India the world champions

If you are an Indian you will never never forget the date 2 April 2011, the day when India was crowned the World Champions at Mumbai. The whole Indian nation is celebrating. Politicians are saying this is the happiest occasion the country has faced since its independence.

As with my match analysis of the Pakistan semi final, I have not consulted with Javed A Khan about what we are going to say in this thread. He has told me he is a little busy for some time and he may have his own views about the new world champions and the world cup review which he will write about if he feels the need.

If I am brutally honest, I did not expect India to win this World Cup and it was the 4th most likely team to be crowned the world champions for me. I expected Australia, Sri Lanka and South Africa (in that order) to better India. However, as fate would have it two of those teams did not even make it to the top 4. I do blame the WC format for this but this is a point I will come to later.

The Indian batting once again thrived. For me the highlight of their batting was Tendulkar's flawless strokeplay against Steyn and Morkel

The usual suspects performed for India and did what they were expected to do. Tendulkar amassed 482 runs, averaging 54. Gambhir, Sehwag and Yuvraj were all consistent. 4 out of the top 8 batsmen in the WC were Indian and this is something you would perhaps expect.

Career best performance

Yuvraj played a monumental role for India in this WC. He was the 8th highest run scorer and 6th highest wicket-taker. This is really the reason why India won. The problem India was having in the recent past was that they did not possess a wicket taking talent other than Zaheer Khan so Khan would often have to fight a lone battle in the bowling department. In their middle order India lacked a consistent performer who could assume responsibility if SRT and Sehwag would be dismissed cheaply at the top of the order. Yuvraj gave his career best performance at the most significant time.

Zaheer also gave the best performance of his life and almost got away with the Player of the Tournament award

And then there was Zaheer Khan who also gave the best performance of his career. What I found was outstanding with Khan in this tournament was not his use of the new ball, but his use of the old ball. He got the ball to reverse swing whenever Dhoni wanted him to and kept picking wickets. He finished with the highest number of wickets along with Afridi. 5 years ago you could not imagine an Indian bowling like this. From India’s point of view hopefully Zaheer Khan will inspire many more pacers who will rip through batting orders.

I have a problem with this tournament format. This WC was essentially a 3 match knockout contest between the top 8 teams.

Format wise this WC was a failure. The ICC must not make this mistake again

The biggest event in world cricket should never be organised like that. This format favoured subcontinental teams for obvious reasons, due to their familiarity with low and slow pitches. One would then naturally expect the strongest subcontinental team (arguably India) to win. Hopefully the ICC will not organise events like this in the future. Teams that reached the semi final will probably not complain, but those that did not have plenty to criticise. Imagine India or Pakistan playing in England in aknockout competition? I am sure they would have immense problems- they might lose relatively easily to teams like West Indies and New Zealand.

And finally there was Dhoni. A smart, cool and consistent performer. Dhoni is a rare talent. His batting is ugly and some of his decisions are questionable, but he has nerves of steel. Above everything he is also a very humble human being. His journey has involved applying to become a ticket collector to winning the World Cup for India. His decision to promote himself up the order in the final was nothing short of courageous if not heroic. I recently discovered that Dhoni averages 47 runs more in those ODI’s that India has won. Numbers never tell the whole story, but in this case they do tell a lot. I would say the World Cup was won by Dhoni and Yuvraj. I salute Mahendra Singh Dhoni and at the moment he is in my opinion the greatest Indian alive.

Once again, congratulations to the Indian visitors of this blog and all of India.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni the great

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    Missing World Cup will hurt forever: Amir

    Karachi: Pakistan’s suspended pacer Mohammad Amir says missing the World Cup due to the five-year ban imposed on him for involvement in spot-fixing will hurt him for the rest of his life.

    “What can I say, it wasn’t meant to be and of course missing such a huge match hurts and will always hurt,” Amir said.

    The left-arm pacer banned by the ICC in February for his role in spot-fixing during last year’s tour to England felt if enigmatic fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar had been included in the Pakistan team for the World Cup semifinal against India, he could have made a difference to the result.

    “The management made a decision to not play him due to his fitness concerns which I can understand but Shoaib would have made a difference no doubt about it. Even if he was not 100% fit and not performing, the stage was set for him to perform well. He’s been a big match performer and he would have delivered against India.”

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    The reason I have pasted Mohammad Amir’s interview is to show how pathetic it is that Pakistani media is still showering attention of him and Salman Butt.

    2 days ago Salman Butt was on a TV programme.

    Does this media have no shame? Why are they showing attention to these players who have disgraced the country?

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    I have my own thoughts on WC. If you remember I was not convinced at all Australia had it in them this time. I also did not believe England based on their Ashes form would be favorites. I had South Africa, Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan as favorites to win. I am among very few who considered Pakistan as potential winners because I knew their style of play could knock anyone down, and it was almost true since Pakistan is one team that made India scrap for a win in KO. League games against England and SA are different stories as I believe Indians were preserving themselves for KO. South Africa had all round team, but they had their usual weakness. We would never know how close Sri Lanka came yesterday, but if you ask me they were closer than it appeared. With Malinga in SL side, had lower order after Raina were exposed with 30 or even 20 runs to get, all that was needed was a super Malinga over to knockdown last 3-4 wickets. Dhoni knew this and he was determined to keep his wicket and finish the game. Also India won because Murali was negated. Dhoni’s experience with playing Murali for 3 years in CSK team helped, as Dhoni knows Murali doosra very well and Murali too know this that put pressure on him according to Dhoni. It all looks good when it works, but it was a hard fought match. Dhoni certainly has nerves of steel and he pulled India over with so much mental power. I am no great fan of Dhoni’s style, but I have to stand and admire him now for what he has achieved.

    I cannot agree with making conditions suitable for hosts. Everyone do this. In England there is always seaming wickets, and Australia and South Africa producing bouncing wickets. WC winning team should be able to over come all these odds. Australia did it four times in four different conditions. India did it once in England. Pakistan did it once in Australia. Therefore conditions cannot be blamed, as it is also first time host is winning. It never helped the hosts before.

    I agree with you on Zaheer, he has been a huge contributor to Indian win. not just WC, he has been the talisman for Indian bowling for last few years, many of India’s test wins have come on his shoulder. If you notice, ZK performance inverted in the final. Normally he has better figures with old ball, but yesterday he had poor figures as he was taken for 54 runs from last five by Mahela. It seems like Mahela knew the late movement and countered it when he hit the balls for four. Other batsmen were deceived as they tried to hit out against him. Some chose to play him out like Ponting.

    In the end, India won despite the pathetic bowlers like Munaf. But this is not the time to complain. So, all credit to Dhoni.

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    Pakistani team lost purposely
    Column from Dallas
    Saeed Qureshi

    Pakistan’s cricket team could have easily won the semi final against India but purposely lost because of the backdoor intrigues. There was no need to garland a captain who knew that the team has brought slur to Pakistan and utter depression and despondency to millions cricket fans from Pakistan and elsewhere, infused with a bubbling spirit of nationalism. This was the fifth consecutive defeat of the Pakistani cricket team at the hands of the Indian team in World Cup matches. What an odious shame? It was categorically easy to chase the meager 260 runs scored by Indian team, all the more when national honor was at stake. There have been visible flaws and deliberate lapses committed by the Pakistani players that turned the tide in favor of the Indian team.

    I would start building up my argument in support my contention by quoting the arch intriguer Rehman Malik’s sudden telephone calls to the captain of the Pakistani team Shahid Khan Afridi. His statement issued, before the departure of the team for India, was pregnant with a hidden threat that implied that it would be better to lose than win. Later while our team was in India he talked three times on phone to Shahid Afridi which the captain labeled as untimely.

    Mr Malik’s this uncalled for statement made while the team was still in Pakistan, was nationally condemned as ominous and perceived as a kind of spanner to dampen the spirits of the team. Mr Malik has earned for himself the role of a person who never means what he says. But in this case he was dam serious of hurling a veiled threat to the Pakistani team. His statement might have two underlying objectives. He meant, “Look we are going to have uniquely crucial parleys with the Indian leadership and we would like to keep the Indians and their government in good humor. If we win the game we lose the positive results that could accrue from the meeting.” Secondly, he might have conveyed that, “you are going to play on the Indian soil and in case you win you could become the target by flared up and enraged Indians.” It should be recalled that on march 3, 2009, the Sri Lankan cricket team was attacked in Pakistan by the terrorists and that was the most appalling event in sports history after the Palestinians massacred the Jewish team in 1972 world Olympics held in Germany.

    Let us now focus on the technical contours of the game. Imran Akmal was as dysfunctional as he has been in previous matches reinforcing the suspicion that he has compromised his game ethics for some ulterior motives that are already well known. It is reported that despite Afridi’s reluctance to include him in the team, he was overruled by the Chairman of the PCB and therefore was imposed upon the team. And look how disappointingly he played and kept his honor and that of the country at stake and finally trampled at the playground.There is no harm in assessing that Misbahul Haq was goaded in advance to go slow and waste the precious overs by not hitting even the most pliable ball. If there is any mechanism to verify this apprehension, the truth will come out. Why Abdul Razzaq, otherwise a brilliant and aggressive player put up a very poor and gloomy performance both in balling and batting. There couldn’t be any earthly reason the way he was sluggish and looked clumsy in performing in his dual role.

    And there are comments that the power play which could have turned the match in favor of the Pakistani team was not sought at the outset of the Afridi’s stepping into the arena. When it was solicited it was too late and the damage had already been done. Imran Khan an accomplished cricketer who has the distinction of being the skipper of the team that won the first ever world cup in 1992, argues that with the “worst kind of fielding that the Pakistani team displayed, no team could have won.”

    Distastefully the politicians, the bookies, the gamblers and intentional stake holders have infiltrated into the world of sports and it is they who write the script, choreograph the games especially the cricket and decide who should win and which side should lose. But the only team whose players have remained as an easy prey to the trappings of the huge money was mostly Pakistani. Recently, three of Pakistan’s ace players have been awarded fines and bans imposed on their playing for long periods of time. The charges against them are as crystal clear as the 1000 watt bulb lighted in the small dark cubicle. So with this backlog of bad reputation there is very little benefit of doubt that can be given to the Pakistani team that played in Mohali Punjab and brought for Pakistan a disgrace and shame that in minuscule proportion is equal to the surrender of Pakistan’s valiant army in Palton Maidan in December 16, 1971 to the Indian army. Now defeat is defeat and it is most of the times humiliating. There is no pride attached to defeat as the circles and various lobbies are trying to portray it as such. Pakistan cricket team’s defeat at the hands of a traditional rival India for the fifth time is not matter to rejoice or self complimenting. It is to lament and grieve. If a defeat unites the nation as being interpreted, then no difference or distance is left between sanity and delusion. Waiting for four years to avenge this defeat? Is anyone among the crowd of self consolers to presage with absolute certainly that Pakistan would be winning then? Our money loving players will again fall prey to the irresistible monetary temptations and thus the hope and expectations pinned on the next world cup in 2015, would fall apart again.

    It is the present that matters. In a similar situation, Mirza Ghalib the eternal poet said in sheer despondency, “Kaun Jeeta Hay Teri Zulf Kay Sar Honay Tak”. It nearest rendering in English is, “Who can claim to live until the time of surmounting your lock ( tuft of beloved’s hair).” Nevertheless, May God bless our gullible nation eternally with his bounties and blessings.

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    Conditions are not so much to blame as the format.

    A World Cup campaign premised only on 3 knockouts is just ridiculous.

    West Indies could have defeated Australia for whatever reason- that would be a one-off but for all intents and purposes it would mean that Australia’s WC campaign is over. It does not do justice to teams like Australia, South Africa. India ended up on the winning side but if Australia had beaten them in QF’s then I am sure there would have been an outcry never to keep the same format again.

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    Also another thing about India’s victory is how Gambhir absorbed all that pressure and kept the score board ticking without undue risk. Gambhir is the master of playing this type of innings, he does not blast the ball like Sehwag, but he pushes ball into gaps and run. India scored 99 singles yesterday and 24 doubles. That is more than half runs in singles and twos. This is the key to winning chases in ODI. Aussies are the original masters of this. I used to be in owe how they did this and wondered why can’t Indians do this. With players like Gambhir, and Dhoni, India has the players for this.

    If I were to pin point why Pakistan could not do this, that is because Misbah and Younus kept blocking ball, or going for only big hits, there were so many gaps in the field to push singles and run. But their game is not in that style. It is either block or hit, like the Indians used to in the 90’s.

  8. #8 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 2:02 PM


    In ODI’s Younis and Misbah are not comparable to Gambhir, Dhoni and these players.

    Younis at his peak was inconsistent. When he performed everyone said he was world class but that happened very rarely.

    Misbah is not an international level middle order batsman. He is an MBA all gone wrong.

    You need to pace your innings, take calculated risks, absorb pressure and put it back on the opposition, plan many overs ahead when you are batting. Pakistan just cannot do that.

  9. #9 by newguy on April 3, 2011 - 2:05 PM


    I am not supporting the format because India won or it suited them, in fact I don’t think it suited them. But anyhow the reason I like the 3 knockout games format is because I am a followed of World Cup Football, for as long as I have followed Cricket I have also followed Football. In Foot ball much fancied teams like Brazil gets knocked out sometimes before Semi or a Final, and less fancied teams like Uruguay or Ghana gets through. This is OK, since fancied teams have no divine right to be in final or semis. It is an unforgiving format, and it means 3 KO games can win for top eight teams. It works in football.

  10. #10 by newguy on April 3, 2011 - 2:06 PM

    Khansahab, I am not comparing Misbah and Younus to GG / Dhoni, just pointing out the difference in styles. Aussies have had this culture in ODI for stealing singles and doubles for a long time, now Indians have caught up. Pakistan need to develop this along with great bowling skills they always have had.

  11. #11 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 2:11 PM


    Younis could not get singles because Dhoni brought in the field and the bowlers bowled to a line. Misbah never tried to get singles and got the players out at the other end. If anything this could be a selfish ploy by Misbah to make Afridi lose. At 36 the yearnings are also high for a retirement package. I wouldn’t be surprised that Misbah, who is from the Malik group (all spot/matchfixers proven subsequently) had other ulterior motives (along with Kamran Akmal, of course)..

    As for Ghambir’s innings, again two chances were missed by Sri Lanka (a catch and a run out). Ghambir played well, but I don’t personally like him as a player. He has an attitude problem, he isn’t humble like Dhoni, Tendulkar, and Sehwag. He was shivering under pressure when he came to the crease but Sri Lanka bowled with their most mediocre bowlers when Ghambir was getting set. Between Dhoni’s captaincy and Sangkkara’s captaincy, there was a difference of 0 and 10 on a scale of 0 to 10. What I really mean is that, throughout the knockout games, it was Dhoni’s captaincy that was the defining factor between India losing/winning. I would expect no different from Ponting in terms of tactics if he were the captain. Which is to bring the field in, make the bowlers bowl on a line, and attack. The world cup showed time and again through the 5-over powerplay that if the field is brought in and the batsmen attacked, wickets come in a flurry. But apart from Dhoni and Ponting no other captains pay heed to what seems on tv obvious. Dhoni made Nehra, Patel, and others look better than they were with astute bowling changes, field placements, and just sensing the right time to do the right things.

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    In soccer the most fancied teams can get out of the tournament at any stage. In cricket you have the 8 and then the rest. It is hard to compare the two. It is also hard fathom why 88 percent of the world cup was devoted to just reaching the KO stages. The tournament was designed to be flawed. This is nothing to take away from India’s victory as they beat all major opponents apart from SA and England through the tournament.

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    Pak ex-cricketers, media laud Dhoni and Co for World Cup win

    KARACHI: Pakistan’s cricket community has praised the leadership qualities of Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni and described him as the main architect of India’s World Cup title win.

    “India became the worthy winners of the 2011 World Cup and Dhoni utilised his charges with great elan,” former captain and ex-chief selector, Aamir Sohail said.

    “At no stage in the last three crucial matches of India did he commit any major mistake and more often than not he managed to answer and responded in the best for his time,” Sohail said.

    He pointed out that Dhoni promoting himself in the batting order in the final was a master stroke.

    “The coup de grace was laid down by Dhoni, his decision to promote himself up the order was a master stroke. Two left-handers could have allowed Sri Lanka to control the game,” he said.

    Former wicketkeeper-batsman Moin Khan was also all praise for the Indian captain and also singled out man of the tournament Yuvraj Singh for his performances in the World Cup.

    “I think India were rightly put down as title favourites because of their strong batting line. And they lived upto their favourites tag and their batsmen really came through in the last few games.

    “To chase 275 in a final was mentally a very tough job and the Indian batsmen showed why they are the best in the business today,” he said.

    Moin noted that Yuvraj had really matured and shone through in the World Cup.

    “Personally I find him to be a very exciting and class player who fits the description of an impact player perfectly. He really came through for India and he deserves all credit for the way he set the example with his bowling, batting and fielding,” Moin said.

    Pakistan’s former wicketkeeper-batsman Rashid Latif said that the Indians had shown character by winning the final despite losing their two most dangerous players Virender Sehwag and Sachin Tendulkar early.

    “The rest of the batsmen showed how much they wanted to win this World Cup and I can only say that India is lucky to have a top leader in Dhoni who leads by example and flair.”

    Latif said he was happy for Tendulkar being part of a World Cup winning team.

    “I think the way he has served Indian cricket the team really gave him the perfect gift by winning the World Cup because in the twilight of his career he deserved this honor.”

    Pakistan’s former captain and great Javed Miandad said that India had shown more mental resilience than Sri Lanka and deserved to win.

    “Pakistan let them off in the semifinal and they came through brilliantly. Dhoni deserves a lot of credit for managing so well with his limited bowling resources.

    “But where the Indians lacked in bowling firepower their batsmen made up for that. Dhoni batted brilliantly under pressure in the run-chase. Indian board and selectors must be given credit for keeping faith with this excellent leader,” Miandad said.

    Pakistan’s allrounder, Sohail Tanvir admitted that India had proven him wrong with their performance.

    “When the tournament began I thought they were being over-rated to win the World Cup because their bowling lacked sting. But Zaheer Khan really shouldered the bowling well throughout the tournament and got them vital wickets whenever the captain called upon him. Yuvraj gave his captain so much leverage by regularly taking wickets.”

    Tanvir said that as expected the Indian batting showed its strength and class in the final and Dhoni coming into bat at number five was a courageous move.

    “I also thought the Sri Lankans were around 30 to 35 runs short because the pitch was good for batting and they squandered valuable overs by batting slowly in the first 10-15 overs.

    “I have always said to beat India you need to set a target of around 325 to 340 for them. But I think India deserves to be world champions as they have been a very consistent side in recent times.”

    Former test pacer Sikander Bakht had no doubt that India had reaped the fruits of having consistency in its selection policies.

    “Unlike Pakistan where we didn’t know who would captain the side in the World Cup until two weeks before the competition India has done well to repose so much faith in Dhoni and give him say in selection matters. Dhoni is a remarkably cool and composed captain and he showed this in the final,” he said.

    Pakistan’s former leg-spinner, Abdul Qadir said that India had won the final on dent of their batting powerhouse.

    “The captain always shows the way like Imran Khan used to for Pakistan and Dhoni is now leading by example. He and his team deserve to be world champions.”

    India’s win in the final was covered prominently by in the Pakistani media with “The News” carrying a headline “Dhoni won the world cup for India.” While the widely circulated “Dawn” newspaper in a front page story said: “Captain courageous carries the day.”

    India’s victory was also covered prominently in the electronic media even though interest in the final had declined among the people after Pakistan’s defeat in the semifinal.

  14. #14 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 2:32 PM


    You know the way we moan so much about the poor performance of the Pakistan team.

    Only if they remove 2 players they will see the performance graph rise drastically.

    K Akmal and Misbah.

    Only 2 players, I mean how difficult can it be to remove 2 players?

  15. #15 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 2:36 PM


    We have been saying this for so many years now. But why do you think the board supports them?

  16. #16 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 3:15 PM

    A Pakistani player on condition of anonymity has told

    – There were cliques in the squad during the World Cup.

    – Shoaib Akhtar was not on good terms with the management

    – There was a mole in the team reporting matters back to the management, many players believed this person was exaggerating issues in his reports

    – Management laid down strict rules about discipline

    – PCB is not happy with Waqar for misreading Mohali pitch

    – Inzamam ul Haq was trying to become batting coach of the team

    – There was bad language used by players against each other

  17. #17 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 3:23 PM


    Isn’t Whatmore the perfect coach for the Pakistan team?

  18. #18 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 3:29 PM


    I think Basit Ali was suggesting the name of Whatmore or Andy Flower.

    When Geoff Lawson was about to be appointed I had suggested the name of Whatmore.

    He has worked with Asian players and know their psyche.

    However, due to the strictness of Whatmore there might be clashes with players and the PCB. Unlike Lawson and Woolmer, Whatmore appears to be a no-nonsense coach.

  19. #19 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 3:36 PM


    That seems to be a good choice. At one point Whatmore transformed Sri Lanka.

    Yes, I remember the choice between Lawson and Whatmore. Lawson was simply a bad coach who promoted more jingoism to keep his position as a coach. He supported Malik, Kamran Akmal, and the like which were genuine matchlosers. Rather than developing a team he got involved in petty politics.

    Doctor Ashraf made blunders as a chairman of PCB. He let player power rule the roost. Some of the decisions he made still hurt Pakistan cricket. He made Shoaib Malik the captain, never took a stand against Kamran Akmal, and so on. If these changes had been made at that time, Pakistan would have developed into a very solid team now.

  20. #20 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 3:41 PM


    Yeah, Dr Ashraf did make blunders in terms of empowering Shoaib Malik. But, I don’t think a lot of the criticism Ashraf received was justified.

    He was targeted disproportionately by the media and commentators.

    Those who supported Malik still support him now. The only difference is that, Ijaz Butt had to take a stand against Ashraf’s decisions so he could not keep Malik on as captain.

    Malik is not in the team because it has been revealed he was playing politics, underperforming and his bank account activity was suspicious so apparently he is under the scanner for fixing.

  21. #21 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 3:46 PM


    You know what, if Ponting had retired, I’d suggest him to become the coach of the Pakistan cricket team 😛

  22. #22 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 5:11 PM

    Afridi for result-oriented West Indies tour

    ISLAMABAD, Apr 3 (APP): Captain Pakistan Cricket team Shahid Afridi said on Sunday that upcoming visit of Pakistan team to West Indies would be result-oriented. “Our team is in good spirit and high morale,” Afridi said.
    Talking to a private news channel, he said new youngsters should be given chance to prove their worth in the forthcoming tour.
    “Cricket experts, lovers, supporters and family are expecting me to lead the team in the next trip, “ he said.
    Afridi said that expectations of Pakistani people are too high from the national team, adding that new talented youngsters could help bringing better results in future.
    He said that India was a favorite team in the mega event and they played well and won the World Cup.
    Shahid Afridi thanked the Pakistani media and nation over support throughout the event.

  23. #23 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 5:14 PM


    It is interesting to note that Nasser Hussain is also suggested in Pakistan as a possible coaching option. I think he was a tough fighter and is really good at analyzing the game. What do you think?

  24. #24 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 5:19 PM


    That would be great- I haven’t heard his name being mentioned as a candidate.

    I think he will be an honest and committed coach.

    He likes to try new things all the time. If they can get Hussein it will be beneficial I think.

  25. #25 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 5:59 PM

    Someone had written this 3-4 years ago, when doctor Ashraf was the PCB chairman and Inzamam the captain, when Kamran Abbasi came up with the thread that Kamran was his namesake and therefore he should be persisted with:

    Does anybody remember 2nd test vs SAF at Port Elizabeth that we won because of our bowling? Kamran dropped at least SIX catches in that match – and that too of all specialist batsmen. That made look into all test afterwards;

    Pak vs SAF (2nd at Port Elizabeth 1st innings)

    70.1 Danish Kaneria to Kallis, no run, oh no – has Akmal dropped yet another one? Ooh, not sure – Kallis went chasing that one and seemed to feather it through to Akmal who drops it. But the replays are inconclusive. Akmal’s having a poor match anyway
    Kallis dropped on 63 – went on to score 91.

    103.1 Mohammad Hafeez to Boucher, no run, Akmal drops another one! tossed up and this one turned back in sharply, Boucher defends on the back-foot and the ball clips the inside edge and goes behind but Akmal fails to hold on to a fairly easy chance. He is clearly having a tough time out there

    Boucher dropped at 27 – went on to score 46.

    117.3 Danish Kaneria to Boucher, 2 runs, cuts and gets an edge, DROPPED! by Akmal, who lets another chance go by

    Boucher dropped (AGAIN in the same innings) at 44 – went on to score 46.

    17.2 Mohammad Sami to Prince, no run, ooh, dropped by Akmal. That was a long way across Prince, who slashes a thick edge through and it pops in and out of Akmal’s gloves at chest height. What a costly miss that could be – Prince has been in such good form.

    Prince dropped on 2. Lucky for Pak, Sami got him out 4 balls later on the same score.

    22.3 Danish Kaneria to Gibbs, no run, ooh! Edge again – but dropped. Kaneria sent the ball bending back in at the right hander, taking the edge and spilled again by Akmal. Good bowling, this

    Gibbs dropped on 0. Lucky for Pak, Danish got him out next ball.

    Pak vs SAF (2nd at Port Elizabeth – 2nd Innings)

    70.1 Danish Kaneria to Kallis, no run, oh no – has Akmal dropped yet another one? Ooh, not sure – Kallis went chasing that one and seemed to feather it through to Akmal who drops it. But the replays are inconclusive. Akmal’s having a poor match anyway
    Kallis dropped on 63 – went on to score 91.


    Pak vs SAF (3rd Test at Cape Town)

    33.2 Danish Kaneria to Prince, 4 byes, A CHANCE! Oh dear oh dear, that was a terrible miss from Akmal, Prince was stranded way down the track and all it took was a clean take. The ball did turn sharply but still … A let-off

    Dropped on 11 – went of to score 19.


