1. #1 by khansahab on April 2, 2009 - 6:01 PM


    These 3 are emerging Bollywood actresses. What do you think?


    Do you I am agree or I am disagree?

  2. #2 by Vanilla pod on April 2, 2009 - 9:26 PM

    Lol Khansahab

    interesting observation there! the supporters of CJC and nawaz/shahbaz do look very much alike 😀

  3. #3 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 7:17 AM

    Khan Sahab …

    A few days back Monica ‘Balochi’ was here in Dubai. She came to open a new store for “Cartier” at the ‘Dubai Mall’.

    She was all over the media for as long as she was in UAE, and everytime I saw her pictures I remembered you 😉

    PS: BTW, I did not liked her much, sorry.

  4. #4 by Theossa on April 3, 2009 - 1:11 PM


    I like the picture on top and especially the fella in the background behind flowers/sweets and Nawaz Sharif picture. He looks so innocent but extremely sophisticated. If you look close his eyes tell the story of a person who is keeping up with what goes around in the high tech world. He looks kind of a delicate artist who must also be writing a book on the subject of Quantum Physics. Now girls like Sweetie fell over heal for a guy like him for a reason. These were just my thoughts to put vision in front of your eyes.


    Ishq mujhko nahin, vehshat he sahi
    Meri vehshat Javed ke shohrat he sahi

    Katta keeje na taalluk hamse
    Kutch nahin hai to eik davat he sahi

    Mere hone mein hai kya rusvayee
    Ae veh majlis nahin khallat he sahi

    Hum koyee tarqe-vafa karte hain
    Na sahi ishq museebat he sahi

    Hum Bhi tasleem ke khoo dalenge
    Benayazi Deer ke aadat he sahi

    Pathan se chedh chali jaye Theossa
    Gar nahin Natalie to Javed he sahi

  5. #5 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2009 - 1:24 PM

    “Pathan se chedh chali jaye Theossa
    Gar nahin Natalie to Javed he sahi”

    Theo, Churri kharboozay pay girray
    Ya kharbooza churri pay girray ………..
    baat ek hee hai. 😀

    Mutt bhaag Natalie kay theossa hai teray aagay
    Kaleesa meray peechay aur Natalie meray aagay

    Jub tum Natalie kay peechay jao gay tou mai tumharay peechay hoon na bhai ! 😀

  6. #6 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2009 - 1:26 PM

    theo watch this video, its amazing. After seeing this you would say Gosh, why can’t I fish like that? I am sure VP would also luv it.


    This is something you cannot afford to miss it.

  7. #7 by Theossa on April 3, 2009 - 1:35 PM


    Amazing birds! Their eye sight and direction underwater skill is unbelievable. Why you mentioned iPod though? Are you implying that her bird disliking might be triggered by something similar that happened to her? Do you think she might have messed with a Crow chick and learned her lesson?

  8. #8 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 3, 2009 - 1:45 PM

    Theo, I’ve mentioned iPOD because she appreciates nature and beauty, there are some amazing beautiful scenes in that video, especially the way those seagulls were diving and then the way they were swimming underwater. Previously she liked one of the videos on photography using infrared technology.

    These birds have amazing eyesight, I remember feeding them french fries at the beach, if you toss that over they dive and catch it before it lands in the water. In Dubai at the Golf Club Creek Park now a lot of people feed french fries to the seagulls just for fun and some take pictures. Btw, did you see that video in which a seagull steals a chips packet from a grocery store? You can search on Google or you tube and watch it. I believe now some people pay the shop owner the price of the potato chips packet and make a video, because the birds are constantly watching the store and if no one is seen there, they sneak in and steal the packet. Its so funny, must watch it.

  9. #9 by Theossa on April 3, 2009 - 2:00 PM

    Yeah I know how Seagull operates, LOL. They were in plenty in Buffalo, NY. Btw in the video it is Gannets not Seagull. Gannets are great diving birds. There are some birds in Pakistan that have stunning colors; I don’t know the English names though. In Pushto there is a bird called Dhobana and it usually feeds around small streams or wetlands, it is one of the most beautiful birds I’ve ever seen. Wood Packers in Pakistan are also pretty in color patterns and stripes.

  10. #10 by Vanilla pod on April 3, 2009 - 2:52 PM


    excellent video! i loved the way the gannets swam in water. its amazing! thanks for sharing it with us 😀


    i dont hate birds (terms and conditions apply) 🙂
    i wasnt a victim of bird pecking nor they dropped droppings on my head, neither did i step in deer droppings to start hunting them 😀

    birds kay aanay se jo mun pe aajati hai wehshat
    wo sochtay hain kay droppings ka waaqia sachcha hai

  11. #11 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 3, 2009 - 3:08 PM

    Theo k bachay, i don’t fall head over heels for paindoos, technically speaking i do LOL BUT STILLLLLLLLLL HOW RUDE!! SMACK**

  12. #12 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 3:27 PM

    I have heard this “Theo Kay Bachay” so many times that now I am really curious “Kay Theo Kay Kitnay Bachay Hain Bhai Sahab?”

    Aaj to Gang Pura Ka Pura Idhar Hai, Mashallah 😉

  13. #13 by Theossa on April 3, 2009 - 3:54 PM


    But he is so handsome; wouldn’t you want to touch his mustache and groom it to make it sharper? You’re no romantic 😦 Why this discriminating against Paindoos, you’re offending millions here. I’m saying all this to support all the single Paindoos.


    I know you have a love-hate relationship with birds but they love you to death. They wake up early like 2 in the morning and sing to amuse you;

    Choon choon chaan chaan cheen cheen


    Neend aati nahin, saari saari raat
    Kabhi iPod hum se kahe upni dil ke baat

  14. #14 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 3, 2009 - 4:15 PM

    Munir, it’s a figure of speech!

    Theo, birdies wake up Javed each morning by pecking on his window! LOL

  15. #15 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 4:19 PM

    I guess you would have all seen this before, but it is always nice to see a good match between India and Pakistan 😉

    See what Umpire tells to Afridi/ Gambhir.

  16. #16 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 4:20 PM

    Here is another one, when Zardari visited Sarah Palin 😉

  17. #17 by Theossa on April 3, 2009 - 5:28 PM


    @ Theo, birdies wake up Javed each morning by pecking on his window!

    Did you mean his Kitchen Window? 😀

  18. #18 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 6:56 PM

    Sweetie …

    I am “Munir” and not “Muneer” 😉

    I know it sure was a ‘figure of speech’, and I was just joking too.

    Ab Itna Bhee Wo Na Samjho 😉

  19. #19 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 3, 2009 - 7:25 PM

    LOL, Theo, Javed sleeps in his bedroom not his kitchen!!

    Munir, itna bhi WOH kia naa samjhon? LOL

  20. #20 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 3, 2009 - 7:27 PM

    Hey BF, Sorry i missed ure message yesterday as i was vacuuming & by the time i responded u were gone. Do check out Gurias’ Videos.

  21. #21 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 7:28 PM

    BTW, where is Javed today ?

    I know it is a Jumma and he must be gone for his weekly prayer, but haven’t seem him around full day. I hope he is not making a special dish in his kitchen 😉

  22. #22 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 7:34 PM

    Sweetie …

    I mean, Iss Munir Ko Itna Bhee Woh (Pagal) Muneer Na Sumjho 😉

  23. #23 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 7:35 PM

    Theossa …

    So being a Friday, which falvour was for your regular “Tuna Sandwich” today ? 😉

  24. #24 by Mohammed Munir on April 3, 2009 - 7:49 PM

    Administrators are too slow today.

    I have to go now.

    Yalla, bye all.

  25. #25 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2009 - 1:45 PM


    Yesterday, before going to work, I had posted a few comments here and one of them was a video link about how the gannets catch fish. So, I was not absent from the blog, in fact I had a lot of work yesterday and at my work place, I hardly get time to use the computer because of the nature of work, dealing with people etc. But, that is not always the case, when you have a business you have to give priority to the work. Unlike theo, I write on the blog from home and also on week-ends. 😀

    As regards my kitchen, it has a very good view of the backyard with lots of trees and there is a big terrace with pool so in good weather we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner on the terrace, so its not like one of those dark kitchens where you get bored. Now that spring has arrived, there is a lot of action outside the birds are chirping, squirrels are hurling here and there, my cat is in action trying to catch them, all the time she wants to be out in the backyard (hoping to catch something) last year she caught two small rabbits, she doesn’t kill them just bring them to the master and asks for Shabaashi……….

    Theo, I know they are gannets besides on the video also it says gannets, the reason I mentioned about seagulls is some of the seagulls are almost the same size as gannets and, they look similar and are also hovering over the water and in the swamps (eating early worms) too.

    The colourful bird that you are talking about is none other than Kingfisher, it has a read beak and turquoise blue wings and orange, peachy colour feathers on the chest. Here is a link,

    a beautiful picture of a small kingfisher the big ones are a different species and they have a red beak, this one has a dark beak…. but the bird is so cute, I remember as a child I used to watch them diving in the ponds and lakes and coming out with a small fish in its beak.

    A few years ago on IMAX cinema I saw a documentary on Penguins (not the movie Penguins) catching fish underwater in the Antartic, its amazing. There is at least 12-15 feet of thick ice sheet and there is a 3 ft round hole, they slide down like kids on a slide and land in the icy cold water and then they swim and catch fish. The only way to come out is through that tunnel like hole which is like 12-15 feet and it is so smooth that they cannot climb back, so what the do is really amazing. They start swimming in a circle and then start building up speed, just like a motorbike guy in that metallic cage or “the sphere of death” … after gaining a lot of momentum, one after the other these Penguins aim at the hole and shoots out of it and when they land outside on the ice, they land on their Butts and keep sliding on for 10-12 meters …. you must see that. I am sure it must be on you tube. But, watching it on IMAX is different.

    We have two IMAX cinemas here one with 3D and the other without. The one without was reportedly one of the largest screens in the world until a few years ago, with 180 degrees viewing. It has a height of a seven storey building. May be they have bigger ones now, because I know there is even a 6D.

  26. #26 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 5, 2009 - 2:00 PM

    Javed , how do u find Natalie portman chubby & fat a$$ed?? 😯

    U should also check out pics of Cameron Diaz witout make up, i was shocked & as i have said b4 , make up does wonders. But no doubt, she has a bod to die for!

  27. #27 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 5, 2009 - 4:40 PM

    Sweetie, what do you mean by how do you find……………?
    I am not blind yar, come on I can see! And, I wrote that in the movie she played the role of a stripper and she was gyrating her Butt in front of that guy (the hero) and he was like 2 cm close to her giant screen bakaoz he was not allowed to touch her, never mind the details watch the movie and you will know.

    As regards Cameron Diaz, I don’t care how she looks in her real life, I like her “smiles” that makes her overall personality very lively, unlike Natalie’s big mouth full of teeth and wet lips, yuck I hate the look of wet and glossy lips…… they look so “chubbarrr” and tarty and gives the impression that they are trying to seduce all the time!

  28. #28 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 5, 2009 - 8:35 PM

    I have seen the movie, & she’s skinny! God ….what would u call me if u think she has a fat a$$?

  29. #29 by khansahab on April 5, 2009 - 9:27 PM


    Zinda hai Musharraf asli mai Zinda hai……

    Actually only yesterday or the day before Javed A Khan praised Mr Siddiqi whose article we have pasted on the Politics page, for his unbiased views on Pakistan politics.

    And Javed A Khan has praised Daniel Vettori, Younis Khan, Fawad Alam, Dravid, Zaheer Khan, Ponting etc recently too.


  30. #30 by khansahab on April 5, 2009 - 9:33 PM

    I actually think Portman is one of the prettiest Hollywood actresses. She is anorexic which is a problem, if she was slightly chubbier, she would look more pretty. Also, I don’t like her in boy-cut hairstyle.

    There is this girl Rose Byrne who is an emerging actress. She’s quite striking:

  31. #31 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2009 - 4:58 AM

    Although I do not like Natalie that much, she is not my type, but to be honest she is NOT fat at all, rather she is skinny for a normal woman, and she is surely not chubby or plumpish.

    It’s that either Javed Khan is seeing a different Natalie or he is viewing her from real “closer” 😉

    I guess Theossa will be the best judge and being the biggest fan and an authority on “Natalieism”, we should all respect his opinion and take his words as final.

  32. #32 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2009 - 5:10 AM

    Javed Khan @ Comment No. 43 …

    You said, “From the link that you have posted Natalie on the cover of Go Australia, she is not looking bad at all”.

    Bhai Sahab, Kiya Keh Rahay Hain Aap ??

    This picture which Khan Sahab posted from the cover of that magazine ‘Go Australis’ is NOT Natalie, she is Rose Byrne.

    Kissi Ko Bhee Natalie Banadatay Hain…. Sub Kuch Theek Tu Hai Na Udhar Canada Mein ? LOL

    If you can’t recognize Natalie’s picture, how would you differentiate between her being chubby or skinny ? 😉

  33. #33 by khansahab on April 6, 2009 - 10:47 AM

    Yes, I am agree with Munir sahab. The beautiful woman on Go Australia cover is Rose Byrne, not Natalie Portman.

  34. #34 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 12:31 PM

    For Javed a.k.a. Zaalim Samaaj

    You know Natalie warned me about all this! Once she said to me, “Theossa, my love, I want to tell you something and please listen to me carefully like you would to the sounds of Deer moving in the woods”. I replied, “Sure Natalie, go ahead”. She said, “One day a cook with very bad taste about beauty that will have a crush on Zinta will try to misguide you about me”. I was like, “Haha very funny, how could that be”. She then said with tears in her eyes, “Theossa, for once please just listen, I’m dead serious. I don’t want to lose you. You are the premanent resident of my heart and purpose of my life”. I said, “Oh yeah I know you can’t live without me, but who that would be?” She replied, “You’ll know. He’ll try to discredit my heavenly beauty and will try to make you think I’m no good for you but please don’t believe him and don’t leave me”. I said, “Sweetheart, how could you think like that? I would never leave you for anyone. You said he’ll have a crush on Zinta so that says it all because she looks like a 60 years old with no teeth. That alone discredited his taste”. She smiled and said, “Thank you Theossa, one more thing, always listen to Khansahab and Munir because these handsome and classy guys have a good taste”. I said, “It’s beacuse they are true Pathans and they admire true beauty”. She replied, “Yeah, I know they’re the best on LS. Hey, do you want me to make you Chai and Paratha for breakfast?” I said, “Hell yeah, but make sure Parathas are crispy and make with twisted dough and put Splenda instead of sugar in my Chai with an Elaichi, thanks”. She said, “With pleasure my love”.

  35. #35 by Vanilla pod on April 6, 2009 - 12:36 PM

    I think what Javed is trying to say is that Nat Portman is a good looking girl but she was not looking good in a certain movie.
    i think thats true for many celebrities. one cant look good all the time. I find Bellucci to be pretty but in The passion of the Christ, she was looking mediocre.
    and then it ultimately resides on the idea of beauty which is subjective therefore varies from person to person.

  36. #36 by Vanilla pod on April 6, 2009 - 12:43 PM

    LOL! aww Theossa

    that was a very cute incident from your life, a fine love story 😀

    im a natalie portman fan myself and just for you:

  37. #37 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 12:51 PM


    Thank you and God bless you for posting such a beautiful picture and making my day 😀 This picture will put vision in front of everyone’s eyes except for Mien na manoon type personalities 😀

  38. #38 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2009 - 1:03 PM

    Oh really, she said that about me ………. wow, lucky me 🙂

  39. #39 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2009 - 1:07 PM

    Theo …

    I have sent a few of Natalie’s picture (real nice ones) :devil: to you, through Khan Sahab, and I hope you got them all 😉

    Khan Sahab …

    Have you sent them yet or not ? 😉

  40. #40 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 1:10 PM

    Theossa nice nutty dreams, but it all ended so abruptly is that because you fell off your bed when your wife screamed at you in the morning while you were singing Natalie, Natlie pukaroon mai bun may, meri hirni bani meray mun may? Well, it happens but you my friend have reached to another stage and its called day dreaming aur vo bhee office may!

    Munir-e-khana daari; bhai jaan, meherbaan, qadardaan, Pathan ki baat nai mantay ho tou go and watch the movie “Closer” and see whether she has a fat ass or not? May be now she is dieting or got a lypo job on her Butt, that movie was released in 2004 and must have been made a year ago. So, six years ago may be she was plumpish and curvy……….. Remember Rekha was fat too when she made a debut and then she changed. My vision is very good, its 20/20 when it comes to scrutinizing such things. 😀

  41. #41 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2009 - 1:14 PM

    LOL @ Javed Khan …

    I knew it was comming 😉

    Being a Pathan myself, I am bounded by Pathan brotherhood to take your words on that fat ‘Tashreef’, and that too who better knows a ‘Tashreef’ then a Pathan 😉

    PS: Please read ‘Tashreef’ ….. as you wish 😀

  42. #42 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 1:22 PM

    VP the way you have defended my point of view in translating my thoughts reminds me of this AlaMaa Ek-Ball’s Shikwa :

    Kuch jo samjha meray Ramz ko tou Rizwaan sumjhaa
    Mujh ko junnat say nikala hoa insaan sumjhaa

    Goya tum nay jo meri baat ki turjumani ki hai wo
    Nutlee aur Walnut ki aqal may kahaan aati? 😀

    In the photographs of Natalie Portman that were on the hotgals page, she looked nice and that is why I wanted to see that movie, but I was disappointed and yes the link that VP posted this is Natalie and Munir, since I was and I am not Natalie Portman’s fan, I don’t remember her face as much as her bum I thought the link khansahab posted is also of Natalie and I took a glance and then I moved back to this page to write my comments and I did not read the name, but I assumed that this could be a different photo with different make up and a different wig. Because in that movie “Closer” she wore a few different kinda wigs, black and blond etc. Trust me over here on the streets and in the restaurants you come across more pretty gals than her. I don’t find any attraction in her, she is just a mediocre. Thats why I gave that “water-cooler” to theo. 😀

  43. #43 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 1:24 PM

    Javed Says:

    Mien Javed ub Paro ke buchchon ka hon maamon
    Theossa tum jo bhe kaho who mein na manoon

  44. #44 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 1:27 PM

    Munir – Tashreef say Taqdeer ki Taabeer banalay
    Apnay pay bharosa hai tou ek dao laga lay

  45. #45 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 1:29 PM

    Theossa tum shayeri may reho gay humesha kuchay
    tumharee darhee may abaad hon girgit kay bucchay


  46. #46 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 1:30 PM


    Just seen the Natalie pictures you sent. Thank you very much but I believe some of them were not real 😦 So far iPod has posted the best picture of Natalie.

    And let Javed cry like a baby, owaan owaan, LOL

  47. #47 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 1:33 PM

    So far iPod has posted the best picture of Natalie.

    Well, dil aye gadhee per tou pari kya cheez hai? 😀

    Har dil faraib cheez nazar ka ghubaar hai
    Nazrain kharab hon tou Natalie bhee bahaar hai 😀

  48. #48 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 1:36 PM

    Har dil faraib cheez Javed ke nazar mien baikaar hai
    Lugta hai yonh mujhko Javed ko Paichush aor 103 bukhaar hai 😀

  49. #49 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 1:37 PM


    On Pathan and Tashreef, I think Jo Lo is also a Pathan, otherwise why would have she insured her assets for a BILLION DOLLAR? Geez half a billion a piece! 😀

  50. #50 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 1:39 PM

    Oye Pathaan bhai, its not Paichush, it is Paychish………. pehlay talaffuz tou theek ker lo baad may chush, chush kerna 😀

    Agar samajh na aye gul tou mai Punjabi ich dasoon? Tallafaz da taalak …. 😀

  51. #51 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 1:44 PM

    LOL Javed, you know the right talafuzz of Paichush because you’re having one! 😀

  52. #52 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 6, 2009 - 1:53 PM

    Hey guys. How are u all? Been up to what, other than discussing crap? hehe

  53. #53 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2009 - 2:12 PM

    LOL @ Paychish.

    Javed Khan …

    Jo Lo Pathan Ho Ya Naan Ho, but I think that Insurance guy was surely a Pakka Pathan.

  54. #54 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 2:13 PM


    Everyone is fine except for Javed who is having Paichush and is bloated so he lost vision in front of his eyes 🙂 How are you doing and what’s new with you? I just wanna ask your opinion so that we’ll have a better understanding of Javed’s vision for beauty. How was Paro Like? He thinks she was like Ash and the hottest girl in Dubai.

  55. #55 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 6, 2009 - 2:20 PM

    Theo, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Abh ghadee pe dil ae tu banda kia karey ( other than seeking psychiatric help lol). Paro was errr… ask Javed , he can better describe her, ankhein phar phar kar Javed nay deikha tha us ko , not me ISHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  56. #56 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2009 - 2:22 PM


    I give up, now tell me, WHO IS PARO ?

  57. #57 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 6, 2009 - 2:33 PM

    & yeah, she was nothing like Ash (althought i do not find her pretty either!).

  58. #58 by Vanilla pod on April 6, 2009 - 2:40 PM


    You owe us part II ‘The revenge of Abdul’ 🙂

    u may hav to see the v-talk archives for data and facts

  59. #59 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 6, 2009 - 2:43 PM

    Munir, ask Javed.. Ishhhhhh

  60. #60 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 2:56 PM


    Knowing that what you think of Paro, my assessment seems very accurate that Javed has lost vision in front of his eyes when it comes to beauty and he has a bad taste. 😀

    You must be wondering where he’s gone. If you know about Paichush you’d understand where he might be right now, LOL.

  61. #61 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 6, 2009 - 3:03 PM

    lol.. one of these days he’s gonna kill u Theo!

