Asif's father giving interview where he proclaims Asif has hammered a nail into England

Mohammad Asif’s father gave an interview following allegations of Asif being involved in match fixing. In this interview, Asif’s father, a villager from near Sheikhupura, Punjab, said, “Killa Thokka Hai!!” which translates into, “A nail has been hammered”. It is a phrase of Punjabi which means that someone has hammered a nail, or in other words, damaged, destroyed, decimated, someone or something. Asif’s father was alleging that the British media has attempted to levy these vile allegations because of Asif’s brilliance as a bowler.

Pakistan's fielding continues to lose them matches. Mohammad Yousuf's fielding is so poor that it makes you wonder whether he should be playing cricket

As the series ends the results appear unpleasant to the Pakistani fan. Pakistan lost the Test series 3-1, they lost both T20’s and then lost the ODI series 3-2. In the ODI’s (which is the focus of this thread)it is difficult to pinpoint one area where Pakistan succeeded or failed. Fielding generally was unimpressive. Under pressure situations, even good fielders like Fawad Alam, Shafiq, Hafeez and Afridi dropped catches and fumbled.

When Pakistan was blessed with performers like Wasim, Waqar, Anwar, Inzamam, Latif etc you overlooked their pathetic fielding. However now, since neither Pakistan’s bowling nor batting are of the same standard, poor fielding tends to hit where it hurts. There are no doubts about it- Pakistan’s fielding is a genuine match loser. One pathetic keeper, Akmal is enough to lose a team matches. Imagine what happens when you have 11 Akmals on the field? This makes you wonder what the hell Ijaz Ahmed is doing. Although rumour has it Ijaz Ahmed and Salim Malik have links with match fixers, apart from this you cannot blame the PCB for appointing Ahmed as the fielding coach. That is because Ahmed has probably been Pakistan’s most prolific fielder. Not many unfortunately come to mind.

In terms of batting performances, there were some revelations, but not of the drastic kind.

Shafiq was very impressive in his 2 good knocks- calm, judicious and classy. He may have performed well enough to warrant a place in forthcoming matches

Otherwise, Pakistan just seemed to re-establish the status quo. Starting from top of the order, Akmal was fluent for some patches, irresponsible in others. Hafeez was very slow, but was a revelation when you consider that he succeeded in seeing off the new ball in almost every match. Shafiq looked classy in 2 knocks, but could not be consistent. Yousuf was a failure. Alam was consistent, but could not play Swann. U Akmal performed below average. Afridi was exactly like how his career chart shows him to be- inconsistent, brilliant in one match but directionless in another. Razzaq was outstanding in one match, but poor in others, which is nothing new for Razzaq.

Shoaib Akhtar appeared to regain form but looked overweight. He is nowhere near full fitness. His problem is that he is captivated within a vicious circle. He is not able to play consistent cricket due to his weight.

Don't tell me this physique belongs to the world's fastest bowler

And, his weight will not be under control unless he plays consistent cricket. This dilemma means that the captain needs to select him only in T20’s mainly and in those ODI’s which are played in cold climates. Shoaib Akhtar has many fans who vociferously defend him when he is criticised, but it must be remembered that he is a pathetic fielder and his utility to the team diminishes because of his poor fielding.

Gul seemed to be very effective in conditions suiting reverse swing. Again, although Gul is a fit and his commitment is not in question, he seemed to strike only when the conditions suit him. When Shoaib Akhtar was at his peak he used to take wickets on any pitch, in any conditions. Wasim and Waqar were also blessed with that ability. Nevertheless, Gul’s performance was praiseworthy especially in that match where he took 6 wickets.  Ajmal was a disappointment and he was clearly overshadowed by his English counterpart, Swann.

Speaking of Swann, he is rightly being termed as the no 1 spinner in

Swann has "killa thokka hai" team Pakastan

the world. He has a simple action but he spins the ball prodigiously. With the amount of spin and good length, you are basically looking at a bowler like Murali, only with a clean action. Swann is a wicket taking machine. Reading him would be very difficult because unlike bowlers like Murali and Mendis he keeps things simple and is just blessed with fingers that grip and twist really well. Swann destroyed Pakistan.

Pakistan's find of the tour- Mohammad Hafeez

The positives were few and far between but Afridi’s captaincy has to be one of them. Firstly, this was a team that did not show factionalism, at least on the field. Players going through bad patches, improved and made positive contributions, such as Akmal and Akhtar. The most encouraging aspect was Mohammad Hafeez, whose bowling was penetrative and economical. In batting, Hafeez was resilient, albeit slow. However, allover he was the revelation of this tour for Pakistan and much credit goes to his captain for motivating him and persisting with him.

This thread is not about the media controversies, but Afridi

Overall Afridi was impressive as a captain. His mistakes were few and insignificant in the greater scheme of things

succeeded in shifting the focus of the players on cricket. A lesser leader would have crumbled under the circumstances, but Afridi showed great character. Therefore, he should take back his Test retirement decision and become captain of the Test team once again. It is rumoured he has hinted a return to Test cricket. Afridi’s job is not just to perform as a reliable all rounder and inspire his team to victory. He needs to play his part in eliminating corruption from the team.

The England team were dominant throughout the series. Their team and media has “killa thokka hai” Pakistan. One can refute their allegations of ball tampering and match fixing, citing lack of evidence, but such is the nature of media coverage that a headline, a photograph or an insinuation can become much more than that and rest in someone’s memory as facts which need to be disproved by strong evidence. Due to this truism, Pakistan has become a laughing stock in the cricketing world. Even if the Pakistani players are innocent, the actions of their cricket board are immature, irresponsible and uncouth.

This tour will definitely be remembered for the wrong reasons. With able management, Pakistan could have dealt with these allegations more appropriately. However, this is what happens when an organisation is run on the basis of nepotism, corruption and regionalism. You get someone like Ijaz Butt who just cannot apparently take sensible decisions. For once, a series review by Legslip makes a stronger case of removal/replacement of management, than of individual players. Malik, Misbah, Farhat and Butt are out which has strengthened the team, but now the corrupt Board needs to be replaced.

The match fixing allegations and more recently, allegations of Shoaib Akhtar tampering the ball, have united Pakistani commentators. However, Pakistanis now need to rise above the occasion and win hearts and minds of Western people and their media. This is because, adopting a tit for that strategy and counter allegations will not improve cricket in Pakistan. Pakistan is outnumbered. Only by displaying maturity and character will Pakistanis be able to assert themselves on Western and Indian media.

Ijaz Butt has "killa thokka hai" cricket in Pakastan

  1. #1 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 24, 2010 - 1:47 PM


    They need to get rid of this “Killa” and the day Ijaz Butt will go, I will say:

    “Butt kud kay lay gaya Killa
    Lahol wala qoowat illa Billa”

    I agree that Yousuf’s form is questionable for the 2011 WC they need rethink about Younus Khan. Also, to look for someone more young and talented, Asad Shafiq is a find but Hafeez is not a find. Therefore, I suggest they should bring in Hammad Azam in the international arena and try him out, may be in Dubai against SA and also in NZ. He is a decent all rounder and someone who can replace Abdul Razzaq.


    O my, my, I can’t believe they want to bring back Rana Naveed in the team? Reportedly his case is being processed fast to overturn his one year ban and that could be because there are NO fast bowlers left in the team for a test match. Aren’t there any young fast bowlers in Pakistan? What about Tanvir from Karachi? Reportedly he took 87 wickets in the domestic season which is the highest number of wickets taken by any bowler during the season.

  2. #2 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 24, 2010 - 3:39 PM

    LOL @ the Akhroat Brain

    Afridi may reconsider his test retirement….. IS ANY ONE SURPRISED HERE?

    He said:

    ” The best part of the whole tour was that the players showed unity even in difficult times and gave a good fight in the one-day series against England,”he said, while also hinting at a return to Test cricket.

    “I will think about it and if the team needs it, I may consider playing the Test series against South Africa,”
    he said, ahead of the Proteas encounters starting late next month on neutral turf in the United Arab Emirates.”

    Well, I was also wondering who would captain the test side against SA next month? Doors for Younus Khan has been shut by Ijaz Butt and Yousuf’s form is questionable but, in test I think he still deserves a place in the team, but not captaincy. Nikki Butt has gone into oblivion, Kamran Akmal should not even be the vice captain so who is left? Akhtar and Abdul Razzaq cannot play test matches so who? Perhaps this must be the question in mind when the journalist asked this question. But, what is the guarantee that Afridi may not announce retirement from test match 2 days after the test match starts? 😀

  3. #3 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 24, 2010 - 4:00 PM


    Tue Oct 26
    20:00 local | 16:00 GMT 1st T20I – Pakistan v South Africa
    Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
    Wed Oct 27
    20:00 local | 16:00 GMT 2nd T20I – Pakistan v South Africa
    Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
    Fri Oct 29
    15:00 local | 11:00 GMT 1st ODI – Pakistan v South Africa
    Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
    Sun Oct 31
    15:00 local | 11:00 GMT 2nd ODI – Pakistan v South Africa
    Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
    Tue Nov 2
    15:00 local | 11:00 GMT 3rd ODI – Pakistan v South Africa
    Dubai International Cricket Stadium
    Fri Nov 5
    15:00 local | 11:00 GMT 4th ODI – Pakistan v South Africa
    Dubai International Cricket Stadium
    Mon Nov 8
    15:00 local | 11:00 GMT 5th ODI – Pakistan v South Africa
    Dubai International Cricket Stadium
    Fri Nov 12 – Tue Nov 16
    10:00 local | 06:00 GMT 1st Test – Pakistan v South Africa
    Dubai International Cricket Stadium
    Sat Nov 20 – Wed Nov 24
    10:00 local | 06:00 GMT 2nd Test – Pakistan v South Africa
    Sheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu Dhabi
    Sun Dec 26
    14:00 local | 01:00 GMT 1st T20I – New Zealand v Pakistan
    Eden Park, Auckland
    Tue Dec 28
    19:00 local | 06:00 GMT 2nd T20I – New Zealand v Pakistan
    Seddon Park, Hamilton
    Thu Dec 30
    19:00 local | 06:00 GMT 3rd T20I – New Zealand v Pakistan
    AMI Stadium, Christchurch
    Fri Jan 7 – Tue Jan 11
    11:00 local | 22:00 GMT 1st Test – New Zealand v Pakistan
    Seddon Park, Hamilton
    Sat Jan 15 – Wed Jan 19
    11:00 local | 22:00 GMT 2nd Test – New Zealand v Pakistan
    Basin Reserve, Wellington
    Sat Jan 22
    14:00 local | 01:00 GMT 1st ODI – New Zealand v Pakistan
    Westpac Stadium, Wellington
    Wed Jan 26
    11:00 local | 22:00 GMT 2nd ODI – New Zealand v Pakistan
    Queenstown Events Centre
    Sat Jan 29
    14:00 local | 01:00 GMT 3rd ODI – New Zealand v Pakistan
    AMI Stadium, Christchurch
    Tue Feb 1
    14:00 local | 01:00 GMT 4th ODI – New Zealand v Pakistan
    McLean Park, Napier
    Thu Feb 3
    14:00 local | 01:00 GMT 5th ODI – New Zealand v Pakistan
    Seddon Park, Hamilton
    Sat Feb 5
    11:00 local | 22:00 GMT 6th ODI – New Zealand v Pakistan
    Eden Park, Auckland

  4. #4 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 24, 2010 - 10:01 PM

    For the past 3-4 years I have stopped reading Pak Spin blog on cricinfo but, during the last 2-3 weeks I have skimmed through a couple of threads which Mr. Kamran Abassi wrote. Our previous thread was in support of him as a candidate for the PCB Chairmanship.

    Anyways, from the current thread titled “Caravan of Clowns” I have picked up a passage for those who have not read that thread, here it is:

    ” Michael Atherton surmised that Ijaz Butt is a clown and should be ignored. Butt’s ill-conceived rant against England’s cricketers was unbecoming of the chairman of a national cricket board. If Butt had evidence he should have handed it to the ICC for action, not blurted it out to the national and international media.