    Pak vs SAF (1st Test at Karachi)

    54.5 Danish Kaneria to Kallis, no run, outside off, short, forcing off the back foot, DROPPED, edges, Akmal can not hold on.

    Kallis dropped on 36 – went on to to score 155. We lost the test and the test series. Kallis MOM.


    Pak vs SAF (2nd Test at Lahore)

    13.4 Danish Kaneria to Smith, 1 run, DROPPED, drives from the front foot, turns back from the rough, inside edge, pad, Akmal tries to get the full glove to it, chance put down.

    Smith Smith dropped on 19 – went on to score 133.


    Pak vs Ind (2nd Test at Kolkata)

    55.6 Mohammad Sami to Tendulkar, 1 run, dropped by Akmal. Not a surprise, actually. Only surprise is he usually catches Tendulkar. It was banged in short, outside off stump, Tendulkar decides late to go for a upper cut, doesn’t connect properly and Akmal thrusts his right glove out but fails to hold on and ends up palming it behind him.

    Tendulkar was dropped on 28 – went on to score 82.


    Some of the comments from Cricinfo commentary:

    Manoj sends us a chuckle: “Akmal – Gateway of Pakistan…”

    Suleman is not impressed with Akmal: “It says: lands outside off, full, Smith goes for a sweep, misses and the ball turns across him and hits his gloves, then on to his pad. Thankfully, for Kallis, it didn’t pop up to Akmal.. For me, it should be: Thankfully for Akmal it didn’t pop up to him, as he would have fumbled it ”

    Tariq: “1. Why in the world Pakistan is playing with Kamran Akmal? Is there
    any criteria to be selected in Pakistan team? In one of the article at cricinfo, someone said that nowadays the worst or unluckiest way to get out is “caught or stumped by Kamran Akmal” and its true. As a batsman, someone has to be extremely unlucky to get caught/stumped by Kamran Akmal.

    I may find a few that Kamran dropped in ODIs…. but isn’t this ENOUGH to kick him out from behind the stumps? I don’t care if plays as a batsman or not but he should NOT be a wicket keeper in ODIs or Tests.

  26. #26 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2011 - 6:03 PM

    khansahab and sagaat

    You can think of many names for a coach but, the reality is: Will they be willing to come to Pakistan? Especially in a country where the government and the board is so corrupt and there is so much politics and regionalism involved, will any foreign coach would be able to justify his place with that kinda limited power, knowledge and experience in handling paindoo players? I don’t think the players would be that much of a problem it is the cricket board and the selectors, they are the biggest problem. They have no morals, no self-respect and no self-esteem for themselves or for the country, there is no patriotism, the media is so bloody cheap and vocal, they will constantly be a pain in the whatever.

    Yes, I do agree with you guys that a player like Ponting would create a great world of difference in the team’s performance.

    My suggestion which I have been ranting since ages is about education for the players. You cannot find young players in Pakistan who are even graduates, what is needed among them is some good basic education never mind up to high school level but, they should be taught in the academies the theoretical aspects of the game that is how to formulate strategies and plans and how to handle pressure situations, how to keep and maintain cool, in short everything related to game strategies and planning. And, this should be more like school tests not just a few words of wisdom in the dressing room or on the grass like a 2 minute namaaz.

    It should be like a professional course that they ought to pass the exams or tests and for this the cricket board needs the services of a special person who is capable of transforming Duddoos into princes. Apart from a foreign coach like Ponting or Whatmore there must be someone honest and sincere Pakistani players like, Miandad, Rashid Latif etc., should be members of that coaching committee and there is no need to have a separate dummy chief selector like Mohsin Khan.

  27. #27 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2011 - 6:17 PM


    I remember once Kamran Abbassi wrote a thread when Kamran Akmal won the match for Pakistan in SA with his batting, he started off very shakily, his cut shots went past the point and backward point a couple of times but, then he continued batting in that fashion and scored 60 odd runs and the match was over. So, Mr. Abbassi wrote that his old sin should be pardoned for this excellent, brave and match winning innings. I don’t remember exact words but, it was something on those lines.

    The problem is each time he fails the ex-greats come to rescue him, this time when Imran Khan said (after he dropped Ross Taylor twice) that you cannot drop him, Wasim Akram and Ramiz Raja echoed his words like “His Master’s Voice” puppets. When he was dropped for NZ tour, his brother was taken in the team as if there is no other wicketkeeper in the whole country of 200 million population?

    May be they may drop him from touring WI but, they will not drop Misbah for sure and that is the irony with which Pakistan has to deal with. Ahmad Shahzad will be left out but another idiot Imran Farhat would be included in the team. He might score in one match to justify his place but, remember he is the only player after Kamran Akmal who is a butterfingered donkey. He dropped 5 catches in one innings…. not Kamran Akmal but Imran Farhat.

    A few of the Pakistani players helps a few players from the opposition in creating records or making Pakistan lose. In Multan test when Sehwag scored a triple century he was dropped 5 times. Tendulkar in the semifinal is a latest record of 4 dropped catches. Ross Taylor, Mike Hussey, there is a whole list of players who went on to score big runs (Ricky Ponting was dropped by Aamir on zero he went off to score a double century, if he was out on zero his career would have been over then because he failed very badly through out the Ashes series and was on the lowest of the low form then).

  28. #28 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 6:21 PM

    Javed Khan,

    Totally agreed. There needs to be some sort of an educational programme, a course which the players would need to pass. But the problem is that a lot of ex-players aren’t themselves so good at tactics, strategy, and stuff. This is where I disagree with a lot of people that the only people who should run the cricket show need to be ex-cricketers. They aren’t thorough professionals.

    I also agree that someone in the vain of Ponting, Nasser Hussain, etc, would add a lot as a coach. Lawson was a pussycat who engaged in the same paindooism that the players, the board, and the management are afflicted is tough to ask a foreign coach to settle in that sort of an enviorment. The players also need to be disciplined as there are reports of infighting within the team during the world cup. One thing Akhter did right was take care of Kamran Akmal. But I suppose Waqar is Kamran Akmal’s biggest supporter, and Ramiz Raja and Waqar are crazy about Umar Akmal, so it is hard to get rid of paindooism when the ex-players themselves support paindoos in commiting paindooism.

  29. #29 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2011 - 6:22 PM


    Good new thread on India upon winning the world cup, they truly deserved the cup and this thread as an acknowledgement from our part. Pakistan lost the semifinal and they will never get a better chance than this in the forthcoming WCs, who knows what kinda teams and players will be playing in 2015?

    But, the T20 WC is not so far away and Pakistan should aim for that and build a new young team lead by Afridi. For this Afridi MUST GO to the West Indies for the T20 and ODI series, he will be an idiot and a fool if he refuses to do that. Enough rest Afridi, now pack your bag with six dozen cricket balls and bats when you go to the Caribbean.

  30. #30 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2011 - 6:28 PM


    That is why I mentioned the names of Miandad and Rashid Latif instead of Waqar and Raja. Those who will sit in the commentary box or those who are approached by the media, i.e., paindoos like Zaheer Abbass, Wasim Akram, Sarfaraz Nawaz etc., will in any case blab against the team, no matter how good they perform they will still criticize them, they will only be SHUDDUP (like the Indian heroine says Shut Up) when Pakistan wins the cup or a series.

    Even before DNA was appointed as the Chairman of the PCB, I have been saying that the PCB should be run by professionals and not bureaucrats, army generals or ex players. But, we have this legacy of considering them as MY BAAPS. As long as they are in power they are Hitler and when they are thrown out, they become Husni Mubarak (where is he btw? 😀 )

  31. #31 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 6:29 PM

    Javed Khan,

    It wasn’t Kamran Akmal that won that match, it was Younis Khan that won that match and held an end through the innings. Kamran Akmal edged balls to boundary but they both made in and around the same score. In the third test, the one after that, Kamran Akmal again dropped 6 catches. In that match Kallis was dropped thrice and he made 91 or so, or maybe even a 100. Pakistan lost eventually in a very close final match. That would have been the first series win in Sri Lanka. Then SA visited Pakistan and Kamran Akmal dropped both Kallis and Smith in the first match. They made 100s and Pakistan lost the match. In the second match, which was a draw, Kamran Akmal kept on dropping catches. When Pakistan visited England after that, Kamran Akmal kept on dropping catches upon catches, and that proved the difference between the two sides. During this time, Kamran Akmal spoilt around two careers: Danish Kaneria’s and Mohammad Sami’s. In this world cup Akhter was the sufferer. And, yet, Imran Khan says that maybe Kamran Akmal should be played as a batsman. Imran Khan has seen his statistics? He averages around 25 and throws the bat around. All his runs have mostly come at home, on flat pitches.

  32. #32 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 6:33 PM

    That would have been the first series win in South Africa*

  33. #33 by amir on April 3, 2011 - 6:33 PM

    hey guys
    i dnt think pcb will fire waqar as yet so what they need is a good batting coach and in my opinion miandad is best coach available if he and waqar agree to work 2gether. I think problem with our batsmen starts at junior levels we need to put foriegn coaches at under 15, 19 and academy level who can change the habits and culture of our junior player and teach them decipline and winning mantality. The problem with our current batting is they r mantely fragile and cnt deal with pressure. Check india they made whatmore thier und 19 or national academy coach and got good players coming which got different attitude about playing game than previous generation.

  34. #34 by amir on April 3, 2011 - 6:54 PM

    i dnt knw why imran is favouring khatmal i remember in 80,s aneel dalpat dropped a catch of imrans bowling in austrailia and his career was over. For danish kaneria and sami khatmal is a boogyman whenever they see him behind stumps they forget thier bowling plans and try to get wickets by lbw or by bowled. And then they go for runs.

  35. #35 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2011 - 6:57 PM


    tum sahee keh rehay ho, it is at the grass root level they need to bring about the changes and for that you need a basic infrastructure which is not there in Pakistan, slowly and gradually they are building new grounds but that is not up to the international standards and that is one of the reasons Pakistan’s fielding is so bad. They are afraid to dive on hard surface and that is a normal reaction because I have done the same when I used to play.

    I also agree with you that they will not fire Waqar. Miandad is already appointed as a batting coach officially but, Waqar refused to work with him and wanted more powers than him, so Miandad decided to stay back for teams sake. This is what I was telling before, if a team can gel very well under its captain then the coach, or coaches, manager and the other supporting stuff must also blend in with the team after all they are a part of the team. So, it is also their responsibility to create a healthy atmosphere in the team and in the dressing room.

  36. #36 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2011 - 7:00 PM


    Imran Khan favoured his blue eye boy Mansoor Akhtar who was a total flop but, he kept playing him despite heavy criticism because, Imran is basically a dictator like Inzamam was, he used to play Malik in every match. Inzamam almost ruined the careers of Afridi, Razzaq and Hafeez for the sake of Malik, Akmal and Salman Butt.

  37. #37 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 7:03 PM


    But the PCB also need to realize that Waqar is not a good tactician. As a captain he led one of the best Pakistani teams in the world cup and they came back home in the first round. There must be a reason for that. If Afridi is good at gelling the team, the coach has to bring a tactical side to him. Besides, Waqar is too biased in his selection. I know from his commentary how much he favors certain players. In fact Ramiz Raja and Waqar started a campaign against Sohail Khan when he joined the team. Waqar never gave an opportunity to the new bowler in the squad. I still believe Pakistan needed three seamers in Mohali, but they didn’t know who to play.

  38. #38 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 7:05 PM

    Javed Khan,

    I agree with your suggestion that Miandad should be the batting coach, but the head coach surely needs a tactical side to him?

  39. #39 by amir on April 3, 2011 - 7:08 PM

    i also read somwhere that inzi is also pushing his name for batting coach. I hope they dnt apoint him cause he will bring with him his package of bhaigiri and mullahgiri and will destroy whatever is left in pakistan cricket.

  40. #40 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 7:09 PM


    Inzamam should be investigated for fixing matches in the IPL.

  41. #41 by amir on April 3, 2011 - 7:18 PM

    When waqar got this job i got my reservation about him firstly his name came up in match fixing report and secondly he can b good only as a bowling coach in my opinion rashid latif is best tactical coach in pakistan. check what he has done with afghanistan team.

  42. #42 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 7:20 PM


    I agree. I suggested Rashid Latif as a tactical coach before, too. Unfortunately, he wasn’t made coach.

  43. #43 by newguy on April 3, 2011 - 9:08 PM

    Hey Guys,

    I remember Mansoor Akhtar, even without knowing anything about Pakistan cricket structure and the regional politics, me and some friends who followed cricket at that time closely used to joke that Mansoor Akhtar is Imran’s brother-in-law that is why he is in the team 🙂 LOL .. amazing how some of you are saying it is true, I mean, not literally brother in law but he had favoritism, that is what we also used to say. It was obvious because he was a big flop in every match and still found place in team.

  44. #44 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2011 - 9:56 PM


    Among a few other reasons Imran Khan kept Mansoor Akhtar who scored 224 not out i.e., when he posted a world-record of 560 odd runs for the first wicket for Karachi Whites against Quetta, in 1977, the other batsman was Waheed Mirza or something else may be and he scored a triple century but, Imran liked Mansoor Akhtar for whatever reasons best known to him. Imran kept giving him chances in ODI’s when his average was about 17 or 18 may be.

    People talk big about Imran especially after he won the 1992 WC, like they are talking about Dhoni now. Trust me if Afridi had brought the WC home, they would have been worshiping him. In any case his hometown crowd in Karachi gave him a rousing reception.

  45. #45 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2011 - 10:03 PM


    Did you notice how Dhoni suddenly gave compliments to the IPL during his post match speech? I remember sometime back when they lost a match or series in SA or earlier may be then, he was blaming the IPL for too much cricket. Now he was saying the boys have learnt a lot from the IPL. Wow, what a turn?

    This is what winning makes the difference, he admitted that had India lost the final there would have been questions about:

    Why Sreesanth and why not Ashwin ?

    Why I came before the inform batsman Yuvraj ?

    Now, no one will question me, besides I played an innings when it mattered most. Now, no one will talk about my poor performance throughout the tournament. And, the reason I used to come down the order was because, I wanted the new guys to build up some confidence. This is BS, because, all other matches were as important as the final. Now, Dhoni can boast about it and will get away as well.

  46. #46 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 10:11 PM

    Afghan refugees in Pakistan celebrated Indian win over Pakistan

    PESHAWAR: One staff nurse of Lady Reading Hospital (LRH) was killed in aerial firing opened by cricket fans in various parts of city as gloom and despondency was written large on the face of Peshawarites at the news of Indian victory in World Cup Semi Final 2011.

    While Peshawarites were in a state of shock due to the defeat of the national team the Afghan refugees were celebrating the Indian victory and opened aerial firing and took out rallies to celebrate the occasion.

  47. #47 by khansahab on April 3, 2011 - 10:27 PM


    This is what you were saying:

  48. #48 by Sagaat on April 3, 2011 - 11:17 PM


    That is what I was saying. I saw the video with the naked eye and saw the change in trajectory after the blue line had started (after the ball hits the pad). It happened right after the ball hit the pad, so it is camoflaged to the naked eye. The screenshots you posted are too small. I think there could be something up with it.

  49. #49 by Sagaat on April 4, 2011 - 12:23 AM

    I think this dismissal should be investigated by the PCB/ICC. Can’t they use the hawk-eye again on the same dismissal?

    I say this because it is very unusual for the tranjectory chosen by the hawk-eye to itself bend.

  50. #50 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 3:55 AM


    Bending of the blue line is a bit suspicious, obviously nothing could be done at this stage, rather you cannot undo things that have already happened. However, this thing should be sorted out for future matches, because:

    1. The makers of hawk-eye have said that it is only a guideline and it does not project the real trajectory of the ball and it is may be 80-90% accurate and not 100% accurate.
    2. To my naked eye in real time and also for the field umpire Ian Gould also felt the same way that the ball was going to hit the middle stump.
    3. After the decision was reversed Ian Gould shook his head in total disbelief.
    4. Ian Chappell was commentating at that time and he said, I cannot believe that the ball could have turned so much as shown in the hawk-eye.
    5. Saeed Ajmal the bowler said, I bowled an arm ball which straightens up when it is pitched, it never turns. He is surprised as to how the hawk-eye shows the bend.

    Reportedly, in Australia one such decision went against Pakistan when Asif bowled to Hussey and now it was Tendulkar off Ajmal. If the technology is only 80-90% correct, it should not be used it is as simple as, a player who is not 100% fit should not play.

    I also remember in this same WC when India was playing against England, Ian Bell was originally not given out by Billy Bowden and all the three windows popped up in red colour but, Billy used his veto by saying the batsman may have been 2.5 meters away and the technology can be correct up to 2.49 meters and not when it is 2.5 meters. At that time, the whole of Indian supporters on cricinfo blogs were in total dismay and were saying the match wouldn’t have been tied had Billy Bowden not used his veto. What I mean to say is the technology has its limitations, there must be another ways to be doubly sure to give a decision. The prerogative should not remain only in the hands of the third umpire or the field umpire. There must be an additional technology (like HOTSPOT and SNICKOMETER compliments each other) to support Hawk-eye decision especially when it is not 100% perfect. Otherwise, one crucial decision against a key player could change the result of the match just like it happened in the semifinal.

  51. #51 by newguy on April 4, 2011 - 4:26 AM

    Hi Guys,

    The Indians don’t like DRS because they believe it is not reliable. They have refused to use it in bi lateral series and I think they will likely continue to do that until ICC sorts out all these issues. But to me, this WC was a big success because of DRS, 95% decision have gone correct. The guideline for LBW is that if it is missing the stumps in replay then it cannot be given as out. I guess that is the end of it. If the DRS is somehow not reliable, then that is the problem with technology, they should work to make it improved. I don’t believe in conspiracy theories about Indians rigging it 😉

  52. #52 by newguy on April 4, 2011 - 4:28 AM


    I did not listen to post match commentary, so I don’t know what Dhoni said about IPL. But quite frankly after the high of WC I can’t imagine getting excited about IPL. As for Dhoni, everything he says will go unquestioned for a good while now, eventually he will come down like all other WC winnings captains have. His legacy however is settled. WC winning captain go down in history really as legends, Dhoni will join the ranks of other 8 captains.

  53. #53 by Mohammed Munir on April 4, 2011 - 5:01 AM

    Poonam suggests Paris for her ‘show’

    On Friday, Pandey issued a letter to the BCCI about her plans: “I write to you as a great fan of cricket and above all a patriotic Indian. I want India to win the Cricket World Cup 2011, and I am willing to go the extra mileage”

    She added that “going nude in private with consenting adults for a therapeutic purpose” is not an offence. 😉 She suggested that the BCCI choose another country such as Paris for her striptease to avoid controversy.

    Pandey goes on to add: “I am serious about it as many studies conducted by various universities abroad confirm such performances boost and inspire people to perform better in any field, be it sports or otherwise.” (Khansahab, point to be noted) 😉

  54. #54 by Mohammed Munir on April 4, 2011 - 8:38 AM

    Well actually if Poonam Pandey is so so eager to go nude, then I think she should go into private rooms of all the 15 players one-by-one and remove her clothes, or whatever is left of it, for them. This way nobody will make a fuss of the whole thing and even the player ‘won’t mind it much’. 😉

    BTW, even Coach Garry won’t mind it too and he can also … Behti Ganga Mein Haath Moun Dho Laiga. 😆

  55. #55 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 9:03 AM


    What fcUKing studies is she talking about and which universities are teaching these theories? In any case the WC is over and the Indian team does not need any nude woman to get inspired and perform better, and where? This skin and bones skeleton auntie has no mass to attract any stone in that Behti Ganga.

    Now, the one I am writing below is very apt for this kinda situation:

    Auntie: Tum mujhe kapray badaltay dekh ker kion bhaag gaye thay?

    Buccha: Ammi kehti hain, Insaan agar kisi Nangi Aurat ko dekh lay tou Vo Patthar ka ho jata hai.

    Mere bhi jism ka ek hissa saqt honay laga thaa, issi liyeh mai bhaag gaya! 😀

    Well, Poonam Pandey should have come on the pitch when Tendulkar was batting!

    Now, she should go and have Chunkey Pandey Meat Balls.

  56. #56 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 9:51 AM


    In my comment number 50 above, addressed to Sagaat in response to his comments on the screen shot of that UDRS and LBW decision. You did not address it to me directly instead you started off with Hi Guys….. honestly speaking I won’t mind if you disagree with me, so please feel free to address me directly if you think I am wrong. Or, if you think I am also talking like a typical Pakistani, cribbing and whining after the loss. That is not the case and you know me by now that I am fair and straightforward.

    I am very much for the use of technology in sports especially in cricket because, some of the umpiring decisions are wrong (based on the theory, to err is human) and some of the umpires are definitely biased against Pakistan (not only the Hair today and gone tomorrow Daryl Hair who is gone with the wind now. But, Rudy, Billy and a couple of the existing umpires do not have the same feelings for Pakistan as they have for Australia, England, New Zealand and South Africa hence Pakistan never got any favours, they were always on the receiving end. Like India always felt that Steve Bucknor was biased against India). Simon Taufel and Aleem Dar are the two best umpires today. Only one can be best but, both are equally good.

    What I am trying to say is (I am not trying to take away the sheen and gloss from the Indian victory, which is a reality and which India fully deserves because, Pakistan after dropping so many catches does not deserve to win.) IF the technology is not perfect then it needs to be improved or supplemented by another technology to overlap each other and to rule out the possibilities of error. Like, I said earlier it used to be only the “snicko-meter” and now you have HOTSPOT too. Likewise, for Hawk-eye there must be another program to make sure there is no error.

    As regards stumping decisions, I fail to understand why a camera is not installed at the toe end of the middle stump? (there is a stump vision camera but, the camera is installed in the centre of the middle stump) If the camera is very low, as close to the ground as possible, then it can be much easier to see whether the foot was in the air at the time when the bails are knocked off, or was it on the ground?

    There are three stumps and, on the rear side of the side stumps if they place a camera – once again as low as possible, then the wicketkeeper’s false claim or in case the ball did not carry to the keeper or the slips fielder could be seen much better from that angle./ It is just a suggestion and I know that ALL NEW suggestions are initially ridiculed, not taken seriously, trashed or killed. But, once you implement them and see the results and if you are positive in accepting it then you can be more creative and there are many possibilities improve it further.

    An example: In the automobile industry there was no electronic indicator or the break lights that warns the drivers behind that car. In fact the driver used to take out his arm outside the window to give a signal that he wants to turn. For the passenger seat, the passenger was asked to show his arm to the other car to slow down. There was no change for almost 50 years and when speedy cars were introduced a few accidents took place where people lost their hands while indicating or signalling the famous artificial arm was introduced which had a lever inside the car to raise the arm up.

    Much later a small light was introduced to show the signal in the dark. When computers were introduced in the automobile industry there was a sudden and rapid change took place and the indicators started to improve and every car industry made a new change in each model and reportedly thousands of changes took place since then only in improving the indicator and signalling. The break-lights on top rear of the cars is the result of bumper to bumper traffic where tail lights, break lights and indicators are not easily visible.

    So the point is if the ICC and the respective cricket boards have a positive attitude then the changes will come sooner than later and the umpiring decisions will be better than before.

  57. #57 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 10:45 AM

    ICC considers 12-team World Cup for 2015

    Earlier the ICC said, they will restrict the number of teams to 10 instead of 14 as it was during this 2011 WC. Memon ka buccha kuch dekh ker hee girta hai…………… this is a famous expression and there is a story behind it. I am going to skip that story unless someone is seriously interested in knowing it. In case of the ICC there is always something more than what meets the eye. I can assure you all that this move by the ICC has only one purpose and that is to accommodate IRELAND. I don’t want to zing Ireland because, they played really well in the last 2 world cups. If the ICC considers Ireland as a good contender in the ODI’s then they should give them the status of “test playing nation.” Also, they must be in the T20 WC as well.

  58. #58 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 11:06 AM

    I am copy pasting a passage from the cricinfo blog:

    Theatrics of the Day

    There were plenty of Sreesanth moments on the field today (WC final.) His first ball itself was full of theatrics. It pitched outside leg and straightened to catch Tillakaratne Dilshan on the pads, prompting an appeal so primal and so prolonged that it earned him a prompt rebuke from Aleem Dar. But it was in the 13th over when it all boiled over for Sreesanth. On the second ball, Kumar Sangakkara shimmed down the wicket and lofted over mid-off; the next one was driven straight back him and he splayed his legs to make room for the ball to pass through; on the fifth, he was warned for running on to the danger area; the sixth was a no-ball, and the free-hit was edged past the wicketkeeper for four. From 39 for 1 in 12 overs, Sri Lanka jumped to 54 in the course of these six balls, and Sreesanth walked off looked heavenwards, pondering divine injustice.


    The author either did not notice or ignored to write the “staring and snaring” of that Bander called Sreesanth i.e., when Sangakara slammed two fours in that over, he went down to Sangakara, stared and snared at him. Trying to intimidate him with his double barrel nose which has two prominent holes in it which looks more like a “Phukni” than a nose. Then, on his way back towards his run-up he starts talking to himself by saying, “calm down ShanataKumara, calm down.” He not only talks to himself but also displays it from his body language by waiving his hands. At times he probably thinks that he is a Buddhist Monk who can meditate on the ground and the next moment he is acting like an angry man, that is probably his Amitabh Bucchan or, Jack Bauer coming out of him?

  59. #59 by newguy on April 4, 2011 - 1:05 PM

    Javed Khan,

    I was addressing in general when I said Hi Guys . .because it’s wasn’t your comment alone, but in general to Sagaat, Kahnsahab, and yourself. I don’t think any of you are biased BTW. I am all for technology and improving it, and I agree ICC should work on supplementing hawkeye. But it is what it is now. In my view it is a flaw in technology, it’s not perfect, and I don’t believe someone hacked the technology to their benefit.

  60. #60 by Pawan on April 4, 2011 - 1:55 PM

    This is a nice one..

    Wish you guys understood the importance of it..

