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Normally patting someone’s butt is considered sexual harassment/abuse, or a depraved act due to the part of the body that is patted/felt. We have often discussed kicking Salman’s Butt, bakaouz of

Butt could not have hoped for a better beginning

his inconsistent batting and failure to assume more responsibility, but now the time has come to pat Salman’s butt bakaouz under his captaincy Pakistan has beaten Australia in what is generally being termed as a “historic” victory.

This victory is special for many reasons. First, the class of

A priceless asset for Pakistan, one they must look to preserve, rather than exploit

Mohammad Aamer has been revealed. Aamer has pace, control, ability to swing both ways, ability to reverse swing and he is also a thinking bowler. In his relatively young age he has learned to identify the batsman’s weakness and trap him. Suddenly, Wasim Akram’s recent statement that Aamer is more accomplished at 18 than Akram was at that age, permeates the mind. It is encouraging, but also haunting in one way. Pakistanis are an emotional and biased people. Will they be able to control this precious, special resource? Or will Aamer become another Shoaib Akhtar?

Ramiz has already done enough damage through his biased commentary, he now needs to shut up and leave Aamer alone

Much of this is in Aamer’s hands, however, his senior players and the team management must support him. At the same time, Aamer has shown in the dawn of his career that he is largely an independent thinker. The biggest favour senior players and commentators can do to him is to leave him alone. Wasim, Ramiz and other players have started offering him tips which he does not need. If it ain’t broke, it should not be fixed.

Another revelation on this tour has been Azhar Ali. He has made his debut at the right time and appears solid at no 3. After the departure of Younis Khan, Pakistan was looking for someone who could stabilise the top order. Azhar needs to be persisted with as he has shown he has the talent and temperament to thrive in the longer format of cricket.

Azhar Ali has shown promise and must be persisted with

Umar Amin on the other hand has not impressed. The fans had high hopes with Amin, especially considering a certain segment of the Pakistani population wanted Fawad Alam to be out of the team. However Amin has not been able to stand his ground and make good scores. Pakistan will probably offer him more chances, although once again the PCB’s choice of treatment of players who hail from outside Punjab will come to light, as Fawad Alam’s Test career is in doldrums after playing only 3 Tests although in his first he performed exceptionally, scoring one of the finest centuries seen from a Pakistani batsman.

Whether Afridi's decision was right or wrong, he did not retire in disgrace

This victory opens a new chapter in Pakistan cricket. A new captain, relatively new team management and some exciting new players are the stars of this new chapter. Shahid Afridi has left the stage and has also indirectly suggested to Shoaib Malik to retire from Tests. Afridi’s decision has resulted in diverse reactions, but his leadership has fuelled a unique spirit in these players.

Pakistan cricket thrives on extremes, extremes that are entangled in a web of fairy tales. Miandad’s last ball six which enforced mental strength in the team and changed the landscape of Pakistan- India contests; the World Cup victory when the cornered tigers surprised everyone to beat a strong team in the final;  Imran Khan’s heroism spanning two decades that transformed a bunch of difficult, egotistical individuals into an unbeatable unit; Wasim’s unique ability to “make the ball talk”; Waqar’s ability to swing the ball at high speeds and crush toes; Afridi’s fastest century in his first international batting innings which changed the art of modern batting; Fawad’s 168 on debut which surprised everyone as he had never opened in his life and was ignored by selectors for 3 years- these are a few examples of these fairy tales. The stars of this Test team are not Shoaib Akhtar, Yousuf, Younis and Afridi any more. They are Umar Akmal, Salman Butt, Mohammad Aamer and Azhar Ali.

What we have seen in this Test will be captivated in legend forever. Now it remains to be seen how many fairy tales these young stars will create for Pakistan.



Shahid Afridi contemplating from the players gallery at Lords whether to stop or go?

Shahid Afridi contemplating from the players gallery at Lords whether to stop or go?

SHAHID AFRIDI is born with an uncanny gift and a unique talent to shock & entertain not only his fans and supporters but, the entire cricketing world. Like most of his shots are premeditated, his moves too are very predictable.  The way he accepted the test captaincy after his retirement from test cricket 4 years ago and the way he announced his retirement is just like a BOOM BOOM innings coming to an end.