    Yet Butt is in the company of distinguished clowns. Ian Botham and Michael Vaughan have called for Pakistan to be banned, a whole nation banished for unproven accusations against a handful of cricketers and the bleating of a known blusterer. Botham has history with Pakistan, history that diminishes his great deeds on the cricket pitch. Cricketing ability, we know, is no proxy for logical thinking or fair-mindedness.

    While Botham is shameless in his attitude towards Pakistan, and his rant as equally unexpected as one from Butt, Vaughan should be ashamed, a reputation as a cerebral cricketer dashed in a moment of hyperbole. If Butt is a clown then Botham and Vaughan have joined his caravan of clowns. Fortunately the ECB has steered a sensible course through this crisis and ensured that shrill voices were ignored and the series played out to a conclusion. All the clowns, not just Butt, are best ignored.”

    It may be remembered here that, Ian Botham had a professional jealousy with Imran Khan not only because Botham himself considered as a superior all-rounder than Imran Khan just because he is a gora, but there is a libel case when Botham and Lamb sued Imran but, Imran had won it in the court of law.

    The other thing is the reported sledging on and even off the field between Botham and other Pakistani players and one of them is between Botham and Aamir Sohail during the 1992 WC when Botham was out and was going back to the pavilion Sohail greeted him with some pleasantries to which Botham stood there for a while, reportedly Sohail was inquiring about his Mother-in-law which Botham reportedly was quoted as saying, Pakistan is (a country), “the kind of place to send your mother-in-law for a month, all expenses paid” in an off-the-cuff remark in a radio interview in 1984. But, “Funnily enough Botham spent his 50th birthday in Pakistan. “

  5. #5 by khansahab on September 25, 2010 - 10:31 AM

    Tit-for-tat: PCB may sue Jonathan Trott for altercation with Wahab

    LAHORE – The Pakistan Cricket Board is holding meetings with its legal team to prepare a solid reply to the English and Wales Cricket Board’s letter seeking apology and as part of the legqalities it may also take legal course against England player Jonathan Trott for altercation with Wahab Riaz before the Lords ODI.
    England batsman Jonathan Trott after his clash with bowler Wahab Riaz before the fourth one-day international at Lord’s gave another twist to the whole episode of match-fixing that also recorded PCB chairman giving statement about fixing in the England team.
    PCB chairman Ijaz Butt had conferred with his legal team over the possibility of filing legal action against Trott for allegedly calling Riaz “a match-fixer” while the two teams were warming up in the nets, the source said.
    The two players scuffled and had to appear before the match referee over the incident, with Trott apologising to Riaz.
    “There is a strong likelihood that the PCB, in a tit-for-tat response to the threat by the England and Wales Cricket Board to sue Butt over his remarks against English players, will go after Trott,” it has been learnt.
    The ECB has demanded a “full and unreserved apology” from Butt for his allegations that England players had engaged in match-fixing. Butt made the claims to a Pakistan television channel after England lost the third one-day international at the Brit Insurance Oval.

  6. #6 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 25, 2010 - 3:31 PM


    Bhains Kudd Kay Lay Gayee Killa …..
    Bila waja peechay bhaag reha hai Butt Baagurr Billla

    There is an expression in English, “Strike when the iron is hot.” The time to sue Johnathan Trott was when he hit him with the pad and caught him by his “gittchi” that was an assault and manhandling and they should have done it on the spot rather than crying over the split milk Vo bhee Ghar Vapis Aakay?

    Ch2yae murr gaye aulaad chorr gaye, jinaa dee waddee, waddee buttan ayengi. Last night I read that news on DAWN but, that is the point of doing all this now? Don’t you think they look even more stupid doing it now? I have no comments on this subject let the wise man (Mr. Kasim) speak.

  7. #7 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 26, 2010 - 11:08 AM

    Waqar stresses need for early ‘player education’

    Friday, 24 Sep, 2010

    KARACHI: Coach Waqar Younis stressed the need to educate Pakistan’s players in avoiding controversy after his embattled team arrived home from their tour of England to a quiet reception in the early hours of Friday.

    Pakistan lost the Test, Twenty20 and one-day series to England and the team was rocked by allegations of fixing parts of matches against some of its players.

    Test captain, Salman Butt and pace bowlers, Mohammad Asif, Mohammad Amir and Wahab Riaz were all questioned by Scotland yard over the allegations with the first three also suspended by the International Cricket Council after the News of the World newspaper broke a story on Aug. 28 that the players had deliberately bowled no balls in the fourth test against England at Lords.

    Waqar told reporters at Lahore airport that the Pakistan Cricket Board needed to start educating players from the under-17 and under-19 age groups on how to conduct themselves while in the senior national team.

    “We need to educate our players on how to carry themselves, on how to avoid controversies and not get entangled with shady characters,” he said.

    Waqar said the tour had been a testing and difficult one for him and his team.

    “It was not an easy tour at all in cricketing terms and also because of the off the field controversies. But we have learnt a lot from it,” he said.

    The former Test captain said that the team had done well to win matches in difficult circumstances but there was still a need for the selectors and coaching staff to reassess the team.

    “Hopefully before our next series against South Africa we will know the fate of the three players and the situation would be clearer, but we need more young blood for the team,” he said.

    Pakistan play a test series against South Africa in the United Arab Emirates in October and November. —Reuters

  8. #8 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 26, 2010 - 11:20 AM

    PLAYER EDUCATION is one thing that I have been raving and ranting for the last 5 years on various blogs and I was met with harsh criticism that education has nothing to do with talent in sports and some quoted Miandad’s example and some ridiculed me by saying; first get them a Master’s degree and then bring them to play cricket. People like Waqar Younus are now beginning to think that education is a “Mustta”. Because, people like Asaf, Aamer et al coming from such background can not only ruin their own career but, they bring disgrace to the nation because of their lack of education. They may be good people but, because of lack of education they don’t understand the difference between good and bad and what sort of implications may come into existence because of their irresponsible actions etc., etc.

    in the team was the second thing I had opposed and for that too most people disagreed. A player who is doing a lot of buttering by calling bhai, bhai all the time and showing too much respect only to remain in the team by being nice is a menace in the team especially if he is not performing well and taking advantage by being a goody goody guy. Kamran Akmal has cemented his place on similar grounds, I reckon Yousuf in Australia was saying how can we drop him, he is such a senior player? Shoaib Malik was like a leach in Inzi’s 3alls. Players should be selected purely on the basis of merit and not because they show a lot of respect to the captain, coach, manager and senior players.

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 26, 2010 - 11:30 AM


    ‘Mohammed Aamer blamed Salman Butt for spot-fixing scandal’

    Sunday September 26, 2010

    KARACHI: Just a couple of days after ‘spot-fixing’ allegations were levelled at him and two other Pakistan players, a teary-eyed Mohammad Aamer went to the team management and spilled the beans on Salman Butt — Pakistan’s Test captain. (Ansoo Bharee Hain yae G-1 Ki Raahain) 😀

    Sources said on Saturday that the 18-year-old fast bowler told team manager Yawar Saeed and Shahid Afridi, Pakistan’s one-day captain, that he was innocent and just got involved in the scandal because of Salman Butt.

    According to the sources, some of Pakistan’s senior players saw Aamer meeting with Afridi. The allrounder later took the youngster to Yawar Saeed and three discussed the issue for some time at the team hotel.

    “Aamer told the team management that he wasn’t aware of the gravity of the situation and also claimed that he just followed Butt’s instructions,” said a well-placed source.

    Butt, Aamer and another Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Asif were provisionally suspended by the International Cricket Council (ICC) early this month after a British newspaper accused them of accepting bribes from match-fixers.

    News Of The World alleged that Asif and Aamer bowled deliberate no-balls during the fourth Test against England at Lord’s on the orders of match-fixers. British Police briefly arrested player agent Mazhar Majeed, the man at the centre of the scandal.

    The trio were questioned by Scotland Yard detectives, who also interview rookie pacer Wahab Riaz later. The players insist they are innocent.

    Sources said that Aamer told Afridi and Yawar that he didn’t even know Mazhar Majeed and was introduced to him by Salman Butt.

    “Amir told Afridi as well as the team manager that he was completely unaware of what was going on. He asked them to help him get out of the mess,” said the source.

    Amir, regarded among world’s best fast bowlers, has received a lot of sympathy from various quarters since the scandal broke almost a month ago.

    Several former Test cricketers from around the world have urged the ICC to show leniency to the teenager, who is young and uneducated.

    Former greats like England’s Michael Atherton, West Indies’ fast bowler Michael Holding, Australia’s Geoff Lawson, Pakistan’s Ramiz Raja and many others have urged the authorities to somehow save Amir’s international career.

    “Whilst I accept, if guilty, there can be no way back for Salman Butt, the captain, or Mohammad Asif, a cricketer who has enjoyed more lives than a cat, I hope the authorities can find a way to give Aamer a second chance. He is a victim in this episode,” wrote Atherton, in one of his articles earlier this month.

  10. #10 by Mohammed Munir on September 28, 2010 - 9:25 AM

    Ijaz Butt travelling to London to meet lawyers

    However, Mr. Butt is in no mood of offering any sort of apology.

    Speaking in Lahore after returning from Dubai trip, where he was expected to meet ICC officials, Butt stated “I can confirm that there will be no apology from me to the ECB”.

    Sources are speculating that Mr. Butt may not apologize, but he will “Paer Pakkar Kay Maafi Maangay Ga”. 😆

  11. #11 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 28, 2010 - 1:35 PM


    That is just speculation the fact is Butt cannot bend down bakaoz of his BIG FAT BUTT, unless someone is standing up on a platform and he is 4 feet below. 😀

    This is such a quiet moment in cricket as no matches are being played hence the blog is also very inactive, khansahab has taken a sabbatical for one week I guess it is more than that after he Killa Thokoed on this blog.

  12. #12 by khansahab on September 29, 2010 - 6:18 PM

    I had warned against Butt making immature accusations against England Cricket Board.

    Now Butt is appearing more than ever as a clown and a laughing stock by doing a complete U turn. Not only did he say England is involved in match fixing, he also said everyone is involved in a conspiracy against Pakastan.

    Shame on you Butt

    Ijaz Butt withdraws fixing claims against England

    LONDON: Pakistan Cricket Board chairman Ijaz Butt has withdrawn his statements linking England’s team with throwing a one-day international earlier this month.

    Butt had said he had heard from bookmakers that England’s players were paid to lose the third one-day international to Pakistan on Sept. 17.

    The England cricket board had threatened Butt with legal action if he didn’t withdraw the accusation.

    The board released a statement Wednesday quoting Butt as saying: ”I never intended to question the behavior and integrity of the England players nor the ECB nor to suggest that any of them were involved in any corrupt practices or in a conspiracy against Pakistan cricket.”

    The board says it now regards the matter as closed.

  13. #13 by khansahab on September 29, 2010 - 6:22 PM

    According to reliable sources Yawar Saeed will soon be back in the PCB although not in a managerial position.

  14. #14 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 29, 2010 - 8:50 PM


    Ijaz Butt is a buffoon, all his acts are exclusively idiotic and no one can match his idiocy.

    Yawar Saeed reportedly resigned but, his contract is valid till July 2011 which is way after the ODI WC, hence he is determined to keep Younus Khan out of the team and so is Ijaz Butt.

  15. #15 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 30, 2010 - 12:52 AM

    India vs. Australia

    The first test is due to start soon and I am wondering where is Varun and newguy? What are your views with Harbhajan back after an injury scare? Definitely this will be in India’s favour in any case at home India is always good and there is no dearth in batting line up. Although there is Sehwag, Gambhir, Tendulkar, Dhoni etc., but Johnson & Co would be bowling bouncers at them. So, what are we expecting on Friday?