    “Mr. Raj Thackery, a chandigarh lad, a jharkhand captain and a delhi boy won the world cup for us and dedicated it to a marathi legend. Your efforts to spread regional hatred have failed. Mr. Thackrey please Grow up. And find something else to entertain yourself now”

  61. #61 by khansahab on April 4, 2011 - 6:14 PM

    Sachin fan hangs himself

    PANDAVAPURA (MANDYA): India’s triumph over Sri Lanka in the World Cup final failed to cheer Sujay, a diehard fan of batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar. Said to be distressed over Sachin’s failure to reach the 100th century milestone, Sujay hanged himself from the ceiling fan in his room. His body was found by his parents on Sunday morning.

    His parents and friends said he took the extreme step because he was upset with Sachin getting out early in the match.

    Sujay’s grief-stricken father Bhaskar said his son was a huge fan of Sachin, and did not miss a single match. Sujay watched the match along with his friends till the game was over, and did not express any joy after India won. “We knew he was disheartened about Sachin’s failure, but never guessed that he would end his life,” said Bhaskar, tears rolling down his cheeks.

    According to friends, Sujay was obsessed with cricket and Sachin was his God. Mani, his friend, said Sujay had bet with them that Sachin would definitely score his 100th ton in this World Cup.

    Sujay, a resident of Pandavapura town, was doing his final year degree in Banumaiah College in Mysore.

  62. #62 by khansahab on April 4, 2011 - 6:19 PM

    Sohail slams Afridi for comments against Indians

    NEW DELHI: Former Pakistan skipper Aamir Sohail on Monday slammed current captain Shahid Afridi for his comments that Indians are “not as large-hearted as Pakistanis”, saying that the statement was “immaturish and untimely”.

    Afridi had said after reaching home following Pakistan’s semifinal exit from the World Cup that it would be very difficult for Pakistanis to live with Indians or to have long-term relationship with them.

    Sohail said Afridi should not have made these remarks just after the goodwill generated in the aftermatch of the India-Pakistan semifinal clash at Mohali and he should respect each individual.

    “I think Afridi should not have made such comments. You got to respect every individual. His statement is kind of immaturish and at the same time untimely,” Sohail said.

  63. #63 by khansahab on April 4, 2011 - 6:20 PM

    Dhoni is catching up with Imran: Wasim Akram

  64. #64 by khansahab on April 4, 2011 - 6:23 PM

    Waqar urges national selectors to look for a new keeper

    Pakistan cricket team coach Waqar Younis has urged the national selection committee to look for a new wicketkeeper, who can replace Kamran Akmal, in the national team. “This debate over the wicketkeeper’s performance is a difficult one but I think the Pakistan team now needs a younger wicketkeeper who can carry the load for the next few years,” Waqar told the media in Lahore where he held a meeting with the Chairman of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), Ijaz Butt.

    Waqar’s remarks about having a new wicketkeeper is a clear indication that the experienced Kamran Akmal may have played his last match for Pakistan in the World Cup as even the selectors are now said to be keen to induct a new keeper in the Test and One-day sides.

  65. #65 by khansahab on April 4, 2011 - 7:50 PM


    I think I know the reason why Misbah is selected to play for Pakistan.

    If you recall I have said this earlier too.

    They want to ensure they have selected an experienced player in the line up. That is because if the team performs poorly people can’t blame the selectors for including an inexperienced player. When an experienced player doesn’t perform people say he is “out of form”. No one says he lacks calibre.

    In Pakistan nothing is permament and they are afraid of the media and public reaction if they select too many new players. That is because it makes sense for them to include a rubbish player who has seniority and “experience” rather than include a performer who may be unpredictable.

    They know Misbah can score 30 runs consistently and this is why they feel he is a “safe” bet. The real motivation is for them to retain their jobs and minimise criticism. This is the reason why Malik and Misbah were persisted with, they are safe bets for 30 runs.

    It is pretty invidious, but logical. They know a 30 run player can never be criticised too much because he has scored borderline runs. A lot of the fans are blind to assess the real cricket- they just see the figure of 30 or 40 and they think the player has done his job.

  66. #66 by khansahab on April 4, 2011 - 7:56 PM

    Newguy/Javed A Khan

    I must say my first instinct was that Hawk Eye looked very fishy when SRT’s LBW was reviewed. I did think that the bend in the ball trajectory was too much.

    But, I am not alleging an Indian tampered with the technology. It could be an optical illusion, it could be a flaw with the technology that just appeared at a time the Pakistanis did not want it to.

    When you look at the pictures the kink/bend looks dodgy. It should have hit leg stump. This hawk eye trajectory would be suited to a bowler who bowls very wide of the crease, like Ntini or at times, Murali.

    Firstly I don’t think Ajmal bowled his traditional off break ball. Secondly he is not a great spinner of the ball anyway.

  67. #67 by amir on April 4, 2011 - 8:14 PM

    lol khansahab this khatmal has survived many coaches but from the time khatmal got first selected all the coaches didnt survived his droping sting so if waqar is going after khatmal his job is in serious danger.

  68. #68 by khansahab on April 4, 2011 - 8:16 PM


    When do you think Ijaz Butt will go?

  69. #69 by amir on April 4, 2011 - 8:30 PM

    in my opinion all of us can swear, curse or whatever against this buthead but till zardari and ppp are in power no one can touch him this is very sad and prime example of nepotism which goes in every field of life in our country. So to remove butt frm his post we have to move zardari first. And as u knw in pakistan these days jise zardari rakhe use kon chakhe.

  70. #70 by amir on April 4, 2011 - 8:56 PM

    i m very disapointed by afridis remarks. Especialy by his phrase that ALLAH had given clean hearts to muslim and pakistanis and not indians and then that third country is making us fight. I think he should jus focus on cricket leave politics i got many indian hindu and muslim friends and moraly lot of them r better then lot of us pakistanis. Its a shame that he gave such unfortunate remarks.

  71. #71 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 9:05 PM


    You have either not made yourself clear or I have not understood you properly i.e., when you are saying “Ajmal is not a great spinner of the ball anyways.” Which means the ball did not spin? That is what Ajmal is saying that he bowled an arm ball which straightens after pitching and it does not turn. It is not a matter of alleging an Indian tampering with the technology, if it was a Pakistani technician and if the match was in Pakistan and instead of an Indian batsman if he was a Pakistani batsman then, a lot of people have not only doubted but, may have made a lot of hue and cry or, they may have alleged that it was all cooked, planned and tampered because the technician received so many million rupees from the bookies.

    Let us put this thing behind and focus on the future. I am sure there are a lot of people who will raise this issue at appropriate level and hopefully they will do something about it.

    Wasim Chakram and Aamir Churail both have gone BONKERS and they keep blabbering all the time to get attention. Wasim with his 16mm Howitzer like nose can always poke it everywhere except for his GIRAYBAAN and Aamir Churail looks like a BALD GIRGIT with snake eyes and as a commentator he talks like a story teller with a phony accent. He thinks he did a great job by telling Ian Botham to send his mother-in-law to come and play after he was out cheaply in the 1992 WC. There is an expression in Urdu, “Soop Bolay tou Bolay Chhanii Kya Bolay?” It is more like “the kettle calling the pot black.” First they should remember their past which was so mysterious and dodgy and then they should think about their future which is all in the hands of India and Indian media. Wasim is the most obedient and loyal puppy of His Master’s Voice which is the Indian media i.e., from where he gets his bread and butter and he also knows which side of the bread’s butt needs to be buttered. And, when it comes to Pakistan he is the one who bites the hand that feeds. He was nothing without Pakistan and now he thinks he is because of what he is and i.e., chutiyum sulphate.

  72. #72 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 9:26 PM

    I have read Afridi’s comments here:

    Certainly there was no need for him to speak on the touchy subject of politics especially after he showed a lot of maturity after losing the WC semifinal, his speech was much better than Imran Khan’s 1992 WC winning speech.

    However, it would be more clear for us, if we hear or see the full program and whether those questions were posed by the media anchor or, was it he who blabbed just like that? To me it appears that he is not criticizing the Indian cricket team, which is obvious from his last sentence in the last paragraph. But, he is criticizing the media and the politicians. Remember how his statement was twisted when he said, Pakistan will not allow Sachin to make his 100th international 100. Afridi later clarified that he did not say that but, one journalist approached him and posed this question, “will you allow Sachin to score his 100th international 100? He said, being a Pakistani and captain of the Pakistani team, was he expecting me to say, YES WE WILL ALLOW HIM……….. obviously NO and that is what I said, “No we will not allow him.” But, the whole sentence was twisted and reported in such a way that it appears Afridi is spitting venom against Sachin. The truth is his brother Mushtaq Afridi confirmed on one of the Indian Radio channels that, Afridi admires and respects SRT a lot and he also does that for SRK as well and when SRK did not come to Mohali he was upset.

    If you recall the Indian media went berserk just before the semifinal and were using some real stupid language when Pakistan was in net practice using that black granite stone. Also, Umar Gul’s words were twisted and made it look like its a war going on between India and Pakistan.

    Even Dhoni in his post match speech after defeating Australia, when asked by Ravi Shastri he said, “Bayshak final har jao magar Pakistan say mat haro …..” people are demanding that we must beat Pakistan and it doesn’t matter if you lose the final.” Well, this is something a lot of people must have said on both sides. But, for the Indian captain to say such a thing when billions of people are watching the TV is also not correct. Now, Dhoni is untouchable 😉 in the sense that no one will question his decisions because, he has won the WC. It is so strange but, it is a fact that the world worships the rising sun. Now they are leaving no stone unturned in praising Dhoni’s decision making ability, his vision, farsightedness, calmness, ability to take pressure etc., etc. Yes, he did play well in the final and that changed everything. It was like Afridi’s semifinal and final performance in the T20 WC in the UK.


    Even the caption of this news it self is very sensational “Critical of Indian media, Afridi launches tirade.” It goes to show as if he has an agenda now and he has launched a campaign. How silly of the media on both sides.

  73. #73 by amir on April 4, 2011 - 10:38 PM

    this is the link of afridi inteview

  74. #74 by newguy on April 4, 2011 - 11:36 PM

    “If I have to tell the truth, Indians cannot have the kind of hearts that Pakistani Muslims have. They cannot have the big and clean hearts that Allah has given to Pakistanis.

    Spoken like a true idiot. Afridi can now go and apply for the mullah job, he passed the test. On one hand he talked about friendship with Indians and thanked them at the post match presentation, then he goes to Pakistan and speaks this from the other side of his mouth. Which one of it is the real Afridi? I guess it does not matter now. He has proven to be not reliable with his words. Indians cannot have the clean hearts that Allah gave to Pakistanis? that surely will get him many friends in India 😉

  75. #75 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 11:44 PM

    Afridi ready to tour West Indies

    KARACHI: Pakistan’s limited overs cricket captain Shahid Afridi has made himself available for the tour of West Indies after previously opting for a break.

    “Earlier I had decided to skip the tour because I wanted to take a well deserved rest from the game, but some former players and my family and friends told me to change my decision at this crucial time for Pakistan cricket,” Afridi told a tv channel on Monday.

    Afridi, 31, who has played 320 one-day internationals, led Pakistan to the semi-finals of the recent World Cup where they lost to eventual winners India.

    The seasoned all-rounder, who finished with 21 wickets in the tournament, said he wanted a break from cricket but the upcoming tour was an ideal opportunity to groom two or three new players.

    “That is why I want to be part of the team on the coming tour and carry on the momentum we got from the World Cup,” he said.

    Afridi revealed the morale of the players was boosted by the warm welcome they received on returning from the World Cup hosted in India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

    “It is an indication that Pakistan cricket is on the right track and on the coming tours to West Indies and Zimbabwe we can form an ideal one-day combination,” he added.

    The Pakistan team will play a Twenty20 match against West Indies on April 21, then five ODIs and two Tests.

    Indications from the national selectors suggest they plan to rest some of the senior players for the limited over matches in the Caribbean and try out new players who have performed well in domestic cricket.

  76. #76 by newguy on April 4, 2011 - 11:45 PM

    Javed Khan,

    Media only care about selling news, Indian media is still fairly new and they certainly do not have the maturity yet that we will find in developed nations like UK or US. However, Afridi could have ignored all of it and focused on his game. Why did the likes of Gul and Ajmal had to give interviews. If they did not talk to media then there was no question of their words getting twisted. Indian cricketers do not talk to media for the last 3 years or so during matches. Only captain or designated players talk, that too only during the mandatory pre-match conference and the post match conference. This is because of bad experience of Greg Chappell era when anything and everything went to media and they twist it. Pakistani players talked too much during their stay in India and they reacted too much to the stories. I am not defending the tactics of Indian media, they are certainly over the top, and I don’t watch any of those channels. All I am saying is that as cricketers they need to know better than the sleazy media folks who are there to sell a story. Cricketers should be above that.

  77. #77 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2011 - 11:50 PM

    Akhroat ka dimagh hai Afridi ka, how many times we have seen him taking a weird decision and then reversing it after everyone tells him that it would be foolish if you do that. Now, what we have been saying on this blog that it is not the time for Afridi to take a break. In fact we have said that 3 weeks is enough time for anyone to relax mentally and physically – especially if they are not physically injured. Also, it is an opportunity for Afridi to groom a few youngsters also, for him to personally improve his batting form and to add up a few runs and wickets to his name. That will boost his confidence otherwise, some one from the Malik, Misbah Clan will go as captain and for Afridi it will be an opportunity wasted. Besides, we have seen what Salman Butt did after Afridi resigned from test cricket and that too when the tour was on and he had lost just one test match. Even if Danish Kaneria was leading that side, would have won that match against Australia but, the Pathan was in hurry to catch a train.

  78. #78 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 12:00 AM


    I agree with you but, it was Afridi to whom the journalist approached and posed that stupid question and he did not reply badly. He only said, “No we will not let him make that hundred.” There was nothing wrong it but, the media reported it as if Afridi has challenged Tendulkar. The same thing they did with Gul when he said, I want to take the 3 top order wickets and the media reported that Gul wants to destroy and decimate the Indian batsmen. Then the showed the video clipping of Pakistan’s pre-match net practice on that black stone and created so much sensationalism, it was a mountain out of a mole. No player was approached they simply recorded it and in the studio they added those words that Pakistan is preparing to attack India and they will do these “Tabar Tore Hamlay” and break Sehwag and Tendulkar’s ribs…. that was all BS and that is what Afridi was referring to on the TV show and he went overboard. There was no need for him to talk about the media or politics between the two countries, we all know that India and Pakistan fought 3 wars since 1947. That is within 24 years there were 3 wars but in the last 40 years there is NO WAR. Isn’t it a good sign? Because, war is destructive for both countries and others take advantage of it.

    We on this blog criticize, Zardari, Gillani, Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif etc., in short whoever is the aggressor or culprit and whoever has looted the country, but Afridi is at a different platform and whatever he says his words and actions are scrutinized and blown out of proportion. Hence he should be more careful. In fact during the whole tour he was very good and behaved like a good ambassador for the country but, it is just in this TV show that he lost his cool. Anyways, I do understand your point and it is good that we both understand each other.

  79. #79 by Sagaat on April 5, 2011 - 12:02 AM

    I don’t understand why Afridi and company were listening to the media. Any country’s media is bound to be partisian. If they were listening to the media so much, surely that would have psychologically affected their performance?

    Its like when the Pakistan team would visit Australia, their media would begin a campaign by isolating Akhter or whoever just to psychologically affect the team’s performance. This happens and the more they allow it to play on their minds, the more it affects performance. They should have not have read newspapers or watched television.

  80. #80 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 12:06 AM

    khansahab and Sagaat

    Don’t you think that Fawad Alam should be a part of the test and ODI team? Besides him they should include Hammad Azam as well. Besides that Junaid Khan should be given a chance to prove his worth rather than making him sit in the bunker. It is like taking him on a paid vacation. Who knows he might be very lethal against the West Indies? But, the most important position is that of a wicketkeeper because, imo Sarfaraz Ahmad is not a batsman, no matter how many runs he may have scored in the domestic matches, but at international level he appears like a school boy and that too a pretty mediocre one. I saw him playing in a few matches and he could hardly touch the ball with his bat. And, he does look like a school kid. Aren’t there any other wicketkeepers in the country which has a population of 200 million?

    A video of Hammad Azam against WI U-19 he remained not out by scoring 90 plus runs.

  81. #81 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 12:26 AM


    It is easy to say but difficult to act. When they hear from someone that their words have been twisted, it is natural to get inquisitive and get to know what exactly they were saying? Afridi and Gul must have been surprised when someone told them that, you said this to the media and they must have said, NO we didn’t say this, and then they must have read the newspaper or seen it on the TV.

    What Afridi was saying at home was unnecessary and too late to respond. He was comparing the media of India with Pakistan and was praising Pakistan’s media which is not holier than cow. They are also very bad, cheap and wants to create stories. The way they got Afridi lured into saying something that they wanted to and Afridi being an Akhroat did not realize that he was falling into the trap set by the Pakistani media. The standards of journalism on both sides are pathetic.


    Whether it is young in age or matured enough, the cheap tabloid journalism will remain cheap be it a 100 years old or even more. Look at the British Tabloids they are worst than many. I don’t know much about the Australian media but, I know for sure that the Aussies are very bad players, they are the worst whiners and I call them CRY BABIES.

  82. #82 by newguy on April 5, 2011 - 12:43 AM


    I don’t know which one of the hundreds of Indian channel is a tabloid and which one of them is worthy, I don’t follow them, in my time in India there weren’t all these channels and they surely weren’t like this. So, my point is that again I am not defending the media for twisting the words, but is the only inevitable outcome. When the media guy is asking Afridi that what do you think of Tendulkar scoring his 100th hundred, he is angling for the answer that (a) I am not going to let him do it (b) Tendulkar is great blah blah. His intent is to get a colorful story by putting a spin on it. When Afridi told him that he is not going to let him do that, the media went hyper, if Afridi praised Tendulkar then also they will go hyper. This is his intent. So, Afridi being an international cricketer should have said “no comments”. Andrew Strauss was asked similar question by an Indian media person. Strauss replied I am not here to talk about our opponents greatness and moved on. They did not get a story out of it. But I understand Afridi is thinking straight forward, but being captain of his country he has to be more street smart about other people trying to twist his words. Same goes for Gul. They want a story that says Gul plans to rip through Indian top order, so they phrase the question like that, these guys just walked into the trap. That is what tabloids do for a living, My point is that Afridi or anyone should be more smarter than media and stop talking to them, rather than expecting them to have pure minds. This is the world we live in unfortunately.

  83. #83 by Sagaat on April 5, 2011 - 2:23 AM

    Javed Khan,

    I thought Afridi got too defensive when the media sensationalized and spun what he said. He took it too much upon himself and went out of the way to show himself as being nice. He should have simply let it go once he made the statement on Tendulkar. And, now there is catharsis. They shouldn’t certainly let media affect their psyche at all, especially in a world cup. This is why I have also been insisting for an educational programme (like you have). There should be training on how to deal with the media as well. But how to expect such a programme when Ijaz Butt himself makes ludicrous statements to the media?

  84. #84 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 3:41 AM


    the media tricked Afridi and he got sucked into it and even at home the Pak media tricked him to say things against Indian media. Like I have said before and Sagaat has also mentioned above that education among the players is a must, obviously they are not as educated as the media guys are and also they are not as educated and smart as the England captain is. They have to learn from this experience but, Pakistanis never learn from their experiences. Also, like Sagaat said, what can anyone do if the Chairman of the PCB himself makes ludicrous statements and he is a laughing stock all over the world, people keep cracking but jokes and Ijaz Butt either don’t understand them or he is Dheet and BaySharam that nothing effects him. All he is interested in is his own chair and how much money he will make and how much power he has. He showed it to everyone that he can delay the selection of the captain for the world cup till the 11th hour, that way his ego got a little more inflated. In case of other people the inflated ego is obvious from their chest but, in case of Ijaz all the inflation is on his BUTT. 😀

  85. #85 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 6:27 AM


    Razzaq dropped for WI tour, Hammad Azam being considered in his poyiyen.

    Misbah and K Akmal should have been the first to go.

    PCB doesn’t have the brains or balls to try and play Razzaq in the top order so they thought they might as well drop him.

    Pakistan will yet again not play with a best XI. Politics, regionalism and nepotism continues. Imran Farhat may be recalled for the West Indies tour by the way, a TV channel reported recently.

    For those who have forgotten Farhat, he is the worst opener to have played for Pakistan in recent times.

  86. #86 by Mohammed Munir on April 5, 2011 - 8:00 AM

    Khansahab …

    I have still not seen the Pakistani squad for the WI tour so I am not sure about the final selection. However, if it really is as you have mentioned then it will be very unfortunate for Pakistani cricket.

    Dropping Razzaq seems ok, but not dropping Kamran is criminal. Even Misah & Younis should NOT play ODIs and T20 games and can be considered only for the Tests.

    I think PCB MUST give chance to Hammad Azam and Junaid Khan as they have both been on tours but couldn’t get any games. This is so unfair with the youngsters. Sarfraz Ahmed should go as main Keeper as he seems to be in good form lately and I think Fawad Alam should also be recalled for Tests and ODIs. However, as I have been saying before that Fawad should be fully utilized not only as a batsman but also allowed to bowl his left-arm-spin to add variety to our attack.

    Bringing in Adnan Akmal to replace Kamy-Harami will be another mistake and the same Akmal clout will work to spoil the dressing-room atmosphere again. For these Akmal, it should be a rule to play only one brother at a time. 😉

  87. #87 by Mohammed Munir on April 5, 2011 - 9:09 AM

    Kamran Akmal’s Droppings … 😉

    If his batting was as good as Don Bradman’s, he couldn’t score enough runs to make up for what he costs them with his keeping.
    Ian Chappell’s pithy description of Kamran Akmal’s glovework against New Zealand in Pallekele.

    Obviously Pakistan Selectors don’t drop as often as Kamran Akmal does.
    Sanjay Manjerakar’s hit at Akmal, during Pakistan’s group match against New Zealand.

  88. #88 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 9:10 AM

    Whether the Pakistani players will get a lot of money or not, depends on the individuals and politicians like Nawaz Sharif gave them half a million rupees each, BUT the PCB will be richer by around US$ eight million, which was assured to them for being the co-hosts. Another undisclosed amount will also be received by the PCB as their share of the revenues from ticket sales, advertising revenues and hospitality boxes from the 14 matches.


    The PCB officials are preparing to guzzle the money from the World Cup they shall be receiving and are already making excuses that their financial health is in tatters and their budget is in negative and they have already lost a lot of revenue due to India’s refusal to tour Pakistan in early 2009 for a bilateral series. And that they have also been forced to play their last few home series abroad at neutral venues as such they have no money in the PCB coffers. This is very nice. Start building up excuses to gobble gobble the huge amount they will receive from the ICC and spend nothing on improving cricket infrastructure in Pakistan.

    Right now Miandad and Waqar Younus both are coaches for Pakistan. Waqar made it clear that he will not like to see Miandad interfering in team selection matters etc., in other words do not step into my domain. So, Miandad opted out for the sake of unity in the team. But, Miandad is still getting paid for the job and how much is the salary for that job?

  89. #89 by Mohammed Munir on April 5, 2011 - 9:29 AM

    This below comment/ article is not posted because of any sinister feel but just to prove a point on how easily the public forget their heroes, no matter how big.

    The Day Mumbaians Booed Their God

    The unimaginable happened on Sunday (19th March 2006). Sachin Tendulkar joined the ranks of mortals in the eyes of Indian cricket fans. After pottering around for 33 minutes for a solitary run, he lamely poked a widish ball from James Anderson to the wicketkeeper to plunge India to 28 for 3 and began his walk back to the dressing-room. The normal consequence of the Tendulkar dismissal at an Indian ground is a hushed, funereal silence. That was never going to be case this time because of the presence of a large and voluble posse of English fans. But when Tendulkar was about halfway to the dressing-room, the booing started, most noticeably and vociferously from the Garware Pavillion, which is just above the dressing-room, and which is populated exclusively by the invitees of the Mumbai Cricket Association. And soon it spread to the other parts of the ground.

    Of course it was disgraceful and sickening, as it always is when any sportsperson is booed. But crowd behaviour in Mumbai has been appalling for the last few years. Rahul Bhattacharya recently wrote about the racist abuse hurled at West Indian cricketers in 2002, and Sourav Ganguly has been regularly hooted by a crowd once known for its cricket knowledge and fairness. But Tendulkar? Who would have thought it would ever come to this?

  90. #90 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 10:09 AM


    I remember reading that article a few years ago but, like I have said above the people love worshiping the rising sun. Be it Tendulkar or Dhoni now they are being worshiped by the people because, they have brought laurels to their country by winning the WC. Dhoni’s career would have been over as a captain if he had lost to Pakistan in the semi-final. And, Tendulkar may have been a very sad person for being in team India in the last 5 WC’s and not winning any of them, now he has that feather in his cap. Perhaps he will feel more relaxed and satisfied after this WC win, for him its like a dream come true especially since it all ended from where it s tarted i.e., his home ground Mumbai. He can look back the 21 – 22 years of international cicket that he has played and how much he has achieved? I don’t think there is anyone closer to him in terms of hundreds and world records. More than that Tendulkar is more humble than all others and humility is his first nature as opposed to others who are arrogant, aggressive, full of attitude. His passion is cricket and nothing but, cricket. I was also very glad to see that his children and wife are so supportive of him and I wish the little Tendulkar Junior all the best.

    Tendulkar was booed in his hometown a few years ago i.e. the time when he was going through a lean patch because of his elbow problem and a lot of people including myself, suggested that he should retire gracefully but, he knew about himself and kept on going, besides the BCCI or its selectors do not have the 3all$ to drop him from the team because he enjoys that status in cricket which needs Dhoni another decade to achieve that. And, who knows whether Dhoni will reach anywhere closer to Tendulkar or not? As for Tendulkar ‘all is well that ends well.’ He does not need to prove to anyone especially to Gavaskar that he is capable of scoring another international 100 to go into further unassailable record books.