  62. #62 by Theossa on April 6, 2009 - 3:18 PM


    To kill me he needs firearms, do you expect me to be killed by his weapon Parathay pakanay wala Chimta? Like he would say, “Khabardaar Theossa agar aagay eik lufz bhe kaha to, mien tumhien upne chimte se mar dalonga!” LOL.

    That’s enough picking on Javed, I’m off to a field view so I’ll talk to you guys later.

  63. #63 by Mohammed Munir on April 6, 2009 - 5:40 PM

    Vanilla …

    As they say, Dil Ko Dil Sey Rah Hoti Hai.

    See, out of all the other peoples here on LS, only you “cared” about poor old Abdul and you remembered him from the bottom of your heart.

    BTW, you were the main character of that storey as well as Queen of Abdul’s dreams 😉

    And where is DRC these days, as she will complete this love-hate-triangle of “DRC – Abdul – Vanilla” 😀

  64. #64 by Vanilla pod on April 6, 2009 - 6:19 PM


    there was a love-hate relationship, but there wasnt a triangle. there was only a straight line, at one coordinate was Abdul, at the other was DRC. i was there but only trying to convince DRC of Abdul’s true love for her.

    They both cannot be found on the blog because they have exams and are busy studying. U c, their hearts may not be cooperating with one another, but their situation is the same 😀

  65. #65 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 9:35 PM

    Theo – if you go out then it is a field trip and when I am not here I have a “paichush”? I know kay tum apnay Abayee Ravayat ko Qaim Rekhnay “field” hee may farigh honay jaatay ho” 😀 Keep up the old traditions alive. 😉

    And, Paro is at least a real person and accessible unlike the Nutalie in Walnut dream. As regards Sweetie, the very first day on this blog when she mentioned Paro’s name with so much hate, I said: “Sweetie tum julti ho uss say” although it is the truth and nothing but truth laikin sweetie dil say nahee manti kay wo uss say jalti hai. 😀

    Theo the only difference between Natalie and Paro is, she is your dream and I was Paro’s dream. 😀 And Sweetie cannot deny this, can you Sweetie? Now, don’t cover the truth with a issssshhhh and disappear.

  66. #66 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 6, 2009 - 9:41 PM

    “lol.. one of these days he’s gonna kill u Theo!” Sweetie

    Nahee Sweetie
    mai kamzoro ko nahee marta, I enjoy seeing them turrpowing, jaisay:

    Theo is turrpowing for Natalie
    The Deer after being shot and turrpowing
    The steel head trout turrpowing after being pulled out of water and you leave the hook intact 😉

    Jo maza kabootar pay lapaknay may hai
    Wo maza kabootar kay lahoo may nahee 😀

    Theossa, kabootar, kabootar
    kabootar kabootarrrrrrrrrrrrr 😀

  67. #67 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 7, 2009 - 1:48 AM

    Javed, i wont deny that, but lemme put that in better words. Natalie is the dream of Theo , & ure Paro’s nightmare LOL

  68. #68 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2009 - 1:53 AM

    Sweetie are you trying to say that I am so horrible that I am nightmare for Paro? Or, are you trying to say it the reverse of it but, the way you wrote it means what I just interpreted. Anyways, Sweetie – Paro is still a TV star and very popular perhaps she has thousands of admirers and I am sure if I put her picture here on the blog, khansahab, Omer, et all will go ga, ga…. but, isn’t it a fact that at that time I was her dream and I have greatly disappointed her by ……….. woteva….. let bygones be bygones. 😀

  69. #69 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 5:43 AM

    Vanilla Pod …

    LOL @ “straight line”.

    I hope they (DRC and Abdul) are not studying together 😉 If that is it, Tu Phir Ho Chuki Donu Ki Parhai 😈

    Javed Khan ….

    Hold it right here man, before you let “bygones be the bygones”, at least tell me who is this Paro ?

    Specially, now that you have put Omer and Khan Sahab in the equation as going gaga over her, I am a bit more curious as to who is she, or is it a he ? 😉

    LOL @ Theo’s meaningful “Field Trips” 😉

  70. #70 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 7:01 AM

    And knowing that Sweetie Paro Sey Jalti Hai, Tu I hope Paro is not a “Mom-Bati” 😉

  71. #71 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2009 - 9:10 AM

    Kehtay hain kay Javed ka hai andaaz-e-bayaan aur ….
    Jissay tum mom-bati kehtay ho Munir
    Oossay Shamma-e-Mehfil bhee kaha jaata hai.

    Shamma har rang may jalti hai Saher honay tak
    Kon jeeta hai teray zulf kay surr honay tak

    Ab tum hee batlao Munir kay kon Shamma hai, aur kaun Maa-chis?

    Kisi aur ki baat public forum per batana lagta nahee ganwara
    Guzrawa howa Zumana aata nahee dubara

    That is why………

    Daagh-e-firaaq-e-sohabat-e-shab kee jalee hooee
    Ek Shamma reh gaee hai so wo bhee Khamosh hai

  72. #72 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 9:38 AM

    Wah Wah, Wah Wah … Mukarar, Mukarar !!

    Aap Ki Shaairee Sun Kay, Iss Nacheez Ki Kuchh Himmat Hoi Hai… Agar Ijaazat Ho Tu Kuchh Kehnay Ki Jassarat Karta Hoon:

    Yeh Shair Aap Kay Ooper Likhay Huway Shair Ki Zameen Mein Hee Kaha Hai, Mulhaza Keejiea …

    Arz Kiya Hai …

    Daagh-e-firaaq-e-sohabat-e-shab kee jalee hooee
    Ek Shamma reh gaee Thee Su Wo Bhee Bujhhee Hooee

    I am phully agree, that “Kehtay hain kay Javed ka hai andaaz-e-bayaan aur …. ”

  73. #73 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2009 - 9:49 AM

    Munir Arz kiya hai keh ker you are repeating the same sher that I have quoted except with a minor correction which you have highlighted. Did you read my full comments or, are you correcting me?

    Baat Thee aur Hai ki hai aur Bujhee hoi aur Khamosh ki hai.

    Well, I am not sure, I may be wrong but, I will check out from the book “Mussavir-e-Ghalib” that I have. Grammatically Thee sahee nahee lagta, because Ghalib is describing a situation, state (kaifiyat) and Bhujhee hoi tou hargiz nahee ho sakta……….. he won’t be that blunt to say bujhee hoee, once again that kaifiyat khamooshi ko ujagar kerr rehi hai bujhnay ko ya uski utility ko nahee. Anyways, I will check it later.

  74. #74 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2009 - 10:02 AM

    Munir – Kahaan ghayeb ho gaye?

    Mutt Bhaag Munir kay Dubai ka Dal Dal hai tere aage
    Ajman tere peechay aur Sharjah tere aage

  75. #75 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 10:27 AM

    No No Yaar, I am definately not correcting you, but I just changed a bit of the same Shair and made it look more appropriate in the context of the situation 😉

    Hamaari Kiya Majaal Kai Aap Ko Ghalat Sabat Karain, you were spot-on with your part. I said above that I am “Yeh Shair Aap Kay Ooper Likhay Huway Shair Ki Zameen Mein Hee Kaha Hai”, meaning that I used the same ‘Wazan’ and Kaafia/ Radeef 🙂

    BTW, your UAE Shair is also good one !!

  76. #76 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 10:51 AM

    Javed Khan …

    As you are writing great Shairs from Mirza Ghalib Sahab, there is another angle to Shairee and that is purely ‘Mazahiya Shairee’.

    Here, have a look, these Shairs are from well-know Pakistani Mazahiya poet, Mr. Khalid Masood:

    Looch Lafang Elect Huwa Hai Annay-wa
    Beeba Fir Reject Huwa Hai Annay-wa
    Sooee Mein Dhaga Daalnay Waali Nokri Pay
    Anna Aik Select Huwa Hai Annay-wa

    See the English translations for easy understanding 😉

    Gangsters and thugs have been elected blindly
    And good people have been rejected blindly
    For the job of threading the needle
    A blind person has been selected blindly

  77. #77 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 11:16 AM

    Here is another one from Khalid Masood …

    Meter Check Karwa Lo Hamsay, Chhaapay Shaapay Marwa Lo
    Border Ooper Larrna Sharna, Humko Okhaa Lagta Hai


    Use us for checking electricity meters or raiding some one
    Fighting on Borders is too hard for us.


    We are good for meter-reader’s or police jobs, but I do not want to go and fight enimies on border-lines.

  78. #78 by Vanilla pod on April 7, 2009 - 11:22 AM


    this khalid masood guy is a lot of times in the UK i think. i have listened to him so many times live in mushairay.

    there is another one of his on PIA thats funny and there is another one in which he is describing some house whos owner has a lot of daughters.

  79. #79 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 11:32 AM


    So you too enjoy Mazahiya Mushairaas, I am impressed 🙂

    Yes, I heard a few of his poems in Dubai too and he is hilarious, really cool and with a very serious outlook, but when he reads he is so funny.

  80. #80 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 11:35 AM

    Javed Khan …

    Aaj Aap Subah Sawairay Jaldi Jaldi Uth Gaye Hain, Zaroor Naashtay Mein Kuchh Khaas Pak Raha Hoga 😉

    Theo please note “Naashtay Mein Kuchh Khaas Pak Raha Hoga” 😆

  81. #81 by Vanilla pod on April 7, 2009 - 11:42 AM


    I enjoy the atmosphere of mushairay and mehfil-e-ghazals. Its good to listen to mazahiya shairi to lighten up the mood a litte bit.
    with khalid masood, i like the way he implements serious issues in his shairi on current affairs and politics. i prefer that kind of shairi in a funny way rather than some other poets who make the shairi so disgusting.

  82. #82 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 11:48 AM


    Shairee, although is mostly said FOR the females, but it is mostly said BY the male Shaairs. Similarly, we see more men reading and liking poetry then women which is natural, more so when it comes to Mazahiya Shairee.

    This is why I said I am really impressed with your taste in Shairee and that too Mazahiya Kalam.

    As Javed would say, “Mugambo Khush Huwa” 😉

  83. #83 by Theossa on April 7, 2009 - 12:24 PM


    Bhi jaan Javed Parathay Khan subha aata goondhne keliye juldi uth jaata hai 😀 Who kehta hai keh, “Mien juldi subha swere he jhaadoo poonche se faarigh hojaata hon takeh aata goondhne ke baad LS per likh sakon”. Saari khwateen ko Javed se sabaq seekhna chaahiyye 😀

  84. #84 by Mohammed Munir on April 7, 2009 - 2:04 PM

    LOL @ Theossa.

    Kitna Sughhar Hai Apna Javed 😉

    Where is Khan Sahab these days?

  85. #85 by Vanilla pod on April 7, 2009 - 2:17 PM

    On the contrary, Theo, i think all the men should sabak haasil kar from Javed and make themselves useful around the house 😀

  86. #86 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 7, 2009 - 4:17 PM

    Theo et Munir – yep I was up early this morning as I slept early last night (around midnight) then, in the morning after writing those few comments and having a great breakfast, I went back to sleep for good 6 hours and I am feeling fresh now and after a hot shower I had to go to work 😀 So, whats cooking on here? Array, Cookna kisay aata hai yahan?

    Teen kay dubbaon say nikli hoi tuna kay sandwich chaltay hain yahan
    Jaisay haolay say chalay subha subha gulistaan may Naseem
    Rozana gheebatain hoti hain yahan
    Jaisay yae theo na ho balkay koi Shugufta aur Shameem
    Na jaanay kahaan kho gayee inki aqal-e-Saleem
    Natalie kay ishq nay inko nikamma ker diya Azeem
    Varna yae bhee hotee theen kabhee ek do-shizaa-e-Allhar Faheem

    Theo tum ko tou Hasrat hee rehay gee kay tumhay koi Mehbooba milay aslee may jo Parathay bana ker khilaye. Jultay ho tum bhee parathaon aur mehbooba dono say! 😀 Jalnay walay jala kerain kismet hamaray saath hai.


    Oomoor-e-Khanadari kay hum kahaan mahir ya sughhar hain Javed
    Iss peshay kay Mahir tou Sultan-e-Sharjah hain jo lartay hain magar…….
    hath may Love Raj Talwaar hee nahee (Kion kay peechay Dolly Talwar hai) 😀

    If you know what Terrazo Tiles are? Winky !

  87. #87 by Mohammed Munir on April 8, 2009 - 11:33 AM

    Javed Khan @ Comment No. 99 …

    Aap Ki Shaairee Per Tu Sach Much Din Ba Din Nikhaar Aata Ja Raha Hai, I absolutely liked it.

    So you woke-up early and slept again for 6 hours, Maashallah you are a luck man. I sleep well and whenever find time, Al-Humdulillah, I do not have any problem, whatsoever, for sleeping anytime and anywhere. Believe me in these days and times, “lucky are those who can sleep well”, because some peoples have to take ‘golian’ for sleeping while some others sleep permanently with other kind of ‘golian’.

    Still on sleeping, some students (DRC/ Abdul) would not be able to sleep due to their exams, while some businessmen will be deprived of it by recession. Lovers will have ‘sleepless’ nights, and some guys won’t sleep due to their Paro’s nightmares. Some may not sleep being unwell whereas there will be a few who won’t be able to sleep due to empty stomachs. Few make not sleep becuase of happiness while other may not sleep due to fears.


    Mout Ka Ek Muiyon Hai Ghalib
    Neend Kion Raat Bhar Nahin Aaty?

    There was nothing phony in my using of the word “Heartfelt Congratulations” for our Indian fans, but when I read it again with your ‘explanations’ I myself had a ‘hearty laugh’ 😉 Actually, it would have been a bit more appropriate to use “Heartfelt Condolences” for the New Zealand team because Oon Kay Tu Saray Kay Saray Hee Mar Gaye 😉

    Yes, I know Terrazo very well and I know “Sword of Love” and his “Barbie Doll”, they not only deal with us but are part of the Bukhatir Tawazo thing which you mentioned a few days back.

    Here I remember a nice funny Shair from one Dr. Innam-ul-Haq Javed regarding “poor old husbands”:

    Madam Ki Daant Sun Kar Mulaazim Pukaar Uthaa
    Har Chund Sang-e-Raiza Hoon, Gohar Nahin Hoon Main
    Laikin Kalaam Keejiyae Mujh Say Adab Kay Saath
    Nokar Hoon, Kaheen Aap Ka Shohar Nahin Hoon Main

  88. #88 by dimplerosycheeks on April 8, 2009 - 3:48 PM

    Hello :blush:

  89. #89 by khansahab on April 8, 2009 - 3:58 PM

    Hi DRC!!!!!!!!!!!


  90. #90 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 8, 2009 - 4:52 PM

    Hello Blushing Dimples, how are you? Did you fail in your exams? Then why are you not saying more than Hello? Or, are you being a can juice to tell us that you did well and passed in your exams but, you don’t want to entertain us with a virtual Black Forest?

  91. #91 by Vanilla pod on April 9, 2009 - 11:36 AM

    HI DRC!!!!

    how are you babe? are you finished with your exams or have you got some more to go?

    i hope u r not stressing too much.

  92. #92 by dimplerosycheeks on April 10, 2009 - 3:08 PM


    Exams are coming up next month. In the meantime essays are keeping me very busy. I feel stressed but I guess I am not alone and this is another aspect of like. It sucks though 😦

    Graduation date has been fixed 😦 Everything is become so final!

    I feel so grown up and totally unprepared to join the ‘adult’ world.

    And Javed, I think the only thing that can cheer me up right now is gateau 😀

    Hope everyone is well!

  93. #93 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 10, 2009 - 3:53 PM

    DRC how about a real Mango Souffle? I am having one right now 😀 Good luck to you on your feeling grown up and matured. 😀

    Allah karay Zor-e-Shabaab Aur Ziyaada………
    Khiltay rehain gaalaon kay dimples aur ziyaada
    Phooltay rehain aap Gateau ki terha aur ziyaada 😀

  94. #94 by Abdul on April 12, 2009 - 2:18 PM

    All the best at graduation DRC !

  95. #95 by Mohammed Munir on April 13, 2009 - 4:09 AM

    Thought for the day !!

    The time to be happy is NOW.

    The place to be happy is HERE.

    The way to be happy is TO MAKE OTHERS SO.

  96. #96 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 13, 2009 - 4:27 AM

    The way to be happy is TO MAKE OTHERS SO..………. wrong

    The way to be happy is TO MAKE OTHERS CRY…..

    Georgie Porgy Pudding and Pie
    Kiss the Girls and make them cry


  97. #97 by Abdul on April 13, 2009 - 8:56 AM

    “Georgie Porgy Pudding and Pie
    Kiss the Girls and make them cry”

    In the school we have a chubby George and tease him with the above statement LOL !

  98. #98 by Mohammed Munir on April 15, 2009 - 6:12 AM

    Overheard An Investment Banker in a City Bar:

    “This credit crunch is worse than a divorce; I’ve lost half my net worth and I still have a wife”. 😆

  99. #99 by Abdul on April 15, 2009 - 11:12 AM

    Mr A khan,what is your age ?

  100. #100 by Ibrar Choudhary on April 15, 2009 - 11:39 AM


    Is your middle name DANISH? I know a Danish who plays for Harrow Cricket Club, who is an excellent spin bowler.

    I live in Tooting, it is possible to meet you and get some coaching? I want me and my younger brother to be good at cricket?
    Thank you

  101. #101 by Abdul on April 15, 2009 - 12:15 PM

    IC i know the person u are thinking of. I’m playing Harrow in a few weeks time and we always have some on field banter. I go to Tooting regularly, do u live near the restaurant spice village? Your residental area is a very nice community and surrounding.Have u seen Saqlain Mushtaq yet?
    Do u play for a team in Surrey ?

  102. #102 by Abdul on April 15, 2009 - 12:19 PM

    IC , can’t find his profile on here though.


    Can U ?

  103. #103 by Abdul on April 15, 2009 - 12:42 PM

    Khansahab,what is your facebook name ? I think I found u and Mr A Khan LOL. Tell us so I can have another add. After all don’t u want to see my real name and pic LOL?

  104. #104 by Theossa on April 15, 2009 - 1:33 PM

    I’m very busy with some projects but I thought I should throw something on the V-Talk 9 during my break.

    This one is dedicated to Khansahab, all MANkind, and those women who want to know how men are like deep inside

    Choosing a Wife

    A man wanted to get married. He was having trouble choosing among three likely candidates. He gives each woman a present of $5,000 and watches to see what they do with the money.

    The first does a total makeover. She goes to a fancy beauty salon, gets her hair done, new makeup; buys several new outfits and dresses up very nicely for the man. She tells him that she has done this to be more attractive for him because she loves him so much.

    The man was impressed.

    The second goes shopping to buy the man gifts. She gets him a new set of golf clubs, some new gizmos for his computer, and some expensive clothes. As she presents these gifts, she tells him that she has spent all the money on him because she loves him so much.

    Again, the man is impressed.

    The third invests the money in the stock market. She earns several times the $5,000. She gives him back his $5,000 and reinvests the remainder in a joint account. She tells him that she wants to save for their future because she loves him so much.

    Obviously, the man was impressed.

    The man thought for a long time about what each woman had done with the money he’d given her.

    Then he married the one with the biggest tits.

    Men are like that, you know 😀

  105. #105 by Theossa on April 15, 2009 - 2:38 PM

    LOL Khansahab, if all of them had the same tits I would have went for the second one. I like the women who spend on their husband, like buy them fishing, golf, and hunting gear 😀

  106. #106 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 15, 2009 - 2:53 PM

    LOL BF!!! U mustve heard this song… Mr boombastic. . mr lova lova haha

  107. #107 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 15, 2009 - 2:54 PM

    Theo, the prob wit men is, unki akal takhnoon mein hoti hei, & they think with their dicks LOL

  108. #108 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 15, 2009 - 5:36 PM

    Im sure Javed had french toast with eggs LOL

  109. #109 by Mohammed Munir on April 15, 2009 - 6:54 PM

    Just felt like ‘sharing’ this with y’all …

  110. #110 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 15, 2009 - 7:46 PM

    Munir – for the past few days you were sitting on the JHAROKA and TAARING us, just when you saw Theo and sweetie commenting you jumped down and welcoming them with your winkies shinkies, kion, sahee hai na baat?

    Btw, yae blog hai koi Pak Ghazi Restaurant ya Mataam Chachay / Maamay di Machee nai jo menu poocho. Jis terha Ajit says, hum ko sirf teen shaoq hain, Mona, Sona aur Mona kay sath Sona. Ussi terha humaray bhee teen shaoq hain Khaana, peena aur Sona. Hamara Shaoq tou kisi aur ka Pesha ! 😀

    Accha, the point is why is everyone so worried about what Javed eats and what he must have had for lunch or dinner? Is it because Tuna is very predictable? Btw, too much tuna is not good for a MAN. It has high levels of mercury in it, ziyada khao gay tou Khassy ho jao gay! Samajh ayee? Better eat Salmon it has more Omega3 which is good for health. But, eat fresh Salmon not canned or dietary supplements such as pills!

    Sweetie, French toast kay sath Unday ki jori nahee hoti, French Toast by itself is a meal because it is soaked in eggs, milk (35% cream) and sugar before it is fried. Why is everyone so scared of eating good food and always talk about Marriyal khanay? I eat everything that is Halal and AKS hai I am very healthy.

    Btw, UAE won the match against Canada, and why is your brother not playing for the UAE? Munir.

  111. #111 by khansahab on April 15, 2009 - 7:56 PM


    I am not delete any links? Why you accuse me?

    No I did not attend Manchester Grammar School. I had neither the brains nor the money.

