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The question that is being raised by many in the sub-continent is, “what is the future of cricket in the sub-continent?” Especially in the test cricket department both teams are on the verge of decline, in fact Pakistan is already at the rock bottom and, India from the so-called NUMERO UNO position as a test team is getting a real drubbing at the hands of England and they are expected to be whitewashed at the hands of English players.  What is the reason for this decline?

Too much shorter versions of the game? Too much cricket being played these days?  Blame the cricket boards, the IPL or the players themselves? I will blame the players more than the boards and institutions for being greedy and inconsiderate towards the test cricket and even for international cricket.  For every defeat they have an excuse.  An excuse for injuries, an excuse for too many matches, an excuse for lack of match practice, an excuse for lack of rest and, you name it they have a reason, especially Dhoni. So far, he was riding on his luck because, his own performance for quite some time is zilch and his winnings kept him in the spot.  If India had lost the WC semifinal at Mohali, Dhoni certainly would have been axed. But, that win cleaned his slate and he thought he will be riding on the lady luck once again.  But, test matches have revealed his weakness and that of many other players in the side.

Not only the batting with the exception of a few, their bowling is so pathetic that “The Broad” is turning out to be an all-rounder from a mediocre bowler.  Indian bowling is at its low. I wonder why this is happening, I know historically they have this redundancy and mediocrity in the fast bowling department but, at least one or two of their spinners have dominated the foreign teams. With Kumble gone, Harbhajan out of form, the Indian bowling attack looks extremely impotent and docile. What is the BCCI going to do now? Do they have replacements?  I doubt, there is any bowler who can be a threat to the opposition.  Ohja, Mishra, Chawla, Ashwin, Yousuf Pathan etc., are just mediocre spinners. Between OMCA and YP, I would prefer the later because of his batting advantage.  There is no Bedi, Prassanna, Chandrashekhar and Venkataraghavan in the team.  That was the best spinning options India ever had, but those days India never won any major tournaments or even a series against WI, Australia and England (may be I am wrong), yet they are remembered for taunting and troubling the opposition.

Sachin tendulkar what happens to India when he is gone?

Sachin tendulkar what happens to India when he is gone?

If India needs to rebuild their test team after Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman (TDL) they need to find players like Jaffar in the opening slot along with Sehwag and Gambhir should change his role from an opener to no. 4 i.e., to consolidate the team.  Kohli has better temperament than UV and Raina so he should be at number 3.    Dhoni, needs to reassess and re-evaluate his own performance and must focus on his batting and wicketkeeping, his captaincy is not that great its just his luck that he won so many matches as a captain.  I still reckon Ganguly as a better captain than Dhoni or it wouldn’t be wrong to call him as the best Indian captain so far, better than MAK Pataudi, Wadekar and Azharuddin.

At least there is some spark, some hope in the Indian cricket camp that they will recover and rejuvenate as a fighting team, coming to Pakistan, there is no spark, no hope Ijaz Butt kay Raj may raakh ka dhair hai jis may shola hai na chingari.  Sifarish hai, Butt Dharmi hai, Toofaan-e- Butt Tameezi hai, Tabahi aur Barbadi hai. The irony is koipoochnay wala nahee hai, koi roke nay wala nahee hai, Butt Dharmi hee nahee Butt Maani aur Bay Imani bhee hai.

Talking about Pakistani players, if the Captain is such an old Miss fart who has such negative mentality, what results do you expect from others?   On top of pathetic performance and negative cricket combined with corruption has ruined and destroyed the name of the country which has already been quarantined and isolated  from the rest of the world because of terrorism for which Ijaz Butt is solely responsible for not making adequate security measures and efforts and his stubbornness in not apologizing to the Govt. of Sri Lanka or, its board of cricket or, even the players is an example of rude, uncouth, uneducated  behaviour that reflects on ALL, it makes people think that ALL of Pakistan is like that! What a shame, what a disgrace to the nation Ijaz Butt is.  Since no one can remove him from his post, let us all make a CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER AND ASK ALLAH TO TAKE HIM BACK AND HAND HIM OVER TO THE DEVIL.