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Since Mr. 10% appointed his quarter as the Chairman of the PCB, the so-called “Chuwannee” seems to have been in total silence and, there has been a lot of speculation among the cricketing circles that he is not speaking or saying anything about cricket, whereas we have been reading other stuff published by the media about his past achievements as the Chairman of ZT Bank of Pakistan and as, Chairman of the Sugar Mills and the alleged court cases against him and, he seems to be drowned neck deep in that rubble.  So, it makes one wonder how is he going to get out of that rubble and sort out the piles of  problems which Mr. Ijaz Butt has excreted during his tenure. Questions are being raised whether he is the right man for this tough job?

Today, Mr. two and a half percent has spoken about cricket and he picked up the name of Shahid Afridi by saying: “In my view Afridi is a good one-day player but I will discuss with the experts and might change my view.”   First of all calling your best ODI player as a good player is in itself an understatement and then to top it up, he wants to get views and opinions on Afridi from others and THEN HE MAY CHANGE HIS VIEWS?  Btw, who are those others? Afridi has a long list of enemies and haters and they all have an agenda against him. So, whatever they will say would be a biased, planned and an orchestrated scheme to keep Afridi away, at least from the captaincy role.  If the Chairman is going to ask every lulloo, Punjoo, Chotoo then, what is he? The Chairman of the PCB?  A rubber stamp CEO of the Zarai Taraqiyati Bank? Or, a Sugar Mill ka Chaudhry? Ya Zardari ka Tuttoo?

This is what happens when you appoint a SIFARISHI TUTTOO, he has no cricketing background or no administrative capabilities then obviously he will rely on others, in other words he is a DUMMY who has no spine of his own, he cannot stand up like a MAN and take decisions on his own.  Ijaz Butt was on another extreme and a total destroyer of the game of cricket domestically as well as internationally.  And, “This Man”  “Dhayee Percent” is proving to be another spineless, gutless rubber stamp CEO of the PCB.

Another ambiguity is about his tenure, which is uncertain because the ICC wants to make changes in the appointment of the chiefs of the cricketing boards and the deadline is 2013 whereas, in Pakistan it is always the mother of all the uncertainty that rules.  No one knows what is happening next? The country has gone to dogs and the leaders are shameless, brazen and unblushing (dheet) and the irony is they have looted the country with both hands and yet they think they are loyal to the country and the uneducated, uncouth masses believe in them and they keep electing them back into power.  The fate of Pakistan is sealed and it is only a matter of time that things would be more obvious and more visible.

Allama Iqbal is Pakistan’s national poet and he died much before the creation of Pakistan and at that time it was United India or, they used to call it Hindustan.  Iqbal’s poetry at that time may not have been understood by many but, it is more clear than before”

Na Samjho gay tou mitt jao gay, aye Hindustan walo

Tumharee Daastaan tak bhee na hogi Daastano may.

How ironic that this is happening during our times and most of us are still not aware of it.  May God Bless Pakistan.



The above caption is a reference used in the military and wartimes.  It’s original meaning is; before you attack you decide that you will kill everybody on the battlefield, regardless whether they try to fight you or try to give up or, surrender.   Another view of  the original term was to “Give no quarter.” Again to kill everyone. Even if they throw down their arms and give up or, plead mercy – shoot them. It may sound very cruel ???  Yes, indeed it is.

Which is how it is now applied in the business and sports world.  It means to be ruthless.  To get ahead at the expense of other. Or on a lighter side – Don’t fail either way – It is a bad model to follow and karma will get you with ruthless behavior.  If you want to see an example of  “take no prisoners”  in the movie…watch Lawrance of Arabia.  After the Turks destroyed a village…Lawrence yells. “No prisoners” over and over  …  for the revenge of the dead villagers, they go on to kill every one without regard.

WE have used the caption of this thread  metaphorically, it doesn’t mean kill the trio but, kill their cricketing career for what they have done. There is no denial that they are not involved in betting and match fixing. Guilty or NOT, punish ALL the culprits besides the three accused, including Other Majeed & Mother Majeed and not to mention the other Pakistani players who were involved in this case whose names are cropping up every now and then. Because, they have brought a bad name not only to the game but, to the country and the nation as a whole.

Had Justice Qayyum’s verdict been implemented 12 years ago, this may not have happened today. Pakistan is a country where nothing is permissible but, everything is possible.  The highest court of the country passes a verdict and the PCB ignores it and apply their own rules, which are no rules but exceptions.

The lawyers in England have pitched Salman Butt and Mohammad Asif against each other and Salman at times was so agitated, frustrated that he was breaking down and replied very harshly to the questions.  They will not scape punishment for sure because their case is very weak and on top of that, Mohammad Aamir was changed his statement. Which once again shows that there is something more than what meets the eye?



In my opinion, Aamir should NEVER be given a chance to play for Pakistan EVER AGAIN. He has no credibility, he is not straightforward and he took the sides of the culprits when he was assured that nothing will happen, when he saw that he is out of the team – in fact out of cricket action at any level – he got shiver down the spine and then he started approaching people on how to come back? If there is any way? And, some simpleton suggested that now you take a complete U- turn and give your statements against Salman Butt and Asif that they forced you or enticed you and you being so young, inexperience, vulnerable and gullible fall for it without realizing the grave consequences.  So, he is now take the role of a BHOLA BUCCHA.



