t you sir!

  12. #12 by newguy on May 7, 2010 - 8:00 PM


    I agree with you on Dhoni’s captaincy and his own batting today was below mediocre. I normally don’t get excited about games whether it is win or lose, but today a lot was expected of them to stand up and deliver a good contest. Not win, mind you, but a good contest. Instead they played right into Australian hands and gave them the confidence of their lifetime to take on everyone else.

    Sanjay Manjrekar said that it is too much to expect these young Indian batsmen to counter attack the likes of Nannes, Tait, and Johnson on this lively pitch. He said Sehwag and Tendulkar would have played different, but these younger was out of their league to hit out like that. Instead they should have ducked and weaved and left a few balls and score at 4 or 5 runs even for the first few overs.

    Anyhow, Dhoni deserve this, his sticking with ultra arrogant Yuvraj and picking Jadeja and then giving him second over after hit for 3 sixes, is all too much, then he gets out for next to nothing.

    Irfan Pathan should have made better sense than Jadeja, or even Zaheer Khan looking at how he bowled.

    The way Rohit sharma batted, if one other batsman stayed there and played like that they could have come very close if not win.

    I also agree Murali Vijay should go, he is filling much bigger boots that he can handle, that of Sehwag. There was rumor that Sehwag pulled out again due to issues with Dhoni. Who knows?

    Anyhow, good lesson for the arrogant Yuvraj and Dhoni.

    SL did very well. Mahela is in great form, after that 100 the other day, almost another one today. Last year it was Dilshan.

    Agree that Jayasurya is way past his expiry date. Surprised Murali is back.

    Trouble with SL though is the day their one or two star batsman fail they will lose.

    WI is not doing well now, I want to see how big man Pollard will play.

    Funny original post, I rolled with laughter reading some of those things about Ijaz Butt you described. You are right that it is ironical that he is the one firing every body after poor performance when it is he who should step down or be fired by someone with higher authority.

  13. #13 by khansahab on May 7, 2010 - 8:01 PM

    Dr Niaz

    Too verbose, but you are well intentioned.

    I hope you can give credit to Legslip for saying everything that you are saying even before Butt was appointed.

  14. #14 by khansahab on May 7, 2010 - 8:08 PM

    1) Waqar when praising Dhoni’s calm demeanour: “Dhoni has got a beautiful head on his shoulders…..”
    2) When praising Sehwag’s attacking batting: The Virender Sehwag is really on the rampage tonight.
    3) When praising some bowler for field placing: “Oh…..he is a smart bowler! He has got A Protection there.
    4) When Aamir Sohail praised Ishant Sharma saying, “Waqar, I think the reason that Ashant is getting all that extra bounce is that he is a big lanky lad”……….this is what Waqqa had to say………. “Another reason could be that he’s also very tall……………..”
    5) When praising Salman Butt, “All Salman did was just put bat on ball and timing was perfect. Beautiful play…….”
    6) “Trescothick makes a room outside off stump”
    7) “definately a nick there, i heard it in my ear”
    8. “Danish gave an extra air to the ball”
    9) Jayasuria likes to have a room, but Najaf not giving him a room
    10) “Thats 200 wickets for danish kaneria. Hez the 6th Pakistani fast bowler to acheive this”
    11) ‘What a catch…thats an absolutely catch’
    12) “Went on the backfoot and found a beautiful gap between cover and point”
    13) When the commentator Greg Blewett said, “That’s an ordinary effort by Razzaq” (when Razzaq misfielded) this is what Waqqa had to say, “…………..oo that’s worse than ordinary, that’s…………..ordinary effort
    14) ‘And a Pakistan is 181 for.. all out.
    15) “Beautifully Shot”

    “Virender Taibu is….a…. good batsman.”

    “Test match cricket is a all about playing a lot of cricket !”

    1. Mohammad Jayasuriya
    2. This Dilshan, his bowling is not good and his batting is also not good. But, the only reason he is a KEEP in the team is because of his fielding.

    1) “Danish Vettori”
    2) “I tell you………you seen a mud bowls of Sharjah few years ago…..buttaaaa……….this pitch has a grass on it!!!”
    3) “I lived in UAE for 2 years but I never seen a rain………..”

  15. #15 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 7:33 AM

    According to Geo Fawad Alam and Asif are going to be dropped and Rehman and Sami are going to play.

    I did not expect this from Afridi as I thought he would be a fairer and more intelligent captain, his treatment of Fawad Alam is no different to Shoaib Malik’s.

    Anyway, I am fast losing my interest in Pakistan cricket due to these policies of bias and stupidity. Alam is actually a better batsman than everyone in the team except Umer Akmal.

    They are getting rid of a batsman and substituting him with a bowler. The best bowlers, Afridi and Ajmal have not been in form themselves. What miracles is Rehman going to create? And which T20 team plays 6 specialist bowlers? The whole point of T20 is to play as many batsmen as possible.

  16. #16 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 7:38 AM


    The Sports Academy Chairman of Pakistan has stated that Pakistan lost against England due to match fixing.

    Rumours have started especially due to the poor fielding of Misbah, Butt and Ajmal.

  17. #17 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 7:49 AM

    If Pakistan loses today, Ijaz Butt needs to resign. The fans will want Afridi to resign too, since the team’s performance becomes the captain’s responsibility.

    My guess is either Shoaib Malik is coming back soon to be appointed captain or the PCB might appoint Umer Akmal the surprise captain of the team.

    Recently Basit Ali said that the PCB should consider Umer Akmal as a possible Test captain.

  18. #18 by Mohammed Munir on May 8, 2010 - 9:48 AM

    My weekend is MY WEAKEND.

    So I am not commenting much and after today’s (NZ) game there may be nothing left to comment about.

    Anyways, what I think is that Pakistan MAY win today against NZ and then loose to SA and out of the cup. Because loosing to SA after a win against NZ will help our team command a higher price from bookies for a defeat against SA. Plus it will also help in keeping the fan’s emotions in check.

  19. #19 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 11:13 AM


    I don’t think they will make Umar Akmal the captain especially after his faking the injury he has ruined his reputation. Secondly, the brotherhood bond will play more dirty politics in the team. If they really want to appoint a new and young captain – which I am not in favour of – it should be Mohammad Aamir. It will be totally out of the blue but a young captain who is a very devoted and committed player. He has the spark in him to become one of the best players in the world.

    I agree with you on Abdul Rahman’s inclusion, just Sami should be fine to replace out of form Asif. Historically Pakistan has always played well against NZ in all the big tournaments and so far they have also won 4×4 T20 games against NZ but that doesn’t mean anything because, there is always a first time and they can lose for the first time. Jesse Ryder is in good form and by law of averages Brendon McCullum and Ross Taylor have to score. Likewise Abdul Razzaq and Afridi must score if Pakistan needs to win and Afridi must also get wickets. They should bat first after winning the toss. This ground suits the team batting first. Besides, Pakistan needs to post a daunting total.

  20. #20 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 12:45 PM


    Pakistan needs to change the batting order for today’s match. Abdul Razzaq should be tried at number 3 and Hafeez should go down the order.

    If there is any spinner who needs to open the bowling attack it should not be Hafeez but Afridi himself.

    Salman Butt has so far played better than expectations in this tournament and it is Kamran Akmal who needs to focus a bit more now and play a sensible innings rather than going for his usual slash and cuts in the point and backward point area. He has been targeted by many teams and against Bond he cannot do that.

    If the openers and top order gives a flying start there is nothing to worry after that, all they need is good fielding and tight bowling.

  21. #21 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 1:03 PM


    your GEO news comment is right. There are two changes as you stated and i.e., Fawad Alam and Asif are out Abdul Rahman and Sami are in. Ch2So4 Afridi has opted to field after winning the toss. He should have batted first.

    I am going to a friend’s house to watch the match with a lot of other friends and a breakfast party.

    take care guys

  22. #22 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 1:42 PM

    I think it is Ian Chappell, who just queried about Alam’s inclusion and said that he is an excellent fielder.

    In the past Chappell, Ian Bishop, West Indian, Indian etc commentators have frequently questioned why Alam is not utilised properly as a batsman. But, the Pakastani psyche is very different.

  23. #23 by newguy on May 8, 2010 - 1:52 PM

    Good luck to all of guys on today’s match with NZ. Pakistan is has to restrict NZ to a score around 150 and then bat well at the top of the order, they also must take all chances in the field that comes their way.

    Is this the best bowling combination they have? Aamir is very impressive and he bowls tight overs, but is Sami the best around? I only saw him once or twice playing against India and he hardly troubled anyone, in my book if a fast bowler cannot trouble Indians then he is not quite in his prime. Is he better than Razzaq who is also handy with bat?

    Good luck, anyhow, McCullum and Ryder are away already, they should bring spin now to contain and take wickets.

  24. #24 by newguy on May 8, 2010 - 2:07 PM

    I am glad that my comments were heard and spin was brought in to slowdown run rate and take a wicket 🙂

    Now Afridi should bring himself and Ajmal on and choke from both ends.

  25. #25 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 3:31 PM

    Pakistan are self destructing after a good bowling performance.
    Hafeez was the star for me, as he came early on and bowled very accurately. Earlier I had identified that he was not using flight very well, but today he was spot on.

    Butt and Misbah are slow, their job now is to take singles and doubles.

  26. #26 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 3:51 PM

    When I saw the replay of Misbah’s dismissal it looked out to me- I did not see the edge?

    A lot of people are saying there was an edge.

  27. #27 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 4:27 PM

    If Pakistan win, Razzaq should be Man of the Match. Even though his strike rate is 100, if he had not accelerated when he did, Pakistan would have been out of contention, by now.

  28. #28 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 4:47 PM

    Misbah ul Haq is only in the team…….bakaouz of what??

  29. #29 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 4:49 PM

    LOL Afridi said “we will play with the same attitude” in the presentation!!

  30. #30 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 5:26 PM

    Misbah ul haq scored 3 of 14 balls what a pathetic performance. Why is he in the team? Shouldn’t they say good bye to him and play Hammad Azam instead ?

    There are a few basic things which the present Pakistan team will never learn and that distinguishes between the winners and losers, between a good team that wins consistently and a mediocre team that wins once in a while.

    1. Abdul Rahman should have known this basic thing that first you secure the match and then go for the win. If he had played a ground shot and taken one run the match was tied and then he should have tried for the second run the chances were 50-50. If they got run out the match was tied, if he had gone for a second run, sometimes on such occasions the fielders make mistake or the wicketkeeper doesn’t collect the ball cleanly then there was a chance to win. But, he was not aware of such a basic and simple thing neither anyone told him to do so. In place of Salman Butt, if Javed Miandad was playing he would have told him to do so.

    2. Saeed Ajmal after bowling 5 very good balls in his last over bowled a fuller length ball to Nathan McCullum without realizing that the batsman has scored a six of the last ball of the match in the previous match and won the match for NZ, he still bowled him a straight fuller ball. Had he bowled slightly of the off side he may have gotten one or two but, not six. These basic things are to be learned by heart and remembered but, Pakistan team plays with emotions they don’t use any thinking.

    3. Shahid Afridi was not out, the ball bounced on the grass and Afridi should have stayed at his crease and the umpire had no choice but to refer it to the third umpire and the slow motion camera confirmed that he was not out. That is why Ganguly never leaves the ground in such situations. These are one of the basic things that Pakistani players must remember. Kyle Mills was questioning Salman Butt earlier when the NZ team went up for a caught behind appeal, Mills walked down to Salman Butt and asked him twice “didn’t you nick the ball?” Butt did not reply to him verbally but, the next ball he hit Mills for a four. Should someone not ask Mills or Nathan McCullum how come he claimed a catch when the ball bounced in front of him?

    4. Abdul Razzaq wasted 4 balls of Bond’s last over. Salman took a single of the first ball. Then Razzaq was deceived by a slower ball, Razzaq thought the second one will be a fast one, but it was again a slow ball, in fact all 4 dot balls were slow balls. Abdul Razzaq and all other Pakistani players must remember such basic things that you don’t have to premeditate about the ball they are about to receive, they should play according to the merit of the ball and use their instincts rather than their judgment. A six or a four on one of the 4 dot balls would have changed the match.