Upon hearing the news that Afridi will retire after the Headingley Test, I wasn’t surprised  but, I was upset at his decision at the wrong time. And, I wrote here on the blog that Afridi may not even play the Headingley Test and it is confirmed today in the news that he is not playing test cricket with immediate effect. Obviously Salman Butt who is the vice captain of the team has been appointed as Captain for the “rest of the England tour”. But, the funny side of the story is not just the quoted words, above or, the serious consideration of Yousuf and Younus’s by Ijaz Butt, who is in London and, NOW considering of including YY in the team but, it is this:


Ijaz Butt, the PCB chairman, convened a meeting on Saturday (in London) involving the team management and senior players to discuss the way forward following Afridi’s decision to retire from Tests. The meeting was attended by the team manager Yawar Saeed, coach Waqar Younis, associate manager Shafqat Rana, Salman Butt, Shoaib Malik, Kamran Akmal and Umar Gul.

According to most “deniable resources,”  it is learnt that IF, Yousaf or Younas “rough-use” to play, or the team is still losing test matches after their inclusion in the team, then they will bring back Old Misbah ul Haq as the protector of the last resort.  The news is also “vary hot” like a hot air balloon that the  serious altercation between Ijaz Butt and Shahid Afridi which happened in the Lords dressing room just before Afridi went in to bat in the second innings is going to create further complications for Afridi and the team.

Bakaoz Ijaz Butt cannot take insults lightly from his juniors, (Malcolm Speed can call him a Buffoon and Butt will kiss his rear side) but, Butt is reportedly taking it very seriously and likely to take a very severe action against Afridi by making it look like a disciplinary matter against Afridi for announcing his retirement during the “middal of the tour.”  Mark my words, Ijaz Butt won’t be allowing Afridi to captain in the ODI and T20 games to be played against England.

There is another “vary hot” news “in circulation,”  i.e., Javed Miandad has met Sadar Asaf Zardari on Monday and he is keeping the cat in his bag.  The rumour is, he has asked Asaf Zardari to uproot Ijaz’s Butt and he said, I am agree. However,  Butt’s tentacles are very deep rooted “bakaoz” of his Brother in Law “Chowdary Aimad Mukhtiar,” who is the Defense Minister of Pakastan and he has come to defend Ijaz’s Butt and asked Asaf Zardari not to listen to peepul like, Mians & Dads,  only Butt & BB’s.

Also, there is a news that Wasim Akram has written a letter to Asaf Zardari to remove “This Butt” and the President has set up a new committee comprising of 6 members to read Wasim’s letter and highlight the points and, to give him suggestions on what action is to be taken?  The Committee has been given 2 and a half years time to study the letter and give their recommendations to the President. Further time cannot be allocated bakaoz, by then, Asaf Zardari’s “Gormet” will be full term pregnant.  Like Ijaz Butt cannot be “Toppled” Zaradari cannot be Toppled as well, you can only “GuG-Gul” them.

It is very unfortunate for the Pakistanis that on every single tour there is a new story but, it is very amusing and interesting for the rest of the world and without making any effort the bet juicy stories and their Tabloids are sold like “hot cakes. Ijaz Butt is happy that he and his team are always hitting the headlines, whatever the reasons may be ‘who gives a Butt to it?””

Now, the serious aspect of this decision or the outcome of Shahid Afridi’s announcement to retire from test cricket.  What do you think:

1.  Butt will keep him as Captain of the T20 and ODI team?

2. Why would he give him the captaincy for T20 and ODI when Salman Butt is already leading the test side?

3.  Does Pakistan believe in one captain for all the formats?

4.  What will be Afridi’s reaction if his ODI and T20 captaincy is stripped away?

5. Will Salman Butt be able to play the same role as Afridi did?

6. With Salman Butt leading with his Deputy Kamran Akmal, the second fiddle to plot conspiracies i.e., Shoaib Malik, what will be his role?

7.  Umar Gul has been included in the small committee meetings only to fill in the quota otherwise the entire decision making panel is from one region. How are they going to balance it?