He is not that Bhola, he may say he is 18 years old or what ever, but he certainly looks much older and more matured than his age.  Eighteen is the age for an individual in North America to cast your vote to elect your leader.  18 is the age in Canada where you get your driving licence, 18 is the age in Canada where you can buy alcohol on your from a store. So, eighteen years old is not a kid. He knew how to make money, he was a part and parcel of the spot fixing saga and now he acts innocent?

Mohammed Aamir You have to pay a price and that is the end of your career.

Mohammed Aamir you are not that innocent and you have to pay a price and that is the end of your cricketing career.

People say, give him a second chance he is just a kid, don’t ruin his career he is so very talented. If you do give him a second chance what message are you conveying to the thousand other Aamirs who are spreading their wings to fly? Why stick to this one only. Do you think a bowler like Aamir will born in the next ONE MILLION years? Please stop worshiping. On one hand Pakistanis make fun of Tendulkar for being treated as a deity and on the other hand they treat their own players as one in a million (they cannot call them god because they will be executed by the Mullahs) so this is the stance they take and try to create a lobby and apply pressure on the authorities and that breeds regionalism and jingoism.

Mohammad Asif MUST have been banned after the Dubai incident, I wonder why they keep playing him again and again?  Wasim, Waqar, Aaqib Javed and Mushy must have been banned for life after they were caught on the beach smoking Marijuana or Cannabis and jailed in the Caribbean for 2 nights.  All that was hushed, hushed and covered up because these were the elite team members.  Why do they have such dual standards?

If Aamir is included in the team after all this, then all the young fast bowlers will get a wrong message and they will end up saying, “Yaar, abhee tou match fix kero aur paisay banao, baad ki baad dekhi jai gee.” This is the uneducated, uncouth and uncivilized attitude that we so often see among the Pakistani players.  Those who are honest are sidelined and those who are the culprits they thrive, because they feed the system which is like a hand in glove with the players.

So, the bottom line is, IF SALMAN BUTT & MOHAMMAD ASIF ARE BANNED, THEN MOHAMMAD AAMER SHOULD NOT BE SPARED, NO SYMPATHIES FOR AGE.  After all he was a member of the Pakistan International Team and not a toddler. BAN HIM FOR LIFE TOO.  SHOW NO MERCY.



How many times on this blog we have said this before and how many times you want us to repeat it.


It gives everyone the impression that you guys are cheap, you go for money and you want to earn money by hook or by crook, is it the way you want to become rich? All money and NO respect? Some of you get involved in match fixing and match settings, some in drugs and that brings ill reputation to the country. There is something very important in ones life and it is: “patriotism honest, sincerity, dignity, self respect and self-esteem.” You want to forgo all this for money?  Even a prostitute and a drug peddler also makes money, do you appreciate that kind of earnings?

The BCCI and the IPL authorities, the government of India and the public in general in India, have been against the inclusion of Pakistani cricket players in their IPL tournament, so why go there with a KASHKOLE? (begging bowl), I would never step in a country if I am not respected or, welcome.  They have clearly said a big NO for Pakistanis then what is the need to go and lyck their hassess? And that too old stinking and unwashed ones? Yuck. Stop it, stop it guys, with Ijaz Butt has gone, try to rebuild a team for the nation, playing for the country is a much bigger honour than playing for IPL and SHYPL.



SHAHID AFRIDI, I AM WRITING THIS IN PARTICULAR FOR YOU I.E., BECAUSE OF YOUR RECENT STATEMENT YOU HAVE SAID: “It is high time Pakistani cricketers also get a place in the IPL. For three seasons, including the current one, we haven’t been a part of the IPL,” Shahid Afridi

WHY? What makes you feel like that it is high time? Is it your birth right to play in India for the IPL and that too with such disgrace and humiliation? If your brother is slapped by someone for no reason would you be nice to that person?  Shoaib Akhtar has been kicked and dragged by the Indian media and they broke all the commitments and agreements of launching the book in India, shows how trivial they are.  I think Akhtar did the right thing by giving them a nip in the bud in his book ny writing that Tendulkar The Parmeshwar was once scared of his bowling.  THOU SHALT NOT BE CRITICIZED, BECAUSE HE IS A GOD.

See, how farcical and how trivial they are to do this and you want to go there and play for them? Shame on you Afridi and whoever else goes there.  You already have a LOT OF MONEY and no brains, think of acquiring it by being in the company of learned people instead of being surrounded by chamchas with kishmish brains and they are there to please you and agree with you and your muddled thinking.  GROW UP AFRIDI, GROW UP.  Already 30 plus and still acting childish? All that talent is a waste if you do not apply it in the right channel.

People blame you for your erratic behaviour and your pathetic decision making in announcing retirements and the worst of all is when you decided to make a side agreement and an outside the court settlement with Ijaz Butt and his cronies.  Earlier the whole of Pakistan was behind you and when you betrayed the fanfare, by breaking the pitchers upon seeing the Hampshire League and Sri Lanka League clouds, you lost both opportunities,   TUM YAHAN KAY REHAY NA WAHAN KAY REHAY.  And, no one has any sympathies for you.

So, please stop this IPL dreams, you are not Wasim Akram Desh Drohi or Adnan Sami Khan the characterless fella.  You can rebuild your reputation but this time you can’t be senseless like before, you have to prove that you are a changed man. You need any help, you come to us.

Pakistan is such a beautiful country blessed with so many natural resources and beautiful places, just see the photos below:

Glacier in Pakistan

Glacier in Pakistan

Shonser Lake Pakistan

Shonser Lake Pakistan

spardu Lake Pakistan

spardu Lake Pakistan