    As regards comparing Dhoni with Tendulkar, it is simply a joke, Dhoni as a captain is extremely lucky whereas as a batsman there is a gulf of difference between the two of them in terms of style, technique, temperament and class. When Tendulkar is playing in full flow it is like, Ludwig Van Beethoven’s 5th symphony in motion. Whereas, when Dhoni plays an innings full of runs, there is no class, elegance, poise, charm or style in it. It is brutal force with JERKS & JHARKHAND KAY JHATKAY in it and it appears as if an elephant is trying to imitate Michael Jackson’s break dance and in the process breaks his own bones.

  91. #91 by Mohammed Munir on April 5, 2011 - 10:56 AM

    And beside that, “JHARKHAND KAY JHATKAY”, Dhoni will also play he favourite, The Helicopter Shot …. Whatever that is. 😉

    BTW, here I found one more ‘Droppings’ of Kamran Akmal:

    I could’ve stopped ‘em better with my coat”

    Genffrey Bocott doesn’t think high of Karman Akmal’s wicketkeeping efforts after Pakistan’s match against Sri Lanka in Colombo.

    Now if this *&(#$@P)*()*&)(*)(&* Kami-Harami have an iota of self-esteem or respect for his family left in him, then the least he can do is to immediately “RETIRE” from all Cricket. He would have definitely made enough bloody money to do that.

    PS: I think LS should make an extra effort to have this …. beep-beep …. excluded from the Pakistan team.

  92. #92 by newguy on April 5, 2011 - 11:56 AM

    LOL @JAK for this little gem:

    It is brutal force with JERKS & JHARKHAND KAY JHATKAY in it and it appears as if an elephant is trying to imitate Michael Jackson’s break dance and in the process breaks his own bones.

    Couldn’t agree more. Dhoni is all about brute force and fast running. For me the most beautiful innings in the final is the 18 runs from Tendulkar, surely that will not win match, but for the short period he stayed there, all the strokes he played bring so much happiness to the viewers. He also played two classy innings against England and SA which were full of perfect strokes. The innings against Pakistan is best forgotten, one in a hundred that he will play one will hope.

  93. #93 by newguy on April 5, 2011 - 12:03 PM

    After Tendulkar praised Dhoni as the best captain he played under, now Sourav Ganguly has come out and said Dhoni is India’s best captain. This is very generous of Ganguly to say whom many consider as the best India captain as well as the person who changed the India cricketers play their game. In my view Ganguly is still the best captain, he was just unlucky that he was captain during the time Australia were such a dominant force, otherwise he would have achieved what Dhoni has done, and perhaps more.

  94. #94 by newguy on April 5, 2011 - 12:47 PM

    Tale of two coaches.

    Gary Kirsten is leaving India with head held high and the affection of a billion people.

    Four years back Greg Chappell left India amidst shambles and a fan trying to slap him with a chappal.

    Gary has done wonders with the Indian team. Chappell is now busy destroying Australian team, he is making players into robots.

  95. #95 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 12:48 PM


    And, don’t forget that Ganguly was also captaining the Indian side when Guru Chappal was the coach-cum-politician who was out there to destroy team India with his trivial politics and British Raj policy of divide and rule. He created two groups in the team and pitched them against each other. Was it against Zimbabwe that Ganguly after scoring a hundred said something to Guru? I don’t remember the details, please refresh my memories if you remember that incident. Thanks.

    Ganguly in my view was a very shrewd captain, better than Azharuddin and Mansour Ali Khan Pataudi because, it was during Ganguly’s captaincy he broke the jinx that India was under it between 1986 to 2004. After that Sharjah match in which Javed Miandad hit that famous six off Chetan Sharma India kept on losing to Pakistan other than WC matches. I dunno if you remember when India came in to Pakistan to play a full series in 2004, they started the tour from Lahore after crossing the Wagah border and they played Pakistan A at Bagh-e-Jinnah ground instead of the regular Gaddafi Stadium (I think Pakistan must change the name of Gaddafi stadium to something else now) and India played their full strength team with, Sehwag, Tendulkar, Dravid and Ganguly in it and scored 336 in 50 overs, Pakistan A won that match in 46th over. So, the pressure was on India that they will not win against Pakistan no matter how many runs they score.

    When the series started after a week or so with the first ODI at Karachi, India scored something like 348 and, Pakistan were doing well with Inzamam scoring a hundred and when he was out they hardly needed 25-30 runs to win but, Shoaib Malik, Rana Naveed and Moin Khan failed. Especially Moin Khan could not score a four on the last ball of Nehra’s bowling to tie the match. India won and the jinx was broken. Afridi was not played in that match but, in the next match when they played him he scored 80 odd runs and Pakistan won. Ganguly appreciated the Karachi win by saying.. “Wow, what a match?” At that time it was a world record for scoring so many runs in one day. But, soon that SA and Australia match with 400 plus runs by both teams created another new world record. Anyways, India won the test and ODI series against Pakistan under Ganguly’s captaincy. Since then India is a different team.

    Ganguly as a commentator has impressed me with his fair comments and good analysis of the game, the pitch conditions and the strengths and weaknesses of both teams and the suggestions of what the team winning the toss must do etc., etc. And, he has matured a lot. Manjrekar as a commentator used to be fair but with time he has changed just like Ramiz Raja.

  96. #96 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 12:50 PM

    LOL newguy we have just talked about the same person, look at the time of posting of the comments.

    I think that spectator slapped him at Cuttack? But, it was not with a chappal just a slap.

  97. #97 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2011 - 1:03 PM


    I think you missed that Pandey joke that I wrote a couple of days ago.

    So, howz Dubai? Over here spring is just around the corner as the snow has started to melt owing to nice warm weather for the last one week. But, yesterday we got a few flurries which turned into rain and today also it is the same weather, in fact for the next ten days its gonna be a hide and seek between the Sun and us. We are still wearing jackets but luckily these are lighter, spring jackets and normal sneakers instead of boots and heavy jackets. Thanks God for that. But there are so many potholes on the streets especially the service lanes that one should consider them as Pull Saraat, last week I drove my new car into one of the potholes and the 18″ tire got burst. What a start for me and for the new car, I better have waited for a few more weeks before they start filling up the potholes. The reason is during the winter millions of tons of salt is poured on the streets to melt the ice after the snow has been removed and the salt ultimately goes into the river destroying the marine life. Hazrat-e-Insaan say bara destructive creature iss duniya may koi nahee! 😀

  98. #98 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 3:08 PM

    Afridi comments ‘out of context’

    New Delhi, India – Pakistani captain Shahid Afridi said on Tuesday his derogatory remarks about Indians and the Indian media had been taken out of context as he sought to counter anger over the comments.

    The World Cup skipper had praised Pakistan’s media for being “100 times better” than India’s in a Pakistani TV show aired on Sunday, and said that Indians did not have “big and clean hearts” like Pakistani Muslims.

    The comments shocked fans in India, who had praised his efforts during the World Cup to promote harmony between two estranged neighbours whose diplomatic relations are fraught with tension.

    Pakistan lost to India in the competition’s semi-final in a much-hyped game that was attended by the leaders of both countries, in an event hailed as “cricket diplomacy”. India then beat Sri Lanka in Saturday’s final.

    “I have enjoyed my cricket in India and I love Indian people,” Afridi told India’s NDTV channel in an interview aired on Tuesday.

    “Don’t take my comments negatively. I have always got a lot of love and affection from Indian fans.

    “And I request the media to play a more positive role and not waste time on such trivial issues.

    “The media makes a big deal of small issues. It is shameful. I have always done my bit to improve Indo-Pak ties but sometimes you say something and it is interpreted the other way.

    “I have been quoted out of context.”

    In his TV comments on Sunday, which were aired at length and uninterrupted by Pakistani private channel Samaa, Afridi had said the approach of the Indian media was “very negative”.

    “I believe their role has also been very dirty especially in terms of worsening ties between our two countries,” he said.

    “If I have to tell the truth, Indians cannot have the kind of hearts that Pakistani Muslims have. They cannot have the big and clean hearts that Allah has given to Pakistanis.”

    The remarks contrasted with his role during the World Cup leading up to India’s triumph in the final.

    On the eve of the semi-final clash between the countries, he had said that cricket always “brings these two countries together” and described himself as an “ambassador for Pakistan”.

  99. #99 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 3:10 PM

    “If Indians were not large-hearted, they wouldn’t have made so much of progress and delivered growth,” Habhajan Singh (reacting to Afridi’s controversial remarks that Indians cannot be as large-hearted as the Pakistani)

  100. #100 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 3:12 PM

    I think it is extremely unworthy of Harbhajan to make a remark about the economic disparity between India and Pakistan in response to Afridi’s comments.

    Why does economics and politics have to be thrust in sport?

    Earlier Navjot Sidhu made anti Pakistan remarks but Wasim Akram is still pally with him and speaks in Punjabi with him.

  101. #101 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 3:30 PM

    Miandad to assist Pakistan batsmen again

    Javed Miandad is again expected to work with the Pakistan team on their batting skills, after having earlier helped them prepare for the tour of New Zealand and the World Cup. Shahid Afridi and PCB chairman Ijaz Butt have approached Miandad with a request to help a batting line-up that were largely inconsistent in the World Cup, and he has expressed his willingness to do so.

    “We are trying to persuade Miandad to help the batsmen,” Afridi said, according to AFP. “We realise there are batting problems so we have told Miandad that the country needs him, so hopefully he will accept that role.”

    Miandad responded by saying that he was always ready to assist the players whenever the need arose. “I thank PCB chairman and Afridi for calling me and requesting help,” Miandad told a private television channel.

  102. #102 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 3:38 PM

    Team announcement deferred

    Pakistan Cricket board has deferred the announcement of Pakistan team for upcoming tour of West Indies.

    Selectors were scheduled to meet the press on Tuesday, but the spokesman of PCB informed the media that team will now be announced on Wednesday.

    Sources say that selectors couldn’t reach an agreement over inclusion of new wicket keeper.

  103. #103 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 4:05 PM

    Since Sagaat and Munir sahab have considered Misbah has a role to play in Test cricket, I researched into his stats:

    In matches Pakistan has won he averages 28. In matches Pakistan has lost he averages 23. In drawn matches he averages 83.

    Misbah has played 23 Tests but Pakistan has won only 4 of them. 3 of those victories have come against New Zealand and 1 against Bangladesh.

    In 1st innings Misbah averages 52 but in 2nd innings he averages 32.

    In matches where he has batted in the first 2 innings, he has scored 2 centuries and 6 fifties. In matches where he has batted in the 3rd or 4th innings he has scored only 4 fifties.

    If we compare him with Younis Khan:

    In matches won, Younis averages 67. In matches lost he averages 34 and in drawn he averages 61.

    When Younis has played Pakistan has won 23 matches, lost 25 and drawn 19.

    In 1st innings he averages 51 and in 2nd innings he averages 49.

    In the first 2 innings of a match Younis has scored 10 centuries and 12 fifties. In the latter 2 innings he has scored 7 centuries and 11 fifties.

    So you can see the difference between a positive player and a negative player. I have never looked into stats of Misbah like this before today but I knew what his batting his like even without reference to numbers. This analysis proves Misbah is not a match winner and plays selfishly. Note the drastic drop in his performance in the latter 2 innings of a match, note Misbah’s average in Pakistan’s draws which shows that victory is not on his mind. He would rather play safely and inflate his average than go for the kill and produce a result.

  104. #104 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 7:31 PM


    You have commented that you are disappointed with Shahid Afridi for his comments against India.

    Afridi is not Einstein and he is not perfect like all of us are not, so he may or may not have erred in what he said. But I will tell you why I think he said what he said.

    I have seen all interviews of Afridi since his return to Pakistan.

    As soon as he landed at the airport he was asked about the sentiments of the Pakistani people now that Pakistan was ousted from the competition at the hands of arch rivals India. That is when he questioned why Pakistanis hate India, you will remember that comment about watching Indian dramas, conducting Hindu rituals in weddings etc.

    Then he was asked about the negative reaction of the Indian media, particularly their comments against Afridi about targeting SRT and preventing him from scoring a century and the stupid coverage of the “black marble” practice session. The journalist also mentioned here that, Pakistan has always been more welcoming to India than vice versa and whenever Indian players have toured Pakistan the public or media has never involved them in any controversy. It is only in response to that Afridi said that, Pakistanis have bigger hearts.

    After this was the controversial TV programme when Afridi mentioned “Muslims and Pakistanis have bigger hearts”. This was when he was asked about his opinion on Gautam Gambhir’s statement that beating Pakistan was revenge for the Mumbai terror attacks. It is only in response to that Afridi said that, a Muslim or Pakistani will have a bigger heart than an Indian. He also said that he is surprised Gambhir would have said something as extreme as that, and he also said that, “if Gambhir made this comment he is very stupid”. Afridi also said that, how can Gambhir be so sure that Pakistan was involved in the attack?

    That quote I pasted of Gambhir where he says that he should have a tattoo on his body that he will never lose to Pakistan, that is a quote I extracted from Gambhir’s interview to Hindustantimes. Gambhir related an incident when he visited Indian armymen on the border and they said that India must beat Pakistan in the WC.

    Now this comment about beating Pakistan being revenge for the Mumbai terror attack, I did not mention it on the blog because I have heard it indirectly from a TV programme and it is a very drastic comment to make. What Pakistanis are saying is that Gambhir said this on a TV programme but the Indian media has not covered it because the government has ordered it should not be leaked considering that the Indian government wanted this match to be a “cricket diplomacy” event.

    So looking at the circumstances I don’t think Afridi was unreasonable. In fact I am surprised no one has spoken about Gambhir’s antagonistic comment that he should have a tattoo on his body that he will never lose to Pakistan, something he wanted to do after speaking to an Indian armyman. This shows that to Gambhir this match was like a war and that he did not have compassion and sportsman spirit in his heart.

    I criticised the Pakistani team for praying at the Mohali ground- if that was Afridi’s decision then I will criticise that. But, on this occasion I am confident that Afridi was not unreasonable and I feel that Gambhir and the Indian media are greater evils in this.

  105. #105 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 7:36 PM

    Umar Gul has asked for rest, Younis, K Akmal and Razzaq will also be rested for the WI tour: Ijaz Butt

  106. #106 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 7:48 PM

    With Kamran Akmal, his contract needs to be terminated. But it will not happen because in the PCB’s hearts he is still the 1st choice keeper.

    Younis and Misbah need to be dropped. Misbah needs to retire from international cricket.

    Razzaq still has the talent left in his batting, he needs to be used as a specialist pinch hitter. Afridi cannot hit any more, his batting is almost completely ineffective so Razzaq needs to be utilised as a pinch hitter.

  107. #107 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 7:58 PM

    Munir sahab

    I agree that only one Akmal should be in the team at one time.

    I have already said I would not like to see Younis and Misbah playing in West Indies ODI’s.

    Since it is now nearly confirmed Umar Gul has asked for a rest, Junaid Khan may well get a chance. Wahab Riaz will be selected so they need another pacer. I don’t know how good Hammad Azam’s bowling is but surely they will need to get a more experienced fast bowler? It might be a risk to play with the trio of Junaid, Wahab and Azam because they are inexperienced.

    About Fawad Alam, I maintain he is a better batsman than the likes of Misbah but if the PCB are going to treat him like they have been doing all his career then it is better for him to forget about his international career. Can’t really expect him to perform if there is a sword hanging over his head all the time.

  108. #108 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 8:04 PM

    Javed A Khan

    What I was saying about Ajmal was that, he does not spin the ball as profusely as say, Murali.

  109. #109 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 8:05 PM


    I don’t think you have seen all the interviews of Afridi and identified the context in which he made those comments?

  110. #110 by khansahab on April 5, 2011 - 8:30 PM


    You can see now how Hindustantimes is mirroring my views:

  111. #111 by amir on April 5, 2011 - 9:39 PM

    i admit that i havnt seen all the interviews given by afridi but after seeing the media nagativity dnt u think as pakistan captain he have to think twice b4 saying somthing doesnt matter whatever context or question he was responding to. I agree with Javed khan and saagat that problem is with pcb they dnt train and educate players to how to tackle media which is very important part of game 2day. Anyhow as long as he has cleared the air its time to forgive and forget and move on.

  112. #112 by amir on April 5, 2011 - 10:06 PM

    they should include tanveer ahmed in the team he didnt performed badly in newzealand. Azher ali is another one who i wil like to see in odi’s. I read in newspapers that they wil include Muhammed salman in team good keeper and useful batsman at domestic level but i wil prefer sarfraz ahmed or in ideal world umer akmal if he can forget droping of his brother and perform. Havnt seen hamad azam bowl but i think he is more or less razzak type bowler.

  113. #113 by newguy on April 6, 2011 - 12:38 AM


    Afridi may have been pressed into answering this way, based on a sequence of events, but Gambhir is captain of India, neither is he an iconic player like Tendulkar. But Afridi is both, he is captain of Pakistan and he has an iconic status in India among at least a portion of people, I would imagine on a popularity basis among current players Afridi is the most popular in India. Therefore his comments has larger consequences. Gambhir may be chauvinistic, I don’t know, but he has a mouth and he can say anything he wants, ultimately he has to decide how he wants to be judged as a sports person. Dhoni or Tendulkar will never say such things.

    I can even understand if Afridi said Pakistanis have bigger hearts, but why bring in religion to say Musalman have large heart, what about all those Muslims in India, does he include them or is he going with the typical myopic Pakistani view point of India means Hindus. Indians don’t think like that, every Indian is an Indian first and religion is a private thing. Sometime back Sohail Tavir referred to Indians as Hindus in a TV programme. This is why I think because of the partition history when Pakistanis think India they think of Hindus, but Indians even though Indians have the same partition history never think along those lines.

    Back to the point, Afridi is captain of Pakistan WC team and he represented the country, he should not have made such comments.

  114. #114 by newguy on April 6, 2011 - 12:40 AM

    I meant to say Gambhir is NOT captain of India in earlier post, now it is showing opposite. I make many mistakes while typing fast without proof reading.

  115. #115 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 12:41 AM


    Thanks for posting the details of Afridi’s interview, I did not see the whole of it and I know about it only whatever amir posted, I thought that is it. But, now we know more about it that, it was in response to Gautam Gambhir’s comments about dedicating the win to Bombay Terror Attack and also his statement that he wants a tattoo on his hand ‘never to lose against Pakistan.’

    I have also read that article of Hindustantimes which you have posted. Plus I skimmed through the hundreds of hate comments against Pakistan. It reflects how much hate is there. In view of that I think there will be no India Pakistan series in India at least in the near future and especially under Afridi’s captaincy. They will definitely target him and the team.

    All I can say is the team stayed in Sri Lanka and Bangladesh for almost 40 days and there was no controversy, no anti whatever statements but, Pakistan played only one match in India at Mohali and we see so much of it coming out from there. Even before when Pakistan qualified for the semi-final the Indian media was attacking Pakistan by saying Afridi and Pakistan team are afraid of coming to India. Whereas, he never said anything like that.

    Not only the media in India misquoted his comments but, the Pakistani media also lured him in commenting against India and now it appears that he is the biggest culprit, whereas the media is the biggest culprit.

    As regards Gambhir, I have said this before and I will not hesitate in saying this, he is a very arrogant person and he hates Afridi and Pakistan. Yuvraj too is like that but, in a different way.

  116. #116 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 12:57 AM

    In my previous comment last paragraph I have expressed my opinion about Gambhir and Yuvraj, to that list I can add Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh but, they are emotional in a different way. In any case a Sardar is a Sardar, is a Sardar. And my comments might raise the eyebrows of a few Indian bloggers.

    Therefore, I want to say something more. I have also praised Tendulkar, Sehwag, Zaheer Khan, Dravid and may be a few others but, no one raises eyebrows over that. I have criticized Pakistani players of the past and from the present team and also the PCB but, no one raises eyebrows over that.

    Earlier I never liked Tendulkar because he used to score a lot of runs against Pakistan and the same goes for Sehwag. But, after a while I started looking them as players and not like an enemy or someone who scores against the team I support i.e., Pakistan.

    Like Afridi said, my feelings were same that Pakistan should not let Tendulkar score his 100th International 100. I also wanted him to be OUT LBW which the UDRS overturned it. I was absolutely cheesed off when Misbah dropped his catch. I criticized Misbah for not only dropping the catch but, for singlehandedly giving away the match in a silver platter to India by playing 40 dot balls in his innings. No one from India raised their eyebrow over that, because he is not Indian.

    In short:

    If I criticize a Pakistani, it is fine
    If I praise any Indian player it is fine
    If I criticize any Indian player, then it is not OK. Then I am Pakistani whose thinking is always against India.

    That is not true. I liked Dravid as a good ambassador of India, he not only plays positive cricket but, he never says anything against anyone. Tendulkar is very humble and he lets his bat speaks rather than his tongue. Ganguly – I wrote yesterday that as a captain he was better than Azharuddin and Nawab Sahab Pataudi. If I had said, no Pataudi or Azharuddin were better than Ganguly or any other Indian captain then swords and daggers would have come out of the cloak. (I am talking about general public not our Indian bloggers, luckily we have very good, broad and open minded people on this blog).

    So, my point is this should not be religious or political. Its a shame that the media is getting a kick out of it to gain cheap popularity and after some good cricket I was hopeful that we should be able to rekindle the “Aman Ki Shama” jo bujh gayee thee and restart the India Pakistan series and let us start from touring India because, Pakistan as many consider is still not safe. But, all the hopes have been dimmed by now. It seems that the media and the politicians are always the winner. It is they who need a big heart and not the general public or the players.

  117. #117 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 1:15 AM


    You are right that Afridi should not have said what he said, he probably got overboard, carried away and trapped by the media. This is why I say that players should be more educated and not so emotional when talking to the media. They need to be trained in tackling the media. As a captain, manager or coach you cannot say, I don’t want to comment or no comments because, the media will be after you in such a hyped WC encounter. I wrote above a Sardar is a Sardar, is a Sardar and the same goes for Pathan and in case of Afridi I wish his Akhroat brain was as big as his mouth. Having said that, I would still like to see the whole interview uncensored and also Gambhir’s comments. The best thing to solve this problem is by clearing the air and not by hiding the dirt under the carpet and say lets move on. If your hearts are not clean then these things will linger on and continue.

  118. #118 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 1:22 AM


    Please watch this 2 minute 41 seconds video and see how the girl prompted Afridi to say something and he did not use the word MUSLIMS here.

  119. #119 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 1:29 AM

    Sangakkara quits as Sri Lanka captain
    COLOMBO – 5th April 2011
    By AFP

    Sri Lanka’s cricket captain Kumar Sangakkara said on Tuesday he was resigning from the job three days after his team lost to India in the World Cup final.

    Sangakkara said he told the national selectors that he would quit as one-day and Twenty20 captain with immediate effect, but has offered to continue as Test captain on an interim basis if required.

    “After careful consideration I have concluded that it is in the best long-term interests of the team that I step down now as national captain so that a new leader can be properly groomed for the 2015 World Cup,” Sangakkara wrote to Sri Lanka Cricket.

  120. #120 by newguy on April 6, 2011 - 2:30 AM

    Javed Khan,

    I saw the video you posted, and it gives a much better impression of what is going through his mind. The girl who is interviewing is pressing him to say certain things that she wants him to such as asking how you were treated there, how their media is, how they were showing aggression in the field while our team was not, so on.. and Afridi is being led into answering things. One can also sense he is not comfortable answering questions, and he would rather be somewhere else. I think the poor guy just cracked, no one can blame him because of all the emotional and physical drain from such an experience. What is more unfortunate now is the likes of Bhajji and UV retorting back to Afridi’s comments. This is classless. First of all, India as winners should be more gracious, there is no need to retort with sledges off the field. Anyhow, Bhajji and UV are classless guys. I never liked UV very much for his arrogance, but he made contributions to the team and for that I acknowledge him, but I will never accept him as a hero. I don’t identify with any of these new generation Indians, I have always liked Tendulkar from the day he made debut against Pakistan in that test series which I saw live. He was always humble and respectful and will never say such things.

    As for your comments about criticizing Indian players, I have no issue with it. But I understand what you are saying, in general Indians will go defensive because they think it is an attack. In many ways I think it is true that Indian fans and media are less magnanimous than they should be. I don’t know if you read, but I responded in one of the first responses to this thread that I hope Indian fans will be now more gracious now that they have achieved pretty much everything they wanted. It is time to mature.

    In many ways India as a nation also should show more towards other smaller neighbors instead of bullying them, then only they can be the real leader in the region. I know this for a fact that the 3 smaller Asian neighbors, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, dislike India very much. Some of it is probably not deserved, but some of it certainly is. Therefore as India grows economically and in other areas, they should also mature and be more complimentary in the media instead of putting down others.

  121. #121 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 4:44 AM


    I am glad to read your comments and you are always very balanced and unbiased, being patriotic towards India is natural and we all accept that. Also, for me it is comforting to note that you dislike a few Indian players that I also dislike and it is because of their attitude and arrogance. You have named the same players I have already mentioned. Your response towards Yuvraj is similar to mine against Wasim Akram, in fact Akram is not just classless but, he has no morals, no character and no patriotism. He is all for money and fame.

    As regards India’s role in the sub-continent, I dunno why India cannot take that role and be more graceful leading nation in this area, neither of these 3 countries you have mentioned above are any threat to India, so why worry so much? And in cricket the rivalry will remain and as long as it is healthy i.e., not crossing the borders of decency and making it a political hoopla out of it, it is fine with me. There must be some fight otherwise, playing against Bangladesh is no fun, it is more for records. Whereas, Sri Lanka since they have won the WC in 1996 are a changed team. I remember in the eighties they used to choke like SA. In one of the matches against Pakistan when Imran was the captain or, he was in the side for sure, Pakistan made 207 runs and SL were 178/2 and they lost the match. I also remember when Wasim and Waqar went to SA, Pakistan made 162 and SA were 148 for 3 and they were all out for 159.

  122. #122 by Sagaat on April 6, 2011 - 4:50 AM


    Not to be offensive, and I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, but all these people in India (and Pakistan) that keep on chanting about Indian economic growth, do they even know what economic growth means?

    I am not discussing this in terms of the actual economy or stuff, or intending to start any debate on economics, but I have heard this word growth being chanted so many times, that I wonder that people don’t even know what the idea entails and just say it as a metaphor for something they don’t understand what it is?