    I believe my girlfriend DRC is well. Yes we still talk on the phone and the terms are quite positive. Are you jealous? 😉

    Although lately DRC has got too busy and is trying her best to ignore moi 🙂

  112. #112 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 15, 2009 - 9:49 PM

    Two timing BF!!

  113. #113 by khansahab on April 15, 2009 - 9:56 PM


    If 4 marriages are allowed what is wrong with two timing?


  114. #114 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 16, 2009 - 12:59 AM

    BF, tsk tsk!!

  115. #115 by Mohammed Munir on April 16, 2009 - 11:50 AM

    Javed Khan @ Comment No. 127 …


    Really I had a ‘hearty laugh’ reading your above comment, you are so funny. If you were in Pakistan, I am sure, Umer Sharif and Moin Akhter would have been out of jobs 😉

    Actually you are partially right about the ‘TARRING’, yes I was ‘Tarring’ but not at home and rather at office. For the last few days I have been very busy at bank as well as at home, so I am not able to comment much, however, I always try to find some time to take a peep at LS scene and putting in some comments, just to remain “in-the-game”. However, last night was a coincidence, as the home PC was switched-on and I could not resist myself from opening LS page and when I saw the gang around I passed a few comments. It would have been even better, if you were there, but you know what, I guess we all prefer to take-a-shot at you in your absence 😉

    Man, we are worried about your wellbeing, that is why we are all so curious about what you ‘cook’ and ‘eat’ 😛

    Your comments about mercury in Tuna were informative, and I guess now Theossa will permanently stop eating Tuna as it is a matter of his ‘manhood’, Yaar.

    On cricket, well UAE did not only defeated Canada but it was more a case of ‘crushing’ them. I enjoyed the match and it felt like I defeated you 😉

    On my brother, in fact he is working with Barclays and as you know what Barclays is going through these days, so he was having some work pressure and was not able to get himself free for this tournament. UAE is already in the ‘Super Eight’ and in case they are qualified for the World Cup, you will see my brother playing, Inshallah. Even if UAE did not make it to the World Cup, I guess they will comfortably get the ODI Status, as 6 out of super-eight teams will get ODI status while 4 will qualify for the World Cup.

    Weather in UAE is exceptionally good these days and it is not yet really hot, as April use to be, I hope we will have a good series on our hands. BTW, you will see me in the stadium at least for all Dubai games, if not Abu Dhabi 🙂

  116. #116 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 16, 2009 - 2:30 PM

    “BTW, you will see me in the stadium at least for all Dubai games, if not Abu Dhabi”Munir.

    Munir I will be looking out for that cartoon face on the hoarding boards all along the boundary line but, that depends if I see the matches on TV. I am not sure if the Sat TV channel that I subscribe would be showing Pak – Aus. matches. The IPL matches are only on pay per view or a package of $99 for all the matches. I am not taking that bundle for two reasons:

    1. The matches would be played at night in SA and their timings don’t suit me since they show here during the day time and, I am busy during the day. For me my late nights are fine I can be a “Batman” and stay up late, but during the day time, I cannot ignore the work, last time during the T20 WC in SA my work suffered a lot, because I was watching all the matches live.

    2. And the more strong reason is, there won’t be a single Pakistani player in it, so I have very little motivation to watch it live on TV. At least I am honest in admitting this.

    Your co-incidence is becoming too frequent, so better find a new word next time.

    On UAE defeating Canada in the qualifying matches, both sides have desi players and its one and the same thing. But, on your comment about defeating me will only be your dream which might one day be a nightmare i.e., when you fail to accomplish it. Afghanistan the babe of the tournament were surprising everyone and I thought Canada will be crushed by them but, to my surprise Canada won against Afghanistan.

    Excess of everything is bad and that applies for Tuna and not that you become khassy if you eat once. As regards my well being, thanks for showing your concern but, AKS I am healthy and fit. Worry about yourself if you eat too much Delli Nihari, Pak Ghazi food. The restaurant guys when they make food they don’t remove the animal fat*, whereas when I cook, I do. The best way of removing animal fat is, after partial cooking, keep it in the fridge for a few hours and the animal fat that is floating on the top of the container freezes or settles and you can remove it entirely and throw it away. Then you cook the food in vegetable oil that is not so dangerous whereas, the animal fat is bad for your health. (fat *= the Charbee or, Turree or, Roghan whatever you call it)

  117. #117 by Abdul on April 17, 2009 - 12:56 PM

    Khansahab have u got an IPL link where we can watch the action live and exclusive? Yeah I don’t have subscription to Setanta Sports.

    Only if Pakistan’s premier sports channel GEO SUPER could be aired in the UK.

    Who is your favourite commentator?

    Mine are Mark Nicholas and Dean Jones. Ramiz Raja I think will be regarded as the best Asian commentator.

    In the Sky Team I like my coach Nasser Hussain and “BUMBLE” for the jokes he cracks especially in T20 encounters.

  118. #118 by khansahab on April 17, 2009 - 1:32 PM


    I won’t be watching IPL so I’m not interested.

    Favourite commentator- probably Geoffrey Boycott.

  119. #119 by Abdul on April 17, 2009 - 2:05 PM

    Nor am I,just that I was free today. Over the next weeks I’ll be occupied with playing league cricket and studying.First match is tomorrow.

  120. #120 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 18, 2009 - 3:36 AM

    Munir – haven’t you read that report on DXB that I have sent to you? Any comments? Or, is it too long for you to read? There is some exaggeration in that report, I guess this is the first time the goraz have been hit and they simply cannot digest it and venting off some biases against DXB and the system. As long as they were milking the cash cow, they were happy. They never worked that hard as us and came only to wipe off the cream………. and now crying over the split milk. The Jumeirah Janes got kicked out and these retirees and the free bees are now complaining. They deserve to sleep in their junk cars in the parking lots. Aren’t they lucky that they didn’t get deported?

  121. #121 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 18, 2009 - 6:45 AM

    I have posted this comment on the cricket page because originally that Zaheer Abbass’s statement appeared there, but for the sake of fun and for the ladies to read it as well, I am copy pasting it on this page too.

    Zaheer Abbass is probably spending a lot of time in the “Horse Racing Clubs” and he believes that there is a horse called Pakistan and it will win the series. One of my friends was telling me that in Pakistan, long time ago when horse racing was not banned they had horses with names like:

    Baap Ray Baap
    Dulhan Ek Raat ki
    Naaraaz Shazia
    Nakhray Walee

    To me they sound like PAAN names especially the last three. And there is another one called “Oooon Hoooon” reportedly that PAAN is so big that your mouth is full and all you can say is Oooon Hooon ! I hate Paan. (beetle leaves)

  122. #122 by Awas on April 20, 2009 - 11:05 AM

    A QUOTE:

    “Marriage is a relationship in which one person is always right, and the
    other is a husband”.

  123. #123 by Awas on April 20, 2009 - 11:07 AM

    A Polish immigrant went to the DVLA to apply for a driving licence.
    First, of course, he had to take an eyesight test.
    The optician showed him a card with the letters

    ‘C Z W I X N O S T A C Z.’
    ‘Can you read this?’ the optician asked.
    ‘Read it?’ the Polish guy replied, ‘I know the guy.’

  124. #124 by Awas on April 20, 2009 - 11:08 AM

    Mother Superior called all the nuns together and said to them, ‘I must tell
    you all something. We have a case of gonorrhea in the convent.’
    ‘Thank God,’ said an elderly nun at the back. ‘I’m so tired of Chardonnay.’

  125. #125 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 20, 2009 - 12:27 PM

    Ha ha ha ha Awas good ones, its a nice way to start your day. I just woke up and was checking mails and the blog. Not ready to read or write heavy stuff – even cricket – but you made me laugh. Thanks buddy.

    There is a famous Japanese proverb it says: “All married women are not wives.” 😀
    And a good marriage is between a blind wife and a deaf husband. So, think about your future i.e., when you want to be a more successful husband.

  126. #126 by Mohammed Munir on April 20, 2009 - 1:40 PM

    Awas …

    Nice ones, like’em all 😉

    Javed Khan …

    Yes I have read the article you sent, and now it is allover the internet these days.

    Even if we take all that is said in the article on face-value, still the kind of language used and the feeling expressed and the way in which these are expressed, does not seem to be that of a totally unbiased and a professional person. Every story has two views and a well balance analysis shall always address them both, but the writer was obsessed only with only the ‘darker side’ as if there is nothing on the “lighter side”.

    To me, it seems, the writer is holding a personal grudge against the subject, I hope it is not a case of ‘visa refusal’ or even a harder personal experience 😉

    Anyways, recently there was a detailed direct interview from the Ruler himself, wherein he is been posed with many sensitive issues on the topic and he came up with straightforward and frank answers. I will try to send you the links or I may even post them here. Those answers give the second view.

    PS: BTW, why have LS completely eliminate the “Politics” page ? It would have been appropriate to discuss it out over there 😉

  127. #127 by Awas on April 20, 2009 - 2:58 PM


    You are welcome matey (as we say here) …good to know that I made someone laugh and Munir too 🙂

  128. #128 by Mohammed Munir on April 21, 2009 - 5:01 AM

    Thought for the Day:

    “Nowadays, some people expect the door of opportunity to be opened with a remote control”. 😆

  129. #129 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 21, 2009 - 7:05 AM

    Munir – it depends on what that opportunity is? If that opportunity knocks at the door wearing a “Yellow Polka Dot Bikini” then, they are out of control. Unfortunately opportunities don’t reveal themselves at the door, you have to unveil them. But, before you do that look around you that there is no Baddoo in the vicinity of 5 mile radius, otherwise the thought of the day becomes the nightmare of life.

  130. #130 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 21, 2009 - 7:35 AM

    Here is the latest news from the USA……….. Nutalie ate too much Walnut and has gone bonkers and Theo Tuna kha, kha ker Tun ho gaya!

    Allah nay banayee Joree,
    Ek Andhaa Ek Koree.

    (Koree = Albino) 😀

    Ps. Vaisay Vo aqal ki bhee Koree hai 😀

  131. #131 by khansahab on April 21, 2009 - 12:42 PM

  132. #132 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 21, 2009 - 1:27 PM


    Vo tou Keira kay sath Makora lug rehi hai 😀

  133. #133 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 21, 2009 - 2:12 PM

    Keira & Natalie look a little like each other , but i’ll agree with BF, Keira is better lookin.

  134. #134 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 21, 2009 - 2:12 PM

    Ufff i meant Javed!

  135. #135 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 21, 2009 - 2:17 PM

    Sweetie – Hota hai, hota hai, mohabbat may log Undhay ho jaatay hain, you wanted to say Javed but, zubaan par sirf BF ka naam aata hai. Aur agar tumharay BF tumhara naam lay lain tou kya hoga? Probably you will say:

    Jay tu holi gaya laynda mera naaa(m)
    Mai tanhaaN murr jaa niyaa !

  136. #136 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 21, 2009 - 3:33 PM

    Javed, I DON’T think so!! lol

  137. #137 by Mohammed Munir on April 22, 2009 - 6:34 AM

    Thought for the Day …

    When it rains, all the birds fly for shelters. But the eagle alone avoids the rain by flying above the clouds.

    Similarly, problems are common to all of us. But attitude makes the difference.

  138. #138 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 22, 2009 - 1:14 PM

    I shall take heed to ure advice Munir!

    Before marriage…..

    He: Yes. At last. It was so hard to wait.
    She: Do you want me to leave?
    He: No! Don’t even think about it.
    She: Do you love me?
    He: Of course! Over and over!
    She: Have you ever cheated on me?
    He: No! Why are you even asking?
    She: Will you kiss me?
    He: Every chance I get.
    She: Will you hit me?
    He: Are you crazy! I’m not that kind of person!
    She: Can I trust you?
    He: Yes.
    She: Darling!

    After marriage….simply read from bottom to top.

  139. #139 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 22, 2009 - 10:34 PM

    Sweetie nice reverse sweep. Mughambo Khush Hua 😀

    I think, your comment has been ignored by everyone because they were all busy watching cricket and discussing it.

    That Pakistani Comedian Omer Sharif said:

    “Shaadi kay vaqt kehti thee, Qabool hai Qabool hai, Qabool hai. Aur raat ko neend may burrr burraa ti thee ….. Maqbool, Maqbool, Maqool.……. jab kay shaoher ka naam tha Abdul Ghafoor.” 😀

  140. #140 by Abdul on April 23, 2009 - 11:15 AM

    LOL @ Sweetie’s old pic ,very nice !
    Why Change ?

  141. #141 by Theossa on April 23, 2009 - 1:17 PM

    Sweetie @ 156

    LOL, that was a good one! I assure you I, Abdul, and Khansahab are totally not like that though. We are romantic beings and just look for an opportunity to make love.

    @ your 151

    I do not agree; for reasons read on my comments for Khansahab.

    Khansahab @ 149

    We compare oranges to oranges and apples to apples, since when did we start comparing Grape Fruit (Natalie) to Mosquito Bites (Keira)?

  142. #142 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 23, 2009 - 2:37 PM

    Javed, i wouldn’t wanna remarry EVER, if reverse would be the case.

    Theo, i think u like Natalie more cuz she has bigger eyes hehe

    Abdul, this pic of mine is more recent than the previous one.

  143. #143 by Theossa on April 23, 2009 - 2:47 PM


    Yes I do like Natalie because of the innocence on her face, her eyes, and especially a beautiful shy smile but then again how would a horny Khansahab and a Cook with bad taste understand all this?

    Right now you are hurt and mad but everyone needs a companion so hopefully you’ll change your mind and a lucky one will hook you. Did you notice Abdul has a keen eye for changes in your appearance? I’m just saying 😀

  144. #144 by Abdul on April 23, 2009 - 2:51 PM

    Kind regards to our LS beloved Kaleem ! LOL…..

  145. #145 by khansahab on April 23, 2009 - 2:54 PM


    What a coincidence yesterday Kaleem emailed me and asked about you…..

    He is busy these days but said he will definitely contribute shortly.

  146. #146 by Abdul on April 23, 2009 - 2:55 PM

    Khan do u know about that occasion when Kate Moss and Jemima Khan did some public chemistry. It’s on google images if unaware.

  147. #147 by Abdul on April 23, 2009 - 3:19 PM

    Khan @ 165. Good good as I sincerly miss his presence and comment experties.

    Kind regards to our LS beloved Kaleem !

  148. #148 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 23, 2009 - 3:45 PM

    Lol Theo.. noo i didnt! besides, Abdul is like a kid Bro. & he’ll get beat up by BF, not cuz of me but for flirting wit DRC!! lol

  149. #149 by khansahab on April 23, 2009 - 3:53 PM


    @ comment 169

    Be careful what you wish for!

  150. #150 by Theossa on April 23, 2009 - 4:03 PM


    LOL, Natalie kissing her twin sister? Wonderful! Why I didn’t think of this beautiful thought 😀


    Yeah, there are so many things after DRC, Khansahab, Abdul, Omar, and Lice. Btw, very beautiful picture of your but is there a duct tape tied to your neck?

  151. #151 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 23, 2009 - 5:37 PM

    Lol… Theo, that’s a scarf i was wearing , & thank u.

  152. #152 by Abdul on April 23, 2009 - 6:50 PM

    KHAN : can we have a sense of humour please @169.

    I know it’s busy times for her but were is DRC ? We all like her and miss her and hopes she returns sooner than later.

    he’ll get beat up by BF, not cuz of me but for flirting wit DRC!! lol.

    Yeah I was in the wrong in that romantic scenario and have apologised several times to her for the misbehaviour. But I’m not great with abbreviations so what is BF ?

    Yours sincerely


  153. #153 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 23, 2009 - 7:17 PM

    Btw, very beautiful picture of your but is there a duct tape tied to your neck? Theo

    I guess it is quick action ” Phaansi Ka Phanda “ meaning she can kick the stool below her feet anytime. 😀

  154. #154 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 23, 2009 - 7:27 PM

    Abdul, BF= not for u but for Khan Sahab, & u can ask him wat BF means lol

    Javed, are u speaking on Paroo’s behalf? LOL

  155. #155 by khansahab on April 23, 2009 - 9:31 PM

    Abdul Danish

    BF stands for Burkina Faso.

    LOL you didn’t know that? Or was it your sense of humour?


  156. #156 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 23, 2009 - 11:22 PM

    Not u BF, ure not a country!!

  157. #157 by Awas on April 24, 2009 - 9:06 AM


    They are all telling you porkies.

    BF = Bull Fighter

    Amongst other hidden talents khansahab is a trained matador too. Why do you think he always locks horns with you? 🙂

  158. #158 by dimplerosycheeks on April 24, 2009 - 11:24 AM

    Hello 😀

  159. #159 by dimplerosycheeks on April 24, 2009 - 11:27 AM

    BF= Big Fish

    He is the Don round here:D

  160. #160 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 24, 2009 - 12:35 PM

    LOL, Awas, ure so right. He locks horns with his rivals ( Omar & Abdul), to get his girl .. DRC!

  161. #161 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 24, 2009 - 12:35 PM

    Hey DRC, how are u?

  162. #162 by khansahab on April 24, 2009 - 9:01 PM


    Remember that Polish girl I told you about a few weeks ago? The one in the Iraqi takeaway?

    I went on Monday and there she was again. This time round the takeaway was very busy. She took my order and couldn’t stop smiling. Everytime she looked into my eyes, she tried to look deep and with that look which says, “Yes I recognise you from last time and yes, there is something between us”.

    I don’t know what type of fatal attraction it is. I couldn’t look in her deep blue eyes that were embellished with kaajal.

    For a couple of seconds she came and stood in front of me. There is so much innocence on her beautiful face. Although Polish women have a reputation for being promiscuous and flirty, this one looks extremely innocent.

    She was working like a dog there, it was so busy 😦 And my heart was bleeding 😦 Her Iraqi boss, the fat bastard kept barking her orders and she was doing his bidding!!!

    When I was leaving I looked in the kitchen and she was emptying the trash. She again smiled in that mysterious way. I thanked her and left, but again couldn’t look in her eyes.

    She has a very pretty face, but I’m so overawed by emotion that sex isn’t really on my mind when I think of her 🙂

  163. #163 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 24, 2009 - 9:06 PM


    HOT GALS ka page tou bandh ker diya magar THURRAK nahee jaati haan? You and Omer like Sweetie says:
    Ek Jhakki Ek Thurki 😀

  164. #164 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 24, 2009 - 10:53 PM

    BF, looks are deceiving. So u`d better watch out. All she sees is a good looking BF of someone else. lol

    Javed, whats a thurki? I call him a two timer.. if that’s what a thurki is.

  165. #165 by Mohammed Munir on April 25, 2009 - 4:10 AM

    Khansahab …

    You said, “She has a very pretty face, but I’m so overawed by emotion that sex isn’t really on my mind when I think of her

    Man … this is so not you 😆

    What happened buddy, take a grip on yourself, there will be a million Polish (polished) girls going gaga over ‘Sada Desi Munda’, just wait and see’em coming 🙂

  166. #166 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 25, 2009 - 4:31 PM

    Munir, he needs a leash now ! lol

  167. #167 by Abdul on April 26, 2009 - 4:49 PM

    Were is VP these days ?

  168. #168 by Abdul on April 26, 2009 - 4:51 PM

    Khan @ 185 your in with a chance !

    Nextime take a pic of her and upload on LS !

  169. #169 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 26, 2009 - 9:21 PM

    Or, she could be a runaway from a mental asylum. lol

  170. #170 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 26, 2009 - 9:28 PM

    Tsk tsk Omar. Why are pushing BF to go after someone?? So u can be wit DRC?? haha

  171. #171 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 27, 2009 - 2:38 AM

    Omer one of my friend’s son (4 years old) said loudly at a party..

    Ladies and JanayMuns………….. please may I have your attention?????

    So, the way you are addressing Khansahab and Gentleman, you got my full attention. 😀

  172. #172 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 28, 2009 - 3:23 AM

    Omer ab tum GORAK DHUNDAY bhee kernay lago ho? Pakistani phir Pakistani hai, haira phairy say nahee jai gaa, chahay watan-e-aziz may ho ya pardes may. By writing all this you are setting a good example on your children………. I mean abdul. 😀

  173. #173 by Mohammed Munir on April 28, 2009 - 3:49 AM

    Omer …

    I thought sitting in exams for someone else is a unique practice which is copyrighted in our part of the world, but it seems this practice is rather unique to our part of peoples, no matter wherever they are 😉

  174. #174 by Mohammed Munir on April 28, 2009 - 8:44 AM

    Omer …

    How much do you charge for sitting the full exams ? 😉

    I am thinking about getting an American Degree, without leaving UAE 😆

  175. #175 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 28, 2009 - 3:37 PM

    Omer – I know you are a JHAKKI like Sweetie says, but I never thought your such a simpleton to blab out everything you do on this forum. Kuch aqal kay naqoon lo aur zubaan ko lagaam dou. Varna mushkil may purr jao gae.

  176. #176 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 28, 2009 - 7:15 PM

    Javed, that just tells u one thing, Omer is not only a Jhakki, evidentally he’s also a bakki hehehe

  177. #177 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on April 28, 2009 - 8:40 PM

    A saint asked his disciples, ‘Why do we shout in anger? Why do people shout at each other when they are upset?’

    Disciples thought for a while, one of them said, ‘Because we lose our calm, we shout for that.’

    ‘But, why to shout when the other person is just next to you?’ asked the saint. ‘Isn’t it possible to speak to him or her with a soft voice?
    Why do you shout at a person when you’re angry?’
    Disciples gave some other answers but none satisfied the saint. (i have an answer, we shout cuz we can’t smack shut the other person loll)

    Finally he explained, ‘When two people are angry at each other, their hearts distance a lot. To cover that distance they must shout to be able to hear each other. The angrier they are, the stronger they will have to shout to hear each other through that great distance.’