These are a few questions that needs to be discussed, perhaps you may be able to add a few more and lets hear it out from you.


From Three Hours to Five Days

The media says that the Pakistan team took sweet revenge by beating Australia twice in a row at Edgbaston in the two T20 games.  Whatever one may call it, these two wins will boost Pakistan’s confidence when they move on from the three hours game to five days.  Playing test matches is a different ball game and it not only requires skills, techniques, strength in every department of the game but, it also requires patience and perseverance, which the Pakistan team is lacking without their two middle order stalwarts Yousuf and Younus.



The Boom Boom mania in Birmingham was obvious from the crowd that came to cheer up their wounded and beaten up heroes and they got their monies worth when their so-called favourite team won both the matches in a very convincing manner.  There will be similar kinda support at Lords and Leeds when they play the two test matches starting July 13th, 2010.

The winning virus may soon die off if the young and inexperienced team flops and lose badly against the mighty test playing nation which dominated the world arena in test cricket for over a decade.  They may be number two, just a few points behind India but, that is temporary. Ricky Ponting is a mean captain and Michael Clarke is no less than him in test matches. And Mike Hussey is as dangerous in test as he is in any other form of the game.  Therefore, Pakistan may find themselves in really awkward position if their batsmen try to play the T20 shots and want to reduce a test match from 5 to 3 days. It is possible but, they would be the only losers if they play in haste.

No one understands the logic of keeping Yousuf and Younus out of the test squad except for Ijaz Butt.  While I am writing this thread, the DAWN newspaper reports today that Ijaz Butt is as adamant as before in granting permission to these two great batsmen.  He says, “Yousuf has announced his retirement so there is no question of him coming back.” And for Younus Khan he says: “Younis and his lawyer have given inappropriate statements. There is a players’ code of conduct in place and we will not spare anyone who violates the code.”

Can anyone ask this Adolph Buttler what is the code of conduct and where is it available for anyone’s reference?   Younus Khan who is in the UK says, he is available to play for his country and is ready to play at anytime.  But, Butt thinks that he is at war with Younus Khan, who has been raving and ranting that, “I have no fight with the PCB nor can I think of it. I am a known player because of Pakistan and the PCB.”

But, Butt has no consideration for the player or for his country, he has an inflated ego which is as big as a hot air balloon and it is obvious from his posterior end. The top is totally empty because everything drained down to the Butt.  The unfortunate thing for cricket in Pakistan is there is no one who can kick his butt and ask him to leave.  And, he is such a coward person that where he is supposed to speak and resent against the comments made by Malcolm Speed, he has fixed a silencer to that end from where he mostly speak.

To me the Pakistan test squad seems to be very weak in all departments, except for the spin bowling with Afridi, Ajmal and Kaneria. As regards fast bowling department it is only Aamer.  There is something wrong with Asif he is back in the team and did nothing during the T20 WC in the Caribbean, did nothing in the Asia Cup and bowled pathetically against the counties, hence he did not get a chance in the T20 against Australia.  If he comes back to form and bowls the way he used to bowl then the entire bowling department would appear to be balanced.  Wahab Riaz’s inclusion in the squad baffles me, he failed on many occasion, they should have included the tall Mohammed Irfan in his place and tried him in one of the county matches to test his abilities.

As regards opening batsmen there will be a tussle between Imran Farhat and Yasir Hameed, initially Farhat will get a chance because of his father in law and a lonely century he made during the NZ Australia tour a few months ago.  Yasir Hameed will be shaky and may not play his natural game in an effort to cement his place, hence there will be a negative impact, although slow batting may not effect the game in test matches as long as he contributes with his bat and score big.

The middle order with Malik, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal and Afridi is not so reliable because they are all experts of the short version game. I have no clue about Azhar Ali or Umar Amin.

The team looks very united and that is a good sign

The team looks very united and that is a good sign

The only good thing that I see in this team is there is a good camaraderie and Afridi has earned some respect by winning these two T20 matches by leading from the front. Although he failed with the bat but, he bowled, fielded and lead the team very well.

I will be very surprised if Pakistan wins even one test match and draw the series.  Please express your views and comments about how you feel now after Pakistan has won these two T20 games against Australia.