    Will India be able to maintain their disputed number one position in test cricket. IMO, if India beats Australia in Australia and SA in SA then they can definitely think about being qualified for that slot.

    While, India’s problem is to maintain that no.1 POIYEN, Pakistan has another problem rather a dilemma at hand and that is not BUTT, nor the BETTING scandal BUT, the CAPTAIN’S CHOICE. The million dollar question is who will be the captain for Pakistan’s test team? I am raising this subject because recently THE MOTHER OF ALL THE AKHROATS, Shahid Afridi has once again hinted that he may consider the option of leading the Pakistan test team against SA in the UAE.

    This has to be taken very seriously that is, in case he gets emotional and decides to abandon ship like he did in the UK, he should be clearly told that if he repeats, then he is OUT of ALL the formats, not as a captain but, he should be banned from playing for Pakistan. Because, this is a big responsibility and he should not take this job casually.

  16. #16 by newguy on September 30, 2010 - 3:37 AM

    I think we’ll wait and see in two days how the pitch conditions are for Ind-Aus test then we’ll know what is likely to happen. Because pitch conditions are so unpredictable in sub continent, you won’t know if it is going to be sleeping beauty for scoring 600 runs or something that has something in it for the bowlers. Also remains to be see how effective Zaheer and Harbhajan are coming back from injury. Who else will bowl, Sreesanth or Ishant? I guess Ishant will be in favor, Sreesanth is my pick because he has a history with Australians and he will provide entertainment if the match happens to be boring otherwise, even if he gets slapped or banned, whatever. Now, only if we can bring back Symonds and big Matty Hayden then we can have the whole circus going 🙂

    Let’s see whether Johnson’s bouncers will get tonked over square leg or mid wicket by Sehwag, or will he rattle Sehwag? I doubt Sehwag will be rattled, not on these pitches anyway, more likely Sehwag will hit them all over the park, I hope he is still in the same form he was in SL. Also will be interesting to see if Punter can make decent scores in India.

    I think overall it will favor India, simply because India were able to keep a more competent SAF team to 1-1 this year, and I consider this Aus team lower than that.

    But the real challenge for India is their trip to SAF later this year.

  17. #17 by Mohammed Munir on September 30, 2010 - 6:15 AM

    I tell you man, the economy is so bad that …

    – I got a ‘pre-declined’ credit card in the mail.

    – African television stations are now showing “Sponsor an American Child” commercials.

    – I ordered a burger at McDonald’s and the kid behind the counter asked, “Can you afford fries with that?”

    – CEOs are now playing miniature golf.

    – Exxon-Mobil laid off 25 Congressmen.

    – My ATM gave me an I-owe-you note.

    – A stripper was killed when her audience showered her with rolls of pennies while she danced.

    – I bought a toaster oven and my free gift with purchase was a ‘bank’.

    – If the bank returned your check with “Insufficient Funds” you call them and ask if they meant you or them.

    – McDonald’s is selling the 1/4 ouncer.

    – Angelina Jolie adopted a child from America.

    – Parents in Beverly Hills fired their nannies and learned their children’s names.

    – My cousin had an exorcism but she couldn’t afford to pay for it, and they re-possessed her.

    – A truckload of Americans was caught sneaking into Mexico.

    – Motel Six won’t leave the light on anymore.

    – A picture is now only worth 200 words.

    – They renamed Wall Street “Wal-Mart Street”.

    – When Bill Clinton and Hillary travel together, they now have to share a room.

    – The Treasure Island casino in Las Vegas is now managed by Somali pirates.

    – Congress says they are looking into this Bernard Madoff scandal…. Oh Great! The guy who made $50 Billion disappear is being investigated by the Congress peoples who made $1.5 trillion disappear.

    And, finally …

    – I was so depressed last night thinking about the economy, wars, jobs, my savings, Social Security, retirement funds, etc., that I called the Suicide Hotline. I got a call-center in Pakistan and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited, and asked if I could drive a truck.

  18. #18 by Mohammed Munir on September 30, 2010 - 7:20 AM

  19. #19 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 30, 2010 - 1:27 PM


    You haven’t mentioned the other side of the story. India is also deploying a force of “Hoors” from Bollywood as cheer leaders for entertainment and when they finish their performance, they will be resting in the “Pehloos of these Langurs.” 😀

    Btw, has anyone seen that news item about the condition of the purpose built athlete village or the apartments where the Common Wealth Games athletes would be staying? I couldn’t believe my eyes, because I have never seen such dirty toilets. The WC which was once white was looking dark shi!!y brown and in the shower all the walls had graffiti of “PAAN KI PEEK” The sinks were looking like they have been laden with mud and to top it up they even found a couple of snakes in a few apartments. Mind you these were new and purpose built apartments for the athletes. The reason they are dirty and filthy is BAKAOZ they were used by the workers and labourers. This is bound to happen when you don’t provide porta loos for the workers and labourers, after all they have needs. But, splattering Paan ki Peek on white shower tiles is unacceptable.

  20. #20 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 30, 2010 - 1:31 PM


    Meray bhee vichar vohi hain jo tumharay hain, therefore I won’t be able to add much to what you have said, so lets see tomorrow when the match starts whether the pitch is a sleeping beauty or what?

    Ishant will play because he has been getting Punter regularly. Sreesanth is at the wrong place, he should join that Langur force that is deployed in Common Wealth Games. 😀

  21. #21 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 30, 2010 - 7:08 PM


    Here is how he apologized: And feels very relieved after his verbal @#$#%#$%@$!@$!

    If this is what he had to do ultimately, then WHY THE **** did he blab out in the first instance?

    Shame on Ijaz Butt, Shame on Asif Zardari for bringing such disgrace to the nation.

  22. #22 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 30, 2010 - 7:11 PM

    More on Common Wealth Games:
    “Chidambaram assures foolproof security for Pak athletes”

    What does it mean? Only fools would be prevented from entering the secured line? 😀

    Reportedly there are only 3100 athletes, but patroling the streets and venues are 100,000 police officers, 17,500 paramilitary forces, 3,000 commandos, 100 antisabotage teams, 200 dogs, and 15 bomb disposal squads, according to officials. Helicopters with armed commandos on board also are at the ready, according to officials. PLUS THERE ARE 38 MONKEYS, LANGURS 😀

  23. #23 by JAVED A. KHAN on September 30, 2010 - 7:37 PM


    You can imagine the cost of security personnel that will be deployed during the Common Wealth Games and I am not only referring to that but, recently in Canada during the G8 meeting the government of Canada has reportedly spent ONE BILLION DOLLARS. I was shocked to watch this news item on TV when, after the investigation the details were being disclosed item wise and only limousine service cost was about 22 million dollars. All this money is going from our tax payers account. In India, Pakistan most people don’t pay taxes and I wonder from which account they take this money? In Pakistan’s case it is clear, they get everything from AID but, what about India?

  24. #24 by khansahab on September 30, 2010 - 8:29 PM

    Gen Musharraf warns of Pakistan coup after crisis meeting in London

    Gen Pervez Musharraf said the army should be given a constitutional role in the government of the Muslim state.
    “The situation in Pakistan can only be solved when the military has some role,” he said. “If you want stability, checks and balances in the democratic structure of Pakistan, the military ought to have some sort of role.”

  25. #25 by khansahab on September 30, 2010 - 8:30 PM

    Sharif’s peace initiatives led to Kargil:Musharraf

    London: Former Pakistan military ruler Pervez Musharraf has said that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s efforts to make peace with India at the cost of “selling Kashmir” had resulted in the 1999 Kargil war.

    Defending his actions during the Kargil crisis of 1999, Musharraf who was the then Army Chief, claimed that Sharif was aware of the Pakistani military’s actions when Pakistani troops occupied strategic heights along the Line of Control in Jammu and Kashmir before they were evicted by Indian forces in July 1999.

  26. #26 by khansahab on September 30, 2010 - 9:29 PM

    This man Sachan, he is not a good bowler and not a good batman, butta the only reason he is A KEEP in the team is bakoz of his fielding.

  27. #27 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 1, 2010 - 5:25 AM

    What is Ishant Sharma doing? He bowled 5 no balls in one over and gave away 19 runs, all the pressure that was built has now been released, the momentum has shifted Australia’s way after this over. Earlier with Katich gone for 5 the Aussies were under pressure at 13/1 Watson got so much confidence after that Sharma’s over that he is now hitting Harbhajan for fours. Watson does similar damage as an opener like Sehwag does, if they cannot contain him he will go on scoring big, he has already hit 2 hundreds in the warm up games. Seems like he is in tremendous form.

    Someone on cricinfo wrote: “IPL has ruined Ishant. All of $937,000 have gone to his head. He was the most expensive bowler and now he’s the worst,” spews Max.

  28. #28 by newguy on October 1, 2010 - 1:09 PM

    Javed Khan,

    As I wrote a day before the test match, they should have picked Sreesanth instead of Ishant. Notwithstanding his Lemur like antics, he is a wicket taking bowler in test matches, and if you saw the last session where Zaheer was lethal with his reverse swing, then Sreesanth bowling from other end would have made a big difference. But here, Watson and Hussey first and then Paine was able to block Ojha and Harbhajan for overs after over without scoring many runs. Sreesanth would have got reverse swing going as well, or even traditional swing early on.

    Instead they have Ishant who is a hit the deck bowler who needs bounce from the wicket to produce something. What does it take for these think tanks to understand these things, now he is injured himself after bowling repeated no balls they are short of a bowler. How will they win the test with only three bowlers, only one of them actually looking like any threat.

    On top of that catches were dropped, first Sehwag of Watson on zero, and then Dhoni dropped Watson and Dhoni again dropped an easy catch of Paine on 1. Australia should have been 7 or 8 down by now had they held the catches, and if they played the Lemur then they most likely would be 8 down by now.

    All will depend on now how soon they can get Watson out and then prize out tail, these days the tail sometimes wags as we have seen in many test matches, so nothing is a given.

    Also more importantly how India will bat will determine the direction. If they put up a big first innings score then playing 3rd innings will be hard, if they don’t then they have to bat last on a slowing wicket.

    Tomorrow’s play will hold all answers.

  29. #29 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 1, 2010 - 1:33 PM


    I didn’t see the match, in fact I don’t have patience to watch a test match unless it is India/Pakistan and that too if it is at a reasonable time here. As long as Ponting was there he was going at a good strike rate. But, when he was run out and two important wickets of Clarke and Hussey gone, followed by North’s Australia were on the defensive blocking every ball as you said. It is also obvious from the score when Ponting was at the stumps, they had put on 154 runs in 41 overs and in the next 49 overs they scored only 64 runs which is pathetic and Watson not only wanted to score his hundred but, he wanted to stay for the day and hold on to one end. Rightly said, “tomorrow’s play will hold to all answers.”

    As regards SreeSanth, I don’t know about his reverse swings but, imo even Munaf Patel would have been better than Ishant Sharma but, Ishant was included because he was a threat to Ponting but, all that went wrong with his no balls and injury later on. At 71/1 Australia were almost close 5 runs an over and thanks to Ishant Sharma.

  30. #30 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 1, 2010 - 1:37 PM

    LOL, LOL, LOL, look at this picture, I can’t stop laughing at the Paindoo looks of Asaf with yet another Kuri Punjab Di

    After his wedding, Asaf said on a local TV channel: “I hope marriage will be the turning point in my career and change my life in a positive way,”
    She has an influence over him since his childhood and up till now if she hasn’t made any impact in “Sudharo” his life, just a marriage may not make him so responsible and “aqalband”. 😀

    Reportedly she is his childhood friend, it means she is also from Machikay the village where his father lives, the one who said, Killa Thokka Aye. Then she must also be one of those dare devils kuri Punjaban who ‘if’ dances in a field there is no crop for the next 2 years. 😀

  31. #31 by newguy on October 1, 2010 - 2:07 PM


    LOL at Asaf’s wedding pictures, and it’s such an old fashioned sub-continental feeling that shaadi kay baad suharoonga .. LOL.