    Then the saint asked, ‘What happens when two people fall in love? They don’t shout at each other but talk softly, why? Because their hearts are very close. The distance between them is very small…’

    The saint continued, ‘When they love each other even more, what happens? They do not speak, only whisper and they get even closer to each other in their love. Finally they even need not whisper, they only look at each other and that’s all. That is how close two people are when they love each other.’

  178. #178 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2009 - 12:35 AM

    Vow, Yae hai Dou Dilaon ki Dukh bhari Daastaan 😀

    That is why there is a sher:

    Kon kehta hai Mohabat ki zubaan hoti hai
    Yae haqeeqat tou nigahaon say bayaan hoti hai

  179. #179 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2009 - 12:45 AM

    Omer Bakki wo hota hai jo BUK BUK kerta hai, is it that difficult to understand? Btw, after seeing so many spelling mistakes in your comment #192 on Musharraf, I am beginning to wonder how those girls for whom you write their exams would get such good grades if you make such silly spelling mistakes? Do you want me to highlight them? 😀

    Btw, Talebans are coming is like that the Yankees are coming, don’t worry they won’t come. It is a mere propaganda and they have created a parallel Taleban which is not the real Taleban only to create fear, hatred against those bearded Mullahs with big Turbans. And, it was not Musharraf who lead Pakistan to near collapse but it was PPP, PML(N) Chaudhary Paindoo Justice they used the public sentiments and got him out. And, since then what are they doing? They have created the worst ever image of Pakistan. All those things that are happening now have never happened in Musharraf’s time.

  180. #180 by Mohammed Munir on April 29, 2009 - 5:16 AM

    Thought for the day …

    By the time a man realizes what his father said was correct, he himself has a son who thinks he is wrong.

    BTW, where is Theossa these days ??

  181. #181 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2009 - 7:20 AM

    Omer: I do remember that it was math exams but, you also mentioned that you wrote other exams for other people in the past and planning to write more in the future. Besides, my comments were in jest as you can see there was a big “Munir’s Grin” at the end of the sentence. But, it seems like you took it to heart. I honestly apologize if that hurts you. 🙂

    As regards my condemning the barbaric acts, I reiterate that, if they are barbaric acts and whether it is Taleban or anyone else, I will condemn them. And, I also have the sense to see, understand and distinguish between reality and propaganda. IMO, the flogging of a girl in public (that famous video) by Taleban is reportedly a fake one. It was all cooked and staged to create hatred and fear. If you call that Taleban’s Terror, what do you call this? Check the video below:

    This my dear is a real video and this happened to an innocent girl when she was in need of some help and the irony is when the law abiding and law implementing police force of the biggest FREEDOM PREACHING DEMOCRACY came, they did this to that poor girl. Watch the 6 minute video please, it was on the TV its not a fake one. Its a real one.

    How shamelessly and barbarically they stripped her naked while she was crying and begging not to do, she kept crying and asking “what are you doing and why are you doing this to me?” Five policemen mostly men, handcuffed her and then stripped her stark naked i.e., they even took off her panties and bra and kept her in prison stark naked for 6 hours without any piece of cloth on her body, without any blanket or sheet. This could happen to anyone.

    This is the justice system you are so proud of, because you are shit scared to speak against it, because you live there among them and you think that it is a part of the everyday system. Now, there will be an inquiry and you will say there will be a fair trail like a Soap Opera, another OJ trial.

    And, yet you think my vision is impaired and I am unable to distinguish between right and wrong and you think I am that proverbial parrot? The problem is if a purblind nocturnal mouse sees not the sunlight, it is not the later to be blamed.

    Living in Canada I am not afraid to say what is wrong and what is right and I never said that you don’t have the right to express your opinion. In fact I was flabbergasted upon reading your sagas and your tales and I’ve said something to you in that context. I guess your habit of skimming rather than reading is sometimes a blessing otherwise there would be more jhak and more buk on the blog. 😀

  182. #182 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2009 - 7:23 AM

    Munir: Theossa has been saying all along that he has no kids yet. So what is the connection or the relation between the thought of the day and your thought about Theossa?

  183. #183 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 29, 2009 - 7:59 AM

    Omer what is the point of this long copy paste braggadocio? I mean who is a parrot and who is chirping now? You talk about Taleban as some kinda Terror. Before we go into any detail let me clarify I DON’T LIKE THEM. But, they were George Bush’s friends before 911 and the whole world knows that, may be even now they are, who knows?

    Now, your fear of Taleban is more like the Islamophobia terror and I can see where it is coming from. You can go into denial and not admit it but it is obvious. Secondly, when you talk about me, I talk about you is the normal way of communication. Its not like when you talk about me in a critical way and try to rub me down, I must agree with you and say, yes you are right, its me, its me and its only me and lets not talk about you, because I am the subject, I am the target and lets talk about me.

    Omer if you point a finger at me, three are pointing back to you. So, I also have the right to do what you do. This is not a math class where you cannot discuss Shakespeare or Mozart. Its not a matter of fixation its a matter of comparison. If you do the same thing or worst than that, you call it justice and what is your business to poke your nose in other countries affairs? Do they come and object to what you do in your jails and prisons? Or, in your country you dress half naked or 98% naked and walk on the streets.

    Some people love one sided propaganda and when a mirror is shown to them, they simply cannot accept how ugly they are because in their mind they are the most beautiful, fair and judicious people.

  184. #184 by Mohammed Munir on April 29, 2009 - 10:21 AM

    Javed Khan …

    LOL @ “Munir’s Grin” 😀 (I think I can now copyright it) 😉

    Theossa will Inshallah have kids (if he is not having too much tuna) 😉 and that was the ‘thought’ about 🙂

    No, no, I am just joking. Actually, there was surely no connection between Theossa and that ‘thought’, but it just came to my mind and instead of writing one more comment, I asked about our mutual friend along with the ‘thought’ 😉

    BTW, how did you like the ‘thought’ ?

  185. #185 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 2, 2009 - 2:58 PM

    Sweetie, Theo and Awas would ROTFLOL over this one:

    A farmer walks into the house with a sheep under his arm, and says: “Honey, This is the pig I’ve been having sex with for the last 10 years.”

    His wife looks at him and says: “Honey, That’s a sheep.” The farmer says, “I was talking to the sheep.” 😀

  186. #186 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 2, 2009 - 3:24 PM

    Munir: I have read those articles, the two links that you have forwarded them to me. If that was coming from an independent source I would have said, OK this is the other side of the story but, this is coming from the defendants themselves and the newspaper that carried out those reports is a very strong puppet of the regime or, it wouldn’t be wrong in calling them as HMV. (His Master’s Voice)

    The point is, to stop the panic, if any government be it XYZ, sell their Govt. Bonds to the public, be it any amount $20 bn or $40 bn and guarantee to pay 4% annualized return or interest rate, especially when the market interest rates are 0.5% sounds very fishy to me and I won’t invest a dime in it.

    And, this is being done to cover up the losses as well as repair the damage to the reputation of that country that its economy is built on the foundation of sand. And, this is coming from the horses mouth at this stage when the recession has NOT hit them below the belt. So what will they do if things get worst? Will they double the interest rate? I know for sure they haven’t gone bankrupt not at least on paper. But, the global financial situation is so bad that those who owe them money or, where they have invested their funds are themselves in dire straits and if they have no means to pay it back them back, then there will be total chaos.

    I can go on and on referring to the various guarantees and assurances that have been made by him and, I can keep on arguing. But the fact is, the picture is not “Rozy Kutty” there (I don’t think besides you anyone would know what Rozy Kutty means?) hence it is affecting every single Abdullah Kutty and Mohammad Kutty and that is why you see the exodus of these poor people at such a rapid pace.

  187. #187 by Mohammed Munir on May 2, 2009 - 6:53 PM

    Javed Khan …

    LOL @ Kutty.

    (Others, Kutty is not ‘bitch’).

    BTW, the interest rates in UAE are totally different to International rates. Here today, Banks will charge you around 8% or more for your loans, while they will pay you around 5% to 7% on your deposits.

  188. #188 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 2, 2009 - 8:52 PM

    Munir: of course we are not talking about Jumeriah Beach here. That is a beach with so many beeeches on it. 😀

    I do understand the market rates in the UAE, in Pakistan the rates are higher than what you have mentioned, but that is not the point, we are talking about the rates of major international currencies and the rates in their respective countries. The interest rates on credit cards are still around 18-19% even here. But, that is something else, we are also not talking about loans and mortgage rates, they all differ product wise and security wise. I was referring to the government bonds or the treasury bonds and the prime rate and the interbank offered rates.

  189. #189 by Mohammed Munir on May 3, 2009 - 4:20 PM

    Javed Khan …

    Not only are the interest rates high on deposits, but the rates in UAE are very high these days even for the borrowings also, be it the Prime Rate (Base Rate) or Interbank (EIBOR).

    This has given rise to almost all international banks raising funds from their overseas markets (where they pay less cost) and giving easy loans in UAE on much much higher rates. Although, they always prefer to offer retail or commercial lendings and then Corporate and last on the list are the mortgages, which are almost non-existant for now.

    Nevertheless, personal loans, credit cards, vehicle finances, etc. are easy to get, as these carry attractive yields for the lenders.

  190. #190 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 3, 2009 - 6:53 PM


    On the subject of interest rates, all that you have mentioned makes me even more reluctant to invest in that kinda economy. Its like someone trying to sell you a Rolex watch for $500 you would immediately think either its a fake one or, a stolen one or there is something fishy about it. Likewise, when if the UAE market rates are higher than the international market rates it proves that there is something wrong there, they are trying to attract investments without any back up.

    For a very long time I have been saying that the Dubai Bubble will burst because, there was no basis to back up with, it was mere speculation and more speculation was creating a snowball effect, which had to crash ultimately. Therefore, my friend I am not impressed by higher rates, I have never been impressed by higher rates than what the international market offers you. You may call me conservative but that is not prudent banking to keep a higher rate of interest only to attract investment.

  191. #191 by dimplerosycheeks on May 4, 2009 - 2:21 PM

    Hey sweetie. I am well. How are you?

    Javed bhai, do you still have that tiramisu recipe?If you do, could you please send me it.

    Hope everyone is well 😀

  192. #192 by khansahab on May 4, 2009 - 2:51 PM

    Aamir Iqbal aka Abdul aka Danish aka Charlie Chaplin

    I am not your personal secretary or servant. I will do it when I have time, it will take a while so be patient.

  193. #193 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 4, 2009 - 3:11 PM

    Javed, that was funny. I actully saw a video on most outrageous moments. This is how it went. I girl in a park was chasing ducks & the guy shooting the video kept laughing, so was the girl. Then some how the ducks started chasing the girl & the guy says , hey stop chasing the pig, The girl goes, theyre ducks not pig & the guy laughs n says , i WAS talkin to the ducks.
    That was so hilarious, how he said it.

    Im ok too DRC. Ure asking the wrong person the Tiramisu recipe. hehe

  194. #194 by khansahab on May 4, 2009 - 3:21 PM


    Yes I wonder whether you told him your blogging interests?

    He is a very good and balanced writer. I wish he were writing on Legslip.

  195. #195 by dimplerosycheeks on May 4, 2009 - 4:04 PM

    Oh sorry sweety. I did not realise? Can I please have the recipe? 😀

  196. #196 by dimplerosycheeks on May 4, 2009 - 4:12 PM

    Aamir Iqbal aka Abdul aka Danish aka Charlie Chaplin

    I am not your personal secretary or servant. I will do it when I have time, it will take a while so be patient.


    😀 hahahaha the funniest thing I have heard today. Man, I need to get out 😛

  197. #197 by Aamir Iqbal on May 4, 2009 - 4:15 PM

    Believe it or not I did ask him and his reply was “I’ve heard of it…….. “.

    He said he’s too busy to blog on other sites as he’s a writer for dawn and cricinfo as well as some medical journals. He appreciates every post he gets but his favourite blogger that’s ever been on the PAKSPIN platform is Euceph Ahmed.He was surprised though about me at my age commenting on PAKSPIN.

    So that was that. He shook my hand and departed to talk to some fellow colleagues in a happy mood.

  198. #198 by Mohammed Munir on May 4, 2009 - 4:34 PM

    Sweety …

    DRC did not ask the wrong person, in fact ‘that person’ is the most qualified and ISO-Certified recipe-provider for all kinds of Tiramisus 😉

    DRC …

    Hope you are done with your exams, good luck.

    You were missed on the blog by all, but Aamir Iqbal missed you the most 😆

    Theo …

    Kidhar Hai Bhai ??

  199. #199 by Theossa on May 4, 2009 - 5:12 PM


    Mien tumhare baajo mien hon 😀

  200. #200 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 4, 2009 - 6:12 PM

    bajoo samjho ishaaray
    haarun pukaray
    pum pum pum
    yahan chalti ko gaaree
    kehtay hain pyaaray

    LOL this is some old indian song on CBN golden greats now and Theo is saying baajoo may!

  201. #201 by Theossa on May 4, 2009 - 6:22 PM


    Na Sweetie jaane , na Awas jaane, na beech ka Abdul pehchaane
    Munir ke hain andaaz aor, jub bhe kere isharey, her baat pe aankh maare

  202. #202 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 4, 2009 - 6:35 PM

    Wah, kyaa Sher hai…………… Theossa tum nay tou beech ki baat adhoori chor di.
    Aur rehi baat Munir ki, when he sees those beech kay chehray he says:
    “Jab aisay chiknay chahray tou kion nay najar phis lay jind mairy yeh.”

  203. #203 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 4, 2009 - 6:41 PM

    Munir, i know hes a self proclaimed master chef, but i can assure u he cannot make a better tiramisu than i! hehe

  204. #204 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 4, 2009 - 6:44 PM

    Sweetie, that recipe is yours, but going back to the origins: Tiramisu got its name when ZA Bhutto was being hanged and the guy who hanged him Tara Masih, his wife TaraMissus made a cake and there was a problem in pronunciation and since then the name Tiramisu came into existence. 😀

    This was in Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

  205. #205 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 4, 2009 - 6:47 PM

    LOL @ a self proclaimed master chef.

  206. #206 by dimplerosycheeks on May 4, 2009 - 7:12 PM

    Thank you Munir. Exams are still to come, in a few weeks but I have to prep etc.

    Keep me in your prayers please everyone.

    Oh and whoever has the tiramisu recipe, it would be appreciated. Who has it and whose recipe it is, all of you can argue that later hehe!

    Allah Hafiz

    Oh and VP hope you are well.

  207. #207 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 4, 2009 - 7:23 PM

    DRC, if exams are still to come what is the hurry for Tiramisu? 😀
    Do you need empty calories to feed your brain?
    Badaam khao, badaam. 😀

  208. #208 by Mohammed Munir on May 5, 2009 - 5:00 AM

    LOL @ ‘Shairs’ of Theo, and also ‘old hindi songs’ of an old guy 😉

    Nice to see V-Talk being very active yesterday ….

    “Wajood-e-Zan Sey Hai Qaaynaat Mein Rung”

  209. #209 by Mohammed Munir on May 5, 2009 - 5:03 AM

    Javed Khan …

    LOL @ Tiramisu storey.

    Are you joking about that Tiramisu origin, or is it really true ??

    Is it ‘Tera-misu’ or ‘Mera-misu’, Yaa Phhir Hum Dono Ka Misu 😉

  210. #210 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 5, 2009 - 9:22 AM

    “Wajood-e-Zan Sey Hai Qaaynaat Mein Rung”
    Natalie kay naam pay Theo nay aaj pee hai thori si Bhung. 😀

    Array bhai Qaiderabadi Munir it is Kainaat and not Qaaynaat

  211. #211 by Mohammed Munir on May 5, 2009 - 10:24 AM

    LOL @ ‘Theo nay aaj pee hai thori si Bhung.

    Hahahaha ……… I always mix-up this ‘K’ & ‘Q’ thing 😦

  212. #212 by Theossa on May 5, 2009 - 1:18 PM


    Why you are not displaying picture of Aamir Iqbal? How long would it take you to do so? 5 minutes? You are just scared of this handsome fella because chicks like Sweetie, DRC, and Vanilla iPod will be chasing after him. Isn’t that true? I remember when he first told you that he is 6 ft tall you and Omer started acting weird, you even tried to block his posts. I could see you were intimidated by his height. Now when he sent you the picture and everyone on LS is dying to see him you are exercising delaying tactics, why?

    In response to your post on Dummy Captain blog, all I will say is; I like Aamir Iqbal’s courageous posts and his in depth knowledge of the game of cricket. What you do btw? You Copy and paste clips from the news papers, at least Aamir is genuine. I hope you am not be very offended by my straight talk. Peace Out.

    Vanilla iPod

    Miss Gamer, it’s time you quit your quests on World of Warcraft and get some house hold work done 😀


    Wajood-e-Natalie say hai mere kainaat mien rung
    Wajood-e-Gun se hai mere kainaat mien tarang
    Wajood-e-Javed se hai sare dusterkhwan ke rotian garam


    LOL @ Natalie kay naam pay Theo nay aaj pee hai thori si Bhung

    Jawabun arz kia hai:

    Pee hai Bhung humne, banai hai kisne?
    Bhung mien Khaashkhaash milae hai kisne?
    Doodh aor badaam wali pilae hai kisne
    Javed ke hai aankh sooji, aor Butt laal
    Ke yeh subha subha, dulhai hai kisne?

  213. #213 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 5, 2009 - 2:48 PM

    “Wajood-e-Javed se hai sare dusterkhwan ke rotian garam” And on your jawabun arz hai per combined retort.

    Yae poocho palang pay dusterkhwan bichaya kisne
    Theo ko Natalie kay palang kay neechay chupaya kisne
    Lagaa reha thaa Javed jab rotiyaan garam garam
    Neechay palang kay theo keh reha thaa murr gaya meray pyar ka bharram
    Aur kaha Natalie say; chall dafaa ho jaa tu hai baree bay sharram

    On the tunes of “ubb chaahay sir phootay ya maathaa … 😀 ”

    Ubb chahay badaam doodh pio ya lussy
    Ho gaye tum tuna kha, kha kay khussy 😀

  214. #214 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 5, 2009 - 2:55 PM

    Why you are not displaying picture of Aamir Iqbal? How long would it take you to do so? 5 minutes?

    All the girls on LS have managed to upload their own photos using their own brains, this fella AI or artificial intelligent hunk, cannot upload his own picture despite khansahab explaining him how to upload and he even wrote a 5 meters long email, still wo bhoosa guddi may baat nahee pahonchi. The reportedly six foot tall perhaps have a khashkhash size brain in his ankles.

  215. #215 by Awas on May 5, 2009 - 3:09 PM


    Slap-slap! Becharey AI ko sharminda kar dia

  216. #216 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 5, 2009 - 3:32 PM

    LOL at u guys. Awas, we do wanna see what’s behind Al’s boothee.

  217. #217 by Abdul on May 5, 2009 - 3:37 PM

    Stop abusing me Javed.

  218. #218 by khansahab on May 5, 2009 - 3:46 PM


    I’ve sent you instructions on how to login with your pic via email.

  219. #219 by Theossa on May 5, 2009 - 3:48 PM


    Arz kia hai:

    chuhpa hon palang ke neeche, Natalie saath mien chuhpe hai
    Javed kitchen mien busy aor zinta paas mien khadi hai
    Javed ne paish-raft kee to Zinta palat ke bole
    Pehle naha le Bhi udrak ke boo aate hai
    Javed howa embarrass aor chala gaya nahane
    Zinta gaye palang per aor kehne lage yeh mujhse
    Theossa too hai sexy aor mien bhe hon wehshee
    Aa gale laga la mujh ko mere aarzo badi hai
    Natalie palang ke neeche ghazabnaak hoke booli
    Theossa hai sirf mera Chul bhaag le yahan se
    Pooche gee werna khud se gunji kion howe hai
    Javed mien dum jo hotta to paas Theossa ke na aati
    Pur kia kerga who bhe Viagra mehenge hai



    Dekhne walon ne kia kia nahin dekha hogga
    Mera dawa hai keh Abdul sa nahin dekha hogga
    Jisterha mere aankhon ne talasha hai Deer burson
    Tere anankhon ne Spin King jaisa he talasha hogga

  220. #220 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 5, 2009 - 4:00 PM

    Theo, spin king.. err nooo, i didnt talaash him at all, im not a pedophile hahaha

  221. #221 by Theossa on May 5, 2009 - 4:23 PM


    Abdul says just wait one more year till he get legal. Have you seen his picture on the Dummy Captain page? Spin King is Good Looking! He wants to tell you this:

    17 baras ka mien hone ko aaya re
    Kon pooche ga, balam kuch ker le
    Wachan ker le, sanam kuch ker le


  222. #222 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 5, 2009 - 4:54 PM

    haha ufffffffff Theo k bachay!! I think DRC is good enuff for him. & which page are u talkin about?

  223. #223 by Theossa on May 5, 2009 - 5:12 PM


    Aray yeh baajo wala page jis mien Khansahab aor Javed Younis Khan ke class le rahe hain, that “I don’t want a Dummy Captain” page. Us mien Abdul ke post hai picture ke saath. Agar dil dhudke aor aankh phudke to mujhe batana, mien Abdul se nahin kahonga.

  224. #224 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 5, 2009 - 7:02 PM

    “Stop abusing me Javed.”

