Normally patting someone’s butt is considered sexual harassment/abuse, or a depraved act due to the part of the body that is patted/felt. We have often discussed kicking Salman’s Butt, bakaouz of

Butt could not have hoped for a better beginning

his inconsistent batting and failure to assume more responsibility, but now the time has come to pat Salman’s butt bakaouz under his captaincy Pakistan has beaten Australia in what is generally being termed as a “historic” victory.

This victory is special for many reasons. First, the class of

A priceless asset for Pakistan, one they must look to preserve, rather than exploit

Mohammad Aamer has been revealed. Aamer has pace, control, ability to swing both ways, ability to reverse swing and he is also a thinking bowler. In his relatively young age he has learned to identify the batsman’s weakness and trap him. Suddenly, Wasim Akram’s recent statement that Aamer is more accomplished at 18 than Akram was at that age, permeates the mind. It is encouraging, but also haunting in one way. Pakistanis are an emotional and biased people. Will they be able to control this precious, special resource? Or will Aamer become another Shoaib Akhtar?

Ramiz has already done enough damage through his biased commentary, he now needs to shut up and leave Aamer alone

Much of this is in Aamer’s hands, however, his senior players and the team management must support him. At the same time, Aamer has shown in the dawn of his career that he is largely an independent thinker. The biggest favour senior players and commentators can do to him is to leave him alone. Wasim, Ramiz and other players have started offering him tips which he does not need. If it ain’t broke, it should not be fixed.

Another revelation on this tour has been Azhar Ali. He has made his debut at the right time and appears solid at no 3. After the departure of Younis Khan, Pakistan was looking for someone who could stabilise the top order. Azhar needs to be persisted with as he has shown he has the talent and temperament to thrive in the longer format of cricket.

Azhar Ali has shown promise and must be persisted with

Umar Amin on the other hand has not impressed. The fans had high hopes with Amin, especially considering a certain segment of the Pakistani population wanted Fawad Alam to be out of the team. However Amin has not been able to stand his ground and make good scores. Pakistan will probably offer him more chances, although once again the PCB’s choice of treatment of players who hail from outside Punjab will come to light, as Fawad Alam’s Test career is in doldrums after playing only 3 Tests although in his first he performed exceptionally, scoring one of the finest centuries seen from a Pakistani batsman.

Whether Afridi's decision was right or wrong, he did not retire in disgrace

This victory opens a new chapter in Pakistan cricket. A new captain, relatively new team management and some exciting new players are the stars of this new chapter. Shahid Afridi has left the stage and has also indirectly suggested to Shoaib Malik to retire from Tests. Afridi’s decision has resulted in diverse reactions, but his leadership has fuelled a unique spirit in these players.

Pakistan cricket thrives on extremes, extremes that are entangled in a web of fairy tales. Miandad’s last ball six which enforced mental strength in the team and changed the landscape of Pakistan- India contests; the World Cup victory when the cornered tigers surprised everyone to beat a strong team in the final;  Imran Khan’s heroism spanning two decades that transformed a bunch of difficult, egotistical individuals into an unbeatable unit; Wasim’s unique ability to “make the ball talk”; Waqar’s ability to swing the ball at high speeds and crush toes; Afridi’s fastest century in his first international batting innings which changed the art of modern batting; Fawad’s 168 on debut which surprised everyone as he had never opened in his life and was ignored by selectors for 3 years- these are a few examples of these fairy tales. The stars of this Test team are not Shoaib Akhtar, Yousuf, Younis and Afridi any more. They are Umar Akmal, Salman Butt, Mohammad Aamer and Azhar Ali.

What we have seen in this Test will be captivated in legend forever. Now it remains to be seen how many fairy tales these young stars will create for Pakistan.

  1. #1 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 2:24 PM

    Pace trio made the difference, says Butt

    Leeds, England – Pakistan ended their 15-year wait for a Test win over Australia on Saturday, a feat captain Salman Butt put down to having possibly the best pace attack in the world.

    Pakistan, chasing 180 to win the second Test, stuttered to a three-wicket victory on Butt’s debut as captain to draw the series 1-1. Australia were on the backfoot from the opening day when they were skittled for just 88.

    Pace trio Mohammad Asif (11 wickets), Mohammad Aamer (11) and Umar Gul (8) claimed a collective 30 wickets in the two-test series.

    “I feel very fortunate to have them in my team,” said Butt, speaking at a press conference as horns were sounded by jubilant Pakistan fans on an adjacent road. “If they are not the world’s best then they are amongst the world’s top two or three

  2. #2 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 2:46 PM

    ​Akmal needs to get over his T20 hangover: Waqar

    Leeds: Pakistan’s coach Waqar Younis has denied that his batsmen had been tainted by Twenty20 cricket with the exception of Umar Akmal.

    “Definitely I would say that about Umar Akmal. I think he’s a little rash when it comes to Test-match cricket, maybe he’s just played too much Twenty20,” Waqar said.

    “He’s very young, so he’s still learning. He’s no doubt a very talented cricketer, he’s got all the shots in the book, but he’s just got to learn quickly. Trying to control him – it sometimes gets hard. He is very young; it takes a bit of time, I guess,” he said.

    In December 2009, Akmal, then 19, stunned Australia with 51 in the Boxing Day Test at the MCG. The knock included three thumping boundaries and a six off a single Peter Siddle over. In his eight subsequent innings against Australia he has failed to reach 50, averaging 24.5, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

    Waqar said the biggest failing of his team’s first innings, rather than the manner of dismissals, was the inability to build any partnerships outside of the 80 compiled by openers Butt and Imran Farhat.

    “We didn’t really get the partnership going apart from the top partnership and then the odd one in the middle as well. Thirty- or 40-odd, we didn’t really get the partnerships of 70 or 80 runs.

    “It’s been lacking and it’s just because we have got pretty young players in the middle order. If you look at numbers three (Azhar Ali), four (Umar Amin) and even five (Umar Akmal), they’re very new in this Test arena, so I think we’ve got to give them a little bit of margin,” Waqar said.”

    Despite the inclusion of the more-experienced Shoaib Malik in the team for this match, Waqar said there were no plans to shift him up the order to bolster the experience of its top-order.

  3. #3 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 2:56 PM


    Dilshan played pretty well against India and batted aggressively, so all I have to say about that is what Waqar Younis said:

    “This man Dilshan, he is not a good bowler and not a good batman, butta the only reason he is a KEEP in the team is because of his fielding”

  4. #4 by 420 on July 24, 2010 - 3:57 PM

    congrats to the pak supporters, after long time…i was telling my pak friend 2 days ago, u give us the pace trio, we will send you decent middle order batsmen 😀

    all said, it was a lucky escape.imagine if they lost this game, the confidence of the bowlers and the team would have take a bad beating

  5. #5 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 6:13 PM


    I am agree. Were Pakistan too good or were Australia too bad?

    I am most pleased with Aamer as he really bowled well. Naturally you can expect him to be better in English conditions but he was better than Johnson and Bollinger.

    Johnson was disappointing actually, he is a better bowler than this.

  6. #6 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 6:55 PM


    Interestingly, Johnson has a better strike rate than Wasim Akram in Tests, and his performance on batting pitches is also better than Akram’s.

    Of course this is a slightly unfair comparison as Johnson has only been playing for 3 years whereas Akram played for almost 15 years.

    But it is not a bad beginning for Johnson.

    I always considered Waqar to be a better bowler than Akram because Akram had a natural advantage of being left handed and coming around the wicket (which is why when Tendulkar and Lara are compared, I give Tendulkar some credit for being right handed). Also, Waqar was quicker and his yorkers were deadlier.

  7. #7 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 7:07 PM


    I was on some site that hosts free movies and came across this girl:

    Her name is Karen Bach. She attended university, got married but because of many debts, entered the adult film industry. She did not like the job and I think if you see some of her work (I was tempted because of her looks) it will be apparent to you that she did not like the work she was doing but was forced into it.

    By the way the site where I discovered her was NOT a porn site so I came across her innocently.

    Anyway, she committed suicide in 2008 due to depression. I read up about her and so many fans were stunned at this news. What a tragedy. She was an attractive girl, able and university educated, but made a mess of her life and eventually took her own life.

  8. #8 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 7:16 PM


    I think when comparing bowlers, the average is not as important an indicator of ability as the strike rate. A bowler should be judged by how often he takes wickets (esp a fast bowler), not by how many runs he concedes in relation to taking wickets.

    All this of course does not mean he is a better bowler than Akram. I was not implying that at all.

    Wasim had more control of line and length than Waqar, but I still like Waqar more. He had more injuries than Wasim, he was not a decent batsman like Wasim, but he still made an impact almost all the time. When he had his back surgery, he returned to international cricket after a long time and I remember he became the captain. He reinvented his bowling, changed his action slightly and perfected the outswinger which got him many wickets. That was his skill- even after remodelling his action, run up, style he was still a very good bowler. This is a talent very few people are bestowed with.

  9. #9 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 8:53 PM


    Runs have to be chased but at the same time wickets have to be taken and preserved? So if you need 251 runs to win the opposition needs to take 10 wickets and you have to preserve your wickets?

    Because cricket is more a batsmen-oriented game, we hear more of bowling averages than strike rates.

    Johnson is a more dangerous bowler than Gul, but not the class of the Akrams and the McGrath’s. Johnson has topped Test rankings, taken 8 wickets in an innings, and in Tests has been consistent for a longer duration than Gul. In limited overs cricket Gul is probably better.

