Below are the results of the Asia Cup that started in 1984 in Sharjah. As you can see India has most wins and they are the current Champions of the Asia Cup Tournament. Pakistan has won only once. If I am not mistaken, India did not play that tournament.

The squads have been announced and preparation is underway. Dhoni, Jayawardene and Misbah has been named as captains of India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan. For some reason the host team has not announced their team yet, hence their captain’s photo is not being published above.

I would like the Indian bloggers to comment on the Indian team for the Asia Cup which still has Tendulkar in the team despite all the criticism that he got but, he is determined to play and perhaps he might score that 100th 100 this time. Each time he plays there is the same question and same expectation, whether he will do it this time or not?  Apart from him, this time both Pathan brothers are in the team and two Sharmas are in the team as well. Whether Dhoni’s blue eyed boy Ravindra Jadeja should have been in the squad or not is a debatable point.

Jayawardene has been retained as Sri Lankan captain very rightly so because, he carries a lot of experience and also because of the way he played the last qualifying match against Australia and won that crucial match while led to the exit of Indian team from the CB series. I hope Misbah ul Haq has watched his aggressive field placement and attacking the Australian with whatever limited bowling resources he had in that match due to two injuries to his front line and inform bowlers Mathews and Parera.  He successfully defended a total of 238 which was not a big one at the MCG.

Retaining Misbah ul Haq as captain of the team by the PCB and the selectors has raised many eyebrows and it is yet another example of off the cuff management decisions which are lacking in professionalism. Iqbal Qasim as more interested in bringing Sarfaraz Ahmad into the team and the first thing he did was to replace Adnan Akmal with Sarfaraz. In my opinion Sarfaraz is not suitable for international matches, time and again he has failed with the bat and his keeping is nothing to write home about. I don’t see any spark in him.

With Misbah, Younus Khan and Asad Shafiq in the middle order, the selection of Azhar Ali — who is more suitable for test cricket — is absolutely needless. How many “tuk-tuk” players you need in the team? The opening conundrum will continue because, they will play Hafeez and Nasir Jamshed. Hafeez has time and again said that he doesn’t want to open the innings but, no one is paying any heed to the Professor’s rants. And, Nasir Jamshed, I don’t understand the basis of his selection. Ahmad Shahzad who is in very good form at the domestic level and at the BPL should have been selected.

Similarly Mohammad Sami has also shown a lot of form at the domestic level as well as in the BPL he was ignored because the quota was full. Cheema cannot be dropped because of cronyism and one can only say thank God, Malik and Farhat are not in the squad but, Nasir Jamshed, Sarfaraz, Cheema does not deserve to be in the team on merit basis. They are clearly sifarishi players and this is the irony of Pakistan cricket that selection is never fair.

Even the choice of batting order is pathetic. Misbah does not know how to use his batsmen or even his bowler, he is clueless when it comes to field placement. I am not saying Pakistan will lose based on the statistics and records but, the available resources in the country have not be properly used and whatever the given resources are i.e., from the squad, they will not use them properly. There is no strategy, there is no game plan. The question of plan A and plan B does not exist.

Everything is being dumped on the new coach Dav Whatmore as if he is the Fairy God Mother with a magic wand and turn Misbah from 37 to 17 years old and give him fresh legs and a cricket bat from Mars that even he blocks the ball races down to the ropes for a four. There is no such thing as complacency. When the Pak team won the test series 3-0 against England, they were over the moon that they white washed the number one test team in the world 3-0.

If you analyze the 3 test matches carefully, only in one test Pakistan played well and deserved to win and in the other 2 matches England played very badly. Their openers and the top order miserably failed against the magical spin of Ajmal and Abdur Rahman.  You cannot win ALL your matches on the strength of your spinners.If that was possible, India always had the best spinners in the world from the times of Subash Gupte, Bapu Nadkarni, Chandrashekhar, Prasanna, Bedi, Venkataraghavan even Kumble and Harbhajan but, they never won ALL the matches.

The team has to be balanced in ALL departments. If you take a look at the Pakistan team, the main weakness you see is the inconsistency right from the openers to the tail-enders and from fast bowlers to the spinners, there is sporadic brilliance and then there is disgustipatingly pathetic performance. In one way you can say, their inconsistency is very consistent. There is no Javed Miandad or Inzamam in the middle order who can play anchor roles. There is no Saeed Anwar who can give a flying start not just for 20 odd runs but, for a long sustainable period of time to give a respectability to the total.

