Before I dissect the game or should I say analyze the game, I would like to say: Ramiz its very cheek of you to tell Hafeez:YOU have never been able to beat India in the world cup format?” Hafeez was already in a distraught and did not pay much attention to Ramiz’s off the cuff sort of comment and he started blabbering about how the team failed in building up a partnership. At other times he or anyone would have said, Ramiz you were also a part of the previous teams which could not beat India in the previous world cups!

Now, according to me the first mistake Hafeez made was not just in opting to bat after winning the toss, because one way or the other people would have said the same thing, he should have opted to field. It doesn’t matter when you win but, there is always a lot of criticism and people come up with the IFs and BUTs theory when you lose.

IMO, the mistake Hafeez did was retaining the same team that played against South Africa. There should have been one change at least.  Yasir Arafat has been an absolute bummer, he should have brought in Abdul Razzaq in his place to boost up the batting department.  The trivial talks about Razzaq is finished or over the hill or a spent force is same as Yasir playing a nothing innings with bat and ball.

The Pakisani batting collapse was expected because, that’s the way Pakistani batting line up is, they always play this way, that way or the highway! They show sporadic brilliance and then the next day they are absolutely dimwit dolts.

Seeing the meager total on board, Hafeez was nervous from the outset i.e., when the team came in to field, he started on a negative note, instead of being aggressive he was defensive, despite the fact that Raza got Gambhir on a duck on the second ball, Hafeez’s field placement was none less than Misbah’s ~ Absolutely defensive! Perhaps his own batting was also a reflection of Misbah’s batting, scoring 14 runs in 29 balls is not only pathetic, but “disgustipatingly” pathetic.

Hafeez did not give Umar Gul a slips fielder when he bowls at an express pace of 140+ and that proved how vital it is to keep a slips for Sehwag and Kohli when the outside edge of Sehwag flew off for a four of the bowling of Shahid Afridi. There was no slips fielder at all, he was allowing easy singles to the Indians and they were taking advantage of the lose balls.

If you drop two catches of an inform player like Kohli especially defending a total of 129 runs there is no way you can win a match. 

The other blunder Hafeez did was he did not bowl until the 12th over which is a big mistake because, when Raza got Gambhir out, Hafeez should have bowled and added more pressure from the other end, instead he brought in Gul and Arafat letting the Indians off the hook ~ the momentum shifted from that very moment.

This proves Hafeez is not mentally strong when he gets under pressure, too much talk about him that he is a professor or speaks better English is not the need of the hour it is your ability to handle pressure and make the right decisions that is important. And, that is the difference between a wining captain and a losing captain.

Never mind, all is not lost, Pakistan can beat Australia who are already through to the semi-finals and they have nothing to lose but it will be a crucial match for Pakistan, a must win, a do or die to stop India or South Africa by virtue of a win against Australia. So, go ahead Pakistan chill out, relax, think about it, do your homework and come prepared when you meet the OZ’s on October 02, 2012 and keep the rain gods happy because a washout means one point and that is not enough. Good luck.

  1. #1 by Madiha on September 30, 2012 - 2:03 PM

    I absolutely agree to all what you have mentioned, especially “Yasir Arafat has been an absolute bummer, he should have brought in Abdul Razzaq in his place to boost up the batting department.” I want the Pakistani team to give me a birthday gift on the 2nd, i.e. qualifying for the semi’s!

  2. #2 by MUHAMMAD UZAIR on September 30, 2012 - 2:56 PM

    First of all, aus are nt into s.finals, secondly poor day for pak & hafeez, poor batting & fielding, right decision to bat 1st as Pak are no-chasers. I really hate those idiots who r still discussng captain, during a wc, before whch we had no other choice than Hafeez.
    Rain will help if both matches of the day r washed out.
    Too many dotballs by hafeez, unlucky jamshed, wht afridi-pagal is doing i cant gt it & nazir ni chalega against big teams

  3. #3 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 1, 2012 - 12:45 AM

    Even though Pakistan won against SA, the batting is still very deplorable and I don’t see any improvement in this department, there is no consistency just sporadic brilliance, ab tou you can’t even call it brilliance because its more like TUKKA, jaisay Umar Gul ka tukka chall gaya! The top order is constantly failing and Hafeez shud realize that he is not meant to open the batting. PERIOD. It was a good gamble to play Afridi at no.3 because, if he had clicked which he was showing signs and promises but, unlucky that he got out at the boundary line.

    Australia at the moment are on the top with 2 wins also their net RR is the highest if PK beats them and, SA beats India, its only Australia and PK so based on that its all Australia even if they get 1 point from rain.

  4. #4 by MUHAMMAD UZAIR on October 1, 2012 - 1:30 AM

    If pak bt aus handsomely & ind bt sa, aus can be out, so they hv nt qualify yet.
    & y shameless geosuper is against everythng f hafeez, he is opener & will remain, otherwise it will a blunder, its nazir who dont deserve a place

  5. #5 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 3, 2012 - 10:03 AM

    Needless to talk about IFs and Butts about those matches because we know the result now. Australia is in along with PK and those two are out of the tournament. Now the first hurdle is SL which IMO is not a big one, we have beaten them many times and we should beat them this time, never mind home ground, home crowd we have done that b4.