  10. #10 by khansahab on July 24, 2010 - 10:34 PM


    In your example your bowler would take 1 wicket per 23 overs (138 balls, which means he will only ever be able to take 2 wickets), which is as pathetic as a bowler taking 10 wickets and conceding 540 runs.

    I think with bowlers like that who can take 2 wickets in 50 overs, the opposition team might as well try and hit a six every ball!!!

    You used very strange examples to illustrate your point. Anyway, I think this discussion has become boring and lifeless now.

  11. #11 by Ahmed on July 25, 2010 - 8:52 AM

    guys, what a great match and i agree this is the dawn of new era for cricket in pakistan. Azhar Ali batted with great temperamant and looks solid at the number 3 spot even umer amin is good player just needs more exposure. dont really feel we need yousaf and yunis anymore because of these young soldiers. i am personally from Lahore and there is much celebration as Salman Butt captaincy is going very good and we are very happy for him, afridi is not a Test player. yesterday we were rallying in streets shouting pakistan zindabad, good work by selectors we should give them credit and also ijaz butt. the mediocre seniors are out and the team is perfect now, there should be no changes in the next Tests on 29 July.

  12. #12 by khansahab on July 25, 2010 - 9:20 AM

    Imran Farhat deserves his place in the side: Mohammad Ilyas

    National selector Muhammad Illyas has hit out at his critics who alleged conflict of interest whenever his son-in-law Imran Farhat was picked for Pakistan.

    Farhat, married to Illyas’ daughter, hit a match-winning 67 as opener in Pakistan’s second innings in their three-wicket win over Australia in the second Test at Leeds.

    He also got decent starts in the first Test at Lord’s.

    “I was hurt when some people tried to insinuate that Imran was in the team because of me. Many people don’t know that whenever the selectors discussed Imran, I left the room because I felt It was better I was not involved in a final decision on his selection since he is my son-in-law,” Illyas, a former Test player, said.

    “I never had any say in his final selection because I saw it as a conflict of interest. If he came into the team it was because the other selectors felt he deserved a place,” he said.

    The outspoken selector said he was not only happy that Pakistan had won a Test against Australia to break a 15-year-old jinx but also because Farhat scored crucial runs.

    “Whatever cricket Imran is playing it is because of his ability and hardwork. I have no say in it. It is a wrong impression that I push for him,” Illyas said.

    “For me nothing is more important than national interest.
    I would never support or back a decision if it involved selecting a player who didn’t deserve to be in the team for any reason,” he added.

    20-year-old left-handed Farhat has been in and out of the national team since 2000 when he made his debut in New Zealand. He left international cricket to join ‘rebel’ Indian Cricket League three years ago.
    Illyas said he was overjoyed with Pakistan’s Test win as it came through a new look team and under a new captain.

    “The victory is sweet because it is clear that Salman Butt has gelled the team well and they played like a team. I am confident they can carry on with their good performance in future as well,” he stated.
    He, however, reserved special praise for left-arm pacer Muhammad Aamer who took seven wickets in the second Test.

    “He is one of the best talents to come up in Pakistan for a while now and he is a quick learner he is learning very quickly and he has a good cricket brain. He is now a more difficult bowler to face because of his ability to swing the ball into the right handed batsman,” Illyas said.

  13. #13 by khansahab on July 25, 2010 - 9:20 AM


    You created your own bounds in your examples so I guess you know better than me what those hypothetical and completely arbitrary numbers are meant to represent. I will give you the benefit of the doubt 🙂

    Johnson has a better record than Akram in England, but Akram has been better in India. Johnson has not played a Test yet in Pakistan or Sri Lanka so I cannot compare his record with Akram on these typical batting pitches.

    I think it is somewhat whimsical that you purport to downgrade Johnson like that and in any event these are unfair comparisons because of different exposure to pitches and the experience of the bowlers. Steyn is probably the best Test bowler in the world but he succeeds mostly because of his pace, and due to this he has only played at the rate of about 6-7 Tests a year because he gets injured so much. Johnson is playing at the rate of 13 odd Tests a year because he does not get injured as much. Asif has played about half the number of Tests as Johnson so again the variables employed in comparison will be tilted in favour of one or the other, but for the record Asif has a strike rate of 71 in Australia (borderline batting pitches) and 81 in Pakistan (typical batting pitches).

  14. #14 by khansahab on July 25, 2010 - 9:22 AM

    Pakistan cricket will now be different: Butt

    LEEDS: A delighted Pakistan captain Salman Butt predicted a major turnaround in the fortunes of the national cricket team following a morale-boosting win against Australia here on Saturday.

    As Pakistan drew the Spirit of Cricket Series 1-1, Salman Butt who emerged successful in his very first Test as captain, said that the win here would have far reaching effects.

    “I think Pakistan cricket will not be the same again. Today’s victory would go a long way in attaining the place where Pakistan cricket was in the early nineties. This victory is not an ordinary one. It has come after fifteen years and I think, it would change the way of thinking of all those who only point out negative things,” he said.

    Salman termed the victory as one of the best Pakistan have achieved during the last two decades. “I think it is the best victory for Pakistan at Test level during last two decades. There is no doubt that the absence of international cricket came hard on promotion of the game in the country. I am concerned about my people back home, who have got no opportunity to watch international cricket. My team and management attribute this success to them and the young team we have got.”

  15. #15 by khansahab on July 25, 2010 - 9:53 AM


    Welcome back to LS. I am pleased for you. However don’t you feel Shoaib Malik should be removed from the team asap?

    Afridi has an average of 37 in Tests and decent bowling stats. How can you say he is not a Test player? Is Malik a Test player?

  16. #16 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 25, 2010 - 2:18 PM


    Malik is a nothing player so it is better not to talk about him. I knew how people would be reacting to this win, which in my opinion is A NARROW ESCAPE FROM THE JAWS OF DEFEAT. The Australians almost swallowed them without chewing, it was only the tail that was left and it was a matter of few runs, had the lead been just 200, Pakistan would have not made it. Now they can call a historic win or a fabulous win or whatever.

    Just see what is Malik’s contribution in this match, is he worthy of being in the team because Afridi vacated the spot? It was just a waste of space. He did nothing at all, in fact his presence in the team is always, always very negative, now that Salaman Butt is one of his disciples he is gonna stick closer to him. Actually this is exactly he wanted, his dreams came true that Salman or Kamran should be on the top and he can do the backseat mothering.

    Afridi is an emotional retard, he should have stayed at least for 2 matches and then thought about it. I am sure he is regretting his decision, he threw the towel after the first round without realizing that the team had potential to beat the much hyped and talked about number one test team of the past decade, neither they nor India at the moment are the best team. You can say SA is, because they are more consistent. The way India played against SL is an example of how poor their bowling is despite having Harbhajan in the team. The same Harbhajan whom Murali claims can break his 800 wicket record. Perhaps Muthaiya eats grass and smokes weed.

    Anyways, you must have noticed how the PCB is quiet about Yousuf’s inclusion in the team after this win. The weak link in this team is Malik and Umar Amin and they should be replaced by Yousuf and Younus to beat England otherwise, like they say, “everyday is not a Sunday.” Salman Butt may say whatever he likes by highlighting that “cricket will now be different.” One consolation win is not gonna make a big difference, sure it helps the morale but nothing can be done to improve the quality of batting from players like Malik, Amin, Farhat and even Kamran.

    My sympathies are with Nikki Butt for the unexpected exposure and I can only hope they will be lucky four more times! But, the reality might be far from expectations.

    Btw, nice thread khansahab, actually a for Nikki Butt PAT and a nip in the Wadee Butt, or to be more blunt, it should be a full blooded kick on the Wadee Butt.

  17. #17 by khansahab on July 25, 2010 - 4:12 PM

    Well done, but what about our batting?

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    KARACHI: Let me begin with a confession. Like so many others, I had seriously doubted Pakistan’s chances of leveling the series against Australia.

    Shahid Afridi’s stunning decision to retire and Salman Butt’s elevation as captain after the defeat at Lord’s only added to my fears that at Headingly, Pakistan will go on to suffer their 14th consecutive defeats against the Aussies. It’s difficult to believe in a young and untested captain at the helm of an inexperienced team especially if they are taking on Ricky Ponting and his troops.

    Thankfully, like so many others, I was wrong. Butt has shown that with a little more experience he could be a long-term solution for Pakistan’s captaincy problem. Pakistan, in the meantime, have proved that no matter how bad they look on paper, they have the guts to beat a top team like Australia.

    It was Pakistan’s first win over Australia in 15 years and couldn’t have come at a better time. The main course of the summer — a mouthwatering four-Test series against England — tees off from July 29 in Nottingham and the Pakistanis have given themselves a huge boost by ending the brief two-Test series against Australia with a famous win.

    Pakistan can now hope to repeat similar success against the English though the hosts would perhaps be stronger than this Australian team.

    Both at Lord’s and Headingley, Australia looked pretty beatable and it was only because of a brittle Pakistan batting line-up that they prevailed in the first Test and came dangerously close to beating Pakistan again in the finale.

    It’s pretty clear that Pakistan do not have batsmen who are good enough to help them win a Test series, especially against a team like England in England. Pakistan had top batters like Inzamam-ul-Haq, Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan when they last played a Test series against England in England and still lost it 0-3.

    There is little doubt that Pakistan currently have one of the best pace attacks in the world with Mohammad Aamer, Mohammad Asif and Umar Gul. But all three of them are prone to injuries and putting too much stress on them during what is a long and exhaustive summer could hamper Pakistan’s campaign in England.

