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The Return of Cricket Dracula

One foreign journalists wrote, “Pakistan is a country where nothing is permissible but, everything is possible.” Its true, it happens not only in the government, politics but in sports too. What is more surprising is everything is controlled in a dictatorial manner in the name of democracy.

The Pakistan Cricket Board or the PCB is one such organization which is supposed to be an independent and autonomous body is run by the President of the country who is the Patron in chief of the PCB. Reportedly he appoints the Chairman and the Chairman is not accountable to anyone but to himself. Because, the President of Pakistan has no time to look into the day to day affairs of the Board.

In the past we have seen so many Chairmen who have played cricket in Boardrooms like a Chessboard and that too in Poker face style. They have no experience of man management and no knowledge of the game. They came, they ruined, they got busted, booted and Butt-headed. The ultimate loser is the game of cricket in Pakistan. Yet, we have seen so much talent among the players that with all the odds they have been playing well internationally – they could have done better had there been better management and less politics in the PCB.

We have witnessed that in the event of a loss of series or a big tournament, there is always a change in the captaincy but, never at the Board level. The fault is not with the players but the fault lies in the management. The people working in the PCB are not bunch of jokers but, vultures. They are there to make money and they look after their own vested interest.

We have also seen cronyism is at its best in the PCB, the talented, the capable, the deserving is always ignored and the one who is selected is a friend of my friend or, he who has a political backing and a clout. The total team selection is based on regionalism and cronyism. Not only the team but the officials too are selected in the same manner.

We have seen corrupt players who have been banned from playing cricket for life by the Justice system of the country have been recruited as officials in the team. Example, Waqar Younus, Mushtaq Ahmad, Ejaz Ahmad and now there is a news in the market that Saleem Malik has been tipped as a batting coach for the national team?

Is there any morality left? How can they even think of appointing Saleem Malik as the batting coach for the Pakistan national team? I would like to quote here a link from the  Daily Tribune, our friend Umair Qazi has written the Malik Saga in detail i.e., how Malik used to toy with the opposition and with our own team. Here is the link:

What is Saleem Malik going to give to the young players? Tips on how to fix a match? How to bet and how to get your partner runout? Some people are not aware of the fact that Salim Malik had an account in the defunct bank BCCI where he used to keep his “money” the bank was closed in the early nineties hence, easy come easy go.

Therefore, whoever knows Salim Malik besides his cricketing abilities and his talents should also remember that he brought a vulture culture in the dressing room where every player was affected from the cancer of betting and match fixing. Now that the dressing room is clean from all the ills, why is the PCB interested in bringing Saleem Malik back into the game? 

Therefore, YOU ALL should say NO to Saleem Malik’s appointment as a batting coach for the Pakistan National Team. PERIOD

Writing is the only profession where no one considers you ridiculous if you earn no money I write with a lot of passion whether it makes sense or not but I don’t care about that, but I convey my point to you, did I or did I NOT?  I write like others breathe. 

Yay, this is the 100th thread that I have written on this blog alone, and thousands and thousands of comments.

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