  123. #123 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 5:19 AM

    Sagaat …….. which type of growth are you talking about? 😀

    A mental growth means you get old physically and mentally you are still a kid
    A horizontal growth is a health concern as well as a burden on your purse to make a new wardrobe
    A vertical growth means when it grows from 3 to 6 inches in a jiffy
    A spiritual growth is always followed by a beard growth
    Financial growth is when money starts growing on trees like Marijuana, poppy etc.
    Economic growth means when the growth is very economical and available cheaply in the market, sometimes you even get it for free.

    Now a few questions and answers:

    Why is smart growth a great marketing gimmick? (To fool 1.2 billion people minus the 370 million homeless.)
    Who wants to support stupid growth? (Acquire knowledge on stupid growth though it be in China)
    Who is going after stupid growth? India, China or America? (Your guess is as good as mine)

    When a man gets older he loses hair on his head but, hair growth rapidly increases on undesirable places such as, eyebrows, ears and inside the nose and in most unmentionable places.
    A negative growth is when the cell phones, laptops, cars start shrinking in size.
    A positive growth is when you look at the other side of the negative growth 😀

  124. #124 by Sagaat on April 6, 2011 - 5:34 AM

    Javed Khan,

    I realize what you are saying: There are indeed many types of growth. This, as you are iimplying, is also true for countries and people. I was just pointing to the usage of the word as a cliche for something that people don’t know what it is?

  125. #125 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2011 - 8:46 AM

    Breaking News …

    Razzaq, Kamran axed for West Indies ODIs and T20s

    Abdul Razzaq and Kamran Akmal have been axed from Pakistan’s combined ODI and Twenty20 squad for the upcoming tour of West Indies. Senior players Umar Gul and Younis Khan have been rested. Shahid Afridi will lead the team that features a new wicketkeeper, Mohammad Salman. The Test squad will be named at a later date.

    Squad: Shahid Afridi (capt), Mohammad Hafeez, Ahmed Shahzad, Taufiq Umar, Usman Salahuddin, Misbah-ul-Haq, Asad Shafiq, Umar Akmal, Abdul Rehman, Saeed Ajmal, Tanvir Ahmed, Wahab Riaz, Junaid Khan, Hammad Azam, Aizaz Cheema and Mohammad Salman (wk)

    Reserves: Rameez Raja (jnr), Sadaf Hussain, Asif Zakir, Sohail Khan, Zulifqar Babar

  126. #126 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2011 - 8:51 AM

    Javed Khan …

    I read your non-veg joke about Poonam Pandey (Ms. Nungi Poongi), and infact I already shared it with a few frirneds who all liked it. (Hope it was not copyrighted) 😉

    Thanks for an update on your lovely Canadian weather. This is where I will always envy you, even in winters.

    From what you have written above, it seems to be a perfect place to be in at the moment. Specially as it must be start of spring and to add to the beautiful weather, you have greenery all around you with flowers and ‘to-die-for smell’ of fresh fruits. Ahhhh …. this is something, we will always miss here in the Middle East.

    Although, the weather in UAE is also changing these days, but I can’t say for better, rather we are in for a harsh scorching summers after a few relatively colder months in so-called winters. 😦

    Mubrook Ala Sayyaara Jadeeda … BTW, you have mentioned 18” tires and from what I know 18” tires mostly go for either four-wheel SUVs or sporty cars, so what is it for you ❓

    My guess is a SUV truck because high powered sports cars will not suit you. 😉

  127. #127 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2011 - 8:55 AM

    Newguys …

    Absolutely liked your comment no. 120 above.

    Very well written, unprejudiced, balanced and fair-minded.

    Just felt like expressing my feelings. 🙂

  128. #128 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2011 - 8:59 AM

    Shahid Afridi …

    I have been reading all the comments on Shahid Afridi and I don’t think I can add something new which is not mentioned already.

    Nevertheless, since I have watched the video posted by Javed Khan I too would like to throw in my own two cents.

    IMO, It is very unfortunate to note Afridi’s hopeless body-language during that short discussion.

    I think it may be because the interviewer was a young-woman, but Afridi was obviously as uncomfortable as in front of any English presenter. 😉

    Wrapping his arms around his shoulders, scratching back of head, speaking fast, uneasy pauses, avoiding eye-contact, these are all signs of nervousness.

    For this, I suggest a few sessions of ‘Art of Living’ or Yoga for Afridi to control his undue anxiousness. Even Younis Khan is same when speaking and he tried to speaks very fast without any pauses.

    Having said all this, the most important fact here remains that Shahid Afridi is never a mendacious person and he doesn’t carry any malicious or sinter feelings in his actions. His life has been like an open-book and he says exactly what he feels deep inside without any hidden motives.

    On UV, Bhajji & Gauti …

    Finally, can someone answer me what is common between UV Singh, Harbhajjan Singh, and Gautam Singh … Opps, I mean Gautam Ghambir ❓ 😉

    The famous trio of Santa, Banta and Ghunta Singhs of Indian cricket. 😆

  129. #129 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2011 - 9:03 AM

    Khansahab …

    I never thought out of all the peoples, you will give so much importance to the averages and stats. 😉

    Anyways, this time I will not go on protecting Miss-Bah for his inclusion in Test squad, because I know I will never be able to convince you, so I don’t want to even give it a try. 😦

    I genuinely think, on Miss-Bah it’s best that we two (you & me) agree to disagree and move on. He will play for as long as his luck is with him and as much as I can not do anything to include Miss-Bah in the team, same way you or anyone else can not do anything to exclude him, no matter what.

    So better we leave it at that.

    PS: BTW, I am really not happy to see Miss-Bah in ODIs & T20 teams. 😦

  130. #130 by amir on April 6, 2011 - 9:36 AM

    why they selected misbah again?

  131. #131 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 1:32 PM

    Dropping Umar Gul on one bad performance is wrong and unjustified, he should have been in the team. The PCB did not use the word dropped instead they have said, RESTED. Well, imo he should have been in the T20 side at least. Test I agree that he should not play at the moment. BUT, seeing Misbah in ODI and T20 once again has surprised me. I thought he will be axed from these two formats and will play only test matches, but unfortunately he is there ruining the career of a young player, perhaps Fawad Alam who is again missing from the squad and the arrogant and immature Ahmad Shahzad is still retained despite repeated failures.

    The other good thing is Imran Farhat has not been chosen. I dunno anything about:

    Usman Salahuddin
    Aizaz Cheema
    Mohammed Salman
    Hammad Azam (saw only his video against WI U-19 when he scored 90 odd runs and remained not out)
    Junaid Khan
    (other than seeing him on the benches, never saw him bowling)

    The problem with the PCB selection committee is they keep bringing back players like Taufiq Umar in ODI and T20. His career is similar to that of Misbah’s who has been in and out of the team and Taufiq will be under pressure to perform and in order to retain his place in the side after a long gap he will play slow and that will negate the purpose of replacement. It would have been much better to retain Abdul Razzaq and play him up at number 3 or 4.

    Tanvir Ahmad was good and accurate in the UAE against SA but, in one of the matches I saw him struggling to run and was bowling at a pace of 115 kmph either it was just one bad day or is he like Shoaib Akhtar of today? I mean is he physically fit to bowl his 10 overs?

  132. #132 by Pak_Zindabad on April 6, 2011 - 3:06 PM

    hey guyz dont wory abt gambir he can get a tatoo on his ass saying ‘he will not let any pakistani do it again to me’ how many time pak has defeated india? it is jst in wc they have lost also gambir can dedicate the win to his mom and sis who care? Uvraj is a dalla, wahab fckd him dry but india won so he can brag now.

  133. #133 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 6:07 PM

    LOL @ Pak Zindabad

    please control the language

  134. #134 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 6:11 PM

    Munir Niazi sahab 😉

    Since you like numbers and stats I thought you might change your opinion with my analysis from Statsguru.

    I don’t mention Misbah, Musharraf or Imran Khan to tease or taunt you and Pakistan’s best interests are always on my mind.

    Why are you taking it as personal warfare if I criticise Misbah?

    We can I am agree to I am disagree on Misbah, but in my case there are no hard feelings about this. He is just a player and a mediocre one at that, no point arguing about him.

  135. #135 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 6:13 PM

    Munir sahab

    Despite having a playboy reputation in his early days Afridi is still extremely nervous in front of women, especially those who are more modern and reasonably good looking.

    Maybe it is a Pathan trait 🙂

  136. #136 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 6:17 PM

    The World Cup Final Was Fixed: Basit Ali

  137. #137 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 6:18 PM

    Pakistan showed big hearts by dropping catches: Yuvraj Singh

  138. #138 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 6:19 PM

    Yuvraj, you also showed your bigger heart by making yourself look like a club level player in front of a rookie Pakistani fast bowler.

  139. #139 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 6:25 PM

    Afridi should captain Pakistan in Tests: Imran Khan

    Come on Afridi, listen to Imran Bhai and ask for Test captaincy

  140. #140 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 6:47 PM


    Afridi is not the brightest cricketer in the world. That much is accepted. To understand him you need to understand the Pathan psyche. Pathans like other races have good and bad qualities both but one of their bad qualities is that they are not very politically correct. They can be blunt. When pushed to the limit they can do very stupid things, but not in a slimy or malicious way. That is why a Pathan who does wrong tends to do it in the public eye and in his mind he does not factor in the consequences of his actions. He does this when another person of another race will do wrong deeds knowing the consequences of their actions but somehow to a Pathan, the thought of immorality, inappropriateness or even illegality does not even arise. A Pathan is generally not a hypocrite- he is from the outside as he is from the inside. He cares a lot about honour and there are certain limits he will not cross if it affects his honour.

    I can tell you that I can be a little like the above description too and Javed A Khan is also like the above description, and I am not buttering him because he is on the blog, but he has zero hypocrisy and his conscience is clean as a whistle. A true Pathan is someone whose integrity will never be on sale irrespective of how much money one can offer him.

    So Afridi’s stupidities are because he is a Pathan, but at heart he is actually an analytical, unbiased and honourable person. He can just be very stupid at times. While his colleagues are fixing matches behind curtains, hitting each other with bats or doing drugs, he is eating a ball or scuffing a pitch in front of the entire world.

    I used to criticise his aggression and body language a lot but now that I understand him, he is quite stupidity-prone.

    I will write more on this later, but you know how many times we have called Afridi an “akhroat” (hollow-minded) and “chu*iya” (you know what this means).

  141. #141 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 6:51 PM


    When we say this on the blog it does not have that effect but, when Imran Khan says something he hit the headlines. Haven’t we all discussed about this before? We wrote several times on the blog that Afridi MUST play test cricket and if he does, there will be no place for Misbah and Afridi is definitely a better captain than Misbah.

  142. #142 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 7:33 PM


    Even among the Pathans there are many tribes and Afridis are Pashtuns they are famous for being great warriors. Believe it or not they are the only tribe that fought against the Moghul Emperor Aurangzeb and defeated his army. In fact they massacred the whole of the Moghul Army that came to attack them and only 5 survivors were left to tell the tales. I dunno what the historians talk about Afridi but, my father, grandfather and great grandfather have confirmed that their roots are from the warriors of Alexander the Great.

    When Alexander returned, a large number of his soldiers and warriors stayed back in Afghanistan and northern Pakistan. They embraced Islam during the time of Mehmoud Ghaznavi. They are very simple, straightforward people but, if you trick them or, abuse them then they will hit you hard. One of the most popular thing among them is ‘even if their enemy seeks refuge or shelter in their house they accommodate them and treat them like guests, but once they are out of their house they are enemies again, until and unless the issue is resolved. By nature they are not the vindictive type but, they don’t forget until and unless that issue is resolved and sorted out, if not then their children would continue that grudge.’ And, once the issue is resolved they forgive and forget about it completely.

    However, things are changing and have already changed a lot especially since they moved out of their tribal areas. Among the Afridi’s, Shahid Afridi is certainly the most popular person from that tribe because of cricket. Pathans generally marry within their tribe and if they marry outside the first preference goes to another Pashtun tribe for e.g., my father’s side is Afridi but, my mother’s side is Yousuf Zai. But, now Pathans marry among Punjabis, Gorees etc. Earlier only men used to marry outside but, now the trend is changing among Pathans who are living outside the tribal area and they have become more inclusive and marrying even their daughters to non-Pashtuns.

  143. #143 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2011 - 7:37 PM

    How big is Basit Ali’s mouth? Are his dentures fixed? If not he is inviting a boxer to punch him on his face.

    Btw, Sarfaraz Nawaz has said that, “Imran Farhat” should be the captain of Pakistan Test Team. His mouth is bigger than a Bull’s posterior end.

  144. #144 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 8:47 PM

    Javed A Khan

    Why do Pathans want to marry gorees so much nowadays?


  145. #145 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 8:57 PM

    Javed A Khan

    It is extremely difficult to make other people understand Afridi and Younis Khan’s psyches. People can’t fathom that there is so much good with them but then so much bad too.

    I think the Pakistanis on this blog understand this Pathan psyche but a lot of Pakistanis don’t understand them. I know some Indians from Rampur and Shahjahanpur and they are a little like this, they understand the Pathan mindset. But the Pathan mind is so complicated that I don’t blame others for not understanding them.

  146. #146 by khansahab on April 6, 2011 - 9:27 PM


    You have questioned why Afridi brought religion into the comparison between India and Pakistan and you state the view of Pakistanis as “myopic”. I would like to shed some light on this and this is my view having known India and Pakistan quite closely. As I have indicated earlier much of my close family is in India.

    The reason why in India, nationality comes before religion is because if it did not, India would cease to exist or at the very least, would be unable to function. A Western historian, whose name escapes me commented once that, “In India religion divides, in Pakistan, it unites”. So religious identity is something Indians are very careful about but in Pakistan, religion and cricket are the only 2 things that unite Pakistanis. This in itself should tell you how different the 2 countries are.

    The modern day Muslims of India are much more integrated with the Hindus than they used to be. Due to the 80% odd Hindu majority, integration naturally means that the minority makes more compromises on its identity than the majority. My parents tell me that when they were children, whenever Pakistan and India used to play cricket, most Muslims would support Pakistan and Pakistani flags would be seen in many Muslim areas. However now that is virtually non existent. You can see the views of Indian Muslims on Legslip for instance, such as Anfaal and Salman. They are totally supportive of India and in fact Anfaal expressed recently that he would want India to beat Pakistan.
    Not only this, Indian Muslims now speak and write better Hindi than Urdu. They know more about Hinduism than Islam. Whatever knowledge they can obtain of Urdu or Islam, can only be obtained from their homes. Schools don’t teach Urdu any more. Indian Muslims speak in a Hindi accent, use Hindi words when speaking etc. You might ask what the big deal with that is seeing though Hindi is the national language, but before partition Urdu was more than just a language for Muslims. It was a symbol of their unity and their rule over India. It became a cultural icon for Muslims. One of the reasons for the formation of Urdu was so that the Muslims of various ethnicities in India could speak in a common language.

    You might ask why Muslims in England speak English then, and why Muslims in France speak French. The answer is that English (despite its variants) has been spoken in England for centuries and same goes for French in France. The languages have little or no connection with whatever religion(s) is practised in these countries. But in India, you only have to look back 60-70 years ago when most Muslims had a language of their own and Hindus had a language of their own. The Muslims who speak English or French in these countries are first or second generation citizens, whereas the Muslims in India have coexisted with the Hindus for centuries (they have not migrated from another part of the world).

    So the reality is that there has been a cultural and religious dilution. You can see how the Indian Muslim players never place their forehead on the ground (sajda) in the field – this is because they don’t want to do something that makes them appear to be too different to the Hindu players. If an Indian Muslim does that (something which is encouraged in his religion) it will be perceived in India as involving religion into sports and it will be perceived negatively. It will be an anti-secular move.

    These are the reasons amongst others why Pakistanis tend to consider India as a Hindu country, simply because that the Muslims in Pakistan lead a totally different life to the Muslims in India. I am talking about difference here only; I am not discussing economics or politics or going into specifics.

  147. #147 by newguy on April 7, 2011 - 3:08 AM


    I don’t have time for a lengthy reply to your post above, but all I can say is India is much more complex than that. There are many millions in India who do not speak a word of Hindi let alone Urdu. For instance there are large populations of Muslims in Southern Indian states who have nothing in common racially with Pakistani muslims, and they don’t speak a word of Hindi. How will they ever identify with anyone else other than the Hindus and Christians who they co-habit with. A nation has more chance for success when people are more bound by a national identify or regional / linguistic identify than religion. Just my view, and it has been proven that way in many successful societies. Pakistan in my opinion is struggling with a identify despite having religion as a common binding theme, that says the concept is flawed.

  148. #148 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2011 - 4:37 AM


    In Pakistan the religious concept is not flawed but, it is the political concept that has basic flaws in it because, it is built on the principles of feudalism i.e., the Chaudhrys, Waderay and the Sardars (tribal chief) and they don’t want the poor to get educated because, who will work for them? They deliberately do not provide schooling or even building of new roads in villages that connects to big cities, because in that case they may travel to big cities and start working there, a few of them still do, they leave their ancestral villages and go to big cities or go to the Middle East, but a vast majority of the villagers are farmers and they are at the mercy of these rich feudal lords.

    In some way it is similar to the concept of education in the West, where they don’t push the population to study further and continue their education after the high school. Because, then there will be no handymen like carpenters, plumbers, electricians, masons, road builders, contractors etc.

    Yesterday I was responding to Sagaat’s question about economic growth in a very light way but, the truth is even in India and China where they talk about progress and economic growth it is very dubious and misleading the reality is not what the government or the media is portraying. There is no doubt that life in general has improved among the middle class people, in big cities and urban areas it is visible but, in the rural areas it is not so much.

    And, even in the big cities the population of homeless is staggeringly high, it is somewhere around 370 million or so are homeless and they don’t know the concept of family planning or, they don’t care about it and that is why the government is encouraging vasectomy and gynectomy, in some cases they pay them and in some cases they are done without their knowledge and consent and according to forecasts made by statisticians this population of homeless will reach over a billion people in the next 15 years.

    In China hundreds of millions of people are below the poverty line. I have been there twice and I have seen how the locals live there on cabbage soup only. Upon my second visit, I saw that the face of the big cities have changed with skyscrapers and imported automobiles but, China’s main production line is for the general consumer all over the world, they are not in big industries such as aviation, shipbuilding, automobile or space programs they have targeted only the consumer market that is why every one thinks that China is dominating the world. That is not true.

    Japan is regretting now about their decision of investing heavily in China and in other smaller countries to manufacture their branded goods such as in automobile, tires, generators and electronics etc., and lent their well known branded names but, the general consumer has realized that a Sony or Sanyo made in Japan is very good in quality whereas, a Sony or Sanyo made in China or Mexico is not and the consumers are not buying their products. So, they are seriously thinking of pulling out their names at least so that their reputation remains intact.

    Same is the case with Suzuki made in Japan and Suzuki Maruti made in India this is just an example there are hundreds of products which have failed in quality tests and the well known brands of Japan are losing their share of the market because of these joint ventures. IF, Volvo, BMW and Mercedes are going to make their cars in China, there won’t be many users, certainly I will not use them, because the quality that is being maintained in Sweden and Germany will not be the same if it is made in China.

    Last year I went out to buy an electric iron under a brand name of ROWENTA which is very good, but the one that is made in Germany and not the one which is made in China. It was hard for me to find one, but I did. Also, I paid more for that, but it is worth buying a product that is made in Germany.

    The reason China has a surplus balance of trade is because they are in all sorts of consumer item products, and it is not just me but, a large number of people after using them have come to the conclusion that it is not worth buying products that are made in China. In the short term it appears that they are gaining but, in the long term they will be the losers unless they make drastic changes in the quality of their products. One of the main reasons of their surplus is because, the US economy is in shambles and the US citizens are the biggest consumers in the world and their imports are mainly from China because, they are cheap and affordable to the majority of the US population.

  149. #149 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2011 - 7:25 AM

    Following is the WI squad for the only T20 they play against Pakistan:

    West Indies squad Darren Sammy (capt), Christopher Barnwell, Devendra Bishoo, Darren Bravo, Andre Fletcher, Danza Hyatt, Ashley Nurse, Ravi Rampaul, Kemar Roach, Andre Russell, Marlon Samuels, Krishmar Santokie, Lendl Simmons.

    There is NO Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo and Kieron Pollard in the squad
    because, they are not eligible for selection as they did not play in the Caribbean T20 earlier this year, there is no place either for Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Ramnaresh Sarwan or Sulieman Benn.

  150. #150 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2011 - 7:33 AM


    ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 / News

    India v Pakistan, 2nd semi-final, World Cup 2011, Mohali
    Hawk-Eye dismisses doubts over Tendulkar lbw

    ESPNcricinfo staff

    April 6, 2011

    News : Ajmal still baffled by Tendulkar lbw reversal

    Hawk-Eye Innovations, the company responsible for the ball-tracking technology used in the DRS during the World Cup, has sought to dismiss doubts over the accuracy of the technology during the semi-final between India and Pakistan when an lbw decision against Sachin Tendulkar was overturned by the referral system. The company has published a detailed report of the Tendulkar referral on its website.

    “The path Hawk-Eye showed was accurate and the Decision Review System was used correctly to overturn the umpire’s original decision,” Stephen Carter, managing director of Hawk-Eye Innovations told the Guardian. “The Hawk-Eye track lines up perfectly with the video of the real ball from release to impact point.”

    Tendulkar was ruled out lbw by umpire Ian Gould in the 11th over, bowled by Saeed Ajmal when on 23 (he went on to make 85). After much deliberation, Tendulkar asked for a referral and replays showed that the ball pitched in line. Hawk-eye, however, suggested that the ball would have gone on to miss leg stump. Ajmal, after the game, expressed bafflement, claiming he had bowled an arm ball that went on straight when it had appeared as though the ball had been an offspinner that spun down after pitching in line.

    “The commentators said on air that Tendulkar had been ‘caught on the crease’. From the front-on angle it does look like Tendulkar has been hit when batting in his crease. However, Tendulkar was almost two metres out of his crease when struck,” Carter said on his website.

    He also dismissed suggestions that the wrong ball may have been superimposed during the referral. “Theoretically it is possible but in a practical sense you couldn’t superimpose a wrong ball,” he said. “It would not line up perfectly and it would be perfectly obvious to everybody.”

  151. #151 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2011 - 7:44 AM

    Tendulkar was almost two metres out of his crease when struck,” Carter said on his website.

    What a load of cow dung! Especially if it is coming from the MD of a reputable company, he should have seen the review before blabbing that nonsense. I still have the recording and I saw it a few times, Tendulkar was within the crease, he was not 2 meters away. This is total RUBBISH.

    Obviously Carter is not going to say that the technology developed by his company is faulty. Although he has admitted that “Theoretically it is possible to superimpose a ball.” PERIOD. That means there is a possibility and also the technology is flawed. But, he won’t admit that.

    I remember my Indian friends were whining and nagging at Billy Bowden for not giving Ian Bell out because, in Billy’s mind Bell was 2.5 meters away from the crease. The technology can be correct up to 2.49 meters but, it is not accurate when it is 2.5 meters? What a load of Bull Shit.

    “You can fool some people sometimes, but you can’t fool all the people all the time.” Unfortunately same people were unhappy with Billy Bowden for wrongly interpreting the so-called great technology and, NOW the same people are very happy when Ian Gould was over ruled by the same technology which is — faulty.

  152. #152 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2011 - 8:56 AM

    LOL @ Pak_Zindabad.

    Way to go brother. 😉

    You have said things in …. very direct and blatant way.

    This is something which I wouldn’t have done myself, but I still liked how you put it. 😉

    There is a nice Shair from Iqbal and it goes as:

    Lazim Hai Dil Kay Saath Rahey Pasbaan-e-Aql
    Laikin Kabhi Kabhi Issey Tanha Bhee Chhor Du.

    Lazim = Necessary, Must.
    Dil = Heart
    Saath = Together, Close.
    Pasbaan = Gate Keeper, Guide, Checker, Controller.
    Aql = Mind, Logic, Brain.
    Laikin = But
    Kabhi Kabhi = Sometime, Once in a while.
    Tanha = Alone.
    Chhor Du = Leave it.

    The overall message/ explainations …

    It’s necessary and an absolute must that our hearts and thinkings are always restrained/ guided by our brains (logic)
    But once in while, you let your heart take full control and do the things freely without any interruptions or restrictions of logic.

    Now go back and read the above Shair once more. 😉

  153. #153 by amir on April 7, 2011 - 9:01 AM

    Razak not happy with team manegement.
    Besides claiming six wickets,
    he managed to score just 104
    runs in the tournament.
    Razzaq, a veteran of 262
    One-Day Internationals and
    46 Tests, however, believed
    that if he was given more
    chance, his statistics in the
    showpiece event would have
    been much better.
    “I’m deeply disappointed
    after being dropped for the
    tour, ” said Razzaq. “I think I
    was not utilised well
    throughout the tournament. I
    played at number eight in
    most matches and I was also
    not given much chance with
    the ball. ”
    According to him, he was
    willing to bat at number
    three on numerous occasions
    but the team management
    was not keen to give him a
    chance at that key position.
    “I was ready to play at
    number three. I also decided
    to convince the team
    management to play me at
    this position in future
    assignments. But what ‘s
    done is done. I’ll continue
    the hard work to regain my
    place in the team.

  154. #154 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2011 - 9:03 AM

    Javed Khan …

    You have dodged the question about your new car … 😉

    I agree with you on Umer Gul being included in T20 and may be also for ODIs because on those West Indians wickets we shall need him more. But I really don’t know if PCB/ Selectors actually dropped Younis & Gul by saying ‘rested’ or is it a case where players themselves have requested for some actual ‘rest’ ❓

    Today there was a news that Abdul Razzaq is unhappy for being dropped and he have questioned his exclusion by saying that if I was ‘made’ to bat at no. 8 and was not allowed to bowl my full quota of overs in the entire World Cup, then how and why shall I be judged as unfit for WI tour. Seems to me a valid argument.