    I think perhaps they will drop Nazir and replace him with Shafiq but, Shafiq is not a T20 player, if Nazir clicks then there is no stopping. Its not about just Nazir or Afridi failing in the batting, thats the way they bat. Afridi’s bowling has not been that bad as it appears on paper, his catches were dropped and occasional lose ones or misfielding makes it look like has done nothing. I think he will play well in the semifinal.

    The team in general is not performing well esp in the batting department. Even against Australia they fumbled in the beginning and did OK in the end because of one partnership between Kamran and Jamshed. But, the bowling was superb except for those 2 overs by Shoaib Malik he gave away 19 runs, that took the match to another level otherwise we would have qualified if we had restricted Australia under 112.

    Pakistan’s worst performance in this tournament was against India. Its mainly because of Hafeez. This shows that he is not a good captain who can take pressure. He was from the word go under pressure. First of all he should not have batted after winning the toss. Secondly, he was a reflection of Misbah scoring only 14 runs in 29 balls SR of 40? If you play that long and you play so many dot balls, then you should not get out. Like the old Hafeez who used to throw away his wicket after 30-40 runs he did exactly the same against India.

    Then, his captaincy was pathetic. He always used to open the bowling, against India he chickened out and bowled the 13th over, just one over. And, his field placement was defensive, even for Umar Gul he wasn’t keeping a slip fielder. And, he had 5 men outside the circle giving Indians easy singles and occasional boundaries and sixes. Probably it was the worst ever defeats against India in T20.

    He was OK against Australia perhaps he must have heard the criticism and opened the bowling. We won because, Ajmal and Raza also bowled very well. They choked Australia and I was telling from the beginning if you get Watson and Warner early they can’t score freely. Only Hussey is the danger-man after that and, mainly against Pakistan.

  6. #6 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 3, 2012 - 10:15 AM

    Against Sri Lanka the same team must play because making changes in semis is not a good idea. The team is on a high after beating Australia so convincingly. Pakistan is peaking at the right time like they always do and I am pretty confident they can beat Sri Lanka and they always play the big games better than most teams. So, I am also confident that if they reach final they will lift the cup for sure.

    I would like to see Hafeez batting a little lower down the order especially if they have to bat first then he should not open, Pakistan needs a flying start with Nazir and Jamshed followed by Afridi, the Akmals, Malik, Razzaq then Hafeez. Malik and Afridi both have a decent record against Sri Lanka and I hope they prove me right. Pakistan need to post a total between 180-200 because, if Dilshan goes berserk then its difficult to stop and they have so many other good batsmen in Jaya, Sanga, Mathews, Mendis even Tishara Parera the big hitter.

    All depends on our 6 top batsmen, Nazir, Jamshed, Afridi, 2Akmals and Malik, Razzaq is a bonus.

    Pakistan team needs to focus on their game, they must not get carried away if they keep their focus sharp there is no stopping because, all of them are very talented. Good luck Pakistan for tomorrow’s semifinal we are all behind you.

  7. #7 by MUHAMMAD UZAIR on October 3, 2012 - 10:51 AM

    They will alwayz criticized & Hafeez will continue to deliver.
    A msg frm Mohammad Hafeez- *BE JEALOUS*

    He is the best captain I have seen in a while, and most consistent opener for couple of years.
    I think he should show some courage in dropping useless Afridi, in place of a pace bowler.
    Afridi was the worst captain after inzamam(darpok)

  8. #8 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 4, 2012 - 9:32 PM

    Once again Hafeez has proved what a mediocre captain he is, he seems to be worst than Misbah under pressure, he showed his cowardice against India and again today he did the same against SL in the semifinal. He went in to bat as an opener and his first 3 runs came in 15 deliveries in the 7th over i.e., when Nazir was out on the last ball of the 6th over. He ruined the Power Play, he did not score himself, nor he allowed Nazir to play. And he played such a slow innings no one plays that even in TEST cricket but, Hafeez did that in T20 congratulations Hafeez. He improved his RR after being dropped by Malinga – A sitter. But, when he tried to accelarte the match was already over, the target was like reaching out for the moon and the stars.

    He is to be blamed to curb the natural insticts of Imran Nazir who started well but, he missed the shots because, Hafeez went up to him and asked him to calm down, by that time the score was going at a pretty decent RR but, because of SKIPPER advising his opener to calm down and slow down and play straight bat he was unable to play his natural cut and pull shots and he got out making 20 of 21 balls. Had Nazir gone berserk things would have been different. But, that is Hafeez, the Pseudo Matric Pass Professor who pokes his nose in every matter like he is the final authority. A captain must lead from the front he leads from behind. Bad luck came into play after that and Jamshed was given out LBW when he was not. The replay confirmed the ball pitched outside the leg stump and was also missing the stumps.Umpire Gould was stupid. But, that happens in every game. Kamran was out on ONE, gave a simple catch. Malik too after scoring 6 VALUABLE RUNS.