    As for Ashant being a threat to Ponting, that was once upon a time .. like the Sergio Leone movie title Once upon a time in America. Ashant trouble Ponting one time, in a test in Perth for two overs, that’s pretty much it, and he earned $937,000 for it in IPL. After that every batsmen have gone over him, even Ponting who is not playing at his peak nowadays have no trouble hitting him. Like I said, Ishant lost his pace a bit and he is also a hit the deck bowler who needs bounce from the wicket.

  32. #32 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 1, 2010 - 11:14 PM


    Musharraf has formed his party APML rather he has officially launched it ………. your comments needed?

  33. #33 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 1, 2010 - 11:23 PM

    LQQK who is “SPEACHING” 😀

    Out of all the “peepal” Wasim Akram has the tongue and cheek to attack the PCB for being incompetent by saying spot fixing is the result of poor management. Shouldn’t he dive in a “Chulloo Bhur Paani” and end his life? He is the first one to start betting in cricket, in fact he is not a bowling legend but a betting legend, even today he is not loyal to his country and on top of that he has the guts to raise fingers at others. How Pathetic?

  34. #34 by khansahab on October 2, 2010 - 8:39 AM

    Javed A Khan

    Musharraf is the best man to lead Pakistan. He is a revolutionary leader as he is not corrupt, he is patriotic, he is not a feudal and his commitment to the nation is not doubted.

    He has done a lot to build Pakistan’s image in the world as a progressive nation. He has done a lot to make Pakistan stronger militarily, industrially and economically. He has also been good to religious and regional minorities.

    I take this opportunity to wish Musharraf all the best and I think you will have no problem if I make the blog Legslip officially endorse Musharraf and his party to lead Pakistan into the light.

  35. #35 by khansahab on October 2, 2010 - 8:51 AM

    I don’t have time for Tests: Afridi

    Karachi: Pakistan’s ODI and Twenty20 skipper Shahid Afridi says he has no intentions of going back on his “emotional” decision to retire from Test cricket as he has lost the desire to play the longer format of the game.

    “I have no real desire to play Test cricket and the reason I lost this desire was because I was not selected consistently for Test matches,” Afridi said.

    “As it is, I have a busy schedule and I don’t think I have the time for Test matches,” he added.

  36. #36 by khansahab on October 2, 2010 - 10:07 AM

    Shoaib Malik eyeing a comeback for the UAE Series

    KARACHI: Former Pakistan captain Shoaib Malik is hoping to earn a recall for the series against South Africa that will get underway in Abu Dhabi from October 26.
    Malik, who was dropped after the four-Test series against England in August, said in an interview on Friday that he is fully fit and will give his best if given a chance to play in the series that will include two T20s, five One-day Internationals and two Tests in Abu Dhabi and Dubai.
    The experienced all-rounder advised that Pakistan should finalise their World Cup squad as soon as possible so that the players can play maximum matches together ahead of the quadrennial spectacle to be held in Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka next year.

  37. #37 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 2, 2010 - 5:19 PM


    chhddo jee koi nai gul kero, Malak nay anai ana wapas, inna di lagoi di sifarish aye gee tou Malak kis traa wapas nai aye ga? Malak tou Malak, UpNa Rana Nayee wee wapas aanda aye. Agar Ijaz Butt da buss chalay tay Salman Butt we wapas avay ga tay naal Killa Thokku da puttar wee.

    Sarfaraz Nawaz has filed an FIR at the police station stating that he has received death threats from the bookies. I am wondering how come the bookies sapayrd Veena Malak?

  38. #38 by khansahab on October 2, 2010 - 6:09 PM

    India has never supported Pak cricket: Afridi

    The spot- and match-fixing controversy has ballooned further and acquired an India vs Pakistan tinge, if you go by the words of Shahid Afridi, albeit, he did not say it in so many words.

    The Pakistan Cricket Board should stop relying on India or any other Asian nation for support and become self reliant in solving its problems, says the national team’s ODI and Twenty20 skipper.

    Asked about the continued absence of the Pakistani national Twenty20 champions from the lucrative Champions League, the second edition of which concluded last week in Johannesburg, Afridi said India has never been supportive of Pakistan cricket.

    “Leave alone the Champions League, tell me when has India ever supported Pakistan cricket?” Afridi told ‘Geo Channel’.

    “The truth is we have always been there to support India, Sri Lanka or Bangladesh but when time came for them to support us, they left us isolated.

  39. #39 by khansahab on October 2, 2010 - 9:21 PM

    Out of favour Younis opens photo studio

    Karachi: Fed up of being ignored by the Pakistan Cricket Board and the national selectors, out of favour former captain Younis Khan has opened a photo studio to use his time away from the game “productively”.

    Younis, who has not been selected to play for Pakistan since the one-day series in Australia in February, has taken over a photo-shop business in Steel town in Karachi where he resides these days.

    “Yes, I have started this photo-shop business. It is called Bambino Photo Studio. It allows me to divert my mind and spend my time productively,” Younis said.

    “A close friend first had the shop and was going away, after which I took it over and I am now rebuilding the studio and starting the business afresh. It has attracted me because photography has always fascinated me and it is a good business venture,” the former captain said.

    Younis also said he was continuing his hobby of fishing regularly but he made it clear he had not given up hope of playing for Pakistan again.

    “The domestic season is starting soon and I will be playing for my team and hopefully get back into match form as I continue my training all the time. Whenever Pakistan requires my services, I am always available for the team,” Younis said.

    He declined to comment on the reasons for the Pakistan Cricket Board refusing to consider him for selection.

  40. #40 by khansahab on October 3, 2010 - 12:15 PM

    Why did Laxman come out to bat at the end of the order?

    Is he injured?

  41. #41 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 3, 2010 - 12:16 PM

    It is true that India has never supported Pakistan but my question is, why did Afridi go to India to play for the IPL? There has to be some self respect and self esteem which is lacking in almost all the current players.

    During the ball tampering saga between Inzamam and Darrel Hair, I remember Niranjan Shah straight away announced that they are not on Pakistan’s side but on ICC’s side. Later when things changed in Pakistan’s favour with Geoff Boycott supporting Pakistan and Hair himself shot his foot by blackmailing the ICC to pay him $500.000 it was then ICC and BCCI changed their stance and the tone. This is not the only occasion, so many times India backed out to support Pakistan.

    India or the BCCI did nothing when Ricky Ponting and his men pushed Sharad Powar from the stage after winning a tournament against India and were keen to get up to the stage for a photograph. No one from the Australian side apologized for this unruly and rude behaviour. This is because both India and Pakistan have a soft corner for Gora Sahabs. The scars of slavery under British Raj have not yet faded. One of the reasons Ijaz Butt after blabbing BS against ECB and English players went on to England to apologize in person.

  42. #42 by khansahab on October 3, 2010 - 12:19 PM

    Pakistan Assembly asks Ijaz Butt for explanation

    Ijaz Butt, the PCB chairman, has been summoned by the Pakistan Assembly for a hearing on October 11 to explain the reasons behind the controversy-ridden tour of England, as well as his allegations against Andrew Strauss’s team and their subsequent withdrawal. He will also be questioned regarding Younis Khan’s continued absence from the Pakistan side.

    Apart from Butt, the Assembly also summoned the board’s legal advisor Tafazzul Rizvi, former team manager Yawar Saeed, coaches Waqar Younis, Aaqib Javed and Ijaz Ahmed and chief selector Mohsin Khan to the hearing.

    “The hearing is being held to review the performance of the team in England, the controversies that took place in England and the way the Pakistan board has handled things so far,” Iqbal Muhammad Ali, chairman of the committee, told PTI. “The committee wants to know the reasons for the shoddy performances and also how the Pakistan team got entangled into such serious controversies. We also want to know the reason for Butt’s statement against the England board and his U-turn, and to review the selection process.”

    The PCB will also have to explain why Younis Khan was being ignored for selection when all the other players punished after the 2009-10 tour of Australia, with the exception of Rana Naved-ul-Hasan, had been pardoned and brought back to the team. “We want to ask the chairman to explain what crime Younis has committed that he (Butt) is not willing to give clearance to the selectors to pick Younis,” Ali said.

  43. #43 by khansahab on October 3, 2010 - 12:22 PM

    Comeback man Musharraf calls Nawaz Sharif ‘brainless’

    ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s former military ruler Pervez Musharraf, who in 1999 overthrew the government of Nawaz Sharif, believes the two-time premier lacks intellect and is “totally brainless”.

    Musharraf, who launched his All Pakistan Muslim League in the UK and announced his return to active politics said Sharif lost power twice as he lacked intellect.

    ” Nawaz Sharif lost power twice because he lacked intellect,” Musharraf, who also apologised to the people for the mistakes of his regime, told hundreds of supporters in Birmingham last evening.

    “I worked with him for an entire year and noticed that Nawaz Sharif is totally brainless,” Musharraf was quoted as saying by the News International.

    Musharraf said his party — All Pakistan Muslim League — would be accountable to people and have a democratic structure where power would not be inherited.

  44. #44 by khansahab on October 3, 2010 - 12:25 PM

    ‘Sikhs feel more abandoned now than during the dictator’s regime’

    KARACHI: Arjun Singh left his village of Purana Sukkur because of the floods and came to Karachi towards the end of July. He has not received any support from the government but he does not blame anyone. “The life of a Sikh here is a very difficult one,” he says as if to explain his subdued resignation.
    When Singh went to register for the Watan Card he was refused one on the grounds that his area did not rank among the flood-affected localities. His village was not flooded itself but water did enter the surrounding areas, which indirectly affected them.
    Singh is now living with around 40 other people in a makeshift shelter on an empty plot near the Baloch Hotel in Ghareebabad.
    He is paying Rs2,000 in rent per month. His family survives on just one meal a day, which is paid for by his 12-year-old son, who sells balloons.
    “We’ll stay here for another 10 to 15 days,” he says. “Just enough to save the money that will get us back home.”
    Sikh representative Sardar Ramesh Singh said that they are extremely unhappy with government aid. Around 900 Sikhs came to Karachi, seeking sanctuary but very few were provided room at the relief camps. “They got hardly any special attention as a minority community,” said Ramesh. “The government does not have much to offer us.”
    Ramesh feels that in the absence of a representation in the government, even the little money that is allocated for minorities never makes it to the Sikhs. Comparing the present government with others, he said that despite a large representation of minorities in the Pakistan Peoples Party government, the Sikhs are still neglected.
    “We feel more abandoned than we did in the dictator’s regime,” Ramesh says.
    He gives the examples of two men – Harcharan Singh from Nankana Sahib, who is now a captain in the Pakistan Army, and Gulab Singh from Lahore, who is now an inspector in the traffic police. Both inducted into government service in Musharraf’s era.
    According to Ramesh, Sindh Minister for Minorities Dr Mohan Lal is “uncooperative” and selective in using his position. Take the Sindh government’s decision to give a five per cent job quota to minorities. This has not been implemented, especially in the case of Sikhs. Take a man like Satnam Singh, a “fine example”. The middle-school graduate was unable to secure even a peon’s job in the education department despite trying.
    If we do get jobs, it is a grade I job of a sweeper even for the educated Sikhs, complains Ramesh.
    While there is a special Zakat fund for poor Muslim patients in every government hospital, there is no monetary provision for needy patients from other religions. The Sikhs don’t have a graveyard either. In this tradition, the dead are mostly cremated but according to the Samadhi tradition they can choose to be buried as well. At present, the Sikhs share a Hindu graveyard in Golimar, where Ramesh says there is a dearth of space for the Samadhis.
    For the 5,000 Sikhs scattered in Saddar, Ranchore Line, DHA, the cantonments and Gulshan-e-Maymar, only one of the four gurdwaras of the city is in a usable condition.
    Small wonder then that Ramesh feels that unless there is Sikh representation in the government, they will continue to be neglected. He feels that if a minister is appointed from one of the religious communities, the rest of the communities are bound to suffer.
    “A Muslim minister of minorities would do a better job because then his own interests will not come in the way.”