    I am NOT happy on inclusion of Ahmed Shehzad, because he got so many chances in World Cup but couldn’t perform in even a single game. Secondly, beside his useless performance he is arrogant and carries a lot of attitude for nothing. Nevertheless, there is an inside news (which I knew for a long time but avoided saying it here before) that Ahmed Shehzad is strongly supported by Captain Afridi and the reason is because Shehzad is domestically playing in the same team as Afridi, Habib Bank. So Afridi is going out of the way to keep him in the team. Further, some peoples have started saying that Shehzad “could be” Afridi’s TOTA, same like how Wasim was known as Imran’s TOTA. 😉

  155. #155 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2011 - 9:21 AM

    Khansahab …

    First of all, I have never said that you mention Misbah, Imran or Musharraf to tease or taunt me, and at least I don’t think this is the case … do you ❓ 😉

    Secondly, my sincere apologies if I made your feel like I take it as a ‘personal warfare’, may be my, at times a bit aggressive, written communication has persuaded you to think this way, but trust me this is absolutely not how I think deep down. I know I get a little enthusiastic with my comments and how I express myself, but nothing beyond that surely. 🙂

    Thirdly, unfortunately we are living in different time zones and any misunderstandings can not be ‘cleared’ until next day.

    Now if this ‘personal’ issue is behind us, let me come back to your other comments.

    Munir Niazi is a very well known and a great poet, and no I am not a Niazi if that is what you are implying. 😉

    On Miss-Bah, I really don’t care a damn, I never personally liked the guy and he surely is not the best cricketer around, but the fact remains that he is the most educated Pakistani player, he is well composed and is considered senior (at least by age) in the team. He was accepted by all our earlier captains like Shoaib Malik, Younis Khan, Salman Butt as well as Shahid Afridi, and none of the captains ever felt threatened by his presence in the team. Pathan as well as Punjabi captains were comfortable with him playing in the team and that should tell you something about the guy.

    Miss-Bah has failed Pakistan in the semi-final and for this my anger and frustration on him is as much as yours. But then again, so many other players have also failed us in that semi-final and most of the World Cup.

    On personal level, I neither like his game nor his leadership, but from whatever existing talent/ players we are left with in Pakistan, I think Misbah is still worthy of being included in our Test team for sure. Younis and Afridi both “refused” Test captaincy while Butt was out for ‘fixing’, so can you tell me any other valid choice for captaining in our Test team ❓

    Whether you like it or not, Misbah is a Niazi Pathan and this is a fact, now if he speaks Pushto, or Punjabi, or even Urdu and if he has more traits of either Pathans or Punjabis, is your area of expertise and not mine. 😉

    On Shahid Afridi …

    I fully understand the justifications given by you in defense of Afridi’s comment and most of it is true.

    However, I personally think that since Afridi is living in Karachi for many years and is also representing Pakistan allover the world, it is high time that he changed himself a bit. As Javed Khan has rightly said Pathans, like all other cultures, who are living away from their tribes are changing with times, so should Afridi.

    Secondly it will be only logical to change or at least ‘mold’ just one person for the sake of millions of his fans/ followers, rather then to change the views of the entire world around him just to accommodate his point of view.

    PS: Lastly, yes I liked Imran Khan and still do, a ‘little’ more then Pervaz Musharraf, I would say. 😉 But, I also like Shahid Afridi much more then Pervaz Musharraf. 😆

  156. #156 by amir on April 7, 2011 - 12:42 PM

    NEW DEHLI: Indian foreign
    secretary Nirupama Rao has
    said that Indian cricket team
    is prepared to visit Pakistan,
    Geo News reported on
    In a telephonic interview,
    foreign secretary said that it
    is not that we have forbidden
    our team from going there.
    Security is always an issue
    and we always like to be sure
    about security when we
    allow our teams to go there.
    I think cricket sometimes
    becomes an instrument of
    diplomacy, she said and
    added that we have seen
    how cricket matches have
    been played between India
    and Pakistan in the past.
    People in both countries
    have supported the idea of
    such contacts.
    Rao said this has to be
    discussed between the
    cricketing fraternities on
    both sides and taken

  157. #157 by amir on April 7, 2011 - 12:56 PM

    bowler Aizaz Cheema has
    been ruled out of this
    month’s West Indies tour due to fitness problems and has been replaced by Sadaf Hussain, Left-arm paceman Sadaf, 21,was the top wicket-taker in the recently concluded domestic season with 64 wickets and has taken 90 wickets in just 18 first class games.

  158. #158 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2011 - 5:21 PM


    If it is true and if it really happens then it is a very good news for the cricket lovers to see India Pakistan series especially in Pakistan which has become a land of the forbidden for foreign teams. I am sure what happened to Sri Lanka will never happen to any team in the future. That was sheer negligence on part of the PCB to take the matter lightly and it is all because of Ijaz Butt. As of date he has not yet apologized to the SL government, cricket board or the players. On the other hand he was threatening to sue Chris Broad for his comments i.e., when he complained that the security was inadequate.


    Regarding your question, I would prefer to reply to that in private thru email, I hope you understand my point.

  159. #159 by khansahab on April 7, 2011 - 5:58 PM

    India is lucky to have a stable captain in Dhoni: Afridi

    LAHORE: India is lucky to have a “stable” captain like Mahendra Singh Dhoni, according to Pakistan’s ODI skipper Shahid Afridi who is still trying to play down his negative remarks against Indians that caused an uproar.

    “I thought Dhoni led the Indians very shrewdly and performed brilliantly in the final. India is lucky to have a stable captain like him, Afridi said in an interview.

    “He had a big role to play in the Indian victory and I am sure this victory means a lot for Indian cricket and their people. But I also hope the World Cup coming back to Asia will also boost the sport in this region again and normalise bilateral Indo-Pak cricket relations,” he said.

    Afridi acknowledged that India were the better side on that day and deserved to win the World Cup.

    “They were the better side and deserved to win the world cup. Any side that can beat us should win the World Cup,” he said.

    Afridi heaped praise on Indian batting icon Sachin Tendulkar, saying that his hunger for runs is amazing and he still has plenty to offer to Indian cricket.

    “His hunger for runs is amazing and only he can best decide what he wants to do in the future. But I can tell you this age is no bar to his success in either Tests or one-day internationals,” he said.

    Afridi said he did not have any words to describe the Indian maestro and disclosed that he has a framed jersey autographed by Tendulkar in his drawing room.

    The Pakistan captain once again played down his negative remarks about Indian people that he made on a Pakistani television channel talk show that has caused an uproar in the neighboring country.

    “I have nothing against the Indian people and I have always enjoyed going to India as the people there appreciate and support good cricket and players,” Afridi said.

    “The remarks I made on the show have been misunderstood and taken out of context. My main emphasis was that sports should not be mixed with politics and there were some elements who didn’t want the people of the two countries to get closer,” Afridi clarified.

    “It is unfortunate whenever someone tries to bring politics into sport. This is unacceptable and will only lead to misunderstandings,” he said.

    Afridi’s remarks about the Indian media being negative about Indo-Pak relations and the Pakistani media being 100 times better have also caused a furore.

    “I don’t want to sound condescending but I have always wanted good relations between the two countries and I have in my own way tried to play a positive role,” he said.

    “Even when we returned from India after playing the world cup semifinal in Mohali I said that Pakistanis should not treat cricket matches with India as war as in other things we tend to have common interests,” Afridi noted.

    Afridi pointed out that there were some elements in the Indian media who created misunderstandings or demeaned Pakistanis.

    “Even when I said that Sachin Tendulkar would have to wait for his 100th century after the semifinal against us, my remarks were misinterpreted and played up negatively by some in the Indian media.

    “I admire Sachin Tendulkar for being one of the best role models for young cricketers and no one in Pakistan even doubts his greatness as his records speak for himself.

    “All I had meant was that being the captain of the opposing team, we would not allow Tendulkar to score runs or get a century against us which any opposing captain would say about an opposing batsman,” Afridi explained.

    The Pakistan captain said the national team had gone to India with the message of peace.

    “I think our conduct in the semifinal and during our stay in India is proof enough of our intentions. Pakistan has always been keen to have normal cricket relations with India,” he said.

    “I still say Pakistan and India should have normal bilateral relations in cricket and there should be regular exchanges between the two countries,” he added.

    Afridi explained that his remarks on the talk show were in response to a question about how the Indians were looking at the semifinal match result and about some people introducing politics into cricket with Pakistan.

    “There are positive people even in the Indian media but recently in India we as a team were sad over the way some sections of the Indian media did stories about us and how they portrayed us,” Afridi said.

    He said because of these negative elements, Pakistani players remained out of the Indian Premier League.

    “When you play a cricket match with India, the intensity level is high but that is only on the field and it is unfortunate when a wrong colour is given to a match or relations between players.”

    Afridi said cricket can bring the two countries closer and it was a very positive gesture on part of the Indian Prime Minister to invite his Pakistani counterpart to Mohali for the match.

    “I know for a fact that Pakistanis who were in Mohali for the match enjoyed themselves thoroughly and were looked after well even though the disappointment of losing the semifinal was great,” he noted.

  160. #160 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2011 - 6:07 PM


    Kya Luck aur Kya Kismet? Yae sab baatain hain, baataon ka kya?

    There is a Guddi (kite) called Dhoni. The air is in his favour and his Guddi is flying high. Had he lost that match to Pakistan in the semifinal, the hair that he shaved off his head, would have been shaved off by his fans and supporters. He would have either resigned from the captaincy or, the BCCI would have removed him from the captaincy. There would have been a very sad ending for Tendulkar but, now all is well that ends well and thats what has happened to India.

    Afridi is now trying to play down his negative comments which may not be wrong but, politically incorrect. That is why they say, “a good diplomat thinks twice before saying nothing.”

  161. #161 by khansahab on April 7, 2011 - 6:16 PM

    Munir sahab

    A middle order batsman has one of the most important roles to play in cricket. He is the backbone of the team and he is the one who needs to bat most selflessly. Misbah’s problem is that he fails against good bowling and against weaker bowling, he plays selfishly. Everything I have said so far about Misbah has come true.

    You are wrong that none of the captains felt threatened by Misbah. Misbah is the one who engineered the oath taking ceremony against Younis Khan. Prior to the World Cup Misbah was almost made captain of the team so Afridi’s position was under threat.

    The person with the greatest responsibility in the semi final was Misbah because he was the one who had to anchor the innings. It was also his responsibility to make sure the match stays in Pakistan’s hands. Younis Khan was a failure, no doubt but when Younis was dismissed, Misbah was still batting. If Misbah had been dismissed before Younis, I would have blamed Younis more. When the match was lost, then we saw Misbah trying to hit sixes.

    I don’t understand why you can’t see that I don’t blame Misbah for the fun of it- he was the main culprit of the defeat. The target of 260 was achievable.

    I don’t care what language Misbah speaks, as long as he is not perceived as a symbol of regionalism. If he is supported by people of one region more than other regions, then that makes him a representative or symbol of that region. You can ask Misbah what his race is and I can guarantee you he will say Punjabi. But, I am not a regionalist because I support Mohammad Hafeez and Umar Akmal irrespective of their regional background. And if anyone will criticise Afridi, or Karachi players, I am not so low that I will criticise Hafeez as a player or U Akmal as a batsman. I say “batsman” here because there are problems with U Akmal’s attitude which we all know about, but his batting is very good.

    A regionalist (in this context, say a Punjabi regionalist) is that person who will, for example, criticise Afridi, Younis, Fawad Alam etc if you criticise a Punjabi player.

  162. #162 by khansahab on April 7, 2011 - 6:20 PM

    Suniel Shetty lashes out at Shahid Afridi

    Pakistani cricket team skipper Shahid Afridi might not have thought in his wildest dreams that he will be facing criticism from his country as well for making nasty remarks against India after losing World Cup semi-finals.

    From Indian people to media to prominent cricket personality everyone berated Pakistani skipper for his rashness. Recently, actor Suniel Shetty, who witnessed India’s win over Pakistan in semi-finals at Mohali, lashed out at Afridi for calling Indians “bad host.”

    Shetty said, “Afridi is a coward” and a sour loser, who might have lost his mind after losing to India in WC semi-finals.

    “Before making angry comments he should have asked his brother what all Indians did for him. We made sure he, his girlfriend, other friends and relatives didn’t feel left out,” added Shetty.

  163. #163 by khansahab on April 7, 2011 - 8:44 PM

    Hum nai Musharraf ki wardi uttar waee aur uss ko ooltaa latkaaya…………aur hum phir uss ko ooltaa latkaayein gey………..: PML Nawaz spokesman

  164. #164 by khansahab on April 7, 2011 - 9:06 PM

    Razzaq questions basis for exclusion

    Abdul Razzaq, the Pakistan allrounder, has questioned the basis for his exclusion from the ODIs and Twenty20s on the tour of West Indies.

    Razzaq played a peripheral role in his team’s World Cup campaign and claimed his exclusion was not justified given he hadn’t had enough opportunities.

    “I was told to bat at No.8 and I hardly got a few overs in every match.

    So, where does the question of my non-performance arise?” Razzaq was quoted as saying by PTI.

    “How can one perform when he is batting at No.8 and bowling just a few overs in every match?” In eight games at the World Cup, Razzaq didn’t complete his quota of ten overs even once and picked up five wickets at 32.20.

    He made 104 runs, batting in the lower order, at 26 and with a highest of 62 against New Zealand.

    “One hardly gets time to settle in or build a proper innings.

    It was the same situation in bowling also,” Razzaq said.

    “I had told the team management I was ready to bat at No.3 because I have batted at that position before and have also done well.

    But as it was the World Cup and due to requirements of the team, the management didn’t accept my point of view and I was kept at No.

    8.” Razzaq, 31, said he was determined to make a return.

    “I want to come back.

    I think I can still continue playing for a couple of more years as I pay a lot of attention to my fitness.” Another player left out of the Pakistan squad was Kamran Akmal, following his wicketkeeping woes in the World Cup.

  165. #165 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2011 - 9:23 PM

    Nawaz Sharif ki Shalwar Utar ker, Ulta Latka ker Roz Subha Baghair Kisi Vajah kay, Bheegi hoi Chamray Ki Chappal say unkay Chooturr Par 25 baar Bhurr Poor Andaaz may Chapparay Laganay Chahiyeh.

    Yae Log ker kay dikhayenge. 😀 Aur Phir Hum Bhee Dekhenge.

  166. #166 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2011 - 9:29 PM


    Razzaq got chances in one of the matches where he had 14 overs to play and he scored only 3 runs. In the semifinal too he was sent ahead of Afridi and he got out cheaply. Razzaq should stop playing Miskeen. He did not show any signs of aggression in this WC even when he scored 50 plus against NZ it was a very subdued effort, he looked completely lost and nervous. Since the Abu Dhabi innings, how many matches did he play? At least 5 against NZ and then in this WC he played 7 so total 12 or more? What is his average?

  167. #167 by khansahab on April 7, 2011 - 10:08 PM


    This is response to your brief comment about people living in Southern states of India.

    They may not understand much Hindi but the point is that, culturally they are not that distinct to the Hindus. So, again Pakistanis will not find there is much to distinguish them from Hindus. Hindu and Muslim Tamils and Keralites both have trouble speaking in Hindi, this is not something that is limited to Muslims.

    Your initial point was about Pakistan’s view about India being a Hindu state. This anti secular comment is perceived very negatively by Indians. But unfortunately Pakistanis will not be able to recognise Islam in India unless the Muslims show that they are a different race to Hindus with different lifestyle, religion etc.

    There is a significant Muslim population in India that lives in small towns, villages and slums. It is in such areas where Muslims have unrestricted access to halal meat, where there is no problem with mosques announcing Azaan, or there is a strong community culture. But, they have a choice. Either they can live and die in this small town. But if they want their kids to become something in life the kids will have to go to the cities and more developed areas and there they will find that life is much different and national identity becomes more important than religious identity. Some Pakistanis are ignorant about this small town culture, because they do not know a great deal of how life inside India is like. There are still towns in India where a Muslim spends his entire day without interacting with any Hindu- this kind of life, Pakistanis do not know about. I think sometimes they assume that a Muslim is oppressed wherever he is in India.

    Now you have also spoken about economics here and “successful societies”. Only 2 countries in the world were formed on the basis of religion, one Israel and the other, Pakistan. The former grows stronger by the day and the latter faces the opposite fate. I don’t think the concept of a common religion is flawed but international politics and international relations are played amongst other things on the basis of religion. That is why you have Israel which is the strongest country in its region and then you have Pakistan.

    As I stated earlier I wanted to avoid discussion on politics and economics, but if you think about the Babri Masjid issue and the Gujrat riots issue, put yourselves in the shoes of a Pakistani- could those kinds of incidents happen in a secular country? Especially when we now know that the BJP government was involved (to whatever degree) in these 2 tragedies- so would you still blame Afridi for holding India out to be a Hindu country?

  168. #168 by Pawan on April 7, 2011 - 11:52 PM

    The Hindu-Muslim debate is such an old stigma and a guaranteed way to divide/ suppress/ defeat the South-East Asians.
    It is also so very obvious – something happens – like Afridi talking unknowingly or quoted out of context and we people erupt.
    Imagine a foreign power like US/ UK or even China, can cause so much unrest in this region without taking any pains – just play this religion card.
    Its been going on for years – no wonder the British played divide and rule policy – because as it is we are always begging to be.
    We have been so vulnerable and will always be to this unless we recognize, accept and DECIDE to co-exist.
    The newest thing (in historic sense) is this “terrorism” thing, which again plays the religion card.
    I believe all the so-called terrorist organizations are nothing more than money mending machines.
    Truth is all these extremists believe in the bottom of their hearts that they can co-exist.
    Some are over powered by foolishness and others are driven the the cunning few who want nothing but big fat rokda (read as politicians).

  169. #169 by newguy on April 8, 2011 - 2:19 AM


    I don’t have to time to try and change your misconceptions, but they are misconceptions, there is only one way you will know what India is all about, by spending quite a bit of time there. You are communicating with a person like myself who grew up in a very multi cultural environment while you yourself do have the same experience. I don’t think I will be able to change your mind, and I am not even going to attempt, because only we can change ourselves. As for Afridi, he is a simpleton who do not understand anything about India.

    I don’t what to tell you in reply to your statements like there are small towns where Muslims do not interact with Hindus, so on .. this is all totally incorrect. You talk about Mosques announcing Azaan (call to prayer), I grew up listening to this call every morning in the small town where I lived, we also get the prayer calls from the Hindu temple, this all co- exist, people regularly interact with each other, it’s nearly impossible without so ..

    Anyhow, this is all too much to explain, but you have a lot of mis conceptions, only way is to visit India and stay for a few weeks, not just limit to big cities, but also some small places. It will be a eye opener.

  170. #170 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 8, 2011 - 2:53 AM


    I have been to India many times, I have been to the following cities:

    Sri RangaPatnam
    Kaghaznagar (Birla Town)
    Adilabad (town/village)
    Medak (village)
    Nurkhera (village)

    I have been to ALL over Pakistan, cities, towns, villages, remote mountain areas.

    And, the whole world, including China and Russia 😀

    Do you want me to travel more? Have you been to all those places in India I have been to? I don’t think so.
    I love to travel and I love to see more and more and more. If wishes were horses ………………… 😀

    In Quebec I have been to so many small villages and towns from one end to the other and here the people are so naive that they haven’t been out of the city even once.
    While in the US, I traveled in a 28 ft. long Camper for 21 days which had six beds, toilet, shower, kitchen and a table to eat. We slept in it and parked the camper in camping sites with full service hook-up.

  171. #171 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 8, 2011 - 10:08 AM

    Sarfaraz Nawaz wants Afridi and Mohsin Khan to quit i.e., to follow the suit of Sangakara and the SL selection board.

    Why does he want them to quit? Why not ask Ijaz Butt to quit? Also, why not ask for Misbah to be axed and, why Afridi?

    Imran Khan wants Shahid Afridi to be captain of the test side also whereas, Nawaz wants him to step down.

    Who will captain the Pakistan team? Does he have anyone on his mind? I don’t see a single person who is capable of leading the team.

    When Pakistan made drastic changes and retired all the senior players, it took a couple of years for the team to get to a competitive level.

    There has to be a few seniors and a few juniors in the team and captain needs to be identified and groomed.

    The PCB runs on ad hoc basis and at the whims and wishes of Ijaz Butt who is an idiot, he does not announce the captain of the WC team until the last moment.

    Even now the test squad for the West Indies has not been announced and the team is leaving on April 18th.

    How long this off the cuff management and Butt idiosyncrasies will last?

  172. #172 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 8, 2011 - 10:13 AM

    GEO news headlines are, IPL-4 begins today!

    Why is Geo paying so much attention to the IPL? I don’t think there is a need for the Pakistani media to talk about India’s premier league’s boring 51 days cricket tournament, which is nothing but a circus of unknown local players and a few retired foreign players who are there only for the sake of money.

    After 49 days of ICC WC in the subcontinent this IPL is an overdose to cricket, I don’t think people will follow it with that much enthusiasm.

  173. #173 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 8, 2011 - 6:33 PM

    Afridi is a chutiyum sulphate, he disappoints his fans more than he entertains them. Now he is asking the IPL authorities to include Pakistani players in the IPL

    1. The IPL has already started and no one will include them at the last moment.
    2. Why DA FK he is interested in the IPL now?
    3. Just to make money? He is saying it will improve the relationship between the two countries.
    4. First you blab out something stupid and then try to patch up by saying it was used out of context and misunderstood.
    5. Now trying to be a beggar, losing self respect and self-esteem. No dignity for self or for the country.
    6. There are many ways to improve the relationship between India and Pakistan but, you don’t need AKHROAT DIPLOMACY which can change by the second.
    7. He is really stupid and he should keep his mouth SHUT. idiot Sala.

    The Indian media may be crook but, the Pakistani media is really ch2yaz to flock around Afridi’s house and keep asking him questions. If he was that intelligent he would have become something else and not a cricket player and that too, with a one track mind. Bewqoof UKP kaheen ka.

  174. #174 by khansahab on April 8, 2011 - 6:42 PM

    Waqar Younis unhappy with Sindh’s chief minister.

    Karachi: Pakistan cricket coach Waqar Younis was unhappy with the “treatment” of Sindh Government, during a welcome ceremony that held in CM house in Karachi earlier today.
    Chief Minister of Sindh, Mr. Syed Qayam Ali Shah announced 5 lakhs each for all 15 “playing members” of Pakistan team, but the team management was handed Sindhi Topi and Ajrakh only.
    And this attitude made national coach Waqar Younis unhappy and angry.
    “We’re not hungry for money, but there is a team of support staff working with these cricketers, they did the hard work too to keep the cricketers fit,” he said.
    “Leave me aside, don’t honor me … but at least the CM should appreciate the support staff too, it is unfortunate that they were not praised today,” Waqar added.
    He was also very quick to appreciate Panjab’s CM Shahbaz Sharrif, who – unlike Qayam Ali Shah- , announced cash rewards for entire squad.

  175. #175 by khansahab on April 8, 2011 - 8:46 PM


    I don’t know whether it is because of the sparsity of time that you appear not to have read my comment with the due attention it deserved. Anyhow I will respond to your comment.

    I have visited Delhi, Rampur, Moradabad, Nainitaal, Haldwani twice and my close family lives in India. The closest relatives I have in Pakistan are 3rd or 4th cousins, which should tell you that all of my close family is in India. I speak to them every month or so, and they say similar things to what I have said. With respect I value their opinion more than yours because they are actually resident in India whereas you are a NRI.

    It is true there are areas in India where Muslims and Hindus live in close knit communities and have zero interaction with each other. I have visited such areas myself. Sometimes in the slums and villages there are riots where a Muslim or Hindu crowd from their “area” encroach the other’s area, beat up people, incinerate objects etc. I never said that Azaan is illegal in India. I implied that there are some areas where Azaan is not allowed. There are areas in Gujrat, Maharashtra etc where mosques are not allowed to give Azaan. There are areas where halal meat is not available. There are areas where Muslims are not allowed to buy property.

    Newguy, I am afraid but you are wrong again to suggest that Afridi does not know anything about India. I can guarantee you that Pakistani cricketers know more about India than Indian cricketers know about Pakistan. Indian films and dramas are widely seen in Pakistan and they know all about “shaadi key saath pherey, maang soonduur, mangal sootar, raksha bandhan, raakhi, amawas ki raath, ganga jal, ghar ki laxmi, rajneeti, acha shagun aur bura shagun, ram, seeta, krishnaa, raavan, hanumaan, purn janam, aatma, holi, diwaali etc” I can go on forever but you ask any household in Pakistan and they will tell you the meaning of all these words. This is when there are negligible number of Hindus in Pakistan so their knowledge about India and Hinduism is acquired totally from Indian dramas and movies. Not just that but, Afridi has not only toured India more than Indians have toured Pakistan, he has also played in IPL.

    I am not saying Muslims are oppressed completely. But their identity has to be diluted and they have to pay the price of being a minority if India is to prosper. Only in India do Muslims marry Hindus without Hindus having to change their religion (as Muslims are only allowed to marry followers of Abrahamic faiths without them having to change their religion). Nowhere else in the world (UK, USA, France or wherever) does a Muslim marry a Hindu without the Hindu changing his/her religion (unless the couple are not practising Muslims/Hindus). The reason why religious change is not so significant in India in this respect is because of the reasons I have espoused.

    I have made a concession and shown my large-heartedness by saying that Pakistanis sometimes assume a Muslim is oppressed wherever he is in India. 🙂 I made this concession, I wonder if you will make any.

    This discussion started because you were upset with Afridi’s comments. I still maintain that Afridi’s comments were in retaliation and he was provoked by 3 factors primarily: 1. media’s treatment of his comments about SRT 2. Gautam Gambhir’s antagonistic comments 3. the comment that India is BMW and Pakistan is a rickshaw.

  176. #176 by newguy on April 9, 2011 - 1:42 AM


    Since you have added more perspective now in your last post, I can see where you are coming from. Your relatives experience could not be how someone else is feeling elsewhere, and as I have said my experience is different, and Afnal said the other day his is different. We could all be falling for the mistake of small statistics.

