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The question that is being raised by many in the sub-continent is, “what is the future of cricket in the sub-continent?” Especially in the test cricket department both teams are on the verge of decline, in fact Pakistan is already at the rock bottom and, India from the so-called NUMERO UNO position as a test team is getting a real drubbing at the hands of England and they are expected to be whitewashed at the hands of English players.  What is the reason for this decline?

Too much shorter versions of the game? Too much cricket being played these days?  Blame the cricket boards, the IPL or the players themselves? I will blame the players more than the boards and institutions for being greedy and inconsiderate towards the test cricket and even for international cricket.  For every defeat they have an excuse.  An excuse for injuries, an excuse for too many matches, an excuse for lack of match practice, an excuse for lack of rest and, you name it they have a reason, especially Dhoni. So far, he was riding on his luck because, his own performance for quite some time is zilch and his winnings kept him in the spot.  If India had lost the WC semifinal at Mohali, Dhoni certainly would have been axed. But, that win cleaned his slate and he thought he will be riding on the lady luck once again.  But, test matches have revealed his weakness and that of many other players in the side.

Not only the batting with the exception of a few, their bowling is so pathetic that “The Broad” is turning out to be an all-rounder from a mediocre bowler.  Indian bowling is at its low. I wonder why this is happening, I know historically they have this redundancy and mediocrity in the fast bowling department but, at least one or two of their spinners have dominated the foreign teams. With Kumble gone, Harbhajan out of form, the Indian bowling attack looks extremely impotent and docile. What is the BCCI going to do now? Do they have replacements?  I doubt, there is any bowler who can be a threat to the opposition.  Ohja, Mishra, Chawla, Ashwin, Yousuf Pathan etc., are just mediocre spinners. Between OMCA and YP, I would prefer the later because of his batting advantage.  There is no Bedi, Prassanna, Chandrashekhar and Venkataraghavan in the team.  That was the best spinning options India ever had, but those days India never won any major tournaments or even a series against WI, Australia and England (may be I am wrong), yet they are remembered for taunting and troubling the opposition.

Sachin tendulkar what happens to India when he is gone?

Sachin tendulkar what happens to India when he is gone?

If India needs to rebuild their test team after Tendulkar, Dravid and Laxman (TDL) they need to find players like Jaffar in the opening slot along with Sehwag and Gambhir should change his role from an opener to no. 4 i.e., to consolidate the team.  Kohli has better temperament than UV and Raina so he should be at number 3.    Dhoni, needs to reassess and re-evaluate his own performance and must focus on his batting and wicketkeeping, his captaincy is not that great its just his luck that he won so many matches as a captain.  I still reckon Ganguly as a better captain than Dhoni or it wouldn’t be wrong to call him as the best Indian captain so far, better than MAK Pataudi, Wadekar and Azharuddin.

At least there is some spark, some hope in the Indian cricket camp that they will recover and rejuvenate as a fighting team, coming to Pakistan, there is no spark, no hope Ijaz Butt kay Raj may raakh ka dhair hai jis may shola hai na chingari.  Sifarish hai, Butt Dharmi hai, Toofaan-e- Butt Tameezi hai, Tabahi aur Barbadi hai. The irony is koipoochnay wala nahee hai, koi roke nay wala nahee hai, Butt Dharmi hee nahee Butt Maani aur Bay Imani bhee hai.

Talking about Pakistani players, if the Captain is such an old Miss fart who has such negative mentality, what results do you expect from others?   On top of pathetic performance and negative cricket combined with corruption has ruined and destroyed the name of the country which has already been quarantined and isolated  from the rest of the world because of terrorism for which Ijaz Butt is solely responsible for not making adequate security measures and efforts and his stubbornness in not apologizing to the Govt. of Sri Lanka or, its board of cricket or, even the players is an example of rude, uncouth, uneducated  behaviour that reflects on ALL, it makes people think that ALL of Pakistan is like that! What a shame, what a disgrace to the nation Ijaz Butt is.  Since no one can remove him from his post, let us all make a CONGREGATIONAL PRAYER AND ASK ALLAH TO TAKE HIM BACK AND HAND HIM OVER TO THE DEVIL.





Here is a link from today’s DAWN newspaper which confirms that the ICC is planning to operate a “Sting Operation” to trap players who may possible get involved with bookies to fix matches. The ICC will use their own James Bond to trap the players who may be willing to cooperate with the bookies in betting and match fixing.  Here is what Mr. Lorgat has said in his statement published in today’s DAWN newspaper, Karachi.

Mr. Haroon Lorgat the CEO of the ICC has gone overboard in showing his enthusiasm to curb and to eradicate betting and match fixing. In my opinion it is a wishful thinking on his part because you cannot spare the players from the pangs of betting, match fixing by the bookies mafia, they are everywhere and they are too many and they have huge resources.

This problem is not new, its been in the game for over three (3) decades and here is a time-line of booking and match fixing, click the link below and read. You will be surprised to know how many countries and who else is involved in it. By the way this article: “Match Fixing in Cricket: A Time line” is written by Anirban Choudhury and not by a Pakistani or, I have cooked up these stories,  I have never hesitated in calling a spade, a spade. But, this is not just my view, I am only presenting it to the bloggers to read it.

