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According to the website This is Hampshire, Shahid Afridi has decided to play in a domestic T2o competition in England representing Hampshire.

This is despite making himself unavailable for the ODI series against Ireland. Afridi is due to arrive in England on 29 May.

Is this a silent protest for being sacked as the captain of the team? Or is Afridi telling the truth about his unavailability due to either his father’s illness or the flight disruption to Ireland?

Afridi's controversial decision to sign up for Hampshire has raised eyebrows about his relations with the PCB



This is height of jingoism in cricket. We all know that regionalism and jingoism in cricket is persisting since Abdul Hafeez Kardar’s days.  And, those were player power and player domination days. But, these are BUTT DAYS AND BUTT NIGHTS.  And, it is called “Andhair Nagree CHOW-BUTT Raj.”

The latest drama that has unfolded today is the announcement of Misbah ul Haq as captain of the ODI team of Pakistan for the Ireland Tour.  Not, that we were not expecting a change after what the media made a mountain out of a molehill i.e., when they stuffed words in Afridi’s mouth by pushing him and asking him about his differences with the coach Waqar Younus. His response was, “itnay bhee koi differences nahee hain, but I am going to discuss it with the Chairman of the PCB.”  So, what is the crime here? Did he go to the media or, called for a press conference and announced that he has differences with Waqar Younus? The answer is NO.

But, that was a lame excuse, or it could have been a deliberate ploy from Afridi haters to ask a question and push it again and again till he responds and whatever he said turned out to be a more severe and a more grave sin than Adam & Eve have committed in Paradise that they had to be sent down to the planet Earth.  For his haters, it was a reason, “Ooongtay Ko Thailtay ka Bahana” a lame excuse to strip him off his captaincy role.

Intikhab Alam: Let me remind you all that Intikhab Alam when he was a member of a so-called tribunal committee to investigate Shoaib Akhtar’s fitness case, Inti gave an statement to the media which was extremely shocking, he said: “Shoaib Akhtar is unfit because he has “Genital Warts” and i.e., because of his lifestyle, he is still a bachelor but, mixes freely with women and indulge into alcohol and drugs.”  Intikhab Alam had no morals whatsoever to have said that in public and to the media. He should have been fired forever. Yet, Intikhab Alam was rewarded with managership of the team and continued to remain the team manager on almost all the tours since then.  What a shame, what kinda people are running this show?

Waqar Younus:  He was involved in match fixing and betting during the world cup and Justice Qayyum report is on the internet and anyone can read it, it clearly says that Waqar Younus and Wasim Akram should never be allowed to play cricket for Pakistan or, even given any official post in the PCB.  Waqar Younus was earlier appointed bowling coach and now he is the Head Coach.

Shoaib Malik: Was the most trouble player and not only played badly but, used to play dirty, trivial politics as a member of the team and created groups, gangs and revolts. During his captaincy days he had the honour of losing a test series and an ODI series against India in India.  Despite his losing spree, he captaincy tenure was announced for 2 years!  Upon losing the final of T20 WC in SA he gave a wonderful post match speech which made every Sialkoti proud of him.

Finally, not only the players but, even the officials realized that he is a trouble maker, a dog in the manger, who doesn’t play and won’t let others to play either. Abdul Qadir when he was the coach or manager refused to include him in the team and wanted to send him back to Pakistan from Dubai during a series.  Intikhab Alam in his report after the New Zealand tour, mentioned that he is like a TERMITE, he eats your brain.  He is out of the squad now because he is unable to explain huge sums of money that is lying in his bank accounts and an investigation is being made and an inquiry is under progress.  So far he is still appearing in the media because of his celebrity wife Sania Mirza.

Inzamam ul Haq:  He is also one of those who was warned by Justice Qayyum but, he was honoured by the PCB i.e., when they appointed him captain of the team. He also had the honour of losing a test series and an ODI series against India in Pakistan in 2004.  He is responsible for bringing the Tableeghi Culture into the team and he used to act like a dictator. Even when he lost the 2007 ICC WC held in the Caribbean in the first round, he was honoured to play one final test match against SA, and the aim was to break Javed Miandad’s test match batting record, which Inzamam failed and will regret for the rest of his life that despite getting a golden opportunity he couldn’t match Javed Miandad’s record. Because, he is NOT Javed Miandad and he can never be anywhere near Javed Miandad.

Misbah ul Haq:  Making this negative player a captain is not only farcical and comical joke but, its a mockery of extremely bad and unprofessional off-the-cuff management which is generally referred as “Butt Management” for that all you need is a toilet roll and a Lota.  Now, look at Misbah’s achievements:

1.    Instrumental in helping India win the T20 WC round match in SA against India.

2.   Giving away the T20 WC in South Africa on a silver platter to India.

3.   Once again showed his extreme generosity in handing over the ICC 2011 WC on a silver platter to India during the recent semifinal at Mohali.

4.    Getting out extremely cheaply in key matches such as the 4th and 5th ODI against WI in the current series.

5.    Playing negative cricket i.e., offering a dead bat to every single ball on which a run could easily be made.  In the WC semifinal he played 40 dot balls.