    This is how it goes, someone says I know at least a hundred people in the world, but not one of them are Chinese, therefore the claim that Chinese is the largest population in the world must be wrong. We all could extrapolate our isolated experiences based on a very small non representative sampling and then mistakenly apply that to the larger populace.

    But I am willing to concede that there is always some discomfort or sacrifices any minority will have to endure. I am part of a tiny minority here in the USA, yet I have fully embraced citizenship not just for economic benefits but also because I believe in the overall ideals of this country has held during it’s founding. I would of course be subject some discrimination as a minority, but at the same time it is more ideal place for me for more than just economic reasons. Therefore I understand completely the situation face by minorities.

    Let’s take another example. Black people were enslaved in the US couple of hundred years back, well all know the history, even after abolishment of slavery black people were subject to civil rights discrimination up until the 60’s. Does that mean that Black Americans are better off elsewhere today, or even back then would it have been better for them to be elsewhere, or stay within the system and slowly change things. Today the son of a Black African is the President of the US, and Black Americans enjoy many high positions in the society. Yet there is still inequality. Would they be better off say in Kenya, Liberia, or Somalia where they are the majority and they don’t have to adjust their lifestyle or make some sacrifices to accommodate the majority.

    The answers to above questions are clear. They are not better off being a majority somewhere else, it is better for a nation to understand and address these things and change over time. What is important is the common ideals held by the nation. In this regard I think India has very strong institutions and a deep social fabric that keeps the nation together.

    Lastly, minority is not just being a Muslim in a country with majority Hindu population. It is also being a South Indian in a country with North India majority, or being a Dalit in a Brahmin majority country, so on … but overall despite the sacrifices they have to make they are still in a better position in the country of their residence where they have an opportunity to shape it and be part of the dialog, rather than just complain about these things and stand back.

    Take for instance the advances Muslims have made in India, father of Indian atomic program and former President is a Muslim, Bollywood is always dominated by several Khan’s, Indian Muslims enjoy a much better global profile than Muslims anywhere else in the world, no Indian Muslim has ever been caught in a Terrorism plot in the West, there must be something about the country’s social fabric that is allowing all these achievements.

    In the end, I am not discounting everything that you said, or disagreeing that there must be inconveniences, rather point out the benefits that the nation enjoy from being a multi-cultural society with strong institutions and a strong underlying social fabric. Overtime things will change further, of course there might be chaotic events as the nation progress and find it’s path forward, end of the day everyone has the opportunity to be part of the dialog and bring change to the status quo.

    P.S: Afridi has moved on and said a dozen other things since then 🙂 so it’s futile we are stuck on what he said.

  177. #177 by newguy on April 9, 2011 - 2:11 AM

    Javed Khan,

    I think Pakistan players should be part of the IPL, there is no reason why they must be denied, politics must not get mixed up with Cricket.

    That said I also believe that Afridi should show dignity since Pakistan player’s were snubbed by IPL authorities, not just once, but twice. But his mind is working in overdrive, like you said those TV crews and camped outside his house and he is feeding them with so much 🙂

  178. #178 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 9, 2011 - 3:06 AM

    Afridi rules out test return

    I can bet, if there is too much pressure on him, then he will say OK, if the nation needs me, and if the country needs me, if my people needs me here I am. But, I hope he doesn’t go there and after one test he announce, OK I quit test cricket again. With Afridi, everything is possible.

    I am sure his batting can improve in WI because, the pitches are similar to that of the sub-continent and he has scored his fastest century in WI something like 100 in 78 balls?

  179. #179 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 9, 2011 - 3:28 AM


    In this culture, religion, politics debate it is very hard for people to understand each other especially since we all have our own personal belief system. I am not talking about the religious set of belief system, but the personal one which we ALL have when dealing with people. Dealing in human relations and hoping to make everyone agree with your point of view is extremely difficult.

    The India Pakistan culture is somewhat similar to each others but, since the creation of Pakistan, slowly and gradually there are differences and that is not just because of the religion itself or in showing retaliation to each others religion but, a new culture is emerging slowly and surely and there are some commonalities and differences both. That is because neither the Indians nor the Pakistanis know each other very well. They pretend that they know each other through the media, satellite TV channels, blogs, chat rooms, movies, dramas etc., etc., but the reality is there is still a big gap and you can see that gap when you personally meet each other in a third country.

    And, when we are in a third country we try to get closer to each other because of food, language, similarities in culture to a certain extent. But, trust me there are so many Pakistani Muslims who cannot interact with Indian Muslims especially if one is Punjabi and the other is North Indian or South Indian or vice versa. The Punjabis of Pakistan find it easier to deal with Sikhs and Eastern Punjabis because of the language. Similarly, a Malayalee finds it very easy to deal with another Malayalee as opposed to a North Indian from the same religion. Language is the biggest barrier and the common denominator in establishing a relationship.

    I am not talking about LOVE, BAKAOZ 😉 Lao needs no boundaries, no barriers and no culture or religion in some cases even language is not important. It is just the fatal attraction that they get, but nothing of that sort happened to me when I was a teenager. 😀 That is because I was never serious about establishing relationships.

    Anyways, I understand your point and khansahab‘s as well, like I have said, I have traveled a lot and when you travel, meet people and understand them then it is easier to have a meaningful relationship neither romantic nor platonic. I was very much of a “Khalandara” or, a happy go lucky type and being happy and content in one’s live is very important that is because you live only once. “You only live Twice,” is a James Bond movie and that too a flop one. 😉

    Come on lets talk about cricket. Tonight it is Australia vs. Bangladesh in BD and I want to hear some comments from you guys.

    newguy, I don’t agree with you on Pakistan playing IPL, first of all IPL is a big tamasha and money spinning machine, it is ruining the game of cricket. Pakistan will never benefit from the IPL. I have said this when they started the ICL and IPL both. And, Pakistanis should have some self-respect, some dignity and some patriotism, which is lacking completely. They all go for money and we have seen how the lust and greed for money has spoiled some of the players? So, Pakistan should be spared from the menace of the IPL

  180. #180 by khansahab on April 9, 2011 - 7:15 AM

    Too much praise being heaped on another youngster- will his career be ruined?

    I have noticed Indians never start comparing young players to legends, maybe this is the reason why they produce good batsmen. Salman Butt was Saeed Anwar, Umar Akmal was Viv Richards and SRT, Ahmed Shahzad was SRT and look where it got them.

    Shafiq a future star in making, believes Yousuf

    KARACHI: Former captain and senior batsman Mohammad Yousuf believes that Pakistan has found a very reliable top-order batsman for the future in Asad Shafiq.

    He is technically one of the finest players I have seen come up in the national team for a long time now. I think he has a bright and good future ahead of him,” Yousuf told reporters.

  181. #181 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 9, 2011 - 7:20 AM

    I was just watching the last over of the Australian innings and MJ Clare on the 4th ball of the 50th over smashed a SIX to make his 95 into a 101 and the next ball he was OUT.

    Cameron White’s poor form continues, Hussey too was not comfortable against spin. Eventful last over Mashrafe Murtaza conceded 18 runs and took one wicket in that last over and he is very expensive. SA are safe with 270. Mitchel Johnson’s cameo of 26 runs in 13 balls was the highlight of the last 2 overs.

    Can anyone say for sure that Australia can defend this total? Let us see.

  182. #182 by khansahab on April 9, 2011 - 7:24 AM

    When asked about Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi’s controversial remarks about Indians, Sachin Tendulkar refused to say much.

    “No comments…I have no control over what someone has to say,” he said.

  183. #183 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 9, 2011 - 7:32 AM


    India too does that, I remember a few years ago when Raina first played against Pakistan and scored 80 odd runs in a ODI, the Indian media said, he is the Budding Tendulkar. And, then he was struggling for a long time. They did the same thing to Rohit Sharma. The Lamboo Ishant Sharma too…. may be you have forgotten how they shower praise and accolades when someone new performs well.

    Tendulkar is a good diplomat
    and that is the way it should be. The Indian media cannot push Tendulkar to the corner to get an answer, he is way above that. If he wants he can even snub the media but, he avoided them and rightly so.

  184. #184 by khansahab on April 9, 2011 - 8:30 AM


    I composed a sizable reply on the blog to your comment but for some reason my web browser shut down by itself and I have now lost my comment.

    It is so irritating.

    Anyway, maybe another time.

  185. #185 by khansahab on April 9, 2011 - 12:10 PM

    It will be difficult to find a replacement for Akhtar: Younis

    Karachi, Apr 9 (PTI) Pakistan coach Waqar Younis has paid rich tribute to the retired fast bowler Shoaib Akhtar and said it would be difficult to find an ideal replacement for the enigmatic pacer, who retired after the World Cup.
    “Shoaib was a big name in Pakistan cricket and there is no doubt that he left an impact on the team. It is never easy to replace such players but I guess every player has to sometime call it a day,” Waqar said during an interaction with the media in the city.
    Akhtar had announced his retirement after the World Cup match against New Zealand in which he was bludgeoned for 28 runs in one over by the Kiwi batsmen.
    The tour selection committee did not play Akhtar after that match although they were calls for him to be included in the team for the semi-final against India.
    Waqar said that the tour selection committee took the best possible decision, keeping in mind the requirements of the team.
    “No one doubts that Shoaib has given some great service to Pakistan cricket and it will be hard to find a replacement for him but it is also a fact that every cricketer has to call it a day sometime in his career,” Waqar added.

  186. #186 by khansahab on April 9, 2011 - 12:24 PM

    Former Goa minister gets Pakistani ‘bookie’ SMS

    Panaji: Former Goa sports minister Francisco Silveira on Friday told the state Assembly that he received an SMS, which allegedly originated in Pakistan, and it detailed how Shahid Afridi’s team would crumble against India in the March 30 cricket World Cup semifinal.

    Silveira was speaking during a discussion to congratulate the Indian cricket team for winning the World Cup.

    “My friend received a message from Pakistan before the match. The message claimed it was a ‘bookie update’. It read… India will bat first….score over 260…three wickets will fall in first 15 overs. Pakistan will cruise to 100 and then they will lose two wickets at 150. They will be five down and then crumble and lose by margin of over 20 runs,” Silveira said.

    “My friend passed on the message to me. I was shocked,” said Silveira, a Congress legislator from St Andre.

    India won the encounter by 29 runs, after scoring 260 for 9. Pakistan batting second, were all out 231, after a middle-order collapse.

  187. #187 by Mohammed Munir on April 10, 2011 - 6:27 AM

    Khansahab …

    You said, I don’t care what language Misbah speaks, as long as he is not perceived as a symbol of regionalism. If he is supported by people of one region more than other regions, then that makes him a representative or symbol of that region.

    Now go on and apply this same formula on ALTAF HUSSAIN and the entire MQM … and you will know who are the biggest regionalists of Pakistan.

    You further said, You can ask Misbah what his race is and I can guarantee you he will say Punjabi.

    How can you guarantee this ❓

    These are all only your ASSUMPTIONS and MISCONCEPTIONS and nothing else.

    Although, you “assume” that you know everything about Pathans, then let me also tell you one more quality of Pathans, and that is that you will see many Indians calling themselves ‘Khans’ and ‘Pathans’, you may also see many Punjabis calling themselves ‘Pathans’ and you will even see many ‘Urdu-Speakers’ of Karachi who want to be ‘Khans and Pathans’ and all these peoples associate themselves with Pathans in one way or another, but you will never ever see any real Pathan calling themselves Punjabis or Urdu-Speakers.

    This is the reason that in spite of living in Lahore all his life, Imran Khan still calls himself a Pathan and never a Punjabi, although his ‘haters’ would like to associate him with Punjab but sometime back he wrote a book … I think it was called … “The Warrior Peoples” or something, where he associated himself with Niazi Pathans.

    But I don’t think you will understand these things. 😦

  188. #188 by khansahab on April 10, 2011 - 7:36 AM

    Munir sahab

    What is the big deal in MQM being a representative of the Urdu Speaking people of Pakistan? I don’t know what you mean by the adjective “biggest” in terms of regionalists. I don’t know whether you mean that in terms of size, intensity, number etc.
    None of the public supports Zardari in Pakistan apart from the core Sindhi population of interior Sindh. In the same way Nawaz Sharif has his core support in Punjab and so does Imran Khan.

    I don’t know why the topic of MQM’s politics is relevant here (unless you hate Urdu Speakers with all heart and soul and want to criticise them irrespective of how relevant the criticism is) because the whole point of MQM was to represent the Urdu Speaking people of Karachi. A 12 year old kid knows this in Pakistan.

    I know enough about Pathans to know that you don’t sound like one!!! 😀

    I don’t know how strong your history is but Pathans were amongst the most adventurous and enterprising races of the subcontinent. They did not stay in one area, they moved into North India as well. There are about 14000 Muslims in India who can speak Pushto. I know an Indian who speaks Urdu like an Urdu Speaker, but his grandmother speaks Pushto. He calls himself an Urdu Speaker as well as a Pathan. To me this person is a Pathan, not a fake Mianwali and Jallandar Pathan who has a complex.

    Of course I will never see a real Pathan calling himself Punjabi or Urdu Speaker because a Pushto speaking person whose immediate roots are in Afghanistan, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa or FATA has no reason to call himself anything other than a Pathan.

    Being Punjabi or Urdu Speaker is not an inferior quality but the fact is that, a person whose parents come from Mianwali and Jallandar, who speaks Punjabi better than Urdu, who cannot speak Pashtu and whose core support is in Punjab, is a Punjabi. If he says he is a Pathan then he is small minded and has a complex.

    It is stupid for people to call themselves Pathan when there is no evidence or traceable roots in KP, FATA or Afghanistan. I agree with you that some people associate themselves with Pathans because they are considered to be an honourable and superior race to many races.

    I know many Pathans who think Imran Khan is a Pathan but they do that because of Imran’s light skin complexion and surname “Khan”. That is the extent of their knowledge and judgment which is pitiful because, there are a lot of Uzbeks, Tajiks etc who have light skin and some are even called “Khan” but, these people will never consider them to be Pathans. They are so small minded that they don’t consider Shahrukh Khan to be a Pathan although he can speak Pushto and his parents are from Peshawar, because he is not tall, light skinned and because of his Hindu wife and un-Islamic lifestyle (although Imran has received much criticism because of Sita White) but they will consider Imran to be a Pathan because he was a captain of the WC winning team and because of his status in Pakistan. There is not a great deal of difference in looks between the squash legend Jahangir Khan and Shahrukh Khan, yet one of them is accepted as a Pathan with open arms but the other is not. I can also tell you that a lot of Urdu Speaking Pathans who now live in Karachi don’t call themselves Pathan because when they do they are ridiculed by small minded Pathans over their short height and relatively darker skin. But, due to Jahangir Khan’s achievements his short height and darker skin will obviously be ignored. That is why Imran Khan is considered to be a Pathan, because of shallow reasons- his looks and achievements.

    Yeah, some day I might write a book about my ancestors from Swat, their establishment in Pathanpura in U.P and the history of Rampur Pathans. There is no big deal in this.

    You can live in a complex or you can see the reality which is that Shahrukh Khan, Irfan and Yousuf Pathan are real Pathans whereas Imran Khan is a fake Pathan.

    I can also tell you that a lot of real Pathans don’t consider people of Abbottabad and Hazara (and others living near the border of KP and Punjab) as Pathans but consider them as Punjabis.

  189. #189 by amir on April 10, 2011 - 8:12 AM


    PCB chairman Ijaz Butt cast
    a shadow of doubt over
    senior Pakistani players
    Kamran Akmal and Abdul
    Razzaq’s future
    when he said it is time for
    the duo to bid adieu to
    international cricket after
    their flop show in the
    World Cup.
    Criticising Kamran and
    Razzaq’s performance
    during the World Cup, Butt
    said, “I think the way these
    two performed, it was very
    disappointing and a big let
    down. It is best for them to
    say goodbye to
    international cricket now.”
    He also said that both
    Kamran and Razzaq’s future
    now lies in the hands of the
    national selectors.

  190. #190 by Mohammed Munir on April 10, 2011 - 8:26 AM

    Khansahab …

    You are again assuming things for Mianwali, Abbottabad and Hazara. I am sorry, but these are only your ASSUMPTIONS and MISCONCEPTIONS and nothing else.

    If a person can live in India or even UK and still can call himself a so-called Pathan or a short and dark-skinned person can trace his history from Afghanistan, PK or FATA, then there is a much stronger possibility that a person whose ancestors are originally from Afghanistan, PK or FATA may still be living in Mianwali, Abbottabad or Hazara.

    This could be the case with Imran Khan or Misbah, but you are not ready to accept that.


    Pushto can not decide on one being a Pathan, because there are many Sardars (Sikhs) living in Afghanistan who speak better Pushto then original Pathans living in Pakistan today, but living in Afghanistan or speaking Pushto doesn’t render them Pathans. Similarly, reading history of Pathans or writing a book on Pathans also doesn’t make one a Pathan.

    On a personal note, you actually don’t know whether I am a Pathan or not, but you THINK you know. Again it proves my point of ASSUMPTIONS and MISCONCEPTIONS. While for me, it doesn’t matter what YOU ASSUME. 😉

    Unfortunately there are a few professions around us where one is rewarded on the bases of ASSUMPTIONS and MISCONCEPTIONS, people are actually trained to ASSUME things in the air and never BELIEVE anyone, and the more you have these ASSUMPTIONS and MISCONCEPTIONS the better you are at your profession.

  191. #191 by Mohammed Munir on April 10, 2011 - 8:58 AM

    Khansahab …

    Wow, am I surprised or what.

    Your comment no. 188, has changed since I last read it and now there is a full new para in there. 😉

    This, I think, is one of the advantages of being the owner of the blog, so you can go back and alter your comments as and when you deem fit.

    Anyways, you said, I can also tell you that a lot of Urdu Speaking Pathans who now live in Karachi don’t call themselves Pathan because when they do they are ridiculed by small minded Pathans over their short height and relatively darker skin.

    I think it may not be due to their being ridiculed by others, but they don’t call themselves Pathans because they may like to be the loyal descendent of Altaf Hussain. Whereas on the other hand, what is happening to actual Pathans in Karachi (poor, old, working-class Pathans who are a minority in Karachi) is known to everyone.

    Therefore, these Urdu-Speakers will not like to be associated with Pathans in any ways.

  192. #192 by khansahab on April 10, 2011 - 10:10 AM

    Munir sahab

    I added a paragraph about Jahangir Khan, as I did not want to write another comment about the same argument. You have assumed and misconceived that I tried to alter something as I deem fit.

    If you would like me or JAK to add, amend your comments, we can do so without making your request public. There is no problem with that, you are present on the blog almost everyday and you can e-mail as well.

    2 days ago I e-mailed Javed A Khan criticising MQM for putting up Altaf Hussein’s posters in Karachi as I don’t think it is appropriate to do that when there are so many Pathans, Punjabis and Sindhis living in the city. But in 2010 according to Sindh government’s statistics the ethnicity that lost the most lives in target killing were Urdu Speakers. Also, if you go to Karachi now you will realise that ANP and Sunni Tehreek are more involved in crime than MQM.

    Yes, I have not met you personally and you have not met me, so we don’t know who is a real Pathan and who is a Niazi Pathan between the both of us 😀

    I can also assume and misconceive about your professional background like how you have assumed things about my professional background but again, I don’t want to attack you personally. For a Pathan honour is important and there are certain limits that should not be crossed.

    A real Pathan is someone who will never consider Imran or Misbah to be Pathans when they realise their roots and personality. I will reiterate that being a Pathan does not make anyone superior and being an Urdu Speaker or Punjabi doesn’t make one inferior.

  193. #193 by Mohammed Munir on April 10, 2011 - 10:11 AM

    If this news about Kamran Akmal & Abdul Razzaaq is correct, then I am very happy for Akmal to be fully retired for good and he should never be allowed to play for Pakistan again, but for Razzaq I feel it really is a bit unfair as he was ‘made’ to bat at no. 8 in most of the matches by team management and now he is penalized for not contributing enough. Frankly speaking, Razzaq have a few more years of cricket left in him.

    It seems as Ijaz-the-Butt is too scared of Kamran Akmal (and his bookie friends), and so they are making Razzaq a scapegoat to retire him along with Kamran. 😦

  194. #194 by khansahab on April 10, 2011 - 1:03 PM


    I accept much of what you say but with the necessary distinction that it is not fair to compare the progress of a race (blacks) with that of a religion (Muslims). One can ask how many prosperous black Muslims there are in the USA and whether they suffer from discrimination or whether they have to suffer from religious and cultural dilution like Muslims in India. You may have heard of rebel movements like the Nation of Islam- it is debatable whether they are real Muslims or not but they hold out to be Muslims and they generally oppose the establishment in USA.

    Plus, the blacks in America don’t have to marry into another race or religion to show that they are patriotic to America. Obama’s wife is black and I think the vast majority of famous black people I know of in America have black spouses or partners. That is why Indian secularism and democracy is so strange. Cricketers, actors and politicians somehow need to marry Hindus to show that they are proud, secular Indians. This kind of secularism leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

    You also make the point about who is better off where and you claim that Muslims in India are the most prosperous anywhere in the world. I agree with you that Indian Muslims have better living standards than their Pakistani, Afghan and Bengali counterparts but Indian Muslims living in developed countries like USA and UK have better lifestyles than those still resident in India. I think what you are contending is that it is understandable why a race or religion has to dilute their beliefs/culture so long as they fare better economically. It really depends on the importance one attaches to their beliefs. For example, a lot of people told me that if I need to prosper in UK I will need to drink alcohol. That is something I am not prepared to do not necessarily because it is forbidden in my religion, but because I don’t see why consumption of alcohol should lead to success. I find this theory very flawed and invidious and I would rather fight it, than succumb to it.

    On the discussion of alcohol, I was once witness to a discussion between a Pakistani Muslim and Indian Muslim about an Indian Muslim college student who was drinking and clubbing with his Hindu friends. The Pakistani pointed out the an Indian that this is the status of Muslims, that living with Hindus they ignore their own beliefs and adopt the Hindu lifestyle. The Indian retorted saying that, it is unfair to blame Hindus or India for this because do people not drink in Pakistan? If Muslims can drink in Pakistan why can they not drink in India?

    There is merit in the Indian’s view here but the crucial point is about with what intention the Muslim person is drinking. In Pakistan, they will never drink to show that they are similar to someone of another religion. They will never drink to display their Pakistani “identity”. But in India, Muslims do drink, as well as commit other deeds forbidden by their religion, to attempt to show to India that they are not different. Again this is something that makes India stronger, but makes Muslims and Islam weaker.

    A lot of people say religion is personal. I agree it is personal and one should never impose their beliefs on another. In India, the Muslims, within the confines of their homes and mosques, may have unrestricted freedom to pray when they like, eat what they like or preach what they like. But, in truth people can never keep their feelings or beliefs to themselves. When you discuss with friends/work colleagues etc what you did the night before, what you saw on TV, how you felt about this political issue, how you reacted to XYZ, you are but giving people an impression of what your religious and cultural beliefs are. The differences show one way or the other and religion can never be kept entirely personal. In UK and USA the Muslims have little problem doing this because society is much more tolerant and educated. Also, people are very dispassionate. You can be a foreigner and criticise the British monarchy and people will not take your comments to the heart. But in India where the Hindus feel passionately about their religion, history, culture, cricket team etc, I am not so sure whether Muslims feel entirely free to live their lives as they would in a Muslim country. Therefore, I revert to what I said earlier which I don’t think you appreciated- that the choice is either to live and die within the confines of your community, homes, “mohalla” or go out and be something in life. And if you choose the latter then religious and cultural dilution is inevitable.

    Please don’t take my comments the wrong way and I am not criticising India. I accept India has done well and is emerging as a global power, but I think its secularism and democracy is questionable. I cannot convince myself it is a secular country. It is and will always remain a Hindu country.

  195. #195 by newguy on April 10, 2011 - 3:06 PM


    I have never talked so much religion in my life as has done on this thread, that will tell you how much I consider it’s role in my life and in a modern society. I think you missed my point because you do not understand that I don’t consider it really having an important role to play in nation building. Religion is a private affair that people have in view and in India people have the freedom to practice any religion they want without persecution. This is the hallmark of a modern secular democracy. If people need to put aside their religious dogma in order for the prosperity of a nation as a whole then that is the way to do it. There are six billion people in the world, and everyone is somewhat different. As a nation people need to have a common goal. This is the whole point of my argument. You seem to be very much into role of religion in nation building, may be you are not, but I sense a certain dogma. As I said I don’t consider religion very important, especially in nation building, therefore we are not going to reach anywhere in discussing further. Let’s leave it where it is.

  196. #196 by khansahab on April 10, 2011 - 4:08 PM


    I find it regrettable and remarkable that what can be an argument upholding the rights and identity of a minority can be perceived to be “dogma”. Maybe it shows the sheer divergence of views of those who thought Pakistan should be created to uphold the rights of Muslims and those who thought that the country should never have faced partition and there should be zero talk about rights and identities.

    What I also don’t understand is why this argument is seemingly being taken so seriously by you. Although there is no difference in my tone of comments, you have suggested that we should let the matter rest. We can’t persuade each other perhaps but what is being said here does not influence my opinion of you and vice versa. I kind of knew that you would elicit the same answer if we would ever have this discussion. I would be cautious about using the word “dogma”- I think the words “rights” and “identities” are more relevant here. There is no talk of converting Hindus to Muslims, or imposing one’s beliefs upon others, or demonstrating intolerance to the other.

    The role of religion is comprehensive in building Pakistan just how it has played a part in building Israel. I do feel that if Indian people open up a little bit more to Pakistan and understand why Pakistanis like Afridi perceive India in a certain way, there will be some prospect of peace between the two nations. At the moment I feel Pakistanis know a lot more about Indians than vice versa. To an Indian the talk of religion in nation building is loathsome. To a Pakistani, it is his identity. These are two different wave lengths that will not see eye to eye. But, with compassion and cool headedness the two countries can make a start. They might find there is much more common between them than meets the eye.

