1. tell us a little about yourself- where were you born, grew up, what do you do?

I am commonly known as “Khansahab”, however I am also “Turbanator” and “Konquest”.

I was born in Karachi and grew up partly there and in England.

2. how long have you been blogging for?

For almost 7 years or thereabouts.
3. why do you visit legslip?


4. what is your happiest memory of legslip?

It was when Awas was a participant in discussions on this blog. Unfortunately due to personal problems he no longer contributes to the blog, but he is still an administrator. I also have very fond memories of discussing issues with Theossa (who still writes occasionally)

5. your saddest memory of legslip?

I guess when Awas left, and when Theossa became busy!

6. who are your top 5 fav cricketers of all time?

I think we are all biased in rating cricketers whom we have seen play ourselves. I would say Saeed Anwar, Waqar, Graham Thorpe, Ponting and Dravid.

However, Afridi, Tendulkar, Miandad, Imran, Lara, Flintoff, Nasser Hussein, Steyn, Mitchell Johnson, Darren Gough are some other playes I admire.
7. what is your view regarding the current state of pakistan cricket?

Absolute shambles, worst period for Pakistan cricket. There is no vision and no direction. It is being run like a grocery shop. It is a poor Test team now filled with negative players.
8. what is your view regarding the current state of indian cricket?

Lots of money and influence. Sehwag, Gambhir, SRT, Dravid and Laxman are a dream batting line up.
9. what are your hopes for legslip and your expectations of it?

This is a very unique blog where tolerance for others and impartiality is encouraged. Legslip appeals to those readers who believe that intelligent, deep and meaningful discussion between 10 people is better than meaningless, insipid discussion between 100 people.

I hope that the values of tolerance and impartiality keep being upheld on this blog. If Pakistan cricket becomes exciting, then I have great hopes for Legslip.

  1. #1 by Abdul Is Back Aka Number 1 Fan Of Misbah ul Haq on December 30, 2011 - 3:05 PM

    Poor test team with negative players? Get a life!

    Under Misbah:

    340 posted or more 11 times

    Only been bowled out under 300 4 times

    4 times chased down a total with 7 or more wickets in hand

    4 times successfully drawn the match with 5 or more wickets in hand

    Average first innings total under Misbah’s captaincy is over 380

    How about we make a batting line up of “attacking” players to please KS

    Imran Nazir
    Shahid Afridi
    Imran Farhat
    Shahzaib Hassan Khan
    Faisal Iqbal
    Kamran Akmal

    I bet this “attacking batting line up” will be bowled out regularly for 120 odd

  2. #2 by JAVED A. KHAN on December 31, 2011 - 7:54 AM

    LOL @ 4 times successfully drawn the match ……… ahahaha and that too in 8 matches? Great going!

    Comparing Shahid Afridi with Imran Nazir, Imran Farhat etc., is not just a joke in a bad taste but, it shows how naive and dolt one is to place them equally. Afridi can be compared with Jayasuriya, and Kallis, because they are the only two players who have achieved what Afridi has. Afridi is the third player in the WORLD to take more than 333 wickets and score almost 7000 runs in ODI and the ONLY PLAYER in Pakistan to achieve that feat. And in T20 he is world’s best all-rounder and any team in the world would love to take him in their side, where as when you say Misbah, they will say Whichbah?

  3. #3 by Abdul Is Back Aka Number 1 Fan Of Misbah ul Haq on December 31, 2011 - 11:30 AM

    All of them (draws) have been in the 4th innings which makes it all the more creditable and have coming at times when Pakistan were re-establishing themselves as a test unit when there were calls from them to be banned from playing international cricket and when they were down played even lower than the Kiwis and West Indies. Let’s have a look at each and every one of them:

    343/3 against South Africa – we were starring down the barrel of a certain defeat and yet prevented one out of the blue which demonstrated immense spirited character, resistance, application, fighting resilience and mental toughness against a world class bowling attack

    153/3: Misbah and Azhar Ali batted for over 200 minutes after 3 wickets were lost in quick succession after the lunch interval to ensure Pakistan did not go on to lose the match when they were chasing in excess of 300 in 2 sessions. They totally nullified and neutralised the bowling.

    226/5 against New Zealand – At 40 odd for 3 chasing over 270 I had no hopes for Pakistan hanging on and preventing defeat, but yet Younis and Misbah battled it out and maintained strict discipline to give Pakistanis a series win in uneasy conditions

    23/1 against Sri Lanka chasing 170 from 21 over’s was never realistic in 5 day cricket

    87/4 against Sri Lanka chasing over 200 on a shortened day 5 due to rain interruptions required discipline, responsibility, sound judgement and endurance in order to lead Pakistan to their first test series win against a major ranked side since the days of Bob Woolmer.

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