    Reportedly, the Pakistani players were told that for each catch they hold, there is a reward of US$1000 and I am not sure if that is true and it is for this reason they fielded well?

  31. #31 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 5:28 PM

    When Shahid Afridi was out, Nasser Hussain said, “Match winning catch,” as a commentator he shouldn’t have said that especially at that stage when the match was halfway through. Pakistan almost got home, they lost but it was still a very good, exciting last ball match a nail biting finish.

  32. #32 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 5:30 PM


    Ramiz Raja said, “Pakistan is eliminated.” technically yes they are but, are they really 100% out of the tournament? Suppose England defeats SA today and Pakistan also defeats SA with a huge margin, are they still out?

    England and SA match has just started.

  33. #33 by Shoaib on May 8, 2010 - 6:53 PM

    If England beat south Africa and newzealand both and Pakistan beat south Africa with a great margin then Pakistan will qualify but reality it can be a miracle of the century if this happened, truth is Pakistan do not deserve place in semis full stop, just let them go….pakistan batsmen were lazy and were not bothered to turn 1 into 2s and 2s into 3s. Laughable fact is Pakistan had 59 dot balls in their batting inning which is just a ball less 10 overs, watch Australia, south Africa and England playing, we should count Pakistan out, forget it F it and get over it!!

  34. #34 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 7:07 PM

    England after a blazing start of 65 runs in 6 overs, I thought they will score 190-200 but in the end they slowed down after Pietersen’s departure and could manage only 168.

    It will be hard for them to beat SA but, lately they have beaten SA and it is SA’s turn to lose in this tournament otherwise they will go and choke in the big match. Pietersen’s batting was superb he attacked from the word go.

    If Pakistan make some changes in their team and batting order, they can surprise SA in Monday’s match. In my opinion they should make two changes in the team:

    1. Drop Misbah bring in Hammad Azam
    2. Drop Hafeez and bring in Fawad Alam.

    To move from the conservative and orthodox to a more aggressive batting outfit they must make the following batting order changes:

    Afridi must open with Salman Butt,
    Abdul Razzaq should come in at number 3

    Fawad Alam at number 4 to give him enough chance to face the balls to score freely.
    Followed by the Akmal brothers at number 5 and 6 and, Hammad Azam at 7 followed and the tail.

    Bowing attack should be opened with Aamer and Sami, next change Abdul Rahman and then give one over to Abdul Razzaq and or, Hammad Azam to see if they are effect or else Afridi should bowl but, after 8 overs because he is unable to spin the new ball.

    They must play very aggressively, it won’t matter if they win or lose but, if they win they would not only feel good but it would be a successful experiment to go for attacking cricket and that is what T20 is all about.

  35. #35 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 8:49 PM

    ENGLAND defeated South Africa convincingly by 39 runs a very good margin to bring SA’s run rate down and now PAKISTAN has an outside chance to beat SA with a similar margin and hope England to defeat New Zealand at St. Lucia where the pitches, ground and weather is different from Barbados. If that happens then it will be a dream return for Pakistan to the semi-finals. And, if that happens there is no stopping for them. BUT, the first biggest hurdle is South Africa vs. Pakistan match at Barbados on Monday.

    South Africa choked today and it is likely there will be an encore if Pakistan goes on a blazing start, they must not field first after winning the toss, they MUST bat. I think Akhroat Afridi was influenced by the team management to opt for fielding because earlier they lost batting first. Even Kevin Pietersen told Nasser Hussain that England are lucky to have won the toss and batted first. When Afridi said we will field I wrote something on the blog scroll up ^ .

    When England shall be playing against NZ in St. Lucia they will be without their ace batsmen Pieterson who is flying back home tonight, he said he is going to see his first child and he is very, very excited but, he will be back for the semi-final. That will be some blow for Pakistan if England loses against NZ (after they have beaten SA, fishful thinking 😀 )

  36. #36 by newguy on May 8, 2010 - 9:13 PM

    Hi Guys,

    Very pathetic performance from Pakistan batsmen today, just like their neighbors yesterday against Aussies. After commendable performance with the ball and decent show in field they were in to win comfortably. They had no reason to go for the big shots initially, when only less than 7 runs was needed.

    They should have been taking singles and two’s to rotate strike and then hit the odd boundary, keep run rate at around 6 for about 10 overs without losing wickets or even 1 or two wickets, but score around 65/2 in 10 overs then all the needed is another 70 runs from 10 overs with wickets in hand. It would have been a walk in the park.

    As Javed Khan said, they made many mistakes, but I won’t agree on the last ball six from McCullum contributed to this. These things happen and one or two sixes will be hit in final overs when a team is batting first. It was a good show by bowlers, but a lack of understanding on how to handle short pitch bowling cost them. Like Indians they are trying to hit the ball out of the park without knowing how to handle them.

    Just look at how England handled short pitch balls today. Balls from Steyn and Morkel at 90 miles in a bouncy Barbados pitch did not matter to them. Indians and Pakistanis would do well to watch how Pieterson and Kieswetter played SA today. Learn some techniques then go for the hit.

    Anyhow, no need to go for big shots for Pakistan today, they put themselves in a very bad position.

    Afridi catch was very doubtful and he should have asked for review. In one of the IPL games, Mumbai playing Bangalore, Tendulkar took a catch of Dravid at slip and even though umpire gave him out Dravid did not walk instead he stood there and asked for review. Gavaskar was doing commentary and he was furious with Dravid for not walking, he was criticizing Dravid by saying after all these years sharing dressing room he should know this man really well – meaning Tendulkar would never cheat and Dravid should go. In the end turned out that the ball touched ground after Tendulkar cupped it his hand, it was very close and required many replays. Dravid was judged not out. Sometimes the catcher thinks he got it, but it is hard for him to know, when he is diving and taking catch at same time, everything happening so fast. So, in this case McCullum may not have known, it was up to Afridi to stand ground.

    Very good show by England against SA, they are the team in form along with Australia. NZ as always scratches their way through somehow, so you can never rule out them. Pakistan has an outside chance against SA, but they need a huge run rate and NZ needs to lose to England.

    India has crucial game coming up, and let’s see if they learned anything from last match, or if they are planning on packing their bags and going home early.

  37. #37 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 10:48 PM

    Javed A Khan

    In order for Pakastan to proceed to the next round this is what needs to happen:

    Pak need to beat SA and ENG need to beat NZ.

    ENG would then finish with 6 points and the other teams would be on 2 points and it would go to NRR.

  38. #38 by khansahab on May 8, 2010 - 10:54 PM


    According to a leading Pakistan journalist Shahid Afridi has blamed the selectors for choosing this T20 squad and has hinted he would have picked a different squad.

  39. #39 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 8, 2010 - 11:50 PM


    I never said or what I meant about the Nathan McCullum six is, Ajmal should have known that he has the capability to hit and after bowling pretty decent 5 balls the last ball was a lose one and he could have bowled it slightly away from his bat or targeted his pads instead he pitched it right in front of him with a fuller delivery and he smashed it to perfection. What I meant was Ajmal took it too lightly and he shouldn’t have.

    I know what you are saying about Afridi, I was watching this match with a lot of friends and we all said the same thing that he should have stayed but he was a bit nervous and ashamed to stand there, whereas there is nothing to be ashamed he should have asked for a review from the third umpire and either of the field umpires would have gone upstairs. Anyways, it is over now and nothing can be undone that was my point that when in doubt he should stay, never mind what others think. As regards Gavaskar, I remember as a kid when India played Pakistan in Karachi Gavaskar scored century in each innings and on both counts he was out on a duck, caught behind but, he did not move and the umpire did not rule him out. The Pakistani umpire was Mehboob Shah, after the match was over which India lost eventually, someone asked Mehboob Shah didn’t you hear the snick? He said, in the first innings it took me sometime to decide whether there was a nick or not? But, then it was too late to give any decision. And in the second innings Pakistan had a huge lead so he said, once again I was thinking whether to give or not and the thought came to my mind that if I give him out this time the Indians would say the Pakistani umpire was biased and I couldn’t rule him but, the fact is he nicked it in both innings. When Gavaskar was asked why he did not walk? He said, why is the umpire there for? 😀 Now, on records you won’t find what I said but on records Gavaskar scored century in each innings.


    Yeah, now I know the equation and the permutations because the commentators were explaining how Pakistan can qualify? England needs to defeat NZ and they won’t be in the contention or NRR because, the run rate tie would be between Pakistan and SA only and NZ’s run rate is already low. Pakistan lost to England by six wickets but, with 3 balls to spare and against NZ they lost by one run. SA has lost to England by 39 runs and SA defeated NZ by 13 runs. Therefore, Pakistan needs to beat SA by 14 runs, I guess? Very soon the exact numbers will be on the internet.

  40. #40 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 9, 2010 - 3:44 AM

    score around 65/2 in 10 overs then all the needed is another 70 runs from 10 overs with wickets in hand. It would have been a walk in the park. newguy


    Which match score are you quoting? Pakistan were 58/5 when Afridi was out, then Abdul Razzaq and Salman Butt took it to 111/6 i.e., when Razzaq was out and hopes were fading out. Still there was a chance to win as Butt took it to the last over. I think you are quoting the scores of some other match, right?

  41. #41 by khansahab on May 9, 2010 - 8:39 AM

    On one hand Afridi is saying that selection policies and unavailability of senior players have led to the defeats, on the other hand he is blaming his poor performance as having a negative effect on the team. Or is it both?

    Would Afridi have picked a different team? I don’t think so. Apart from including Shahzaib Hassan and Mohammad Arfan, I don’t think there would have been any changes. Plus, whom would he discount in order to accommodate Hassan and Arfan? He himself spoke highly of Hafeez, he has always held Misbah in a high regard, U Akmal was an automatic selection, he has himself stated on occasions that F Alam needs opportunities to perform.

    If Malik was available would he be selected? He is such a pathetic player; Misbah is a better batsman than Malik and we know how detached Misbah is from the calibre that is needed at international level. Playing Malik is an endorsement of mediocrity and a recipe for disaster. So, I hope Afridi is not hinting that if Malik were present he would have picked Malik.

    Misbah was dropped after the disastrous tours of Sri Lanka, New Zealand and Australia, but somehow he was included in the squad again? On what grounds? Misbah is past his prime and he is not international calibre.

    Meanwhile. F Alam is still being relegated and despite his solid performances in the warm ups, he was sent to bat at no 8 with only a few balls left and in the last match he was dropped. Pakistan team is unable to chase a target of 130, so they definitely need players like Fawad.

    Pakistan has failed so far because of deficiencies in mainly batting and fielding. Against NZ it was batting, previously it was fielding. These factors are not being blamed so much because the blame is going to centre around Butt, Ajmal, Misbah, U Akmal etc. Butt, Misbah and U Akmal are playing as the specialist batsmen. Afridi and Mohd Hafeez are playing as bowling all rounders.

    An official inquiry must be held in order to investigate the poor performance of the main batsmen- Umer Akmal and Misbah. The inquiry must also investigate why Fawad Alam is not being preferred over Misbah.

  42. #42 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2010 - 9:30 AM

    Khansahab …

    The inquiry should be as to why the Captain/ team management did not allow Fawad Alam to bowl, if they used Hafeez almost as full time bowler.

    Because, frankly speaking, Fawad Alam without his bowling and also made to bat at number 8, is as good as Misbah.

    What I mean is that Fawad without using his left-arm spin bowling and if bat at no. 8, is totally useless for the team.

  43. #43 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2010 - 9:32 AM

    Anyways … Here is something to change moods !!

    Five Surgeons were discussing who were the best patients to operate on.

    The first surgeon said, ‘I like to see Accountants on my operating table because when you open them up, everything inside is numbered.’

    The second responded, ‘Yeah, but you should try Electricians! everything inside them is colour-coded.’

    The third surgeon said, ‘No, I really think Librarians are the best; everything inside them is in alphabetical order.’

    The fourth surgeon chimes in, ‘You know I like Construction Workers. Those guys always understand when you have a few parts left over at the end, and when the job takes longer than you said it would.’