    I haven’t started it yet, laikin tasveer dekhnay kay baad konsa Pathan hai jis ka dil na muchal jai. 😀

  225. #225 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 5, 2009 - 7:04 PM

    Theossa: Natalie aur Zinty dono kay yae vichaar hain kay Theo ki shayeri bari lambi hai aur baki sab chota hai. LOL it came right from the ghorees (horses) mouth 😀

  226. #226 by Abdul on May 5, 2009 - 7:09 PM

    This wordpress account is cool stuff ……

  227. #227 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 5, 2009 - 7:21 PM

    Jo samajh may na aye wo cool hee hota hai.

  228. #228 by Abdul on May 5, 2009 - 8:19 PM

    This is something for Khansahab and co.This is something really tempting,sexy,radiant and endless in beauty…………..

    Introducing my new favourite actress…… NEHA DHUPIA


    What do u reckon ? Bipasha is also fab as is Katrina Kaif and Zinta. Things to dream about and fall for.

  229. #229 by Abdul on May 5, 2009 - 8:25 PM

  230. #230 by Abdul on May 5, 2009 - 8:28 PM

    “I’m receiving counselling from a Sex Expert and he has forbidden me from drooling at anyone “.

    Yeah but I can’t simply resist the temptation. My conscious must be weak.

  231. #231 by Awas on May 5, 2009 - 8:36 PM

    WHAT! You are looking at NEHA DHUPIA’s DHU’s…there is no “JANAAT” for you, you will burn in hell…Astagh-ferullah!

  232. #232 by khansahab on May 5, 2009 - 9:06 PM


    Your conscious must be weak, make sure it doesn’t make you unconscious. I’ve heard lack of consciousness can make someone unconscious. However if you are conscientious, the chances of you losing consciousness will be slimmer.

    Anyhow I hope the best for you.

  233. #233 by Awas on May 6, 2009 - 11:35 AM

    Little Harry returns from school and says he got an ‘F’ in arithmetic.

    ‘Why’? asks the father.

    ‘The teacher asked ‘How much is 2 x 3′, so I said 6’, replies Harry.

    ‘But that’s right’ says his father.

    ‘Yeah, but then she asked me, ‘How much is 3 x 2’

    ‘What’s the fuckin’ difference?’ asks the father.

    ‘That’s what I said’ replied Harry.

  234. #234 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 11:50 AM

    LOL Awas, Little Harry’s jokes are always hilarious. There is a similar one except that it was his mother this time.

    Little Johnny was in school one day when the teacher brought around cookies for snack time. “Here, Little Johnny, have a cookie.” “I don’t wanna eat the fuckin cookie,” declared Johnny. The teacher was shocked. She called Little Johnny’s mother and scheduled her to come in for a meeting the next day. When Little Johnny’s mother arrived, the teacher had her hide behind the curtain until snack time came around. As she came to Little Johnny, she again told him, “Here Little Johnny. It’s time for your cookie.” “I don’t wanna eat the fuckin cookie” replied Little Johnny again. The teacher pulled aside the curtain and said to his mother, “See? Did you hear what he said?” “So?” its simple said his mother, “Don’t give him the fuckin cookie!”

  235. #235 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 11:56 AM

    LOL this is a bit long, but its very intriguing and lets see how many of you score better than Little Harry.

    A first-grade teacher, Ms. Brooks, was having trouble with one of her students. The teacher asked, “Harry, what’s your problem?”

    Harry answered, “I’m too smart for the 1st grade. My sister is in the 3rd grade and I’m smarter than she is! I think I should be in the 3rd grade too!”

    Ms. Brooks had had enough. She took Harry to the principal’s office.

    While Harry waited in the outer office, the teacher explained to the principal what the situation was. The principal told Ms. Brooks he would give the boy a test. If he failed to answer any of his questions he was to go back to the 1st grade and behave. She agreed.

    Harry was brought in and the conditions were explained to him and he agreed to take the test.

    Principal: “What is 3 x 3?”

    Harry: “9.”

    Principal: “What is 6 x 6?”

    Harry: “36.”

    And so it went with every question the principal thought a 3rd grader should know.

    The principal looks at Ms. Brooks and tells her, “I think Harry can go to the 3rd grade.”

    Ms. Brooks says to the principal, “Let me ask him some questions.”

    The principal and Harry both agreed.

    Ms. Brooks asks, “What does a cow have four of that I have only two of?”

    Harry, after a moment: “Legs.”

    Ms. Brooks: “What is in your pants that you have but I do not have?”

    The principal wondered why would she ask such a question!

    Harry replied: “Pockets.”

    Ms. Brooks: “What does a dog do that a man steps into?”

    Harry: “Pants.”

    Ms. Brooks: What starts with a C, ends with a T, is hairy, oval, delicious and contains thin, whitish liquid?”

    Harry: “Coconut.”

    The principal sat forward with his mouth hanging open.

    Ms. Brooks: “What goes in hard and pink then comes out soft and sticky?”

    The principal’s eyes opened really wide and before he could stop the answer, Harry replied, “Bubble gum.”

    Ms. Brooks: “What does a man do standing up, a woman does sitting down and a dog does on three legs?”

    Harry: “Shake hands.”

    The principal was trembling.

    Ms. Brooks: “What word starts with an ‘F’ and ends in ‘K’ that means a lot of heat and excitement?”

    Harry: “Firetruck.”

    The principal breathed a sigh of relief and told the teacher, “Put Harry in the fifth-grade, I got the last seven questions wrong…… ”

    Ps. Little Harry’s full and real name is Abdul Harris 😀

  236. #236 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 12:58 PM


    @ Theo ki shayeri bari lambi hai aur baki sab chota hai. LOL it came right from the ghorees (horses) mouth

    If this came from a she horse then it must be true, do you expect me to compete with a horse in that regard? LOL. Humans have something different to say though, Munir winks 😀

    Good jokes!


    LOL @ Abdul you look like a younger Javed Khan

    What are you implying here? 🙂

    Here is a lame joke:

    Question: How many Feminists it takes to screw a light bulb?
    Answer from LS ladies: That was not funny.

    Question: How many ladies with PMS it takes to screw a light bulb?
    Answer: Just one Goddammit!

  237. #237 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 6, 2009 - 1:40 PM

    Good ones.
    Theo, i had to ask u, are u talking about a dim bulb , or a light bulb? LOL

  238. #238 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 1:40 PM

    Theo: I wrote Ghoree(s) not Ghora(s) 😀 Unless Natalie looks like a Ghora to you like Celine Dion is – she is a thoroughbred.

    Btw, are those feminist jokes or, Vegans? (same difference 😀 )

  239. #239 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 2:06 PM

    Sweetie, no he is talking about a tube light 😀

  240. #240 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 6, 2009 - 2:13 PM


  241. #241 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 2:15 PM

    hehehe ???

    Are you trying to be Brooke Shields as a “Colgate Model” or some desi Dentonic Toose Poder wali MaDull?

  242. #242 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 2:20 PM


    Looks like you were the one who were changing bulbs at home, right? Muneer didn’t do shit, LOL.


    Women can’t change a tube light, period!

    You should read Theossa’s Social Theory :
    The women, who are vegans, are Feminists and the men, who are vegans, are Gay.


    The women who do not find Abdul attractive are Lesbians and the Men who do not find Abdul attractive are Lesbians as well 😀

  243. #243 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 2:26 PM

    Theo you have to clarify your social theory:
    Men who find Puppoo Abdul Harris attractive are what?

  244. #244 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 6, 2009 - 2:28 PM

    Theo, Yes, u got that one right.

    FYI, if i can hang chandeliers, light fans, hook up washer & dryer, do all the landscaping, i can change tube light for sure. lol

  245. #245 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 2:29 PM

    “Muneer didn’t do shit, LOL.” Theo

    That’s because Muneer is a constipated intellectual. 😀

  246. #246 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 2:30 PM


    Dahh! Answer is Pathans what else?

  247. #247 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 6, 2009 - 2:34 PM

    Muneer may be a constipated dumbass, but definitely not an intellectual! lol

  248. #248 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 6, 2009 - 2:38 PM

    Theo, u are a pathan as well.. & so is Javed.. & so is BF hahaha

  249. #249 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 2:39 PM

    Sweetie, Theo underestimated your talents may be he will ask you whether they are Belgium cut-glass chandeliers or peelashtic walay?

    Chandeliers reminds me of the British TV comedy “Only Fools and Horses” and one of the episodes was on how the Father, son and Grandpa screwed up a job and crashed a 16th century Belgium cut-glass chandelier at a castle. Apart from Only Fools and Horses, one of my favourites was “Some Mothers Do Ave’em.” Hilarious, hilarious comedy. http://www.steve-p.org/sm/

    Watch the video:

  250. #250 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 6, 2009 - 2:41 PM

    Javed, I loved these shows. But we don’t get em here.

  251. #251 by Vanilla pod on May 6, 2009 - 3:02 PM

    Easter holidays kay baad, main busy hogayee
    Baad mein main, LS bhool gayee
    us kay baad ek din LS pe aayee
    Khansahab kay lusty comments parh kar put off hogayee
    phir ek din main ne abdul ki pic dekhee
    us ki shakal par youth dekha lekin innocence na dekhee


    I have started playing Rise of Nations these days. One day i cheated 😀
    I made a map and placed all the resouces on my side and none on the enemy’s side. but then it was not challenging and no fun so i am back to my old fair play.

    apart from that, i have become a busy person. i am helping some children with their SATs and sometimes i help an aunty learn to use the computer 😀

  252. #252 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 3:34 PM


    @ I can change chandeliers, light fans, hook up washer & dryer, do all the landscaping, i can change tube light for sure

    In that case you must have been changing Muneer’s diapers as well, LOL.

    I’ll give you credit only when you bench press 150 lbs.


    This one is dedicated to Khansahab

    Baby chick asked his Mom….

    Am I people?

    No, you are a chicken.

    Do chickens come from people?

    No, chickens come from eggs.

    Are eggs born?

    No, eggs are laid.

    Are people laid?

    Some are…….others are chicken!

  253. #253 by Abdul on May 6, 2009 - 4:05 PM

    VP:apart from that, i have become a busy person. i am helping some children with their SATs and sometimes i help an aunty learn to use the computer .

    good work ! Welcome back !

  254. #254 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 4:12 PM

    Abdul don’t make promises that you can’t keep. Abhi tou tumki baali Umariya hai abhi say qasmay, vaaday, pyaar, wafa, agreement, self-control yae sab baatain hain baataon ka kya? Tum aaj Changay kal Malangay aur parsoon Tilangay aur Narsoon Nungay ho jao gay tou choro inn chakkaron may na paro.

    VP – Aap ayeen hamaray khuda ki kudrat kabhee hum apko kabhi apnay furniture ko dekhtay hain.

    Dare aye durust aye, I knew you were bored to death because of khansahab’s lusty comments and his crush on Aunties….. 😀

    So you are being a “Show-Shall” worker now! On teaching “A” aunty how to use computers, Allah keray zore-e-keyboard aur bhee ziyaada.

  255. #255 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 4:15 PM

    “….phir ek din main ne abdul ki pic dekhee
    us ki shakal par youth dekha lekin innocence na dekhee”

    Vo meray jaisa bhola thori hai 😀 (tongue in cheek) but, he is very straight, as straight as a Jalaybee !

  256. #256 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 4:18 PM

    Sweetie, we get them here on BBC Canada. Btw, there is something called Google and youtube and you can find almost “EVERYTHING” on it and I have posted the video here, watch it there are many more links from there. Have a good time.

  257. #257 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 4:22 PM

    Vanilla iPod

    LOL, Good to see you, here is my reply to your poetry:

    Easter holidays kay baad, main projects per busy hogaya
    Baad mein main, LS bhool gaya
    us kay baad ek din LS pe aaya
    Vanilla iPod ke torturous poetry pudh kar sur mien durd hogaya

    Yeah, in video games no challenge no fun. I’ve been playing Gears of War on Xbox 360 on the “insane level”. The friend I play with is the type who doesn’t take defeat very well or getting killed by those monster aliens so I always piss him off either by slacking in tough situations when he needs my help to rescue him or retrieve him.

    @ your helping children and aunties, so you actually meant you are busy making money these days? 😀

    I don’t know much about religion but if you stop viewing pictures of nice looking ladies you’ll lose your wiener due to rust and mold!

  258. #258 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 6, 2009 - 4:32 PM

    ………………………… and mildew. 🙂

  259. #259 by Abdul on May 6, 2009 - 4:54 PM

    I don’t play video games but Theo are u good at “call for duty”…………

  260. #260 by Abdul on May 6, 2009 - 5:00 PM

    Javed @ 300 pack it in bhai .

  261. #261 by Abdul on May 6, 2009 - 5:01 PM

    Javed, app ko kia zoorat te is kamina chese kamm kar ni.Tum bari pagaal hoti aj kal gee.

  262. #262 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 5:58 PM

    LOL at Abdul’s retort to Javed, good one there Spin King!

    Abdul, I’ve completed Call of Duty 4 “Modern Warfare”. I didn’t like the previous World War themed games of Call of Duty series but COD 4 was related to modern day Iraq so it was fun. Also, it has the best end/finish to a game I’ve ever experienced! If you have finished the game you’d know what I’m talking about. Since I’m not a TV watcher, whenever it is shitty weather outside I prefer to play videogames. I’m good at Chess games as well. What games do you like? My all time favorites are Halo, Gears of War, and Rainbow Six series. I like first person or third person shooter games and I’m really not into those role playing games.

  263. #263 by khansahab on May 6, 2009 - 6:01 PM


    Call “for” Duty 1 is one of the best games I’ve played.

    My best all time games are Deus Ex 1 and Might and Magic VII- For Blood and Honour. I swear to God I’ve never had so much fun doing anything as I had playing Might and Magic.

  264. #264 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 6, 2009 - 6:09 PM

    Theo, sorry but i cant lift 150 lbs. Thats hell lot more than i weigh myself! lol But u can gimme credit for putting up with 195 lbs ! LOL

  265. #265 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 6:25 PM


    Never played the game you mentioned. Do you play games on PC? How did you like Half Life 2? I think it was a good game. Plenty of blood and gore to satisfy my appetite, especially when you throw saw discs using gravity hammer to chop off those mutants. There are other good games out there like Burnout “Revenge” (Car Racing), Street Fighter IV (2008), Assassins Creed (Action, based of Muslims Assassins in 12th Century), Chronicles of Riddick “Assault on dark Athena” (Vin Diesel’s first/third person game), Left 4 Dead (Zombie game)

  266. #266 by khansahab on May 6, 2009 - 6:47 PM


    I’ve played both Half Life 1 and 2 and yes I play PC games. Both of them were good, but not as good as role playing or strategy games.

    I’m currently playing Vampire: The Masquerade. It’s a good game. You have to select a specific type of vampire and choose from a broad range of high-class vamps, to the lowly Nosferatu who live in the sewers. They all behave differently, eat differently, have different strengths and weaknesses etc. There are many skills, special abilities and sub-skills you can master, you gain experience points and allocate them towards the skill you want to be better at.

    My current vampire is the Gangrel. They are experts in melee combat. They can eat anything and don’t need a lot of blood to survive. The negative points are that they are not pleasant looking and they are not good at persuading others or seducing others.

    My first vampire was the Brujah. They are same as Gangrel, but uglier. They are experts in all kinds of combat and their dodge and defence skills are good. They are also better in that if they feed on someone, not only does their blood level rise, but their health points get restored too.

    And you can be the Nosferatu, but they are so ugly that they can’t live among humans so you will spend a lot of time underground or in the sewers. They live on rat blood. What they lack in looks is compensated by their agility, combat skills and they can also do some magic.

    On the other end you have the Malkavians- beautiful looking vampires. They only drink human blood. They are not good fighters or good magicians; they just persuade and seduce to get what they want.

    There are other classes in between.

    There’s loads of quests to choose from, and the actions you take can lead to different story developments and different endings.

    It’s also one of the scariest games I’ve played. One of the main quests is inside a haunted hotel and there is a mad spirit running around. Also, there is the ghost of a lunatic axe wielding guy who killed his whole family in rage.

  267. #267 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 6:48 PM


    Well said and well done 🙂 Here is something to cheer you up:

    Three men died and went to heaven. Upon their arrival, God asked the first if he had been faithful to his wife. The man admitted to two affairs during his marriage. God told him that he could receive only a compact car to drive in heaven.

    Then God asked the second man if he had been faithful to his wife and the man admitted to one affair. God told him he would be given a midsize car to drive.

    The third man was asked about his faithfulness, and he told God he had been true to his wife until the day he died. God praised him and gave him a luxury car.

    A week later the three men were driving around, and they all stopped at a red light. The men in the compact and midsize cars turned to see the man in the luxury car depressed and fuming. They asked him what could possibly be the matter–after all, he was driving a luxury car.

    “I just passed my wife,” he told them, “and she was on a skateboard.”

    I play Golf so I really like this one:

    One day Moses and Jesus were playing golf. They were at the tee of a beautiful par 3, with a lake right in the middle of the fairway. Moses selects a 5 iron, tees-up his ball and swings. His ball sails very high and lands in the middle of the lake. He mutters to himself and tees-up a second ball, this time selecting a 4 iron. This shot was perfect; landing right in the middle of the green.

    Jesus pauses for a moment to ponder his club selection. “Hmmmm….. Tiger Woods would use this,” he says as he picks up a 5 iron.

    “But, Jesus. My 5 iron shot ended up in the lake. You should use a 4 iron!”

    “Nope. Tiger would use a 5,” insisted Jesus.

    So, Jesus swings hard and alas his shot ends up in the middle of the lake too. Jesus strolls over to the lake and walks out on the water to retrieve his ball. As Jesus is walking on the water trying to locate his ball a foursome comes up to the tee, sees a man walking on the water and one of them exclaims, “Who does he think he is? Jesus Christ?”

    “No,” explains Moses, “He is Jesus Christ. He thinks he’s Tiger Woods.”

  268. #268 by Theossa on May 6, 2009 - 7:07 PM


    Sounds a very interesting game, ambushing unsuspecting folks or seducing cute ladies must be fun 😀

    Unfortunately, I like continuous action so I usually avoid character building/ role playing games. The only ones I played are Assassin Creed, Fabel, Elder Scroll IV but did not finish any due to gradual diminished interest 😦 I like more of a linear story, gorgeous graphics, high power cool guns, and especially blood, gore, destruction, and chaos 😀

    In weapons I really like sniping people out, those beautiful head shots! The best head shots are in Gear of War 2 game when the whole head gets crushed and blood squirts out from cut neck. It is as beautiful as when I shoot a deer in critical organs and there is a blood trail to follow, just like a lover would chase his crush, so romantic.

  269. #269 by Abdul on May 6, 2009 - 7:10 PM

    Omer: “now it is easier for me to imagine hitting this 6 feet 2 inches lanky spinner for a six “.

    LOL in your dreams !

  270. #270 by Abdul on May 6, 2009 - 7:13 PM

    I will be changing my profile pic in case any pedo like Kaleem arrives again. If possible now that u have seen me all Khansahab is it possible for my new Mushtaq Ahmed pic to replace the one which has been displayed for all my comments. This has got to be done due to the bounty of “internet safety” and personal safety against the pedo-file Kaleem……

  271. #271 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 6, 2009 - 8:22 PM

    Lol.. good ones Theo, & thanks.

  272. #272 by khansahab on May 6, 2009 - 9:11 PM


    I’m the opposite. I find the “kill-anything-that-moves” games boring. There are hundreds of games like that and they seem to be more popular.

    Half Life was one of the first games I played. It was so good, but then when Deus Ex came it blew everything apart.

    The beauty of Deus Ex is that there is so much freedom to do what you want. You can complete the game without even firing a single bullet. There are role playing and strategy elements intertwined with hardcore action. It has one of the best stories and one of the best music ever in games. I still subconsciously hum its music at times.

  273. #273 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2009 - 12:39 AM


    By calling Kaleem a “pedo-file” you are admitting that you are an under age kid on a adult blog and sometimes you leer at the hotgals photos and vent out your sexual desires and fantasize and talk like a big guy and then the next moment you make promises never to see or talk about Neha Dupiaza or Corny Mukerjee and talk like a Neem Mullah. So what is this? Make up your mind by applying some lipstick on your forehead.

    You called me a “Kameena” I had approved that comment because usually gals call me like that and I suspect your gender now. Photo tou bhai ki bhee ho sakti.

  274. #274 by khansahab on May 7, 2009 - 8:38 AM


    If you can call one of us a Kameena, we can also call you Choo*iya.

  275. #275 by Mohammed Munir on May 7, 2009 - 12:03 PM

    Abdul …

    You are a good boy, why go into this ‘Gandi Gandi’ Baatein ?

    Gaalum Gaalouch Sey Perhaiz Karo.

  276. #276 by Mohammed Munir on May 7, 2009 - 1:42 PM

    Javed Khan …

    You said, “You called me a “Kameena” I had approved that comment because usually gals call me like that and I suspect your gender now”.

    Now that’s strange, why do ‘girls’ call you that, if I may ask ? 😉

    Theo …

    Sun Rahey Ho Javed Ki Baatein ?

    Why do you think, can girls call him so ? 😉

  277. #277 by Vanilla pod on May 7, 2009 - 2:01 PM



    i am so disappointed! i thought you would grow up to be a handsome gentleman but at your tender age you have started swearing! its very wrong and please have some respect for others especially those elder than you. very shameful indeed!

  278. #278 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2009 - 2:42 PM

    “Now that’s strange, why do ‘girls’ call you that, if I may ask ?” Munir

    Pyar say.