  45. #45 by newguy on October 4, 2010 - 1:18 PM

    There is a riveting test match between Australia and India heading into the final day with a guaranteed result. Where is everyone on LS? C’mon, let’s hear some thoughts.

    I’ll go first.

    I think Australia are favorites to win now, with India 55/4 with Sehwag, Dravid, and Gambhir back along with Raina, and only Tendulkar remaining. There is Dhoni and the tail to come with Laxman who can bat only as last man because of a back injury. But that accounts for nothing. Since the pitch has become hard to play dramatically and the Australian tail is up, as always when they sniff victory.

    Aussies will go for the kill once Tendulkar is gone, and even if he holds one end up, they will go hard at Dhoni who is not a accomplished player for this level in this sort of pitch.

    My prediction is India will make another 70 to 80 runs at the most, with Tendulkar scoring anywhere from 30 to 40 runs at the most.

    India bowled really well in second innings, but they are paying the price for complacency in their first innings. Tendulkar and Raina was batting on 3rd afternoon and they had the match in their grip, all they needed to do was just bat Australia out by putting on 100 runs lead. Instead they became too cocky thinking they can always chase 250 plus on last day if needed, or match will become a draw.

    But 4th innings batting on a low and slow wicket against a committed unit is no mean task as they are finding out now.

    Once again Indians are caught napping in the first test of a series. This time they don’t have time to come back since it is a two test series, the best they can do now is win in Bangalore and level and that is not good enough since they have home advantage and Australia is the weaker of two teams this time. Only difference is Australia is showing more commitment and working harder knowing their limitations. While Indians are playing like rich brats.

    Also Australians were very low profile this time and taking India big before the match while keeping themselves low, and Indians fell for it hook line and sinker.

  46. #46 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 4, 2010 - 3:09 PM


    I thought the match is in India’s pocket but, the way they lost 4 wickets I have my doubts, still there is Tendulkar on the crease and his second innings average is around 30 so you may be right about him scoring that many runs but, then there is Dhoni and Laxman too. So, India has an outside chance to win the match, it all depends on how the first one hour of the game goes. There is pressure on India but they are to be blamed because, they are the ones who created this pressure. I am disappointed by the way Gambhir is playing.

  47. #47 by khansahab on October 4, 2010 - 3:21 PM


    It must be an interesting match and obviously this series is going to be more competitive than England v Pakistan.

    I have just noticed Ojha’s strike rate in Tests is 82, which is pretty poor. He is not experienced but I would have expected more from him.

  48. #48 by newguy on October 4, 2010 - 4:53 PM


    Agree that India has only themselves to blame for the situation, all they needed to do was play for an hour and not lose any wickets, fast bowlers know they can go all out and attack when they only have to do it for an hour and then rest at end of day. When they know they have to do this the entire day and sun is shining down in the morning things will be different. But with 4 wickets down it’s not much. Laxman is injured and cannot be counted on.

    Ironically, Indian bowlers may have done too much by bowling out opposition under 200 runs and with time on hand, otherwise the batters would not have to face this now 🙂 It’s interesting to note that the bowling came out good in both innings and they got 20 wickets, and not for too many runs. It should be noted both Watson and Paine were dropped on zero, and they added 193 runs between them after that. Paine’s catch when on zero was especially easier one that Dhoni dropped after the ball is sitting in his gloves easily. No one seems to bother when Dhoni drops them.

    Anyhow, the famed batting line up is the one that cannot live up to the promise most often.

  49. #49 by khansahab on October 4, 2010 - 6:21 PM


    According to sources a TV channel has reported that Ijaz Butt will be sacked on 8th October.

  50. #50 by khansahab on October 4, 2010 - 7:05 PM

    ARY News reports that Choudhary Mukhtar, Ijaz Butt’s brother in law, has met Zardari and discussed that Butt should depart very soon.

    Pir Aftab Jilani, Tufail Sheikh and Ehsan Mani are considered to be possible candidates for the post.

  51. #51 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 4, 2010 - 9:18 PM


    I agree with you that no one seems to bother when Dhoni drops a catch, in this match he dropped two rather three crucial catches, imagine if it was KAMRAN AKMAL? One of my Indian friends said the same thing that you guys are quick in pointing fingers at Akmal whereas, others also drop them at a very crucial moment and no one bothers about it.


    Aap kay moonh may ghee shakkar.

  52. #52 by Mohammed Munir on October 5, 2010 - 6:27 AM

    Javed Khan …

    I agree with you, yes we would have been much more critical of Akmal had he dropped 2/ 3 crucial catches, but then again, are we Pakistanis not much more intense, vocal, critical and hyper (Bai-Sabray) than our Indian neighbours ?

    It’s a fact that Indian public is patience with their cricketers and their tolerance level is higher then our peoples, but on second thoughts, Akmal had never achieved for us what Dhoni had done for India, plus he is Captain and that too a performing one, so it is obvious fans ignore his mistakes.

    Newguy …

    India-Australia Test has reached a very interesting stage and although India lost 8 wickets, but VVX Luxy and Ishant Sharma are playing well. It’s lunch on day 5, and Indians need another 54 runs with only 2 wickets in hand.

    I want India to win this, because anybody defeating Australia, I am happy. 😀

    Khansahab …

    I hope and desperately pray that your ‘Breaking News’ is true and this *%&$^%#^%$&$^%#%$#^%$&^%&^% Butt is somehow kicked out.

    Secondly, out of the three names only and only Ehsan Mani is the best choice. I must say, that I don’t know anything about Pir Aftab Jilani and Tufail Sheikh, but still Ehsan Mani sounds much better. 😛

    PS: Aaj Kal Kasim Sahab Kidhar Hain ❓

  53. #53 by Mohammed Munir on October 5, 2010 - 6:30 AM

    On a totally different note, two Pakistani celebrities (if we can call them that) 😉 have joined the famous Season 4 of Indian Big Boss, which is hosted by none other then Salman Khan, the great.

    They are Veena Malik and Begum Nawazish Ali.

    Both are equally good for all the wrongs reasons and will create a lot of publicity stunts for Big Boss. Further as usual, RSS (Ball – Thaa – Karay) has already started making a fuss about why 2 Pakistanis have joined the Big Boss, which shall fuel more controversies in the coming days/ weeks.

    BTW, we all know Veena Malik (Asif’s Ex) whereas Begum Nawazish Ali is actually a man (Khusra/ Heejra) who impersonates as a sexy Begum Nawazish Ali and is also a well-known TV/ media personality.

  54. #54 by Mohammed Munir on October 5, 2010 - 9:15 AM

    Congratulations to all our Indian Bloggers !!

    The game ended with a few very tense moments and the better team won. Luxy was the difference, this guy has been giving Australians some serious problems for years now.

    Ishant Sharma was not-out when he was give out as the ball was missing leg-stump, while in the end Ojha was out LBW while Billy didn’t give him out thinking it was an inside-edge, which it wasn’t.

    All-in-all, a good game of cricket and something nice for the future of “Test Cricket”.

  55. #55 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 5, 2010 - 10:10 AM

    Congratulations to ALL Indian bloggers especially newguy (wonder where Varun is lost?) the game really turned interesting after Australia’s second innings and it went their way until Laxman did it again. Probably he ruined Ricky Ponting’s plans to go fishing (he can now go fishing).

    khansahab and I both were right in predicting Tendulkar’s second innings average and he ended up scoring 30. But, a lot was expected from Dhoni and he failed to deliver now as a captain he can boast but there is not an iota of his effort or his captaincy that made the difference in winning this match in the end, in fact what he did was a negative charge for the team spirit when he got out. Ishant Sharma was cursed throughout the first innings because of his poor bowling but, in the second he was very good and his role with Laxman made all the difference. Laxman could have done nothing if the others keep getting out from the other end. But, Laxman’s cool is commendable.

    No one predicted this match to end up like this, seems pretty exciting in the end. I slept throughout the night, so I missed all the action which ended just now. So, India is one up now and they should win the second one too to seal the series with a 2-0.

  56. #56 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 5, 2010 - 10:13 AM


    Who is Big Boss?

    Btw, Balls Thakaray actually wanted Veena Malak to come and sit next to him and he can then boast like he did when Asma Jehangir went to India wearing that yellow saffron dress with a mala around her neck and sat next to him on the sofa, then he wouldn’t have objected he is as big a clown as Nawazish is – attention seeker.

  57. #57 by newguy on October 5, 2010 - 1:22 PM

    Munir and Javed Khan,

    Thanks for the complements. What a match! unbelievable and VVS did it again. Who would have thought.

    I too slept through the night and not even once bothered to check the score on my mobile phone whenever I woke up, too much tension and I went with 100% belief that Australia will win this test.

    Laxman was unfit and could not score in 1st innings, so everyone ruled him out, including Aussies, but this man came back to haunt them again.

    Tendulkar could not do it, but I will not blame him, because he was playing positively and got out going for his strokes. Not like he was tense and got out under pressure like some of the others. Tendulkar was also playing fluently until then and the only way to win against Aussies is to for your strokes which he was doing. Also his 98 in 1st innings was extremely crucial. It will be another barrage of attacks on him now from his detractors. But one must realize he is contributing as one of the critical members of this team, he did score 38, and if Dhoni, Ganbhir, Dravid, and Sehwag scored that many runs too India would not have needed Ishant and Ojha at the crease.

    I agree with Javed Khan on Dhoni, he is riding his good fortune as captain and keeper because of the number of great players he got on this team. But time will come for Dhoni sooner or later, until them I will let that matter rest.

    Overall good for India and the right result prevailed, Aussies would have never let anyone hear the other end if they had won, how Australianism is ohh so great this and that and what not, you will get guys like Ian Chappel doing the rounds, so on..

    As for umpiring there were many marginal decisions in the match, Gambhir was not out when he was given out lbw, he had a big inside edge and that dismissal triggered the collapse on day 4. Then Sharma was given out when the ball was missing leg stump, and in the end Ohja was given not out when it could have hit the stumps. Even before that there were few issues, Hussey got a bad lbw decision, he also got a few favorable ones when he looked out. Then Dhoni was given out for a catch referred to TV umpire where Watson took the catch possibly from the ground. Overall not too terrible, but goes with the pressure created by such a match.

    Hope Indians will play better in Bangalore and not let them draw series.

  58. #58 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 5, 2010 - 2:59 PM


    like most guys say, a victory is a victory and, like Munir said, ‘I support every other team which plays against Australia’ the same goes with me and a majority of cricket lovers because, the Aussies are such cry babies they will find something to say it wasn’t right. Although punter admitted that India played well but, wait for the next match or the end of the tour and you will see. Is it appropriate for Andrew Symonds to speak against Harbhajan now? Especially since he is not even in the team, he is sitting there in Australia and targeting Harbhajan to give a psychological dent. This is so typical of Australia, be it Symonds, the Chappels or anyone else, they are all cry babies.

    And, now India will not disturb the winning combo so there goes a possible chance for your favourite boy SreeSanth. Bangalore pitch is good for spinners and also famous for big totals, Younus Khan scored a big double hundred there, Inzi scored 180 plus in his 100th test match but, batting in the 4th innings would be difficult so it is important that India wins the toss and bat first.