    But the fifth surgeon shut them all up when he observed, ‘You’re all wrong. Politicians are the easiest to operate on. There are no guts, no heart, no balls, no brains, and no spine, and there are only two moving parts – the mouth and the arsehole – and both are fully interchangeable.’

  44. #44 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 9, 2010 - 10:35 AM


    Only Ijaz Butt has two interchangeable parts, so in which category do you place him, a politician, administrator or a cricketer?

  45. #45 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 9, 2010 - 10:41 AM

    Oh shucks, I thought Pakistan will play against SA in Barbados but, they are playing in St. Lucia. The ground, pitches and weather is different there. Weather may not be that different but, ground is big and pitches are very different, they aren’t bouncy and not so good for Pakistani players. Also, KP’s absence against NZ will be crucial. So, all in all only a miracle can save Pakistan from elimination. I think it is more like 90% chances of elimination and 10% for becoming Zardari. 😀

  46. #46 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2010 - 11:27 AM

    Javed …

    Ijaz-the-Butt = Corrupt Political Administrating Cricketer. 😆

  47. #47 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2010 - 11:30 AM

    Btw, you seem to have that ‘Never-say-die’ attitude when it comes to Pakistan making it to semis.

    I think it’s better that we don’t, because not only will some deserving team (SA / NZ) reach the semis, plus we will also be saved the pain of loosing again to Australia.

    PS: Even if by 10% chance, we reached the semis, we will have to again face the mighty Australians. So I guess we are better off not reaching semis.

  48. #48 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2010 - 11:59 AM

    In the post-match presentation and after loosing to NZ, Afridi said I hope for some “Happy-ending”.

    Now those of you who have travelled to Far East will know what “Happy Ending” means 😉

  49. #49 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 1:06 PM

    JAK #40 – I am talking hypothetically, not the real match situation. I was saying they should have played by taking ones and twos and the odd boundaries since there was no need to go for big shots and lose wickets. They were 58/5 because they took risky shots, instead they could have played without too much risk and then they could have been like 65/2 or so in 10 overs then they could win easily. Lots of “ifs” and “butts” 🙂

  50. #50 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 1:23 PM

    Hi Guys,

    Don’t fall for the mighty Australian propaganda. They are not that mighty and can be beaten, this is the general Aussie technique of trying to play themselves up after one or two big wins, they get into their opponents mind and make them believe you can’t beat them or very hard to beat them. Yesterday Aussie captain Michael “Puppy” Clark said something like “it’ll be very hard for any other team to stop us in final if we play like this” – this is going too far. First of all, they have to win the semis, and they can be beaten if one or two players play well. Even in the match against India we saw a player like Rohit Sharma hit sixes and fours even as wickets fell around him, all that was needed was one other batsman to play like that for around 40 odd runs and India would have won.

    Granted India has their problems, but it’s not like Aussies are so great no one can beat them. They do this all the time, let’s not fall for it. There is plenty of tournament to go still and anyone can still win it.

  51. #51 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 1:26 PM

    Pakistan if we sneak through to semis will be a different team, Javed Khan said Pakistan play by emotion and not thinking and this is their weakness, that is true but this is also their greatest strength. They play with emotion which turns into passion on the field on big matches. Pakistan are big match players and it will be foolish to write them off if they get to semis.

  52. #52 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 1:27 PM

    Ian Chappel is drumming up Aussies as usual, I want them to be beaten in semis, and I have a feeling they will be.

  53. #53 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 1:28 PM

    On #51 – I said “we” for Pakistan, that was a typing mistake 🙂 I meant to say “they”. I am not that much Pakistan supporter, I still want India to reach semis and even beyond 🙂

  54. #54 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 9, 2010 - 1:32 PM

    India / WI match delayed by rain, this is the price you pay playing in these countries at the wrong time. OMG what was Simon Taufel doing? Both umpires Billy Bowden and Simon Taufel were interviewed on TV just now to ask about the ground conditions and whether any overs have been deducted due to rain etc? While Billy was talking Simon kept his hand on Billy’s back and there was a slight movement i.e., he was stroking his back gently…………. Koi Chakkar zaroor hai. 😀


    LOL, I am glad that you observed, this is what I wanted to write earlier after reading khansahab’s comment on Afridi when he said, we played with the same attitude, I wanted to write that Happy Ending thingi which he said. I watched the match at a breakfast gathering at one of my neighbours yesterday and most of them were not aware of the meaning of Happy Ending, when I started laughing out loudly some of them were a bit surprised and asked me whats wrong? Why are you laughing so loudly? I said didn’t you get it? They said, yeah we understand he means he wants to win that match so that the tour ends at a happy note! Its like a happy ending of a movie. I said, come on guys you are so naive don’t you know that now it is not used in that sense? Let me explain like this, in good old days when people used to call someone an ass they meant a donkey. But, now it is different. So, one of them replied yeah I know like gay was used to describe a happy person but, whats wrong with happy ending? Then I explained it to him and he said, “Oh, OK but, we don’t go for a massage.” Instead of saying jhootay BC, because I know he does, I said: “Oh so you know gay so are you? 😀 Btw, it is not just East or Bangkok only everyone (except Paindoos) don’t know that. 😀

    India won the toss and Dhoni elected to field first, moisture on the pitch? Lets see if his bowlers can do some early damage or Chris Gayle takes the initiative?

  55. #55 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 2:59 PM

    Another toothless performance with the ball and in field by Indians, Gayle has chosen to come to form unfortunately for India today, or perhaps Indian bowling and fielding is so toothless even an man out of form could hit form.

    India will be chasing another mammoth score today, and I predict it will be an encore today with the bat as well. There will be a long procession to the dressing room once Taylor and Roach start sending down 90mph short balls.

    Indians should stop participating in T20 WC and confine themselves to IPL and do everyone a favor.

  56. #56 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 3:03 PM

    I don’t understand why Dhoni chose to bowl again, since his bowlers are toothless and his batsmen cannot chase against a big score, he should have batted first and hope to make 150 then expect opposition will take pressure and make mistakes. This is foolish from Dhoni, and why the heck is he sticking with Jadeja, he went for two more sixes in his first over today. So far he has given 8 sixes in 3 overs and dropped another catch. This is pathetic that they cannot find better players than this. I would say bring the retired oldies like Kumble and Dravid and they will play better than this.

  57. #57 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 9, 2010 - 3:04 PM



    Or, is it more than that? Why the EFF is he playing him today? He should have opted for Chawla who is a better bowler than him and he bats as well and takes good catches. Jadeja first misfields and gives away a four, then he dropped Chris Gayle’s catch and then Dhoni rewards him by asking him to bowl. Two more sixes to his name 16 runs in that over. Jadeja is looking so timid and weak and lacks self confidence and self-belief. And, Dhoni also screwed up a catch of Gayle by colliding with YKP. Although Gavaskar was supporting Dhoni in his chamcha giri way but, it was not his catch it was YKP’s and Dhoni sneaked in only to collide with him and made a mess out of it.

    I haven’t seen such a massive SIX on back foot. I saw Miandad hitting sixes on back foot but not that distance. It was 112 meters so far the biggest in the tournament.

  58. #58 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 3:24 PM

    India is toast, Gayle is reaching his hundred and big man Pollard is also hitting sixes. It’s fun to watch, if you are not an Indian supporter.

    Dhoni is so foolish is not playing another specialist bowler. Why did they bring R Vinay Kumar, he is a decent medium pacer, and what about Chawla? Jadeja is not a good batsman either, so there is no reason why he is in team. May be something else than meets the eye? Who knows.

    Anyway, Indian think tank two years in a row now showed they don’t have a clue to play T20. Their T20 strategy is all flawed. May be Dhoni should not captain T20 team, he is looking very flat and ordinary in this format. I usually don’t get too excited and call for radical changes. But, this may be time for some serious introspection into team selection. I said it before the tournament that players like Youvraj should not play T20 and may be time to develop specialists. I think time for Dhoni to step down as captain from T20.

  59. #59 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 3:29 PM

    Jadeja and Raina gave 50 runs in their 4 overs!!!

    This is way too much, a specialist bowler even if expensive would have given 10 to 15 runs shorter and that would make a huge difference.

    With bat Jadeja will contribute no more than a specialist bowler will. Not playing a bowler cost India two matches.

  60. #60 by newguy on May 9, 2010 - 4:13 PM

    The great Indian procession has started, two already back in the hut, others to follow soon…

    Why did Dhoni send opposition in to bat first again? Questions need to be asked after this game, with some serious actions to follow.

  61. #61 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2010 - 4:34 PM

    Javed Khan …

    Lol @ your friends and your explaination of the “Happy Ending” storey to them.

    Still Newguy …

    It’s ok you can call Pakistan as “we”. We are neighbours after all and we ‘Pakistanis’ wish India to play well, not like some Indians who were supporting NZ yesterday at the ground 😉

    Btw, I too want someone, anyone to beat Aussies in the semis.

  62. #62 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2010 - 6:38 PM

    Bad luck for India they lost to the weakest team in their group, same like Pakistan last night.

    I think a lot of blame has to go to Dhoni for this defeat. It’s seems to me as if Dhoni is a quiet and polite dictator with so many rigid decisions and stubborness, same like Inzimam was for Pakistan. Now India media will for his head and rightly so.

    Anyways, I hope Sri Lanka does better then these two neighbours 😉

  63. #63 by khansahab on May 9, 2010 - 8:49 PM

    Excerpt from an article in “Jang”:

    Intikhab, however, identified Malik as someone with a “negative attitude” who was “active in intrigues in the team”. Quoting an example of the factions that had developed within the team, Intikhab confessed to hearing that a group of “six to seven” players had gone to the former captain Inzamam-ul-Haq’s house before the UAE tour prior to the Australia series, where they “took oath on the Quran that they will remain united against (the then captain) Younis Khan”.

    But Malik, a former captain, denied that allegation and said that the players had vowed to remain united in case a team member was dropped “unjustifiably”. He added that the oath was taken in Yousuf’s hotel room and not at Inzamam’s house.

  64. #64 by khansahab on May 9, 2010 - 9:21 PM

    Major changes in PCB on the cards: Sources

    The Pakistan Cricket Board may soon undergo a slew of major changes following the national team’s poor performance in the ongoing World Twenty20 in the West Indies, sources said on Sunday.

    Ijaz Butt, present Chairman of the Board, has survived many critical periods during his 19-month tenure but some well-placed sources said this time the government will make some changes in the set-up.

    Although the PCB is on paper an independent entity, not affiliated to any government institution, Pakistan President who is also the chief patron of the Board has the power to appoint the Chairman and approve appointments to the other key positions.

    “This time the indications are that the Presidency is also now convinced it is time to make changes in the cricket set-up and bring in younger people. Noman Niaz, a doctor and cricket historian, who has worked in the Board before is likely to get a key position soon,” a source said.

    After Pakistan’s disastrous tour of Australia earlier this year, there was great pressure on Butt to step down but using his political connections he survived.

    Another source, however, said he had been told clearly that the President wanted results soon.

    “That is why the Board took strong disciplinary action against seven leading players after the Australian tour. But now following another weak campaign in the T20 World Cup the pressure is back on Butt,” the source said.

  65. #65 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 12:29 AM


    Of course I have no ill feelings towards Pakistan, and in fact I always support them against every opposition except India, like you said we have more in common than we do not, it was just that I did not want anyone to misunderstand that’s all.

    I agree with you that Dhoni is a hard headed leader, even today after the game he was justifying the extra ‘batsman’, if you really can call Jadeja extra batsman 😉 he is not a batsman and he is not a very good bowler either, but Dhoni still keeps saying batting is our strength and we should have got 170, he said that even in Australia game. He must be smoking something if he believes a team can chase 170 to 190 easily. Besides his constant claim that India’s main strength is batting is flawed and even then a team need to be balanced to win matches. For instance, Australia has a balanced batting and bowling attack, that is why they are wining.

    All India need is an extra bowler and keep run to 20 less in both games they played, instead he goes with only 3 regular bowlers. Which team can hope to win games with just 3 regular bowlers. Dhoni is behaving like an idiot and may be he should step down as T20 captain, perhaps make Sehwag as T20 captain.