  279. #279 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 7, 2009 - 3:08 PM

    Javed, i never called u kameena. BM yes, but never kameena . hehehe

  280. #280 by Awas on May 7, 2009 - 3:14 PM


    What’s the big deal? True, Javed is never that word you mentioned but he has talked about those wonderful barbecues so much but never offered you, me or anyone here 🙂

  281. #281 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 7, 2009 - 3:25 PM

    Awas.. so ure sayin he is a kameena for not offering us! hehehe

  282. #282 by Awas on May 7, 2009 - 3:39 PM

    So Javed is right…only girls say that Pyar say

  283. #283 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 7, 2009 - 3:57 PM

    Paroo was call him , SUNIYEH .. hahahaha ishhhhhh

  284. #284 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 7, 2009 - 3:57 PM


  285. #285 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2009 - 4:06 PM

    Sweetie, she is your nightmare isn’t it? You can never get over with her and Munir both. 😀

  286. #286 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 7, 2009 - 4:08 PM

    Get over her? i was never FOR her! & muneer is history. Im gonna hook her up with muneer! muahaha

  287. #287 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2009 - 4:15 PM

    See 2 nightmares = dream
    Your dream is to hook ’em up.
    How right I am 😀

  288. #288 by Abdul on May 7, 2009 - 4:37 PM

    VP didn’t u see the amount of abuse he was giving me ?

  289. #289 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 7, 2009 - 4:38 PM

    no Javed, nightmare = bad dream

    & no its not my dream , i`d love to make it happen lol

  290. #290 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 7, 2009 - 4:44 PM

    Sweetie, bad dreams are known as nightmares, but your determination is like your dream

    Abdul Munna, I haven’t started the abuse YET. 😀

  291. #291 by Abdul on May 7, 2009 - 4:49 PM

    Khanshab is right that u learn about the beauties of and wonders of life over time. A few years back I didn’t know anything about female actresses so just aimlessly brought up Murkurjee’s name up previously. But now after seeing people discussing various people I have started to realise the larger scale of life such as Belluci ,Zinta , Katrina Kaif, Kareena , Neha Duphia, Bipasha etc. And that previous name beginning with “R” just sounds filthy, off putting and embarrassing so please don’t bring it up anymore as that’s Kaleem’s wife. They have one feature in common and that is they are 2 zombies YUK.

    Moderator’s comment.

    Abdul stop abusing someone’s wife, if you have to respond to Kaleem address him. He is not even on the blog for several weeks and you are anticipating that he would do this, do that to you and you call him “pedo-file” and now blabbing against everyone. If you don’t behave you will be banned.

  292. #292 by Kaleem on May 7, 2009 - 9:11 PM

    hahahahaha i saw abdul’s photo on the blog i had no time to write then but i also read his comments about me especially #312 he is calling me pedo-file and is afraid of me. abdul u sure look like a puppoo and for that i need to give you a puppy. I am busy now but i will reply to your comment later until then ummmmmmmh…. enjoy it. 🙂

  293. #293 by Mohammed Munir on May 7, 2009 - 9:45 PM

    LOL @ “Pyar Say”.

  294. #294 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 8, 2009 - 9:37 PM

    BF, u got that one right, ” All men are created equal”. LOL
    Kaleem, it’s pedophile without – & with H hehe

  295. #295 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2009 - 4:17 AM

    LOL @ “Abdul Munna”.

    Is it something like, ‘Kaka Manna’ from the Sona-Chandi serial ? 😉

  296. #296 by Mohammed Munir on May 9, 2009 - 5:05 AM

    Indinglish …

    – Principal to a student … “I saw you yesterday rotating near girls hostel, pulling cigarettes … ?”

    – Class teacher said: “pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin!!!”.

    – Once a Hindi teacher said …. “I’m going out of the world to America..”.

    – Teacher to a student, “Don’t try to talk in front of my back”.

    – Teacher in a class to back-benchers, “Don’t … laugh at the back benches … otherwise teeth and all will be fallen down …..”.

    – It was very hot in the afternoon when the teacher entered … She tried to switch the fan on, but there was some problem. And then she said “why is fan not oning” (ing form of on).

    – Teacher in a furious mood … “ write down ur name and father of ur name!!”.

    – A teacher to her class, “Shhh… quiet… the principal is revolving around the college”.

    – A manager started like this, “Hi, I am Pinky, Married with two kids”.

    – “I’ll illustrate what I have in my mind”, said the professor and then he erased the board.

    – “will you hang that calendar or else I will HANG MYSELF”.

    – Librarian Scolded, ” If you will talk again, I will kneel down outside”.

    – Chemistry HOD comes and tells … “My aim is to study my son and marry my daughter”.

    – Tomorrow call your parents, especially mother and father.

    – Teacher to a student, “why are you looking at the monkeys outside when i am in the class?!”

    – Lab assistant said this when my friend wrote wrong code … “I understand. You understand. Computer how understand??

    – Seeing the principal passing by, the teacher told the noisy class … “Keep quiet, the principal has passed away”.

  297. #297 by Vanilla pod on May 9, 2009 - 6:19 PM

    I watched Star Trek today 😀 😀 😀

    it is the best movie i have seen till date! i love it! i love it!

    Lol @ ‘Vanilla iPod ke torturous poetry pudh kar sur mien durd hogaya’

    lol Theo thats my secret weapon of Theoic destruction…

    and please can u take ur eyes off my hypothetical unearned money 😀 shift ur gaze to Javed’s money he is richest on the blog.

  298. #298 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 9, 2009 - 7:35 PM

    Vanilla Pod, when did I disclose my bank accounts to you? You know there is a chartered account on the blog too and he should not be ignored either. I am OK, AKS but I have never boasted about being rich, so how come you arrived at this conclusion? Anyways, its good to be rich and famous and I am happy that I am a wee bit famous on the blog. 😀

  299. #299 by Vanilla pod on May 9, 2009 - 9:32 PM


    I dunno, u just seem to be a rich person, which is very good. and u look rich from face. should u disclose ur address u may find a big queue outside your door 😀

    I dont think the accountant is rich anymore 😦 he has started living on tuna cans.

    to be honest i think Theo should be well off himself, but i guess he is just being a bit greedy 😀

  300. #300 by Awas on May 9, 2009 - 9:54 PM


    You sussed me out well…and the irony is there are back-stabbers in the world who can clean you out and loose everything as well in the process due to sheer wickedness.

    Don’t believe Javed, he is telling you porkies…he sure does look loaded 🙂

  301. #301 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2009 - 8:23 AM

    VP – Here is my address:

    Chak Lambar: Pichwanjay
    Zilla: Khotiyaan
    District: Chakwal
    Tehsil: Sheikhupura
    Andhair Nagri Chowpat Raj

  302. #302 by Mohammed Munir on May 10, 2009 - 8:33 AM

    VP …

    Hope that queue outside Javed’s home is not of the ‘Qarzdaars’ asking for a refund of their loans 😉

  303. #303 by Vanilla pod on May 10, 2009 - 12:02 PM

    Lol at Javed’s address!


    yeh that would be funny 😀

  304. #304 by Vanilla pod on May 10, 2009 - 3:48 PM


    thats interesting. zina sante could also mean ‘a holy quest’. zina is greek for quest or stranger and zante is italian and spanish for holy.

  305. #305 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 10, 2009 - 10:39 PM

    VP: I dunno about Italian or Spanish but, in French Sante is Health. Card de Sante, Health Card. Btw, Zina in Urdu is Rape. So, I dunno how you find it interesting? 😀 In the bottom line I wrote, rape and balatkaar.

  306. #306 by khansahab on May 11, 2009 - 11:14 AM


    I’ve also seen Star Trek. Absolutely magnificent film.

    One of the best of contemporary cinema and the best movie I have seen after the Oscar winning The Dark Knight.

  307. #307 by Vanilla pod on May 11, 2009 - 12:20 PM


    i meant u going to the fund raiser was interesting 😀 for khidmat-e-khalk

  308. #308 by Kaleem on May 11, 2009 - 5:24 PM

    Khansahab yaar what a comment, this abdul genius called someone kameena and your response was so fitting. abdul u are a kid and a loser, you should be on some idiot’s blog. you have been with these legslip guys for so long yet what have you learned?

    kuttey ki dum teri kyun rehti hai?

    haha your comment about my wife was so idiotic, FYI im not even married. chalo why am i even bothering with a dumb little puppoo?

  309. #309 by Kaleem on May 12, 2009 - 4:27 AM

    Sweetie I know the spellings of pedophile if you check my comment again I wrote it in inverted commas and that is exactly what Abdul wrote about me for no reason. He is afraid that I might do something bad to him which will actually be good for him. Besides what is the job of a kid on this adult blog? khansahab and Javed Khan you guys must add a warning before log-in that this is an adult blog and only people over 18 must log in, that way this kid will have to go on pinky shinky and minky’s blog and play with Barbie dolls.

  310. #310 by Aamir Iqbal on May 12, 2009 - 4:47 PM

    Kaleem haven’t u gt anything better to do rather than abuse people every time u visit LS ?


  311. #311 by Kaleem on May 12, 2009 - 6:01 PM

    Abdul Munnay you are the one who provoked me like you’ve provoked Javed Khan the other day and now you are acting like a cry baby. I was not writing on the blog for more than a month and you were missing me and twice you wrote about me and once you called me “pedo-file” for nothing why? Did I molest you or what? And do you confirm that you are underage? You first provoke people and try to make fun of them and when they screw you, you play the age and gender card. I ‘m still not sure if you are a girl or a boy, please tell us what you are?

    If you keep provoking me I can’t ignore you even if you don’t no one can ignore you so there is no point telling me to shut up. And my life is very organized no need to sort it out and for you washing my face is a petty thing I can even take a shower 4U, so tell me when? 🙂 You behave like a sissy!

  312. #312 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 12, 2009 - 6:17 PM

    LOL Kaleem @ legalizing that surname of Munnay for the kiddo. And, you are right that he provoke people for no reason and then act innocent.

    Abdul what I don’t understand is in one breath you call Kaleem an Abuser, a pedophile and then you also call him BUDDY. What is this? Is this a love HATE relationship with him or what? Your yes means no and, no means yes? Yae ADA tou sirf larkiyoun ko bhaa tee hai. Jaisay vo kehti hai, “Allahhh Raju, naheeee!!”

    Someone on this blog once posted a joke about a girl telling to her mother that she got laid by her boyfriend and the mother gets furious and asks her: “Didn’t I tell you that if he touches your privates you must say “Don’t” and, if he tries to screw you, you must say STOP. So, didn’t you tell him?” She said, yes mother I did but, it happened so fast that I said, “Don’t STOP”.

    I guess Abdul got the same instructions and implements them the same way like that girl, right? 😀

  313. #313 by Theossa on May 15, 2009 - 3:55 PM


    Stop abusing Abdul! Being young and surrounded by cougars like you and Munir sometime he feels threatened so his reactions are understandable. I’m sure a wise guy like Awas will understand it. Abdul is so right about your biased bashing of Wasim Akram and Mushtaq Ahmed, I’ve noticed that too. Since you cannot bowl in-swinging Yorkers and bouncers neither leg break googlies so you turned green against them. LOL

    Vanilla iPod

    You criticized Abdul for using foul language but yet you are completely silent when others are abusing him. Knowing you, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt that you might be a silent protestor. Btw that Star Trek movie was just an average movie, I don’t know how it blew you mind away. I think in the same category, Star Wars movies are much better and much more entertaining. Did I forget to tell you the latest ones have Natalie Portman in it? 😀 Wait for that new Terminator movie coming May 28, looks a good one. The only good movie I’ve seen this year was My Bloody Valentine (3D movie).


    I agree that most FPS games are mindless but so do are most role playing or character building games, you waste a lot of time tweaking your skills and then you do the same; Kill or blow someone or something 😀

    The games I listed above have a supreme game play, gorgeous graphics, and great entertainment. However games like Halo are not worth playing on PC because of the ease of control on the keyboard. Since I had to constantly upgrade my computer I gave up on PC games.

  314. #314 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 15, 2009 - 5:03 PM

    Theossa: you pedo-dido, I know why you are taking “Bachee” ka side? So, that you turn him against us and becomes his Godfather. Theek hai, theek hai. Btw, he is the one who provokes people and then he plays the gender card, I mean baccha card and acts like an innocent. I have told him and telling you too that I haven’t yet started abusing him, he is the one who tries to take a panga for no reason, he did that avec moi, kaleem et, khansahab. And, tell me yae “in-swinging” yorkers pay itna zore kion? 😀 And, no I am not green, I am Burple now.

  315. #315 by khansahab on May 16, 2009 - 5:24 PM


    You found Star Trek average? I think that is probably more to do with you being a Star Wars fan and most of them detesting any other form of science fiction.

    I don’t know much about Star Trek or Wars, but Star Trek is one of the best movies I have seen.

    It is voted no 68 in all time best movies on the Internet Movie Database, the world’s biggest movie website and it has received a 95% score on Rottentomatoes, the world’s biggest movie critics’ site. On Rottentomatoes it is difficult for a movie to get over 50%.

  316. #316 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 16, 2009 - 8:40 PM

    BF, lo mein phir agai! LOL

  317. #317 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 17, 2009 - 2:51 AM

    Vo bhooli daastaan ki terha tum phir vapis aagayeen? Your BF, I mean Khansahab ko shayeri nahee aati verna vo kehtay:

    Vo jahan bhee gaya, laota tou meray paas ayaa
    Bus yehi baat hai acchi meray hurr jayee ki.
    Uss nay khusboo ki terha meri pazee rayee ki…………..
    Koo ba koo phail gayee baat shana sayee ki….

  318. #318 by Aamir Iqbal on May 17, 2009 - 1:51 PM


  319. #319 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 17, 2009 - 5:05 PM

    Rani Abdul Mukerjee – Peechay say Aamir Iqbal,

    Perhaps your rear side is itching and you are waiting for khansahab to ban you from the blog. But, I am approving your comment for people to show the trailer of a new movie with a message that, when a slum dog raises his leg to pee on a fire hydrant it doesn’t mean “Rani Mukerjee Jawaan ho gayee, it means she is offering her C & A in a silver platter for every passerby to lift the lid and take a dip in it.

    Anyways, I am sorry if your face and your head looks like that, but its all your mother’s fault that she did nothing in changing the shape of the seeds that were planted 16 years and 9 months ago in her Andaam-e-Nahani which is unfortunately your “Matra-Bhoomi.” And now you see your face in the mirror and realize how you look like. Does it look so funny that you LOL each time after seeing it? The pleasure is Rani Mukerjee’s I guess.

    Faqt – One of your Naa-Jaiz Baaps!
    Also means, one of her unfaithful ‘s.

  320. #320 by khansahab on May 17, 2009 - 6:26 PM


    A wise man once quoted me this and I think it applies to your situation very well:

    “If you create a c*nt out of yourself, then you are going to be fu*ked….”

  321. #321 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 17, 2009 - 8:40 PM

    LOL @ BF .. That man must’ve been pissed haha Good one though.

  322. #322 by Kaleem on May 17, 2009 - 10:52 PM

    HAHAHAHAHAHA what a reply by Javed Khan and khansahab to Abdul.

    Since Abdul is asking for trouble let me tell him a joke and this must be a lesson for him.

    A big elephant was found dead in the jungle and a small lone wolf wanted to take a bite, but the elephant’s skin as so thick and tough that he couldn’t pierce his teeth innit and while trying every side, he reaches to the rear of the elephant and found the elephant’s ass a very convenient gateway and without even biting he was able to get inside it. Then he started to eat its internal organs and he ate so much that he slept inside the elephant’s tummy and by the time he woke up, due to the cold weather the elephant’s ass froze and shrunk and the wolf was trapped inside. So, he started shouting and screaming for help. There was a tiger outside he heard the wolf screaming inside the elephant and asked him whats the matter and how he got trapped inside? The wolf said, if you take me out, I will reveal you the secret of my life. The tiger in any case wanted to eat some juicy tender meat slashed open the elephant’s tummy. As soon as wolf came out, started running away, the tiger asked him ‘hey man what happened, why are you running away, don’t you wanna tell me the secret of your life?’ The wolf, without stopping replied: ‘boss yaad rakko apnay say baree bundh may kabhee nahee ghussna.’

    Abdul ayee samaj may?

  323. #323 by Mohammed Munir on May 18, 2009 - 6:38 AM

    LOL @ Kaleem Sahab …

    Bohat suitable Thee Hathi Ki ‘Kahani’

    It was a lesson for Hamari Abdul Rani

    Jawani Tu Hai Cheez Aani Aur Jaani

    Abdul Ko Par Shouq, Kay Hai Sub Say Marwani

    Javed Maarey Ga Abdul Ki, Wahan Jaa Kay

    Naan Millay Ga Jahan Piyaasay Ko Paani

  324. #324 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 18, 2009 - 2:51 PM

    LOL @ Kaleems’ joke. haha

  325. #325 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 18, 2009 - 2:52 PM

    Is it my browser or the look here has changed?

  326. #326 by Abdul on May 18, 2009 - 3:13 PM

    lovely 2 see u back kaleem. I wonder if we can meet face to face soon.

    I would also like to take this moment to raise a toast 2 u for being my best friend .

    Why don’t u tell us a bit more info about u and upload your pic so we can meet and exchange phone numbers !

  327. #327 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 18, 2009 - 7:13 PM

    Abdul, u do realize Kaleem is a guy? lol

  328. #328 by Kaleem on May 19, 2009 - 2:38 AM

    Abdul I am a guy and not a gay like you. But I am a shaoqiya laondaybaaz thats why I pry on you, it is like “tumhara pesha hamara shaoq.”

    I don’t understand why you like to be in the company of Khans and Pathans? e.g., Javed Khan, khansahab, theossa and now you have developed a new obsession with Yasir Hameed. I am not a Pathan I am a Shaikh. Shaikh Abdul Kaleem. L.B.

    Btw why do you want me to upload my photo? You are imagining that you will fantasize with my photo actually it will be your nightmare and if you see my picture you won’t be able to sleep well and if you are suffering from constipation you will get a diarrhea jisko Urdu may paysheesh kehtay hain. And it will become a chronic persistent dysentery and you will be loosing your Rozi. So if you want to remain in business you better give up the idea of seeing. I promise I always be behind you. Cross my Pants. XoXo

  329. #329 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 19, 2009 - 4:21 PM

    Oho Kaleem it is not “paysheesh” but “PayChish.” You too pronounce paychish like theossa, whats wrong with you guys? Like Seekh Kebabs have become Sheesh Kebabs because for some people (especially Gora and Arabs) pronouncing Seekh is difficult. Anyways on your Zaoq, Mughambo Khush hoa. 😀

  330. #330 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 19, 2009 - 6:57 PM

    Kaleem xoxo? Ure following in Abdul’s foot steps? lol Its a girl thing!

  331. #331 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 20, 2009 - 10:04 PM

    Kaleem, look what u’ve done! No one is here cuz u scared them hehe

  332. #332 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 21, 2009 - 12:19 AM

    Sweetie, you can see abdul is always there (check cricket page) despite all the flak he gets from Kaleem and he loves to take a panga with me, the irony is my comments in Urdu goes over his head. And, the English comments slips through the gate of his bat and pad and he loves that when he is clean bowled. Anyways, you should also see how much Omer Jhakki and Khansahab have talked about politics on cricket page. Its a kinda “Never-endum” debate.

  333. #333 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 21, 2009 - 2:57 PM

    (you should also see how much Omer Jhakki and Khansahab have talked about politics on cricket page. Its a kinda “Never-endum” debate) by Javed. .. Javed, i have no interest in politics. & BF, u can’t win the argument with Omer , cuz hes a jhaki LOL

  334. #334 by Mohammed Munir on May 21, 2009 - 5:08 PM

    Yeah right, I agree with Sweetie 😉

    BTW, I don’t understand why Khansahab have removed Politics pages? And if he did, then they should not discuss politics on a Cricket page, right ?

  335. #335 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 21, 2009 - 5:36 PM

    Sweetie, between the lines they discuss about the “Polish Girl” a few aunties like Bellucci and Rani Abdul Mukerjee etc. So, browse and skim through that – not now – but in future. 😀


    He is kinda afraid to discuss that in a serious manner that is why he discusses it so lightly 😀

  336. #336 by Mohammed Munir on May 21, 2009 - 5:46 PM

    Javed Khan …

    I know, he is in London isn’t he ? 😉

    And so is the ‘Boss’ 😆

  337. #337 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 21, 2009 - 6:21 PM

    Who’s the boss?

  338. #338 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 21, 2009 - 7:13 PM

    Sweetie, he is talking about khansahab and Awas.

  339. #339 by Mohammed Munir on May 25, 2009 - 6:40 AM

    This is an old email and many of you may have read it, but it is always fun to re-read it 😉

    See, how many Indians write their leave applications. It’s really a murder of English language.

    – Infosys, Bangalore: An employee applied for leave as follows:
    “Since I have to go to my village to sell my land along with my wife, please sanction me one-week leave.”

    – This is from Oracle Bangalore: From an employee who was performing the “mundan” ceremony of his 10 year old son:
    “As I want to shave my son’s head, please leave me for two days..”

    – Another gem from CDAC: Leave – letter from an employee who was performing his daughter’s wedding:
    “As I am marrying my daughter , please grant a week’s leave..”

    – From H.A.L. Administration Dept:
    “As my mother-in-law has expired and I am only one responsible for it , please grant me 10 days leave.”

    – Another employee applied for half day leave as follows:
    “Since I’ve to go to the cremation ground at 10 O’ clock and I may not return, please grant me half day casual leave.”

    – An incident of a leave letter:
    “I am suffering from fever, please declare one-day holiday.”

    – A leave letter to the headmaster:
    “As I am studying in this school I am suffering from headache. I request you to leave me today.”