  197. #197 by khansahab on April 10, 2011 - 5:01 PM

    I receive a lot of love in India. I like India and its people: Shahid Afridi

    Bollywood stars can help in uniting India and Pakistan: Shahid Afridi

  198. #198 by newguy on April 10, 2011 - 5:41 PM


    This statement of yours prompted me to use the word dogma.

    I cannot convince myself it is a secular country. It is and will always remain a Hindu country.

    You said it is and will always remain a Hindu country, if this is not dogma then I don’t know what it. You are lashing out at the very cornerstone of the Indian democracy and everything it stands for and completely rejecting the ideals that Indian people hold dearly.

    If India is as you say a Hindu country then why did the party that upheld Hindutva got rejected by the people, why couldn’t they promise Ram Rajya and convince people to vote them to power, why did they have to promote a moderate in AB Vajpayee as PM twice when they came to power, much against their wish to promote the hard liner LK Advani for PM. Why cannot they build a Ram temple in a Hindu country. Much as you wish Khansahab, and much as BJP or RSS wish, they simply cannot make majority Indians embrace this notion.

    Like I said earlier, I don’t have a lot of interest in this debate, first I am agnostic when it comes to religion and I am strong believer it should play no part in nation building, I believe it should have nothing to do with the institutions that govern a country. Secondly, I am not an Indian citizen and I do not live there, I am not even an NRI, I need a visa to enter the country, why am I having to answer to all this 🙂 I will let Varun, Pawan, or Anfal pick up the debate if they are interested.

  199. #199 by khansahab on April 10, 2011 - 5:45 PM


    The argument is endless.

    The ruling party in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is a secular party. In Pakistan religious parties have never come in power but you are well aware of the role Pakistanis consider religion has in their nation building.

    I cannot accept your argument again.

    But this is a good time to end this discussion.

  200. #200 by Mohammed Munir on April 11, 2011 - 12:04 PM

    Watto … have Abused, Battered, Crushed, Demolished, Executed, Fcuked, Gang-raped, Hacked, Injured, Jammed, Killed, Laundered, Murdered, Nullified, Oppressed, Punished, Quelled, Ragged, Subjugated, Tattered, Undone, Vegetated, Washed-up, X-rayed, Yakked and Zapped the Bangladeshis. 😆

    Watson scored 185 in only 96 balls, with 15 sixes and 15 fours and remained not-out … 😦

    I am sorry, I missed the faces of the Bangla players and their fans during the match …. I mean mismatch.

    PS: I think Watson is angry at the Bengalis for keeping him away from IPL and not earning $$. 😉

  201. #201 by khansahab on April 11, 2011 - 5:31 PM

    Watson has killa thokka hai Bangladesh.

    Bangla have been shown their place and this is the price they had to pay for their arrogance and hostility to other teams in the WC.

    Bangla does not deserve Test status.

    Ireland and Afghanistan are better teams.

  202. #202 by khansahab on April 11, 2011 - 5:36 PM

    I will play for as long as people can bear with me: Afridi

    Test return: There are quite a few youngsters on the domestic circuit with better technique and temperament. They can do justice to the slot and it will be beneficial for the future. The team is performing really well right now…each and every individual looks hungry for success and so keeping that in my mind also I would not like to unsettle the camp by this talk of returning to test cricket,” he added.

    Fan support: We’ve been overwhelmed by the support we have received since coming back from the World Cup. There are a large number of people standing outside my house everyday for autographs, it’s like we’ve won the Cup. But I’ve been making an extra effort to meet everyone, welcome fans to my house and also meeting the press because the support means a lot to us.

    Kamran Akmal: He is obviously having a disastrous run at the moment but let me tell you he is one of the most talented cricketers I’ve ever seen. I particularly enjoy his batting and as far keeping is concerned, he is one of the hardest working players in the team. Hopefully, it will pay off soon.

    Dropping Sachin Tendulkar: The words that came to my mind cannot be repeated on air (laughs). But it’s quite obvious when you drop a batsman let alone the Indian master, he will make you pay.

    Batting form: I have to improve my batting because it has been pretty bad for quite some time. Even my daughter has started calling me ‘Baba Boom Boom out’ because of my poor batting performance.

    Umpire Decision Review System: I’ve always backed the system. It’s good for the game. Even during ‘that’ series in England we could’ve won had it not been for some of the decisions going against us. I think it’s great the ICC is bringing this into the game because one poor decision changes everything. Saeed Ajmal was pretty confident about his shout against Tendulkar during the World Cup semi-final and kept discussing it even at the airport. But in the end the replays showed a lot of deviation.

    Rehman Malik: He said things in his own way but I’m sure he meant no harm. He called me a few times to apologise and I think that was really good of him. I think the timing of what he said was just not right.

    Cricket diplomacy: Prime Minister Gilani called me and asked me what the preparation for the match was like. He told me that he would be coming to see the match along with a group of other people from Pakistan. For us, it actually helped with the confidence that they were coming. Every match has its pressure, playing against India after so long, so there were a lot of expectations. But it’s good that the two countries are meeting at the highest level again.

    Aleem Dar: Wow! What a talent! He was amazing during the World Cup and has done Pakistan proud.

    Junaid Khan: He performed really well against England in the warm-up match and he definitely has a bright future. It was a big game for someone like him and he has shown that he is quite capable.

    Young stars: I think Umar Akmal, Asad Shafiq and Wahab Riaz are definitely the ones to look out for. I love the way Umar takes on a pressure situation and Asad is the solid batsman we always been looking for.

    Fielding: A lot of former cricketers criticise us but the fact is that we been pretty average for the past 60 years. It’s pretty simple; if you don’t enjoy fielding you won’t be good at it. We’ve worked really hard on our fielding in the past few months and surely it will show soon.

    Wicket-keeper Mohammad Salman: Right now it is a tussle between Mohammad Salman and Sarfaraz Ahmed for the keeping spot just like in the past when Rashid Latif and Moin Khan used to fight it out. Salman has been picked on the back of his domestic performance. He has been preferred because he’s been good with the bat as well. But Sarfaraz is highly talented and will surely come through. A lot of youngsters have been earmarked for the West Indies and Zimbabwe tour and the selectors will be giving them a good run.

    Opening: I think right now we have quite a few talented openers in the ranks so there is no need for me to go up the order.

    Mohammad Hafeez: He always has something to say…has a lot of free advice to offer and is very knowledgeable, hence his nickname ‘professor’. In fact sometimes there is so much advice that I forget what I had plan during a game. But jokes apart, he is a big help on the field.

    Tour of the West Indies: I think right now we have a pretty balanced test side so we can probably achieve what we haven’t in the past. The conditions are pretty similar to the subcontinent unlike the past. I really enjoy playing over there because after a hard day’s game you can unwind on the beach. If we play to our potential, the results will surely be good.

    Umar Gul: Gul was brilliant throughout the World Cup…he just had an off day against India. Waqar Younis worked really hard with him and he showed everyone that he is as good with the new ball as he is with the old one. He’ll surely be back in rhythm.

    Retirement: When we lost the semi-final World Cup my dad called me right away. He made sure I wasn’t going to make any emotional decisions. I have no plans of retirement at the moment and I will play on for as long as people can bear with me. The 2015 World Cup is a long way away but the 2012 World Twenty20 is definitely something that I’m thinking about.

    Future captains: I think that for the PCB and the selectors to decide…I can’t say much on it. At the moment there is no I can earmark particularly but there are quite a few young players who can lead the team. When Imran Khan left everyone was wondering where the next leader would come from but as we all know there were quite a few capable people who followed.

    Help from the outside: I would particularly like to thank Imran Khan for his support. Wasim Akram, Ramiz Raja, Saeed Anwar, Moin Khan and Rashid Latif were all a big help. In this country when you are down, people try to bury you even further and you have to lift yourself up. But without the help of these guys it would have been impossible.

  203. #203 by khansahab on April 11, 2011 - 5:40 PM

    What kind of a shit team is this that can’t even stop a player like Watson (who is not even as talented as SRT, Sehwag or Afridi at hitting) on their home ground?

    Watson is a good all rounder but batting wise he is no genius. He can’t play like SRT, he can’t attack for long periods like Sehwag and he has never scored as quickly as Afridi.

    This is a disgrace and Bangla Cricket Board should consider their position. How long will they keep getting humiliated for? Enough is enough. They have been playing Test cricket for a long time now and they are lucky to have played consistently unlike Zimbabwe who were always deprived of consistent cricket due to internal turmoil.

  204. #204 by amir on April 11, 2011 - 8:08 PM

    problem is that icc is a joke. It can take take out ireland from 2015 world cup which is much better team but let play bangla and zim. Bangla dnt deserve to play tests and odi cricket icc must send them back to lower level competitions so they can improve thier cricket there.
    Nice and sensable inerview by afridi only thing which i dnt agree with him is about khatmal i dnt knw how much influence he got on everyone related with team. He can kill someone but pak team players and management will still praise him dnt knw which talent he got that only pak team can c.

  205. #205 by khansahab on April 11, 2011 - 11:05 PM


    PCB Management will still support K Akmal and Misbah because they played a part in selecting these players. Afridi might have his own reasons but he thinks it is a miracle there was no grouping in the team and these players did not try and create factionalism.

    I think Bangla’s Test status was more to do with politics than merit. What I just don’t understand is when South Asians are meant to carry cricket in their veins, how can Bangladesh still be a pitiful team? Look at how quickly Sri Lanka improved in the 90s, they had mediocre players like Duleep Mendis, Madugalle etc and all of a sudden the 90s saw an explosion with Ranatunga, De Silva, Jayasuria, Murali etc. Bangladesh has not produced one match winner, one player that has the edge, one express fast bowler, one world class batsman etc. Shakib al Hasan is a good ODI all rounder but does not excel in any one field, bowling or batting.

    Tamim Iqbal was highly regarded when he burst on to the international scene but he is a 30 run player.

  206. #206 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 12, 2011 - 12:36 AM

    Hi guys!

    I was away for the week-end and just came back, its late Monday evening and I am trying to catch up with what you guys have written and whats going on in the cricket world. I just saw Watson’s carnage against BD, they should be stripped from the test playing nation status and Ireland should be awarded that instead of BD. Pathetic, pathetic performance. He created a world record of 15 sixes in an innings.

    I will write more later.

  207. #207 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 12, 2011 - 5:39 PM

    Seems like the cricket fever is over after the world cup and no one on the blog is talking about cricket anymore.

  208. #208 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 12, 2011 - 7:35 PM

    KARACHI: Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad has turned down an offer to become the national cricket team’s batting coach, reports said Tuesday.

    Miandad was approached by Pakistan’s limited-overs captain Shahid Afridi and Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ijaz Butt to take up the job of coaching the batsmen, after the team returned from the World Cup. The batting great, however, turned down the offer citing personal reasons.

    “The Pakistan team surely needs a batting coach and the board approached Miandad, but he unfortunately declined the offer because of personal reasons,” team manager Intikhab Alam was quoted as saying by cricket website Cricinfo.

    It is understood, however, that Miandad will help the batsmen during the team’s practice sessions in Pakistan, as he did prior to the tour of New Zealand late last year.

    After returning from the World Cup, Afridi was vocal about the need for a batting coach, as none of Pakistan’s batsmen managed to score a century during the tournament.

    Miandad has previously had three coaching stints with the national team, with the last term ending in 2004.

    Pakistan leave for the tour of West Indies on Thursday, April 14, for a one off Twenty20 international, five one-day internationals and two Test matches.

  209. #209 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 12, 2011 - 7:39 PM

    Reportedly the reason Miandad turned down the coaching offer is because of Waqar Younus who is not happy with his inclusion in the team management. Miandad does not want a rift in the team because, some players will approach him and others will approach Waqar and it will create more confusion among the players. The players need ONE LEADER, one coach and a united Management.

    Apparently it looks like Miandad turned down the offer but, the reality is: His inclusion in the team management as a batting coach is beneficial or negative? He wants the team to perform and win, while others want their say and their authority to be stamped on everything. There should have been some compromise and Waqar, Inti Alam etc., must have shown some respect for Miandad for his talents and for his capabilities + his contribution to the game in Pakistan.

  210. #210 by khansahab on April 12, 2011 - 9:04 PM

    Javed A Khan

    I think Miandad did provide an explanation and he said that, his work with the team will not produce goods in such a short span of time before the WI tour and he would need to be consulted for a longer period. I think there is merit in this viewpoint.

    Most cricketers acknowledge Miandad’s excellent cricketing acumen and I think for this reason he should have a say in selection, on field tactics etc which would relegate Waqar’s role to merely being a bowling consultant. In the long run this will prove more fruitful for Pakistan.

  211. #211 by khansahab on April 12, 2011 - 9:19 PM

    Must watch- uncouth Ijaz Butt:

  212. #212 by khansahab on April 12, 2011 - 9:29 PM

    must watch song about pakistan cricket:

  213. #213 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 12, 2011 - 10:59 PM


    All these Pakistani singers sing in just ONE TUNE since that DIL DIL PAKASTAN song got hit. I don’t like such boring nasal drone kinda songs. Among the male singers, is there is no one in Pakistan who has a deep kinda manly voice? If Abida Parveen can sing, why can’t the men sing in deep voice? Should someone stuff a few old smelly socks in their nose? Just like Wasim Akram has one in his long and ugly nose which is growing by the day. Ask any doctor its a fact that human nose and ears grow as men age.

  214. #214 by khansahab on April 13, 2011 - 5:12 PM

    This uneducated cricketer speaks more sense than many so called educated cricketers some of whom have been to world famous universities:

    Miandad lashes out at PCB, calls for long-term plan

    Former Pakistan captain Javed Miandad, after turning down the PCB’s offer to become the national team’s batting coach, lashed out at the system and said things would never improve unless and until a long-term plan is set in place.

    Miandad, who is also the director-general of cricket in the PCB, told reporters here on Tuesday that he didn’t want to accept any position without authority.

    “In the past I have had three previous stints with the national team as head coach and they didn’t end well. That also influenced my decision,” Miandad said.

    “But mainly I didn’t accept this position because I believe that there is a need for proper long-term planning in Pakistan cricket and improvement cannot come through stop-gap measures,” he added.

    “I don’t see any purpose being served by having a team of coaches in the team. We already have several coaches for bowling and fielding in the team and you can see the improvement in these areas in recent times,” he said.

    “It is of no use having so many coaches. There should be one coach and he should be responsible for everything and also be given complete authority to take hard decisions,” Miandad said.

    He said from a personal point of view if any batsman needed coaching after graduating to international cricket he should be dropped from the team.

    “You don’t need to be coached about batting techniques at this level and I say if any player fails for a few matches or is getting out making the same mistakes, drop him immediately and give others a chance. Unless there is merit in selection nothing will move forward,” he said.

    He pointed out that players were given chances despite not learning or improving and that was not good for the team.

    “These sort of issues were the reason for my past tussles with the board,” he noted.

    Sources say that Miandad initially had shown interest in becoming the batting coach but wanted more authority than head coach, Waqar Younis, which the board didn’t agree to.

    “I’ve been offered the coaching role before and I had taken it up as well but there were certain things that happened due to which I will not coach again,” said Miandad after Pakistan’s training session in Lahore.

    “I was sacked on various occasions in the past. When the team was in the process of rebuilding in 2004, the board’s then chairman Shahryar Khan sacked me.

    “So it goes to show that Pakistan cricket basically is in trouble not just due to the players but also because of the management.”

    “In the past, the management never really cared about the future. They didn’t even think about where the sport was heading. They just didn’t want to think about it.”

  215. #215 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 13, 2011 - 7:04 PM

    JAVED MIANDAD said: “from a personal point of view if any batsman needed coaching after graduating to international cricket he should be dropped from the team.”

    I dunno how many of you remember when we used to ridicule SHOAIB MALIK for saying: “We are a young team and we are still learning.” He used to say this ten years after he started playing international cricket and used to this after every defeat. The irony is he never learned from his mistakes and that is why the team kept losing under his captaincy. Even when he was not the captain he was in the team creating rifts, dividing the team and eventually people saw that and kicked him out. So, this is exactly what Javed Miandad is saying that if a player seeks coaching after graduating to International cricket then he should be sacked. He may ask for finer tips to refine his technique but, not ask anyone to guide him how to play? At international level you don’t say we are learning, you have to deliver.

    Players like Miandad are very, very rare, he is an exceptional player i.e., despite acquiring very little education he is better than most educated people. He is a living legend. His cricketing knowledge cannot be challenged by any other player in my opinion he is the best tactician of the game. If he was born in any other country like, Australia or England he would have been acknowledged so much that no other player would have got so much recognition and fame. Unfortunately in Pakistan they treat him like trash. Ask Imran Khan and he will tell you that Miandad is the best tactician and strategist of the game, he always used to seek his opinion and followed it.

  216. #216 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 13, 2011 - 7:10 PM

    NEW DELHI: Reports in the Indian media state that India will be sending its cricket team to Pakistan.

    The dates and details of the tour are expected to be announced during the next round of talks between the countries.

    Sources within the Indian Home Ministry state that security for the team is not a concern, however the BCCI (whose role is similar to that of Ijaz Butt) say that so far there is no plan for such a tour.

  217. #217 by khansahab on April 13, 2011 - 8:18 PM

    Javed A Khan

    Even in Pakistan there is some sensationalist media. Recently Afridi remarked that Pakistan can hire another batting coach if Miandad is not interested because there are other batting greats in Pakistan. Some reports and channels have portrayed this very negatively- as if Afridi is showing disrespect.

    I saw Afridi’s interview where he made that comment- there was no disrespect, he said it in a straight, matter-of-fact manner.

  218. #218 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 13, 2011 - 8:47 PM


    Did I not write earlier that the Pakistani media is as bad as the Indian media. I wrote when Afridi’s statement was blown out of proportions that, the girl lured Afridi and was putting words in his mouth and that akhroat was very uncomfortable in his own house and newguy pointed out that he was not making eye contact with her and was clearly uncomfortable.

    It is very unfortunate that the media is so cheap and dirty. This has become a culture now to sensationalize and try to sell their stories by way of sensationalism whether it is true or not just get popular, that is their motto.

  219. #219 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 13, 2011 - 11:20 PM


    PCB plans own version of IPL
    (2 hours ago) Today

    The security situation in Pakistan needed to improve before the resumption of international cricket, said the PCB domestic cricket general manager.—AFP photo

    LAHORE: Pakistan hopes to launch a new cricket league based on the lucrative Indian Premier League in a bid to win back its status as an international host, an official said on Wednesday.

    International cricket has been suspended in Pakistan since March 2009 when gunmen attacked a convoy carrying the Sri Lankan cricket team in the eastern city of Lahore.

    Security fears remain high, but Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) domestic cricket general manager Sultan Rana said the popularity of the Twenty20 format made it a possibility worth exploring.

    The IPL, which rakes in millions of dollars each season, is now in its fourth year and attracts top international players from across the cricketing world.

    “We have discussed the idea of having a professional IPL type league in the recent PCB cricket committee meeting and agreed to keep it alive as one of the main events to restore our international activity,” Rana told AFP.

    “We had been deliberating on the idea of having an IPL type league but…after the Lahore attacks we had to put that on hold,” said Rana, who also served on the Asian Cricket Council.

    Rana said the top foreign players would not be willing to play in Pakistan and the PCB was exploring the idea of staging the tournament in Dubai

    Rana acknowledged the security situation in Pakistan needed to improve before the resumption of international cricket.

    “To stage a league or any international activity we need a security situation whereby players feel comfortable to come,” he said.

  220. #220 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 13, 2011 - 11:29 PM

    If the PPL or whatever they will name, and if that will be played in Dubai tou phir Munir kay tou mazaay ho gaye!

    One of the reasons the IPL became a successful domestic feature is because, they have the spectators owing to huge population and most of them are die hard cricket fans and for them it is some entertainment. But, expecting the same in Dubai is a mistake. First of all the desi population is limited, secondly they all have to work and thirdly they may not be willing to spend that much money. I wonder how the organizers will get a franchisee who would be willing to invest huge sums of money and then pay the players as well? The income generated from the TV or ads on TV may not be sufficient to cover the costs. I mean this is my view and I may be wrong.

  221. #221 by khansahab on April 14, 2011 - 5:53 AM

    I wonder why Gayle, Sarwan and Chanderpaul have not been selected for the Pakistan matches?

    Heard Gayle was unfit, but then later I heard he was dropped.

    At the moment the only dangerous players they have are Bravo, Roach and Rampaul. Pakistan’s bowling is inexperienced but batting wise they are superior. So the batting must not disappoint. This is the best platform Umar Akmal and Shafiq can get to establish themselves as the team’s main batsmen.

  222. #222 by Mohammed Munir on April 14, 2011 - 9:51 AM

    Javed Khan …

    LOL @ if that will be played in Dubai tou phir Munir kay tou mazaay ho gaye!

    Spot-on, Sir, Spot-on. 😉

    If Bangladesh can come and play their own T20 (IPL type League) in Sharjah, then why not PCB ❓

    Secondly, we now have three venues in UAE, as beside Sharjah and Dubai, Abu Dhabi is also having a nice Stadium. So if PCB decides to play in UAE it will be good for Pakistani Cricketers, but it will be very good for moi. 8)

    But to play in UAE/ Dubai, they will have to do that only in October/ November or after that, because from June till September it will be very very hot. 😦

  223. #223 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 14, 2011 - 10:33 AM


    I think I wrote on this blog that after reading on the internet that these WI players you have mentioned their names above are not allowed by their board to play because, they have violated some rules and, it is only for a certain period of time they are banned. But, they will play later.


    IMO, even the IPL is not a success, rather it is a big tamasha and it is not cricket for cricket lovers but, it is for illegal money makers to make money through betting and match fixing. Lalit Modi is a big example of fraud and embezzlement and big time bookies are making millions. The Bollywood mafia is mixing with the Indian billionaires and tycoons who are franchise holders, so there is a lot going on other than cricket.

    Secondly, it is not helping the young cricketers of India to establish a career and, those domestic players playing in the IPL are not 19-20 years old but, 28-30 years old, whose cricket career is at the fag end, meaning if by chance they get an entry in the national team, they will only for a while and not like the regular players who came through the academies from high school level like, Tendulkar, Zaheer Khan, Harbhajan, etc.

    Therefore, based on that I don’t think it is a good idea for Pakistan to ape India and that is why I started my comment with a

    KUWWA CHALLAA HUNS KI CHAAL..…… expression. You know the full expression don’t you? So, that will be the result if they play something similar to the IPL.

  224. #224 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 14, 2011 - 10:37 AM

    This is contrary to what they have earlier said:

    I have to dig out the info but, no time to do that.

  225. #225 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 14, 2011 - 2:48 PM


    Following is an excerpt from the report published by Geo News:

    “.………….then came an ugly twist for the veteran fast bowler in Kandy just over a week later when wicketkeeper Kamran Akmal dropped New Zealand vice-captain Ross Taylor twice on nought and four off Akhtar. Taylor went on to smash a match-winning century and in the process hit Akhtar for 28 in the bowler’s ninth over which included a trio of sixes and two fours.

    As if the carnage suffered at the hands of Taylor wasn’t enough, Akhtar further spoilt his own case due to a run-in with Kamran during the match. According to a player who witnessed the episode that took place between Akhtar and Akmal, it all began when the pacer shot four pointless overthrows over the stumper’s head. “What’s the matter with you?” Akmal was heard asking Akhtar. The pacer got angrier and decided to kick Akmal during the drinks break, an act which according to the player ‘took everyone by surprise’.

    Later, Shahid Afridi, the Pakistan captain, reported Akhtar for misconduct. “He (Akhtar) kept abusing Akmal through out the match and ever afterwards forcing Afridi to report him to the team management. For Akhtar it turned out to be the last straw,” said the player, who requested anonymity.

    The team management acted swiftly by ordering a probe soon after the match and found Akhtar guilty of serious misconduct. “Team manager Intikhab Alam handed a strong-worded letter to Akhtar besides asking him to pay 2000 dollars as fine. For his involvement in the entire episode, Akmal was handed a fine of 1000 dollars.” According to sources, the incident turned out to be the final nail in Akhtar’s World Cup coffin. “It was decided by the team management that there would be no room for the unfit and ill-tempered bowler in the line-up any more,” said a source. When Akhtar learnt about the decision, he responded by announcing his retirement.

    But even though he attracted a lot of sympathy from various quarters, Akhtar was unable to regain a place in the playing eleven during the rest of Pakistan’s World Cup campaign. “The team management believes that after what happened during the World Cup, if Akhtar is given a farewell match then it would send all the wrong signals to the players,” said a source. “It will be a compromise on discipline and nobody in the team management wants that to happen.

  226. #226 by khansahab on April 14, 2011 - 5:58 PM

    India Not To Tour Pakistan In Near Future : Shukla

    India’s cricket team is not likely to visit Pakistan in the near future, an Indian cricket official has said.

    Rajiv Shukla’s comment came after media reports said the prime ministers of two countries had decided in-principle to resume bilateral cricket ties.

    Last month, Indian PM Manmohan Singh hosted Pakistani PM Yousuf Raza Gilani for the World Cup semi-final in Mohali.
    The two PMs had vowed to repair relations as they watched India beat Pakistan in the match.

    Mr Shukla, who is the vice president of India’s cricket board, told the BBC that they had not received any word from the government on resumption of cricket ties between the two neighbours.
    “We’ve only seen media reports,” he said.

  227. #227 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 14, 2011 - 9:54 PM


    Yae tou hona hee thaa……. This was fishful thinking on part of the media especially after some Indian lady minister said, BUTT & CO. khushi say phoola nahee samaye. I knew it that this is just khush fehmi and nothing more. The euphoria is dying after the WC and the BCCI has its own schedule and they cannot fit in a India / Pakistan series just like that. One has to be realistic about it.

  228. #228 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 15, 2011 - 10:41 AM

    We have a new thread, please post your comments there. Thank You.

  229. #229 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 15, 2011 - 8:55 PM

    It seems like there is an overdose of cricket and that is why no one is interested in discussing about cricket anymore!

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