The current team Pakistan when they get out cheaply there is a slide and there is no stopping it looks like they behave like a herd no one bothers to play positive cricket. Either there are sixes and fours or there is tuk tuk and negative cricket and the end result is always a defeat. Pakistani batsmen should learn to rotate the strike as much as possible and try to make 5-6 runs per over even with singles and twos and no need for sixes and fours i.e., if the conditions do not allow them to play big shots. But, they need to learn how to create placement shots instead of hitting them into the hands of the fielders.

Writing, to me, is simply thinking through my fingers says.Isaac Asimov.  And for me it is like hitting the keyboard randomly to make some sense out of my blabbering.


Details Host Nation(s) Final Venue Final
Winner Result Runner-up
1984 United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Sharjah CA Stadium,
 India Round Robin  Sri Lanka
1986 Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Sinhalese Sports Club Ground
 Sri Lanka
195/5 (42.2 overs)
Sri Lanka won by 5 wickets  Pakistan
191/9 (45 overs)
1988 Bangladesh
Bangabandhu National Stadium
180/4 (37.1 overs)
India won by 6 wickets
 Sri Lanka
176 all out (43.5 overs)
1990-91 India
Eden Gardens
205/3 (42.1 overs)
India won by 7 wickets
 Sri Lanka
204/9 (45 overs)
1993 Pakistan
Not held
1995 United Arab Emirates
United Arab Emirates
Sharjah CA Stadium,
233/2 (41.5 overs)
India won by 8 wickets
 Sri Lanka
230/7 (50 overs)
1997 Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
R Premadasa Stadium
 Sri Lanka
240/2 (36.5 overs)
Sri Lanka won by 8 wickets
239/7 (50 overs)
2000 Bangladesh
Bangabandhu National Stadium
277/4 (50 overs)
Pakistan won by 39 runs
 Sri Lanka
238 (45.2 overs)
2004 Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
R Premadasa Stadium
 Sri Lanka
228/9 (50 overs)
Sri Lanka won by 25 runs
203/9 (50 overs)
2008 Pakistan
National Stadium
 Sri Lanka
273 (49.5 overs)
Sri Lanka won by 100 runs
173 (39.3 overs)
2010 Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka
Rangiri Dambulla International Stadium
268/6 (50 overs)
India won by 81 runs

  1. #1 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 4, 2012 - 2:47 AM

    Please post your comments here. Thank you

  2. #2 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 5, 2012 - 12:48 AM


    Whats wrong? Not interested in Asia Cup? IMO, the way Sri Lanka is playing without their front line fast bowlers is commendable and they will be more confident playing in Bangladesh, much more confident than India. Pakistan as usual will not reach the final of Asia Cup. In 28 years they have won the Asia Cup only once and that too if my memory is correct, India did not play the AC tournament when they won?

    Anyways, you may please add your views irrespective of what the result would be and who will win the Asia Cup?

  3. #3 by Malik Hassaan on March 5, 2012 - 11:37 AM

    Y razzaq n0t selectd ? ? ?
    And misbah “tuk tuk” is again leading . . . . At least afridi shud b gvn captaincy . . . . If slctn comitte choses its “sifarshy” 11 . . . .

  4. #4 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 5, 2012 - 3:09 PM

    Hassan ask Iqbal Qasim and Saleem Jaffar, the moment Iqbal Qasim became Chief Selector he got in Sarfaraz Ahmad, who in my opinion is only a club level mediocre player — as a batsman and as a keeper both — They should have thought of getting in form Mohammad Sami and Ahmad Shahzad. Instead Cheema is retained and Nasir Jamshed the cheater has been brought in. This selection basis is all based on cronyism. If Hammad Azam is given proper chances, you won’t be missing Abdul Razzaq I bet.

  5. #5 by Raju on March 5, 2012 - 3:22 PM

    Lagta hae ckt se sab bore hogae hain.mishap ko ganda karne ke bad koi aur tafreeh nazar nahi arahi.

  6. #6 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 5, 2012 - 5:56 PM

    Raju magar tum kion maatam mana rehay ho? Abhi vo mara tou nahee, layhaza hum say mil ker uski chitta jalayen wo bhee ek Mishap hoga!

  7. #7 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 7, 2012 - 6:10 AM

    PK team leaving for BD on Wednesday. Afridi is saying: “I am on strict diet for Asia Cup. Badaam and Doodh. Building my muscle for India. Nare Takbeer.” Once again opening his big mouth before the tournament, he should let the bat and ball speak for him instead of big mouthing.

    Sri Lanka are on a high at the moment and they might be the winners if they play like this. They are short of fast bowlers yet they are performing well especially their batting is clicking. Dilshan is the top scorer at the CB series and both Jaya and Sanga are back in form, their middle order in Chandimal and Thirumane + Kulasekara are good enough to bash the mediocre Pakistani fast bowling. Unless the pitch is favouring spinners there is no chance for Pakistan. Because, Pakistan batting wise cannot score or chase more than 230 runs.