    – Another leave letter written to the headmaster:
    “As my headache is paining , please grant me leave for the day.”

    – Covering note:
    “I am enclosed herewith…”

    – Another one:
    “Dear Sir: with reference to the above , please refer to my below…”

    – Actual letter written for application of leave:
    “My wife is suffering from sickness and as I am her only husband at home I may be granted leave”.

    – Letter writing:-
    “I am well here and hope you are also in the same well.”

    – A candidate’s job application:
    “This has reference to your advertisement calling for a ‘ Typist and an Accountant – Male or Female’… As I am both(!! )for the past several years and I can handle both with good experience , I am applying for the post.

    PS: It seems our friend, Theossa, is also on some kind of long leave these days 😉

  340. #340 by Mohammed Munir on May 25, 2009 - 8:18 AM

    Love is holding hands in the street.
    Marriage is holding arguments in the street.

    Love is a dinner for 2 in your favorite restaurant.
    Marriage is a take home packet.

    Love is cuddling on a sofa.
    Marriage is one of them sleeping on a sofa.

    Love is talking about having children.
    Marriage is talking about getting away from children.

    Love is going to bed early.
    Marriage is going to sleep early.

    Love is a romantic drive.
    Marriage is arrive on tops curvy tarmac.

    Love is losing your appetite.
    Marriage is losing your figure.

    Love is sweet nothing in the ear.
    Marriage is sweet nothing in the bank.

    TV has no place in love.
    Marriage is a fight for remote control.

    Love is 1 drink and 2 straws.
    Marriage is “Don’t you think you’ve had enough!”.


    “Love is blind, Marriage is an eye opener!!!” 😆

  341. #341 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 25, 2009 - 3:00 PM

    Lol.. Good ones Muneer.

    But says who marriage is losing ure figure?

  342. #342 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 25, 2009 - 7:22 PM

    Munir: About the jokes that you quote sometimes, I have to say one thing.

    In Dubai, you must have also seen the Mull-Loo’s fashion, their dress, the shoes, their hairstyle etc. In 1970 we saw Bell Bottom Pants, Clogs, long hair and now in Dubai we see the Mull-Loos wearing them and keeping long hair, upon inquiring they say this is the height of fashion these days. They also wear, tight safari suit style bush-shirts showing their pot-bellies, in other words, Paris to Trivandrum fashion ko pahonchnay may 40 saal lagtay hain. 😀 Other than this I am not going to elaborate any further.

  343. #343 by Mohammed Munir on May 26, 2009 - 4:06 AM

    Sweetie …

    It’s ‘Munir’ and NOT ‘Muneer’ 🙂

    Otherwise I will remind you of that thing called ‘Muneer’ 😉

  344. #344 by Mohammed Munir on May 26, 2009 - 7:39 AM

    Javed Khan …

    You sure have a very good ‘Mushaahida’ (observation). So good is it that you can very well ‘observe’ something in Dubai sitting right over there in Canada 😉

    And you also have good skills of explaining and presenting your ‘Mushaahida’. BTW, this word Mushaahida can be used as a female name, and also a nick name for Mushaahid Hussain 😉

    Mallus are always at the receiving end of things here in UAE and I guess at most places worldwide. They are ‘Piyaaray Log’ very humble, polite, and meesnay and they mostly work ‘underground’ with their politics. We have so many of them here in UAE and they are very successful with their subservient and obedient nature and most peoples always like to deal with them.

    I think you must would have heard about their ‘Lungi’ which they wrap around their legs as an open trouser and sometime they fold it up their legs to make it double- layered when their naked legs are visible. Moin Akhter once said that Mallu’s ‘Lungi’ works as a ‘weather report indicator’, as the hotter the weather the higher up is the Lungi.

  345. #345 by Mohammed Munir on May 26, 2009 - 7:41 AM

    The Great Sardars ……….. a few new ones 😆

    Sardar: My mobile bill how much?
    Call Centre Girl: Sir, just dial 123 to know current bill status.
    Sardar: Oye Stupid, not CURRENT BILL my MOBILE BILL. (current – electricity)

    Sardar: I think that this girl is deaf.
    Friend: How do u know?
    Sardar: I told her, ‘I Love You’, but she said her chappals are new.

    Teacher: Which is the oldest animal in world?
    Sardar: ZEBRA
    Teacher: How?
    Sardar: Because it is ‘Black & White’.

    Sardar to his Teacher: Miss, did you call me on my mobile?
    Teacher: Me? No, why?
    Sardar: Yesterday I saw a message in my mobile – “1 Miss Call”.

    Judge: Don’t you have shame? It is the third time you are coming to this Court.
    Sardar to judge: You are coming to this Court daily, do you have shame?

    Question: “Should Women have Children after 35?”
    Smart Sardar Replied: “No”! 35 Children are more than enough!!”

    Teacher: What is difference between Orange and Apple?
    Sardar: Color of Orange is orange, but color of Apple is not APPLE.

    Sardar attending an interview in Software Company.
    Manager: Do you know MS Office?
    Sardar: If you give me the address I will go there sir.

    Sardar in airplane going to Bombay ….. While its landing he shouted: “Bombay … Bombay”
    Air hostess said: “B silent.”
    Sardar: “Ok. Ombay. Ombay”

    Sardar got a sms from his girl friend: “I MISS YOU”
    Sardarji replied: “I Mr YOU” !!

    Sardar: Doctor! My Son swallowed a key
    Doctor: Oh, When?
    Sardar: Three months ago.
    Dr: What were you doing till now?
    Sardar: We were using duplicate key.

    Why A Sardar opens his lunch box in the middle of the road???
    Just to confirm whether he is going to … or coming back from the office.

    After finishing MBBS, a Sardar started his practice. He checked first patient’s Eyes, Tongue and Ears and finallly said, Yes, the Torch is working okay.”

  346. #346 by Mohammed Munir on May 26, 2009 - 7:43 AM

    And now something serious ……

    Golden Thoughts ………

     Write your sad times in sand; write your good times in stone.

     The happiest people do not necessarily have the best of all; they simply appreciate what they find on their way.

     Without your involvement, you cannot succeed; without your involvement, you cannot fail.

     Believing everybody is dangerous; believing no body is very dangerous.

     By the time a man realizes what his father said was correct, he himself has a son who thinks he is wrong.

     Don’t say you don’t have enough time; you have exactly the same number of hours per day that were given to Helen Keller, Louis Pasteur, Michelangelo, Mother Teresa, Leonardo da Vinci, Thomas Jefferson and Albert enstein.

     The time to be happy is now.
    The place to be happy is here.
    The way to be happy is to make others so.

  347. #347 by Theossa on May 26, 2009 - 3:53 PM

    Watched that Transformers movie for the 5th time yesterday. Now that’s how a Sci Fi movie should be made, you Star Trek suckers! What a movie, reminds me of my childhood when I would watch Transformers cartoon, Optimus Prime & company with fascination. It will be fair to say that in the movie I was more fascinated by the smoking hot Meagan Fox. She is just a beauty though and her acting skills are not that polished but she makes up for that in a lot of ways, if you know what I’m talking about 😀 She is definitely catching up with Natalie and who is going to blame me for that? That kid Shia LaBeouf is a darn good actor. I can’t wait for the 2nd installment coming this summer. I hope it’s leaked on internet just like Wolverine.

  348. #348 by khansahab on May 26, 2009 - 3:58 PM


    When I was 14 an “uncle” told me something about a Bollywood actress. He said, “Ey kuri soni nahi, ey kuri sexy hai”.

    That’s how I see Megan Fox. Not a pretty face, but very bold and sexual. She has also admitted to being a bisexual from a very young age.

  349. #349 by Theossa on May 26, 2009 - 4:03 PM


    Now you have ignited my fantasy of Meagan Fox and Natalie Portman making out while I intervene just before the climax 😀

  350. #350 by Theossa on May 26, 2009 - 4:47 PM


    Not when Theossa takes on both Natalie and Meagan, the dream threesome 😀 The other one would be when Javed takes on two midgets.

  351. #351 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 26, 2009 - 5:08 PM

    Lol @ Bf & Theo, Javed and his midgets… what a sight! lol

  352. #352 by Theossa on May 26, 2009 - 6:03 PM

    Witch from MO

    Why do you find Javed taking on two midgets funny? Midgets are supposed to be within his reach, LOL.

  353. #353 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 26, 2009 - 6:15 PM

    LOL Theo, that’s what makes it funny . hehehe

  354. #354 by Theossa on May 26, 2009 - 6:40 PM

    Sweetie, I gotta go but you can enjoy Javed’s retort and his boastings, LOL. Have a nice day.

  355. #355 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 26, 2009 - 6:56 PM

    U too Theo.

  356. #356 by Mohammed Munir on May 26, 2009 - 7:28 PM


    You said, “When I was 14 an “uncle” told me something about a Bollywood actress. He said, “Ey kuri soni nahi, ey kuri sexy hai”.

    I hope that “uncle” was not a ‘pedo-dido’ trying his luck with a cute teenager 😉

  357. #357 by khansahab on May 26, 2009 - 7:39 PM

    Munir sahab

    The teenager was not cute. So the uncle did not try his luck with him 😉

  358. #358 by Awas on May 26, 2009 - 8:46 PM


    Midgets are supposed to be within his reach, LOL

    You have ignited Javed’s imagination and may have touched his raw nerve…you do like to play with fire, don’t you 🙂 …be prepared to get a mouthful…you are in trouble man… Javed is not gonna spare Sweetie either…Lol

  359. #359 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 26, 2009 - 10:52 PM

    Nah Awas, Javed woont mess with me! hehe

  360. #360 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 27, 2009 - 2:00 AM

    Hey guys

    I have been very busy for the past 3-4 days and I haven’t been able to understand that midget joke, in what context it is being discussed here? Sweetie, what makes you so confident that I won’t mess with you?


    If you don’t know in what context it is being talked about, I will stay cool like a cucumber. 😀

  361. #361 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 27, 2009 - 3:54 AM

    Javed, cuz u can’t !! muahaha

  362. #362 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 27, 2009 - 11:40 PM

    This guy Damien Walters is crazy. If you have not seen him in action, just watch this 3 minute video, you won”t regret.

  363. #363 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 28, 2009 - 1:57 AM

    Here is one for Theo & Co.

    Husband: Aaj mai teray kaan ich keranga !
    Wife: O’ nai baba nai
    Husband: Kion?
    Wife: Menu Behree nai hona aye.
    Husband: Tu aaj tak kadi Goongi hoi? 😀

  364. #364 by Mohammed Munir on May 28, 2009 - 3:51 AM

    LOL @ Joyful and Jovial Javed’s Jolly Joke 😉

  365. #365 by Theossa on May 28, 2009 - 11:59 AM

    Javed @ 409

    LOL, but not further comments.

  366. #366 by khansahab on May 28, 2009 - 12:05 PM

    Javed A Khan

    LOL @ that joke which I managed to understand.

    One observation is, why are all sex jokes in Punjabi?

  367. #367 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 28, 2009 - 3:10 PM


    Shukar hai tenu samaj ayee! On your question: why all sex jokes are in Punjabi? Bakaoz according to Punjabis it is such a rich language “jis di har gull day 2 manay honday” when someone asked, “cudd kay dikhao” the reply was, chadd dayO inna we 2 manay honday. Urdu may issay Zoo Manay Baat kehtay hain. And, Punjabis think Angrezi wala Zoo. 😉 Baat yae hai bhai jaan sex kay alawa una noo samajh hee kuch nai aanda. That is why they discuss it so openly. 😉

  368. #368 by Theossa on May 29, 2009 - 12:42 PM


    Just look at what is written against Punjabis on this blog by Akhroats!

    Javed wrote above, ”Baat yae hai bhai jaan sex kay alawa Punjabian noo samajh hee kuch nai aanda”

    If it was against Pathans, all hell would break lose but I guess minority has a right to abuse against majority. It’s time to switch mood from Polite Awas to Wehshi Gujjar and give’m a fist.

    Jaag Punjabi jag
    Teri pug non lug gai aag

  369. #369 by Awas on May 29, 2009 - 1:10 PM


    I had missed that comment.

    What…Oh my Gosh!!!

    Never mind…let them have their fun. Who? It’s anyone’s guess!!!


    Maula Jutt

  370. #370 by Theossa on May 29, 2009 - 1:47 PM

    In the loving memory of late Vanilla iPod, DRC, and Sweetie


    Rules for Women

    We always hear “the rules” from the female side. Now here are the rules from the male side.
    1. Learn to work the toilet seat. You’re a big girl. If it’s up, put it down. We need it up, you need it down. You don’t hear us griping about you leaving it down.

    2. Birthdays, Valentines, and Anniversaries are not quests to see if we can find the perfect present yet again!

    3. Sometimes we are not thinking about you. Live with it.

    4. Sunday = sports. It’s like the full moon or the changing of the tides. Let it be.

    5. Don’t cut your hair. Ever. Long hair is always more attractive than short hair. One of the big reasons guys fear getting married is that married women always cut their hair, and by then you’re stuck with her.

    6. Shopping is NOT a sport. And no, we are never going to think of it that way.

    7. Crying is blackmail.

    8. Ask for what you want. Let us be clear on this one: Subtle hints do not work! Strong hints do not work! Obvious hints do not work! Just say it!

    9. We don’t remember dates. Mark birthdays and anniversaries on a calendar. Remind us frequently beforehand.

    10. Most guys own three pairs of shoes – tops. What makes you think we’d be any good at choosing which pair, out of thirty,
    would look good with your dress?

    11. Yes and No are perfectly acceptable answers to almost every question.

    12. Come to us with a problem only if you want help solving it. That’s what we do. Sympathy is what your girlfriends are for.

    13. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.

    14. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days.

    15. If you think you’re fat, you probably are. Don’t ask us. We refuse to answer.

    16. If something we said can be interpreted two ways, and one of the ways makes you sad or angry, we meant the other one.

    17. You can either ask us to do something or tell us how you want it done. Not both. If you already know best how to do it, just do it yourself.

    18. Whenever possible, please say whatever you have to say during commercials.

    19. Christopher Columbus did not need directions, and neither do we.

    20. The relationship is never going to be like it was the first two months we were going out. Get over it. And quit whining to your girlfriends.

    21. ALL men see in only 16 colors, like Windows default settings. Peach, for example, is a fruit, not a color. Pumpkin is also a fruit. We have no idea what mauve is.

    22. If it itches, it will be scratched. We do that.

    23. We are not mind readers and we never will be. Our lack of mind-reading ability is not proof of how little we care about you.

    24. If we ask what is wrong and you say “nothing,” we will act like nothing’s wrong. We know you are lying, but it is just not worth the hassle.

    25. If you ask a question you don’t want an answer to, expect an answer you don’t want to hear.

    26. When we have to go somewhere, absolutely anything you wear is fine. Really.

    27. Don’t ask us what we’re thinking about unless you are prepared to discuss such topics as hunting, fishing, the shotgun formation, or monster trucks.

    28. You have enough clothes.

    29. You have too many shoes.

    30. Foreign films are best left to foreigners. (Unless it’s Bruce Lee or some war flick where it doesn’t really matter what they’re saying anyway.)

    31. It is neither in your best interest or ours to take the quiz together. No, it doesn’t matter which quiz.

    32. I am in shape. ROUND is a shape.

    33. Thank you for reading this; Yes, I know, I have to sleep on the couch tonight, but did you know we really don’t mind that, it’s like camping 🙂

  371. #371 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 3:11 PM

    Theossa; but isn’t it true that all dirty jokes are in Punjabi? 😀 Secondly, no one answered me about why a Punjaban is so keen to dance and why the Punjabis want a Punjaban to dance? Lemme write a few songs.

    Nach Punjaban Naaach
    Nach lay Nach lay….
    Lemme think of a few more later but is this not enough? Not high enough to fly like an Aqaab

    Tundi-e-baad-e-mukhalif say na ghabra aye Aqaab
    Yae tou chalti hai tujhay Ooncha Urranay kay liyeh

    After hearing the first misra …Tundi-e-baad-e-mukhalif say na ghabra aye Aqaab

    The Punjaban gets up and says:

    Menu Khota Kalee Karado, mai Nuchaan Saari Raat. 😀

    LOL @ Awas acting like Sultan Rahi, Maula Jatt.

    Best song of Maula Jatt

    Nashay di yae Botlain
    ……… he is referring to the Punjaban’s cleavage. LOL @ Botlaan di Tharrak.

  372. #372 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 3:13 PM

    Theossa, I remember reading these rules with photographs such as the toilet seat is chained and locked. The pear shape and the round shape bums 😉 That is more hilarious than just words.

  373. #373 by Mohammed Munir on May 29, 2009 - 4:09 PM

    Javed Khan …

    Dance and Naach is not associated with Punjabis only, don’t you know the ‘Khattak’ are famous for their ‘Khattak Dance’.

    There is a saying that even if you tie a Khattk donw with ropes and play a Khattak beat (music), he will dance while being tied 😉

  374. #374 by Awas on May 29, 2009 - 4:20 PM


    Not only that Javed must have forgotten, whilst unprovoked mischief making against good people, 🙂 that other than English naughty jokes, many Hindi/Urdu jokes have been posted here before.

  375. #375 by Mohammed Munir on May 29, 2009 - 4:22 PM

    Theo’s rules …

    I have read them earlier too, but they are always funny to re-read.

    I think there were w few more too, and I remember one:

    – Breasts are for staring and they will be starred at. No it is not rude 😉

  376. #376 by Theossa on May 29, 2009 - 4:41 PM


    LOL, very true, we Khattaks just can’t help it. Just for the readers info there is more to Khattaks than Khattak Dance; they are the most educated and the most accomplished of all Pushtoon Tribes.

    I was trying to be considerate towards women and children on this blog by not posting that universal truth about breasts 🙂

  377. #377 by Mohammed Munir on May 29, 2009 - 5:04 PM

    Theossa …

    Yes I agree with you about Khattaks being the educated and accomplished Pushtoons. We have several Khattak relatives and they are all successful in their own ways, but they all dance well 😉

  378. #378 by Theossa on May 29, 2009 - 5:12 PM


    You do know that women associate good dance with good s*x, it’s a win win situation for Khattaks 🙂

  379. #379 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 29, 2009 - 5:21 PM

    Theo, here’s what i think

    13. A headache that lasts for 17 months is a problem. See a doctor.
    Well, if it’s the guy ure married to caused it , then ure screwed!

    14. Anything we said 6 months ago is inadmissible in an argument. In fact, all comments become null and void after 7 days.
    Hmm… it means u men bullshit!

    Munir, Breasts are for staring and they will be starred at. No it is not rude 😉
    Ok, but dont get upset when u get slapped! hahaha

  380. #380 by Mohammed Munir on May 29, 2009 - 5:23 PM

    LOL @ Theossa.

    I never knew it, although I can understand what you mean.

  381. #381 by Theossa on May 29, 2009 - 6:16 PM


    I think what Munir meant by, “Breasts are for staring and they will be starred at. No it is not rude” is hers breasts so women should not have an objection to that 🙂

    @ your quote, it means u men bullshit!

    hehe, quite often actually, read all Javed Aasman Khan Afridi’s posts on LS for your reference 😀

  382. #382 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:19 PM

    I was sure Sweetie will respond to those comments:
    Theo ” Marriage is a beautiful thing if one don’t marry a bitch..” followed by Munir’s “No one marries a ‘bitch’, but it’s just that they all end up tranforming into one “


    Theo, if one marries a bitch then he is a real Ch2yum Sulfate and deserves a bitch.

    Munir, I think you blabbed it out without thinking. From other perspective the so-called bitch could also be a mother, sister, daughter and not just a wife. So, stop wife bashing. And, if you are fed up with her it could also be possible that you are mentally and intellectually not up to her standard and may find an excuse that physically your needs are not satisfied, then you are allowed to keep 4 at a time. Do that if you can afford. Jo log ek BV rekh ker lungi may hotay hain vo 4 kay sath tou Undrie may bhee nahee balkay Alif nungay hongay! 😀

    From Sweetie’s point of view, a guy could also be a bitch or turn into a proverbial bitch or a queer. There are two expressions; one is in salees Urdu, “Taali ek hath say nahee bajti.” And, the second one is truck kay pichay likha hota hai, “naseeb apna apna.” 😀 Both are correct.

  383. #383 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 29, 2009 - 6:19 PM

    haha Theo, one of these days Javed is going to kill u!!

  384. #384 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 29, 2009 - 6:22 PM

    :shocked: Javed this is coming from u? Ajh Jummay ki namaz perhi ya Khutba suna tha? HAHA

  385. #385 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:24 PM

    Sweetie, I ain’t going to kill him, I will let him knee deep into that poop and I will ask him to roll over and take a dip in it and enjoy it. 😀 Some people love to dive in it, Hamara Shaoq Poopna, Theo ka Pesha uss may dupki lagana. Jao tusi ayesh kero.

  386. #386 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:25 PM

    Btw, breasts are not meant for staring only. Those who limit themselves to staring at breasts are actually incompetent and underachievers 😀

  387. #387 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:28 PM

    Jummay ki namaaz bhee parhee aur Khutba bhee suna laikin samajh kuch na aya. 😀

    Awas you forgot the apostrophe in La’hore 😀

  388. #388 by Theossa on May 29, 2009 - 6:30 PM

    Javed @ 431

    Speaking of Bullshit aap ne phir chuddee gundee kerde? Jawo jaaker diaper budlo. 😀

    Dil pe mut le yaar, ub to aagaye bahaar.

