Oui c'est moi

Oui c’est moi

Name: Javed A. Khan

Location: Canada

Hobbies: Cricket, Poetry, Gourmet Cooking, Traveling, Fast cars, Off road driving, Fishing, Camping, Skeet-shooting, Calligraphy, sketching, painting, music, I play Harmonica and my favorite is Rachelle Plas, especially her ORANGE BLOSSOM. Here is the video link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wnmZ_m63YLI&feature=related

A detailed profile of Javed A. Khan:

Qualifications: Sufficiently educated to be able to say: YES I can read, write and communicate.  So you can call me a literate.  I love to draw, sketch, paint and do calligraphy.

This Surah Al-Falaq, the Bismillah Al Rahman Al Rahim is in free verse or Khat-e-Jadeed Musalsal, meaning continuous. The Surah is written in Koofi script Nastaliq.

















I love hunting, fishing and off-road driving. Participated in a few clay pigeon and skeet shooting competitions and excelled. My trick shot is always a 100% success. My favourite shotgun is Holland & Holland which is best in the world. But, I can’t afford it.

My Dad used to have a shotgun by John Rugby ~ a hammer less 12 bore, reportedly it is the 4th ranked shotgun in the world. He also had a 320 bore Mauser (German) rifle for big game hunting plus a UK made, 3240 bore Wesley Richard rifle ideal for deer hunting. These days I shoot with my Nikon Camera. 🙂 The Paradigm Shift is because of Spoog Mai (my cat) that I have a soft corner for animals now.

I am a gourmet chef by hobby I love to cook and I cook very passionately and I cook in huge quantities which is, beyond your imagination. If I say 16 different dishes for 500 people, would you believe me? I exaggerate sometimes, but here I am telling the truth.

Traveling makes us wiser, hence I am in the pursuit of getting wiser, I have traveled a lot when I read the Al Hadith acquire knowledge though it be in China! I went there in pursuit of acquiring knowledge, did I get enough knowledge in China? 


I think it was all that true, not at least in the modern China that you acquire knowledge, at least the one that I wanted to and it was not enough, I want to travel more and go to different places.

“Places” that’s a word that can conjure up all kinds of images in the mind, as diverse as a place to keep your shoes in the closet or place to go skeet shooting! But for me personally, the first image is always wonderful kaleidoscopic collage of vacation places. When we get tired of our own home place we set out to ‘see’ other places. Exotic lands, vacation lands, call them what you will, I’m a sucker for them.

When I take a break from my daily routine I love to find out more about holiday and vacation places by browsing through travel magazines and the Internet. I used to collect maps of the different cities I have been to and the cities I’d like to go to. Maps of National Parks, Safari Trails, Lists of do’s and don’ts in each country.Countries I have been to, China, India, Russia, and so many countries in Europe, North America and the Middle East. 

Places, I would love to go, Australia, Norway, Egypt, Venezuela ~ Crazy? Yes I am, there is no doubt about it, LOL. Sometimes I can see these places, the whole world, in my home any day I like i.e., when I am browsing on the Internet and even in my dream LOL. Unless you smell, hear, savour, feel a place its’ not really yours.

I cook not just because its a necessity but, I cook because I LOVE to cook. It releases a lot of stress, imo it is one of the sweetest pleasures of life. Hence I cook with a lot of passion & love and I prepare gourmet cuisines, exotic dishes and garnish them very meticulously. I believe in that phrase, “you eat food first with your eyes before you chew it.” YOU MUST VISIT BAVARCHI KHANA on this blog, its one of the pages dedicated to gourmet food.

4. A Plate of Steaks

4. A Plate of Steaks

For me presentation or garnishing the dishes is very important, it increases one’s appetite. And, the steaks that you see above wasn’t intended to be photographed for this blog,  I was home alone, so I invited a friend to gimme some encouragement to eat because I cannot eat alone.  He insisted on taking a picture of the plate, you see the greens are missings here. Hence its not a perfect picture for the blog, but just to give an idea that I am not amateur. 

I enjoy my cooking even more when I entertain my family, relatives and when I invite my friends to come and eat chez nous, especially BBQ and that too on Charcoal, never on Gas.

I am not a professional writer, but I write like others breathe. I write when there is an urge to write which is always there, sometimes blogging and sometimes articles, about what I see and what I experiences they are more like short stories but, most of them are real incidents, which I like to record them as events.

Sometimes I even write my own poetry, as it soothes my nerves, I write to arouse my own feelings, for others it may be some agony to bear my poetry. :p Mostly I write to satisfy my ego which most people feel ashamed to admit that they have an ego.

I write because its a pathological need and sometimes I wake up with words wandering about and cascade in my head and I try to coalesce them and fuse them together to make some sense out of it. Like Ghalib says:

Aaty hain Ghayeb Se Ye Mazaameen Khayaal Mein Ghalib, 

Sareer-e-Khaama Nawa-e-Sarosh ~~~~~

Daagh-e-Firaaq-e-Sohbat-e-Shubb kee Jalee Hooee

Ek Shamma Rah Gayee Hai So, Vo Bhee Khamosh Hai.

LOL, I almost forgot to write about my profession, I am a Corporate Banker. One of the reasons for my extensive traveling is due to my job and most of my trips were officials, unlike others who travel and see nothing.

I am lucky that I go on official trips, also get the time to see the places of interest. Since I have been an outstanding performer in the bank, there is no pressure on me. Its just like in cricket, there is no pressure on players who perform on a regular basis.

I am a Pakistani Canadian and I support Team Pakistan, Imran Khan is my cricket hero, among the current bunch of players I support Shahid Afridi but, not his idiosyncrasies, serendipities or his stupidities, when he is on song, he is  treat to watch. There wasn’t, there isn’t and there never be any player like Shahid Afridi.

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