    Whats wrong with you guys? Totally disinterested in cricket? Don’t take defeats too seriously after all its a game. Look at us Pakistanis even when we lose we have a reason, every time we lose we have a reason to justify.

  8. #8 by raju on March 7, 2012 - 7:45 PM


    mataam nahi magr udaaasi ka samaan hae

    hamrari tafreeh mishap ka baja bajaaana hae! ;(

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 8, 2012 - 7:08 PM

    After Dravid’s announcement to retire some people are demanding Mishab’s retirement at the same time they are praying for Pakistan to win the Asia Cup! Agar PK Asia cup jeet gaya tou he will remain pukka pukka captain till 2015.

    Waisay maatam aur SOGE tou koi aur mana reha hai.

    Tameem Iqbal re-selected in the team after someone big in BD selection committee resigned on his non-inclusion in the team.

  10. #10 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 8, 2012 - 11:08 PM

    seems like cricinfo site has been hacked. You cannot get to their website since the last 20 hours now. Even Harsha Bhogle was inquiring if he is the only one unable to get access to the cricinfo site?

  11. #11 by Raju on March 9, 2012 - 6:23 AM

    The most decent of the fab4 will retire today.

    Stubornkar plans to play as long as mishap plays; senkdra kabhi to patey ga. 😉

  12. #12 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 9, 2012 - 10:43 PM


    Yar Dravid ab itna bhee gaya guzra nahee that you cannot write something about him? Once the Asia Cup is over I will pay a special tribute to Dravid and dedicate an exclusive thread on him. Inshallah

  13. #13 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 15, 2012 - 8:25 PM

    Pakistan has finally made its way into the finals not just by beating Sri Lanka but, also because of earning a bonus point and India needs to finish off against Bangladesh by beating them that’s it.

    Now, the good thing is there will be 2 matches between India and Pakistan and Pakistan needs to prepare itself for the big event by changing their batting order. Hafeez and Jamshed have scored well against Bangladesh and I said this is going to be their top opening partnership of the tournament and that is based on the statistics as well as the law of averages.

    Pakistan’s opening conundrum continues and its going to be there for another decade if they do not focus in finding a reliable opening pair. T20 is a different format even there a good start is always a bonus but, for 50 overs match it appears that there is a big hole on top of the crater. Pakistan’s middle order is also very unpredictable and inconsistent so is the lower order. In other words their batting is totally unreliable and inconsistent.

    Even in the bowling department sometimes Umar Gul fires like he is the best bowler in the world and the next day he is a mediocre. Cheema is very expensive but, today it was one of his best days, for the first time he took 4 wickets in one innings. Hafeez, Afridi and Ajmal show sporadic brilliance in bowling department but that is not good enough if the target is small or if the opposition batting is very strong. Indian batting line-up is still better and more reliable than Pakistan’s.

    If Pakistan plays fist, even a 300 total is not good enough unless they bowl extremely well. But, this team cannot score more than 250~260 runs which is not good enough. If they have to chase a total of 270~280 they give up and surrender around 220~230. This is based on the recent matches they have played. I haven’t seen any big score by the Pakistani batsmen in the recent past. Individually they are capable of scoring between 50~80 and at the most they can do is remain not out, and Misbah is the champion in this kinda batting.

    Now, winning the Asia Cup will be the biggest task ahead for Misbah’s team not simply because it will be kinda ‘stupid revenge theory’ but, it is more important to prove a point that Pakistani team can beat only the minnows and the recent series against England barring the test matches is a proof of that. Therefore, Pakistan needs to put their head and foot down and play sensibly, they do not have to go for sixes and fours nor, they need to go for tuk tuk, they must keep on rotating the strike and take singles and must score at least 5 or 6 runs per over. Occasional boundaries will come whenever there is a lose ball.

    IMO, Hammad Azam should play at number 3 or max. no.4 they should try this against India on 18th March. Younus Khan is not fit for shorter version of the game, so is Misbah but, Misbah cannot be removed because he is the captain. But, Younus Khan can be rested and Asad Shafiq should get in.

    Asad Shafiq, Nasir Jamshed and Umar Akmal needs Dav Whatmore’s advise on how to progress the innings and not throw away their wickets. The way Hafeez, Jamshed and Younus Khan got out today was absolutely senseless batting and poor shot selection. Hafeez in particular played very very slow at a SR of 31. Both openers are either in top gear and rolling or, they are so cautious that they play with a dead bat.