  389. #389 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:33 PM

    Theossa hum Dil pay kuch nahee laytay gurdaon par lay tay hain … hugga kerna hamara shaoq tou saaf kerna tumhara pesha 😉 Btw, this is also an expression tou tum bhee serious na ho kaam ko kaam ki terha kero. 😀


    Aur agar serious hota tou baqaol-e-Sweetie, I would have killed you. 😀

  390. #390 by Awas on May 29, 2009 - 6:34 PM


    if one marries a bitch then he is a real Ch2yum Sulfate and deserves a bitch”.

    “naseeb apna apna.”

    When one gets marries off, yeah its all “naseeb apna apna.” not a “deserves” thing.


    Lol @ “Ajh Jummay ki namaz perhi ya Khutba suna tha”?

  391. #391 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:36 PM


    sorry if that was a case sensitive comment from me, I didn’t realize kay tum bhee vaqt kay maray hovay ho 😀

    You deserve better “Go marry another bitch.” LOL.

  392. #392 by Theossa on May 29, 2009 - 6:38 PM


    Khutba to kub ka kafoor hogaya, aagaya Javed upni asliat pe. Watch his changing attitude from comment# 428 and so on, LOL.

  393. #393 by Awas on May 29, 2009 - 6:38 PM


    You got a better one in mind 🙂 I would rather be celibate 😀

  394. #394 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:39 PM

    Sweetie, tum Jummay ko kya kerti ho? Farhat Hashmi ka tape sunti ho ya Altaf Bhai ka Khutba? 😀

  395. #395 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:40 PM

    Theossa you are spot on, Jumma tou kab ka ho chuka, mai tou Hajj kay 4 din baad phir vohi rind ka rind reha

  396. #396 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 29, 2009 - 6:42 PM

    Neither. & Altaf hoga ure bhai! yuck!!
    Couple of days back on Fridays i used to dread Sat & sun. Now those days are gone MUAHAHAHA

  397. #397 by Awas on May 29, 2009 - 6:42 PM


    Sweetie was right Jumma Din is gonna kill you 🙂 I bet he didn’t go to Masjid today…ended up in Punjabis Mehfil

  398. #398 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:42 PM

    Masjid tou banadi shab bhar may
    Eemaan ki hararat valaon nay
    Mun tou purana papi hai
    Barsaon may namazi bun na saka

  399. #399 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 29, 2009 - 6:42 PM

    Javed, which rind are u, Lemon or orange? hehehe

  400. #400 by Theossa on May 29, 2009 - 6:43 PM

    Time to leave for home, have a nice weekend guys.

  401. #401 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:44 PM

    Sweetie, angrezi wala rind nahee Urdu wala, thats why I wrote that sher………….. Rind = Papi

    Raat ko mai pee
    Subha ko Taoba kee
    Rind kay Rind rehay
    Hath say Junnat bhee na gayee

    By Jannat I am not referring to Paradise, but doosri Junnat 😀

  402. #402 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:45 PM

    Theossa has just picked up his Loaded Baalti and is on the way to his dump site. 😀

  403. #403 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:46 PM

    Aur Raastay may Natalie Khana milay gaa vaheen dump ker jai ga. 😀

  404. #404 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 29, 2009 - 6:47 PM

    Javed, what were u doing there? lol

  405. #405 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:49 PM

    Awas, ek tou mai Jummay Ko Jumma namaaz perhta hoon aur tum uss per bhee shuk kertay ho? Buri baat, Punjabioun ki mehfil may tou may roze hee hota hai, Vah kya Mujra hota hai vahaan… Subhan teri Mehfil. 😀

  406. #406 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:51 PM

    Javed, what were u doing there? lol..…..sweetie

    I was trying to understand the khutba because the regular Imam is on vacation and this new guy is a Gippo, I mean Egyptian and his accent plus his voice were kinda difficult to understand especially when they keep using the word Haagaa, Haagaa….. or Haajat for need. 😀 So, what else do you have on your mind?

  407. #407 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 29, 2009 - 6:53 PM

    Mujhay pata hai jab mai full form may hota hoon tou Theo dum daba ker bhaag jaata hai.

    Theo ki dum may dhaagaa
    Vo dum daba kay bhaagaa

    LOL…. it was kinda Khattak dance vs. Afridi kay sixes.

  408. #408 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 29, 2009 - 7:17 PM

    My mind? it was a simple question, unless u got something else that ure not telling us hehehe

  409. #409 by Mohammed Munir on May 29, 2009 - 7:24 PM

    Javed Khan …

    Bhai Sahab, Jummay Ki Namaz Mein Kissi Sey Larraai Tu Nahin Hoi Kaheen ??

    Aap Buhat Naraaz Lagtay Hain 😦

    Ukhhray Ukhhray Meray Sarkaar Nazar Aatay Hain 😉

  410. #410 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on May 29, 2009 - 10:37 PM


  411. #411 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 30, 2009 - 3:22 AM

    Munir: In every message (written after that Jumma prayers) I am showing my 32C and even then you think I am ukhra ukhra? I want to make it clear for you my friend, even in my real life I am always smiling and people always ask me, are you ever serious? And, this is just a blog.

    Well, that is another thing that sometimes I show my frustration towards the system in which people like Ijaz Butt are screwing the PCB or Zardari, Nawaz Shareef etc. are looting the country. But, when I am discussing, chatting or debating I am seldom serious. With the flick of a mouse everything disappears:

    Aur bhee dukh hain zamanay may mohabat (iss blog) kay sivaa
    Raahatain aur bhee Vasl ki Rahat kay sivaa ….

    Btw, you did not mention whether you are familiar with the name Zain in Dubai or not? Your kid brother who plays for the UAE team knows him very well. And your boss too.

  412. #412 by opinion786 on May 30, 2009 - 3:18 PM

    As Salam Eleikum,
    Where have the pages related to Politics gone? I’m not sure if this news has been pasted earlier or not? The story as narrated by Afia Siddiqui’s 1st husband, which details how much eager she always had been to go on Jihad, be it Bosnia or Aghan. Honestly, I never appreciate a personal life (especially marriage) being discussed openly, but as this matter has gripped the nation over the last 1-2 years, hence sharing here.

    Part-1 http://ummatpublications.com/2009/05/22/story4.html

    Best Regards!

  413. #413 by JAVED A. KHAN on May 30, 2009 - 5:26 PM

    Mirza Royal Baig, welcome to the blog again. Since the last 3-4 days “Bhoolay Bisray Log Pir Say Vapis Aa rehay hain Blog per.” Good to see you. Yeah, the main politics page was removed but we discuss politics gaahay Maahay on these pages, may be we will create a desi palticks page. 😀

    Take care, Oh, btw all those URLs are in Urdu, aur ab Urdu parhnay ki speed itni slow ho gayee kay Shoaib Akhtar ki bowling bhee iss say fast hai. Anyways thanks for it, kisi vaqt fursat say parhenge.

  414. #414 by Mohammed Munir on June 1, 2009 - 3:45 PM

    Where are the LS Cheer-girlies 😉

  415. #415 by Awas on June 2, 2009 - 3:44 PM

    relatively depressed Awas”. Its VERY.


  416. #416 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 2, 2009 - 3:48 PM

    Awas: kion bhai, iss Recession may tumhay DEPRESSION KION? And what is VERY? Mujhay dekho 😀

    Hujoom-e-ghum meri fitrat badal nahee sakta
    Karoon mai kya meri aadat hai muskuranay ki 🙂

  417. #417 by Theossa on June 2, 2009 - 3:55 PM


    Kis kis ko yaad keejiye kis kis ko royee
    Aaram bade cheez hai, monh dhuk ke sowye

  418. #418 by Theossa on June 2, 2009 - 3:58 PM


    Hujoom-e-ghum meri fitrat badal nahee sakta
    Karoon mai kya meri aadat hai muskuranay ki

    You sound like Younis Khan here 🙂

  419. #419 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 2, 2009 - 4:00 PM

    Shaadi ke baad BV kaisay badalti hai? Zara ghaur farmaiyeh.

    1st year: honey what would you like to eat today? Anything special on your mind?
    2nd year: honey the food is ready, should I serve?
    3rd year: The food is ready, tell me whenever you are ready?
    4th year. The food is in the kitchen I am going shopping, nails, hairdresser appointment, you take out and eat whenever.
    5th year: I am telling you I am not going to make any dinner today, go and eat your usual canned TUNA, yeah the same stuff you eat for every lunch.
    6th year: Why do you always ask for dinner, didn’t you eat that Tuna sandwich for lunch today? If you are so hungry cook your own dinner, I am going out to eat Italian food at a restaurant with my friends.
    7th year: When you come home make some dinner for me as well for now and ever. 😀

    Your turn to add……. I am sure you will be more creative. 😀

  420. #420 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 2, 2009 - 4:06 PM

    You sound like Younis Khan here

    Theo, ishq andhaa hota hai, and you are in Younus’s ishq.

    Ek hee ho gaye chehray saaray
    Kay hur shaqs nazar aata hai Younus mujh ko

    on kis kis ko yaad keejiye kis kis ko royee yae

    Kaon rota hai aye dost, aur kis kay liyeh?
    Sab ko apni hee kisi baat pay rona aya

    Baat nikli hai tou har baat pay rona aya

  421. #421 by Theossa on June 2, 2009 - 4:28 PM

    Javed @ 467

    Lunch time for me now!

    LOL, Bhi kion mere taangien marorota hai.

    Baat to such hai muggar baat hai ruswai kee 🙂

    No seriously, most American meals are simple to make and I understand why. It’s the fast paced life style where everything should be prepared quickly and served quickly. Like in summer most local folks here spend time outdoors contrary to desi folks back home taking naps after drinking lussi or eating yogurt with lunch. It’s the extreme heat for most people without AC units that makes summer noons unbearable. Here summers are mild and pleasant so people work outdoor to renovate their homes and gardens or simply enjoying outdoor sports. Even winters are spent skiing, snowboarding skating, fishing etc.

    Well, even in 4th year of marriage, I’m somewhere in the 1st and 2nd year phase of what you have described depending if it’s a pay day or not 🙂

  422. #422 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 2, 2009 - 4:53 PM

    Yes, you are right theossa, most desi’s do that. But, somehow our whole family is not like that, we all indulge in a lot outdoor activities throughout the year. Going out fishing, camping, bbq-ing, trekking, skiing, tobogganing and 4×4 off road driving in cross country XC-70.

    Last year I got rid of the swimming pool in the backyard, because we have July and then we have winter. So, this year there is so much work to do already I’ve spent a lot of time, filling up the pool area with sand, soil and seeds and already there is good green, fresh lawn. Also, had to do a lot of digging all around making flowerbeds and planting perennials such as roses, dahlias, tulips, lilies, iris and annuals like petunias, begonias, Pansies etc.

    Even remodeled the patio and cleaned it using water jet faucet and now have to paint it. The cherries have already bloomed and fruit is on the branches, after that it will be mulberry (shahtoot) in the front lawn. Every year I think of plucking the mulberry to make jam but, its too much work. Plucking the cherries is easy but, not mulberry. My charcoal BBQ pit and smoker is under the maple tree and its fun during this time of the year till late September. This year Ramadan is starting from August 22nd so a lot of the BBQ events will have to be put aside. 😦

  423. #423 by Awas on June 2, 2009 - 4:57 PM

    @ 464 and 465

    A wise guy once said:

    It takes a minute to like someone, and hour to love someone, but to forget someone takes a lifetime.

  424. #424 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 2, 2009 - 5:00 PM

    Awas: Seems like that person is also in the same boat as you and singing:

    Vaqt nay kiya, kya haseen situm
    Tum rehay na tum, hum rehay na hum

  425. #425 by Theossa on June 2, 2009 - 5:16 PM


    I was talking about desis back home. Here, most desis are taking care of their families or busy competing with one another to make more money or buy more property so I don’t think of their lives as pleasant. Good to know that you have vision in front of your eyes and you value importance of nicely spent leisure time. Really, we only live once so why not make the most of it otherwise it would be like that Urdu phrase:

    Kabhi Khalil mian bhe Faakhta udaya kerte the


    To forget about a lost love there are two very good options, either find another love or join the Army 🙂 I’ve been one of those guys who like to be loved and wanted rather than want or love someone so I never lost sleep on a chick.

    Aor bhe ghum hain zamane mien mohabbat ke sewa
    Misaal ke toar per Hunting, Fishing, Golfing, aor Tennis

    P.S. Hunting, Fishing, Golfing, Tennis, Videogames are more interesting than these nagging girls, no disrespect intended 😀

  426. #426 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 2, 2009 - 5:23 PM

    Aur bhee ghum hain zamanay may mohabat ka siva
    Rahtain aur bhee vasl ki raat kay siva
    Mujh say pehlay say parathay meri mehbooba na maang 😉

    Theo, Khalil miyaan nahee Khaleel Khan faaqtay uraya kertay thay…..

    I always say that when you say poetry, which I believe is a spontaneous outflow of emotions recollected in tranquility, ya shayeri zindagi ki tafseer hai aur is tafseer ya turjumani may “juzbaat aur taqaiyull.” dono ka maojood hona zaroori hai. Laikin tum jub shayeri kertay ho tou juzbaat kay totay urra detay ho taqaiyull kay khaleel khan faqtay urra tay hain.

  427. #427 by Awas on June 2, 2009 - 5:25 PM

    Javed & Theossa


    Theossa, this pain is not about a Chick…never mind!!!

  428. #428 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 2, 2009 - 5:28 PM


    Phir kya tuqnao may pain hai? 😀

  429. #429 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 2, 2009 - 5:29 PM

    Yae kya ghazab hai kay dariya saraab jaisa hai
    Vo saamnay hain aur tisshnagi nahee jaati

    Ahmad Faraz

  430. #430 by Theossa on June 2, 2009 - 5:44 PM



    taqaiyull kay khaleel khan faqtay urra tay hain

    Bhi yeh “Taqaiyull” kia bala hai? Is that related to “Taqla”?


    Mujh mien juzbaat ke uggar samandar nahin to durya behte hain
    White Tail Deer aor Trout bohut hain hai jahan hum rehte hain

    Awas @ 475


    Theossa, this pain is not about a Chick…never mind!!!

    I didn’t know you were Pathan 😀

  431. #431 by khansahab on June 2, 2009 - 5:49 PM


    Tum toh tehrey pardesi….
    saath kya nibhao gey….
    subah pehli gaari sey
    tum I am agree keh kar laot jao gey…..

  432. #432 by Theossa on June 2, 2009 - 5:53 PM


    I don’t know about Javed but I find your poetry a spontaneous flow of emotions and intellectual thoughts. Here is the reply:

    Pardesion se na aankhien milana
    Pardesion ko hai eik din jaana
    Tumhare shari ko hum ne uchcha jana
    I am agree howa mien, yeh maana

  433. #433 by khansahab on June 2, 2009 - 8:16 PM


    I am a genius when it comes to poetry. You have to analyse every word of mine and see the depth and the ecstatic flamboyance.

    Like that shair, “Subah pehli gaari sey….tum toh laot jao gey”.

    What poetry! It talks about subah ka nazaara, and it talks about gaari and transport, and it talks about the Pardesi returning to where he came from.

    What about this shair:

    tera i am agree tha bara sayana
    i am agree bann gaya hai ek fasana
    ay theossa! yeh hai i am agree ka zamana…

  434. #434 by JAVED A. KHAN on June 3, 2009 - 3:43 AM


    Takhaiyul is from khayaal, imagination. I thought tumhay itni tou Urdu aati hogi?

  435. #435 by Mohammed Munir on June 3, 2009 - 5:06 AM

    Smiles …

    During work, Raman and Narayan were chatting:

    Raman: Narain, I’ve been attending night classes for 5 months now and I have an exam next week.

    Narayan: Oh, nice !

    Raman: For example, do you know who is Graham Bell?

    Narayan: No.

    Raman: He’s the inventor of the phone in 1876; if you take night courses you would know this.

    The next day, the same discussion took place:

    Raman: Do you know who Alexander Dumas is?

    Narayan: No.

    Raman: He’s the author of “The 3 Musketeers”, if you take night courses, you would know this.

    Still, the next day, once again:

    Raman: And do you know who Jean Jacques Rousseau is?

    Narayan: No.

    Raman: He’s the author of “Confessions”, if you take night courses, you would know this.

    By now, Narayan got irritated and said: And you, do you know who is Balakrishnan Kuppuswamy?

    Raman: No.

    Narayan: Well, he’s the guy roaming with your wife!! If you stop night courses, you would know 😉

  436. #436 by khansahab on June 3, 2009 - 9:33 AM


    Beygaani shaadi mai Theossa deewana
    Beygaana I am agree keh kar apni insult na karwana……..

  437. #437 by Awas on June 3, 2009 - 9:40 AM

    khansahab, why did you let the secret out about me? Now the whole world knows. Theossa will never be the same again with me…damn!

  438. #438 by Mohammed Munir on June 3, 2009 - 3:10 PM

    Awas …

    Which secret ? 😉

  439. #439 by Mohammed Munir on June 4, 2009 - 4:00 AM

    Thought for the day …

    Don’t make promises when you are ‘Happy’.

    Don’t take decisions when you are ‘Angry’.

  440. #440 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on June 4, 2009 - 3:44 PM

    ” You think that if one gets hurt in life, it’s through one’s own sins- & that’s true, in the long run. But there are people who’ll try to hurt you through the good they see in you- knowing that it’s the good, needing it & punishing you for it. don’t let it break you when you discover that.” Ayn Rand ( Atlas shrugged)

  441. #441 by Awas on June 4, 2009 - 3:57 PM


    “…But there are people who’ll try to hurt you through the good they see in you- knowing that it’s the good, needing it & punishing you for it…”

    These are wonderful words and so apt that my heart weeps 😦

  442. #442 by ¨*¤ §weetie ¤*¨ on June 4, 2009 - 4:19 PM

    Awas, that makes two of us. That’s why it kinda got to me.

  443. #443 by Theossa on June 8, 2009 - 2:51 PM

    Awas aor Sweetie
    Mien bhe bohot dukhon ka mara hon, mujhe bhe upne sham-e-ghum mien shareek kerlo
    I am agree hon mien app donon ke daastan se, mujh se bhe I am agree hoker upne nuzdeek kerlo



    Beygaani shaadi mai hai Theossa deewana
    Begaane ke dulhan se poocha yeh Theossa nai
    Tum I am agree ho to chul dobien musti mien
    Begaane ke dulhan ko lebhaga mustana
    Rehta hai Theossa ub Pittsburgh ke jungle mien
    Aor dhoondhti sweetheart hai, usko Clifton mien

  444. #444 by Theossa on June 8, 2009 - 2:54 PM

    Just 8 more comments and we’ll get rid of this Goddamme V Talk-9 Page.

    One way would be that Munir shows up and express his emotions 😉

  445. #445 by khansahab on June 8, 2009 - 2:58 PM


    Khansahab dooba rehta hai I am agree ki nazar mai
    Kitnay paagal murr jayein gey is I am agree ki fikar mai?
    Uss key I am agree ney kar diya is ashiq ko fidaa
    Aur is tarah khatam ho chuka, I am agree ka qissa…..

  446. #446 by khansahab on June 8, 2009 - 3:08 PM


    Meray group mai kabhi thi ek punjabi larki
    Kabhi italian, kabhi spanish…Janab! Kya khoob lagti!
    bhoorey bhoorey baal, aur parion jaaisey gorey gaal
    lambi si teri naak, aur pyaare sey haseen haath
    hamesha hasti, aur apni beywaqoofi sey hasaati
    dil tora mera aur reject kar diya mujhey…
    Hum itney boorey nahi jaan-e-mann, kya woh sahi thi?
    Allah jaaney, hum afsos mai hain aur shayad woh galat thi…


  447. #447 by Theossa on June 8, 2009 - 3:10 PM


    Kaise yah maan lon keh kahtam hogaya I am agree
    Rehta hai mere dil mien bhe yeh killer I am agree
    Uggar tujhko nahin hai mohhabt I am agree se
    Keh do yeh baat mujh ko hoker I am agree se
    To kia jaane hai qadar I am agree ke Khansahab
    Abdul bhe nahin tujh se I am agree o bhi sahab

  448. #448 by Theossa on June 8, 2009 - 3:22 PM

    Tere uchche yeh kahani thee
    Muggar baat yeh puraani thee
    Kia hota keh mil jaati who Punjaban tujhe
    Muggar tere qismat mien kharabi thee


    Ladki Punjabi hai, Spanish hai, Gori ya Kaali hai
    Uggar game nahin hai to to bun jaati zeher ke pyaali hai
    To gera sukta hai aasmaan pe udte howe kabooter
    Uggar sumujh jaaye ke kia chaahti hai woh kabooter
    Sirf handsome hona he kaafi nahin hai Khansahab
    To impress a girl you should have talent like Abdul

  449. #449 by khansahab on June 8, 2009 - 3:27 PM


    Yeh tu ney larkion key baray mai kya baath kar di!
    Faqad! I am agree, I am agree, I am agree…….

  450. #450 by Theossa on June 8, 2009 - 3:34 PM

    V Talk-9 Page ub kahtam hone ko hai
    Sirf do baatien aor, ub kaam hone ko hai
    Too ne I am agree hoker mujhe khush kerdiya
    Intizaar khatam howa, Lunch break hone ko hai

  451. #451 by Mohammed Munir on June 8, 2009 - 5:22 PM

    Khansahab …

    And here too, it seems we crossed 500 comments, so “close” this page also 😉

  452. #452 by Mohammed Munir on June 8, 2009 - 5:24 PM

    Ok, now we did 😀

  453. #453 by Sana on June 8, 2009 - 6:56 PM

    Same ole same ole….hope your lives are more interesting than this blog!

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