    What Pakistan desperately need is to bolster their batting. There may be a silver lining there in the form of the young Azhar Ali, but the line-up has too many weak links. Shoaib Malik was awful at Headingley while Umar Amin seems a bit too raw for this level of cricket.

    Pakistan cricket’s think-tank will obviously be aware of it but is anything being done to take care of the problem? There have been reports that national selectors have sounded out the aging Misbah-ul-Haq. But bringing back Misbah will be a mistake.

    The only two batsmen, who can inject some reliability to our batting are without any doubt Yousuf and Younis. Why aren’t we bringing them back?

    They are two of the world’s best batsmen with loads of experience and should be there at the crucial No. 3 and 4 positions. They can replace Umar Amin and Shoaib Malik. It should make a world of a difference to Pakistan.

    The first Test against England begins in three days. So Pakistan don’t have much time to celebrate their rare win against the Aussies. They will require more firepower to beat the English. It’s time that they arrange for it.

  18. #18 by Amir on July 25, 2010 - 8:14 PM

    Shoaib malik should be axed from the team and one of the y’s should replace him. Instead of playing both y and y we should play either one of them and keep giving chances to these youngsters they never played bad in dificult conditions. Another player who is geting away with bad performances is umer akmal it seem like he dnt have defencive technique at all. Dnt think he is suitable for test cricket he should follow afridi and play only odi and t20. With playing like this he can only score 30 40 runs against good bowling. He really needs to improve his defence and shot slection if he wants to play test cricket.

  19. #19 by newguy on July 25, 2010 - 10:46 PM

    It is important to keep perspective following this win from Pakistan. A win is a win and there is no taking back any credit due.

    But, some of the Pakistan supporters are going over the top in other blogs by claiming this team will be world beaters if Yousuf and Younus comes back into team and the bowling is top in the world, so on..

    There is much more than a solid batting lineup and a good bowling attack needed to become the top team in the world and stay there. Pakistan is no where near, right now the team has some very talented players who need to be nurtured and supported, the team also have some mediocre performers. Leadership is not so great, and there are process improvements to be made. The last two are understatements.

    The nucleus of a good team is there, that is all there is now, and they could from here on win matches more than they lose, or at least same number of matches as they lose they should win.

    As for rankings, they have no predictive value that tells which team will win going forward, it only shows which team has been #1 given the result of last several matches. In this regard, India has won more matches than they have lost compared to other teams and that shows their ranking. It doesn’t say anything about what they will be able to accomplish in the next one year.

    Australia when they dominated and West Indies when they dominated had great team that people could have some predictive value into rankings going forward. That was simply because they had the talent and the process compared to rest of the teams in the world.

    Neither South Africa, India, or Australia has the world dominating talents now. South Africa is a good team, but you cannot predict that they will win a test series against India, especially in India. Same goes for Australia. India has a good team, despite the weakness in bowling in current SL series, but you cannot predict they will win a series in South Africa. So these two team cancel out based on home vs. away advantage. You could say SA has slight edge so on, but that does not make them #1 team nor can they be termed as world dominating as in the days of Australian team under Steve Waugh and WI under Clive Lloyd.

    Australia has declined, it is complete now, and they need to build up from here, but I doubt they will become world dominating team again.

    Chances are now that many teams can beat each other depending on conditions, home or away, injury to key players, so on..

    Lastly, Test cricket is on decline for sure. Once the generation of batsmen retires from Indian team, it will play less test matches and play them more like ODI or T20. Same goes for most test teams in the world now, except SA because of their batsmen like Greame Smith, Hashim Amla, and Jaques Kallis are batsmen from old mold, once they retire in a few years even SA will play ODI / T20 style in test cricket. Surely test cricket will be done in 3 to 4 days, and they will be played lesser.

  20. #20 by M. Y. Kasim on July 26, 2010 - 1:05 AM

    Well, a win is a win, how horribly achieved.

    I watched the first day’s play live and was overjoyed by the performanes of our pace attack. Unfortunately, my health required me to get admitted in to the Hospital and I came home late in the evening on Friday.

    When I woke on Saturday, the match was over and mercifully, we had won or else I would have to be taken again to the Hospital since I could not have endured the horror of seeing four wickets going down to get just 40 runs !!

    You might call it an “Historic” win, a”Turning” win or whatever but the fact remains that it was a comedy of errors and luck that made victory possible.

    1. Ricky Ponting, after winning the toss decided to bat first. It was his over-confidence bordering on arrogance and contempt for Pak team that convince him to make such a foolish decision.

    2. Our pace battery rose to the occassion and gave a world class performance.

    3. Mohammad Ilyas knew that his “SoosarJee” would kick his butt if he fails since he has been kissing Ijaz’s Butt. This is corraborated by Khansahab that he play a big inning after every three failures!!

    Few Thoughts:

    Ramiz Raja and Wasim Akram should stop spoiling Mohammad Aamer, Wasim for his jeolousy and frustration that he is being given more credit and attention than him and Ramiz for saying two years down the road as “see, I am such a great EXPERT that I predicted for him a bright future.”

    Somebody should take Umer Akmal by the side and tell him everything has a limit. You can not play each and every shot with immunity. There is an example of Vinod Kambli, a school-mate of Sachin Tendulkar. Both had the same coach and he the coach and the media were hailing Kambli as more talented than Tendulkar. It went into the head of Kambli and he started to play extra-ordinary shots with abandon while Tendulkar kept his feet on the ground. Every thing has to come down. Look where Tendulkar is for the last 20 + years. Kambli vanished faster than he rose. I am sure not many people knows his name anymore.

  21. #21 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2010 - 5:51 PM

    Previously I wrote that Salman Butt was running to Shoaib Malik for his advise after every over or after every boundary and that was really pathetic to see because Shoaib Malik has no knowledge about the game except how to create a mutiny in the team. Besides, what can Shoaib Malik give when he has nothing to give. Now, Salman Butt has tried to clarify this point in an interview to the media and here is what DAILY DAWN has reported.

    “It’s not that I take all the advice, but it’s important for me that every player is in the game and thinking about the game.

    “If I’m open to every man, even a youngster playing his first game, then that will mean he will believe in me. So to build a team, I think this is a very important thing to do.”

    And, I also wrote that he would try his best not to get Younus or Yousuf back in the team, so here is what he said:

    “There has been speculation that, with Afridi out with a side strain, Pakistan might call up either of ex-captains Mohammad Yousuf or Younis Khan, both originally left out after bans imposed following a series whitewash in Australia this year, to bolster the top order.

    However, Butt indicated he was happy with what he had and said even his pace attack faced competition from the uncapped duo of Wahab Riaz and Tanvir Ahmed.

    “The discussion (on a replacement) is yet to take place. We’ll see, maybe we will discuss it but at the moment I think everything is fine,” said Butt.

    “We have two or three guys sitting out of the side who we can rely on.

    “We have a left-arm seamer who bowls at 90 miles per hour at the first change in Wahab Riaz.

    “We also have Tanvir Ahmed who got 90 wickets in the domestic season.”

    See how he dodged the question? And how candid he is in not taking Yousuf back because, he holds that grudge against Yousuf when he made him run out and Yousuf before going back to the dressing room gave him a dirty look and later he said about Salman Butt, “He is a very selfish and a lazy player.” Salman Butt is doing the “Je me Souviens” to Yousuf.

  22. #22 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2010 - 6:01 PM

    Salman Butt’s comments are very narrow minded and he has no vision about the game or, how to succeed in the future or, remain consistent. There is a touch of euphoria after the win and that is making him very complacent. What he really needs to see is as a captain he now has to use his power to influence the board and the selectors by saying, OK we have won this match which almost slipped out of our hands but luck has favoured us and we have won. But, we cannot win on a consistent basis with this kinda batting. We definitely need Yousuf and Younus’s experience and they must be included. Instead Butt is trying to play a Punjab XI instead of a Pakistan XI and he is also taking things at personal level against Yousuf.

    And, I can say it with total confidence that it is not Salman Butt, but Shoaib Malik speaking in his voice because his own place is under threat, he has not done anything in this match and even Kamran Akmal must be doing the same. It is such a shame that these guys have no sense to work out a strategy and keep the opposition under pressure by strengthening the team which is so weak in the batting department.

    Mohammad Ilyass said, that his son in law played a great part in this win by scoring 40 odd runs in the first innings and 67 in the second. Perhaps he has not seen how lucky Farhat was, his two catches were dropped and one was a dolly that Watson missed. IF this is what he is proud of his son in law then he should go and take a dip in the river Chenab and suck mangoes.

  23. #23 by khansahab on July 26, 2010 - 7:33 PM

    Youngsters proved their worth: Butt

    LEEDS: Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Chairman Ijaz Butt declared on Sunday that it is time to move forward with Pakistan’s current crop of youngsters.

    Butt said this in the wake of Pakistan’s historic victory against Australia inside four days at the Headingley cricket ground here the other day.

    In an exclusive interview with ‘The News’, the PCB chairman was responding to a question whether Mohammad Yousuf and Younis Khan will be recalled for the series against England.

    “I don’t think it is time to look back. In fact, it is time to move forward and give the youngsters their due respect. We trusted the new-look team and they have responded well by beating Australia. We have been waiting for this historic occasion for the last 15 years and even the best teams with best players could not do so what the youngsters have done in Leeds.”

    Butt’s response was a clear indication that Yousuf and Younis would not be recalled for the England tour and it is almost curtains for them. “I think the youngsters have given us a very positive response and it would be unjust on them to recall any of the tried and tested players now.”