    It’s all too late for them now, another world tournament almost going past them and they are packing bags early. They should be ashamed, they have a responsibility towards millions of fans in India, it’s not like Dhoni owns Indian cricket, he is just the captain and if he can’t win or let alone get to semis of major tournaments then he should not be captain.

    It’s time people realize Dhoni is overrated and start doing some major plans for the ODI WC next year.

    Same goes to Pakistan, but different problems to solve. Pakistan got a Butt to move first 🙂

  66. #66 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 2:12 AM

    I simply cannot believe how badly India played today but, I was saying this before that the Gayle factor will always play a big role and it happened today. Thanks to Dhoni and Jadeja, both dropped his catches. I blame Dhoni more than Jadeja for his arrogance and hardheadedness in team selection and in allowing Jadeja to bowl after his 38 runs in two overs of the previous match and, today Jadeja improved his bowling figures by giving 27 runs in 2 overs. In his 24 balls in both matches, he gave away 65 runs and 8 sixes were scored. Is he an international player or a gilly danda player?

    Dhoni after shooting to stardom status has been wearing dark glasses all the time and trying to show that he is Mr. Cool. He doesn’t make any eye contact with his players, from behind the stumps he waives his hands like a music conductor and nods his head like a Mumbai Ka Don of the underworld. He wants all his fielders to keep looking at him to follow his sign language. In one of the matches he yelled at one of the players by saying, “mujay dekh” means keep an eye on me and then understand me and move according to my isharay (gestures).

    I agree with newguy that Dhoni needs to be replaced as a captain from the T20 format, he definitely appears like a dictator and the team doesn’t look like its one unit. They all look in different directions. Sehwag’s exclusion is definitely the reason of politics and not an injuriy, there is something more than meets the eye. I think Sehwag did the wise thing by opting out. What I don’t understand is why he did not use Yuvraj as a bowler, in the last match he took two wickets and today he did not bowl at all. He used 2 overs of Raina and 2 of Jadeja the apple of his eyes.

  67. #67 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 2:18 AM


    There is no bad luck, you play bad and blame the luck? This is so typical of the sub-continent people. And for this Mir Taqi Mir said:

    Tajahul, Taghaful, Tasahul kiya
    Hua Kaam mushkil Tawakul kiya

    Tajahul = from jihalat or ignorance
    Taghaful = from ghaflat, being indifferent
    Tasahul = from Kaslaan, or laziness
    Tawakul = Leaving it for God to do, i.e., when things go beyond control leave for God to help.

    There is a Hadith which says, Trust in God but, tie your camel. Another one,
    God doesn’t help those who do not help themselves. Another one
    When people become so careless and least bothered about themselves, God sends dictators like Saddam Hussain, Zardari etc.

  68. #68 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 2:30 AM

    Javed Khan,

    Everything you said about Dhoni sounds true, last year could have been an aberration, I am talking about the Sehwag issue, but this year cannot be a co-incidence, and what about Sachin Tendulkar saying no to playing T20I even after so many people asking him? May be he doesn’t like Dhoni’s setup. Suresh Raina I noticed has been sucking up to Dhoni these days, in IPL and after the final he credited his success to Dhoni, and Suresh Raina is playing an important role in Indian team. While players like Praveen Kumar and Irfan Pathan goes in an out of team, sometimes they are in team and they don’t ever get to play, like Praveen Kumark bowled just one over in match against SA, and Dhoni avoided the question when asked about it. Jadeja is his new favorite now, I wonder what they have to do to be in his good list 🙂

    Dhoni got captaincy by chance when Dravid stepped down and there was no one to lead the first T20I WC, Indian won the WC, primarily because everyone was just figuring out the format then and they took chances that came their way, Dhoni became superhero overnight and from there on people thought he is a wizard.

    But it is getting evident that he is not so great. Indian has not won any major tournaments, while they have won some Test series and bilateral ODI series under him. Major tournaments have all been disappointments including in recent times.

    Anyhow, I don’t think anything will happen seriously, Dhoni will continue to make excuses and get away until something really bad happens, like not getting to semis of ODI WC, then people will ask for his head.

    Goodluck to Pakistan for tomorrow’s game against SA. This is do or die for both teams. May Pakistan find some good fortune tomorrow.

  69. #69 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 2:35 AM

    SL was even more atrocious today than their two senior sub-continent nations against Australia. In fact one common theme in this tournament is all Asian teams are struggling to cop with pace and bounce, this is the side effect of playing in low and slow wickets of sub-continent mostly. Once in a while they come out to play on pitches with true bounce and they struggle. Gambhir has been found out today. I wonder what Khasahab has to say about the lifter he got today to his throat and how he made himself look foolish by jumping up and down only to get a glove on the ball and get out 🙂 Reminds me of one Mohd Azzaruddin who would first jump up then try to crouch down at the sight of a lifting ball, only to get hit smack in the ribs or the unmentionable at the very last minute 😉

  70. #70 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 2:45 AM


    The reason Praveen Kumar went back home is because he has a side strain? Its a new thing these days, earlier they all used to call it a back strain even Umar Akmal when he complained of an injury in Australia he said he had side strain. I don’t understand how Umar Akmal and Praveen Kumar can get side strain? If Ryan Sidebottom says he got a side strain I can understand but, others? 😀

    The reason Tendulkar doesn’t want to play anymore T20 under Dhoni’s captaincy is because he wants to retain his self-respect and so did Sehwag. As regards Raina he is a sucker and we all know that.

    Like Pakistan has an outside chance to creep in to the semis, based on miracles does India has any such thing? Or, they are done and dusted? Sri Lanka lost with a big margin and their NRR must have gone down pretty badly.

    Australia seems to have Mike Hussey in every crisis and today’s man for the occasion is Cameron White. Throughout this tournament he did not score and I was wondering whether MJ Clarke will retain him in the side or replace him. But, today he played a thunderous innings and saved Australia from blemishes. Both Mike Hussey and Cameron White scored 101 runs in 54 balls. But, the innings of the day belonged to Chris Gayle, feel sorry for him for not completing his 2nd T20 hundred.

  71. #71 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 2:49 AM


    yeah I was also surprised at the way Gambhir was jumping against pace and rising deliveries. Rohit Sharma probably was right the ball hit him on his forearm but, he made his case worst by asking Billy Bowden to call for the 3rd umpire. I don’t think the batsman is allowed to do that, he needs to stand there quietly and IF asked he can say what he feels about the decision. But, he is not allowed to suggest the umpire.

    I dunno if you noticed how Abdul Razzaq first ducked under a bouncer and when the ball past the batsman he swung his bat and that was funny.

  72. #72 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 2:55 AM


    The explanation on that happy ending note was meant for a memon guy with whom I am in pretty good terms while narrating you the incident, I referred to him as a paindoo for his ignorance. But, here we have some real paindoos who get offended by that word and start abusing and spamming. Btw, for those paindoos who don’t know, must know that spamming and threatening is a crime.

  73. #73 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 3:05 AM

    Javed Khan,

    Indian has an outside chance based on miracles, but for that they need to beat Sri Lanka and then hope Australia beat West Indies and even then hope WI NRR fall under theirs, while India making sure their NRR is above SL and WI. Lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘butts’, but in my opinion why bother, they don’t deserve to be in semis, they should lick their wounds and go home to face some angry press and fans.

  74. #74 by Omer on May 10, 2010 - 4:13 AM

    Pakistan should send Afridi to open and Razzaq one down. In bowling they need Afridi and Ajmal to bowl initially rather than bowling the part-timers first. Just because it worked (to some degree) in one match doesn’t mean it will work again and again. The only way to contain in 20/20 is to take wickets and Pakistan are too defensive, both in batting and bowling order.

    Lets see if the Afridi tribe can have a 20-over burst tomorrow as its been 80 overs of cricket lost by Pakistan (4 20-20 sessions) and it may be time where everything done randomly comes to together perfectly to optimize our function.

  75. #75 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 9:31 AM

    It seems India and Pakistan are exactly in the same boat and both of them still have outside chances of making it to the semis.

  76. #76 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 11:03 AM

    newguy & munir

    India does have an outside chance like Pakistan but, the only difference is Pakistan’s run rate is better than both NZ and SA so, all Pakistan needs is beat SA today and England beat NZ, the run rates come into play for SA they need to beat Pak today and hope England beat NZ. And for NZ they need to win against England it is as simple as that. But, the only worry is the in form batsman Kevin Pietersen is missing in this match and he will be back for the semis because in this group only England has assured its place for semis like Australia in the other group.

    In case of India so far their NRR is the lowest and they need to beat Sri Lanka by a margin of at least 20 runs, and hope West Indies lose to Australia. Currently India have conceded 63 more runs than they have scored, compared to Sri Lanka’s 24. If they win by 20 runs, their difference will reduce to 43 while Sri Lanka’s will increase to 44, which will do the trick for India. If India bat second, and assuming Sri Lanka have scored 160, they’ll need to chase it down in a maximum of 17.4 overs to lift their NRR above Sri Lanka’s. Very tough equation.

  77. #77 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 11:08 AM


    I have written this before and, you can scroll it up and read, I wrote that Afridi must open with Butt and Abdul Razzaq to come number 3. Also about using the spinners first he should himself bowl early and Ajmal too or, at least use Abdul Rahman early since he is definitely going to play after taking 2 wickets in the previous match. Misbah should be replaced by Mohammad Azam. But, they will keep on playing Misbah. His pathetic 3 runs in 14 balls had cost the match in which he played the one and only maiden over too.

    Akmal brothers are also not playing to their potential and it seems like there is something more than what meets the eye. If Kamran fails this time, he should be sacked. I really don’t understand that there is no wicketkeeper in the whole of Pakistan other than Akmal and Sarfaraz? Sarfarz is not international material. They must find another top class wicketkeeper.

  78. #78 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 11:58 AM

    Hope for a “Happy Ending” 🙄

  79. #79 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 12:54 PM

    Javed Khan,

    You are right on the equation, India situation is more tougher than Pakistan. Frankly they don’t deserve it, and even if they get to semis they will lose for sure with brain flopped captain Dhoni’s quirky ideas of sticking to 3 bowlers only. Better they lose now itself and go home and face some tough questions, but Dhoni will run away to do his commercials, and so will all the mini stars like Yuvraj and Bhajji. They will find excuses and dotting Indian public will drink that Kool aid.

    Selectors should question Dhoni instead why they gave him two bowlers in Chawla and Vinay Kumar when they were not been given a single game. They also send a replacement for Praveen Kumar, that fellow is simply traveling to Carribbean and going back, what for? Dhoni like all 11 to be batsmen if possible, according to him, that is all needed.

    Anyhow, I am done with Dhoni. I hope they lose to SL tomorrow.

    Pakistan has better chance, and since Pakistan is a mercurial team capable of hitting top gear after sneaking through in major competitions, it may make sense for them after all.

    Good luck again today.

  80. #80 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 1:00 PM

    One final thing on Dhoni – when he keeps saying after every match that ‘batting is our strength’ what message is he sending to his bowlers, that they are not needed, they are just travelers. Moreover, what message is he sending to young and aspiring Indian cricketers? that they should all try to be batsmen and not bowlers. This is why India will never develop good bowlers, captains like Dhoni undermine bowlers, when it is bowlers who really win matches.

  81. #81 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 3:05 PM


    that is a good observation that you noticed from Dhoni’s comment about batting is our strength and bowlers are supposed to weak and useless.

    Now, about the current match. What I don’t understand is why are the playing Misbah ul Haq in every single match and in every match his contribution is negative. Today also he scored 3 of 7 balls and before getting out he tried his favourite sweep shot and wasted the delivery.

    Khalid Latif
    is not a T20 player he should not have been in the squad. Even Sami could have made 7 runs in 9 balls which Latif did and what will be his contribution during fielding? ZERO. He is a drag, whereas Sami can bowl and even field better than Latif.

    Mohammad Hafiz
    should not be playing international matches especially outside Pakistan, he cannot bat and he cannot bowl. He is a bits and pieces domestic player. Five dot balls and one run to his name? What a shame.