Mr. Lorgat’s decision to implement this so-called great idea is going to backfire because, it is not prudent in fact it is absurd and ridiculous. Mr. Lorgat appears like Rambo, Terminator, George Dubiya Bush or does he think he is Ijaz Butt? We all know that the ICC is not an impartial organization, in fact it is very biased against Pakistan and a few other small test playing nations. But, they definitely have a very soft corner for Australia, England, South Africa and India.  India, because of their financial muscle which they so often show it to the ICC and intimidate them. 

Reportedly, 60% of the ICC income is coming from India alone, so there you go, you know why they bend over backwards for India.  India did not want the hot-spot technology in the ICC WC 2011 and it did not happen.  Yesterday, Mr. Srinivasan Secretary to the board of the BCCI declared that they will oppose the UDRS in future and now Mr. Lorgat is in a fix, he doesn’t know what to do?

Coming back to the point of this so-called Sting Operation the ICC can use it as a very effective tool to get rid of any key player (most likely a Pakistani) first by way of entrapment i.e., recording the statements by using audio / video technology and by luring the player to comment something by putting words in their mouth and using difficult words which these uneducated uncouth players are not familiar with and it is possible that they may blab anything (it is just like the media putting words in the mouth of the person they interview and then they publish the report the way they want it by sensationalizing it) and, the ICC can also alter, modify and change the truth by editing and deleting keywords and making it look like the player is a real culprit.  This is very sad, this is ENTRAPMENT and in the court of law other than narcotics cases, entrapment is illegal.

If Mr. Lorgat wants to eradicate betting and match fixing he should not target players but, the bookies.  There are several well known bookies all over the world and they not only have billions of dollars but, they even have the power to intimidate the players, their families and relatives and practically they can do anything they want to do, change the lives of these players, make it or break it or, ruin it.  I am sure Mr. Lorgat does not have the means to even think about touching the bookies.  All he is doing right now is to please Cricket Australia, England Cricket Board, South African Cricket Board and the BCCI.  In my opinion this is like an ostrich burying its head in the sand and believing that no one can see him.

Mr. Lorgat wake up and smell coffee.  There are more important issues for you to handle than this entrapment business, don’t consider yourself as the Policeman of the World.



India the world champions

If you are an Indian you will never never forget the date 2 April 2011, the day when India was crowned the World Champions at Mumbai. The whole Indian nation is celebrating. Politicians are saying this is the happiest occasion the country has faced since its independence.

As with my match analysis of the Pakistan semi final, I have not consulted with Javed A Khan about what we are going to say in this thread. He has told me he is a little busy for some time and he may have his own views about the new world champions and the world cup review which he will write about if he feels the need.

If I am brutally honest, I did not expect India to win this World Cup and it was the 4th most likely team to be crowned the world champions for me. I expected Australia, Sri Lanka and South Africa (in that order) to better India. However, as fate would have it two of those teams did not even make it to the top 4. I do blame the WC format for this but this is a point I will come to later.

The Indian batting once again thrived. For me the highlight of their batting was Tendulkar's flawless strokeplay against Steyn and Morkel

The usual suspects performed for India and did what they were expected to do. Tendulkar amassed 482 runs, averaging 54. Gambhir, Sehwag and Yuvraj were all consistent. 4 out of the top 8 batsmen in the WC were Indian and this is something you would perhaps expect.

Career best performance

Yuvraj played a monumental role for India in this WC. He was the 8th highest run scorer and 6th highest wicket-taker. This is really the reason why India won. The problem India was having in the recent past was that they did not possess a wicket taking talent other than Zaheer Khan so Khan would often have to fight a lone battle in the bowling department. In their middle order India lacked a consistent performer who could assume responsibility if SRT and Sehwag would be dismissed cheaply at the top of the order. Yuvraj gave his career best performance at the most significant time.

Zaheer also gave the best performance of his life and almost got away with the Player of the Tournament award

And then there was Zaheer Khan who also gave the best performance of his career. What I found was outstanding with Khan in this tournament was not his use of the new ball, but his use of the old ball. He got the ball to reverse swing whenever Dhoni wanted him to and kept picking wickets. He finished with the highest number of wickets along with Afridi. 5 years ago you could not imagine an Indian bowling like this. From India’s point of view hopefully Zaheer Khan will inspire many more pacers who will rip through batting orders.

I have a problem with this tournament format. This WC was essentially a 3 match knockout contest between the top 8 teams.

Format wise this WC was a failure. The ICC must not make this mistake again

The biggest event in world cricket should never be organised like that. This format favoured subcontinental teams for obvious reasons, due to their familiarity with low and slow pitches. One would then naturally expect the strongest subcontinental team (arguably India) to win. Hopefully the ICC will not organise events like this in the future. Teams that reached the semi final will probably not complain, but those that did not have plenty to criticise. Imagine India or Pakistan playing in England in aknockout competition? I am sure they would have immense problems- they might lose relatively easily to teams like West Indies and New Zealand.

And finally there was Dhoni. A smart, cool and consistent performer. Dhoni is a rare talent. His batting is ugly and some of his decisions are questionable, but he has nerves of steel. Above everything he is also a very humble human being. His journey has involved applying to become a ticket collector to winning the World Cup for India. His decision to promote himself up the order in the final was nothing short of courageous if not heroic. I recently discovered that Dhoni averages 47 runs more in those ODI’s that India has won. Numbers never tell the whole story, but in this case they do tell a lot. I would say the World Cup was won by Dhoni and Yuvraj. I salute Mahendra Singh Dhoni and at the moment he is in my opinion the greatest Indian alive.

Once again, congratulations to the Indian visitors of this blog and all of India.

Mahendra Singh Dhoni the great