  59. #59 by khansahab on October 5, 2010 - 5:59 PM

    Younus plans to settle in England

    LAHORE – A dejected former Pakistan skipper Younus Khan is planning to settle in England permanently after getting no positive response from the Pakistan Cricket Board.
    Younus had developed differences with PCB chairman Ijaz Butt and his close friend Yawar Saeed on his principal stance and now he is paying the price for it from last nine months or so.
    Younus was the captain of the Pakistan cricket team which won the ICC World Twenty20 in England last year but since then he lost his control in the team and after 2-1 lost against New Zealand in ODI series played in UAE, he stepped down as captain of Pakistan team.
    Younus looks to settle in Yorkshire where he had played a county season in 2007 and he had good memories with the team and the county. He has represented Pakistan in 63 Test matches and 202 one day internationals.
    Younus, as reports suggested, is very serious in shifting to England and he has already discussed the idea with his friends in England. He also played for Nottingham County in 2005 and for Surrey in 2010.

  60. #60 by khansahab on October 5, 2010 - 6:03 PM

    Fighters formed to be used in Held Kashmir: Musharraf

    BERLIN: Former military ruler Pervez Musharraf said that fighters were indeed formed to fight Indian occupation in Held Kashmir and the government turned a blind eye because they wanted India to discuss Kashmir.

    “The West blames Pakistan for everything. Nobody asks the Indian prime minister, why did you arm your country with a nuclear weapon? Why are you killing innocent civilians in Kashmir? Nobody was bothered that Pakistan got split in 1971 because of India’s military involvement. The United States and Germany gave statements, but they didn’t mean anything,” ex-dictator Pervez Musharraf said in an interview with German magazine Der Spiegel.

    Musharraf charged the international community of courting India for strategic deals, while treating Pakistan as a rogue state.

    “Everybody is interested in strategic deals with India, but Pakistan is always seen as the rogue,” Musharraf said.

    When asked about the current crisis in Pakistan he said, ‘I do not want to comment on the present government, but everybody can see what they are doing. Pakistan is experiencing a deep economic decline — in other areas, as well. Law and order are in jeopardy, extremism is on the rise and there is political turmoil. The non-performance of an elected government is the issue’.

    While replying to a question about incumbent army chief he remarked, ‘I made him chief of the army, because I thought that he was the best man for the job’.

    “The West was ignoring the resolution of the Kashmir issue, which is the core issue of Pakistan. We expected the West – especially the United States and important countries like Germany – to resolve the Kashmir issue. Has Germany done that?” Musharraf told magazine Der Spiegel when asked about lingering Kashmir issue.

    He slammed the international community, particularly the West, for persistently ignoring the Kashmir issue, and for singling out Pakistan for all blames.

    ‘They were indeed formed. The government turned a blind eye because they wanted India to discuss Kashmir.’

    Answering a question on dangers on homecoming he said, no risk, no gain. We unfortunately have a culture of vendetta and vindictiveness in Pakistan. But there is no case of corruption or fraud or anything against me at the moment. My political opponents, especially Nawaz Sharif, would love to create a case against me — that I am corrupt or have committed fraud or some such. They do their best to achieve that, but they haven’t succeeded. Even if they did, I would reply in court. Risks need to be taken.

    Rejecting claim by Dr Abdul Qadeer that the Pakistani army monitored and organized deals with countries like North Korea and Iran he said; ‘That is wrong, absolutely wrong. Mr. Khan is a characterless man.’

  61. #61 by khansahab on October 5, 2010 - 6:05 PM

    Female lawmakers hold anti-Musharraf protest in Lahore

    LAHORE: Punjab Assembly’s female lawmakers staged a protest on Tuesday against former president Pervez Musharraf in Lahore, calling him a criminal.

    During the protest, they chanted slogans against the former military ruler and torched his pictures.

    Several important PML-N leaders witnessed the protest.

    The participants of the protest referred to Mr. Musharraf a ‘qaumi mujrim.’

    Speaking on this occasion, Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that his party would support an anti-Musharraf resolution if tabled in the assembly. SAMAA

  62. #62 by khansahab on October 5, 2010 - 6:11 PM


    Don’t worry about Tendulkar bakoz he is a good Batman.

    But about Laxman all that is left to say is:

    This MAN LaxMAN, he is not a good bowler and not a good Batman, butta the only reason he is in the team is bakoz of his fielding.

  63. #63 by khansahab on October 5, 2010 - 7:21 PM


    Zardari has said he will not abandon the post of President of Pakistan and Co Chairman of PPP.

  64. #64 by khansahab on October 5, 2010 - 7:51 PM

    Basic comparison of 1999 and 2007

    Pak Economy in 1999 was: $ 63 billion

    Pak Economy in 2007 is: $ 160 billion

    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 1999: $ 270 billion

    GDP Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) in 2007: $ 475.5 billion

    GDP per Capita in 1999: $ 200

    GDP per Capita in 2007: $ 1000

    Pak revenue collection 1999: Rs. 305 billion

    Pak revenue collection 2007/08: Rs. 1002 billion

    Pak Foreign reserves in 1999: $ 700 million

    Pak Foreign reserves in 2007: $ 17 billion

    Pak Exports in 1999: $ 7.5 billion

    Pak Exports in 2007: $ 18.5 billion

    Textile Exports in 1999: $ 5.5 billion

    Textile Exports in 2007: $ 11.2 billion

    KHI stock exchange 1999: $ 5 billion at 700 points

    KHI stock exchange 2007: $ 70 billion at 15,000 points

    Foreign Direct Investment in 1999: $ 1 billion

    Foreign Direct Investment in 2007: $ 8.5 billion

    Debt servicing 1999: 65% of GDP

    Debt servicing 2007: 26% of GDP

    Poverty level in 1999: 34%

    Poverty level in 2007: 24%

    Literacy rate in 1999: 45%

    Literacy rate in 2007: 53%

    Pak Development programs 1999: Rs. 80 billion

    Pak Development programs 2007: Rs. 520 billion

    Under Musharraf`s vision

    1. 9 world class Engineering universities being developed and 18 Public universities already developed.

    2. Public sector institutions have increased from 110,267 (in 1999) to Become Private sector institutions have increased from 36,096 (in 1999) to become 81,103 (in 2006).

    3. PAK is 3rd best in world Banking profitability.

    4. PAK IT industry now values around $2 billion, including $1 billion exports and employs around 90,000 professionals.

    5. CNG sector has attracted over $70 billion investment in last 5 years; and created 45,000 jobs.

    6. Telecom sector attracted around $10 billion in investment and created above 1.3 million jobs.

    7. Industrial Parks are being setup throughout the country for the first time! M3 estate, Sunder industrial estate, Chakri, etc.

    8. Major Mega projects like the Saindak, Rekodiq, Marble production, Coal production and Mining & Quarrying are being pursued.

    9. In 2006, GDP growth is 6%. Earlier in 1999 was 3.5%.

    10. Foreign Reserves from $700 million to $17 bn.

    11. KHI stock market: from 700 points to 15,000 points.

    12. Literacy rate improved by 11%.

    13. Poverty decreased by 10%.

    14. He made 4 dams: Mirani, Subakzai, Gomalzam, Khurram, Tangi dams. Biggest of them Bhasha Started15. 7 Motorways completed or under construction: M1, M3,M4, M8, M9, M10, M11.

    16. Six major highways under construction.

    17. GWADAR advance mega Sea port developed under his vision!

    18. 650 km Coastal highway constructed.

    19. Historic 100% increase in Tax collection of Rs 1 trillion.

    20. Large scale manufacturing is 30 year high, and Construction activity is 17 year high.

    21. Newly found World class copper- gold deposits in Chagai will fetch $600million per year.

    22. A new Oil refinery with UAE will fetch $5 billion & will process 300,000oil barrels a day.

    23. Industrial sector registered 26% growth.

    24. PAK in 1999 was a $63 billion economy; and now 2006 it`s $160 billion economy! PAK economy is now the 3rd fastest growing economy after China & India.

    Education under Musharraf Era

    25. In 1999-2000 there were 31 Public Universities. Now 2005- 2006 there are 49 Public Universities. Under Musharraf 20 NEW UNIVERSITIES SET UP!

    26. Air University (established 2002)

    27. Institute of Space technology, ISB (established 2002)

    28. Sardar Bahadur Khan Women University , Quetta (established 2004)

    29. University of Science & Technology, Bannu (established 2005)

    30. University of Hazara (founded 2002)

    31. Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002)

    32. Malakand university, Chakdara (established 2002

    33. University of Gujrat (established 2004)

    34. Virtual University of Pak, Lahore (established 2002)

    35. Sarhad University of IT, Peshawar (established 2001)

    36. National Law University, ISB (2007)

    37. Media University, ISB (2007) etc.

    38. University of Education, Lahore (2002)

    39. Lasbella University of Marine Sciences, Baluchistan (2005)

    40. Baluchistan University of IT & Management, Quetta (2002), etc.

    Pakistan now has a total of 245,682 Educational institutions in all categories, including 164,579 (i.e. 67 percent) in the Public sector and 81,103 (i.e. 100 percent) in the private sector, reports the National Education Census (NEC-2005). The census — jointly conducted by the Ministry of Education, the Academy of Educational Planning and Management (AEPAM) and the Federal Bureau of Statistics (FBS) – reveals that the number of private-sector institutions has increased from 36,096in 1999-2000 to 81,103 in 2005, i.e. by 100 per cent.

    A record of more than 5000 Pakistani doing PhD`s in foreign countries on scholarship While 300 PhD`s are producing every year locally whose number was just 20 in 1999. This number will increase to 500 in 2008.

    Total 99,319 Educational Institutions (Public & Private) have increased in Musharraf era!

  65. #65 by khansahab on October 5, 2010 - 9:16 PM

    Intikhab likely to be named manager

    LAHORE: Former Pakistan coach and the current head of the National Cricket Academy Intikhab Alam is likely to replace Yawar Saeed as Pakistan’s manager with his first assignment starting end of this month in the UAE.
    According to the details received by The Express Tribune, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is also considering cutting down the coaching staff, including two assistant coaches, to reduce confusion.

  66. #66 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 6, 2010 - 2:11 AM


    Since the time CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry set a precedent the whole judiciary is on the street and there is no law and order in the country. Now, the female lawyers are trying to prove that they are no less than their hotmales. 😉

  67. #67 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 6, 2010 - 2:14 AM


    From the numbers that you have posted they speak in volumes about Musharraf’s work, whereas Nawaz Sharif and Zardari have accumulated personal wealth by selling the country to dogs. You should also post the list of ten wealthiest Pakistanis among the top four are these two crooks.

    They love to hate Musharraf because he is from Karachi. The fact is he has done a lot for the country and no one has done so much in the last 4 decades.

  68. #68 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 6, 2010 - 2:17 AM

    LA’HORE: The International Cricket Council (ICC) has declined the request from the lawyers of Pakistan cricketers Salman Butt and Mohammad Aamir to set an early date for their hearing in the spot-fixing case, as the game’s world governing body fixed Oct 30 for the hearing, which will be held in Qatar.

    The lawyers had requested the ICC to hold an early hearing so that their clients (players) may make themselves available for selection in the national team for the upcoming series against South Africa, starting in the UAE from Oct 25.

    Sources told Dawn that an e-mail from the lawyers of Salman and Aamir in this connection had been sent to the ICC, requesting for an early hearing.

    In fact, the ICC set the date for Oct 30 hoping the Scotland Yard’s report, which is also investigating the spot-fixing allegations against Salman, Aamir and Mohammad Asif, would also have come by that time.

    However, Salman and Aamir are concerned and are eager to receive the ICC decision before the selection process of the Pakistan team for the South Africa series begins.

    The ICC, it may be mentioned here, has suspended the three players provisionally, barring them from playing international cricket.

    Chief selector Mohsin Khan, according to reports, has already said that picking a squad — with Aamir and Salman not available for selection — will not be easy.

    The national selection committee was to meet on Wednesday to pick the team for the South Africa series. However, the meeting has been delayed for an indefinite period.

    Since Asif’s selection for the series against the Proteas is not possible, because he is not allowed to enter there owing to ban on his entry in the Emirates after he was caught with a banned substance there two years ago, his English lawyer has not asked for an early hearing.