    Salman Butt played well in this tournament but, when the time came to contribute he was the first one to go out on 2 and then Latif and Hafeez followed him putting a lot of pressure on others. Pakistan could have made 170 but, Akhroat Afridi was getting impatient he should have stayed till the end and that would have been possible, now the bowlers have to do a miracle job to contain SA under 148. When are these players going to learn how to capitalize the opportunities? It is such a shame that when they can win a match they end up losing.

  82. #82 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 3:06 PM


    It is also called premature xxxxxxxTing !.

  83. #83 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 3:24 PM

    Decent show by Pakistan with bat, although I too felt they fell short by 20 runs, they could have made it 160 to 170 had Afridi or Akmal stayed two more overs, or if they have a good hitter instead of Misbah coming in the end. But exciting stuff from Umar and Afridi to bring the momentum up. Pakistan is very much a team running on adrenalin and if they get one or two early wickets they will be all over SA and SA as we all know will choke in this all too important match. 148 is very much defendable, Pakistan has the bowling attack, and SA will choke.

    I am leaning towards a Pakistan win today, we will know by the end of 10 overs which way this match is heading.

  84. #84 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 4:02 PM

    We are half way through SA innings and at this point Pakistan are favorites to win this match, SA need more than 10 runs an over and they have lost 3 wickets, it’s going to be very very hard for them.

    Now, Pakistan need NZ to lose against Eng and it will be semis.

  85. #85 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 4:15 PM

    Misbah is a total waste of space and so is Khalid Latif. Fawad Alam, if not bowling and batting at no. 7/8, is also useless and Hafeez who was doing well within Pakistan in domestic cricket is a total failure at international level. He is more like that guy Vijay Murli of India who did well in IPL and failed here.

    The most unfortunate situation with Pakistan is that we doesn’t seem to have any other talent left and the same failures are recaled again and again. Same like we don’t seem to have any wicketkeeper left in Pakistan, where Kamran clicks once is blue-moon and Sarfraz is also below par for ODI/ T2o.

    This is such a tradgedy.

  86. #86 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 4:38 PM

    Chockers will be Chockers will be C.H.O.C.K.E.R.S. 😆

  87. #87 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 4:39 PM

    Phew …. what the F was that ❓

    How much did the bookies paid to SA to loose this one ? 😉

  88. #88 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 4:50 PM

    Congratulations all – Pakistan has done their part in winning this match.

    An excellent all round performance today, and as I said 148 proved to be enough for SA, and I knew once they lost early wickets there is no way back, the final few hits were only going to bring the margin down, there was no doubt about Pakistan win once they got openers out.

    There are only two teams capable of stopping Australia, and that is Pakistan and Sri Lanka. For the sake of the neutrals let’s hope NZ will not win and upset the prospect of good contest in semis. NZ is a competitive team that makes it to semis stage and do not offer any flair after that.

    Pakistan on the other hand can be really incompetent in league stages, but prime at the business end of the tournaments. I hope NZ will not win today, and we get an Australia v. Pakistan semi final. Aussies needed to knocked out in semis, and Pakistan is the team to do it, if they play like this. I don’t think SL or WI, depending on who makes it will be playing Aussies since they are from same group. Since Eng is toppers in the group I don’t think they will play Australia either.

    So it will either Pak vs. Aus or NZ vs. Aus. IF it is NZ then Aus will walk all over them. Pak will be a dangerous team, if the Akmal brothers, Afridi, Aamer, and Ajmal play like today. Is there another player to replace Misbah? he is pathetic, and who is Khalid Latif and Mohd Hafeez, never heard of them and they don’t seem to do well. One more middle/top order batsman will do wonders to Pakistan.

  89. #89 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 4:54 PM

    Only Umer Akmal, Saeed Ajmal, Shahid Afridi and Kamran Akmal performed well today. While most others were useless as always.

    IF Pakistan made it to the semis, Misbah and Khaled should be OUT, and Fawad Alam and Hammad Azam should be given a chance.

  90. #90 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 5:17 PM

    Pakistan, when they are cornered play to their potential. They were cornered more today when their openers and top order failed. The Akmal brothers and the lone Akhroat played well today. Abdul Rahman with the except of his last over bowled well and Saeed Ajmal was at his best. When 100 runs were needed in 60 deliveries, Ajmal had 24 balls to bowl and so far he has not given more than 25 runs in his quota of 4 overs. So, the equation was SA needed 75 runs in 36 balls and I said, it is not possible for SA to do bakaoz of the first two reasons mentioned below:

    1. SA are renowned to be chokers and seldom win in crucial matches.
    2. Expecting Albie Morkel to score 40 odd runs in 15 balls each time is not possible. (Besides, Aamir gave him a good blow on his nuts and bolted him down, he was flat after that.)
    3. While batting Pakistan played well from the 10th over and changed the momentum in their favour. Although they could have scored 15-20 runs more but, that was enough under the circumstances.
    4. They bowled well from the outset and never allowed SA to dominate.

    Now, the bookies must have shifted the focus on the next match i.e.. England and New Zealand. Without KP it is a 50-50 chance for both teams. KP was the man in form and he changed the course of the game in almost all the matches he played for England in this tournament. If Pakistan gets into the semis they will be playing Australia, yet another mountain to climb before reaching the finals. This time i.e., if they qualify for the semis they will play differently and not like the round match against Australia. And, Australia will be on their back foot against the trio-spin attack i.e. Afridi, Ajmal and Abdul Rahman. Hafeez and Misbah should not be in the team. Fawad Alam and Sami to replace them and Hammad Azam to replace Khalid Latif. But, it appears that Misbah is indispensable and they will NOT drop him.

  91. #91 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 5:28 PM

    Thanks Newguy … and we wish both India and Pakistan make it to the semis, and still better, they meet in the finals.

    I know it’s a bit of wishful thinking on my part, but what’s the harm in wishing. 😉

  92. #92 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 5:34 PM


    your algorithms and variants are beyond my comprehension. Because as far as I know ADHD affects more on children than adults. If these players as children have suffered from ADHD then they may not have reached to this level i.e., where they are now. Because the behavioral syndrome is very visible in children with ADHD, whose major symptoms are inattention and distractibility, restlessness, inability to sit still, and difficulty concentrating on one thing for any period of time. It occurs in about 5% of all schoolchildren, and it is three times more common in boys than in girls. Hence your ruling on ADHD that it affects 75% of the Pakistan population is a highly exaggerated figure. It is like 87.345% of the statistics are made on the spot. 😀

    Generally speaking ADHD is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors and you can say that the environmental factor plays a part among a sector of uneducated Pakistan people who are tend to be lazy, lethargic, indifferent and take things for granted and for that I wrote a verse from Mir Taqi Mir poetry. But, children born with ADHD syndrome owing to genetics are very different from normal kids and I don’t see any of the Pakistan players suffering from ADHD. I am not trying to criticize you or refuting your theory or the research that you have done but, I being inconsistent at times does not mean it is ADHD.

  93. #93 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 5:36 PM


    I can see that you are trying to please and appease newguy but that wish is like Madhuri Dixit’s demand, mujh ko chand lakay dou – mujh ko taaray laa kay dou – mujh ko saaray la kay dou. Let us first see the result between Eng and NZ match and then talk about the other. India’s equation is a bit more complex and difficult as compared to Pakistan. Pakistan needs England to beat NZ even by one run and they are in. Whereas, India’s NRR is the lowest and they need several more combination and permutations to get into the semis. 😀

  94. #94 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 5:37 PM

    Javed …

    Good analysis as always. I hope someone takes a stand against Misbah and they drop him, if they reached the semis.

    On LB Morkel …

    I was on my Laptop and missed the ball when Aamir hit Morkel. When I saw him down, I asked my 7 year son, who was watching the game with me, what happened to Morkel ?

    He replied, “Aamir hit him in his ‘Phomon’.” 😉

  95. #95 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 6:07 PM

    So far the NZ are going well and dangerous man McCullum is still there.

    NZ are 50 for 1 in 8 overs.

  96. #96 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 6:12 PM

    I Pakistan’s game, I think Ajmal should have got the MOM ahead of Umar Akmal.

    Akmal scored a quick 51, but Ajmal took 4 wickets and gave only 26 runs and also bowled that last over, under pressure.

  97. #97 by khansahab on May 10, 2010 - 6:37 PM

    Pak cricketers don’t know how to talk, wear clothes: Intikhab told enquiry commission

    Lahore, May 10 (ANI): Former Pakistan cricket coach Intikhab Alam had described his team as a bunch of uncivilised players who do not know how to wear clothes or talk, the report of the enquiry commission probing Pakistan’s deplorable performance during the Australia tour has revealed.

    The enquiry commission’s report, which was leaked to the media, quoted Alam as saying that former skipper Shoaib Malik had a ‘negative attitude’, and blamed him for infighting in the team.

    “They do not know that they are representing the country. They don’t know how to wear their clothes and how to talk in a civilised manner,” the report quoted Alam, as saying during a hearing of the six-member commission, which was formed by the Pakistan Cricket Board’s (PCB) after Pakistan’s winless tour Down Under.

    Alam, who was sacked after the tour, however, refused to comment on the leaked report.

    “I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I focused on cricketing issues,” The Daily Times quoted him, as saying. (ANI)

  98. #98 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 7:12 PM

    So then, England needs 150 to win here.

    It’s anybody’s game, as England will dearly miss KP who had a newborn boy back in England.

  99. #99 by khansahab on May 10, 2010 - 7:59 PM

    Munir sahab

    I agree that Ajmal should have been MOM.

    About Fawad Alam, his bowling is poor. He needs to play in the top 5 batsmen in the batting line up, whatever the format. If the Pakistan team can put faith in Fawad Alam the way they have put faith in Salman Butt, U Akmal, Mohd Aamer and Saeed Ajmal, then Pakistan can have a really good team. They need to weed out players like Misbah and Malik. Good fielding and removal of Akmal from Tests and ODI will also help.

    I have repeatedly said that it is not a question of not having the resources. There is no Saeed Anwar, Inzamam, Wasim and Waqar in the line up, but it is still a very good team provided they have good leadership, intelligent management and all players are given opportunities to perform.

    By intelligent management, I mean:

    – Not playing people like Shoaib Akhtar
    – Not playing people like Sami and Hafeez
    – Not playing Malik and Misbah
    – Managing the team with an iron fist and not letting players form groupings

    Good leadership:

    – Leading by example, being a good player whom the other players look up to. Not just being charismatic, but performing well with bat, ball and on the field
    – Being active on the field, not afraid to try new things out.
    – Imposing discipline and encouraging the players to develop good character
    – Fighting till the last ball irrespective of what the result of the match appears to be
    – Giving a chance to all players irrespective of whether that player is a likely future candidate for captaincy, giving chances irrespective of a player’s regional/religious/social background

  100. #100 by khansahab on May 10, 2010 - 8:24 PM

    200,000 Facebook fans want me back: Musharraf

    Former president Pervez Musharraf has said that he has 200,000 fans on the social networking site Facebook, and they want him to return to Pakistan.

    In a recent video message addressed to the members of his newly established party – the All-Pakistan Muslim League (APML), Musharraf said he believed Pakistan has the potential to progress as a developed and prosperous country, and he promised not to let down his fans.

    Earlier, Musharraf also lauded his supporters for attempting to hold a pro-Musharraf rally in Islamabad, which he alleged was postponed due to government pressures.

    “All the best to the thousands of wonderful friends from around the world that were coming together on 8th May in Islamabad to show their support for me. As the event has been postponed due to government pressure, my public address shall be posted for all to see on mass media at once. This must not break our resolve in any manner to serve Pakistan and I look forward to seeing you all in Pakistan soon. Pakistan First!”

  101. #101 by khansahab on May 10, 2010 - 8:30 PM

    Pakastan’s only honest leader after Quaid e Azam and Liaqat Ali Khan says:

    People often ask me if I feel that media has played an unfair role against me. After much thought, I feel it is too early to tell. Media in Pakistan is still finding it’s balance and given enough time will hopefully find it’s correct direction. I hope this direction is one that the people of Pakistan expect from it which must be one of honest, balanced and fair reporting of facts for the overall good of our country.