    Once again HAFEEZ did not open the bowling he came in to bowl much later, also he brought in Gul very, late. He used his bowlers at the wrong time, Tanvir who bowled well in his 3 overs he gave only 11 runs was not used. There were no slips fielders for Afridi and a simple regulation catch chance was missed, still he did not employ slips whereas, Mahela kept a slip for Rangana Herat.

    Everyone talks about Afridi’s failure with bat, yes he was out on a first ball duck. He was out on a first ball duck a couple of times before in this tournament but, he is a bowler and he bowled pretty decently today. Against India, Kamran dropped a sitter of his bowling and two others catches were also dropped, instead of one he could have got 4 wickets. If a bowler takes wicket in his first over he comes back strongly and takes a few more but, when a BATSMAN WICKETKEEPER drops simple regulation catches anyone’s morale would go down the drain. And, Kamran has a history.

    People want Afridi’s retirement after today’s defeat, what about Damaad-e-Hind, Ghulam-e-Zaoja Mohtarma Saniya MirJa? What about the batsman wicketkeeper the most shady wicketkeeper ever, who drops catches like Moose drops and scores once in a blue moon? They all go unnoticed and uncriticized and are permanent members of the team. Malik came back into the side on the pretext that he scored 700 plus runs in domestic cricket! MALIK IS A THOROUGBRED DOMESTIC STALLION AND AN INTERNATIONAL MULE,

    Ajmal gave away 20 runs in 2 overs, Gul’s last over costed 16 runs which was the difference between the two teams. Why did the captain not think before? In admittng his follies people say, Oh it was a gamble and he took the right decision. Why did he not let Tanvir complete his 4th over? Why did he not bowl the remaining 2 overs of his quota? When the going was good, you should strike when the iron is hot.

    Basically Hafeez has no imagination, he is a pseudo Jald Baaz Jhakki person lucky to be captain because he is a political appointee. Remove him from the Captaincy for the Indian Tour or else Pakistan will lose all the matches in every single format.

  9. #9 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 5, 2012 - 8:53 PM

    The way West Indies played against Australia in the second semifinal is a proof of how T20 must be played. Our pesudo professor, captain, skipper and a loser is nothing but a shadow of his mentor Misbah. You play in this format with your big hitters and you go out batting aggressively not defensively, scoring 2 runs in 15 balls and curbing the natural instinct of your team mates by pushing them to the corner by saying sta calm and cool.

    The T20 format is not like 50 overs ODI where you can build an innings, here you have to attack the opposition, when you give so much leverage to your bowlers by building up a big total, the opposition is already under pressure. Even the late flurries by Australia captain Bailey did not make any difference. The difference was very obvious and anyone can see that. Only the Pakistani team selectors and those who decide the batting order are cowards and without any imagination, they still play ODIs like test matches and T20’s like ODI’s. Wake up or you will always end up like this ~ A losing side.

    Pakistan has always won when their top order and big hitters strike early, India too has the same problem whenever Sehwag scores they win. Pakistan has abundant talent in stroke-makers and their natural instinct is curbed by some dimwit dolts who want to hold their place in the team by their teeth and for them winning is less important and their individual performance is more important. You remain not out, you are a great player, they don’t see how negative batting affects the performance and the morale of the other players.

    Hafeez should never, never open the innings in T20, his negative energy is poisonous for the team. They should start with Nazir, Jamshed, Afridi, Umar Akmal, Kamran Akmal, Abdul Razzaq, Malik, Hafeez and the bowlers. And, Captaincy is not Hafeez’s forte, he should be removed ASAP.

  10. #10 by JAVED A. KHAN on October 6, 2012 - 6:27 PM

    Here is a quote from another blog on Hafeez:


    “So as anticipataed, he was poor with the bat, was very lucky with some catches going down while he was batting. Scored at a strike rate of 98.

    His batting in the Power plays especially hurted us a lot:

    New Zealand: 19 from 18
    Bangladesh: 24 from 23
    South Africa: 15 from 9
    India: 7 from 15
    Australia: 4 from 5
    Sri Lanka: 3 from 15

  11. #11 by JAVED A. KHAN on April 4, 2014 - 12:26 AM

    I have said this before in 2012 that Hafeez should be removed from T20 captaincy he is not captain material. Unfortunately the whole of the PCB, Selectors, fans, supporters did not understand this they kept him till today i.e., April 01, 2014 to see how shamefully he got us defeated at the hands of West Indies and finally he was asked to step down its a face saving offer that he told the media that he is stepping down and taking responsibility for the pathetic performance in T20 WC. Its for the first time the Pak team has not reached the semifinals in this tournament.

    Now, almost everyone is waiting for the inevitable decision that the PCB will appoint Shahid Afridi as captain of the T20 team. But, the PCB will not announce for months to come because for the next 6 months there is no international match for Pakistan team. These are the tactics of PCB they probably still trying to find a way to get Misbah in as T20 captain and sus out the reaction of the people. The regional politics will never end in Pakistan and this is one of the reasons that the team is facing humiliating defeats at the hands of India, West Indies, Sri Lanka.

    God Bless Pakistan

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