    He said it was Shahid Afridi who suggested him that the youngsters should be given the opportunity instead of tested players. “I think he was right. Now we have to move forward with a young team.”

    He was all praise for Azhar Ali for showing tremendous potential as a Test player. “Look at the way he carried Pakistan to safety on the third day. He was playing as if he had been in the business for a couple of years. He has all the potential to provide an answer to one down spot.”

    The PCB chairman was even happy with Umar Amin for showing the temperament required for the Test cricket. “I think Umar has the true technique of a Test player.”

    He also predicted that in six months time, the team could emerge as one of the best in the world.

    Butt also declared that negotiations are on with the three to four English counties to include Pakistani batsmen in their lineup for the next season.

    “Playing for counties is not that easy these days. What we want is that our youngsters should get the opportunity to play in such conditions. We are in touch with some of the counties on the matter and hopefully from the next season onward we would be sending a few players, especially batsmen, to train under these conditions,” the chairman said.

  24. #24 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 26, 2010 - 9:07 PM

    Ijaz Butt is a big fat MF B and an opportunist. Just before the 2nd test he was asking Mohammad Yousuf to come and join the team. Had Pakistan lost the 2nd test match he would have definitely called Yousuf and, if Pakistan loses a couple of matches against England, he would have called Younus Khan also. He is such a short sighted idiot who knows nothing about cricket. The transition from seniors to juniors should be slow and gradual, the induction of junior players should not be like what they did in this test series. Already the opening conundrum is lingering since ages and, there are a few rookies who performed well like Mohammad Aamer, Umar Akmal but, they do not enough experience. Only Aamer performed well but Umar Akmal was a flop in both tests. On top all this, they shoved in two debutantes Azhar Ali and Umar Amin. Luckily the Pakistan team won this 2nd test which almost slipped away from their hands. Just one win and they are so proud and arrogant about it? WTF is this?

    What will Ijaz Butt say if Pakistan loses this test series against England 4-0 ? “It is time to look forward and not to look back,” he thinks he is bloody philosopher like, Confucius or Aristotle to talk like that. “Present is the continuation of Past and if you don’t look back at your past you grow a BiG FAT BUTT.” We all know that there is a reverse gear in the car and the reason it is there is because, sometimes in order to go forward you have to go backwards. For e.g., if you come to a dead-end you have to go backwards or, if you have parked your car in a garage you use that reverse gear, it doesn’t mean that you drive in reverse gear all the time. This Ch2So4 has no clue about cricket or man-management and he keeps blabbing like a BUFFOON.

  25. #25 by khansahab on July 27, 2010 - 6:21 AM

    Dilshan is proving to be a keep in the team bakaoz of his aggressive batting.

    Sri Lankan pitches are so lifeless, Waqar said about UAE, “I live in UAE for 2 years and I never seen a rain” I think this may apply to Sri Lanka although they have a very wet monsoon season 🙂

    I think it is more appropriate to say, Waqar should be saying, “I tell you……you seen a mud bowls of Sharjah a few years ago……..butta…..this pitch has a grass on it!!”

  26. #26 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 27, 2010 - 1:25 PM

    Sangakara and Jayawardene dominated the second day and SL has amassed a huge total and assured themselves of saving from a defeat, the only possible result of this match be a draw, I don’t think this time SL can bowl out India twice. So far it appears to be a boring and a dull test match. Although CBN is showing it live and free but, there is no charm in it.

    khansahab, if Dilshan is aggressive so is Sehwag. He played well in the first test and again he is playing well. It is the others who aren’t. And, India’s bowling department is spineless, toothless at the moment.

  27. #27 by khansahab on July 27, 2010 - 7:09 PM

    Pak players meet ‘suspicious characters’ in England: Report

    The Pakistan team management is keeping a close eye on some members of its touring squad in England after reports claimed that the players were mixing with “suspicious characters” and violating the PCB guidelines. According to a report in daily Jang, team management was also looking suspiciously into the interaction of some players who had even invited these people into their rooms which was against the ethics and the guidelines of the tour.
    “After the mixing of some players with these suspicious characters who don’t have very good reputations even the team management is looking closely at the way some players lost their wickets in the run chase at Leeds against Australia,” the report said.

    The report also said that when the tour started players had been given clear guidelines on how to behave during the tour but some were found involved in violating them as they were seen mixing with their “agents” near the dressing room and in the team hotel.

  28. #28 by khansahab on July 27, 2010 - 7:11 PM

    Wasim Akram calls for Pakistan to hand Salman Butt and Waqar Younis long-term leadership roles

    Wasim Akram believes Pakistan must put long-term faith in their new leadership combination of Salman Butt and Waqar Younis to give them their best chance of avoiding another damaging period of turmoil.

    The former Pakistan captain described Shahid Afridi’s decision to quit as skipper after one Test as a ‘joke’.

    But he backed the policy of banishing Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf for their disruptive influence and moving forward under captain Butt and coach Waqar.

  29. #29 by khansahab on July 27, 2010 - 7:18 PM

    Mohammed Asif to Act in Malayalam Movie

    Pakistani fast bowler Mohammed Asif will act in Malayalam film. Mohammed Asif will make his film debut with a Malayalam film, directed by renowned lyricist Kaithapram Damodaran Namboodiri.

    Shooting of the movie, titled ‘Mazhavillinnattamvare’ (till the tip of the rainbow) is scheduled to begin in North Kerala in September. The movie is also the directorial debut of Kaithapram, who has penned hundreds of songs, winning several national and state awards.

    ‘Asif is now busy playing cricket in England. He will be free by September to begin shooting in Kannur in north Kerala,’ Kaithapram told PTI.

    ‘The film starts with Asif coming to a cricket camp in Kannur as a coach. When he travels from Lahore to Kerala, he has a personal mission too. The film will progress through his journey to his goal’, Kaithapram said.

    Besides direction, the story is also by Kaithpram, who will be doing the script and lyrics as well.

    There would be five songs and a ghazal, mixing of which will be done in a theatre in London. The songs would be rendered by top Indian singers like K J Yesudas, Udit Narayan, Sankar Mahadevan, K S Chitra, Deepankuran and Shreya Ghoshal.

    The film is being produced by a Sharjah-based entrepreneur M Mukundan, who hails from Kannur, under the banner of ‘Valluvankadavu Recreations’.

  30. #30 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 27, 2010 - 8:26 PM

    Wasim Akram is a Chutiyum Sulphate.

    He should keep his judicious knowledge and valuable comments for Kolkata Knight Riders where he is the bowling coach.

  31. #31 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 27, 2010 - 8:27 PM

    Asif Murugan?

    Wow, great progress from Veena Malik to Murugan of Kottayam.

  32. #32 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 28, 2010 - 2:49 AM

    Lo Jee, Asif, Aamer best in the world !!!

    Nikki Butt nay ek match kya jeeta dimagh he kharab ho gaya! I don’t understand these guys they simply open their mouth and blab. Remember Shoaib Malik once said, “Kamran Akmal the best wicketkeeper in the world.” Adam Gilchrist and Kumara Sangakara may have committed Hara Kiri upon hearing this.

    They are all stupid idiots, gloating over this win which I don’t consider a convincing win from batting aspects.

    The Cheap Selector Mohsin Khan is saying IF, our batsmen can put up 300 plus runs then we can beat England. So, there is a BIG IF attached to that statement. IF you know the FCking batting is weak then why not get all the best available resources? You are playing for the country not for Ijaz Butt’s inflated EGO.

  33. #33 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 28, 2010 - 2:55 AM

    It is almost 17 months now since the terrorist attack on SL players in Lahore and IJAZ BUTT HAS NOT YET presented a report to the ICC, nor he has apologized to anyone.


    If Ijaz Butt had a tiny bit of self respect and self esteem, he should have resigned the same day. But Butt is such a MF AHole that nothing goes in his thick skull he is a thick skinned Bull. He is glued to the post of the PCB Chairman forever. The day he will be kicked out, I am going to distribute sweets to the poor.

  34. #34 by M. Y. Kasim on July 28, 2010 - 6:59 PM

    Javed A. Khan,

    What about me? I am not poor!!

    I will give you my mailing addrees and await the parcel when that day comes, if ever.

    Pakistan Cricket Board should be renamed In-laws Cricket Board of Pakistan. Period.

    Ijaz Butt is the handpicked man of Asif Ali Zardari. Yawar Saeed is the Father-in-law of Senator Raza Rabbani, Imran Farhat is the Son-in-law of Mohammed Ilyas, one of the selectors and the list goes on and on.

  35. #35 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 28, 2010 - 8:42 PM

    Mr. Kasim

    Anytime, it will be a pleasure sharing sweets with you. Go ahead send me the address 😀

  36. #36 by M. Y. Kasim on July 29, 2010 - 6:10 PM

    One performance, one win and the stupids are calling that we are the best!!

    This M.F. “goal-keeper” dropped two simple catches and missed an easy stumping and he is our V.C.

    The other night I watched on Dunya TV a program which invited the senior Mr. Akmal along with his third son Adnan as also Sohail Tanveer.

    During the discussion which was centered on praises & patting, the Host, by the name of some Farooq made an statling statement by saying to Adnan “I wish and pray that you should also join the Pak team thereby creating a World Record of three brothers playing for the first time in a Test Match.”

    Obviously, the S.O.B. does not know that this Record was created not once but twice by the Legendary Mohammad Brothers. Once when Mushtaq made his debut against the West Indies, both his elder brothers, Wazir and Hanif were also in the same team. And on another occassion when Sadiq made his debut, both Hanif and Mushtaq were in the same team. I can not recall against whom, when and where, but I am positive about it.