    The media became the reason for Musharraf’s downfall and look how encouragingly he is speaking about the media.

  102. #102 by Omer on May 10, 2010 - 8:36 PM

    Javed Khan,

    That 5 percent is in the US. In Pakistan it is easily much higher (probably around 20-30 percent).

    I’ll say why that would be the case later.

  103. #103 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 8:38 PM

    Mubarak to Pakistan Cricket fans ….

    Seems like we will squeez through to semis, somehow.

    Now what about meeting the Australians again in semis ❓ 😦

  104. #104 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 8:41 PM

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL PAKISTAN FANS…………. they sneaked into the semis.

    Someone said, ‘hum wo hain jo doosraon ka baira garq ker kay apna kaam sahee kertay hain.’ LOL….

    How many times this happened to Pakistan cricket and hockey team in big tournaments where they won the world cup? 1992 in Australia and in Hockey at Barcelona, Pakistan had to depend on (Australia / West Indies) and for Japan to beat Spain to sneak in and they won the cup.

  105. #105 by khansahab on May 10, 2010 - 8:41 PM

    Musharraf’s message: Pakistan first, I will return to Pakistan soon and contest in the next election:

  106. #106 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 8:42 PM

    Umer you are the mathematician so you are the winner 😀 I rest my case here because there is no need to argue on stats besides its a good time, Pakistan has won against SA and they sneaked into the semifinal after England defeated New Zealand.

  107. #107 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2010 - 8:45 PM

    Khansahab …

    Fawad may not be the best bowler around, but I am sure he will be able to bowl as good as Hafeez, or even if he is a bit less, it is ok, becuase his batting is better then Hafeez.

    But what I mean is that they (team/ Captain) should utilise him fully, rather then playing him at no. 7/8. If he is consolidator then they should play him around no. 4 or 5, becuase our big hitter can come in later and hit few boundries.

    Anways, I guess Fawad and Azam should play in semi-final and Hafeez and Misbah should be out. Misbah must be OUT, no matter what.

  108. #108 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2010 - 8:49 PM

    “I am agree”
    with you aur ab jao so jao its too late for you 😀

  109. #109 by khansahab on May 10, 2010 - 9:00 PM

    So, Pakistan and England have reached into the semis and I think Australia have also qualified. So, is the competition now between India and Sri Lanka? Or can West Indies scrape through as well if they beat Australia?

    Does anyone know how it works?

  110. #110 by newguy on May 10, 2010 - 9:14 PM

    Congratulations to all for making it to semis!!! I know you all feel thrilled.

    As for me, nothing would please me more than seeing India lose miserably, because if they win somehow and WI lose to Aus and SL still edge ahead on NRR, then Dhoni will make up excuses and get away.

    If they win then I want them to win by a huge margin so not only they can make semis, but also get a confidence boost to the followers. I would not settle for anything less than 200 to 220 runs if they bat first, or if they bat second then win in 16 to 17 overs. Anyhow, this is what they would need if they were to reach semis.

    If they do reach semis then they will face England, who is in form again.

    Pakistan will be facing Australia, and like I said they are one of the teams that can beat Aussies, better chance than NZ anyway.

  111. #111 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 12:41 AM

    khansahab this is a copy paste from cricinfo about the Group F standings. Before you read that, take a note that India’s equation if batting second is a difficult one i.e., to score Sri Lanka’s total in 17.4 overs.

    Australia’s convincing wins in their two matches have almost surely assured them of a semi-final, but the fight is on for the second slot from group F. Cricinfo looks at what each team needs to do to make the cut.

    Sri Lanka (points 2, net run-rate -0.600)

    They are currently in second place, thanks to a run rate that is superior to that of West Indies. The best-case scenario for them is that they beat India, and Australia beat West Indies, in which case Australia and Sri Lanka will qualify for the semi-finals on points. Sri Lanka will also be through if they lose to India by less than 20 runs and Australia beat West Indies.

    However, even a win against India will not assure them a spot in the last four, if West Indies beat Australia. Currently, Sri Lanka have conceded 24 more runs than they have scored, while for West Indies the corresponding number is 43. If both teams win their final games and West Indies win by a margin that offsets that difference, then they will go through. Thus, if Sri Lanka beat India by a run, and West Indies beat Australia by 21 runs, then the home team will progress to the semis.

    West Indies (points 2, net run-rate -1.075)

    The win against India has kept them in contention, but the huge defeat against Sri Lanka means their NRR is still languishing at -1.075. They’ll qualify without the run rate coming into play if they beat Australia and if Sri Lanka lose to India. However, if they beat Australia and Sri Lanka beat India, then NRR will come into play. West Indies currently have a handicap of 19 runs compared to Sri Lanka (refer to the paragraph above), and they’ll have to win by a margin that offsets that handicap. A defeat against Australia will put them out of the tournament, regardless of the result in the other match.

    India (points 0, net run-rate -1.575)

    For India to make the cut, they’ll have to beat Sri Lanka by a margin of at least 20 runs, and then hope West Indies lose to Australia. Currently India have conceded 63 more runs than they have scored, compared to Sri Lanka’s 24. If they win by 20 runs, their difference will reduce to 43 while Sri Lanka’s will increase to 44, which will do the trick for India. If India bat second, and assuming Sri Lanka have scored 160, they’ll need to chase it down in a maximum of 17.4 overs to lift their NRR above Sri Lanka’s.

    Australia (points 4, net run-rate +3.250)

    Not only have they won two games, they’ve won them so convincingly that their net run rate is an incredible +3.25; the difference between their runs scored and conceded is 130. They’re through unless what’s listed below, or something even more incredible, happens: West Indies beat Australia by 87 runs, and Sri Lanka beat India by a 68-run margin. Then both West Indies and Sri Lanka will have a higher NRR than Australia. It’s a possibility, but only in theory.

  112. #112 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 12:46 AM

    During the presentation ceremony after the match, Ramiz Raja congratulated Afridi and Afridi started blah, blah, blah, blah in his usual manner and Ramiz said, OK now you pray for the next match……. Afridi responded, ” I am already start.”

    That Afridi Taiyara loaded with Akhroat is already start. 😀

  113. #113 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 10:39 AM


    I dunno if you have read Dhoni’s interview in DAWN newspaper in which he appears to be puzzled at the losses and denied that IPL is the reason.–bi-02

    I haven’t seen this interview on cricinfo it is only in DAWN or, may be it is in some other Indian newspapers too. The point is Dhoni is saying he wants to win today’s game against SL and that would be their consolation prize! Why is he not saying we will beat SL and will beat them by more than 20 runs? Because, that way they will qualify for the semis if Australia beats WI. The chances of Australia beating WI are high because, Chris Gayle will not play the same kinda innings again. Therefore, Dhoni must be more optimistic than this. He appears to be more angry and unconcerned about cricket. There seems to be no hope, no desire to proceed further. For that he needs to be hopeful and desirous of not just winning but, winning with an intent to proceed and progress. Which in my opinion is missing here.

    There is no doubt that WI won because of Gayle but, in that match they played aggressive cricket. Especially in batting order they made positive changes by sending, Sammy, Pollard and Bravo up the order ahead of Sarwan. Then they bowled with their tails up and got India. They were determined from the beginning. If Dhoni has this positive attitude he can do, he can turn around India by first winning the match by a margin of 20 or more runs or, in 17.4 overs whatever. IMO, winning by 20 or more runs is more possible than winning in 17.4 or less overs. Then he should wait for Australia to beat WI.

    England played without KP and even I said that it is 50-50 chance for both teams but, England played very positive cricket despite losing 2 quick wickets in a space of few balls and 2 runs. Especially the way Collingwood got out gave the impression that England will cave in after that explosive start. But, they played sensibly and won. Similarly, Australia will not lose to WI for sure. Therefore, India must not lose hope. IF there is any wishful or like I say fishful thinking there is also a possibility of 2007 T20 WC repeat i.e., India / Pakistan final. I know a lot of people will be laughing at me but, that is a fishful sinking. 🙂

    Hopefully Dhoni drops Ravindra Jadeja and takes Chawla, he will be a better option. I doubt Murali will play today, reportedly he was injured yet he played the last match against WI but, he did not play against Australia two days later. So, India has a chance to put up a big score. Gambhir needs to give a good start, Murali Vijay is not so impressive his only innings was that match in which he scored 49 runs after that zero, one and I can’t remember. I also expect from Yuvraj to play a winning role. The rest will chip in.

  114. #114 by newguy on May 11, 2010 - 12:09 PM


    I read the interview, and that was why I was even more angry with Dhoni, for he has given up hope even before the game and even before knowing the entire permutations. After the WI game when Ravi Shastri asked him about next match, this is exactly what he said, that it will be his consolation price to win that game before they head home. I could not believe a captain could say that they are heading home even before their chance of making semis is not completely ruled out.

    This is why I think there is more than meets the eye behind the scenes with Dhoni, he is jaded and looks less inspirational, he needs a break may be as Captain and step down. People think he is so cool, instead it appears is he just Younus Khan cool, meaning very cavalier about losing games. He has not captained in three tournaments in last 2 year when India did not reach semis, if today they don’t qualify. This is pathetic given the team and resources India has.

    My take about today’s game is as you said, they should bat first and put up a big score, and then try to win with a margin of 20 runs. They have the batting for that, and if he brings in 4th bowler and field well, they can do it. Instead, he is talking like a defeated man.

    I don’t know if you heard that there is a Zimbabwe ODI tour end of this month where they play a three nation with SL and ZIM and Ind, and Suresh Raina is captaining that Indian team. Many seniors including Dhoni, Yuvraj, Tendulkar, Sehwag, Harbhajan, and Zaheer are rested. Raina is captain, and Virat Kohli is the vice captain for this tour. It appears as if it is only to rest seniors and give younger players a chance since they don’t think too much about ZIM, and even if this young team lose no pressure on them. It is a good move by selectors to groom youngsters for the leading roles, and also before next ODI WC.

    I don’t want to read too much on this, but may be there is something behind the scenes to find a back up for Dhoni, and he is under some pressure?

    Let’s see how they play today. Dhoni himself haven’t contributed a watch winning knock and he needs to stand up today.

  115. #115 by newguy on May 11, 2010 - 12:18 PM


    Yes, fishful sinking that Ind sneak through to semi today, then beat Eng, while Pak beat Aus, and we have a Ind-Pak final 🙂

  116. #116 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 1:50 PM


    yeah I’ve read that news item about India’s squad for Zimbabwe tour, the surprising thing is it mentions the names of big players like Dhoni, Tendulkar, Harbhajan, Gambhir, Zaheer etc. But but Yuvraj’s name is neither among the big players nor in the squad of young ones lead by Raina. They have completely forgotten about Irfan Pathan, I think he is a 100 times better than Dhoni’s blue eyed boy Ranvindra Jadeja who is perhaps the selectors pet too? May be he did good in the IPL but, playing for the IPL is different from playing for the country against a disciplined and motivated team and not a team from another state who is more concerned about money and entertainment.

    I think the cheer leaders and loud music during the international games should be banned,
    they can have the entertainers like the West Indies had, men walking on stilts, acrobats and spectators wearing funny dresses and playing funny home made musical instruments etc. But, these 90% naked leechriyaan gyrating their butts on a podium is ultra useless and for some players it is distraction too. Besides, cricket if it is no more a gentlemen game should at lest remain a decent game.

  117. #117 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 2:06 PM


    For India to translate that dream into reality, they need to sink the big fish first and that is Mahela Taang Phasaari (which means Ladies Waiting Room in Hindi) I mean Mahela Jayawardene, he is in great form and the top scorer of the tournament, if India can get Jayawardene and Sangakara, they can contain the rest. Dilshan has shown some spark of return to form in the last match with a couple of boundaries but, that was more sporadic brilliance than anything else. He cannot carry out the aggression till the end especially when two of his top players have gone. Jayasuriya cannot score big on big grounds he is uncontrollable on short ground with his flicks. If Dhoni is smart enough to make good field placements, Jayasuriya can be trapped. If not tigers, the Sr Lankans are fighters and they will fight till the end with the likes of Chamar KapuraGurda and Michael Angelo etc. However, a big daunting total in front of them could make them nervous. In any case they will pick up the gauntlet and accept the challenge and from the first ball they will say GO, GO, GO. But, the first thing for India if they bat first is, to go aggressively and post a total of around 180 to 200 to achieve that 20 runs winning margin. For that I would send Gambhir and YKP as openers then Raina and then Yuvraj followed by Dhoni.

