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Pakistan Team Selection Always a PIA

The Pakistan Cricket Board is full of nincompoops and jokers, they don’t know anything about cricket and they don’t know anything about management. Each time there is a new tournament or a new tour, the team selection is pathetic.  Earlier I used to get surprised and shocked but, not any more because, you can always expect the unexpected from these goons.

Number one, they are biased and select players and captains on the basis of regionalism, nepotism and cronyism. Number two, they don’t care about the game or the future of cricket in Pakistan, they are interested about their future and how much money and fame they can get in making a fast buck. Hence, they select the “Parchee Players” like, Shoaib Malik, Faisal Iqbal, Imran Farhat who are backed by their respective Chachas, Mamas and Father-in-Laws.

The appointment of the Captain is so sacred and so holy that he must be from the holy-land only otherwise he cannot survive. I was wondering what was wrong with Shahid Afridi Captaining the ODI and T20’s side and he did a pretty good job in gelling the wounded “langree-looli” team after that SPOT FIXING incident and under his captaincy he made it to the World Cup semifinals and we all know what happened during that match in Mohali and the reward for making it up to the semifinal which was a feat that was achieved after more than a decade was, ‘stripping him off the captaincy job’.  This happens only in Pakistan.

Making Hafeez the T20 Captain “just for the Sri Lanka tour” is another joke and a Frankinstein experiment. Hafeez has been playing cricket for almost a decade and in between he was lost and forgotten during the days of Inzamam, Younus Khan captaincy. The person who rediscovered Hafeez is Afridi. Afridi as a captain gave Hafeez numerous opportunities to open the batting and bowling for Pakistan at international level. He actually made Hafeez what he is today by building his confidence. Now, they make Hafeez the Captain and make Afridi play under him?  Obviously it hurts to anyone be it Afridi or anyone if such a musical chair game is played where he is demoted for no reason.

WE all thought that anyone who will replace Ijaz Butt would be a better Chairman but, Zaka Ashraf having no experience of the game or even that of man management  appears to be a puppet and a toy in the hands of the old regime of bureaucrats, he does nothing and his main goal is to bring a club level team from Canada to play in Pakistan to prove to the nation that he has restored international cricket in Pakistan? If he does so it shouldn’t be a feather in his cap but, a shovel in Ijaz’s Butt.

Now, look at the team that has been selected for all three formats, Hafeez is the captain of the T20 and Misbah remains captain for Test and ODI’s. How farcical and how comical? And, on top of that the news that  “Misbah stepped down from T20”  Why the F is he playing cricket? He should retire and play Carom Board in Mianwali.

As regards the players, they are either Sifarishi or Sialkoti.  Count the number of sifarishi players and the Sialkoti players, is it 73.87%  ????  🙂

Most appalling inclusions are of Shoaib Malik, Sohail Tanvir and Yasir Arafat in the T20 squad.

For ODI, Sarfaraz Ahmad the wicket keeper should not be in the team. That is my view because, I have not seen him doing anything with the bat, even that Asia Cup final score was nothing to write home about it was more of a pain than a pleasure. Farhat is back again with a pain in his whatever and that is because he got a new Parchee, for Tests, Taufiq Umar, Faisal Iqbal are a drag and Who is Mohammad Ayub and Misbah ul Haq?

If the writing is honest it cannot be separated from the man who wrote it.