  37. #37 by M. Y. Kasim on July 29, 2010 - 7:52 PM

    Another point I wish to emphasise is that our batsmen should learn to stay at the wicket and build partnerships from the Enhlish batsmen.

    To do that Umar Akmal who is touted as our main batter be pushed up a notch at number 4 and Umar Amin be dropped down a notch at number 5 to give cushion to both the newcomers.

    Since Azhar Ali has shown promise and he himself admitted that he cherises the one down slot, he should not be disturbed. I hope the team mangement would give this suggestion some thought that it deserves.

  38. #38 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 29, 2010 - 11:38 PM

    Mr. Kasim

    Yes, apart from Wazir, Hanif and Mushtaq, it was Hanif Mushtaq and Sadiq also and I think it was in Karachi against England, may be I am wrong. Also, there was a brother Raees who played first class cricket but not test cricket. But, Hanif’s son Shoaib played test cricket. In the family of Mohammad Brothers 4 of them are international test players.

    You are right about Azhar Ali, but Umar Amin has not impressed me at all. And, today you have seen how complacent they became after taking 4 wickets for 118 odd runs and now the partnership of Morgan and Collingwood have put on 213 runs. The best bowlers couldn’t do much. Aamer is the most economical and most successful but, others did nothing much. What a shame.

    On the other side there in Lanka, there is a flat pitch and more than 1300 runs have been scored, Tendulkar added one more ton to his tally of 48 centuries.

  39. #39 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 30, 2010 - 1:47 PM

    This is the real worth of this Pakistan side batting line up, 41/4 Anderson whipped off the top order as I was typing Malik came in hit a four and then the much touted technician, tactician, the technically sound batsmen as Raja repeatedly praises him, i.e., Umar Akmal failed many times in test cricket will fail again, gone for 4. So it is 45/5. There is no one who can play swing bowling, Malik will try to escape to the other end and will allow Kamran to bat as much as possible.

    IF there is no Younus and no Yousuf, this team will lose every single test match against England.

    My prediction is England will win:

    Test Matches 4 – 0
    ODI 3 – 2
    T20 1 – 1

  40. #40 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 30, 2010 - 1:56 PM

    Kamran has gone on yet another golden duck 47/6 now. Mr. Kasim was saying he dropped 2 catches and missed an easy stumping chance, so WTF is he doing there?

    Malik survived a ferocious over from Anderson. His two strokes gave him a four and a two both came out from a leading edge, he knows nothing how to play a swinging ball this is what is written on ci. “Anderson to Shoaib Malik, no run, 137.3 kph, that is a jaffa! Oh boy, that ball swung in and then jagged almost at right angles in to Shoaib Malik, who did well not to injure an important part of his body .”

  41. #41 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 30, 2010 - 2:55 PM

    Congratulations, Pakistan managed to avoid past their lower test scores of 53 and 59 against Australia in Sharjah. And, Malik (26) being top scorer with Aamer (22) both not out at tea will give Malik a FREE PASS for the next 10 matches.

  42. #42 by Ali Ahad on July 30, 2010 - 3:43 PM

    This is what happen when Suqrat aka Wudda BUTT speaks about moving foward and not looking back. Is Pakistan playing gulli cricket now?

  43. #43 by khansahab on July 30, 2010 - 8:41 PM

    Akram says ‘knee-jerk’ reactions bane of Pak cricket

    Former Pakistan captain Wasim Akram has called for stability in the national team, and urged the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to stick with newly-appointed skipper Salman Butt.

    Shahid Afridi was appointed for a year and out of the blue he disappeared after one Test. That was a joke,” Wasim wrote in an article for ESPN.

    About the idea of recalling former captains Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf, he said that it would only hamper the team’s progress.

    “There is a lot of hue and cry about Younis Khan and Mohammad Yousuf, but I think it’s time to move on. This team doesn’t want those two players, the cricket board doesn’t want them,” Akram said.

    “Move on, have a new captain, have new players, you’ll probably lose one or two, but eventually in a year’s time your team will be stronger.”

    “Salman is confident, a good leader and he’s got guts. I have a feeling if he doesn’t do well against England they will probably bring those two players back and bring in some other captain. That’s the problem with Pakistan cricket,” he added.

    Akram was also of the opinion that Butt should back youngsters in the Test series against England, starting on Thursday at Trent Bridge. “It’s like what’s happening in the country as a whole, it’s part of the culture and cricket is the same,” he added. (ANI)

  44. #44 by khansahab on July 30, 2010 - 8:58 PM

    People need to realise that at least 3 players in this team are below average (Malik, Farhat and Akmal) and should never have played international cricket. Umar Amin is not ready for international cricket and needs more exposure top of the order. He should play county cricket in England.

    I have been saying this for over a year, that Akmal should not be in the team because he does not bat like Dhoni, Sangakkara etc. Not only do Dhoni and Sanga bat much better than him, they are also better keepers. When Akmal drops catches the team morale obliterates completely. You see the effect in bad bowling, bad fielding.

    The team management and PCB administrators are not 10 year old kids. They know perfectly well what a pathetic player Akmal is. But it is politics that keeps him in the team.

    Only in Pakistan can you play such a pathetic keeper on the basis of his batting. And the funny thing is, his batting is average. He is not what you would call a consistent run accumulator.

  45. #45 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 30, 2010 - 9:34 PM

    The question is can Pakistan make 8 runs to avoid follow-on?

    You don’t need players like Malik when Aamer can score 25 and Gul can make 30* in 29 balls. But, he will be there because he scored the highest runs 38 at what rate? And, being a senior player what was his role?

    Wasim Akram is a Chutiyum Sulphate and he can laugh at his own Bhonday Jokes or make Sushmita Stink.

    This team without Yousuf and Younus is not going to make it, even if they take 10 years the result will be the same, because there is no quality, reliability and dependency all they have is uncertainty and once in a blue moon they click. By winning that match against Australia, SUB KAY DIMAGH KHARAB HO GAYE. They are all bunch of losers and jokers.

  46. #46 by newguy on July 30, 2010 - 10:47 PM

    I don’t think there is any reason to be surprised by the progress of Pakistan’s test match with England so far. Fast bowlers as expected provided in roads early on, but a good test team always recovers with late middle order and some resistance from tail, England did that. 350 is reasonable score in this regard, 450 was on the taking, but credit to Asif this morning the way he used conditions again.

    A good batting team will respond to this by trying to score at par, that is around 350 or so, anything more is a bonus. Pakistan however has an inexperienced lineup who has no idea how to play the moving ball. England is not Australia to state the obvious, and they are playing at home. One must realize that bowlers like Anderson, Finn, Broad, and Swann bowl in county matches day in and day out in these conditions and they know how to handle the situation.

    The trouble with people like Ijaz Butt, Akram, and everyone saying we don’t need Yousuf and Younus is that they don’t realize England is a different ball game especially at their backyard.

    8 runs to avoid follow-on will be hard to come by tomorrow morning. Anderson & Co. will be fresh and there will be bit of swing in the air in the morning. Even if 8 runs is scored, it won’t go too far. Then England with a lead of close to 200 will pile on another 200 at least and it will be a mountain to climb for Pakistan in 4th innings. With 3 days to go, there only one result looking possible, unless Pakistan can produce some miracle, but looking very doubtful.

  47. #47 by M. Y. Kasim on July 31, 2010 - 1:00 AM

    I and most of the people on this blog are saying this for a couple years that please, please remove Kamran Akmal from the wicket-keeper’s job and have some technicaly sound and natural keeper in his place.

    If you must play Kamran Akmal for whatsoever reason, then go ahead, play him as a batsman, at least it will not have as disastrous effect on the team as having him as keeper. Half a dozen dropped catches and missed stumping every match de-moralises the bowlers and other fielders.

    All their efforts are going down the drain. They become dis-illsioned and lose faith and concentration.

    Does’nt these MF B…d know this much? Even a lay man who has never played any cricket understand this fact.

    Enough is enough. somebody has to do something about it.

  48. #48 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 31, 2010 - 3:34 AM

    newguy, Omer, Mr. Kasim

    You all have expressed your feelings in its purest form and I don’t disagree with any of the points you ALL have mentioned above.

    newguy has chosen more conservative words to spell out the obvious, actually my friend, THE WRITING IS ON THE WALL, LOUD AND CLEAR. Pakistan cannot win this match and with these players and this team will lose all 4 test matches, unless they play Younus, Yousuf and Fawad Alam by dropping Imran Farhat, Shoaib Malik and Umer Amin.

    Omer, I do agree with you that this grouping business should end, it will end only if they have a very strong captain. Have you read Imran Khan’s latest interview on CI ? The title is The more the pressure the stronger I got, here is the link read it.


    As a cricketer Imran Khan was great, he did a lot of good to the development of cricket in Pakistan. As a politician he is still immature in the sense that he cannot handle the crooks and he cannot bring about a revolution in the country. Well, that is another matter let us discuss only cricket here. In my opinion the only mistake he did as a cricketer is he did not pass the baton to the right person at the right time. For him it was OK to announce his retirement at his peak or when he won the WC in 1992, actually he came out of retirement in 1988 to play against the mighty West Indies of that time. And, he is the only captain who did not lose a series against WI of that era.