6.   He plays such negative and selfish cricket that in the end he remains not out only to improve his average on records and people have short memories and no one remembers how negatively he played and the team lost because of that.



One can write a book on Misbah and Malik’s meanness and negativity. Thank God that Kamran Akmal and Salman Butt are out of the team.

Shahid Afridi:  Why Shahid Afridi was stripped from captaincy? Not because of what he said to the media, it was nothing but a bloody excuse to get at him.  The real reason behind is:

1.   He is not from Punjab, the Pure Land.

2.    He is honest and straightforward, he is emotional and sincere.  And the biggest reason to remove him is: “His 7 years old daughter said, “why Misbah uncle is not hitting?”  This is when she was watching the semifinal live.  It is Afridi’s mistake that he should have put a duct tape on his 7 years old daughter before going to India to play the semifinal.

a)   Against all the expectations and criticism from the so-called ex-greats, he beat Sri Lanka, West Indies and Australia in the WC and took his side into the semifinals.

b)  He won the ODI series in West Indies 3-2.   A series win is a series win with 3 straight wins.  The fourth ODI was lost on the last ball by one run owing to the D/L method.

c)  Afridi was player of the tournament during the first T20 WC

d) Afridi singlehandedly won the quarterfinal, semifinal and final of the second T20 WC which Pakistan are holders of that cup.

You remove a player or a captain on the basis of his non-performance, Afridi has been THE HIGHEST WICKET TAKER IN THE 2011 WC and he has motivated a very mediocre team and gelled it well and gave them confidence, especially to Hafeez, Ajmal and Abdur Rahman. He never considered them as a threat, during the WC he even praised Misbah for one of his contributions (perhaps the lone contribution) and yet you remove him from captaincy? Why? Is it not obvious to everyone that Mr. Butt wants to have a captain from Punjab? So, change the name of Pakistan Cricket Board to Punjab Cricket Board.  If these people get an opportunity they will even change the name of Pakistan to Punjabistan for sure.  Shame on you BUTTAY.





Waqar Younus says I need a BRAIN LARA here

Waqar Younus says I need a BRAIN LARA here

CONGRATULATIONS MISBAH UL HAQ for successfully losing the test match!  You deserve an applaud for achieving whatever you always wanted to achieve.  I know you look so happy raising your bat for making that invaluable contribution of 52 runs in that losing proposal.

Your coach Pra Waqqa is behind you in supporting your cause that your test team lost “bakaoz” that culprit Akhroat Afridi gave away the winning momentum to the West Indies team in the last 2 ODI’s.  Therefore, you have lost the match because of him.

UKP Waqar Younus do you have any brains to use that analogy? What kind of a momentum are you talking about? A test match is a different ball game than an ODI.  That momentum ended with the ODI series which Pakistan won under the captaincy of Shahid Afridi.

By your own analogy Afridi must have lost the ODI series because the momentum was in West Indies favour when the won the first and only T20.  They should have carried that momentum into the ODI series and should have won the ODI series as well.

Waqar we all know that you are an idiot commentator but, you are a very stubborn and a stupid coach too.  You poked your nose in the team selection matters which is neither your domain nor your forte.  As a bowler you were good, like any horse is good for a few races only.  But, you were not a thoroughbred but just a good bowler.

But, in rest of the departments of the game you are not even a mule (Khucchar) but a donkey or an ass, who is there to labour relentlessly without using his brain. Luckily that Akhroat Afridi still has some in his upper chamber whereas, yours is all fried up and nothing but brain masala.  You better take a flight from Guyana to Sydney and don’t think of going back to Pakastan where you will not be greeted with flowers but with old shoes and rotten eggs.  It is time for you to hang your boots and enjoy your retired life with your Aussie wife.

Missy Baba, your cricketing career will have this baba tag for the rest of your life.  When you entered into the international level you were just a boy or a baba and then, it took you so long to come back that in the waiting you got too old and became a budda baba.  You don’t know how to play cricket and win at least a single match on your own.  That Akhroat Afridi must have singlehandedly won at least 25-30 matches for Pakistan, whereas you must have lost at least a dozen, am I right?

In this test match too you dropped 3 simple regulation catches that slipped out of your “Bucket Like Hands” and your admirer that “Phutta Baja” whose “Tub Like Mouth” always praises you and Chotta Akmal even if you misfire your fart.  Ramiz is your “Girayeen in Toiletries and Bathroom Utilities.” So, you all belong to the same Hummam.  It is a shame that you are carrying that same Malak, Akmal and Salman Butt legacy of negativity and ruining the game of cricket in Pakistan.

Every single kid in Pakistan knows and blame you for giving away the semifinal match in a silver platter to India by blocking 40 dot balls.  Pakistan lost by 29 runs had you scored even 30 runs out of those 40 dot balls, Pakistan would have won. Who knows whether you have sincerely lost the match or honestly accepted bribe in losing that match? Whatever it is you are a total disgrace to the nation.  We also know that Ijaz Butt will not fire you but, you have some sharam, some haya, you must resign from international cricket and don’t even think of coach and commentating job like your Pra Waqqa.

I can write a lot more on this subject, but I will leave it for my bloggers to fill up the blanks and stuff your trousers with gifts that you may not like to accept.