  69. #69 by Mohammed Munir on October 6, 2010 - 5:01 AM

    Pervez Musharraf’s personal attacks on some of his old rivals are seen as cheap tricks in achieving nothing more then some media-mileage.

    First calling Nawaz Sharif ‘brainless’ and now labeling Dr. Qadeer Khan as ‘characterless’, doesn’t go well with the so called finesse and class of an ex-army-dictator, rather it shows him in bad-light and tilting to the levels of a common Pakistani politician and drifting more toward ‘Paindooism’.

    I, at this stage, wouldn’t like to go into details of how good or bad Sharif and Dr. Khan may be, but such below-the-belt comments doesn’t suit the standards of an ex-President and Army General, unless he is calculatedly intent on stooping low enough to match the levels of ordinary politicians.

  70. #70 by Mohammed Munir on October 6, 2010 - 5:22 AM

    Javed Khan …

    Bigg Boss is the Indian version of American/ UK reality TV program ‘Big Brother’, where several well-known persons are ‘forced’ to live together in a hose who are disconnected from an outside world.

    Bigg Boss India is currently running it’s 4th season and is hosted by Salman Khan.

    There are a total of 13/ 14 persons in the house, which includes two Pakistanis (Veena Malik & Begum Nawazish Ali). Every week on of participant will be ousted from the ‘Bigg Boss’s House’, decided by public votes, games, nominations, etc. and the last one remaining will be the winner.

    I, so far, never saw the program myself and neither am I getting it on my TV, but viewed few clips on Youtube, while some of my colleagues are following it religiously and keeping me updated on it. 😉

  71. #71 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 6, 2010 - 12:59 PM


    Politics is a dirty game and ALL politicians are dirty hence there is no such thing as cheap tricks in politics, so you may call it ,”politricks”

    Calling Nawaz Sharif a brainless person is not as bad as calling him ‘hairless’ because he is no more a tindoo, and it is obvious from his head that he got hair transplant. However if you think he is a brainy person then he should show his brains and impress us, unfortunately he is a perpetual paindoo and that is Pakastan’s kismet that you look for one you find a million of such species.

    I don’t understand why you are taking it so seriously whereas other politicians have used much harsh words against their opponents for e.g., Imran Khan recently passed a very racist comment against Babar Ghauri an MQM party worker, leader whatever he is. And, you did not react to his racist comments as much as you are reacting now. That is stooping low I mean what Imran Khan said to Babar Ghauri and that too on a TV show.

    Calling someone a brainless person is not a below the belt comment in fact it is an over the top 😉 comment. In Urdu it is similar to what we say for e.g.

    Ahmaq or Ahmaqana insaan; another degree is ‘bewaqoof’ especially when someone makes no sense, it is braggadocio and blabbering which Nawaz Sharif does and not only that his actions are much worst than that. When he was in power he made billions of rupees I would say he is not brainless but very crafty and deceptive person who is fooling the masses of Punjab only on the basis of regionalism. He has amassed personal wealth to the extent that he is the 4th richest person in Pakistan.

    As regards character analysis who hasn’t done that? Those who raise their fingers at him called him a dictator only because he was an army general does not justify because, they are worst than a dictator. The word dictator has been used in the English language mainly for army generals who took command and control of the country and the examples that are quoted are of Hitler, Saddam Hussain, Fidel Castro etc.,

    Some people say Iraq was a better place during the time of Saddam than it is now, and Castro has done a lot of good things for Cuba it is only the Americans call him a dictator ask the Cubans what they say? So, the word ‘dictator’ has become a taboo especially with Army generals.

    Now, look at what Asif Zardari is doing? He is a so-called civilian who came in to power through the backdoor and looting and ruining the country and no one has the guts to remove him. He has no fear from the army or the opposition. Because, Mian Sahab is letting him do whatever he wants during his term and when Mian Sahab will come into power he will do the same in the next five years.

    When Nawaz Sharif was in power he changed the constitution by making amendments to protect his post that no one should over throw him and amassed wealth by hook or by crook. Specific details can be provided when he de-nationalized or privatized the banks and big organization which Adolph Bhutto did.

    Imran Khan refused the post of Prime Minister when he was offered by Musharraf to become the PM, he said he want total power. Rumours are there that he was offered by Zardari to take place of Gillani but, he refused.

    Imran Khan when he was the captain of Pakistan cricket team, he was known to be a dictator, he never consulted anyone and did whatever he liked.
    His party has no second man, do you know the name of a second in command at Tehrik-e-Insaaf Party? I don’t reckon any.

    Therefore, I would say you may please save your breath to cool your porridge instead of boiling over at Musharraf or anyone else. 😀

  72. #72 by khansahab on October 6, 2010 - 7:25 PM

    Munir sahab

    Musharraf has insulted Nawaz Sharif and Sharif’s followers using indecent language, agreed. But, it is better language than what Sharif & like minded people use against people like Musharraf, such as “muturwaa”.

    Calling someone “characterless” is not indecent language, so the language he used against AQ Khan is not indecent. Characterless is not much different to saying someone is corrupt, or dishonest etc.

    If in principle it is agreed Musharraf used indecent language, then Imran Khan’s racist attack on Babar Ghouri must also be admonished. In fact, Imran’s attack carried a hint of racism whereas Musharraf has not stooped to such a low level.

    Why is there a disparity in Pakistan, that when Imran makes such a comment on TV it goes unnoticed, but when Musharraf makes a comment people start criticism?

  73. #73 by khansahab on October 6, 2010 - 7:28 PM

    Javed A Khan

    Throughout the history of Pakistan the only time normal civilians have come out on the street to protest against a leader, was when the people of Punjab protested against Musharraf.

    This is disgraceful as the so called common man of Pakistan says he is only concerned with the state of the economy (roti, kapra, makaan) and there is no doubt that under Musharraf, Pakistan became stronger economically. Yet, they protested against Musharraf?

    Why not Zardari or Nawaz?

  74. #74 by khansahab on October 6, 2010 - 7:30 PM

    Javed A Khan

    You mention CJ Choudhary, but look what he has done? The most corrupt government is in power, law & order has gone worse, lawyers and judiciary are still corrupt, the morale of the Pakistani is at an all time low.

  75. #75 by Pawan on October 6, 2010 - 8:42 PM

    A wonderful emotional song on ‘the’ Pak-Eng test…

  76. #76 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 7, 2010 - 1:28 AM


    I hate this slogan “Roti, Kapra aur Makaan” because this is the worst kinda exploitation tactics used by that Dictator-e-Azam Adolph Zulafkar Ali Bhutto. Being a feudal he did not want the poor to get educated so he deliberated eliminated the “education” aspect from that stupid slogan.

    It gives the impression that a poor man is so desperate to get roti, kapra aur makaan and he needs nothing else. It also gives the impression that all the people were living naked in caves and were dying of hunger whereas, that was not the case in Pakistan when Bhutto took over. Pakistan’s economy was one of the strongest in South Asia and this bastard exploited the uneducated masses with this dubious, senseless slogan. And, even today the people are paying the price for this Bhutto Dynasty. And, this shameless Daku Zardari has changed his son’s name from Bilawal Zardari to Bilawal Bhutto only to fool the masses.

    Therefore, in my opinion education up to high school is a must for everyone in Pakistan until and unless they get the basic education none of these problems will go away especially the terrorism factor, where these opportunists are exploiting the young uneducated children by brainwashing them in the name of religion and by making them human bombs. These children should first get the basic and proper education so that they are able to differentiate between good and bad, between right and wrong, between righteous and honest, between moral and immoral and so on…..

  77. #77 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 7, 2010 - 1:30 AM


    Where is the song? Any link?

  78. #78 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 7, 2010 - 1:35 AM


    On stooping low, Malcolm Speed the former ICC chief called Ijaz Butt a “Buffoon” what was the need? We as bloggers can call him anything we like but Speedy Gonzales has no right to call him a buffoon. The funny thing is Butt did not react to that comment. Probably he couldn’t find the word in his “Buttictionary“. 😀

  79. #79 by Mohammed Munir on October 7, 2010 - 5:48 AM

    Javed Khan …

    LOL @ ‘Politricks’ & ‘tindoo’.

    I am agree … Tindoo is a Paindoo. 😉

    Bhai Sahab … Bohat Achhay Mood Mein Lagtay Ho, Masha’Allah. Very interesting and funny comments.

    On Imran Khan, yes he too made a mistake by calling Babar Ghouri, whatever he did. However, what I know is that Imran Khan made those comments in response to Babar Ghouri attacking him personally on so many occasions. During one of their TV interview/ debate (which I saw) Ghouri brought a picture of Sita White’s daughter and showed it on TV and asked all viewers and Imran Khan (who was also attending) that doesn’t she look like you ? What he was implying was that since the child resembles Imran’s looks thus she is his daughter. Ghauri did all this on live TV interview in the presence of Imran Khan. So I would not blame Imran in attacking him personally. The thing is that even if that really is Imran’s child, this is not that way. So we all know how ‘decent’ that Ghauri is.

    Whereas in case of Musharraf, neither Nawaz nor Dr. Abdul Qadeer passed any comments against him recently, and Musharraf called them names without any fresh-provocation.

    Moreover, if Nawaz calls Masharraf names and Musharraf replies in the same fashion, this renders them both similar. So they are both Paindoo … right ?

    Khansahab …

    I agree with you there sure is huge “disparity” is Pakistan, because if Hafeez or Kamran do not perform we see huge write-ups cursing, abusing, blaming and criticizing them for all the bad, but if Fawad Alam gets out without scoring any runs, we see just a mild passing comments, ‘he too played pathetically’.

    Secondly, what Nawaz Sharif’s followers or his like-minded peoples using indecent language is not equal to Musharraf (himself) calling Nawaz names, and that too without any recent direct provocation. BTW, I am more perturbed with Musharraf abusing Dr. Abdul Qadeer then Nawaz, because Nawaz is a politician and will settle his score with Musharraf whenever he got a chance. While Dr. Abdul Qadeer is not only a national hero but a highly educated individual from humble backgrounds, and it doesn’t suit an Army Dictator to involve him for his personal campaign.

    About Imran Khan, well as I said about, Imran passed those comments in response to personal attacks by Babar Ghauri more like in self-defense, which is not the case with Musharraf.

  80. #80 by Mohammed Munir on October 7, 2010 - 11:26 AM

    A bus station is where a bus stops.

    A train station is where a train stops.

    I have a work station. 😉

    Have a nice week end all !!

  81. #81 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 7, 2010 - 1:54 PM


    A mind can only see what it is prepared to see … our perception changes when we see the whole picture. I gave a few examples earlier on the subject that, with our limited knowledge we can only understand what we see. Most of the time we are wrong when we see a picture in bits and bobs and as we see the bigger picture our perception changes. Now, why I am telling you this? Because, the fact is we don’t know what Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan actually did? Did he act on his own? Was he so powerful that he could bypass the country’s head when dealing with other countries? We have only been given to understand that he is a national hero because of the bomb he built, we really really don’t know his so called humble background or the powers he had at that time. Reportedly a lot of people say that he was not only protected by the govt., but he used and abused that privilege, he was known to be a very powerful man and from behind the curtains he used to dictate his terms to the leaders and had a carte blanche to do whatever he wants.

    So, is it not possible that he did something wrong which we don’t know? At that time when he was placed under house arrest on charges for selling top secret information to other countries we all have read that in newspapers and saw it on TV and, some believed and some didn’t. May be Musharraf knows the truth and it is for this reason he called him a characterless person. His ability as a scientist has nothing to do with his morals. Don’t consider him an angel.

    As regards Imran’s response to Ghauri, I think Imran could have done better rather than stooping low like him. And, mind you this is not the first time that Sita White’s name came up, the British Tabloids had carried front page photos of her and the so-called daughter and Imran was questioned by journalists many times and he dodged them without answering. He could have done that here, there was no need to stoop as low as him. That is why I say Imran is still immature in politics and in 18 years if he hasn’t learn the art of politics he should give up politics because, the people of Pakistan will not accept another dictator. By the way the army generals are not the only ones who are dictators there are civilians too, it is the role they play that is dictatorship and not the uniform alone that makes them a dictator. 😉 Take care.