    Mr. Kasim

    Your point about dropping Kamran Akmal from test cricket is very valid, unfortunately he is like Wasim Bari of yesteryear, but Bari as a wicketkeeper was not bad his batting was Zilch and Kamran Akmal has made a few hundreds, saved Pakistan from defeat and even won a couple of test matches from his batting. The reason I mentioned Bari’s name is, in those bygone days, there was no other wicketkeeper, the only one I reckon is Tasleem Arif (Marhoom) who scored a double hundred against Australia, reportedly he was a charsi and did not live up to the expectations of the selectors, captain or his teammates. Likewise, there is no good wicketkeeper today who can straightaway take the spot of Kamran Akmal and relieve him. It is like Dhoni, he will never allow Dinesh Karthik to take his place, that doesn’t mean I am comparing Dhoni with Kamran Akmal. Over there, there is a different class, over here there is no choice. That is why this Khatmal thinks he is indispensable.

    My guess is after the 2nd test defeat against England, which is definitely going to happen, they will be ruing for having a poor middle order BUT still not play YY and perhaps bring in Misbah again like they did during NZ and Australia tour. However, this time it is different because there is so much hue and cry in the media to bring back YY and if they bring Misbah then there will be a big time PHADDA. Talking of Wasim Akram, he was a great left arm fast bowler BUT he is a low life creepy character who has no morals and definitely no vision. Waqar is ten times better than him.

  49. #49 by khansahab on July 31, 2010 - 8:20 AM


    Do you remember when Ijaz Butt came in the PCB said the objective is to build a team that will win the World Cup 2011.
    There were also whispers that Zardari has promised Butt that Butt will remain PCB Chairman until the end of WC 2011 at least.

    Now we have a situation where we are 8-9 months away from the World Cup and the team has only worsened. Instead of taking action against Akmal, Malik and Misbah, the PCB victimised Yousuf, Younis and to some extent, Afridi.

    Bowling was never a problem for Pakistan- every year you will see an Aamer, an Asaf or Tanvir, or Sami.

    I genuinely believe that irrespective of all the hue and cry made by the fans and journalists, Ijaz Butt will remain Chairman until the end of WC 2011. That is because there is a huge clout backing him- his brother in law Choudhary Mukhtar and of course the President Asaf Zardari.

  50. #50 by khansahab on July 31, 2010 - 8:32 AM


    Not only do they focus on individual players, they also do not look at the whole picture in terms of, whether any progress has been made over the course of years.

    The problems this team had 7 years ago, still remain. Wasim Akram recently said that Butt and the youngsters should be excused if Pakistan loses this Test series. Rather Butt & Co should be allowed to build a team.

    Why couldn’t Younis Khan and Afridi be afforded the luxury of losing matches in efforts to build teams? Why was Fawad Alam not given chances like Umar Amin?

    They should compare the team ratings, they should look at performance of the team on unfamiliar pitches (England, Australia, South Africa), they should particularly analyse this problem where why the team does not have enough mental strength to dominate the majority of sessions in a Test match.

    7 years ago Inzamam was left with a young team. Younis, Afridi, Yousuf, Malik, Akmal- all these players looked up to him. It would have been easier for Inzamam to make something of this team than how it had been for Imran Khan. But, Inzamam ruined everything. Under his tenure player fitness deteriorated, factions formed, political and regional selections thrived (the continuous selection of Farhat, Malik, beginning of Akmal), player attitudes deteriorated (Shoaib Akhtar transformed from a difficult person into a monster).

    After Inzamam left, the foundation of the team was ruined. It was the rise of the Maliks, Akmals, Misbahs, the neglect of Yousuf, Afridi and Younis Khan.

    Inzamam damaged the team psyche. Does anyone realise what damage he has done to Pakistan cricket? It is difficult to criticise Inzamam in Pakistan because he is seen as a symbol of Punjabi pride and Punjabi-ness.

  51. #51 by newguy on July 31, 2010 - 1:48 PM

    Once again Pakistan bowling almost unplayable under the conditions, terrific fightback this, England 74/5 at this point and may end up getting skittled out in the low hundreds. Bad new for Pakistan though is that they are already close to 250 runs in the lead and another 50 odds runs will take them to 300 which will be a match winning score on this conditions. Unless Pakistan batsmen can produce the miracle the bowlers are doing in 2nd innings. It’s tough, but not impossible, at least there is chance unlike if England got off to a great start and put on 200 runs for 5 wickets today it would have been game over. I know it is tough, chances are Pakistan cannot chase anything over 150 runs in last innings.

  52. #52 by newguy on July 31, 2010 - 1:53 PM

    Kamran Akmal took a stunning one handed catch to get rid of none other than Kevin Pieterson. He might after all keep his place in the team after this performance. Here is what cricinfo says:

    22.3 85.2 mph, what a catch! Kamran Akmal take a bow! Pietersen falls thanks to an absolute stunner from Kamran! It was on a length and came back a fraction from outside off stump, Pietersen got a sizeable inside edge that flew behind him, Kamran dived a long way to his left to clasp the chance one-handed! 65/3

  53. #53 by M. Y. Kasim on July 31, 2010 - 1:58 PM

    Kamran Akmal again dropped a simppl catch. It would have been a Hat-trick chance for Umar Gul as he already had Pieterson caught by the same Kamran Akmal.

    Umar Gul was furious and pissed off and clean bowled Trott.

    The beneficiary of that “life” is no one else bur Collingwood.

    Polly has time and again prven to be the biggest pain in the thorn.

    I have lost interest in the maych and turned off the TV.

    Bowlers are breaking their back and are rewarded with dropped catches. Their only chance is to clean bowl each abd very batsman. It is frustrating for them and fans like me.

  54. #54 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 31, 2010 - 2:15 PM

    Kamran Akmal believes in “you win some, you lose some” there is no aspiration or motivation to be at the top and keep on improving your own self and this is complacency. He took a brilliant catch and then he dropped one, luckily Collingwood did not stay longer as Gul got him LBW. The sense of being complacent more often takes you down rather than going up. Therefore, Kamran Akmal needs to change his philosophy or the bent of mind and keep himself on his toes all the time rather than sitting on his haunches.

    And, Umar Gul what a day he is having? With the bat he was invincible, his top score in any form of the game, had Asif not got run out, he may have hit a couple of sixes more to take the total to some respectability. If a player like Umar Gul, who is a bowler and occasionally scored 20-30 runs in the shorter format of the game can bat with such ease and comfort against the same English bowlers who wiped off the top order of Pakistan, why can’t the recognized batsmen can play like him? When the day was ending normally people are defensive and cannot score in the wee overs of the day, Gul scored 30 in 29 balls. And when the day began – when they say the pitch has dew and favours the bowlers, Gul was smashing sixes and fours and added 35 more to his tally while Asif remained there like a sitting Duck and then got shot in his foot – so, it appears that Gul batted in both conditions without any problem.

  55. #55 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 31, 2010 - 2:21 PM

    Ali Ahad, it would be more appropriate to say Suqrat ka Butt rack where there is no looking behind. According to the legendary Moin Akhtar; he said: “Jin logon ko apnay pichlay ka pata nahee unko apnay aglay ki koi khabar hee nahee hoti.” I would simply put it this way, “People who don’t know about their past cannot do anything in their future.” Actually there is a dual meaning to it and that is what Moin Akhtar implied.

  56. #56 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 31, 2010 - 2:39 PM


    You have mentioned how Inzamam has ruined the cricket culture of Pakastan, now he has offered his Tableeghi Services for the team as a full time batting coach, he wants to kill 2 birds with one satone, ” Kirkat A Tableeg dono Ee.” May God help Pakastan. Here is the link of his statement from today’s DAWN:


    In his statement he is saying that, “even a good batsman requires a year or so in Test cricket to settle down and play long innings.” Who is he talking about Malik, Butt, Farhat, Kamran?” They are all playing test cricket for 7-8 years now and they still need another year to settle down to play a long innings?

  57. #57 by khansahab on July 31, 2010 - 6:40 PM

    Javed A Khan

    Pakistan is still waiting for Malik, Akmal and Butt to learn Test cricket.

    In fact they are still waiting for Misbah to learn Test cricket when he is 36/37 years old.

  58. #58 by khansahab on July 31, 2010 - 6:44 PM

    PCB not to renew Jaffer’s contract as national selector

    Miffed with his behaviour, the Pakistan Cricket Board has decided against renewing the contract of former Test pacer Salim Jaffer as a national selection committee member.

    The PCB, apparently unhappy with his behaviour, has sent a letter informing him that his services were no longer required as a member of the selection committee after his contract expires on Saturday.

    “The order to release Jaffer as national selector has come directly from the board Chairman Ijaz Butt who was not happy with his behavior in recent times,” a source in the board said.

    Jaffer upset the PCB Chairman and chief selector, Mohsin Khan last month when the touring squad for England was announced from Sri Lanka.

    Only Mohsin went to attend the meeting with the team captain Shahid Afridi, coach Waqar Younis, manager Yawar Saeed. Ijaz Butt also attended the meeting.

  59. #59 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 31, 2010 - 9:17 PM


    I have highlighted your point on Punjab ki Shaan, because those who are blind by this regional bias should also know that how they treat others? So, who is UMAR AMIN? Who is he related to and what is the source behind him? He keeps scoring in single figures and he is retained in ALL the matches as if it is his BAAP KI JAGEER? Whats wrong has Fawad Alam done? He could be a hundred times better than him and even Malik. He is a better player in test cricket and has the temperament to stay longer at the crease. How come these retirees like Wasim Choora Akram and In The Man ul Haq forget about Fawad Alam when talking about juniors?

    They will bring him back into the team for T20 to make him sit outside and he seldom gets as many chances as Umar Amin is getting or Malik got up till now. Misbah is a third class player who belongs to domestic circuit only was pushed in and in and in until they realized the whole nation is crying about his bad form, only then they dropped him. He is already 36 officially and he is still learning?