    I saw Misbah today premeditating a shot to block the ball even before the bowler delivered the ball. It is just like his other premeditated reverse sweep and duddoo scoops. He was lucky today not to get out. So, was Umar Akmal when Thirimane dropped a simple catch when he was on 49. That could have been a turning point for Sri Lanka but, today luck did not favour them. Jayawardene kept attacking and Misbah was very aggressive in defending 😉

    Anyways good luck to Pakistan and they must win both these matches against India.

  14. #14 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 15, 2012 - 8:26 PM

    raju you better come back from your vacation not only there are a couple of good matches ahead but, there will some interesting episodes coming up here very soon.

  15. #15 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 17, 2012 - 2:33 AM

    What a reply from Bangladesh. Tendulkar played a Misbah innings today only to achieve the landmark or the milestone for which Gavaskar was over the moon and that euphoria died within 4 hours when India lost to Bangladesh. What a fighting knock from the Bangooz they deserved the win with fewer dot balls, more fours and more sixes than India.

    India could have easily made 320 runs especially when they were 174/1 in 36 overs, even that was slow with so many wickets in hand, IMO they should have scored 174 in 30 overs but, Tendulkar was reeling and struggling the only thing on his mind was his 100. Although the liar kept saying it is not on his head and he doesn’t care much its only the media who created this hype, they don’t talk about my 99 other hundreds but, they talk only about this one.

    The fact is when he scored the 100 after stuttering and struggling in 80’s and 90’s he literally cried and wiped his tears after Thanking God and looking up into the heavens. How come he say during the innings break to Ramiz Raja that he didn’t care about it? JHOOTA hai.

    Anyways, I am glad that India lost to BD and that will make the Indian selectors think about their future team. Tendulkar must retire now. Even if he scores another hundred against Pakistan tomorrow, it makes no difference, in fact it would be a more negative impact if India loses against Pakistan even if Tendulkar scores another hundred.

    This was his second slowest ODI hundred.

  16. #16 by raju on March 17, 2012 - 9:10 AM

    what vacation man???????????????

    im toooooooo busyyyyyyyyy these days. i check ur blog via cell phone

    im agree abt tenduklakr 100 as slow. his statement about 99 100’s clearly shows his conceitedness and love for his records.

    stupid media is moer happy with his senkdra than defeat. no wonder india rarely achieve what aussies achieved as cricket superpower.

    anyway lets see what happens in asia cup! 😉

  17. #17 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 19, 2012 - 3:08 AM


    first on today’s match.

    India won, Kohli played a gr8 innings, tendulkar played better than his last match against BD. Pak scored 329 with a record partnership and ended up losing the match. But, since Friday people all over were saying that today’s match is already decided, India will win irrespective of whatever the scores are because they want India Pakistan final and I was not surprised at the result.

    Secondly, about this guy Nauman Niaz, did you see his blabbering on the PTV sports channel? He along with Amir Sohail are trying to be professionals and this nauman guy has a grudge, a vendetta against Afridi and he is spitting venom against him in almost every show. Whether it is needed or not, he finds to bring Afridi’s topic as the focal point of his discussion and then he tries to bash him. Even though Amir Sohail at times tried to stay away from the unnecessary and unwanted criticism, but he keeps dragging him in it. He did the same thing when he invited Shoaib Akhtar in his show and Akhtar too avoided making negative comments on Afridi.

    On twitter we talked about his biased analysis and his calculated and orchestrated agenda against Afridi. And, out of all the people he picked me up and wrote me long email and we exchanged a couple of emails, which I am going to publish them here on the blog, I have already told him and he said, he will reply to those queries here on the blog. But, I will write them after the Asia Cup. I want you, newguy and others to not only read them but make comments the way you guys see it without any bias and prejudice.

    He thinks that we are a gang of 4-5 people on the twitter and we are trying to run him down and making unfair comments against him and his show. Actually there are not 4-5 but hundreds and thousand of them. He doesn’t know much about twitter and he only reads the comments of 4-5 people whereas, others whom we follow or they are following us, he cannot see or read their comments so, its like someone wearing blinkers cannot see beyond their desk.

    So be there, don’t work too hard, work “hardly” 😀

  18. #18 by JAVED A. KHAN on March 19, 2012 - 3:11 AM


    I thought you will write something after Tendulkar’s 100 or at least after today’s win by India against Pakistan but, you are staying away from the team and you still seems to be disappointed by the team. Yes, it was a flat track and both teams scored big runs IMO even if PK had scored 350 India would have still won because of the logical rumour that is around that India must win today to play the final with Pakistan.

    Although theoretically they can be out if Bangladesh beats Sri Lanka with a big margin but, that is not going to happen, there will be a India Pakistan final for sure, even a kid knows that. so, i am waiting for your response.

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