  118. #118 by Theossa on May 11, 2010 - 2:12 PM

    Ok, let me dent some of the over optimism you guys have. Pak is very lucky to reach the semi finals but beating Australia would be a far cry. The reason would be the questionable team selection and batting order. Finally Afridi used some of his Akhroat brain to realize that he and Ajmal are the most effective when they bowl in tandem. There was so much talk from Waqar Younis for being aggressive but they’ve been on defense both in bowling and batting. Just look at their match against New Zealand where they lost by 1 run with 3 wickets in hand. That match should have been over with a few balls to spare. Afridi should stop kissing Misbah’s ass and kick him out for good. Hammad should get his place. Khalid Latif should also pack and make room for Fawad Alam. I would keep Hafeez only because St Lucia wicket is spin friendly and along with Fawad’s bowling capability Afridi will have more bowling options. The batting order should look like this.

    3-Fawad Alam (consolidator and he will have one attacking batsman on the other end)
    4-Umar Akmal

  119. #119 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 2:26 PM


    You haven’t dented anything, in fact you have reinforced our views. We have also been telling since long that Misbah shouldn’t be in the squad and Khalid Latif is not a T20 player. After seeing Hafeez failing 4 times in the last big matches (a couple were played on St. Lucia as well) I said, it is better to have Sami in the fast bowling battery because, Abdul Razzaq is not always reliable. Sami bowled only one bad over otherwise he played well.

    As regards batting order they wil not change from Butt and Akmal after the 142 runs partnership, otherwise I was suggesting that Afridi should open with Butt to have more aggression on the top. The rest of the points you have mentioned except for Hafeez are the same and “we are agree”. 😀

    As regards Fawad Alam as a consolidator, in big matches from now onwards you need improvisation and not consolidation, so I would keep the aggressors on the top. You see what happened when Gayle went berserk? They changed the batting order and promoted Sammy, Pollard and Bravo up the order, all big hitters and that helped Gayle to get more aggressive in the end. The set batsman can play well if he is helped from the other end too.

    Anyways, Misbah MUST NOT be in the team and Hammad Azam must be tried, otherwise what is the point of bringing that kid all over from Pakistan just to sit in the dugout? If he fails people will say, it was a bad move to make his debut in a big match and if he performs everyone will say, I told you so.

  120. #120 by Theossa on May 11, 2010 - 3:19 PM


    That’s one way to approach it. We are playing against Australia who arguably has the best bowling line in this tournament so it will be hit and miss approach. Akmal, Butt (good recent form), Umar, Afridi, Razzaq all can hit from the word go but they can also get out in no time as well. My recent leg pulling aside, a Player like Fawad can get into controlled aggression when he gets his eyes in. It’s not like he is useless like Misbah. We’ll need someone anchoring the one end. Anyone watching Pak cricket could predict that Australia will bowl full on the off stump to Butt to make him drive without much footwork and get him caught in the slip region or get him into a shot early by a bouncer. Similarly Umar Akmal doesn’t like bouncers and he can get out cheaply by the pace battery of Australia. There are 101 ways Afridi can hit 6s and 4s and there are 101 ways he can get out. Razzaq has been struggling with the bat but he is a clutch player in big games. He is in a good bowling rhythm. Similarly Kamran Akmal also shines in big games.

    Pak will need to bat first and should post 170 something runs on the board to have a chance. If that happens it will be interesting to see how the blazing guns of Australia respond to a challenging score batting second since they have enjoyed pressure free ride so far. I believe Pakistan can get Watson out cheaply if they hold onto the chances he provides. The 8 overs shared between Ajmal and Afridi will be the key to Pak chances though.

  121. #121 by newguy on May 11, 2010 - 4:17 PM


    Whatever that happened to Irfan Pathan is one of the great mysteries of Indian cricket. He was touted as Indian Wasim Akram when he came on scene and now he is nowhere to be seen except IPL, at least he has a chance there on the positive side. It’s not just IKP, there are others like RP Singh, Munaf Patel, Sreesanth, and now lamboo Ishant Sharma has joined the ranks of missing Indian fast bowlers. All of them came up as promising fast bowlers with pace and nip and bounce, and now lost their pace, bounce, movement, everything.

    Too much coaching, or wrong coaching is being blamed. One of things that SL and Pakistan don’t do to their virtue is too much coaching, and thus ruining players their natural ability, Indians I think have too many wrong coaches at the local level and may be even people with defeatist mentality who is asking these bowlers to focus on line & length instead of pace and bounce. And in the end they lose everything.

    Coming to today’s game, yeah, it won’t be easy against SL, they play aggressive cricket too, and they have many match winners on their side, including the ‘lady’ in form (Mahela). Jayasurya is always a threat for Indians, so can’t rule him out. Then there is Mathews, Murali, Malinga, Mendis, whole line up of M’s.

  122. #122 by Theossa on May 11, 2010 - 4:49 PM

    Btw folks there is so much talk about the courageous Afghan cricket team but the reality is most of the guys in Afghan cricket team are Pakistani Pathans from Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa and Baluchistan provinces. Their wicket keeper can’t even speak Pushto and he is a “Hindko” speaking guy. I know some of them and local residents of the said provinces will testify that. I just wanted Legslip to be the first to state that before details leak out. They all have Afghan IDs though! There’s nothing wrong to help our Afghan brothers 🙂

  123. #123 by newguy on May 11, 2010 - 4:55 PM

    Big game for India is about to start.

    Dhoni got the first part correct by calling toss correctly and choosing to bat first. He also got the part of dropping Jadeja and Vijay. Zaheer is out also may be not fully fit. Karthik, Chawla, and Vinay Kumar is in.

    So far so good. Now can they get 180 to 200 runs on board? That will determine their fate.

  124. #124 by khansahab on May 11, 2010 - 6:35 PM

    Malik gets permission from Pakistan Cricket Board to play for Lancashire

    ISLAMABAD — Shoaib Malik received permission from the Pakistan Cricket Board on Tuesday to represent Lancashire in next month’s English Twenty20 competition.
    “We have given Malik the required No Objection Certificate (NOC),” PCB spokesman Nadeem Sarwar said.
    Former captain Malik was banned and fined two million rupees (C$24,300) as one of seven players punished by the PCB for ill discipline, ball tampering or poor performance during Pakistan’s winless tour of Australia this year.
    The PCB subsequently formed an inquiry committee and punished seven top players for the poor results. Former coach Intikhab Alam alleged Malik was someone with a negative attitude and active in intrigues in the team during the tour.
    Malik, who married Indian tennis star Sania Mirza last month, has filed an appeal against the suspension and fine with the PCB arbitrator Irfan Qadir. The next hearing is due on Saturday.
    Rana Naved, who was also fined two million rupees (C$24,300) and suspended for one year by the PCB, was playing for Sussex in the English county championship.
    “The suspended players can play in domestic cricket and anywhere abroad,” Sarwar said.
    “We gave Rana Naved the necessary permission to play in county cricket and Malik’s case was similar.”
    Malik said he enjoyed playing in England and was happy to be approached by Lancashire.
    “When Lancashire approached me to come and play for them I didn’t hesitate in saying yes,” he told
    “I love playing cricket in England and the opportunity to play with a club of Lancashire’s reputation was too good to pass up.”

  125. #125 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 6:49 PM

    India are 20-25 runs short. They made 163. In the first 10 overs they made 90 and in the second 10 overs they were supposed to make 100 they scored only 73. Out of which Dhoni, YKP, Yuvraj contributed 37 it means extras plus Raina’s contribution is 36. In other words Dhoni and his big guns namely Yuvraj and YKP did nothing much to write home about (in fact they are about to go back home now and face the music). Sri Lanka need only 144 runs on the board to shatter India’s dream of qualifying that too depending on West Indies defeating mighty Australia in the next game. Which in my opinion is more difficult than Sri Lanka making 144.


    yeah, me too I thought that Dhoni got the first part correct by making three replacements but, when he came to the field to bat, everything fell apart. Only a miraculous bowling performance by India or a disastrous batting by Sri Lanka and Australia can do the miracle.

    Now two Jaya’s are on the field and match is about to start, so more comments after the match.

  126. #126 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 7:02 PM

    Two overs and two wickets, Sri Lanka lost both openers for 4 and 0. If India can get Sangakara and Dilshan in the next 8 overs then they can contain Sri Lanka then they can impose section #144 on Sri Lanka. 😀

  127. #127 by newguy on May 11, 2010 - 7:15 PM


    India are 20 to 30 runs short, they should have made 180 at least from the solid platform they had. At 110 for 2 at 13 overs they should have gone berserk with big hitters like Dhoni, Yuvraj, and Pathan. But they were shown as paper tigers who are unable to get used to conditions quickly and launch the ball into orbit. This is pathetic performance from Dhoni and his big guns.

    Even though SL lost the openers quickly, especially the in for Mahela, Dilshan is not counter attacking. We will have see whether Indians will wilt under the onslaught from Dilshan, if they do not only will SL make 144 but they will also win the match outright.

    Dilshan is the key, followed by Sanga. If they can get them in next few overs then we have some fishful sinking 🙂

  128. #128 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 8:22 PM

    THE CONSOLATION PRIZE THAT DHONI COULD NOT WIN…………. what a shame it happened because of his own follies. He batted poorly and dropped a catch and then very mediocre captaincy. Nehra and Harbhajan both bowled poorly and that is why the bowling wasn’t lethal.

    It could be possible that Sri Lanka and Pakistan can repeat an encore? 😀

  129. #129 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 8:30 PM

    “Batting is our strength” Dhoni said this twice in his post match comments, if batting is their strength then Why The F he scored less in the second 10 overs? Especially with so many wickets in hand and so many big guns to fire.

  130. #130 by newguy on May 11, 2010 - 8:37 PM

    Below is the lame excuse from a lame captain of a lame team:

    Dhoni: I think execution of plans from their bowlers was very good, even with set batsmen we couldn’t score freely. Overall, batting is out strength and we should have done better. We didn’t perform to our potential. The last 4-5 overs that they bowled really restricted us. We need to improve in quite a few areas.

    Execution of plans from their bowlers? Sheesh, this guy is really shameless, execution of their plans, can’t he understand it is because he was lame, he could not get the ball out of park. Dhoni scored 23 from 19 balls, he makes Misbah looks proud, even he can do better. What a shameless bumbling idiot.

    Like I said, I wanted them to win with a big score on board or lose pathetically, the second one happened. I did not want them to win by a few runs, and in that second last ball when Mathews got out I thought India will scrape through with a 1 run win and Dhoni will claim a consolation prize. But Kapugedara showed him how to do it in style with a last ball six!!!

    India is the worst T20 team in the super eights, everyone else have at least one win. This about that. Dhoni should quit if he has any shame.

  131. #131 by newguy on May 11, 2010 - 8:54 PM

    Javed Khan,

    Who said Dhoni is not firing his big guns? it’s just not in the cricket field, that’s all 🙂 on the field the big guns just fizzle out 😉

  132. #132 by newguy on May 11, 2010 - 9:04 PM

    The competition for last semi spot is still on – with hosts still in contention.

    WI vs. Aus is on and WI chose to bat.

    This is a good decision by WI, as batting second against Aus is almost impossible no matter what the target is. If Gayle can repeat the performance from last match and Pollard et al can add to it then they can put up a big score.

    Here is the equation though, WI need to beat Aus by 24 runs to knock out SL and go to semis. It’s similar to that of India’s from previous game.

    Also theoretically they can knockout Australia if they beat them by 151 runs!!!