    Now look at the way they got out in the second innings 15 for 3 in 7 overs, it is a test match not even a twenty20 and they are playing like gully kay buchay! Even they play better than these idiots. Salman Butt is NO CAPTAINCY MATERIAL, he has no clue about captaincy yet he is hailed as a very talented “young” captain. I dunno how long they (Butt, Malik, Akmal) are young, junior or new? They never get old, experienced or senior, whereas Younus and Yousuf are seniors. What a load of trash.

  60. #60 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 31, 2010 - 9:22 PM


    Saleem Jaffar was a rubber stamp in that organization, in fact they all are. But, he was there to fulfill the quota. What I don’t understand is people like Ijaz Butt and Yawar Saeed who are 74 plus in age and they should have been sitting at their graves dangling their legs in it and hoping no one pushes them, instead they are taking major decisions in Pakistan cricket and are pushing cricket in the graves. I don’t know how this MF Zardari can be so blind that he cannot remove this Big Fat Butt & Co. from the PCB and bring in some new, fresh, young, junior blood. Why is this illness of young, fresh, junior should be restricted for the players only? Why not the board members?

  61. #61 by JAVED A. KHAN on July 31, 2010 - 9:26 PM

    Jiyala Malak has taken 2 wickets and scored 38 runs and his disciples must be bowing in front of his picture and chanting Hamd that he is such a great player. OPEN your eyes and see who are his victims? Two bowlers Anderson and Broad. Who is going to make those 400 plus runs? Sania Mirza? I think it is about time he should replace himself by bring her in the cricket team, at least there will be some entertainment for the public. Besides, she is Sialkot di Beti aur Pakastan di Izzat hai. 😀

  62. #62 by 420 on July 31, 2010 - 11:39 PM

    LOL @ sialkot di beti…i thought its the other way around, since shoaib has spent more time in India than sania did in pak 😀

    well, the pak spinners have let the team down, along with the batsmen. may be ajmal should be tried more in tests, after all afridi-ajmal combo is so consistent in ODIs. I was/am envious of this combo, the most underrated yet most consistent in the ODIs for the last 3 years.

    and well, about fawad alam, i dont know much…but he obviously deserves a chance after that century..after all, any guy in ind/pak teams gets a wildcard for atleast 5-10 tests after a test century..exception is our Sir agarkar, after a lord’s century lol

  63. #63 by JAVED A. KHAN on August 1, 2010 - 5:30 AM


    I did not invent those words, the Family Planning Minister of Pakistan, some old fat lady called Firdous Ashaq Awan, she said this on TV before she went to attend the wedding in Hyderabad. The person who interviewed her was a bit astonished when she said, she is going to attend the wedding after saying what I have written above. Besides, when the couple came back to Pakastan rather to Sialkot, the people of Sialkot decorated the whole city with their posters and banners and distributed sweets on the streets. The uncivilized and uncouth attitude which one assumes is over hundreds of years ago, is still found in the sub-continent. This marriage was touted as a victory. Some said, Indians could do this only in movies we did it in reality, how farcical and how trivial. It goes to prove that when there is lack of education contentment and complacency plays a dominant role in survival. This reminds me of a phrase on one of the trucks in Pakistan, which says:

    Aqal hai tou Rona-e-Rona
    Aqal nai tou Mojaan-e-Mojaan

  64. #64 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 8:15 AM

    This is a line up chosen by an Indian for the Pakistan Test team (taken from Pakspin):

    1. Salman Butt (C)
    2. Yasir Hameed
    3. Younis Khan
    4. Mohd. Yousuf
    5. Fawad Alam
    6. Abdul Razzaq
    7. Sarfaraz Ahmed
    8. Mohmd. Aamer
    9. Umar Gul
    10. Mohmd. Aasif
    11. Saeed Ajmal

    5 out of 11 players are not from Punjab which is why we will never see this team.

    In fact this should be the team:

    F Alam
    Azhar Ali
    U Akmal
    Sarfraz Ahmed

    Fawad Alam will have to bowl some part time spin, but the 4 specialist bowlers would have to carry out most of the work. That is why having Afridi would have helped as he would have played instead of Azhar Ali in this line up.

  65. #65 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 10:32 AM

    LOL this morning when I woke up I thought I would count the number of balls Farhat would play before getting out. He played 13 balls since the time I started watching the match.

    I remember many years ago Mike Nicholas said, “You just need to keep bowling outside off stump to Farhat and eventually you will get him out”. That still remains true to this day.

  66. #66 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 10:45 AM

    What the hell was Umar Akmal thinking? His reaction to his LBW decision was pathetic, he seemed to scowl at the umpire and looked so defensive. The ball would have hit leg stump, it made no contact with the bat and it was an easy decision.

    I knew Anderson would angle the ball in, I could predict it the way U Akmal was batting pathetically.

    Now the king of the moving ball, Malik, comes in. Senior player, former captain, pride of Sialkot, son of Pakastan 🙂

  67. #67 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 10:49 AM

    Excellent stuff by England. This is what Pakistan don’t do- they don’t plan and don’t force the batsmen to make mistakes.

    Aamer was looked drive the ball on fuller length deliveries, he drove one into the air to the fielder.

  68. #68 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 11:35 AM

    Malik’s misery has come to an end. He tried his best to evade strike (as usual) and let Umar Gul and Kaneria face the majority of balls but sooner rather than later he did the inevitable.

    This wicket is a setback for politics and regionalism in Pakistan. But, we have not seen the end of Malik.

  69. #69 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 11:56 AM

    Another lie of Ijaz Butt and company

    Staff Report

    LAHORE: The federal sports ministry on Friday said it had not received any report from the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on the terrorist attack on Sri Lankan team in Lahore last year. The PCB had recently said that it was awaiting clearance from the government before sending the report to the International Cricket Council (ICC) after allegations that the board was dragging its feet on the issue. Former ICC president Ehsan Mani had said the PCB was not doing any good to the game by delaying the submission of the report.

    “As far as I know they had sent us a report on the sad incident but that was sometime back and it was for our information. After that they have not approached us to get clearance from other ministries to send the report to the ICC,” an official from the sports ministry was quoted as saying. The PCB, on its part, said it would seek permission directly from the relevant ministries as it was not necessary to seek permission via the sports ministry. “The inquiry report has been circulated to concerned ministries,” a PCB official said.

    Mani claimed that the PCB was delaying sending the report to the ICC despite several reminders and that it was a huge block in the way of resumption of international cricket in Pakistan. ICC chief executive Haroon Lorgat has also confirmed that they have not got any report on the attack. The sports ministry official said that it was their responsibility to forward any query or request from the PCB to other ministries including the interior and foreign affairs ministries. “It is true that the PCB requires permission from some ministries before it can send the official inquiry report to anyone but our ministry has not got any such request as yet,” he said. International teams have flatly refused to tour Pakistan since the tragic incident in which six Pakistani policemen and a van driver were killed and five Sri Lankan players wounded. Since then Pakistan has been forced to play all its home series abroad at neutral venues.

  70. #70 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 12:02 PM


    Butt was asked whether Akmal’s keeping was “a surprise”, and his response was that:

    1) These things happen in cricket (actually, they don’t)

    2) Akmal is a great player (he is not)

    3) He will come back strongly (yes for 1 or 2 matches but then he will drop catches again)

  71. #71 by JAVED A. KHAN on August 1, 2010 - 1:18 PM

    The Pathetic team got all out for 80 in 29 overs. And this is how the Son of Sialkot and Pride of Pakastan got out:

    Anderson to Shoaib Malik, OUT, Anderson has 10 for the match! And what a great delivery to bring up that milestone! It’s angled in, fullish length and swinging away late – the perfect ball – and Malik tries to turn the ball through leg, only to get a leading edge to Collingwood at third slip Shoaib Malik c Collingwood b Anderson 9 (26b 2×4 0x6) SR: 34.61

    In the first innings when Malak scored 38 all his 4 boundaries were the result of a leading edge and he was lucky then because no fielder was near the ball, but the fact remains that he is a hopeless, third class and a very over rated player only BAKOZ he is from Punjab. Today, in the second innings, it was Danish Kaneria, a bowler who top scored for Pakistan and remained not out for 16. In the first innings it was Umar Gul 65 not out.

    Pakistan has made Jimmy Anderson a great bowler, he has always taken a lot of wickets against Pakistan not only in tests but in ODI’s as well, in South Africa World Cup he demolished the Pakistan side and since then he is a terror for Pakistani players. In this match he got 11 wickets.

  72. #72 by JAVED A. KHAN on August 1, 2010 - 1:21 PM


    You seems to be amused by Ijaz Butt’s response! Well that is bakoz some peepal think he speaks his guts out, what they don’t realize is he speaks thru his Butt.

  73. #73 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 2:52 PM

    A Pakistan tv channel has reported that Yousuf has been recalled by the PCB to play in the England series.

  74. #74 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 3:41 PM

    Inzamam has more than once expressed his desire to be the batting coach of the team, but what will he teach the batsmen about playing on seaming tracks?

    Inzamam averages 31 in Australia, 43 in England and 32 in South Africa which are well below his overall average of 50. He averages 60 in New Zealand but most of those runs were made when New Zealand was a minnow team.

    Compared to great batsmen from other teams Inzamam’s performance on seaming/swinging pitches is mediocre.

  75. #75 by JAVED A. KHAN on August 1, 2010 - 4:01 PM

    Yousuf recalled?

