1. tell us a little about yourself- where were you born, grew up, what do you do?


I was born in Pakistan (NWFP / Khyber Pakhtunkhuwa), but soon moved to United Arab Emirates with my entire family when I was around 2 years old. I grew up mostly in UAE, however, with frequent visits to Pakistan. Studied for first few years in Pakistan (as there were no good schools in UAE in those days), but moved back permanently to UAE after few years. Completed my studies and started my working career in a bank (BCCI bank, Javed will know it well).


Later one along with my banking job, I went to regular studies and completed my MBA.


Currently working in a well reputed UAE Bank, as AVP in Corporate Baking Division.


2. how long have you been blogging for?


Although, I have been following cricket (and playing too) from very early days back in school/ collage and so on, but I wasn’t an avid blogging fan till visiting Cricinfo’s ‘Pak-Spin’ occasionally. Since those early days on ‘Pak-Spin’, I got hooked to ‘LegSlip’ for obvious reasons and never looked back and that too for obvious reasons. 😉


I am still not a very active blogger and rarely visit any other blogs except LS.


LS, well it is like home now and not a blog anymore.
3. why do you visit legslip?


Liberty to express myself and write whatever I wish to, like-minded peoples (or so I think) 😉 , variety of discussion, informative, and I always gain something in return here.


I also like the kind of mature and well-informed other bloggers on LS.
4. what is your happiest memory of legslip?


Pakistan winning the World Cup T20 and Shahid Afridi performing in the all important semi-final and final games.
5. your saddest memory of legslip?


Pakistan’s last summers in England.


6. who are your top 5 fav cricketers of all time?


Javed Miandad

Imran Khan

Brian Lara

Viv Richards

Sachin Tendulkar

Others – Shahid Afridi, Wasim Hassan Raja, Rashid Latif, Wasim Akram, Basit Ali, Saurav Ganguly, Michael Holdings, Waqar Younis, Moin Khan, Saeed Anwer, Yunus Khan, etc.


7. what is your view regarding the current state of pakistan cricket?


Pakistan Cricket is, unfortunately, at it’s lowest levels. We have a very inexperienced, unqualified, unprofessional and a worst administrator heading our PCB. Our players have been involved in ‘match-fixing’ and banned by ICC. Host teams were attached in Pakistan, which resulted in Pakistan unable to play any home-games as no team is willing to come and play in Pakistan. Internal politics, corruption, greed, jingoism and regional biases are spoiling our heroes and rotting our new talents. In fact these underlying problems are killing the game of cricket in Pakistan.


In conclusion, PCB and overall Pakistan Cricket is passing through the WORST times.

8. what is your view regarding the current state of indian cricket?


Winning the T20s and ODIs World Cups, reaching to no. 1 position in Tests, commercial success of IPL, financial might of India and it’s crippling influence on ICC, etc. Well, in short, Indian Cricket’s current state is absolutely reverse of Pakistan, meaning, India is going through their BEST times.

9. what are your hopes for legslip and your expectations of it?


LS, no doubts, is one of the best Cricketing Blog around, however, I sincerely think that it is not well marketed to wider audiences.


It will be very interesting if we can have more and regular bloggers on LS.



  1. #1 by Jaheer Abass on May 29, 2011 - 7:34 AM

    The LS Management would like to thank Mohammad Munir for his time in answering these questions.

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