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THE Musical Chair Drama is coming to an end when the PCB will announce Misbah ul Haq as Captain of the Pakistan Cricket Team for the ICC 2011 WC starting next month in the sub-continent.

Its a shame that not only the PCB but some of the renowned sports writers and journalists are following the pied piper tune played by the jingoists lobby which is controlling the PCB and the Selection Committee.  In fact there is NO committee but there is a one BUTT SHOW.

I was shocked to read an article in cricinfo by Osman Samiuddin whom I had a lot of respect earlier, not anymore after reading his article which is showering praise and accolades on Misbah ul Haq and he is being compared with Sir Don Bradman and he was also talking about writing a book and making a film on Misbah goes to prove that he is now living in the backyard of “Cuckoo’s-Den.”

Misbah’s uncertain and erratic career in cricket is a proof in itself that he is a mediocre player who never managed to consolidate his place in the team like a hero or one of the heroes of the past viz. Imran Khan, Javed Miandad, Inzamam ul Haq, Saeed Anwar, Wasim Akram etc., and that is because he is a pimple on the ass of mediocrity and never a hero. If Samiuddin wants to make him a hero of his dreams then he can write a book or compete with Mahesh Bhatt and the end result would be like Misbah’s career which never took off.

Misbah has only two test centuries to his name and that too when he scored them in India in 2007 under the captaincy of his comrade – Shoaib Malik (Younus Khan was made makeshift captain because the former put his foot in his mouth and broke his ankle) since then he is in and out of the team because of his poor and pathetic form and suddenly his batting average as a captain is being compared with Sir Don Bradman! Come on guys get real.

All this drama is being created only to appoint him as a captain for the 2011 WC.  The single test series win from a mere 2 tests i.e., beating New Zealand 1-0, the team which was battered by Bangladesh 4-0 and by India 5-0 in the recent ODI’s is a proof of how good the team is?

If Misbah is so good then he should also be breaking Sir Don Bradman’s record in the forth coming ODI series starting in a few days when he would be playing under Shahid Afridi’s captaincy.  Misbah has been conspiring with Malik, Akmal and Butt along with Rana Nayee to get rid of the two former captains, Younus Khan and Mohammad Yousuf.  And, they succeeded in doing so. Yousuf is already out and Younus was dropped from the England tour and somehow managed to get back into the team because no one else was performing in the middle order.

Other than scoring runs, I would like to know what role Misbah played as a captain? Like someone said, the reason he is scoring runs now is because he wants to hold his captaincy post not only by two hands but, by his teeth as well. There is a very clear indication that now he has a motive and wants to end his career on a high note by captaining the Pakistan team in the WC –  Winning or losing is not important for him, he plays for himself like he played in the first T20 WC in SA against India in the last 2 matches.

In my opinion, as a captain he did nothing other than scoring runs, he has no clue about field placements, bowling change, changing batting order, he simply stands there in the slips like a simpleton. Fortune Favours the Fools and Lady Luck has showered her blessings on him.  He is the so-called HERO at the moment.  The people of Pakistan always worship the Rising Sun and kicks off the Butt by the Dawn.

It will be a grave mistake if Misbah is appointed as captain of the team for the 2011 WC.  Ask any unbiased and sensible person and you will get the same answer. Afridi as a captain is far more superior than Misbah ul Haq. Lets hope and see the results of the 5 ODI’s.