  82. #82 by khansahab on October 7, 2010 - 6:03 PM

    Munir sahab

    Hafeez has been praised in the current thread, so I don’t know what your point was when you mentioned his name. Even Fawad Alam’s haters don’t use his name in the same sentence as Hafeez, because of Hafeez’s consistently poor performances.

    Kamran Akmal has single handedly lost Pakistan matches, contributed in politics in the team, contributed in decline in Kaneria and Sami’s careers, Aaqib Javed said on camera that he suspects Akmal of match fixing etc. So, again Akmal’s name should not be used in the same sentence as Fawad Alam. In fact we have not given Akmal his due criticism. People have written exclusive articles on him blaming corruption and politics for his consistent presence in the team.

    How can you even compare Akmal who has been playing for 7 years, and has played in 53 Tests and 123 ODI’s with Alam who has played 22 ODI’s and 3 Tests? It defies belief!

    You say that I have mentioned Fawad played “pathetically”. That is a strong statement- the word pathetic is a pretty strong word with intense connotations. What do you want me to do, get a rifle and shoot him? In his short career he has already impressed many times and played a contribution in many victories.

    If you feel Fawad is as poor as Akmal and Hafeez then please try and justify it rather than making outrageous statements.

    You have used the words “Army Dictator” to describe Musharraf. Actually, Musharraf is now neither a part of the Army, nor is he a dictator. You are totally blind it seems out of your hatred for Fawad Alam and Musharraf.

    Regarding AQ Khan, I have seen at least 2 interviews where he has used the following phrases against Musharraf:

    “Ghatya insaan”
    “iss ka koi kirdaar nahi hai”

    Once he used abusive language against Musharraf on TV, but the TV channel censored it. So I am sure that this is the first time Musharraf has criticised AQ Khan and this is in complete self defence.

    Musharraf is also from a “humble background”- he is not born into a family of landlords or feudals like all politicians including Imran Khan.

    As for Imran Khan, self defence does not mean you stoop below to such a low level that you insult someone by comparing him with “Africans”. That is because, you are just not insulting that person, you are also insulting Africans. Do you even know when Imran made that comment? It was more than a year after Ghouri said Sita White is the mother of Imran’s child. I have heard that Imran has admitted in an interview that he is the father of that girl. It does not matter to me either way.

    A person is a real chuti*a if he uses racism, sexism or insults disabled/disfigured people to make a point. There is a line you must never cross- the colour of someone’s skin, their looks, their gender or their physical appearance. That is what separates gentlemen from paindoos.

  83. #83 by khansahab on October 7, 2010 - 6:11 PM

    Javed A Khan

    America wanted Musharraf to hand over AQ to America, I don’t know what the facts are (and neither does Munir sahab or like minded people), but I have heard that AQ Khan has made millions personally selling Pakistan’s technology as a personal enterprise. Reportedly the Musharraf government quizzed him about the source of his personal wealth and he could not give straight answers.

    Under the circumstances Musharraf had 2 options: to hand AQ over to America (AQ would have suffered a worse fate than Afia Siddiqui) or pardon him and keep him under house arrest.

    All these Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif blame Musharraf for being America’s poodle- if they come to power we will see what kind of poodles they are. Nawaz Sharif is Saudi’s poodle, forget America. We know Saudi foreign policy is really dictated by America. So one way or the other, they are all poodles.

  84. #84 by khansahab on October 7, 2010 - 6:14 PM

    Pakistan team for UAE tour:

    Shahid Afridi
    Asad Shafiq
    Abdur Rehman
    Zulqarnain Haider
    Tanveer Ahmed
    Umar Akmal
    Fawad Alam
    Mohd. Yousuf
    Abdul Razzaq
    Saeed Ajmal
    Imran Farhat
    Umar Gul
    Shoaib Akhtar
    Mohd. Hafeez

    Shocking to see Misbah is back. If you are from Punjab, the opportunities are endless.

  85. #85 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 7, 2010 - 8:01 PM


    There was a very strong rumour that Younus Khan will be back in the team for the SA series in the UAE but strangely enough he is once again omitted from the squad. Not only Misbah but, Imran Farhat’s presence is again very shocking BUT, the blessing is Shoaib Malik is not there and so is Kamran Akmal. And the good thing is they have included Tanvir Ahmad the fast bowler in the squad. I hope they play him.

  86. #86 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 7, 2010 - 8:11 PM

    I think Musharraf did a big favour to AQ Khan by not handing him over to the US. The other reason is Musharaff knew how the people of Pakistan would have reacted if AQ Khan was handed over to the US. Knowing the facts that he was like a ‘saanp kay moo may chahchoondar’ Khan is blabbing against Musharraf now.

    As regards Mian Sahab the Tindoo, who is gutless and spineless, he was the one who ordered Musharraf to retreat from Kargil i.e., after he was summoned by Clinton who ordered him to give up the Kargil sector to India and reportedly when Musharraf told him that if the Pak forces retreat then there will be a big casualty but, Mian Sahab was shitting bricks in his shalwar and insisted that orders must be implemented. Now, the Tindoo blames Musharraf for the casualties in Kargil. What kinda head of the state he was that an army general took the decision without consulting the PM? They think the whole world is Paindoo.

  87. #87 by khansahab on October 7, 2010 - 8:28 PM

    Javed A Khan

    These PCB bastards have no shame at all. Everything is controlled by favouritism and corruption.

    Pakistan cricket is on fire, Ijaz Butt is on the verge of being sacked, but these policies that kill merit will continue.

    Farhat is back, Misbah is back…in the “A” team that is touring West Indies, Faisal Iqbal has been made captain. That A team looks pathetic.

  88. #88 by khansahab on October 7, 2010 - 8:36 PM

    Why is there confusion about appointing the ODI captain? Is Afridi not the captain?

    Will this be yet another blunder by Ijaz Butt?
    PCB in two minds over captaincy issue

    Karachi: The Pakistan Cricket Board appears to be caught up in another self-created problem with indications that it is finding it difficult to find someone to lead the team in the coming series against South Africa in the UAE.

    The failure of the board to announce the captain for the first leg of the series that includes one-day and T20 matches despite including Shahid Afridi in the squad means it remains uncertain over the captaincy issue.

  89. #89 by khansahab on October 7, 2010 - 9:31 PM

    Musharraf is coming to Manchester, UK on 9 October.

    You can read on the above news link, the paindoos of Manchester are protesting against Musharraf and there might be street brawls.

  90. #90 by Pawan on October 7, 2010 - 9:36 PM

    Javed, Here’s the url again:

  91. #91 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 8, 2010 - 1:35 AM

    Pawan there is some problem with my computer or, could be word press that your URL was not visible in the previous comment as well as this comment and just by mistake when I clicked the edit button I was able to see the URL and I highlighted it and it is now showing, so in the previous comment also I did the same. Sorry about me asking where is the URL because it wasn’t visible on my screen and now it it is.

    Thanks for the song.


    What is wrong with you that you are not commenting anymore? You did not even mention a word on the first test match between India and Australia which ended in a very exciting finish

  92. #92 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 8, 2010 - 3:05 PM



    Wow, what a country what an organization? You are kicked out of the team for poor performance and then you are rewarded by making captain of the test team!

    Following is the test squad:

    Imran Farhat, Taufeeq Umar, Asad Shafiq, Mohammad Yousuf, Misbah ul Haq (capt), Umar Akmal. Azhar Ali, Saeed Ajmal, Danish Kaneria, Abdur Rehman, Zulqarnain Haider, Umar Gul, Tanvir Ahmed, Mohammad Sami, Wahab Riaz, Sohail Tanvir (subject to fitness).

  93. #93 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 8, 2010 - 3:16 PM

    “An official told ESPN cricinfo, however, that the delay came about due to the chairman’s concerns about Afridi’s role. “Afridi didn’t get a very good report on his leadership in England from the team management,” the official said. “That, and then some of his public comments recently have not impressed the board. Ultimately though it has been decided to give him another opportunity.” LOL @ another opportunity.

    In Pakistan if you are a chamcha you are a “good boy” even if you do all sorts of intrigues, conspiracy, revolt, betting, bringing bad name for the country losing the match deliberately, backseat mothering, grouping in the team, you are still a good boy. However, if you raise your voice against the Big Brother and Butt Brothers then you are under the Bad Books of the Management and you are a Bad Boy.

    How long this hypocrisy and Bhai Chargi will prevail in the country? There is no selection on merit basis, there is regionalism, nepotism and favouritism. Owing to this some of the uneducated and uncouth players are taking a short cut and obtaining a PhD in Buttering the Butt.


    Like the green card if you have a P. Card then you get a carte blanche and a license to kill. 😀

  94. #94 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 8, 2010 - 7:48 PM

    The three Musketeers involved in match fixing, their passports have been released by the Ministry of Interior so that they can go to Qatar for the appeal hearing.

    Mark my word, ALL THREE of them will be released and they will play for Pakistan in the 2011 WC. And, as long as Ijaz Butt is there, Younus Khan has no chance to get into the team. A person like Misbah gets he honour of captaincy for the forthcoming test series against SA in the UAE is really a shameful act.

  95. #95 by khansahab on October 8, 2010 - 10:11 PM

    What the hell is Basit Ali trying to say? How does it matter what region of Pakistan Younis Khan plays for?

    Former players slam Younis’ snub

    KARACHI: Former Test cricketers Basit Ali and Jalaluddin slammed the selection committee for dropping Younis Khan for the series against South Africa in Abu Dhabi whilst at the same time recalling Misbah-ul-Haq to the team on Thursday.

    “The Pakistan team is incomplete without Younis,” Basit said. “It is a shame that he has been neglected once again.

    “I am actually surprised that NWFP ministers have not condemned his exclusion since he has always preferred to play for Peshawar rather than for Karachi.”

    Former fast bowler Jalaluddin too was livid at Younis’exclusion.“Younis is an automatic selection in the team,” said Jalal. “He brings a lot of stability to Pakistan’s at times brittle batting lineup.

    “He has been victimised by board officials for personal differences and due to this, Pakistan cricket is suffering. Egos should be kept aside at this moment in time.

    Misbah’s recall shows that cricket is being run without a plan. First they wanted to continue with youngsters in England and now they have recalled a veteran. These decisions have made our team a laughing stock.”

    Meanwhile, Basit Ali hailed Intikhab Alam’s appointment as manager of the crisis-hit Pakistan team.

    “He will prove to be a good manager,” said Basit. “At present, Intikhab is the best choice to deal with the pressures that are being thrust upon Pakistan by the media and the cricketing fraternity.”

    However, Basit was not impressed by Pakistan Cricket Board’s decision to fire fielding coach Ijaz Ahmed and assistant manager Shafqat Rana.

    “The termination of their contracts is totally ridiculous. PCB Chairman Ijaz Butt is taking such steps to save his seat but his reign is likely to come to an end very soon,” he said.

  96. #96 by khansahab on October 8, 2010 - 10:14 PM

    Intikhab denies differences with Waqar

    KARACHI: Pakistan’s newly appointed team manager Intikhab Alam has said that there is no truth in rumors about his differences with national coach, Waqar Younis.

    The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) on Thursday named Intikhab Alam the new team manager for the upcoming UAE tour, where Pakistan is to play a Test and ODI series against South Africa.

    He was stripped from his coaching job following Pakistan’s victory-less tour of Australia.

    “I have accepted this job as a challenge,” he told a cricket website after assuming his new responsibility.

    “There is no dispute with Waqar Younis. I have very good relations with all team members.”

  97. #97 by khansahab on October 9, 2010 - 11:48 AM

    We have a new thread.

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