    Ijaz Butt spits on his own Butt and then licks it. This MF should go to hell he is not willing to recall Younus Khan because of his personal grudge that Younus did not apologize for the comments his lawyers made in the press. Younus is asking what is the reason for his ban and what has he said to the PCB chairman that has upset him so much? If there is a valid, genuine reason then he will apologize. Otherwise, why should he apologize and what for?

    Inzamam cannot coach players like Farhat, Malik, Kamran and even Umar Akmal. Umar thinks he is now an accomplished batsman after playing a few good innings in T20, this is the problem with these young kids, immediate success and too much praise goes in their head and with lack of education and no knowledge and experience makes them arrogant and rude and that ruins their career.

    They should bring back Fawad Alam and drop Umar Amin. PERIOD.

  76. #76 by Amir on August 1, 2010 - 8:39 PM

    Worst batting display from pakistan even bangladesh batted better then them. And i dnt knw what to say about kamran akmal . Pakistan cricket can only imrove if they get rid of big butt , malik and khatmal.

  77. #77 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 9:49 PM

    On a different blog there have been discussions about how Kaneria has been dropped and sent back home, but Akmal is still in the side and no one can touch him.

    I think Kaneria should be dropped, but to send him home or release him from the squad is unnecessary humiliation.

    That is why people make cries of injustice, when certain types of players who don’t belong to a mafia are humiliated. Unless a prodigious talent like Aamer emerges in the spin department unexpectedly, Pakistan will find it hard to find a better spinner than Kaneria.

  78. #78 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 10:10 PM

    Bilawal Bhutto Zardari has completed his graduation from Oxford University. His official “launch” into PPP will be by way of a special ceremony in London.

    God protect Pakistan from this family of criminals.

  79. #79 by khansahab on August 1, 2010 - 10:12 PM

    Musharraf expected to return in September

    LAHORE: Former president Pervez Musharraf is expected to announce his election manifesto in September on his return to the country.

    This was announced by All Pakistan Muslim League Chief Coordinator Chaudhry Shahbaz during a press conference at the Lahore Press Club on Sunday.

    He said the former president will face all charges against him, adding that the government is even free to probe Nawab Akbar Bugti’s assassination and the Lal Mosque carnage.

    Shahbaz also disclosed the merger of the All Pakistan Muslim League and PML-Q in the days ahead.

  80. #80 by M. Y. Kasim on August 1, 2010 - 11:10 PM

    Just like Javed A. Khan said, Yeh Mardood Apna Thooka Hua Chat Raha Hai. What has Younis Khan done? Kidnapped his daughter and rapped her?

    I fully sympathise with Younus Khan and urge him not to bow down to this Mardood Kamina even if Pakistan were to lose the series. Period.

    On the contrary, the big fat Butt should publicly apologise to Younus Khan and REQUEST him to help the team. Otherwise let him go to HELL.

  81. #81 by JAVED A. KHAN on August 1, 2010 - 11:44 PM

    Its a shame that they treat Danish Kaneria like this. I feel real sorry for him. In the DAWN newspaper they have carried out a survey on Akmal, it is titled “How Vital is the Keeper?” here is the link:


    There are more than 170 comments and I don’t think any of the readers has praised or defended Kamran Akmal, they all condemned and, I think one of them commented on how Kaneria and Sami must have felt when he kept dropping the catches on their bowling and ruined their career.

    This wicket is not good for spinners, it is obvious that all fast bowlers dominated and took the wickets, so replacing Kaneria with Raza Hasan who has only 8 wickets to his name in his career is not a good thing to do for Kaneria or even that youngster, only time will tell. But, to treat Kaneria like this is an insult to the leg spinner who is the leading wicket taker in test cricket for Pakistan at the moment.

    I think Yousuf should demand an apology from Butt before playing this test

  82. #82 by JAVED A. KHAN on August 2, 2010 - 11:16 AM

    Salman Butt not happy with Mohammad Yousuf’s recall, he warns that Yousuf alone cannot save Pakistan.

    The truth is no one alone can win a match single-handedly but the way Salman Butt is behaving is really silly. He is saying:

    “Pakistan have now won just three out of their last 21 Tests and Butt said: “How many wins have Pakistan had with the people who were previously playing? Had we been winning with them in the team in the past two years then it could have been a mistake (to omit them).

    “But the results were the same,” he added. “In fact these guys (the current team) pulled off a victory after 15 years (against Australia). So people are not seeing the reality. We have to make people understand these are the guys for the future.”

    He should have welcome this decision to have a great batsman in the team instead of warning and criticizing that the existing players are good enough to turn the tide like they did against Australia in the second test. We all know how they played in the second innings of the second test against Australia. If they had to score 25 more runs, they would have lost that match. They narrowly escaped from the jaws of defeat and boasting it as a fabulous win, historic win, as if we all are “paindoos” and we don’t understand or can’t see the situation they were in.

    Against England, in the second test, second innings this very side could make only 80 runs and the second top scorer was Danish Kaneria with 15 not out and how much Salman Butt has scored along with his Jeyala Malik and the Akmals? Azhar Ali and Umar Amin made 1 runs between the two of them – which is supposedly the backbone or the middle order of Pakistan – So, what is wrong in welcoming Yousuf’s inclusion? He simply holds that grudge against him when in Australia he made him run out and Yousuf said, “Salman is a very selfish and a very lazy player.” Which is true.

    Now, he is calling himself as a baby captain to save his Butt: “I am just two games old (as a captain). We have won one and lost the other. What do you expect from them – win every game? That will not happen.”

    That MF Shoaib Mirza when he was captain and lost against India and Sri Lanka in tests and ODI’s both used this same template that “We are young and we are learning and we will try our best to win.” They suddenly become young and inexperienced after 8 years of international cricket. And, trying is not an excuse it is a matter of delivering. Or, be bold and say that I am not a captaincy material. Afridi was bold enough to declare that he does not have the temperament for test cricket and left. Whereas, these slimy Meesnass go only when they are kicked out. No body among this current test team is a captaincy material, they are all duddooz.

  83. #83 by JAVED A. KHAN on August 2, 2010 - 11:21 AM

    If Raza Hasan can be called from Pakistan as a replacement for Kaneria, then Fawad Alam could have also been called as a replacement for Umar Amin.

  84. #84 by khansahab on August 2, 2010 - 6:29 PM

    PCB has a history of humiliating certain kinds of players:

    Younis Khan
    Fawad Alam
    Asim Kamal

    If you compare the talent, dedication and honesty of these players compared to Maliks, Akmals and Misbahs you will see a world of a difference.

    It seems that a different treatment is meted out to players from Karachi? Is the humiliation of Karachi seen as some kind of prestige or elevation of Lahore?

  85. #85 by khansahab on August 2, 2010 - 6:37 PM

    Faruqi slams selectors, PCB for neglecting Karachi players

    KARACHI, Aug. 2 (APP): The Secretary Karachi City Cricket Association (KCCA) Prof. Ejaz Faruqi has expressed his dismay over the attitude of the selection committee and Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for neglecting Karachi players.“Selectors denied opportunities to talented batsmen like Khurram Manzoor, Khalid Latif, Faisal Iqbal and Sarfraz Ahmed and now they have axed spinner Danish Kaneria,” he told APP on Monday while recording his reaction on the injustice meted out to Karachi players.“When Pakistan team don’t have proper replacements for these players why they were originally axed from the Pakistan team,” he said.

    KCCA Secretary said this was not only the question of Karachi but all the deserving players from across Pakistan should be given the chance purely on merit.
    He said miserable defeat at Trent Bridge in Nottingham in the first Test against England have fully exposed the selection committee and PCB which failed to pick players purely on merit.
    He said Kaneria the lone player in Pakistan XI and had been dropped in favor of an experience left arm spinner Hasan Raza.
    “It was good feeling that Pakistan won the Leeds Test against Australia but however our batsmen struggle to reach the meagre 40 runs target on the final day,” he recalled.
    He said now doubt Muhammad Yousuf is great player but he had announced his retirement from Test his recall by PCB have raised lots of questions.
    “Yousuf is out of cricket for nearly six months which has raised a number questions,” he added Prof. Faruqi said on the other hand former Pakistan Captain and an experience batsman Younus Khan is being denied a comeback in the national team.
    He said he was highly disappointed with the performance of Pakistan team in Nottingham where they suffered their second heaviest defeat of 354 runs in Test matches.
    “Such a massive defeat was shocking after Pakistan’s triumph against Australia few days ago,” he maintained.He said lack of inconsistent polices in PCB was main cause of trouble in Pakistan cricket.

  86. #86 by khansahab on August 2, 2010 - 7:53 PM

    Since the last tour of England, Akmal has dropped 34 catches. 17 of those have been off Kaneria.

  87. #87 by Amir on August 2, 2010 - 9:38 PM

    I really feel sorry for danish kaneria i was reading somewhere that he is third or fourth highest wicket taker in players who r still playing test cricket why to humiliate him like that. Anyone can have good or bad matches what about that khatmal. And what about Greame swann what was his performance ön this seamer friendly wicket why are england not letting him go. Kaneria must had about 300 wickets by now if we had a different keeper 17 dropped catches + 17 more as new batsmen are always not so confident against him. SHAME ON U IJAZ BUTT AND PCB. If they had any left in them. Also dont agree with decision to send yousaf the guy is out for nearly six months dnt expect him to succeed on english seaming tracks by playing club cricket in lahore. Younis khan was the best choice as he was playing in england otherwise fawad alam deserved the chance.

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