    I don’t think WI will win or let alone win by 24 runs. But it’s still not a dead rubber. One thing about this tournament so far is all matches were do or die for the teams.

  133. #133 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 11, 2010 - 10:10 PM

    Without Chris Gayle West Indies team is absolutely mediocre. 85/9 in 14.4 overs at the moment, I have lost interest in the game and I am going out, its a beautiful day.

    We have to wait till May 13th when England play Sri Lanka and it would be a good contest. On May 14th the second semi-final between Australia and Pakistan. Pakistan depends more on Dua than Dava, they have to work hard to beat Australia to get to the final. With this attitude they can’t, they have to be mentally very tough to beat them. If that happens, I reckon it would be a Sri Lanka / Pakistan final. From Lahore to Lords and crowning again in the Caribbean? Will that happen again? If it does, theossa would say I am a Pir. 😉

  134. #134 by M. Y. Kasim on May 12, 2010 - 1:18 AM


    With the Jagirdars, Chowdhrys and Thekedars in the Pakistan team, forget about winning the Title, let alone going past the Aussies. Our prayers has already been answered, sneaking through in the Semis as it did.

    You may be a PIR (no affront) but even Pirs need good Murids!! With Murids like Misbah, Hafeez et al, the Pindoos and Akhroats, dont expect miracles.

    Only if, and a big IF they throw the trash away and play the deserving players like Fawad Alam, Hammad Azam etc. and play out of their skin, will any hope of a good performance be realistic.

  135. #135 by Omer on May 12, 2010 - 3:35 AM

    I am surprised India didn’t qualify, even though Lanka was 2-3 wickets down with 25 runs in 5 overs and there was a substantial total to chase.

    As expected Australia beat Windies. Australia seems like a very solid team at the moment and it seems unlikely that Pakistan would win against them. In fact it may be a pretty one-sided show given Pakistan’s batting and Australia’s bowling in the world cup so far.

    Razzaq likes pace and i would send him up the order against Aus. If he can attack Australian bowlers initially, then they might become defensive and bowl erratic. Its almost always the case that Australia make 150-180 and their score doesn’t vary a lot– and doesn’t fall outside that range. Pakistan can only make around that region (esp 170-180) if players like Razzaq and Afridi have their day.

  136. #136 by Omer on May 12, 2010 - 3:55 AM


    Why did you want Sri lanka not to qualify?

    India didn’t look like as good a team on paper, as batting wasn’t exceptional without Sehwag and bowling was ok. In fact I’d say even Pakistan is a very ordinary team on paper, but they were lucky in that they won the right match at the right time.

    Sri Lanka is probably a better team on paper out of the three. However, I’d say that England would beat Sri Lanka. And, if Pakistan beats Australia, then they would beat England in the final. However, if it is an Australia, England final then I’d say England would win. It always seems that Australia brings the best out of England.

    And, if it is a Pak Lanka final, then I’d think Lanka, and if Australia, Sri Lanka, then I’d say Australia.

  137. #137 by Omer on May 12, 2010 - 4:32 AM

    It would be interesting to do some sort of analysis of momentum in world cups, that is, teams that tend to pick the momentum late tend to win. Generally, teams that start very strong initially inevitably lose one important match.

    The only exceptions that I can think of in cricket are, 2003 and 2007 world cups that Australia won and two in the 1970s/1980s that Windies won. And, those teams are considered ‘great’ teams in cricket, that is, they were consistently dominant enough to win 8-10 matches in a row. Apart from that, Australia had a lot of luck in the 99 world cup and they built the momentum at the right time, Pakistan in 1992 thrived on luck to qualfy for the semis. I think the same was the case with Australia in 1987. In the previous 20/20 world cup, it was the same thing with Pakistan, and prior to that, I think India also built momentum at the right time.

    Even in soccer I have noticed this phenomenon. Very dominant Brazilian and German teams have won world cups by dominating throughout the tournaments, but in the previous one (and quite often) Italy and France were almost out and they sneaked through on goal difference to the quarters, and Italy/France played the final. The same was the case with France winning from Brazil in the final a couple of world cups ago. There was no such upset in the Euro cup recently though, as Spain was dominant throughout. I thought Turkey had good momentum with them, when they scored a goal in the last 30 seconds of the 3 matches they played prior the semi final to change the outcome of each game. But that time the dominant team did win the eurocup.

    Lets see if this momentum thing is the case with Pakistan, though nowadays Pakistan rarely have strings of 2-3 matches that they win consecutively. Its almost as if a win springs up in a flurry of losses and then everything goes flat again. But I doubt Australia would have such a long winning streak to also win the final. If they do, it may be a sign of things to come, they are rebuilding quite fast. But Bangladesh almost beat them in one of the games, so my gut instinct is that they aren’t one of those ‘great teams’ and would have to lose any one of the two matches that they might play next. I can only think of England beating them on merit, though Pakistan might be in between of a 20/20 winning streak, so that is a possibility as well.

  138. #138 by Mohammed Munir on May 12, 2010 - 9:01 AM


    I am out of UAE for a few days and shall be back Inshallah on Friday, just in time to make it for our semi with Australia (which I am sure we will loose) 😦

    Anyways, I agree with Theo that Pakistan is lucky to be in semis and also that Misbah should be out and they should play Hammad. Pakistan should try to play aggressive cricket, becuase we are loosing anyways, so we might at least give the Aussies some jitters.


  139. #139 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 12, 2010 - 10:57 AM

    With India’s departure from the T20 WC, Indian fans are very disappointed and we may not see newguy till he is an oldguy 😀 Varun and 420 have little interest in Indian cricket due to India’s poor performance in the previous T20 WC as well as this one. On both occasions they did not beat any team at the super eight level.

    Pakistan managed to sneak in by virtue of a single win against SA and also because of other factors. And for them the real test is in semifinal and most people believe that if they win the semifinal they will win the final as well. How this could be achieved? We will discuss this later.

  140. #140 by newguy on May 12, 2010 - 1:14 PM


    I am always interested in good cricket, regardless of India being there or not 🙂

    Semis are not done and there is cup to be played for. I will be keenly following Sri Lanka and Pakistan, also see how England translate their form into semis, or whether Australia can be stopped. India has not been a team to get excited about, and following their games have not been a pleasure.

    There is more to say on semis, and I guess you will be opening a new thread on this soon?

    That said, not only am I disappointed, I am furious like never before over this pathetic bunch of jokers who represented India in T20 WC. It cannot be said in words.

    Indian media is boiling over, and Cricinfo has some of it. I will post some comments and links in another replay.

  141. #141 by newguy on May 12, 2010 - 1:20 PM

    Indian media and former players and seething with anger and disappointment. Formers players lashed out against Indian team. Here is some excerpts:

    For two editions of the World Twenty20 running, India haven’t won a Super Eights game. But it is the manner of the defeats, almost identical to the ones produced any time this line-up bats on a bouncy track, that will hurt them more. To be fair to them, there is hardly any time in Twenty20s to duck under a few bouncers and try to wear the bowlers down. There is a reason, though, why such tactics are not tried against the likes of Mahela Jayawardene, Shane Watson, Kevin Pietersen, et al. The bowlers know those men can hook them for sixes; the Indians’ only scoring shot to well-directed bouncers has been the top edge over the keeper’s head. Their team-mate Virender Sehwag is a perfect man to learn from; bowlers have tried bowling short at him but don’t quite like being upper-cut for six or getting whipped away for four.

    Neither does Yusuf Pathan enjoy the captain’s confidence to bat before the game is almost over, nor has he shown the aptitude to translate his daredevilry from the IPL (“greatest innings” and all that) to the international level. Dhoni felt he needed to pick an extra batsman in back-to-back Twenty20 internationals, going with just three bowlers, much like he invariably did in the IPL, where he picked one of Manpreet Gony, Joginder Sharma, L Balaji or Sudeep Tyagi as a specialist bowler.

    The IPL tragics often cite India’s No. 1 ranking in Tests to make themselves believe the cricket can’t be so bad. Therein lies the major flaw: Sachin Tendulkar, Virender Sehwag, Rahul Dravid and VVS Laxman are too established and too good to let a hit-and-giggle league effect their techniques or work ethic. And it’s because of them, not the IPL stars, that India are No. 1 in Tests.

    “It’s hard to put a finger on the exact reason [for the defeat] but of all the tournaments MS Dhoni has led India in, this is the most disappointing. At times you can be stubborn and stick to your ideas but he might want to be a little more flexible in future. Only 73 runs were scored in the last 10 overs despite having nine wickets in hand. There is no explanation for that. Tactically Yusuf Pathan should have come up in the batting order. Selectors will have to look for Twenty20 players who can play in all kind of conditions.”
    Ravi Shastri questions some of MS Dhoni’s tactical calls.

    “Obviously if you stay up the whole night, it would affect you. Players should be responsible enough. The game is more important than the parties. Excuses like these cannot be given after you lose. For a player, cricket should come first and everything else is secondary.”
    Mohammad Azharuddin is appalled by Dhoni citing the hectic IPL schedules, on and off the field, as an excuse for the side’s performance.

    “I don’t think that [attending IPL parties] is a reason. Who was forcing them to attend these parties? They could have said no. I don’t think they should say all this. These are silly excuses. Fact is they had gone there to win the World Cup and they just weren’t good enough.”
    Madan Lal echoes Azhar’s views and lampoons the Indian team for offering ‘silly excuses’.

    Yuvraj has to look at his game. If he doesn’t perform for long periods, the selectors will not play him just on the basis of his reputation. Some of the players have got a lot of opportunities, but have not delivered. They have been around for quite a while and the entire country wants performances from them.”
    Sourav Ganguly believes the IPL may have lulled the Indian players into a false sense of security, and asks their seniors to pull up their socks.

  142. #142 by newguy on May 12, 2010 - 1:29 PM

    Bouncers and short pitch balls were blamed earlier for India’s problems, but that is only an excuse. IPL fatigue was also blamed, but that too was an excuse.

    Anyone looking at their games could tell, they were pathetic against slow balls as well as fast balls, they were pathetic in bowling, and they were pathetic in fielding. Except one or two players like Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma, and new comer Vinay Kumar, all players look tired and not wanting to be there.

    Gautam Gambhir and Youvraj Singh looked like they were sleep walking, same goes for Zaheer Khan. Gambhir was panting after taking two runs, Yuvraj was dragging himself in the field. Their mind probably was on the Bollywood beauties that awaits them? Ashish Nehra looked like a club bowler towards the end of SL innings. Yousuf Pathan looked like a clown with his glasses on and he was robotic. The only shot he knows is a hit and a miss. Even Dhoni was not his usual self, and he lacked confidence, he had the look of a beaten man. I have never seen Dhoni like this before.

    It appeared from their expression that they were forced with a gun on their head to go and play in World Cup.

    On top of that Dhoni says this is the best 15 players in the country. What a bunch of nonsense. There are so many players to chose from and if the stalwarts don’t want to play let them step aside and let people with intensity and aggression represent the country.

    The main issue is that these jokers are getting too much IPL money and they have no pride or passion playing for their country. It is time for wake up call, get rid of IPL, or marginalize it to the level of a domestic competition without the glamour, just cricket. Give a kick in the butt to all players and ask only those who want to play for the country go for it.

  143. #143 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 12, 2010 - 3:28 PM

    There you go newguy. Good analysis, you translated my thoughts on this blog. I saw Gambhir jumping while facing West Indies fast bowlers, I saw Gambhir running like a lazy school boy who doesn’t want to throw away his backpack while running. The way Gambhir carried cricket bat in his hand and running, without dragging it on to the ground twice was a sore sight to see a player renowned to be the best test batsman, who still doesn’t know the basics. And, Yuvraj Singh, the way he was running behind the ball would make the proverbial poor old McDonald running to catch his ducks in the farm feel proud that even he can run faster than Yuvraj.

    In my last comment, the last line I wrote, we will discuss this later…………. I meant it in a new thread, I’ve asked khansahab to do it but, he is busy, so I might be able to do it soon.

  144. #144 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 12, 2010 - 6:12 PM

    The new thread is on the blog. So, please express your views and comments there. Thanks.

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